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Texas Trumpers are all screaming about this Executive Order

Stop Calling Them Militias ...

What's the deal with

*Charlie Brown Christmas coming up on MPT & WETA tv,

Steny Hoyer Willing to Drop State and Local Aid in Stimulus Deal to Get 'Essentials Done'

Major US Govt. breach.... [Russia] Foreign Govt. has hacked U.S Treasury....

AC/DC's first video: It's ... a riot.

The Proud Boys

Blue Suede Shoes: John Lennon Toronto, Eric Clapton, More

Trump Just Broke Through the Last Level of Neo-Fascism

Bill Gates on the next few months of the pandemic: 'It's bad news'

US Government hacked by Russia -- Trump mum

Here are times when the electoral college delegations will vote tomorrow, state-by-state.

Rand Paul: Kill the stimulus bill and give waitressing jobs to COVID survivors instead

A Counter Election Conspiracy Theory

Does anyone here enjoy the show Aerial America?

The Proud Boys Get Fashion Tips From Alicia Silverstone (Cher)

Facism for Dummies

Michigan electors need an armed escort for the journey to the State Capitol to cast their ballots

20 years ago today

Fleetwood Mac Fireflies (live)

Rep. Jason Crow call for Wilkie to resign and for investigation into Rep. Dan Crenshaw's role

Inslee: Covid-19 vaccine on its way to Washington, but return to normalcy still far off

I Consider It Beyond Despicable That WH Personnel Will Be Among THe 1st To Receive The Vaccine

MAGA Marchers and Proud Boys Descend on D.C., Setting Fire to Churches' Black Lives Matter Signs

Jupiter and Saturn!

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2021/2022.

Look at these total morons about a half hour north of me

'A dark, empty place:' Public officials face personal threats as tensions flare

Bruce Springsteen: Twist & Shout / La Bamba: *Wild*

Trump claimed that COVID-19 vaccine would have taken 'five years' to develop if he weren't president

A former student of Joe Epstein's (Dr. Jill Biden's attacker) chews him up and spits him out on FB.

Biden 'will be removed one way or another,' Alex Jones tells pro-Trump rally

This hack against our Treasury by Russia

A winner has been declared!

Bipartisan group splitting $908 billion coronavirus proposal into two bills

The 126 Republicans who signed on for 'an act of cynical, unpatriotic, undemocratic hypocrisy'

Loeffler campaign: She had 'no idea' she posed with neo-Nazi

trump tweets "This election is under protest"

The problem is: It's all in his head.

SNL - Newsmax's New Venture - Sportsmax!


Maybe in drumpf's tongue

When did your family put the tree when you were a kid?

USPS very slow with long delays

Is this going to be a problem?

huge California thrift store with large book section: James Patterson books dominate the shelves

Former aide accuses Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of sexual harassment

NYT: Cleveland's Baseball Team Will Drop Its Indians Team Name

Christmas 1939 - Old time radio

The Russian Hack of the US Gov is pretty serious

Chain of Fools, Aretha Franklin: John Travolta

I drink a little too much this time of year.

Republicans plot attempt to deny Biden presidency on House floor

Last night, I watched "Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool" on PBS's American Masters

The War On Women continues apace. The latest salvo, from that misogynist joey boy, trivial as it

Putin Said to Have Two Identical Offices: One in Moscow, the Other at the Beach

Last night, I watched "Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool" on PBS's American Masters {XP}

Just bought a heat press - any hints or suggestions

West coasters... Charlie Brown Christmas coming up on PBS at 7:30

People who refused to wear masks should be the LAST in line for the vaccine!

Cleveland Indians to change nickname, per report

Gunman shot by police at NYC cathedral Christmas concert

This to help keep you focused.

Jake Tapper lays it all out. LIsten to the end of this . IMPORTANT

cat's version of paradise.. a heated blanket

Try 'em and fry 'em for their failed Gulag America putsch.

Two historically and morally appalling first sentences in a scientific paper.

Russians hacked server called 'Solar Winds' (Pentagon, State, Justice, Treasury, NASA, NSA)

And now....a dog watching a groundhog eat a pizza.

This is like an early Christmas present.

When President Elect Biden Will Be Taking The Vaccine:

Bing Crosby & David Bowie - "The Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth)"

this picture seems to encompass my feelings on this situation

"jesus christ I thought someone was subbing in a toilet-hooch drunken ernie from sesame street"

When I was 18 to 22, Planned Parenthood WAS my health care.

Who do you HOPE is picked for Attorney General?

Cleveland Indians to change nickname the franchise has used for more then a century

Twins reaction videos have a big fan: Barack Obama

Anderson Cooper "Seditious Abuse Of The Judicial Process" ...8:19

Their Patients Have COVID-19 and Still Think It's a Hoax Nurses treating coronavirus skeptics

The only good thing I can say about 2020 is TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION!

Getting nearly too old for chopping wood.

Pro-Trump rally descends into chaos as Proud Boys roam D.C. looking to fight

Renee Fleming, YoYoMa, Edgar Meyer

Nine Inch Nails - Hurt

Facebook sent me a friend suggestion

The Electoral College Disenfranchised Millions of Voters in 2000 and 2016

Kizzmekia Corbett, an African American woman, is praised as key scientist behind COVID-19 vaccine...

Maddow & Colbert,. Rachel: "Covid-19 Scariest Thing I've Ever Been Through"

Tweet from Hillary Clinton. Love it.

"So that's it, after twenty years? 'So long, good luck'?" "I don't recall saying good luck."

I love this guy.

As a Patriot's Fan....I am kind of glad to see Buffalo deflating the Steelers.

President and Dr. Jill Biden sounds great. Vice President Harris and second_______ Douglas Emhoff

Can Trump pardon foreign nationals or sovereign states?

I happened to click on the thread about Bill Gates and got a "not secure" pop up

Two of my favorite ladies. First Lady Dr. Jill and Stacey Abrams.

Does anyone know the method by which

Beautiful! Love it!

As a class of ads, I find automotive insurance companies as the worst.

This first lady is amazing!

Doug Collins appears on Fox News and goes after Kelly Loeffler. (From March)

The Caesars - Jerk it Out

When they go low, let's go low too

Who else watched the Hamilton Cast reunion in support of the GA Senate campaign?

Cleveland's Baseball Team Will Drop Its Indians Team Name

81-year-old woman contracted COVID at assisted living facility & died on Dec 6th. From her obit...

Snow potential index: 7/10 (↑) - Snow chances for Wednesday continue to increase,

Joseph Epstein, ASS

The Wall Street Journal column about Jill Biden is worse than you thought

Gov. Christie slams president's absurd legal argument as a lack of legal theory that makes any sense

Deathsantis in hot water maybe

Seriously, Washington Post?

TCM Christmas Classic Marathon. Wow!

The Michigan House and Senate offices are closed Monday after 'credible threats of violence'

The only qualified person donnie ever hired:

Isn't this woman a treasure?

Police Fatally Shoot Man Who Opened Fire Outside Manhattan Cathedral

I will proudly refer to the new First Lady...

Trump says he's nixing plan for early vaccine at White House

Faraday fabrics? MXene-coated fabric could contain electronic interference in wearable devices

Trump goes off the deep end with INSANE new conspiracy theory - Brian Tyler Cohen

Stop Worrying About Budget Deficits

UK scientists to build comet-chasing mothership

Chuck Todd spines up as he scolds GOP Trump enabling Senator

Coronavirus 7-day moving average: 10,000 deaths every 4 days

Michigan House, Senate close offices due to threats ahead of electors' meeting

Trump says White House staffers shouldn't be among first to get coronavirus vaccine

Atom-thin transistor uses half the voltage of common semiconductors, boosts current density

Korean TEENS Meet Foreigner (Canadian) For the First time!

Trump decries Cleveland baseball team's reported name change: 'Cancel culture at work'

Ambrose Dlamini: Eswatini's PM dies after testing positive for Covid-19

Obedience training (cartoon)

Edward Snowden and His Global Hypocrisy

Hunter Biden saga: Why worry?

It's pretty clear....are 126 Republicans going to overthrow the popular vote?

Furious Chris Christie finally LOSES IT on Trump over bogus election fraud claims- Brian Tyler Cohen

The Indianapolis Star, Indiana, November 22, 1918

Trump calls Kemp a "fool" and a "clown"

The same party that's saying No to another stimulus during a national emergency is the same...

NYC Medic Helped Make Ends Meet With Racy ...

Wow Just finished season 1 of Pine Gap

A World Lit Only By Fire

Astronomers discover a "twin" planet to the mysterious, long-predicted Planet Nine

Microsoft, FireEye confirm SolarWinds supply chain attack

George Takei's response to the White House staff getting the COVID vaccine first!

I love this comic book cover.

"Here's an idea. Ask White House staff & family to choose between a vaccine or a preemptive pardon"

The GOP's Minority Rule Caucus reveals its contempt for democracy

Nothing more relaxing on a Sunday night than tweeting threats out to elected officials.

CISA just issued a rare emergency directive

On way out the door, Trump EPA rejects tightening deadly soot pollution standards

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Presidential Concessions - If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Otis Redding - Down and Out....

Yeah, I can see him trying to declare Martial Law over this hack

More not always better: High vitamin D doses may increase risk of falls among seniors

Starwatch: 'Christmas star' is the closest great conjunction in almost 400 years

Memo to Trump: 'Drop Your Hopeless Lawsuits That Are Tearing At The Heart of American Democracy'

Turra Lurra, Lura....the Band and the Man......

Bolsonaro branded 'homicidally negligent' over Brazil's vaccine planning

Bolsonaro branded 'homicidally negligent' over Brazil's vaccine planning

Chris Turner requesting records from Dan Paxton re Supreme Court lawsuit

From Dan Rather: Dr. Biden, good on you.

A quote - "moral relativism"

'They're culpable': the countries supplying the guns that kill Mexico's journalists

Have Republicans wrecked our democracy?

Keb Mo and Taj Mahal - Diving Duck Blues.....

From the WaPo comments section: the Bananarepublic Party

Boogie on Reggae Women - Garcia/Saunders- 1971.....

There will be certainly be objections to the vote count on Jan 6.

Can't Get Next to You - Temptations.....

Danko/Hudson - Twilight

CQ Serenade, Joyce Hahn w/ VE2QS orch. 1960

I wonder if Gaetz and others are planning a stunt for tomorrow, like when they seized the SCIF

Putin - Randy Newman

Heading off to the Deep State.....

China fines Alibaba, Tencent-backed China Literature for not reporting deals to anti-trust regulator

Vietnam leadership wrangling heats up as Communist Party meets

I'm not against the Trump's staff at the White House getting vaccinated right away...but

Tune from a commercial. Hay now, bust a move why doncha..

Alice Cooper covered Detroit band Outrageous Cherry's 'Our Love Will Change The World'

RE Hunter Biden


I haven't a clue. 🤔 😆

Here's that Sven guy again.

What active measures can be taken to to end environmental injustice

Here we go again. Insomnia.

Assault reported at Chabad of the Bluegrass menorah-lighting in Lexington, Kentucky

Polish diplomat in Istanbul rescued hundreds of Jews from the Holocaust, report says

US Senate Elections in 2022 that Democrats are to win to regain control of the US Senate in 2022.

Muslims targeted under Indian state's 'love jihad' law

US to hold world climate summit early next year and seek to rejoin Paris accord

After a classified briefings, Loeffler and Perdue invested in body bags and then Loeffler said ...

Bannon Hires Giuliani's Attorney to Defend Him in Criminal Case

John le Carre, author of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, dies aged 89

Trump Delays Plan to Hasten Coronavirus Vaccines for White House Staff

'A dark, empty place:' Public officials face personal threats as tensions flare

Gov. DeSantis suggests one dose of Pfizer vaccine may be enough

Is trump creating chaos and promoting propaganda because putin has him around his little finger?

China's Combative Nationalists See a World Turning Their Way

OK folks, is this a trend?

8 years today.

Many NJ utility customers way behind on bills. Pressure to suspend rate increases

Wall Street Journal Opinion Editor Defends Item on Dr. Jill Biden

Ex-Bergen Record editorial page editor now working for Senate Democrats

What's the first thing you remember as a kid?

Monday TOONs - Truth Decay

We spent four years ignoring the fact that Melania Trump posed nude --

No, we won't get over it.

'External source' causes oil tanker blast off Saudi Arabia

Gingrich Complains That Making It Easier For Georgia To Vote Makes It Harder For Republicans To Win

Ok, this doggo is taking on ALL cats (and other comers)! What a star!

LIAR: Kelly Loeffler Poses With Former KKK Leader, Now Claims She Had No Idea

Gmail and YouTube et al are [WORKING AGAIN].

Google outage: YouTube, Docs and Gmail knocked offline

Will trump or any of his kids be indicted very soon?

COVID Relief Fiasco Reveals McConnellism Rivals Trumpism In Disregard for Americans' Welfare

Losers -Go Home.

Soft White Underbelly: Appalachian Woman interview

Trump's Schedule for Monday, December 14, 2020

Rural MO Residents Shocked, Shocked To Find GOP Gov In Favor Of Massive Hog CAFO In Their Backyards

Breakfast Monday 14 December 2020

On this day, December 14, 1954, "Liberace Christmas" was aired.

Let's not forget that Trump fired the head of the cybersecurity agency right before a giant hack

5 Years Later, An Attempt To Reuscitate The Ecomodernist Manifesto Surfaces, Does Not Go Well

Electors meet to cast their votes: Here's how it works

$28 Million Dedicated To Community Assistance In UT Now Going To Help Build Coal Rail Line

Womp Womp: Queensland Gov Buys 10% Of Coal Port To Show "Confidence"; Stock Tanks 16% At Debut

Why This Force of 150 NYC Sheriff's Deputies Is Enforcing Virus Rules

Cold War Plan To Shuttle Nuclear Missiles Under Greenland Ice Ends Up Producing Vital Climate Data

Cody's first birthday. Andrew loves his dawgs.

538 Electors? What about the 150 million plus voters? Are they not electors too?

I dropped a copy of A Christmas Carol on my foot last night.

Just One Problem W. The Cheerful, Attractive "Women For Natural Gas' - They Don't Exist

Trump commits two murders over the weekend

12/13 Mike Luckovich- No Room

Trump is half-assing it on the vaccine. Gee I'd like to take it but....

LOL Brian Kilmeade to Stephen Miller: "You lost 50 you have the worse legal team or...

Number of Pennsylvania road deaths kept climbing even as millions stayed home

Help, cat people

Days After Fraser Island Burned, Brisbane Area Gets 18" Of Rain, More Floods Coming

IKEA has Christmas trees now!

EXCLUSIVE: Tennessee wastes millions on no-bid COVID contract with politically connected company

YOU raised $1,615.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-13-20 (over $200,000 raised so far)

Crowd cheers as FedEx & UPS trucks depart vaccine distribution center

WTF? "Cannibal Sandwiches"!

The roofers just arrived. I'm prepared for a very noisy day!

Lost a friend over the weekend

Why The Electoral College Ruins Democracy (Adam Ruins Everything)

Chinese National In Federal Custory For $2.2 Million Global Turtle-Smuggling Ring, Money Laundering

Just sayin'

Daily Kos: The Supreme Court has ruled, treat the Republicans like fascists

Possibly unrealistic, but IMHO I'd prefer DU no longer links to frump quotes and tweets

Woohoo!! Go Sandra Lindsey! The first person to get the vaccine in the U.S. and she's an ICU nurse..

It's time for Trump to enact Marital Law!

I hope they let HRC cast the electoral vote that solidifies Biden and crushes Trump

Streaming is about to get a lot more expensive

24 years ago Eddie Van Halen visited guitarist Jason Becker

An alternate set of electors voting today? What the hell is this fool talking about? Nt

What time is Biden speaking tonight

2 NC members Electoral College speak out ahead of planned Monday vote

If you're looking for a good laugh, check out "The Other Guys"

Donald Trump Has Hidden Evidence Of His Crimes For Years. Joe Biden Can Expose It.

Cartoon: Supreme fail By Clay Jones -December 14, 2020 9:00 AM

These are the State of Ohio Electors, noon, Statehouse.

Violent threats lead to extra security as states prepare to seal Biden win

The State of Ohio Electors, noon, local time, Statehouse, Columbus. Who are yours?

WSJ is acting like a gutter internet publication in effort to smear Dr. Jill Biden & prop up trump

WSJ is acting like a gutter internet publication in effort to smear Dr. Jill Biden and prop up Trump

The first vaccine has been given in New York beginning America's most ambitious vaccination campaign

Early voting kicks off in Georgia

Governor Cuomo Records the First Covid Vaccination for New York December 14 2020

Finally got around to watching Queens Gambit

One rule for nation leadership will solve the world's problems.

ebay pics. grrrrrr.

Stephen Miller only went into politics because...

Looking forward, can we hope to get an impartial NY jury for the trump crime family?

Trump's Presidency Will End On The Day Of A Comet, Meteor Shower And Total Eclipse Of The Sun

Smartmatic Demands Justice for Defamation

The Extraordinary Kate McKinnon.

Mr Postman

Modern marriage (cartoon)

There's always a bigger fish - shark gets eaten

BREAKING: First COVID vaccine administered in New York

2 Christmasy cartoons

12 Years Ago Today

With regard to the Cleveland baseball team:

Fluffy Dog Cuddling with Goose Friend

Michigan Rep Eisen says he & GOP planning to disrupt (maybe with violence) the state electoral vote

Davenport Synagogue Rabbi Reacts to Vandalism:

Nobody said this would be easy -by Tom Tomorrow

Vermont electors have just cast their three Electoral votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris....


Tweet of the Day

If I have to hear elect-or-EEE-al college one more time....

Stephen Miller Claims "An Alternate Set of Electors" Will Certify Trump as the Winner

BTRTN: Trump Actually Did Build His Wall... Reality Cannot Penetrate, and Republicans Can't Escape

Wildlife photographers getting up close with their subjects

BTRTN: Trump Actually Did Build His Wall... Reality Cannot Penetrate, and Republicans Can't Escape

Livestream of Georgia Electoral College vote (12 PM)...

a little xmas ditty from an old friend of mine.

TN GOP governor steers $26 million no bid contract to worthless, no-experience political ally

Have you seen a crazier ending to a college football game???

Does anyone have an update on the WiSSC suit?

Electoral College Live Vote Tracker and Livestream links

New Mexico ... governor unveils plan for vaccine rollout

"alternative electors" is not without precedence: the election of 1876, hayes-tilden

8 Years Ago Today; the unspeakable tragedy of Sandy Hook

My guess is that our domestic terrorists are sweating the proverbial bullets right now

Passing on family treasure from father to son

trump's head must be exploding this morning,

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Are Now Living In An Entirely Alternate Reality

The Rundown: December 14, 2020

Jerry Falwell Jr. spent heavily on Trump, GOP causes with funds from nonprofit Liberty University

????? Is this just Newsweek click-bait, or are there really a bunch of idiots complaining..

If you see a RW post claiming the death rate in the US has stayed the same this year, reply w/ this

11,795 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon.; 1 death - added material

How the trump cult must view holiday movies

Normally, I'd absolutely agree Nat King Cole was a musical treasure.

Tweet from the fall, but I am feeling this mood so much today

Did anyone else feel like they were watching an old Hollywood movie this weekend...?

Spike Jones was born on this date.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 12/14/20

Jill Biden Cares - Do You?

Clark Terry was born on this date.

Russia Hack: An INSIDE Job Facilitated by TRUMP

Puppy's first time conquering doorstep is simply adorable

RW Conservatives Have Laid Waste To America For 50 Yrs, Inequality Near Break Point: Paul Buchheit

How is your shipping shopping going?

Trump's rage at Georgia's GOP governor bodes badly for Trumpism's future

Holiday Cards of all types

How do we hold the traitors to democracy accountable?

GOP Rep removed from committees after saying he can't guarantee safety in Lansing on Monday

It's hard to tell the difference between the truth and the jokes these days

EC Voting Time per State

Inside the 'nasty' feud between Trump and the Republican governor he blames for losing Georgia

Delaware proudly casts it's 3 votes for favorite son

Anyone surprised?? FL elector (and state Senate leader) positive for Covid-19!

Stacy Abrams was on Jake Tapper yesterday, and Tapper asked Stacy shouldn't we give praise to Kemp

DeSantis refused to disclose White House coronavirus report that contradicts him


Televised NC Electoral College Votes

NASA GISS data shows Nov 2020 as the hottest November on record

Is Florida better than California at containing the coronavirus? Analysis

Trump is winning! Only a one in a quadrillion chance Biden can catch up if the sample of ...

London Enters Tier 3 Covid Rules Wednesday as New Variant Found

Wis Supreme Rules Against Trump 12/13

Joseph Epstein, this one's for you:

'New variant' of coronavirus identified in UK, health secretary says

With Three Trump-Appointed Justices on the Bench, SCOTUS Declines to Roll Back Marriage Equality

Forbes: Twitter confirms drumpf could be banned after inauguration

Amazing, we now get TWO election days!

CNN is going way overboard on the Electoral College reporting - they're now going over....

Breaking: Wisconsin Supreme Court rules against Trump Campaign.

This is a great story on the huge variety of judges who said "no" to Donald Trump.

Michigan House punishes GOP Rep. Gary Eisen for hinting at Electoral College disruption

Middle Age Riot: Anyone who refused to wear a mask...

Lawmaker Claims 'Hail Mary' Effort to Help Trump

In final years at Liberty, Falwell spent millions on pro-Trump causes

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds Biden's win, rejects Trump lawsuit

LOSER Trump Has Hidden Evidence Of His Crimes For Years. Joe Biden Can Expose It.

Best served cold, with a fine wine.

Love me some deepfake

Fed up Chris Wallace RIPS top Republican for bogus fraud claims - Brian Tyler Cohen

Wow! 2010 interview with British Novelist John le Carre (David Cornwell)

This election in April was very important

Proud day for Stacy Abrams. 16 Votes to Biden.

Very disappointed in the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that elections must be decided by voters.

Pennsylvania and Georgia have cast their EVs for Biden/Harris

Gov. Cuomo and the Clintons cast ballots in New York's Electoral College vote

GOP lawmaker stripped of committee assignments over protest remarks (CNN)

Has the MSM picked up the Gov. Cuomo sexual harassment allegations?

Bill and Hillary Clinton cast their Electoral ballots:

Beethoven's 250th Birthday: His Greatness Is in the Details

Right now, Trump leads in the electoral college 56 to 52

In keeping with the Season...I present Bob Rivers...

The 126 Republicans who signed on for 'an act of cynical, unpatriotic, undemocratic hypocrisy'

First woman to ever win the popular vote casts her electoral college vote

Bill Barr pressured the FBI to launder Rudy's campaign dirt

Senate Leader Shirkey(R): President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris won Michigan's...

The way Hillary did that !!!

Florida GOP Senate leader tests positive for COVID-19 ahead of Electoral College meeting

Supreme Court declines to hear Kansas proof-of-citizenship voting law crafted by Kobach

Bezos Became Even Richer Thanks To Covid-19. But He Still Won't Protect Amazon Workers: Robt. Reich

'An anguished question from a Trump supporter: "Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?"

I noticed something this morning when I was out to go to the pharmacy.

WSJ Editorial Board Begs Trump to Concede: 'Bitterness as a Political Strategy Rarely Wears Well'

Meanwhile, over on Parler........ (Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling)

I feel sorry about Trump!

I have to work today

Living in Bassville CA is cool... except for the sketchy neighbors... My Xmas song:

Lloyd Austin is the Right Choice for Defense Secretary.

Year's only total solar eclipse sweeps across Chile, Argentina today

Year's only total solar eclipse sweeps across Chile, Argentina today

Former SOCOM head says Navy SEAL congressman's action video of himself battling antifa is 'embarrass

South Park creators mock Trump Election loss..

Who'd have thought that all the winning we would get tired of would be because of Trump losses

School of striped eel catfish

Pennsylvania's electors have cast the state's Electoral College votes for Joe Biden

They've assembled a fantasy elector team

Long-time GOP election official says he's receiving death threats over Trump cricitism

New coronavirus variant identified in England, health secretary says

Four Seasons Total Vote Counting

Hancock says new variant of Covid may explain fast spread of virus in south of England

Georgia casts its 16 electoral votes for Biden

Commerce Department Has Been Quietly Investigating Wilbur Ross' Finances For Years

Symphony #9 in E Minor, Op. 95 "From the New World" Antonin Dvork

Can the FBI Stop the Trump Extremists? - SpyTalk

Fuck you - you short- fingered cheating vulgarian

It's done. Wisconsin casts it's 10 electoral votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

WI SC Ann Walsh Bradley gets it right (correction)

HEY!!! ...

This is interesting - the totals of electors certified so far

Isn't that cute?

HRC casts her electoral vote

New Covid strain ripping through the South is forcing millions into Tier 3 lockdowns


Presidential pets

I Want To Stay Home And Watch Trump Keep Losing All Day

Heavy snow expected in D.C. region's far western areas Wednesday, a messy mix elsewhere.

'We made it,' says Wisconsin's Democratic governor after 10 electors cast their votes for Biden


Now Trump and Big Oil Are Trying to Gut an Anti-Corruption Rule

Is someone keeping track of when we hit 270 Electoral College votes?

Progressives In Parker County Are Fighting Racism In Weatherford

"MacArthur Park" -- Richard Harris 🆚 Donna Summer

Watch the historic moment Georgia's 16 electors vote for President-elect Joe Biden

Hillary speaks for me.

Pic Of The Moment: Kraken Update

Statement on New Appointments to the Defense Policy Board

Have you received your annual Social Security notice? I had to laugh!

What will he try for distraction between now and Biden's comments tonight?

Any signs yet of shenanigans in Michigan? ETA: No Shenanigans. It's on now.

A team of sophisticated hackers...*won* access to internal communications at DHS

Symphony #9 "Choral": II Ludwig van Beethoven London Classical Players Roger Norrington (conductor

Disillusioned MAGATs trying to make sense of a world they're too wilfully ignorant to understand.

Stephen Miller unveils list of Georgia "alternate" electors:

Has it been announced what time President-Elect Biden will address the Country?

2020 was the least productive year in Congress since the 1970's. You can thank Mitch McConnell...

worst lyric ever?

The Kraken. Released it is not.

Anyone has been to the EFTPS site recently?

This Sweet Christmas Commercial Is Guaranteed To Have You Tearing Up

Hey MAGAts...

"She's a nurse."

English For Beginners - Adorable Polish Christmas Advert

Well,This is Sh*t (NSFW...language) Another viral amusement

Wait a sec, hang on, ok

Cartoons 12/14/2020

What to expect when Congress meets: their playbook is Tilden vs Hayes in 1876

Arizonan Republicans elected a woman who posts this on the anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook

Hmm.....wondering why the WH hasn't given updates about Crede Bailey?

Lessons of a Black Pioneer

Donald Trump threatens Georgia Republicans with "bad day on January 5th" - demands impossible things

Donald Trump Has Hidden Evidence Of His Crimes For Years. Joe Biden Can Expose It.

Nevada: Trump "alternative electors" are conducting a tally in the parking lot.....

Madison warned of factions such as Trump's

"So you are for Fascism?"

While Chump is chasing electoral fantasies

From poop to power: Manure from 2,300 cows may run 600 homes

Early in-person voting begins in Georgia Senate runoffs

Fake electors try to deliver Arizona's 11 votes for Trump

CNN and MSNBC are alternating between Biden winning and people injecting Science into their arms.

Ivanka Trump Has Been Grifting Her Way Through Her Father's Presidency. But It's Hunter Biden We Wan

Well, wish me luck!

Michigan Republicans come to the side of the capital building and request entrance. State police...

Just a reminder...

Michigan's 16 EV's for President Biden!

Jill Biden responds to Wall Street Journal doubling down on column suggesting she drop 'Dr.' title

DHS is third federal agency hacked in major Russian cyberespionage campaign

538: Warnock And Ossoff Are Testing A New Strategy For Democrats In The South

New: Trump campaign just filed lawsuit in New Mexico over drop boxes

Michigan's 16 EV's for VP Kamala Harris

Laconia State Rep Apologizes for Neo-Nazi Post (New Hampshire)

GOP "electors" demand entry to closed Michigan Capitol building

ALL RIGHT! We have 23 entries for the Autumn Seasonal Contest right now!

This Year's Hallmark Ornament Is On Point

Let's talk about Werner Heisenberg, Nazi collaborator, and how he tried to cover it up after the war

(Jewish Group) Scarlett Johansson criticized for being a Zionist after supporting jailed human right

COVID-denier in California uses a megaphone in Costco to go on a crazy rant.

4 passengers threaten to blow up Belgian train unless 'cancer Jews' get off

Biden Captures Electoral Votes From All States Trump Contested

Micheal Kerwin (96), a long-time acitivist from Detroit, turns in his vote for Kamala Harris...

Seriously i gotta wonder, that if i was a worker in the treasury if i'd be blaming RUMP

Being ignored is Trump's greatest fear, hence lawsuits

Reuter's report US crosses 300,000 mark

Andy Harris is a disgrace READER COMMENTARY

U.S. cybersecurity agency issues rare advisory to 'power down' all servers compromised in hack

John Fetterman is taking the PA GOP very seriously.......not!

This is a really good day.

Alex Jones faces calls for arrest after apparent Biden threat

Leticia James leads the motion to certify Vice President Elect Kamala Harris

What happened to the Wisconsin Supreme Court case?

A right-pointing arrow means "forward" and left means "go back", so why are progressives "the left"?

How can I find the "How do you milk sheep?" OP from several days ago? nt

On this date in History, 1943 image. The guys on the carrier do not look too happy with photographer

The day is not going to end good for Trump, AGAIN!

Chief security officer just had his leg amputated bc of COVID & his family had go to GoFundMe to pay

Why were Trump's lawyers so sorry?

poor yolk

White House Official Recovers From Severe Covid-19, Friend Says

Falwell used Liberty University money to fund pro-Trump efforts

Hi all. Not sure if this is the right forum, but I could sure use a little help.

London returns to strict lockdown, following a sharp rise in coronavirus case

First Coronavirus Vaccine Shipments Expected In Washington Monday

The MSM Should Ask Split-Ticket Biden Voters What They Think of R Antics

Daphne & Victor's Market Soup

No Democrates Allowed. I guess no spell check is allowed either?

Fake electors try to deliver Arizona's 11 votes for Trump

Cuomo: 'There Is No Truth' to Sexual Harassment Allegations by Former Staffer

Delaware is on lockdown....

Just to review: no protests, no disruptions, no faithless Electors.....

3:48 ET: CNN: All the states Trump challenged have now cast electoral ballots for Biden

Von Trapp family saying goodbye to Rump

U.S. Puts Sanctions on Turkey Over Russia Air Defense

These people people are nuts!

Homeland Security Hacked by the Russians

Which State will put Joe over 270?

In a way, I'm kind of glad that the trumpet tried to overturn the election...

Republicans keep on changing the goal post

Russian intelligence hit squad poisoned opposition leader Alexey Navalny: Report

'The electors are already here': Watch MI State Police refuse entry to GOP's 'alternate electors'

Coronavirus live updates: Hospital gives 1st vaccine to worker who cleans ER

Florida just went over 20,000 COVID-19 deaths.

Manchin Collins on agreement.

Today's bit of beach..

Biden, Harris mark anniversary of Sandy Hook shooting (sandy hook - 8th year anniversary)

Tweet from Reasonably Prudent Person, Map of Black population as percentage of United States

Congressman Mitchell of Michigan no longer a Republican. He is disgusted

The best horror e-book (or hardcopy) that I've ever owned...

After Trump Spent Four Years Inviting Russia to Hack the US, Russia Allegedly Did Just That

This democracy is really fragile

Will Trump get a goodbye kiss like this?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Any truth to that "Rudy dyed" rumor that I keep hearing? nt

12/14/12 We said never again


Mr. Huge Tie (ELO Parody)

A Landmark Study on the Origins of Alcoholism

Rep. Paul Mitchell quits the puke party.

Fake electors try to deliver Arizona's votes

That moment of golden light...after the storm

Anyone see Gigot's response to the blowback on the WSJ display of ignorant sexism?

SNL: Rap Round Table

Just curious: was (will be) there a moment where Trump's ahead in the EC running count?

Travis Kelce could become the first tight end to lead NFL in receiving yards in a season

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 14, 2020

This tweet totally encompasses my thoughts about republicans

Anderson Cooper keeps letting Santorum spew lies without being challenged

In the spirit of fake electors,

The governor of Georgia stated

Stay Home So We ...

jp saxe - a little bit yours (studio-2020) this one might get ya in the feels ...

Best common day by day Covid progression I have seen..

Absentee ballot signature audit ordered after Georgia election

How is The Tudors?

Trump's new scheme is to 'sabotage the election' in Congress after losing the Electoral College

5 lingering question as impeachment heads to Senate

Lockdown at my wife's school. She said real deal. Told me she loved all of us and her mom.

So, For 4 Years, I've Been Calling It PINO!

Biden team releases excerpts of primetime address as Electoral College votes

Twitter Forced To Limit Trump's Account During Massive Tantrum

It's the mensch off the bench on Hanukkah!

Newsmax Throws in the Towel: Watch Network Anchor Finally Declare Biden the President-Elect

To the DUer who recommended the free Coursera course on The Science of Well Being.

Bill and Hillary Clinton leaving the Capitol in Albany after casting their votes:

Historic Day in Georgia

Doing initial research for In-Home vs Memory Care in a facility... god this is rough.

Fanfare for the C'mon Man (video project)

California casting electoral college votes:

A "one size fits all" response to any wild Trumpian conspiracy shouters: "Are you REALLY that

Anyone else watching the CA electoral college vote right now?

Florida basketball player, Keyontae Johnson, is in a medically induced coma

U.S. Rep. Paul Mitchell leaves Republican Party over 'unacceptable' election claims

Texas electors vote 34 to 4 to call on legislatures in PA, GA, MI, WI to invalidate election results

Over the Rhine - Poughkeepsie

Nice 60 minutes video on rising Healthcare costs feating HHS Secretary nominee Xavier Becerra

CNN is covering CA Electoral College vote; will put Biden over the top.

Trump concession speech..

Attorney's office: No charges filed against pawn shop owner in man's shooting death

I for one applaud CNN"s coverage today

There it is! 270!

It's OVER! CA puts Biden over the top!!! CNN: 302 for Biden!

Supreme Court won't revive Kansas voter registration ID law

Wuthering Heights: 16th C. House That Inspired 1847 Emily Bronte Novel For Sale, West Yorkshire

Hey Donald, look out the window.

Jeff Tiedrich consoles Trump

CA puts Biden over the top....officially!

The Standing Dead in a Forest of Good & Evil

California just pushed it over the top!


1st elected female american Vice President! YAAASSS!!!!!!

So, we all take a deep sigh of relief....again!

Trump signs executive order making Christmas Eve a federal holiday in 2020

Twin Kittens Can't Go A Minute Without Each Other

All it would take to spare us of three more weeks of this nonsense is for *two* Republican Senators

Biden clears 270-vote mark as electors affirm his victory

Executive Order on Increasing Economic and Geographic Mobility; December 14, 2020

Bill Barr resigned

How do you give to Ossoff and Warnock?

LOSER! Are you tired of losing yet? You know he hates to lose so every one

New Warnock ad: Something Extra For Georgians This Holiday Season

BREAKING: Bill Barr is resigning

Barr Resigns!!! CNN n/t

Barr is out

Where will Barr run?

Uh Oh, Is Trump Planning Something SO HORRIBLE Barr Resigned???

What A Day...I Celebrate

Finish Line? My doggies "For Biden" ... getting wore out like the rest of us ....

CNN: Wolf Blitzer reading the resignation letter.

"Walker, Texas Ranger" REBOOT! Starring.....

Zero Trump Supporting Fake Christians Will Be Going To Heaven

Anyone able to help me understand this?

Joe Biden is still going to be president. Trump is not going to steal the news cycle.

Meet the new Attorney General

A little to late Barr, but good riddance!

I hold Donald Trump responsible for many bad things.

barr gone and xmas legal holiday meant to hijack the headline that they LOST.

If you have missed the Fall Contest you are running out of time and [spaces] to submit your wonder!

Of course Barr gets fired and/or quits the second Biden clinches 270.

Biggest snowstorm in several years to wallop Philadelphia-to-Boston corridor

How will you celebrate Inauguration Day?

Trump says Attorney General Bill Barr is resigning

What will you be drinking when the Pres. Elect speaks tonight?

Just got this from my son about Trump's departure from the White House.

William Barr steps down as Trump's attorney general

HA. The perfect tweet for the moment

My way of celebrating the victory: Anderson Cooper and Wyatt pics!!

Before Santorum was interrupted by Barr's firing, Santorum was spewing how the Democrats did

Here's why someone would resign a month before the term ends

Rudy's not giving up, from four minutes ago:

Will Rosen go after Hunter Biden?

Trump has become a delusional character out of Monty Python

Who actually made it the whole 4 years with Trump?

Trump, 4; Biden, 1: Electors make Nebraska's split 2020 results official

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer coming up on Ari

Thune admits Biden won and just wants to move on. (Did not congratulate Joe and Kamala).

Maybe every Republican voter should get a participation award

Democrats must get tough: here's why and how

Michigan congressman Mitchell quits Republican Party

I don't understand how Biden won the Electoral College.

China forcing hundreds of thousands of Uighurs into hard labor

*beep beep*

Voting Machine Manufacturer Demands Retractions From Conservative News Networks Over Fraud Claims

Barr's resignation letter contained the words "abusive" and "deceitful."

On behalf of Peggy's splendid management of the Fall Comp...

"Jesus, I pulled a muscle just *reading* this." (GOP Senator Kevin Cramer)

The past 5 years have changed me

How about more VICTORY talk and LESS

Taking bets on Acting AG Giuliani

Rick Wilson: "Trump's Axis of Assholes Just Completed Its Hostile Takeover of the Republican Party"

On Ari Melber now, a Wisconsin repuke is whining about

wtf is Ari Melber doing putting this election denier on?

How many AGs, Press Secretaries, National Security Advisors, FBI directors,

David Frum tweet: Google says it isn't down--"Just a little wistful, that's all."

Time to start a referendum to remove the Wisconsin judges who tried to steal the election

Proud Boys' party is over: Trump fans throw tantrums because they've lost more than an election

Former Michigan GOP Rep Paul Mitchell Leaves the Republican Party

"Tis the Season"

🚨BREAKING: The Georgia Supreme Court unanimously DENIES Republican appeal of election contest

This Newly Released Letter Details The Criminal Referral On Donald Trump Over His Ukraine Phone Call

Considered front runner to be Trump's AG for 5 weeks

"What stage of grief involves writing Tom Clancy fanfic?"

Mormon church congratulates Biden after Electoral College vote

I wonder if "The Tribe" would work for the new name for Cleveland's baseball team?

The end of two-Party politics?