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Russian Land of Permafrost and Mammoths Is Thawing

I've been out since May. Did I miss anything?

When is your next rally, Mr Trump?

DARPA Is Building a $10 Million, Open Source, Secure Voting System

Does anyone know a cartoonist?

Why is the media asking democratic presidential candidates why they think they have the power to


" I want the president to hear this': Cousin of shooting victim begs for interview

Navy Football Drops 'Load the Clip' Season Motto

Because I like some of Y'all...

NRA releases surprises here. Same old, same old.

" Hey Congress do something! End gun violence now!"

Bloody bastard

Ancient aliens !

I have wept all my tears, for today at least.

Must-read Tweet from Quinta Jurecic

The shooter in Dayton had 100 rounds of Ammo

American soccer player grabs microphone during the game game to demand Congress act on gun violence

In reacting to the El Paso mass shooting, Alex Jones and TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sound a lot alike

The origins of Right-Wing and Left-Wing

How Fox News pushed propaganda about the El Paso mass shooting

Why Can't Conservative Nationalists Just Assimilate? - David Pakman Show

The Violence can all be traced to the Orange Lardbucket

Soccer player Alejandro Bedoya grabs mic during game to demand Congress act on gun violence

Suspect in El Paso massacre 'didn't hold anything back' in police interrogation

How long after Sherrod Brown called for MoscowMitch to reconvene the Senate

Beto O'Rourke: President Donald Trump is a white nationalist

Biden on CNN's Anderson Cooper - tomorrow @ 8:00 p.m.

This is the gun control legislation Mitch McConnell won't allow senators to vote on

What should Trump say to himself when he looks into the mirror tonight?

James Comey to Donald Trump after shootings: 'You owe us more than condolences sent via Twitter'

"How about we treat every young man who wants to buy a gun like every woman who wants to get an abor

Trump Mulled Declaring State of Emergency In Baltimore

You don't have to be a mom to join MOMS DEMAND ACTION

Thinking of buying a refurbished Iphone

I would love to see a flood of aggressive ads in prime time which demean the Republican party

Hatemongers.....You can run but you can't hide...

Trump tweets about Mexicans under scrutiny in wake of El Paso shooting

Kamala Harris this morning on her republican colleagues in Congress

Do you ever think about how you might deprogram your Trumper family members?

We Must Bring People Together, Not Instigate Hatred

Dayton shooting due to family breakdown, gay marriage, video games, state lawmaker says

My friend asked me tonight

The GOP has purged 17 million voters off voter rolls

Bet trump working it. Absolutely doesn't want HIS FBI

Interesting quote from a 1933 movie:

Yesterday. At the American Black Theater Festival in Winston-Salem

Chester plant fined $750K for air pollution violations

Trump has been trying to incite his followers to carry out attacks right from the start

Fuck Yeah @GAGnoguns rally in Times Square today ..............

Is it ok to remind positive comment posters that they may have forgot to rec the OP?

NRA expresses 'deepest sympathies' to families and victims of El Paso, Dayton shootings

29 victims in 30 seconds

American Swamp on MSNBC (Trump, inc)

Union wants city to rezone Hahnemann property so it can't be flipped

CloudFlare is kicking off 8chan.

'Do you stand with this torchbearer (statue ol liberty) or this one (tiki torchbearers in VA)?' Vis-

Gonna go on record here

It just occurred to me that Trump likely enjoys the power of his followers killing minorities

*From Gershwin to Garland: A Musical Journey With Richard Glazier

Take That, China!

If Racist45 "can't" stop racist chanting at his own rallies, how does he plan to stop gun violence?

In El Paso Shooting Suspect's Manifesto, an Echo of Trump's Language

Sources: FBI investigating SEPTA over embezzlement scheme

The only way that gun control laws will be enacted.....

GOP Congresscritter Ken Marchant may retire tomorrow

A well-intentioned Harris tweet, but this isn't about "we."

Man who sent pipe bombs to Clinton, CNN faces sentencing

Laurence Tribe tweet....

White male mass murderers get special treatment

buzzycrumbhunger's Oil Pie Crust recipe

We have a gun problem

"Breaking Hate" on msnbc now about the white nationalist hate movement

This tweet about McConnell's shoulder:

Elizabeth Warren kicking it up a notch on Don Lemon right now. When asked

Gunsense Now! Rally, Monday 5-6 p.m. State Capitol steps, Nashville

Three Rivers Regatta canceled due to failures of LionHeart management company, says board

8chan's content delivery network is dropping them because of the shootings. They could

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Phillies sue to block Phanatic from becoming 'free agent'


Jimmy Kimmel reimagines Mr. Rogers movie as violent revenge flick

Schumer calls out McConnell.

7 Wounded In Shooting Near Playground on Chicago's West Side.

Blackjewel's coal assets sold at auction; hearing Monday

Blackjewel's coal assets sold at auction; hearing Monday

Would it help to bring back the Fairness Doctrine - perhaps an updated version?

Depraved Indifference, thy name is

Charlie Copeland gets caught

Randy Rainbow, "Were Just Suckers for You"

Obstacles remain in preventing "double-dipping" by lawmakers

Since Texas is an open carry State, where was the "good" guy w/ a Gun ? Nt

You know something? You *CAN'T* make a video game with today's right wing rhetoric

NYTimes: In El Paso Shooting Suspect's Manifesto, an Echo of Trump's Language

Illegal Pete's company name is now legal in Delaware

So...I guess all eyes are on 10:00 AM tomorrow, when Trump will address this past weekend

Coal plant owner to pay $1M over Chesapeake contamination

Did you miss this mass-murder & BREAKING NEWS: 8CHAN CANCELLED?

Siri, show me the Venn Diagram of people who are Nazi apologists

Beating Donald Trump requires understanding voter age polarization & progressivism

'Trump 2020' banner leads to fans being removed from Orioles-Blue Jays game

Got a call earlier tonight

Man paid two D.C. police employees $40,000 in bribes for crash reports

Elizabeth Warren: Trump should not 'wink and nod and smile' about white supremacy

Beekeeping, Day 88, What are these bees doing?

"Members of the press, what the fuck?"

'I'd be happy to have him': Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings says Pres. Trump should come to Baltimore

Protesters demand action from Regal Cinemas outside Gambrills theater

Trump tweets, stays out of sight for hours after shootings

Blind voters sue Maryland Board of Elections, alleging discrimination at ballot box

Living in New Mexico I am so excited about Valerie Plame running for Congress!

Americans spend too much money on housing. Why aren't the candidates talking about it?

Mediation fails again in case seeking to force Maryland to better fund and strengthen HBCU programs

The President Sang Amazing Grace (Joan Baez)

I was born and raised in Dayton. I use to spend a lot of time in the Oregon district.

TX-10: Michael MCaul could be the next Texas Republican to retire.

Delagate Norton Demands Removal Of Confederate Statue In DC: Report

What are some of the things you are doing to keep yourself from staying angry?

8/4 Axios scoop: Trump Considered Declaring a State Of Emergency In Baltimore

When you think about how oppressed minorities have been in the US

Amtrak To Launch Nonstop Trains From DC To New York

This is still the best speech I think Joe Biden has ever delivered.

Pompeo to give speech at Kansas State amid speculation of Senate run

Prospect: Warren's stunning plan for trade

A Dayton victim's cousin just asked for his message to go viral and reach Trump

This is so spot on! I have to use this from now on!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 6: Summer Under the Stars: Lena Horne

Connor Betts, Dayton Shooter, described himself as a 'Leftist'

Open City Employee Says She Was Fired for Confronting a Customer About a Trump 2020 Pin

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 7: Summer Under the Stars: James Stewart

Trump has run 2200 ads on Facebook that include the word "invasion" since May 2018

Advocates Allege "Disturbing Staff Abuses," "Serious Staff Violations" of Law at St. Elizabeths

This is what a 100-round drum magazine looks like from the Dayton shooting ...

Dwight Twilley-Nothing's Ever Gonna Change So Fast

Longtime D.C. Government Watchdogs' Property Auctioned at Tax Sale

And in Hong Kong today:

Don't know how i feel about this. The real Fearless Girl. I think she should

AOC responds to the Turtles bullsh*t statement about El Paso terrorist attack ...

In the market for a refurb IPhone

Defying U.S. Sanctions, China and Others Take Oil From 12 Iranian Tankers

Biden: We can't fix a problem if we refuse to name it: white nationalism.

Dwight Twilley and Susan Cowsill- Why You Wanna Break My Heart

I have posted a new YouTube video, but didn't think it would be good to post on DU with emotions....

Early warning: some unwelcome publicity is coming this way

House GOP Retirements Continue

Network provider Cloudflare to drop 8chan after El Paso shooting

Cousin of Greg Palast's producer killed in Dayton gun massacre

While on YouTube, this video popped up in a list of ones intending an interest pique:

Mayor Pete: What matters most is winning in 2020

WTF is going on with the Texas (R) Congress members retiring?

New Mexico declines to grant 6th 'racino' license

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Prison Labor

Joy Reid Instagram Post: "Nuff said"

Nebraska State Sen. McCollister calls out Republican racism

Republican politicians say videogames partly to blame for mass shootings

Congresswoman Torres Small outraising GOP opponents

October 2018: Trump-administration cancels DHS-program combatting white domestic terrorism.

Jury awards $5.2 million to men hit by hunters' bullet fragments in New Mexico

Elizabeth Warren's trade plan

Documents missing in $650K state settlement

A Majority of Economists Think the Next Recession Will Come by the 2020 Election

Online solitaire - want it free and without spam following.

Gold King mine spill 'still hurting' New Mexico, 4 years later

Why teachers unions are trying to block outside intervention in Colorado schools

Stop abusing land, scientists warn

Mexico's firefly forest

Police attack indigenous community in Brazil, says Survival International

Lawsuit against signature-gathering firm illustrates problems with Colorado's process to get on the

This sums up the media playing dumb to cover for Trumps racism and the terrorist attacks ...

New medical procedure could delay menopause by 20 years

Campaign to end abortions at 22 weeks and after in Colorado pursues options

Columbine High School, widely synonymous with tragedy, will not be rebuilt or renamed

Meta Notes: "Hick4Senate" Our Biggest Tweet Ever

Kamala Harris A Big Deal In Denver

Credit where it's due: The Dayton cops did an amazing job

We must call the El Paso shooting what it is: Trump-inspired terrorism (David Schanzer)

Deadbeat Trump still owes grieving city of El Paso $470,000 for his MAGA rally from February

(Jewish Group) NRCC chairman sent letter saying rich Jews bought Congress

(Jewish Group) Antisemitic graffiti painted on door of Minneapolis school

(Jewish Group) Julius Rosenwald was a champion of Black education

Who banned the CDC from undertaking research on gun violence?

He is loved by white supremacists everywhere. He is one.

Elizabeth Warren hammers 'hate-for-profit' Fox News after shootings

Photos of ⁦Bernie Sanders⁩ in San Diego tonight playing skee ball and shooting baskets at local bar

I want to know who Donnie Shit for Brains and Retrumplican corporate donors are

Maybe instead of blaming video games, Kevin McCarthy and company should look in the mirror

Connecting The Dots

China Hits Back at Trump by Weakening Yuan, Halting Crop Imports

Trump calls for Democrats and Republicans to come together and pass background checks

"Hey guys! Want any sort of gun control measures? Great! All you gotta do....

October 2018: Trump-administration cancels DHS-program combating white domestic terrorism.

Dow implied open -364 points. Over trump China tarrif..

Gov. DeWine interrupted by chants of "Do something" during Dayton vigil

Just now on Morning Joe - Counties hosting Trump rallies in 2016

Monday TOONs - The Manifesto

Trump tweet just now blames the media for the shootings

Congresswoman Escobar is on MSNBC and she is making me cry.

We have studied every mass shooting since 1966. Here's what we've learned about the shooters

Meet the neglected 43-year-old stepchild of the U.S. military-industrial complex

trump* still owes El Paso $470,000 for security, and now he wants to go back, again!?!?!

The tools of the far right for decades becoming the new normal....

$$$ for clicks

Please ignore the liar in the White House.

#TrumpsTerrorists #ThisIsAmerica

Going to Walmart today and check out the emergency exits if they exist at all.

Thank you Beto! Calls out media's bullshit

A father sings to his newborn son who sleeps on the guitar placidly.

8chan, website used by El Paso suspect to post manifesto back online after service interruption

Dayton shooter kept hit list, rape list

Trump Blames Mass Shootings on the Media: 'Fake News Has Contributed Greatly to the Anger and Rage'

Trump blames...the media for shootings

Does anyone know the Dayton killer's motive? Nt

The Democratic debates suffer from a nasty case of "Plan-itis"

It is going to be interesting week.

Puerto Rico crisis deepens amid clash over sworn-in governor

Puerto Rico crisis deepens amid clash over sworn-in governor

Andrew Yang Policy on GUN SAFETY

NYAG Letitia James - our nation turns its crying eyes to you.

Andrew Yang Policy on GUN SAFETY

Judge: Actually, NC DOES Have The Authority To Order Duke Energy To Remove Toxic Coal Ash

'You tell 'em big guy'



The Rundown: August 1, 2019

'Time for change': New Zealand unveils bill to legalise abortion

The Rundown: August 2, 2019

Pick of the Week: "Killers" #1

Fracking Industry's Financial Cracks Growing: Permian Alone Needs $9 Billion For Wastewater Wells

284 Years Ago Today; John Peter Zenger acquitted of Seditious Libel against Royal NY Governor

The smartest thing Trump can do is announce he is not going to run for reelection.

Kamala: "We have a president who has embraced white nationalism. He has emboldened and elevated it."

Andrew Yang's comments on recent mass shootings

It's not the guns. Switzerland has as many guns as the US and had 3 mass-shootings in 100 years.

Imagine that you live in a community where a known arsonist is in charge of the government.

Bloomberg reported that Trump tweeted for strong background checks tying it with immigration.T

American Swamp (ep. 2)

I appealed a post removal and never got a response. Why?

'Jesus Christ, of course he's racist!"

131 Years Ago Today; Bertha Benz makes the first automobile "road trip"

Just wanna say...

Ohio State Rep Blames Dayton Shooting On Obama, Gay Marriage, Drag Queens, Video Games, Marijuana

Iowa native JD Scholten announces second bid to unseat GOP Rep. Steve King

Iowa native JD Scholten announces second bid to unseat GOP Rep. Steve King

Wow, Rupert Murdoch's NY Post calls for a ban on assault weapons. Monday's front page

JD Scholten running in the 4th again!

Really.....our great governor Dewine

Rick Santorum Suggests Unarmed 'Soft Target' Shoppers Tempted El Paso Shooter

Conservative Racism 101

TCM has "Ninotchka" on tonite a 8 EDT. Ingrid Bergman is quite...

Puppetmaster Of Hate

Thousands Of Walruses Showed Up On AK Barrier Island In July - Earliest Haulout On Record

Call For Trump's Resignation.....

Top climate change scientist quits USDA, says Trump administration tried to bury his study

India scraps special status for Kashmir in step Pakistan calls illegal

The thing that worries me the most about becoming a zombie is all that

On guns and white nationalism, one side is right and one is wrong

Perkins & Marie Callender's files for bankruptcy

the Moscow Mitch song

In the blink of an eye, cable Stephanie Ruhle wants to know why haven't the

Morning Joe: For those funding Trump 2020 Campaign-YOU are funding White Supremacy


Trump: we must respond to white supremacist terrorism them exactly what they want.

trump is tweeting media hate again this morning:

Australia won't host U.S. missiles, prime minister says

Never held a gun in your life? In Kansas you can Open Carry at 18.......

Mike Gravel to Formally Endorse Bernie Sanders' Campaign

Chilling: FBI won't investigate white supremacists because it targets the president's base

What's up with Kentucky Senators? Both happen on the day of calls for reconvening the Senate....

Why is Tulsi calling herself a Democrat again?

The country we live in!

DJIA -500. Dow opens with another triple-digit decline as China ratchets up trade tensions

Humor in this carnage of weekend fishing with my boys

Make no mistake: trump's tweet tying these domestic terrorist murders to "immigration reform"

WATCH LIVE: Trump to speak on mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio

Axios: How the Trump White House works...

Trump orders flags at half-mast

Give me softball media coverage or my followers will keep slaughtering people?

Pic Of The Moment: Following Massacres, Trump Says "Hate Has No Place In Our Country"

About Trump

India Revokes Kashmir's Special Status, Sparks Fears Of Unrest

NASCAR has a race sponsored by the NRA in two weeks

I'm beginning to think we need background checks for potential lawmakers

Kenny Marchant becomes fourth Texas congressman to retire as GOP exodus grows

Poor Poor Moscow Mitch

OH FFS. Stephanie Ruhle just said "there's a possibility" of a Trump photo op in El Paso

Inslee voted for assault weapons ban in 1994 knowing it would cost his job.

Role of public services in integrating refugees and asylum seekers

We All Know That Whatever Trump Says Today Are Comments That Have Been Written For Him.....

Now he's giving his phony speech

Mass shooter was clearly very mentally ill because he believed all the things I say, insists Trump


Jesus Christ, he's threatening more violence

First Thing To Do Is Remove Trump's Twitter Account.....

German far-right party ahead in east before regional votes

Trump: "Condemn me."

Can we agree?


Did he just say Toledo?

Their Deal with the Devil

Trump, "All those who died in Toledo"

Just resign you deranged hypocrite

Beto Vid, Even Better...

Quiz Time: what does the internet promoting drugs and trafficking have to do with the shootings?

Remarkable. Trump's speeches prods the white domestic terrorists into action,

Candace Valenzuela (TX-24) campaign announcement video: "Four Walls"

The best politics money can buy.

Dear Republican supporters of Trump, your tax cuts came with death and blood.

High production value campaign announcements are all the rage; This one doesn't quite work

Coca-Cola's 'Equal Love' Ads Spark Anti-Gay Fury in Hungary

Ok. So, that just happened. It was like listening to Adolph tell us how horrified he is about what

Why is he breathing so loudly?

Resistance Revival Chorus: "Well I went down to the NRA, And I took back what they stole from me

Who wrote his speech?

Trump mistakenly refers to shooting in Toledo

You call for unity, Kelleyanne Conway?

Yep. He said "Toledo" ----The Hill

A collection of meds ads from the good ole' days

New Zealand to decriminalize abortion

WARNING: Dark humored response to the Madman's speech.

Let's not forget. Thousands of people die every year in this country...

Cat searching for mouse

I have recently realized how damaging this is

Hong Kong Protests: Spreading Clashes Paralyze City

Trump speech not going over well on CNN and MSNBC.

India abolishes Kashmir's autonomous status

Meanwhile the Dow is down -591

Egypt puts restoration of King Tut's golden coffin on display

Tim Ryan tweet on Toledo

In the wake of mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso, authorities in Lubbock may just have averted a

After Toledo, trump wants to go to the Dayton 500

Democrats cannot, absolutely cannot,

A man of empathy - Obama working on his Sandy Hook Speech

Trump Blames Everything But Guns And Himself For El Paso And Dayton Mass Shootings

August 5 - Happy Birthday Rep. Mike Doyle (D) PA-18th

Stocks plunge after China retaliates in trade war

This Tim Ryan tweet says it all:

Our party leaders and candidates regarding these killings

It's Monday morning, and right-wingers are already off the deep end completely.

Hate Crime v Domestic Terrorism 101 Spicy Files

Ohio lawmaker blames shootings on gay marriage, video games, open borders

Me too, DUers, Me too: If I die in a mass shooting I give you full permission...

Just wondering here. anything on the horizon for the house and NRA?

He got the name wrong (Dayton v Toledo) because he's a psychopath who does not even pretend to care

Gun stocks rise after mass shootings and Trump's call for stronger background checks

'This is going to get worse': Former neo-Nazi warns mass shootings are part of an uprising

The fear, loathing, and hate Trump gave El Paso this past February.

"Not a hard man to track. Leaves dead people wherever he goes".

Mass shootings and Video Games - the real connection. Not what you're told

Germans kept up at night by noisy igelsex (that's hedgehog coupling)

It's time to do a little more canning

Booker calls Trump's address on mass shootings 'bull---t soup'

Ted Lieu to DT: You are a real jerk for using mass shooting deaths to try to get your way

Nadler: Judiciary panel could recommend articles of impeachment by late fall

35 mind blowing facts about Americans today.

Please America, make this nightmare end.


Here's me and Mrs bearfan's crew

I'd pay good money to hear the communications among ReTHUGs

Growing up in Texas here is what I learned about El Paso.

Daily Kos #KHiver: Reflections on the Kamala Harris Rally in Denver

I've read many times that 45 didn't really want to be President ...

What group has fewer Constitutional protections than criminals?

Local petition calls for U.Va. to remove George Rogers Clark statue

If we're talking about red flags for mental illness,

Mass UFO sightings reported over Cincinnati as mystery lights filmed vanishing from sight

Death toll from the El Paso slaughter climbs to 22

Hit link to see strange looking skyscraper in Bangkok (takes 4 -6 seconds to appear)

22 now dead from shooting at El Paso Walmart after 2 deaths in hospital

An interesting dramatization of scientific research: The Comet

It's been a rough couple of days but Mother Nature put a smile on my face.

Is this why he said Toledo?

Feb. 28, 2017: Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses

Serious question--Anyone know why Trump is constantly, audibly sniffing as he talks??.....

8 Chan, 4 Chan, Reddit, Voat and the scourge of white male fragility

Is it "Moscow Mitch" or "Machine Gun Mitch"?

Kentucky miners' struggle is that of many working Americans

Pierce: Trump's Condemnation of White Supremacy Will Only Last Until His Next Rally

Amy McGrath: Hours after the El Paso shooting, Mitch McConnell proudly tweeted this photo.

I've lost track---were there more casualties at the Toledo shooting or

Beto O'Rourke slams media for its handling of mass shooting coverage, "Trump is inciting violence"

Seattle program helps fill construction jobs as industry deals with worker shortage

From El Paso to Christchurch, a Racist Lie Is Fueling Terrorist Attacks

Trump: The solution to ending "anger and rage" is "fair, balanced and unbiased" news coverage

I finished Season 3 of Stranger Things (SOME SPOILERS)

trump must clean house - fire stephen miller for starters

James Comey: Mr. President, Please Take a Stand Against Racism

You raised $1,380.60 on August 4, 2019 DU ActBlue POTUS donation links

Activists to Hold First Vigil at GEO Facility Since Controversial July 12 Protest

Neil deGrasse Tyson regrets tweet about mass shootings amid backlash

"We Will Never Forget the Toledo Mass Shooting!"

Russia will be 'forced' to make new missiles if US does same: Putin

Trump is not going to clean up his act. He can't...

My slydexia acts up and makes me read trump as turnip for some reason. Seems kind of right.

Pelosi: "The President remains prisoner to the gun lobby and the NRA."

Trump condemns white supremacy, focuses on combating mental illness over new gun-control measures

Weld County launches first-of-its-kind oil and gas department as tensions flare over Colorado's

Have you seen this tool? Newsroom Transparency Tracker from PEN

Colorado transportation leaders are banking on buses and trains as population surges

MI-06: Fred Upton heading for the door

Threatening passenger taken off Amtrak train near Odell Lake

Trump diagnoses his own issues....


Amy McGrath tweet re. McConnell

Global warming brings increased wildfire risk to Issaquah, other 'too-wet-to-burn' areas

''Tell them I want more clamouring. I want more clamour!''

There is nothing MENTAL about white supremacist!. They are EVIL and

Trump Botches Address to Nation, Says 'Toledo' Instead of 'Dayton'

Had to drive NY to Washington and back this weekend

We just cannot be rid of Orange Hitler soon enough

Trump's inciting rhetoric alone is grounds for impeachment...

Surprise Glenn Beck's Youtube Channel Says the Shooter was a Leftist.

Republicans and Fox News: "White Nationalist Violence Has Nothing to Do With White Nationalism"

Trump and all Republicans do not think they are racists. They can't see it.

'Do something!': Ohio governor drowned out by angry chants at Dayton shooting vigil

"How do you stop these people?": Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric looms over El Paso massacre

Cartoons 8/05/19

Ivanka Aeternum

Moscow Mitch Fractured his shoulder

Donald Trump Has Run Roughly 2,200 Facebook Ads Using the Word 'Invasion' Since May 2018

Let Me Tell Ya.. The Ad Republicans ran on Cnn this am?

Can all these politicians quit using "Please"

To me, what is worse than Trump himself is the way

I'm Blaming Fox news Radio!-Sung to the tune of "I'm on a Mexican Radio"

Trump Tweet Edit (mine) Fox News IS Fake News

I starting to think this might finally be his Katrina moment

Most of all Trump is not a leader

Trump: "I am also directing the Department of Justice to propose legislation ensuring that..."

Morgan Stanley: If the trade war escalates, a recession will be here in 9 months

Video of Trump's thoughts & prayers for Toledo, and NO...I do NOT believe it's been manipulated.

Yesterday I struggled all day to hold back tears.

BREAKING: the President of the United States, Ron Burgundy delivers words of comfort to the city...

There is a simple answer to the question of why these incidents keep happening.

New Contura CEO a restructuring expert with a $1M salary

I will get to see Elizabeth Warren in person Wednesday afternoon!

Wall Street is getting its ass kicked today, thanks to the Madman's trade warring

Video of Dayton mass shooter being gunned down released by police

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Statement from Hillary Clinton on guns and video games

Dow plunges as China punches back in trade war

WH :official transcript" of Trump remarks has "Toledo" crossed out. SO Unexpected!

Rep. Veronica Escobar said that President Trump "is not welcome" in El Paso

Any news of the ethnic breakdown of victims in El Paso? We know that Dayton was 6/9 AA folks

It looks like fat donnie is with fake Melania today.

Only in America.....

Obama. Here's a guy who knew how to express sympathy

Political journalism of embarassment

Joe Biden Is Coming for Your Legal Weed

Abject insincerity from our mob boss...

State left Campbell County to fend for itself in bankruptcies

Quote Mayor of Dayton re: Trump visit "...I don't know, maybe he's going to Toledo..."

Video games and gay marriage.

Sums up twitter (in one tweet...LOL )

Dow now - 813.85

Trump speaking out against hate, racism, etc. is like the devil telling everyone to

The animals that will survive climate change (BBC Future)

How wildfires trap carbon for centuries to millennia

ABC News, El Paso death toll rises to 22

Too Funny!

Video games -- phhhfft!

What is this "Article 2" that Trump says, according to it, he can do what he wants?

Gallup On Guns

Beto O'Rourke (re Trump): "Members of the press, what the fuck?"

Amy McCrath--Mitch McConnell proudly tweeted a Tombstone photo with her name on it!!

The stock market drops are hurting me. So why am I feeling this strange schadenfreude?

Wind farm expected to employ at least 400 workers

Sec. Hillary Clinton: People suffer from mental illness in every other country on earth

8chan just went dark. Cloudfare terminated it at midnight, PST.

There was more emotion in Stephen Hawking's 20 year old robot voice than Trump's attempt

Hey, all you DU people out there!!1!1!

Biden to Trump: You use the office of the presidency to encourage and embolden white supremacy.

Sade - King of Sorrow

We're seeing trump run America the same way he ran his businesses...

Statement from Barack Obama: Until all of us stand up and insist on holding public officials ...

This is what was on Trump's teleprompter (not Toledo):

Childless millennials are ruining Disney World

A message from President Obama

Looks Like Everything Is Falling Apart On Trump.....

Gannett to merge with GateHouse Media

For those wondering if Trump takes drugs before making public statements (Twitter):

Multiple GOP clients (McConnell, Carson, Gingrich) with sites on RUSSIAN servers

This was a New York Times editorial today

Where Oh Where is Moscow Mitch? Has anyone seen plastron or carapace of him today?

President Obama on the massacres this weekend. A President speaks.

OK now where are Clinton, Carter and Bush

The evolution of Pacman.

America is a Gun

Ted Lieu: "@NRA @GOP & @realDonaldTrump refuse to confront facts & instead make shit up"

'Do Something!': Calls For Action After Mass Shootings In El Paso And Dayton

Sentence for Cesar Sayoc (Trump-loving, bomb-mailing terrorist) about to be announced.

"We are winning so much, we're tired of winning"!

Voxility shuts down Epik/Bitmitigate/8chan

God Has Heard Your Thoughts and Prayers and He Thinks They Are Fucking Bullshit

May I recommend using the name "MITCHNIK" when referring to Komrade McConnell? Just to add a little

🐦 AUG 9 at 4PM - Clear Lake Iowa Canvass with Bernie before the Wing Ding

What if the candidates joined together

WH flag flies at half staff in memory of the USA....

🐦 AUG 9 at 6:30PM - Volunteer Appreciation Event with Bernie Sanders, Clear Lake, IA

Ancient aliens !

🐦 AUG 9 at 7:50PM - Iowa Democratic Wing Ding with Sen. Bernie Sanders

EXCLUSIVE: Dayton Shooter Was In a "Pornogrind" Band That Released Songs About Raping and Killing Wo

Neo-Nazi Website Took Credit for Tulsi Gabbard

AUG 10 at 10AM - Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Factory Farm Tour with Sen. Bernie Sanders

South Korean military exercises in the East Sea/Sea of Japan scheduled

Statement of American Psychological Assoc President in Response to Mass Shootings in Texas, Ohio

Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul Are Recovering From Medical Treatment.

RESCHEDULED - AUG 10 at 1:30PM - Rural Healthcare Town Hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders, Carroll, IA

If you wanna share this.........

It All Started With Pong...

El Chapo wannabe...

Things you need a 100 round .223 magazine for:

The scramble to secure America's voting machines

Cesar Sayoc sentence: 20 years

When is Idiot going to Toledo?

Domestic terrorist Cesar Sayoc sentenced to 20 years.

Top Ohio Republican calls on lawmaker to resign after 'shocking' comments about Dayton shooting

Just disgusting: Team Mitch bros and a cardboard cutout of AOC

🐦 AUG 11 at 12PM - 21st Century Economic Bill of Rights Town Hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders

8chan's new internet host was kicked off its own host just hours later

AUG 11 at 2:15 - Iowa Poisoned Wells Tour with Sen. Bernie Sanders

"Obama calls on country to reject words 'of any of our leaders' that feed fear and hatred"

Anyone know a good site for custom printing?

Anyone know a good site for custom printing?

8chan Has Been Taken Offline Again

UnidosUS Forum - Facebook Live Link

Dow down 750 points due to tit for tat trade war with China. China also

Priests accused of abusing deaf students go on trial in Argentina


Down the memory hole. Official WH transcript of racist in chief emailed to press

Cesar Sayoc, who mailed explosive devices to Trump's critics, sentenced to 20 years in prison

Neo-Nazi Website Took Credit for Tulsi Gabbard

🔥 Bernie Addresses UNIDOS Presidential Forum Following Mass Shootings

During times like these, what I like to do

He snorts Adderall and eats Sudafed...due to septum loss?

Dow closes 760 points lower in worst day of 2019

Don't get too excited about the ups and downs of the stock market

Wall Street just wrapped up its worst day of the year. Here's our analysis of the winners and losers

I wonder

Has anybody checked in on the people of Toledo.


Sturgis in full swing, motorists should be mindful of bikers

Dayton shooter was in a pornogrind band that released songs about raping and killing women

Explosives-packed car kills 20, injures dozens in Cairo collision

Newport Beach multimillionaire captured in Mexico for alleged murder of wife in 2012, police say

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Parched: 102-year-old irrigation canal collapse threatens livelihood of 800 farm and ranch families

Beto: #Trump...... is "inciting racism and violence." video

Beto tweet--He does NOT want Trump to come to El Paso; "We need to heal. He has no place here"

Joe Biden supports decriminalizing marijuana, stops short of calling for legalization

Prosecutors: How one group swindled $8 million designated for hurricane and wildfire victims

Smoke Kilburns

So, Trump thinks he can win a "Trade War"? No one wins a "Trade War"

China Halts U.S. Agriculture Purchases as Trade War Heats Up

Netanyahu facing criminal charges in Israel (fraud and breach of trust).. connect the dots.

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson Blame 9/11 on Organizations Like People For the American Way

India: Modi overrules parliament, splits state of Jammu & Kashmir into 3 Union Territories

In Search of the Real Bouillabaisse, Marseille's Gift to the Fish Lover

Somebody with a lot of credibility and name recognition needs to sound an alarm.

20 frickin feet...goodbye Miami, Long Island, and many others..

Hours after El Paso shooting, Mitch McConnell tweeted photo of a graveyard with name of his opponent

Rhandi Rhoads has joined Free Speech TV (Donate now!)

Third Perceptible Quake of the Year Registered in Cuba

A sweet video from George Takei's Twitter:

Looking for ISIS at Smash burger....

Trump stumbles into Kashmir showdown

What's for Dinner, Mon., Aug. 5, 2019

Ana Navarro:

JUNE 29, 2017: NRA Issues Call for White Supremacy and Armed Insurrection

Democratic National Committee chair visits Wyoming

One thing they all seem to have in common:

What's with Breitbart?????

Holy Toledo--It wasn't even ON the Teleprompter

Because we're not already cringing enough over Don & Ivanka, New York Magazine to the rescue.

Ein Volk

Democratic Underground for Amy (Klobuchar) goal o meter is now working

Let's compile a list

Judge signals interest in removing Mueller report redactions

WMC leaders confident in financial strength of hospital in wake of Moody's report, financial filings

In Search of the Real Bouillabaisse, Marseille's Gift to the Fish Lover

I don't care what he said today or what he says in the future

Sorry, not all semi-automatics are the same, regardless of what your gun nut neighbor says

El Paso congresswoman to Trump: Don't come here

Cloud Peak delays bankruptcy auction by a week

How trumpers justify it all...

Joe Biden being interviewed by Anderson Cooper on AC 360 at 8PM tonight. N/T

Nebraska lawmaker, a Republican, says his own party enables white supremacy

33 years married I'm on a date I think my wife is mad

Colstrip owner's losses mount as hunt for cheaper coal continues

What does SP mean beside the alert button on our posts? Something to do

Trump's eyes this morning:

Steve Sack FTW

Brexit: Why the Irish backstop matters

German Shepherd is left a 'nervous wreck' after being dumped at an animal shelter

If all the ice melted

Tip for bake-and-serve cinnamon rolls

Isolation, Social Media Combine to Radicalize Violent Offenders

Holy effing shit...I think I have the diagnosis:

The many times Twitler Incited Violence

Trump, Tax Cuts and Terrorism Why do Republicans enable right-wing extremism? By Paul Krugman

Donnie Shit for Brains self diagnoses

The Repuke Mayor of El Paso

2193.....that's two thousand one hundred and ninety three...

Before yesterday, I had not heard of 8chan. THEY'RE BAAACK!

Cyber-pro Chris Vickery:GOPs private "subpoena-resistant" servers physically IN Russia.

Drag that bloated piece of shit out of the White House right now

It's the 2nd Amendment...

Third Democrat enters race for Montana attorney general

He's not my candidate, but Beto's righteous anger thrills me.

Bastards of a Lying Breed (nsfw)

Well, at least for now

Federal law about inciting riot

***A- Rated IBD TIPP POLL*** Joe Pop 54% Orange Man 41%

🔥 Bernie Sanders Town Hall With Immigrant Workers - Vista, CA

It's National UNDERWEAR Day!!!!

NBC News: Dayton killer"s gun bought legally

GateHouse Media owner to acquire USA TODAY owner Gannett

President Donald Trump will visit Dayton, El Paso later this week following mass shootings

Hemp textiles made in U.S. will take time, experts say

President Donald Trump will visit Dayton, El Paso later this week following mass shootings

What did you call your grandparents? What do your grandchildren call you?

President Obama

"Pearls Before Swine" cartoon

The guns used to kill dozens in Dayton and El Paso were legal -- high-capacity options included

My take.

Trump campaign still hasn't paid El Paso police bills

Judicial Watch sues California over tax return law targeting Trump

Dow closes 760 points lower in worst day of 2019

McConnell campaign criticized for tombstone with challenger's name

Stephanie Kelton, a senior economic adviser to Bernie Sanders, discusses his economic vision

Puerto Rico's New Governor Helped Plunge the Island Into Crisis

Mexico: Texas shooting 'act of terrorism' against Mexicans

This email from Pete Buttigieg just arrived today:

Genuine, Army-issue military rifle for sale. Not a lookalike, the real thing.

Trumps problem is the El Paso shooter is still alive and talking to authorities

For many, it's clear why El Paso was targeted in the shooting

North Korea conducts new launches, threatens to take 'new road'

When the law allows free sales of weapons specifically designed for mass slaughter of people...

Donnie Dollhands wants to meet Corporal Klinger

North Korea took $2 billion in cyberattacks to fund weapons program: U.N. report

I actually listened to Moscow Mitch's speech

Obama: Reject language from leaders that 'normalizes racist sentiments'

Tweety says the Con came out and read that statement today like

3 children are now orphans after parents killed in El Paso shooting

India isolates Kashmir by shutting down communications as big change announced

If Trump Fooled You Twice on Background Checks, Shame on You

Trump will visit El Paso Wednesday. Growing chorus of people against

The superrich are selling stocks, buying property, stashing cash

Trump Effect: Black Man on leash being pulled by officer on horse in Galveston Texas (Photo).

Kate Bush "Cloudbusting" was featured in this week's episode of The Handmaid's Tale

US intervention odds rise as yuan's plunge fuels Trump's fury

'YES OR NO' CNN's Christiane Amanpour Relentlessly Grills Kellyanne Conway on Trump's Role in Shoot

Two more Texas shooting victims die in attack, Trump to visit El Paso

'During our #telemundo interview I got the perfect shot of @BernieSanders and his #smile'

Afraid we're going to have to prevail on the Obamas again

Health insurance companies are useless. Get rid of them.

Fed Judge: 'Difficult to Reconcile' Mueller Report with AG Barr's Statements

2020 US Senate Election- Republican held seats Democrats need to win regain control in 2020.

A Change is Going to Come...

Italy government wins confidence vote on decree targeting migrant rescue ships

Do something now will soon become the national cry

Jared Kushner Saw Trump Presidency As Chance to 'Dig Himself Out Of' Debt'

I really love Rep. Val Demings.

I made an elderberry pie

"You know what I am? I'm a nationalist, okay? I'm a nationalist. Nationalist. Nothing wrong."

This post may be a little tiresome for some of you. Indulge a geezer if you are so inclined.

Iraqis choose refugee camps over ruined homes

Iraqis choose refugee camps over ruined homes

Kamala: "If these elected leaders aren't prepared to stand for something... they need to move over"

Saudi Arabia women's rights reforms may still be thwarted by custom

Saudi Arabia women's rights reforms may still be thwarted by custom

US designates China as a currency manipulator

Obama urges Americans to reject racist language from top

Looks involved...

I bet Trump wishes the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra would play for him..

When you play with white supremacy you're playing with fire.

Machine Gun

Hawaii telescope backers seek permit for alternative site

Union members returns to picket line on anniversary of Three Forks lockout

Fire risks rise in previously too-wet-to-burn US Northwest

Jay Inslee Signs Bump Stock Ban

Did he really play golf after the El Paso murders

White-nationalist terrorism must be stopped

Experts: Mental illness not main driver of mass shootings