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California's 'lonely' Republicans: What ultra-minority status is like

Why Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Protested This Telescope

Feds say Stenger's crass, mercenary behavior should earn him no break in prison time

Abortion-rights protesters gather in St. Louis and across the state

😁 Friday nights all right for .....MEMES 😆

Get Ready For Higher Prices If New Tariffs Hit Goods From China, Retailers Warn

McConnell's new posture toward Moscow

Sesame Allergies Are Likely More Widespread Than Previously Thought

What a difference a letter makes.

In conversations with investors, defense firms double down on hypersonic weapons

Anyone know the reason for the "Elam Ending" used in The Basketball Tourament?

The Complete History of the Second World War Part 1

Labor union says state prison officials blocking access to workers

In "honor" of the cancellation of the IRNF treaty...

Friday Talking Points -- Judging The Fire In The Belly

My wall is now complete.....

Not even Raticliffe couldn't make Trump's rat squad!

Woman Walks into NC Humane Society, Asks for 2 Dogs Who've Been There Longest with Special Needs

Warren for the win:

The current politics of health care

MAGA Cultist: 'We're All Tired of Being Called Racists' !!!

More GOP Retirements Coming

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! How I Learned to Stop Worrying and

Axelrod: Elizabeth Warren is running a brilliant campaign

Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) earmarks $100k for Texas Democrats.

Saw a great T-shirt today.

AUG 5 (1-3PM) - UnidosUS Vision 2020 San Diego - Sen. Sanders

Gregory Meeks on Cuomo: Trump is a "terrible, terrible human being"

Why Aren't Democrats Attacking Trump's Middle-class Tax Hike?

The Village People are going to do a remake of their hit song "Macho Man" just for Mitch McConnell!

Did Tweety comment on the Reagan/Nixon racist phone call?

AOC's controversial chief of staff stepping down

Steve Sack FTW

Digable Planets - Appointment At The Fat Clinic

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez owes Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids an apology for staffer's tweet

Might vote for trump even if he murdered as long as it's the "right person"

Chemical exposure' train derailment shuts Trans-Canada Highway in southern Alta., prompts evacuation

Bella Ramsey, who played Lyanna Mormont on GOT

Chick-fil-A named America's favorite fast food restaurant, dethroning In-N-Out.

Do you believe we can get Medicare For All through Congress in 2021-2024?

How Often Do You Rec Posts?

Dear Republican Supporters: You Just Proved You REALLY DON'T CARE About National Security!

A good 2000+ for Kamala Harris this Friday night in Denver

Up now: Real Time with Bill Maher guests today:

This Is the Beginning of the End of the Beef Industry

Drink Specials


So six Repubs retire prior to the Summer recess and the "liberal" MSM says ...

My dad spent time "In the Mountain"

Name one book from your bathroom library.

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: For crying out loud

Too many days

I'm watching lions, tonight, and I've got photos.

Friday Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

FL Dem. Lauren Book continues pressure on Ron DeSantis over Jeffrey Epstein case

Fugitive Methane Emissions From US East Coast Are 2X Higher Than EPA Estimates.

Voter Registration Is Up In Virginia, And That Could Help Democrats

Media Coverage of Candidates

Most Texas House Republicans are staying quiet while House Speaker faces a growing scandal

McConnell Mightily Miffed at "Moscow Mitch" Moniker, and Mother Mnews (Ferret/Shower Cap)

John Cooper leads David Briley as two head to September runoff battle in Nashville mayoral race

George Takei meme.....

Proto-Garfield? Yup

What Beto Gets Right

What Beto Gets Right

A Song for the Democratic Party

OH-01: Republican Steve Chabot may not seek re-election in 2020.

Beto O'Rourke first one to agree to attend Gun Control Forum in Las Vegas on October 2nd

The Daily Show: Too Many Candidates

Current Rumored House Retirements

A little story about a racist old guy, and me being from Baltimore (or aka "B-More") 26 years ago:

Seth Meyers - Donald Trump's Ohio Rally - Monologue - 8/1/19

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Offers Putin Help with Russia Fires

Seth Meyers: Guest Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Is a Republican Who Believes in Climate Change

Tweet of the Day

Bolsonaro Fires Head of Agency Tracking Amazon Deforestation in Brazil (NYT)

Canada Has Been Hiding Their Dildo

Riddle--what comes right after the start of a long, well-earned vacation?

David Corn

mini blinds....

Families go deep into debt to stay in the middle class

Is there a source for Moscow Mitch t-shirts, mugs where $ goes to dems?

For no reason at all: Mongolian throat singing:

How do you get down a big capsule supposed to be taken on empty stomach...

Two Maryland Men Facing Federal Indictment for Their Roles in a Scheme that Allegedly Stole Gov't.

Vicksburg Man Pleads Guilty to Health Care Fraud, Money Laundering, Aggravated Identity Theft, Mail

Thailand Travel Guide

Thibaut Garcia on guitar plays 2 selections/Tansman: 'Passacaille'/

Police: Rookie Texas officer shoots at dog, kills woman


Illinois State Senator Indicted for Allegedly Fraudulently Receiving Salary and Benefits from Labor

FBI: Delivery drivers involved in Amazon theft ring

Norman Goldman tweet

Phoenix police to record when officers point their guns

Work release program suspended during Epstein investigation

Man with gun stopped by security at N Carolina legislature

Former Collections Manager Arrested For Defrauding Former Employer Of Over $1.3 Million

Georgia Man Sentenced For $6.5 Million Health Care Fraud, Money Laundering Involving Tricare, Other

Pfizer Colombia inflated drug prices up to 650%: industry watchdog

☦️Eastern Orthodox prayer for a reposed spouse.☦️

Demarcation of Indigenous Lands with Indigenous Agency

St. Lucie County Resident Sentenced to Prison and Ordered to Pay Over $1 Million for Orchestrating

Bolsonaro Changes Dictatorship Commission to Support His Political Views

Another Disturbing Facebook Post from a police officer

Why are opioids so available and insulin is not? Seems insulin users are great

District of Columbia Physician Indicted for Alleged Role in $12.7 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

Doctor Indicted and Arrested For Health Care Fraud in Puerto Rico

He's baaaack! Bill Maher Real Time

Steele Shippy named Parson's campaign manager


Art of Noise - Close (To The Edit)

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 8/2/19

Rio's Governor Invents Rank of "General" for State Police, Firefighters

Planned Parenthood, ACLU sue to block Missouri's abortion ban

France Is Launching a 'Space Force' with Weaponized Satellites

Ronald Reagan's Daughter Says Audio of Her Dad Calling African Diplomats 'Monkeys' Made Her Cry

Journalists Threatened with Jail in Brazil as President Reacts to Damning Leaks

Frank Porter Graham

Tegan and Sara - Walking With A Ghost (Live on KEXP)

Tegan & Sara - I'll Be Back Someday

Judge issues restraining order against South Bay congressional candidate Omar Navarro

So the doctor wants me back in for another head MRI

Posted on Facebook by a former DU'er: Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US

Il Pleure At the Turn of the Century

Walloped by heat wave, Greenland sees massive ice melt

Attorneys stunned CNO's SEAL court-martial orders not followed

(Jewish Group) Neo-Nazi organization preaches to turn US states into "White Ethno-State"

Rick Wilson writes a campaign ad for Cory Lewandowski senate run ...

Ween - All of My Love

Confronting Gov.Lee over failure to expand Medicaid: "There's no excuse for it!"

Here's Where The 2020 Democratic Candidates Stand On Guns

Watchdog complaint alleges Kobach fundraising email violated federal law

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Saratoga Oaks Invitational Stakes

(Jewish Group) Jewish man wearing kippah assaulted by taxi driver in Montreal

Jackson County's $52M hike and bike trail in limbo after feds deny right of way

(Jewish Group) 'Go back to Brooklyn': Video shows man's anti-Semitic road rage rant

Governor Hutchinson renews his call for Gates to resign; AG does, too

Republicans Have New Fears That Texas Could Go Blue

Well collapse leaves Arkansas town without water source

Second Garrard County Man Pleads Guilty In $15 Million Tax Fraud Scheme

New governor on job in Puerto Rico

She just captured my heart!

The Seekers - Turn, Turn, Turn

"A Teen Scientist Figured out How to Suck Microplastics from the Ocean" :

Canadians worried by plan to let Americans import drugs

Last Century this was comedy... this century it is a video documentary...

FCC argues that NOBODY can regulate broadband-companies.

So many questions...

42 Years Ago Today; TRS-80, the first mass-produced microcomputer, is introduced

Johnson has canceled UK rendition & torture inquiry.

Nearly all school water fountains have lead-removal filters, NOLA district says

Housing affordability crisis spreads to the Midwest and other lower-cost areas


Crippled Circus Elephants Separated for 22 Years....

Lowe's lays off thousands of store employees amid pressure to boost profits

August 3, 2019

Medical marijuana cleared for Louisiana patients; hits pharmacies Tuesday

BernieSanders is #1 in: 📊18-34 yr old voters 📊 Latino voters 📊 Voters w/High Sch. or less ...

Different decade, same shit

GOP senator held up Trump nominee, demanding to see border wall contracts after Army Corps panned co

In second corruption case, in second parish, insurer Berkley balks at paying legal fees of accused

Judge blocks Trump asylum restriction: reports

A reporter says the White House suspended his credentials in an 'attempt to stifle the free press'

August 3 - Happy Birthday Sen. Chris Murphy (D) CT

Colorado approved a national popular vote law. Now it might be repealed.

Missouri Public Defender Suit Settlement Faces Fierce Resistance From State Attorney General

Far-right activist Laura Loomer announces 2020 congressional bid

Historical rankings of presidents of the United States (Wikipedia)

Atlanta's confederate monuments: how do 'context markers' help explain racism?

Gov. John Bel Edwards touts new Medicaid expansion study showing access to care improved


Democratic Sens. Sheldon Whitehouse and Chris Coons have sent a letter to FBI Director Chris Wray...

Four Booted From Baltimore Orioles Game Over 'Trump 2020' Banner

O'Rourke to visit inmates inside California's San Quentin

O'Rourke to visit inmates inside California's San Quentin

Gilroy festival shooter died of self-inflicted gunshot wound, coroner says


😃🇺🇸 Grab Some 🥥🌰🥜🤪☀️❗️

Epic Charter Schools' expansion into Texas in limbo amid new revelations about criminal investigatio

SpaceX's crewed Dragon launch debut likely to slip into 2020 as NASA pursues "realistic" dates

Esper: US to soon put intermediate range missile in Asia

Seriously. Why is Youtube suggesting videos how great Tulsi Gabbard is to me?

This US heartland has been flooded for five months. Does anyone care?

Rapper A$AP Rocky heading back to US as verdict looms

Michael Moore is worth listening to

Sea cliff collapse in California kills 3 beachgoers, triggers race to dig out victims

"It shows this whole thing was slapped together from Trump watching TV," the aide said.

Premier League

Iran to further reduce commitments to nuclear deal: foreign minister

Buttigieg to visit Santa Fe, NM, for fundraising

Esper: US to soon put intermediate range missile in Asia

US Cities Are Helping People Buy Amazon Surveillance Cameras Using Taxpayer Money

OSBI interviews Gallogly for investigation of Boren

566,000+ views already for #MoscowMitch! Let's get this to one million today!

Dying Orchards, Missing Fish as Climate Change Fueled Europe's Record Heat

The winning strategy against Donald Trump...

How Often Do You Wreck Posts?

Hern restructures campaign loan from bank he founded

Pentagon chief says US looking to put intermediate-range missiles in Asia

White House yanks Playboy reporter's credentials after Rose Garden snafu

They've made a movie about the major league catcher assigned to assassinate Werner Heisenberg.

Breakfast Saturday 3 August 2019

You raised $752.60 on August 2, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Iraq War veteran Chris Kelley to challenge Ilhan Omar in 2020 Minnesota House bid

Trump admin ends family-based reunification programs for Haitians and Filipino World War II vets

Sanders, Warren top second-quarter fundraising among Democrats in Oklahoma

The Ratcliffe Debacle

Watchdog group files complaint over Kobach fundraising email

At every opportunity--dems could give some M&Ms in bag labeled 'Moscow Mitch'!!

The Baltimore Sun Slaps Trump Again - "a jerk, a clod, a dolt, a schmuck."

Just a day in President Stupid's reign of terror #impeachtrumpnow

Biden Holds on to Double-Digit Lead after Second Debate

Environmentalists' Suit Says A Former Kansas Regulator Retaliated Against Their Protests

Readers react: 'Moscow Mitch' gets a taste of his own medicine. He's had it coming.

What If?

Far-Right Extremists Threatening to Burn Down Kindergartens for Taking Pork Off Their Menus

Supermarkets in Asia are Now Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic Packaging

Asylum Abuse Reduction Act!!! Rep Kevin Horn (R-Ok) & Sen Inhofe introduced this. OK vs morality

Overland Park Sen. Denning May Have To Pay $90,000 After Losing Defamation Suit

Do you have light switches that you don't know what they do?

Maybe Maslow explains IQ45's appeal to his base

I consider it a mental illness

Pentagon chief says US looking to put intermediate-range missiles in Asia

A speculation game to interest some & anger some of you.

The only way to deal with the Con is to ridicule him

Do plantains taste like bananas?

Environmental concerns prompt U.S. to add 8 populations to overfished list

Bill de Blasio easily brushes back Meghan McCain's attack

It's time now for the Impeachment Inquiry to begin

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson passes away at the age of 80

I just love Michelle Obama more and more every day....

Puerto Rico governor resigns as promised; successor sworn in

July 2019 could go down as planet's hottest ever

#ilovekamala is trending


KY public health chief who screwed up hepatitis epidemic response leaving for White House

Malcolm Nance Just Called Trump.....

Maher: Democrats Can Win by Looking 'Less Crazy Than Trump' and 'They're Blowing It!'

A Route to Industrial Carbon Dioxide Fixation: Isocyanate Free Polyurethanes.

We must transform food production to save the world, says leaked report

Instead of "Medicare-For-All"

Trump claims China "is paying us tens of billions of dollars" due to his tariffs

Russian police make mass arrests at Moscow protest

Report: Pentagon launching drug surveillance balloons over South Dakota, Midwest

Florida's New Board of Education Chairman is an Evolution Denier, and lies about it

Trump prepares a push to woo black voters

The Decatur Georgia AA Cemetery

DU for Amy Klobuchar is now accepting contributions by request

Adam Schiff is getting a pretty consistent response to his "Where does it end?" tweet.

Listen to @DrDooleyMD.

Anybody here suffer from IBD or IBS?

Hillary Clinton: We're in a climate emergency. Vote accordingly

Steve Bannon has been cloned

Michael Avenatti is mulling a run for president again after declaring he would not seek nomination

My daughter just sent me this pic from NYC....

Why the internet is addictive. And I am an internet addict. My thoughts.

'The House Is On Fire': Joy Reid Tells Dems To Stop Treating 2020 Like A Normal Election

U.S. warned Sweden of 'negative consequences' if ASAP Rocky wasn't released

foreign policy; Trump's coalition of one--The image says it all............

*** AFSCME forum with Democratic candidates - live stream on Facebook - Live NOW ***

Moscow Mitch - Putin's (rhymes with another word)

Please give Baltimike his due - Moscow Mitch on Wed Jan 9, 2019,

1917 (World War I movie trailer)

Looking for a Financial Planner? The Go-To Website Often Omits Red Flags

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitic poster found at Maltz Museum

(Jewish Group) Poway gunman was inspired by New Zealand mosque attacks

(Jewish Group) Jewish Restaurant Owner Receives Horrific Antisemitic Letter from Angry Patron

(Jewish Group) Detroit Jews are caught between a rock named Trump and a hard choice among Democrats

Opinion: The Who-Can-Beat Trump Test Leads to Kamala Harris

Families Go Deep in Debt to Stay in the Middle Class

(Jewish Group) Jewish cemetery vandalized in the Czech Republic

A Tennessee Farm Grows A New Generation Of Social Justice Activists

(Jewish Group) Jordan shutters gravesite where Jewish pilgrims prayed

Florida pastor wrote anti-gay remark on restaurant bill ...

(Jewish Group) Jews have ugly noses, Belgian journalist writes in column attacking Israel

Hundreds detained at latest political protest in Moscow

Georgieva tapped as EU candidate to lead IMF after bitter vote

Georgieva tapped as EU candidate to lead IMF after bitter vote

Socialism Won't Win in Brooklyn, Iowa - Steve Israel

Rep. Gregory Meeks knocks Trump's Cummings tweet: 'This guy is a terrible, terrible human being'

Trump rhetoric tests unity among black, white evangelicals

Trump Fuels Racial Disharmony. Will It Motivate or Discourage Black Voters?

Texas School Superintendent Suspended After Alleged Fracas

Next time you go to Starbucks

Before Trump criticized the urban poverty he uses to attack Democrats, he profited from it

Pro-Trump heckler briefly disrupts 'Real Time with Bill Maher'

Sam Stein: Julian Castro accusing media of swallowing Biden campaign spin re attacks on Obama

Democratic White House hopefuls target labor at Nevada forum

Hurd retirement leaves GOP gloomy on 2020

17 Million Voters Have Had Registration Canceled Since 2016 Election: Report

Unspent military retirement funds will be tapped to help build border wall

Seattle nonprofit helps to vaccinate homeless amid state hepatitis A 'outbreak'

Trump administration puts new limits on cash-out refinance loans

This Mozart dude was absolutely a genius!!

Freshman Congress members will decide whether the president is impeached--"Impeachment Summer" is now

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York

Is Fox turning on Trump?

Russian meddlers, with help from friends, still at it

Cartoons 8/03/19

Trump pulled Ratcliffe's nomination just after Senate GOPers learned about his link to whistleblower

Active Shooter at Cielo Vista Mall area in El Paso

The bartender said,

Trump's bestie Putin threatening to cut fingers off protesters

'The Outsider' by Stephen King

I just read some information about "ASAP Rocky..."

Update: Shooting near an El Paso mall causes 'multiple fatalities'

As Republicans rail against "socialism"

'The Churchgoer' by Patrick Coleman

I think this is a great slogan Kellyanne.

"The Liberation of Paris" by Jean Edward Smith

Moscow Mitch, The Video. (1M views in 1 day!)

"Keep that shit on the battlefields. Do not bring it into our communities." Beto on assault weapons,

Do people still write poison pen letters? They used to be a major mystery story plot device.

DPRK: New Generation of Missile Threats v. US Maximum Pressure

Oh shut up, Ivanka:

binge watching 'The Boys' on Amazon - pretty good TV.

"The Vagabonds: The Story of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison's Ten-Year Road Trip" by Jeff Guinn

How Joe Biden won the second night of the Detroit debate (This Week)

Architect of bin Laden raid doubts Trump's account of why he called off Iran strikes at last minute

Democrats Are Having the Wrong Health Care Debate

U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids bargains for bipartisan trade deal with Canada, Mexico

Ivanka is a Young Hillary

you know those songs that just wreck your s**t sometimes, and you love 'em for it?

Red Dawn-Wolverines move over...

Liberals fear unrest as Poland Catholic Church doubles down on anti-gay rhetoric

Kelly orders end to Kansas-Missouri border war. Will the truce hold?

Meanwhile he's playing golf

Chernobyl-Ann Conway n/t

Died, on this day, August 3, in 2006: Arthur Lee

Trump will tweet about El Paso

Left Behind: Farmers fight to save their land in rural Minnesota as trade war intensifies

Texas Governor Greg Abbott's October 2015 tweet resurfaces, and it hasn't aged well.

Inslee, Harris & Booker vs. Biden, Yang & Gillibrand in Detroit On Climate Change

Beto O'Rourke responds to fatal shooting in El Paso, his former district: "I'm incredibly sad...

I believe we all know now that tRUMP will go down in history as

UK Daily Express reporting ElPaso Shooter used AK47. 22 fatalities

Another Mitch tune with words this time.

Georgia school faces backlash for photos of "appropriate" and "inappropriate" hairstyles for black s

Carbon Capture -- The Good News (and the Bad) -- Informative

Owning A Gun Is A Right

He lost his insurance and turned to cheaper form of insulin. It was a fatal decision.

That awkward moment when....

The Evil Queen At Disneyland Gives The Performance Of A Lifetime When A Parkgoer Hands Her A Mirror

HHS: Florida migrant child detention camp emptying out

That moment when Abby Huntsman tried to push Bernie out of her space

Water in Hawaii volcano could trigger explosive eruptions

Why can't professional TV people learn how to pronounce Kamala????

Everyone at rally taking photos on their iPhones invented by son of Syrian immigrant.

Trump wants to pull all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by 2020 election, officials say

He should be impeached just for his part in

12 billion tons of water

Swastika found on piping, valves during construction project at state Capitol

El Paso Walmart shooting: Multiple people dead, police say

Trump tweets on the shooting:

Another day in America where we need nothing short of repealing the 2A and confiscating all guns.

Where's the thoughts and prayers?

Trump administration considers September unveiling of healthcare plan: WSJ

Why is the us border patrol in tactical gear at the el Paso shooting ?

lyle lovett - tiny desk concert (live-2012) cause it's never a bad time to hear some Lyle ...

ACLU of Nebraska calls for stepped up "anti-bias" training for law enforcement officers

14 minutes after Trump tweets about El Paso, he posts a 'look at me' tweet. Of course.

For the dead and wounded in El Paso. HOW LONG, O LORD? HOW LONG?

I hate HomeGoods/Marshalls/TJMax.....

Make sense? Someone angry, depressed, hears about a shooting, thinks WTH--I'll just shoot up, die

A Battle Is Raging in the Tree of Life

What have we become.

Here's the Twitter of the El Paso shooter, Patrick Crusius

Beto O'Rourke leaves campaign trail to return to El Paso after shooting

Bernie Sanders at the @AFSCME Public Service Forum

Listening to El Paso Dem. Rep. Veronica Escobar on CNN

Amid Border Crackdown, White House May Shield Venezuelans From Deportation

Amid Border Crackdown, White House May Shield Venezuelans From Deportation

Veronica Escobar (D-El Paso) said just now on CNN

lyle lovett & rickie lee jones - north dakota (live ... guessing 1994?) - drop dead gorgeous

What's for Dinner, Sat., Aug. 3, 2019

The El Paso shooter was an alt-right terrorist who supported Trump and feared the Mexican invasion

Congress can do something about the El Paso Shooting right now: Impeach Trump for inciting...

Shooters manifesto

Is there a network of these drumpf lovers who have designated

Now I have a mystery.

Facebook posts by Williamson County sheriff's commander draw ire

Official - 19 dead so far including children - 40 more injured

Oh my God. Eighteen dead.

Winner of the 8th Race at Saratoga just now......

Anyone here know much about colitis infection?

Trump's attacks on Democratic cities ignore poverty in GOP states

I screenshot the murderer's Twitter

Trump posts another El Paso tweet, along with 3 from Darrell Scott saying he's not a racist

I blame drumpf and if he is not removed from office, we are all subject to the

First attempt with IR

One of the things that worry me about mass shootings ...

Converting raw biomass to industrially valuable synthetic products.

What's the difference between a kleptomaniac and a literalist?

Whistleblower Allegations Surfaced Just Before DNI Pick John Ratcliffe Withdrew

Whistleblower Allegations Surfaced Just Before DNI Pick John Ratcliffe Withdrew

I am reading "The Plot to Destroy Democracy" by Malcolm Nance.

Legion of monsters

Texas law allows the open carry of semiautomatic rifles and does not require a background check

Harris County sues day after Exxon Mobil plant blast and fire


We place many limitations on the Bill of Rights, and the 2nd Amendment should be no different.

Win a drink with Elizabeth Warren

Being wounded or killed by a crazy mf mass shooter is a terrible thing. It would

Notice that the Texas police at that presser pretended to know less

"Far-right trolls still believe the antiquated notion that motherhood equals happiness"

Let's get this to go viral: Juliette Kayyem on CNN says El Paso authorities

Cover of Newsweek - Very Fine People

'Shady' past continues to haunt Huntsville Memorial Hospital as transaction nears

FOX-Rush-InfoWars-Trump are radicalizing gullible supporters into becoming mass murderers.

LOOK: This is the line of *HUNDREDS of people outside of Vitalant in West El Paso waiting to donate

This is going to eviscerate the so-called President-The shooter was one of his peeps

john hiatt & the goners - riding with the king (live-2000-ish?) B.B. & Clapton's cover was good, but

We are now a nation living in constant fear of terrorism

Trump will again double down on his racism.

11 grounds for Mineral Wells mayor's removal cited in recall petition

249th mass shooting in the US this year per MSNBC,

Why does anyone need a semi automatic weapon?

Do you want a one-term nominee?

The El Paso suspect is a terrorist.

Does supporting the 2A now amount to supporting domestic terrorism?

Trump's supporters better wear some kind of identification to that effect next time they

Shooter targeted Latinos

Join us for a town hall in Las Vegas on the economic crises facing Nevadans.

Trump Weighs September Rollout of Health Plan

How much does your flight actually hurt the planet?

Brexit : Boris Johnson is an incompetent kidnapper trying to keep

GOP Anxiety Spikes In Texas

Charles Manson was found guilty of murder and conspiracy in the deaths of 7...

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Test Stakes and Whitney Stakes

14 minutes after Trump tweeted about the shooting in El Paso,he tweeted his support to a MMA fighter

Max Bruch Scottish Fantasy

Election experts endorse Cory Booker's explanation for Trump winning Michigan

I Switched On Fux News During The El Paso Shooting, And Do You Know What They Were Talking About?

Patrick Crusius' economic anxiety

Trump's Economy Is Creating 30,000 Fewer Jobs Per Month Than Obama's

It's time to....

Jack Russell terrier cross advice needed

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

18 dead in a mass shooting TODAY... GOP blames...? Four Americans died in Benghazi..

The Democratic Party should print and sell

State panel tightens ethics rules for Florida's public officials

The view from a bloody border town

If we take back the White House, our president should declare a national emergency

Sen. Bernie Sanders⁩ on the El Paso shooting.

Texas: Open carry, concealed carry, arm everyone, did not work. DUH!

Earth and Venus spirograph

Missy Shorey, first woman elected to lead Dallas County GOP, died from accidental mix of alcohol,

Just got a note from a friend in El Paso that she is OK

God be with you all': Trump pledges full support for El Paso shooting victims.

All unaccompanied children removed from Homestead migrant detention facility: HHS

In today's mass murder in America

Luckovich cartoon

Moscow police use force to end election protest, arrest 600

Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters in tourist district

Let's review shall we : Trump and RW domestic terrorists

Florida senator files bill to outlaw declawing most cats

So, where was the good guy with the gun? An open carry state...

Cummings urges Trump to 'come to Baltimore'

One mass shooting and we regulated guns to the extent that we have only had one mass shooting since.

I did a search on Google news for the name of the El Paso shooter and...

MSNBC says El Paso terrorist's 8chan posting is an "essay" not a "manifesto"

El Paso Shooter Identified Online As Trump Supporter Who Didn't Like 'Race Mixing'

World Confidence in American President COLLAPSES

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots Is On Hiatus This Week.

There have been more mass shootings than days in 2019

El Paso

This is how folks in the Caribbean learned about El Paso

Another murderous nazi thug taken (safely) into custody

What stopped the El Paso shooter? nt

Cummings urges Trump to 'come to Baltimore'

Ben Carson Tries To Use A Black Church To Defend Trump's Racism And Gets Kicked Off The Property

Could the mass murderer get the death penalty?

some are saying families might be too afraid to go to the reunirication or hospitals for fear of ICE

People Shocked To See Hundreds Of Goats Stampeding Through Their Neighborhood 😂

McConnell Says He 'Saved the Supreme Court for a Generation'

Slave descendants to spend night in cabins at NC plantation

Always amazes me how cops can take an armed mass shooter alive....

Thoughts and prayers from Abbott live now

SAWDUST Bliss Street 2019

I'm sorry to say this, but Greg Abbott is an asshole.

Mexico: Two Journalists Murdered in 24 Hours, Three This Week

It works.

Baltimore Sun editorial board tears into Trump for using political rally to 'mock' city's homicide r

was that a sheet covering a victim in the parking lot?

Tweet of the Day

Driver plows through crowd gathered at anti-violence rally in Wisconsin

D.A. Pennebaker, Master Director of Documentaries, Dies at 94

FBI declining to call El Paso shooting a hate crime.

That awkward moment

Stephen King DOES NOT mince words with turtle #MoscowMitch...