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Biden is expected to deliver remarks following Electoral College victory at 7:30 p.m. EST (Live)

PBS Newshour noted Biden said after winning

Millions of videos purged from Pornhub amid crackdown on user content

This Moron

Ann Reinking, Tony Winner and Star of Broadway's 'Chicago,' Dies at 71

Scathing statement on AG Barr from ACLU National Legal Director David Cole

Liquid e-cigarette flavorings measurably injure lungs

German 88 Flak Guns Used By Nazis In WWII, Color Action Scenes

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; 12-14-2020



Does this mean that Bill Barr won't get his COVID shot?

Prince Andrew refuses to deny he stayed in Jeffrey Epstein mansion

Clay Bennett on trump

Good night, Donald J. Trump...

Michelle Obama has spoken out to defend 'brilliant' Jill Biden ...

Republicans Call For Civil War Following Trump's Defeat

Has anyone with a more legal mind than mine read the Wisconsin decision today?

Dear Lurking Right Wing Fuckwadlians,

Over in Freeperville, they're all wet over "Alternate GOP Electors" giving Trump the win.

Giuliani Says Trump's Election Battle Isn't Over After SCOTUS Says It's Definitely Over

Boy Scouts Of America Face Over 90 Thousand Sexual Abuse Claims

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2022 is winning-

Bill Barr's Departure Reveals the Hollowness of Trumpism

Mary Trump: I'm pretty sure that Donald is extremely tired of Joe Biden's winning.

Today's math question ... what are 4.2% and 18.8%

Biden up now on CNN n/t

Joe is live! It's official, folks. Tune in as I deliver remarks on today's electoral college vote ce


What do you call a masturbating cow?

12/15 Mike Luckovich: Abe's had it

Help finding funny cat picture, please!

so joe is clearing his throat often, suppose he and kamala got the vaccine today?

A windows update wiped out my audio device.

Happy dance 2020...thank you Joe and Kamala!!!

Fair price sell house to daughter?

Whooee! Joe is scorching Spanky's earth and salting the ground!

I like Biden's tone tonight....

Love the way Biden is taking Trump apart methodically on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC & FOX

Whoaa Biden is not mincing words

GET EM BIDEN!! That's right, set record straight ! This is the right thing to do at the right time!

Sorry if I am at the worng location. My question is about cooking. Let me know if I need to move on.

Biden sounds sick on his Electroal College Speech

Bonus Tweet of the Day

That is how it is done!

Feel the fade... As Biden speaks:

That was a very polite way

So for all you MAGATS let me translate Biden's speech for you:

Joe Walsh: Biden is absolutely bitch-slapping Trump right now.

I think (cough cough) I know what (cough cough) the SNL opening (cough) will be next week (cough)

I do not believe that Biden will be the 46th president of the United States

One of the best and most needed speeches in America's history

Biden did NOT sound sick tonight. He sounded like someone who spent all day talking to supporters &

We Must Get $1,200 Direct Checks To The Working Class Of America

Should Trump be worried that Barr will spill the beans?

Godsmack - Voodoo

Trump Quietly Moves To Kick More People Off Social Security Disability

Why has CNN elevated Smirconish's profile?

Biden tweet with video of his complete address:

Joe's EMPATHY and COMPASSION was shining bright tonite.

Here's the replay of Joe (in case anyone missed it)

I really do feel sorry for the trumpet...

Tool - Sober

I was sure number 11, Steiner Jonsson, would be my favorite. Then I saw number 27, Francois D'Orsay.

Feeling the future tonight! Get ready, DU!

It does look like they have all become "sore losers".

Today would be a good day for Rick Wilson to apologize for tormenting the #SandyHook families

Preet Bharara for the win today!

SCOTUS declines to hear gay marriage case (this is good for us)

Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike

Russian hack was 'classic espionage' with stealthy, targeted tactics

BIDEN: "In America, politicians don't take power -- people grant power to them"

Sidney Powell Expands Election Conspiracy Theory: 'It May Have Been The CIA'

Nutshell Alice In Chains

"How is a White House employee working on campaign litigation?"

For the record, Joe Biden got MORE Electoral votes today than trump got in 2016 (306-304)!!!!

When Rudy Giuliani can down with COVID, Trump called out the best legal mind available...

Bill Kristol: I've got to think Barr wanted out before the final wave of pardons--especially if

Joe Biden addresses the nation on Monday December 14th after electoral vote certification

DC police seeking church vandals after weekend clashes

BY ALL MEANS, Sidney Powell! PLEASE Tell The Trumpsters That The Voting Machines Are Programmed

QFC, Fred Meyer to help administer COVID-19 vaccine in Washington

Geraldo to Charlie Kirk: You have to stop this

Inslee Stops Pierce County From Dissolving Health Department

if you need a laugh:

Director of White House security has leg amputated following severe Covid-19 complications

Hillary speaks after her vote. Kamala & Hillary Pics/ Then & Now

Trump campaign files lawsuit over New Mexico election, objecting to ballot drop boxes

50 Ways to Leave the White House

highly recommended Christmas movie which has just landed on Prime

Retiring Michigan congressman leaves Republican Party over GOP bids to overturn election

That first nurse who received the vaccine is Jamaican

White House Security Director Suffers Amputations, Three-Month Hospital Stay For Covid-19

Is Trump Pardoning Julian Assange? Pastor Mark Burns' Tweet Sends Rumors Flying

niyad asked me to repost this video.

Don't most states have laws against conduct amounting to "intimidation" or "menacing"?

Baby Wan Mai having so much fun with water sprinkler

Joe Biden's speech to America: 'It is time to turn the page.'

The Year in Photos, 2020.

I hope the media always refers to the new first couple as President and Dr. Biden.

The worst people of 2020 (who aren't Trumps)

Trump Replaces Barr With Anti-Regulatory and Pro-Corporate Crusader Who Has No Experience as a

How about some good, old time radio Christmas comedy?

Audioslave - I Am the Highway

Joe Biden just held a call for his supporters and campaigners to thank them...

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Trump administration sanctions Turkey, a NATO ally, over its purchase of Russian missile defense sys

Texas attorney general's office paying lead lawyer $540 per hour to defend against whistleblower law

Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are to win to regain control in 2022.

Alice In Chains - Would

After voting for Donald Trump, Texas electors ask swing states to reject results that assured

Mark Shields, political analyst on PBS 'NewsHour,' is stepping down after 33 years with the network

when is Barr's resignation effective?

Mad Season - River Of Deceit

NEW! Sidney Powell says she has "4 cases with massive evidence of fraud pending" at the SCOTUS.

Velvet Revolver - Fall To Pieces

Minnesota Historical Society Hall of Shame - Sack cartoon

On today's installment of Don Jr. on drugs in a Motel 6...

How it started...

The redistricting fight is far from over

Carol of the Bells - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

NYT - Paul Krugman connects today's right wing madness to Reagan. Brilliant Op Ed

KAREN changes tune after her family devastated by covid-19

Here's Jeffrey Rosen at his confirmation hearing for Deputy Attorney General in 2019

It is time to begin taxing these evangelical false prophets

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

What time is it?

Hogan on Republicans who won't accept election result: 'They are out of runway

BREAKING: The White House is on lockdown after someone threw a TV out of a window

2 great players on one classic Fender Telecaster.


Glenn Kirschner: The Seditious Stephen Miller, "Alternative" Electors & the Trump Admin as RICO Gang

It must have been so satisfying for Hillary to be an elector

One final transphobic EFF YOU to the Democratic Party by Tulsi Gabbard

'The Death Factory': Hurtgen Forest and The End of WWII

South Texas high school football player who attacked referee apologizes

Three snow leopards test positive for coronavirus, making it the sixth confirmed animal species


Seeing Valerie Jarrett in pics with Biden, Klain, this evening -

Ex-Hill Staffer Linked to Veselnitskaya Dies Suddenly After Fall Near His Home

Pete Buttigieg has emerged as the frontrunner to become Biden's secretary of transportation

In Georgia Senate race, Loeffler and Perdue demand updated list of registered voters

Knock Knock

Anti-LGBTQ groups, including the school where Mike Pence's wife teaches, got millions of dollars

Stabbing Westward - Save Yourself

The Democratic Party should hire the lady in the first clip as our communications director. :)

Trump official taking wife on European vacation -- despite COVID pandemic: report

U.S. lawmakers urge Trump administration to extend tariff exclusions for PPE


Hey guys, do you realize ...

Biden's throat clearing and coughing was a tad worrying today as he spoke.

today Biden made clear - "Unifying" does not mean "free pass for criming"


"1-20-21" - I had to look up "palindrome"

Senate GOP warns Biden against picking Sally Yates as attorney general

Gingrich Criticizes Georgia SOS for Adding Drop Boxes That 'Make It Harder for Republicans To Win"

At what point can a group of citizens sue their government/ leaders for endangering their lives?

Captain America. Prescient.

The Seditious Stephen Miller, "Alternative" Electors and Trump Administration as RICO Crew

OK - who can remember this LP being played by their parents during the Christmas season

UAW agrees to monitor, voting changes after corruption probe

Attorney General Barr To Step Down On Dec. 23, President Trump Announces In Tweet - Deadline - MSNBC

UAW agrees to monitor, voting changes after corruption probe


Steve Schmidt: Trump 'Has Been Fired By The American People' - Deadline - MSNBC

Data Leak Exposes Details of Two Million Chinese Communist Party Members

If you run for Congress and don't win, you don't get to vote in the House. You're not

Is it wrong that I enjoy in bathing in trumptard tears?

Counting Electoral Votes: An Overview of Procedures at the Joint Session

North Lima family mourns after dad dies in ER, no ICU beds available


We've been living in a re-make of Citizen Kane

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 15: The National Film Registry

U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 300,000 on the day vaccine arrives

While President-elect Biden was talking earlier, I was crying.

Anyone watching the Ravens-Browns game?

A Very English Scandal starring Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw

This is just perfect.....

Tim Kaine trolls Trump as "electoral college dropout":

HRC gif from electoral vote

One thing that I just remembered.

The silverware is replaceable.

Barr resigned because Trump is going to have the AG

The longtime aide to "Putin's Congressman" Dana Rohrabacher died suddenly from a head injury...

Minnesota businesses plan to reopen early in protest of pandemic restrictions

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Loses Again in Electoral College as His Fans Riot in D.C.

Aug. 19, 1936: Augusta Kiwanis invite astrologer to predict governor's race

More Republicans recognize Biden as President-elect

The Daily Social Distancing Show: President Obama on Roasting Trump, Private Life, and His Legacy

Baseless challenges continue as Electoral College affirms Biden

Horrible Student Rejected by College

These trumpers just ain't right.

There is an opportunity waiting for GOP pols smart enough to see it...

Boston health care workers dancing on the sidewalk to celebrate the arrival of the covid-19 vaccine

Scoop: Trump's frenetic, fanciful, bitter final plea by Jonathan Swan

My sixth grade teacher, an evangelical Christian, posted video of Trump at the Army/Navy

"Without You" Jim Ranger - WOW!!

Seth Meyers - Electoral College Affirms Biden's Win as First Vaccines Arrive in U.S.: A Closer Look

Kaavan enjoying a morning scratch & new Gibbon friends to welcome him when he gets to jungle

Jimmy Kimmel Pulls Best Prank Ever on Cousin Micki

Just got word today that my employer will be providing my COVID vaccination.

He just can't get over he lost!

Finnegan Fox hoards new donut toys 😍😂

Jeff Bezos' Amazon Could End up Bankrupt for These Reasons, According to Specialist

Will there be a backlash?

In keeping with season, I present to you 'River'

Porky Pig couldn't have said it better.

11:55p Monday: We have nudged down predicted snowfall amounts

A small town dragged its feet on COVID-19 mask mandates. Now residents are paying the price.

Steve Schmidt continues to woo AOC. Should she respond or team up?

Fmr. Federal Prosecutor: Barr's The Worst AG In My Lifetime

"Little by little the look of the country changes

"the best action film of the year" -- (and perhaps it is--it's the only one i've seen this year)

Swoon! He's just like Jesus! LOL

My rankings of NFL running backs is Jim Brown and Barry Sanders as...

GOP Strategist on Republicans: They have declared war on the institution of Democracy

The next question is what will Trump do to make America pay for his humiliation?

uh-oh. can Rs be trusted? is joe being suckered? they did it to obama, will they do it again?

First Shipment of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives In Illinois

Congress Cannot Go Home Until We Address Economic Suffering - Senator Bernie Sanders

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard's anti-trans athlete bill gave right-wing media fodder to attack trans youth

Even As Electors Cement Biden Win, Republican Grip On Reality Remains Tenuous - Rachel Maddow

...Loser stewing in his hatred for the entire world...

Dear Amazon, before you bulldoze more than 80 years of Detroit music history, please read this

Newsmax and One America grapple uneasily with Biden's electoral college victory

Abrams: McConnell Wants To Burn It All Down--And Loeffler, Perdue Hold The Matches - All In - MSNBC

Want to know how much money Joel Osteen's megachurch received?

Former Fort Worth police sergeant accused of embezzling thousands from benevolent fund

Bill Barr can't erase his shameful legacy

Jeb Bush crawls from under a rock to praise Bill Barr, Joe Walsh tells it like it is

White House head of security has lost his lower right leg to COVID and spent three months in the ICU

I hope these cartons are empty

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/14/20

GA US Senate seat(Warnock-D) will decide whether Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2022.

Police harassing Bogota Massacre victims as Colombia's authorities do nothing

US embassy took part in DEA plot to discredit Colombia's war crimes tribunal

'Cloud Forest' in The Misty Mountains of Bolivia Reveals 20 Species New to Science

'Cloud Forest' in The Misty Mountains of Bolivia Reveals 20 Species New to Science

Breakfast Tuesday 15 December 2020

Laura Benanti and a Man With A Plan Video

Christian 'financial guru' and radio host Dave Ramsey throws large indoor Christmas party

Ex-Jeffrey Epstein girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell seeks $28.5 million bail package

Georgia GOP official urges Trump to respect results of the Electoral College

Putin congratulates Biden on U.S. election win

How does the Electoral College vote change anything re. The Transition?

US Embassy Under Fire for Working With Firm Owned by Sanctioned Military Chief's Daughter

Tuesday TOONs - There He Is, Missss-ter Looozer Man

I just google imaged Dr. Jill Biden....ES and MS librarians all over the world are rejoicing

Election Lawyer Calls On Trump Supporters To Stock Up On 'Second Amendment Supplies'

Ohio Doctors are speaking hard truths

Poor countries face long wait for vaccines despite promises

Chicken-sized dinosaur with 'flamboyant' fur mane and stiff ribbons projecting from its shoulders di

??? Putin is getting rid of the all the computer evidence to protect trump.

Russian media used breaking news banner to announce Biden's win YESTERDAY

Putin finally congratulates Biden on US election victory

Japan's space agency finds ample soil, gas from asteroid

Trump's Schedule for Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Are Dems caving on coronavirus lawsuits against corporations?

So much Russian related news:

What happened when the Tarahumaras' love of ultrarunning went global?

On this day, December 15, 1791, the Bill of Rights was enacted.

Toni Child's - Stop your fussin' (1988)

"...With that I'll rest a while, and go to find a street corner to dance on."

Boston health care workers dance on sidewalk to celebrate arrival of the first covid-19 vaccine

Santa and Mrs. Claus Expose Dozens of Kids to Coronavirus at Georgia Christmas Parade

This is beautiful. Boston health care workers dancing on the sidewalk to celebrate...

Was it an "attempted coup" ??

FDA review clears path for second coronavirus vaccine, this one developed by Moderna

Pretenders - Up the neck

Next update - new water softener. Any input on the value of adding a reverse osmosis system?

irish neolithic tomb is the oldest monument in the WORLD.

Will Lifelong Criminal Donald Trump Be Arrested At The White House Gate?

Georgia and its long history of voter suppression

Horrible Student Rejected by College

It should not go unnoticed that one main reason for Mitch and GOP to deny state

Fauci Recommends Biden Get Vaccinated Quickly

Gov Cuomo needs to make sure Lettie James

Proud Boys need to b e labeled as a terrorist organization...just like the black panthers were back

Beginning right now, the media needs to report only on the dereliction of duty by Trump. No other

Facebook is a Doomsday Machine-got that right

The New York Daily News is giving Donald Trump quite the send off

YOU raised $5,196.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-14-20 (over $210,000 raised so far)

Time to focus on winning the State Houses and governorships and local Councils.

What Killa Kon and his enablers were trying to tell the USA

"I guess I know what I'll be quote tweeting people about for the next four to eight years."

Hillary Clinton Calls for Abolishing Electoral College After Casting Electoral Vote for Biden

Wire Paladin San Francisco

The Rundown: December 15, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 12/09/20

2020 Year in Review: Breakout Artist

2020 Year in Review: Best Reprinted Edition

New Comic Releases for December 16, 2020

Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church got $4.4 million in federal PPP loans

It must be driving Trump nuts that he can't fire someone else who didn't come through for him

Conservative Site Retracts Endorsement of Lawmaker

The Original Star Trek Episode that reminds me of rump

Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church got $4.4 million in federal PPP loans

What Do You Call a Kraken on December 15, 2020?

Now that Dumpy

Leading 2021 VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase: "Trump should declare martial law"

Video: Two Rs Freak Out, Walk Out When Joint Meeting Turns to Subject of "Implicit Bias"


Bill Barr saw the writing on the wall.


How do vaccines work? An explainer. (or refresher)

I just saw in updates Big Sur.

What we're missing from the msm

Trump supporter says he'd rather die than live under a Biden presidency

Trump Administration Rules Strip Religious-Freedom Protections from Social Services

No one has lost quite like Donald Trump in nearly 150 years

Dr Ivanka explains it all.

tRump totally off his rocker now, just re-tweeted wanting to lock up GA governor and SoS.

It looks like this just might happen, a cellphone/camera hybrid!

Jerry Falwell Jr. spent heavily on Trump, GOP causes with funds from nonprofit Liberty University

(N.M.) Man says state police did nothing to stop Trump supporters' attack on him

Fake electors try to deliver Arizona's 11 votes for Ex President LOSER BOY.

Remember The 126 Who Tried To Overthrow Democracy...Last Week?

So, Where Were the Proud Boys and the Militia "Soldiers" Yesterday?

This great-grandfather just paid off the utility bills of 114 neighbors so they didn't have to worry

Nazi enthusiast Madison Cawthorn has thoughts on "what real Americans believe"

HRC thoughts on new administration

The Motive Behind Music Artists Selling Their Publishing Isn't Always Money

Putin finally congratulates Biden on US election victory

Husky puppy's first howl captured on hidden camera

Any leads for Jr. Software Developer openings for pending graduate?

"The Electoral College has spoken..."

Barry Black, the esteemed Senate chaplain, says in his morning prayer: "We accept the results..."

Mitch McConnell concedes:

Wow... mcconnell just congratulated Joe and Senator Harris

Proud Boys' party is over: Trump fans throw tantrums because they've lost more than an election

Lunatic Trump now accusing law enforcement of "shielding" voting machines

WWII Vet Reunites With Italian Children He Almost Shot When Liberating A Village In Wartime

Mitt Romney says he knows losing hurts, but blasts Trump for claiming fraud

Hey Perdue and Loeffler, do you agree with Mitch or Trump?

My response to both Putin and Mitch:

After weeks of declining to recognize Biden's win, Mitch McConnell congratulates him

VIDEO of McConnell admitting Biden/Harris won, and congratulating them, on the Senate floor

VIDEO of McConnell admitting Biden/Harris won, and congratulating them, on the Senate floor

No, I'm not in the least bit clairvoyant; Trump is utterly predictable in his behavior.

Jeff Bridges feeling fine, shaves head, gets a puppy

4134 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues.; 64 deaths

Harwood thinks Trump might try to sink Loeffler & Perdue to strike back at McConnell for conceding

New York Is on a Path Toward a Second Full Shutdown, Cuomo Says

The straw that broke the camel's back. . . . Please come CAPTION Bill Barr!!!

#MoscowMitchMcConnell congrats Press Elect Biden AFTER Putin

Mitch McConnell wants to let corporations kill you without consequence

The Trump campaign has sent 494 fundraising solicitation emails to supporters since election night

Latest NYC Snow Alert: 12-16 inches...

On December 15, 1952, the Dec. of Independence and the Constitution were unveiled at the Archives.

Who's Afraid of Mitch McConnell?

Let's review our beloved Christmas specials...


Well, hell, Mitch has declared Biden President Elect.

China's 'tainted' cotton

Pic Of The Moment: Weeks After The Results Were Clear, McConnell Finally Congratulates Biden

A contentious local election revealed an information gap.High school reporters stepped up to fill it

Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church got $4.4 million in federal PPP loans

"This is some amazing mental gymnastics"

Florida awards Tampa more than $67 million for streetcar project

Head of White House security office loses part of his right leg to COVID-19 and is facing 'stagge...

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Symphony #5

'Biden Is Committed To Involving Disabled People In His Administration': Judith Heumann, Activist

A reminder from Vice President-elect Harris!

What do you call a group of karens?

'Biden Is Committed To Involving Disabled People In His Administration': Judith Heumann, Activist

Senator McConnell hammers the last nail into Donald Trump's coffin. Good Riddance!

Tiny Trump faction bemoans 'pathetic turnout' at Michigan Capitol before Electoral College vote

Texans are flocking to Obamacare amid the pandemic - Today is the last chance to sign up

Pandemic backlash jeopardizes public health powers, leaders

We have now moved from Constitutional process to Constitutional authority

First Day of Early Voting In Georgia Sets Record

The moral hypocrisy of conservative leaders is stunning

Where Will Donald Trump Go After He Leaves Office?

Randy Rainbow: 🎶Rudolph the Leaky Lawyer had a very slimy face🎶

Virginia To Massachusetts: Major Winter Storm To Bring Deep Snow, Power Outages to East Coast

Daniel Dale: What do you think are the most memorable Trump lies since his inauguration?

Barr failed at his job. His bootlicking resignation letter made that clear.

A.P. Carter was born on this date.

"You Have to Stop This" Watch Geraldo Rivera and Charlie Kirk Spar on Fox News Over Trump's Election

Infected Santa, Mrs. Claus could have exposed 50 children in Georgia to COVID-19

The wisdom of Albert Einstein

This Luckovich cartoon from 2017 was so prescient:

VA GOP Rep. Riggleman speaking some truth on MSNBC!

Per CNN, McConnell congratulates the President-Elect Joe Biden/Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

Trump antagonizes Republicans with Georgia fundraising ploy

Does Trump's Post Election Seditious/Traitorous Tantrum Eliminate Any Chance of Leniency

Did this ever happen to you? (Amazon return policy).

WA state elector with a terminal illness breaks down in tears as he casts a vote for Biden...

Biden's Presidential Inaugural Committee is advising people NOT to travel to DC for inauguration

Jenna Ellis, President Trump's lawyer, was fired from Weld County DA's office for "mistakes"

Shingles and a virus: A warning

First Day of Early Voting In Georgia Sets Record

Close-up image of brain cancer cells wins photography prize

Was it Biden's tough talk in yesterday's speech

What are the ingredients of Pfizer's covid-19 vaccine? (MIT Technology Review)

Pinal County Superior Court judge has tossed 'Kraken 2.0' suit in AZ.

'You Have the Wrong Place': Body Camera Video Shows Moments Police Handcuff Innocent, Naked Woman...

If it were honorable/brave to jump off sinking ship, jumpers would be compared to different animal

Denny's greeter quits on-the-spot after being tired of anit-maskers

GA: Biden Returns As Validator For Ossoff, Warnock: Wall St. Billionaires Back GOP In GA Senate Race

Just curious: how were the votes of Maine and Nebraska divided?

The sad pathetic loser tweeted this morning: Tremendous evidence pouring in on voter fraud.

MAGAts including Mark Levin have their knives out for McConnell now

RUDOLPH THE LEAKY LAWYER - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody 2:32

Mea Culpa from the strib editorial board

Let's Pray For Our President ...

US Senate seats up in 2022 that Democrats will win will be from states Biden-D won in 2020.

No wrongdoing by city employees in Daniel Prude's death, Rochester Public Integrity Office says

"Stock Up On 'Second Amendment Supplies'"

Cocaine Mitch is trending

'You Have the Wrong Place:' Body Camera Video Shows Moments Police Handcuff Innocent, Naked Woman Du

Get the Rabbit, get the rabbit, get the rascally rabbit

Editorial: Shame on Nebraska officials for joining foolish Texas election lawsuit

The GOP reckoning never came

Republicans pull HUMILIATING stunt during voting for electors - Brian Tyler Cohen

Historic film, The Wobblies. Link to free viewing.

Watching Mitt Romney now...on CNN..

MI Trumpsters at capital on Monday were actually outnumbered by journalists & police officers

Pioneer Waldemar Haffkine Created The 1st Vaccines For Cholera & Plague But Was Forgot

Georgia: +28,000

Loeffler and Perdue sent Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger a harsh letter demanding...

Republicans are furious with Trump for pocketing the money they need for the Georgia runoffs

It's Over TODAY, Electoral College Votes

Trump Humiliated in Disastrous Interview

"The national security negligence is stunning:" : Jim Scuitto

Mitch totally worked Trump over.

Biden should nominate Moscow Mitch to be US Ambassador to Russia.

L.A. County has fewer than 100 ICU beds available

Profiles in Perfidy, XXXIX. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Poor Milo. Being the fabulous fascist suck up isn't working any longer

Milo Yiannopoulos: 'I Lost Everything Helping Put Trump in Office'

FDA Authorizes First Over-the-Counter Fully At-Home Diagnostic Test For COVID

Pandemic doesn't break first lady holiday hospital tradition

Trump retweeted this

Good point!

I'm arguing with everyone lately. Even with ADOT.

Send Help! Chip Roy Has Been Abducted By Pod People!

"Spicy statement" from Georgia Secretary of State mocks Perdue & Loeffler

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis was fired from the Weld County District Attorney's Office in 2013 for ...

re: McConnell

blue jays... a lot of them

Feds to delay seeking legal protection for monarch butterfly

This makes me happy today: Dick Van Dyke turns 95!

The 12 pains of Christmas 🎄

McConnell Gets Shelled After Recognizing Biden as President-Elect: Took So Long That Putin beat him

If you allow the government to break the law during an emergency, ...

A heart-warming tale for this time of year

Even Newsmax Says Biden Won

Never let Trump's accomplices live down their attacks on democracy

Trump's attempts to overturn the election keep failing, but they highlight systemic vulnerabilities

I hear that all the major galleries are clamoring to put on Willem's first show...

Netflix getting rid of West Wing on Christmas Day

How Dems are engaging these 1st-time voters who helped flip GOP district

Sounds like Democrats. Inside Biden's Struggle to Manage Factions in the Democratic Party

Chris Krebs will also be testifying at tomorrow's Senate Homeland Security Committee Hearing...

Pick your perfect cookie

Festive Xmas Plants From Around The World: Holiday Symbols, Wheat, Radishes, Hazelnut Branches...

Moderna Vaccine Is Highly Protective and Prevents Severe Covid, Data Show

BREAKING: Pfizer vials appear to contain a sixth dose per some pharmacists. But the EUA allows five

When NewsMax Dumps Trump, You Know It's Over for Him!

You know, if Trump actually DID win the election...

Will Kamala be the shortest Vice President?

Newsmax says it will refer to Biden as president-elect

Biden's inaugural committee tells Americans to stay home for his swearing-in

Santa visited me today!

First Lady Melania Trump exits event to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You."

Best contact tracers discovered - teenage girls!

The DELIGHTFUL Schadenfreude of MAGAts calling McConnell a "RINO" for acknowledging Biden's win

Given today's President-Elect congratulations from

My across the street neighbor flipped me off this morning as I put my American flag right side up.

McConnell, Blunt & Thune beg Senate Rs to NOT object to election results on Jan. 6

Republicans no longer understand what courts do

NIH-funded COVID-19 home test is first to receive over-the-counter authorization from FDA

Seattle will cover Mayor Durkan's legal costs from fighting recall

Apparently today is Dick Van Dyke's 95th birthday.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 12/15/20

DeSantis is so fucking brave 🤡

For four years, we've kept a sealed pint jar on a shelf beside the TV. In it is a single

'The Late Show' Scores Sit Down With President-Elect Joe Biden & Dr. Jill Biden

Gangs are running the streets! It's like "Pets Side Story" out there!

Barr ends shameful tenure that began with a big public lie about the Mueller investigation

Physicists attempt to unify all forces of nature and rectify Einstein's biggest failure

An appropriate adieu for outgoing tRumpsters

Jim Acosta: "Kayleigh, isn't it hypocritical for you to accuse others of disinformation when you..."

Yes! Mayor Pete is nominated for Transportation Secretary!

Polar cyclones on Jupiter create a spellbinding vortex cluster

PEOTUS on the Way to Georgia

so, i picked up some malware. something called 'p'

CNN: Biden to nominate Pete for Transportation Secretary.

Joe Biden picks Pete Buttigieg to be transportation secretary

Yesterday was my 70th birthday.

GOP @SenRonJohnson acknowledges Biden's victory-as does #MitchMcConnell after Putin congrats Biden

History Of 'Strongmen', Mussolini To Erdogan: US Was On The Road To Fascism: Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Scholar

Biden says he spoke to McConnell

Top liberals line up behind Nina Turner's House bid

How will we know if/when the vaccine is effective?

And now, for your amusement, I give you the "White House Staff Singers"

caption McConnell photo

Remember our old friend Oeditpus Rex?

Chasten in for Mitch

The GOP rediscovers the federal debt.

Nation Pens Op-Ed Urging Donald Trump to Drop the "Presidency" Title

Trump Organization seeking to shield documents from New York attorney general

Reminder for GA voters!!

Covid relief bill pays extra $300 a week in jobless benefits, extends aid for 4 months

Joe Biden is having a mostly virtual Inauguration, but STILL will have more attend than trump's!!

McConnell Urges No Objection to Electoral Vote

Mo Brooks whistles Dixie

"Pete Buttigieg's first order of business as Secretary of Transportation should be..."

Raffensperger demolishes Loeffler and Perdue after yet another attack

Conservation groups sue government over refusal to protect wolverines

I cannot understand why Republicans do not leave their Party?

I was just at the post office and saw 'We're Hiring' signs posted along the driveway.

Sound the sad trombone snow lovers, we've lowered predicted totals slightly one more time.

Florida pastor who fought alcohol sales on Sundays is charged with child porn

Eastside's 1st Free Coronavirus Testing Site Opens In Bellevue

Spokane removes reviled Indian fighter's name from street

Barr's letter of resignation as AG. He's leaving like he came with a string of delusional lies.

Phoenix - Alone on Christmas

There Have Been Over 1,000 COVID-Related Complaints Directed at King County Restaurants in 2020

My SIL's father passed unexpectedly the evening of Dec 10

Biden on a hot mic tells Kamala Harris about how amazing their supporters are.

Barr couldn't take Trump's mean tweets

Ha ha ha......remember Kato Kaelin??? From OJ Simpson fame??? He's in a movie

De Blasio presses for second total lockdown in NYC

Dolphins and Stress

It's been said that the older you get, the more conservative you get.


USPS still struggling... friend in same state sent my wife a box,

Had to Hear - Real Estate

FDA approves genetically engineered pigs for food and transplants

Trump retweets prominent attorney who says Georgia governor Brian Kemp 'will soon be going to jail'

His friends lost their lives for this country. And now, the country is under attack from within

Trump Organization and its attorney must turn over documents related to its Seven Springs engineer

She really doesn't care, does she?

I Don't Know If This Has Been Addressed - But I Haven't Heard An Answer To This Vaccine Question ...

'Tis the season to recall the door buzzard

Meanwhile over in MAGA crazy land....

German news magazine "Der Spiegel" names tRump 2020's

Breaking : Trump Org and its attorney must turn over documents related to its Seven Springs engineer

"The campaign started with 'Abolish ICE' and ended with "Defund the Police..."

Jon Ossoff on CSPAN, Joe to speak soon

Supreme Court sides with Colorado church challenging COVID rules

Biden says Fauci urged him to get COVID-19 vaccine "sooner than later"

Michael Rapaport needs to be Biden's Anger Manager

Newt Gingrich and loyalists tapped for Defense Policy Board as Henry Kissinger is ousted

Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis was fired from the Weld County District Attorney's Office in 2013

With Mayor Pete on deck, let's take a moment to acknowledge Elaine Chao for her many accomplishments

Leo Kottke

Nina Turner announces bid for House seat

This may just about cinch us the runoffs and call it a day for McPutin

EU unveils landmark law curbing power of tech giants

McConnell urges GOP senators not to object to Electoral College vote

Welp.....this takes an unexpected turn.

CONSPIRACY MUCH? Fox's Maria Bartiromo: A high-level intel source tells me 'Trump won the election'

Sen. Ron Johnson calls election legitimate and acknowledges Biden victory but still plans hearing...

We are now at about a death a minute due to covid-19

Cook Political: Republicans could have won a House Majority...

Hurry while they last

Uninstalling tRump

"Meanwhile, the Georgia GOP civil war over Trump's "landslide" victory continues ..."

I'm sorry I have not been doing my job as a MIR member

What the hell is Joe doing?

Joe in Atlanta: "Maybe your senators were just confused. Maybe they think they represent Texas."

No, the freepers aren't "coming around" to reality. Nothing shakes their rw bias.

For anyone on Twitter who loves animals/animal sanctuaries, this is a good follow:

Our 1st snowstorm Winter 2020/2021 prediction 18+ inches.

Melania Trump removes mask to read to young patients, breaking hospital's rules

76 years ago, December 1944, the Oryoku Maru was sunk in Subic Bay, Phillippines.

Over-the-counter home test for COVID-19 gets US green light

Sincere question: Waste of time for President-elect Biden to go on FauxNews, OANN and Newsmax ?

If you don't get death threats from MAGAts, you're a nobody.

caption TRUMP

tRump says there's election fraud, are these the republican states who cheated?

Santa's here!

Appalachian Hospital In Kentucky Vaccinates Workers

On this day, December 15, 1943, Fats Waller died.

Marvin Gaye I heard It Thru The Grapevine

Biden Scorches Loeffler/Perdue

Fashion mogul Peter Nygard arrested in Canada on sex charges

Why Bill Barr Did It All for Donald Trump

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 15, 2020

Trump Cult Threatens To Make America Ungovernable, Intimidation of Public Servants, Health Officials

DHS, NIH, Agriculture, State Dept., I also think Treasury and Cyber Security hacked

Neil Young - Old Man

I see a lot of books on Amazon that are only available on Kindle and...

WAPO OPED: McConnell sets up a clash with Trump over who's in charge in the GOP

I've been cleaning all the books and bookshelves and couldn't

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Blumenthal : Today's classified briefing on Russia's cyberattack left me deeply alarmed

Joe Biden has selected former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to serve as secretary of energy

Biden to tap former Michigan Gov. Granholm to lead Energy Department

Jethro Tull - Locomotive breath

Loser of the year ..Congratulations to dandy don for this outstanding win!

Not taking the Electoral College news well

Judge Rejects Trump Company's Privilege Claim in New York Probe

PornHub takes a hit.

No Rose Bowl this year? CFB considering moving semifinals to Dallas

On this day, December 15, 1919, Max Yasgur was born.

Republicans Call on Pelosi to Remove Swalwell from House Intel Committee

Biden to tap former Michigan Gov. Granholm to lead Energy Department

Iran's president says country would rejoin nuclear deal within an hour of U.S. signing on

It's all so CLEAR now. It WAS fraud!

Scared Street Dog Meets Her Foster Mom -- And Gets A Big Surprise

The Senate Leadership Fund just dropped over $7 million worth of ads opposing Ossoff in Georgia

Disappointed with the offer of Transportation to Pete Buttigieg.

Steve Schmidt is registering with the Democratic Party.

'My adrenaline was just rushing': Man catches victims jumping from burning DeKalb apartment

Guitarist collaborates with piano kitteh:

Musicians Adopt Dog Obsessed With Music

Everyone Trump Touches Dies: The List

China's Chang'e 5 moon lander is no more after successfully snagging lunar rocks


Just saw this - Madison County teen creates hugging booths allowing families to hug

Why it matters that a sitting congressman is abandoning the GOP

All we need is TWO (2) GOP patriotic Senators to switch parties right now, BEFORE the GA runoff.

FDR Speaks Out On Republican Attacks

New Avengers

Frank Figliuzzi: Why all Americans should care about Russia's brazen hacking spree

Hey Trumpers ...

Michigan liquor licenses and permits suspended for eight businesses

Biden picks former EPA chief Gina McCarthy as White House climate czar

Inside the Right-Wing Media Bubble, Where the Myth of a Trump Win Lives On

McConnell has risen from cow dung to pond scum in my eyes

I think Trump is going to sabotage McConnell by telling Magats

Biden's speech (Monday, 12/14) fact-checked

LA Times executive editor Norman Pearlstine steps down

blossoms - if you think this is real life (studio-2020) i promise y'all dig this one :)

Gina McCarthy will be the first ever National Climate Advisor

Over-the-counter home test for COVID-19 gets US green light

Joe and Kamala are helping to build the party for the future with their picks.

As we are on the brink of Pete Buttigieg being the first openly LGBT cabinet member a trip down

Keilar calls out GOP members who won't acknowledge Biden's win - (CNN)

Former Houston police captain charged with holding repairman at gunpoint in fake voter-fraud...

When you and your partner are decorating, both should have input

omg Listen to this little goat!

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2022 will be from states Biden carried in 2020.

If this is not a fake then; well I am just dead.

Biden Picks Granholm for Energy Secretary

Trump Organization must turn over documents to NY attorney general, judge rules