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Yet Mueller charged no one with collusion related crimes????

Energy Department wants to build nuclear test "fast" reactor

Biden interview on CNN later this hour

Just to say that msnbc is doing a great job of showing Hateful Trump this evening.

In 2013 the GOP blocks gun legislation

Dayton Shooter Took a 'Rape List' to School and Made Threats to Women

State's top political cop rejects complaint about Bullock's travel on presidential campaign

Kamala Harris responds to Tweety when he asks if the NRA is "a hill to die for"

How Obama decided to sing 'Amazing Grace' + Joan Baez sings "My President Sang Amazing Grace"

IBD/TIPP poll, Democratic primary: Biden 30%, Warren 17%, Sanders 15%, Harris 11%

He's Getting Worse

People what do i do with 30 very angry fruit flies. I bought some peaches.They lasted 3 days.

"Maya Angelou told us a long time ago that people tell you who they are the first time. Believe it.

Tribe files formal request for hearing on Dakota Access Pipeline expansion

"Move-On" Plans to put up billboards targeting Moscow Mitch and GOP

Conservatives: wasted opportunities

Has Any Politician or Advocacy Group Ever Proposed a Constitutional Amendment to 2nd Amendment

Ex-Wells Fargo Manager Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud for Role in Scheme that Laundered $14 Million in

The Rethugs are the Party of Hate

Man Pays VA Employee $1 Million in Illegal Gratuities

Mike Huckabee suggests 'lack of thought and prayers' behind mass shootings

The danger in Abe's constitutional amendment proposal

Beto O'Rourke on El Paso shooting: 'It just crushed me'

Beto O'Rourke on El Paso shooting: 'It just crushed me'

Seth Abramson: "He's a straight-up terrorism pimp, though in law though in law we call it a crime"

Do you think Trump actually wants brown skinned people killed?

Nebraska Republican State Legislator says GOP aiding White Supremacy, GOP asks him to become a Dem

Joe Biden is so compassionate and firm in this Anderson Cooper interview.

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Racist Republicans and Other Redundancies!

Beethoven: 'Symphony 7', Masur conducting.

Rachel - Domestic Terrorism: A Nation in Crisis

Sign: "Girls clothing in schools is more regulated than guns" . Teen Vogue

The Suspected El Paso Terrorist Said He Was Motivated By A Hatred Of Immigrants

O.K., calling Doctor BomBAY/Lounge, about dog food!1

Jair Bolsonaro says criminals will 'die like cockroaches' under proposed new laws

Jair Bolsonaro says criminals will 'die like cockroaches' under proposed new laws

David Jolly, Ex GOP Rep "Beat Every Single One Of Them" re: GOP

How a real president mourned.

Pedophilia conspiracist arrested for stealing, damaging water tanks meant for migrants

FBI has fewer tools to fight homegrown terror threats

Rise of far-right violence leads some to call for realignment of post-9/11 national security priorit

Decided to stretch our legs, ... ended up doing an impromptu town hall.

Did you notice that Trump did not ad lib any of his speech this morning?

'Politicize my death': Twitter users plead for change in wake of mass shootings

Trump's emotions

Mayor Pete is not the only one in his household with political talent

Putin to Trump: We'll develop new nuclear missiles if you do

Anderson Cooper 360 tweets with VIDEO CLIPS OF THE BIDEN INTERVIEW tonight

Young men in "Team Mitch" shirts grope and assault a cardboard figure of AOC

How the Trump Campaign Used Facebook Ads to Amplify His 'Invasion' Claim

NY Times completely blows a headline

McConnell supporters photographed assaulting carboard AOC

Sanders sat down with KPBS metro reporter Andrew Bowen to discuss how he would tackle homelessness -

I wish I could do this if I were deaf.

'The Woman Looked at Me and Motioned to a Sweatshirt in Her Bag'

Trump DESTROYS Stock Market with MORE Tariffs

For Trump, sniffy teleprompter mourning is over! In the last 20 minutes, two Lou Dobbs tweets.

Again, why isn't it ever mentioned that Trump inherited the current economy

Conspiracy theory 101...

8/5 Morning Consult poll, NATIONAL: Biden 33%, Sanders 19%, Warren 15%, Harris 9%,

Virginia: Help elect 6 gun safety champions.

8/5 Morning Consult poll, EARLY PRIMARY STATES: Biden 32%, Sanders 19%, Warren 16%, Harris 8%,

NC: Anti-gay 'conversion therapy' won't get any state money, Gov. Roy Cooper orders

Want to send a shoutout to the Parkland Kids...

Neil DeGrasse Tyson apologizes for his mass shootings tweet

Let's not forget what we can create. This is beautiful, and the man who wrote it couldn't hear it.


Bernie Sanders campaign announces it will cut hours to pay staffers $15 minimum wage

Angry little bulldog throws a hissy fit

How it happened

'Getting in the way:' Inside the standoff over the Mountain Valley Pipeline

Morning Consult poll has Tom Steyer at 6% in early primary states, only 2 points behind Harris

Jill Wine-Banks - History Repeats Itself .... Sign Up to Demand Impeachment

I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really, Really, Want: FUCKING GUN CONTROL (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Iran Has Hundreds of Naval Mines. U.S. Navy Minesweepers Find Old Dishwashers and Car Parts.

This mama bear's devotion to her cubs 🐻 ❤️ [very cool]

Cut to the chase.

Malcolm Nance

He is our President, and we should support Him!

We are officially a shithole country

This baby pit bull couldn't even stand up -- but he decided to figure out how to run!


It is time to forcibly shut down 8CHAN. From Malcolm Nance:

Most beautiful friendship ever

How White National TV (Fox) pushed the replacement theory.

Bernie Sanders slams Joe Biden for downplaying China's economic threat to the US

Dayton Shooter Used AR-15 Pistol, Smaller Version of Popular Rifle

Virginia Republicans Continue to Spew Out Idiocy, Illogic, Internal Inconsistency on Gun Violence

Tweet of the Day

Best wedding dance ever 💞 💞 💞

Biden misstates location of mass shootings before correcting himself

Dan Rather coming up on CNN - 9:45 CT n/t

Charlottesville: Hoping for the Best from Neo-Nazis?

Still blocked from Hawaii peak, telescope seeks Spain permit

Apparently, the "OH, SHIT!" siren has sounded and all the Republicans, like their Morlock forbears,

Longtime Sen. Tom Harkin to Hold Event with Presidential Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand

Why the El Paso shooter might have railed against an "invasion" of migrants - trump tweets

Trump says China is manipulating their currency, but he gets away.........

Just when I thought there was a competition for who sang "Memory" best, came Barbra

The exec producers of Person Of Interest suspect Facebook will destroy the world

Tomorrow's New York Times changes headlines...

I wonder if the slip of Toledo in his speech today was a

Buttigieg, Are we ready. . .?

Country over party

The Daily Show: Trevor Reacts to the El Paso & Dayton Shootings

Colombia rejects Duque's first year as president and his proposals for year two

Seth Meyers - Politicians React to Shootings in El Paso and Dayton: A Closer Look

Know Your Hate Symbols

Trade war backfire?

I am proud patriot .. HEAR ME!

Uribe a 'clear expression of Colombia's extreme right': Duque in 1998

Which candidates want to ban assault style weapons and magazines?

"Can we at least drug test him?"

Majority of Brazilians Reject Mining in Indigenous Lands

And this is why I support Joe Biden.

Virginia Beach pays $500K to clean mass shooting site. Experts say that indicates scope of tragedy.

Elizabeth Warren's immigration proposal goes much further than a pathway to citizenship

I'm just putting this here.

The Guardian: Mexico to pursue legal action against U. S. terrorism.

Anyone watching "Atypical"? I know zero about autism.

Nebraska GOP Tells Lawmaker to Switch Parties


He's a SOCIOPATH. In the words of Beto...of COURSE he's a racist. Also...of COURSE

Environment Agency Transfers Fernando de Noronha Oceanographer to Drylands of Pernambuco

Angra dos Reis Rejects Idea of Creating A "Brazilian Cancun"

Can you name the two books that encompass the entirety of human knowledge?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Obama Still Sounds Like a President

Has anybody here ever heard of the Chapwood Index of true inflation?

N.Korea: new launches and threats to "take a new road"

Here's a question I will bet few can answer:


Oh, barf

This is Fire! Retired Army Major Goes on Epic Rant

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Your Fingerprints Are on Those Guns, GOP

Lava Jato is a Criminal Organization, Says STF Justice Gilmar Mendes

NBR just now:

What's for Breakfast, Tuesday, August 6, 2019

From President Obama: VOX article on El Paso

Two years ago, I sent my son an email. He called me up to discuss it tonight.

Look into mah eyez...

Santana at Woodstock

puppy found after 2 months

a different tack

Get rid of Mitch

Rep. Kenny Marchant calls it quits, becomes 12th House Republican to retire

Crosby Still and Nash at Woodstock - Judy Blue Eyes.

Mind lost, after Cannabis and beer combo. And more fun than lost dogs, keys, etc.

Just heard Jimmy Kimmel ...

Domestic and Foreign NGOs and Media Join to Support The Intercept Brasil

Fortifying Schools: About The 2A Rights of Gun Owners? Or About The Big Business of Protection?

Joni Mitchell, Woodstock

PBS⊙NEWSHOUR: Tim Rryan's out in the street being interviewed.

What is the total tax on products in your city and state?

List of 22 victims - El Paso Police Department

Richie Havens, Freedom* Woodstock

Trump encouraged his own daughter to release a sex tape

Huge explosion at Achinsk Ammo Depot in in Krasnoyarsk, Russia today

Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit * Woodstock

Biden Holds Wide Lead Over Trump

Joe Biden Does a Burnout In His Corvette Stingray - Jay Leno's Garage

Sean Hannity has the solution for gun-violence: Turn the US into a police-state.

World's oldest athlete scores 150th win

WA-03: Jaime Herrera-Beutler is rumored for retirement

Amanpour clashes with Conway and her empty words

Billy Idol - Don't Need A Gun

Blacksburg's Steppin' Out denies booths to several, including pro-gun group and Montgomery Dems

El Paso,Please shun the asshole

Another UVa building named after a eugenicist could be renamed

Meet the lawmaker who protested President Trump at Jamestown

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/5/19

Trump must be going to El Paso to hand over a check...

Texas Bar Owner Starts a Controversy After Making Bands Play the National Anthem at His Venue

Young men practice groping & choking member of Congress - just the standard culture of #TeamMitch?

Houston Leaders To Austin: Don't Defund Proposed Grand Parkway Segments

Jacksonville ISD: Employees to receive highest pay raise in district history

Molly Ivins on Universal Health Care

This is the @RealdonaldTrump-NOT #TelepromterTrump: Trump Feeds on Hatred. Four Members of Congres

Buttigieg Prepping for Possible Contested Convention

Winston-Salem downtowners disagree on aggressive panhandling claims

$28,500,000,000,000: America's debt in 10 years under Trump, Congress budget deal

Legislators - Bribes don't work. Stop budget spin. Sincerely negotiate with Gov. Cooper

If Democrats had impeached Trump yesterday, Republicans would be in a panic today.

For Trump's Supporters, Admitting His Racism Would Mean Admitting an Uncomfortable Truth About

Pardon me if I'm skeptical of Treasurer Folwell's motives in the current State Health Plan debate

Trump waves his baton, and the racism sings.

The Second a Democrat Becomes President, Republicans Will Become Fiscal Conservatives Again

North Korea fires more missiles as South begins joint drill with US

Morning Joe just showed the photo of the tombstones with Amy McGrath's name

Ancient 'river bed' on floor of Gulf of Alaska baffles experts. How did it get there?

This paragraph from before Trump's election now looks ominously prescient about his ability to..

Article 370: Kashmir in communications blackout

Here's what the right thinks are "common-sense gun laws":

The Trump administration has frozen all Venezuelan government assets in a dramatic escalation of...

Bun-Bun believes that you can do the thing...

North Carolina Virtual Public School teachers may keep their jobs this fall if bill passes

Cooper and Democrats are out-raising GOP opponents as these NC campaigns get started

Quokka is so-so happy to meet you...

This aftermath is a lesson to be learned...

Kittie-Wittie can't help looking at you in awe...

Prosecutors: Group swindled $8M designated for hurricane and wildfire victims

Pidgey-Birb is a fan of the spectrum...

How many Republicans does it take to fix a problem?

EU now braced for no deal-Brexit

Welp, the Russian government is now openly defending Tulsi Gabbard

Be Beary-weary careful...

24 hours after his teleprompter speech...just like clockwork

Hippy is too busy thinking about murder all day...

"Beat 'em. Beat every single one of them." -

EU/Copernicus Notes July 2019 As Hottest Month In Instrumental Record; NASA/NOAA Data Pending

Good money after bad: NC's mushrooming appropriations to fake health clinics

Must watch segment from Deadline White House - Eddie Glaude

"Snuffles was my slave name..."

Shitstain Cancels Trip To PA Petrochemical Plant - Apparently Has Funerals To Crash

Pork giant Murphy-Brown battling insurers over who should pay for hog nuisance verdicts

Times like these make me love DU even more.

PNAS - Ocean Heatwaves Spiking: "We Expected 6 Or 7" But Monitored 23 In 2016 Alone

White nationalism and violent misogyny are two dangerous philosophies that coexist

Chris Hayes Blasts 'Well of Evil' That Fuels Trump's 'Dark Sorcery of Racial Hatred'

The DU has now raised OVER $22,000 to beat Trump in 2020

Lowest Ice Extent On Record In Chukchi Sea; Nearest Sea Ice To Alaska 150 Miles NE Of Kaktovik

Atlantic puffins thriving on remote nesting islands off Maine

PIOMAS - Total Arctic Sea Ice Volume For July Lowest On Record: 47% Lower Than 1979-2018 Average

Gun shop's billboard mocking liberal congresswomen taken down after two mass shootings

How about them "Republicultists?"

Trump Bashes Obama Via Fox & Friends Quotes

No Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for 11 years, judge tells accused embezzler in Raleigh

"Playing for Time." Absolutely amazing movie.

Keb Mo - This Is My Home

Tuesday TOONs - Speaking in Forked Tongues

August 6 - Happy Birthday Mayor Toni Harp (D) New Haven

Walkertown lawyer and onetime leader of white supremacist group is accused of mishandling client

Mayor Pete interview coming up next on CNN

The Rundown: August 5, 2019

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 07/31/19

Ghosts of Comics' Past: August in Comics History - The First "Marvel Comics," Carol Kalish, and the

Ohio Democrats argue their gun legislation bottled up by GOP in legislature

Ohio Democrats argue their gun legislation bottled up by GOP in legislature

What America would look like if it didn't change their Amendments

Ohio GOP chair calls on state Rep. Candice Keller to resign over mass shooting comments

The N.R.A. just put out their cut and paste response again.

'We were safe until he started talking': El Paso residents respond to President Trump

We have a problem: the goings-on at the NY Times

No surprise, Pete knocks it out of the park in just concluded CNN interview.

Harris, Sanders, Booker campaigned at Vegas church led by pastor who calls being gay a sin

grifters, bigots, and fools

Voted for Obama and Trump bullshit.

Texas Mounted Officers Apologize For 'Poor Judgment' After Leading Man Behind Horse By Leash

Tired of hiding: five doctors who provide abortions come out

▶️ Hear the Bern: Episode 18 - Bridging the Center/Left Divide (w/ Jon Favreau)

Sobering sound bite on CNN about the El Paso shootings.

Democrats pick Warren as winner of Detroit debates: poll

129 Years Ago Today; The War of Currents takes a disturbing turn (GRAPHIC descriptions)

The Hot New Gen-Z Trend Is Skipping College (For trade school)

An 11-year-old started the 'El Paso Challenge' to help his community heal

NY Daily News gets it right the first time: "Empty Words:

Biden didn't say video games cause mass shootings. He literally said the opposite.

Anyone who thinks trump is really completely stupid is wrong.

Krispy Kreme is rolling out Reese's filled doughnuts 🍩😋

Just heard that the Con is going on his summer holiday

I'm gonna make some chicken bone broth later today

Fox Interrupts Immigrant Bashing to Report Anti-Immigrant Shooting

CRISIS: Trump Won't Stop Creating Domestic Terrorists

DNC rules could expand, not shrink, future debate stage

89 Years Ago today; Judge Joseph Crater catches a cab... to oblivion

If Fast Food Commercials Were Honest

APA : bigotry racial hatred guns not mental illness -American Psychological Association statement

Sanders, Warren gain on Biden in New Hampshire


No Question It's An Invasion

Author Toni Morrison has died

A Graphic Speaks A Thousand Words..

David Jolly Destroys Republicans Completely Over Gun Control.

Toni Morrison, Nobel laureate who transfigured American literature, dies at 88

Mass Gun Violence In America

but ... but ... but ... Chicago

Breaking: Toni Morrison dead at 88

74 Years Ago Today; Little Boy forever changes life on Earth

Why does he have to go to El Paso so soon?

8/6 Emerson poll, TEXAS: Biden leads O'Rourke 27.7% to 19%, & beats Trump by 2 points

Racist, yes he is. Black unemployment was also low during slavery

Trump officials have redirected resources from countering far-right, racism-fueled domestic terroris

NRA-funded Texas congressman dismisses bipartisan 'red flag' laws as unconstitutional

RIP, Toni Morrison. You are one of the greatest writers of American Literature.

I think Trump *should* be invited to El Paso.

Great comeback to Trump's tweet about Obama's reaction to the mass shootings

The Good Ol' Days "because I don't think anybody thought he would be as bad as he is"

BLS Report: Job openings (7.3 million), hires and separations little changed in June

30 seconds and all these victims are gone and many more injured

Melania's Jacket....

Filming my foster dog every day until first tail wag [long but worth it]

The Republicans don't want to Govern. They want to Rule

BRILLIANT - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT - Hannity has a plan to stop the massacres

Foreign aid funds put on hold for review

White supremacy isn't harmless. But many Americans like to pretend it is. 11/2018

Pence meets with Russell Moore, religious freedom advocates to discuss China's abuses

54 Years Ago Today; LBJ signs Voting Rights Act of 1965

Trump is slated to hold a rally in my hometown Aug. 15th

Here's a little quiz about mass shootings.

Is the GOP trying to REWARD white terrorism with "immigration reform"?

America's Farmers, Reeling From Floods, Face a New Problem: No Water

I'm reading that the "white supremacists" prefer...

California's largest recycling center closes, shuttering 300 redemption sites

Right now, I worry more about red hats than red flags...

Influential NH refugees, immigrants endorse Sanders 2020 bid

Toni Morrison Remembers - BBC Documentary (2015)

Why haven't the folks at M$Greedia called out the Con on his attack

Trump attacks Obama for statement on shootings ....

"Fox & Friends" whine about Obama El Paso statement, Pavlov Dog Trump whines about Fox segment

It's Not About The Guns.....

Toledo mayor: Trump didn't mean to pray for my city. But I pray for Washington.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine calls for changes in the wake of deadly Dayton shooting.

I'm no expert...but it looks like a trend

The wall's on the wrong side, El Paso needs protection from MAGAts

Pic Of The Moment: Inciter-In-Chief Causes American Carnage

South Carolina student expelled, arrested over racist video

KRUGMAN: the G.O.P. has become a systematic enabler of terrorism. Why? Follow the money.

Kellyanne Conway faces a furious backlash after linking Elizabeth Warren to Dayton massacre

South Carolina student expelled, arrested over racist video

Two coyote pups hung from utility pole in Vermont - petition to Gov

Halarious - Military decorum at its best

Chicago Lives Matter

Toby Lee - Slow Down Blues

'Unbelievable': Capitol Hill Aides to Go Shooting With Gun Lobbyists After Mass Shootings

AOC responds to Team Mitch incels groping photo

Trump still gives press credentials to this guy's "news oulet."

Brexit: No 10 rejects EU's view of talks

Man who drove with Dayton mass shooter and sister before massacre was his best friend

Foreign countries warn citizens about traveling to the US because of mass shootings

You raised $731.60 on August 5, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Video from 2012: President Obama, Toni Morrison, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom

What will be the reception in El Paso be for the White Supremacist?

UnidosUS candidate forum 8/5: Biden, Sanders, Klobuchar, Harris, & Castro (VIDEO)

New: FBI Agents Association calls on Congress to make "domestic terrorism" a federal crime

New Nancy Drew series elicits classic conservative pearl-clutching and it's quite entertaining

White teen from powerful political family gets banned from school over insanely racist gun video

Harvest Mice love of tulip pollen

Please contact the Kentucky Farm Bureau.

Lawmakers Push For 'Red Flag' Laws To Take Guns Away From People In Crisis

Morning Consult's post-debate analysis: Harris most impacted

MR EDDIE GLAUDE - the truth will set you

An enabler to a crime

Meet the young man behind "Old Town Road".

Guns over people GOP Party of Death

The President Sang Amazing Grace

Arturo Benavides

Yeah, Tamron Hall is back on tv, with her own show......

nyt: How our president and our mass shooters are connected to the same dark psychic forces..........



Visiting UK (London and Bath) in October

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA): Assault weapons are extremely popular, so I'm not going to support a ban

How a criminal investigation in Georgia set an ominous tone for African-American voters

I was told today that we need to be patient about these mass murders

Pence confirms that Dolt 45 will visit Dayton and El Paso tomorrow

8/6 UT-Tyler TEXAS poll: O'Rourke leads Biden by 2 points, beats Trump by 6 points

I'm always amazed that the majority of farmers...

Power Plant Unions Were Key To OH Nuclear/Coal Bailout. Surprise!! Utility Dumping Their Contracts

Some made fun of me when I questioned his "slip of the tongue"

The Downfall of the American Cowboy

Man Dies After Taking Cheaper Insulin to Save Money

If we're ever going to get any gun control......

Trump, without evidence, accuses Google of 'very illegal' action ahead of election

Trump freezes all Venezuelan government assets in US

Trump freezes all Venezuelan government assets in US

El Paso says Trump campaign owes over $500,000 for February rally

It is becoming so obvious that fat donnie is becoming even more unhinged and crazed

Microsoft catches Russian state hackers using IoT devices to breach networks

Trump Is a White Nationalist Who Inspires Terrorism - Don't pretend otherwise

"Industrial-Strength Killing Machines."

Man smashes window to rescue dog from hot car

Mexico's threats to take legal action against the US for El Paso, explained

Beto O'Rourke on Texas shooting: Trump 'has no place' in El Paso

Obama pays tribute to Toni Morrison: 'What a gift to breathe the same air as her'

" their President has stood with them and done what no other president would do"

It has been 1000 days since November 9, 2016.

Nan Whaley, the mayor of Dayton Ohio is quite the character.....

Love my cell phone carrier

Dayton Mayor Whaley: I like this lady!

Pete's plan to combat the national threat posed by white nationalist terrorism...

Died ten years ago today, August 6, 2009: Willy DeVille

August 6, 1945. Hiroshima

"His actions, his words, his manner have created an environment in this country where people feel...

Julian Castro--comment on death of Toni Morrison...

Ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's letters to victims show signs of grooming

Right-wing commentator: Liberals orchestrated shootings to 'take away your ability to worship God'

I just listen to Trump whine about President Obama's statement regarding Saturday's mass murders

China warns Hong Kong protesters that punishment is coming

Trump will take on role of consoler-in-chief in trip to Dayton and El Paso

Trump Is Heading to El Paso Despite Objections From City Officials

The Supreme Court's illiberal legacy

Link Found Between Gun Violence and Cowardly Politicians

We've taken ACTION on much less threatening causes of death, but guns keep getting a free pass

"pictures surfaced showing white officers on horses leading a handcuffed black man on a rope. "

Appeals court revives Sarah Palin's defamation lawsuit against New York Times

There's still no link between video games and violence

Latest episode of "The Loudest Voice" (about Roger Ailes) has him admiring Trump for hiring

Wildlife experts warn humans visiting Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, 'Do not feed the bears!'

John Huntsman resigning as Ambassor to Russia

US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman resigns

Maytag Repair Man, i.e. US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman, is resigning.

GOP Politicians Are Much More Resistant To Gun Control Than GOP Voters Are

2020 Democrats lay blame on Trump's rhetoric for shootings

Call me Snake.

Beto schools Chris Cuomo

Sen. Patty Murray touts new bill to union leaders

In Everett, Sen. Murray touts new bill to union leaders

Sen. Patty Murray addresses the weekend's mass shootings

Got a chuckle over seeing these two headlines....

The Appennine Colossus

Ivanka's racist bullhorn

Remember when Trump cancelled the new Air Force One planes?

Cartoons 8/6/19

A song about rainbows!

The Water Wars Cometh (Esquire)

Gun violence in America prompts a growing list of countries to issue travel warnings

The Water Wars Cometh (Charles Pierce Esquire)

Shooting reported at Walmart store in Baton Rouge

How the Dayton Shooting Unfolded: 30 Seconds That 'Went on Forever'

McConnell Campaign Manager Says Boys Will Be Boys Over Photo of Teens Groping, Choking AOC Cutout

"I am proud and honored to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for the presidency of the United States."

Guns seized from home of SC teen who posted racist video and threatened to shoot up his school after

🔥 Affordable Housing Town Hall With Bernie Sanders - Northridge, California

America's Pension Funds Fell Short in 2019

Trenton Family Pleads For Tips In Case Of Teen Feared To Be Victim Of Human Trafficking

I Spent 25 Years Fighting Jihadis. White Supremacists Aren't So Different

18 Questions. 21 Democrats. Here's What They Said.

How a criminal investigation in Georgia set an ominous tone for African-American voters

How a criminal investigation in Georgia set an ominous tone for African-American voters

Biden on Trump: 'Sleepy Joe is going to wake him up really quickly'

Obama studied ISIS and took it and its lone wolves apart in 5 years.

AP reporting that FBI is opening domestic terrorism investigation into the attack in Gilroy, CA

For Malcolm Nance fans and adherents -

Internet and phone lines cut off in Kashmir. Reports from the ground.

Galveston police apologize after photo surfaces of horse-mounted officers leading handcuffed suspect

China says India move on Kashmir violates its territorial sovereignty

Brace for a 2nd wave of stock-market volatility that could be 'Lehman-like', says Nomura

We found a bit of history in the ceiling

Trump, RNC sue to block California law requiring release of tax returns

Max Boot: Get a grip, white people. We're not the victims.

Breaking: Florida State criminal probe being opened into Epstein case (Palm Beach Sheriff & State

Freepers citing reports from Sputnik News

Trump and GOP sue California over law requiring tax returns to run in state's primary

SC Democrats call for special session on gun, hate crime bills after Ohio, Texas shootings

Boy Scouts failed to stop hundreds of previously unreported sexual predators, a lawsuit alleges

October 2nd Gun forum for Dem Presidential candidates. The list -

Say it ain't so Jr.! Say it ain't so:

I've been slow to join the "Moscow Mitch" bandwagon, but I'll admit this is an interesting parallel

Peter Strzok sues over firing for anti-Trump texts

Just getting rid of him will help

GOP plunges us into Dark Age

Get a grip, white people

Mass shootings closer than you think

Truer words have not been spoken

U.S. appeals court voids Google 'cookie' privacy settlement that paid users nothing

I am Indeed The Grim Reaper


DU EXCLUSIVE: Transcript of McConnell's 911 call after his recent mishap:

Donny wonders why he's blamed for mass shootings but Obama was not

Florida governor orders state criminal probe into Jeffrey Epstein case

Biden says there are four women qualified to be president who aren't running

Kamala Harris Team Solidarity w/Beto O'Rourke's El Paso HQ

America's sullied reputation

Just received a call from Social Security

To Those Known and Unknown: The Elaine Massacre Memorial

South Carolina to use Volkswagen settlement to replace aging school buses

Zerlina: If you're white and you're not a racist, what are you doing today to combat Trump's racism?

What do pundits mean when suggesting "early intervention"?

South Carolina solar industry seeks to 'disqualify' consulting firm with deep ties to utilities

A Reformed White Nationalist Says the Worst Is Yet to Come.

Passageway in Villefranche-sur-Mer

Where the last pristine skies in America are

** New ** Quinnipiac (A- rated) Poll - Biden 32%, Warren 21%, Sanders 14%, Harris 7%

FBI Returns Vases Stolen During Nazi Rule in Germany

A comedy-skit about mass-shootings... from 5 years ago.

Why hasn't Jeb Bush condemned the largest slaughter of Hispanics in the US

Moscow Mitch

My 'trump loving neighbor' is going to El Paso to support his president

Clayton Jones cartoon blocked by Facebook for violating their "community standards."

Booker's strong debate performance shows no signs of moving voters

new moniker for 45.

Hickenlooper cracks door open to challenging Cory Gardner

President quotes 'Fox & Friends' to criticize Obama on mass shootings

Bill Clinton AWB

Ohio GOP rep announces support of military-style weapon ban

BREAKING: Ohio GOP Congressman supports Assault Weapons ban

Montana man slams 13 year old boy to the ground, fracturing his skull, for disrespecting the flag

Donny D wants to raise $1-B to get rid of assault weapons, tRump and Moscow Mitch

Dayton Shooter's Girlfriend Says He Showed Her Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Video On First Date

Peter Stzrok is suing the FBI and DOJ over his firing which he calls politically motivated and....

(OMG!) Texas police condemned after officers on horseback lead black suspect by rope

Trump supporter Sean Hannity calls for massive police state as a right-wing alternative to gun contr

Latinos in America are under attack because of Don the Con

Then-senator Barack Obama on guns and hopelessness in 2008

Andrew Yang's hyper-conservative climate views show his Silicon Valley roots

Shun the gun.

Justice Department subpoenas Tyson Foods amid chicken price-fixing complaints

Finally, new Quinnipiac poll, with trendlines from before debate:

America This is Us, Too Easy to place this on Trump..

232 assassinations later, Duque convenes commission to cut ties between politics, business and param

Who? Me?

The latest in drug trafficking fashion: cocaine implants

Pastor on trial for burning library GLBT children's books trying to have video suppressed as hearsay

How 30,000 Tweets Tell You What the Democratic Presidential Candidates Care About (Interactive)

Analysis of multi-candidate supporters

Australia Rules Out Hosting US Missiles

New Michelle Obama Mural In Chicago Aims To Capture Former First Lady's 'Warm' Spirit

If a Wal-Mart full of Texans won't stop a mass shooting...

What's for Dinner, Tues., Aug. 6, 2019

Pete Buttigieg on Toni Morrison

Owners of hospital set for closing file for bankruptcy

Jebus Effin'Krist DUers

Ohio Governor Proposes New Gun Control Laws, Marking Shift From Past GOP Leadership

Toni Morrison. A President. Her Words

Harris Rips Into Trump For Golfing While Blood Spilled On American Streets

Steve Sack FTW

Democrats call for Pelosi to cut recess short to address white nationalism

WTF is wrong with Robin Young on public radio's Here and Now?

Invasion of the short armed space creature!

Fox "News" Is A White Nationalist Megaphone. Boycott Their Advertisers.

Dayton, Ohio, shooting: Friend tells police alleged killer talked about shooting up college bar

12 hit songs and their original samples

No Billionaires for Bernie: Alone Among Democratic Frontrunners, Sanders Gets No Cash From Wealthies

Want To Know Where The El Paso Shooter Got His 'Manifesto?' Just Watch Fox News.

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House Dems Finally Ask For Millions Of Brett Kavanaugh's Hidden Documents

Bernie Sanders Appearing on Joe Rogan's Podcast

A follow-up email to the earlier one on gun control from Pete Buttigieg:

Two Months of Rodent Droppings

Augusta government under active FBI investigation, city confirms

It's always a good day when you get to hang out with @BernieSanders, @joerogan, and Marshall the dog

🔥 Bernie Sanders Rally in Long Beach, California

NRA President's home under police protection.

GOP politicians (including Moscow Mitch) Use a Russian-based "subpoena resistant" server:

China coal mine approvals surge despite climate pledges

Gov. Kemp asks Georgia agencies to plan for big budget cuts

today's Internet goes to Jules Morgan, for her reply to Trump's "going to Dayton & El Paso" tweet

El Paso Representative refuses to be a pawn to Trumps's photo op tomorrow

Today Bernie outlined parts of his plan to make housing a human right that he will be releasing soon

'If you see something, say something' should apply to white supremacists, too

No, the right wing doesn't really want to treat mental illness

Dems shy from a true Medicare for All

Are candidates who visit mosques going to get called out on their LGBT views?

South Carolina spending millions on four consultants to explore Santee Cooper sale

So tell me is it true Moscow Mitch fell?

2020 CO US Senate Election- Hickenlooper-D

Giants DFA Joe Panik

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 7 August 2019

NC shopkeeper offered chocolate for burning a Confederate flag. He got death threats.

Thousands of Tardigrades Stranded on the Moon After Lunar Lander Crash

CO could get 2 new US Senators by 2021.

El Paso Residents Sign Letter Telling Donald Trump He Is Not Welcome in Their City:

White supremacist group's flyers posted at Jewish temple in Columbus, Georgia

White supremacist group's flyers posted at Jewish temple in Columbus, Georgia

New Stars on the Cosmic Block Are Fast, Bright and Pulsating

It is INCONCEIVABLE these two men weren't aware of the image they modeled.

The Kentucky Democratic Party.

Days After El Paso Massacre, White Nationalists Will Hold Florida Convention

Hubble Captures Spiral Galaxy with 'Barrier' of Dust (Photo)

This pretty much says what I'm feeling these days....

Toni Morrison's Nobel speech

Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump's Crowds The New York Times

The advantages a mass shooter has over a

Are you actually fucking kidding me?

Obama decries leaders "who demonize those who don't look like us"

No, I don't think China blinked

Live Now! SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launching Amos-17 satellite at 7:23 p.m. EDT (2323 GMT)

➡️ Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders

'The OA' Canceled After Two Seasons at Netflix

Two images for Moscow Mitch while he's incapable of bringing the senate back into session

White House sustains butthurt and slams Dems for making shootings about Trump

You just don't get it, do you?

Dayton shooting shows six good guys with guns are no match for a high-capacity magazine

Boy Scout scandal could be bigger than Catholic Church crisis

Tulsi Gabbard says Kamala's entire Campaign is based on a Lie

I need some help here.

NPR Shreds Ethics Handbook to Normalize Regime Change in Venezuela

El Paso Says Deadbeat Donny Still Owes $569,204 For February Rally

Puppy's first swim

Baker Mayfield Shotgunned A Beer And Inspired A Five-Run Cleveland Rally

Sean Hannity's Plan to Solve Gun Violence Involves Guns Literally Everywhere

Montana MAGAT gives 13-y-old boy skull fracture for not removing his hat for Natl Anthem at fair.

Note to Kellyanne: we sold our cow, so---

'Unprecedented' number of fires in Siberia to blame for Seattle's hazy skies

Olympian Carl Lewis backs equal pay for women, calls President Donald Trump a 'racist & misogynist'

Mariah CAREY got picture with the CLINTONs and posted it calling Hillary "President Clinton"

Gohmert Claims Charging El Paso shooter With a Hate Crime Will Lead to Jailing Preachers

Trump Closer To Doom As 8 Crucial Swing States Turn On Him

Pence: 'Spend more time on your knees than on the internet'


Trump's lies are peppered w/ unnamed validators - "tough guys" who break down crying in his presence

Trump has run over 2,000 Facebook ads warning of 'invasion'