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Archives: December 10, 2020

Coronavirus vaccine: Pfizer given protection from legal action by UK government

1-54! BREAKING: Arizona Federal Court DISMISSES Kraken conspiracy lawsuit.

Recently I was reminded of Dr. Feelgood

Pfizer's vaccine in Britain: Two adverse reactions on the first day.

"We're just the Post Office, standing in front of Twitter..."

Researchers think they spotted new whale species off Mexico

How did Rudy get Trump's velvet-rope COVID treatment?

Trump warns Georgia AG not to rally other Republicans against Texas lawsuit

Fired Sale! Everything must go

Documentary: The Hunting of the President

Cuomo reacts to Trump's tweet about Supreme Court justice (CNN)

Chris Krebs found another way to defend election after his firing: Suing the Trump campaign

Marc Elias on the Kraken....Emoji Edition

Bottom line: if SCOTUS really wants to keep Trump in the WH, can they be stopped?

NYT: First day over 3,000 dead from covid

Additional Filings in and Additional Thoughts on the Texas Election Suit - Jonathan H. Adler

Listening to Steve Schmidt hold forth on 2nd hour of Nicolle. Someone *please* post clip...

Attorney representing Trump in Texas dispute pushed racist conspiracy about Kamala Harris

Weather Service runs out of Internet bandwidth, proposes limiting key data.

Would you fly on a Boeing 737 Max?

Congratulations to Richard Nixon for winning Florida and Ohio in 1960.

Funny how those 17 GOPer states that Trump won are the only ones wanting to overturn the election?

Stacey Abrams is holding an "Elect Warnock & Ossoff" event on Dec 12 with Star Trek cast members

Tiny Minnesota town to vote today on allowing white supremacist church

Bob Dylan: Mr Tambourine Man, Newport Folk Festival 1964, Rhode Island

The MAGA lady has returned for Round 2 today:

Miracle Man

Colin Kaepernick's activism moves to freezer section with own Ben & Jerry's flavor

Am I a terrible person...

Father decapitated two children, forced other kids to view bodies over five days, prosecutors allege

"I know crimes, I can smell them"

Muzzle Facebook ?? Should have muzzled Trump 4 years ago.

Turns Out Things Get Kinda Zany When You're Prying Power Away From a Death Cult (F/SC)

On the horns of a dilemma...

Loeffler, Perdue Throw Support Behind Texas Lawsuit Contesting Election

Incoming New Hampshire House Speaker dies -- just after being elected (Had covid-like symptoms)

Kelly Loeffler is trying to raise money on Parler and she is going through some things.

Trump has a legal right to take every legal recourse to make sure the votes are counted accurately.

Texas suing Georgia once again demonstrates the right is full of s**t on states rights

The danger is growing that Trump's lies about the election will lead to violence

I will never have to go through the Starbucks drive through again

Honeybees use poop to ward off those terrifying murder hornets

Trump Warns Georgia AG Not to Rally Other Republicans

Joy spent 5 minutes on the state rep who was threatened.

How to play Oh Well by Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac)

Senate rejects attempt to block Trump's UAE arms sale

Whoever invents...

The Trumps are reportedly preparing to move out of the White House

Nina Turner has filed to run for Rep. Marcia Fudge's seat.

Federal Judge in Arizona Dismisses Third Limb of Sidney Powell's Post-Election 'Kraken,' Which Was '

Any updates on Rudy's condition?

Tim Miller: Republicans Have 'Completely Thrown In With Autocratic Values'

Melania Trump 'just wants to go home'

The only way that this is going to end,

"I'll be home for Christmas. - you can count on me

Can anyone see in the sky...

Biden expected to nominate Katherine Tai to serve as US Trade Representative

History will show...

Dylan Goes Electric 'Maggie's Farm' 'Baby Blue' Newport Festival, July 25, 1965

Why is Joy on at 8PM?

"Matt Gaetz is the dumbest motherfucker on the planet but this is worth a watch"

Trump asks Supreme Court to invalidate millions of votes in battleground states

I believe Trump has set a precedent by attempting...

New Covid high for CA: 32,000 new cases and day is not over.

Meanwhile, Trump speaks at the WH Hanukkah party...

question for DU legal eagles

Trump Administration Allows Oil Companies to Harm, Harass Whales Nearly 9 Million Times with Seismic

Attorney General remains key spot to fill in Biden Cabinet. Doug Jones seen as a leading contender

On Chris Hayes, just now, MI AG asks why she shouldn't sue Texas for its one-drop-box policy

Could 17 State AGs persuade the Supreme Court to rule against Biden?

The Real Threat of Trump's Latest Doomed Plea to the Supreme Court

Kelly Can't Lead: Matt Gaetz Hates Kelly Loeffler - Meidas Touch

Attorney representing Trump in Texas dispute pushed racist conspiracy about Kamala Harris

Mad Season - River Of Deceit

Port Orchard man charged for shooting at pro-Trump rally

Prison reports 740 COVID-19 cases, declining conditions

Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl

Pa. judge denies emergency motion to overturn presidential election

Trump Attempts to Fire Amy Coney Barrett

Electric Vehicle Myths: #3 EVs Aren't Greener than Gasoline or Diesel-Powered Cars

Does anyone have any toilet paper?

Indian group has been running an international disinformation network against Pakistan for 15 years

Genevieve Peters posts video of herself making threats at home of MI SOS

Senate fails to block Trump-backed arms sale to United Arab Emirates

Trump keeps holding WH holiday parties despite CDC warnings on indoor gatherings

Congress vows to further investigate Fort Hood violence, sexual harassment

Aaron Rupar: This is reaching new levels of pathetic

Hey, I thought

Pink Floyd Ensemble - Dark Side Of The Moon

A rural S.D. community ignored the virus for months. Then people started dying.

The Biden White House will have a private contractor provide "disinfectant misting services"...

Salty snack favorites...

The GOP is now 0-7 in lawsuits seeking to overturn Arizona's election

The seventeen states and TX that are suing to overturn the Biden win should be boycotted

'It is not even close': See Burnett's response after Trump criticized German Covid-19 deaths - (CNN)

This song has to go down as one of the best JROCK songs ever..

An Idaho official left a meeting in tears as anti-maskers swarmed her home

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Angela Merkel pleads with public to follow Covid guidelines... [WATCH]

New record, 225,441 new cases, 3,243 new deaths! WorldoMeters

Four of the deadliest days in U.S. history were reported last week

It's simple:

Let's have 2450 Supreme Court cases per election, as every grumpy state sues every other state

Armed zombies in front of the home of elected figures and threatening them

New World - L'arc en Ciel

US Senate seats that the Democrats are likely going to win in 2022.

The Mood in the White House During Trump's Frenzied Final Days


What a Wonderful World this would be.

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of the United States?

Jill Biden Is a Teacher. And She's Not About to Change That.

twas the night after safe harbor and all though the house

SCOTUS should sanction all these AGs by removing their federal bar privileges.

Trump's Legacy

how much of this is on trump, how much on his political enablers and beneficiaries, and how

did you see on Chris tonight that DOJ with Barr is filing charges against Hunter Biden?

Trump on Thurs. having lunch w/ state AGs who filed amicus brief at SCOTUS

Malcolm Nance on the coming insurgence:

Texas Senator John Cornyn-Former Texas Supreme Court Justice/ Attorney General Struggling....

Katie Porter on with Cuomo right now


If the SCOTUS takes this Texas case

Miyavi -Survive

This transparently unconstitutional Texas lawsuit is not complicated. Despite the fact that these

I think Rachel just inaccurately reported the 17 states as "joining" the Texas AG lawsuit.

Once many years ago I was stationed with an

It's not the courts I'm worried about,

I just don't understand this (rant follows)

I fucking hate twitter and so many other social media sites.

Rush - Limelight

I really wanted to use my 999th post to promote my paradigm shifting 1000th post.

*999 hours away from a new president now,

Counting the hours....

Jeb! is going to get a stern tweeting to...

So reportedly Trump spent 1.95 billion on the Covid vaccine.

To Effie Black and StarfishSaver.

doggie + snow +sled + some fun

Has there ever been a worst GM than Jerry Jones? The Cowboys are horrible...

C'mon Everybody - Humble Pie

Of the many smart moves Biden's made, this may be the smartest.

How do you solve a problem like Mayor Pete?

Facebook sued by FTC, 48 attorneys general alleging it operates an illegal monopoly

We Are 'One Election Away... From Losing Our Democracy'

Update: Katie Porter's 94 yr old Grandmother is dying of Covid 19

Biden is reportedly considering nominating Pete Buttigieg to be ambassador to China

Pentagon officials say the COVID-19 vaccine will be 'voluntary' for US troops, but that could change

'Dear God, stop the nonsense': Chicago mayor unloads on McConnell over Covid relief

Looks like every ass kissing felon AG is looking for pardons

Trump appointee pushes out VOA director before Biden takes office

Don't come to my state to disenfranchise voters, stay in your own state

Senate Witness Leads Group That Has Long-Hyped Anti-Vaxx Cause

Utah Gov. & Gov-Elect not pleased with AG Reyes filing amicus on behalf of Utah

Chris Cuomo Shreds Lindsey Graham: 'Do Your Words Still Come From Your Brain?'

On The Twelfth Day

Middle Age Riot: A bunch of gun-toting Confederate wannabes are threatening...

Strange Days - Humble Pie

Men face 'almost three times the odds' of ICU admission for Covid-19, study says

A Fake 'War on Christmas' and the Real Battle Against Covid

Michigan House Republicans take Democrat's committee posts after 'warning' to 'Trumpers'

DU'ERS in the Boston area

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

David Rothkopf: Our democracy has weathered many tests. It was flawed from the conception.

Anti Mask Zealots Have Bullied HEB Out of Enforcing Safety Policies

Suspect makes bomb threat in building housing Democrats' headquarters, WA cops say

Does Trump trigger unspeakable violence

It is still only 6PM

Jane Mayer: Dianne Feinstein's Missteps Raise a Painful Age Question Among Senate Democrats

Chris The Man Hayes on Depraved Indifference

I wonder if the "patriots" so anxious to "water the tree of liberty with blood" have any first-hand


🚨🚨BREAKING: Another #Kraken lawsuit fizzles as fed judge in WI tosses election fraud challenge

Sid Miller tests positive for COVID

Snake River Conspiracy - Vulcan

🛑Wait! Another post-election victory just rolled in. Processing....

Mellissa Carone has submitted a sworn affidavit to the Supreme Court, under penalty of perjury...

LA Times: Get Ready For The Roaring 20's!

US Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Pennsylvania Election Results, So Trump's Next Con is Texas

Was the toxification of the term "democratic" by Republicans

When someone justifies their support of Dickhead or any other conservative

Kamala Harris named world's third most powerful woman on Forbes list

I think that the word "Cruz" is going to become part of the language...

Chris Krebs' attorney released a statement about further escalation of threats of violence

"The greatest country in the world?"

Being a republican means :: Destroy the USA for the sorriest pos that ever became President.

I am so disgusted

Can the blue states sue the 18 red states?

Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton (himself under criminal indictment) pulls a PR stunt

Donald Trump does not now, nor ever did know how government works

The Social Dilemma

Trumpism is the problem!

The 18 state AGs trying to help Donald Trump steal an election he lost by 7 mill votes

Republican Senator Tillis Pushes Prison Time for Online Streamers

Electoral College Endgame - Sack Cartoon

"Headlines Don't Capture the Horror We Saw". "I chronicled what COVID-19 did to a hospital"

An outstanding comparison of U.S.A, vs Germany vs Austrailia in dealing with pandemic..

My best friend's cousin died from COVID 5 days ago. His wife is now sick, so is his son, daughter,

Rachel is coming up on colbert

"I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half." -- Jay Gould

Ok. Talk me off the ledge. Congress must accept the election by vote

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Knows About Aliens and Hasn't Said Anything?!

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller says he has tested positive for coronavirus

I think chances of MangoMan running again in 2024 are slim to none.

A brief update on Kaavan's next steps and where he will be living.

MUSHROOMHEAD - Seen It All (Official Video) Napalm Records

GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson readies 2021 lobbying blitz to bring casinos to Texas

子ねこvs 大きいねこ。-Kitten Miri vs Maru.-

Word to the wise...not a good idea to make up a quote from a case in your legal brief

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Supreme Court Rejects Trump's Election Lawsuit

It is an attempted Coup, Trump actually believes he won. He will not go away!

Rush Limbaugh says what they are all thinking:

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Ditches Medal of Freedom Recipient in the Oval Office

I just found out my Daddy passed away at 2300.

rise of the 3rd reich part 1 - reviled apparent loser actually wins and takes over with help from

Chris Hayes: It is depraved indifference at a level I cannot quite articulate.

'This is not a game.' El Paso funeral homes beg people to take COVID-19 seriously

Too soon.

"Trump corrupts every corner of his administration."

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Don't Say The Forbidden Phrase!

"One man's life and the sad journey of a nation."

OK! Time for laughter, thanks to my off-line friend who is also a senior!

Seth Meyers - Trump Attacks Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Over 2020 Election Results - Monologue 12/8

A real nailbiter in Clyde: School district under fire for boys' nail-painting ban

Trump weaponized his access to Top Secrete Information about our own citizens.

Seth Meyers - Trump and Texas File New Election Lawsuit After Supreme Court Rejection: A Closer Look

Mudvayne - Death Blooms (Official Video)

Biden Will Disinfect White House After Trump Leaves

WTAF?? Did Flynn threaten President Obama today?

Steve Schmidt: We Are 'One Election Away... From Losing Our Democracy' - Deadline - MSNBC

We discovered a 115,000-year-old iguana nest fossil in the Bahamas

Nicolle Wallace Asks: 'Who Are The Adults On The Republican Side Of The Aisle?'

Texas SCOTUS lawsuit

Katie Porter: 'I Cried Today Because My Grandmother Is Dying Of Covid-19' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Leslie Jones and Jon Ossoff

12/10 Mike Luckovich: Your cartoon faves

Chris Krebs Says Trump Is Running 'Intimidation Campaign' On Republicans Speaking Out About Election

This makes me sleepy

AL JARREAU -- Breakin' Away / Easy

Let's talk about cops refusing to enforce laws....

Streets in January, when seniors get their priority vaccine

The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)

Dire Straits -- Fade To Black/The Bug

Pew poll..workers want to continue working from home post pandemic


US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are strongly and slightly favored to win.

First-of-its-kind: SpaceX SN8 makes successful test flight

Critics Condemn 'Unforgivable' Push To Steal Biden Win For Trump - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Shocking adaptations discovered in electric fish of Brazil's Amazon

Trump virus coordinator Birx seeks role in Biden government

Shocking adaptations discovered in electric fish of Brazil's Amazon

Infected after 5 minutes, from 20 feet away: South Korea study shows coronavirus' spread indoors

Jury convicts Illinois man in Minnesota mosque bombing

Trump and Friends Got Coronavirus Care Many Others Couldn't

The fact you noticed means you're high as fuck...

Republican US Senators and US House Members that Biden-D should appoint.

Texas sues Wisconsin, other battleground states in U.S. Supreme Court over election results

Leslie Rutledge makes it official with Supreme Court filing: She wants to invalidate votes for Biden

Ricketts administration stiffs legislative Medicaid hearing

Rio de Janeiro Military Police publish video criticizing, insulting journalist Rafael Soares

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/9/20

Gov. Stitt complained to hospital leaders about interviews with media on COVID-19 crisis

Trump tells Georgia AG, in phone call, to stay away from the Texas Lawsuit

Stephen Colbert: Guest Rachel Maddow

RIP - Howard Wales

How Atlanta's Politics Overtook the Suburbs, Too

How to handle Trumpians Joe Biden's way ...

November: Democrat Lisa Cupid becomes first Black woman to Chair Cobb County (Ga.) Commission

McAuliffe launches campaign for gov. at Richmond public school, pledges $2B per year for education

Point shooting vs. aimed shooting in a self defense situation

Gay man shares his mother's heartbreaking tirade after he tells her he's engaged

As COVID-19 cases rise, Gov. McMaster pushes for face-to-face school option

New Hampshire House Speaker Richard Hinch dies

Pentagon plans to cut most of its support to CIA's counterterrorism missions

The Stink That Won't Quit Without A Fight.

Paolo Rossi, Italian football great and World Cup winner, dies aged 64

National Guard staff to help with prison staff shortages

Minnesota Town Allows White Supremacist Church

Trust-bust the jerks: Silicon Valley feared Facebook bullying.

Feinstein's Missteps Raise a Painful Age Question

Hassan Announces Senate Reelection Run

Obamacare Approval Ties All Time High

Vermont rolling out COVID-19 stimulus for undocumented immigrants in 2021

James Fallows: How Biden Should Investigate Trump

The Syrian mercenaries used as 'cannon fodder' in Nagorno-Karabakh

Trust-busting Google: Separate Ads/DoubleClick, Android/Hardware, Docs&Mail, Search, & YouTube/TV.

Jill Krowinski takes charge as next House speaker

WaPo WebPage: Not a single headline about trump and texas lawsuits....

If, or hopefully WHEN, SCOTUS swats down this latest election ploy, where will trump* turn, next?

Metamorfosis Inslitas

Elizabeth Warren was right.

Justice Department sues Alabama over prison conditions

Where is the outrage? There ought to be major investigation of Trump re treatments with antibody

At Caucus, Burlington Democrats Offer Counter to Progressives' 'Extreme Ideologies'

Visit Florida This Christmas !!!

Fox Nation's "All American Christmas" 😁 targets young viewers

Relax, A Drumpf Comeback In 2024 Is Not Going To Happen

Hell No. Keep Birx well clear of Biden Administration.

Trump's Schedule for Thursday, December 10, 2020

Some More Tree-Planting Bullshit, Courtesy Of The GOP, W. A Side Of "Reaching Across The Aisle"

Trump Announces Judicial Nominee; December 9, 2020

Do you believe on January 6 that Congress will raise a ruckus to

Biden Team Plans Spraying Down White House to 'Thoroughly Clean & Disinfect' It Before Taking Over

An incidental, but disturbing COVID sign..

Pence's Remarks at Installation Renaming Ceremony; Cape Canaveral, FL; December 9, 2020

Higher Temps Boost Arsenic Content Of Rice; Arsenic Content Already High In Some S. Asian Soils

Despite Drumpf's venting and threats, Biden's win is sealed

Trump voters don't really believe Biden stole the election -- but they do want a coup

Tool Monkeys, Fuck Yeah! Record-High 2019 Emissions Put World On Track For 3C Warming

Seriously, how can Lara Trump (Eric's wife) primary for Senate in NC in 2022?

Australia's Hottest Spring On Record; w/o Anthropogenic Warming, Odds Of 1 In 500,000 Against

HELP! I'm Drowning In Evidence Of Voter Fraud!

'Under the rug:' Sexual misconduct shakes FBI's senior ranks

Speaker Pelosi.

What a REALLY ugly asshole looks like:

I'm sick of hearing "Our Institutions have Held"

OMG, did you hear him ranting last night? Have they taken away the nuclear football yet?

Trustees of Vermont Law School consider move to Burlington

This Christmas...

The Rundown: December 10, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 12/9/20

Multiversity's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 12/9/2020

Major Spoilers Staff Picks for December 9, 2020 #NCBD

The Supremes "My Favorite Things"

Anti-Vaxxers, COVID Quacks And Climate Liars - Ron Johnson A Perfect Symbol Of The Nexus

On This Day


5 big problems with Texas' bid to overturn Biden's win at the Supreme Court

Third offer filed for Southern Vermont College campus

Breakfast Thursday 10December 2020

Legal questions regarding pardons,

Sump'n Claus - SNL

Absolutely NO ONE Wants to Buy Trump's Childhood Home

Justice Department's interest in Hunter Biden covered more than taxes

"Ootheca 2020" trump's new group of lame ass (duck) appointments

Relax, A Trump Comeback In 2024 Is Not Going To Happen

Ocasio-Cortez: Biden agenda 'a little hazy'

Minneapolis City Council approves police budget cuts, staffing levels unchanged

Glengarry Glen Christmas: Elf Motivation

Most Of Miami's Affordable Housing At Low Elevation; Now It's Flooding Regularly; Where Next?

Biden to campaign in Georgia for Democrats in Senate runoffs

Leahy: 'I don't know if I've ever been so frustrated'

Jingle Barack (Chance the Rapper) - SNL

November 2020 Atmospheric CO2 412.89 ppm; November 2019 410.25 ppm; November 2018: 408.02 ppm

The (semi) Official Mascot of the Lincoln Project :LOL:

Georgia becomes ground zero for election misinformation ahead of Senate runoff

He's making a list - checking it twice

New study recommends state colleges unify, receive 50% more funding

Local newspaper article on Casey Goodsons' death in Columbus

Lebanese judge charges PM, ex-ministers over Beirut port blast

AZ GOP Chair Says Trump Called Her Up After Court Smacked Down Election Challenge

Who Funds the Federalist? Finally, We Know

My neighborhood has gotten so bad that the windows on my

A Complicated Simple Question: When Were We Reduced To "Consumers"?

Royal Air Force Releases Video of 4,200-Square Kilometer Iceberg

So, they started to investigate Hunter Biden's taxes in 2018?

How many Republicans will skip the Inauguration?

Afghanistan violence: Journalist Malala Maiwand shot dead along with her driver

Arizona new cases skyrocket...

SpaceX Starship explodes spectacularly after successful high-altitude test flight

Franklin Co Coroner called Godsons Death a homicide

"Federal judges do not appoint the president in this country. One wonders why the plaintiffs ... "

SAISEIGA【GO ON!】(Official Music Video)

Perdue Sold His Home to a Finance Industry Official Whose Organization Was Lobbying the Senate

This situation is analogous to what faced the Founders of our Democratic Republic.

Mass mink graves in Denmark may have soiled groundwater - report

What Christmas Means To Me

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Many people register to vote when they get their driver's licenses...

New whale species discovered off coast of Mexico

Chinese embassy blames hackers for retweet of Trump's claim that Democrats cheated in election

Evangelicals plan to encircle SCOTUS to make 'walls of corruption and election fraud to fall down'

Jonathan Karl: Trump looks "not just like a loser, but someone who's impotent"

How many Americans die every day in ironing board accidents?

These UVM programs could be on the chopping block to make up for $8.6 million deficit

Newsmax plans expansion to capitalize on Trump support, anger at Fox News

Eric Boehlert: Trump's not "sulking," he's waging war on democracy

For those out there in world who wonder why England began using the

Claire McCaskill: The top elected official in charge of legal matters in 18 states...

Argentina abortion bill heads to Congress vote as protests build

EU unveils back-up plans to avoid 'no-deal' Brexit chaos

EU unveils back-up plans to avoid 'no-deal' Brexit chaos

If You Want Me To Stay

Biden is going to Georgia on Dec. 15th to campaign for Ossoff & Warnock

Jobless claims spiked in the U.S. last week, with 853,000 people seeking new benefits

There's a fox in the henhouse...

'I am certainly not dead!' Living voters contradict Michigan GOP fraud claims

Heritage Foundation hitching a ride on the grift train

Americans increasingly willing to get COVID-19 vaccine: Poll

I Want To Come Home For Christmas

It's simple. All I have to do is ...

I'm hoping Agent Orange goes this far to shred the GOP..

Presidential Metal of Freedom winner promotes secession. Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

Thursday TOONs - Unwanted And Proven Dangerous

At Johns Hopkins, Revelations About Its Founder and Slavery

Washington DC was given all of 108 doses of Regeneron's monoclonal antibody cocktail.

FDA panel considers emergency approval of Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine December 10, 2020 8

Jeezus. Twitler on a vote fraud rampage. Lmao

SAD. Kids' letters to Santa this year hit a little harder

BREAKING: Biden picks Denis McDonough for Veterans Affairs

Traitor States. How come so many were part of the Confederate States of America?

Amtrak, Delaware announce completion of third track project

A man with a 'manifesto' threatened to detonate bomb inside a Democratic headquarters in Washington

Arizona Supreme Court delivers major blow to GOP chair Kelli Ward

Report assesses Washington State's ultra-high-speed transportation

Mitch McConnell doesn't even want to send relief to health care workers

New Jersey Gov. Murphy announces commitment of $190M for Newark Penn Station renovation

Doug Jones is on Biden's attorney general list, along with Sally Yates, Merrick Garland and Dev

Nessel joins Facebook antitrust lawsuit

Susan Rice to lead White House Domestic Policy Council.

Hmmm? WHAT does Trump have on Lindsey Graham?

"If blood is spilled, it is on the hands of the president."

Biden taps Susan Rice for top White House domestic policy job

The highway to Hell is paved with Republicans.

BREAKING: Susan Rice appointed to lead Domestic Policy Council

Biden to tap Denis McDonough for Veterans Affairs

The White House will be undergoing a major Covid eradication for the Bidens

Anne Frank memorial vandalized with swastikas

All the judges' decisions in the 50-plus Trump "lawsuits" can be summed up as follows:

Redfield told staff to delete an email where Trump appointee attempted to assert control over...

CDC's Redfield told staff to delete email, official tells House watchdog

The Daily Show & You're So Lucky You're White

House Panel Accuses Trump Administration of Concealing Evidence in CDC Coronavirus Probe

YOU raised $1,448.33 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-9-20

Bradenton woman stashed body in trash to collect Social Security, deputies say

4928 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs; 73 deaths

Super sweet pup loves to give his owner hugs

Drugs recalled after 'mix-up'

December 10-- Today is Human Rights Day

Your Old Radiator Is a Pandemic-Fighting Weapon

Stealing to survive: More Americans are shoplifting food as aid runs out during the pandemic

Giuliani says he was treated by Trump's physician and received same COVID cocktail as the president

Crazies supporting crazies: Roy Moore edition

How Foods May Affect Our Sleep

Attorney representing Trump in Texas dispute pushed racist conspiracy about Kamala Harris

ANOTHER Trump Fraud Lawyer Gets Coronavirus

Trump Fully Unhinged, Blurts Out "I WON!"

Remember this babble-talk?

Byzantine Liturgical Music is like Gregorian chants on steroids.

"All these men bitching ..."

Hmm.....maybe the FL AG should be suing to invalidate FL election results

I love you all on DU- But, when one of you find an error/mistake on a post

When you love your job - man, did I miss the boat

Politifact-Donald Trump has lost dozens of election lawsuits. Here's why

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Trump's latest move (that Texas lawsuit)....

Rep. Swalwell says Trump criticism behind spy story

Why's It So Hard to Get People to Change Their Behavior? (From PBS)

Statement from Ben Sasse on the Texas lawsuit

TexMex Style Tamale Recipe

Biden selects Susan Rice to lead domestic policy council, McDonough for Veterans Affairs

Seriously, Time??? Freaking seriously????

Arrest warrants issued for armed right wing insurgents who surrounded homes of public officials

so apparently whole foods in north austin are allowing people to not wear masks

Sidney Powell & Co. have filed a notice that they're taking their Wisconsin drubbing to the 7th Cir.

Luckovich: Visit Florida this Christmas!

Sidney Powell's appeal of the Arizona 'Kraken' to the 9th Circuit didn't start off too well.

so apparently whole foods in north austin are allowing people to not wear masks

trump's attorney is a racist idiot who did not write trumps brief

Morocco to normalize ties with Israel in deal with Trump over Western Sahara

Hunter Biden under federal criminal investigation

apparently... Senator Feinstein experiencing sharp cognitive decline, Schumer having talks with her

EU releases "no-deal" contingency plan as Brexit cliff looms

US jobless claims jump to 853,000 amid resurgence of coronavirus

CNN Kate Bolduan wears a sweatshirt with "facts first" embroidered

Trump and most of his supporters understand that he got fewer votes...

Pantone colors of the year 2021

Black Lives Matter power grab sets off internal revolt

Schumer urges Senate GOP to cancel 'ridiculous' election hearing

Will Right-Wing Non-Maskers Refuse the CV-19 Vaccine?

Profiles in Perfidy, XXXVII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Why courts are dismissing 'Stop the Steal' lawsuits so quickly and decisively.

AOC's Old-Fashioned Machine Politics

Man serving 90-year sentence for selling marijuana released from prison

NYPD looks for a suspect

Hispanic Caucus ramps up Cabinet pressure campaign

It's time to defund the Republican Party

"A fella begging for a Pardon filed a PR stunt....."

Can somebody counter sue these fraudsters for filing frivolous electoral legal actions...

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are likely going to end up winning.

Mom breaks son's heart, says he's killing her by marrying boyfriend

Violin Concerto Felix Mendelssohn Isaac Stern (violin) Boston Symphony Orchestra Seiji Ozawa

Finnegan Fox and Muttias are so cute.

Trevor Noah: If Americans think the masking rules here are strict, they need to see other countries

Pic Of The Moment: McConnell Fiddles While America Starves

What Really Saved the Republic From Trump?

The Trump team throws in the towel on proving voter fraud

Look folks, this *REFERendum MANIA* is nothing new.

South Dakota AG Jason Ravnsborg hit and killed a man in his car, he's one of the "17"

On this day, December 10, 1941, Tommy Rettig was born

Douglas Emhoff is going to be teaching at Georgetown Law:

The Civil War wasn't about the election of Abraham Linoln.

Coming soon: Fox Weather! How will that look?

I can accurately explain this "rigged election" litigation in a way even Trumpies can understand:

The Daily Show -- Staten Island Bar Owner Hits Cop With Car. Lucky He's White.

Pat Robertson on his 700 club today was encouraging his followers

Trump's effort to steal the election comes down to some utterly ridiculous statistical claims

What are the chances Trump promised Paxton a pardon?

A Bird with a Beak, or a Beak with a Bird? A raven or a crow?

Rudy says GA election workers "treated USB drives like vials of heroin

6 States now seeking to intervene in Texas lawsuit: MO, AR, LA, MS, SC, & UT

Georgetown Law Welcomes Douglas Emhoff to its Faculty

Need recommendation for a touchscreen laptop under $500 for my 11 yr old & me.

Biden tells civil rights leaders that 'defund police' was 'how they beat the living hell out of us'

Susan Rice

Republicans throw cold water on bipartisan Covid proposal

Ted Cruz: Donald Trump is a 'pathological liar' - worth repeating from 2016

Pelosi rallies behind Swalwell amid Chinese spy firestorm

#SeditiousSeventeen is trending on twitter

🚨NEW: Another one of the meritless lawsuits filed in PA is dismissed

Supreme Court overturns top military court, rules that rape cases before 2006 can be prosecuted

The Republican Party As Totalitarian State

Ohio files Amicus brief opposing Texas Lawsuit...

CDC Staff Told to Delete Email

Spotlight Investigation: Short Days, Big Benefits

Dianne Feinstein's Missteps Raise a Painful Age Question Among Senate Democrats

So Rudy received a treatment that most people couldn't get and he actually had the nerve to say this

Joe Biden's COVID advisor describes the CDC holiday guidelines perfectly

Bernie demands 1,200 dollars direct payment for everyone and will not go home without it

Supreme Court allows Muslim men to sue FBI agents over no-fly list

Ellen DeGeneres Announced That She Tested Positive For COVID-19

Walberg, Bergman signal support for Texas suit seeking to overturn Michigan election results

"The Social Dilemma" Now more than ever.

Millions of Americans in poverty as Black, Native American wages stagnate

States who have taken this pandemic seriously should sue Gov DeSantis(FL) & Gov Abbott(TX)

Cotton calls for special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden

Ellen DeGeneres has tested positive

Notice to Trumpies who were overlooked and did not get to sign the Texas petition:

Incoming Madison Democrat calls Sen. Johnson 'scum'

Inside Trump's surprising New York City surge

New CDC coronavirus forecast: 362,000 dead by Jan. 2

Covid battle between counties

You can let Ron Johnson know what you think of his antics

Be better

Trump is about to pardon his children, and dozens or hundreds of others. So OF COURSE

3,000 dead on 12/9 and I swear I saw people in #MAGA hats celebrating in New Jersey!

Cowboys / 49ers game (Week 15) flexed out of SNF schedule

The new Speaker of the NH House just died of COVID.....

White House Repeatedly Turned Down More Vaccine

To My Old Master: this letter was written in August 1865 by former slave Jourdan Anderson...

"Ellen Show" Employees Say They're Losing Advertisers, Celebrity Bookings, And Ratings

This is very cool. Every sample on Paul's Boutique

Pennsylvania House Leader Calls on Gov. Wolf Not to 'Cancel Christmas' with COVID Lockdown

Lawmaker Who Dined with Kristi Noem Tests Positive

GOP Rep Emails Colleagues To Pressure Them Into Backing TX AG's Long-Shot Lawsuit

Federal judge casts doubt on Trump's Wisconsin lawsuit

Mo Brooks, Who Wants Congress to Overturn Trump Loss, is Quietly Courting GOP Senators

U.S. flew two bombers from Louisiana over the Persian Gulf to deter Iran, says military

"[O]ur pictures w/ a sniper target on them, along w/ our home addresses & a picture of our houses."

Pennsylvania AG calls Ted Cruz a 'sad sack' after Trump asks for his help in Texas lawsuit

Viewed a flat today and I don't think I'll ever be able to stop thinking about the back door...

Supreme Court overturns top military court, rules that rape cases before 2006 can be prosecuted

Bernie: Endless money for wars? No problem. Endless money for tax breaks for the rich? No problem.

Minnesota's pandemic employment conundrum; lots of jobs, not enough people who want to work

mall Santa refuses boy a Nerf gun, "Nope. No guns"

Maddow Blog Testimony sparks controversy over political influence at the CDC

Texas lawmakers on the Texas lawsuit

Governor Northam speaking now about pandemic

Hillary Clinton: Republicans that 'humor' Trump election claims 'have no spines'

Hillary: The election was not close. There was no evidence of fraud. The states have certified the r

The loser's lament: Trump continues to lie, and his allies continue to try to disenfranchise America


Watchdog finds VA Secretary Robert Wilkie questioned the credibility of a House aide who reported...

New 'sea dragon' species discovered by amateur fossil hunter off English coast

States poised to respond to Texas bid to overturn U.S. election at Supreme Court

Mnuchin defends controversial loan to private equity-backed firm in contentious Hill testimony

Virginia to impose nightly curfew, limit social gatherings to 10 people, tighten mask rules

Adam Klasfeld Twitter thread on ANOTHER Federal election case in WI. You'll love this

Republicans throw cold water on bipartisan Covid proposal

Senate Democrats clear the way for Durbin to be party's leader on Judiciary Committee

Denialism 2020: T**** and his fanatical allies are electoral terrorists. It's got to stop.

Texas AG Ken Paxton visiting White House today as he tries to overturn Trump's defeat

Trump's 'Elite Strike Force' Has Now Lost More Than 50 Election Challenges

In leaked recording, Biden says GOP used defund the police to 'beat the living hell' out of Democrat

Dear Supreme Court

In break with Trump, McConnell urges passage of defense bill

Just 60% Believe Biden's Win Is Legitimate

Graham says Stacey Abrams 'conned' Georgia GOP into helping Biden win

The worst torture I could ever think?

The GOP Is An Autocratic Party

The worst torture one could ever experience?

i said a couple days ago in my apartment we had a covid case , this person passed away today

Response of WI, MI, PA, GA to TX lawsuit due in 15 minutes...

Ellen DeGeneres announces she has COVID-19, talk show shut down

PA, GA, MI have filed responses in #SCOTUS to Texas's overturn-the-election suit. UPDATED

SpaceX Starship Explodes Spectacularly After Successful Test Flight

Court Notes 'Federal Judges Do Not Appoint the President'

Charles P. Pierce: The Republican Party Is Now a Seditious Organization

Gloria Evelyn Augier Pepin (June 19, 1937 - December 5, 2020)

Honoring Sen Diane Feinstein. Her long fight for Women & LGBTQ & more which..

Pence: "All I can say is, God bless Texas"

Memorandum on Providing an Order of Succession Within the Office of Personnel Management; 12-10-2020


Executive Order on Providing an Order of Succession within the Department of Defense; 12-10-2020

Can someone reassure me that this election will not be

The incomparable John Fetterman on the laughably dumb lawsuit by TX and other GOP AGs

I won I won I won

NEW - House Oversight Committee issues subpoena to Wilbur Ross re: Census!

AOC For President? Women Lead 2024 Election Odds As Bettors Favor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Commuter rail report recommends integrating VRE, MARC under one brand

DAMN IT!! I just received a text that one more of our family succumbed to COVID.

Mitchie Baby, you've been an awful bad boy.

War on Christmas

There's Rich, And Then There's Jeff Bezos Rich: Meet The World's Centibillionaires

And HERE is the amicus brief from the "good guys" in support of defendant states AGAINST Texas

Responses from WI, PA, MI, GA file in Texas SC lawsuit

Cruz suggests Senate Republicans will block Biden cabinet nominees indefinitely

Rand Paul has put the brakes on the defense authorization bill that is steaming through Congress

Pennsylvania issues blistering rebuke of Texas' lawsuit seeking to invalidate millions of votes

"The Court should not abide this seditious abuse of the judicial process"

Pence tells the crowd in Georgia to vote early and request absentee ballots

You guys there is a FOX running around the White House right now.

The Ongoing Fight Against Racism In Weatherford Continues

Highlights of the responses to the Texas Election lawsuit...

My Mom is in the Hospital ...

The "never forget the lessons of Sept 11" people have officially forgotten the lessons of Sept 11

any lawyer involved in the texas lawsuit against the election should be disbarred

MD: Judge refuses to reinstate rule for dispensing abortion pill

20 states, 2 territories, and the District of Columbia file brief

Could use some Chris Farley right about now....

I have not been proud of my country in 4+ years. I'm proud today:

New Hampshire House Speaker (Republican) Who Died Days After Being Sworn In Had COVID-19

Pete Buttigieg worked hard to help elect Joe Biden

106 members of Congress filed a brief in favor of Texas' request to throw out the results...

When Biden takes office the Justice Department needs to label the GOP

NYT -What Really Saved the Republic From Trump?

Franklin Co Sheriffs' Deputy said Goodson pointed a gun at him./WOSU news Twitter feed

orion,running man and horsehead nebula

Ben and Jerry's honors Colin Kaepernick with new ice cream flavor

Andrew Yang does socially distanced door-knocking...

'It Is Roiling Him': Reporter Maggie Haberman Unpacks Trump's Refusal To Admit He Lost

Can someone here help me out with an old movie?

Here are the names & numbers of the A.G.'s who have joined W/TX - Seditious Seventeen

Please excuse my absence

Limbaugh Wants a Civil War! Who's Gonna Pay for the Red States That Already Can't Pay Their Own Way?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 11 December 2020

What Frightens me About the Texas Lawsuit

Another Day of Shiny Respectable Columbus Ohio Police Dept behavior .

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely going to end up winning.

if you dig 70's rock ... zeppelin, yes, deep purple ... that sort of thing

21 states, including 4 led by R's, have filed objections to the Texas election lawsuit.

GOP lawmaker who said there was a 'political agenda' behind COVID coverage prays for a 'miracle'...

Doesn't Texas need to show ACTUAL harm incurred, instead of conjectural?

Christmas Eve Pardon time

US deaths in WWII over 4 years 418K. US Covid deaths over 11 months 290K.

"Biden can't do that", "Biden can't do this", "Biden can't fire _____"...EFF THAT!

106 House Republicans Support Trump-Backed Lawsuit To Overturn Election

DeJoy may not be able to be fired but no one has to obey his orders. Period. nt

Did trump intentionally not order enough vaccines when he had the chance?

He was just a "big kid". No matter where he went, he would make time for children.

A lasting memory of what Trump has done to our democracy?

Cartoons 12/10/2020

Do we have any idea of when to expect an answer from SCOTUS? n/t

Divided Minneapolis City Council cuts police budget but keeps mayor's target to hire more officers

There are too many rotten people with positions of power

Bob Dylan & John Lennon: Candid Conversation in London Taxi 1966

Seditious conspiracy is not a laughing matter.

Trump's Pardons Have Been Sparse and Self-Serving -- And That's Without Even Pardoning His Kids

Trump-loving UW employee whines about getting fired after plowing through students on his motorcycle

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Dec. 10, 2020

Fauci: Vaccines may bring normality by end of 2021

Investors can now trade water futures

Band Maid - Different

Leslie Jones is going to be on Nicolle's show in the second hour. n/t

Let's review how Operation Warp Speed is going, a thread:

GOP lawmaker who said there was a 'political agenda' behind COVID coverage prays for a 'miracle'

Chris The Man Hayes On How Republican Rot, Bottom To Top, Won't Go Away With Trump

Let's talk about Trump's latest move....

Expect a White House deep clean when Biden moves in

Happy Hanukah!

101-page indictment for the largest RICO indictment in South Carolina

Thread: A New York Story

Crows Are The Most Badass Birds In The Animal Kingdom

Trump Lawyers Lose His Kraken

160-Pound Dog Wasn't Supposed To Walk Again

I put a post on FB that I did not support TN being in that court case

On this day, December 10, 1978, Ed Wood died.

Michael Cohen was dead on describing how Trump would take loss. Before the election.

Giuliani Rubs Special COVID Treatment In Our Faces

It is Not sustainable...

Yet another Trump cabinet secretary caught up in scandal

So we need 1 of these 5

For anyone who wants the truth about how seriously the US Military is taking

Melinda Gates: We have a moral responsibility to make sure everybody gets COVID-19 vaccine

God Bless their pea pickin hearts for listening to der leader...

MasterCard to Cut Pornhub Ties; Visa Suspends Use Pending Probe

The Scam That Was the Paycheck Protection Program Paid Out Millions to Hate Groups

AOC: Remember when Republicans mocked me for warning about this?

Newsmax, one of Trump's new favorite networks, is reportedly trying to poach Fux Noise employees

Will SCOTUS rule on the TX crap suit tomorrow?

Mitch McConnell's Last Trump-Era Act? One More Unqualified Hack Judge.

FDA Voting Is Underway

Supreme Court Says Muslim Men Can Sue FBI Agents In No-Fly List Case

Am I right to begrudge trump too much praise in "Operation Warp Speed"?

FDA Approves Covid-19 Vaccine With 17-4-1 Vote

Judge denies Trump administration request to enforce in-person pickup requirement for abortion pill

What do you want to bet

FDA advisers recommend Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, with agency action expected soon

18-Year-Old Wows Family With Piano Skills as He Delivers Pizza

Kamala & Doug: From our big, modern family to yours, happy Hanukkah!

More 2,300 WA Restaurants Have Closed During Pandemic: Report

Rudy Giuliani says he got 'celebrity' coronavirus treatment, advice from president's doctor

Joyce White Vance: If you're tempted to write off red states,

Is it true that all these criminal appts cannot be overturned..?

BREAKING: FDA Advisory Panel recommends use of Pfizer COVID vaccine

Biden nominates Denis McDonough to lead VA, turning to another longtime Obama adviser

Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2)

I know it is naive and yet - all these guardians of the Republic

FBI delivered at least 1 subpoena to TX AG Paxton's office in their ongoing investigation on Wed.

I am SURE I am the recipient of something via fraud or theft, but I am NOT relinquishing it

T**** must go to jail, then indict Hannity for aiding and abetting sedition.

106 names that will live in infamy.

How corrupt is it to expect judges you appoint to do what you want

How to watch the northern lights across far northern US tonight

Supreme Court says Muslims placed on no-fly list can sue FBI agents for damages

Leslie Jones is a riot. Good medicine right now.

Michigan responds to Texas challenge in U.S. Supreme Court: Our election is 'over'

Aurora Borealis?

Republicans are calling partisans instead of election professionals for their hearing on voting in W

GA Speaker of the House David Ralston says state constitution should be amended


Trump is becoming more dangerous everyday. Here is my question.

Question for all of my former Georgia Homies.

Is there a NON-Twitter, easily readable list of those 106 seditious bastards?

I'm afraid that rural America is going to be slammed doubly hard with CV-19 very, very soon.

They are ramping up their bullshit, not lessening it.

Temperature, Shipping and distribution Pfizer

The Lincoln Project Has Just Named Names . . .

The Rude Pundit - Note to Hopeful MAGA Cretins: You'll Be Much Happier If You Give Up Now. I Know.

How the cruise industry secretly backed 'dark money' mailers about defunding Key West police

No, Mitt, it's not appropriate

This is what a supernova sounds like, according to NASA

Trump implies high COVID-19 case numbers, herd immunity is 'terrific'

Boris Johnson: no-deal Brexit now a 'strong possibility'

Statement from Texas Democratic Party on Ken Paxton's bogus lawsuit

I think this little tryst with tyranny needs to be referred to as "SeppuCoup" from here on out

Rats besiege New York Chipotle, eating avocados and attacking staff

Just one question about the texas lawsuit

Forgive me for being catty for a moment, I just can't resist. Melania

"Donald Trump Was Doing Things That Were Illegal and Unconstitutional"...

FDA panel recommends approval of Pfizer's Covid vaccine for emergency use