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NFL players approve labor deal, including 17-game season

Despite his experts' grave warnings, Trump wants everyone to just "relax"

Doctor bashes Trump's claim 'we have control over' the coronavirus:

Does anyone have a link to a live stream of the debate? Can it be viewed on youtube? Cannot find

Stump Speach. nt

Stock Futures Slide After Fed Slashes Rates S&P 500 futures hit a limit by falling 5%; Dow futures

CDC recommends no more gatherings over 50 people for the next 8 weeks -- including Trump rallies

CBP Officers Seize Fake COVID-19 Test Kits at LAX

Wynn, Encore to temporarily close

All Nevada schools closing until April 6th

CV-19 tracker page hacked?

EvergreenHealth (Kirkland, WA) ER doctor tests positive for coronavirus, in critical condition

State Confirms 3 New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases In Oklahoma

Joe is being very statesman like.

Bernie goes on the attack

ICYMI - Samantha Bee on the Hapless GOPers in Washington..

Didn't it rain?

Bernie really is a one-trick pony

Stock-index futures open sharply lower as Fed slashes rates

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the worst of Donald Trump

CNBC - US sailor tests positive for virus aboard ship

Italians over 80 'will be left to die' as country overwhelmed by coronavirus

State of Emergency Declared in Oklahoma City Due to Coronavirus

"sherriff" dave clarke on twitter

Niagara County, N.Y

25 Minutes in....

More than restaurants and bars. Why not massage places (massage envy) too?

CA Gov. bars to close, residents 65+ to isolate due to CV (OH, IL Orders)

why is the world is Bernie keep bringing up THE EBOLA "crisis" ..... he says Biden is "senile"

Biden-Sanders debate Official Thread- 2

Cheers on the virus

People are looking for results right now, not a revolution.

Corona Virus Honest Government Ad

What if there is a real political plan to manage Covid-19 and it's been in play since Trump

Oklahoma Governor Stitt is late to the party.

Americans want results, not a revolution.

Joe just NAILED the economic issue, how we got here

Just a note, Warren was ahead of any of the candidates in addressing the CoronaVirus pandemic

Bernie just said this "Ebola crisis" is exposing the dysfunctionality of our healthcare system

Alex Jones peddled a fake coronavirus cure that can turn people's skin permanently blue

The people who thought our guy Joe would fall apart must be sorely disappointed.

Today I thought of a psychopath failing to protect its citizens, and I thought of this

Joe is better in these one on one debates than battle royales.

Trump Reportedly Sees Upside To Coronavirus: Promoting His Closed Borders Agenda

Sanders seems really unsteady on the bailout questions.

Bernie Talks Aspirations. Joe Talks Logistics

Bernie voted against the auto bailout?

Where can I watch the debate online. Can't find it on CNN. nt

More than 3,800 passengers on a cruise ship disembarked in Miami without screening for COVID-19

Life During War Time

What we need is some .... Remedy. 😁

US moves nearer to shutdown amid coronavirus fears

Just SHUT UP, you blithering orange fathead.

So if you could have one meal soup to nuts what would it be?

Two Kroger employees test positive for coronavirus; company adds emergency leave policy

Is Joe Right That Italy and Other European Countries Have Single Payer?

Biotech company fighting coronavirus shoots down the idea of giving US exclusive rights to vaccine

Is Colombia's prosecution withholding evidence of 2018 election fraud?

3 days, 12 stores, finally found toilet paper!

US moves nearer to shutdown amid coronavirus fears

I think the first 45 minute should lay to rest the meme that Joe can't hang with Tangerine Ida Amin

Most King County in-person services closing Monday due to COVID-19 outbreak

Come on, Bernie. At the end of the day, Politifact and WAPO said you were full of it. RE: SS, Biden

Bolsonaro Lauds Protesters Taking to Streets Despite Virus Risk

Anyone missing tonight's debate ...

Biden's good. He just texted me in the middle of the debate!

Peru closes ports to cruise ships to ward off virus

Mnuchin says U.S. coronavirus aid bill cost should be significant, not huge

Re. tonight's debate...for a few minutes, I thought the moderators fell asleep.

I've finally reached the conclusion that most Americans...

Tim Eyman's message in COVID-19 pandemic: Stick finger in Inslee's eye

I think I have had enough of bernie

Biden Biden Biden!

Biden is being respectful, Sanders is being disrespectful

769 Coronavirus Cases In Washington, 2 New Deaths In King County

Two more Kitsap County residents test positive for COVID-19

If Retrumplicans truly believe this virus is a "hoax"

Biden was right about his support for a $15/hr minimum wage 5 years ago. Link:

Debate...remake of "Grumpy Old Men"!

Biden-Sanders debate Official Thread- 3

Please Sit Down, Senator Sanders,

No one did fucking more for marriage equality Than Joe Biden.

Tennessee AG cracks down on men who hoarded thousands of sanitizer bottles amid shopper scare

Understanding evangelicals

Your predictions on Trump, his beloved MAGAt rallies, and the CDC recommentations

California Gov. Newsom Orders Bars, Wineries Closed

Same ole Bernie.

Tweet of the Debate

(NM) Rail Runner operations will be suspended for the duration of the public emergency

Spiking U.S. coronavirus cases could force rationing decisions similar to those made in Italy, China

Joy Reid: Sanders' strategy tonight seems to be to relitigate the 1990s.

(Albuquerque) BioPark closed until mid-April

Michael McFaul: Sanders trying to play gotcha about Biden's past positions on SS cuts is ineffective

Biden WILL appoint a woman as VP

BIDEN: Will pick a female as V.P.

Whoa, Biden commits to picking a woman as VP.

I just bought a new home PC to run my business*.

Government official: Coronavirus vaccine trial starts Monday

La Familia Michoacana kingpin 'El Rigo' extradited to the U.S.

Yankees minor leaguer has virus, Marlins close spring camp

Clyburn calls Trump a racist, warns US could 'go the way of Germany in the 1930s'

Sanders female V.P. boy did he drop the ball.

Is there a running fact check anywhere? nt.

Biden commits to picking a female running mate, Bernie waffles.

Exponential Function

Damn it .... Come on Bernie !!

Trump calls on Americans to cease hoarding food, supplies

Will the radical Bernie Bros now admit there isn't a dementia problem?

I admit it. I am SHOCKED at how well Biden is doing.

Now Biden is ignoring Sanders' interruptions and grunting. Good for you Mr. VP!

Trump Calls on Americans to Cease Hoarding Food, Supplies

A Message from Trevor: Stay Home The Daily Show

Who's winning?

Biden would make a GREAT deposition witness. Asked a question, he just says "No", or "Yes"...

"to sum it all up, coronavirus/covid is as shitty as you're hearing"

U.S. asks travelers for patience amid chaos, long lines at airports

U.S. asks travelers for patience amid chaos, long lines at airports

so im upstairs watching the debate and enjoying a nice huge bowl of something I grew...

Ever notice that Bernie asks all kinds of questions---"How about this? What about that? Why do we

Sanders To Lou Dobbs On Immigration Bill In 2007:

Stocks plunge as Fed's emergency rate cut fails to calm panic

What I see

Joe is coming around.

Bernie: Reentering the Paris accords is fine, who cares

Happy tears, a woman vice President

Biden, after talking about what he did legislatively: "I did that while you were watching"!!!!!!

Why is Biden laughing? The point Bernie is making about climate change is not flippant

I just watched the movie "Parasite" on Amazon Prime.

Harris's former press secretary: Biden's announcement he'll pick female VP was tactically brilliant

I like hearing 2 candidates really addressing my issues.

On Climate Change Biden gives detail. Bernie does not.

I think by the end of the week the only places that will be open are

U.S. eyes aid for airlines; sees no domestic travel curbs for now

Kos tweet: Biden committing to a female VP is the headline of this debate. Bernie wrote himself out

Argentina suspends public events, shuts schools and borders until March 31st

Argentina suspends public events, shuts schools and borders until March 31st

Two important questions

The largest employer in my town is a tissue mill. I posted on FB that it's time to Storm The Mill!

Kos: Bernie wanted to break Biden, the way Warren broke Bloomberg. Not even close to happening.

OK, weird question, I suppose...

Did Trump Shut Down Our Pandemic Response to Please Right to Life?

Sanders just lost Florida by even more.

Stop waving your finger around Bernie

That look Biden just gave is the moment of the night

Fox Business Puts Trish Regan On Hiatus After 'Coronavirus Impeachment Scam'

"God bless us every one!"

"These are flat out dictators"

Bernie laughed when Biden mentioned Russia sanctions.

A Chilling Thought

Joe went there! Democrat with a capital "D"

"The reason is I am a Democrat, with a capital D"

so this is what dementia looks like

COVID-19 - the numbers as of now - exponentially escalating in the US

Biden-Sanders debate Official Thread- 4

What I want Biden to say when Sanders says "we're winning

Trump says this all is hoax!

Sanders problem in a nutshell:

Bernie Sanders is wrong on democratic socialism in Sweden, and everywhere else

Pulse of DU poll.Who won the debate?

Wow. was hacked earlier?

Trump should be worried

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats likely to flip.

All Las Vegas MGM casinos, hotels set to temporarily close

WA-GOV: Republican candidate encourages supporters supporters to gather in large groups.

Meat companies say: Eat your veggies

Before tonight, I was lamenting the "weak" options we had left

The wrap up...

Texan who led sex trafficking ring linked to teenager's murder is jailed in Ecuador

Puerto Rico primary to be postponed

Question for Bernie Sanders supporters: what did tonight's debate achieve?

Garden photos from this afternoon:

Someone needs to tell Bernie there is a difference in screaming at the Senate VS getting things done

We lost one in our apt complex tonite

Glenn Kirschner explains Trump Crimes Commission idea

Biden vowed to support Bernie but did Bernie

bro' spin on twitter is entertaining. nt.

Did anyone feel that Tulsi Gabbard was sorely missed in tonight's debate?

Who is the AA woman that Joe will pick for the SC?

Biden. Joe Biden.

To anyone who had doubts about Joe and a declining mental ability.

One thing we know for sure

Ex-Governor's Candidate In Florida Says He's Entering Rehab

When Biden wins all the States on Tuesday, who will Sanders blame?

Email from the Sanders campaign seconds after the debate ended:

It is time ask the question of who owns the power in this country.

All BS supporters who pushed the lies about Biden's mental status need to apologize. Right now.

two strong candidates

TrunpDow futures remain locked limit down

What's your favorite home isolation activity?

Cooking for your Quarantine

Joe for the win tonight.

how odd this all is - and we are only at the start. What's the same...and what's different for us

My Primary Pledge for the Duration.

Gov. Inslee--all WA State restaurants, bars, entertainment/recreation facilities to close tomorrow

Watch this. If you watch anything today, it should be this.

Trump tells Americans to stop hoarding food.

Donald Trump says he is considering 'full pardon' for Michael Flynn

It's Kurt Cobain from 1991...

3-15 DU corona virus tracking report.

Gov. Stitt criticized after family night out amid coronavirus national emergency

Mexico holds big music festival despite coronavirus concerns

New York City limits bars, restaurants to takeout; closes nightclubs, theaters

Trump economic team grasps for credibility with outbreak

Full on badass ad from Matt Gaetz's opponent, Phil Ehr

Mar a lago becomes a gilded petri dish for a global disease

Bernie says that Joe cannot win against Trump??

BREAKING: NYC closes all restaurants, except for takeout...

Today, my wife and I for the first time in our lives have been ordered to

Just read the transcript of the word salad from this evening's presser from Twitler

Does anyone else fall asleep during sex?

I think it will be Amy K.

Is snoring a legitimate and widely recognized form of foreplay?

I've received notification to work from home effective tomorrow (NYC)

Ever fall asleep on top of someone and they were trapped for hours? n/t

So, what's next for Bernie?

Kamala Harris...A friend told me she thought she heard

Washington state shuts down restaurants, bars to stop spread of novel coronavirus

When you wake in the morning, is your drool stain larger than a hula hoop?

This sucks.

Pulse of DU poll- The Biden Veepstakes

A woman on the ticket

Biden to Bernie: "I did that while you were watching..."

I showered just so I could touch my face for 5 minutes

A local fourth-year resident posted this on Reddit and is good advice for COVID-19

Five devastating rebuttals to use with our worst allies...

Coronavirus: Prepare For National Lockdown

David Sirota is on O'Donnell...and he is talking a mile a minute to no effect...

The website with the most up-to-date corona virus info (created by a 17-year-old, but now

Spanish King renounces inheritance from father amid scandal

David Sirota was his normal annoying self

Bern: you crashed and Berned!

Sirota is on MSNBC

My first experience with Covid 19 patients

The Debate:

Asian stock markets, US futures sink after Fed's rate cut

This debate was a winner

Biden says he has raised $33 million in first half of March

Can someone please explain to me why people are hoarding tp for a respiratory disease?

Any guesses?

I got a note from Ticketmaster regarding event cancellations

The suppression of the count of verified Covid cases

Gillum withdraws from politics after link to suspected drug overdose

Biden embraces Warren's policies, then says he's selecting a woman as VP

Goldman Sachs Predicts U.S. GDP to Shrink 5% in Second Quarter

Dirty Money exposes Kushner.

For a less heavy subject. I saw a post about a woman who bought flowers for her boyfriend

Joe Biden Looked Like A President At The Democratic Debate 😎

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Mild corona virus humor:

Just to remind everyone how great we can be:

Quarantined Italians record messages to themselves 10 days ago

Chef Jose Andres:Grocery shopping for those 60/over during these Covid-19 times

Huge respect for Dr. Fauci. Sadly he won't be around much longer

He disbanded the pandemic unit!!! It doesn't get any more incompetent than this

will you follow your friends over the cliff?

During my time in the hospital, this song kept my spirts up! (English subs)

Just thinking out loud

Bank of America CEO on payment deferrals:

French Health Ministry Warns On Ibuprofen

Disadvantages of anal bleaching

Bernie wants to postpone Tuesday primaries

Ok the governor closed restaraunts and bars. They say

Clyburn tells Axios he'd prefer a WOC for Biden's VP. Mentions Harris first.

Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

Trump, on debate

Look what a neighbor surprised me with!1 Take that, sprinkleeninow!1

"The difference between Joe and I," Sanders said

Schwarzenegger, mini horse and donkey

Some authorities saying that you should NOT stop taking your BP meds (ACE inhibitors) out of CV fear

It's honest wonder folks, that's all.

Doctor Fact-Checks Media On Coronavirus

No sports? Check this out. I screamed like a crazy woman!

Last Week Tonight shutting down indefinitely after staff member tests positive.

As I Sit At Home for 3-4 Months Watching Direct-TV and Netflix-All I See is Camelot

Larry Kudlow Is The Stupidest Person Ever Born

Sanders Press Secretary: Don't vote on Tuesday

Spain's King Felipe VI renounces inheritance and cuts father's income over 'offshore fund'

Found the perfect gift for any occasion this year

Israel's opposition head Benny Gantz wins support to form government

australia supermarket has introduced "exclusive" shopping time for the elderly and disabled

Venezuela orders 'social quarantine' in response to coronavirus

Venezuela orders 'social quarantine' in response to coronavirus

Another manic Monday

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! Democrats should NOT set the precedent

Sanders slams Trump's handling of the coronavirus outbreak

Newborn baby tests positive for coronavirus in London

CNN gives Biden Social Security lifeline, Bernie pounces

Bird's-eye view: These creatures are humankind's oldest fortune tellers

Joe Biden commits to having woman as vice president

'Anchor babies': the 'ludicrous' immigration myth that treats people as pawns

Sanders: First thing we have got to do is shut this President up

Structural basis for the recognition of the SARS-CoV-2 by full-length human ACE2

If anyone is interested, here is Stanford's actual guidance re: coronavirus

Emergency baby shower gift.

Joe Biden: What's a revolution going to do?

Biden ends the drama by promising female VP

The Iowa State House likrly to be 2020's most competitive legislative chamber.

I just want a day that doesn't start with "BREAKING.NEWS".

Goldman Sachs Predicts U.S. GDP to Shrink 5% in Second Quarter

If Trump gets the virus it probably won't be so bad for him.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Coronavirus II

I wonder why Bernie refused to say he'd pick a woman. There are so many qualified women

does this make tRUmp a "wartime president?"

Nate Cohn: Sanders campaign mistakenly lowered debate expectations of Biden

California Seniors To Stay Home

Be like this dog

L.A. bars forced to close, restaurants go takeout-only

These are the internet providers offering free WiFi during coronavirus

Well, how did the debate go?

Boston Globe: Grading the debate performance of the Democratic candidates

Orlando, we have a problem.

Just watched Dr. Fauci on MTP: He is a useless toady.

American life is shutting down

United States Resource Availability for COVID-19

The Dangerous Disinformation of FOX NEws and Talk Radio.

I missed tonight's debate...but

93-year-old woman who waves at school bus every day gets special birthday surprise

What I learned on twitter this morning


Designer Creates Hilarious Travel Posters for America's National Parks Based on Their 1-Star Reviews

BREAKING: NYS considering whether to delay April Primary (per Morning Joe)

New York Officials Weigh Delaying April Primary Election

KCMO Mayor Lucas: 'Social distancing isn't working to the extent necessary'

Two Emergency Room Doctors Are in Critical Condition With Coronavirus

Rolling Cam Venice - The most beautiful Live Cam in Venice Italy

2020 "Physically Distant" Edition: Welcome to the Economy Group!

Hoarding corned beef?

Greek Orthodox church says 'holy cup cannot carry disease', allows congregations to share spoon

According to Norway, the United States is a poorly develed country

Illinois gov says White House staffer 'yelled' at him over tweet blasting federal response to airpor

Some year 5 girls at my old school, St Margaret's, wrote to the #covid19 research team... ❤️

German Big Brother contestants blissfully unaware of coronavirus pandemic

Global Stock Markets Tumble Despite the Fed's Support

African Nations Turn the Tables, Imposing Travel Restrictions Against U.S., Europe, and China

What ever happened to Dr. Redfield, CDC director?

Breakfast Monday 16 March 2020

Daniel Goldman who tested positive for CV19, joining Morning Joe remotely soon.

I'm told by a former co-worker that a Grocery store employee in her store was assaulted

Please don't have any more debates

Airlines Could Go Broke by May

MGM closes 13 hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Wynn closes too.

NYT: Which Areas in America Are Worse Off Since 2016? (Answer: areas that voted for Trump)

Western NY updates, schools, churches, cases

George Mason University: coronavirus closure

CBS Boston: Joe Biden Shuts Down Bernie Sanders In Final Democratic Debate

Less then 1 week ago OH showed no C-19 cases and this morning we have 96

uh-oh Mike Pence alone on stage with ANOTHER WOMAN!?

NY Times: "you have a single-payer system in Italy ..." pretty much took care of the MFA discussion...

Monday TOONs 1 - Sick of All the Winning

Monday TOONs 2 - The Art of Social Distancing

From STAT: Reality check on the "Coronavirus is airborne" stories

Of course the NHS will struggle to cope... BUT...

The incompetence pandemic

I took a little flight down to a deep red southern city last week to see an older relative I like

I just had a flashback:

I bet you'll like this , I just think you would.

An epic poem about the Corona Virus

Kansas City Health Dept still has no test kts.

"But after we do everything we can do, we're going to operate on faith rather than fear"

If you need to explain social distancing to kids, or anyone, use this 👇🏻

Coronavirus: anger in Germany at report Trump seeking exclusive vaccine deal

Watching Morning Joe.....:( :( :(

Let me tell you this. The one thing someone can say to

Opinion: A feckless Fed, huge deficits and poisonous politics bring us to a crisis

"Who the hell knows" from Tom Tomorrow

Why was the Bernie v Biden debate so absurd? It might have to do with the coronavirus

Canals in Venice turn clear

Monday, Monday

Who won the Biden-Sanders debate? Our panelists weigh in

Hudson mom Amy Driscoll shares her 'brutal' encounter after being diagnosed with coronavirus

"A Deadly Lack of Leadership"

"If you need to be right before you move, you will never win."

"I'm going to Disney World!"

You can't just macho out a pandemic, for fucksake...

I'm about to board a flight from Bakersfield to DFW...

Daniel Goldman tested positive for COVID-19.

Senators push back against Trump's union-busting

You can't declare bankruptcy from nature.

Metropolitan Opera offers free streaming of past "Met Live in HD" performances

At least Neil Diamond should be safe.

They have closed the University of Oklahoma campus completely for a week.

HHS hacked multiple times last night (UPDATE - "overblown" per DHS)

While we focus on Senate seats Republicans are

New Zealand TV: "We don't have Trump and we don't have Boris & we've got to be happy about that"

Science to the Rescue

Surreal Photo: Pope Francis in broad daylight yesterday walking down one of Rome's main streets

Someone in the White House should get Trump a math tutor to teach him the decimal system

I support Sanders pushing against Biden regarding Social Security

Death toll now higher outside of China than inside.

Monmouth Poll: Biden Edges Trump In Arizona

Will elderly poll workers stay home Tuesday?

Consider a phone/video Dr visit if sick


Masks and coronavirus test kits are on the way!

Gov. Reynolds will be announcing today that Iowa's schools will be closed for 4 weeks after break.

Trump Camp Accuses Dem Candidates Of 'Plagiarizing' POTUS' Coronavirus Response

Well done, lads.

Someone bought my groceries this morning.

If you can buy a gift cerificate from a small local business, good time to do so

Europe markets are hit hard!

Trump's failure to make testing available makes the economic failure HIS as well.

BTRTN Debate Analysis: Bernie Gives His Valedictory, and Biden Takes Command

Mar-a-Lago forced to shut down for coronavirus 'deep cleaning' after multiple guests test positive

Trump simply Lied about a national Google site for virus testing

U.S. Health Agency Suffers Cyber-Attack During Covid-19 Response

Illinois workers affected by coronavirus......

How many pandemics/epidemics have we had since they imposed

Folks please consider resisting the urge to have a fire in the fireplace for now

Dow down 10% at open

Dow opens -2,250

SHIT !! Triggered 10% down on open !! People, park your money ... don't just "ride" through this

Report: Mar-A-Lago Closed For Deep Cleaning After 3 Visitors Come Down With Coronavirus

Wal Mart this am waa not bad. Supplies were ok.

Dow Jones during Obama - and today

Dow down 2,250 points 10 minutes into trading.

STUPID THINKING 101: Grass root money stoppage means give tons of cash to banks !?!?

Two thoughts for DU...

Stocks plunge at opening bell, triggering trading halt

Florida National Guard forming medical task force, will assist in Broward County


The economy is tanking quickly.

DOW down over 12% now.

U.S. stock-index futures trigger 'limit-down' rule. Here's how limit rules and stock-market circuit

Next trip is 13% !!! we're at 11.8% already !!!

Voting for Queens Borough President Special Election suspended...

DOW now walked back to 2/6/17

We are in a economic and health crisis and this is just the tip of the iceberg...

10,000 Benghazis

We are living in historic times

This "guy" in this hat says everything about the insanity of the right wing...............

Help "Flatten The Curve" Go #Cattenthecurve !!

When Trump told his rubes he would take us back to the good old days of the 1950s he wasn't kidding

My thoughts on the debates

Is the Senate set to vote on the House Coronavirus Bill or will Mitch refuse to bring it up?

After all that has happened in the last two or three weeks...

Trump-loving megachurch begs followers to pack into the pews amid coronavirus outbreak:


Coronavirus II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

NYT: "A Complete List of Trump's Attempts to Play Down Coronavirus"

France fines Apple $1.2 billion for anti-competitive acts

Kamala Harris Would Make the Best Vice Presidential Candidate, Voters Say In Poll

Mitch McConnell faces backlash for 'urgent' coronavirus tweet during three-day recess

Virus looms over turnout as Lipinski, Beatty face primaries

Trump's only talent is taking victory laps that end in faceplants

I'm no longer seeing state info on How about the rest of you?

Biden opens up 20-point lead over Sanders in Arizona: poll

SC-SEN: Kamala Harris backs Harrison's quest to unseat Graham in SC

Colombia offers work permits to hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan migrants

Trump re Fed Cut: "It makes me very happy-I think that people in the market should be very thrilled"

Friends, it's like this.

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing

Proclamation on the National Day of Prayer for all Americans Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Arizona Boom Draws Californians and Changes Political Hue

Here's an Idea, Senator Sanders:

Mar-a-Lago is undergoing a deep clean after multiple cases of coronavirus were confirmed at the club

Disaster Nationalism exactly explains the US & UK governments response to COVID-19

Megadonors pull plug on plan for anti-Sanders super PAC as Biden racks up wins

Will Sanders run again in 2024?

BREAKING: Stabbing Reported at Pentagon Metro Station

Vibes thread for educators who are scrambling to keep learning going during

What happened to the 10:00 corona virus update ???

Michigan bars and restaurants are now closed - take out and delivery, only

"Can Do"

My Idea For A Protest During This Time Period

Would it restore confidence in the markets if Trump were to resign?

Trump finds his MAGA movement fracturing over coronavirus

Even in times like these you have to have some fun

trump is an idiot. his tweet this morning before mkts opened: "God bless the usa"

"Singapore ALMOST had the virus contained... so close, but now it has taken off again."

Virus: Does anyone happen to know whether freezing/refrigerating...

Breaking: Supreme Court is postponing several cases including

3,800 Leave Cruise Ship Unscreened After Former Passenger Tests Positive

Global Oil Use Headed for Record Drop

Special prayers, best wishes, good thoughts for RBG. Please stay well, ma'am!

The DOW hit just under 20,000, were it was under Obama...

Something for your soul this difficult time...

Trump's concern was vaccine profits

Most federal workers will report to the office Monday -- as the rest of the country isolates itself

Pic Of The Moment: "The Model For All Future Pandemics"

Voter Suppression (2004) - "CNN: Officials discuss how to delay Election Day"

Jared Kushner's family is set to make a cool fortune off the coronavirus pandemic

Supreme Court postpones March cases, including Trump's bid to shield tax records

Day after day after day we have been told lie after lie after lie by Trump, Pence and

Coronavirus: anger in Germany at report Trump seeking exclusive vaccine deal.

Polls at Real Clear Politics. Joe will win all states. Arizona looks really good in the General too.

Trump and the Dow

Missouri Health and Senior Services says sixth positive COVID-19 case resulted overnight

Ivanka this morn " let's cultivate kindness, love and compassion towards ourselves and others"

Andrew Gillum? Wtf?

Arnold says:

Saw this link about CV19 from a respected herbalist I follow that has very interesting ideas

Marco Rubio: "Please stop spreading stupid rumors about marshall law"

answers by Dr. Anthony Fauci about the virus

Mexico frets about U.S. coronavirus spread, could restrict border


Talk about a sore loser...LOL (from Quarantine Diaries)

To me, this is the reason why Bernie keeps running but may stop

Henny Youngman was born on this date-

The Governator says : Stay at Home ... with your ponies, Whiskey and Lulu !

Monday's Aww posting -

Fred Neil was born on this date.

Daniel Goldman former House Impeachment Lawyer recovering from covid-19

Watching Trump sign a printout of Friday's Dow Jones Industrial Average chart as his rubes cheered

Where's Mitch...? A coronavirus relief package passed the House 363-40-1 early Saturday.

Jerry Jeff Walker was born on this date-

Watching Gov. Andrew Cuomo acting like a President.

Gov. Cuomo is showing real leadership right now.

Mayor excuses himself for break, leaves mic on:

7 Capitol Hill restaurants defy DC Mayor's order to shut down: "let her shut us down..."

Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel) was born on this date

U.S. Suspends Truck-Driving Limits to Speed Coronavirus Shipments

I'm going to read those labels from now on

The My Lai massacre happened on this date in 1968

Germany to shutter most shops, bars, churches

I can guarantee you that Trump's number one concern right now is ...

I went to my work office this morning and took myself out of work for two weeks, unpaid.

April 7 Primary - You can Vote At Home!!

My grandma turns 103 today

Is this what a super spreader looks like?

Gov. Cuomo lays out a stark reality.

EU executive proposes shutting down bloc's external borders for 30 days

"I already stocked up on food. Ammo was just the next step."

Ark Encounter and Creation Museum have closed

Midday Music for Millennials -- Monday

Shouldn't the president be holding daily meetings with all of the governors?

Breaking: Cuomo says he will be moving to order ALL schools in NYS to close.

Many American's don't get it. We have been without a president for three years.

Life hack

On a cuter note...

5 new potential cases of covid-19 in Seminole County.

Just a question about "deep cleaning" Mara Lago (sic)...

Falwell: Liberty University will resume in-person classes after spring break

Trump is obviously high this morning.

I'm a janitor at a biology lab.

Martians and the raid on toilet paper

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut closing bars, restaurants indefinitely starting Monday night

I will be going out to get lunch...

Surprised to hear Obama official, Andy Slavitt, push back on what Cuomo just said

Need some quotes on presidents accepting responsibility

Talking in circles

Ankeny brothers spend 8 years creating stop-motion version of 'Toy Story 3'

Every time the fake president speaks the market takes a nose dive.

538 Forecast of delegate count at the end of the primaries:

Presidential historian Doug Wead on Trump's coronavirus response:

Italy warning to USA: "a bit of 'fruitful panic' may be useful!"

22 COVID-19 cases in Arkansas, 14 people under investigation

BROKEN: Trump to Declare Marshall Law - Appoints Marshall-in-Chief

Something we must not forget.

To All Americans

"Something Is Wrong in America": Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor & Michael Eric Dyson Debate Sanders v Biden

Opinion The covid-19 Class of 2020 began under the shadow of Trump, ends with global pandemic

Macron is delivering a prime-time address tonight

ISIL-ISIS-Daesh. has put a travel advisory for Europe. Well then

5 dead, including officer and gunman, in Missouri shooting

Fed says it will offer an additional $500 billion in overnight repo funding markets

Stocks lose 6% on Wall Street as more businesses shut doors

Charles Blow is a national treasure.

German officials to discuss reported U.S. attempt to buy exclusive rights to coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus Snarls Trans-Pacific Shipping and Ripples Through U.S. Business

Coronavirus: NY To Close All Restaurants, Bars, Movie Theaters

People still aren't "getting it"

Coronavirus from Australia -

Gov. Lamont to close restaurants, bars, gyms and movie theaters due to coronavirus outbreak

Combine the year 1918 (flu) with the year 1929 (market crash).

Penguins at the Shedd Aquarium.

The stock market is dropping. The MAGA rallies are on hold......

Amtrak slashes service, suspends some cafe cars

Forward from my NIH PHD scientist brother-in-law

"Hopefully the tests will be coming soon" WTF!

Went to my grocery store today. It looked like scenes from Russia

Twitter must ban Trump immediately. He is a national security threat.

That moment when you realize how different things are

If you want to make real change and create an economy that works for all, you know what you need?

White House Easter Egg Roll canceled

Old habits die hard.

Buses loaded in Anderson County this morning to deliver breakfast to students while on their first N

Honest question: Why do people panic-buy toilet-paper?

Nixon campaign button

WHO considers 'airborne precautions' for medical staff after study shows COVID-19 can survive in air

Breaking. A NYC Correction Department civilian has died from CV (doesn't appear spread to inmates)

Stealing hand sanitizer from the pediatric office.

You know shit is getting real when Mitt Romney proposes giving every adult American...

Andrew Cuomo has his shit together. /t

Is anyone else

Here's a complete list of every state health department's coronavirus website

The Rundown: March 13, 2020

Biden is far more like FDR in political temperament than Sanders

From Barack Obama's Farewell Address, January 10, 2017:

Just had conversation with a chief from a major Philly hospital

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mini horses urge people to stay home amid coronavirus pandemic

KCMO. The Mid Continent libraries are all shut down

Did you see driverless trucking episode on 60 Minutes last night? Wow 300,000 jobs

Michigan governor expands unemployment benefits amid coronavirus outbreak

DU Poll; Which female VP do you think Biden will choose?

Does anyone remember a site called "" or some similar name, that sold tools & supplies ...

Advice please.

Updated for coronavirus: Edward Hopper's classic 1942 painting, "Nighthawks."

THIS is what happens...

First shipment of test kits and masks -

Has Mexico locked its borders with the US yet?

How is your mayor handling the Coronavirus? I couldn't be prouder of mine

The Looming Primary Question:

Biden leads in Ohio Marist Poll

McConnell will delay approval of Families First coronavirus relief bill until later in the week.

D.C. Closes Clubs, Puts New Restrictions On Bars And Restaurants To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

I postponed my dental cleaning appt.

A reminder that tomorrow's Illinois Presidential Primary...

Sandia peak Tram (near Albuquerque) has closed until further notice.

Writing a will in CA free template

Does crisis reveal a flaw in our national character?

Poll: Biden wins debate, picks up additional support.

So when this thing gets going...

We don't have a great president to say great words in a time of crisis, like before.

Trump tells governors to seek out respirators and other vital equipment on their own.

mass shooting in Missouri... officer and 3 others killed

Cuomo Doesn't Think New York Can 'Flatten the Curve'

Three doctors appointments this week.

If you want to stop touching your face, wear a mask.

Philly closing non-essential businesses

Please call your Representatives, Senators, and Governors Offices

Trump claims coronavirus is under control -- contradicting reality and his own top expert

Should Chuck welcome Mitt to the Democratic Caucus? Romney proposing $1,000 check to every American.

Louie Gohmert single-handedly holds up House coronavirus bill before it can be sent to Senate

Gonzaga High School in D.C. reports its president has covid-19

1st VA related Covid-19 death

Idea for a bumper sticker

I have used a grocery delivery service for several months, and I am glad that I have

Trump to governors this morning: Find your own ventilators

Who refuses to provide paid sick leave? The New York Times gives us the names

Humor people let's keep morale up ,Day 1 self isolation man and boog diary

McConnell pushing coronavirus vote to later in week over GOP opposition to House bill: report

A thought about Mental Health Issues these days

Oscar winner Jon Voight, 81, stocks up on paper towels

Thank you, my fellow Biden supporters.

Mon, 16 March DeWine Presser at 2pm

Anti-Trump coronavirus ad

3 words that dispel right wing "rugged individualism" and their distorted view of the Constitution

Canada to bar entry to non-citizens and permanent residents

Joe Biden/Susan Rice

Italian hospital saves Covid-19 patients lives by 3D printing valves

No toilet paper? No problem! I found a box of dryer sheets in the laundry room. My ass now

Who dropped out and in which order?

Mnuchin: Trump didn't give false statements on COVID-19 response; you misinterpreted him

Ohio Gov doing presser this afternoon

Dispatch from Olympia: As Legislature Signs Off, Transit Funding Is Preserved for Now

Little Rock mayor implements city-wide curfew to slow spread of coronavirus

Breaking News: EU to Ban Entry to 26 Schengen Area Countries

BREAK: European Union to impose travel restrictions on 26 European Countries

Did you know many healthcare workers get little or no paid sick time?

Where Are Schumer, Pelosi And All The Dems?.....

Coronavirus Is Bringing a National Catastrophe to U.S. Hospitals. Here's What We Can Do to Prepare

Cuomo: NY, CT and NJ are taking joint regional action to reduce the spread of COVID-19

Coronavirus: Sheriff Chitwood reveals 20 potential Volusia cases

BREAKING: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf to order statewide shutdown over COVID-19

Google's description of its coronavirus site stops short of what President Trump described

Biden urges voters to cast ballots in Tuesday primaries as coronavirus concerns mount..Go Joe...😎

'Try getting it yourselves': Trump told governors they're responsible for getting their own medical

Unintended consequence of COVID: Our national ADD is allayed, at least temporarily

My wife bought the last 30 roll carton of Charmin that Costco had. We will consider trading it for a

NEJB Executive Board Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Cartoons 3/16/2020

CUOMO: I have to do more? No -- YOU have to do something! You're supposed to be the President.

Iraq military bases: US pulling out of three key sites

Kalamazoo and Corona Visus

Let's start #miserablefailure trending about Trump in Twitter, FB

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates closes its tasting rooms and wineries in three states

Kushner Announces Doctors HATE Him After He Discovered One Weird Trick To CURE Coronavirus

Buses get disinfectant spray, wipedowns as riders stay home

How to wipe your ass with just one square of paper, an old soldier's tip to me

Is Bernie Sanders Right About Medicare for All? How Government-Run Health Care Actually Works

Trump saying he'll probably get tested "but not for that reason" comment hasn't gotten the attention

California Governor Asks Wineries to Close Tasting Rooms as Coronavirus Spreads

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'A Car That Was Turning Slowed Down, and the Window Rolled Down'

Gun sales surge as coronavirus grips US

Coronavirus Is Having a Dangerous Effect on Americans' Access to Food

the stockmarket is in freefall right now... down 2,300 at this moment. trump is incapable

Trump boasts to governors that his pandemic response system will be 'the talk of the world': leaked

BA, Easyjet and Ryanair ground most flights as shares dive

MLB: Season postponed indefinitely

Serious question:will going to your CPA for taxes be considered "nonessential" travel?

my current obsession: Elephant Stone

And actor, Idris Elba has contracted COVID-19...

Gov. Inslee to order Washington restaurants and bars to close

EU to suspend all non-essential foreign arrivals to halt pandemic spread.

This is a very critical moment for Trump and his Presidency

About half of France's coronavirus patients in intensive care are under 65, health official says

No Covid screening if you are not a resident or don't speak English???

New Jersey issues an 8 p.m. curfew to restrict travel and fight the spread of coronavirus

Idris Elba Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Obama cannot let this go on unchallened any longer

The Pentagon is holding a press conference

I lost my job at the end of February.

Sen. Mitt Romney proposes immediate $1,000 payment to every adult American

An woman filmed herself licking a plane toilet seat on TikTok as part of a 'coronavirus challenge'

SS agents took an oath to protect us against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC

Louie Gohmert Fellow Citizens is holding up the House passed bill from going to the Senate.

Italy sends a Warning to the U.S.

Coronavirus vaccine begins clinical trials Monday -- could be well over a year before you can get it

Schumer preparing a NEW comprehensive proposal-immediate infusion of at least $750 bn

First human trial for coronavirus vaccine begins Monday in the US

So...yeah. We've finally reached the point where my Nov. 9, 2016 morning anxiety attack...

If you claim to be "the candidate of the people" but you are

Another way of saying that we are all in this together ..

Physicians/National Health Program @PNHP:Dr. Jim Cowan: "What is different, at age 65, in the U.S.

Obama tweet

An Oregon police department is asking residents to stop calling 911 because they've run out of toile

Italy's Coronavirus Victims Face Death Alone, With Funerals Postponed (NYT)

Apparently Marco Rubio is in a tizzy about someone named Marshall Law

Please take what I'm going to say here seriously..

With a 3% death rate....!

We should all take this pandemic seriously. We should also resist authoritarian/illiberal responses.

Woody Guthrie, So long it's been good to know you

Mitch McConnell begs older conservative judges to retire now that Trump's re-election looks in dange

the farm - groovy train (studio-1990ish) this one'll take ya back ...

John Oliver Says Forget Trump: 'We're Going To Be A Little Bit On Our Own Here'

I hate to say it, but, at least initially, Trump's approval will probably go up.

VP Pence constantly uses the phrase "The American People."

Most of the world's airlines could be bankrupt within 2 months because of the coronavirus

DeWine is recommending extending Ohio Primary till June 2!!

Paid sick leave could be a sticking point as Senate considers coronavirus relief bill

I Said It Before - This Is A "Put A Man On The Moon" Moment.....

Coronavirus: Universal to make current theatrical movies available for home viewing on Friday

"Cats and Domino" -- some relief from today's turmoil and anxiety

Illinois Governor Says Trump Aide 'Yelled' At Him For Complaint On Airport Chaos

Exactly what is being dumped in the stock market

If People Have Submitted Absentee Ballots, and Primary Election Is Moved...

Due to coronavirus precaution, Bob Shellard isn't allowed to visit his wife in her CT nursing home

Once infected how long does it take to get over Covid-19?

50 peopled have tested positive in Ohio for coronavirus, 14 hospitalized: Gov. Mike DeWine's Monday

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf orders statewide shutdown over coronavirus

Rush Limbaugh has a new sponsor/advertiser 😆

ouch! Cuomo slaps back at Trump's divisive remark

Seems likely that there will be some fundamental changes in how the USA operates post

Well, I survived -- something

Four states head to the polls Tuesday. Here's how coronavirus is changing Election Day.

New York Academy of Sciences: "What You Need to Know About the New Coronavirus"

I had to cancel my colonoscopy

Supreme Court, for first time since 1918, postpones oral arguments

I'm Sorry, but this hurts; THESE ARE PEOPLE, NOT PETS OR "PRODUCT"

Meanwhile...the religious right says we are being punished by GOD...

Romney proposes sending $1,000 checks to every American to ease coronavirus economic pain

Abigail Disney reacts to crowds at Disney World theme park: 'Are you f--ing kidding me?

NYC health officials threatened to resign over Mayor de Blasio's coronavirus mismanagement: sources

digby: The Gravedigger of Democracy strikes again

'Leave some for your neighbors' officials urge as Seattle grocers struggle to keep shelves full

Microsoft Does The Right Thing For Their Employees

Idris Elba tests positive for Coronavirus

Idris Elba tests positive for coronavirus

ICYMI - Pandumbic 2 (The Sequel) The Daily Show

Our Democratic leaders are doing their level best to lead us through this crisis

Mother's Boy Presser coming up

Who are the women probably on Joe Biden's shortlist for vice president?

A message from Max Brooks (And his dad, Mel)

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II @RevDrBarber: The threat to rural hospitals is very real & has been

President Superman is speaking. n/t

Bernie Sanders: The Fight For Reproductive Freedom Is Happening Right Now

Millions of Americans could lose their jobs in a coronavirus recession

How will Credit Reporting Agencies handle Covid-related late payments?

My Grandsons and Schools Shut Down

Brief explanation of Trump's latest coronavirus update:

Max Brooks: A message from me and my dad

Are restrictions on travel within the United States coming soon?

UNKLE feat. Ian Brown

Cherry blossoms reach penultimate stage, 'puffy white,' with peak bloom likely in a few days.

'Today' Show Staffer Tests Positive for Coronavirus

France on 15 day lockdown beginning noon Tuesday

Coronavirus vaccine test begins: US volunteer gets 1st shot

Irish firm develops Covid-19 test that confirms infection in 15 minutes

Biden leads Sanders among Florida Hispanics

dow heading down further

Shopping in the Time of Coronavirus

'They Blew It': Wall Street Reacts to Fed's Emergency Cut

The first rule

In Ohio, DeWine orders gyms, rec centers closed, extends voting

Kid Rock REFUSES to close his Nashville bar and follow the Mayor's orders

Ohio governor recommends delaying Tuesday's primary until June amid coronavirus pandemic

Dow Jones is approaching 3,000 points down

The Trump Virus is taking hold

'Try Getting It Yourselves,' Trump Tells Governors About Medical Equipment Amid Coronavirus

You simple minded phuck.

Coronavirus: global deaths and infections overtake those inside China

CIA Realizes It's Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years

Aquarium closed to public, so penguins get field trips to check out other animals:

Remember this: As an example, if the market drops 50%

he has no fucking clue

WTF Trump?

Wash your hands, stay at home and watch Carmen!

Watching (not listening) to trump and the DOW simultaneously: trump speaks, DOW drops.

San Francisco ordered to shelter in place due to coronavirus

anyone ask him about germany?

People line up to buy guns, ammo amid coronavirus concerns

House lawmakers indefinitely postpone return to Washington

Coronavirus Capitalism -- and How to Beat It

"Trump talks: Stock market drops" His lies exacerbates the situation & destabilizes the economy.

De Blasio Aides Threatened to Quit Over Virus Response

Pompousasseo to Iraq PM: U.S. will take action in self-defense if attacked

Just asking for a friend:

"take it with a grain of salt" rumor: Biden's VP pick

This is what we face

From an ER doc in New York City on shift today:

Seattle Sounders staffer tests positive for COVID-19

Hitting closer to home now

Cello concert for a neighbor

Bay Area "shelter in place" order, only essential businesses to stay open

Trump said this?

Dow is falling off a cliff right before close.

Trump says the administration is considering having the Army Corps of Engineers construct hospitals.


The Cult is strangely quiet on Twitter today. Could it be this?

As Chump talks the

The market needs to tank WHILE he's speaking

13.02% Locked limit down? n/t

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 16, 2020


He wasn't tested!

Where are the fucking test kits??

Fact check for me: Trump just said, "I think I can speak for the professionals,


Trump just gave himself a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale for his coronavirus response.

Nasdaq shuts Philly trading room amid coronavirus, opens Navy Yard backup center

DOW has given back all but about 500 points from Trump's first day in office


We broke the system on purpose!!!

Someone needs to ask - WHERE IS THE FUCKING WEBSITE!

Gah! My yoga class is canceled for the rest of the session!

Edward Hopper & 2020 Social Isolation

Covid 19, Update 14

where does the buck stop Mr. president????????????

Home loan rates still at 3+ percent...banks gotta bank...

Dow plunges 3,000 points as Fed intervention does little to subdue Wall Street's distress

Orange Julius is blaming Obama again.

why does the stock ticker continue to move? Stocks closed 6 m. ago

Fauci just gave another squishy answer or didn't answer the question !!

Do the MAGAts realize we are behind the entire world in

Are we (Ohio) voting tomorrow 3-17?

so he did try to manipulate the markets with a 1/2 hour before market close presser.

As coronavirus spreads, 6 Bay Area counties will be ordered to shelter in place

Take "VERY, VERY" away from the shitbag and he wouldn't be able to babble!

HHS hacked?!

Everything being done to hold off spread of Covid-19 will

The Big Con speaks, Dow has biggest loss in history...

Now let's finish with

Please stop. I'm ready to hear Nicolle tear Trump a new one

One month global COVID-19 case load projection with and without Chinese data

Every Time He Talks The Dow Goes Down

UK's sewage system in danger of gridlock from toilet paper substitutes

Liberal Redneck on coronavirus

this song represents the mood in america right now

the apricot hellbeast's "news" conference

How does West Virginia still not have a confirmed case?

Berniecrat running against DWS in Florida beats up on Pelosi's COVID-19 legislation (email)

So we should now avoid gatherings of more than 10 people

Call someone you know that may be isolated and be a phone friend

From Reddit EPIC re twitler:

Porn problems too!

My screen time is definitely up ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

When the market collpased in 2008, we were 3 months away from a new President.

starting at 9:00 you can watch the market tank as trump speaks

One other thing that is going to be affected: the 2020 Census

"My god, we're going to be locked away forever because of people like this"

Cuomo Doesn't Think New York Can 'Flatten the Curve'

It's getting nuts out there...even in my little corner of the world.

How I will be showing up to vote in November...

America to Trump: Yes, it IS your fault!

Coronavirus crisis leads to voting precinct site relocations in South Florida (check before you go)

I wish joggers would stop huffing and puffing down the sidewalk at me

Something about the pic at this link had me from jump:

What if we can't slow it?

Journalist goes undercover at "wet markets", where the Coronavirus started 60 Minutes Australia

Andrew Cuomo Is the Control Freak We Need Right Now

He does this every night

Stay the Fu*k Home (Watch 0.38 seconds)

Well, Trump's had his official "Bin Laden Determined To Strike In U.S., Now Watch This Drive" moment

Coronavirus Is Hiding in Plain Sight

One-Eared Puppy Is Too Tiny To Be Real

a reporter asked twice, loudly "does the buck stop with you" "normally but not for this"

10 US States now have 100+ confirmed cases

An indisputable fact that has emerged with this pandemic

At this point let's assume...

Baby elephant reunites with his mom


Terrific COVID-19 PSA featuring Max and Mel Brooks

Robert Reich @RBReich: Again, call me a radical lefty, but wouldn't it be better if

remember - everything - every fucking thing - trump says, does or touches - dies.

11 States now ban restaurant dining

i have a long and slow sloping yard, may have to put in one of these for the duration

I bet Trump is putting major pressure on the Florida governor

I just called my local health department, per hospital's instructions

****Winter Seasonal Photo Contest Finals Posted in GD****

Have you ever used the GasBuddy website?

Article "Try getting it Yourselves"


!!! Leahy, the most senior senator, uses the D-word (depression).

Tweet of the Day

So now Trump is no longer screaming, "HOAX!!!"?

This really does suck

Back in 2008, I could not imagine that we would do worse than Bush II nor go through something as...

Lone Congressman Holds Up Coronavirus Bill

Amazon to hire 100,000 workers as online orders surge on virus worries

So, this made me laugh

Ohio election update. What a mess for poll workers.

Many people are saying maybe Trump should have held off awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom

We are all now Puerto Rico

Paranoia - Guns and Toilet paper

Four Ways Experts Say Coronavirus Nightmare Could End (Daily Beast, very good article)

Urgent Message from The San Francisco Offical Health Department texted:

Biden allies see Warren as potential running mate

Time for Obama to come out and defend his Administration

Coronavirus Hoarding

Just got even more real at our place-hubby wfh next 14 days. I'm on spring break that prob

St. Louis County Library will close all 20 branch locations starting Tuesday, March 17

LOL! For those who haven't seen this video...

Very good read on how social distancing works

Gilbert dinging the song of his pride.

We're building a system for the future, for if/when this happens again

Gilbert would like a word...

A Message from Max Brooks

"I'd even vote for Biden" :-)

McConnell Quietly Asks Veteran Judges to Retire

Guy Finds Sweetest Cat Photos Inside 120-Year-Old Time Capsule (Kleenex Alert)

Re Jack Ma's donation

You raised $551.00 on March 15, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Is Pence a potted plant? Why did Trump run the CV presser?

Trump Gives Himself a 10 Out of 10 on Virus Response

Eleven Nominations Sent to the Senate; March 16, 2020

Quarantine day 6.

Trump Gives Himself a 10 Out of 10 for Handling Coronavirus Outbreak

5:00PM. Center City Philadelphia

BTRTN March 17 Primary Preview: Biden for the Knockout?

A Good Man: Sherrod Brown @SenSherrodBrown The pressure on family budgets is only going to get worse

Urgent Message from The San Francisco Offical Health Department texted:

A Modest Proposal: Call this virus "THE HOAX."

Hello, new Joe Biden ad (not really a Joe Biden ad yet)

The Dow just crashed 3,000 points -- here is why it happened

Senate Leadership Pushing Through a Dangerous Surveillance Bill as Americans Are Focused on Covid-19

Idris Elba has tested positive for COVID-19

Came face to face with empty shelves-unnerving

Any Kansas people,simple way to make sure your on the rolls or sign up

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has closed just about everything

A container of Trump campaign gear was just shipped off to 3rd world countries as a tax write off

Lone GOP congressman delays House coronavirus relief bill from moving to Senate

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority

Hackers Attack Computer Systems at U.S. Department of Health

McConnell Has a Request for Veteran Federal Judges: Please Quit

easier and much faster test...

Coronavirus Outbreak Takes Toll on San Francisco Businesses

Coronavirus Outbreak Takes Toll on San Francisco Businesses

Try getting it yourselves': Trump told governors they're responsible for getting their own medical

Following the Infection Trajectory of Italy

Coronavirus Outbreak Takes Toll on San Francisco Businesses

Owner of Louis Vuitton changes perfume factories to mass produce hand sanitizer, distribute for free

Is it true that we could be in this until July and August?

How San Francisco is fighting novel coronavirus -- and the stigma that comes with it

How San Francisco is fighting novel coronavirus -- and the stigma that comes with it

How San Francisco is fighting novel coronavirus -- and the stigma that comes with it

How San Francisco is fighting novel coronavirus -- and the stigma that comes with it

Looking for a GD post from this morning - summary of Trump's publicly evolving position on COVID-19

Twitter removes David Clarke's tweets as he and other Trump allies sow coronavirus conspiracy theori

I needed this -

Was Trump even tested?

Trump said, "I don't take responsibility at all". What a fucking jerk.

We would like to ‼️donate‼️ our services for sanitizating play structures or common areas.

Hey RWNJs: Now would be the time to roll out those FEMA camps, doncha think??

So then. Any plans for a virtual convention?

Census 2020...

No pet food in the stores?

Why fighting the coronavirus depends on you

No pet food in the stores?

Steps at work.

So is Ohio primary moved to June 2? I hear mixed messages from the media

What does it matter what anyone else says?

Coronavirus Australia: Queensland researchers find 'cure', want drug trial

Words to ponder - things to do

Bay Area residents directed to 'shelter in place' in toughest U.S. coronavirus response so far

The Ari Melber 5-O'clock shadow index.

No, you don't need to hoard toilet paper to prep for a pandemic (Popular Science)

Is There Something That Can Be Used As A Ventilator At Home?

A reliable source told me that Cuba has a cure for Covid-19

Move over, President Buchanan

"Tormund Giantsbane" actor (Game of Thrones) COVID-19 Positive

I'd forgot about getting a Guberment check in 2001

Report from Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Chick-fil-A closing all dining rooms until further notice

Governors are angry at Trump over coronavirus. That's ominous.

McConnell Has a Request for Veteran Federal Judges: Please Quit


PSA from Max Brooks, Mel Brooks's son

Local tv media are "practicing social distancing" to the extreme.

Draw me like one of your French girls - WARNING may be NSFW

You know, it really sucks to find yourself living in "interesting times"...

Trump gives himself 10 out of 10 on coronavirus response

Distilleries are making hand sanitizer with their in-house alcohol and giving it out for free to com

He is still polling over 40%

I seriously doubt that all the cases are being reported or counted

SO...when does the asshole in charge tell us that Putin has offered economic assistance to us?

I no longer have faith in Anthony Fauci or Deborah Birx

For my 50,000 post here on DU. God willing & the creek don't rise


WTF!!! Google's showing a rat for Dems??? 👀

Voting for a reality TV game show host to run the government during a pandemic ...

There's a FB group with 6,000 members dedicated to designing open-source COVID-19 medical supplies

"We had to break it down to do what we're doing"

The world is now at war with the corona virus and old Corporal Bone-Spurs

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic?

Maybe / Probably かもしれない vs 多分 ┃JLPT N4 Grammar

Coronavirus: PM urges industry to help make NHS ventilators

Can we sue the tRump admin for gross negligence

I feel that this "Upside Down President"...He is going to get a lot of people killed...

Some More on the COVID-19 Virus

It's just a box of rain.

My governor, Jared Polis, makes Orangeface look like a bad joke

Wisconsin up to 47 confirmed cases of coronavirus; Milwaukee Co. seeing the most with 13

Here's something odd: we are advised to "vary our daily commute"

Maryland officials say next 48 hours 'critical' in pandemic's evolution.

The affects of rural children with no home internet access

BREAKING: Prosecutors move to drop the case against the Russians charged by Mueller.

"There's No Boogeyman He Can Attack": Angry at Kushner, Trump Awakens to the COVID-19 Danger

The Four COVID-19 Quotes that can Demolish the Trump Presidency

Memories from NW Arkansas.

We need to go retro ... It's time to bring back tarring and feathering for Trump.

"cheerfully sneezing and coughing on the street" during the 1918 flu pandemic

San Diego County just shut down restaurants, bars, nonelective surgeries & gatherings of 50+

Here's when I lost all trust in our elections.

The coronavirus tragedy is not unfolding in America because Trump " made a mistake".

Italy on Monday reported 349 new deaths from coronavirus, raising the death toll to 2158

Four days without sports on TV

Can you fucking believe that we are under attack

VFW ordered to shut down St. Pat's Dinner

What a fucked up asshole.

Fight COVID-19 on the go with homemade hand sanitizer (Popular Science)

SoftBank Owned Patent Troll, Sues To Block Covid-19 Testing, Using Theranos Patents

At least dispensaries can remain open

McConnell calls on McGrath to take down political ads as coronavirus cripples Kentucky

Hi friends!!! Reduce your stress with yoga.

I think this is an appropriate time to revisit the definition of "stress".

My sister's nursing home/memory care is on LOCKDOWN!

The trend of Republican governors pushing to delay Democratic primaries...

The big question over Coronavirus - can a person get it twice?

Tweet of the night (6 feet, lads)

DOJ moves to drop charges against Russians accused of funding troll farm

*Hogan interviewed on NewsHour now.

The coronavirus pandemic was not entirely unforeseeable.

Shout out to Governor Tim Walz

This is the sweetest PSA - A message from me and my dad, Mel Brooks .

BREAKING: Judge denies request to delay Ohio primary election until June over coronavirus

Huntsville, Madison both declare state of emergency (WHNT)

Speaks for itself.

One Theme Park in Orlando refuses to close still. Guess who the owner supports??

DOJ moves to drop charges against Russians accused of funding troll farm

Shelter in place orders: Residents of six Bay Area counties ordered to stay home

Covid in Larimer long term care facility

Which is it?

My mum had a neighbour, from a few doors down, knocking on her door today

List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (EPA)

Andy Slavitt, head of Medicare, Medicaid, ACA under Obama is working on using ships as hospitals

Bill Gates warned us we aren't ready for virus back in 2015

Newty blames media for coronavirus skepticism.

looks like the bro's defaced the Democratic party's wiki entry

Devil Went Down to Walmart

McConnell sending the entire senate home doesn't seem to be a particularly defensible decision

Do we know WHO denied the tests?

Idris Elba has tested positive for COVID-19

"Sources are telling me that as early as Monday, Fox News will ask its employees to lie from home."

Has anyone seen "The Last Ship"?

Positive COVID-19 cases in Alabama rise to 29 (WHNT)

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 17 March 2020

A little something to think about.

The Mayor of Clearwater, Florida.

So the only Trumphumper I have any regular contact with told me...

Fucking CNN has finally gotten around to updating Ohio story

Oh dear, Susan Collins is concerned again!

Scholastic is offering free online courses so your kids can keep learning while schools are closed


Couple decides to recreate their canceled cruise #coronavirus

Don't talk ahout Dump's different tone, media

Oregon Orders All Restaurants And Bars To Restrict Access, And Bans Groups Larger Than 25

DOJ moves to drop charges against Russians accused of funding troll farm

Marco Rubio mocked for misspelling "martial law" as "Marshall Law" and "correcting" it to "marital"

Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus

People who work out at gyms: how are you going to stay fit when they close?

I was watching MSNBC, and Trump said again today that no one could have seen this coming.

Well, I officially am working from home for the next two weeks