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COMMENTS THREAD for August Photo Contest

SUBMISSION THREAD August Photo Contest

President of Honduras implicated in $1.5 million drug money conspiracy by New York prosecutor

It's the pattern. AK-47. White nationalism. NRA.

When McConnell blocked gun safety legislation post-Sandy Hook

Video recording of suspect being apprehended near Cielo Vista Mall and Walmart location in El Paso

The unbearable whiteness of weed: Canada's booming cannabis industry has a race problem CHUKA EJECKA

Write it all down in alcohol fire - 'cause that's the only thing that wants you

We have to love them out of it.

T's and P's: thoughts and prayers

I like country music and I like Mandolins but...

I Know This Is The Lounge, But This Is How I'm Feeling Today

And he howls at the moon hoping the sun don't come up too fast

Police in England capture giant tortoise after hectic chase

we were always looking for true north, with our heads in the clouds - Just a little off course

Sharp rise in Brazilian deforestation undeniable, says sacked research chief

Republicans' rendezvous with reality -- their plan is to cut Social Security

FLASH Inslee is now the #1 fund raiser on the DU!

While the baby just sat there looking mean

This [Former] Shelter Puppy Was Born With The Cutest Handlebar Mustache--Salvador Dolly 😍

The El Paso Shooting and the Gamification of Terror

Buttegeig gets to the heart of the matter. Trump is a weakling if he does

Wisconsin was the first state to ratify the 19th Amendment. Explore the key moments.

Ok, John and Lyle on KUT. Last post tonight I promise

Bolivian Opposition Leaders Split, Infighting Begins

Money from a retirement program for the US military is set to be diverted to pay for Trump's border

Thai King anoints mistress as official concubine as Queen looks on...

A statement from the White House?

This couple took in a stray cat -- and she gave birth in their closet!

MI: Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson dies at 80

Judge clarifies fate of future legislative raises

Trump's responsibility:

The Trumpists are fronting the story that the El Paso shooter is an environmental

This guy and his goat are having the cutest conversation ❤️

Missed 1 Sgt ;) My fate was sealed before I met you darling ... I was 1/2 down a shallow grave

These guys had to free a feisty raccoon stuck in a tarp!

Bonus Tweet of the Day

NOT A Cute Kitty Picture

Watch this guy very patiently transform a feral kitten into a cuddly cat 😻

Disinformation About Shooters Hometown on Interwebs

This morning Trump tweeted about knife violence in London and crimes by Syrian immigrants in Germany

Isn't the El Paso mass shooting a clear example of terrorism?

You know what:

Watch this guy bring a "dead" little mouse back to life!

Wore high heel shoes today for a walk. My limp is gone and my glutes

My turn!!! 😍

Help me out with weapon terminology please

MSNBC: Bernie Sanders reacts to El Paso shooting

Faux News on Shooting/Trump

John Hiatt - like an old pump well of great songs and every time I work the handle

r.e.m. - king of birds (studio-1987) singer ... sing me a song!

They're currently calling the El Paso shooting a hate crime instead of terrorism.

Artist Cages 'Make Way for Ducklings' Statue To Protest Child Detention Centers

All the people killed today in El Paso would be alive right now if Trump hadn't been elected

GET IT BETO !!! Speak Truth !!

Ok, just poured a double - and it looks like Mr L is up on a Saturday night. OLD REM TIME!

Terrorism / Mental Illness Skin Color Chart

Michelangelo Signorile replies to Trump's "Melania & I send thoughts & prayers to El Paso" tweet

The drunkest cover ever released...

Mitch at big Kentucky picnic... speech - in the background - chants of "Moscow Mitch"... video

Former Philly Sheriff sentenced to 5 years in jail for bribery

Marshawn Lynch in confrontation with youth football moms: "Is there a man here?"

So, how are those calluses? You know---the ones on your heart.

The "well regulated" part of the 2A

I never understood why this group was met with such disdain back in the day.

America's favorite sandwiches

Top Space Stories of the Week!

FBI opens domestic terror investigation into the El Paso shooting

Sen.Kamala Harris: If Congress doesn't act to pass reasonable gun safety laws, I will.

slight detour from the evening's previous agenda

Julian Castro: Our government is failing to protect American lives. We need gun reform now.

Ex FBI official: Trump radicalizing people to commit terrorism like a radical Islamic Mullah

FYI, Election Tech At DEF CON 27's Voting Village -- More Govt Leaders Will Be There

El Paso. Army Pfc. Glendon Oakley Jr. Know his name.

Most nations have very strict rules on gun ownership.

Former Army Under Secretary Murphy endorses Pete!

Impeachment summer? August town halls may decide next steps

This post by Joyce Vance

And I hate it.

New high carbon steel skillet

Biden's ideas for gun control, and how the NRA is already mischaracterizing them to attack him:

Trump Golf Costs Top $110 Million

First human-monkey chimera raises concern among scientists

So, where ya going?

North Korean prisoners publicly executed for trying to escape or steal, UN says

So all of the rest of us got old and ugly. But Tina Weymouth? Nah she declined to do that

One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard...

El Paso Mass Shooter Patrick Crusius purported Evil Manifesto.

Moscow Mitch meets Kentuckians (did I spell that correct?)

Off-duty soldier recounts carrying kids to safety from El Paso rampage

Here's An Interesting Side Note

El Paso Mitch

Glendon Oakley Jr (2010--Walmart) joins James Shaw Jr (2018--Waffle House)--2 brave young black men!

The New Moon, tonight...

Inciting murder: Why is no one calling Trump out?

At what point does the main stream media share responsibility for these mass shootings by

Is there a list of the White Trumper Terrorists, so far?

Add to 26 killed in 2017 at Sutherland Springs TX church!!

El Paso shooting suspect told investigators he wanted to shoot as many Mexicans as possible.

Stochastic Terrorism - Get to know this term

Finally got to share over a year of work with some of my family tonight...

Take away their WMDs

Good guy with a gun.

A country where a monster like trump gets normalized, and gun killings by white terrorists become

You know whose campaign needs to do a better job running against Trump?

Having grown up in Silver City NM near El Paso

Ran outta beer, but not before I drank too many to go buy more

Favorite campaign moment

Mr. Rogers -- On Looking for the Helpers

Turning and turning in the widening gyre

El Paso officials believe some mass shooting victims didn't seek medical treatment because...

Life in our two Americas

Kamala Harris' message to President Trump and republicans after yet another mass shooting

Know what's wrong with this country? Mass shootings, sure. BUT. It's that people don't fucking READ.

What happened to good guys with guns?

Vote for the person who will be most transformative.

NC should end race-based juror selection

So I was finally able to get this posted

I think this would be fun

When Hate Came to El Paso

"Enlighten or discourage", Prince on gun violence and public figure responsibility in 1999.


El Paso shooter worried about Democratc gains in Texas.

Trump the hate mongerer

Trump is promoting actual violence against US Citizens and innocent visitors to our country

Anti-Islamic tweets further imperil mainstream New Jersey Republicans

"Dude's gotta go!"

Moscow Mitch must really be a smart guy.

Trump fits the profile of a mass shooter and would have been one had he not had a rich daddy.

(George P.) Bush Denounces 'White Terrorism' After Shooting

I wish our debates functioned more like the ones from IQ Squared

Bjork has no time for your sexism bullshit (1994!)

People who believe that a "white genocide" is happening have killed more people in the US than ISIS

Trump prepares push to woo black voters

Rs are a party of fearful cowards 9 live stream religious insanity

8chan Is a Normal Part of Mass Shootings Now

The cynical birth of the anti abortion

Someone needs to develop an AI system that recognizes a person with a gun.

Spread peace with your IRL neighbors. Planet Drum

From 2018 , Native Texans voted for native Texan Beto O'Rourke, transplants went for Ted Cruz

Serbian Orthodox Christian Folk Song: 'Speak To Me Lord'

Thank You! - Sly & The Family Stone on Soul Train

Faye Wong - Bu Liu

Faye Wong - Bu Liu

Police responding to report of active shooter in Dayton, Ohio

Jolin Tsai: shou ai ni

Shooting in Dayton, Ohio. Multiple deaths possible.

Namie Amuro - make it happen FULL [English Sub]

Namie Amuro - make it happen FULL [English Sub]



Feds empty detention camp for child migrants in Homestead

El Paso Shooter lived about 1mile from my home

While all of this is happening...

I can't understand suffering and still have faith in drumpf and Moscow Mitch.

Active Twitter thread RE: Dayton shooting.

Ani DiFranco - To The Teeth

Ani DiFranco - To The Teeth

Ani DiFranco - To The Teeth

Tweet: tRump is a Stochastic Terrorist

What would congress do?

Orthodox Christianity: Chants, Expositions of The Faith

林俊傑 JJ Lin - 超越無限 Infinity And Beyond《中華電信大4G形象廣告曲》 (華ಁ

Finally watched "The Favourite...meh

This was on the El Paso murderer's FB page....

What an intelligence meeting looks like in 2019

Democratic Candidates Praise Labor -- and the Obama Legacy, Too

Thoughts and Prayers for mass shooting in ElPaso and Dayton Ohio

Beto O'Rourke: Trump's 'racism' leads to violence like El Paso mass shooting

Beto O'Rourke: Trump's 'racism' leads to violence like El Paso mass shooting

Armed To The Teeth

Compilation of 'Sobor' Liturgical Hymns of the Orthodox Church

'Fire Pantaleo,' Lead Poisoning and the Perils of Going National

Tulsi Gabbard Thinks We're Doomed

Dipping into the Flavor of Booker's Kool-Aid Retort to Biden

Rie a.k.a. Suzaku / Misty Zone featuring vocal : mictim Music Video

Scientists Find a Boiling, Toxic Wasteland of an Exoplanet, and It's Shaped Like a Football

Franky Zapata crosses Channel by hoverboard at second attempt

New Jersey sues Trump administration over reduced fuel efficiency penalties

At least 9 dead, 16 injured in mass shooting in downtown Dayton, Ohio: Police

So what do we make of anti-corporate pro-environmental violent racism?

THREE mass murders in ONE week!

What's worse? Killing 20 people or illegally selling cigarettes?

With El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio being a direct result...

Judge dismisses Norcross lawsuit against Murphy

Shameless Plug: Warren Totes

Patrick Crusius, the El Paso killer, is exactly the same type of young, who in early 1930s Germany

It is time to stop this terrorist - IMPEACH!

Man writes anti-gay message on restaurant bill, forces it down female manager's shirt

Moms Demand Action marches from White House to Capitol Hill in gun protest

Im guessing Trump will try and make it easier

Does Tulsi Gabbard have different Standards for Refugees based on Religion ?

Atlantic City property-tax spike a big surprise

Iran seizes another tanker in the Gulf, state media say

Driver plows through crowd gathered at anti-violence rally in Wisconsin

Sad Math: It's the guns, people

Murphy's freeze on state aid 'credit negative' for Atlantic City

Dayton shooter "heavy-set white man in dark attire".

Faux News had a guest that blamed Fornite

An Open Letter to Donald Trump from the Camden Education Association...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Here Kitty Kittied Edition

A masterly summing up of the El Paso terrorist attack in only four sentences...

From three days ago: Black Cincinnati residents brace for Trump rally following 'racist' comments

Who pays for the long term health care of gun victims?


Bernie Sanders explains why it's his time to win Nevada

El Paso & Dayton yesterday and now I see this

Tv Headline: 2 mass murders in 13 hours leave 29 dead

Is Trump a terrorist?

Nothing on Dayton from the Twit?

It's so easy to see the connection

Can we just start calling the Repubs the "MORE GUNS" party?

Three mass shootings and a disgruntle fired employee take the lives of several people.....

One of the best descriptions of Trump I've seen

August 4 - Happy Birthday Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D) NY-8th

Historian Simon Schama on shootings

August 4 - Happy Birthday Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) Chicago

Another reason for mass shootings

August 4 - Happy Birthday President Barack Obama

Men I Trust - Tailwhip

Teaching the new dog

France in the year 2000

It is just words, Donnie! definition a fascist state

Ali Velshi must be super human.

Breakfast: Sunday, August 4, 2019

It all depends on who the shooter turns out to be

Extremely rare white moose and her calf spotted crossing a road in Canada.

This is Tyranny Disguised as Freedom

Instead of Kremlin Don

A few minutes after tweetin about el paso trump tweets congrats to wrestling guy

Who's going to protect us?

Buttigieg: white nationalism is being condoned at the highest levels of the American government

Trump's campaign strategy is to incite hatred ...

Stephen Miller feeds Trump the exact words to say to incite these right wing domestic terrorists

George P. Bush condemns white terrorism

Name the accomplices. I'll start.

The ultimate irony of this mess is that there is no race called

He hates Democrats. El Paso.

FBI Director Wray was correct, Trump's Vanilla ISIS is much more of a threat to the United States

When will it end? When sane people are elected. nt

Why are animals so much easier to love/like than people?

So-called #Republican "leaders" REFUSED to discuss Mass shootings on State of the Union today.......

This is what really scares me.

I am in such pain about these shootings that I can hardly breathe

Relatively rare: A movie I would love to see with my family.

Incredibly powerful statement from El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles.

CNN: All GOP Senators/Governors from TX/OH, White House refuse to come on air to discuss shootings

Has anyone denounced white nationalist terrorism or the white genocide conspiracy theory yet?

How is trump different that Charles Manson?

Kamala Harris Town Hall in Henderson, Nevada Saturday (Video 27m)

Proposed Ohio ballot issue requiring background checks for most gun sales shoots ahead

You can't spell Red Hat without Hatred.

SOTU (CNN) Guests include Castro, ORourke, Booker, Buttigieg and we're adding more.

El Paso suspect told investigators he wanted to shoot as many Mexicans as possible

You raised $639.40 on August 3, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links (8 candidates got $)

Jay Inslee Pitches Labor Unions On Benefits Of Clean Energy Revolution

Job for photo shoppers on here: Can you put Moscow Mitch

Meanwhile, in the Ohio Statehouse..

if it were up to me

Washington state governor signs bills tightening gun rules

Tr*mp's twitter account is culpable!

Happy birthday President Obama

It's about Trump's GOP becoming a white power movement...

The Democrats are missing out on a golden opportunity.

McConnell's first appearance back home after recess.

Governments are created to secure the lives of its citizens.

"What can we do? It's mental illness."

After El Paso & Dayton, Ivanka wants us to "raise our voices in rejection of cowardly acts of hate"

I read the news today. Oh boy...

Manson killed no one; Trump laughs at "Shoot them"

50th anniversary of Woodstock Aug 15-17


Viral photo shows Elizabeth Warren doing 'pinky promise' with young girl

Trump's five step plan to tackle right wing domestic terrorism is still the same

Not sure how to say this but i'll try. This is about the NRA.

I'd rather have a nation of Ilhan Omars and AOCs as opposed to even a few El Paso shooters

It's Got To Stop

This Is A White Supremacist Wave Of Terror

Which of our primary candidates do you believe are the strongest on gun laws?

Kentuckians none too happy with Moscow Mitch

Ex-Health Insurance Exe: industry Is Using Decades-Old....

Another mass shooting in Dayton a high capacity weapon used

It's O.K., I'll protect you

Regarding any potential criminal and/or civil charges against Trump -

Radical Republican Terrorism

That's not America

Intent to incite violence. But let's argue about impeachment??

Laura Ingraham on undocumented immigrants: "​This is an invasion of the country. They are invading"

How Vaccines Cause - all the facts in one place.

FYI: Dayton is 54 miles N of Cincinatti, trump's last rally

I am in Facebook jail for posting anti Orange Hitler posts

Are Republicans killed in these mass shootings? You would think not.

Kamala Harris at AFSCME forum Saturday

What is your favorite breakfast? Here are mine, which I vary day to day:

Protestors interrupt McConnell event in Kentucky with 'Moscow Mitch' chants

Got a new 14-inch carbon-steel frying pan

It is the military assault rifle that gives cowards the courage to attack.

When a rally attendee suggested shooting immigrants, here's what Trump said:

NYPOST Cover - Calls it what it is "ANTI IMMIGRANT TERRORISM"

Iran's Zarif sanctioned after declining Trump meet: officials

Our party platform on curbing gun violence

When Students In India Can't Earn College Admission On Merit, They Buy Their Way In

Another badly-aged tweet is shared in response to Trump's "God bless Dayton" tweet.

It is time

Chants of "Moscow Mitch" Follow McConnell to Fancy Farm Political Event in Kentucky

Angela Pelosi on her mom: "She will cut your head off, and you won't even know you're bleeding."

Could the 2020 election drive our country into chaos?

I love to feed people

Beto can really bring it against Republican "values" using the moral highground

Charles Pierce: She tried to tell us.

The perfect explanation for DFT

Rick Santorum (CNN): We can't limit access to guns because there are too many guns...

What the fuck do you mean you can't comprehend it? These are your president's exact words.

Why does Trump Hate America?

House passed gun regulation (240-190) Feb. 2019...

Just before a shooter killed 20 in El Paso, the NRA celebrated looser Texas gun laws

A few thoughts on gun control

Providing cover for white supremacy and racial subjugation...

Philip Rucker offers your moment of Zen in the wake of El Paso and Dayton.

This was tRump just 4 months ago RE: shooting immigrants

The proposed D.N.I. is D.O.A. . . . Please come CAPTION John Ratcliffe!!!

Back in the mid 60's we already were being taught that Hispanic culture would become a larger part

The Coming Scourge of "National Conservatism

Bernie (and Warren) Refuse to Take Media's Bait

Name of Dayton murderer...

Hillary tried to warn us-Hillary Clinton ad warning about Trump's white supremacy. In August, 2016.

Racist rhetoric has consequences

Keb Mo - Just Like You

Kamala addresses the bully in the White House

2019 Harness Racing - 2019 Hambletonian

Luckovich-The Spark

Kellyanne Conway chimes in: Finger-pointing, name-calling & screaming with your keyboards is easy...

stochastic terrorism

Russia practiced on Poland before fucking with the U.S. election.

Frida Ghitis World affairs columnist and author tweet

There will be no triangulation; no "Nixon goes to China" moment

Elizabeth Warren adds her voice to those calling out white nationalist domestic terrorism

Thoughts & Prayers

Ohio Jr Senator Rob Portman and NRA Blood Money- how much did yours take?

This tweet sums it up

Mulvaney defends Trump in wake of El Paso, Dayton shootings

WOW! Mitch is "sickened" by Dayton shootings and STANDS with LAW ENFORCEMENT! USA! USA! USA! USA!

I'm really tired of hearing that banning semi autos won't work because there are

Canada, Mexico, European Union should all boycott or sanction the US until it gets the violence

Time to strike

Pence: "There is no place in America for acts of violence, hatred and racism. "

My message for future mass killers. Leave us alone.

Take a break from the horrible news. Chuck Berry's opening licks on Johnny B. Good...

BREAKING... The DU has now raised OVER $20,000 with the POTUS ActBlue links!!!

El Paso and the Gamification of Terrorism

and Donald Trump is golfing.

Ponyo - Joe Hisaishi

Ponyo - Joe Hisaishi

Will these latest mass shootings move more D Reps into supporting impeachment?

Russian Land of Permafrost and Mammoths Is Thawing

The Manifesto Revealed:

Brett Kavanaugh wants to make it even easier for gunmen to obtain assault rifles

You know your system of government is broken when ...

Are we back there again?

Former conservative Chief Justice Warren Burger in 1991: The 2nd Amendment

Maybe we need another new hashtag.

This was a punch to the gut.

Officials call El Paso shooting a domestic terrorism case, weigh hate crime charges

So where's trump today?

Pierce: It's Just That Kind of Morning. It's Morning in America.

A friend's son left that club district before the shootings but his friend stayed and was shot

There was an even bigger mass murder in the US.

Lynchings, Church Bombings, Kidnapping, Rape, Beatings, - Racial Hatred Not Mental Health

MSNBC - "republicans better get their shit together"

I am old enough to remember El Paso.

This is chilling.

Woman gunned down in El Paso shooting was shielding her 2-month-old son, family says


MSNBC breaking - Dayton shooter Connor Betts's sister and boyfriend found dead in car near scene


New gun laws and lessons from '94

Here is a chant I'd like to hear at any of the candidates' rallies:


Brilliant prose from GWB speechwriter

Analysis: Trump Directly Cited As Motivation In 61 Murders And 5 Terrorist Plots

Tenacious, The Tough Hedgehog

Klobuchar's astute point on racism's perceived extension to Trump voters

Sanders says McConnell should call Senate into session for gun safety bill

CNN's Tapper says they won't show shooters pictures.

Trump orders flags to half-staff as 'mark of solemn respect' for victims of shootings

And the hits just keep on coming

Remember when we had normal Presidents?

So, Senator Schumer, what do you do about a president whose "priorities are un-American?"

Off to the mall

How can we know?:

White men ... that is the common denominator in the gun problem.

Totally inane tweet from Cornyn:

I think anytime someone buys body armor the FBI should be notified.

I'm tired of all these politicians thanking first responders

Connor Betts, 24, ID'd as Dayton, Ohio Shooter

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 4, 2019?

Republican politicians

Spare us your crocodile tears

Shootings? What Mass Shootings? Let's party on...

Brady, Patriots reportedly finalizing contract extension


Australia got it right after the Port Arthur Massacre. If they could do it, we can too.

Trump Directly Cited As Motivation

mcconnell is being dragged for filth on twitter and im here for it.

Tweet of the Day

France ponders giving lesbians, single women access to IVF

Dan Kildee's advice to McConnell. If you want to work for the NRA you can go to their office,

Dartboard with faces of The Squad at PA county fair

Presenting the tRump "MAGA .45"

Ohio cities are prohibited by state law from enacting gun control legislation

Last week I canned some pickles

Watergate Salad: A Fluffy Green Bite Of Washington, D.C.'s Past

I Woke Up To Rick Santorum Defending Trump

Three mass shootings this year began with a hateful screed on 8chan. Its founder calls it a terroris

Trump Undid Obama Rule That Added Mentally Ill People to Gun Check Register

America Is The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout -- I Won't Have A Problem If You Aim High And Miss

Just Learned that the Dayton Shooter..

Richard Parker

Kamala Harris on CNN: "We're not without hope on this issue (gun safety), we're without action."

I posted in the cooking and baking group with pics

A graphic designer added special fx to footage of his son

Many lines of manifesto of El Paso shooter could have been written by the White House press office

Cambodian Khmer Rouge's chief ideologist, 'Brother Number Two', dead at 93

The Nazis who implemented the final solution

Does anyone else detect a sea change today?

Jamele Hill: This tweet will, sadly, always be relevant

Pope condemns spate of U.S. gun violence, prays for victims

America Is About Falling Forward -- Every Failed Experiment Is One Step Closer To Success

The worst part

Police arrest 13 boaters for driving under the influence at Seafair weekend

Tim Ryan: "Republicans need to, quite frankly, get their shit together and stop pandering to the NR

Saw some video earlier of a body in El Paso blurred out by

I'm expecting Trump to do something BIG

This is the smartest puppy in the world 🐶

After El Paso shooting, Mexico to take legal actions to protect Mexicans in U.S. -official

After El Paso shooting, Mexico to take legal actions to protect Mexicans in U.S. -official

U.S. court rules against Maduro bid to oust opposition-backed Citgo board

Watch this tiny 3-legged puppy go from the streets of Korea to a family in Brooklyn!

Opinion: When Hate Came to El Paso

If children would only pray more

'America is under attack': Dem candidates call for gun control after shootings

BTRTN July 2019 Month in Review: Will the Democrats Take the Plunge?

BTRTN July 2019 Month in Review: Will the Democrats Take the Plunge?

El Paso Walmart rampage marks 250th mass shooting in 215 days

🐦 AUG 5 at 6PM - Town Hall with Bernie Sanders and with Immigrant Workers - Vista, CA

Comedy scene reacts to killing of NYC club owner at his N.J home

🐦 AUG 6 at 12PM - Town Hall with Bernie Sanders on Affordable Housing - Northridge, CA

El Paso shooting being investigated as domestic terrorism and possible hate crime

Republican flow chart used for addressing mass murder

Puppy adorably battles rival cat to reclaim bed

🐦 AUG 6 at 7PM - Long Beach Rally with Bernie Sanders

Oh Beautiful For RAT-A-TAT-TAT, For Amber Waves of KA-CHING KA-CHOW. For Purple BAM BOOM BAM BAM BAM

Booker says Trump is 'sowing seeds of hatred' after 2 mass shootings hit the U.S.

Thoughts & Prayers

I can't "America" today

17,000 Washington students could lose free meals over food stamp changes

Mass shootings overblown? Neil deGrasse Tyson suggests that's the case...

A Great Example of what reading can do, even for a human who cannot yet read.

Jennifer Rubin: There is no excuse for supporting this president

My vent about current white nationalist violence: AMERICA HAS NEVER BEEN "WHITE"!!!!!!!

Vox Maps All The Mass Shootings Since "Never Again" Sandy Hook

CNN: Bernie Sanders: I asked McConnell to end recess right now

Anybody else jumping when they hear an unexpected noise?

Dayton shooting: Possible domestic motive.

Pastor: Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Are a Satanic Plot to 'Create a Race of Soulless Creatures'

Dayton: The gunman's sister was among those killed

Look who just came out against white supremacy.

Fux Youz is discussing dissension amongst Dems

I wish all of our party leaders would talk like Beto

Trump Is Being Manipulated by Putin. What Should We Do? by Will Hurd, R, TX; Former CIA officer.....

Ivanka tweeting against white supremacy 30 minutes ago. She is getting a blowback

Texas Lieutenant Governor says kids not praying in school caused yesterday's mass shooting

These teachers stole, cheated and choked kids. Why did N.J. take so long to strip their teaching

Why the KGB is alive and well and planning on taking your car, house, etc.

'To promote an informed society': UW to launch new center studying fake news this fall

The FBI Declared QAnon a Domestic Terrorism Threat -- and Conspiracy Theorists Are Psyched

Where we stand as a Country.

Obama had Biden heading his task force to come up with executive actions to reduce gun violence

Cartoons 8/04/19

Not fair to lay shootings 'at the feet of the president,' acting WH chief of staff Mick Mulvaney say

one has to wonder if the domestic terrorist killers ever attend a #fatdonnie rally?

🔥 Bernie Sanders - Las Vegas Town Hall on Jobs and Economic Security

Did Portman just say something about a hurricane in Dayton?

Kevin McCarthey blames video games for weekend massacres

NORAD catches 3 planes flying too close to Trump's golf course while he's in N.J.

N.J.'s top Republicans aren't willing to say county leader accused of bigotry should quit

Rob Portman...3Million spent by NRA on his campaign...

Russian flags and Moscow Mitch signs waved at McConnell public appearance

WTF is wrong with these people who are getting married?

DuPont says N.J. toxic mess caused by U.S. government ordering chemicals for WW1 and WW2

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says 'video games' caused racist El Paso shooting: 'We've always had guns

America is a Gun

Joe Biden remains a favorite among black voters, even if he doesn't know his Kool-Aid

Donald Trump and Stochastic Terrorism

Jebus Effin' Krist Kelly O'Donnell just fucking stop

Anyone who says that it gains nothing to blame Trump for the violence, I say

From The Atlantic-Trump is past being able to do his job

Trump partying after the mass murders

Mayor Pete Buttigieg "America is under attack by lethal, violent, white nationalist terrorism

Trump played golf today.

The New Jackie Is Nothing Like The Real Jackie

After pair of mass shootings, Trump remains out of sight

A fantasy: Walmart stops selling guns as a response to the shooting in its store.

McConnell fractures shoulder in fall

To All the Politicians Sending Thoughts and Prayers: What Else Have You Got? n/t

so.. Trump's campaign strategy for 2020 was to trash African American majority cities

So Trump should be landing in D.C. in an hour..

Kamala Harris at Las Vegas church: Trump is "clearly a racist" and his words have consequences

Kellyanne: We need to come together, America. Finger-pointing, name-calling & screaming with your

Salsa Bars are gross

Trump tactics...

#TrumpIsManson --or his aides--deleting tweets

So Much for Ending American Carnage

Which video game?

Democrats Pressure McConnell to Bring Senate Back


Biden called McCain before the Senate voted on repealing Obamacare urging him to vote No (2017)

North Korea Features Trump On Its Stamps

#MoscowMitch fell at home. Fractured shoulder

Wasn't the office of POTUS supposed to be something we could rally behind in times of crisis?

David Hogg:Trump is trying to remain quiet right now because he knows that if he does this will pass

The Hurtful Chuch of Jesus-less Christians

*** Complete video of AFSCME candidate forum yesterday - 7+ hours ***

The El Paso Shooting and the Gamification of Terror

House Democrats call for Michael Quinn Sullivan to release secret Dennis Bonnen recording

For Mass Murders, Trump Isn't White Extremists' Only Connection

Red Don has succeeded in Making America Hate Again

Real Militias have what are known as "Regulations"

"Clash of civilizations!" "Invasion from the southern border! An invasion I tell ya!"

Those encouraged by his words in recent years kill more Americans than Islamist terrorists.

Marine veteran enters race for 6th District seat in Kentucky

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 5 August 2019

Mexico says it will take legal action against US over El Paso shooting

He is lying again!

Trump is saying his admin has done a lot. A lot what?? vague statements

Liar in chief, "There is no place in this country for hate".

Sebastion Gorka's academic degree is fraudulent

Jailing Muslims, burning Bibles, and forcing monks to wave the national flag: How Xi Jinping is



The Ku Klux Klan held a rally in Dayton last May.

Moscow Mitch cast in remake of The Wizard of Oz

Many people are saying that the only thing that separates Trump from Charles Manson is ...

A good day for solitude: Unbearable pain needs incredible beauty.

Oh nooos, Moscow Mitch is laid up in Kentucky after fracturing something.

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 4, 2019

FBI executed 3 search warrants in DFW area in El Paso mass shooting investigation

Trump ran on saying "Obama won't say 'Islamic terrorism'", yet he'll blame rain on Mars before

Heed Bernie's Call To Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act!

Easy Litmus Test For Gun Ownership;

Dayton Mass shooting news briefing with video of officers stopping shooter...

Hundreds wait hours to donate blood in El Paso after mass shooting leaves city in mourning

Trump just said his supporters are "very, very, seriously mentally ill"

President Trump: 'hate has no place in our country'

Therapy: Expensive This dog imitating all his pictures: Free

Man.. Trump sure got off the tarmac enough..

Trump is right: the cause of these shootings IS a "mental health problem."

Give a shout out to your union

Trump thinks we're supposed to feel better about the terrorism he incites because ...

John Legend slams Trump over mass shootings: 'The president regularly inspires killers'

El Paso shooting: George P. Bush calls on country to 'stand against white terrorism'

Minutes Before El Paso Killing, Hate-Filled Manifesto Appears Online

Lightning strike

I don't believe in Twitterizing but Rep Mike Turner's (R-OH) Daughter was near Dayton's shooting.

Brett BOOFO Kavanaugh wants to make it even easier for gunmen to obtain assault rifles

U.S. citizen's detention is a reminder that mixed-status families can feel trapped along the border

If it's about mental illness, then politicians need to stop enabling it

Tim Scott, sole black GOP senator, warns against "politicizing" mass shootings

So a Bush says,

Tweets recently, hurriedly deleted by Trump's aides:

Trump promoter Sebastian Gorka is an academic fraud with a fake PhD.

Julian Castro shows he's willing to take on his top Democratic rivals for president

This is from the terrorist's social media! .......

Chloe "Daisy from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Bennet has a few words for Leader McConnell.

It's all quiet in the Ammosexual Front (Facebook)

I just got 2 collect call voice mails, on my cell phone, from two different PRISONS

Righties trying to equate these mass shootings with inner city violence

Trump's America unravels in one bloody nightmare weekend. Now it's time to clean house

Cock Fight

David Niewert, arguably THE expert on domestic white terrorism, says today...

A slient thread for Moscow Mitch with thoughts and prayers!

The GOPee is raising the flags on 8/8, heil Hitler day

Pennsylvania just eliminated general assistance. The need for it hasn't gone away

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

U.S. launches last-ditch effort to stop Turkish invasion of northeast Syria

U.S. launches last-ditch effort to stop Turkish invasion of northeast Syria

'Shoot them!': Trump laughs off a supporter's demand for violence against migrants

Some of you remember "Duck and Cover" and other classroom exercises from the '50s...

I think Melania is an Android.

Tainted Pork, Ill Consumers and an Investigation Thwarted

Even though it would be 99% symbolic, I would support sanctions on gun stores that sell to mass

Did this heavy metal song save a life?

"No place for hate"?

Targeted by the GOP, Pa's Democratic U.S. House newcomers fill 2020 war chests

El Paso, Dayton shooting victims include mom who died protecting baby

French hoverboard inventor flies across the English Channel

This analogy never gets old

Did I miss Barack's birthday?

My two Senators. Contrasting decency vs. corruption.

He walked off Marine One at the White House and didn't respond to a single reporter's question

BREAKING NEWS: Text from Putin to McConnell intercepted...

Repeal PLCAA: Put on the pressure to make this plank of our 2016 Democratic Platform a reality

I am still finding Trump's statement today, cold hearted, lame and way to late!

Philly Democrat floats plan for minimum wage for Uber, Lyft drivers

Trump talks to reporters after returning from the golf course. 'Hate has no place in our country'

The Almighty is pissed

President Trump makes it all worse. Here's how it could be different.

#MoscowMitch fell at home. Fractured shoulder, Putin calls to wish him well!

Trump crashes wedding party and celebrates while nation grieves.

Democrats ask Wolf to declare emergency response to cash assistance elimination

Should Pennsylvania tax pensions? Reactions range from 'attack on retirees' to 'reasonable concept'

Mulvaney is an a-hole

Bucks County Man Arrested After Making Terroristic Threats Directed At Temple University,

If Osama Bin Laden owned a golf course he too would have went golfing the day after 9/11

Man makes threats towards Temple University while buying ammo at Walmart: DA

The coverup is underway, but the internet lasts forever

Did Trump actually play golf today?

A song of peace: John Lennon, live, Imagine, 1972

Amish upset by Pa. township plan to require buggy registration, horse diapers and rubber horseshoes

Is there still a Guns group here on DU?

What's Wrong With White People in America?

Mrs. Betty Bowers. America's Best Christian

Dog impressively jumps onto floating body board to fetch ball

CBS: 15 to 20 million military-style assault rifles

Video, MAGAt rally, May 8, 2019: Trump muses about shooting undocumented immigrants

23rd mass shooting this year

We need another March for Our Lives. They are not listening.

Tom Brady agrees to $70m, two-year extension with Patriots at age of 42

"MassacreMitch" trending at #7

I wish....

8chan Is a Megaphone for Gunmen. 'Shut the Site Down,' Says Its Creator.

Scott Perry: Progressive groups are trying to 'hijack' town halls and make 'mockery' of legislative


Abbey Road 50th anniversary remix package coming soon?

Edinburgh festival performers refuse sterling payments due to Brexit

Impressive compilation and interactive information. Washington Post. 8/4/2019

"thoughts and Prayers" is now the punchline

Cypriot bishop faces hate speech inquiry over homophobic remarks

BREAKING: Sting announces that as of September 1, he'll no longer watch every move you make

2019 Mass Shootings from around the world

Alejandro Bedoya