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Archives: December 12, 2020

2020, for most people, is as bad as it will get. what trump and his cult are doing

Who is the first Irishman to emerge in the spring?

Oh HA!

OMG. FAKE OAN website is a riot! Check the "sycophant websites" from the menu, too!!

I can't find an official copy of the Order (TX v. PA, GA, MI, and WI).

Is the Magat Rally still on?

So, will trump get his criminal friends start getting armed groups together protesting?

So...much...WINNING. The election was one thing...the Texas / SCOTUS attempt pissed me off.

So... Does Bigly Loser Donald take out his anger on Rudy, Paxton, et al for losing by denying

GOP congressman to Republicans: What is going on? (CNN)

Pack your bags MOTHERFUCKER

Supreme Court Reject Trump's Seditious Attempt To Overturn Election. Two 'Conservative' Justices...

"oh to be a fly on the head of Pence right now."

AAAAAAKKKKKKKKK Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden........

Trump Crys, "But I appointed three of you to the Supreme Court! Wahhh!" n/t

No tweet from the loser yet

Live look at the West Wing right now

The Sedition Caucus (or Kraken Caucus) and their AG minions must still be held accountable.

Claire McCaskill: On the edge of my seat waiting for Republican elected officials to congratulate..

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely to lose, hold on and pick up.

How does that big fat nothing burger taste, Ken Paxton?

CLEAR message to the RETHUGS in the SENATE! YOU didn't remove HIM so


NYT - important Op Ed "We Must Do More to Stop Dangerous Doctors in a Pandemic"

The Fifth and Sixth Amendments from the Constitution: A Secular Oratorio

Rachel Vindman reaches out to Amy Coney Barrett

Time Magazine Loser of the Year announced:

The Media Says Joe Biden is President

We must remove complicit senators and House representatiives

Let me make this pellucidly clear

I feel like buying Boof a Beer

The three trump appointed judges

Michael Beschloss: Trump was rejected by every woman on the Supreme Court.

When you realize you didn't actually buy the Supreme Court...

"I won"

So...Monday then...

Profiles in Perfidy, XXXVIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Ted Cruz was all warmed up and ready to do oral arguments.

Strange "Epoch Times" related caravan in Delaware today

I'll say this for Trump

When Biden arrives in the Oval office

Paul Rudnick: SCOTUS wrote "fuck off" on a cocktail napkin & had the bartender pass it to the creep

Senate seats are ALL about the Supreme Court. Trump voters need to punish

So Parler delivering with lots of calls to murder the judges on the supreme court.

Well, the new windows and doors are installed!!

Let's get this thing moving. Friday night & even the Trumpster justices are done with this bullshit

I wonder if the scotus decision puts a damper on the big mall maga rally scheduled for tomorrow...

"Party Of Sedition"

Tough night for those hoping to see Ted Cruz argue a case at the Supreme Court

Poll: When will trump concede and congratulate President-Elect Joe Biden?

Text "fake news Fraud to 88022" or phone a friend?

The @TexasGOP is out with a statement in the wake of the Supreme Court decision...

What say ye- Pat Robinson?

How mad is trump right now?

TX GOP out with a statement in the wake of the Supreme Court decision, all but calling for secession

Came to the city, left my happy home

Oh to be a fly on the wall in that White House tonight

Looks like Shirley Sherrod is going to be on Joy Reid (MSNBC)

Trump admin offered $700M to 9/11 victims to save Sudan deal

Freeperville has lost it

So, when will Trump step down?

GOP chairman West has a state that on SCOTUS ruling

After noticing increased shipping times this last week I found this warning posted on USPS tonight

So what will Trumpy do now that he knows he's lost

Do you think trump* would ever agree to take the Covid vaccine, in public, like others will do?

You know shit's about to pop off when a singer gets on stage with a set of pipes

I love Joy Reid but CUT the shit about Biden's picks Get fucking trump out first

trump to SCOTUS: "Gimmee the election 'cause fraud!" SCOTUS:

House Democrat Calls To Exclude 126 Republicans From Next Congress For Supporting Texas Lawsuit

Sidney Powell's secret witness 'Spyder' is an IT consultant. Never was military intelligence.

Charlie Pierce: The Supreme Court Slapped Down the Seditious Puppet Show Out of Texas

So long! Farewell!

I am still feeling good right now!


"Can the Trumpalos and Qberts find a way to spin this as a secret win? Of course they can."

Richard Sherman says it would take a 'miracle' to return to 49ers in '21

Jingle Bells - Gunhild Carling

I bet Biden and Harris are feel good tonight.

Suitable For Framing!

It's going to be 60 degrees tomorrow in DC.

What court actions seeking to overturn the election are left?

Things are a little heated on Parler ....

Not a single tweet since the Decision

Let's start calling the GOP

Has Trump started bad-mouthing the Supremes yet? Especially



FReeperland is losing their collective minds

"WAAAH! How could Amy betray me that way?" - Trump

Wolff Responds: The Scandal of a Too Little, Too Late "Stimulus" Bill

Trump 'desperate' to avoid E. Jean Carroll lawsuit, lawyers say

Author: Trove of US documents on toxic substances in Okinawa may help veterans' claims

Loving Hans Hofmann: Painter, Pioneering Teacher To Abstract Expressionists, Giant of 20th C. Art

Bay Area county launches door-to-door testing amid 'dire' surge


I bet Trump will take credit for the 9-0 judge decision today?

Ron Johnson to bring Ken Starr to testify at controversial hearing on 2020 elections

Next time ya see me coming man - Ya better run

I just have to say this. Is trump tired of losing yet?

So, how will today's SC decision affect the GA runoff vote?

Mississippi home of civil rights leader Medgar Evers now a national monument

RWNJs Diamond and Silk just called for a military coup

God seems to be ignoring Pat, or he's hearing some other voice

No Tweet since the verdict

Citing 14th Amendment, Pascrell Says These GOP House Members Shouldn't Even Be Sworn In

Vaccines do not always prevent the disease

I didn't know you could do that with barcodes

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled, we should treat these Republicans like the fascists they are

Trump will start his own political paarty

Paula White: Where are those angels?

Ben Sasse statement on SCOTUS ruling

I don't belong to Parler - anyone have any screen shots of the reaction?

The only trophy I care about this year is the Territorial Cup

Look at the clock, Chinderfella. It's almost midnight...

Suggested GOP theme song:

Donald Trump has killeed more people with his fucked up COVID response....

Muslim men said the FBI put them on no-fly list for retribution, SCOTUS grants them the right to sue

Biden needs to announce that any state that votes to succeed from the Union will automatically stop

Join the new president trump as a new citizen of the country of...

John Dean for the win!

Republicans are objecting to reimbursing Dane County for Donald Trump's recount.


This time, when they fire on Ft. Sumter,

I'd Just Like To Point Out ...

PM Update: A delightful December weekend, then a rainstorm to start next week

A new confederacy would be one of the poorest, meanest, most violent countries in the world.

New Daily highs in Covid: New Cases 37,000 and New Deathe 215+.

Don't Laugh At Children Who ...

Very appropriate to the season and to this particular day, I think

I like Adam Schiff, I really do

Officials: 6 people injured by car during NYC protest

Rudy Giuliani says Trump's reaction is to look at other options. File these cases in district court.

Biden Considering Cuomo for Attorney General

Friday Talking Points -- Donald Trump Loses... And Loses... And Loses...

If video games make children violent,

Chinese national held in global $2.2 million turtle smuggling scheme

What is the "End" for Trump Voter Fraud People?

Big News! 126 Republican US House Representatives HAVE RESIGNED!

Der Spiegel names Trump Loser of the Year!

Pelosi comments

Rudy G.?

Dolly Parton saved her 9-year-old co-star from an oncoming car

Randy Rainbow - certainly a contender for tweet of the day

Michael Beschloss ftw

US attorney general troubled by Mexican limits on agents

Michael Tilson Thomas and James Brown, Where Now Is

Devin Nunes is over on Parler, denying he has Covid but admitting he has the anti-bodies, as if...

Trump is having a sad - At WH Xmas party - guests were informed he won't be joining them

Does this mean TX AG Ken Paxton won't get his Pardon?

At what point do we agree to ban any mention of Trump?

How can the 106 Republicans be sworn in when they can't swear to defend the Constitution?

Question for Pat Robertson, Paula White, Michele Bachmann, et. al.

The gop must be sent into the wilderness

Aww,,,Emperor PoutyPants is sitting out the White House Christmas party cuz he haz a sad.

Seattle Ethiopian community fear for loved ones impacted by country's unrest

Port Orchard restaurant 'That One Place' issued liquor license suspension after defying COVID-19 req

them poor ol GOP texans are now butt hurt and talking secession, again

McConnell Tricked Trump

Even A Blind Hog Finds An Acorn Every Now And Then

More wine and cheese may help reduce cognitive decline, fight Alzheimer's disease

Trump's EEOC Chair Circulates Rule That Would Slow Bias Suits

Ron DeSantis in hot water after warrant to raid Florida scientist's home turns out to be fraudulent

Newsmax Turns on Trump's SCOTUS Picks After Texas Ruling

Medieval, Renaissance European Arms, Armour; Major Gift By Ronald S. Lauder To Met Museum of Art

Dan Crenshaw is unpatriotic and seditious

Terrorists planning to blockade Atlanta?

Rudy (a lawyer): "I don't understand [the SCOTUS] makes no sense to me as a lawyer."

Anybody Want To Place Bets On How Long It Will Take Trump To Start Tweeting...

"The RNC is making big $$$ from these BS antics

The Republicans who supported this lawsuit should not be seated in the next congress.

Frumpy Butt is out of options... will he try something even crazier...

SACK Cartoon: "Stick 'em Up!"

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

What's Trump Doing After the SCOTUS Loss? My Bet.

His delusion knows no bounds.

Trump is depressed

i had forgotten that Hercules actor was an idiot

I see in the DU latest breaking thread that "one" newspaper apologizes to its readers

Wait a minute....Wisconsin high court to hear Trump case (Breaking I guess)

Pub Owner's Attorney Says Gov. Lamont Is 'Playing God'

When do we citizens get to sue DJT and his cohorts for negating our votes?

Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys

Its hard to imagine the traitor-in-chief really thought the SC would save him

Keith Olbermann -- SCOTUS Ruling and Trump's Reaction

A lot of MyPillows will be soaked in tears tonight

Teachers' Unions Call For Remote Learning


Letters to Santa reveal the toll the pandemic is taking on kids

Column: Kevin McCarthy lauds the first Black member of the House. Here's why that's annoying

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrat are likely to end up winning.

Wyoming GOP Is Mad at Gov for Finally Mandating Masks

F.D.A. Clears Pfizer Vaccine, and Millions of Doses Will Be Shipped Right Away

Text: "i set up a camera to see how my dog was getting over his gate":


But, but... they were rushing to confirm a judge in case the Supreme Court would have to decide

Not a peep from Trump after he was slammed by the Supreme Court!

The Conservative Idea That Would Let Biden Seize Control of Washington

Shocker. FDA Approves EUA For COVID Vaccine

Uphold, holdup what's the difference? - Sack Cartoon

Piggy parkour (2nd tweet):

Trump supporters are today's Tories.

Op-Ed: Forget compromise. The GOP isn't likely to accept Biden -- ever

Trump: WHAAAH!

9:30 PM - Chris Cuomo is going to grill one of the supporters of the Texas lawsuit (CNN)

Geez CNN and Cuomo

The Party of Sedition is trying to claw their way out of the hole they dug.

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

Groups blast Trump logging plan aimed at reducing wildfires

Republicans are already trying to remove the scarlet letter they branded on themselves

BREAKING: FDA grants emergency use authorization for Pfizer COVID vaccine (CNN)

Defund the GOP

Is there a list of the GOP traitors that supported this Texas petition?

Kayleigh, Kayleigh, Give me your answer, do.....

A small town lawyer's read of the SCOTUS Order.

If Trump had died 5 years ago would the Republican party be this fucked up now?

Just when you think it is over, here comes the next Trump maneuver......

Clever pupper decorates Xmas tree--even puts star on top of tree!

The Election is Invalid.

AND.....Donald Trump is claiming credit.

Mexico's senior Catholic leader backs civil unions for gay couples

BREAKING: Donald Trump has decided to sulk.....

Another clever pupper:

Georg Stefan Troller Turns 99: Vienna Jew Fled Nazis, Was American GI WWII, Paris TV Reporter

If that truck blockade happens in Atlanta tomorrow?

Why do you hate democracy?

Trumpy lost TWO SCOTUS cases AND Time Person of the Year in one week. Mar-a-Lago beckons.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) planted information in smear campaign against female veteran

'You cannot, at the same time, love America and hate democracy': Sen. Chris Murphy rips into GOP col

Could Pelosi refuse to seat the 126 traitors and request their Governors name replacements?

Every Congressman that took part in this seditious act should be censured on the floor of the House.

Hair Furor speaks:

Nevermind, I fixed it.

MAGA, anyone?

Leaked video: President Trump reacts to today's SCOTUS decision

I think the Trump admin threatening the fda to approve vaccine

AOC cooking in a Tax The Rich sweatshirt, breaking down the COVID economic relief bill

Chris Hayes: GOP held a 'loaded gun to American democracy' with Texas lawsuit

Mimi Rocha proves that brevity is the soul of wit and WINS THE INTERNET, RE: Trump & SCOTUS

Texas GOP Allen West

CHECK THIS OUT! GA Blue Wave truck with all the bells & whistles! Warnock & Ossoff Blue Train next!

So what's it going to be for Dotard at 12:01pm on 1/20/21?

I did not know about the 4th box of liberty.

Flipped over to Fox Laura Ingraham - top story - Hunter Biden. Flipped back. N/t

I keep a ramblin' - no place to call my own

For a Guy Who Hates Being Called a Loser, He Really is Losing an Awful Lot (F/SC)

Let's speculate: Where are the states of New Nevada and New California?

Does anyone have a video of Rachel explaining in her show tonight

I finally managed to disgust myself.

Sibly chart Pluto Returns for Biden's Term

Liberal Schadenfreude, MAGA Apoplexy Erupts Online After SCOTUS Rejects TX Lawsuit: 'It's Over Over

For those struggling to keep up with where the Trump failures stand...

Republicans running Putin's propaganda campaign:

The lumbricina has altered its course. nt

Uh oh, they brought in the big guns to help trump

1,800-year-old altar to pagan god Pan hidden in a Byzantine church

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth - The Code of Hammurabi

Isn't time for a few GOP Senators like Romney and Murkowski to leave the GOP

U.S. returns 12 military sites to S. Korea, including some at Yongsan Garrison

We need to run two candidates in every GOP Senatorial race primary. One as a GOPer.

I listen and play music when happy

Dear President Trump,

Evenly divided senate?

I have 2 2460 Consolidated Dutchwest Stoves....

Microsoft exposes Adrozek, malware that hijacks Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

It is objectively rather fascinating:

Trump Can Just Smell The Prison

SCOTUS ruling & dissent translated for non-lawyers:

Take the "A" Train - Duke Ellington

For All of Us Old Timer Dems. Sing along.

The Daily Social Distancing Show - 2020 in Review: The Year in Protests

Et tu Brute? says McConnell and who will Brute be?, and what symbolic "attack" will occur?

Better Be Good To Me: Tina Turner

Person, woman, man, camera, TV

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Rachel Maddow - "Bag Man" & Decoding Right-Wing Media

Texas GOP Flirts With Secession After Supreme Court Smackdown, Suggests..."forming a Union"

Sidney Powell's secret 'military intelligence expert' never worked in military intelligence

I'm a Loser.

Seth Meyers - Trump Joins Texas' Lawsuit to Overturn 2020 Election Results - Monologue 12/10/20

Biden will appoint a new FDA commissioner, right?

Trump, in some respects, is more unhinged than Hitler was...

The Court announcing the rejection of the Texas filing tonight instead

Otis Redding - Try Some Tenderness

WSJ reporting that Trump is pushing for a special counsel to investigate election and Hunter Biden

Anyone on LinkedIn?

THIS 8 min video is PROOF that ANY gop lawyer involved in these suits MUST be disbarred and fined

Maryland's 'let them eat outdoors' governor is woefully misinformed about the risk.

Chris Hayes: GOP Held A 'Loaded Gun To American Democracy' With Texas Lawsuit - All In - MSNBC

Beck... Loser. To Trump

See Dr. Fauci Explain Why U.S. Vaccine Is Coming Now - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

GOP American Nazi Party

Snow potential index: 4/10 (↑) After our springlike weekend,

Eric cementing his legacy as the Dumb One.

John Prine - Dear Abbey

Seriously, what's in it for Pence?

Tweet of the hour

Trump just tweeted: The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!

Nancy Should Seat The Seditious 126...Then Silence Them.

AOC blames Republicans for COVID-19 shutdowns

The electoral college votes on Monday.

Supreme Court Rejects Seditious Lawsuit by Trump, Texas AG, Republicans and . . . Two Fake States???

"The next time we elect a president,

So, does Paxton get his pardon anyway?

AOC accuses Republicans of Defunding the police by refusing to send aid to state & local govts.

Jax Hollow - High Class Bitch

Tweet of the night candidate

"You said Covid would go away after the election, my mom died 16 days after your election"

Dead/Pigpen - 1971 - Turn On Your Lovelight......

"John Hardy" - Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, family & friends, unrehearsed . . .

FDA authorizes Pfizer and BioNTech's Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use (CNN)

For those itching to see what Freepers think

Here's a full list of state election results overturned by the Trump legal team.

Doc Watson & Earl Scruggs, "Careless Love"

Alfred Bourgeois: Second death row inmate executed in two days

Grateful Dead, 1972, Big River.

Are RW militia now going to harass SCOTUS Justices at home for their votes?

Iran executes journalist who encouraged 2017 protests

People...realize there's a risk this moves to the taking hostages phase, right?

But wait....there's more! The first birther lawsuit against Kamala Harris

Where are all the 'Trump is a Loser' cartoons? Asking for a friend

A Place In Heaven - Prince

Katie Porter Slams McConnell for Stalling COVID-19 Relief Bill - NowThis

Goodbye forever, Trump. You'll forever be known as the most inept and corrupt "president" in America

Supreme Court REJECTS Trump's Last Hope

126 GOP Members of Congress Tried to Overturn the Election - NowThis

LOL ! Borrowed from elsewhere, but I sure wish I had said it.

Trump Refuses To Come Out Of His Bedroom And Attend White House Christmas Party After SCOTUS Defeat

Wolf Kisses Goodnight

Seditious Rats Already Scurrying Away

"Republicans are so quiet..."

Trump lawyers have DELUSIONAL reaction to bombshell Supreme Court ruling against Trump

Good God! Ron Johnson is bringing in Ken Starr

A limerick of sorts

Trevor Noah: Everybody PENCERCIZE

AZ Democratic Party trolling the AZ Republican Party

Why am I not surprised....

Vets groups demand Wilkie's dismissal after scathing audit

If only there were a Double Secret Shadow Supreme Court so that Trump could sue the Supreme Court.

Some good Jazz, Mary McPartland playiind piano, whoa.

Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies (Official Music Video)

I Will Defend My Country ...

Everything's Over!

If the repubs go after Hunter Biden, can Joe pardon him?

Jon Meacham: We Can Agree On The Purpose Of America - The Last Word - MSNBC

Democrats need to follow the lead of Senator Christopher Murphy, and start called out these

PROCOL HARUM - A Whiter Shade Of Pale - promo film #2

Prince - Sex

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 117/ 'O Give Thanks Unto the Lord'

Batman : I've seen the future and it will be.

Georgia lawmaker Trey Kelley indicted, accused of ignoring hit-and-run

Bombing attempt??

Prince - The Future... Live in Tokyo.

Rosario Dawson 1999 New Master

Newsmax demonstrating that they're even loonier than Fox.

Did I miss something? Nunes was not on the list of GOPrs backing the wacky lawsuit

Rosario. 1999 New Master

Night before thanksgiving.

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Importance of the Psalms

The Cure - From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea (Live 1995)

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Psalm 117 in Arabic

Viral spread: Americans paying the price for Thanksgiving

New Mexico bans nonessential surgeries; governor cites strain on hospitals

Ohio law on ballot box limit quietly clarified as suit ends

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: Monk Seraphim Aldea from Mull Monastery, Scotland

Judge refuses to reinstate rule for dispensing abortion pill

Election Attorney Laments Anti-Democracy Trump Followers - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'Waiting-As A Form of Prayer', Mull Monastery

You are here

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: St. Mary of Egypt/Orthodox Psalm Sung in Various Languages

Three indicted in Harris County on allegations of trying to illegally influence state House races

Ideas On Any Last Bits Of Treason Putin Will Wring Out Of Trump?

I got carded at the liquor store

'Bubble' college coming to Texoma

PA Attorney General: 'Trump Has Infected The Country With Hate And Division' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Bolivia: New Gov't Sets to Work Undoing Damage Left by US-Backed Aez Regime

One of these astronauts may be the first woman on the moon

'These Executions, Disturbing as They Are, Have Flown Largely Under the Radar'

Imagine if Trump had dedicated as much effort to the pandemic as he has to overturning the election

House Democrats Could Refuse To Seat The 126 Republicans Who Are Trying To Overturn The Election

Stephen Colbert's Return To New Zealand: A Magical Land Where Hugs Still Happen

You are here:

Orlando Sentinel sues DeSantis for refusing to release weekly White House coronavirus reports

Arizona hospitals and their ICUs are understaffed, reaching capacity

New Colorado law allows courts to suppress records of pending eviction cases

COVID infections nearing 1.1 million; resident death toll, almost 20,000. Democrats push for state

Kansas House leader warns legislators after GOP colleague tests positive for COVID-19

Mitsubishi considering billion-dollar chemical plant in Ascension Parish

Fallout After No Special Session: Mayor Calls on House Democratic Caucus Chair to Step Down

Missouri bills seek to shield drivers who hit protesters

39 days

Local governments taken to task for razing encampment

A fitting conclusion to two decades of neglect

Thinking about who trump will sue next...

i hope challengers come forward

Duquesne University proposes full-time faculty cuts amid pandemic, financial uncertainty

'I really need a miracle today': Republican who denied COVID begs for prayers after hospitalization

trump will keep doing things claiming falsely he and his followers are the victims of election fraud

Tennessee Democratic Party overhauls chair selection process

Sidney Powell's secret 'military intelligence expert,' key to fraud claims in election lawsuits,

Breakfast Saturday 12 December 2020

Suckers and Grifters

Congress bans anonymous shell companies after long campaign by anti-corruption groups

Congress bans anonymous shell companies after long campaign by anti-corruption groups

Leaders Fete Five Years of Paris Climate Pact, Without US

Some Guy from WSJ thinks PhD Jill Biden should NOT be called Dr Biden

Drinking my Tim Hortons iced cappucino this AM. What are you imbibing?

Some guy from the WSJ does not like that PhD Jill Biden is called Dr Biden

Jerry Falwell Jr. drops defamation suit against Liberty University

The Times They Are a-Changin'

Fox News Poll: Voters give President Trump mixed reviews after 4 years

Republicans have just gone thru the third stage of grief?

Iran Executes Opposition Journalist Ruhollah Zam

Virginia says it will stop cutting off unemployment benefits without investigations

I am apparently surrounded by morons

Less than one in one quadrillion

"And his daughter knows she killed her Dad."

The idiot GA Trump supporters sure make it easy

Strange but it may be true. John Roberts may have

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Making meatballs today I'm open to suggestions as a novice cook

Trump's Schedule for Saturday, December 12, 2020

Salons. Grocery stores. Thousands of complaints against Kansas City businesses related to COVID-19.

Budget-strapped Wyoming towns bypass state with climate efforts

The Supreme Court Slapped Down the Seditious Puppet Show Out of Texas

20 Years Ago Today; SCOTUS rules on Bush v Gore, stopping the FL recount

Neo-Nazi website founder accused of ignoring $14M judgment

The Hoarse Whisperer (Twitter) nails it

On this day, December 12, 2000, General Motors pulled the plug on Oldsmobile.

We call them trump loyalists, but is that loyalty?

Randy Rainbow: Joe Biden has won this election so many times he is now the 67th POTUS.

Midnight Blues

Breaking: Biden Has Won The Election 100 Times & Is Now Eligible For A Free Sub

Why do Texas GOPers allow carpetbagger Allen West to lead their party?

I got an invite to a relative's Christmas dinner - 12 other people were invited.

The movers have arrived at the White House:

Republican QAnon Conspiracy Theorist, Failed Candidate Just Charged with Possession of Child Porn

Milo Y on Parler (ROFL)

Stevie Ray Vaughan, B B King, Albert King, Paul Butterfield - 'The Sky Is Crying'

The Trump tweets that Twitter puts disclaimers on

1976 Jimmy Carter Victory Speech ("Make America great once again.")

The state of denial...

The neighborhood's s all decked out for the Holidays...and treason!

What Democrats need to do first after Biden is sworn into office,

Wow! As of this morning Twitter has cut off responses, likes, or bookmarking many of trump's tweets:

Crybaby LOSER Refuses To Attend White House Christmas Party After SCOTUS Defeat

Trump tweets flagged by Twitter are now locked down (you can *only* retweet w/ comment)

Susan Rice Delivers Remarks As Biden's Appointee To Lead Domestic Policy Council MSNBC

Army invites its first Black varsity football player(1966), Gary Steele, to Navy game

Trump's bankers questioned by prosecutors in "significantly escalating" criminal probe

Idiot in Chief

The tweeting twit is unstable this morning?

Any Stephen Donaldson fans out there?

I was Voice of America's director. Trump's latest pick to run the organization is dangerous.

He scores!

Sir Duke

Never say die!

In Morocco, activists tied Sahrawi flags to cats and made soldiers chase them. In Serbia they

Democrats call civil war cease-fire during Georgia Senate runoffs

We won this round,but,

K.O. "The bully stops when you hit him harder than he hit you!!"

FDA press conference, 9:00 a.m., Saturday

So, will *rump take the vaccine on camera now to promote it?

How ironic that both cures happened on the same day

From 6:54 am to 6:58 am

Does anybody have any questions?

Ain't it the truth ?

Any LL Cool J Fans? Mama Said Knock You Out - Country style by Billy Ray Cyrus

Biden cannot become president and Pelosi will be removed

Final nail in coffin was SCOTUS finding out if they took the case they'd have to talk to Ted Cruz

Kaavan's new "do."

Looks like part of Michigan is going to get snow-clobbered, today

It is significant to note that none of Trump's three appointees to the SCOTUS

Weekend TOONs - The End Of The Line

Wait........wut?!? Proud Boy leader invited to WH

I know that it's hard to believe, but Trump is more deranged on Twitter than ever

Just bought a poinsettia. Had to get it home by city bus. Is there anything

Trump schemes next political moves after effort to overthrow democracy dead ends at Supreme Court

US executes Louisiana truck driver who killed daughter, 2

I don't think I recognized and appreciated

I guess Texas AG Paxton won't be getting his pardon after all?

Major Architects Group Will Stop Designing Death Chambers Amid Trump's Record-Breaking Executions

Pro-Trump, anti-Trump rallies planned for D.C. today

Why was there no Russian interference in the election?

The GOP are accomplices in subverting the constitution

A Michigan judge rules companies don't have to serve gay customers. The attorney general says she'll

Question regarding Trump giving out pardons...

This guy Bill Barr is Deep State

Thinly Veiled Metaphor About America

Incompetence trumps principle in CD-18.

Donald Trump Jr. Joins Collective Using Blockchain Technology to Make News Credible Again

"He looks just like JFK, if you're blind."

GREAT decision from the Supreme Court. NOW for discussion purposes,

RIP - Henri, le Chat Noir, who passed at age 17

Thieves steal Christmas decorations from Albuquerque home

Timing is a bit off...

How the GOP Tried to Topple a Pillar of Democracy

Here's a list of the politicians who are henceforth "The Dishonorable" rather than "The Honorable".

Albuquerque restaurant stops accepting cash after multiple robberies

I wondered what rock Allen West crawled under - Stlll dumb and vile as ever

Twitter limits users interacting with Trump's tweets about 'stolen' election

Steve Schmidt of the Lincoln Project Reaches Out to AOC

8076 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sat; 77 deaths

Biden is considering Cuomo for attorney general.

Is there any doubt now that Trump will for all time be considered the worst president in US history?

How the GOP Tried to Topple a Pillar of Democracy

It is possible to file a complaint about Curtis Hill at the Indiana AG website

GOP Rep: "Electors should decide...keep the electors from deciding."

Ford Fischer, live-tweeting from downtown DC

We have a few inches of snow on the ground, and my Christmas wishes are all coming true

Middle Age Riot: At this point, Donald Trump is more likely to...

My young daughter joined the GA cause

Trump has gone from disparaging windmills as nothing but bird-killers

Twitter Limits Interactions with Trump Tweets

2020 Christmas ornament - face mask angel. 👼

Stray Kitten Won't Let Traveling Couple Leave Her Behind

Covid-19 vaccine shipments to begin leaving Pfizer's Kalamazoo facility on Sunday

"OMG this man doesn't realize that Biden gets to name his own AG, and he is the President."

My god! How did they get 70 million people packed in like that?!

Virginia Hall, Brave Md-Born WWII Spy: 'Limping Lady' Chased By Nazi Gestapo, Klaus Barbie In France

Ilhan Omar: It's comedy hour on Parler.

Trump attending Army-Navy game at West Point.

What we are experiencing is not incompetence, it is psychopathy

Protests by Proud Boys Happening in DC Today

Not so holly/jolly Santa one would expect

Ron Johnson to bring Ken Starr to testify at controversial hearing on 2020 election

Who is a worse governor? People want to know...

I always look on the bright side.

2018 winter olympics and the 2016 elections. How are they connected...

Nashville music stars auction items for Stacey Abrams' FairFight, Ossoff, Warnock


"Seriously not literally" was always about convincing elites to overlook the radicalization...

Dear Trump Voters, I'm back again! This is a day, of the many

My daughter's dog was hit by a car last night

Truth from Jimmy Kimmel

My Ouija board seems to be broken

Relax, A Trump Comeback In 2024 Is Not Going To Happen

Aircrafts to Ventilators: How the Ford Motor Company Reimagines Its Assembly Line During Times of Cr

With Covid Raging, GOP Is Focused On Trump's Election Attacks

We will pass 300,000 COVID deaths this weekend

"Stand back and stand by"

Proud Boy Apparently 'Standing By' at the White House

Army Navy game 2020

Jeb Bush: 'The Election Is Over'

"I think everyone could use a lighthearted/happy story right now so here goes..."

Ali Velshi decimates Republican Party: It started way before Trump. Autocracy Averted.

🚨🚨 BREAKING: DU, WAKE The F*#%! up! It is not over!

Hoboken's favorite son was born on this date.

Conversations with my dog

Adam Kinzinger (R-IL): Real men accept a loss with grace.

Not The Onion: Texas GOP demands that EVERYBODY ELSE secede from the Union.

Special Thanks to JHB for posting Toons..Also for All "Toon Posters"!! Thank You, Thank You & Thanks

America under Trump became less free, less equal, more divided, more alone, deeper in debt, swampier


Marc Elias: "...they can file these cases all they want, but they AREN'T going anywhere."

Damn, just found our cable carrier has now put the Newsmax channel in our line up.

Since Trump was so sure he'd find his win on the court, I say let him try again:

Convoluted mess results in Shawnee mayor's arrest for perjury

"I can't help but bristle a little at any earnest plea to show empathy for sad MAGAs right now."

AOC Calls Out McConnell's B***S**T Stimulus Excuse

House Democrat invokes Civil War amendment that would prevent 126 Republicans from being seated in C

The Incredible Sulk

Curly, Grumpy Kitten Loves Her Dog Brother

California has banned the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. Can it get there?

I'd like to see a wave of these endorsement retractions

Great Christmas present idea for any MAGAts in your life

"They have brought in an EXORCIST to help Trump stay in office."

b b b but THE FIX WAS IN!

Cher turns attention to Thailand Shopping Mall gorilla after freeing 'world's loneliest elephant'

Hey Texas GOP: Shit, or get off the pot

Right Wingers want to "call in the krackin (Marshal-Law)"

YOU raised $1,975.75 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-11-20 (over $200,000 raised so far)

Premmie Princess Poppy Loves Flappy Time

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism Documentary 'The Conspiracy' in Production

Rick Beato - The Hardest Video I've Had To Make

Tweets from WOSU reporter about the Goodson demonstration last night. 12/11/20

(Jewish Group) This is America: Anti-Semitism is not a punchline

Saturday 12/12/2020 Demonstration Downtown Columbus on the death of Goodson

Joe Williams was born on this date.

(Jewish Group) Joan Nathan's Chosen Food: The Ultimate Sufganiyot

After Team Trump accidentally filed one of their Michigan cases in the Court of Federal Claims...

Revealed: Kremlin made a second attempt to poison Alexei Navalny in botched assassination

Lonesome Sundown (Cornelius Green) was born on this date.

Aaron Rupar: It's a cult

On the nose Adam Schiff tweet:

10 Myths Surrounding Net-Zero Targets, Carbon Offsets And "Nature-Based Solutions"

Trump Rips Supreme Court

My 4th book is now available to buy at Amazon:

Chris Krebs channels Maya Angelou:

The Republicans Who Embraced Nihilism

Messy winter storm likely for Mid-Atlantic on Wednesday, with heavy snow in western areas.

Brazil Sets "Indicative" Goal Of Carbon Neutrality In Another 40 Years, Quickly Torched By Activists

Watchdog raises possible link to Trump family and $700M Treasury loan to JoCo firm

Ken Starr to Testify on 2020 Elections

Apparently Trump wants to reveal all our national security secrets:

Quick OK of first US Covid-19 vaccine cut no corners, FDA officials promise

Mike Flynn wanted his sister to sing a song with the crowd and suggested "God Bless America".

'An Indelible Stain': How the G.O.P. Tried to Topple a Pillar of Democracy

Anthony Fauci, Paul Krugman, James Hansen, More, On How Climate Denial Built COVID Denial

Aaron Rupar tweet:

Biden starts countering Trump's messaging on vaccine

Governor Cuomo Briefing December 11 2020

She is Smiling Down on Us Today

Rep. Katie Porter slams Mitch McConnell for trading American lives for corporate fatal behavior

Congress looking to change or even abolish this key 401(k) provision

'We're not winning this battle': Relentless COVID-19 surge fills 1 in 8 hospital ICU units

Dicky Betts has a birthday today.

America's "Stunning Decline" On Climate, Science; "Pitiable" Status On Public Health In Just 5 Years

Fire Lookout by Moonlight

Frustrated Trump mulls appointing special counsel to probe election, Hunter Biden

Grover Washington Jr was born on this date.

Rick Hasen tweet (part of an analysis thread):

Climate Barely There In GA Senate Races But Overwhelmingly Present In Future Of State And Residents

Looks like EVERY day between now and Jan 20th.

Mishawaka school district is still suing parents during the pandemic over unpaid book fees

DC man who sheltered protesters honored in Time's 'Heroes of 2020'

Neal Katyal tweet:

Missouri restaurants' quest to overturn St. Louis County indoor dining ban stalls

After Near-Extinction 100 Years Ago, Bowhead Whales #S Rebounding, Despite Rapid Arctic Warming

Trump Urges Base in Georgia, Arizona to Oust Governors Who 'Allowed' Election to Be 'Stolen'

With all seriousness, how is Alex Jones not on the FBI's terrorist watch list?

LIVE: WI Supreme Court Trump Vs Biden

Technology is so frustrating sometimes

Rate Of Fatal Communicable Cancer Among Tasmanian Devils Slows; Animals May Be Adapting, Quickly

Tweet: "I had a Ken Paxton joke, but I beg your pardon. . . ."

LIVE: WI Supreme Court Trump vs Biden

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 12/12/20

Joke found on Twitter:

Translated perfectly!

Republican congressman rips Texas GOP for suggesting secession and says 'my guy Abraham Lincoln and

The Constitution has an answer for seditious members of Congress

Womp Womp: Scott Morrison Will Speak At Climate Conferences When He's Done Something About Climate

"Quite the scene at the Georgia Capitol now ... "

Lansing woman feeds homeless as her birthday celebration

Trump's Attorneys Had an Unfair Handicap

Pro-Trump groups march and pray to protest president's election loss

Adam Klasfeld is live tweeting the Wisconsin Supreme Court hearing. Not going well for Trump.

Roy Clark:Watch those hands fly! Tweet: "That time Roy Clark played "Malaguea" on 'The Odd Couple"

BAM!!! WI Judge with the SHADE in case being heard right now


Roy Clark:Watch those hands fly! Tweet: "That time Roy Clark played "Malaguea" on 'The Odd Couple"

Republican Senate candidate heckled at her OWN rally by her OWN supporter in Georgia - Brian Cohen

Photo of a counter protest sign in DC [language warning]

BROKEN: Mexico Offers to Take Texas Back

Collapse of Brit Middle Class: Young People No Longer Expect Home Ownership, Job Security, Benefits

Federal judge rejects Trump campaign lawsuit seeking to overturn Joe Biden's win in Wisconsin.

Trump Absent as Congress Works Around the Clock

Trump's brownshirts rally in Washington after Supreme Court decision.

Apparently, WalMart hasn't heard there'a a virus killing hundreds of thousands of Americans

Trump appointee rejects Trump in Wisconsin

Snowflake Hell?

The rationale for stifling the 126

Devin Nunes says he tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies

I know we were all preoccupied yesterday but did you see or hear

Garry Kasparov: Don't dare say "But the system worked"

Donald Trump just lost his/his allies' 58th lawsuit. Processing....

Reporter confronts Christian preacher for buying private jet after getting millions in PPP money

Seeking advice: my wife and I are of different religions.

Barr knew that Hunter Biden was ... not charged with anything and not the subject of a criminal probe

"The South ain't Red, folks. It's suppressed."

$130,000 for an 8-foot-by-8-foot shed? That's what L.A. is paying in a bid to house the homeless

Cartoons 12/12/2020

Austria Seizes Guns Destined For German Right-Wing Militia

Whether the fringe found Trump or Trump found the fringe, the movement is real and increasingly...

Nothing to fear except those who are easily startled

Republicans have bad intentions but with great strategy and communication

Outdoor dining anchors some restaurants around Puget Sound

Well Said, Lindsay:

Can we stop talking about Trump now?

Brian Kemp Cast His Lot With Trump, and Has Now Paid the Price

Question for court knowledgeable people re Wisconsin hearing.

How it must have looked to SCOTUS

Most US voters don't want Trump to run in 2024 and 42% say he is 'one of the worst presidents' ever,

Democratic national message..

The Ms. Q&A: Ziauddin Yousafzai's Giving Girls Around the World Every Opportunity a Boy Would Have

Chris The Man Hayes On Republicans' Dangerous "Game" Against Democracy

Ivanka Trump is eyeing Florida to kick-start her political career and could opt to run for Senate

So, Donald thinks he was screwed, heh?

Der Spiegel: Trump Named 'Loser of the Year' By German News Magazine

Trump Named 'Loser Of The Year' By German News Magazine Der Spiegel

Max Burns: Donald Trump is the kind of guy...

World's biggest iceberg heads for disaster

Mr Lebowski's 2020 Spotify Most-Listened to Playlist, available for other Spotify folks ...

Trump rally crowd boos Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro before chanting 'Destroy the GOP'

After Biden's win in Georgia, the state's GOP House Speaker wants to strip voters from choosing the

"The Brainwashing of My Dad" (Documentary) - I was able to finally watch it on TUBI

Disturbingly dystopian shit at the Trump dead-ender rally in DC - Aaron Rupar tweet with video

Lincoln Project Founder Asks AOC to Work With His GOP Anti-Trump Organization

Army/Navy game

Polarization increases with economic decline, becoming cripplingly contagious

Donald Trump Calls William Barr 'Big Disappointment' Over Knowledge of a Hunter Biden Investigation

"In a democracy, often times other people win."

More than half of emergency small-business funds went to larger businesses

God be with Mississippi: 100% ICU use

George Takei: No, Dr. Biden should not drop her title, because she has earned it.

WSJ just published op-ed calling Dr. Biden "kiddo" & telling her to drop the "Dr." - Takei responds

Trump with his attacks on Kemp and Ducey

I wonder if Trump told Tx AG Paxton

Jill Biden shouldn't be referred to as 'Dr.'

I knew trump had to get his adoration fix in

"Mango Unchained"

Hilarious preview of coming attraction

Lincoln Project Steve Schmidt reaches out to AOC with peace offering

Refusing to concede lost election, Washington gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp sues Sec. of State

This election fraud conspiracy theory just offered by Mike Lindell is one of the craziest things...

Born to Franz Baum and Abby Beveridge Baum a daughter, Valor.

Army Asks for Recount after Trump Coin Toss at Army Navy Game

Hurdle that defender! (Utah vs. Colorado college football)

Far-right figures are mad about this article because it's true.

It's an Indigo Girls


This day is the twentieth anniversary of Bush v. Gore.

Whooee. That crazy rally is all about replacing Fox with OAN.

The mother ship. UFO Chicken Coop

At the top of Barr's Christmas wish list

Off topic but really cool. Mastadons!

Wisconsin judge puts Trump attorney on the spot over fraud accusations: Your case 'smacks of racism'

She lost her Army Vet husband and gave birth to their premature baby in 48 hours

WTF? Rudy met with FBI agents in Delaware regarding Hunter Biden's finances?


Fire Lookout Life (Through Wavy Glass)

Definitely a cult...

What the Science of Addiction Tells Us About Trump

is it legal to use a private parking lot for a recall petition signing location?

Official White House Christmas Address

Michael Cohen said on MSNBC: "this is all about money..."

Golden Retrievers have so much fun playing in the snow


Bad Legal Takes: Meaning of SCOTUS ruling in Texas lawsuit Edition

The gang of infamy...all white..missing their hoods

Hope all are safe and happy

This might be just the thing to help Donnie Dipshit with his "little problem".

Charley Pride has died from covid-19 complications

Brexit stockpiling causing 10-mile tailbacks in Calais


Congressman-elect Bob Good of Virginia at rally: "This is a phony pandemic"

Once the Electoral College votes on Monday, what options are left for Trump and Republicans?

Still getting easily 5 requests a day for money from those named Trump

You know what one of the best parts of a Biden administration will be?

'Your lawsuit smacks of racism'..Wisconsin judge to the Cons lawyers

Sidney Powell's 'Military Intelligence Expert' Never Worked in Military Intelligence

Fox News and the republican party has created a movement that is now making

a LARGE gaggle this morning

Flame throwing drones...!!!!!

Wisconsin Supreme Court in rare Saturday session for Trump election case

What really happened to the republican party...

Imagine if we were as prepared for a pandemic as we are for a military attack.

Charley Pride, Country's First Black Superstar, Dies of Covid-19 Complications

O.K., have at it here!1 Just saw The King's Speech after all these years, well in the background.

Tribal People Try Christmas Fruitcake and Eggnog:

What almost every DU Lounger wants for Christmas...

Justice Jill J. Karofsky of Wisconsin Supreme Court, ... JUST REFERRED TO trump as "YOUR KING"

Loses Wisconsin case while arguing another

The Originator? of: "Get off my lawn!''

Murder on Middle Beach

Wisconsin GOP trying to stiff Dane and Milwaukee counties, block reimbursement for Trump's recount

"This is a phony pandemic"

Meet JFK Jr in disguise:

Dead Wrong For Georgia (MeidasTouch x PAF)

Question on Downy Woodpeckers

Has Trump bagged the Army Navy game ?

Merriam-Webster throwing SHADE: The word 'doctor' comes from the Latin word for "teacher."

Spin on his big Supreme Court failure

Charley Pride, first major Black star in country music, dies at 86

These Republicans may not be capable of shame, but know who they are

Jon Meacham: We Can Agree On The Purpose Of America The Last Word MSNBC

Bill Moyers Podcast with Heather Cox Richardson & Steven Harper: Will democracy survive Trump?

"Undress me with your words, my darling."

Sarah Fuller, Vanderbilt U, just scored the first point by a woman

To the misguided folks who continue to label themselves "Republicans":

Sidney Powell is attempting to appeal her losses in the various Kraken cases directly to the SCOTUS

MAGA crowd chants: "Destroy the GOP! Destroy the GOP! destroy the GOP!"

DAMN! Charlie Pride Dies from Covid Complications

They released the Kraken....

Johnson called 'scum' for considering challenge to election.

Not that one expects logic and/or reason from Republicans but

Basketball star Keyontae Johnson collapses during game - He was positive for Covid over the summer

It's little wonder Sears went out of business

Saturday in the park....

Rest In Peace Charlie Pride.


'Kiss An Angel Good Morning': Charlie Pride, Country Music Great Dead At 86, RIP

Coming up on WETA, DC area channel:

Tell me the meaning of "not sorry" in that Reese's peanut butter cup advertisement.....

State electorates have a super power: Recall referenda

With the Supreme Court refusing to hear Trump's case what is he won/loss record now?

Tree decorating quiz

Supporter at Democratic GOTV rally in Stockbridge today was assaulted. Suspect arrested.

The Week cover "The Failed Coup"

Coming up:


Morning Has Broken

It only took 4 days to go from 15 million to 16 million cases


Prison break...

Wasp Nests: Incinerated By Flying Flamethrower Drone In China

Let's have some blunt honesty...

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 12, 2020

We were warned many times by many people...

A visit in prison, you say.

What if we just put the vaccine in the McRib sandwich?

In memorial....

Now,Beethoven Symphony #9 I.

MAGAT'S out of control!!! Man attacked, beaten while holding political signs at Georgia rally, polic

Here another complication we'll face next year.

The past 39 days feel like a compressed version of all of 2020

Tiny, tiny pygmy possum is soooooo cute!

So this inequality in medical treatment really pissed me off

I had an encounter with 2 anti mask customers

AMC Theatres May Fully Deplete Cash by January

This is what the repuker senate majority does for America...

No worries, Donnie.

Painfully true!

Ok, I like this take. (edited - added context)

Anti-Jacketers Rally Outside Burlington Coat Factory To Protest Liberal Cold Weather Conspiracy

All I want for Christmas is...

* * New * * SNL * * Saturday Night Live is NEW tonight!

The Boss - James Brown

Dead Wrong For Georgia

Atlanta Mayor Bottoms' adviser confirms she declined offer to join Biden's Cabinet

I'm almost ready to put on Ignore those who post links with no context

squeeeeeeeee! so very cute!! 好可爱

WaPo: Covid-19 hospitalization rates are dropping. That's terrible news.

What do you say to husband who is having fits

Meet the woman who won Georgia for Biden

Anyone watch the tv show, "Gotham" or "Utopia"?

Bruce Springsteen will be on SNL tonight - Timothe Chalamet is the host

Giorgio de Chirico, Godfather of Surrealism: Mysterious Cityscapes, Lockdowns of Today

When will Moderna vaccine be considered by the FDA?


Apparently the Proud Boys rented BRAVEHART last night...

Do It Again.... From the Album "Can't Buy A Thrill" /Steely Dan

Democrat attacked, bloodied, for holding Ossoff/Warnock signs at Democratic Georgia GOTV rally