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Archives: March 2, 2020

I wanted Mayor Pete to be a force for the future.

Just sent Pete a private thank you note.

War criminal Eddie Gallagher coming up on 60 Minutes

David Axelrod: "I'm looking for him to endorse Biden, maybe tonight", and....

2 health care workers diagnosed with coronavirus had treated Solano County woman with illness

Sad to see Pete drop out, but he did the right thing. I am now all on the Biden train, as we simply

Raygun blitzed Carter with images of gas lines in 1980

From Mayor Pete to President Joe thread

Biden's surprise ray of hope in California.

"Buttigieg unwilling to be reason Sanders is able to get "insurmountable" delegate lead"

Virus spreads to over 60 countries; France closes the Louvre

It is so great Warren still leads here at the DU!

It's sad. So many good people dropped out.

But Bernie doesn't get things done!!!!!

I voted for Pete Buttigieg but my primary is Tuesday so it kind of won't count

Warren supporters: Who is your second choice if she drops out?

Check out Trump fixer Roger Stone unhinged:

There are two people in this nomination hunt whom I am mega-impressed with

'Healthy Flying Tips': How Not To Get Sick On A Plane, Avoiding Pathogens

Trump Drugs and Prostitutes

Pete Buttigieg is out. Which candidates will his supporters flow to?

Tom Steyer ends 2020 presidential campaign

I get the politics of it and why he ended his presidential campaign

Mayor Pete update:

Note to Dumbass Don: nobody wants anyone, including even you, to get the COVID-19 virus.

A strange and dangerous idea

Flu shots for locked up immigrants

The Disappearing Songs of Hawaii's Endangered Native Birds

Cutest kitten ever just wants to play with dalmatian adult

Installed some nest boxes today

Please be patient with me...

Why can't Trump act like he's living on Planet Earth instead of an insane asylum?

The SEC tracks short selling, right?

Thank you Mayor Pete.

Another question about acrylic paints

I had no idea Murdoch had bought 60 Minutes

Pete Buttigieg & Joe Biden have exchanged voicemails about consolidating support

Faiz Shakir is on MSNBC pleading for Buttigieg's supporters to switch to Sanders.


Crowd Waiting for Bernie's Los Angeles Rally

538 just updated delegate projections, Bernie is plummeting, now under 25% chance to win outright

Crowd Waiting for Bernie's Los Angeles Rally

Medicare should cover cost of coronavirus vaccine, Schumer says

Watch Vicente Fox's entire presidential announcement here

BREAKING: @NYGovCuomo announces first case of #Coronavid19 in state

Three more cases of coronavirus reported in Santa Clara County, CA

Bloomberg gets it, except he's the only one willing to tell it to trump:

Two more cases of coronavirus identified in King County

US Senate seats Democrats must win in 2020 in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2021.

Breaking: New poll shows mayor Petes voters 2nd choice. Sanders leads

The 'Reverse Freedom Rides,' Cruel Story In The Civil Rights 1960s

I'm voting for Warren

First positive case of Coronavirus confirmed in New York

How Does the Coronavirus Compare to the Flu?


Freezing tail off in Arizona.

Bernie Sanders Hit With Cease and Desist from Flavor Flav


Oh no, the nutcase is coming to Atlanta to visit the CDC. jUST how is the germaphobe going to handle

How to protect retirement savings as stocks plunge on coronavirus fears

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 2 March 2020

I just selected Biden and it went from 18% to 19%. You're welcome. lol

I feel bad for the reporters on Buttigieg's campaign.

Kennedy holds 6-point lead over Markey in Massachusetts Senate primary

Dominican Republic, France report Caribbean virus cases

I disagree with those standing in the church with their backs turned on Bloomberg.

3 Die in dry ice incident at pool party

Glen Beck claims Bernie Sanders presidency would lead to 'another' Holocaust'

U.S. stock futures sink, suggesting the worst isn't over for Wall Street

Buttigieg Dropped Out Before Super Tuesday To Stop Bernie Sanders...Go Joe😎

The US Surgeon General

Biden Says He'll Contest Nomination at Convention

Okla. Man Sentenced to Life for Holding Stepdaughter Captive for 19 Years, Fathering Her 9 Children

Trump, Not Sanders, Leads to Venezuela

Coronavirus is Trump's 'Churchill moment' and will seal his re-election, says former aide Steve Bann

Democratic Primary voting should ALL be ranked-choice.

Scoop: Lab for coronavirus test kits may have been contaminated

Seeing a lot of sniping at Pete on Twitter from Sanders supporters like Krystal Ball & John Nichols

"The Worst- Case Scenario For Coronavirus Is Likely," Jonathan Quick, Epidemics Expert (Feb. 27)

Awwww, Chasten...

MSNBC -- Chasten speaking now -- Pete will be speaking - Pete's speaking NOW

Pete speaking live now (Chasten is up first)

Nearly 10,000 sign petition calling for SXSW to be canceled over mounting coronavirus worries

Sanders insists Democrats will unite around eventual nominee

If we have a brokered convention

First positive case of coronavirus in NYC, Governor Cuomo confirms

Joe ought to sign on Ron Klain as HHS / caronavirus czar tonight.

Boris Johnson reveals 'hard bargain' plans in push for US trade deal

Scoop: Lab for coronavirus test kits may have been contaminated

35 thousand people RSVP'D to Bernie Sanders rally at the LA convention center

Abortion Isn't Slavery. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Should Know Better

Missing Tennessee toddler's mother arrested on false reporting charge

As a gay man, Pete Buttigieg's campaign meant the world to me.

Judge Rules Ken Cuccinelli Unlawfully Appointed Head Of Immigration Agency

Will Bernie Sanders Really Be A Drag On Down-Ballot Democrats?

How Coronavirus Is Already Being Viewed Through a Partisan Lens

If you have to go to the hospital, alert them that you are coming

This took a lot of courage.

Devin Nunes: Subpoenas 'ready to go' for 'dirty cops' if Republicans win the House

Now That's how a DEMOCRATIC Candidate Leaves the Race and Unites the Party

Costco sees run on supplies amid coronavirus worries. Should you stock up?

King Co. Washington is reporting 4 new cases and 1 new death.

In a galling move, Rep. McMorris Rodgers blames salmon condition on Seattle

Been choked up TWICE today. First John Lewis on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and then....

In a galling move, Rep. McMorris Rodgers blames salmon condition on Seattle

Turkey's Killer Drone Swarm Poses Syria Air Challenge to Putin

Protesters take the stage at Klobuchar rally

Afghan government objects to elements of U.S.-Taliban peace deal

William Francis Gray Swann

'Hitler's Pope': Secret Files Of Pope Pius XII, Viewed As Nazi Sympathizer, Unsealed By Vatican

Last of Diamond Princess crew disembarks in Japan; New York confirms first case of coronavirus

DU Poll Results of Secondary "Plan B" Candidates at DU

Pompeo sees "rocky and bumpy" path forward in Afghanistan despite deal

China - Uyghurs for sale - 'Re-education', forced labour and surveillance beyond Xinjiang

Craig Mevin: Biden and Mayor Pete are in talks ...

'Mayor Pete' Departs: Buttigieg To Suspend Presidential Campaign

CDC retesting patient for coronavirus at SA health facility after being released from isolation

Bernie fishing for Pete voters, blaaaaaaa

I live in Kirkland WA.....UPDATE It's a nationwide shitshow!

A song that is a lot like me.

So I voted yesterday.

Buttigieg ends historic presidential campaign, urges unity

MA-SEN: Kennedy holds 6-point lead over Markey in Massachusetts Senate primary

Sanders Dismisses Idea That Trump Is Trying to 'Help' His Campaign

Bernie: I want to congratulate him for running a brilliant campaign. I want to welcome all of his

The Coronavirus Conspiracy, by Rush Limbaugh

Second coronavirus death confirmed in the US

Sanders Supporter: Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg is "a bloodless asexual."

Good Mythical Morning Post Malone Nursery Rhyme Raps !

Great news ! VP Pence will do great fighting this virus !

Implied yield on U.S. 10-Year treasury futures trading below 1% for first time

Russian Circles - Ethel

A great deal of attention is being paid to COVID-19, and rightly so. Today I got to thinking about

Obama Tells Biden He Won't Endorse Yet

Barbara Boxer endorses Joe

A number of famous people had quest starred on the tv show Kung Fu

2 Florida coronavirus cases confirmed, gov. declares public health emergency

An Open Letter to Mainstream Dems

Florida governor: 2 coronavirus cases 'presumptive positive' in the Tampa Bay area

Die Eierbrecher (Animation)

Pete is going o be awesome. He is no longer a candidate so we can speculate on where he is best at

Bernie Best to Unify Party Say Democratic Voters

Pete voters aren't necessarily Biden voters

Barbara Boxer: "Proud to support @joebiden...We need him now."

Buttigieg and Biden camps communicating about possible consolidation:

Wolf Sanctuary of PA

Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) thanks Buttigieg, endorses Biden

For fellow Warren supporters fighting hard and dreaming big.

Virginia Representative Jennifer Wexton endorses Biden

This was made in 2007

Biden has raised over $10 million in 48 hours

BREAKING: First Coronavirus case identified in NYC

My Choices

Biden's deputy press secretary is "beyond proud of the path Pete Buttigieg has paved for the LGBTQ

Rhode Island teen tests positive for COVID-19

Rep. Greg Stanton of Arizona endorses Biden

TOP STORIES Authorities announce 2nd coronavirus death in US

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White endorses Biden

Don't be surprised if we don't get CA results till days or WEEKS after the election.

Trevor Noah on Ellen & plays tennis with Roger Federer (Very Fun!)

1918 Spanish Flu historical documentary Swine Flu Pandemic Deadly plague of 1918

Did a mega-update on Windows 10 yesterday...

so, is it logical to say that those with already serious medical contitions will be prime for this

How Bloomberg Trashed Public Education in New York

My Dilemma

Coronavirus Cold Open - SNL

To beat Trump it's necessary to understand the reason he won.

Ben Carson has been added to the WH caronavirus task force.

Switched from Klobuchar to Warren

I think I've made a candidate decision

Joe Biden is now the youngest male running

We have to consolidate and get down to one person..but I still feel really sad at Mayor Pete

The problem is that it takes too much money to run for president.

$2k a month for a toilet bedroom in London

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 3: AAFCA Presents: The Black Experience on Film

BRING OUT YOUR DEAD! Uber and Lyft offering new hearse services.

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 4: Star of the Month: Joe E. Brown

California State Controller Betty Yee endorses Biden

We should pay more attention to the Democrats who pay attention to reality.

Obama called Biden to congratulate him after South Carolina victory

2800 X $1 is not morally superior to 1 X $2800. both are the legal limit in a primary

And now I know my name

The Baby n Chief as a WWE Entertainer

Sanders-supporting journalist warns the Democratic Party will be ripped apart "permanently"

If trump or one of his spawn contract coronavirus,

Trump tweet on Buttigieg withdrawing from the race says Dems are taking Bernie out of play

It's amazing what a little testing reveals, no?

Protesters force Amy Klobuchar to cancel St. Louis Park rally

Trump "They no longer believe what they see and read"

Virginia lawmakers vote to loosen restrictions on welfare, end ban on assistance for drug felons

Has Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi endorsed anyone?

A lesson everyone on DU should watch; CRITICAL THINKING - Fallacies: Ad Hominem

Florida just set a new record with 5 million registered Democratic voters

Stacey Abrams Is Building a New Kind of Political Machine in the Deep South

The question every Democrat running for President needs to answer

I will not vote in the primary...

Los Angeles County (Ca.) announces "Round The Clock" voting on day before Super Tuesday

Lacalle Pou sworn in as new president of Uruguay

Joe passes the viability point in new California poll

Can Coronavirus be transmitted from dead bodies?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Hurdy Gurdy (The medieval wheel instrument)

Public Enemy Fires Flavor Flav After Bernie Sanders Rally Spat

Sessions seeks Senate return after firing as Trump's first attorney general

Want to change your vote? Some states say no problem

AMY KLOBUCHAR A conversation with the Washington Post Editorial Board.

Lab for coronavirus test kits may have been contaminated

The 2020 presidential election is not about assuaging Dump voters to our side.

Emerson California poll: Biden leads among voters contacted by phone.

Sick of MAGA hats?

Sanders says he will not choose a running mate who doesn't support Medicare for All

Saying Hello--got a nice email directing me to The Lounge

Colombia 'wanted to completely erase my report': UN rapporteur on human rights defenders

Updated covid 19 numbers March 2 from South Korea

Hypothetical- Bernie And Biden

➕Greek Orthodox Christian: Prayers for Healing➕

US stock futures plunged then moved positive.

Nate Cohn getting ANECDOTAL reports of California voters switching to Joe

Claim That Paved Way For Right-Wing Coup In Bolivia

Former Seattle Supersonic Gus Williams suffers stroke.

Premier class racing MotoGP dealt a coronavirus blow, cancels this weekend's Qatar race

CA: "Voters who said that they decided on their vote just today decided on Biden."

White cop pulls over Black driver for driving five miles below the speed limit.

You may be lucky to get COVID-19 now.

Has anyone else seen the Politico clip of Roger Stone?

Texas kicks off critical battle for House control

Ron Klain (Obama's ebola czar) has begun a podcast on coronavirus.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Coronavirus

line to get into parking lot, line to get into store, then dedicated toilet paper line

The delegate situation

Norfolk, VA shows up for Joe.

CA-12: Sanders praises Nancy Pelosi, refuses to endorse primary opponent.

SNL trolls Trump perfectly... within hours #TrumpSlump is number two trending topic on twitter

COVID-19: First case detected in Delhi, India

Purel hand sanitizer, 535 mL: $162.87

These people are the reason my electric blanket has a tag telling me not to use it in the shower

Bolsonaro's Plan to Legalize Crimes Against Indigenous Peoples

Time's 1969 person of the year was "The Middle Americans", who were "forgotten"

Coronavirus Danger Made Worse By WH Cuts To Vital Institutions; Robert Reich

Walsh University latest college to recall students from Italy due to coronavirus crisis (OH)

U.S. Lays Out Welcome Mat for Middle Eastern and Other "Extra-Continental" Migrants

U.S. Lays Out Welcome Mat for Middle Eastern and Other "Extra-Continental" Migrants

Coronavirus: Death Toll Passes 3,000 Worldwide As Second Person Dies In US

What the Dubious Corona Poll Reveals

Breakfast Monday 2, March 2020

Rubbing Alcohol, Bleach or Lysol; Which Is Better At Disinfecting For Viruses? Tx.

Latest on the new virus

Better dead than read?

Horrifying cartoon of Greta Thunberg being sexually assaulted linked to Canadian oil company

Republicans voting in S. Carolina? Maybe 5%

Arizona Rep. Greg Stanton endorses Joe Biden for president....Go Joe....😎🎨

Bernie Sanders: My running mate will back Medicare for All

Morning covfefe thought:

CDC retesting patient for coronavirus after being released

For Cody


Hitler's Pope

My morning COVID-19 routine

Klobuchar rally in Minnesota canceled amid protests

Texas closes hundreds of polling sites, making it harder for minorities to vote

CNN settled lawsuit with smirking teen. I hope he didn't get one penny

Coronavirus prevention: How to make hand sanitizer at home

North Korea fires presumed short-range missiles into the sea

Bernie Sanders will get my vote, but his movement will not get my respect...

Super Tuesday Could Show Just How Blue Texas Is Turning

The Rundown: February 28, 2020

Which endorsement will have the biggest impact?

Can farting spread the coronavirus?

Craig Melvin: "Can confirm Mayor Pete's people have been talking to VP Biden's people about..."

I admit I am left wondering, what if Iowa could count votes

We're heading into a non-virus related season that may spell more trouble for GOP.

Sorry, TOON posts suspended pending image hotlinking issue resolution

Progressives, now is the time to unite behind Bernie Sanders.

Biden races to lock down moderates as Buttigieg exit rocks rapidly shifting Democratic race

Faux noise predicting a stock market recovery today

Prop 13 (new)

The leader of California's Republican Party has a strategy for success: Never mention Trump

Virus Pushes the Global Economy Closer to a Contraction

March 2 - Happy Birthday Rep. Ami Bera (D) CA-7th

March 2 - Happy Birthday Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D)CT-3rd

POLL: Pete supporters, who are you thinking of supporting going forward?

With the Supreme Court Looming, Virginia Shores Up Abortion Rights

Last Month Wettest Ever Recorded For UK; Now Another Major Storm Moving East From Wales

Texas closes hundreds of polling sites, making it harder for minorities to vote

Texas closes hundreds of polling sites, making it harder for minorities to vote

This Winter Among Least-Snowy Ever In NYC; No Measureable Snow For All Of February

So black South Carolinians went overwhelmingly for Joe.

Coronavirus is a real time example for magats and other rwnjs

Of COURSE The "Trillion Tree Bill" Will Promote More Logging; GOP Ranking Member Blows It Off

Suddenly it all comes down, all at once...Too late. You are compromised beyond repair.

Public Enemy Fire Flavor Flav After Bernie Sanders Rally Spat

A Trump Insider Embeds Climate Denial in Scientific Research

Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of GE, dies at 84

CAPTIONing on suspenion until hot-links restored.

House Democrats begin plotting how to run with Bernie

Zero Eiswein Production From Germany This Year; Increasingly Difficult To Grow As Winters Warm

Candidates Struggle To Answer Question About Future Of Granite Countertops During HGTV Town Hall

Republicans plot blue-state invasion in November if Sanders is nominee

One BIG reason I am still in Elizabeth's column...

Endorsement: Christy Smith is the best choice to replace Katie Hill in Congress (CA-25)

Bloomberg: Carcinogen Found by Pharmacy in Popular U.S. Diabetes Drug (Metformin)

Criminals on CCTV: Scammers caught red-handed

CBS Suspends 'The Amazing Race' Production Over Coronavirus Fears

New CA poll post SC: Biden gets 7 point bump

There's not a lot the Fed can do about a coronavirus recession

Trumps failed response to the virus; Testing is just getting started.

The glaring loophole in U.S. virus response: Human error

The DU has now raised OVER $220,000 to defeat Trump this November ActBlue POTUS donation links!!!

Good 'effin grief - Criminals on CCTV: Scammers caught red-handed

Shouldn't we let "the marketplace" deal with COVID-19?

Doctor at NY Presbyterian Hospital calls Coronavirus testing accessibility a scandal

Mike Bloomberg: The 2020 60 Minutes Interview.

Senator Sanders on Social Security - United Steelworkers Convention Las Vegas August 2011.

Yuck Alert! NYPost: Iranians licking religious shrines in defiance of coronavirus spread

John Oliver's perspective on Covid-19

2 Americans held in MANDATORY hospital isolation for Coronavirus face $2,700 in medical bills.

Senator Sanders on Social Security - United Steelworkers Convention Las Vegas August 2011.

Rep. John Lewis: 'We Must Vote Like We Never, Ever Voted Before'

538's forecast now has Sanders with only a 1 in 5 chance of having the majority of delegates

Jack Welch had died.

Lake Erie houses found completely encased in ice

Second day in a row, Biden sets one day DU fundraising record!!! ($23,038.49 )

It seems like the Republicans in congress have been Un-usually quiet lately. I wonder why?

Nicely done: Iranian Health Professional illustrates with paint Coronavirus protective measures

Cast out by Trump, Jeff Sessions struggles in Alabama to win back a Senate seat

Supreme Court will once again consider fate of Affordable Care Act

So we are having Milquetoast for supper...

The only thing I remember about Jack Welsh was when he publicly questioned

Just heard on NPR - if you absentee voted for Pete, in Michigan, you can void and revote

Supreme Court will once again consider fate of Affordable Care Act

Wow. Saying the quiet part out loud. Really loud.

I encountered a couple of Bernie Sanders Canvassers on my street yesterday.

DOJ investigating Kiki Camarena case ..

Call me crazy, I believe Trump resisted wide spread testing for the virus. He finally gave in.

Some handy advice from Tom Tomorrow

Employer mandatory travel ban

Supreme Court takes crucial Affordable Care Act case

DOW ticking around zero this morning so far...

Serious question and rant

Eddie "Lockjaw" Ddavis was born on this date

US wind and solar generation up 10.5% in 2019, fossils down 2.7%

TPM has a summary of all of Biden's Sunday morning appearances, with videos.

Larry Carlton has a birthday today. His work on this song is fabulous.

Jennifer Rubin: Buttigieg goes out with style, grace, and bright future

AEP power outage map, looks like a lot of ppl are blacked out

Twitter CEO pulls out of SXSW; Petition to cancel conference reaches 15,000 signatures

Rory Gallagher was born on this date.

instead of advising how not to get cv, how about how not to spread it?

Karen Carpenter was born on this date.

Florida press conference on Coronavirus

"Bye Honey" Bernie supporters celebrating Pete's withdrawl...

The Obamacare Lawsuit should be topic #1 at the March 15th debate

Casting his ballot, Rivlin expresses 'deep shame' at political morass

CNN: Buttigieg Will Likely Endorse Biden

Adviser to Iran's supreme leader dies after falling sick from new coronavirus

Sen. Tammy Duckworth to endorse Joe Biden

Scoop: Data shows 1 in 6 in Chinese prov tested + suggesting scale of epidemic larger than acknow.

More divisive claptrap from Meagan Day of the socialist (actual real socialist) pro-Bernie Jacobin

Dr. Dena Grayson, some excellent info on Covid-19, what we can do

Sent another donation to Joe Biden

Roger Stone: Unhinged (coming to a theater near you - holy shit)

New York City doctor says he has to 'plead to test people' for coronavirus

US markets bouncing up decently

Please pass the pie...

The Economist: Sanders breaks 30%, takes 12pt lead

RCP POLLS CALIFORNIA: Sanders at 34.7% with a 16.7 point lead

North Korea fires two unidentified projectiles, South Korea says

Obama, Kerry, Bill and Hillary

AOC Flips the Religious Freedom Argument on Its Head - brilliant

The Daily Show's Ronnie Chieng Disspells Coronavirus Myths

Dow up 500+

Here's what Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare for All' proposal actually says

A 78 year old man with health issues whose served more than 30 yrs in Congress Win?!?!

538: Sanders at 28.8% leads by 11.7 points

Vicki Kennedy endorses Joe Biden for president.....Go Joe 😎...Wow..

NY has the capacity to test for coronavirus without going through the CDC says mayor and governor

The 1918 Spanish Flu story...

Dr. Suess was born on this date.

Obama, Biden Spoke to Pete Buttigieg After He Quit 2020 Race

Elizabeth Warren's campaign announces big February fundraising haul and predicts an unsettled race

Joe just hit 20%.

Elizabeth Warren unveils farmworkers' rights plan

Texas closes hundreds of polling sites, making it harder for minorities to vote

After all this shit, Trump still polls over 40%

Trump's Remarks at the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference; National Harbor, MD

The Sanders and Biden Families Have Been Cashing In for Years

If you are still on the fence

Do we know yet if the virus can be spread thru feces? I noticed the recent deaths

FYI-On Point Radio, thru WBUR, Boston & NPR, today is talking about Latinx Voting

Afghan conflict: Taliban to resume attacking local forces after deal with US

Ther latest example of racism (or 'merely' white saviorism) from a gun control advocate

Midday Music for Millennials

After a three week break Republicans are back to talking about Hunter Biden and Burisma

Heather Cox Richardson - March 1, 2020 - Letters From An American

In 1980, Reagan put Bush I, a moderate Republican, on his ticket

Michelle Malkin goes full on white nationalist

"Establishment Ignored Working People" ..Is Obama part of the "Establishment"?

All the talk of increased hand sanitation reminds me of something from my childhood

What I, a Warren supporter, will miss about Mayor Pete...

Buttigieg mulls Biden endorsement

Just filled out my ballot here in CO

Justices reject appeal of federal ban on firearm bump stocks

Ken Cuccinelli unlawfully appointed to lead US immigration agency, judge rules

Two biggest questions I'd ask Joe Biden:

Tomorrow is like my superbowl.

Bill Kristol declares Joe Biden 'the simple answer' for beating Trump

Navy is overhauling education system as US advantages erode

Can the GOP link Hunter Biden to the coronavirus?

"Judge Judy" is going to end...

The Democratic Party Should Have One Goal And One Goal Only.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock endorses Joe Biden for president. You can do it... Go Joe 😎🎨💙

homeowner uses motion-activated sprinkler with 'impressive amount of pressure' to thwart thieves

Pete Buttigieg blazed an LGBT path to the White House, and I'm both wrecked and grateful

Really wish there were a "no Trumper" filter for twitter.

My life in a nutshell... Or should I say song...

If you want advice about how to proceed with your investments

Economics-minded DUers: What good are interest rate cuts at this point?

Princess Ivanka issues royal decree: "We must all root for @POTUS to succeed!"

How is the coronavirus outbreak going to end? Here's how similar epidemics played out.

When you vote for a candidate you are also voting for a lot of other people.

Could there possibly be a better illustration of why we need M4A?

I'm not sure how the Country survives what Trump and co has done to the judicial branch

📣 BREAKING: @DFAaction is endorsing @BernieSanders for President

📣 BREAKING: @DFAaction is endorsing @BernieSanders for President

how does Alexa know?????......

I wonder what happened to the part of my brain that used to

Louisiana kicks off task force before coronavirus makes its way to state

Okay I'm in for Biden

We aren't going to see any truly relevant polls for a while.

A possibly dangerous and/or OCD game: When I (do this), I think of (what).

Leon Panetta: Bloomberg has a lot of money. I think it's difficult to buy your way to the nomination

Tammy Duckworth endorses Biden: "Joe actually delivers."

Who stands to benefit from the college vote now that Buttigieg is out?

Well, look at this. Now Republicans are interested in Burisma again.

Rep. Gil Cisneros (D-CA) endorses Biden

Michigan voters..if you've voted and your candidate has dropped out...

Wave of oil money hits local Calif. climate candidates

Panetta: "I have a real concern that Bernie, as a socialist, he's not even a Dem, for goodness sake

The CDC has stopped disclosing the number of Americans tested for coronavirus.

Panetta on Biden in California: "He will be competitive.

Stock market is doing good today, don't want to scare it!

"Is it safe to have rallies?" LOSER45: "Ask the Democrats"

How Sanders Hopes to Knock Warren Out of the Race

My parents are lifelong Republicans. Never voted Dem, not even once. That's changing tomorrow.

Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) endorses Biden

A strategy for winning the election in November ?

my bernie fan friends, please, if you vote tomorrow,

Krystal Ball: Warren helps Biden, betrays her own past with white feminist attack on Sanders

COVER-UP - BREAKING: The CDC has stopped disclosing the number of Americans tested for coronavirus.

At another Spanish carnival, dancers equate Jews and Nazis alongside train and Auschwitz floats

What Bernie Skeptics Need to Know Before Super Tuesday

A reminder about tomorrow's Super Tuesday Primaries...

***BREAKING*** Democratic Primary Voters Flock Back to Biden After South Carolina Victory

Anyone else have ZERO interest in policy debates in these times?

Do I understand correctly that, even when a doctor or hospital does test someone

Trump Was Willing To Be Impeached Over Finding Anything On Biden

Gratitude List. Electric Power is out edition

Has Anyone Tried To Call Their City's Mayor's Office Or State's Governors Office About Covid-19?....

Morning Consult has Biden surging by 7 points, Sanders dropping by 3, after SC victory

A most interesting claim. Would a Biden presidency actually get us more of Bernie's agenda than

538: Bloomberg Bet Big On California. It Might Not Pay Off.

Breaking: Amy Klobuchar will suspend campaign and endorse Biden at his rally tonight

BREAKING Bloomberg Radio/NYT Confirms: Klobuchar suspends her campaign

Marist College is suspending classes at its Italy campus.

Amy Klobuchar will suspend campaign and endorse Biden

Amy Klobuchar Drops Out of Presidential Race and Plans to Endorse Biden

I think many Democrats were just "biden" their time, waiting to see if Joe Biden....

Klobuchar dropping out of 2020 race and endorsing Biden

Thank you Amy... thank you!!!!!!

Cat Twitter coming through on mental health issues. #CatWorldDomination

Has anyone else noticed who's not on the front pages?


CNN: Sen. @amyklobuchar to suspend her campaign

Jimmy Carter voted for Sanders in 2016

A priest, a minister and rabbit walk into a bar...

We had a month, all Feb., to prepare, to produce more test kits, etc.

I love our Democrats!

New 538 forecast, post Morning Consult poll, has Sanders only 150 delegates ahead of

Biden is now tied with Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic Primaries Forum.

Repubs will now triple down on Hunter Biden.

I pulled on my wellies and did a tour of the 'estate'. My Maple Tree is in bud!!!

There are now no (serious) Democratic candidates younger than 70


James Lipton of Inside the Actor's Studio has died.

Cat says it best!


I am going to vote via absentee ballot

Coronavirus patient released in San Antonio went to North Star Mall before returning to quarantine

Prominent Bernie bro: Warren must exit race now or "forever be an enemy to the progressive movement"

stable genius jr

BREAKING: Pete Buttigieg is also planning to endorse Biden

So, Trumpers are happy that those who caught the virus are from Bue States?

James Lipton, Interviewer Who Let Stars Shine, Dies at 93

Numerous claims of the "establishment" and "prominent democrats" 'consolidating

Will Bloomberg suspend his campaign?

What happens to the early votes cast for Pete and Amy?

Medicare for All - interactive digital piece

Many were saying we need a "Unity Candidate". I think we found one late Saturday night.

If Bernie's the nominee Trump will endlessly brand him with the Democratic Socialist label and the


Brexit could cost the UK up to 30 times more than Trump trade deal

Amy, Pete, Beto and many of the dreaded "mainstream" Dems endorsing Biden - unity!

Harry Reid endorses Joe Biden for president; Amy Klobuchar also plans to back him

Wouldn't it be great

Cartoons 3/2/2020

Overused phrase "The Perfect Storm," however

The Hits Keep On Coming: Pete Buttigieg plans to endorse Joe Biden

John Brennan statement on Joe Biden

Watch for Trump tweets on Amy Kobuchar:


Sanders-supporting Humanist Report tells Warren to "get out of our way"

Harry Reid endorses Joe!

the Trump team objective is to Appear responsible not to be responsible

Two schools are closed in Latah County Idaho over the coronavirus. Both K-12 schools,

I have been canvassing for Elizabeth Warren in Illinois.

From: Dr. James Robb...

Krystal Ball: Klobuchar, Buttigieg & Warren are "unanimous in their hate"

I changed my preference to Biden

King County set to declare emergency in response to coronavirus

If you haven't read it...

Pete Buttigieg plans to endorse Joe Biden in Democratic 😎

Pete Buttigieg plans to endorse Joe Biden in Democratic primary

Hey drivers, new law requires 3 feet to pass bicyclists, walkers

Bloomberg wished both Pete and Amy the best; said they behaved themselves and he felt sorry for them

Last updates: countries around the world announce first cases of the deadly coronavirus disease.

Yay!! Sig lines are back!!

'The Nation' Endorses Bernie Sanders and His Movement

Harry Reid Endorses Joe Biden

Do any of you other boomers remember parents exposing their kids to common childhood diseases

What a glorious Monday! Excited for tomorrow's results!

Don't you think it's weird that cops get away with lying under oath?

Four people hurt after SUV hit by train in Marysville

police find gator in Ohio basement

Earth may have been a 'water world' 3bn years ago, scientists find

Joe moves into the DU lead?

Have any of you had a trip overseas planned and then had to cancel because of an international

Afghanistan: bomb attack kills three as Taliban ends partial truce

jeezus christ. 18 cases, 5 deaths?!

James Lipton, 'Actors Studio' host, dead at 93

'The Nation' Endorses Bernie Sanders and His Movement

3 new deaths, bringing the total to 6 in Washington State.

Wow! Looks like we get some new faces around here since...

British economy 'to grow 0.16% at best under US trade deal'

British economy 'to grow 0.16% at best under US trade deal'

Medicare for All - Interactive

Did I see something here this morning about a "Juggernaut"? I think we're seeing it now!!

What is that sound of marching feet I hear

Tweet of the Day

How it all ends up in July:

The ominous threat of a Bernie nomination seems to have drastically subsided over the last 48 hours

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Libya peace efforts thrown further into chaos as UN envoy quits

Libya peace efforts thrown further into chaos as UN envoy quits

Over 6,000 people at rally for @BernieSanders in #Utah

Scientists found 18 "new" virus groups in a melting glacier. (2015)

Over 6,000 people at rally for @BernieSanders in #Utah

A let's hear it for these great Americans thread

A reminder to Democrats abroad: the global primary starts Tuesday

Beating a moldy dead horse: Hillary ordered to provide ANOTHER email deposition

Truce is gone. Trump fails again:

My Dream Cabinet

Texas closes hundreds of polling sites, making it harder for minorities to vote

South Korea seeks coronavirus murder charges

My apologies to DU. I accidentally posted a poll from a year ago and represented it as a current

Make it stop!

The Luckiest Man in the World's Streak Will Continue

Richard Engel interviews Dr. Fauci: "now reached outbreak proportions...likely pandemic"

Biden Jabs Sanders: Harder For Democrats To Win Back Senate If He's Nominee

King Co (WA) health officials buying motel property to house virus patients

Erdoğan is reaping what he sowed: Turkey is on the brink of disaster in Syria

Erdoğan is reaping what he sowed: Turkey is on the brink of disaster in Syria

Wolf Sanctuary of PA

Starting to see a trend (CDC)

FEMA prepping for possible coronavirus emergency declaration

Barbara Boxer endorses Biden ahead of California voting on Super Tuesday

I love this picture of Joe

Purely coincidental.....

We will not see the full impact of Buttigieg's and Klobuchar's endorsements

Why Donald, is everything thing a hoax to you?

Fineman: Pelosi, Schumer putting on max pressure on electeds for Biden

U.S. judge gives Russian firm tied to election meddling subpoena deadline

PER CNN Pete will endorse at the rally tonight.

Trump has exposed a huge weakness. Democrats should pounce.

I hope all this Buttigieg/Klobuchar excitement will pull votes from....

Greenwald and Snowden were unavailable for comment

New Rule: My Way or the Die Way Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Seattle-area officials report new coronavirus deaths, bringing US total to 6

Does shelf stable milk come in quarts?

Bloomberg, the Eye of Sauron is on you, drop out now mate and endorse and indirectly fund Joe

Israeli election today: Pollsters say exit polls 'surprising' and 'unexpected'

A CDC lab is said to be under investigation after contamination fears

Jello Biafra's 2020 Presidential Endorsements

Doctors Weigh In On The Spread Of Coronavirus Morning Joe MSNBC

Exclusive: Newly obtained documents show Huawei role in shipping prohibited U.S. gear to Iran

Trump to visit CDC headquarters: reports

Exit Polls Show Netanyahu Victory

World 'in uncharted territory' as coronavirus spreads: WHO

A Trump Insider Embeds Climate Denial in Scientific Research

Buttigieg to endorse Biden at rally Monday night

Compulsory isolation in the fight against coronavirus: a clash of human rights and public health

I want to congratulate @AmyKlobuchar for running a strong, issues oriented campaign.

'This will not be contained': Experts cast doubt that spread of COVID-19 can be stopped

Trump Campaign Will Send a Billion Text Messages

Another candidate is dropping out. Per CNN.

Any options to at&t hotspot data plans?

A Wuhan evacuee was released from quarantine in Texas and later tested positive for the coronavirus

Bloomberg : I'm in it to win it.

Pete and Amy on stage. Bring out Harris and declare her his VP nominee.

Biden Surges After South Carolina Win

The rush to Biden has me very nervous

Biden tweet & new ad: Americans can't wait for the false promise of a revolution.

Several western Washington schools closed Monday over coronavirus concerns

Thank God My Family Has Cadillac Health Care Coverage

Poll: Klobuchar supporters - who are you thinking of supporting going forward?

A Prediction

Indulge me my friends.. Joes mother was Irish as was my Dad..

Trump says it's safe to hold his rallies amid coronavirus outbreak

Pete Buttigieg will endorse Joe Biden at a rally tonight at the same time as Amy Klobuchar,

Opinions Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris reflected America as I know it

enthusiastically all in for Biden

Poll: Pete Buttigieg supporters - who are you thinking of supporting going forward?

Susan Rice endorses Biden ("There is no one kinder, more empathetic and caring") - UPDATE

Here's a happy thought about tracking the spread of the novel coronovirus

Who is funding Tulsi's continuing campaign? n/t

Good Dogs Wait For Their Names To Be Called

Another pet peeve

I'm getting a glimmer of renewed excitement re Warren.

W.Va. governor signs 'born alive' abortion bill

Wait?? That's all we needed to do to get a vaccine???

Rob Reiner yesterday: Been watching Joe Biden on the Sunday shows. I see a President.

Aaron Sorkin on how he would write the Democratic primary for 'The West Wing.'

Gov. Northam just released a statement on Preparations for Coronavirus

Judge orders Hillary Clinton deposition in email flap

Sen. Tammy Duckworth endorses Biden ahead of Super Tuesday

Can't find hand sanitizer in SoCal, so it's coming from NM!

Sanders just dropped below 1600 forecasted delegates on 538

Joe Biden leads DU preference for President

All of the confirmed coronavirus cases across Washington state

Consolidation To Biden, Even If He Gets the Nomination, Doesn't Imply A Win Against Trump

Wild elephant breaking an Electric fence

GOP senators ask for more CDC funds after voting previously to cut them

Alaska Airlines drops sponsorship of Iditarod sled dog race

At AIPAC Paul Begala predicted Trump dumps Pence for Nikki Haley.

WWhile a lot of things have happened today, no one, regardless of whom they support should assume

Trump Called "First Black President" At White House Black History Month Roundtable

I have made my decision.

Best COVID-19 Status Link I have seen so far........

Ronald Reagan was an honest to god piece of shit.

Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) & his wife may be patient zero in the U.S.

Judge overturns porn conviction of Jared Fogle associate

Billy Porter Writes Touching Note To Conservatives That Criticized His 'Sesame Street' Appearance

Richard Engle interviews Dr. Fauci tonight on NBC re: Coronavirus

Sondheim in the hands of a master, prepare to be blown away.

Contested convention talk heats up after Biden's big South Carolina win

Mike Memoli on msnbc mentioning upcoming endorsements for Joe Biden

Get you membership right away - LOL

The hardest part of vacation is being away from them

Officials sanitize public transit to prevent rapid spread of virus

Slate. "Coronavirus Diaries: I Had the Coronavirus. This Was the Worst Part."

Paraglider rescued after flying into power lines in California

Ivanka Trump Registers as a Republican

Cute Little Python Loves Snuggling With His Mom

Sanders refused to take a question from a WaPo reporter today. Just pointed and said "No."

This kitten had a guardian angel

Another Day, Another Challenge

Husband and I just dropped off our ballots voting for Biden

Rare joint statement from DOJ, DOS, DOD, DHS, ODNI, FBI, NSA, & CISA re; election interference

Facing a tsunami of Biden endorsements, Sanders touts the Yemeni American News.

CDC abruptly postpones coronavirus press briefing

Bernie Led the Fight Against the Iraq War

Bernie Led the Fight Against the Iraq War

I'm not undecided anymore!

"Maybe the Sanders supporters begging Warren to drop out and endorse their candidate should have

Pete!!! has left...

Robert Reich: What Bernie Skeptics Need to Know Before Super Tuesday!

Bernie: "Why should I be surprised that establishment politicians are coming together?"

Bald Little Bulldog On Street Grows Up To Be So Pretty

Dr. Jill Biden's message to Pete and Chasten Buttigieg:

Bernie: "Why should I be surprised that establishment politicians are coming together?"

How long do you think COVID-19 has been circulating in the US?

It's the nature of Dems

100 cases of Coronavirus here in the US now, per Johns Hopkins

Here today, gone to Maui

The very moment Joe Biden's campaign regains momentum, the Burisma story comes roaring back to life

Hillary Clinton can be deposed over private server emails, federal judge rules

PBS NewsHour link to watch the Biden rally in Dallas live tonight -- RALLY STARTING NOW

Holding Civilisations Funeral

San Jose opens first tiny home community for formerly homeless residents

Just a beautiful song

Elizabeth Warren Announces Plan For Swift Federal Action On Coronavirus

Sanders has 13-point lead in North Carolina ahead of Super Tuesday: poll

What, now happens to the absentee ballots for Kobuchar, Pete and Steyer?

The daily 538 cratering of Sanders continues unabated, on the verge of going sub 20% for 1991

Biden now at 21% on DU!

Top Teachers Union Leader Is Endorsing Elizabeth Warren For President

Do you think Trump will stop those rallies

New: EMILY's List endorses Elizabeth Warren for president shortly after Amy Klobuchar's exit...

Doctors Are Examining the Vaginas of Unconscious Women Without Their Consent

I think we have to be very careful not to alienate Dem voters!

There are still people who care in this world, you just can't always tell by looking at them

Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg Appreciation Thread

As basic as it gets: I wish the US had a president. Of course, I would much prefer a Democrat, but


Virus death toll 6 in US, all in WA state: BUT popped up for 1st time in New York, Moscow & Berlin..

Nobody from WH task force has been in direct contact w/ city officials in Kirkland, WA, epiceneter

Why Trump wants Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 3, 2020

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'I Only Drink My Coffee Black, and I Cannot Drink It With Sugar'

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Banana 🍌 Cream Pie 🥧 Day ☀️❗️

Born on this day, March 2, 1956, John Cowsill.

Im ready to chose a candidate

Taliban rules out taking part in Afghan talks until prisoners released

BTRTN Super Tuesday Preview: Bernie Wins Big, But Biden Keeps it More Than Close Enough

Had to do a double take on the white flag behind Dence's podium.

Going from Windows to Linux.

So, how much would THIS cost?

Any other birthdays today? Lou Reed and Kurt Weill

Old Saying IN AZ w/update

Gig workers face the spread of the new coronavirus with no safety net

I wholeheartedly agree with Bernie Sanders on this.

Warren has a plan for the coronavirus

Biden Versus Bernie

Sanders implies a difference between blacks and the working class

538 allows you to pick the Super Tuesday results

CBS new CA poll has Warren neck and neck with Biden

What the Warren campaign is saying headed into Super Tuesday

Will this site be extra careful tomorrow, Super Tuesday?

Absolutely Remarkable': Poll Shows Democratic Voters in Texas and California

"pinky pence" ... nickname ... why is pence so pink?

There are 2 women standing next to Pence!

Trump wants a coronavirus vaccine to "make you better quicker" as he talks to pharma CEO

They all have to kiss trump's ass, it's truly frightening.

Wow! I got 5 hearts this Valentine's!

pence is over his head dealing with science

Live, from Pyongyang, it's "Trump gives Coronavirus update"

Are we looking at Wisconsin/Michigan/PA all wrong?

Amy Klobuchar & Pete Buttigieg endorsing Joe Biden: absolutely devastating news for Elizabeth Warren

Biden says Pete will be in his Administration!

Charles Booker, Youngest State Legislator in KY Endorses Sanders

At the beginning of last week there were around 10 cases of COVID-19 in US

Pharma execs, at WH, repeatedly tell Trump there won't be a coronavirus vaccine in next few months

Have you seen this picture?

Spring Break will break the Con and his goons

lol....The experts were reluctant to answer the question for Pence about the virus

If these clowns had been in charge of D-Day

Americans avoiding Corona beer amid coronavirus outbreak: survey

Per Ari Melber, the last 36 hrs. Obama has indicated he's for Joe.

Public Enemy 'Moving Forward' Without Flavor Flav After Bernie Sanders Rally

How to win all access tickets to an International Film Festival -call a rightwing talk radio station

Why is Ari Melber sporting a Hitler 'tache?

The best thing about doomsday shopping at Costco is the selection of little

An update from Dr. Trevor Bedford, U.W. infectious disease specialist, on WA's COVID-19 cases.

How many Trumpsters actually buy stocks?

Trump Says Democrats Rigged Primary Against Bernie

You know what they are going to next...

Italy's Coronavirus Death Toll Rises-

James Lipton has died?

Coronavirus Chrises Underlyies 8 Trump Failings as a Leader: CNN

Trump says Democratic primary 'rigged' against Sanders

He Sued Chevron and Won. Now He's Under House Arrest.

He Sued Chevron and Won. Now He's Under House Arrest.

I will only point out now that with Amy gone from the race, Warren is the youth candidate

The fealty these distinguished scientists have to pay to dear leader

The Trump Administration Is Just Flat-Out Lying About Climate Change

A deliciuos education ... the best in the world, here in the USA

CDC deleted coronavirus data from its website to hide incompetence.

Match made in hell - ignorant trump and his cult vs COVID-19.

The Architecture Lobby Endorses Bernie Sanders

The Architecture Lobby Endorses Bernie Sanders

Cuccinelli rwefuses to quit.

What do you think of this slogan?

Actress, Debra Messing endorses Biden.

I found hand sanitizer.

So....South Carolina 👏👏👏... Onto Super Tuesday

They have closed North Star Mall in San Antonio for deep cleaning.

Samoan chief endorses Bloomberg for president

Colombia's memorial institute erasing war crime history of government allies

At Duque's request, UN backs crushing human rights report on Colombia

Now on MSNBC with Ari: I don't care what Michael Moore has to say.

Oregon casino employee tests positive for Covid19

A woman performed a spiritual ritual on a Possum in Waukesha

The Self-Deception (when everyone is transformed, no one is transformed)

Apple agrees to $500 million settlement for throttling older iPhones

Sanders supporters call on Warren to drop out

I vote tomorrow in the TX primary. Persuade me to vote for your favorite candidate.

Does anyone know what time the Biden TX rally starts?

I Love This Article - if the Nation Was My Patient, Sanders Would Be My Prescription

COVID-19 news update for 3/2/2020

Dolly Pardon.....