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Trump administration passed when Pfizer offered in late summer to sell the U.S. more vaccine doses

Obama is going to be on Showtime on Sunday (fun preview):

Jon Ralston: I'm in Nevada, too, Matt (Schlapp) and you are a grifting liar.

Leading Covid-19 vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna decline invitations to White House 'Vaccine Summi

Trump wanders out of Oval Office leaving people standing around with no idea what to do.

ER doctor who criticized Trump's actions to be removed from Walter Reed schedule

I just watched the 1993 political comedy "Dave" with Kevin Kline.

You say you want a revolution?

Tuesday is The "Safe Harbor" Deadline. What will happen?

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2021 or 2022.

Kelly Loeffler said "Joe Biden is a radical liberal so---" "--cal liberal so---" "cal liberal

Feeling like the heart of winter Tuesday morning in the DMV with wind chills

That motherfucker refused to order Pfizer vaccine back in June.

I love Beringer White Zinfandel, berry, citrus, low alcohol, I can drink a bottle, get a buzz

Will he or won't he?

House conservatives urge Trump not to concede and press for floor fight over election loss

Separated at botox, err, birth?

The Daily Show: Just For MAGA Hair Dye

Dozens of armed "stop the steal" protesters threaten Michigan Secretary of State outside her house

Rashida Jones to be named MSNBC president, first Black executive to run major cable news network

Rashida Jones to be named MSNBC president, first Black executive to run major cable news network

Biden picks retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to be his secretary of defense, source says

Fellow Zuikophiles, I have an m.zuiko 75-300 to offer if anyone is interested.

SCOOP: It's done--Biden has selected Retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to lead the Pentagon, and will announc

If a Gov goes rogue, can the feds come arrest him? n/t

The best mailman ever!

Doctor who criticized Trump to be removed from Walter Reed schedule


🚨NEW: Enough is enough! We have filed a motion for summary affirmance in the Nevada Supreme Court

Biden's health team offers glimpse of his COVID-19 strategy

Senator Hawley urges Trump to veto Covid bill absent stimulus checks

Even Fox News is making fun of Kelly Loeffler's debate performance. I love this so much...

Exclusive: U.S. air pollution monitoring network falling into disrepair - GAO report

Of course. It's 2020. Why WOULDN'T some mystery disease crop up?

Trump asks Pennsylvania House speaker for help overturning election results...

CNN you have enough Covid problems at home

House poised to vote on stopgap spending measure to avoid shutdown

12/8 Mike Luckovich: Stops stubborn clogs

One Pearl Harbor every 24 hours says

San Diego area DU'ers

Ohio club cited for Covid violations after 500 people attend indoor Trey Songz concert

Kraken at the beginning of the day: 🐙🐙🐙🐙 Kraken left at the end of the day: 🐙🐙

Is all negligent homicide legal, or only the right to infect someone with potentially deadly

Ivanka and Jared are building a house on an island in Florida

Trump asks Pennsylvania House speaker for help overturning election results

Navy helicopter pilot has been chosen to be the first woman to command a US aircraft carrier

"What do I do now"?

Mexico asks US to extradite country's former security chief

"Less tweeting. More packing"

Is The White House Flag At Half Staff, And If Yes, Does Anyone Know Why?

Fixed my French door, bottom freezer refrigerator yesterday.

As His Term Ends, Trump Faces More Questions on Payments to His Hotel

How about some respect for the NFC East.

Surfer with 'catastrophic' injuries from Australia shark attack walks to find help

Black Michigan lawmaker gets lynching threat after voter fraud hearing

Over 1M Absentee Ballots Requested So Far for Georgia Senate Runoffs, 75% of State's November Electi

Trump wants the vaccine named after him

This may be the dumbest trump lawsuit yet

Can Dems have endless hearings on Trump's handling of covid like R's did with Benghazi?

Being A Female Tattoo Artist In South Korea

Lawmakers Will Return If Trump Vetoes Defense Bill

TIME Person of the Year (updated....might be premature)

Even Golden Gate has fallen down and moved to Arizona. Now I know why.

My Heart Aches Tonight.

New Jersey Certifies Election Prior to Safe Harbor Deadline, Giving Biden 302 Certified Votes.

FOR SALE Stuff I bought for hubby, but was never used

Apparently, armed right-wing thugs have been going

Really American vid: #DoubleDealingDavid

So, this is what Loeffler and Perdue support. Rejecting medicine and letting Georgia die for a lie

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Aaron Rupar: If you enjoy Lou Dobbs's and Stephen Miller's tears you'll like this clip

The Moderna vaccine was created BEFORE anyone died...

A PSA....but I'm not sure if it applies to your area.

Tank Marines Get the Chance to Leave the Corps Early as Units Shut Down

Giuliani hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus

Trump suggests Rudy Giuliani's crusade to overturn the election results is more important than 9/11

Coronavirus liability protection for companies remains 'red line' and 'poison pill' of stimulus talk

Brian Kemp & Brad Raffensperger, 'Solely Responsible' If Loeffler, Perdue Loses - sure it's Dumps

Photograph Everything

So this trumper kid Kash Patel is blocking the pentagon transition.

Former executive VP of Trump Org. thinks Trump will leave the country before Biden inauguration

Tell them Rachel - he should be indicted

If you haven't read Obama's latest book

He pooped his pants and just left Dan Gable standing there

The Pompeos' dinners at the State Department cost taxpayers $43,000, documents show.

Armed Right wing Thugs protesting at lawmakers' homes in Akron

Lawmakers vow to override Trump veto of defense bill

Ground hog day

honestly, it sounds kind of good

Florida Data Scientist Ousted Over COVID Controversy Raided by State Police

Alito Sparks Worry Supreme Court Could Intervene

Armed Mexicans Were Smuggled In to Guard Border Wall, Whistle-Blowers Say

PSA ..... careful of sending the Guardian any money

We need to have a pool for Jan 20, 2021

Trump Lashes Out at Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger, Declares They Will Be 'Solely Responsible' If

AG Ferguson files lawsuit against Trump over accelerated sale of National Archives in Seattle

do you all feel like we are in a bad dream we can't wake up from?

Florida state police raid home of Rebekah Jones, data scientist who challenged DeSantis on coronavir

OMG! Dr Fauci in a remake of Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi' by @MissyModell. (Meidas Touch)

DeSantis sends agents to raid home of Florida data scientist who built state's COVID-19 dashboard

Armed Mexicans Were Smuggled In to Guard Border Wall, Whistle-Blowers Say

🚨🚨BREAKING: Right-wing plaintiffs in Arizona election contest DISMISS their lawsuit.

Early IRA Withdrawals Can Be Penalty-Free

I certainly hope people are social distancing but there is this curfew at 10pm

Trump Asked Pennsylvania Speaker to Overturn Vote

Huge multifamily development planned for Fry's Electronics Renton property, emails show

Social Security and delayed retirement credits

Pandemic Fatigue Is Real--But Now Is Not the Time to Give In to It

A geriatric-care manager

*Mary Trump coming up on Lawrence show.

Would You Open, or Re-Open, Your Big or Small Business if You Knew Doing So Would Kill...

Docta, Docta Fauci (Lady Gaga Parody)

Just heard Chuck Yeager has died...

Minneapolis council gives initial OK to $6M in cuts to police for alternate public safety services

Landlords go to court to fight Gov. Walz's eviction moratorium

Nowhere to Run - Martha & the Vandellas (Live)

Anyone else so not gonna miss orange anus

160-year-old Civil War era photos restored and colorized

"Seriously, those three schmucks have all the self-awareness of a dog licking his balls in public."

THe Bonnie & Clyde Of American Politicians

Army to fire, suspend Fort Hood troops over violence at base

"So is Kayleigh so confused she's lost her remaining marbles or just lying as usual?"

Andy Williams - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Company offering pandemic stock tips accused of $137M fraud

No One Expects Civility From Republicans

Adam Parkhomenko: Our favorite cousin-banging target has the COVID...

NC Labor commissioner says COVID-19 isn't a workplace threat that requires safety rules

Abbott's Little Shop of Horrors is coming for his job

Chuck Yeager, the Legendary Pilot Who Broke the Sound Barrier, Dies at 97

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Giuliani Has COVID & Trump Has Pity Party

Former Texas football coach Fred Akers dies at 82

Trump is now offering pardons to associates who don't even want one

Simon and Garfunkel - The Boxer

Alvin Lee and George Harrison - "The Bluest Blues"

To beat Trumpism requires a different take on handling the real issue of racism.

Trump Plots Mass Pardons

mosquitos, ticks, and their dieseases are coming to get us thanks to climate change....

Look at the list of the non PA members of Congress who want the Supreme Court to overturn PA

What would happen if young white kids were most likely to die of Covid?

Baby blm just showed me developing TikTok trend "Mitch McConnell Challenge"

Working in the Coal Mine - DEVO

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Rudy Giuliani Gets Corona & Farts On Camera

'Organized chaos': Inauguration Day move into the White House for Bidens complicated by COVID-19

Sentimental Lady Fleetwood Mac

Tiffany (SNSD: Girls Generation) ALL I want for Xmas is you

Even FOX HOST ridicules Republican Senator's horrific debate performance

Travis County ICU beds near maximum occupancy as coronavirus hospitalizations climb

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Just For MAGA

The Evangenitals cover The Band's "Up On Cripple Creek"...

Safe-harbor may force an end

UT professor files new libel suits against students who accuse him of promoting pedophilia

MyPillow Guy Joins with Trump to Promote MyPardon

Maya Harris aided effort to boost husband's attorney general bid

Well, at least there's one Trump who can try out a second career...

Texas teen blasts high school for 'double standard' after fingernail polish lands him in ISS

Seth Meyers - Trump Tries to Overturn Georgia's Election Results: A Closer Look

Two Princeton grads are turning this Texas resort into a COVID-19 bubble college campus

Lindsey Graham Says Senate Will NOT Confirm Any Biden AG Nominee Who Will Investigate Trump's Crimes

Anyone dance with the doggie?

Principal who was at work Friday died Sunday after COVID diagnosis, Texas school says

Republicans urge Supreme Court to overturn Pennsylvania's election

Every so often I think of this 2018 photo

Mary Trump: Donald Has 'Taken The Politics Of Grievance To An Artform' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Mexican President AMLO wants to restrict US agents in Mexico

Ringo remembers John

I finally talked myself into watching the 4th and final episode of "The Reagans"

Happy Safe Harbor Day, America.

Trump Gripes Over 2020 Loss As Covid-19 Spirals Out Of Control

Elevating Fringe Theories, Ron Johnson Questions Virus Science

Is there anybody more gross than Rudy Guiliani?

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle gets real after her entire family got infected with COVID-19

How To Protect Yourself As The Covid Pandemic Gets Worse - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

**Friday's Coming! **

I realized today that my eldest son turned 37 yesterday, which was the same age

Love Spirals Downward - City Moon

Trump awards Medal of Freedom to Olympic wrestler Dan Gable then makes an ass of himself

America's highest-paid sex worker sues NV, urging the state to reopen brothels

NYT: Trump Admin. Passed When Pfizer Offered To Sell More Vaccine Doses, Could Delay Further Doses

Love Spirals Downward - illusory me

Trump Brags He's Working Hard On Election Attacks (Not Covid-19) - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Lou Dobbs - turning on Republicans and Stephen Miller live:

Admin. passed on the chance to get more Pfizer vaccine.

Fred Akers, RIP

from the San Francisco Chronicle ...

Tweet of the Day

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy/Pandemic Prayers from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: COVID-19 Resources from OCAMPR/Medicine, Psychology, Religion

when your parents drag you to the Oval Office...

So, how come . . .

Koop - Summer sun ft. Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: Another Prayer During Pandemic from Sts. Constantine & Helen Church

Florida Police Raid House Of COVID-19 Whistleblower Rebekah Jones

Rubbing Trump's Face in His Loss Isn't Just Fun--It's Important

CBS Overnight News: At home coronavirus saliva test...

Six leading bankers (including Citi, Deutsche) indicted in Australia.

Keith was dj when John was shot in 1980...

"Forbidden Knowledge #2" -1978 - Front Cover Art...

Matthew McConaughey slams both 'illiberal' Hollywood left and right-wing election deniers

Voting rights groups alarmed after Cobb County reduced early-voting sites for Ga. Senate runoffs

Walter E. Williams, 84, Dies; Conservative Economist on Black Issues

Joyce Vance: Republicans Had 'One Last Chance' To Choose Country Over party - Deadline - MSNBC

Iowa governor overspent office budget before tapping CARES Act

Covid-19 vaccine: First person receives Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in UK

Stimulus checks for the general public.

Iowa Democratic Party vs Democratic voters: Can the shepherd find the sheep?

What a 40-year-old massacre says about El Salvador today

Populisms Left and Right

Rachel Bitecofer's Version of HuffPost Is (Kind of) Here. (Oct. 14, 2020)

What is the statute of Limitations length for Interfering with an election?

Joe Biden's hand writing

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/7/20

America's growing hunger problem

Congress rejects expansion of Nevada Test and Training Range into wildlife refuge

"The very short and highly selective memory of the Trump supporter"

Lawsuit claims Reynolds' staff, AG's office approved sexual-arousal experiments at Glenwood

America's Dark Side

National Brownie Day -- Dec 8th

State agrees to $3.7 million in settlements for alleged UIHC malpractice

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the death of John Lennon

WATCH: Rush Limbaugh Cheers on Armed Mob Protesting Outside The Home of Michigan's Secretary of Stat

'A nightmare': why were an elderly black couple targeted in a shocking Texas police raid?

US Senate seats the Democrats are to win in 2022 to regain control of the US Senate in 2022.

Iowa's $2.3M contract-tracing deal goes to firm that helped Trump, Reynolds campaigns

Racism literally ages Black Americans faster, according to our 25-year study

Trump Pressing Officials To Falsify Vote Results - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Jeff Bezos: Blue Origin space company will take first woman to the moon

The Sound of Silence

Man charged with toppling Columbus statue at state Capitol to serve 100 hours of community service

Bismarck city attorney harassed, threatened over COVID-19 response

Restore the Fairness Doctrine to pull our country out of its right-wing nosedive.

"Recipe for Disaster" Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Kristin Chenoweth & more!

Breakfast Tuesday 8 December 2020

China condemns new US Hong Kong sanctions, Taiwan arms sale


For some reason

Humpty Dumpty - "Fake News" nice list of celebrities

Board on Geographic Names Approves "Arikara Creek" for Often Dry Run Near Pierre

Board on Geographic Names Approves "Arikara Creek" for Often Dry Run Near Pierre

The Bending Reality

Black Hills Realtors Party Indoors, Mostly Heedless of Pandemic Precautions

In the wee hours

Give me(us) something to believe in.

Noem Pays Normal State Wages with Coronavirus Relief Funds, Manufactures Fake Surplus

Biden pledged to undo Trump's immigration policies. It will take time.

Two questions. Sens. Thune and Rounds, Rep. Johnson: who won the election? And how long does the

Caption Anyone?

William Shakespeare getting his Covid vaccine in the UK today

Noem's $492,000 Fence Going Up; While She Gets Published In WSJ

- celebrate the scientists & trial participants not Trump!

40 Years Ago Today; the Assassination of John Lennon

Trump's Schedule for Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Trump Plots Mass Pardons

Women make record-breaking gains across state legislatures

Just sent out my 2020 Xmas cards...

Democracy is on Shaky Ground discussion:

This is so true for me.

How far is the Republican cult away from approved cullings in the U.S.A.?

New Relaxed Coal Pollution Rules Let WV Gov Pay Piddling Fine, Enjoy Permanently Weakened Standards

Safe harbor law locks Congress into accepting Biden's win

In Less Than One Year, 284 Environmental Activists And Leaders Have Been Murdered In Colombia

As virus spreads, Kansas hospital runs out of staff

Obit a man in Kansas wrote for his father: Marvin J. Farr 1939 - 2020

Trump's Remarks at the Presentation of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Dan Gable; 12-07-2020

Dear Rep Clyburn...there was a difference between who got the polio shot and the oral vaccine

Latest Coronavirus Restrictions Could Doom an Entire Commercial District on Staten Island

Just got the work email - going back to Phase II.

Oh Shit.

7 Of Past 10 Years, FL Sea Turtle Hatchlings 100% Female; Sand Temperature Drives Gender Selection

Kemp Says Picking Own Electors Is 'Not an Option'

Trump to order government to vaccinate Americans first

Nearly 30,000 US Offshore Wells Are Abandoned, And We Have No Idea How Much Methane They're Leaking

I just called another driver an asshole..

Why so many people want to believe the election was stolen

Hendra, Dengue, Nipah - We Can Expect A New Wave Of Migratory Diseases, And We're Not Ready

Trump loses in court again

BLS Report: Productivity increases 4.6% in Q3 2020; unit labor costs decline 6.6% (annual rates)

40 years ago tonight, half the country was watching Monday Night Football, and as the game...

The UK has started delivering COVID vaccines to the public....

FDA review confirms safety and efficacy of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

Alberta's Premier Happy To Fuck Over Ranchers And Water Supply For The Sake Of Coal Sales

Walking out!


December Begins W. Temps At/Just Above Freezing In Northernmost Siberia; 20C Or More Higher Than Avg

Worst-Case Projection For Infrastructure Damage In Russian Arctic: 100 Billion Euros By 2050

Uber, After Years of Trying, Is Handing Off Its Self-Driving Car Project

YOU raised $4,799.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-7-20

Will Florida become Trumpistan? Will there be any resistance?

Is today the day that all states certify their election results?

Parley's Canyon Wildlife Overpass

Breathtaking: Mont Saint Michel from a drone.

What Exactly Is The Point Of Confusion?

Trump walked out of the Oval Office when asked about inauguration during a Medal of Freedom ceremony

Trump Administration Passed on Chance to Secure More of Pfizer Vaccine

Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia Legalizes Workplace Discrimination on His Way out the Door

"2020: The Musical" Jimmy Fallon and Andrew Rannells Recap the Year with Broadway Songs

I had a dream last nite.

Tuesday TOONs - Restoration Projects

Another loss in this pandemic. 🕯️

This is a well composed image.

The Rundown: December 8, 2020

I hope this is true: Jill Biden plans to restore the Rose Garden.

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 12/02/2020

New Comic Releases for December 9, 2020

So You Want To Read Comics: Fashion Edition

Alien Series Announced by Marvel

Puppy playing in the snow for first time

My Wife Got a Delivery Notice for a Package, but No Package Had Arrived.

A Foster Mom Mimics Cat Mom To Help These Abandoned Kittens Survive

do you mind if i opine?

AZ Republican Party encourages members to "give their lives" for Trump (and uses Rambo quote)

Spoiled Trash Panda Wakes Up for Peanuts.

PA Election Lawyers Urge Justice Alito to Reject One of the Most 'Dramatic, Disruptive' Cases of All

Slave to Love

BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani Tests Positive for Coronavirus & Idiocy

Historically Disastrous Trump Rally Goes Horribly Wrong

How Joe gets his daily news

Now is the time to make the case for universal healthcare/Medicare for all.

Jim Morrison was born on this date.

Arizona GOP asks if followers willing to give their lives to 'stop the steal'

WI elections official at rally; speakers promote violence

Assembly panel approves magic mushrooms bill

Jean Ritchie was born on this date.

With Rudy down, someone's got to pick up the lies and carry on. Please come CAPTION Jenna Ellis!!!

Is Trump staging a coup or just running a con? No reason he can't do both

Playing For Change: Take Me Home, Country Roads (John Denver)

Apple Had a Better Idea:

Chris Krebs files lawsuit accusing Trump Campaign & Newsmax of a "pernicious conspiracy"

Gregg Allman was born on this date.

Apparently, Texas has filed a suit against GA, MI, PA, and WI at the Supreme Court

This is just hilarious

Happy Safe Harbor Day!

Jeff Tiedrich: "no one could have predicted..."

Diego Rivera was born on this date.

Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders

E.C. Segar was born on this date.

Mitch McConnell reaffirms his commitment to being a piece of s*** literally all the time

Michigan's Five Most Influential Progressive Women Who Will Shape 2021

Wrote to Gov Inslee for the 5th time!

Why did Barr sour on Trump?

NYT: Here's why vaccinated people still need to wear a mask

Texas has filed lawsuit against PA, WI, GA & MI in Supreme Court to invalidate electiion results

Good news!

12,314 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 23 deaths

Take down Dan Gable and tap out by loser Trump

Chinatown Businesses Face a Particularly Brutal Winter

Are the hearings about the safety of Covid 19 vaccines being streamed ??? Link please.

That's it. I'm cutting to the chase. Time to sue God.

Trump&Pence sue Biden&Harris

Indigenous Michiganders Led the Charge in Shutting Down Line 5

Indigenous Michiganders Led the Charge in Shutting Down Line 5

McConnell Refuses to Back Bipartisan Stimulus, Slowing Talks

Marching Through Georgia

The Trump administration is requiring states to submit personal data of Covid-19 vaccine recipients.

2016: Lock Hillary Up ...

This interview wins the day: "there's no point in dying now"

This young woman, I want to feel for her, but her actions have consequences

Christopher Krebs, a fired Trump official, sues the campaign and the lawyer who said he should be ..

Never forget THIS can & did happen here.

TX AG wants SCOTUS to block GA MI PA WI from electoral college

Just a Little Overcome - The Nightingales w/Tommy Tate, Stax 1971

In 'huge victory for polar bears and our climate,' court rejects Trump approval of offshore drilling

On the anniversary of John's death, I read this was his favorite Beatle song.

Donald Trump is a monster.

Could someone resurrect "Sore loserman" in a T shirt for us.

Recommendations for sponsoring a child/family charity?

Prominent evangelicals are directing Trump's sinking ship. That feeds doubts about religion.

Trump's desperate antics expose a big hole in our discussion of democracy

Anyone have any experience with "THRIVEWORKS"? A mental health scheduling website

Wow. This Mo Brooks makes Louie Gohmert and Ted Yoho look sane.

'Guess we're already back to not saying Merry Christmas.'

Trump's Labor Dept. goes through with gutting LGBTQ workplace protections

"What in the hell is this map that Fox News just displayed?"

Get with the program. Legalize weed.

Is Paxton trying to get a pardon from trump?

Damn it! Let's just say it the way it is! McConnell has, so far, blocked the bipartisan bill to

Please report this Fake News on Facebook

Lindsey Graham is threatening the Senate won't confirm any AG who might prosecute Trump

Maskless mingle in Palm Beach, Trump's Mar-a-Lago as COVID cases soar in town

'They demolished my house for this?' Residents outraged by the Foxconn factory that fizzled

NC State Senator Jeff Jackson considering 2022 US Senate bid...

I am so pissed

legally carrying a weapon

Florida's Confederate holidays will be targeted in 2021 legislative session

Texas Says It's Challenging Election Results at U.S. Supreme Court

Was this old when I learned Hillary had a Socks the Cat handbag

Vaccine Czar has no idea what Trump is doing with the executive order he's signing today

Missile Defense and the Arms Race

NC GOP State Commissioner Says Virus 'Not Proven Likely to Cause Serious Physical Harm'

It's over: 'Safe harbor' provision secures Joe Biden's Electoral College win

Trump administration seeks to rename 2 Florida bases for Space Force: report

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Wants "America First" On Vaccines, Except He Already Blew The Opportunity

Biden makes picks for HHS secretary, CDC director / GROWN UPS! GROWN UPS! GROWN UPS!

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 12/8/20

A Proud Boys Lawyer Wanted to Be a Nazi Terrorist

Trump walks out of Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony Leaving Recipient Confused

Interview with the first UK citizen vaccinated for COVID

Jenna Ellis has covid-19

WATCH: Legendary wrestler tells Trump he'd have 'no chance' in a match -- then Trump awkwardly bails

Hey Killa Kon (thanks dware) you're the biggest fucking loser

🚨NEW: Pennsylvania files response to frivolous Congressman Kelly application to US Supreme Court.

New Yorkers May Have to Pay Package Delivery Surcharge to Help Fund MTA

Scoop: West Wing fears COVID spread after Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis attends WH party

'Get a grip!' James Clyburn goes ballistic on Lindsey Graham for indulging Trump's coup fantasies

Steve Simeonidis earns new term as Miami-Dade Democratic Party Chair

Never let a good warm spot go to waste!

Biden Administration Will Create Position to Reach Conservatives

Where were you forty years ago tonight?

Jenna Ellis attended WH Christmas party on Friday and is now positive for Covid.

Cyndi Lauper on the view

Could this become the new way to scold a naughty toddler?

'Stop the Squeal' already

Even FOX HOST ridicules Republican Senator's horrific debate performance - Brian Tyler Cohen

Are u home and bored? Cool thing to do, compliments tiktok

Some people have special protection from the Rona.

Sanitized dec 8th Freeperville election drivel: No names or links: Safe

Republican witnesses are endorsing the use of ivermectin, an animal heartworm medicine, for COVID

Operation Warp Speed chief says he doesn't know what executive order Trump is signing

NEW: The Inaugural Committee fails to pass simple resolution essentially acknowledging Biden as pres

Happy Official Safe Harbor deadline. Dec 8th 12 Noon

I have no sympathy for any white house hanger on who gets COVID and here is why

Having a stress (heart) test. It's not about the test, it's about the mask and staff things.

Scientists Identified a Green, Poisonous Gas Used by Federal Agents on Portland Protesters

The Prevagen Settlement & the Wild West of Brain Health Supplements

Shouldn't all competitive sports events in all forms be canceled

Republicans invite discredited vaccine critic to testify before Senate panel

John Lennon Waterfront Home, Mobjack Bay Chesapeake Bay, Va: Poplar Grove, Tide Mill, Auburn 'Haunts

Arizona Republican Party Now Calling on Voters to Fight and Die For Trump's Election War

Imagine Peace Tower, Reykjavik, Iceland

This morning Paul took me to the ER

J. Michael Luttig: No, President Trump can't pardon himself

Louisville woman framed for murder and locked up at age 16 sues police after recent exoneration

A $4.5 billion Trump food program is running out of money early, leaving families hungry and ...

Bernie co-chair Nina Turner eyes Fudge seat

Army punishes more than a dozen leaders after murders and sexual harassment at Fort Hood

Letitia James is going to give Trumps the ass-kicking they deserve

Republican enigma-

Pat Robertson calls on Jesus to steal the election for Donald Trump

Ted Cruz, Harvard & Princeton educated, wants the Supreme Court to decide election 2020 on Hannity.

The Lincoln Project's first six months: Top 5 ads.

My latest painting kind of reminded me of Edward Hopper

Clyburn blasts Trump calling state officials on election results as 'attempted coup'

Texas has no standing in its suit against other states.

The chip in the vaccine has been confirmed....

Republicans on the Inaugural Committee refuse to acknowledge that Biden will be sworn in

Next time you see a maskless MAGAt male...

Dr. Birx says we'll see COVID-19 spike from Thanksgiving in coming days

Cat loves cardboard box so much that she jumps right in it

Safe Vaccines?

Where's Ivanka? (Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women 2020)

'Rough months ahead': Even with COVID-19 vaccine, researchers expect death toll to rise until April

Going to dye my hair. What color?

Think Health Care Workers Are Tested Often For COVID-19? Think Again

Kitten Miri got a beer box for the first time. Maru steals it.

Witness in Trump's 'voter fraud' case used to strip at the Bada Bing

Fun fact about 'voter fraud' Mellissa Carone:

U.S. says no sanctions penalty on humanitarian aid for Iran

Shelley Luther Held Hate Rally, Supporters Call Lone Black Woman N-Word

'America First' Apparently Does Not Mean 'America Gets Vaccinated First'

GOP Rep. Mooney wants to condemn lawmakers who call on Trump to concede

2:00 p.m. today: Trump's Remarks on Operation Warp Speed

Chow puppy really wants to play with kitty friend; kitty unimpressed.

Oxford Covid vaccine 'safe and effective' study shows

A Massive Food Shortage Is Looming, Food Banks Warn

Recommendations for an email provider

Anderson Cooper: Trump didn't have the courage to tell the truth about Virus,7min:30sec

Democrats need to start playing hardball

The titanic hypocrisy of the 'election fraud' crowd

Doug Jones Is Leading Contender for Attorney General

Has Anyone Seen this - Is it a Credible Site?

After Jan 20, couldn't Biden do all kinds of things re money

'Nobody knows': Experts baffled by mystery illness in India - AP News

The Texas "lawsuit" is basically a request for a pardon.

trump did as much for the WAR on COVID-19 as he did during the war in Vietnam

Rudy & Jenna just issued statement downplaying significance of "safe harbor" milestone

Safe harbor deadline: Trump's window for election subversion is closing

My rule of thumb for N95 masks.

Trump just announced a batch of appointments

Here's Why Vaccinated People Still Need to Wear a Mask

Really getting tired of the effing Chris-chuns and their tRump delusions

Patients hospitalized with mystery illness in India have excessive nickel and lead in blood ...

What do you get if you combine "Big Bang Theory" with "How I met your mother"?

Safe Harbor Day. Is this the day we see for certain which way we will take?

GOP leadership rejects resolution acknowledging Biden as President-elect

I Just Love Seeing Joe, His Secret Service & Staff Arriving Somewhere & ALL Are Wearing Masks

Trump's gift-giving for the holidays...

Is there any risk

I hate it when Democratic Presidents appoint Republicans.

Bernie Sanders leads Dem charge for new stimulus checks

BREAKING Judge dismisses Michael Flynn case.

Federal judge dismisses case against Michael Flynn after Trump pardoned him

Joe is LIVE! I need a team that's ready on day one to contain the pandemic and ensure everyone has a

Sweet doggo helps blind buddy slowly and carefully down the stairs:

No pears in the grocery store this morning.

"We don't have the vibrational frequency to host that virus."

Pence - The Lincoln Project

We need the Dec 26 deadline stimulus and all we need is a couple months to make it past this.

LOL! Watch how this Pupper gets into the pool:

John Lennon, Working Class Hero: Anthology Version

Cockatoo likes his coffee fresh and black:

Rock and roll cockatoo:

Judge formally dismisses Michael Flynn case after Trump pardon

Rachel Maddow and Michael Yarvitz Tell the Full Sordid Story of Spiro Agnew.

How does Jane Orient still have a medical license?

Thom Hartmann just said DU posters are "fastidious about accuracy."

Cartoons 12/8/2020

GE puts default password in radiology devices, leaving healthcare networks exposed

Interview with 91 yr old British man after getting vaccinated:


I can safely say I am a positive thinker.

Congress dares Trump to veto defense bill

Any others DUers watching the Biden Plan to deliver vaccine shots in the first 100 days

Hospital Staff Saddened By Elderly Patient Repeatedly Insisting He Used To Be America's Mayor

Teaching pets to talk

Smile at the thing that worries you the most

Fauci just appeared at Biden's COVID-19 event.

Years of research laid groundwork for speedy COVID-19 shots

There is no longer a GOP. It is the Trump Party and we should call them Trumpsters.

My resignation letter to Governor Desantis.

Mohammed bin Salman rejected claims he sent an elite hit squad to kill a Saudi spy chief exiled in

100M shots in the first 100 days: Biden unveils Covid priorities, introduces health team

Nothing says "vaccine summit" like the president listing off crazy conspiracy theories

English woman first to receive COVID-19 vaccine

Kyle Rittenhouse's mother insists her teen son who fatally shot 2 people at a protest 'didn't go

Trump calls for judges and Rep. legislators to have the "courage" to help him overthrow the election

THE GAME has been cancelled

The Michigan-Ohio State Game is cancelled,because of Covid

Kayleigh McEnany flies off the deep end, goes full authoritarian on Fox News

Diplomats back claims Eritrean troops have joined Ethiopia conflict

Trump is offering pardons 'like Christmas gifts' to people who don't even want them

Marc Elias:..use Trump's lies about voting as a pretext to make voting harder, you will get sued

White House pushes Senate GOP to include $600 stimulus payment in relief package

Since Pfizer and Moderna (and Fauci) didn't show up at his "Summit", Trump had to fill time...

McConnell lashed out at Democrats over COVID-19 stimulus negotiations, claiming his bill already

One more question: Can you repair a clutch that slips or do you need a whole new system?

"Over the River and Through the Woods, to Grandmother's House we go....."

'Melania Antoinette': First lady faces backlash after unveiling tennis pavilion at the White House

Does tRump have an inaugural committee

Mount Everest is higher than we thought, say Nepal and China

Monster Hunter Movie Event and Monster Hunter Movie Controversy - MHW News

The Republicans' Only Plan Is to Keep Pretending Trump Isn't a Huge Liar

Jamel aka Jamal dove into Phish, head first 😶

When will America wake up to the evil that has seized the Republican Party?

Pamela Anderson issues bikini-clad plea for Trump to pardon Julian Assange

Trump just bragged that he helped get 15% of Americans infected by the coronavirus.

Americans are dying faster of Covid than at any time since epidemic started

Brandon Bernard to Be Executed Despite Five Jurors Urging Trump to Commute Sentence

Battleground US Senate Races in 2022 that Democrats are likely to win.

Dr. Fauci just mentioned that a friend of his was being awarded:

Dick's Drive-In launches first-ever food truck in Bellevue

Feds joins Columbus police in Casey Goodson Jr. shooting investigation

Are there businesses you can hire for drive-by celebrations?

Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; December 8, 2020

Giuliani-calling into a radio program from the hospital, says he got the same drug cocktail as Trump

Arizona GOP Asks If Republicans Are Ready To Die For Trump's Voter Fraud Crusade

Call It By It's Name

New today from X: "Goodbye Year, Goodbye"...

Judge orders votes retallied in N.Y. House race with 12-vote margin

A warning to the Georgia legislature and any other Republicans: If you use Trump's lies about voting

2004 deaths so far today.

HD73 Rep Kyle Biedermann Hates America And Wants Us All To Leave

Capybara sets agility course on fire!

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer and 2021 Movies HBO Max Plan Breakdown

I wonder what Amy Coney Barrett thinks of this bonkers retweet from the president...

How much does US Attorney John Durham know about the Russia investigation?

Say it with me Dems - Mitch McConell and the Republicans are defunding the police

He Pretended to Be Trump's Family. Then Trump Fell for It.

Arizona GOP asks followers: "Are you willing to die to overturn election results?"

how is it that all

Michigan-Ohio State football game called off due to COVID-19 cases with Wolverines

It really is hard to see the end game here for orange asshole


A "strong" geomagnetic storm from the sun may hit the Earth's atmosphere Wednesday into Thursday ...

Text alert to stay home. check in if you got it

GOP rep introduces resolution to condemn lawmakers calling for Trump to concede 'prematurely'

Rep. Clyburn: We Will Set An Example With Biden Inauguration

Sen. Ron Johnson holds COVID-19 hearing accusing health officials of ignoring alternative therapies

BREAKING: The OMB has officially notified lawmakers that Trump intends to veto the defense policy

didn't Flynn commit sedition after his pardon?

State Rep. Cynthia A. Johnson from Detroit posts racist voicemail saying she should be lynched

Raffensperger is working on his way back to the party, it seems

The Louder The Monkey ...

The Jacob Wohl Report Instagram Advent Calendar

In case you're interested in supporting this animal sanctuary, which is where I found all

🚨BREAKING: Trump and allies have now lost their 50th post election lawsuit. Details soon...

"Election Fraud" is this election cycle's GOP attempt at delegitimatization of the President-elect.

🚨BREAKING: Georgia Court DISMISSES Republican election contest seeking to decertify

X-Post: Lawsuits hold up Hawaii election certification

Poem for BLM -- Up Against it

Is anyone watching the Vaccine Summit?


The IRONY of it all...

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 9: Bernard Herrmann

What's for Dinner, Tues., Dec. 8, 2020

The fascists strike from Texas

The Right Stuff Trailer

FireEye, a Top Cybersecurity Firm, Says It Was Hacked by a Nation-State

That's funny, where is the CA and NY lawsuits against Texas for suppressing the vote?

COVID-19 and Zinc

Hawaii's top court rejects complaint challenging Nov. 3 vote

🚨 BREAKING: 70,000 Georgians who didn't vote in Nov, requested mail ballots for runoff (FairFight)!

Shouldn't Democrats start suing

Top cybersecurity firm FireEye says it was hit by state-sponsored cyberattack

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Supreme Court rejects Republican bid to reverse certification of PA

Alito dismisses Pennsylvania case

Supreme Court rejects GOP bid to nullify Biden win in Pennsylvania

Good News! Latest COVID Test is Negative


If you ever wondered - "What does a CT scanner really look like without the shell"


I hate to be saying goodbye to Chuck Yeager

Do you suppose Trump will try to fire some of the

In its simplest form and function

Supreme Court formally puts Texas lawsuit on its docket. Case will be heard.

Here is part of what the Georgia federal judge said yesterday when dismissing the Kraken conspiracy

What Is a Tennis Pavilion?

BREAKING: Joe Biden will nominate Congresswoman Marcia Fudge for HUD

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 9 December 2020

On this day, December 8, 1963, Pan Am flight 214 crashed after being struck by lightning.

What is this asshole's endgame? "We won" bullshit

I was freeing up space on my phone, but I think I'll keep this photo.

Video: Howard Cosell announces John Lennon's murder during ABC Monday Night Football, 40 years ago

Let's talk about Trump, Star Trek, and a galactic federation....

The fascists strike from Georgia

Michael Flynn judge says pardon doesn't mean ex-national security adviser is innocent

Vaccine skeptic testifies before Senate

If he shows up for the inauguration

Deadliest Days in American History (a whole bunch of WOW here)

MSNBC reporting Marcia Fudge tapped for HUD secy

Former Proud Boys lawyer tried to join neo-Nazi gang -- but got turned away for ....

SCOTUS Rejects Pro-Trump Lawmaker's Bid to Overturn the Pa. Election and Doesn't Bother to Comment

On this day, December 8, 1915, Ernest Lehman was born. He wrote a few screenplays.

How YouTube Content Played A Role In Mass Shooting: New Zealand Report

will dems grant corporate immunity to get the extra$600/wk unemployment?

Vanderbilt women's basketball to remain in locker room during anthem to "mourn racial injustice"

I've been writing 12/8/80 in my notebook all day.

I am concerned about the future of Florida

If I were the Governor of PA, MI, WI or GA

How all gender reveal parties should end

NO. SCOTUS putting the Texas suit on the docket does NOT mean it will be heard.

Biden to pick Vilsack for agriculture secretary, Fudge for HUD

After Joe and Kamala are sworn in, is there ANYWAY

Jonathan Pie's latest rant...

I have changed my mind about a belief I have had for years.

Everyone is speculating why

BREAKING: Michigan Federal Court DENIES Republican motion (1-51 in court cases now!)

Water futures set to join likes of gold and oil and trade on Wall Street for first time ever

MSNBC, CNN, Safe Harbor, and this Pineapple Express got me feeling good tonight.

On this day, December 8, 1972, United Airlines Flight 553 crashed on approach to Midway.

FOX: "Joe Biden now clearly the President-elect of the United States"

Louie Gohmert sheds a tooth during a press conf - video

ROFL! Do You Even KNOW How This Is Supposed To Work, President Dumbass?

Vitamin D3 Question

The Judiciary. Will. Hold.

SCOTUS Rejects PA Appeal

What was the count in SCOTUS Penn case

Defense bill clears House with veto-proof majority, despite Trump threats

CNN's Gloria Borger: Supreme Court ruling a crushing defeat for Trump

I am done with twitter.

One Nomination Sent to the Senate; December 8, 2020

"All Those Years Ago" - George Harrison (and Paul and Ringo too)

Trump's Remarks at the Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Summit; December 8, 2020

Brent Terhune: Covid, covid, cough, cough... Pfizer made my prick fall off.

Terry McAuliffe to seek a second term as Virginia governor

Happy Safe Harbor, DU -- We're One Step Closer!

So, 96 hours later, I got my power back....

Judiciary held, now onto bribing electors and suborning state legislatures part of the coup