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A salt marsh in recovery is gobbling carbon, gaining ground

Ugh. Shortages in Central Florida, already.

For generations, children have been spared the whole, terrible reality about slavery's place in U.S.

Search On For 2 Hikers Missing In North Cascades

Trump administration policy change on children's citizenship causes widespread confusion

Facing default, Argentina's Macri seeks debt rescheduling

Argentina's credit rating cut to Selective Default by S&P

Trump praises the President of Brazil for what? Taking market share from American farmers?

Joe Walsh and Anthony Scaramucci need to do much more to repent.

Trump: "Aids on the Wall"

'On top of the world': Anchorage man smashes his own Alaska State Fair record with 2,051-pound pumpk

I really like Carmen Yulin Cruz. I don't know if she is going to run for Governor but . . . . .

Gov. Parson Again Rejects Call For Special Session On Gun Violence

Hey David Sirota.. Any Updates on This..

Female candidate solidarity

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! The Chosen One!

Who Has Qualified for the September Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

US student with guns in dorm studied mass shootings, planned to kill roommate, prosecutor says

Right, as Rachel just said, 10 candidates on 'debate' stage all at once.

70 years ago today: Remembering Peekskill

If you've ever worked in an office / cubicle / "Office Space" environment, you will LOVE this tweet.

For all you folks rooting for a direct hurricane hit on Mar a Lago...

Gollum J. Trump clues us in on the fate of the Doral bedbugs.

Maryland was never in play in 2016. The Russians targeted it anyway.

CA-21: Former GOP Rep. Valadao launches comeback bid in California

Biden endorses Democrat in contested NC special House election

NC-09: Biden endorses Democrat in contested NC special House election

My GOD. If kids in cages are not bad enough, let's take medical care away from VERY sick kids.

Why Don't We Just Nuke Hurricanes?

KS-02: Kansas Treasurer weighs primary bid for Kansas House seat after encouragement

Atmospheric Carbon Capture Performance of Legacy Iron and Steel Waste

ICE blindsided by order ending immigrant protection

ICE blindsided by order ending immigrant protection

WE THE PEOPLE Protest March Sept 21st!

Orthodox Christianity Podcasts/'Becoming a Healing Presence', Dr. Albert Rossi

Saw "Where'd You Go Bernadette" tonight.

Biden pledges 'absolute wall' to separate relatives' business dealings

Mystery of missing votes deepens as Congress investigates Georgia

After Trump, Where Will Republicans Go?

And this play in review is brought to you by....

In one respect, Boris JOHNSON ain't like SHITLER, can debate with Dame Mary BEARD

Biden: Mission accomplished.

*Lawrence on now.

Joe Biden Crushes Bernie Sanders, Leads Elizabeth Warren in 6 Latest Polls

Lawrence retracted, and apologized.

After hearing Lawrence's opening statement tonite I say FUCK MSNBC!!!

eric trump threatening to sue O'donnell

Biden statement on Gillibrand ending her campaign

The last British Monarch who canceled Parliament.

Regina Romero wins Democratic primary in Tucson, poised to be city's first woman, first Latina mayor

from Jamie Raskin:

Lawrence O'Donnell is talking about Biden's amazing meeting with black reporters

Why Greta Thunberg Sparks Screaming Rage Among Wingnuts And Climate Deniers

Well, O'Donnell dealt with that quickly.

Northern Sea Route Ice-Free, Wide-Open Even To Ships Without Any Ice Reinforcement

Barr's sucking up to Trump is a new low

Trump just tweeted - 'When the "Age of Trump" is looked back on many years from now...'

all I remember about Joe Biden is......."This is a big fawking deal"

Woman angry at Biden buys $500,000 in ads against him

US knew Indonesia intended to stop East Timorese independence 'through terror and violence'

Enough Arctic Ice Has Melted That Russian Sailors Just Discovered Five New Islands

So who thinks Barr is using his own money for the party?

AZ-SEN: McSally Gets a Primary Challenger

Arguing with a MAGAt


The Old Farmer's Almanac Predicts 'No Fewer' Than 7 Big Snowstorms This Winter.

Cathay denounced for firing Hong Kong staff after pressure from China

GA-SEN: Jon Ossoff Is Seriously Considering A Run For Senate

2020 US Senate Election- Democrats 50th and 51st US Senate seat.

Really? Newsom Drops Ex-Exxon Exec For AQ Board; She Missed 3/4 Mining Board Meetings In 2018

Complaint alleges campaign finance violation by Rep. Ilhan Omar

Heatwaves in the Mediterranean Sea Are Bigger, Hotter and Last Longer (Haaretz)

El Paso shooting suspect said he ordered his AK-47 and ammo from overseas (Romania, Russia)

Beto O'Rourke Campaign Ejects Breitbart Reporter from Campus Event

Poor Lindsey Graham Can't Get Any Other SC Republicans To Visit His Little Green Climate Treehouse

"Leaving the Witness" by Amber Scorah - wow. Really eye opening

US, Mexico widen asylum crackdown to push back all migrants

We're in a global struggle between rule-of-law democracy and plutocratic authoritarianism (TPM)

Farmers' loyalty to Trump tested over new corn-ethanol rules

Females in detention concentration camps denied female hygiene products.

Jackie Kennedy's fairy-tale wedding was a nightmare for her African American dress designer

No comment! 😂😂

Tibetan Buddhist teacher accused of sexual abuse dies

The Israel-Iran Shadow War Escalates and Breaks Into the Open

Dorian to be major hurricane before potential Florida landfall, forecast says

Drone attacks in Middle East raise fears of escalating conflict

Drone attacks in Middle East raise fears of escalating conflict

Orthodox Christian Church: Trisagion Prayer for the Reposed and 'Gladsome Light' Hymn

Facebook tightens rules for U.S. political advertisers ahead of 2020 election

Trump administration accuses Vermont hospital of forcing nurse to participate in abortion

Trump Is Trying To Blackmail Ukraine Into Investigating Biden By Withholding Military Aid

Which GA Democratic US House Member should run in the US Senate special election?

Tweet of the Day

Hey pupper, time to wake up!

Has Someone Already Asked?

Conservative commentator's wife seeks restraining order; 'I am terrified'

I did not understand why our Lesbian Co Chair was not a feminist.

Matthew McConaughey is now a college professor

Matthew McConaughey is now a college professor

Great memories :)

tweet of the wednesday evening


Barack Obama accepted the nomination of his Democratic Party for POTUS!!!!!

☦️The Eastern Orthodox Christian Church ☦️

Why this woman decided to stitch Trump's tweets.

Warren: "Thank you, Sen Gillibrand"

Was in a really crappy mood today with a big bee in my bonnet and now here I am posting silliness.

The race since the first debate...

This man should be REQUIRED to pass an IQ before using any technology

Scotland FM Nicola Sturgeon: Parliament suspension may make Scottish independence "inevitable".

Alleged Fraudster Indicted In $2.7 Million Scam Against Bank

Attorney Pleads Guilty to Stealing $1.4 Million from Charity Founded to Help Veteran and Military

Former Credit Union CEO Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud

Owners of Suburban Youth Counseling Center Indicted on Fraud Charges for Allegedly Defrauding

(Jewish Group) 1938 CBS World News Radio

Former Chief Financial Officer Sentenced to Federal Prison for Conspiracy Related to $20M Ponzi

What warm-up exercises do you perform when preparing to post an OP?

Trump did not agree to G7 aid package for Amazon fires

UA overturns exigency, but a return to the extreme measure is not off the table

Hilcorp sale will cost state $30 million annually in lost revenue, former tax officials say

Far-right party eyes big gains in German state elections

UA president suggests slowing down restructuring timeline under smaller budget cut

Exploring the ramifications of a United Ireland *** Recommended ***

Dunleavy dismisses Alaska Railroad board chairman who supported recall effort

Trump will travel to the district Sept. 9, the night before the special election, for a rally in NC

News of BP's departure sends shock waves through Alaska nonprofit world

This Comic Strip says it all in my opinion

U.S. Rep. Lacy Clay: We've Reached A 'Tipping Point' On Gun Violence

Pentagon scraps Fort Greely missile plan

GOP woman running for House says social issues no longer matter

Internal email casts uncertainty on future of BP Alaska employees

A smart alec gay teen ruined a Trump rally with one spontaneous tweet

Beto O'Rourke 1-on-1 ABC News 4 exclusive interview with 2020 Presidential hopeful

E.P.A. to Roll Back Regulations on Methane, a Potent Greenhouse Gas.

Beto O'Rourke to visit Virginia Tech, Charlottesville

Beto O'Rourke to visit Virginia Tech, Charlottesville

A cop forced trans women to have sex with him. He pled guilty to paying a prostitute.

Nope. No Comparison. None At All

A drag show was canceled because the performers have Down syndrome

These parents' brilliant plan to protect their kids from fascist protestors should spread nationwide

Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar sat down to talk about trans issues & what she'd do about them

Possible penalties against Imperial Pacific International weighed by CNMI casino commission

(Jewish Group) More Jewish Blood Spilled in Crown Heights

(Jewish Group) Dutch Holocaust museum drops claims that Jews threatened to kill its former director

'NMI economy will crash without intervention'

This is going to be bad. Close to Cat 4 125 mph sustained winds predicted

Guam DOE continues to make progress towards removing high risk status

USCIS: We're not in contempt and don't deserve sanctions

Been reading what Desperate Cheeto has been tweeting about Puerto Rico.

The coming social apocalypse...

Propst: 'The people win'; IPI appeal denied

China buying Iranian oil: Trump's two biggest foreign policy headaches converge

USS Arizona Memorial reopens Sunday

WHO: 'Dramatic resurgence' in measles case in Europe

Controversial Iranian VLCC enters Turkish waters (and hesitates...)

TMT VP says decision needed 'sooner' than two years

TMT VP says decision needed 'sooner' than two years

South Korea's top court orders retrial of Samsung heir bribery case

Ex-Hawaii IBEW union boss and family plead not guilty to wire fraud, embezzlement scheme

James Webb Space Telescope comes together

Run Like...

Woman angry at Biden buys $500,000 in ads against him

Your morning de-stressing overdose of cuteness: Mama Otter cuddles her baby

Student with guns in dorm studied mass shootings

Collapse us if you can, government dares Brexit opponents

FYI: posting idiocy from RNS is frequently a Real Bad Idea.

Right Wing 'Outraged' Homphobe Be Like...

The air conditioning trap: how cold air is heating the world

Would Boris Johnson have proceeded to suspend Parliament if The Queen had

Monsanto Could Soon Be Facing Dozens Of Lawsuits in Hawaii Over Pesticide

E.P.A. to Roll Back Regulations on Methane, a Potent Greenhouse Gas

Thursday TOONs - A Picture of Dorian

Younger Workers Report Biggest Gains in Pay Happiness

Mattis opens up about his time in Trump's web of lies!

The Rundown: August 28, 2019

Art of the Week: Week of 8/28/19

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/28/2019

The Destruction of Democracy in 5 easy steps....

We analyzed the schedules of every top 2020 Democrat. Here are the big takeaways.

A million years ago, when I was a schoolboy, if you called someone a bad name or otherwise

Trump Lifts Logo From White Supremacist Account

Mattis on Trump's Tweets: 'Beneath the Dignity of the Presidency'

Cape Town's Famous Great White Sharks Have Vanished - None Spotted For 18 Months

The banality of hurricane watching:

Why the far-right AfD will win this weekend's state-elections in Germany.

Regulators approve Canada's largest solar project

If Cat 3 or Cat 4 Dorian makes landfall as projected

It is time for Nadler to make the impeachment inquiry official with a committee vote.

My life without sugar


That's Nice - Poll Shows Growing Numbers Of Young Republicans Worried About Climate Collapse


All But 1 Of 62 National Parks Show Warming Since 1916; At 39 Parks, Warming Already Above 2F

Know the signs....

"Researchers find nuts good for libido" Well, duh! 😏

Researchers Probe HMS Terror, Frozen In Time In Arctic Waters, Amazingly Well-Preserved

It's Boris Johnson or Caroline Lucas

My door saga...the internet truly is a wonderful thing.

Kentucky Sports Radio host Matt Jones to form an exploratory committee on Senate bid

New Yorker: Another look at impeachment, after a long hot summer

Because Trumps still here, its time to roll this one out again ...

When did 'we' accept that not only can you have your own opinion you can have your own facts?

FL Gov DeSantis Prayed At The Western Wall That His State Be Spared Hurricanes (It Didn't Work)

An Orlando bank lost her jewels. She sued and lost. And then they turned up -- at an auction

Trump: Melania Has "Gotten to Know" Kim Jong Un; They've Never Met

Trump: China Called Me; China: Nope

Tree planted in honor of Elaine massacre victims cut down

Have we learned nothing from republican/media spin history? I saw this exact same show in 2004.

The invaders - When cats take over dogs' beds

53 Years Ago Today; The Beatles final paid concert ever - at Candlestick Park

CA-50: Former Rep. Darrell Issa launching an exploratory committee for Rep. Duncan Hunter's seat

Trump is "so intelligent it would make your brain blow up if you even knew how smart this man was."

Hurricane coming in and experienced a doozy with Propane tank swaps.

Run like Donald Trump is behind you!

Tom Steyer's mega-millions debate gambit flops

Just paid one of my periodic visits to JPR...

Jane Sanders and the Messy Demise of a Vermont College

Ever have one of those family members?...

This morning I saw this window sticker on a van.

How Satellites and Telescopes are Tracking the Effects of Global Change, Down to the Millimeter Read

Why can't we use nuclear weapons against bedbugs?

The Guardian view on proroguing parliament: an affront to democracy

Koch lackey Adam Laxalt raising $ in Nevada

Something soothing this morning....

Ex-FBI Director James Comey violated department policies with Trump memos, watchdog says

The Guardian view on proroguing parliament: an affront to democracy

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees and United States Marshal Nominee; August 28, 2019

The electoral college is in trouble

The media refuses to face the fact that Joe Biden isn't close to collapsing (by John Podhoretz)

"When I see those little girls. I see myself."

Trump is going after Comey now!

LOL. All the guests on CNBC have been ripping dotard real good the last few days.

EVERY issue depends on stopping BIG MONEY ownership of our country and its laws.

Compassionate Cops

Cheeto Christ - Randy Rainbow's newest


Breaking: Big Oil Companies Oppose "Reckless" Trump Environmental Laws

GOP lawmakers are quitting at a 'stunning' pace rather than serve under Trump -- here are the numbers

Randy's back with Cheeto Christ Stupid-Czar

Biodegradable material for the creation of non-polluting bags

Families of color want to see Kamala Harris, even if she's not locked down their vote

More Than 200 Reindeer Found Dead in Norway, Starved by Climate Change

The Washington Post's Latest Fact Check of Bernie Sanders Is Really Something

Hurricane Dorian a Cat 4 when it hits Florida.

You have 24 hours to produce evidence this claim is untrue

Bernie & Killer Mike: 2020

Great dogs!

Prediction: A desperate, cornered narcissist who knows his freedom depends on winning the election.

El Paso shooter bought weapon from Romania, ammo from Russia

Veterans rip Trump for 'abominable and unpatriotic' new rule attacking military families

Monkey Sharpens Rock And Smashes Zoo Enclosure Window

More mixed fruit jam! This week is Apricot Raspberry:

Were you ever this excited? Little girl seeing her first train

I'm shaking, I'm so angry. Had to kick a troublemaker out of the clinic.

The Mass Psychology of Fascism (1933)

Montana Men Who Lied About Military Service Ordered To Wear 'I Am A Liar' Signs

Oh no kid you adopted a chocolate lab. Ffs you have met the boog

Maryland officials deny permit for solar farm that Georgetown University wanted to build

Misty Watercolor Memories Of The Tea Party Movement

CHEETO CHRIST STUPID-CZAR - Randy rainbow does it again!!!!

I heard Warren called bossy last weekend.

The little firm that got a big chunk of D.C.'s lottery and sports gambling contract has no employees

Lord Buckethead: Why vote for me?

Tom Nichols is apparently the villain in every YA novel ever written

#MeToo In A Culture Of Good Old Boys, (In the Forest Service)

Tulsi Gabbard runs her Iowa campaign with volunteers

Biden Pledges 'Absolute Wall' Between Job, Family Business

Joe Biden: "It wasn't a setup, I swear"...

The FEC Asks Bernie Sanders About 69 Pages Of Prohibited or Impermissible Campaign Contributions

Lunch with Leo. (and Mike)

You raised $281.00 on August 28, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Harry Truman calls on Picasso in France, 1958

Bernie Sanders Doesn't Think He Missed His Moment In 2016

So why is Comey faulted for disseminating memos on Trump? Smelly to me.

The center of that hurricane cone is centered on Mar-a-Lago

On this day, August 29, 1533: Pizarro Executes Atahuallpa, Last Emperor of the Incas

Hitler tamed by prison

Did you know they had a smoking room on the Hindenburg?


If Comey had been indicted, could he have forced Donald Trump to testify?

Go to Google. Type "Wizard of Oz."

The Washington Post's hangup with Bernie Sanders is reaching the pathological stage

BLS Report: July jobless rates down over the year in 217 of 389 metro areas; payroll jobs up in 51

Who you gonna call?

He stole $50 and got life without parole. 35 years later, he's coming home.

Guess who has a new tune out?

Stolen beds

A woman gave birth alone in a jail cell after her cries for help were ignored, lawsuit says

There's your WMD, right there. An ugly mouth that just won't quit.

Black children are being killed in St. Louis. Their deaths are going unsolved.

New species of bloodsucking leech with three jaws and 59 teeth found outside Washington

With A Straight Face, Trump Campaign Aide Insists That President Has Never Lied

Trump's height seems important to him:

The FEC needs to be restructured to prevent intentional vacancies.

Jim Mattis Couldn't Take It Anymore

Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Strikes Off Oregon Coast

Earthquake strikes 178 Miles Off Oregon Coast:

What a Virginia wildflower can tell us about climate change

School staffer allegedly threatens student with deportation

Video: Bernie Sanders visits a couple who live near a polluting factory farm.

Burglary ring targets multiple pharmacies to steal thousands of prescription narcotics

A clean house is a sign that the

AOC Blasts Trump for Saying He's the Best Thing That's Ever Happened to Puerto Rico

Omar shares anonymous death threat, speaks out against 'hate' and need for security

Britain's Reichstag Fire moment

Graham open to putting Obama under oath in probe into Russia investigation origins

TCM Schedule for Thursday, August 29, 2019 -- Summer Under the Stars: Paul Lukas

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 30, 2019 -- Summer Under the Stars: Susan Hayward

Kirsten Gillibrand, two words as to why you went nowhere

This month in overturned trucks

FBI studies two broken cameras outside cell where Epstein died: source

Doral. Trump purchased the resort in 2012 with a $125 million loan from Deutsche Bank

Shoves, brawls and shouts: Welcome to Costco's Opening Day in China

Oregon's 5th District's congressional seat challenger Mark Gamba

Has anyone read "The Arms of Krupp" ?

Have The Cable News Channels Reported On Trump's Change To Babies Born To Military Overseas.....

Ilhan Omar: "Until deranged people stop threatening my life..."

Donald Trump trails 4 top Democrats, does not top 40% in poll

I've always wanted to shelter in place thru a hurricane. Is that really stupid?

Brazilian indigenous speak out as Amazon fires rage

Democratic Candidates Jostle, and Gripe, as Debates Winnow the Field

It's happened; we're finally tired of Trump's 'winning'

The US eliminated measles in 2000. The current outbreak could change that

Sting condemns Brazil's handling of Amazon fires: 'We will all suffer the consequences'

Trump has called into Brian Kilmeade's Fox News Radio show.

Sting condemns Brazil's handling of Amazon fires: 'We will all suffer the consequences'

Press Secy to Cuomo: "The President Doesn't Lie" starts at 4:51..

Cartoons 8/29/19

Let's hear it for the girl!

Guests can file claims after Motel 6 gave their names to ICE

Anybody here know of a band from Overland Park(?) called Joeyess and the Truth Lubes?

Ilhan Omar tells Alabama and Roy Moore to fuck off

County now lets you apply for concealed pistol permit online

In a thread where a significant number of replies blame trump...

Men now avoid women at work - another sign we're being punished for #MeToo

US resists urging by experts to give illegal immigrants flu shots


Editorial: Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament is an affront to democracy

Scottish Tory Leader Quits in Blow to Boris Johnson's Election Chances

Chinese Military Sends New Troops Into Hong Kong

As he campaigns for president, Joe Biden tells a moving but false war story

The success of the GOP rests on a number of things.

Right Wing Grifter Andy Ngo Leaves Quillette After He's Exposed As A Fraud

US growth in second quarter revised down to 2 percent

Fascinating juxtaposition; only 3 degrees of separation between Elena Kagan and Louis Brandeis

My daughter married a MRA part deux,

Twitter won't autoban neo-Nazis because the filters may ban GOP politicians

'NO EXCESSIVE BARKING': A Chevy Chase dog park divides the rich and powerful

Bernie Sanders congratulates Kirsten Gillibrand

Muslims bailout fund raises nearly $150,000 to reunite migrant families

New York files new motion to dismiss Trump's state tax return lawsuit

Tulsi Gabbard rules out running as an independent presidential candidate

There's no 'gay gene,' but genetics are linked to same-sex behavior, new study says

2 new birds for my new house "Yard List" Nashville Warbler and E. Bluebirds

Cheeto Christ Stupid Czar! 😂 Best Randy Rainbow yet!

Katie Blanchard told Army Currie was dangerous. He set her on on fire. Army says she can't sue

He's been on a victory lap ever since Barr squashed the Mueller Report and I can't take much more.

River City Rascals Play Final Regular-Season Home Game As O'Fallon Seeks New Team

River City Rascals Play Final Regular-Season Home Game As O'Fallon, (MO) Seeks New Team

At Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr. bets on big-time football, with a disgraced coach

The calls are coming from inside the (White) house! JarVanka behind the Haley replaces Pence rumors

There's no 'gay gene,' but genetics are linked to same-sex behavior, new study says

2017: How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business

Half a Century Before Colin Kaepernick, Jackie Robinson Said, 'I Cannot Stand and Sing the Anthem.'

What do we do if the 2020 election is stolen?

King Tides: The tidal phenomenon that could make Dorian's impact even worse

Tsunami simulation

Full Text of the Medicare for All bill introduced in the Senate on April 10, 2019

Effect of Taliban peace deal on women?

But seriously, current projections suggest that Dorian could

Four European countries lose measles-free status as anti-vax movement drives outbreaks

Glenn Kirschner doesn't believe Epstein committed suicide.

RW radio host attacks Duffy's wife b/c she controls him, works outside home, not a 'biblical' woman

Phone Scammer calls a Police Captain in North Carolina..(one min, 42 seconds)

Months of upheaval has left analysts asking, "what's next" for Wyoming's coal industry

Google contract workers seek USW representation

Google contract workers seek USW representation

I never want to hear another Republican speak about family values or being pro-life.

Dorian to hit Florida as category 4 storm. Prepare and stay safe. CNN

The Culture War is BIG and the bunkers are built

ABC News releases the podium order for the third Democratic debate: Biden and Warren are center stag

Randy Rainbow's best ever: Cheeto Christ, Stupid Czar

Tulsi Gabbard goes on Tucker Carlson to bash the DNC. WTF?

Hurricane Wind Scale Explained -- Cat 1, Cat 2, etc.

Trump's Mar-a-Lago is in the projected path of Hurricane Dorian

Michael Bennet, Mad as Hell

"Better than Trump" is just not good enough.

Activist Greta Thunberg Reaches NYC Across the Atlantic; Climate Message

The CIA's Dark Prince Doesn't Want War With Iran

Ivanka Trump Has Discussed Replacing Pence

Pete Buttigieg Has Cooled Off But His Campaign Says It's Time For "Phase Three"

Going way past 24 hours since I have slept.

Interesting new poll out from Quinnipiac on race perceptions and climate change.

Howard Dean on the eligibility for the debate on the PBS NewsHour

The Trump team is now lying about lying

Trump cancels trip to Poland, says he is staying in the U.S. to monitor Hurricane Dorian

NLRB Decides Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors Does Not Violate the Act

NLRB Decides Misclassifying Workers as Independent Contractors Does Not Violate the Act

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey apologizes for participating in blackface skit in college

Mumps sickens hundreds of ICE detainees in 19 states

The criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein has been officially dismissed

Trump Jr. event so 'sparsely attended' that people were asked to leave seats and huddle around sta

A mom with a license plate that reads 'PB4WEGO' wins a battle with the state to keep it

Donny Deutsch's MSNBC show to end after less than 4 months

No flu vaccines to immigrant children at border? Flu kills weakened children, right?

Steyer tax returns show $146 million in 2017 income

NO Jason Johnson, The Democrats Are Not Cowards

Detroit schools superintendent Vitti: ICE can't come into our schools

How the Bail Bond Industry Became a $2 Billion Business

What foods do you love to eat, even though you have to fight allergic or unpleasant reactions?

Regarding the White House and bedbugs

Satellite photos show burning Iran space center launch pad

How a Ring of Women Allegedly Recruited Girls for Jeffrey Epstein

Twitter won't autoban neo-Nazis because the filters may ban GOP politicians

Biden opens new attack line on Trump: 'cruelty' to children

Lol... Jr. stumping for Gov. Bevin (Ky):

Planned roads could imperil Florida's panthers--and last remaining wilderness

Retired admiral jumps into Iowa Senate race against Joni Ernst with blistering message...

#TrumpHatesMilitaryFamilies trends as administration to strip automatic citizenship right from some

The crowds swell for Donald Jr. and KY-Gov Matt Bevin

.@BernieSanders isn't going to tear down @ewarren. "That's not what I do," the Vermont senator tells

Leaked Emails Show How White Nationalists Have Infiltrated Conservative Media

Here's where Democrats will stand onstage at the next debate

King Tides: The tidal phenomenon that could make Dorian's impact even worse

'Hair Love': 3 Men and a Little Girl (With a Lot of Curls)

Biden rejects report he flubbed details in anecdote about war heroes

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 29, 2019

He's canceled the trip to Poland

Puppet Show and Don Jr.

Mumps, no flu vaccine. Where's the contaminated water?

French court jails far-right activists over anti-immigrant Alps stunt

Rachel Bitecofer Prediction: Democrats could flip nine Texas districts in 2020

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 30 August 2019

Trump campaign spokeswoman insists Trump doesn't lie--so Cuomo shuts her OFF.......

Donald Trump Ripped For Appearing to Summon Melania Like a Dog in Viral Video

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Trump Is Hell

How Pete Buttigieg Plans to Catch Up

Get behind Bernie Sanders's climate plan

Exciting times in Florida...

'Raise Hell' Delves Into The Life Of Brilliant, Outspoken Rabble-Rouser, Molly Ivins

'Raise Hell' Delves Into The Life Of Brilliant, Outspoken Rabble-Rouser, Molly Ivins

A few months ago @berniesanders and adybarkan had a powerful conversation about #medicareforall ...

Trump Keeps Lying to Farmers...and They're Finally Furious!

...because there are still a few laughs left in that Melania / Trudeau thing.

A lot more work than it may seem

Inspector General Report Reveals Charges Against James Comey To Be Mind-Numbingly Stupid

My mom has been a teacher for 30 years. Now, because of mass shootings, this is part of her...

Luckovich-Bed bugs are objecting to infestation of trumps

Dorian gets personal, and Chump cancels his trip to Poland.

Biden rejects report he flubbed details in anecdote about war heroes

Blow Me Up - Will and the Bushman

Curious overlooked news item:

Trump administration barring tours of migrant detention centers, Democrats say

Dorian may have moved on but Puerto Rico

Class of 2020 US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

Trump marks establishment of U.S. Space Command

Biden rejects report he flubbed details in anecdote about war heroes

Why isn't there a filter that can keep me from hearing Trump's voice or seeing him on TV?

US Open - Spoiler

🔥 Climate Crisis Town Hall - Myrtle Beach, SC

One of Epstein's victims speaking outside the courtroom yesterday. "They know who they are.."

License Plate Kerfuffle

Remember the website "we're sorry" that somebody put up after Dubya was re-elected?

For anyone wondering why Biden (or anyone else, of any age) can get details of a story wrong...

Anybody here know of a band from Overland Park(?) called Joeyess and the Truth Lubes?

Progressive group no longer considering Harris for endorsement

'Stop the Coup': Major backlash as Queen suspends British Parliament under Johnson's advice

Family brings baby moose twins into their house to save their lives 😍 😍

I was in the Pennsyvania and Maryland mountains over

So if Dorian was approaching Puerto Rico this weekend instead of Florida, would Trump have cancelled

This turtle is pinned between two GIANT rocks...

Daddieeeeeee!!! vote Andrew Scheer and get Stephen Harper. Because Scheer can't lead on his own.

frump waves flag (not u.s.) to impress his base

Peru: skeletons of 227 victims unearthed at world's largest child sacrifice site

Peru: skeletons of 227 victims unearthed at world's largest child sacrifice site

TX school staffer threatened U.S.-born teen with deportation for not calling him 'sir'

Graham open to putting Obama under oath in probe into Russia investigation origins

The 'reasonable' rebels Conservatives say we've abandoned reason and civility. The Old South used

We really don't care...

Trump: "I think I can. I think I can."

Early data on N.C. 09 special election. Looks like Dem is ahead

Brazil: fears for isolated Amazon tribes as fires erupt on protected reserves

Brazil: fears for isolated Amazon tribes as fires erupt on protected reserves

Woa that hurricane is taking a very very bad, bulls-eye path to central florida. Damn. Nasty lookin

Severe hunger threatens millions in Somalia as climate emergency deepens

After Taking $1 Million from Big Pharma, Hoyer Says Marijuana is a Gateway Drug

Sasha Obama Has Reportedly Been Spotted at Her New College

trump militarizes space

10 Highly Competitive US Senate Races in 2020.

Top court orders review of Samsung heir's bribery case, convicting him of more charges (South Korea)

Arkansas building owners conceal 'KKK' welded on facade

this may be the best randy rainbow song yet

watching the 15 year American Coco Gauff tennis phenom.....AWESOME.

FYI hurricane updates NOAA

Compare and contrast: Trump speaking 2015 campaign launch speech vs. Trump speaking today

The StateDept sent RUDY GIULIANI to Ukraine for hit on Biden