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Virus mutation may make it 70% more transmissible...

David Frum's excellent reading reference on Coup d'Etat.

Pence Worries That Sight of Bare Arm Will Make Him Irresistible to Women

Twitter updates warning label for election misinformation to say Joe Biden won

This made me laugh...tRump's international fans, all 4 of them.

The inside story of how Trump's denial, mismanagement and magical thinking led to dark winter

In Picking a Cabinet, Biden Draws From His Roots

"When one door closes another door opens. When one door closes another door opens. When one door cl"

Los Lobos: La Bamba, Dance (Remix)

Phoebe Bridgers - Savior Complex

General sorry for 'miscommunication' over vaccine shipments

Congress barrels toward veto clash with Trump

The inside story of how Trump's denial, mismanagement and magical thinking led to the dark winter.

Republican defends Trump's talk of a military coup: 'It was a conversation -- not a revolution'

Members of the Space Force are to be called "Guardians"?

To all those republican candidates who still won't concede...

Jonathan Swan: I've never heard more intense concern from senior officials who are Trump people

Dave is a fantastic movie

Lawmakers hit major roadblock over GOP plan to limit Federal Reserve, imperiling weekend deal

Post a line from a Christmas song and see if anyone knows the name of the song W/O using Google

Pure incompetence or LIHOP? I'm torn .... Either way, 45 is a clear and present danger to the U.S.

Ok, no more putting it off! Can we have an appreciation thread for Judi Lynn?

Senate GOP absences snag Trump nominees

NC woman desperate to know what happened to mother who never returned from Christmas shopping 2001

After legal threat, Fox airs news package debunking election fraud claims made by its own hosts


SNL tonight: Host Kristen Wiig; Dua Lipa performs. N/T

Keith Olbermann #40 Trump's Fri meeting was a military coup...

Nancy Pelosi (NPP) vaccinated by Capitol attending physician

United passenger who died may have had Covid-19 symptoms, airline says

Fact check: Image of Nancy Pelosi at restaurant opening was taken before pandemic

Trump and the Republicans want to turn losing into winnig - it might work

Trump's Fri meeting was a military coup plot, Biden must warn of prosecutions

Twitter Updates Label on Trump's Tweets After Electoral College Certifies Biden Presidency

Should Noter Dayme be in the CFP?

Recovery of Apollo 17 spacecraft and astronauts after final trip by human beings to moon, today 1972

Trump supporters are born assholes

Why does everything have to be so dumb?

Opinion: Tucker Carlson's vaccine rant should be called out by every reputable news organization

China accused of planning to exploit undersea cable networks to spy on other countries, report says

AOC documents her Covid vaccination - congress was required to get IAW nat'l security protocols

Democrats guide to a US Senate majority in 2021 and 2022.

Someone here recommended the movie "Uncle Frank."

How do we break this cycle ?

Tony Schwartz predicted exactly what Trump would do when he lost the election. From 2016.

Vote set on Confederate monument in Walker County

Trump is a traitor!

Will flynn finally shut his fucking mouth after

Can't get a PlayStation 5? Meet the Grinch bots snapping up the holidays' hottest gift.

We as a nation just might be at the banks of the Rubicon...

So Trumpy wants Martial law

Remember, Ted Bundy was also a republican...

After years of devastating home elevator accidents, first safety recall announced

Dave Bromberg - Sausilito -1974

CES gets vaccinated at the Capitol!

Who's making bets...

Can a new Republican win unless he/she moves away from things like Qanon?

Trump apologist Jonathan Turley is FINALLY alarmed, but wishes Bill Barr could save us

Today's edition of "I love John Fetterman"

MacKenzie Scott's donations have shamed the boys of tech -- Bezos above all

Norfolk Southern confirms unspecified job cuts

The rudest Christmas song ever

Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy

The military will not go along with a ."Trump Power Grab" The military will defend the Constitution

After legal threat, Fox airs news package debunking election fraud claims made by its own hosts

Latest Attacks on Raphael Warnock Take a Key Phrase Out of Context

Trump plans 'wild' protest for January 6th when Congress counts votes

Lady - Little River Band

History Will Agree That Trump Used Americans as Lab Rats

Florida man pays past-due utility bills for 114 families: 'This year, it's more meaningful'

Very attentive pupper:

Devin Nunes is suing Twitter again, saying someone else is stalking him

Aussie requires other Aussie to "Sit!"

Icehouse - No Promises

Must-read thread from Walter Shaub, tweeted minutes ago

Adam Schiff was 100% correct...

Why a Trump Self-Pardon MUST be challenged & Why Trump is Now Calling Pompeo the "Fake News Media"

Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-California) gets vaccinated for Covid-19


On Perdue claiming he'll support the challenge in EC Jan. 6th (and why he CAN'T)!

Dear Internet (constitutional scholar re: whywe needn't fear "Insurrection Act/Martial Law" threats)

What would happen with a Military coup

Serious Question: Did you really expect trump to still be going on

This would get cut out of a "1984" movie for being too ridiculous

Pupper dramatically flummoxed by sleight of hand:

How long till Kushner turns on donnie?

Ron 'Pigpen' McKernan - Operator

mr. trump,," please evacuate this building."

Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton - Dear Mr. Fantasy

This is so precious!! Dr. Fauci tells kids 'I vaccinated Santa Claus myself'

How did pupper even think of backing up? And why didn't he just go around? Tunnel vision?

CNN/Anderson Cooper special on the 1918 flu. Very Interesting.

Trump expected to arrive on Dec. 23 for last presidential Christmas at Mar-a-Lago

First there was Faux then News Max and that lead to oan

WSJ reporting Trump himself asked DHS to seize voting machines, BEFORE Giuliani called Cuccinelli

How is trumpy going to change his mind and leave

When Kellyanne Conway introduced the idea of "alternative facts"...

Chances are no shuffled deck of cards have ever been in same order before!

What Loki actually wants:

Before you panic about "Martial Law", let me offer some informed analysis...

Y knot ?

Mike Pence's nephew John Pence was on the board of Jared's shell company. He married Kellyann C's...

This message was--NOT--self-deleted by its author...

Is this correct 41% of early Georgia voters over 65

Accountability After Trump

AP source: Rose Bowl denied exemption to allow fans for CFP

The Putin Files: Antony Blinken (Secretary of State Nominee)

Anthony Fauci Gave Santa The COVID-19 Vaccine

Hey DU.


The talk of martial law has even alienated Trump supporter Mike Cernovich

Dead -Port Chester, 1971 - Not Fade Away.

How can I find out when (approx) I'll be able to receive the vaccine?

Who would have known Trump couldn't even coup right?

Chris Thile with Bryan Sutton - Encore: Medley/Improvisation

Grijalva Urges Quick Action on Biden-Harris Plan for Puerto Rico

We know this: DRUMPF will be gone, but the Deplorables will always be here.

University of Puerto Rico president says no campuses will close, urges gov't to avoid more cuts

U2's First TV appearance 1978

jupiter,her moons and saturn

Democrats cry alarm over proposal to split up NSA, Cyber Command amid hacking crisis

The Beatles on Shindig: 3 songs... Kansas city, I'm a loser and boys

United passenger who died may have had Covid-19 symptoms, airline says

Holiday music I listen to every year...

Virgin Island Senators Reject Bryan's Debt Refinancing Deal

SNL cold open up next: Host Kristen Wiig; Dua Lipa performs. N/T

I'm beginning to think

Master and Man (a 1912 poem commenting on the survival of the spineless owner of the RMS Titanic)

"Court records, FBI contradict Trump's claims of organized 'antifa-led' riots in Minneapolis after

Tiger & Charlie Woods shoot 10-under 62 Round 1 PNC Championship

Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band - "Kitty's Back" and "Merry Christmas Baby" . . .

Janis Joplin - Ball & Chain - Monterey Pop

Judson College needs $500K in donations by Dec. 31 to stay open

So, I've been giving my 13-year-old doggo CBD treats for her arthritis...

Alex Moffat has 4 years of job security at SNL.

ONE MONTH! January 20 2021 transfer of power!!!

For the LOVE OF GOD!

Atlantic City's Revenge: Blowing Up Trump's Casino For Charity - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Gov. Kay Ivey's study group on gambling releases report

Winter solstice: There's beauty in the darkest day of the year.

Two Georgia hospitals in the same district. Only one received vaccines this week.

UK tightens restrictions, nixes Christmas gatherings over COVID-19 spread

I think the voices in Trump's head are taking over.

How the loss of a post office is creating unrest in one Alabama city

Triple play for Wisconsin today........

The Daily Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 12/14/2020

Do you like it hot? From the thirtieth "Jazz Im Rathaus" in 2016

Sen. Patrick Leahy's statement condemning Attorney General William Barr

Former Mississippi Gov. William Winter, advocate for education reform and race relations, dies at 97

BREAKING NEWS: Lawmakers reach compromise over GOP proposal to rein in Fed's powers

SNL isn't funny tonight

MS Democratic Party Chairman: "I agree with Hillary Clinton that Electoral College should be

Thirty MS House Republicans Call for Investigation into Election Fraud

'January Will Be Rough': COVID-19 Peak Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Gov. Andy Beshear announces 3,388 new coronavirus cases, 27 new deaths Saturday

I know it is late, but i just realized I've not seen a post from H2O in a while.

New iPad 12.9 - unable to get any Apps to download, even those purchased and on the iCloud

Tool tells when you may be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Judging by his tweet at 1230am (hes not going to give up)

SNL: Pence Gets the Vaccine Cold Open

What the Box Said

Murdoch receives COVID-19 vaccine as Fox News host casts suspicion on campaign (to Vaccinate)

ELECTION RESULTS!!! State Rep. Drew Springer trumps Shelley Luther in Texas Senate runoff

Republican, Democrats reach compromise over Covid-19 stimulus package

tRump Shared Intelligence Secrets With Russians

Biden and Mexico's Lopez Obrador discuss "new approach" to migration issues

College Football Playoff Semifinal to Move From Rose Bowl to AT&T Stadium

50 years of tax cuts for the rich failed to trickle down, economics study says

CNN Live: Young and first time voters in Senate runoff election...

America's image has tumbled during Trump's presidency. Can Biden turn it around?

I want my vaccination! Without delay or snafus.

This is so true...

'Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming'/Brass and Vocal Selections

Trump is thinking of using Marshall law to overthrow the election.

'Love Actually' - Fun and sweet or cringey?

Epstein ex-associate Jean-Luc Brunel placed under formal investigation

What's for Christmas Day dinner

Prince - Sweet Thing (Live in London, 1998) ft. Chaka Khan

Caliphate: NY Times loses awards for Islamic State podcast over false reporting

'The Devil Went Down To Romania'

Billy Squier - In The Dark

Just finished Melania and Me. My take:

Well,let's do this,it'sLounge after all, *trombone*whatever

In the Red--All 33 New Mexico counties restricted at the highest level

Hillary Clinton: A new page for America.

An early contender emerges for Haaland's seat

Electric Chair

Prince & The Revolution - Mountains

Storage problem causes loss of 75 vaccine doses in New Mexico

Tomorrow Never Knows

Ween - Booze Me Up And Get Me High

New Mexico gets water victory over Texas at U.S. Supreme Court

New Mexico gets water victory over Texas at U.S. Supreme Court

☦ Light a Candle/American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of N. America

Prince - Sign O' The Times

Ariel - Dean Friedman

☦ Exploring the Feasts of the Orthodox Christian Church: Christmas 🌟🎄

Crockpot porkchops with gravy, the best

☦ Orthodox Christian Hymns of the Nativity

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian Christmas-'O House of Ephrata'

Running Bear - Johnny Preston

Things are bad: "COVID-19 deaths exceed morgue capacity Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix"

☦Orthodox Christian Feastday of the Nativity Discourse 🌟🎄

SNL: Weekend Update

SNL: Christmas Morning

Jeanine Pirro intervened with WH and got PPE sent to her favorite hospital without determining need.

Idaho employers catch break on taxes to support workers who lost jobs from pandemic

trump and Mitch could of had the stimulus bill passed months ago,

Idaho spent thousands at LA apparel store, Boise brewery in 'mad scramble' for virus gear

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Christmas Catnip Edition

Sidewalks Sinking Fast In SF's Mission Bay Neighborhood

Utah ICUs now at 99.4% capacity, as state reports 2,408 new COVID cases and 8 deaths

The alleged arsonist who attacked the Spokane County Democrats offices was a veteran, but so was the

COVID-19 outbreak among staff, patients at Puyallup hospital. Union files complaint

Wesley Clark, Jr., tweet. (Gen. Wes Clark's son):

US Senate seats up in 2022 that Democrats win to regain control of the US Senate in 2022.

We are lucky that Trump has no guts and no ability to plan and execute anything.

Michael Flynn urged Trump to declare martial law at "raucous" meeting where Powell was discussed as

How Pharma Money Colors Operation Warp Speed's Quest to Defeat COVID

Anger mounts as Dems accuse GOP of imperiling Covid relief

Trump's Schedule for Sunday, December 20, 2020

Is Trump Cracking Under the Weight of Losing?

"You are not a kitten"

Could Trump's current level of support reflect the lack of real pushback from Democrats?

The coronavirus vaccine won't leave a scar. But it'll protect us and our next generation.

Is Killa Con deliberately withholding vaccines from states that

33 Years Ago Today; The deadliest peacetime disaster at sea - estimated 4.3K dead

Wow!... "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom"

Sunday morning coffee and domestic dispute

My youngest sister caught covid...

My favorite Christmas carol by the best group...

Ohio's very own Over the Rhine Christmas concert today

"Demoralizing to spend your entire career preparing for a pandemic, & then have to answer to Ivanka"

On this day, December 20, 2009, Arnold Stang died.

This morning I heard stephen james smith recite his poem "Dublin, you are" These lines caught my ear

Baton Rouge DA Will Not Press "Terrorizing" Charges For Leaving A Box Of Plastic Pellets On Porch

That didn't take long: counterfeit vaccine.

There are many DU members who have served our country on this board.

Every Russian media outlet this morning is breaking with the news that Trump refused to publish a WH

Trickle- Down Economics Doesn't Work But Build Up Does- Is Biden Listening? Robert Reich

Dutch ban UK flights, fearing the new coronavirus variant

Hear me Roar!!!!!!!!!!!

Gift Wrapped Cats

YOU raised $2,306.01 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-19-20 (over $230,000 raised so far)

I heard on NPR that Georgia republicans are bitterly fighting

On this day, December 20, 1946, "It's a Wonderful Life" was released.

How will the goverment verify that a person is in a risk category? Will they require

How The Trump Stole The Election! (NOT)

Cute: bunny sneezes

Does Pence have the guts to invoke the 25th Amendment?

Sunset--Winter Solstice 2020 LIVE from Stonehenge at 10:15 a.m. EST

So fascism came to America -- but what was it wearing?

What time is it in Russia

"The Da Vinci Code" was a bestseller despite being a poorly written crock of s*** for a reason . . "

160 Years Ago Today; South Carolina secedes from the US

Last Christmas in the White House for the Johnsons, Yellow Oval Room, 1968: #LBJL

Good Morning people

BioNTech/Pfizer Covid19 vaccine allergic reactions.

Please let this be the swan song for these three fuckers.

Keep up the good work, Putin tells spy agency staff

*Rick Steves European Christmas* Happy Holidays

Today's Doonesbury Strip Is Spot-on.

Home & Garden: Seven ways to elevate your holiday decorating, according to the pros at Biltmore

The truth in Black and white: An apology from The Kansas City Star

Biden mulls punishments for Russia over suspected role in government hack

Aretha Franklin "Chain of Fools"

Coronavirus: Trump's Covid vaccine chief admits delivery mistake

UK government pushes for lifting of U.S. travel restrictions

The reason trump's causing chaos now,

Photographer Luke Gilford's New Photo Book Explores a Lesser Known Side of Horse Culture

Since this is the first Christmas hubby and I have had

R.E.M. for smirkymonkey and everybody else hurting

Too many Democrats clumping together in just two states.

Can I post a reminder?

WTF is wrong with Michael Flynn?

Chris Wallace slams Fox News over 'fuss' about Jill Biden: Dr. Martin Luther King wasn't a physician

It Has Been Almost a Year.

Clear your calendar- It's that time again

What's on the menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas day meals?

Wrapped, dreads or natural: Hair-rights fight moves to states

Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas

Who are we going to get to replace the Russian Senator in 2022?

NASA tips for photographing the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction with your camera or cell phone!

Waiting with bated breath to see who President-Elect Biden

Banana operation from London to California- amazing stuff

Tennessee is first in nation, but nothing to cheer about

Remember that COE that cut his salary to pay his employees 70k a year? ---

Gang Of Adorable Cats Claim Town's Christmas Tree As Their Own

Trump called in to Giuliani's radio show today but gave him only 5 minutes, sounded despondent

Happy Winter Solstice!

So did Schumer cave and give in to what Toomey wanted in Covid Bill?

Cauliflower Steaks

tRump vs Sibly

Newsmax host Greg Kelly is trying to prove he's the craziest, most Trump-ass-kissing host ever

Some views on the "stimulus" check

5366 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.; 34 deaths

Stop me where I am wrong. Donny & company's latest crime wave

I haven't been watching MSNBC weekend mornings

Dog Jumps Into Every Single Christmas Card Photo Her Mom Takes

CBS Sunday Morning - Waiting - Jim Gaffigan says it so succinctly and perfectly!

Anyhoo, I'm covid free.

You say that $600 stimulus cash is not enough?

'It's a Wonderful Life': The Lost Ending - SNL

Georgia Democrats Shift Money from Ads to Ground Game

So now we know why Sidney Fucking Powell had to go

When Biden takes office, that is when we will hear more, "dirt" on Trump than you can imagine..

What is the name of this amazing new dance Kimberly Guilfoyle is doing?

Chairwoman of AZ GOP tweeted to tell Trump to "cross the Rubicon" and she tagged Mike Flynn

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore on Flynn: "He's operating on a level of stupid I have never seen before"

If you refuse to get vaccinated, should your insurance company not pay for your ICU treatment ?

Maryland restaurants sue to keep indoor dining open for the holidays.

Randy Rainbow on Rudy Giuliani - one of his best....

Screenshots from Winter Solstice Sunset at Stonehenge 2020:

If tRump attends the inaugural

So Rick Steves did a show about ... Ethiopa ?? and Guatemala ??

Randy Rainbow's best...hit link below:... "Rudolph the Leaky Lawyer.."

John Kelly is wrong. These were not good people.

So.... about that martial law thing.

Biden Won't Discuss Probe of His Son with AG Candidates

Animals That Are Better At Selfies Than You Are

Christmas Ornaments: SNL, Matt Damon

Axios's Jonathan Swan: Three Trump confidants say he's decided to hold off annnouncing 2024 run

What Is Death?

The possible mutated strain of COVID-19 in UK

Can They Resist? Leaving My French Bulldogs Alone With A HUGE Steak

The Fake News We're Not Talking About

Take a look at WH Christmas decorations from decades ago to present....Notice anything?

Hallmark Channel Christmas: SNL (James Franco)

"Help is on the way"

Needy Pittie Stalks Dad Every Hour Of The Day, Even Follows Him In The Shower

The Latest: Biden nominee comments on 2021 vaccine rollout

Winter Solstice blessings to everyone!

Fun rerun: Talking Dog's Unique Barks Helps Him Get Adopted - DENNIS

Senator Amanda Chase Is What the Next Frontier of GOP Lunacy Looks Like

Rudy Giuliani on radio this AM slamming "Republican turncoats" and "Republican quislings"

Quantum Entanglement

Martin Patrick's 'Nutcracker' window display beats out Rodeo Drive in national contest

It's hard to keep up with all the Trump's bullshit. A writer at the Huffington Post, today wrote....

What Fiction are you reading this week, Dec. 20, 2020?

You Really Got A Hold On Me

I really like the Hallmark Movies, the sappier the better.

Look at this great news from Chef Jose Andres!

Instead of posting more AOC bashing threads, how about we all use our time to phone bank GA voters!

Lawmakers reach compromise (Covid Bill includes UI) over GOP proposal to rein in Fed's powers...WAP0

Trump Is Losing His Mind

BREAKING: Netherlands, Belgium and Germany ban flights from UK

Congresswoman Haley Stevens (D-Rochester Hills) gets Covid-19 vaccine

The Republican Senate Is to Blame for Not Removing Trump

Gen. Mark Milley: 'We Take an Oath to the Constitution, Not an Individual'

European neighbours shut doors to Britain as new coronavirus strain spreads

I finally decided on what to make for Christmas Eve dinner.

Surgeon general cites antibody treatment for Trump's vaccine delay

Tweet of the early afternoon:

New Yorker Xmas Toon

Biden Team Weighing Cyberattacks on Russian Infrastructure in Response to SolarWinds Hack: Report

'Could You Help Santa?' In Christmas Wishlists, Children Write Of Pandemic Hardships

I apologize. We all make mistakes.

Kimberly Guilfoyle doin' a little dance:

Acting as if Trump is trying to stage a coup is the best way to ensure he won't.

"When Fox News is too liberal for you, you might be a fascist."

Mom would have wanted me to share this with you...

So this fucker Marco Rubio just got cut in line to get his vaccine and then posts this.

I just voted my OSSOFF!!!!!

How many took to social media to deceive their fellow Americans?"

Breaking: rocket attack against the Green zone in Baghdad, video showing U.S defense system ...


Trump Is Losing His Mind

Pressley: Direct payments are 'survival checks,' not stimulus

The rich get government handouts just like the poor. Here are 10 of them.

Mike Lindell (my pillow guy) Calls For Martial Law To Be Declared In Minnesota

"The establishment" didn't deny AOC a prized committee seat. PROGRESSIVES did.

Trump Hanging Out With 'Crackpots or Conspiracy Theorists' Has Officials Alarmed

On this day, December 20, 1957, "Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank" was aired.

Has anyone tried to connect the cyber attacks to the "malfunction voing machines?"

Tweet from former CIA person:

Here's the result of the black cat I asked advice about painting...

Georgia On My Mind

To All of DU

The Atlantic - "Trump Is Losing His Mind"

Questions about the new Covid Relief deal just announced...

It's NOT Stimulus Payments.....

EMERGENCY! NYC carriage horse just collapsed on ice in Central Park with passengers inside and...

All these photographs of mask-denying, Trump-toadying Republicans getting their vaccines...

Highly Recommended Movie: The Trial Of The Chicago 7


Silver Spring is the most generous city in the country, according to GoFundMe data.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 21 December 2020

Trump promises 'wild' protests in Washington DC on the day the Electoral College will finalize elect

Lin Wood representing Sidney Powell against Smartmatic, will not retract claims (repost)

Birx Didn't Follow Her Own Advice

I saw the old "The Bishop's Wife" on TV yesterday.

Donald Trump is still only out for himself

In a statement with only Giuliani's name on it, Trump again goes to the Supreme Court.

US Senate seats that will put Democrats back in the majority in 2021/2022 is both of the GA seats or

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in football metaphors"

Starting Sunday, cable companies can no longer 'rent' you the router you already own

Anyone else here like "The Chase"? I'm getting to like it. I even like The Beast or "beastie" as he

Birx travels, family visits highlight pandemic safety perils

Alleged pedophile, white supremacist Nathan Larson arrested in kidnapping of 12-yr-old girl

Waitress quits on the spot when anti-maskers walk in and refuse to comply

Bolsonaro Warns of Bizarre Vaccine Side Effects

Stelter: Radicalization is infesting airwaves of pro-Trump media

The budding fascists are so confused.

Seems like Trump is going to be on the horn to Republicans forever -

Anyone else noticed the the Veterans Administration hasn't been reporting on Covid?

Keep up the good work, Putin tells spy agency staff

Cartoons 12/20/2020

Trump campaign brings new U.S. Supreme Court challenge over Pennsylvania's 2020 election

QAnon infects a doctor from Georgia. She says "there is no worldwide pandemic."

Trump's chief of staff Meadows attempted to hide his COVID-19 diagnosis and the White House outbreak

Evangelical Hypocrites grifters repig traitors first ,not women and kids

11th Circuit REJECTS NRSC, Perdue & KLoeffler's latest appeal to disenfranchise Georgia voters

Holy Mother...Eric Clapton, Luciano Pavarotti and friends

Bernie thinks the white working class likes Trump because Dems don't do enough for them.

'PROVE ME NUTS!' Giuliani Goes on Wild Rant Pushing Voting Machine Conspiracies After Companies...

Loeffler and Perdue dubbed 'Bonnie and Clyde of corruption' as key Georgia campaign gets testy

Front-line workers, adults over 75 should be next in line for coronavirus vaccine, federal panel...

Let's hope that maintaining a visitors' log at WH becomes law, somehow.

"Birth control"

3 People Arrested After Fight Over PlayStation 5 Running Out At Walmart

'Bothsiderism': Wajahat Ali FTW

The Coronavirus Is Mutating. What Does That Mean for Us?

Trump downplays Russia in first comments on hacking campaign

Shirley Abrahamson, longest-serving member of Wisconsin Supreme Court, dies at 87

"In case you needed a smile today..."

🎄 A #CallTheMidwife Christmas video exclusive:

Apple Slave Labor Revolts - Destroys Factory Over $7/Month Pay

Middle Age Riot: The only reason Donald Trump hasn't launched any of our nuclear missiles...

four day superspreader event at merde-a-loado this weekend

A Middle Finger Cost Me My Livelihood as a Woman Athlete

I think the biggest surprise of Donnie's entire time in office is that

Sooo, this is what went on at a Turning Point USA event:

'He's so excited': Trump reveals phone call with senator-elect who may object to Electoral College

This is a quote from a conservative justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court:

'42nd Street': Ruby Keeler 1932, Color; 'Shuffle Off To Buffalo' Ginger Rogers

"Republican gaslighting has become our nation's chief export."

US airport traffic rising despite holiday travel warnings

He who denied it supplied it:

Ski resorts work to stay open as coronavirus cases snowball

For the LOVE OF GOD....

Because of coronavirus, no hospital was able to accept her. She died after 12 hours of waiting.

They're putting in Solar power at my senior mobile home park.

Alaska: Images of the Last Frontier

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 20, 2020

We NOW know...

Sack the toad.

Trump Captcha

For my 10,000th post

So I was last minute shopping at Best Buy...

A secret hidden in plain sight: President Donald Trump's role as a Russian asset

How did I miss this?

All of these maskholes and vaccine refuserswould have refused polio vac. Too bad their parents did

A nice little gift to someone or for yourself...

Have you bought yourself a gift?

An introspective look at 100,000 posts:

We Hope You Have Enjoyed The Show ---- (Clustertrump recap pic)

P.M. Update: Fog and slippery spots develop overnight.

We need to start a conspiracy theory that Covid causes erectile dysfunction and

1961 Montgomery Ward Catalog: -- Chatty Cathy

Political rally or strip club? You be the judge.

Trump Welcoming UK Flights With Super Covid Strain

Did Trump gaslight himself and is convinced he won ?

Alan Parsons has a birthday today.

MSNBC reporting there is a deal on Covid package...have not heard the details.


Kayleigh McEnany Goes Full Tattletale On Twitter

Zoom "fart bomb" during a class session is joyful to watch...

Schumer has the votes in House, Senate and WH. Lambasting Republicans.

Strain on hospitals intensifies in Virginia; VCU Health deploys surge capacity plans

20 percent of US prisoners infected with COVID-19: research

One of my all-time favorites:

qanon missed another one... Remember Nathan Larson the pro-rape, misogynist pedophile?

Trump just keeps going right down that empty road!

Stelter: Radicalization Is infesting airwaves of pro-Trump media (CNN)

Show me proof of anything that has saved as many human lives....

Romney: Trump has a blind spot when it comes to Russia (CNN)

Microbes are our #1 enemy..

Trump wants Supreme Court to overturn Pennsylvania election results

Missing Fort Drum soldier found dead; fellow soldier faces murder charge

McConnell finally relents on COVID stimulus deal -- here's how much you'll get

Christianity vs covid gets and F.

Odd, isn't it, that many of the same people who bemoan "the tyranny" of having to wear a mask

Bob Hope, Jimmy Cagney: Great Dance Face Off; Cagney 1st On Screen Dance 'Taxi'

Longtime Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson dies

Trump saved the worst for last

Trust Fund Millionaire's Fortune Came From Slavery, Now He's A Sitting Rep in the Texas House

The evictions crisis is coming. We have barely begun to face it.

Madame Speaker coming up on CNN