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White Evangelicals Largely Approve Of How Trump Is Handling The Coronavirus

I'm 78. I have COPD and hypertension. My widow will sue the bastard for wrongful death.

You know why it's gonna "slow by summer"?

Triumphant Jared Kushner Announces Plan To Move CDC Headquarters To Jerusalem

The Worst Economic Collapse In History Is Starting Now: Be Prepared

BREAKING NEWS Coronavirus: Gov. Wolf orders all non-life-sustaining businesses in Pa. to close

Bill Gates calls US coronavirus testing disorganized in Reddit AMA

In the chance that we get out of this, we need to hold Nuremberg-style trials.

Amazon's first coronavirus case in a US warehouse could complicate shipping

Michigan dispensaries urge Gov. Whitmer to classify marijuana as 'essential' to avoid a shutdown due

The Coronavirus is a "Social Disease"

This anti-malarial drug works by getting the cell to dump it's virus load,it does not kill the virus

where is Nancy?

My brother is a radiologist at a large hospital in Atlanta .. he just emailed me:

This is time for love.

I have to admit

'We're not a shipping clerk': Trump tells governors to step up efforts to get medical supplies

Obama's Ebola czar says coronavirus infections will 'explode' in next few weeks, won't decrease unti

With Gabbard dropping out, 538 has revised candidates' chances of getting to 1991 delegates:

The fraud that is Jeanine Pirro

I'm a farmer...

What would be the best thing for people to do with their stimulus money...

Our hospitals (in North Ga.) have put up inflatable ER's strictly to handle CVID 19 cases & to keep

More than half of Californians could get infected with coronavirus, Gov. Gavin Newsom says to Trump

Self Isolation Day 5

Democratic strategist: Coronavirus may require scrapping political conventions

Remind Republicans looking for Government Action of Ronald Reagan

I always wanted to grow a pony tail after I retired.


Trump was reportedly saved from tweeting Tom Hanks had died from coronavirus

Argentina enacts nationwide lockdown, economic stimulus in response to Covid-19 crisis

Trump Told Governors to Buy Own Virus Supplies, Then Outbid Them

So if you're asymptomatic, but can pass on the virus -

Sharp increase in Moscow pneumonia cases fuels fears over coronavirus statistics

People Have ***NOT*** Fully Digested This Shocking Fact

Argentina enacts nationwide lockdown, economic stimulus in response to Covid-19 crisis

From the Nobel Acceptance Lecture of Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini

So Burr and his wife sold the hotel stock

If there are survivors in China and in S. Korea

McConnell plan: $1,200 payments; $1T rescue takes shape

One of these things is not like the Otters! (Twitter)

The face of someone who really hates his job (Twitter)

Massachusetts Woman Faces Criminal Charges of Spreading Coronavirus

Ever have your intuition, radar go off that someone is an asshole?

Trump calls anti-malaria drug a 'game-changer' for coronavirus, but the FDA says it needs study

Will they put aside harassing Hunter Biden?

Saints coach Sean Payton tests positive for coronavirus, report says

Like quality cookware? Interested in how fine cookware is made? Check this guy out;

The toilet paper gang. Police make bust in heist of 18,000 pounds of toilet paper.

Lt. Governor not seeking re-election, will join Catholic Church

Lindsey Graham is reportedly trying to talk Trump out of coronavirus relief checks for Americans

Link to Senate bill for emergency assistance (round 2)

So many things that seemed so important

Wow, my house value went up $100,000 today!

Navy hospital ship expected to deploy to Seattle area to assist with coronavirus relief efforts

Sen. Kelly Loeffler Dumped Millions in Stock After Coronavirus Briefing

2nd one : NEW -- Sen. Kelly Loeffler Dumped Millions in Stock After Coronavirus Briefing

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Luck o' the Irish!

Suddenly my Walmart home grocery delivery service is not available

'Stay home for us': Doctors and nurses share message during pandemic

NYT: Trump administration asking state officials to hold off releasing unemployment numbers.

See who's eligible for coronavirus checks under Senate GOP plan

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) also dumped stock:

Beginner cook: Easy Southwest Chicken Soup

Asia Tries to Fight a Second Wave of Virus Cases Sparked by Travelers

Someday, when this is under control enough to call it 'over', what is 'normal' going to look like?

EDIT: All of CA ... BREAKING - Los Angeles closing non-essential retail businesses until April 19

Ann Arbor clerk responds to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's complaint about long voter lines

Which highly vulnerable US Senator up for re-election in 2020 will lose by a wider margin?

Sen. Kelly Loeffler Dumped Millions in Stock After Coronavirus Briefing

Anybody else watching Rachel and think

Trump plea to states: Keep mum about unemployment stats.

Watching CNN now. St Simons Island in Georgia is still filled with beachgoers.

Shitshow and Dumbfuckery!

easy very easy taco lasagne

Coronavirus latest: Argentina announces mandatory quarantine

What will history come to call this period? The Great Pause?

Not much of a meat eater myself, but when the chicken processing plants and slaughter houses

OK, fine. I'll do it this way;Like to cook? Are you interested in fine craftsmanship?

Ford, GM and Tesla may make ventilators to combat coronavirus

Splish splash!

Senate bill introduced for Coronavirus relief. Here are some early details

Man staying at Rescue Mission shelter positive for COVID-19; Seven more potentially exposed

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 03-19-20

10,000 ventilator stockpile claim by trump/pence---

Susan Rice with this Vital Message.. @SpeakerPelosi, please.

Beginner cook: Microwave Alfredo Sauce

Coronavirus: 2 Sound Transit Employees Test Positive, Report Says

The duplicity of MAGATS.

Hey, where the Libertarians? Anyone hear from them? What do they have to say about this crisis?

9 Emory U doctors have virus!--via Gupta at CNN

Funky Destination

The irony...

Another GOP Senator Sold Stock After Briefing

Coronavirus Ad: 'They Knew'

Amid coronavirus pandemic, Trump makes promises he can't always keep

wait what ? they are going to MAIL checks ?!?

Everybody's gotta eat

Gov Newsom just announced state wide stay at home order.

Visited the Hennepin Co. Library online

Sounds like nothing in the bailout....

CA Gov Newsom just announced state wide stay at home order.

Is Senator Inofe who received the Senate Health Committee briefing next?

California just issued a "Stay at home order" for all residents

Sen. Kelly Loeffler Dumped Millions in Stock After Coronavirus Briefing

My mother was in a nursing home for almost.5 years.

Kelly Loeffler's husband is chairman of the New York Stock Exchange.

ESPN2 will become ESPN8: The Ocho on Sunday; Arm wrestling, dodgeball, Golden Tee on tap

Kelly Loeffler - wikipedia update

Face Mask Pattern

Any suggestions on making an affordable, enforceable will?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom orders all Californians to stay at home

Tweet of the Day

Why Did Tulsi Gabbard Endorse Biden and Not Bernie?

Goldman Sachs warns data point to apocalyptic surge in unemployment insurance claims, to 2.2 million

All the Ikeas are closed in the US but China back up except Wuhan . Restaurants not open

Friend of mine works at the Dallas Police Department

Fascistnating (sic) The Strange Case of Donald J. Trump: A Psychological Reckoning'

While you're like me and shut in, take some time...

Another one: Sen Ron Johnson dumped $5,000,000-$25,000,000 of stock in a manufacturing co

*Bourdain on OVATN now,

Pelosi: #MoscowMitch's proposal "is not at all pro-worker & instead puts corporations way ahead of W

Looks like a possible #5 is a Democrat.

Lots of good reading to be done - TPM, Slate important articles and a worthwhile podcast espisode

People living at home with parents should be allowed on their health plans--beyond age 25.

An interesting opinion. Most of us here at Democratic Underground,would have done better than Trump.

'Cat Tracker' study reveals the secret wanderings of 900 house cats

What do y'all miss doing from the good old days before the virus.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 20 March 2020

Lourdes Shrine closes its healing pools, posted at cruxcom

We are up to 5 greedy, corrupt politicians who dumped stock when they knew it would fall.

Things I'd rather do than listen to Trump speak

Jobless Claims Mount as Employers and Workers Face Bleak Outlook

What do you think the chances are that four GOP senators (AT LEAST) were dumping stock as probable c

COVID-19 How to Use One Ventilator to Save Multiple Lives

What will Senator Burr's excuse be?

As a citizen, I would like to formally request that all Senators involved with insider trading...

Before Virus Outbreak, a Cascade of Warnings Went Unheeded

What are "life sustaining" businesses? News purveyors? Streaming services?

Can I request/suggest all North Carolinians go to the Burr website and send him

#6: David Perdue, Republican Senator from Georgia come on down!

Sorry, America, the Full Lockdown Is Coming

The Specials - Ghost Town

I asked my mom who she'd want to be quarantined with. I said, "Choose anyone, dead or alive."

Coronavirus: 'Huge Spike' in Brooklyn Hasidic Community

UW Health looking for sewing-savvy volunteers

Remember a week ago, when our big worry was toilet paper?

Boz Scaggs sings it!

Nirbhaya case: Four Indian men executed for 2012 Delhi bus rape and murder

Audible is making kids' stories FREE while schools are closed

Trump asks state labor departments to hide unemployment numbers

Rhodes: Obama Left Trump A 'Global Health Infrastructure'

@DanRather What the hell are we waiting for? Tests! Masks! Ventilators! Surge capacity! Federal guid

I have been coming back to her covers all day - This one is so so good

Found a wonderful Youtube channel - Handmade pretties from resin and clay

Losing weight cartoons


How to Scream Like a Rocker .

sometimes, it really sucks to know you were correct (sorry, can't use the term "right")

Republican Jim Inhofe dumped up to $450,000 in stock -- the fourth GOP senator implicated in scandal:

McConnell unveils economic rescue plan amid virus shutdown

UVA Health Independently Develops New COVID-19 Tests

The letter I wrote today to my congressman and City councilman.

I can't locate a re-broadcast of Gov Newsom's speech tonight. Can anyone help out?

Failure To Identify, Isolate Coronavirus Infections Puts U.S. On Dark Path

Damn I have 104 posts.

After several days at 147, Russia has finally bumped up to 199. Yeah, right. nt

Hooverphonic - Shake The Disease

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Congress members exempt from insider trading laws?

Brian Williams just mentioned the insider trading on his program, 11th Hour.

Massachusetts woman facing charges in China of spreading coronavirus

Has anyone heard any news from Russia? Any idea how hard it's hitting them?

Fox News' Tucker Carlson says Richard Burr betrayed his country -- and should resign

CNN: Corona Virus Hits 7 Members of a single family.

"He will kill us all" Prophetic SNL skit from 2016

Fuck him and his Sharpie

A Sedona resident has tested positive for COVID-19

Hawaii airports planning to mandate 14-day home quarantine for incoming residents and visitors

The GRAND MOTHER of ALL Trump tweets that have...NOT...aged...well.

The insider trading is probably like the virus. How many of these bastards got tipped off?

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Minilogue - Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Dumb Spring Breakers & Misleader Trump

DO. NOT! PLAY. SOLITAIRE while you're sheltering-in-place!!

UPDATE: Maryland has now received an official disaster declaration from the SBA,

What worries me

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 22, 2020 - WW II Premieres

Random thought: Expect a baby boom...

TCM Schedule for Monday March 23 , 2020 - Life at Sea: Submerged

Is the Republican dam starting to crack?

Maranatha Music

Hey Lou Dobbs, I can create my own poll.

Washington Lt. Gov. Cyrus Habib will not seek re-election in order to join the Jesuits

Nikki Haley exits Boeing board, saying she opposes US bailout

☦ ◄ Psalm 133:1 ►

So what are you doing these days to pass the time while social distancing?

Happy Persian New Year

Watch two penguins explore a closed Chicago aquarium.

Republicans like me built this moment. Then we looked the other way.

The Trump Depression. The Trump Slump.

Rachel Maddow Blasts Trump And Pence For Straight Up Lying About Availability Of Medical Masks

Your quarantine nickname:

Richard Burr ran a fairly bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee with Mark Warner

Uh, Ima mess. Is Israel or in that region reporting virus cases? eom

McConnell defends crafting $1 trillion stimulus plan without Democrats

Branson leaders to discuss actions against COVID-19, some citizens push for mandates

Some Illinois lawmakers think abused animals should have lawyers

Attention, hoarders:

Some more. No, not s'mores! Hmm, thas a thought! 😋

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Some good news for ASOIAF fans from George RR Martin

Spending a lot of time here lately so I wanted to see how long I've been posting about the virus

$1 trillion deficits and near-zero rates. "You're supposed to have dry powder for the next crisis"

Little River Band - It's A Long Way There

Ultra-Rare Dwarf Kingfisher Fledgling Photographed for the Very First Time

Think tank estimates $2 billion cost to carry out November election during pandemic

trump likes to set records, about to set a new record

News organizations drop paywall for coronavirus information

Will Gov Newsom have to close CA borders if other

GA-SEN: Progressive groups make endorsements for both seats.

1918 flu. Then the

Has this been done before? HOARDING IN OFFSHORE?

Disaster Capitalism at work

where is genius boy Jared Kushner? why isnt he speaking to the nation about all his plans

US panel approves pipeline, natural gas terminal in Oregon

Democrats Sue Wisconsin Officials to Extend Deadlines for Early Voting

Brazil's Bolsonaro strives to regain leadership amid virus

Feinstein's husband sold biotech stock near its 2020 low

Let me show you how it's done (revive the market edition)

Leadership: Dow Jones Futures Improve On California Stay At Home Order

What is this nonsense Dr. Fauci is spouting about Trump's travel bans?

From the Frontlines

Arizona elections chief seeks move toward all-mail elections

Kansas Democrats encouraged to vote in presidential primary by mail amid pandemic

Helping Hands: Iranians Unite To Help Those Suffering From Coronavirus

Gov. Parson orders Missouri elections delayed until June because of Covid-19

I'm a hoarder.

Will N.H. Expand Vote-By-Mail Options In Response To Coronavirus?

N.J. Gov. Murphy mulls all-VBM primary election

Trying to keep busy during these crazy times.

Elections board votes to move R.I. primary to June

Tx. Governor Abbott Issues Proclamation Allowing For Postponement Of Local Elections Set For May 2nd

Virginia officials say all voters can cast ballots by mail for May municipal elections

California Governor Gavin Newsom condemns trump / republican-instigated attacks against Asians

No plans right now to delay W.Va. May 12 primary at this time, state officials say

Now Ron Johnson and Jim Inhofe have been implicated in the stock trading scandal

The Strategic National Stockpile has 12 million N95 masks and 30 million surgical masks (NYT)

Cardi B has a question for the Trump Administration.

Scathing Ad by Republicans on Trump's COVID-19 response. Truthful & Powerful.

Michael Osterholm on COVID19

Trump nodding off at a Coronavirus briefing (show this video every time Trump says "sleepy joe"

NYC's Cry For Help Sees 1k Retirees Step Up To Fight Coronavirus

Windmill Cancer

Oh no

Party Today Bury Family Members You Infect Next Month

2/28/2020 - DOE Announces Notice of Sale of Crude Oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

If Face Masks Were Readily Available And Not In Short Supply.....

A long, winding, semi-coherent, MOSTLY (but not overly) optimistic, rant...

Interesting fact about Biden that Loeffler and Burr should have emulated

North Dakota state park buildings closed; trails and boat ramps remain open

The coronavirus crisis is hurting Donald Trump's chance at a second term, Florida Insiders say

COVID-19 is crippling small businesses, and insurance companies aren't listening

Gov. Tim Walz: 'Shelter in place' order a tool in the 'toolbox'

if you didn't get high and listen to this shit in the 70's ...

"It's like being in a car accident in slow motion."

Mississippi extends coronavirus school closures until mid-April, suspends testing requirements

SUPER to see 'Call with Sally Yates, Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General - LFB Update'

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Bulls**t Corona Cure & Sad Spring Breakers

The Daily Show: Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. Play The Trump's Best Words Bracket

Russian media sure is pissed at Trump/GOP for bungling their reelection-chances.

'St. James is full': New Cancer Alley plant may double toxic pollutants, EPA data shows

The Atlantic Daily: The People who Still Aren't Taking This Seriously

The stages of getting a new baby sister

California Governor Gavin Newsom condemns trump / republican-instigated attacks against Asians

4 GOP senators made mega money off the backs of COVID 19 patients

No Empathy, Only Anger - Those seeking to support Trump's party line need an excuse for their months

Breakfast Friday 20 March 2020

Sleepy Donnie

McConnell's trying to fuck low-income Americans with COVID-19 bill.

As bad as Burr may be

Money on the way: Jackson to get millions from Siemens lawsuit in 30 days, mayor says

Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program

Covid 19, Update 20

Cuyahoga County (Ohio) suspends foreclosures for 60 days

Ancient bloated fuckwad

NYC hospitals will be at capacity in four days.

President of firm state hired to promote census defrauded Medicare, jury finds

Is trump about to try again to get putin oil sanctions lifted?

Ct. Governor orders all labs to send nagative COVID-19 result to state.

How to nurse yourself through pneumonia at home

Critical care nurse Dawn has pleaded for the public to "stop it" after being faced with empty.....

Is Anyone Noticing that the Numbers for Their State are Artificially Low?

Groove Is In The Heart

Pardons for stock dumping Reich Wing

Senator Dumped Up to $1.7 Million of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Preparedness

ICU nurse encourages company to donate its N95 masks OHIO

A fb post from a nurse I'm friends with in CT.

Two New Wonderfully Weird Species Of Six-Gilled Sawshark Have Been Discovered

Who the Democratic Front Runner Is

Scientists Have Found A Way To Take Razor-Sharp Images Of Black Holes

Trump's 'Maximum Pressure' Is Helping COVID-19 Ravage Iran

The Second Civil War has begun. Washington state was it's Fort Sumter.

It took Don the Con, mother's boy and ReTHUGs less than one term to turn the US into a

Dan Goldman update - Dan & wife are still sick over 10 days after first tweet on subject

The Trump / Republican Business Model

Bernie's a socialist, thinks you should rely on the gov't for handouts. America: 'Yeah Good, OK'

The only possible economic response is a full Jubilee

A POLL: What are the primary concerns of President Donald Trump today?

Drive-thru testing site expected to open next week in Orange County

Trumpsuckers... crickets

Bernie is basically the shadow President now all his policies being rushed to as capitalism implodes

Weird! Mercury's scorching temps may actually lead to ice.

Party Leaders Want Biden to Pick Former Rival

Without truth, what is left?

Right now, we need to build hospitals... later, we will need to build prisons

If a Hollywood scriptwriter were writing this

Conan with Bread Expert. It's pretty insane:

Ancient 'Wonderchicken' fossil is oldest of modern birds

Unless the Governors get ahead of this

Coronavirus: Deaconess asks public to sew CDC-compliant face masks for staff

The first two lines are particularly germane:

Coronavirus deniers and hoaxers persist despite dire warnings, claiming 'it's mass hysteria'

Goldman Sachs predicts 2.25 million Americans filed initial unemployment claims this week

How isolated should Americans be at this time?

Virus Drug Touted by Trump, Musk Can Kill In Just Two Grams

Can you imagine if Trump had been President during World War 2 ?

SpaceX will launch its first crewed mission as early as May

Let's have Friday smile - meet 83-year-old grandmother Hattie Retroage

On the back of the revelations of republicans stock dumping cause they are huge crooks...

How one elite New York medical provider got its patients coronavirus tests

In the new poll, 55% of Americans approve of the president's management of the crisis, compared to

Mum Bett---civil rights activist, 1742-1829

Here's what you can expect to get from the government coronavirus relief

Tweet of the morning (well, last night but just saw it)

Friday TOONs - "It was HIS rock!"

Trump's approval number up?

What day of the week it is now means nothing

Sen. @GaryPeters says Michigan is ready to begin the process of turning shuttered car factories...

The music of 1970

Senate Democrats propose bailout for student loan borrowers

Because of the US's inaction, "the whole world is paying a big price."

A great time to Reminisce about the music of 1970

This is a way cool weather education course FOR FREE!!

Wall Street's pressuring key healthcare firms to hike prices over the coronavirus crisis. Audio here

Will Putin dare to hit our power grids?

Tucker Carlson calls on Burr to resign amid reports of stock selloff

I'm very glad I started preparations back in January

The human costs of this nightmare aren't all going to be from COVID-19

Deaconess Health Systems/Hospitals provide guidance for making face masks (they will sterilize/reuse

Nina@NinaBernstein1: "Basically, if he's not working, I'm going to eat as little as possible

COVID-19 Supply shortages: So, you may ask, what about that National Strategic Stockpile?

Trump is a useless piece of shit. Useless as tits on a boar hog.

Trump Quietly Checks With Aides To Make Sure He'd Be Included In Receiving $1,000 Government Checks

Richard Burr: "Let me set the record straight."

If Burr knew doesn't that mean Trump

Pre Pandemic exercise by Trump admin Last year? NYT

Florida won't close its beaches. Here's exactly what DeSantis said about that.

The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What's Coming

Bookmark this timeline: (NYT)The President vs. the Experts: How Trump Downplayed the Coronavirus

The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What's Coming

Corona Virus Blues

March 20 - Happy Birthday Mayor Andy Schor (D) Lansing

A couple of questions for the better educated readers

March 20 - Happy Birthday Mayor Levar Stoney (D) Richmond

DUers, please remember to use gloves or a hand towel at all gas pumps.

The Hypocrisy of FOX News. Their executives should be arrested for endangering the health of the USA

A message from Sen. Kelly Loeffler- March 10, 2020:

Unprepared. Incompetent. Unfit

For those with home healthcare workers that assist them or their elderly parents...

Montreal Hospitals Offer $200k Reward For Simple Ventilator Design Amid COVID-19 Shortage

The origin of Super Villains: Bloodsport

Has anyone called their Landlord or Mortgage Company about April's payment?

The Rundown: March 19, 2020

"A hospital ship that can't yet sail, drug that's not approved for coronavirus, masks not due until"

Younger adults are large percentage of COVID-19 hospitalizations in U.S., new CDC data show

Pick of the Week: "Iron Age 2020" #1

If the government passes the assistance checks, My opinion:

Burr, who sold stock before pandemic, voted in 2012 against banning insider trading for Congress

Arkansas governor orders gyms, restaurant dining rooms, bars closed

George Takei has a thought

General absolution during Coronavirus pandemic:

Nobel economist: Trump's 'trickle-down' economic plans are not enough to meet coronavirus challenge

This morning reminds me of the Wednesday after Hurricane Katrina

Coronavirus: Tens Of Thousands Of Retired Medics Asked To Return To NHS

A reminder of foods you shouldn't feed your doggie.

Every Senator that sold off stock after being briefed

Way to thin out your herd, pastor. He reminds me of the mayor in "Jaws."

Kelly Loeffler 10 days ago:

A letter from the Virus (video)

MAGA Patient

I see a lot of twitler retweets the last couple of days.

I need help for a problem.

Andrew Yang: If you find out about a pandemic & your 1st move is to adjust your stock portfolio...

Sens. Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler Face Calls to Resign Over Stock Sales

I've noticed a lot more visitors

For those who think "Chinese virus" is no big deal

Time to talk door locks and bolts.

The STOCK ACT needs to be enforced

UK: Restriction should continue 'most of a year'

POTUS - You Broke it - You Own It

The coronavirus has thrown us all in the mud

Rats and sinking ships

Aggressive turkey stops cop from giving driver speeding ticket

Shoes, we walk in our houses with our shoes on and we may carry the virus, vacuuming

Guess Who Previously Owned Health Insurance Co. Operating Coronavirus Testing Website

News on the Connecticut economy - multiply that by about 90

Senators selling off stock is just part of the issue

Early morning news "Dow set to soar on opening"

Ok, this made me laugh loudly & feel grateful for being C&S

Mojave Desert Temps Up 3.6F, 1/3 Of 135 Known Native Bird Species Shrinking In Range, Numbers

Feinstein should apologize, resign, and donate funds to non-profits battling Corona.

Coal Is Economically Toxic; In 2008 It Generated 45% Of US Power; It Now Provides 24%

Study - Lego Bricks Take Up To 1,300 Years To Disintegrate In The Ocean

Joe Biden, Nominee-In-Waiting, With a Long Wait ⌛

NBC News employee dies after testing positive for coronavirus (NYC)

Trump's new nickname ought to be "the Killer"

Remember the $1.5 TRILLION given to banks

Sky News UK in Bergamo Italy: "The shocking centre of the COVID-19 crisis"

Adorable Little Fox Caught Napping On A Tree Stump

Will Bernie Sanders Drop out Today?

Coronavirus: A story of blatant GOP corruption and irresponsibility

They're trying to drag Senator Fienstein into the stock sale scandal to be "fair and ballanced"

Republican Rep. Don Young Dismisses Coronavirus As "The Beer Virus" As He Downplays Pandemic

If you are not already aware--Columbus Dispatch has free info on the virus

Game Over For Kenney In Alberta, "As The Carbon Window Closes On A Dying Industry"

Majority of Americans now say they approve of Trump's handling of coronavirus: poll

Question for other Californians on the Newsom Order

The real questions are not if they sold off stocks for their own benefit

I do not know who hacked the poll that gave drumpf a 54% approval rate for handling the coronavirus

Anyone else get their census forms in the mail?

Lost in the Coronavirus news - Playboy magazine ceasing publication

"May One Flee From a Deadly Plague", written in 1527 by Martin Luther

What it's come to...

Did the DOJ ever turn over the Mueller report to the judge?

Will there be another Primary?

NYC has 42% of Covid-19 cases

Richard Burr's role in the Mueller investigation

Stormy Weather....

Healthcare professionals: "This is a disaster." tRump gives N95 masks to ICE, not hospitals.

Cats, dominos and too much time on your hands

New York Times: Trump administration asking states to delay release of unemployment numbers

BTRTN: Thanks, Bernie! Dems Owe Gratitude When You Bow Out. (Uh, You Are Going to Bow Out, Right?)

OK it would appear 1point3acres is frozen

John Santucci (ABC News): Hearing from sources close to Trump that Burr needs to resign

Democrats See More Paths to Winning the Senate

Great idea from Claire McCaskill's D-I-L (an RN) regarding masks for ORs

NBC News Employee Dies After Positive Coronavirus Test

Kansas GOP official says lack of Chinese people has spared his state from coronavirus

Huge gender disparity in coronavirus death rates

If tRump shuts up today, the markets might improve some. Every time

I wrote this a few years ago.

Dad and daughter bebopping the alphabets (ADORABLE Twitter video)

Fox Host GLITCHES When Told Andrew Yang Thought of This

Trump Nominates Patrick Henry College Professor of Government for National Council on the Humanities

Morally Depraved Spring Breakers Won't Stop Partying

With masks at the ready, ICE agents make arrests on first day of California coronavirus lockdown

Joe calls for a one-year moratorium on stock buybacks.

Grocery Deliver times are over 12 days in some areas. Maybe order from this guy

Live updates: Tax filing deadline extended to July 15 due to coronavirus disruption

U.S. jobless claims may reach 2.25 million, Goldman Sachs economist estimates

Now why didn't I think of that! "Burr"isma

If ever there was a time when we need to laugh, it is now,

'An utter disgrace': GOP stimulus plan would cut taxes for corporations

An early look at next week's cover, "Grand Central Terminal"

Knowing that Laura Ingraham is Laura Ingraham, I'm pointing and laughing at her

Coronavirus tracked in realtime...

Before We Franken Feinstein, Let's make SURE of the facts

Coronavirus checks: Here are 3 proposals to get money to Americans

A Congressman skipped the coronavirus relief vote -- he went home to tell seniors to blame the media

Inside a pro-Trump YouTube disinformation network that spans Vietnam to Bosnia

Most renters who lost jobs won't get protections under Trump proposal

CEO of Kraft/Heinz Foods is on CNN now (no shortage of food).

A little rant about "political"

"We'll just give everybody a couple of thousand dollars and they will forget what we did..."

"States should not provide numeric values to the public" -- Fed Office of Employment Insurance

Let's go to the zoo.

Chris & Andrew Cuomo: "Mom liked you best..."

Coronavirus Task Force News Conference WATCH LIVE ON MARCH 20 -- 11:45AM ET -- C-SPAN

Abby Vesoulis @abbyvesoulis: An uninsured COVID-19 patient just got her medical bill

Trump Is a Menace to Public Health

Philips looking for workers to assemble badly needed ventilators

Mika calls out the Lies and Incompetence vs the Reality

'Number of people' on life support with coronavirus, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says

U.S. Orders Up To A Yearlong Break On Mortgage Payments

The British Political Model: Shadow Cabinets

Brazilian band Dazaranha ...Dia Lindo

We are watching true Disaster Capitalists in play

Just changed From undecided to Biden!

New York Times: HHS' pandemic simulation showed how US was ill prepared for coronavirus

Howz about some radom pixs for a Friday A.M.?

Our local hospital put out a plea on social media for N95 masks.

Trumps legacy will not be about a wall, it will be about cemetery's.

Total Cost of Covid 19 Treatment: $34,927

Greg Sargent: Three big takeaways from the stunning GOP stock-selling revelations

Cartoon: Bouncy Bouncy Beach Bums by Clay Jones

MMM -- Friday

This years Census will be devasting to the Democrats

Italy Fights Coronavirus

All salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors, etc. in New York to close Saturday night

Kentucky GOP rushes through new Voter ID law when DMVs are closed and voters can't get an ID

479 known COVID-19 cases in Louisiana, 299 of which are in New Orleans

Richard Burr trying to cover his tush today at 10:38am, eastern today.

Prediction: during today's COVID19 task force public toe-licking lie-fest, a reporter will ask

What I expected to look like during the apocalypse vs. what I actually look like (Twitter)

I'm working at home. WBJC has been coming in on my ancient Grundig Music Boy

Drug Touted by Trump Can Easily Kill You

NBC News employee dies after testing positive for coronavirus

Act One O'Leary Car Ride, show tunes

Anthony Hopkins and his cat

No details, but just mentioned by Craig Melvin on MSNBC, an NBC/MSNBC staffer has died from C19

Secret Recording Exposes Intelligence Chairman Warning Donors About Coronavirus 3 Weeks Ag

Learning about Spirometers to enhance lung function

A friend is flying back to the USA from Mexico today...says a border closing announcement is imminen

On March 22, 1991, Colton Harris Moore was born. Who?

A good podcast from the Ohio State NPR station, call in with good info.

Governor Cuomo is on MSNBC now, makes so much sense. Also offering

Yes, this is a war. And we have a snake oil salesman in charge.

Cuomo: 100% of NY workforce to stay home with the exception of essential services

Employers everywhere ordering people to work from home. Employees:

Four Republicans in congress got rid of their stocks

New Orleans: Drive-Thru COVID-19 testing to be offered to healthcare workers/first responders today

Christopher Titus Armaggedon Update: The Corona Zone!

Dire warning from governor: Louisiana could reach COVID-19 worst-case scenario

New York State now testing on a per capita basis more than China or South Korea where doing

Cuomo mandates all non-essential NY workforce stay home

Cuomo declares 100% work force shut down

Cuomo mandates all non-essential New York workers to stay home

Gov. Andrew Cuomo being Presidential, again.

Schumer spoke w Trump via phone & urged POTUS to immediately invoke DPA to get medical equipment

18 year quarantine- Disney saw this coming

"I take full responsibility"...

Franz Liszt Piano Concerto #2

Born on this day, March 20, 1947, John Boswell

Entire Georgia Senate Told To Self-Quarantine After Republican Goes In Despite Coronavirus Test

MSNBC: Princess Ivanka has tested as negative for coronavirus

Trump is the Neville Chamberlain of our time

BREAKING: Charges filed in 2008 homicide of Brittany Zimmermann

Eric Alterman: Fox News Has Always Lied to Old People. This Time It May Kill Them.


States need to set up vote by mail now for the General Election for everyone

Wuhan, China Started Closing Down The City Around Jan 23rd.....

He hasn't even started speaking the the Dow is sinking

Ivanka's there today to save the world

Proposals from Biden moments ago:

Dump announced standardized testing will be waived this school year.

What the fuck is Ivanka doing in this briefing?

Just to be clear: this is NOT a "Shelter in Place" rule in NYS...

...aaaaaaand, he opens his press conference by calling it "The Chinese Virus."

Agent Orange is calling it the Chinese Virus.

Look At Those Stupid Assholes Standing Shoulder To Shoulder Expecting Us To Social Distance

Today's presser, he is stilling using that race baiting phrase

Why does that POS have to be on TV every. fucking. day.

Starts the BS press conference by referring to the Chinese virus.

Can ONE of these people behind Trump tell him to FUCK RIGHT OFF with his 'Chinese virus' SHITE!!!!

California teen donates more than 150 coronavirus sanitation kits to the homeless

Our profit-driven health care system is a danger to our people.

Donnie 3 times speaks.....

Video on handwashing

No Republican will resign for illegal and grossly immoral Insider Trading

Is Trump's Sycophant Circus performing today? He might be scared to. The market is up a hair. n/t

I fucking hate him.

I would pay money to read Dr. Fauci's mind right now.

Our nation's inability to met the demands are a direct result of globalization of the economy.

He's bonkers.

Covid 19, Update 21

Watching the DOW fall as Drumpf speaks. n/t

Border Border Border - It's Not The Border You Nazi Its The Thousands Of Carriers Here Now

NEWS: MAR 20 at 7PM - Sanders to Host Virtual Roundtable on Coronavirus Response

Bloomberg to Give $18M to DNC; State Parties Get Offices

Even the fucking Weather Channel has Hair Furor on...

Team Bullshit is at it again.

First words out of Pompeo's mouth: "Chinese Virus."

A future president is born. My governor, governor Cuomo.

The Chinese Virus? F You Pompeo

Mike Bloomberg transfers campaign assets to Democratic Party to fight Trump in swing states

Another Ass kissser


and ... Down goes the Dow, into the red.

This guy Chad seems like a useless weasel.

The Governors Are Doing All The Footwork....

The only sensible ideas the tRump administration is putting out are ones he has stolen

STOP THE PRESSES!!!! Melania has spoken:

And Here It Comes - The Commercial For Trump.....

Someone please tell dump that COVID19 IS already in the United States

"bold decisive actions from our president" what is this North Korea !??!! OMFG

The " briefing" Can these people stand any closer to each other?

These 'press conferences' are literally commercials for trump....nothing more

Pompeo is literally sleeping while standing up and drooling on himself

Soooo immediate corporate aid but fuck aid for states?

How long can this virus survive on surfaces?

Trump Administration is trying to gain political benefit from the virus

I think Dr. Brix

When you lie for living, normal, sane people will not listen to you during a crisis.

Open Letter to Congressional Leadership: Secure the Food Supply Chain NOW

Looking for toilet paper? Guilford deputies find stolen truck full of it.

Dence said "coronavirus" three times so far! Better give that boy a talkin' to and get him

Thanks to the presidents leadership, I say FUCK YOU.

The first great quote of the #coronavirus era comes from @BernieSanders:

hubby wants to order pizza delivered. He claims the coronavirus doesn't live on food.

EDIT: Holy Fuck! Look at RBOB!! WOW! Crude Oil WTI at lowest level since Feb/Mar of ... 1999!!

It's almost inevitable that Trump's crowded press events will

Animals giving hugs

Turn on my tv just now and there was Pence...

Yeah, Ron deSantis is doing an excellent job

(NM) APD arrests 19-year-old for shooting death of 13-year-old cousin

Marian McPartland was born on this date.

"Social distancing has become the hottest term there is."

This is nothing but a political ad for Donald Trump...

I can tell trump is talking by looking at the markets

Why Are There Already Promising Potential Vaccines?

Wow! Trump just tried to undercut Dr. Fauci!

OMG - Trump is trying to contradict Dr. Fauci & pick a fight on whether the Malaria medication can

Again As Trump Talks The Market Goes Down....

Trump *needs* a posse around him at all times because he's insecure


Johns Hopkins map seems to have "frozen" for quite some time at less than 14.5K


Trump melting down..

He just went full Fredo

He just f--king exploded! Get the straitjacket!!

The disgusting Chinese wildlife markets where these pandemics arise

Dr. Birx looks like she is going to faint.

Gov Cuomo 🚨NY has a critical need for PPE including gloves, gowns & masks🚨

"There's a very low incidence of death."

New York suspends mortgage payment requirements for 3 months.

Any Vietnam veterans remember taking the "malaria pills"?

Wow! Reporters are showing some spine today!

The POS intentionally misprounces Feintein's name. F**K HIM

Did I just see Sean Spicer asking a question?

Was That Spicer Asking The Question?...

Where is Rand Paul's neighbor when we need him

NOW w/VIDEO ... Here is some detail behind the President's outburst that vague threads don't convey

HuffPost 'Lock Them Up': Twitter Users Rip Senators For Dumping Stock

please post a clip or give us a play by play of dumbshit melting down Please

When people are dishonest, they hurt our country," Pres. Trump said. EDITED adding video

Trump Continues His Implosion....

Can some please explain what happen at the presser? What reporters asked

President-elect Biden: WE NEED YOU!

NBC NEWS: What do you say to Americans that are scared? - TRUMP: I say you're a terrible reporter.

Watch Fauci...

A local Fox News reporter helped me and my baby find coronovirus testing.

Clip of LOSER45 losing it/Peter Alexander

Senator asks for ethics probe into his own stock sales

Donnie Dollhands - "dishonest people hurt our country"

Trump looks wired

The U.S. Economy Could Contract by 24% Next Quarter, Goldman Sachs Says

Peter Alexander should have replied to Trump: you're a terrible president.

What Makes Bernie Run?

And the markets are dropping.

Notie how instead of showing the market there is a comment column on

Trump is fucking planting people at his news conferences. That must be called out!

Anyone else just see him point

POTUS was asked to say something to Americans who are scared and afraid

Remarks by Trump and Pence in a Video Teleconference with Governors; March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Stats For Washinton State

"Burr"isma...Burr's defense actually *indicts Trump.*

Can we pay the ransom and free Fauci?

As this 'shit show' presser goes on...

Did you notice that he knew about Feinstein but "didn't know" anything about the

COVID-19 testing at Church of the Highlands reaches 1,000 mark, 8 new cases detected so far

Santana: Oye Como Va, LIVE

The f**king stock market is behaving like an EKG

Coronavirus Stats For Washinton State

Every concert you can live stream on March 20, 2020 during the coronavirus outbreak

Kudos to Peter Alexander!

When you have been advising people for weeks not to touch your face but...

Need something to do while you're sheltering in place?

Bernie Sanders Lost Illinois, but He Changed Chicago

Huntsville to open coronavirus drive-thru test site (

This was a nasty question?

Why is Dr. Fauci still appearing with this criminal con artist?

Ny Mayor Or Governor

Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently.

DCH drive-through coronavirus testing in Tuscaloosa to resume Monday (

I fucking hate Donald Trump with every fiber of my being

Chief Inspector Murphy says wash yr hands

Data from China shows the majority of people with Covid-19 only suffer mild symptoms, then recover

We've Come Full Circle - Pence Is Back....

Looking for a grocery shopping app.

Thousands partied at this Miami Beach festival. Nine tested positive....

I had a spike of blood pressure about two hours ago.

He is a war president

If anyone is thinking of doing a new music video, how about redoing "everyone must get stoned" as...

Susan Collins' Obama-Era Vote Against Pandemic Funding Comes Back to Haunt Her

Feinstein denies wrongdoing in stock sale before coronavirus outbreak

"So a local radio station has started playing Christmas music 24/7 to lift people's spirits."

This week has been what my dog has dreamed of; me home 24/7 to give him the attention he craves.


That is a lie Mother's Boy

I work in a hospital in SF, and I'm working today.

"In summation, it's Obama's fault." --Trump at end of presser.

Trump keeps trumpeting this LIE about "obsolete broken system"

So How Do Some Special People Get Tested.....

trumpty dumpty been on tv for nearly 2 hours (1hr:45) and we still don't know when test kits and PPE

we are fucked

press conference sent the dow down

Let's play "would you rather?"

Wine Tours for the Self Isolating

Even during a Crisis that is World Wide; he can't help being a Prick

Trump still carnival barking about his huge success...

Where has all the Toilet Paper gone?

what a difference 6 years makes...

Test and outcome data from South Korea

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is calling out the Bloated Piece of Shit on CNN

Wife Worked At WHO In DC They Didn't Even Have Money For Paper For The Printers

TRUMP: "We Inherited a terrible system"

Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton: Dear Mr Fantasy, LIVE

Italy's lockdown - the bad news - cases 47,021 (+5986), deaths 4,032 (+627)

"As an Asian American, I don't feel safe under Trump. "


Target announces paid leave program for employees most susceptible to covid increases hourly wage

Warren has a plan for that...

Russian ammunition depot explodes.

Words beginning to fail.

The Media vs The Motherfucker

Kentucky church held service against governor's warning. Visitor now has coronavirus.

In and out

So get this: There *is* a Saint Corona, and she's associated with plagues

Stating the number of people infected and the number who have died from Covid-19

Almost 16,000 new cases around the world in 1/2 hour!

Why did nearly a million king penguins vanish without a trace?

Truth is being disemboweled right before world's eyes with these daily Trump gaslighting pressers

Ken Buck: "It's just craziness to shut down businesses" due to coronavirus

Richard Burr Wondering When Profiting Off Mass Suffering Suddenly Became A Crime In This Country

Can Biden beat Trump? Michigan's swing districts offer good clues

Sometimes a virus is just a virus.

Cherry blossoms reach peak bloom, tied for third earliest on record.

People still congregating in busy spaces saying 'it's the Dunkirk spirit', need to understand

What a despicable, goddamned lowlife.

Pence Looked Far More Presidential Than Trump...

I feel soooo much better now, after trump reassured us who are scared with what is happening

The difference between Trump and Cuomo's governance was on full display today.

Is the Bernie Sanders campaign still accepting donations? Should they be?

Trump gets softball question and blows a gasket. Sad.

As an RN....I can tell you

They. Sold. Their. Stock. They could have made a difference, but they made a profit.

Deja vu-ish

Day 9 tales from the front.

Goldman sees unprecedented stop in economic activity, with 2nd quarter GDP contracting 24%

Our very stable genius president tells the press to f*ck off

UK: Government will pay 80% of wages for employees not working, up to 2,500 ($3,000) a month.

Cartoons 3/20/2020

The ultimate sleepover

What Happens to Leftover Campaign Funds When a Candidate Drops Out?

Hey Ohio Peeps! DeWine is doing a presser, really soon. Childcare stuff will be up

This virus crisis has proved just how prescient Sanders, Warren & the Ds have been

Jane Goodall is on Science Friday today!

Trump's favorite network (no, not Fox) endorsed theory that Tony Fauci engineered coronavirus

Hilarious PSA about our shitstorm!

Why Did President Trump Lie About the COVID-19 Crisis?

New Testing Kit! Please Read!!!

Seattle International Film Festival cancels 46th annual event

Trump halts most traffic on U.S. border with Mexico

Sound Transit, King County Metro to reduce services as ridership plummets

Ann Arbor clerk responds to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's complaint about long voter lines

Crystal structure of SARS-CoV-2 main protease provides a basis for design of improved α-ketoamide.

The New York Times is offering their coverage of the Coronavirus for

TVW marks 25 years as window into state government

Trump's coming post-presser bump

4 Community Transit bus drivers positive for coronavirus

Rapid virus spread prompts change in health district notices

My Friend, "I believe we know in our hearts that, together we are strong, but divided we are weak."

Exchange of the Day

The town of Darien CT cancelled a drive-through Coronavirus testing site because neighbors.....

Consumer confidence fades

Does this count as a cat video?

Tweet of the Day

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti: "All lives are equal"

One good thing from this: When over, the Trump name will be totally worthless.

The Cowardly Lion

Boeing director Nikki Haley quits board after jet maker's $60B bailout request

Biden Running Mate? Party Leaders Favor Former Female Rivals

We are living a real life Trolley Problem

where is Joe Biden lately? i haven't seen him for a few days

Dentists under pressure to drill 'healthy teeth' for profit, former insiders allege

NYT: They. Sold. Their. Stock. They could have made a difference, but they made a profit.

A bright spot in the midst of all this Ohio gloom

Fux Youz promoting sinking your money into silver..

Fevers on the trading floor test Wall Street's 'tough guy' work culture

A 39-year-old coronavirus patient, who could hardly breathe, posted a stark video from the ICU

Coronavirus: Deaths in Italy up 627 in one day

he has a tremendous effect on the stock market. he talks, it tanks

Is tRump still golfing? Just wondering.

A 44-year-old with the coronavirus said he's had colds and flus that are worse, but understands why

I got some mixed news, mostly good.

Trump can get away with blaming the press for unfair coverage now...

Waking a Sleeping Rabbit by Surrounding him with Peas

The forsythia is blooming and the grass is growing

Jeremy Lin slams Donald Trump's 'racism' in calling coronavirus 'Chinese virus'

Ohio Seniors listen up

I'm A Doctor. The U.S. Response To Coronavirus Has Been Nothing Short Of Criminal.

So excited! My daughter is getting her first doggie today!

Michael Bloomberg Campaign Transfers $18 Million to DNC to Beat Trump

Is anyone keeping an eye on Barr? He is probably doing all kinds

Joe Lockhart: "A chance to be human and show empathy. It's just not there."

Now is the time for increase in Minimum Wage for essential workers nt

Dow was projected to be 2nd straight day of gains. Trump sent it spiraling down - -500 now

Sadiq Khan calls Donald Trump a 'disgrace' for calling Covid-19 'the Chinese virus'

DeSantis is shutting down Florida restaurants' dining areas in Palm Beach and Broward counties

UPS drivers say company's coronavirus precautions may not keep them or customers safe

Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing In Arlington, Va. Offers Limited Help As Demand Grows

Designer Christian Siriano offers to help make protective masks for coronavirus health workers

Report suggests government knew pandemic preparedness was inadequate

cnn's John King defending Peter Alexander...

Correspondent Dragged For Asking Trump If The Term 'Chinese Food' Is Racist

****Winter Contest Winners!****

Yesterday's Orange Blob press conference

Ohio Seniors! DeWine is closing the Senior Center MONDAY

**Winter Seasonal Photo Contest Winners**

New York joins California in locking down against the virus

13 positive COVID-19 cases in Little Rock nursing home, officials say

If people in New York and California are now expected to stay in their homes...

96 cases of coronavirus confirmed in Arkansas

Pretty much describes the experience, for me

Costco Is Now Refusing Returns on High-Demand Items Like Rice And Toilet Paper

If Enough CV Tests Were Available To Test All The People Of America Would.....

Facebook appears to be socially distancing itself from us at the moment. (On edit: back up)

Cuomo emerges as Democratic counter to Trump virus response

Pierce: With Two Words, Andrew Cuomo Established Himself as the Leader This Country Needs Now

The Coronavirus Will Be a Catastrophe for the Poor

Facebook down apparently. Updating their post removal algorithms??

Gimme' some truth!

Can welders shields work for hospitals?

Two Prominent Seattle Breweries Will Feature Toilet Paper Giveaways Saturday

Bernie is asking:

Officials long warned funding cuts would leave California vulnerable to pandemic. No one listened

Warren Says Primaries Should Not Be Postponed Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

152 Detroit police officers quarantined amid coronavirus outbreak; 5 test positive

Joe Biden looking to have regular contact with the American people:

"a cross between Madoff, Mussolini and Krusty the Clown is president"

Update on grandson....

Very reluctantly, I must give kudos to Scott toilet paper.

Will 1,000-bed hospital ship sail for Seattle or Los Angeles?

'Hungry' Tom Brady officially signs with Buccaneers

Dow down −913.76 (4.55%) at close.

If we must rename Covid -19, I nominate Covfefe Virus as the replacement.

Report: COVID-19 will lead to wage reductions, layoffs in 40% of all jobs in Puget Sound region

Every time he opens his mouth

Approval ratings at the start of the crisis.

Ohio Gov Mike DeWine is closing Senior Centers this Monday

Coronavirus will radically alter the U.S.

Everyone needs a smile; Stella the Labrador's best Leaf Jumps!

Boeing workers increasingly angry, worried as coronavirus infections rise inside the factories

To slow COVID-19, Trump administration closes southern border to nonessential travel

Drone video of downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood

Washington's trillion dollar coronavirus fix may be too little, too late

Trump Resists Pressure to Force Companies to Make Coronavirus Supplies

This Is Not a Recession. It's an Ice Age.

Just returned from Mi. website find it interesting

NBC's Peter Alexander and the Tantrump

In-tact Scrabble game!!!!

Will Lacey City Council vote to suspend 5-cent bag fee?

WFH day 4: the cat is planning my downfall (Twitter video)

Government to pay 80% of wages for those not working in coronavirus crisis

The States are Going to Hide Unemployment Data

At the already filled Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville

More than 30 Spokane firefighters quarantined for possible COVID-19 exposure

Michigan Department of Education won't count online learning toward yearly requirement

Going to a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site? Here's a step-by-step look at what to expect

Joe Biden plannng press conference by phone this afternoon

Grey's Anatomy donated all their hospital supplies to local hospitals.

Law enforcement to stop booking some people into Whatcom jail due to coronavirus

Sen. Burr claims this:

Seattle Ronald McDonald House needs vital cleaning supply donations

Make Elizabeth Warren the Coronavirus Czar

It will be decried as socialism, command economy, un-American, etc. but large states like CA and NY,

State of the Race: Progressives debate Sanders's future

Williamsburg Office of Elections offers curbside absentee voting for May 5 election

Europe's south strains under pandemic; 10,000 die globally

Garden Centers reporting they are considered essential

Did Anyone Come Across An Article Today

Fauci predicts Americans will likely need to stay home for at least several more weeks

From Hoax To A War.....

Anyone who tells you that this crisis won't get worse is either wrong or worse, lying.

Burr requests ethics investigation into stock sale, denies wrongdoing

Joe Biden wrote in January, "Trump is worst possible leader to deal with coronavirus outbreak."

I feel like I'm on the SS Poseidon, but I'm in two places on the ship at once.

Army recruiting stations closing down

Europe's south strains under pandemic; 10,000 die globally

Alan Alda interviews Paul McCartney on how he writes his songs; insightful & welcome distraction!

Trump Administration Asks States To Bury Unemployment Claim Figures

Boris Johnson announces closure of all UK pubs and restaurants

Community Transit Going Fare Free During Public Health Emergency

My mother, of UK descent, used to watch fox news, told her that's propaganda so she stopped

The War on Coronavirus Comes to Trump Properties

NEWS: Mar-a-Lago is CLOSED

Facebook Gem

Stop kissing your pets (Covid-19)

I've been watching Florida because of the huge Baptist service...

Burger King doing a good thing

Illinois Governor Pritzker expected to issue "stay at home" order very soon

National Mall Bloom Cam

Anyone see Katy Tur's sign-off right before the start of Ali Velshi's show today?

Gabriel Zucman: tackling inequality

Brazilian church wins court battle to remain open despite coronavirus pandemic

WATCH Dr. Fauci totally lose it:

Missouri woman gives birth in toilet paper aisle at Walmart.

A joke from one of my friends

First Responders vs Non-Responders (ie. Trump Repubs)

Dow approaching the 18000s

CSPAN now re-airing Cuomo news conference

U.S. markets wrap up worst week since the 2008 financial crisis

The Antidote EP001 - 6 hours of live techno from Stockholm live right now, all our clubs are closed

They say that living well is the best revenge

A friend took me grocery shopping at Wegmans today.

Is anyone else on Trumps SBA call ?! Larry Kudlow, "don't look at the stock market until we got this

#BURRisma - the Republican scandal which is actually true !

Trump Lies His Way Through a Pandemic

So my brother-in-law thinks

"You can almost see Dr. Fauci's soul leave his body"

California COVID-19 website

"Months, for sure" (Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti on how long shelter in place rules will last)

(Coronavirus) Curfew starts for Orange County tonight

How to legally postpone paying your rent in Multnomah County as of March 20, 2020

Recovering COVID-19 patient describes what it was like to have the virus (kids just wana have fun)

Gov. J.B. Pritzker issues order requiring residents to 'stay at home' starting Saturday

But...but...what about her emails?

They need to stop having Trump at the CV press events.

Biden lands food workers' endorsement

Finland Tops World Happiness Report For Third Year Running

NYC needs PPE (call for help from Cuomo)

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 20, 2020


There's Florida State Representative @MikeHillFL (R-Confederacy) having lunch today with friends who

Trump Told Governors to Buy Own Virus Supplies, Then Outbid Them

Clam digs now banned along southern Washington coast to prevent COVID-19 spread

Here are some facts from local news here in Seattle: Testing IS the key to preventing the spread of

Gov. Lamont orders workers at 'non-essential' businesses to stay home during coronavirus outbreak

News you might have missed: Wyoming makes it easier for Native Americans to vote

Short video for all the parents (and grands!) looking after the kids:

NHS (National Health Service in England) has asked 65,000 retired

New drive-thru COVID-19 testing site opens in Seattle for first responders

SENATE LEADERSHIP FUND (McConnell's PAC) bails on Kelly Loeffler

Wanna see what "under tremendous control" looks like?

Hospital Workers Face Critical Lack Of Protective Supplies

Trump brings back adviser who said workers were 'better off' not being paid

Just how small of a hole can a cat squeeze thru?

Remember the Great Flick Caine Mutiny ?

Deputies pull over stolen trailer full of toilet paper in Guildford Co.

AfterTOON bonus: He's throwing paper products again

Rejoice all you sinners - Salvation if you get the coronavirus -

OH! This has to stick in his craw, bigly! CrowdStrike stock price surging on work-from-home surge

Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi "Senator McConnell's proposal is not pro worker"

Mar-a-Lago is closed!:

This is really cool.

Trump attacks reporter for asking what his message is to scared Americans

Idiots, all idiots - which beer is not being bought?

Easy way to find DeSantis' executive orders

Just did a quick calculation on the Dow.

Michelle Obama MUST accept the VP nomination!

Daily walk *2

WH Accused Of Using Coronavirus Pandemic To Advance Union- Busting Effort, Federal Employees

Had me rolling on the floor - Autorobot butt cleaner

Democracy Now segment on the Coronavirus, speaking with Dr Michele Barry

John King: "A bullshit attack on fake news"

I just listented to Governor Pritzker of Illinois give an update of what is being done to stop the

My Day in Quarantine: March 20, 2020 (Tell us About it)

Local distillery making hand sanitizer out of gin

Nature taking back Venice

Another important endorsement for Joe Biden - BOLD Democrats:

Dear Bernie, get off your podcast.

Dr. Birx strikes me as a smiling Pollyanna...

"Don't touch the cat"

Wow, T-Mobile did a good thing today.

When you have to start doing business calls via Skype, what will the background be?

"Trump Acts Like A Disaster Movie Villain"

Al Jazeera: COVID-19 live updates: 627 die in a single day in Italy

At the next press conference, maybe reporters should

Total Cost of Her COVID-19 Treatment: $34,927.43

Faith in Trump's ability to handle this crisis is UP, over 50%

Solution to the TP problem - Autobutt

Next time the asshole has one of his psychotic episodes, i would love to see the press walk out on h

Shopping trip and perspective

New Orleans in quarantine is stunningly beautiful.

"the American people"

If a "news" source is unfamiliar to you, a good place to check before you post it anywhere is:

Republicans Found a Way to Mail Checks and Still Screw People Over


Browsing a right wing board re Cuomo

Goodbye to Donnie , the King of Corona...

I missed this, but it came up on FB--WashPost article re:DeWine from Monday

Irish Distillers to make hand sanitising gel alongside whiskey !!!

Perspective...remember how anxious Twitler was re: e-cig/vaping deaths (6)?

Are there bot &/or troll checking sites you would recommend?

Cheers! New York liquor stores deemed 'essential' and can stay open amid coronavirus crisis

I am really pissed at the lack of PPE for our soon-to-be inundated health care facilities.

Trump's COVID-19 strategy simplified (for now)

The people reportedly knocking on doors to test for COVID-19?

Bloomberg warns campaign staff they've been exposed to COVID-19 - then lays them off hours later

Police in NC pull over stolen tractor trailer with 18,000 pounds of toilet paper, paper towels.

Hey Congress, do this! (UK government to pay 80% of wages of those not working)

USA! USA! USA! U.S. leapfrogs Germany & Spain to have second highest daily increase in C-19

Florida Keys closing to non-residents starting Sunday

Lurking Orange Hitler Cult Follower Morons

View on demand: Press Briefing with Coronavirus Task Force


'Nature is taking back Venice': wildlife returns to tourist-free city

Mesa has closed bars and restaurants except for take out.

So my son sends me a text...

I'm starting to get familiar with my daily body temperature cycles

Two great versions of Richard Thompson's Keep Your Distance

Why did Trump authorize the purchase of 30million barrels of oil, but

Winn Dixie is doing something pretty awesome; Hiring laid off restaurant workers.

One thing I'm worried about is

U.S. judge freezes House lawsuit seeking President Trump's IRS tax records

"10 Ways to Wipe Your Butt for Free "

Violently Bored Americans Begin Looting Puzzle Stores

Muse - Uprising

Man threatens to bomb Utah hospital after they wouldn't test him for coronavirus

L.A. County gives up on containing coronavirus, tells doctors to skip testing of some patients

Coronavirus is so new that

I need a serious answer

I keep trying to write a heartfelt letter to my Trumpie relatives.

Updated...Regarding racist twitter hashtags for COVID-19

Here is MY 7-point proposal for a stimulus package to deal with the effects of the tRump Plague

As We Still Don't Have Forum Specifically About This OutBreak: USEFUL INFORMATION:

NBCSW will broadcast video game simulations of Wizards and Capitals games

You raised $4,118.20 on March 19, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

This virus is the worst crisis we've ever had in my lifetime....

Biden plans shadow coronavirus briefings

My parents live in The Villages in Florida.

Peter Alexander replies to Trump's attack against him. A mic drop moment.


DU scientists and others please splain this to me. Some guy gets on Tucker Calson

It's not the Chinese virus, it's the Trump virus.

Taiwan Says It Warned WHO About Coronavirus In December, But Its Warnings Were Ignored

Air and seaports in Jamaica will be closed for

NASA fixes Mars Lander by telling it to hit itself.

Trump Organization Fires Resort Workers

Someone in Pence's office has tested positove

Americans are going to demand to know why US wasn't prepared for this pandemic

Maradona supports Argentine president, calls for unity

Anthony Fauci is the public health expert leading us through the coronavirus crisis

Fake animal news abounds on social media as coronavirus upends life

'God help us': Viewers horrified after watching Trump repeatedly undercut Fauci at COVID-19 briefin

You know those companies that used their huge corporate tax cuts to buy back stock?

You can no longer buy a cup of coffee at a convenience store.

Peter Alexander was trying to see if Trump could be the "Comforter in Chief".

A bit of a long read, but to me it brought comfort

'You're not on holiday': Chile's Pinera under pressure to declare national quarantine over coronavir

Gentle On My Mind: Glen Campbell

"Nothing matters" any longer -it's Captain Trips without the massive fatalities

Staff member in Vice President Mike Pence's office tests positive for coronavirus

Dear gawd. Shut. It. Down! All of it! (3 TSA agents at Orlando airport have now tested positive)

This is what happens when you take medical advice from a lying fool:

Sewing Masks for the Hospitals

03/20 Mike Luckovich: Fighting unarmed

Pelosi once again is the grownup in the House.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Wisconsin COVID-19 cases increase to 206

Why hasn't some group of people launched a coup against Trump

Walz announces special Mnsure enrollment period

Oh great. As if the virus was not enough to worry about.

Coronavirus in N.Y.: 'Deluge' of Cases Begins Hitting Hospitals

538 has revised their probability for winning 1991 delegates before the convention....

Organizing campaign to 3D print antimicrobial masks

I'll bet you a dollar to a damned donut...

Don't touch your face!

The big gap in Trump's travel ban (NYT)

Sympathy For The Devil

History, mass loss, structure, and dynamic behavior of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Bored bored bored bored bored bored!!!!!!!

Conference call in real life (for us WFH types)

Lou Dobbs is now In isolation

I just wrote my Congressperson for clarification on social distancing rules.

Soooooooo, is Trump going to sneak out of the WH to play golf during The Virus this week-end?

Hey, do you think I could get a test

Since this fight will last beyond a year, why don't they go back to WASHABLE PPE?

Trump absoluting whiffing a softball question, losing another chance to at least seem Presidential

NYC designer Christian Siriano will produce masks for coronavirus

Joan Jett full show 1983

Pierce: It's Time For Networks to Stop Televising Trump's Daily Briefings

Unions call to halt Chilean mines

Why I'm buying toilet paper.

UPDATE 2-Brazil's stocks plunge 19% in steepest weekly fall since 2008

Scientists on the Emotions of Climate Change (applies to COVID 19 too..)

How a functioning democracy would be managing this at a federal level

Brazil cuts growth, sees coronavirus quickly ravaging health system

The US government's 'divide and conquer' tactics in the Caribbean

Kansas governor's decision to close all schools sees GOP pushback

What Biden has been up to today and the past week:

Happy 98th Birthday Carl Reiner!

20/20 BioResponse to Launch Rapid Coronavirus Test Kits in U.S. following "Green Light" from FDA

Bearing in mind that a ReTHUG joked about infecting RBG

Congressman with COVID-19: 'As sick as I've ever been'

New Biden statement: "With so many families across the country worried about their health&that of ..

So, this is what it took.

It's Time to Build Ventilators Like We're at War and Our Lives Depend on It