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Seriously? The people who now claim their panties are in a twist about the Biden campaign's WOMAN

There are no words.

The No No No Know it all Man

Today should be a national holiday - Happy 87th Birthday to our founder, Virginia Ali.

Storm Yasa hits Fiji with destructive winds of 240 km/h (150 mph).

SolarWinds investors sold millions of dollars in stock in the days before the intrusion was revealed

12/18 Mike Luckovich- A wish List

U.S. whistleblower was pressed to exaggerate leftist role in urban protests, lawyer says


Is Success Luck or Hard Work?

A foul smeling house that you won't Madagascar...London Daily Mail

What's taking the Covid relief bill so long?

Bradley Whitford tweet:

think how Trump/Kushner/Miller screwed up the lost children, then apply to cuts in vaccine to states

Bow hunting should be viewed with the same horror as bull fighting, cock fighting or dog fighting

Krusty on Fox News

The best way to understand the election

Damage from border wall: blown-up mountains, toppled cactus

David Perdue's extraordinary rate of stock trades:

Do you know any other DUers in real life?

Rice selected over Ocasio-Cortez for spot on Energy & Commerce panel

At Least 5 Dead as Winter Storm Gail Hammers the Northeast; Plane Slides off Taxiway in Baltimore

July 9, 2017-Trump: "Putin & I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit..."

GOP Loses Georgia Bid to Tweak Mail-in Ballot Rules for Runoff

Good evening

US Senate seats that Democrats are favored to win in 2022.

California Activates 'Mass Fatality' Program As State Sets New Virus Records

Mitch to get vaccine in coming days

Has our nuclear arsenal been compromised...?

Place your bets....

Peter schilling - Major tom

Great Meidas Touch anti-Loeffler ad, using Matt Gaetz against her:

4 Counties Sued For Trying To Rig Georgia Senate Runoffs By Not Providing Early Voting

Steve Domitrovich, Last Survivor Malmedy Massacre, Dec. 17, 1944, Battle of the Bulge WWII

Welcome to the most DIVERSE administration in American history!

Trump Cites Georgia To Raise Cash For Slush Fund, But Has Spent Nothing On Those Races

I'd pay real money to see this, live on TV

He doesn't give a shit about any of us

The left and the right - cartoon

Need new position in Biden Admin: Czar of "You Got Told." I nominate Steve Schmidt. nt

Motherboard question

Had to post this meme

Rand Paul and Newt Gingrich openly fret people voting will "affect the outcome" of Georgia runoffs

Biden and lawmakers raise alarms over cyber-breach amid Trump silence

White House aides talked Trump out of last-minute demand for stimulus checks as big as $2,000


Stephen King has a way with words:

Hackers targeted the US government agency tasked with securing the nuclear weapons stockpile

The Spanish establish some forts in the Carolinas in 1500 and something.

New ad: Irma, a Republican nurse from Augusta, is backing Ossoff and Warnock because

Inslee Unveils $57.6 Billion Budget Proposal For 2021-2023

"Democrats would never put up with a Presidential Election stolen by the Republicans!"

Pierce County starts free eviction resolution program before COVID-19 moratorium ends

Georgia Ur Votin' 4ME2: Original Song by Patti Austin - Meidas Touch

ICU Capacity Drops to 0% in Southern California Region as Coronavirus Cases Soar

How the Republicans stole the 2000 presidential election

Poll seen on Fox News - this says it all!!!

Peace on Earth

Dominion CEO fires back at Trump's 'bizarre blizzard' of conspiracies (CNN)

trump admin was asleep at the wheel, agaln, while hackers played us like a fiddle.

12/17/92 GHW Bush signs NAFTA

Profits Over People: Heather Gardner - Meidas Touch

Statement by Pfizer on COVID vaccine distribution

GOP Senator Says Short Shutdown Possible: Congress Update

GOP senator in critical race refuses to answer question nine times (CNN)

French President Macron tests positive for COVID-19

Trump has threatened not to leave the White House on Inauguration Day, report says

What is the current D lead in seats in the new House?

Leslie Jones : It's Ova!

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

What Historic & Nature Places do you want to (or have) visit(ed)?

How anti-vaxxers sound to the rest of us:

The WH Will Not Need To JUST Fumigate

"Tucker Carlson is lying to undermine public confidence in the coronavirus vaccine."

The Oath-Keepers seem perturbed about something.....

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 20, 2020 - Classic Christmas Marathon

Native American Deb Haaland from NM has been nominated to

Sound Transit Board acts to expand low-income fares, launch pilot project changing fare inspection

"Trump in the end will be shown to have been the most damaging Cold War traitor since the Rosenbergs

Does anyone have any updates on how the GA Senate run-offs are going?

Kirk Cameron defends mask-less caroling events: 'We believe there is immunity in community'

Kemp Says His Family Has Received Death Threats

This is about how I imagine Trump getting tossed out

Jobs for America! (NSFW)

Landmark College Athletes Bill of Rights to be introduced in Congress

MacKenzie Scott donates $9 Million to Vermont Foodbank

I bet the Trump admin is hindering Pfizer vaccine distribution

TCM Schedule for Monday December 21, 2020 - Classic Christmas Marathon

Trump is warned not to destroy White House records before he leaves office

I honestly can't believe this


U.S. high court rejects religious school challenge to Kentucky coronavirus shutdown order

Make the pledge:

Negro League statistics are now Major League statistics

Buttigieg promises 'infrastructure week' won't be a joke when he's transportation secretary

Here's the latest in Trumpist obviously-didn't-catch-the-ending bad comparisons.

Jeremy Bulloch (The original Bobo Fett) has passed

New York Passes Law Banning Confederate Flags, Hate Symbols From Being Sold on State Property

The Butcher of Mar-a-Lago's hoax killed more Americans than Hitler did ... and he's not done yet.

Mpls cop told teens he was proud U.S. troops killed 'you folk.' Union fought to keep his job.

Chances of Dems holding Deb Haaland's NM seat,

"Asking You": Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock for Senate

Judge dismisses Georgia lawsuit alleging mishandling of absentee ballots

The Pretenders: 2,000 Miles *Winter Holiday Song*

Bookmakers: Trump Bets like "taking candy from a baby"

Cool photo of the Atlanta Dream WNBA team...which is owned by Kelly Loeffler

'Financial Batman' in the Lead to Run Biden's CIA

The House of Representatives...

Kansas sheriff's deputy accused of deliberately running over Black former detective

Here's how Trump will leave the White House

Nuclear Weapons Agency Breached Amid Massive Cyberattack

Facebook is allowing an outrageously dishonest attack ad about Raphael Warnock

Georgia, please!

Rachel was hotter than a two dollar pistol this evening when reporting how Pfizer HAS millions

Most comprehensive attack by Russia we've seen yet?

From Herd Immunity to Criminal Liability for Trump & Pence for Avoidable Coronavirus Deaths

Can't stop searching for Sarah Jarosz music

Apprentice reboot?

Newly pardoned Michael Flynn casually promoting sedition on Newsmax

'Too Hot To Handle': Fred & Ginger

Trump Attorney Lin Wood

President Elect Biden Suppressing His Irishness:

1st heard this guitar when I was in 7th grade - I still love Eddie.

I can't stop laughing at this video of a British politician taking a seat.

results of a slightly overdue plumbing project

How quickly the hourglass turns over...

Sometimes, ignorance is just ignorance.

Got a nice thank-you note from Jennifer Granholm today...

Dan Crenshaw claims his Twitter account was hacked after it's discovered he's following an escort

Ultimate Stair Dance, Jazz: The Nicholas Brothers, Cab Calloway

Blue Christmas

8 nuns die of COVID-19 in last week at Wisconsin convent

Trump Tells Advisers He Will REFUSE TO LEAVE White House

LOL: Second Stimulus MIGHT Include $600 Per Person

36th run for the America's Cup started today in NZ.

Georgia Democrat slams runoff opponent for not recognizing Biden's win

Kemp Says His Family Has Received Death Threats

Where the hell did these fruit flies come from?!?

Why I believe Trump will leave quietly a few days before, and no problem at all..

Meet Joe Biden's top climate and energy leaders

Some Great Dance 1928- 1930: *Who's The Famous Actor In The Film?

#Mitt4Independent - Support this hashtag!

The Daily Social Distancing Show: When Will It End?

SolarWinds: A Perfect Target

New Cabinet position: Secretary of Whoop-Ass!

Boba Fett actor from original 'Star Wars' has died at 75: report

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Fires Trump

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 12/17/20

Well it's bedtime again. Last song. Here is Stiff Little Fingers

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Bonus Track featuring President Obama

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Bonus Track featuring President Obama

'Take The A Train': Duke Ellington

Seth Meyers - Trump Continues Voter Fraud Claims Despite Biden's Electoral College Win - Monologue

Well - - color me super-pissed-off!!!

The Avalanches - The Divine Chord ft. MGMT, Johnny Marr

The Avalanches - Interstellar Love ft. Leon Bridges

Wayne County (MI) Sheriff Benny Napoleon dies of complications from COVID-19

Anyone watch the Chargers @ Vegas???

Rudy Giuliani Hustles Cigars And Gold Coins In An Absurd Video

Swing Kids Jazz In Nazi Germany; Uncle Adolph Takes Over, Lambeth Walk Parody

This hack could be path to Trump's downfall

I wish the news media would stop showing people getting the poke.

Seth Meyers: Stacey Abrams Exposes How Republicans Hold Onto Power Through Voter Suppression

Has there been any indication if Krebs will get his job back?

It is such a warm pleasure to watch the Bidens on TV with Stephen Colbert

Vaccine delivery cuts

Seth Meyers - Trump Threatens Not to Leave White House on Inauguration Day: A Closer Look

Inspired by all this Irish music...

I am going to barf.

Rankin/Bass CBS Christmas Special W/Vintage Commercials

Trump's DISGUSTING Plot Intentionally Infects Kids With COVID-19

The Republican Party has become the Donner Party.

America's 2nd Benedict Arnold...

about those kilts.

This is a perfect graphic!

Reanimating Queen Elizabeth, Anne Boleyn, Abraham Lincoln and Others Using Photos and AI.

We all need to laugh right now!

Name somethings that you want Biden to do?

How come the parking lots of Albuquerque gyms are still full?

PE-&-FLOTUS-elect BIDENs on COLBERT - am in love.

Colombia wants paramilitary chiefs in prison, not testifying in court

Chuck Todd gets Trump's COVID response in the gravest terms to date. This must continue because ...

Digital Activism Group Sleeping Giants Comes out of Anonymity

Give Peace a Chance

Trump approval 43.6% disapproval 52.5%

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos heads for the exits, leaving a legacy of turmoil

"Farewell, Work Holiday Parties"

Mexico's minimum wage to rise 15% over business objections

Economic recovery? What happened? Money tonight.

Money Don't Matter 2 Night

Under court settlement, no coal ash for Colon mine in Lee County

All My Dreams - Prince

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Really Thinks He Can Stay in the White House

Prince - Sign O' The Times 2004

Surprising Strangers Switching from Chinese to Japanese: Yokohama Chinatown #3

Surprising Strangers Switching from Chinese to Japanese: Yokohama Chinatown #3

Tevin Campbell - Round And Round

Prince - Thieves In The Temple

American Boys Pretending to Not Speak Korean ( Actually Fluent ) - Prank - [ Sean Pablo ]

Fruit flies - *BANANAS* (peels?) --------- See post #36 in catbyte's thread:

Two by Wm. Alwyn, One by Boccherini

Prince - Batdance (Official Music Video)-1989

Prince & The Revolution - Anotherloverholenyohead (Official Music Video)

538: Loeffler and Perdue catch up in GA

What Goes on at A Proud Boys Rally - NowThis

Prince & The New Power Generation - 7 (Official Music Video)

Confronting and Ending the US Blockade Against Cuba

Joe Cunningham bids farewell to SC seat by finally cracking a beer on US House floor

Former police chief says Rochester mayor pressured him to lie about his response to Daniel Prude's d

Former police chief says Rochester mayor pressured him to lie about his response to Daniel Prude's d

Bob George - Prince Black Album

Reports: Nuclear Weapons Agency Breached Amid Massive Cyberattack - All In - MSNBC

Fleetwood Mac - Sara

Michigan lawmakers reinstate freeze on water shutoffs

New York bans display of Confederate flag and other hate symbols on state grounds

Peru: Serious Police Abuses Against Protesters

Prince Welcome 2 The Dawn

Sun Belt football championship game canceled

Bullshit begets more Bullshit...

Prince - Batdance

White House aides talked Trump out of last-minute demand for stimulus checks as big as $2,000

Microsoft says it found malicious software in its systems

here's another reason why trump etc belong at the hague (as if we needed any more reasons)

Sparks - A Song That Sings Itself

Cedric Richmond, incoming member of Biden administration, tests positive for coronavirus

The Doors (rare live footage)

I wish u heaven (take this beat)

Several States Notified Of Reduction In Planned Vaccine Shipments, Raising Questions - Rachel Maddow

TIME Magazine cover December 17, 1979

Prince - America (Live 1985) [Official Video]

Unicef to feed children in UK for first time

Unicef to feed children in UK for first time

Under the Cherry Moon

Trump Whines About The Supreme Court He Thought He Bought

Round and round Tevin Campbell

Welcome 2 the Dawn (Acoustic Version)

States report confusion as government reduces vaccine shipments, while Pfizer says it has 'millions'

Prince - Sex

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/17/20

Stephen Colbert: Guests President-Elect Joseph R Biden and Dr. Jill Biden

US Senate seats that Democrats win in 2022 to get back in the majority in the US Senate in 2022.

This is a picture of stupid fuckheads and assholes in a bar in Minnesota opened in defiance

Dominion threatens legal action against former Trump lawyer

'Sadistic and amoral': Mental health expert performs postmortem on the 'pathological' Trump presiden

Congressman cracks open beer in final US House speech

Julian Lennon - Hold On

All of the firsts!

Report: Slain officer tripped during California bar massacre

Somehow, a Monstrous Supermassive Black Hole Has Gone Missing

Since the "socialism" label is soooo bad, Republicans should work with Biden to scrap these programs

Any chance Chuck Grassley resigns from his US Sen. seat so Gov. Reynolds appoints Pat Grassley?

An RAF veteran from the free Polish forces is giving a talk to a class of young school children...

So, these Hunter Biden emails the right keeps screaming about

A World Class Womp-Womp For Scott Morrison; China Bans All Australian Coal Imports

PFAS Forever Chem Poison Found In Everyone, Even Unborn, Who's Responsible: Rob Bilott 'Dark Waters'

Georgia Democrats Say Trump Is Helping

Trump Fights for a Job He's Not Doing

"The Invasions Do Not Stop, The Deforestation Does Not Stop & The Threats Do Not Stop"

JoeScum et al are tearing Lil Marco to bits right now

Friday TOONs - The Maw

Laser Survey Of Amazon Basin Forest: Even "Healthy" Regions Now Degrading During Droughts

Surprise! WTO Fails To Meet 2020 Deadline For Eliminating Harmful Fishing Subsidies

FTI Consulting, Who Brought Us "Clean" NG On Behalf Of Big Oil, Now Pimps "Clean" Hydrogen For Them

Walk a mile in Mike Pence's shoes...

48 Years Ago Today; Neilia and Naomi Biden are killed in a traffic accident

48 years ago on this day December 18, Joe Biden lost his first wife and daughter

Deep Ocean Carbon Transfer Much More Dynamic Than You'd Think (Trust Me - Watch This!)

Who remembers the Saturday Review?

Garcetti won't serve in Biden administration

Californian allegedly obtained UI benefits using Feinstein's identity

HHS secretary tells staff: My wife is sick with Covid

Sun Belt Championship canceled after positive COVID-19 test within CCU football program

Watch live: Pence publicly receives coronavirus vaccine

Trump continues his assault upon America's institutions.

FL Climate Officer Left 10 Mos Ago; Will Gov. Deathsentence Hire Anyone? A Sports Blogger, Maybe?

Democrats will be gaining seats in the US Senate in 2022.

Congress to receive first batch of Covid-19 vaccines, but uncertainty lingers

Prosecutors: Gangsters in SC prisons ordered murders, ran drug empire with cellphones


20 Years Ago CERP Lurched Into Motion To Restore Everglades; Rising Seas Not Part Of The Plan

The Cyber Attack. The only purpose that the Russians would have to take over our

Son in federal prison has Covid...asking for healing vibes, prayers, whatever you got

Anthony Fauci: PCR test results are mis-interpreted.

'Enough To Actually Put Him In Jail':Doc Calls Trump's COVID Response Medically Criminally Negligent

Worth repeating from last night. Thank you Stallion. [Pro-trump bettors]

Congress to receive first batch of Covid-19 vaccines,


Man who spoiled Georgia US Senate race for Perdue, Ossoff to run for governor in 2022

Exxon Makes Grudging, Pinched Pledge To "Limit Emissions Intensity", Along W. Soothing Mouth Sounds

Breakfast Friday 18 December 2020

The imminent demise of the Republican Party

Trump's Schedule for Friday, December 18, 2020


How about we start calling Trump "The President-Reject"

Newly released video shows police didn't immediately help Ahmaud Arbery as he lay dying

Last Date

Biden rallies for Democrats in Senate runoffs 'to get something done'

On this day, December 18, 1981, the "SCTV Staff Christmas Party" episode was aired.

Billion dollar Plant Vogtle tab debate could be on the line with PSC runoff

Keith Richards is 77 today.

Former UGA professor pleads guilty in child pornography case

@VP Pence gets the covidvaccine WHILE MILLIONS OF DOSES SIT IN A WAREHOUSE...

It has started already Biden won't be President for another month yet. Just saw an ad

Former top Postal Service official testifies Mnuchin and White House were involved in slowing mail

John Delaney: more important that Biden's cabinet is diverse than if it's moderate or progressive

@Deb Haaland NM tweet as Biden's pick for Dept of Interior...........

Republicans "have resorted to offering one shabby excuse after another for the president's conduct."

I told a Somali vet happy birthday he turned 50 today

1 Year Ago Today; Trump impeached by the House of Representatives

My fault I know but the surgeon general of the united states is

The Rundown: December 18, 2020

Free Comic Book Day Announces 2021 Plans

2020 Year in Review: Best Letterer

2020 Year in Review: The Dave Stewart Award For Best Colorist

2020 Year in Review: Best Cover Artist

Why do we have this double standard? Last evening, I listened to a calm reasoned evaluation

The origin of Super Villains: Pharzoof

Ayanna Pressley Says $600 Stimulus Checks An 'Insult' As Americans Struggle

I was just reading Trump may go back to reality TV on the Apprentice. I was thinking

Sargent Meow rewards his humans.

On-The-Street-Parking Blues

Matthew Yglesias: The Latinx problem

Chris Rea Driving Home For Christmas

The man who "led" the White House Coronavirus Task Force

Eric Boehlert: 'Dems in Disarray' -- the press targets Biden

The Jill Biden furor is about more than titles. It touches on gender, race and civility.

Joe, fire the charisma "experts." Be who and what you are.

Home schooling question: Does my daughter get a chemistry credit for making

F*cking Concede!

Democrats will have a net gain of 1 seat in the US Senate in 2022.

The biggest conspiracy theory of them all!!!

Ocasio-Cortez passed over for Kathleen Rice on Energy and Commerce Committee

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

YOU raised $2,570.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-17-20 (over $225,000 raised so far)

Question for DU'ers still working at home.

To my prophetic friends: You were either right or you were wrong

Chief Inspector Murphy relaxing with toys

Report: Nearly a quarter of local child care providers could close by early 2021

Trump pardons expected today

Season 2 Finale of Mandalorian--Spoiler Free Post

Bloomberg's "Vaccination Tracker"

My left eyelid is blue

VP Mike Pence got the vaccine and said, "I didn't feel a thing." The self-professed Christian also

US cybersecurity agency warns suspected Russian hacking campaign broader than previously believed

Trump's Last Stand

I got an email today from my Medicare Advantage plan provider.

Why is the gov. holding back 20% of the Pfizer vaccine? I've heard benign answers, but . . .

The Georgia Runoff

42-Year-Old Man Wins Lawsuit Against Parents Who Threw Away His 'Large Collection' of Porn

At 10:00 EST it will be 32 days, 13 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds to go but who is counting?

Well, now, this is really beautiful.

Biden Says Lindsey Graham Has Been A 'Personal Disappointment'

Geez - CBS am news did a 2020 retrospective

Axios: Pentagon halts Biden transition briefings

This is truly funny! "Why does Matt Hancock sit down like Woody in Toy Story when a human enters the

Trump demands McConnell help him undo election loss 'or you won't have a Republican Party anymore'

Trump gave 'green light' for Russia to hack into Pentagon computers: National security reporter

For those who write and submit to journals, etc. may I despair for a minute

Scoop: Pentagon halts Biden transition briefings

Love Charles Pierce

Story time

75 People and Counting Test Positive for COVID After North Carolina Church's Christmas Musical

Snide "we're taking a knee" response from Pentagon to news about halt on transition briefings

can anyone recommend a good identity protection service?

Dems say Sen. Toomey blowing up talks

Allen West goes biblical on Democrats moving to Texas from NY: 'Same as when God was destroying...

Pentagon in shock as Trump's new defense chief orders a department-wide halt to cooperation with...

Senator-Elect Tommy Tuberville Threatens Electoral College Challenge When He Takes Office:...

Pic Of The Moment: National Security In The Age Of Trump

300,000+dead Americans, untold numbers globally, this....guy doesn't "feel a thing"

Disability insurance coverage was continued for hip replacement I cancelled over COVID concerns.

Kansas Cops run their vehicle over a black man

Cartoon: Georgia stretch By Clay Jones -December 18, 2020 9:00 AM

1 in 5 Prisoners in the U.S. Has Had COVID-19

Joe Biden Calls Ex-Friend Sen. Lindsey Graham a 'Personal Disappointment' For Failing...

Sen. Shaheen: Congress members wanting to overturn election are "bordering on sedition and treason"

With Trump silent, reprisals for hacks may fall to Biden

Ex-Trump Official Says Biden Pick Will Be Tough on China

Sen. Ron Johnson: There's no reason to give struggling Americans much help

Christmas 2020 Yule log Dumpster Fire channel on YouTube.

A trove of ages past

December 5: heavy hail storm and thunderstorms hit Beirut, Lebanon causing flooding.

I know this song is about opioid addiction, but so many of us cross use

Trump administration deporting 4-year-old with broken arm and other children

Supreme Court tosses challenge to Trump's immigrant census plan

Damn I hate Florida!

7635 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Fri; 142 deaths

The GOP's Hatred For Facts & Science Started Under Reagan, Not Trump: Krugman

Those sounds

Ugh. A very dear friend just lost her mom to Covid

If you enjoy Xmas, you might want to thank the Vikings

Crazy day ahead? . . . The cost of liberty is eternal vigilance, as they say.

YouTube link for December 21 Winter Solstice sunrise over Stonehenge live

Corgi's got a ticket to ride:

Surge in new voter registrations could flip Georgia Senate seats blue

Unusual way to scrape snow from car:

Side effect of C19 vaccine revealed

Deb Haaland (Interior Secretary nominee): "I'll be fierce for all of us"

Congressman Devin Nunes Files 9th lawsuit against a Fake Twitter Cow.

Guidance needed. Santa came early and he brought me a MacBook Pro (13")

Michigan House passes bills aimed at limiting Whitmer's power

Trump moved cyber security budget to pay for his wall before major hacking assault

And for all of the Pennsylvanians that thought Toomey was a great "guy", he is an a.....

well, here's some sketchy shit.

Total early votes in the Georgia senate election so far: 1,123,095

Omg i just got an email from "medicare providers" titled Get a free quote for Trumpcare Health

The Christmas Intruder

One OVERLOOKED plus of Doturds exit from the White House...

The Horrifying American Roots of Nazi Eugenics

Sam Andrew, lead guitar for Big Brother was born on this date.

Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson was born on this date.

Call your GOP Senators about the need for a stimulus now! Link for contact information provided.

Keith Richards has a birthday today.

Motorist rescued after 10 hours in car buried by snow plow

Why AOC lost secret ballot for a seat on powerful House committee

When Biden appoints members of Congress - two by now, I think

Biden Cabinet Meeting - (Luckovich)

Europe is paying less than U.S. for many coronavirus vaccines

Pretend: Democrats in white, repugs in green.

McConnell's Stunning Admission

Rachel Vindman responds to Sen. Jim Inhofe:

Pentagon Halts Briefings with Biden Transition

The way you do the thing you do

CNBC: Moderna vaccine side effect: rheumatoid arthritis

Paris 1940, German Occupation, Film

KKKelly Loeffler Keeps Posing For Photos With White Supremacists And Other Extremists

Pence's Remarks at a Safe and Effective Vaccine Confidence Event; December 18, 2020

Tucker Carlson Tells Audience Not to Trust Vaccine

Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; December 18, 2020

TeapubliKKKans throw up another last-minute roadblock to COVID-19 relief package

America's dumbest new senator could force every Republican in Congress to take Trumpian loyalty test

Best description of the worst year ever, ever!

RuPaul's Drag Race Will Air on the CW, MTV

RuPaul's Drag Race Will Air on the CW, MTV

'Bordering on sedition': Dem senator calls for sanctioning GOP lawmakers trying to overturn election

AOC calling out the GOP,who are worrying about deficits

"If ever there were a year to gather together and celebrate..." holiday show promotion

Biden to Seek Talks With Maduro in Reversal of Trump Plan

Damn you, 2020! Ann Reinking, Broadway dancer and 'Chicago' choreographer, dies at 71

Democrats Say Deal Stalled on GOP's Fed Push

I want a Special Counsel investigating Trump

Biden: Political efforts to target son amount to 'foul play'

Senator Ron Johnson blocks $1,200 checks for Americans sought by Senator Josh Hawley.

MAGA leaders call for the troops to keep Trump in office

Jenny McCarthy Mourns the Death of Her Dog: 'She Was Like a Daughter to Me'

Trump appoints conservative activist Charlie Kirk to commission to promote 'patriotic education'

Top 20 Cute AF Pet Moments Best Pets Of The Year 2020

Trump lauds Tommy Tuberville after Alabama GOP senator leaves open objecting to election results

SolarWinds hackers broke into U.S. cable firm and Arizona county, web records show

Hey, Republicans!

Democrats will at least have a net gain of 1 seat in the US Senate in 2022. Here is how?

Menorah at Dartmouth shot with pellets, in latest Hanukkah attack

A Christmas Like No Other By Connie Schultz

AXIOS scoop: Pentagon halts Biden transition briefings

Freezing rain for the third day in a row in Kharkov, Ukraine

Soul of Georgia - Black-owned restaurants across Atlanta help GOTV

Jared Kushner helped create a Trump campaign shell company that secretly paid the president

Armageddon Update: It's BOTH SIDES (or is it?)

I'll Be Back: A Trump Hamilton Parody

MAGA leaders call for the troops to keep Trump in office

Mark Shields and the Best of American Liberalism The man who loves politics.

Larry Kudlow shrugs off massive cyber hack, doesn't "see any immediate economic impact."

Donald J. Traitor

Jared Kushner helped create a Trump campaign shell company that secretly paid the family...

When someone shows you who they are . . .

Japan to step up defenses from Chinese, North Korean threats

They are not all scumbags

Irritated by loss, Trump hunkers down at the White House and avoids talk of future

I think Killa Kon is very very busy

Inside the wild world of PPE sales

Wealthy patients scramble for a vaccine: 'If I donate $25,000 ... would that help me?'

Chicago police union head facing firing over violent Facebook threats

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Jon Batiste on Colbert 12/17

2020 not over yet...Antarctica rocked by 30,000 tremors in 3 months

Dispute Over Fed's Powers Complicates Stimulus Negotiations.

All I Want For Christmas

The War on the Deep State

Trump gets taken down by a talking Cat!

'Bordering on sedition': Dem senator calls for sanctioning GOP lawmakers trying to overturn election

Jon Batiste "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (so very special this 2020 xmas)

Governor Cuomo Briefing December 18 2020

This needs a freedom breathing CAPTION

The Top 10 Worst Trump-Enabling Takes of 2020

It's time to review again the Presidential Emergency Action Documents - PEAD

AOC: 'If Republicans are suddenly so concerned about govt. spending, repeal the $2T GOP tax scam'

Over 1.1 million ballots cast in early voting for Georgia U.S. Senate runoffs

Anti-maskers in Arizona invade a Target

Kushner helped create a Trump campaign shell company that secretly paid the president's family 617mi

Fact check: Hugo Chvez's family does not own Dominion Voting Systems

Pence got a vaccine shot on TV -- BUT

I must've been hungry last night 🎅🌲😳

The wealthy scramble for COVID-19 vaccines: 'If I donate $25,000 ... would that help me?'

Liberation of Munich, Germany April 30, 1945, Film

NYC advances bill protecting fast food workers from being fired without valid reason

MAGA leaders call for the troops to keep Trump in office

An angry customer threw his drink at a fast-food worker. The next customer responded


How Offshore Oddsmakers Made a Killing off Gullible Trump Supporters

GOP Attacks on 'Defund the Police' and 'Socialism' Worked

GOP senator blocks bill to provide $1,200 stimulus checks

A white Christmas surprise? Flakes could fly along the East Coast on Thursday.

WTF is wrong with Ron Johnson?

On this day, December 18, 2017, an Amtrak train running on a new route derailed near Olympia.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received the COVID-19 vaccine today

Abortion, Guns and Trump: A Church Group Tries to Navigate America's Divisions

CDC report reveals ways Head Start child care programs have prevented COVID-19 outbreaks

Famous persons referred to as "Doctor" that are NOT MDs

Trump administration claims that there was an agreed-upon break in DOD transition meetings are false

Just heard Potus-elect and Dr. Biden receiving innoculations Monday,

Ted Lieu and a Kurshner slush fund and twitter

Trump official on herd immunity: We want them infected

Huge new study shows trickle-down economics makes inequality worse, researchers say

Trump silent in wake of massive cybersecurity hack

Berman: We haven't heard squat from Trump about Covid-19

**New** Could Rudy Giuliani face perjury charges? (David Corn, Mother Jones)

Anti-vaxxers and alt-right groups team up to stoke fears on COVID-19 vaccines

Switzerland just became the 29th country to get marriage equality

Question for Californian Politico Officianados

I've never seen guff heaped on AOC directed against moderates who tried to replace Speaker Pelosi

The $600 stimulus check:

The congressmen who yelled out "You Lie" at Obama during

Sheriff's deputy in Kansas intentionally uses his truck to run over a Black man

Why Trump can't give up being a Mobster

Interior shuts Washington Monument after interior secretary tests positive for the coronavirus

Pardon me.

Dutch canal jumping:

Eyman: I may never qualify another ballot measure again

A disgusting GOP attack ad shows what's really at stake in Georgia

Chanukah 5781/2020: An Antisemitism Recap

Dedicated to 'little marco'.

Cartoons 12/18/2020

If Trump pardons himself, Biden should un-pardon him

...if they move my desk one more time......😆😁 🔥

Gov. Inslee proposes taxes on capital gains, health insurers

The weather for Seattle is...

Biden calls Lindsey Graham 'a personal disappointment' for not recognizing election win

Whatsis I hear about Atlantic City auctioning off the chance to push the button for the last...

Does It Matter Which COVID-19 Vaccine You Get?

Just called all 3 of my MOCs -

Perdue and Loeffler advancing conspiracy theories about "out-of-state voters" to show allegiance...

Inside the Ivanka-Melania War

Scathing Supercut Shows How Republicans Keep Moving The Goal Posts On Trump's Defeat

Pentagon halts Biden transition briefings

San Diego has suspended enforcement of #COVID19 restrictions for restaurants & live entertainmente..

Trump Bows to Reality, Asks Confidants: Should I Do 'The Apprentice' Again?

At Pence rally, Trump supporters in Macon urge president to 'not step down' Read more here: https:/

Pfizer said it had millions of doses of vaccine sitting in a warehouse because the federal

Millionaire senator: Giving $1,200 to struggling families isn't fair to their kids

I know you REALLY will want one of these

🍷 Illegal winery was operating in Alabama town's wastewater treatment plant, cops say

Sony Removes Cyberpunk 2077 From PlayStation Store After Complaints

I Would Like To Be The First To Volunteer To Help Remove Trump From The White House

Texas reports new high of nearly 17,000 confirmed cases in a day, as testing increases

Elite Kraken team tried to file 4 cases at the SCOTUS and seems to have managed to mess up 2 of them

An Unprepared N.Y.P.D. Badly Mishandled Floyd Protests, Watchdog Says

I was digging through a close and found this 'interesting' piece of campaign memorabilia.

MAGA Humor FTW - from Reddit...

Nuclear Weapons Agency Breached Amid Massive Cyber Attack : Trumpism breeds incompetence

Rick Wilson talks to German TV about the rise of Trumpism and beyond.

Ron Johnson could have handed Georgia to Democrats.

Trump Is A Loser and A Total Failure....

Kushner... shell company ... 1/2 of the campaign's money ... $617 million ... paid to Trump Family

Rand Paul's convinced election was stolen -- but not sure he'll do anything about it

Bidens to receive first dose of Pfizer vaccine Monday

It seems my friends in Dallas must have had a decent year

Why can't we use the National Defense Act to have other companies manufacture the vaccine?

Trump's Florida neighbor really doesn't want him living at Mar-a-Lago

A dog with an axe.

Old is new again

Donald Trump has real reason to be worried: Democrats are pursuing accountability this time

How Offshore Oddsmakers Made a Killing off Gullible Trump Supporters

MN court DISMISSES 4 Republican election contests seeking to overturn the results of 2020 House...

Gov. Whitmer levels Trump over vaccine delays: 'The bottleneck appears to be the White House'

Gov. Whitmer levels Trump over vaccine delays: 'The bottleneck appears to be the White House'

Illegal winery busted at Alabama town's sewage plant

Amazon Warehouse Workers In Alabama Plan Vote On 1st U.S. Union

VA starts administering vaccine...Puget Sound report here...

VA starts administering vaccine...Puget Sound report here...

For all you people who have me on ignore...

Jim Jordan's entry for Worst Tweet of 2020

Prediction: Trump will refuse the vaccine

QAnon Anonymous

New York Times opinion article, "What is Death?"

Former President Jimmy Carter to receive coronavirus vaccine 'when it is available to him'

***December Photo Contest -- Autumn -- Thread 3 of 3--Preliminary Round***

***December Photo Contest -- Autumn -- Thread 2 of 3--Preliminary Round***

***December Photo Contest -- Autumn -- Thread 1 of 3--Preliminary Round***

Trumpism in the end game: Donald Trump has given up

Kamala Harris to Campaign In Georgia

Trump expected to issue wave of pre-Christmas pardons today

Chris Christie SMACKS DOWN Trump over bogus fraud claims - Brian Tyler Cohen

I'm sorry, but I don't see the frivolous lawsuit to overturn the election as sedition

I Am Sure The Trump Kids Claimed And Paid Taxes On All The Money From The Slush Fund

A return to fake right-wing outrage: Without Trump, Republicans run back to sexist resentments

Governor Whitmer's Covid update

Post Office is designated distributor of vaccines in government continuity plans?

spaghetti ornaments..... yes or no?

Peter Lamont, Production Designer on Bond Films Who Won Oscar for 'Titanic,' Dies at 91

Metrobus To Resume Front-Door Boarding, Fare Collection In January

I'm having PTSD while I'm in Arizona after driving from San Francisco

Founder's Day ceremony is awesome..!!

I don't often agree much with Greta Van Susteren but.....

Today's a good evening to watch PBS NewsHour. Mark Shields' last appearance.

The preliminary threads are up in GD!

How should Trump be held accountable?

Cats are so helpful when it comes to sewing

AG Barr ultimately decided that the CIA didn't spy on the Trump campaign...

Mike Pence Plans To Leave The Country After Formalizing Trump's Defeat

elizabeth cook - bad decisions (studio-2020) a nashville stalwart goes to LA to make new album

Trump's Future: Tons of Cash and Plenty of Options for Spending It (NYT)

Gavin Newsom could be 'undermined' by Democrats in recall efforts, report says

Informed that over a thousand Brazilians died of covid today, a puzzled Trump asked:

Bill Trump Will Veto Strengthens Hacking Defenses

California economy still staggering from COVID-19 shutdowns. And things could worsen

Make 'em pay for MAGAt stupidity!

Reason Melania dropped her smile at Trump's inauguration

Trump's ex-staffers have no regrets

(South Korea) Civic groups decry criticism from U.S. of leafleting ban as 'interference....

BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell's re-election don't add up

Owner of MN bar that reopened despite restrictions charged in Sept. with attempted murder of cops

L.A. Mayor Garcetti in quarantine after daughter's positive coronavirus test

Matt Gaetz decides to work from home after railing against letting others do so

Defense Dept halts Biden transition briefings (Axios scoop)

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy laughed and said, "We'll watch and see."

Brianna Keiler rant on the use of the word "fuckers" #RollTheTape [WATCH]

Literally ONLY, in NEW YORK!!!!

On this day, December 18, 1981, 35 million people around the world watched a Rod Stewart concert.

Trump Has Sent 729 Tweets Since the Election. Not a Single One Was About the COVID Death Toll.

Barack Obama reveals his favorite films and TV shows of 2020

Senator Kennedy: "The Lion of the Senate" spokesman for American progressivism.

On this day, December 18, 1987, "Moonstruck" was released.

A viral 4chan hoax about Chief Justice John Roberts tricked a presidential elector and pro-Trump...

BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnell's re-election don't add up

Rep Katie Porter goes after Purdue Pharma and the Sacklers

Getting ready to start baking

Texas group to 'preemptively challenge' 364,541 Georgia voters during Senate runoffs

What's for Dinner, Fri., Dec. 18, 2020

Fox News host Tucker Carlson tells viewers to be nervous about COVID vaccine

Trump has won the only war he ever cared about

Kamala Harris to Campaign In Georgia

If Trump pardons himself, Biden should un-pardon him

Curiouser an curiouser--------

'I'm stuck': Stimulus debacle pushes unemployed Americans to the edge

Almost no one wants a neighbor like Donald Trump

Dilemma for Trump - recent hacking county government in Arizona may present a solution

Guardians ....... of the Galaxy?

Why the Flynn Pardon Matters

Trump Failed to Protect America

New cases today .... 5,450

9:45 PM -- The Apartment (1960) 2h 5m Comedy TV-PG

Betsy DeVos Warns That Biden Will Pick Education Secretary with Background in Education

Trump and his game of shells

Obama shares that Malia's boyfriend quarantined with their family early in pandemic

What can McTurtle do to Tuberville if he votes against the Electoral College results?


The most important company you've never heard of is being dragged into the U.S.-China rivalry

Progressives Try to Sway Biden on Top Foreign-Policy Jobs

Jeremy Bash: This Is An Epic National Security Crisis Andrea Mitchell MSNBC

Faux News right now

So there's no polling on GA Senate races?

Happy Anniversary, President Trump!

When do the Kushner hearings start? 617 million in stolen campaign money.

One man dead after trench collapse at construction site in Fairfax County

Space Force troops to be called 'guardians'

"A Cult of Ignorance" by Isaac Asimov, 1980

Made turkey tacos using a kit and it tastes just like the beef ones.

Iran Builds at Underground Nuclear Facility Amid US Tensions

Perfect gift for my MAGA neighbor :)

from Robert Reich:

Boogie Woogie Country Girl: Big Joe Turner

Fox News host: New Yorkers and Californians moving to Texas or Florida should register as ReThugs

CRAZY WEATHER! Blizzard in New York, USA (Dec 17, 2020)

Cop brags on camera about hitting BLM protestors with his car

Ever wonder exactly what CIA etc think of tRump?

'Baffling': Trump admin reportedly slashing vaccine allocations to states --

Many times I have been called perfect.

The monolith mystery has been revealed...

'I am not ashamed of what I did': Proud Boys leader admits burning church's Black Lives Matter sign

Who Was Editing CDC Guidance? Ivanka Trump and Kellyanne Conway. Not Scientists.

enormous protest going on at Stanford Hospital carried out by staff, who are enraged by the decisio

Robert Reich: 'This Is A Human Tragedy That Is Unfolding' The Last Word MSNBC

So, crooked former Alabama governor is one of the first in the state to get the vaccine

Bob Dylan: Boogie Woogie Country Girl

So who's the Star Lord?

About that $600 stimulus check

McConnell is pushing to let businesses and governments deny sick leave to workers who get covid19


The WHO goes on without Trump. Biden will be most welcome by the world.

Pause in Biden transition mtgs w/Pentagon stemmed from idea Biden would divert wall money

"No one is above the law."

Secret Kushner company

Hey Good Lookin': Hank Williams

If you have any interest in watching The Mandalorian S2 Finale, go do it now!

When we capture the Senate, it will be like putting McConnell on a fence post.

On Fux: Hunter Benghazi ...err... Clinton Biden... err...

My Gawd the new case numbers are terrifying

Penn & Teller Bullshit!: Vaccinations

NEW: Here is the latest lawsuit in Georgia, complete with allegations about Hugo Chavez.

🚨BREAKING: Federal Court DISMISSES another Georgia lawsuit.

I know it's early, but I am considering a New Year's resolution; several actually.