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Alabama beaches remain open despite COVID-19

Coronavirus Bailouts Shouldn't Reward Investors And CEOs, Democrats Say

I can't emphasize this enough: if you gleefully joke ("joke") about some group of people dying,

'The 3 Stooges' on the Coronavirus:

Yesterday - HBO

On Grief and Grieving

The Trump Virus

Radical Science Fiction

Quarantini survival tips.

Question on healthcare

Pa. reports first coronavirus-related death, a person from Northampton County

This is my first post.

In pictures: Deserted cities as anti-coronavirus lockdowns introduced around the globe (8 pics)

Younger Adults Comprise Big Portion (40%) of Coronavirus Hospitalizations in U.S.


Special Report: How Korea trounced U.S. in race to test people for coronavirus

Needed a router asap, Micro Center near me had one and I reserved it at the pick

Sack does it again!

I just want to say thank you to Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin

Only really evil people impose sanction during a pandemic

Mike Bloomberg still trying to help flip Texas House to Democrats

Durkan halts evictions of small businesses and nonprofits

Trump was either lying before or he's lying now.

Seattle chamber study outlines severity of coronavirus impact on businesses


Utah Rep. McAdams has tested positive for coronavirus

Gupta:US doesn't have enough ventilators which could mean some awful choices for doctors

Fox News, Still a Danger to Public Health


Man on the street interviews with CV partiers at Spring Break.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on How to Build a Green New Deal

No toilet paper? No problem.

Cronyn as racist as trump

Humor in the Time of Coronavirus

Maybe scientists can measure decrease in CO2 emissions in the atmosphere

Guess it hasn't occured to anyone in trump's daily presser...

They better change the rule tomorrow where people don't have to be present to vote.

Sorry, America, the Full Lockdown Is Coming

This is how behind the U.S. is in coronavirus testing (from yesterday-NY Times)

OSCAR DANCING TO STAYING ALIVE, it's going to be okay peeps.

Sick staff fueled outbreaks at Kirkland, other care centers

Ron Johnson: Getting The Coronavirus Is Not A Death Sentence, Except For Those Who Die

Major League Baseball delayed start of season by two weeks.....

Just got my latest 'Margaret and Helen'

Twitter genius at OperativeXRay made a song for these times

Rep. Ben McAdams tests positive for coronavirus

Treasury proposal: Deliver $500B to Americans starting April

A Louisiana pastor defies a state order and holds a church service with hundreds of people

Reporters have been very polite and pretty careful with Trump at these

Two Members Of Congress Have Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Luck o' the Irish!

'Shelter in Place' Orders Explained: It's Not Martial Law

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 19 March 2020

Here in Michigan just bursting with pride.

Want to know some potential terrifying scenarios?

True Facts: Freaky Nudibranchs

03/19 Mike Luckovich: The frontlines

If we get stimulus checks, I know what I'm doing with mine

Why soap is preferable to bleach in the fight against coronavirus

Toilet Paper Calculator

Bye, bye Bernie

Mike Pence praises Sean Hannity's coronavirus coverage

No comment:

Who has eatened canned creamed corn a week after opening and storing in refrigerator?

Here's something interesting

Coronavirus 'stealth spreaders' become new chief concern for doctors -- here's what it means

American climate activists recruiting their German counterparts to save Bernie Sanders' candidacy

US airlines pushing for massive bailout gave $45bn to shareholders in five years

Georgina was diagnosed as severely deaf just after she was born...

Bernie Sanders Proposes $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Effort

What are you thankful for?

Coronavirus response: Trump is delaying tax payments but you still have to file by April 15

More than 80 national security professionals break with tradition and endorse Biden

USDA will appeal order blocking it from purging food stamp recipients

Study proves conspiracy theorists wrong - coronavirus came from nature

Pence meeting secretly with right-wing media personalities

Daikon Radish

New Study Suggests Digestive Issues Can Be First Sign of COVID-19

Always heartwarming to see...

Coronavirus: California prepared to enact martial law if its a 'necessity', governor says

Fox news today: national emergency.... coronavirus pandemic

In Bergamo, Italy the Italian Army is transporting coffins to crematoria in other regions

My March 2020 CV Playlist

Officials preparing public for long-term disruption

Bill Gates has warned of an impending pandemic for years.

- @DevinNunes , just now on Fresno @KMJNOW : "The media is absolutely responsible for this."

Italy reports 475 coronavirus deaths

Donald Trump's Old Ebola Tweets Reveal His Incompetence on Coronavirus

Video of spring breakers saying coronavirus won't 'stop me from partying'

Wonder why Latinx voters voted so differently in AZ than NV...

Russian coronavirus disinformation campaign is hitting Europe, E.U. says. (NYT)

Chuck Schumer criticizes Trump's call for $1,000 checks

Second Term

Spring breakers saying coronavirus won't 'stop me from partying'

Nightmare at sea: Cruise line forces elderly tourists to get off halfway across the globe

Can Smart Thermometers Track the Spread of the Coronavirus?

Who is working from home, and did not, generally, do so before now?

Here's the real way donnie could cheat an election in November

Trump again defends use of the term 'China virus'

I'm *pretty* sure you didn't sign the Defense Production Act, because it was signed back in 1950.

Zara offers to make scrubs for Spain's coronavirus-stretched hospitals

My my....Bernie is being asked, ahem...QUESTIONS!

Has Dr. Fauci been on tv today or did the orange one fire him? Nt

At 6 a.m. on Monday Clearwater Beach Florida will CLOSE. n/t

"People are dying who have never died before."

This is the second time this century, that an incompetent Republican was elected president

Coronavirus forces reckoning for Trump's healthcare cuts

Eight Nominations and One Withdrawal Sent to the Senate; March 18, 2020

What the hell is with this toilet paper hording??

Pastor defies coronavirus ban as hundreds attend church

8-month-old in Jefferson County (Louisville, KY) has COVID-19, governor says

Remarks by Trump and Pence in a Briefing with Nurses on COVID-19 Response; March 18, 2020

Defense Production Act, have the gun manufacters slowed down or closed?

Trump Gives U.S. Broad Control Over Health-Care Supply Chain

Here's when gas prices could drop to 99 cents

Hurry! Before all the commercial stores close down!

I got a shingles shot yesterday.

Sorry, America, the Full Lockdown Is Coming

I got so much toilet paper, I tripped on a roll and got soft tissue injuries.

WHO warns some children develop 'severe disease' from coronavirus

BREAKING: A second member of Congress, Rep. Ben McAdams of Utah, says he has tested positive for COV

Social Distance, Self-Isolation; UK To Announce 'Stay At Home' For At-Risk Grps; Lving w Vulnerables

seen somewhere...

12 More Coronavirus Deaths In Washington; 1st In Pierce County

Inslee issues statewide moratorium on evictions amid COVID-19 outbreak

Biden Anti-Choice?

So what protective gear is available to us for covid?

The 1% are still working

Who else feels like this nightmare was inevitable?

How long can I *really* go without groceries...?

Coronavirus: Temporary Hospital To Be Set Up In Shoreline

Washington state scrambles to secure hospital beds, supplies

Melissa Etheridge doing live streaming everyday at 3:pm

How's this for a plot device for an apocalyptic story?

40 Percent Of Puget Sound Jobs Will Be Impacted By Coronavirus

These 8 Republican Senators endangered your family's welfare

Duque overturns local coronavirus measures, calls medical federation recommendations 'absurd'

Here is something that we need.

Why you should Cancel Everything

Free grab-and-go meals for kids are available at these Puget Sound schools


Drug Shortages Already Happening

If 2020 US Presidential & Senate Election is like 2016- same party wins both offices in each state.

IMHO, it's time for DU to end the primaries forum snd

Why the Democratic primary contest is all but over

What is going on in Louisiana?? 1/3 of population as Illinois but same # of cases

Understaffed Veterans Affairs Scrambles to Confront COVID-19

Where are Trump's spiritual leaders

Corporations need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Bailout the workers, not the companies.

The lies and deceptions continue...

As Joe speaks to Bernie

Poll: Do you use Twitter?

This episode is going to fundamentally change the way humans interact with each other.

No dead cats tomorrow

Do panoramic shots make your butt look big?

Campaign signals Sanders may be open to exit

Why Texas is so far behind other states on virus response

Airline bailout must include leg room provisions!

Dog food, check. Dog treats, check. Doggie pick up bags....oh snap!

Congrats, Trump!

U.S. stock futures plunge despite ECB stimulus package

There must be a help for small business

So Paulo Registers First Coronavirus Death

N.J. Assembly passes coronavirus bills to help workers who will lose wages, school kids

They're all pointing corona virus finger guns at each other

Lou Dobbs goes full North Korea.

New York Senate passes paid sick leave provision.

Sen. John Cornyn blames coronavirus outbreak on Chinese culture

Does anyone dispute that the job of protecting Americans falls squarely on the Federal government?

New HBO series 'The Plot Against America' goes for daring Trump parallel

Fine, you can paint Daddy's nails.

A positive aspect of Joe Biden as our nominee.

This is how bad it's gotten for me

Walmart adjusting hours for second time in less than a week, limit items

The cliche from 2001

Notes from the Food Pantry

We are living through

dow futures (overnight) trading point to huge drop tomorrow

Navajo Flatbread Recipe: For these trying times

Update--Kansas Primary

Biden Strategists Shooting Themselves in Foot

San Miguel County, Telluride face shelter-in-place order

Tweet of the Day

I was named after a aunt that died from the 1920 flu.

More than 80 national security professionals endorse Joe Biden

Latest from Lawyers for Biden

Prince and Chaka ....Nothing Else Needs To Be Said

Help we with a basic question

☦ Nothing can separate us from the Love of Christ. And, we are more than conquerors.

The Police in my area will not respond to traffic offenses and minor crime at this time

"Saved for yrs. for trip of a lifetime after kids were launched. Planned it for a yr. Every detail."

Kudos to Dick's Sporting Goods. Drive-up only, but paying their teammates...

Hotel owners ask for help, what is the organisation representing USA home owners?

Alabama Boss Tries Some Mexican Import Beers Craft Brew Review .

a blast from the past

I have rescued my wife and have brought her back to NYC...

Gerald Connolly blasts 45

I expected a different pandemic source

If this crap is still around in November, who is going to go stand in crowds and vote?

lol beer in a glencairn ! Alabama Boss Tries Some Stouts Craft Brew Review

I don't foresee any real improvement until a reliable vaccine is developed.

Who wants to toss some salad?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

New Yorker cartoon, old but prescient

Stimulus Plan

Coronavirus Rhapsody

What You Can Do For Your ER Medical Community

we will tell future generations of a time when people gather and sang and enjoyed each other company

Hong Kong records third coronavirus death as five more infections raise case total to 114

Dow Futures Crash 700 Points as Markets Brace for Another Liquidity Crisis

Trump Would Like Everyone to Say 'Thank You' for His Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic

the stock market is slowly collapsing, and as it does we are watching our futures

A friend of mine made a cute video about self isolation

Bernie's campaign less than one hour ago.

Cute video about self isolation

One medical oddity that a lot of people might be overlooking in regards to running a fever...

Funny how it is evil socialism until

Elon Musk volunteers to make ventilators

What is America doing to lead the rest of the world through this crisis?

Why We Still Need To Test Widely For Coronavirus

Mark Cuban's promise to hourly workers as NBA suspends season

A plea to Democratic Underground posters

At 65

I went to my happy place today.

Has Melania been seen in public since the Mar a lago Pox party?

It's funny. I guess our brains are different than Republicans. Do you hear us harkin

Ever try to read the instructions on a bottle of eye drops?

Why Does America Have To Borrow Trillions And Not Singapore, Taiwan, And South Korea?

I'm in my county jury duty pool starting April 1

Does anyone have any good recommendations for ways I can improve my spelling?

After this is over

How Korea trounced U.S. in race to test people for coronavirus

Sanders Must Now Choose His Battlefield

The US had 7,656 known cases at on 3/18 1PM ET.

Has Bernie conceded defeat yet?

Coronavirus protest in Brazil sees millions bang pots from balconies

New Zealand in lockdown

How Authoritarianism Short-Circuits the Lizard Brain

☦️2 Timothy 1:7

The Federal Government's COVID-19 Response Plan draft that Trump hasn't read

CNN)Nobody knows how much damage coronavirus will cause. But one thing is clear: the crisis has

Anyone else have insomnia?

Hotter, Drier El Nios Linked to Insect Decline in the Amazon, Study Finds

Keep your head down...things are getting weird.

Ireland deals setback to Trump Organization's sea wall plan

can you save this?

Bernie Sanders Drinking Game Through July - Will he, Or Won't He?

Governor Hogan Announces First Coronavirus Death In Maryland.

Serious question:What should I do with my IRAs? I got out of the stock market entirely last summer,

(from facebook) kids say - "Grandpa tell us a story about the olden days" -

Question: What are ICE officers doing these days?

Letter I am sending my congress critters about Trump's $1000.00 check

It's truly ironic...

In Colombia, fleet of cartel narco-subs poses challenge for navy

Brazil sliding into deep, coronavirus-linked recession in 2020: Goldman, JPMorgan

How much does a local birth rate jump after a shelter in place situation?

Diabetic man becomes Mexico's first coronavirus death

Dr Sanjay Gupta with Deepak Chopra: How do we cope in these times of uncertainty?



I dont want to go to that site, but to anyone that lurks at the free republic

Peruvian president announces nighttime curfew as coronavirus spreads

Trump Ignoring COVID-19 Reminds Me Of Bush Ignoring Pre-911 Warnings

Unfit personified sez the US is now on wartime footing.

Jimmy Fallon monologue tonight. Very cute. Filmed from his rec room...(Watch)

With #DemExit now once again being thrust about all over social media and certain sites, I think

There Are Infinite Rings of Light Around Black Holes. Here's How We Could See Them

Lou Dobbs Offers Bizarre Poll

The Daily Show: Trump's Best Word Bracket Round 2

Scientists say mass tests in Italian town have halted Covid-19 there

A Crucial Idea Darwin Had on Evolution Was Just Confirmed, 140 Years After His Death

The Daily Show: Wow! Trump Makes Coronavirus Racist

Coronavirus Protest In Brazil Sees Millions Bang Pots From Balconies

The Daily Show - The Daily Social Distancing Show: Day 1

WSJ: America Needed Coronavirus Tests. The Government Failed.

Coronavirus Ravages 7 Members of a Single Family, Killing 3

Holy shit, Boeing, who spent $43 billion on stock buybacks in 2017/18, now needs a bailout???

What about all the people not "in the system" already

Stephen Colbert: The Light Show With Stephen Colb-Air - We're All In This Together 3/18/20

Wartime president

NYT has finally used the L-word: lying

What happens when you don't have a car, and they virtually shut down public transit?

VERY SOBERING - Modeling outcomes and social distancing (MASS Testing is the only answer)

Covid 19, Update 19

Testing, testing

First responders still can't buy masks- even after Congress passed $8.3 billion in emergency funding

All WI GOP House vote NO on coronavirus releif

Legendary 'Tree of Life' in New Mexico's Ancient Past Might Not Be What We Thought

Corporate Media Condone Destruction of Venezuela's Voting Machines

I would like to offer my appreciation to whomever posted about the benefit of Vitamin D in

Coronavirus shows off Donald Trump's single greatest accomplishment as President

State unemployment websites crash as applications surge

Need a Coronavirus Test? Being Rich and Famous May Help

Wow The Magistrate is Back

The New York Times is providing free access on the global coronavirus crisis. (signup link below)

NYT: What I learned from scanning the brains of potential terrorists

All Texas driver's license offices closed down

Abbott loosens alcohol sale rules to aid struggling hospitality industry

Free time? Sewing machine? Make surgical masks.

Goodlettsville (Sumner County resident) dentist hospitalized with Covid-19


So Ratner just pointed out that it took Don the Con's leadership one month for

Scientist who invented coronavirus test worked@ UFL 25 years; left because Trump investigating him

OK, somethings up. These people are willing to crash whole economies instead of test & isolate?

Senate targets teachers in 'scorched Earth' state budget, reduced by coronavirus

ER doc confronts Pence in chance encounter at Des Moines diner

Kentucky lawmakers may make Braidy provide info or lose $15 million state investment

Is Jared Kushner family cashing in on Covid-19 testing?

Bill to cut corporate middlemen out of Medicaid drug claims goes to Beshear

Tesla Joins GM in 'Patriotic' Offer to Make Ventilators

Willie Nelson is hosting a free online concert March 19.

Disinformation and blame: how America's far right is capitalizing on coronavirus

The Covid-19 debt deluge

After coming into contact with positive coronavirus patient, Rep. Steve Scalise self-quarantines

Mossad went to a lot of trouble to procure 100,000 useless Coronavirus test kits

Three state parks will host coronavirus patients who don't have a home, or who cannot go home

What did Joe Scar tell Schumer about Richard Burr this morning regarding coronavirus?

Sing Along ....

Restaurant owners appreciate landlord's advice to 'pay employees' instead of rent

A few cartoons to make you smile,,,Joe,,Bernie,,, 😄 🎨

So, is Bernie going to slink off quietly, or

Weinstein moved to state prison day before 68th birthday

Trump's tax cuts exposed as a sham by COVID-19 outbreak:

Breakfast Thursday 19 March 2020

GOOD NEWS! Hallmark running Christmas movie marathon starting tomorrow! 🎅 🌲🌨⛄️

Forty percent increase in CV cases in the last 24 hrs in the US

Governor John Bel Edwards suspends foreclosures, evictions; three more die in Louisiana

Here's why Vivaldi is the best browser for working remotely

My daily angry-as-fuck rant:

Recv a Covid-19 Aid Check from Govt, Why not Donate it to Biden Campaign?

When This Pandemic Ends, We'll Have Decisions to Make By Connie Schultz

Japanese flu drug 'clearly effective' in treating coronavirus, says China

Unions call on BIW to send workers home with full pay

CDC changes guidelines:

Canned sardines, garlic, lemon-juice.

Wuhan Reports No New Coronavirus Cases for First Time

Could the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Be Postponed?

ER doctors at Rush Oak Hospital test positive for coronavirus as village issues 'shelter in place'

How many people will simply toss their census request in the trash?

Ignorance and incompetence vs. intentional slow-walking a solution to the pandemic?

Corona vs Spanish flu

It took a virus to kill the deficit myth.

From Jerry Falwell Jr. to Dr. Drew: 5 Coronavirus Doubters

A tweet from GrandPappy Death

Hospital Ships, Other DOD Assets Prepare for Coronavirus Response

New Bangor factory starts making toilet paper just in the nick of time

Members Of Congress Are Asking Nancy Pelosi To Let Them Vote Remotely Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Rep Don Young: "I still say we have to as a nation and state go forth with everyday activities."

We all need to send a thank you card to FoxNews.

Speaker Pelosi: "The POTUS must immediately USE the powers of the Defense Production Act"

Election Update: Biden's Delegate Lead Is Now Nearly Insurmountable

The Foreign Policy of 2021 Democrats

Burr Recording Sparks Questions About Private Comments On COVID-19

NYT: A New York Doctor's Coronavirus Warning: The Sky Is Falling

Do you believe we can survive 4 more years of Donald Trump as President?

Remember when Kudlow blasted the GM Bailout as an attack on the free market

Dear high school senior: You were robbed. It's unfair. You'll get through this

Well, it's finally come north. COVID-19 case confirmed in Coconino County

Mark D. Levine @MarkLevineNYC: NYC has 2.5% of the U.S. population

Bank of America: The US is now in a recession

"The D Train"? Any opinions?

Anyone see "The D Train"? Thoughts?

Louisiana tracking map.

Silly, silly, it's NOT socialism when they do it...

Shelter in place? Can do

Coping skills

Of course the rich are getting tested first. The wealthy always do better during a pandemic.

USA Today: Unemployment: US weekly jobless claims jump amid coronavirus layoffs

Dean Baker: Any corporate bailouts should wipe out shareholders first

Navy hospital ships won't treat coronavirus patients and will take weeks to deploy

Health System asks Public to provide medical face masks..

The Rundown: March 18, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 3/18/20

The Weekly Pull: Batman, Spider-Woman, Wicked Things, and More

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/18/2020

Throwing money at a problem may offer temporary relief but it does not fix the problem.

Just want to say that now is NOT a good time to catch-up on some of those fixer-upper

'Suddenly I have no paycheck': layoffs and cuts for workers rocked by coronavirus

Stanford Study: Impact Of Warming World On Extreme Weather 2006-17 Substantially Underestimated

Road trip! We're gonna drive to town! (supplies)

Dow Jones numbers last night. Stock Market opens at 9:30

Thursday TOONs - Heckuva Job, Donnie!

Playing with my art supplies always helps me keep anxiety down.


Even In TX, Republicans Rolling Out Some Condesceding Milquetoast Greenwash Bullshit

Boldface Liar in Chief re banning flights from China


Real winner in pandemic


People, EVERY discussion of how we can survive this pandemic as a nation needs to

I just had a morbid thought re the pandemic

Because We All Need More Plastic, Shell Won't Close Beaver Co Construction Site (6,000 Workers)

Brazil Protesters Bang Pots & Pans Against Coronvirus Policy & Pres. Bolsonaro


Newly classified emergency workers:

Incompetent Trump: Special Report: How Korea trounced U.S. in race to test people for coronavirus

John Coltrane - Equinox


Elon Musk has offered to make ventilators at Tesla/ SpaceX factories

Jobless claims jump by 70,000 as virus starts to take hold

In COVID Isolation, Climatologist Ben Santer Rolls Out Some Fundamentals The WH Will Never Grasp

Elizabeth Warren's Rules for Company Bailouts:

We Were Warned

There is no new Trump

Trump LIE: Nobody Thought About Virus a Month Ago

Trump Official Calls Virus "Kung Flu" to Asian Reporter

Greenland's melting ice raised global sea level by 2.2mm in two months

WARREN: President Trump, are your eyes stitched shut?

Berkley, MI toddler tests positive for coronavirus, family all reports having underlying conditions

Bettye LaVette, All of my Love

In the discussion of supporting companies vs individual workers....

The press failing to call out Donnie Dipshits lies in real time is killing us all!

USDA fights to purge food stamps recipients despite pandemic

Bettye in my headphones today - Does that make me crazy? Probably

Bernie Sanders's moment is calling him -- in the U.S. Senate

BREAKING: Secret recording shows Senator Burr warning private audience three weeks ago about coronav

Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit says the second Wayne County person has died from Coronavirus.

Has anyone thought about what the orange menace

A mere "mistake"?

Cuomo signs legislation quarantee paid leave

Peacetime constraints ditched in the war for economic survival (Larry Elliot)

Senator: Ease gathering ban for worship

Is boog the chocolate lab a misogynist no he's just a fathead asshole

Dr. Griggs is a pediatric surgery fellow:A New York Doctor's Coronavirus Warning: The Sky Is Falling

Trump wanted to bury Biden after the primary. Now he can't.

Judge jails 71-year-old man for urinating in a bush

CNN: 80% Of People In Madrid, Spain Will Get COVID-19

World Figure Skating Championships are canceled.

Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) covered by Dierks Bentley

The GOP knew but refused to cross Trump - it's on a recording 👀

Please don't panic, but even the LiverCheese is sold out!

Is there a test to learn whether one has already had the corona virus?

Op-Ed: What others see as Joe Biden's mental slips, I see as the tricks of a master stutterer

Happy Vernal Equinox and 1st day of Spring!!!! It is a gorgeous day in rural north Georgia

Kid #1 here:

The Coronavirus Rhapsody, by comedian Dana Jay Bein

Please think of those who are losing their income...

80% Of People In Madrid Will Get COVID-19, Official Says

Hannity 3/9 It's a Hoax - 3/18 "We've never called the virus a hoax."

ADH reports 37 total positive coronavirus cases in Arkansas

This is not a China virus, it's an airline virus.

Cramer: 'We cannot have the fat cats make money at the expense of the workers'

Never was so much owed by so many to TOO few...

America is about to get its ass kicked because we did not test people.

Dr. Aileen Marty: Drug used to treat malaria may be used to fight coronavirus

Too bad we don't have a president like Cuomo, rather than this ass in the White House! n/t

This will be a "get off my lawn" post.

Elizabrth Warren was warning about Covid-19 almost two months ago -updated

Ban all Trump voters from getting a check from the government, why?

The best materials to make face masks with charts in this article.

It might explain my attitude about some things if I tell you that, in the

For those of you beginning to use Zoom.

Unemployment Insurance Usually Pays Only 50% of One's Income, and the Amount is Capped

I can't believe TP is a topic of discussion these days.

Between conference calls - listening to odd songs to pass the time

How about a moratorium on the Trump Tax cut

Gabbard drops out--endorses Biden:

I Need Some Advice.

No wonder these guys identify so much with despots like Putin. An actual poll from Lou Dobbs:

Upside, Downside - Separating The Bullshit From The Good On Tree-Planting Proposals

That $1k bailout out somehow reminded me of---

Tulsi Gabbard suspends presidential campaign, endorses Biden

Russia has been stuck at 147 cases for several days now. Do we believe that?

An un-aired television pilot worth your time: Pee Pee Manor

Feb 26 Debate: Mike Bloomberg Raises the issue of COVID-19 & tRump's lack of response

Counter clockwise eating

Anyone noticing minor changes/problems in daily life?

Towel art

Is Apricothellbeast is doing another Corona Presser 11am hour?

MARCH 19, 2020 Coronavirus Task Force Briefing -- 11:00 a.m.

Turd-Potus Coronavirus Calendar

Jazz pianist Lennie Tristano was born on this date.

Gov. Ron DeSantis Says Florida is Shutting Down For Spring Breakers: 'The Party is Over'


Chicken Liver Pate Recipe

And I thought I spoiled my cat

Gorillaz - Dirty Harry

Tulsi Gabbard Drops Out and Endorses Biden

A White Nationalist Has Rebranded Himself as Coronavirus Expert. And People Are Flocking to Him.

'Hands not touching hands': Back Bay residents singing from windows to lift spirits

Do the MAGAts realize Hannity was lying to them?

NY Coronavirus: 3/4 Workforce Stay Home; Mortgage Payments Waived

Sanders Fatigue?

Tulsi Gabbard Appreciation Thread

Risk Of Abrupt Permafrost Thaw Grows; IPCC Doesn't Take Rapid GHG Releases Into Account

What I liked about Tulsi Gabbard

A word about the Acetominophen/Ibuprofen thing - "Let the fever do its job"

Rattner's Charts: Historic Decline In Economic Growth Is Unfolding - Morning Joe - MSNBC

To people who think Tulsi Gabbard is controlled by Russia:

Spring equinox, earliest since 1896 brings planetary entertainment

A Deadly Coronavirus Mix in Florida: An Aging Population and Lots of Young Visitors

Ok, my Trump voting sister called me today.

Please check my H1N1 vs COVID-19 writeup

Just for fun...Toilet Paper Calculator

Prince Albert of Monaco tests positive for coronavirus

We must hold all WH staff, Faux News, and like hoaxers criminally negligent

The coronavirus is starting to spread on a US Navy warship

Remember Hole? Remember how much shit was sprayed at Courtney Love?

Can N-95's Be Disinfected with the Use of a UV Light Box?

The local school has started delivering meals

Is there any data on the actual number of cases?

I KNEW Jack Pine Radicals could be counted on for an entertaining response to Gabbard endorsement...

Midday Music for Millennials -- Thursday

What if money were no object?

If you need some reading material for your "social distancing" time, I highly recommend

And now for something completely different -

Intelligence Chairman Raised Virus Alarms Weeks Ago, Secret Recording Shows

Morning press conference thread #1

The liar is lying. Again. 🤬🤬 That is all. nt

CV Pressor To Start....

At this point in this election year, you are either for Joe Biden Or Donald Trump

For D.C.'s Street Medicine Practitioners, Health Care and Housing Are Linked

Obama/Biden vs Trump Response to Ebola Outbreaks - Coronavirus Lessons

What is your post apocalyptic talent?

It is NOT the Chinese Virus .. but the Trump or the Conservative Epidemic

How long until the Amazon distribution centers get shut down over outbreaks

The "Briefings" are a replacement for Captain Trumps Rallies.

Kushner coronavirus team sparks confusion, plaudits inside White House response efforts

Share in my annoyance??

Coronavirus kills 3 family members and sickens 4 others after a dinner in New Jersey

When Coronavirus Closes Schools, What Happens to Children Who Rely on Them for Food?

Always exaggerating and making stuff up.

Kitty loves Joe! You'll love this photo.

"Quarantine shaming" - New social norms developing in just a few days.

Trump mouth is moving right now

The orange anus speaks.

We Are Not Dealing With This Right - And It's getting Dangerous

A Cascade of Warnings, Heard but Unheeded, Before Virus Outbreak

Greg Abbott has issued a Proclamation Allowing Postponement of Local Elections Until Nov 3rd

My wife

Sharing some little silver linings....

Is the Donnie Shit for Brains reelection fund paying the media for campaign advertising

What a complete and total piece of shit.

They really should have the drs. explaining these drugs.

Everyday, he has to pat himself on the back at the press conference about

The Obama-Biden Administration set up the White House National Security

Well, Well, Well: Gabbard dropping out and endorsing Biden!

While I still honor Bernie, my support now goes to Joe

Trump Said "It Is An Exciting Time For Medicine"

Um... second day. Where's Fauci?

Where's Linguo when you need him?

'There's never been a president even close who's been able to do what I've done'

Where is Dr Fausi?

Trump still hasn't spoken to Pelosi about coronavirus

Brown Nose Pence Is Up Now....

NYT: N.Y. Now Testing 7,500 Per Day for Coronavirus: Live Updates

This is a f**king PR press conference pushing the bullshit what great "leadership" that has been

Clearly, the Mango Maniac does NOT think this is a crisis.

The president did, the president said, the president told me, the president blah,

It's time to pardon Martin Shkreli and put him in charge of distribution

Trump on Coronavirus: "If people would have known about it, it could have been stopped in place"

Trump is done...he's passing this all along to the states.

Trump on ventilators: We're not a shipping clerk

Not watching. Someone said Trump said there is a cure for

The Dow just puked out 350 points while Trump was speaking.

Trump deflects the bandana question to Pence.

If this is a war, Mr. President, then we are going to have some war crime trials and

Gems on VHS has been gathering artists in a virtual battle of the bands

Only You....

Fucking Pence is certainly proud of his self today.

Coronavirus Crisis: Paid Sick Leave Is A Start To Our Collective Security As A Nation: Ady Barkan

What's the matter with Kansas? This is f**king stupid and crazy

"We have ideas. It doesn't help to say what they are."

Deflecting, Blaming all other....that's all trump does... Blaming Media

The only thing we weren't prepared for is the media

STOP blaming China!

Joseph Stiglitz: Trump's "Trickle-Down" Economic Plans Are Not Enough to Meet Coronavirus Challenge

'I'm Married to an Asian': Kellyanne Conway Demands Reporter Name White House Official

Your government is refusing to use all of its powers to protect our health.

"Coronavirus Capitalism": Naomi Klein's Case for Transformative Change Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The orange anus has repeatedly said the states are on their own !!!

Bernie was correct but it will not change anything

Trump still polling over 40%

He's Blaming The Govs ....

Here is the stark reality


Dow In The Red Now...nt

Heading out to work at the pantry.

Al Franken: The Last Straw.

I Call on Bernie Sanders to Announce His Withdrawal Today

SHITLER's airhead "Surgeon General" wants Kylie JENNER on his team

Worse case scenario?....JOB NUMBERS... not the workers.

Wall Street see-saws up and down as volatility retains grip

Dow Jones 12:30, eastern time

Dear Media DEFEND YOURSELVES....This asshole has zero respect for you

Comical Friendly Face Mask From A Vacuum Cleaner Bag

I think I've known this deep down for several weeks, but I'm on the Biden train.

A nice put-down.

Biden tweet thanking Gabbard

Now, THAT is either the laziest thing I've ever seen, (or the most ingenious)....

A terrible yet funny coincidence.

Trump to reporters: "We should probably get rid of about another 75-80 percent of you."

Orange face getting ORANGER....

Time for media to address the elephant in rm: Trump may be incapable of understanding problem

Trump kind of floated the idea


Trump: "I'm doing a great job"


Who is the idiot plant?

A Likely Republican Attack Line Against Sanders, Ladies And Gentlemen

Trump: "The only thing we weren't prepared for was the media. The media has not treated it fairly."

Georgia Innocence Project: GA Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Joey Watkins & Johnny Lee Gates!

"I know the truth" - DJT

Dumb question: The asymptomatic carriers for Coronavirus.

FFS, now he's trashing the media again. He is so damn F'ed up!!!

Had a co-worker come to my desk and say ...

The media sits there and lets him berate them non stop. He just turned the

Real-time updates: 46 total positive coronavirus cases, over 100 under investigation in Arkansas

Trump just said the U.S. govt will "probably" be helping hotels, plus airlines

Restaurant Exodus Has Food Giants Rushing to Stock Supermarkets

Something to hopefully brighten your day. It certainly did, mine

Cross Post in About May 17, 1979

How Coronavirus Might Actually Save Lives

So why don't some of these MAGA churches

Social distance kitty:

Got a text from my brother who is 61, I'm 70.......

IU - Story of old couple

In tribute to my name sake

GOP Senator Kept Coronavirus Info Secret for Weeks, But Shared It With Wealthy Donors

trump & pence think they can bullshit their way out of this

Do you remember

Vanity Fair - Is Bernie Sanders Ready to Bail on 2020?

SHITLER got his start from free publicity in manipulating media & is doing it more than ever

Growth Industry to Come? Divorce Attorneys

When the 3 AM phone call came, Conman called it a "hoax".

Well Governor Cuomo, looks like your federal help is gone. Trump says the balls in your court.

Free Livestream Tomorrow - The Thrill Is Gone: A Tribute to B.B. King

NO Hospital Ships are moving! He lied! Again!

An Israeli man walks his dog via drone

All I Got To Say Is When This Is All Over And....

CDC: Younger adults are large percentage of coronavirus hospitalizations in United States

Extreme Social Distancing

Shortages are a huge problem right now.

NYC: I'm an ER doctor. The coronavirus is already overwhelming us.

The Leader Of The Free World Gives A Speech

I will say this about Tulsi...

Get him off my tv. NOW!

Florida Sen. Rick Scott: 'Get Off The Beach'

Trump Touts Malaria Drug That FDA Says Isn't Approved for Virus

Maxine Waters' Coronavirus Pandemic Bill

Are trump properties shutting down and losing money? I hope so!

Daily Kos GOP strategist: 'We built this moment. And then we looked the other way'

Why do reporters continue to show up to be verbally abused by Trump?

Easy Recipes to Cook While You're Self-Quarantined

Health care providers are

Can our Late-Night hosts pull the fangs of the Facebook beast with this meme?

Ignore the idiots who make fun of you for staying home.

What's up? Dr. Fauci wasn't at today's task force news conference either. Disturbing. nt

From the Ground Up

As I listened to Trump refusing to accept any responsibility for the near total failure of

I thought we are supposed to let the "Free Market" decide!

NYT reporter alarmed at Trump's 'really disturbing' coronavirus press conference meltdown

Remember Reagan's single scariest sentence?

Italy: cases 41,035 (+5,322), deaths 3,405 (+427)

Dear California.

Gov. Abbott announces temporary statewide school, restaurant, gym closures

Coronavirus patient on hellish ordeal

'Why did you bring Corona to America?' Asian Americans detail Trump-inspired xenophobic attacks.

Why Biden should choose an African American for VP

There Are Medical Companies In The U.S. And The World That Manufacture Ventilators & Respirators....

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Minilogue - Home with Kids, Trump, Tom Brady & St. Patrick's Day

'A generation has died': Italian province struggles to bury its coronavirus dead

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Minilogue - Staying Normal, Guillermo's Snacks & Trump's "Chinese Virus"

Let them eat coronavirus: Trump says wealthy getting tested first is just 'the story of life'

On Anthony Fauci's whereabouts lately

Rural areas are not self isolating

Our "wartime" president held a press conference and made shit up

Biden leads Sanders by 17 points in Connecticut

We Still Aren't Doing Nearly Enough Testing for Coronavirus

Does anyone have quick access to an article about the man who claimed

The Great Thing about DU and the Democratic Primaries Forum

If this doesn't bring down capitalism, nothing will...

*'At WETA (DC area PBS) we are working hard to keep you updated

My nephew is doing his residency at a large hospital in Boston

Monaco's Head Of State Prince Albert II Contracts New Virus

"Which Side Are You On?"

Analysts: Boeing CEO must cut pay, halt dividends before getting federal bailout

Disinfecting Wipes Being Flushed Down Toilets Causing Major Pipe Problems

Forget About Donald Trump And Mike Pence. Andrew Cuomo Is Now the President of the United States.

Can someone tell me what just happened on MSNBC?

Bernie Sanders Proposal for $2 Trillion Coronavirus Emergency Plan Includes $2,000 Direct Monthly

Watching Trump today convinced me to extend my Un-paid leave. Things are going to get a lot worse.

Health official: One person dying every 10 minutes from coronavirus in Iran

"Russian Agent" Endorses Joe Biden

Close up of President @realDonaldTrump notes is seen where he crossed out "Corona" and replaced it

Commentary: A long, deadly history of failing to communicate

Your daily dose of COVID-19 Dark Humor...

Las Vegas strip club to offer drive-through peep show

Italy, Bergamo: sight of the coffin trucks working due to Coronavirus; cemeteries are full.

Harley-Davidson's CEO Was Actually Fired: Shareholder

The coronavirus is killing far more men than women

Fmr FEMA Admin Craig Fugate walks off MSNBC saying something about "bullshit" (video)

Frankly, I was shocked to hear Trump say something I believed

51 Repuke senators voted against paid sick leave expansion!

Florida governor refuses to shut down beaches amid spread of coronavirus

Cartoons 3/19/2020

Why is Trump so insistent on calling it the "Chinese Virus"?

Biden wants a woman as his running mate. Val Demings could be the one.

Stealing credit for UBI

CDC approves scarves as masks for healthcare workers.

Watch the governor's Wednesday news conference here

'Senior hour' gives at-risk shoppers more time and space

Bank of America says the recession is already here: 'Jobs will be lost, wealth will be destroyed'

FYI -- The Animal Planet is running a "Too Cute" marathon right now

Are they gonna suspend property taxes too?

Massive Bangladesh coronavirus prayer gathering sparks outcry

Sacramento County issues directive

Looking for something to read while you're socially distant?

Trump Supporters are Obliged by Their Own Beliefs to Refuse the $1,000 Government Payout

Italy Surpasses China In Number Of Coronavirus Deaths

Chrissy Teigen calls out Ivanka Trump's 'camp out' tweet, asks for coronavirus testing

"Crimson Contagion"

Jimmy Fallon doing his show from his home (Tuesday). Very Funny!

"There is no such thing as society."

Pot Sales Jump as More People Stay at Home: Bank of America

Jimmy Fallon Home Edition from Monday nite

Howard County 5-year-old is first child in Maryland confirmed with coronavirus; Hogan announces

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed the lives of an infant and a teenager

He has moved from businesses to

Holy Shit - he's back on TV

CNN and MSNBC keep repeating Oklahoma

Trump Signs Law to Grant Paid Leave Benefits Amid Coronavirus Crisis--But Millions Won't Be Eligible

Must watch Gal Gadot IG "Imagine" vid

Good humanitarian gesture by Iran to furlough Michael White today.


App tracks "influenza-like" symptoms: shows FL is a hotspot of activity compared to rest of U.S.

Time Lapse COVID-19. US one of the first countries after China

Maryland orders all enclosed shopping malls closed to stop spread of coronavirus

Mrs Stephen Miller telling task force to "move closer" on the podium

First day of spring and a snow storm in Boulder/Denver area.

Wow, Katy Tur..Lol

Trump Tried To 'Gaslight' About Coronavirus Again. Twitter Users Weren't Having It.

Difference in coronavirus numbers explained.

The RW Wheeler & Dealers - A graphic display

Need childcare during coronavirus school closures? This Seattle company created a service to help

Making travel plans for the weekend using this map ...

Is the coronavirus crisis R.I. Governor Raimondo's 'flannel shirt' moment?

Link to the Health Weather Map tracking smart thermometer readings

Stocks rise as technology sector leads a turnaround

The latest Bernie Sanders livestream was the perfect encapsulation of his failing presidential

It's interesting that Trump only mentioned cloroquine as a possible

Biden seeks transition to general election campaign

Washing "viral" clothing

Ugh. Man died in CA after having been in Orlando for conf and theme parks

Trump told a reporter in his coronavirus presser....'We're not a shipping clerk'

Chef Tom Douglas Plans Charitable Grill Pop-up This Weekend in Ballard

Relaxing song parody, anyone?

I-5 ramps in Olympia, Lacey will soon have meters

Our other REAL President, Chef Jose Andres and his remarkable Team!:

Secret Recording. Proof the Govt. knew early about the seriousness of the Trump Virus

Trump says he would support feds taking stake in certain companies

'Every Single Individual Must Stay Home': Italy's Coronavirus Deaths Pass China's

WFH workout

Rep. Don Young dismisses 'beer virus,' tells seniors to 'go forth with everyday activities'

China Virus is a Russian talking point. Just my best guess.

What are the prospects of a treatment for coronavirus? (Guardian)

My nephew is the voice of Grizz on "We Bare Bears"

DigBoston Halts Print Edition, Goes Digitial Only, Needs Your Help

You raised $128.00 on March 18, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

IRS extends 2020 tax payment deadline to July 15

Intelligence Chairman Raised Virus Alarms Weeks Ago, Secret Recording Shows

Lindsey Graham lobbying Trump to oppose direct payments.

Maybe it's time to re-read Poe's story "The Masque of the Red Death."

Who Qualifies for Paid Leave Under the New Coronavirus Law

When are we going to see spraying down the streets...

Senators Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren urge Massachusetts banks, credit unions to waive fees amid

So Trump is going to give me a $1000?

Enigma - Return To Innocence (Official Video)

In the '30's and '40's, England went through Dunkirk, the London Blitz (other cities as well), ...

Bernie just plain F'd up.

Italian CV Patient Daniela De Rosa's Plea: 'Every Single Individual Must Stay Home'

Anyone else laughing at how far behind the curve current TV commercials are?

Why are interest rates for Lines of Credit still at 5.75%?

Anti-gay Republican voted against coronavirus testing bill because it "redefined family

School buses become meal delivery for Mason County kids during coronavirus shutdown

US mortgage rates climb this week; 30-year loan at 3.65%

Call it what it is "The Trump Virus."

EU warns of broadband strain as millions work from home

Gay hero describes mass stabbing attacker to police right before he died

Marriage equality is responsible for coronavirus according to Christian pastor

This new ad from @ForTheRuleOfLaw will run Friday morning on Fox and Friends. "We pretty much shut

Advice requested on second monitor for Microsoft Surface Pro 2017

Ventilator running in CPAP mode - Can a CPAP or BiPAP be used

100-year-old famous actor comes out as gay

I am worried about my daughter.

State Department raises travel advisory to level 4: Do Not Travel

Is COVID-19 the "Rapture Virus?"

Hey! It's the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! ☀️ of course there's a blizzard warning

#MillionMaskMayday - request for civilians to make masks for medical providers

Virus Testing Experiment in Italian Town Appears to Have Halted COVID-19

No company which is incorporated overseas should receive any US taxpayer money in a bailout

"...more than a dozen members of a delegation who met with President Trump" have tested

On this day, March 19, 1987, Jim Bakker resigned from PTL.

Lee Fang @lhfang:Wall Street is pressuring key healthcare firms to hike prices over the coronavirus

Landlords, tenants groups both back eviction moratorium

I think there's a good chance that domestic air travel

Loggins and Messina: Angry Eyes (long version)

If anyone truly wishes to refuse those TrumPayoff checks, I have a suggestion.

The Light Show With Stephen Colb-Air - We're All In This Together

Washington DC: 3 firefighters test positive for virus, 141 firefighters now quarantined

Season opener of Ozark March 27th. for those who are fans of this Netlix series. n/t

Screw the "Chinese Virus" In honor of tRump I now call it the CORANUS VIRUS.

Well, here's an "upside" -

hawaiian airlines reducing flights by 40% due to decreasing demand for seats...

State Department warns US citizens not to travel abroad due to coronavirus pandemic

MT-SEN: Race draws a Libertarian candidate from the Republicans

Announcing on local TV, Arkansas now at 62 cases.

Global Covid-19 death toll likely to surpass 10,000 in a few minutes.

Police-CHICAGO Hand Sanitizer Given To Officers Expired In 2015

"Simple Respiratory Mask" from Emerging Infectious Disease Journal, 2006

Alabama fights COVID-19 with aggressive new statewide restrictions

That OAN "reporter"/plant at earlier presser today who asked about "left wing" media??? Check this

Drive through testing

Trio of planets and the moon to put on rare morning displays this week.

He Is Criminally Insane

Lindsey Graham urging Trump not to send direct payments to Americans as part of coronavirus relief

Over and out

Insanity Hannity is finally told exactly what he is...

Help, I Think I'm In Love With Andrew Cuomo???

No Shit Sherlock...

Acting counterterrorism center head fired, according to former U.S. officials

Louie Gohmert is still at it...

Conspiracy theory that Jews created virus spreads on social media, ADL says

How in the hell do governors deal with this:

Holy Mother of Pearl just back from Mi. virus site.

I'm scared shitless

Where is Nicolle?

Remember that in any crisis, or situation, and depending on the outlook,

Here's a generic ad from Twitter:

Heirloom Farmers Markets 3/20 - 3/22 Markets Open With Modifications

Twitter declines Trump campaign request to tag Dem video as 'manipulated media'

WHOA! New York really ramping up the Covid-19 testing!! 2,220 new cases there today alone!

Why doesn't "Advanced search" work for me today?

Guard activations expected to rapidly increase, could be used for law enforcement

Twitter declines Trump campaign request to tag Dem video as 'manipulated media'

How are you all coping with your anxiety?

Got the Census note. Need to do it online

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Met Opera cancels season, stops pay of orchestra, chorus

Top Counterterrorism Official Fired

Call with Sally Yates, Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General - LFB Update

I fear the pschological effects this will have

Trump (is) Lobbied Against Direct Payments In Relief Bill

The US just added 1128 new CV cases bringing up up to 12,966 known cases.

Please call your senators NOW. McConnell and admin refusing to negotiate with Speaker Pelosi

Trump notes & Trump Virus an up close look

Carnival Chairman Micky Arison Makes "Generous Offer" to Supply Idle Cruise Ships as Floating Hospit

NM Bernalillo County Sheriff's Community Action Team hotline number

Well, I am in the hospital for food poisoning.

Testing is ramped up in Michigan - BIG spike in coronavirus cases, which was to be expected

Twitter Suspends Conservative Huckster Jack Burkman Over Coronavirus Disinfo

I do not support giving every american $1000

One Dow stock is seeing its best month in years as markets crumble

Trump Already Undermining His New Strategy on Virus

Meds to battle COVID-19 until the vaccine comes out.

GOP Senator Warned Audience Three Weeks Ago

National Guard call-ups may double by the weekend, chief says

We're taking the pledge

Does it seem like Trump is copying Biden's debate points?

Daily walk report

Trump Touts Drug That FDA Says Isn't Yet Approved for Virus

At what age did you first start talking to yourself?

Trump is right. He's not a shipping clerk....

DiBlasio having a Presser

Why is the media accurately reporting my coronavirus actions just to be mean?

CDC, the top U.S. public health agency, is sidelined during coronavirus pandemic

Any good suggestions for online museum, educational or other sites for

Just got a fundraising SMS from the Sanders Campaign... with a twist

John Cornyn criticized Chinese for eating snakes. He forgot about the Texas rattlesnake roundups.

Melania Trump releases coronavirus PSA: 'This is not how we'll live forever'

Will Democrats gain or lose US Senate seats in 2022 if Biden is POTUS.?

TRUMP DEATH PANELS: Coming Soon to a Healthcare Facility Near You

"This is their new hoax" Feb 29, 2019. Very Stupid Comment.. pass it on..

McConnell to drop new stimulus plan as some in GOP balk at cash payments

The more this goes south

Nike, Phil Knight announce sweeping philanthropic response to coronavirus

Trump's 'Big' Coronavirus FDA News Is Yet Another 'Overpromise'

Connecticut Primary moved to June


Well, they just 'walked back' two reported coronavirus cases, in Michigan

Remember Jeff Gannon? Well, Chanel Rion says "hold my beer..."

Find Your Own $%T&*T%R$# Supplies.

Wheres Waldo Corona Virus edition

Video: EPIC Israeli mom rant "If coronavirus doesn't kill us, distance learning will."

Virus sites are diverging in info

Please proceed Don the Lying King Con

We are not going to be back to normal at any time soon. Most especially not economically.

How about something to pass the time?

Remember NHS no care over 65?

People With Mild Symptoms Can Spread Coronavirus, European Researchers Warn

Did I hear correct that no one was on the floor of the Stock Exchange today?

Sitting outside on my balcony having a cocktail.

It's reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina with Bush and Brownie. n/t

South Korea's FM Kang Kyung-wha's BBC interview on covid 19

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 19, 2020

Trump declares himself a wartime president and sends healthcare workers into battle

GOP Senator Dumped Stock Before Coronavirus Crisis

Richard Burr Dumped Up to $1.6 Million of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus

Capitalists always run for help, to where? Scoialism, ain't that the truth

Trump IS a war president--he's just not on America's side

Trump's big beautiful stock market has lost a third of its equity

Sen Burr Dumped Up to $1.6 Million of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Preparedness

Governor DeWine---apparently a swell guy as far as some here are concerned---was just

Larkin Poe: "Highland Wedding" (Steve Morse cover)

Senator Dumped Up to $1.6 Million of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Preparedness

How To See Germs Spread (Coronavirus)

Hear this America? Republicans are opposed to giving you money to get you thru this disaster

Solution for preventing people violating your 'social distancing' bubble. Warning: Graphic!!!

Went to Fleet Farm to get some wildlife feed

Free Broadway shows online for a week

Let's try this again,

Some Yoopers want to close Mackinac Bridge to stop the spread of coronavirus

Do retired people on Social Security get any stimulus money

Even in a shutdown, millions will out

We will soon be in peak Tornado Season followed by Hurricane Season

Americans are dying and this dickhead is trolling people over the name of a virus.

Michigan farmers, distributors worried by coronavirus threat to supply chain

Mindy and Richard Hammond take a road trip in a Tesla Model X.

Homeowners Hurt Financially By The Coronavirus May Get A Mortgage Break

Two TV preachers just can't stop grifting...

Take his phone and Sharpie away. He is destroying America and his "base" is clueless.

Can we take this to the bank?

America the Beautiful - By Amtrak

IKEA to temporarily close all U.S. stores

On this, the first day of my 69th year of breathing on my own, I leave you with a quote

even affecting the local livestock auction!

Coronavirus live updates: Newsom says 56% of Californians could get infected over next 8 weeks

Today is my last day in the office. I'm being forced to work at home from now on.

With Everything going on right now, this guy had the right idea...

No arrests in quietest St. Patrick's Day in East Lansing police history

Senator Dumped Up to $1.6 Million of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Preparedness

If I fucking die from this fucking virus because of this fucking moron...I swear...

Where are the Billionaires?

COVID-19 How to Use One Ventilator to Save Multiple Lives

Damn Trump was orange today.

COVID-19 scammers posing as health department employees

The plus and minus of my extended 'self isolation' experience (includes a cat picture)

A Flowering Tree

Illinois: Pritzker announces 3 more deaths. 422 cases in 22 counties

Detroit opens 124-room homeless facility, eyes street care amid COVID-19

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot quotes Gwendolyn Brooks during Tv corona virus broadcast

Coronavirus Spring Break

Just like a woman

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Presidency and the US Senate in 2020.

Hey DUers! Willie Nelson and a WHOLE lot of friends are streaming a concert tonight!

Trump Dodges Accountability For Medical Supply Crisis By Blaming States

$10 toilet paper? Coronavirus gouging complaints surge in US

visionary Activism

There is a blood shortage locally, regionally, statewide, and nationally.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a former 2020 foe, backs Joe Biden for president

Visionary Activism

Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley leaves Boeing board, opposing federal aid

Question: about pneumonia vaccine

Senate G.O.P. Plan Includes Large Corporate Tax Cuts

A wonderful timely interpretation of Camus' "La Peste," (The Plague).

13,600 plus anyone know how far that is from zero?

The "Victory Mask" -

Want to see the cost of a COVID 19 test kit? Here are some examples.

Doesn't have any relevance to anything, just feel like posting it

remember when that "Presidential Emergency" amber alert went out? he got all our

the number of total reported cases today will significantly exceed

Nikki Haily is leaving Boeing job...

If I don't get my entitled $grand from Trump I'm calling JGWentworth

The Tennessee company (and big-time GOP donor) behind the Washington State nursing home C19 crisis

MT-SEN: Montana Senate Race Tied

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges 'C-Side'

Biden thrives without an audience. Trump withers.

Gov. Tom Wolf orders all Pennsylvania businesses that aren't 'life-sustaining' to close, will enforc

Word of the day - Pareidolia (seeing things beyond what they are)

Rapper sparks antisemitism outcry with Rothschild, 'synagogue of Satan' lyrics

Seeking advice on planting crape myrtle & retama trees saplings

Riddle me this --

Pierce: It Took Until This Morning for Ron DiSantis to Stop Dithering

"This Is How America Work": Mind-Boggling New Allegations About a Donor to Trump's Inauguration

As an old person a big motivation for staying alive

Minnesota and Vermont Just Classified Grocery Clerks as Emergency Workers

Quarantine Day 5:

So Eric Trump tweeted on Feb. 28:

"Sleepy Donald" Trump:

On bright side of cases

e.mail from Anthony Brown:

Looks like my friend has the coronavirus

If anyone wondered what it would take his base to desert him. I believe we have the answer.

FT's tracking chart for today, March 19. Look at the US trend line. Alarming.

Nikki Haley resigns from Boeing board over company's request for coronavirus bailout

Exclusive: Trump cancels G7 at Camp David over coronavirus, to hold video-conference instead

I am so happy!

Ford dividend cut a sign of more coronavirus troubles ahead

Louisiana pastor holds church service for over 300 people, defying governor's coronavirus ban

Swiss hospitals face collapse in 10 days if virus keeps spreading

Snohomish County WA COVID-19

Zack the 30-pound cat dies after being adopted in January

Post your teams' All-Star team (players in your lifetime only)

The party of stupid....

My mother called me today,,


Which governments can we trust for accurate COVID 19 data?

Double Death In Our County

Salute our front line heroes - love this photo and 'toon!

Questions that should never be asked again.

Center for Biological Diversity webinar on wildlife and COVID-19 on March 25 at 4:30 PST

The number is 77,000

State Supreme Court pauses almost all cases in Washington

'Not Concerned at All': A Timeline of Trump's Coronavirus Dismissals

Life goes on. Miz t. made chicken-andouille-shrimp gumbo.

Is Senator Burr more repugant than Trump?

'Coronavirus Could Very Well Slow by the Summer' - Bloomberg

In retrospect, electing the dumbest motherfucker on the planet was probably a bad idea.

*Binge the entire Victoria series (PBS) this weekend,