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Sandals in Grenada forces a partial island lockdown after 26 covid-19 cases are linked to the resort

Sandals in Grenada forces a partial island lockdown after 26 covid-19 cases are linked to the resort

On Joy Reid: Steve Schmidt to join the Democratic Party

If I rearrange the extension cords

I wish MSNBC would run a chyron regarding anything Trump as Old News instead of Breaking News. nt

Alleged crusade to stop voter fraud lands former HPD captain in handcuffs

Janine de Greef, Belgian who helped smuggle downed Allied airmen to safety, dies at 95

Cartoons 12/15/2020

Hats, mittens and food boxes

His health in decline, elector was grateful to cast his vote

LGBT-owned kilt maker denounces kilt-clad Proud Boys

Trump has not tweeted in 8 hours..We know he is not working

Perdue Failed You - Meidas Touch

Raphael Warnock's Dog Ads Cut Against White Voters' Stereotypes Of Black People

Hungary bans same-sex couples from adopting children

Vaccine comes too late for the 300,000 US dead

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rejects left-wing calls to force Pelosi to hold a Medicare for All vote

Detroit's lawyer David Fink wants a federal judge to sanction 'Kraken' lawyers, incl. Sidney Powell

I WISH, if it existed, I could buy an overdoes or two or ten of it: Injectable Empathy.

Cook Political: Trump was only 65,009 votes away from winning -- despite Biden's 7 million vote lead

Former Houston PD captain arrested, charged w/ aggr assault thinking vote fraud scheme took place

I need help with an observation.

Interesting to note that McConnell's recognition of Biden's election coincides with Putin's.

South Korea: Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol suspended for 2 months by Discipline Committee

I dreamed I freed a Genie from a lamp

Patty Griffin and Natalie Maines - Mary

Now that Trump/Putin are on the way out, can we stop calling leaders "tzars"?

Brazil's Bolsonaro recognizes Biden victory, reaches out to president-elect

Brazil's Bolsonaro recognizes Biden victory, reaches out to president-elect

Mar-a-Lago Neighbors Don't Want Trump Living There

Trump supporters rage after losing hundreds of thousands in political betting markets

Mitch McConnell's Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett's Successor at U.S. Court of Appeals for Seventh


Washington State Elector With Terminal Health Issue Tears Up After Voting For Biden

Hack may have exposed deep US secrets; damage yet unknown

Sunrise in Drift Smoke

Claims of 'Bleak' Environmental Justice Record Appear to Fell a Biden Favorite

Ron Johnson calls election legitimate and acknowledges Biden victory but still plans hearing on...


Biden tells Georgia he needs a Democratic Senate to govern

To Cut Emissions to Zero, U.S. Needs to Make Big Changes in Next 10 Years

Biden: 'What is the United States Senate doing? Nothing!'

MacKenzie Scott Gives Away $4.2 Billion in Four Months

Board commutes Myon Burrell sentence, calls for release

--@BotSentinel has Identified @realDonaldTrump account as *100%* "untrustworthy" rating. .....

Saw this today, but it won't help

You will want the sound on for this one.

Update on Florida Basketball player Keyontae Johnson: breathing on his own and speaking

Jennifer Granholm for Energy Secretary!

Well now....Someone wants to build a huge banana-shaped high-rise condo in Las Vegas.

Body Camera Video Shows Moments Police Handcuff Innocent, Naked Woman During Wrong Raid

A 2-year-old was abandoned at a Goodwill with a note and a bag of clothes

Betsy DeVos helping with the transition

Washington State Elector Jack Arends gives moving speech

Which fictional character would you like to be...and which one *are* you...?

Heloise Tip

Board commutes Myon Burrell sentence, calls for release

Kayleigh humiliates herself pretending Biden won't be president - Brian Tyler Cohen

Just tried to book my blood donation

SolarWinds was warned anyone could access its update server using the password "solarwinds123"


Trump asking about special prosecutor for Hunter Biden

Trump Is Considering Clemency for Silk Road 'Kingpin'

Anyone watch The Mandalorian?

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

"What a joke. The USPS finally releases Louis DeJoy's calendar... and you can't see anything."

Hundreds of invitees skip Mike Pompeo's indoor holiday party at State Department

Dear Maga Lurkers - How much money is it worth to you to pay for

Alleged crusade to stop voter fraud lands former HPD captain in handcuffs

A mysterious gap in COVID-19 deaths appeared in Florida before the presidential election

AOC: Yeaaaah that's not gonna work

Ayanna Pressley: Survival checks now.

Still not tweeting?

Trump campaign asks supporters if the President should run in 2024

The National Cathedral tolled its bell 300 times, to honor 300,000 Americans lost to covid.

Marsha Blackburn's evil twin says Biden is not her president

Fashion designer Peter Nygard indicted on sex-trafficking charges, involving dozens of women

COVID-19 vaccine trials report cases of brief facial paralysis. That's not as scary as it sounds.

I'm glad I didn't have to cancel HBO Max. Now CBS better come through for Dave. Love Star Trek!

For those of you who would love to see dotard dragged out kicking and screaming..enjoy!!

"Anything to avoid talking about the election that Trump obviously lost."

Just saw this on Play On

Ghosts on HBO Max.

Pelosi statement on Biden's nomination of Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary

Mark Zuckerberg gave $75 million to a San Francisco hospital. The city has condemned him anyway.

GOP Senate Leaders Warn Against Long Shot Election Challenge

*Steve Schmidt coming up on Lawrence show.

Please! No More Winning! It's Like a Goddamn Kesha Song in Here! (F/SC)

Don't read this if ALL you like to do is complain...

I hope the Democrats have learned their lessons from the last election.

Maddow on Jeffrey Rosen

The sins of Colombia's ruling class: the Ramos Clan

I really am concerned about that nagging cough that Joe has on the stump,

Restaurants don't cause the coronavirus to spread, Ron DeSantis says.

WWII Germany: Weimar Civilians Forced To Tour Buchenwald Concentration Camp *Graphic Images*

Great video of Trump as Rodney Dangerfield (fusion of Trump's image, Dangerfield's voice)

*Glenn Kirschner coming up on Lawrence show.

Sarah Jarosz. A treat for all her fans here in DUMA. All of ya know who you are

Peanuts Gang : Christmas Song "Linus & Lucy"

Feeling of dread

Steve Schmidt is now a Democrat

Thanks to the True Covid Heroes: The Vaccine Volunteers

WWII: 3 Dutch Girls, Teen Resistance Fighters Lured Nazi Collaborators To Execution

Alleged crusade to stop voter fraud lands former HPD captain in handcuffs

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Even Vladimir Putin & Mitch McConnell Know Trump Lost

"Your annual reminder that Don Jr. is just a knockoff Ellis from Die Hard."

Finally. The crisis is over.

Update on my surgery!

McConnell Congratulates Neil Armstrong on Walking on Moon

Moscow Mitch is about to find out how little control he has over the MAGAts...

Tom Cruise warns Mission Impossible crew they're 'f***ing gone' if they break Covid rules on set

WWII: The White Rose, Brave German College Students Opposed Nazi Reich: Hans & Sophie Scholl

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Russia Hacks the U.S. (Again) & The COVID Vaccine Hits the States

Opinion: Mitch McConnell deserves no praise for finally recognizing reality

Biden takes off the gloves, embarrasses Republican Senate candidates with epic swipe at rally

The blurring line between Colombia's mafia and government

The Daily Social Distancing Show: All the Ways Georgia Is Suppressing the Vote

In Three Years, Police Killed at Least 2,215 Children and Adolescents in The Country

Unusual snow day announcement

Unusual snow day announcement

Bill Barr Quit. What Finally Spooked Him?

US Senate seats that Democrats win in 2022 will be from states Biden-D carried in 2020.

Supreme Court says keeping people safe from COVID threatens religious liberty

Winter driving . Not sure when or where this video was taken but...

AOC: I will not vote for a COVID package that doesn't include survival payments

Seth Meyers - Trump Rejects Plan to Give White House Staff Early COVID-19 Vaccine - Monologue 12/14

U.S. Congressional leaders report progress in talks for fresh COVID-19 aid

Video converter and transcoder

300 days.

Dr Eric Ding... Chaos has a price

Timeline variables - how can I create a chart for this?

British officials identify coronavirus mutations, but significance remains unclear

Guatemalans Initiate Legal Action Against President Giammattei

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Guest President Obama - Police Reform & The Impact Of Slogans

A study in black and white.

The Latest: Kansas mayor resigns over mask mandate threats

Elephant Penboon (Hong Fah) Finally Going Free After Being Chain for 8 Months During COVID Pandemic

do you miss david bowie? cuz holy freakin' balls do I have a new song for y'all!

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 16: Bernard Herrmann

Barbara Kentner: Brayden Bushby found guilty in death of indigenous woman

GOP leaders pinched by pro-Trump bid to reverse election outcome

Is This the Real Reason Why Trump's Freaking Out About the Defense Bill?

Florida puppy that escaped alligator's jaws becomes sheriff 'deputy dog'

Wow, how did I miss this performance of Stairway to Heaven? (Ann Wilson at Kennedy Perf Arts)

and now for something a little bit different . . . the song is "Velvet Elvis" . . .

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Guest President Obama - Police Reform & The Impact Of Slogans

Why am I seeing

Two Texas universities that serve students of color receive multimillion-dollar donations from

USPS 'gridlocked' as historic crush of holiday packages sparks delays

Children Love Snow Days. The Pandemic May End Them Forever.

declan mckenna - daniel you're still a child (studio-2020) this kid is REALLY good, i love this song

HERE WE GO 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿......Trump's tweeting about McConnell

12/16 Mike Luckovich: Feelin' good

LGBT-owned kilt maker denounces kilt-clad Proud Boys

Texas school leaders urge state not to cut funding as they struggle with declining enrollment

Stacey Abrams is a romance writer?? Sonofagun!

Kangaroos can 'communicate' with humans, study finds

Congrats to @sarahcpr on getting her own Netflix Ben & Jerry's Flavor!

Pakistan rape law comes into effect amid outcry over victim blaming

Travis County hospitals could be overrun with coronavirus cases if public gathers for holidays

Secretary of Transportation Fun Fact

As oil prices languish, Alberta sees its future in a 'coal rush'

Looks like it's time to voice our disgust with Amazon Prime Video

Xinjiang: more than half a million forced to pick cotton, report suggests

What? Did you say over?

Mexican lawmakers vote to restrict foreign agents despite U.S. pressure

Chris Krebs is essentially calling Trump a domestic terrorist

Landlord removes front door over late rent - woman uses closet door to cover opening for 4 days

Group proposes several sites to house Bastrop County's Confederate monuments

How did a Proud Boys leader with a felony record get into the White House?

Illinois board rejects plans to close essential South Side Chicago hospital

Some Republicans Jump Ship As Electors Lock In Trump's Loss - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Should the DNC now hire Steve Schmidt?

There is still time for Trump's healthcare plan

Ex-Trump Lawyer Powell Asks High Court to Nullify Two Biden Wins

Most Michigan voters wear masks, plan to get vaccinated, and support Whitmer's restrictions

DeVos urges career staff to 'be the resistance' as Biden takes over

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke commemorates his scandal-plagued tenure with flattering portrait

13 discoveries in the last year have fundamentally altered our understanding of human history

13 discoveries in the last year have fundamentally altered our understanding of human history

Lancaster rescinds $2M buyout, votes to fire former superintendent instead

Waiver on expired licenses ends in April, state urges Texans to renew as soon as possible


Concerns of racist remarks, bribery, intimidation, ... prompt a likely state takeover at Kemp ISD

Deadliest (Covid) place in America: Gove County, KS

Has anyone here bought or read Rachel Maddow's book 'Bag Man'?

What We Know And Don't Know About Huge Russian Hack On U.S. - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Urban Transportation Commission creates working group to form I-35 recommendations

Austin opening up relief program for live music venues affected by Covid-19

US funnelling millions to opposition groups in Cuba

I suck at cooking, but I've learned from the best.

Brazilian President congratulates Biden on election win

Supreme Court rejects challenge to same-sex parents on birth certificates

Leaders of Mexico, Brazil congratulate Biden on US election win

Ex-Cop Held Man at Gunpoint to Search for Fraudulent Ballots That Didn't Exist, Prosecutors Say

Lady Maga booed by Trump supporters

'As Low As It Gets': Black Lives Matter Signs Destroyed At Historic D.C. Churches - All In - MSNBC

First nationally syndicated LGBT columnist dies

Former Houston Police Captain Arrested In Alleged Scheme To Prove 'Voter Fraud'

Jeffrey Rosen, Barr's Replacement As A.G. Has Record Of Protecting Trump And Friends - Rachel Maddow

Busiest U.S. seaport, buried in imports, plucks out toys to load Santa's sleigh

Study Finds Four Times as Many Houstonians Have Had COVID-19 As Previously Thought

New Zealand child abuse inquiry finds quarter of a million harmed in state and faith-based care

Secession Time?

Brain surgery today

Colombia's Attorney General's Office is being devoured by corruption

Gov. DeSantis suggests one dose of Pfizer vaccine may be enough

Senate Proposal Would Retroactively Shield Corporations From All COVID Lawsuits

MacKenzie Scott Shatters All-Time HBCU Philanthropy Support Record With More Than $500 Million

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/15/20

Senior faith leaders call for global decriminalisation of LGBT+ people

Breakfast Wednesday 16 December 2020

Bad news, Lehigh Valley, Jim Cantore set to be in Allentown for winter storm

Our Ancestor Homo Erectus Is 200,000 Years Older Than Previously Thought

Food poisoning gave me the Isaac Newtons

Moravian College announces it's becoming a university

The 1944 German operation Wacht am Rhein begins today.

Subtropical forests once existed on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: study

Wacht am Rhein. Battle of the Bulge 1944.

Steve Schmidt: "Only the Democratic Party..." (The Last Word)

How long before trump's new personal attorney replacing Bill Barr, Rosen,

Today Fox News Admitted That Joe Biden Won The Election. (Or Their VERSION of An Admission.)

The Reid Out: A second coup usually comes after the first is unsuccessful

The Bigliest loser Killa Kon still believes

As coronavirus hits home, Pa. GOP shifts messaging but still rejects mandates

I wrote a book

Pompeo spreading holiday cheer?

Sign the petition to recall Gov. Ducey

State-run psychiatric hospital can't recruit enough workers as Pa. risks violating federal

60 Years Ago Today; Mid-air collision over New York City

Democrats see stimulus checks as winning issue in Georgia runoffs

Pennsylvania school district sues Gov. Tom Wolf over restrictions preventing athletics

Wednesday TOONs - Yerrr Out!

Exide lead cleanup plan in Berks County on hold

Rock the Runoff: Broadway for Georgia performs "Georgia On My Mind"

Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong

Minnesota juvenile lifer walks free after 18 years in prison

trump wants a loyalist appointed special council investigating Biden's son's taxes , and Biden,

A man played the same numbers on the same day on 160 lottery tickets. He won $800,000

247 Years Ago Today; Iced Tea for Free in Boston

(Shocked Gasp!) Alberta's Tar Sands Waste Pits Hold 1 Trillion Liters Of Toxins, And They're Leaking

Lawsuits contend Gov. Wolf has no authority to issue new restrictions

Florida appears to have manipulated COVID-19 death data ahead of election: Analysis

AK Gov Wants Bill Introduced That Would Cut State Ties W. Banks Refusing To Fund Refuge Oil Drilling

A gnarly old tree I recently painted

An Even Dozen Dick Moves By Shitstain Since The Election - Tribal Lands, Parks, Wildlife, AQ, More

Pro-Trump election conspiracist arrested for pulling gun on repairman in bogus vigilante 'sting'

The Latest Cost-Benefit Double Standard By Big Corp -- Using Rule Of Law Against Humans

The Camel and the Arab

OMG! Brazilian Soybean Association Says 2020 As Cutoff Year For Cerrado Deforestation Not Feasible

The educators speak: "Bye Betsy"

Dr. Jill Biden deserves her title. Saying otherwise demeans teachers and community colleges.

Homo sapiens were taught how to live by birds.

USPS releases DeJoy calendar that is 'almost entirely redacted'

Steve Schmidt has been a Democrat for only a day and already....

trump* going after Hunter is a malicious attempt to get his revenge for Joe winning the election

Trump's Schedule for Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Proud Boys initiation day

Mar-a-Lago residents remind Trump they're doing everything they can to keep him from moving there

Merry Christmas / This is what a hero looks like. Mr. Jack Arends.

Is it just me or does legal dope not smell like dope?

How a Proud Boys leader with a felony record got into the White House

Prosecutors: Ex-HPD captain charged with assault suspected A/C repairman was in bogus ballot scheme

Restaurants defy Gov. Wolf's pandemic restrictions, offer indoor dining

Pence's Remarks at a Roundtable Discussion on Operation Warp Speed; Bloomington, IN; 12-15-2020

The new operator of Pennsylvania's third largest coal mine remains a mystery

Hussey Copper fined, put on probation for knowingly polluting Ohio River

Trump should have won because he has more Twitter followers

Eric Boehlert: Election denial, Covid denial -- press has no idea how to cover deranged GOP

Beethoven was born on this date.

As Sea Levels Rise So Does Groundwater; In Bay Area This Could Unleash 100 Years' Worth Of Old Waste

Readout from Melania's Visit to Children's National Hospital; December 15, 2020

Philadelphia to close COVID prevention spaces for homeless at 2 hotels this month

Helmeted Hornbills Are Very Picky About Their Nests

North Carolina GOP lawmaker urges Trump to suspend civil liberties to keep power: 'Invoke the Insurr

Home Alone with My Cat (OwlKitty Parody)

Sen. Kelly Loeffler's property tax plunged after mansion's value mysteriously dropped

Ibram Kendi: "...We need evidence that progressives hurt down ballot democrats..." on MJ

CNN: Slayer Pete

Speaker Pelosi Tightens House Mask Policy

Value of Loeffler's Mansion Dropped $6M Overnight--and Nobody Can Explain Why

Records detail hiring of Beto O'Rourke by Texas State, including salary, resume and his future

Welcome to the Democratic Party Steve Schmidt!

When they don't have to pretend anymore!

Good Morning. This is pretty damn great

Former DNC, SC Democratic Party chairman Don Fowler dies at 85

Dodge City mayor resigns after threats over backing mask mandate

Trump turns on McConnell for calling Biden president-elect

GOP House Leader Runs And Hides When Asked If Joe Biden Is President-Elect

If you take me as a liar, you can count your days and watch the steps you take

Whiny Little TRAITOR tRump lashes out after Turtle Boy congratulates President-elect Biden

The Rundown: December 16, 2020

2020 Year in Review: Best Film Adaptation of a Comic

I just watched Manchin say that Moscow Mitch understands how the Senate is supposed

2020 Year in Review: Best Television Adaptation of a Comic

2020 Year in Review: Best Translated Non-Manga Comic

The Webcomics Weekly #117: The Ultimate Webcomics Weekly of 2020 (12/15/2020 Edition)

Comics Should Be Cheap (12/16/20)

The Weekly Pull: Death Metal, New Mutants, The Expanse, and More

ppl. please dont post rawstory links.

Ocasio-Cortez takes direct shot at Pelosi and Schumer

Another seditious toady wants Trump to invoke the insurrection act to stay in power.

Chain saw-wielding man arrested after chasing people at Westbrook McDonald's

Kim Stanley Robinson's chapter on Enoughonomics.

$900 Billion Covid relief agreement apparently reached. Direct pymts. No state/local money but...

For Real

We Democrats have listened long enough; we have been patient long enough.

The price of electric car batteries has dropped 89% in 10 years

Former McCain strategist Steve Schmidt explains why an autocratic GOP made him a registered Democrat

The 2020 election established Montgomery County as a powerful Democratic stronghold in Pennsylvania

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera tells Drumpf to stand down: 'It's over'

McConnell's Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett's Successor at U.S. Court of Appeals

Roanoke Times: Weather delays, closings, and cancellations throughout Southwest Virginia.

A felon, an alleged drug dealer and a comic:

Money or Pardon? Money or Pardon? Money or Pardon?

Northam proposes $50 million to advance goal of bringing passenger rail to New River Valley

Why does the Postmaster General have a need to redact his calendar. WTF?


VA Gov. Northam proposes $50 million to advance goal of bringing passenger rail to New River Valley

NEW: Pompeo is in quarantine after coming into contact with someone who has COVID

Trump TRIGGERED: Joe Biden Officially Wins Electoral Vote

Trumpists on Fox DESPONDENT as Trump Officially Loses

on the tv now: senate committee hearing about voting irregularities

Trump's Mar-a-Lago neighbors are taking legal action to try to force him to live elsewhere

Trump lays the blame for his loss on...Fox News

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Loss Now A "National Emergency?"

YOU raised $1,650.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-15-20 (over $210,000 raised so far)

Congress close to coronavirus deal that includes stimulus checks

Expect this.

Can't be true

Trump campaign says that you can "cosign an executive order" if you make a contribution

Congressional leaders add stimulus checks to $900 billion relief package as they near deal

A Doylestown engineering firm stole $2 million by overbilling townships, boroughs, and businesses,

Mitch gave trump and Jared millions in the first stimulus package,

I didn't think about Joe Biden once yesterday.

4848 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 108 deaths

The many strange long-term symptoms of Covid-19, explained

Paris city hall fined for putting too many women in senior roles

Secretary of State Pompeo quarantines after virus exposure

BROKEN: Secret Trump Pardon Fundraiser Now Underway!

Former CDC Bosses Complain That Ivanka Kept Giving Them Unwanted Advice on Coronavirus Guidance

Illegal lawyer's 11 1/2- to 35-year prison sentence overturned by Pa. court

I am getting swamped with scam calls.

Abraham Lincoln, once a hero, is now a bad guy in some S.F. education circles

Do NOT say later that you weren't warned.

Secretary of State Pompeo quarantines after virus exposure

Misinformation Peddlers Shift Gears

Pa. woman can't keep $4.15M winning lottery ticket, state court rules

Chris Krebs now testifying at Senate hearing

N.J. seeks $124K in fines from gym that refused to stay closed despite pandemic order

I'll have some ice bacon to go with those ice eggs

Gov Cuomo: I will be holding a COVID briefing and making an announcement at 11:30am ET.

Democratic Sen. Gary Peters blisters Ron Johnson for election stunt

I understand the need to win red states, but they're not the heart of our party

Khamenei Gives Key Backing to Revive Iran Nuclear Deal With U.S.

Pa. man who called judge a 'dumb (expletive)' can't beat prison term for contempt conviction

Bill Barr was Trump's biggest enabler and top servant -- but his real legacy is even darker

'I was wondering why the water looked so clean': CRD's sewage treatment plant up and running

GOP gubernatorial candidate in Virginia calls on Trump to declare martial law

I have come up with an idea to keep from losing things around the house...

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata #21 in C Major, Op. 53 "Waldstein"

Save Restaurants Not Hedge Funds

NOW that's the way to handle anti-maskers -- Kudos to Tom Cruise

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Sonata #21 in C Major, Op. 53 "Waldstein"

Delaware's public school enrollment is down; do funding cuts lie ahead?

EPA "List N" tool to see if product will kill SARs-CoV-2 (Covid).

Steve Schmidt criticizes the Hill for headline using "Democrat" Party instead of "Democratic" Party

Dakota Coyote eats

How long will we be watching videos of people getting injections on the news?

Trump meets with Proud Boys, hands out Trump coins and pins. Photo ...

Rudolph the leaky lawyer

More detail on former Texas Capt. making false ballot arrest

Nearly 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty since the summer

At least Steve Schmidt gets this - way too many Dems have allowed them to get away with it

OK! Got my snowblower set up, plugged in, boots, gloves, I'm ready for the storm!

Maskless Christmas singalong with Kirk Cameron 'un-Christian' in pandemic, mayor says

Tremendous evidence of voter fraud!

The forbidden words are "vulnerable," "entitlement," "diversity," "transgender," "fetus," "evidence-

Two Psychologists In The 1930s ...

More ways to call a drunk a drunk in 1763

George Takei: Oh dear, these are quite good. 😂

Atheism 2.0 Ted Talk

I'm sick of the meme that Republicans "overperformed" in House contests this year.

Did you know Fox News is dead?

Today- let us learn about Daddy Longlegs also known as " Harvestmen"

@SenatorDurbin to me on Russia hack just now, calls it "virtually a declaration of war" and says Pre

The reason Trump is sure that Biden cheated

Value of Loeffler's Mansion Dropped $6M Overnight--and Nobody Can Explain Why

Meanwhile on Russian state TV: "The winner takes it all."

Happy 250m birthday Beethoven

I picked up groceries before I ate breakfast

Lie of the Year...

NEW: BLUNT/KLOBUCHAR, members of Joint Inaugural committee, tell lawmakers today that the pandemic..

🚨BREAKING: Minnesota court DISMISSES the first of several election contests against @AngieCraigMN (M

Chicago: Violent crime rate doubles on CTA rail system, even with stepped-up police efforts and ....

Joe is LIVE! Mayor @PeteButtigieg is a barrier-breaking public servant with a track record of forwar

Four more sacrificed to gun violence in USA

So now that tRump has turned on McConnell, who's next?

Ron Johnson has a hissy fit at hearing today.

Each year I wish that some gorup would stage Handel's Judas Macabeo (Judah Maccabee)

Pittie Goes Wild Whenever Dad Gets Home

UPDATE DEC 18 - Does she have the energy to lead the energy department?

Cartoon: Putin's cue By Clay Jones -December 16, 2020 9:00 AM

Politifact Lie of the Year: Coronavirus downplay and denial

Politifact: Downplaying COVID-19 was Lie of the Year in 2020

QAnon Supporters Vow to Leave GOP After Mitch McConnell Accepts Election Result

Pete Buttigieg up now accepting Transportation Secretary position.

Howzabut some more funny animal pixs?

Buttigieg speaking now MSNBC

First Snow

Pete Buttigieg's acceptance speech is making my eyes leak!!

Applied to the Trump years

BLS Report: Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, Annual Report, for 2019

The age old question: Can farts spread disease?

Another spam Supreme Court filing full of lies

"rough beast slouches towards Bethlehem to be born": McCONAUGHEY

'We want them infected': Trump appointee demanded 'herd immunity' strategy, emails reveal

'We want them infected': Trump appointee demanded 'herd immunity' strategy, emails reveal

Detroit Seeks Fine and District Ban for 'Kraken' Lawyer Sidney Powell

Eroica Symphony Ludwig van Beethoven

More Republicans Say Trump Should Never Concede

Lev Parnas tweet on Ron Johnson's meltdown during today's hearing

Interesting point, Garry.

Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt are old buddies from waaaay back.

Governor Cuomo Briefing December 16 2020

Judge orders Trump Organization to give records to New York AG

Stop Praising Tom Cruise for Berating His Crew

American Airlines Flight Attendant Union Applauds Biden's Nomination of Pete Buttigieg as Transport

Covidiots in Texas trying to kill Wedding Photographers

Malcolm Nance: We're letting them eat our lunch.

A message from the NY AG and other states to the White House:

Grinding Up Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Into a DIP & bonus Hot Cocoa Bombs 😮😂

Grinding Up Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Into a DIP & bonus Hot Cocoa Bombs 😮😂

Someone explain the phrase 'tone deaf' to Ivanka.

Love AOC!!!

Paris city hall fined for putting too many women in senior roles

Former Sheraton hotel near New Castle opens as emergency homeless shelter ahead of snowstorm

The continuing disenfranchisement campaign began losing well before the election.

600 dollars?

Christmas Crack

I don't think this "Senate Hearing" is going the way Fox thought it would.

'Like a Hand Grasping': Trump Appointees Describe the Crushing of the C.D.C.

The first openly gay Cabinet Secretary will be in the line of succession

Per CNN Covid Stimulus should pass...Thank God!!!

New York Attorney General Letitia James will be a JOY to witness after January 20th.

Why is McConnell so dead set against payments to help state and local governments?

White House counsel's office warned Trump not to fire Chris Wray

WWII Denmark: Heroes Rescued Danish Jews From Nazis; Henny Sundig, Age 19 Resister; 99% Survived

A romantic moment with my wife as we discuss her 54 pound weight gain

Don Jr. holds forth at a Motel 6

My wife busted me right after Pete's speech

High court agrees to hear NCAA athlete compensation case

Help. "So this is Christmas" (The War is Over) Cover Wanted

CNN: Trump Toying with not leaving WH Jan. 20th

Widespread shock as emails reveal Trump appointee's 'monstrous' call to spread COVID-19 in America

Crying with Regret 울면서 후회하네 Han Yeoreum 한여름

Brianna Keillar is back from vacation, and is destroying "trump sycophants".....

How does leadership in the Democratic Party happen?

Nut job tries to arrest air conditioning repairman for ballot fraud

Even the Associated Press gets it wrong from time to time.

Have you noticed how often Trump supporters scream the US is a Republic and not a Democracy?

Miss my love 님 그리워 Jang Bo-yoon 장보윤

I guess we all knew this, but it's nice to see it in print. (Buttigieg)

Legislative Budget Panel Recommends Dipping into Reserves to Address Anticipated Shortfalls

Did not even notice that I popped over 7,000 posts.

Republicans Put A Grifter In Charge Of Their Coup

I like AOC and many of her ideas

After 9-Year Fight, Couple Ordered to Dump Superloud Frogs

Donald Trump at Biden's Inauguration -

Franchot Beefs Up Campaign Team, Outlines Broad Priorities in New Video

Beethoven Violin Concerto

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; 12/15/2020, #41

It's been a snowy morning here in southern Illinois. Just an inch and a half or so, but

I am envious of the Trump supporters for this. (Seriously)

Biden says he's 'confident' his son Hunter Biden did nothing wrong

'Vote like your lives depend on it': Biden makes urgent plea in Georgia Senate races

Mitt: Your Marriott Hotels can go Fuck Themselves. I stayed there on business-not anymore.

Blandles Egg McDuffin

Maine man arrested after reportedly chasing McDonald's employees with chainsaw

Need help with renew membership problem

Seattle to provide $5 million for small businesses, workers impacted by coronavirus pandemic

When UI extension looks to be had, this is the second time a threat comes to vote it down because

Seattle Restaurant Group Shows Support for City Tax on Large Corporations

Seattle set to clear homeless campers from Cal Anderson park

TCM Remembers 2020

MLB elevates Negro Leagues to 'Major League' status, giving 'overdue recognition' to 3,400 players

I Love Art With A Purpose

FUNNY, Bill Burr tells Mando he hates StarWars

The Negro Leagues are now 'major league' in eyes of MLB, its stats a part of official record

The first daughter, a noted epidemiologist, doesn't think lockdowns are "grounded in science."

Trump still hasn't conceded the election -- here's how other presidential runner-ups have graciousl

I never got a stimulus check. I didn't do my taxes till the last minute so I figured that was it

Mark-Almond - The City (1971 Studio Recording - Long Version)

Meanwhile over on Parler.. China's invasion of the USA from Canada into Maine is being covered up...

Online anti-Semitism peaks during moments of national tension...partly driven by Russian trolls

(Jewish Group) 'I don't hate you': Tlaib defends her relationship with Jews on antisemitism panel

Wedding photographers tell horror stories of covid careless weddings:

The Rude Pundit: Now Donald Trump Is Suing a State He Lost Bigly

1st day of early voting in GA number comparison.

And you say they have no sense of irony...

Trump asks about special counsel for Hunter Biden tax investigation

A top Trump fundraiser asked the FBI for help. Big mistake.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has launched a free virtual homework helper program for her district.

O'Hare International Airport's new Twitter bio after Pete Buttigieg's announcement

Will I be able to grab any of this UI money?


NEW: Twitter says it will start removing false or misleading claims about Covid-19 vaccines...

Updates: Precipitation has switched to icy mess after coating to couple inches of snow.

White House counsel's office warned Trump not to fire Chris Wray

The Lincoln Project is working with NAACP and Atlanta Community Food Bank

Right-Wing Embrace Of Conspiracy Is 'Mass Radicalization,' Experts Warn

What could be behind Javanka's move to Billionaire's Bunker?

I received this text from Rep. Greg Steube

Voldemort Cabinet Meeting Today?

*damning inside account* Trump Appointees Detail the Crushing of the CDC

Lol conservative whine

Facts are an insufficient response to falsehoods

WWII: Dec. 15, 1944, Musician Glenn Miller Flt. Lost Over English Channel; Battle of the Bulge Began

Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights Live (Sky Cam)

Thank You NAACP & your new partner, The Lincoln Project

Rep Hakeem Jeffries: "It's time to stop giving aid and comfort to an insurrection."

Frank, the Christmas Gargoyle

Donnie Dipshits Cabinet Meetings

DUer duhneece campaign update

Who can replace Pelosi when she retires?

Tyson fires 7 after investigation into allegations that managers bet on which workers would get COVI

Split-ticket voters helped Biden win Ga. Can they aid the GOP in the runoffs?

Meet Rumble, the YouTube Alternative Where Trump Could Still Win

Unhinged Patriot Group Plans "Great Escalation" in Helena Tomorrow

Summer of '20 on the 45th Parallel

Anybody else remember the possible Trump involvement in Broidy's abortion scandal?

Christopher Walken's FIRST movie role!

Christopher Walken's FIRST movie role!

'Like a Hand Grasping': Trump Appointees Describe the Crushing of the C.D.C.

David Perdue drops all pretense and completely gives away the game.

Are all the votes counted yet?

'In The Mood': Glenn Miller Lost On Flt Over The English Channel, Dec. 15, 1944, WWII

GOP asshole Steve Hotze is behind the attack on the AC repairman

Tyson fires seven managers at Waterloo pork plant who were tied to coronavirus wagering investigatio

'We want them infected': Trump appointee demanded 'herd immunity' strategy, emails reveal

Trump is nominating Rudy Giuliani's son to serve on the US Holocaust Memorial Council

Billions Spent on U.S. Cyberdefenses Failed to Detect Giant Russian Hack

'It's turned crazy': Inside the scramble for Trump pardons

Beethoven's PASTORALE

How do you milk sheep?

Fifty Years of Tax Cuts for Rich Didn't Trickle Down, Study Says

NOT a rain/snow pic, few days ago

Stop what you're doing right now and watch this. You'll thank me.

Uverworld: Kimi no Suina Uta (your favorite song)

WWII: Dec. 16, 1944, Battle of the Bulge, German Army Surrounds Allies in the Ardennes Mts.

Republicans will likely try to expand their current 23R-13D edge to a 26R-13D edge

Never Cry - Rie Suzuku

IS widow convicted in Charlie Hebdo, kosher market attacks

Talking with my wife ,I'm thinking Congresswoman Katie porter speaker of the house

Beethoven's PASTORALE

"Trump voters are much more than the fringe far right. They are the Republican Party."

Somebody like you.

Pandemic Pickup Lines

Our goal for the GA runoff 2020 has been raised again

How a New Hampshire libertarian utopia was foiled by bears

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 17 December 2020

Police captain charged with pointing gun at repairman, believing he was a voter fraud 'mastermind'

I Personally Don't Care If ...

CNN: Trump Organization must turn over documents to NY attorney general, judge rules

A new stimulus deal is emerging. But it heralds a grueling new normal.

Mitch McConnell gives away the game: 'Kelly and David are getting hammered'

Mark Rober: Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates

Big six veterans groups ask Trump to fire VA Secretary Wilkie immediately

Kelly Loeffler, Rand Paul Among GOP Senators Undecided on Objecting to Biden's Electors

Assassins - Documentary Trailer--Two young women assassinate Kim Jong-Nam of North Korea, in airport

Biden Calls On Voter To Turn Out While Campaigning For Warnock And Ossoff In Georgia

On this day, December 16, 1945, Tony Hicks, of The Hollies, was born.

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #9-19: 2020 Year In Review (Worst Year Ever) Edition

Amazon launches 26 solar and wind projects, becoming the world's largest corporate buyer of

How Donald Trump orchestrated the 'lie of the year'

#5 Piano Concerto Beethoven

Democrats win or lose elections based on one thing: How much did they do to help people?

Devos urges "resistance" to the incoming Biden Administration

The Problem With The World Is ...

Ron Johnson Brands Colleague a Liar, Airs Election Conspiracies in Unhinged Senate Hearing

Cartoons 12/16/2020

At last, Tim Eyman telling his side of the story

Police shot a Philly man, then accused him of rape. He was exonerated after 19 years.

new vocab word for today: Voteflake

How do you milk sheep?

Boeing finds more 787 quality defects, broadens inspections

Parents charged after renting party bus for child's birthday with 60 mask-less kids inside

I always tear up when I play this at Christmas but this year...

CNN: Keilar crushes Faux News for Bill Gates attacks

Why we should all have a red MAGA cap:

Trump's Twitter account was hacked, Dutch ministry confirms

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 16, 2020

Columbia Students Plan a Tuition Strike for Spring 2021 Semester

538: Why The Suburbs Have Shifted Blue

Home Made Kazoku - No Rain No Rainbow

Never Happens Here - The Lincoln Project

Turning the page? Republicans acknowledge Biden's victory

'Swing Kids' In Nazi Germany, Jazz Music Loving, Non-Conformist Youth 1930s, 1940s

Does Wolf Blitzer ever challenge a Repub about the stimulus?

This Guy Found His Purpose After Rescuing A Dog

"The Lincoln Party"

Ode to Joy, Beethoven's 9th Symphony

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein: A force in physics confronting racism in science.

Overheard This While Gassing Up My Car Today....

Watch election hearing get heated (CNN)

Leslie Jones is doing her thing tonight:

The Latest: Alaska woman has allergic reaction to vaccine

Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125 "Choral" Ludwig van Beethoven

It's ba-a-ck! Merry Frigging Xmas to you, too!

His name is Mike Pence and six months ago Today ...

Trump's Hair Has Finally ...

'Swing Kids' Movie Trailer (1993), Christian Bale, Kenneth Branagh: SwingJugend in Nazi Germany

Memorandum on the National Strategy for Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion. Space Policy Directive-6

John Jacob Niles - "John Henry" (1940)

Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; December 16, 2020

Scoop: Vice President Pence to receive televised vaccine shot

Pence's Remarks at a Life is Winning Event; December 16, 2020

Ignore all the breaking crap on M$Greedia - Killa Kon won't make it

See Buttigieg's speech after Biden's historic nomination

Prediction: McConnell will prove Trump doesn't have an iron grip on the GOP

NBC list of celebrities we lost in 2020. We lost a lot of fine musicians.

Biden AG pick down to two:

This is the text of the criminal referral on tRump

Pelosi kept Cong Dems together during the Trump era--a monumental exercise

Just A Cute Puppy

I really like Jon Ossoff

Here's a GREAT parody from Don Caron about th 12 Stains ofTrump's Messs!

In case you were curious, here's the lot Jarvankas want to buy

New Covid safety protocol- Avoid touching MEN and Instead follow WOMEN

Statement of Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff on expected nomination of Pete Buttigieg to lead USDOT

Kamala Harris to Robin Roberts: 'I feel a very big sense of responsibility' as historic VP

Florida man walks home bleeding 'to death' after sustaining a shark bite

Just read that Mike Huckabee is returning to Arkansas.

Florida's Sun Sentinel found an odd gap in state COVID-19 deaths ahead of the election

Maryland Gov. Hogan grants previously negotiated 2% raise to state workers

Let us not overlook the fact that over 3,000 died today.

'Sing, Sing, Sing': Benny Goodman, Big Band Swing

Kirk Cameron's caroling event in Thousand Oaks sparks backlash

Growing the Democratic Base - The Problem Is Deeper Than Just Flipping Trump Voters

Biden Will Get Vaccine Early Next Week

Relaxing MAGA Crackling Fireplace -- 30 Minutes -- With Christmas Music -- Yule Log

On FUX Noise, Madison Cawthorn Uses Racist Dog Whistles Against Raphael Warnock

Georgia secretary of state slams Perdue and Loeffler for demanding voter data they already have

DeBlasio trying to become the most hated person in NY

Betsy Devos tells Department of Education to resist Biden administration