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Is the gig economy dead?

Glad to be here

Fox News limiting staff in office amid coronavirus crisis

TP hysteria

Unable to Deport the Coronavirus, Trump Tries a Ban

I scored Mucinex DM today!

Fuzzy Little Lamb Is Nonstop Chaos

American Airlines pilot tests positive for coronavirus: report

US may have already failed to contain COVID-19 outbreak, experts say Health experts suspect a lack

Will the country even be notified if Trump gets coronavirus?

Amid COVID-19 outbreak, the workers who need paid sick days the most have the least

BREAKING: All Public and Private

The end result of all this Corona Virus panic....

JPMorgan forecasts US could be in recession by July: report

Trump's payroll tax cuts are a terrible opening bid to address the economic fallout of COVID-19

I'm a hand-shaker': Many older Americans are playing down the coronavirus while others seek safety

Dang! No sports!

NRA cancels annual convention due to coronavirus concerns

If there is a silver lining in this pandemic - Its that maybe businesses and those rich folks

was anyone here alive during the Polio pandemic? My aunt had it and their home was quarantined

World Health Organization Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak website

our youngest is a teacher outside of Seattle-just closed her school for 5 weeks

Ten minutes at the teleprompter: Inside Trump's failed attempt to calm coronavirus fears

Donald Trump captured in hot-mic-moment after his coronavirus address

Live Nation, AEG Suspend Artist Touring Until April as Coronavirus Spreads

trump is gonna get COVID-19 for sure

Pregnant Woman, 19, Dies After Falling From Border Wall Near El Paso

Pregnant Woman, 19, Dies After Falling From Border Wall Near El Paso

Michael Osterholm is an internationally recognized expert in infectious disease epidemiology.

Will Friday 13th be the departure day for Azar?

I hope our Republican Senators have the same level of denial about the coronavirus and their health

I have an odd idea.

Ecuador: State must urgently adopt public policy to protect human rights defenders facing grave risk

Black and Beautiful: Michelle Obama, Jada Pinkett Smith, Laverne Cox and More Rally Around 4-Year-Ol

This may very well be stating the obvious....

I have decided to social distance myself

NY shelves stripped bare of everything, not just toilet paper...lines just to enter store, pictures

What's McLipless's endgame?

Student discovers 5,000-year-old sword hidden in Venetian monastery

We beat the mumps! Now, let's beat the trumps!

Nancy Pelosi Says Bernie Sanders Shouldn't Drop Out Of Race

Fawker Carlson.......ANYONE WATCHING????

Don Lemon Shuts Down John Kasich's 'Fine' Review Of Trump's Speech

Now we're closed. Walt Disney World closing Mar 15. Universal too! SeaWorld/Busch Gardens now, too

"Dr Knowlittle"


Local grocery store provides curbside service and I just checked the online listings...

Kevin Love commits $100,000 to the Cleveland Cavaliers arena and support staff

Coronavirus test shortage 'strikes at the heart of everything that we're doing,' doctor warns

I had a friend today say this about Sanders

Trump Ad-Libbed In Oval Office Address

The universe may have been filled with supermassive black holes at the dawn of time

What happens if Trump invokes Stafford Act and declares national emergency?

Wikipedia's "Recent Deaths" page now has 10 instances of COVID-19 now since 3/1

New York city declares state of emergency over Covid-19 pandemic

For Your Consideration: Marie Newman for IL-03

Trump is a chronic liar. GOP said it didn't matter. I remember Dennis Prager "sooo he exaggerates"

Boris Shcherbina destroys a telephone.

Fabio Wajngarten (Brazilian press secretary) and Maralago guest tested positive

The right role model for the coronavirus crisis is Tom Hanks, not Donald Trump

Ever Heard of the Medical Reserve Corps?

People are hoarding TP

I keep telling myself it's not healthy to be this angry all the time.

For Your Consideration: Betsy Dirksen Londrigan for IL-13

Suggested name for the House Coronavirus bill

Song So hee - Has Anyone Seen My Love

IT IS TRUMP who did not push for adequate testing. THIS. IS. CRIMINAL.

21 officers self quarantined after escorting Brazilian president

Stock futures point to more losses Friday following market's worst day since 'Black Monday'

Some REALLY Good News! Betting markets have Biden winning the GE

Biden taps new campaign manager as focus shifts to general election

Don't believe that tRump was not tested for coronavirus...

Ohio health official estimates 100,000 people in state have coronavirus

Facebook, Twitter dismantle Russian interference campaign targeting African-Americans

Snort, snort, "Tremendous, fantastic and perfect."

One month ago, we were terrified the Rule of Law was under attack. Just 1 month ago.

(VIDEO) Joe Biden addresses the nation on confronting the coronavirus pandemic.

Seattle's Tom Douglas to temporarily close 12 of 13 restaurants

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Spring is for FUN-raising!

Opponents will seek statewide referendum on sex education in Washington

WA State Updated Primary Results as of 5:41 PDT 3/12/20

Coronavirus: many infections spread by people yet to show symptoms - scientists

Me: GOP allows incompetence including death and ruin

At least my house smells really good tonight!

Senate Goes Home For 3 Days

KCMO. Just read all the St. Joseph's Tables

Trump's Oval Office failure

Charles Barkley being tested.

Ilhan Omar announces marriage. Congratulations, Ilhan!!

Newsom issues order allowing California to take over hotels for coronavirus patients.

stuff is starting to get real here in North Texas

Rachel M. Is on fire tonite and it's only been on for 7 minutes

Facing virus outbreak, Trump's tactics fall short

PA: Wolf Mandates closure of MontCo schools. Plus, panic buying

Democrats boost national fundraising for state legislatures

Trump: Restricting travel in U.S. a 'possibility' if coronavirus pandemic gets 'too hot'

Biden campaign staff to work from home amid coronavirus outbreak

Court order sought to demolish "Trump Plaza" - imminent hazard. Sounds like a portent.

Morning Consult: Biden's National Lead Over Sanders Balloons to 24 Points (59% to 35%)

Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris closing through end of March amid coronavirus fears

Castro forms PAC, boosts five House candidates

Last three days, cases increased about 30% a day, so 14 days from now is 50,000....

He's got it.

Disney Land, Disney World, etc. closing

Come back, Barack

Internal Democratic research shows Hispanics energized to vote in November

For your post office wall

Sally Yates endorses Biden

So buy tests from the W.H.O. already! . . Why won't they????

Republicans, Democrats complain to Trump administration officials about lag in coronavirus testing

Biden blames Trump for 'colossal' coronavirus failures, releases plan to combat pandemic

When you're in quarantine can you still

Talk me off the ledge a bit?

Question: suppose a Trumper has symptoms and tries to get a test.

Crimes Against Humanity.

Ga. governor, voting rights villain, cancels election.

Citizen Cope ft. Carlos Santana - Sideways

"trump's travel ban was and is genius"

Ohio health official estimates 100,000 people in state have coronavirus

Jude - I Know

5 COVID-19 cases confirmed at Boeing Everett; 2 additional tests returned negative

Let's say that Darth Orange dies because of covid-19...

The Atlantic Daily : Trump is making things worse

Corona-Aid - must include Free WiFi and Cable tv

Seattle Mariners' 2020 season postponed in wake of COVID-19

Testing for the virus

We need an immediate covid 19 plan

WaPo's Harry Litman: Best speech of Biden's career. Pitch-perfect tone + persuasive substance.

Trump Said Testing Is Going Smoothly - Liar

What kind of disclosure is the government going to give about who has the virus?

45% to 85% of infections spread by people yet to show symptoms (Latest breaking cross-post)

Shit. Found out today from a medical provider they returned Friday from out of country

Frankly, I won't watch Sunday's debate.

Enten: Question isn't if Biden sweeps next primaries, but if Sanders can keep losses under 20 pts

My proposal for future greetings

Could We Start Again Please?

Charles Barkley waiting for Coronavirus test results

Why bernie needs to drop out! AOC on Fox News saying he didn't win due to voter suppression

My office just sent out guidance to all staff to work from home until further notice.

3-12 DU corona virus tracking report.

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 15, 2020 - Act Your Age

Hey---FCC!!!....Dan Bongino just said BullSh!T Live on Hannity

Justin Trudeau's wife has tested positive for the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Begins Shutting Down Public Life Across Germany

TCM Schedule for Monday March 16, 2020 - Life at Sea - Pirate Tales

My prediction is that scared and weary voters will propel Biden across the primary

Mar-A-Lago hosting a charity event for 700 people....

BREAKING: Gov. Dunleavy has announced the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Alaska.

Does the Post Office UV sterilize letters & Parcels?

New 538 update: Biden has greater than 99 in 100 chance of having 1991 delegates....

This evening Trump retweets a Businessweek tweet about 4 million test kits

CNN Versus Faux on the virus

Sophia Trudeau probably got the Coronavirus in London

Rival gangs of hungry monkeys fight over food since tourists no longer feed them

let us hope our septuagenarian politicians stay free of the latest virus. the alternatives

Guess who helped Trump screw up last night:

If the NPR story about Trump's response to CV is shown to be true, he needs to be impeached

Earlier today, the VA called and asked me to cancel my tomorrow's appointment.

DOW FUTURES down 570 points

One of my dearest friends just lost her 28 year old son

Today, Fox execs told employees to work from home, referring to the pandemic as a "crisis."

London Heathrow Airport

For my fellow brethren and....sistren? Fellow worshippers at the alter of Brother Leon!

After reading stories about infected TSA workers and an American Airlines pilot testing positive

Nancy Pelosi says Bernie Sanders shouldn't drop out of race

Full disclosure: I am "one of those" who honestly does not believe that there is literally

I am honored to have the endorsement of Milwaukee's @AFTLocal212.

COVID-19 news update for 3/12/2020

The coming recession

The Black Crowes - She Talks To Angels

Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow What?! Student loan debt, free public college, universal healthcare,

Rep.Porter gets CDC Dir to commit to FREE Covid-19 testing regardless

Katie Porter! Dayum. Holy Shitzola! Momma mia! Amazing! RIGHTEOUS. I'm glad she's on OUR side!

We've been told over and over that Medicare for All is "too radical."

Darwin's laws in motion. Christian pastor, "Churches who shut down because of Covid 19

Laid off today. I will miss my curmudgeon 89 y/o gal.

Trump and puffy eyes

Research team has isolated the COVID-19 virus

What Bill Gates is afraid of - From 2015

Hey listen, I have a hypothetical question.

I'm experiencing new levels of hypochondria almost hourly...

Seriously, how is your anxiety level right now?

The stunning contrast between Biden and Trump on coronavirus

One of the best analyses I've seen on the pandemic.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The 5 Stages of Coronavirus

How Denmark's 'ghetto list' is ripping apart migrant communities

It was just confirmed that two people from my hometown have COVID-19

Sanders will have to win every remaining state by at least 10%

Things Won't Sink In That This Is A Serious Crisis Until....

Organizers cancel 73rd annual Azalea Festival

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: All Michigan K-12 schools must close until April 5

Are there any other sites like DU?

At the 33:21 mark Lawrence O'Donnell introduces the Hon. Katie Porter

Gloria Gaynor released hand washing video while singing her classic "I Will Survive"

Hillary Clinton trolls trump on his coronavirus oval office speech

Bernie's Super Secret Plan To Help Democrats By Debating Biden!

Am I the only one whose face itches all the time now that I'm told not to touch my face?

I said gaaaawd...daaammmmmmn! Taj just killing it!

Ashley MacIsaac - Sleepy Maggie

Sobering: Iranian COVID burial pits visible from space

Trump considers travel restrictions to California and Washington in attempt to stop coronavirus

Ocasio-Cortez: 'Rampant voter suppression' contributed to Sanders's loss in Michigan

Here's some good news: The Mayo Clinic has developed its own test for COVID-19

Man I dig this little girl...

Lack of **unfettered** Coronavirus testing is going to delay US recovery & get lots of people killed

Coronavirus funding held up by GOP because of 'abortion'

The Daily Show: Pandumbic 2 (The Sequel)

My father died on 2/25/2020...

Scottish storms unearth 1,500-year-old Viking-era cemetery

The Daily Show: Trump's Coronavirus Address, Blooper Reel Included

Found out that my nephew and his family left on a cruise today...

Shit be cray (Thanks, Ferret)-- Costco today. Union, N.J.

I don't think Trump understands he lost the election last night

Trump's budget director stands by plan to cut CDC budget by 15 percent

Reuters report: Coronavirus weighs on strained American system to care for homeless

Susan Collins stripped pandemic prep funds from a 2009 bill.

Damn she is just amazing....

Charles Barkley tested for Covid-19 and self quarantined...

Betting markets flipping to favor Biden over Trump finally.

Grandma, how did you guys make it through the Great TP Dearth in 31?

Trump is the one that pissed in the pool, make him swim in it.

The Trump Administration Will Move Ahead With Its Plan To Kick People Off Of Food Stamps Despite The

I posted poor information. So, removing it. But...

Do you believe you are are at high risk of serious Covid-19 consequences?

When Trump ran for darling leader he said he'd run Murika like he runs his businesses

What the U.S. Can Learn From Taiwan's Response to Coronavirus

Covid19:New rules from work

Welp - Mt Everest is in lockdown now

An oldie but a goodie....The Preamble to the Constitution

Dude, I've had this record on repeat for like, two months.

I see all these people pulling their kids out of school or the schools closed

If you still up and need to shake the booty...I got the tune you needs!

Over 1 Million Deaths Expected in US

David Brooks: Has any president ever been this overmatched by a crisis?

Saudi oil company apologizes for dressing migrant worker as human sanitizer dispenser

Majority of white evangelical Protestants in US believe Trump serves their interests

Jesus Key-rist! This woman just slays!

If people suddenly notice Trump hasn't been seen for awhile ...

The Daily Show: Trevor Sings a Tribute to the Studio Audience

Folk In The Park in LeBauer Park event in Greensboro Cancelled

This was After SuperTues II.. "In the past 2 minutes @MMFlint has:"..

Seth Meyers - Trump Urges Calm During Coronavirus Outbreak - Monologue 3/11/20

Some late nite glamrock from your late nite Glamrock

I had a few minutes to play........

Closing schools will insure they are safe to return to when the time is appropriate.

Seth Meyers - Trump Addresses the Nation on the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Closer Look

New York CBS News

Dow Futures Point to Friday Bloodbath as Coronavirus Shock Hits Home

US Soccer president quits after gender discrimination suit

Friday the 13th

Pentagon asks to reconsider part of JEDI cloud decision after Amazon protest

Mikel Arteta: Arsenal manager tests positive for coronavirus

Tweet of the Day

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers suspend production

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers suspend production

Trump convinces UFC to keep holding events despite COVID-19 concerns.

Ok, answers to "Who can name these musicians in this photo"....

At least the Buy-Bull thumpers aren't suggesting prayer as a cure for the coronavirus

Trump SAYS he hasn't taken the virus test.

Trump Could Profit From Coronavirus Testing

All Michigan K-12 schools to close due to coronavirus concerns, officials say

United States approves coronavirus test in race to boost screening capacity

No, the Fed Did Not Just Give Stock Traders $1.5 Trillion

All NM public schools canceled for 3 weeks amid COVID-19 outbreak

Trump's "There, That Oughta Hold The Little Bastards" Moment...

At least 3,000 hospital beds available for New Mexico coronavirus patients

Utah passes new abortion rules as Legislature wraps up

Why Are Women Less Likely Than Men To Support Sanders?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/12/20

Trump "postpone" idea shot down by Japanese Olympic minister

Brazil's Bolsonaro asks supporters to call off demos due to coronavirus

National security surveillance authorities to expire after Senate negotiations collapse

National security surveillance authorities to expire after Senate negotiations collapse

Stephen Colbert: Guest Dr. Sanjay Gupta

12-year-old bookworm launches favela library in Brazil

Think about how crazy it will look to future historians...

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, March 13, 2020

Democrats smell blood in Texas after sky-high primary turnout

Asian markets plunging on Friday after Wall St. and Europe implode on coronavirus fears

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez Calls For Suspension Of Cuba Flights Over Coronavirus

Did Trump's trade war with China worsen the virus' spread?

Canada: Trudeau's Wife Tests Positive For Coronavirus

The Latest: Australian Gov't Minister Dutton Has New Virus

Logic in the age of trump...

Coronavirus Forces Gig Cos. Like Uber & Lyft To Reckon With Workers' Rights

An Australian official who met with Ivanka and Atty Gen. William Barr in

Coronavirus: First Death Confirmed In India

I hope someone burns that flag that Trump tried to have sex with at CPAC

Hackers are using coronavirus concerns to trick you, cybersecurity pros warn

Accused Of Abusing 349 Children, French Surgeon Faces Trial

Trump Voters Wanted to Blow up the System. Well, Here We Go.

Dubious coconut & kale cures, rip-off masks & malicious emails - beware of coronavirus scams

Eerily, we sit in front of the TV, the ads continue for things we'll never buy

This is logical, so no chance.

What are the odds that Trump ISN'T infected?

All college sports come to a dramatic halt

Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Guest Host Monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live

You've heard of "mazel tov"? This is "tough mazel"

With only three official cases, Africa's low coronavirus rate puzzles health experts

President Petulant Man-Child


Those rumors that NYC was planning a shutdown are only rumors. Mayor says no such plans.

US stock futures point to healthy opening

Faux News will kill off its key demographic with bad advice. From this morning:

Arkansas Gazette online coronavirus coverage is now free

They are all guilty as charged

With 32 cases of coronavirus in Illinois, Pritzker cancels all events of more than 1,000 people

Step Right Up! Get Your Supernatural Protection Here!

Breakfast Friday 13 March 2020

Good Lord...they may all get it!

It's not all bad news for Trump

One of many unusual sights resulting from the pandemic:

Bernie Sanders telegraphed a possible drop-out after next debate:

CDC Tested Just 77 People For Coronavirus This Week

If the media focused on Trump's tax returns instead of some old emails that turned out to be nothing

Yesterday I got a call from my doctor's office.

State's attorney candidate debate gets heated as Kim Foxx's rivals go after her -- and one another

Florida announces 17 new cases since Thursday evening

A "soiled train"? MTA folks, is this normal?

GOP politicians and celebs get COVID-19 tests immediately, it seems.

Wait. What?? Officials: US airstrikes underway against Iran-backed militia group that hit Iraq base

The worst part of this for millions of Americans and people across the planet in general

Republicans are different from you and me.

Failing to combat COVID-19, Trump instead trash-talks Obama admin's response to H1N1.

Asshole trump blaming Obama for his failures....on twitter

Presidential Leadership: Blame Someone Else...

Romanian government enters 14-day isolation after senator tests positive for coronavirus

Premier League, Football League and WSL suspended until 3 April

It is SHAMEFUL that Moscow Mitch has taken off for the weekend

Premier League announce all fixtures suspended amid coronavirus outbreak

The Worst-Case Estimate for U.S. Coronavirus Deaths

Our niece and boyfriend were planning to come visit NYC and Washington from...

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Some good news -Federal judge orders Chelsea Manning's release from jail

Have you Contracted the Corona Virus and And are They Tracing Back your Contacts?

A couple of RW talking heads talk sense. It's a marriage of temporary convenience, not of love.

May 19, 2017: Nearly 700 vacancies at CDC because of Trump administration's hiring freeze

How fast do the coronavirus test results come back?

What if Trump Has Coronavirus?

Btw, there WAS media frenzy in 2009 during the swine flu epidemic

A little optimism....................

Fauci said he might not get tested if he came in contact with

Coronavirus in N.Y.: Riders Ditch the Subway as Fear Spreads

"see, the President said the stock market will rebound"

President of U.S. Soccer quits after gender discrimination suit

Australian official who met with Ivanka, AG Barr last week tests positive for coronavirus

They Own Him

Fact or Fiction? Did a 1981 Chinese Novel Really Predict the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Question for the here and now:

"Go to work & risk contact with sick people, or stay home & risk losing SNAP?

Friday TOONs - And The Pandemicy Award Goes To...

This is beautiful. People closed in their houses in Siena, but singing together through the windows.

Bridgeport bank failure: Feds have evidence of income-tax fraud, sources say

As someone who owns no stock, I've been thinking about other economic indicators.

Letter from Vincenza, Italy: "To all my friends back home in the U.S."

Some simple advice for Donald Trump:

So, why would Dipshit1 and Dipshit2 not get tested?

📣 It is an absolute moral imperative that our response meets the enormity of this crisis.

Oz's Hottest Town Hit 113F Or Higher 32 Days In 2019; How Much Longer Can Residents Live There?

Just in: Karen Bass, head of the Congressional Black Caucus, backs Biden

Trump needs to self quarantine. I suggest he try an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean.

Trump and his rubes are trying to pimp the Dow futures being up this morning

Flailing Heartland Institute Strikes Back - By Posting A New Website Packed With Climate Bullshit

At least French people understand that COVID doesn't make you crap yourself

WaPo: Under harsh criticism, Trump administration announces efforts to speed testing

Another Baby Boom?

"Do Me A Favor, Hurry Up That Warp Drive" - Science Magazine On Trump's Cavalcade Of Dumb

Wondering if the postal service is sanitizing packages coming into the country.

It seems that the coronavirus affects different people in different ways?

The country is shutting down

Not to be alarmist, but if Kevin Bacon tests positive we're all f*cked.

Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders We've been told over and over that Medicare for All is "too radical."

I just filled out my info for the 2020 census online. I'm puzzled why there was a question on my

There are 52 people who could've done something about it 5 weeks ago.

DAILY BEAST: Biden Speech Was Designed to Look Presidential. It Worked.

All the TV Productions Suspended or Delayed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic (Updating)

Can't wait until Kentucky cancels the

What To Do If You Feel Ill...

Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders I am honored to have the endorsement of Milwaukee's @AFTLocal212 .

Were Ivanka and Barr exposed to the Coronavirus?

We are so fucked.

I find this terrifying: Many older Americans think the coronavirus crisis is overblown.

5 Trillion to Wall Street

Someone has more votes than you, you are the loser.

How was I born?

Trump Blocks Use of Medicaid to Respond to Coronavirus Crisis

It is time for Don the Con to be removed from office

I am allowing myself to feel a glimmer of hope

My friend in a nursing home just left a message.

THIS is what happens when hate radio shitheads & racist Repubs insist on calling it a chinese virus

Dr. Doocy will see you now...

Hundreds to attend Mar-a-Lago fundraiser despite crowd warnings

Is it OK to laugh a little?

Is "malaise" a fitting word to use right now?

A Facebook group gets an assignment: Help Jared Kushner combat coronavirus

A little off-humor for the times...

If I want to cut up a rutabaga, since I don't have a chainsaw,

The Rundown: March 12, 2020

Pick of the Week: "Stealth" #1

Went to Walmart this morning early.

Trump administration blocks states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis

Falwell Jr on F&F: Overreacting to CV; response to CV is to "get Trump"; it's an NK bioweapon

The origin of Superheroes: Banshee

Note: Something is wrong with Johns Hopkin's worldwide COVID-19 tracking updates...

Lindsay Graham and Rick Scott are self quarantining ...

We will get through this. Together.

Apple Reopens All 42 China Stores After Virus Closures

Tweet of the Day

Craziness at my local Aldi, this morning

"Even Trump -- a man practically allergic to admitting mistakes -- knew he'd screwed up..."

the COVID-19 data from Germany is interesting. over 3000 cases

God's Messenger has spoken.....

Donald Trump has someone new to blame for the coronavirus response ... Joe Biden

Jamaica Confirms Six New Coronavirus Cases, Local Spread Begins

Ten minutes at the teleprompter: Inside Trump's failed attempt to calm coronavirus fears

Breaking: Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro Tests Positive COVID-19

Monkey takes a ride on a girl's back

It's a MAGA Microbe Meltdown

Australian official who met with Ivanka Trump and Barr last week tests positive for coronavirus

Trump blames Obama for coronavirus testing issues

Mutual of Omaha HQ closes temporarily after worker tests positive for coronavirus disease

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro 'tests positive for coronavirus'

People are slamming the truth back at Trump after today's huge lie

After making fun of coronavirus and meeting with Trump, Brazilian President Bolsonaro tests positive

Jerry Falwell spins coronavirus conspiracies on Fox & Fiends to defend Trump.

Pelosi and Dems are about to help Trump and the stock market

Democrats want Trump to declare the coronavirus outbreak a national emergency. He's hesitating

Biden's lead on Trump hits new 2020 high on swing in Independent voters; 18% lead on Sanders

Should we be using a credit card (which we wipe regularly) instead of cash in stores?

Swollen Trump Gives Emergency Virus Speech

Flamenco Guitar and Oud (Arabic Lute) - evocacion de damasco a cordoba

Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for Corona Virus

Trump Has Failed; Trump Must Resign

Trump Administration Steps Up Coronavirus Testing Under Pressure

PHOTOS: Coronavirus fears causing empty shelves, long lines at Richmond-area stores

Science Magazine: Do US a favor (an open letter to Trump)

Toilet Paper Shortage

Bernie Sanders is opening five campaign offices in PA

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Refused To Campaign More For Bernie Sanders

Don't know the website but this may be good news

If Trump really cared about the stock market, he'd resign. You'd see an immediate rally.

Is this the end of the politics of chaos?

Gen Xers: Check on your elderly loved ones

BREAKING: Austria joins Italy in closing all businesses

Oops, he did it again -Ted Cruz extends self-quarantine

COVID-19 Close casinos?

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma donating 500,000 coronavirus tests and 1,000,000 masks to US

Canadian scientists make COVID-19 research breakthrough, isolating virus

I have one of these shower bidets. It's cheap, easy, cuts down on TP and gets you clean!

Happy Pi(e) Day Eve ...

Trump should be impeached again for FIRING THE US PANDEMIC RESPONSE TEAM

On this day in 2016, Hillary led Bernie by an average of 11% - today, Biden leads by 19%.

Bernie Sanders@BernieSanders Imagine having a government that fights for the needs of working people

Thanksgiving in March!

just had a discussion with a co-worker, don't know if he voted for Trump

My son-in-law was very kind

Louisiana now has 33 coronavirus cases, mainly in Orleans Parish, governor says Friday

"The country did not reach this point by accident."

Our Kroger shelves are thinning a bit.

As usual, he's focused on the big things.

University Of California Develops Own Test For Coronavirus With Results Within 24 Hours

For the love of humanity, IMPEACH TRUMP: Trump administration blocks states from using Medicaid

Sad to see...

Read into it what you will...

I think I understand the Bernie bro thing now

Perhaps we should start listing viable alternatives to toilet paper. Allow me to start with......

****ARIZONA POLL**** Biden 50% Trump 42% Biden 51% Sanders 34%

Husband works at hospital .. it's everywhere!

Rumors, just rumors folks:

Remember their names -

--a deteriorating rodeo clown

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Refused To Campaign More For Bernie Sanders

Trump is blaming Obama for CDC not being equipped to handle coronavirus

Local radio says breaking news rumor is

One last battle for our older Veterans. Caronavirus.

Keep advancing women but do we realize how far back women have started from?

Today's mood

The Latest: Spain Declares Emergency As Cases Rise To 4,200

I first thought was, "if someone whose famous get it, people will care"...

Real leadership in NY:

How Trump's Self-Interested Delay of Coronavirus Testing Worsened the Crisis and Economy

MSNBC - trump will have a press conference at 3pm et

((Boston Mararthon postponed to 14 Sep))

Sanders wins delegate-rich California, NBC News projects

KRUGMAN on Right Wing Response to virus "last time the crazy talk wasn't coming directly from POTUS"

I've visited with sixty-three patients so far this week. Only four for respiratory illnesses.

Trump voters were successful

Brazil is only showing 77 COVID-19 cases. Bolsonaro and an aid have both tested positive.

So key COVID-19 adviser Jared Kushner is getting his advice from Facebook?

Any idea how/when things return to usual while mitigating?

Coronavirus: The Masters at Augusta is postponed over health crisis ((and ANWA and Drive Chip Putt))

Trump to implement or Stafford Act to release FEMA funds

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

TRMS: Trump sez "We're testing."

BREAKING: Trump plans to declare a national emergency over the coronavirus outbreak (UPDATE)

Remember Trump had his doctor report that all his tests were "positive"

Cleveland Clinic Discovers Five New Cases of COVID-19 in First Day of Internal Testing

Trump to Declare National Emergency to Speed Virus Response

BREAKING: Trump will declare COVID-19 National Emergency

Lynchburg man gets nine years in shooting case

Odds Trump uses the national emergency declaration to try to attack and censor the press?

Snopes fact-checks coronavirus rumors

Tom Hanks "There's No Crying In Baseball"

The Children The Nazis Stole In Poland: Forgotten Victims

MMM -- Fuck Armageddon Friday

Someone started a thread this morning. He was looking for economic news beyond

Chef Jose Andres always thinking outside the box:

Wow, I just discovered Ry X!

Wow, I just discovered Ry X!

Wow! Have you ever heard of the musician Ry X?

Polis Deploys National Guard to Control COVID-19 Drive-Up Lab Crowd

White House holding up DoD nomination amid Trump loyalty purge

Where the heck is the hand sanitizer?

Canadian Parliament shuts until April 20 due to pandemic

Italians trapped at home with their loved ones' bodies amid coronavirus lockdown

Let us not horse around, sit down and let's talk about it

Dow jones was up more than 600. Rally fading now

Miami Mayor tests positive for coronavirus after event with Brazil President Bolsonaro

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Covid 19, Update 8

Ex-Florida governor candidate Andrew Gillum involved in drug incident, Miami Beach police report

Tonight's drink special: "The Quarantini." A regular Martini but you get to drink it alone at home

About a hundred waiting for the supermarket to open this morning

Hundreds of hungry monkeys swarm across Thai street as 'rival gangs' fight over food

Would the White House even tell us if the Prez. was sick?

Picture of an asteroid crater in Arizona... Look how close it came to hitting the visitors centre

Coronavirus live news: UK local and mayoral elections postponed to 2021

Corona virus impacts on job market......

My how things have changed! Biden and Palin.

Who gets to tell Donald that the only thing that will really rally the market

Ina Ray Hutton was born on this date.

Once the pandemic is over.

Walmart corporate offices to work remotely in response to coronavirus

Statement from Andrew Gillum re: Miami story last night

And now for something politically different ... A word in melody from Sarah Pallin ...

Trump Campaign Calls Biden a 'Rotting Corpse'


A little Coronavirus humor: Quarantine Diary

Biggest U.S. Bank Forecasts Deep Recession

Why are other countries so far ahead of us?

Conservatives are not structured for crisis management

Biden Leading Trump In Arizona

The sick joke of Donald Trump's presidency isn't funny any more.

This morning from the Cuomo's office

Trump's "Travel Ban" actually will HURT the US economy: My personal example

This is why I put my heart & soul into Joe Biden's campaign

Republicans are less interested in washing hands

If you run out of TP

Hey Family, I know things are getting scary

Many Still Believe Trump Over Reality

Louisiana Postpones Democratic Primary

Nadler: "limited testing to keep case #'s low & protect POTUS's ego has made a bad situation worse"

Louisiana Postpones Democratic Primary

Maybe be all of these infected foreign leaders are getting it from Trump

What if...

FCC says internet providers will waive late fees / not cancel service during CV crisis

Louisiana postpones Democratic primary over coronavirus, the first state to do so

Robert Reich @RBReich Why is it that the richest nation in the world can't get its act together

I dropped off a sample at my clinic's lab this morning.

The toilet paper substitute of ruffled newspaper ....

I wonder if with the bailouts promised to the

Trump has been in office for over three years now ...

Boys state tourney going on with no fans

Laurie Garrett: USA is on Italy trajectory for COVID-19

ReTHUGs indifference to facts is the reason for this mess

JPMorgan officially forecasts a coronavirus-driven recession will rock the US and Europe by July

Perhaps another result of cv?

How accurate are our trackers for the US?

Don't panic-buy toilet paper - make your own DIY bidet!

Things to do while (self) quarantined from the Virus...

World leaders setting the example: Spreading it around.....

Coronavirus and the Sun

In case you get the virus

Trump administration to partner with private sector to set up drive-through testing

Wichita Kansas has first doumented case of Covid-19 at Wesley Hospital today

Corruption. This is an old Ted Talk, but still very relevant.

LOUISIANA delays primaries until summer

Question: Did Trump infect Brazil President ?

Aged like milk

Miami Herald @MiamiHerald BREAKING: Andrew Gillum was discovered by police at a South Beach hotel

Prediction if Trump gets the virus.

And now, I have a special request for "the news cycle."

Bill Maher Gets Grilled

The Trump Presidency Is Over

Krystal Ball: What Bernie Sanders can do right now to lead the crisis response

Miami mayor tests positive for coronavirus; Brazil's president tests negative after he and Trump met

Everbody Knows The Captain Lied

I'm confused by the FL COVID-19 numbers

Will the rest of the Primaries be cancelled for coronavirus?

Where are the "small government republicans" now?

Want to save the economy? Want a long term economic boost? Cancel all student debt!

coffee filters could be substituted for TP

Can someone please explain

How long will it take for someone to claim LA Primary cancelled to stop Bernie's momentum?

Voters in upcoming primary states: check for your polling place again

Czech government orders borders closed

My doctor said this morning that the virus is different. You could have it for a week or more

Trump to declare national emergency to combat coronavirus

BREAKING: Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has tested positive for the coronavirus

Toilet paper? Get a grip folks.

Just needed to share

BREAKING Coronavirus NEWS! Susan Collins is CONCERNED about Trump's messaging!

TP shortage makes us long for good old days of newspapers and Sears catalogs

Shut everything down for 3 to 4 week and send every adult American a check for $3000.00

What is a "national emergency"? What does that mean? NT

TED LEVINE for Bernie Sanders 2020

Catholics removing holy water from churches out of virus fears

Italy infection and death count spikes

If Kevin Bacon tests positive....

Need a constitutional and federal law scholar to confirm this...

Canada to Suspend Parliament

COVID-19: This is it.

"The Trump Presidency Is Over" "He knows nothing will be the same" Peter Wehner, The Atlantic

Childcare solutions

Argentina makes 170 prescription drugs, supplements available free of charge to retirees

Argentina makes 170 prescription drugs, supplements available free of charge to retirees

I found out last night that my friend who works

Postal workers can't stay home or self-quarantine.

FDA shakeup in team that manages distributing tests

San Diego Unified School District shuts down for 3 weeks

BREAKING: Delta slashes airline capacity 40%; cancels all European flights (ex UK)

Delta Will Cut Flying By 40%, Halt Europe Service And Ground 300 Airplanes

Bolsanaro denying his positive test, hmmm could this be so MarALago doesn't lose money?🤔N/T

New York State has 421 cases of Coronavirus up from 325. The highest number in the country

Using a different website to track COVID-19

Just got back from the grocery store: 10:30am local time

New York City State Of Emergency: De Blasio Says Schools And Mass Transit Will Stay Open

I am utterly terrified of what Trump is going to do at 3:00.

Drug Store Truck Driving Man

Notes that speak volumes

Watch Katie Porter Relentlessly Grill CDC Chief Into Saying 'Yes' to Free COVID-19 Tests

AP Exclusive: Visits to federal inmates halted over virus

CNBC: Trump plans to declare national emergency over coronavirus pandemic

How much longer will the gop and the RW oligarchs

It's not about when Bernie leaves the race, but how

New York now has 421 cases of coronavirus. That's an increase of 96 cases.

About the STAFFORD ACT (since twitler will apparently decare a national emergency over Covid-19)

Talked to a friend yesterday going on a trip to DC.

It's Friday the 13th

UK departs from Europe in virus response, draws criticism

Cartoons 3/13/2020

You can't see the show without a program!

Couple cancels their Valentine's Day dinner to rescue a trapped dog

COVID-19 outbreak slams the door shut on Everett's home show

The Speaker is speaking on the package

Governor shuts schools for over half of kids in Washington

Will voters turn out this Tuesday?

Guy goes to save his dog who fell through the ice -- and he falls in too

Ashland, Oregon: Oregon Shakespeare Festival has closed until early April

Little Rock, North Little Rock schools providing meals to students despite class cancellations

Nancy Pelosi's Address On Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Dems vow Friday vote on coronavirus stimulus

Nancy Pelosi's Address On Families First Coronavirus Response Act live

The first moments of a baby goat's life

Matt Gaetz Voted Against Paid Sick Leave in Florida But Takes Paid Leave From Congress

Steve Schmidt

List of Arkansas schools closing, moving to online classes due to COVID-19 concerns

Okay, we all knew this was coming, Trump blames Biden

Bernie would become a national hero today

Fux Noise Is Still Peddling Coronavirus Misinformation to Its Extremely At-Risk Viewers

NEWS: Americans returning from Europe will be funneled to 13 airports:

This is the obvious result of the Republican defense during impeachment.

Wild Baby Horse Takes Her Very First Steps

Trump doing a presser right before market close on a Friday

Democratic senator criticizes Pence for not addressing online coronavirus misinformation

The Powers that tRUMP will have when/if he declares a National Emergency. Read it and buckle up!

If Trump had been impeached and removed, Mike Pence would be handling the emergency

Trump Could Easily Make The Stock Market Go Back Up


Senate Republicans Sit Out the Coronavirus Crisis


People said this pittie would never walk -- until they met him

So, I run a food pantry

This dog takes care of his human sister all by himself...(almost)

Soviet era joke about toilet paper

An Emerging Coronavirus Concern: Eviction

"Well this seems right"

George Conway Puts Trump's Senate Enablers On Notice Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Metro announces additional COVID-19 changes, including reduced service beginning Monday

Philly closes public schools due to staffing shortages

'Peacetime state of emergency' declared in Minnesota amid COVID-19 concerns

I just spent 2 hours on hold trying to get money out of my IRA

It's Not 'Politicizing the Crisis' to Monitor How Trump Is Handling a Crisis

Trump administration blocks states from using Medicaid to respond to coronavirus crisis

good site for tracking coronavirus

Voting in elections: With paper ballots you can have drive-by voting, no interrupted election.

Man recovering from transplant surgery has anti-bacterial soap bottle ripped from hands in pharmacy

this has probably been posted before: a good site to track coronavirus

During 'Fox & Friends' interview, Jerry Falwell Jr. suggests the coronavirus is a plot to hurt Trump

Governor Orders all schools to close for at least 2 weeks

Former US Attorney, Barb McQuade, doesn't think presidential election can be postponed w/o amendment

Disneyland Donating Food Inventory to an OC Food Bank

Coronavirus: US shutdowns and working from home could last '8 weeks or more'

Hawaii virus update as of this morning - 2 diagnosed cases and

Trump to declare federal emergency, National Guard to be deployed as coronavirus outbreak escalates

Things Losing Candidates Say...

Jared Kushner reportedly looked to a Facebook group to crowdsource ideas to stop the coronavirus

Joe Biden slams Trump's coronavirus response. Trump accuses the former VP of conspiracy theories.

Sell, Sell, Sell, Sell !!!!

@seattlesymphony will be live-casting performances free to the public.

We need China

Casinos in New Mexico have not announced plans to cancel major events

People who fully recover from the coronavirus can be left with '20 to 30%' less lung function

So I've heard Millennials' growing social media term for COVID-19 is

can someone explain: why is HIV/AIDs a punishment from God...

As coronavirus spreads, CDC warns Americans about traveling within the U.S.

Appreciation thread for all who fight for justice, equality, and human rights!

This is what's scaring the hell out of me.

Question about the Winter Contest

AT LEAST One Of These Is A Lie

I work at a grocery store/food emporium.

Were you in college in 60s? Did you fear you'd end your life in a dystopia?

N.Y. Gov Cuomo opens drive-thru mobile coronavirus testing in New Rochelle

You raised $399.15 on March 12, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Eric Boehlert: "at this point in 2016, Clinton led Sanders by 8 pts in national polls"

Australian official who met with Ivanka Trump and Barr last week tests positive for coronavirus.

Market Up 850+ One Minute Before Trump Speaks

Winter Weather Advisory in effect for Cascades, rain-snow mix reported in lowlands

Meal plans organized for Washington students amid coronavirus school closures

Trump Campaign Invokes 'Corpse' Image for Biden

My biggest anxiety: No Stephen Colbert

Is this what happens when

Coronavirus pandemic update 36: Flatten the curve

Canada's PM Justin Trudeau in self-isolation after test confirms wife has COVID-19

How is the Coronavirus hitting your home, workplace, office or school?

Don't Panic! You Can Go Out to Shop.

Olympia School District to close all schools starting Monday

Something uplifting imo to view and listen to from Italy

Georgia Senate just passed anti-voting rights legislation SB 463

Doctor Sanjay Gupta on CNN: Less value in COVID-19 testing once it's endemic

2,022 US coronavirus cases (+325)

Russian lawmakers told to rally behind Putin's move to extend rule

Uh oh! Trump will speak without a teleprompter

Trump economic team grasps for credibility with outbreak

Coronavirus: deaths in Italy up 250 in one day, 2,116 new cases

These 12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours You Can Take on Your Couch (Video)

Just worked outside for about an hour and it was hot enough to make me sweaty (Sorry if TMI.)

White House coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says complete US shutdown is 'on the table' ...

Why hasn't @Twitter suspended this account?

All K-12 schools in Pennsylvania shut down for 2 weeks amid coronavirus outbreak

W H coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says complete US shutdown is 'on the table' ...

Denmark is closed. Come back later.

NIH: Coronavirus on surfaces/packages

Trump is now more dangerous than ever. He's a cornered beast.

Cherry blossoms reach 'peduncle elongation' stage. Peak bloom is about a week away.

Wasn't he scheduled to speak at 3.00pm?

Humor break ...

CNN's Acosta says Trump is going to wing it without a Teleprompter at his 3 pm presser.

The sick joke of Donald Trump's presidency isn't funny any more

It's tremendous and incredible

Everyone runs late now and then and, of course, presidents who actually work have "a lot of irons

Boris Johnson-many more families will lose loved ones

A homeless man under quarantine in King County broke quarantine and escaped.

I'm watching the DOW drop as Trump starts and keeps talking on TV

Pelosi urges Trump, GOP on coronavirus aid package

Straight out of the gate with more happy talk

You useless asshole.

He Started Out By Taking Bows For His Incompetence....

Mother Earth fighting back?

UT president's wife tests positive for coronavirus

**** Orange Menace Friday the 13th Rose Garden Address Thread #2 ****

NY absentee ballot form here-

Trying to pass the blame again

Somebody tell me if the orange blob is saying anything worth hearing I can't watch or listen to him.

Did I miss it!?? Has he tossed the paper towels yet? nt

Today I bought my staff doughnuts for breakfast and pizza for lunch.

Sen.Joe Manchin : USDA approves Manchin's request to provide students with meals during closure

so did we learn anything

Does this woman get a merit badge for lying?

Why Doesn't He Say He'll Support The House Bill....

I heard this joke from two different people today, from opposite ends of the state.

Karlie Kloss's dad helps Jared with coronavirus 'research'

NYT and The Atlantic are providing free coronavirus coverage

The current state of the Biden-Sanders delegate math, explained

"Google it".

Unlike websites of the past?????

Is He Going To Parade All These People Speak Now To....

I just got a settlement check for a class-action lawsuit against AT&T for overcharging sales tax....

Trump declares a 'national emergency' to combat coronavirus

Now I feel better

Someone went missing from Trump's entourage:

Coronavirus special program tonight

Trump sounds ill

BREAKING: National emergency declares national emergency

I just finished a webinar with WA Dept of Health. Don the Con sickens me

Conference has turned into a CEO fluff session for twitler's ego

Looks Like Someone Is Gonna Get Married!

The space-time continuum

Is he an MC now?

Suck up Mike (Pence)!!

Mike Dense is busy blowing the orange mushroom

Trump seeks to broaden virus testing; confusion persists

Had to shut off Pence.

Delta, American, United in White House talks to receive government support

Why does he keep making speeches saying the same things and expecting a different result?


Heck of a job Trumpie!

Pence is disgusting

Senators Intro Legislation to Bar Trump Admin from Using Pandemic as Excuse to Give Handouts

Trump, exposed to but not tested for CV, is now shaking hands with a series of CEOs

mike pence is licking the OSCAR MEYER Wierner for all he is worth. PENCE you are horrible


Pence, ass licker supreme for tRump. His comments now at the presser are obnoxious in praise of tRum

This presser is a damned thankfest. tRump ain't a leader,

I just got back from buying some food supplies at the grocery store. Just in case.

A rat (tRump) is most dangerous when it is cornered.

They keep stressing how speedy they've acted.

once question about pence's speech at the drumpf press conference

Perspective: I ran the White House pandemic office. Trump closed it.

Trump says...."We want to take care of our people".

The presser was filthy...

can pence catch covid-19 from kissing drumpfs ass?

And now . . .

South Korea's Drive-Through Testing For Coronavirus Is Fast -- And Free

Trump Is Weaponizing Everything He Can to Win Elections

It looks like the US is playing with the infection numbers

**** Orange Menace Friday the 13th Rose Garden Address Thread #3 ****

Ernst's approval rating has slipped from a high point of 57% in February 2019 to 47% today.

Anyone else think there may be a tremendous spike in corporate executive donations to

The companies he mentioned in the press conference ---

The fucker is such a shit hole!

As soon as Trump did everything Joe Biden suggested the market shot up 1,500 points

What a liar!

Listening to the Jerk...Trying to pull himself

Did I miss something here or am I incorrect about the role

Obama and Biden still killing people

Trump torpedoes Pelosi-Mnuchin talks, which both sides described as on the cusp of deal just hrs ago

Help! I am so filled with hate and loathing

"Let me repeat. Coronavirus is not Trump's fault."

The question that matters regarding Trump's new COVID-19 private-public partnerships

The *Official* Trump has Corona Virus pool. Make your predictions here...

*NO deal with Pelosi. Trump doesn't say specifically why and no one has followed up yet.

Bottom Line - The genie is out of the bottle.

The signal has gone out

Is trump intentionally dragging out this "press conference" because he knows...

During the CEO Meet & Greet which delayed the presser...

Ugh all those reporters are sharing the same mic

It's a nasty question

Did they just cut her mic?


Good God, this speech

Where are the polls about Trump's handling of the Coronavirus crisis?nt

Get this moron off my teevee

"working out a schedule" so tRump can get tested...

Watching Dr. Fauci's body language, it says it all....

Comet 67P is hiding nitrogen that could solve a solar system mystery

Ballsy women journos

Trump presser I changed channel to looney tunes

FACT CHECK: Trump's Accusations About The Obama Administration And Swine Flu

Pence is such a fucking ass- licking LIAR

A thread of appreciation for all health care workers.

CEO of Whole Foods (owned by Amazon/Bezos) says employees should donate sick leave to each other

Movie theaters, for now, stay open nationwide

all MSM

25 comfort shows to binge and get your mind off coronavirus and through quarantine

Space Needle suspending operations through March due to emerging pandemic

The psychology behind why toilet paper, of all things, is the latest coronavirus panic buy

45 praises WALMART as patriotic?

Trump: "Look America, I know how to president. "

Inslee expands coronavirus school closure to all Washington K-12 schools

Pence & Trump are idiots

Video of Yamiche Alcindor pinning Trump down on the disbanded pandemic team

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 13, 2020

A Health-Care Crisis That's Leading To A Financial Crisis



Did anyone ask Trump and Pence when THEY were gonna get tested?

Thats a nasty question

I wonder how many people who have met with trump will test positive for the virus?

trump claims his admin's response time to coronavirus much faster than Obama admin for H1N1

Director of Harvard Global Health Institute: US Response Worse Than Iran, Italy

Trump melts down and attacks the questioner when he was asked if he is responsible for disbanding th

Walmart to turn portions of parking lots into drive- thru testing centers for COVID-19

Trump budget chief holds firm on CDC cuts amid virus outbreak

Sanders: Coronavirus has 'radically changed our campaign'

Trump's coronavirus address was an opportunity. He butchered it.

'Dead Sea Scrolls' at the Museum of the Bible are all forgeries

How To Disinfect Furniture (fabric)

Bottom line; Without ***UNFETTERED*** testing THEN isolation we're fucked !!

Respirators Vs. Ventilators


I'm not sure I would want to be

Here is what Trump might do in order to avoid having to defend his lies and incompetence.


Joe Biden already sounds as if he's the president

In case you missed the Madman's presser, here's the skinny:

The US stock market has now wiped out entire $11.5 trillion in value gained since Trump elected

Safeway, Albertsons looking to fill 2,000 positions

Obama response to oil spill vs trump response to coronavirus

Amazon Battles Counterfeit Masks, $400 Hand Sanitizer Amid Virus Panic

Inslee expands coronavirus school closure to all Washington K-12 schools

it was chilling:

BREAKING: (Mcgahn related) Court of Appeals in D.C. has *vacated* the ruling against the House

Latest Breaking cross post: WA Safeway, Albertsons looking to fill 2,000 positions

Trump says "I don't take responsibility at all" when asked about the delay in coronavirus tests

Seattle Symphony Announces Free Concert Streaming During Coronavirus Lockdown

Here is clip of trump saying he takes no responsibility for lag in testing:

Anybody else worried Bernie intends to take it all the way to the convention and through 1st ballot?

New WA Coronavirus Update: 568 cases and 37 deaths

Texas Gov. Abbott issues disaster declaration over coronavirus concerns

So neither the President nor anyone on his team practiced safe distancing in the Rose Garden

here is the other female reporter getting talked over by trump today

Retired Hawaiian District Court Judge calls out CJ Roberts by name

Microsoft announces change to its board of directors

FL GOP Bill Means "Considering" SLR For Some Buildings; Replace Chief Resilience Officer? Unknown

Trying to find the humor (Coronavirus) #2

Snap! I should have bought food related stock. In TX.. no meat,

Here's what happens when you let your dog pick out a toy 😂😍

Short-term: Provide emergency unemployment assistance. Long-term: Medicare for All

Forecaster calls the coronavirus "an amazing grace for the planet"

Big Pharma Prepares to Profit From the Coronavirus

Why do we touch strangers so much? A history of the handshake offers clues

Louisiana trying to combat the virus now.

Maybe trump's adderall sniffing and cocaine abuse

En Banc court vacated McGhan ruling which will now be heard by entire court

how do you clean salad greens to make them safe from virus?

538 currently has Biden forecast to win every remaining race.

How often should I change/wash my handtowels?

Testing. Testing. Testing.

I went to my neighborhood independent grocery store I always go to & they had everything...

Trump donor that just tested positive was at Mar A Lago on Sunday.

Here's How The National Security Agency Will Protect Itself During A Pandemic (good read)

here's clips of trump being rude to 3 female journalists today: [WATCH]

This makes it sound like a far far FAR less developed project than the president sold at the presser

Rob Reiner: We all want the Corona virus to be brought under control, but just curious:

For no particular reason at all------

Sen Sherrod Brown Brings The Receipts: "You fired the entire White House pandemic team"

BREAKING: Microsoft says Bill Gates stepping down from company's board; comes moments after Berkshir

Republicans! Your voting day has been postponed till Nov 4 so you don't have to mingle w Democrats

The Trump Administration Ordered Immigration Courts to Remove Coronavirus Warnings

All right MAGAs and Fox News heads, listen up. Playtime is over.

Just asking, but if Rump and Pence got the virus

My friend thinks I'm "freaking out & paranoid" ...then again,

Uh... please wash those hands

TED talk - Bill Gates - 5 years ago

List of possible outcomes if orange anus gets sick.

Breaking: 2nd person with Trump at Mar-a-Lago tests positive for virus

Virginia becomes the first state in the South to target 100% clean power

You know who is the one person most unlikely to get Coronavirus?

"two very big words"

Covid-19 is beyond horrid but I think it is going to do America a solid in one very important way

We are so F**KED.

Gun nuts buying up all the ammo again

Trump's criticism of the CV talks was just reflexive and to make it seem like he was involved

Two of RI's newest cases of COVID-19 are children.

On local TV: Walmart will have drive thru virus testing in parking lots.

Sad that AC Moore's

How to dry your hands after washing (caution: turn the sound down)

Does declaring a national emergency give trump the authority to shut down the Nov. Presidential

Oh man. sounds like Google thinks Trump and the WH overpromised on the testing portal website.

What's this about Google being used as a health care vehicle?

Do I have it right? We will have lots more tests that no one can get..

I was told today that the McDonald's in this area

Uruguay confirms Covid-10 in country

China Fights Virus With Ultraviolet Light

A New Nazi Resurgence: Neo-Nazis, Original Nazism, 'The Great Replacement,' DW Documentary

We just got our Covid-19 testing kits.

Trump Declares National Emergency

A glimmer of hope...

There is a deal! Some Bipartisan deal details:

Biden Leading Trump In Arizona

Scott, Rubio, Mayor Suarez(Miami) and Bolsonaro photo 3/9.

Shopping Help for Disabled Veterans

In a crisis, true leaders rise to the occasion.

Donor recently at Mar-a-Lago tests positive for coronavirus, according to Trump Victory email

DC Catholics excused from Mass

Nancy gets it done: Update

Discussion: I've met dumbasses( no trumpers /RW ) who think the closures of large gatherings

Bangladeshi Amer for Political Progress are proud to endorse Senator @BernieSanders for President!

"I don't take responsibility at all"

Far-right QAnon nutcases see Tom Hanks' coronavirus diagnosis as sure sign of looming mass arrests

Corona Virus Isolation: What's for Dinner?

Donald Trump: "I don't take responsibility at all."

SurveyUSA poll on Trump and the Corona virus

All Chicago public schools closed till April nt

Link for Biden's virtual town hall, starting at 6 pm CT

Morituri Te Salutant! Let The Memes Begin!

Opinion piece of drumpf's complete failure in addressing the virus

☦️Orthodox Christian Hymns and Sung Psalms For These Moments In Time:

This is rae, an accident at birth left her with her unusual and unique look

Classes will be held: Instructions for online classes at Berkeley.

In case you missed Trump's thingy on the Coronavirus today, here are the Cliffnotes

Even Republicans Praise Biden's Coronavirus Speech As Presidential

Sometimes you just need a friend to snuggle with

All outbound cruises to stop at midnight, per Trump (they already planned to)

White House, House Democrats reach deal on coronavirus economic relief package, Pelosi announces

Why Nate Silver thinks the primary is basically resolved

All Wisconsin K-12 schools closing Wednesday

Trump famous 6 words, "I don't take responsibility at all."

Bernie Sanders names Jesse Jackson special advisor

Big boys just wanna play...

Florida just closed all schools until at least March 30th.NT

Is this the establishment Bernie is fighting?

Maya doesn't like those scary hyenas in the Lion King movie

I wonder why Trump is taking coronavirus serious today?

A friend of mine just canceled their upcoming cruise

Grotesque level of greed - Jeff Bezos

DeWine is on CNN...I certainly did not support him ...he is GOP and bad on reproductive rights but

Interesting bit I found concerning Coronavirus..

Contrary to Trump's claim, Google is not building a nationwide coronavirus screening website

Trump's Coronavirus Presser Was an In-Kind Contribution to Joe Biden's Campaign (Charles Pierce)

The WHO has changed its position on coronavirus and pets

When you haven't seen your bestie for a while

What exactly is an "older adult"?

I saw two big problems with what is happening in re COVID-19

I agree with this guy.

Balcony Singing Sweeps Italy!

Clyburn Compares GOP Bowing To Trump To Nazi Germany

Illinois governor orders schools closed due to coronavirus

TSA will allow travelers to bring larger bottles of hand sanitizer in their carry-ons

Chinese billionaire to send US 500,000 coronavirus test kits, 1 million face masks

tRumps response when asked about disbanding pandemic team

Video of Speaker Pelosi announcing the COVID19 deal on Twitter--This what leadership looks like

US COVID-19 cases spike almost 500 cases in one day (took 2 months to reach 1000)

Poll: Trump holds double-digit lead in Iowa over Biden and Sanders

The Open Secret

went to the large Dillons in ICT out of soup, burger, potatoes , dried milk, rice and TP

A warning from an American in Wuhan

"Instead of bashing trump, post what you like about the Democratic Party"

Website ready to go Sun?

This is Joe Biden's Coronavirus Address not the Town Hall. Sorry for the confusion

Workers are being told not to go to work, but many will face financial ruin if they don't.

WaPo Editorial Board: Horse racing has outlived its time

WaPo Editorial Board: Horse racing has outlived its time

Six million Australians to get immediate $750 coronavirus stimulus payments

The woman who ran the pandemic response office at the White House

'I Could Easily Kill Them': Terrified Doctors Sound Alarm on Coronavirus

Is he heading to Florida again this weekend?

This really happened an hour or so ago. I was at a red light, glanced over to the car....

The Director Of The US Refugee Agency For Immigrant Children Is Being Replaced After Little More Tha

Everything Is Shutting Down Because Trump Held Up Testing - Current Shutdowns Are 100% His Fault

Who started/brought on Coronavirus?

Contrary to Trump's claim, Google is not building a nationwide coronavirus screening website

California Governor Calls Out What A Mess Coronavirus Testing Is Right Now

Speaker Pelosi on The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

U.S. counters Iraq's condemnation of airstrikes on Iran-backed militia facilities

U.S. counters Iraq's condemnation of airstrikes on Iran-backed militia facilities

You Do Testing To Determine The Most Efficient Least Disruptive Way To Do Social Distancing

I'd like to post a DU Poll and need input.

So we may need a lot more medical professionals quickly.

Colorado just reported its first fatality.

I wonder if Pence will be so eager to kiss Trump's ass when Nikki Haley ends up on the 2020 ticket.

Trump says top cruise ship companies stopping trips from US

Republicans are learning that "rugged individualism" won't stop the coronavirus

Mexico: Monarch butterflies drop 53% in wintering area

Mexico: Monarch butterflies drop 53% in wintering area

Wisconsin closes all schools to prevent spread of coronavirus pandemic

Trish Regan's Fox Business show is "on hiatus until further notice"

WA State Updated Primary Results as of 4:13 PM PDT. March 13

Trish Regan show on Faux is now on hiatus after her idiotic Coronavirus comment

Saint Lucia confirms first coronavirus case

Greece shutting down all restaurants, shopping malls, cafes and bars only 133 cases.

3 years

☦ Orthodox Church In America/Synod of Bishops Encouraging:

All K-12 schools in MI will close Monday for 3 weeks

Worst-Case Estimates for U.S. Coronavirus Deaths

Little Rock mayor confirms first community transmission case of COVID-19

This is so damned weird!

There's always a silver lining.

Utah schools closed starting Monday. n/t

Where are our surrogates

It may be Mother Nature, not Trump, that we have to rely on