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FDA authorizes first rapid, 'point of care' coronavirus test

The Trump administration is blocking research on a cure for the deadly Covid-19 pandemic

New round of coronavirus testing for Trump and Pence after aide tests positive

Still true. From us to America.

Will soap be the next toilet paper etc.

Trump on China: 'I wish they'd told us earlier' about coronavirus

A little fun during this crisis - ESPN is showing a high school dunk contest from back in 2003...

Kitsap Transit to suspend fares collection on buses, ferries beginning Monday

More testing, stay-home warnings as Washington fights virus

Fred Meyer announces appreciation bonus and insurance for workers during COVID-19 outbreak

An iconic image of this moment in time.

New York couple shout 'I do' as friend officiates wedding from his fourth-floor window

New York couple shout 'I do' as friend officiates wedding from his fourth-floor window

Serious Question: If Trump tests postive for Covid19

Being at home is something I am used to, however.....

The Best Case Scenario Is Pretty Terrible

Dem Rep DeSaulnier (CA-11) in critical condition, although he was reported to be covid-19 negative

I'm down to 4 rolls.

Tapped into fear

The undisclosed costs of Trump's total failure to do his job cannot really be measured by numbers.

Hope this isn't a dupe. Healing music.

Sudden Death: Coronavirus in young people

Could they have used hydroxychloroquine on Traitor45?

NYT: Trump Admin. Asking State Officials To Hold Off Releasing Unemployment Numbers

AP: Congressional Hispanic Caucus' campaign arm endorses Biden

Aviation Enthusiasts; Some things go away and never come back. ATC recording of the last Concorde..

NDAA 2012 - How Quickly We Forget

The US now has the 3rd highest number of cases in the world.

Opinion: Coronavirus Highlights Inhumanity and Inefficiency of For-Profit Economy

Is trump committing genocide?

Hobby Lobby orders stores to remain open because 'vision from God'.

I haven't been truly worried about getting covid but on Feb 28 I was in the Er that was slammed for

Trump wanted to get rid of everything Obama...

"Confusion Hides Sin" - Congress Needs Many Small Bills

DeSantis considers new strategy in Florida coronavirus fight: isolation shelters

They say it will be 8 weeks before the virus clears...

Instead of the Trump "Daily Briefing," I think that more information would be found

Donald Trump starts 2020 in the worst polling position since Harry Truman

'A worldwide hackathon': Hospitals turn to crowdsourcing and 3D printing amid equipment shortages

Hope this gives you a little smile. Sharing my most recent misheard lyric in a song

There are many leaves in the forest. Putting toilet paper in perspective.

VP and Mother test negative for CV

Question about facemasks.

Now that the primaries are, effectively over, it's time to decide whom...

Question for DU medics

Trump Ukrainian Dumbshit Blues

Seems Like The World Is Out Of Toilet Paper

USA leads world in new cases today

We need to talk about Trump's tax cut

Does anyone else remember polio before the vaccine?

23,000 Cases 288 Deaths

Pence To Be Tested For COVID-19; 'Hundreds Of Millions' Of Face Masks In Production

from a friend, 'At 8PM on Twitter, Keith Olbermann reads Thurber.

So tired of the posted stats everywhere, showing the numbers WE DONT KNOW THE CURRENT NUMBERS!!

Governor Newsom

I've rearranged my bookshelves three times in the last few days.

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (D) Ca 11th in Critical Condition

I guess Trump had different Priorities

What is the process for filling a congressional seat in the event of a death?

Fauci has jumped the shark. Speaking of Trump's touting chloraquine, he did not mention poisonings.

Bernie Sanders, it's time to go

Sanders outspent Biden by a lot and other key takeaways from the 2020 presidential campaign filings

Isn't It A Pity

South Korea, this is ingenious

Navy will no longer reveal names of ships with c19 cases as virus spreads on waterfront

Looks Like Long Hair Back in Style

Trump: "I'm getting great reviews on my handling of this crisis"

Biden is in personal contact with Dem leaders in Congress & the Sen, as well as a number of Dem

A detailed timeline of Trumps' lies on covid-19 (DailyKos)

There was some speculation about the Nazi who...

Nature: Hydroxychloroquine is effective in inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro

I Don't Know What to Do With Myself

Kelly Loeffler's HUSBAND - the CEO of the NYSE - *ALSO* sold $3.5 million

White House mulling reopening of Obamacare enrollment: reports

Respiratory therapist:"Many are relatively young, and have minimal, if any, preexisting conditions."

Beautiful music from the very best trad group in the UK - Daimh

What did Trump mean when he said this, about (hydroxy)chloroquine?

Hawaii governor announces a 14 day quarantine for all incoming visitors AND residents....

Economic rescue tops $1 trillion as negotiations continue

Give Me Novocain - Green Day

Real-time updates: 118 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas

The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated

watch Coronavirus spread across USA

A Redditor, EpitaphGirlfriend, created a beautiful tribute to nurses/doctors in this trouble time

ProPublica: "Holy Shit, this is not the flu!" Grim report from New Orleans respiratory therapist.

First Federal Inmate Tests Positive

Trump Lied & People Died

This wouldn't have happened if Hillary Clinton had won

Fishermen return home to shuttered California, nowhere to sell their catch

Money's Too Tight to Mention - Simply Red

MI-13: Detroit City Council President will challenge Rashida Tlaib in the Democratic primary.

Need a laugh...see Twitter

Senator Sanders, telling us what we "need to do" from Vermont, not from Washington!

The thing about Peter Alexander's question to Trump about Americans being frightened?

Trump: 'I don't know' if my businesses will receive coronavirus assistance

Handwashing Tips, short video

"When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.."

An Update

Lets Not Screw This Up.

Men with older brothers are more likely to be gay, study suggests

So now I know someone

Trump and the off-label drugs as a treatment for covid-19 is an easy "win" for him

So, Trump offered to help North Korea fight 'the virus'

Hey! Look what Seattle has rediscovered!

'Good Hearted Woman': Waylon Jennings

Expect we'll start hearing about a Massive Drop in Home Sales real soon here ...

Coronavirus in America (Liberal Redneck)

Meanwhile in Donny's head

some grim COVID-19 Confirmed Case data milestones

gardening like crazy for therapy - my blog from today

White House Pushes U.S. Officials to Criticize China For Coronavirus 'Cover-Up...

WEINSTEIN Positive now. Rikers Island - 42 Staff and Inmates Positive for Covid-19

The Malarky Report: Biden Announces Shadow Briefings To Counteract Trump's Lies

If god is real I am praying that dumpt, pants and mother plus the first nude and the jarvanka barbie

This woman purchased every single paper product from Dollar Tree & then yells "Go Donald Trump"

USA. Merica! We're #1. Highest number of new cases in the world.

GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler's husband also sold lots of shares just before they plummeted

My Town is Doomed

Ex-Labor secretary: Bail out families, not corporations

Biden Slams Trump on COVID-19 lies - NYDaily News

This may be less worse horrible news for California

Two additional Fox Business employees test positive for COVID-19

Best TV theme songs

NY is exploding!, 9/11 was a side show

Covid 19, graphic of symptoms

such a wonderful spring break. weather was cold. Nothing was open, concerts were cancelled

@Ivanka Let us take the opportunity to reconnect to the core values of humanity - love, compassion &

This should be played 24/7 leading up to the election

Saturday night ramblings

Now THAT'S something you don't hear every day!

Trump loves having stuff named after him.

WSJ: America Needed Coronavirus Tests. The Government Failed.

The White House rejects any criticism of the president as illegitimate"

Why are the TV stations NOT asking for people to keep a distance?

Progressive blogger in critical condition with COVID-19 infection

If you liked the kids on spring break

OMG! Who knew?

The roots of Sympathy

Important tweet from Princeton's Sam Wang

North Korea will take advantage of this situation

Selling wholesale restaurant supply products in grocery stores

Have you noticed more sirens lately?

Take the name of any movie or tv show and replace a word with "Toilet Paper"

Keeping up with the numbers

IMPORTANT: Here's a potential source for filter masks.

Roasted a turkey yesterday and put up almost twenty servings worth today

Video on flattening the corona virus curve by Katie Porter's sister Dr. Emily Porter

Truck drivers are getting worn down.

Hawaii - desperate times ahead? Now the governor has killed the islands' biggest employer...

We're having a bit of an emergency here at the coast

Is there any way to find out if crooked Don dumped stocks...

San Francisco Mayor London Breed MAY have just saved a lot of lives.

RePost - Video on flattening the corona virus curve by Katie Porter's sister Dr. Emily Porter

The NRA has done maybe the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.

The difference between electing Democratic and Republican governors.

The virus won't cancel 2020 election but

Nature has hit the "reset" button. It must change us. Forever.

Los Bitchos - Tripping Party

Newsom moves California to 'targeted' testing, enlists Musk and Cook in coronavirus fight

Gov. Newsom issues Executive Order to fight COVID-19 pandemic

Rep. DeSaulnier(D) in critical condition due to pneumonia

Florida man arrested after allegedly stealing 66 rolls of toilet paper from hotel

lady -- a cute story told by kenny rogers about lionel richie

30 Day De-Cluttering / Cleaning Challenge

I wonder if Trump is asking his people if he can re-start Trump Steaks

Meghan McCain calls out Arizonans for not social-distancing during COVID-19 pandemic

Yves Tumor - Gospel For A New Century

Joe Biden's Campaign Was Cash Poor. He Seized Control of the Nomination Anyway.

White House Pushes U.S. Officials to Criticize China For Coronavirus 'Cover-Up'

Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton We've Got Tonight

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Video on flattening the COVID-19 Curve by Dr. Emily Porter sister of Rep. Katie Porter

Fox to Address Coronavirus Crisis with Three-Part Series on Hunter Biden

J.K. Rowling grants open license for teachers reading 'Harry Potter' online during pandemic

straight talk about the crisis from a four-legged

Most Grand Princess passengers in quarantine refused coronavirus tests --often at federal officials'

We The Cats Shall Hep Ya

Trump gets unhinged when challenged by reporter pandemic response.

We lost a legend today

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy issues stay-at-home order for nearly all of state's 9M residents

Joe Biden popped into DNICE Instagram party tonight

Bette Midler - From A Distance

Hong Kong Records Its Biggest Rise in Coronavirus Cases as New Wave of Infections Crashes Into Asia

Anyone ever had a kitty with 'gallop rhythm' in the heart?

Two 20-somethings have amassed 1,300 volunteers to deliver groceries and medicine to old NY'ers

Know what I find interesting?

Ways to Boost Your Immune System from AARP

The 2006 Pandemic and All Hazards Preparadness Act?

Trump Sends Letter to North Korea Offering Help Fighting Virus

What trump's agencies were doing during the pandemic

Just realized I was an asshole today. Was in the vegetable section of the grocery store.

Covid 19, Update 23

What are the rules of social distancing?...

Nigeria Has Chloroquine Poisonings After Trump Praised Drug

Pennsylvania Coal Mines Must Shut Down, Governor Orders

30 cruise ships, containing 1000s of passengers, are still at sea looking for a place to dock

Do you think tRump will try to make "Chiiiiina"

Tell me all your thoughts on God ... cause I'd really like to meet her

The Daily Show: Trevor Video Chats Roy and Jaboukie

My dad is in a memory care unit in S. FL and has dementia. Should I drive there from NY

"They waited until we couldn't take to the streets. And then they looted democracy:"

Breakfast Sunday 22 March 2020

The Bad Big Mac

I call bullshit on the claim that Bernie-Bros don't exist:

Trump Administration Considering Opening Obamacare Enrollment Amid Pandemic

waxahatchee - fire (studio-2020) from her upcoming album, really good song ...

Trump congratulates Kim Jong Un on managing coronavirus in North Korea

People like to share

Iran leader refuses US help, citing virus conspiracy theory (made in the USA)

A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him: March 22nd Mass Ritual

Neo Nazis busted for using coronavirus as bioweapon

Italy, Pandemic's New Epicenter, Has Lessons for the World (What went wrong)

Prince William takes royal lead, Queen seeks refuge at Windsor Castle, Prince Charles isolated

Australia to close pubs and restaurants

Hawaii to quarantine all arrivals to the state for 14 days

Protective face masks

U.S. Hospitals Prepare Guidelines For Who Gets Care Amid Coronavirus Surge

Arizona Republicans flip the finger at residents in dire need.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Purple Hays Edition

Mass move to work from home in coronavirus crisis creates opening for hackers: cyber experts

Is anyone else worried about a run on the banks?

DOJ emergency powers report raises ire among conservatives and liberals

How long do pneumonia inoculations last?

UK PM Senior aide on Herd Immunity: "if that means some pensioners die, too bad"

Punctuation is important.

As offerings dwindle, some churches fear for their future

Deadly immune 'storm' caused by emergent flu infections

NYT: Why Telling People They Don't Need Masks Backfired

Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer help those over 60

Tribes take measures to slow spread of new coronavirus

'I walk a fine line': Dr. Fauci reveals he has to force Trump to accept facts

Forty Per Cent of Nation's Toilet Paper Found

who knew the universe had rules?

Rick Wilson: "I seem to have upset the MAGAe for pondering the question of Fox viewership..."

Bay Area congressman in critical condition with pneumonia

Saturday Night in Times Square in New York City. (Video)

21 Inmates, 17 Employees Test Positive for COVID-19 on Rikers Island: Officials

Africa's mountain gorillas also at risk from coronavirus

Attention HEB hoarders (TEXAS)

David Lat of "Above the Law" is on a ventilator

Michael Hudson: A debt jubilee is the only way to avoid a depression

St. Louis City, County Issue 'Stay-At-Home' Mandate; State Orders 'Social Distancing'

I am wondering something about the need for hospital beds.

UFCW 655, grocery chains negotiate sweeping employee benefit changes in wake of coronavirus

30 problems of a sloth by Keigo

10 Photography Tricks you can do at home with everyday objects

Biden seeks to offer a possible presidency preview

If only!!

Remote Alaska Villages Isolate Themselves Further in Effort to Shield Against Coronavirus

Gov. Tom Wolf on defense as Berks County records 2 more virus cases, Pennsylvania's number surges

Coronavirus is killing us in Florida, Gov. DeSantis. Act like you give a damn

Two poisoned in Nigeria after Trump hails antimalarials

Biden trashes Trump over coronavirus response: 'Step up and do your job, Mr. President'

One of Trump's Evangelical Defenders Wrestles With Flattening the Curve

Cuban doctors head to Italy battle coronavirus

For those missing March Madness - The Candidates Tournament

Why is trump now calling himself a war time president

If only one person holds a set of spiritual beliefs...

How dangerous are malignant narcisist?

Strong quake shakes Croatia, damaging buildings in capital

Best proof that it was Trump who messed up and not China's fault.

American Industry Listen Up. We Need Mechanical Respirators Yesterday.

How many people still believe this Coronavirus is a "hoax"?

White House Pushes U.S. Officials to Criticize China For Coronavirus 'Cover-Up'

Seeing stories out of Europe

6 days into lockdown, I've had an epiphany: pants are a scam

7-month-old South Carolina baby tests positive for COVID-19

West Virginia's patient #1. Details of the struggle to get him tested.

Hobby Lobby owner David Green is telling store managers to stay open.

If I hear one more republican say, now is not the time for blame.....

A question that a reporter should ask Donald Trump:

Ali Velshi: "even if it means lending them more money, we'll want that to happen on our terms"

Trump sends letter to Kim offering help with "anti-epidemic work"

Anyone else see Good Ole' Boy Rep.Buddy Carter (R) Georgia on Velshi just now?


I guess I am still just a barbarian at heart.

Conservative media is depressing

Oh, EXCUSE ME, Did I Mistakenly Ask You To Be A Leader?

Why are we still calling this a "stimulus" package? THERE IS NO ECONOMY!

Randy's take on Social Distance

Deniers and Disbelievers; "If I get Corona, I get Corona"

This Is Not a Recession. It's an Ice Age.

WP: "economic decline will be sharper and more painful than during the 2008 financial crisis"


Anyone else think CBS Sunday Morning made a bad choice with

This needs reposting from time 2 time. Based on the last week, now seems as good a time as any...

WP: "economic decline will be sharper and more painful than during the 2008 financial crisis"

Emirates Airlines suspending ALL flights everywhere starting Wednesday

It is my 5555th post today. I wanted it to be something useful & helpful

Trump's entire business career and presidency in one image

#COVIDIOT and #COVIDIOT45 trending on Twitter

12 positive cases confirmed in West Virginia

Better screen-shot this, DUers. It will get deleted.

GM partners with Ventec Life Systems to increase ventilator production

This is the colossal failure of the American business model

Online toilet paper calculator tells you how long your supply will last

Andrew Cuomo is a shining example

Barn find!

It is very difficult to be optimistic...

"This will all die down when the spring weather gets here."

Besides SHITLER, some of the governors sound like doofuses showboating

Breathing exercises may be important...

How many here are attending church virtually this Sunday?

How Joe Biden Will Counteract Trump's Virus Media Circus

Kansas coronavirus update: 30-day quarantine ordered for KC; state records second death, 55 cases

A message for Biden opponents

Reading Hospital anesthesiologist tests positive for COVID-19

Highsnobiety Staff Share Their Self-Isolation Reading List

Always take time to think of others #COVID19ON

Things that we are already tired of during this FUBAR fiasco.

Canadian Dr. turns one ventilator into nine. (Thinking positive!)

This'll kill Turd-Potus: Trump Admin Considering Opening Obamacare Enrollment Amid Pandemic

Hospitals, doctors, nurses call on Trump to 'immediately' ramp up production of medical supplies

Trump might have killed someone again

This 4-year-old just made coronavirus panic-buyers look very very bad

A Boom Time for the Bean Industry

Working from home is nice when you have this kitty

Not many sports fans on DU but I have a great idea for Lebron and other NBA players.. With no

The Coder and the Dictator

Michigan Executive Order 2020-20 (COVID-19) Temporary restrictions on the use of public places

Virginia Beach Temps Up 3F Since 1960 - Northward Movements Of Fire Ants One Of Many Results

I just got a spam notification on Facebook. Replying to someone blaming Obama for the virus

FEMA Director Becoming The New Brownie - Won't Answer Basic Questions - How Many Masks, Where, When?

This Dr Osterholm on CNN really doesn't get it. He suggests let healthy people do their regular

AOC Rips 'Abhorrent' Proposal to Let DOJ Detain People Indefinitely: 'Urgent Times' Are 'No Reason'

If you have some sun in your yard, this is a perfect time to grow something! COVID-19 therapy!

Hmm question on "small business"

I live alone, and this morning I realized that it doesn't

FEMA administrator says more masks are being shipped from stockpile amid shortage

Shell Does A 180, Will Now Suspend Construction At PA Plastics Plant Site With 8,000 Workers

The Klan sees the light - Minorities now accepted (but must wear purple)

Rathje studied what happens when people buy novel foods

Trump's Mission Accomplished carrier landing missed the flight deck and landed in the ocean.

An AI Epidemiologist Sent the First Warnings of the Wuhan Virus

Michigan governor blames GOP and 'separation of church and state' on failure to ban megachurch

NYC Mayor: If Trump doesn't act, 'people will die who could have lived otherwise'

Number Of Monarch Butterflies Wintering In Mexico Down 53% From Last Year

Horse at a salty cat lick

POLITICO: Trump officials weigh reopening Obamacare enrollment over coronavirus

Chloe can sing

Grocery Orders-a reminder and suggestion

Now is not the time to allow large corporations to take advantage of this horrific crisis ...

So who has to go to work tomorrow?

Netflix: Dirty Money: Jared Kushner, Slumlord Millionaire

We will get through this crisis by supporting each other and the most vulnerable.

Okay, I got this one time too many this week


"If you're in the medical profession and still attending public events don't complain about

An homage to all the rallies that unite us, and a movement for a better future for all.

SICK of RW comparisons of H1N1 (Swine flu) to Covid-19?? Here's a rebuttal!

This is amazing - US Pollution Drop

A one time payment of one thousand dollars is wholly inadequate

Reminder ESPN2 Now ESPN8 The Ocho all day! nt

Now I know these people are stupid but gosh....

trump is pitting state against state to purchase medical equipment - Per Gov. Cuomo

DU is unnecessary doom.and gloom

The problem with the Federal Goverment taking over the reponse

Cats enforcement of #StayHome

On a lighter note, it's been over 50 years since I wore a pony tail, but I'm about to revisit

San Antonio imposes price controls, Dallas limits toilet paper purchases

Covid: panic vs virus, which will cause more harm

Bail Out Workers, Not CEOs

Cuomo is talking about the bailout

A practical article from a pandemic doc that just might give you hope.

Just kicked in another $15 to help kickoff Joes emerging kicka*** digital strategies

The news media must say this: Trump is killing people by not using Defense Production Act.

America has two diseases: Coronavirus and Donald Trump

People who want to help.

Why is Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT) Not at the Senate?

As seen online: Can we call MAGA hats China hats? That's where they came from.

It is almost like Trump could forsee the future...

Midday Music for Millennials -- Sunday

Tulsi Explains Decision To Support Biden

Well, it's been one rough weekend.


As Big 12, NCAA deal with the impacts of coronavirus, a true nightmare scenario may be on the

These two: Between them ...

Where is Gavin Newsome?

69 tweets on Orange Hair Furor's account so far for March 22.

Simple stress-reduction techniques

Watch one of Gov. Cuomo's news conferences...

This wouldn't have happened if Hillary Clinton had won

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York has been very impressive

Parody Time: My Corona!

Coronavirus: Lombardy Region Announces Stricter Measures

Fauci: Trump is a hopeful layperson sharing anecdotal reports, trying to bring hope to the people

Pittie Found on Roof is So Happy to See Rescuers

I got hit by a car when I was walking across the street about 10 years ago

In case you missed the free Murphy's show on St. Pat's...

Trump diagnosed with FootInMouth virus.

Trump should be REMOVED NOW!

A simple question to ask Trump Virus supporters

College students in Florida test positive for coronavirus after spring break trip

Trump poses, while these governors actually lead

Gov. Cuomo talking like a President, again....

NY Governor Cuomo gave a master class on how to....

What we should do now is what CHINA did

I may never go back to my job as a home health aide. Looking for a job at my age, scary.

I have a problem.

Fauci is wrong: Italy did close its border to China

Joy Reid: Trump has substituted the rallies that fed him emotionally with his coronavirus pressers

Warren @SenWarren: Earlier this week, I announced 8 requirements that we believe companies

The Great Grand Coulee Dam opened on this date in 1941

It's a kitty dance extravaganza!

The up side to news interviewees Skyping in

Trump's Convid19 evolution ...


A great message from Max and Mel Brooks

May Have To Close The Business - Down To Two

A food service employee working at a nursing facility in Lehigh County has tested positive

Paid shoppers, delivery drivers on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis ...

The best way to get tested...

Former GOP USAG and Trump ...

Paid shoppers, delivery drivers on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis ...

Stunning study from Bandy X Lee at Yale - Democrats life; Republicans death

'It's Morally Repulsive' For Corporations To Exploit The Crisis, Workers Will Suffer: Robert Reich

It is time to discuss a very serious issue:

Cuomo v. Newsom

Stephen Sondheim has a birthday today.

George Benson has a birthday today.

Plants You Can Use As Toilet Paper (test them on your wrist first -beware of allergies)

Social Distancing as It Is Working in Minnesota

Donald Trump, Sit Down and Shut Up

Can anybody explain this. I'm trying to figure out how Covid reproduces and what it lives on.

Bringing It All Back Home was released on this date in 1965

Quarantine day 11:

Grand Ole Opry to play on in an empty theater

Because we need it...Ripple

When will the coronavirus pandemic end? What scientists can say about life returning to normal

Our returning Robin was just preening her nest!!!!!

All we need to do is stick a hair dryer up our nose!

Watch the banks closely. Just saying, you can't trust those bastards.

America is in uncharted waters and what we do now will affect our future

Virus outbreak means (mis)information overload: How to cope (AP)

Never, in my life, have fresh air and sunshine felt so healing

This young man was a prophet

The Governor of Minnesota Has Activated the National Guard - I have a suggestion:

Africa gets emergency medical supplies from China's Jack Ma

Germany's Low Coronavirus Mortality Rate Intrigues Experts

Trump and Republicans will profit greatly from this pandemic

FEMA administrator says more masks are being shipped from stockpile amid shortage

Cuomo press conference - we could have had an actress sitting there

Neil Diamond posted Sweet Caroline with new lyrics.

😁 some funnies for you. You just can't be more negative than Trump's test results 🤪

Angela Merkel doing her grocery shopping for the weekend

How has 25A not been invoked yet?

Listen Media Hacks - Don the Con did not sign the Defense Production Act

Scored some hand sanitizer from . . . my car.

I Got An Idea As To How To Muzzle Trump......

Ohio Attorney General orders a halt to all abortions

Life will never be the same. 9/11 brought about societal changes and affect far fewer

( Monster Trump ) Imran Khan : I want to appeal to President Trump on humanitarian ground to lift

What Hong Kong & Singapore's success is teaching us about the pandemic (hopeful)

From this simple old lady: It's not about the stuff you have, it's about the stuff you're made of!

Party's over: Miami-Dade mayor orders boat ramps and marinas closed amid coronavirus

Brutal new ad uses Trump's own words against him

Robert Reich @RBReich : Average hedge fund down 9% this year so far.

Epic Rant!

Shut down Mental Health Facilities????

Would it be appropriate to tip my cashier at the grocery store?

Anthony Hopkins plays the piano for his cat.

BETHENNY FRANKEL I'M DELIVERING 500,000 MASKS ... Doctors, Nurses Desperate

how evil is one who blocks aid to a struggling nation

In pro-Trump West Virginia, a fight to convince residents a pandemic is coming

UK: No 10 Downing Denies Claim Dominic Cummings, Chief Adviser To PM Argued To 'Let Old People Die'

Youtube videos embedded in DU posts are now giving an error message

NYT: How the Virus Got Out (Analysis)

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 22, 2020?

New Biden ad that needs to be on TV RIGHT NOW!

Lessons from 1918

A third of coronavirus cases may be 'silent carriers', classified Chinese data suggests

We have a huge challenge: Corporations provide millions of jobs...

What happens when you can't pay your health insurance

Gustav Mahler Symphony #1 "Titan"

Event 201 - your comments please

First case of Convid19 in Burnett County, TX ....

'"I made up my mind a long time ago, Peter --and this goes back to the first time I had to speak

Far-Right Gay Blogger Peddles Alleged Salacious Photo of Andrew Gillum-

You raised $118.00 on March 21, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Yet another overt way to distinguish

If you think today's briefing is missing, let me fill you in.

"2006 Brat eating championship"

Is it too soon to start bolting sheet metal and spikes to our cars?

Vote by mail only - every federal, state, and local election.

Everyone In Iceland Can Get Tested For The Coronavirus. Here's How The Results Could Help All Of Us.

I have two questions maybe I missed.

Sanders Calls for 'Unprecedented Legislative Response' to Coronavirus Crisis--Not Corporate Bailouts

USA past 35000 total cases today.

Harbor Freight to donate N95 masks, nitrile gloves etc

A Doctor Warns of the 'Biggest Risk' We Face Right Now

GOP's $500B bailout fund would allow for recipients to be "undisclosed" for 6 mos

Everything That's Happening Now, Trump Was Warned About Ahead of Time

My weekend

If the hospitals aren't overrun yet, how are we already out of personal protective equipment?

Bon Jovi's David Bryan Tests Positive for Coronavirus

WOW (redux)

Trump IS a war president. We've been at war with him for over three years.

Rand Paul has tested positive per MSNBC n/t

per MSNBC, Rand Paul just tested positive

Rand paul positive for Covid-19

Trump's Coronavirus Response Will Be His Toxic Legacy

Rand Paul has tested positive for coronavirus - now on NBC news

Drop the fuck out Bernie.

Public Security Ministry asks IDF for 16 battalions to enforce lockdown (Jerusalem Post)

You crazy humans & your Volkswagen records. We'll see your challenge with five in a bowl!

Not blaming Senator Sanders for staying in Vermont.

College students and the 2020 Census

Notice that asymptomatic Rand Paul got a test

Rand Paul positive

Cartoons 3/22/2020

Sen. Rand Paul tests positive for coronavirus

Are the new rules making things worse?

On face the nation this morning Margaret was talking to the head of

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 03-21-20

Philadelphia residents ordered to 'stay-at-home' starting Monday morning

Poetic Justice

Not everything is a coincidence

Did Rand Paul just kill off half the Senate?

America Will Survive

Are government offices

My friend's daughter and grandson are stuck in Peru

It seems strange to me when you check the corona tracker (worldometer) it's so wide spread

Angela Merkel in self quarantine -her doctor

Trump was NOT "caught flat-footed" by this virus!

165 Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Arkansas

Pelosi says House will draft its own coronavirus funding bill

These are the celebrities who have tested positive for COVID-19

I took a little trip over to Twitter, where I searched for the trending hashtag #WhereIsBiden.

So watching Gov of Florida announce Federally supported testing sites

Healthy 39-year-old woman dies waiting for coronavirus test results

Lawmakers: Protecting jobs is priority in any Boeing bailout

Stolen firearm reports down, gun lock giveaways up in Everett

Does your city have COVID-19 cases? FL shares some local data for the first time

Hospitals prepare for surge of COVID-19 patients

I Appreciate DU and all I have come to virtually know around here the past decade and a half.

Does this site also include things like withdrawal from benzodiazapines (xanax)?

WE, THE PEOPLE, must create a severe consequence for cult followers

Holy shit! 1/4th of all Covid 19 cases in the U.S. were reported in the past 24 hours.

Breaking: Sen. Rand Paul (Republican) tests Positive for Coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci: I Don't Want to 'Embarrass' Trump

My sister is in the hospital for

Placido Domingo tested positive for COVID-19

What the Hell is this?

Just curious. Does anyone here have any closeup exposure to the virus?

Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer help those over 60

Maybe Bernie has Corona?

Sibelius Symphony No. 5 - III. Finale

The state of NY now has more Covid-19 cases than

Sen Rand Paul has tested positive for coronavirus

Coronavirus aid bill includes $3,000 for families, $4 trillion liquidity for Fed: Mnuchin

As hospitals plead for supplies, FEMA director has no answers on mask shipments

How about a few words of real leadership from a real president:

Wasn't Rand Paul at Mar a Shithole for the birthday

An open letter to Sen Sanders from my 90+ Mother who can no longer

Milwaukee landlord reduces rent to $100/month to help his tenants

Sick parents with 102 fevers denied coronavirus test, as son begins vaccine trial

Michigan now 1035 cases. 8 dead.

Two things that give me joy: Daffodils and Sophie Stinky Toes

Turns out there's another trending Twitter hashtag: #WhereIsBernie

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says Trump not using his Defense Production Act powers will cost lives

"And now they know"

Gov. Pritzker from IL: Because no federal coordination the states are competing for PPE purchasing

Disgraced opera singer Plcido Domingo tests positive for coronavirus

Demographics I want to be seeing

Strict limits for coronavirus testing in Tri-Cities. No drive-up option

Every poop feels like one step closer to the apocalypse. n/t

Gear heads will appreciate this.

Second patient has coronavirus at psychiatric hospital

Two people connected to Fort Benning test positive for coronavirus

Florida Republican Urges Blowing Hair Dryer Up Your Nose

Ancient Maya kingdom with pyramid discovered in southern Mexico

Ancient Maya kingdom with pyramid discovered in southern Mexico

Coronavirus updates: Washington seeks to fill personal protective equipment shortages

CA-25: All voters to receive mail ballots in runoff election to succeed Rep. Katie Hill

Full Order in Post 7. OHIO - There's the first #TraitorGOP Governor to order #StayAtHome

Let's play that famous tiny finger violin. Poor poor Donnie...

Market Selloff Isn't Over Yet

We should institute Andew Yang's UBI for the duration of the crisis.

Russian army to send coronavirus help to Italy after Putin phone call

"Confirmed cases" vs actual cases

Confirmed Global Coronavirus Infection Cases Top 316,000

Coronavirus: Cuomo Outlines 'Stay At Home' Rules

Trump's Virus Briefings Replace His Campaign Rallies

Sheldon Whitehouse @SenWhitehouse

Hawaiian 14-day quarantine period starts March 26, lasts until May 20

Larry Edgeworth, NBC audio tech, dies after contracting coronavirus

US coronavirus death toll rises as hard-hit areas restrict testing

Doctors Are Concerned That Black Communities Might Not Be Getting Access To Coronavirus Tests

Cook Political Report changes ratings of four Ca. House seats.

Virus rebels from France to Florida flout lockdown practices

Molly Jong-Fast: "Four days ago"

The Economic Devastation Is Going to Be Worse Than You Think

De Blasio Says NYC 10 Days Away From Widespread Shortages Of Critical Medical Equipment

Tribute to Kenny Rogers - The Gambler - Yardie Style

Imagine having to give birth without your partner present, This is where we are

College students in Florida test positive for coronavirus after spring break trip

Rand Paul -- Feeling So Well Someone Else Wrote His COVID-19 Twitter Announcement

Ron Paul's Column for 3/16/20: "The Coronavirus Hoax"

Now many understand the phrase "gone viral" well before "social media"

Half way there? On the curve? McAllenan on ABC This Week

Remember this picture when you take more than you need...

tRump Quietly Checks With Aides To Make Sure He'd Be Included In Receiving $1,000 Government Checks

The American Federation of Teachers endorses Joe for President.

What an ass...

Harbor Freight is donating their ENTIRE supply of PPE to hospitals:

Repost- Vote by Mail Only - every federal, state, and local election.

We're Now Number #3.....

No. Just fucking no. This is America, damn it!

McConnell has called for a vote on the 3rd Aid Bill for 6:00 PM

Trump gets polling boost, but will it last?

So, Is Treasury Secretary Munchkin on Board with the Senate Bill?

On 3/11 Florida requested emergency supplies from fed govt.. they got everything..

Dr. Emily Landon at the Illinois Governor's COVID-19 Press Conference

Young COVID-19 patient who traveled to Miami Beach says it's 'most incredible pain' he's experienced

Coronavirus isn't stopping Rand from being at the Senate gym and in the swimming pool today

I guess that 'thoughts are prayers' thingy only goes so far, even symptom free libertarian Rand Paul


One by one they're jumping off the lunatic Con's train

Add mass murderer to his fucking resume.

Sen Schatz: "The responsibility of the Senate is to remain operational."

There is a shortage of masks, so individuals can donate?

Was Rand on a mission to shut down the Senate?

So bored today

NEWS: MAR 22 at 7PM ET - Sanders Coronavirus Livestream with AOC, Omar, Tlaib

The entire state of Ohio has 'A Stay at Home Order' This means only CDC approved activities

destroyer - a savage night at the opera (studio-2011) would've been at home on 70's AOR stations

Democrats warn of 'serious issues' with massive stimulus bill ahead of key procedural vote

I Hate Gotham Steel - Thank God for Recording/Fast Forward

Kate McKinnon said it way back in 2016

So, as it's likely to happen, Trump lavishes attention on the red states when it gets bad there...

Trump is our "rough beast".

Arizona reports 2nd death from Covid-19

Can you think of a single aspect of your life that is better since Trump became President?

Illinois governor fires back at Trump over coronavirus: 'Get off Twitter & do your job'

Italy bans internal travel as death toll rises a further 651 (But there is a bright spot)

Pink Performs White Rabbit

Brazil Braces for Coronavirus

De Blasio says April and May 'are going to be a lot worse'

Luckovich and others

Will grumbling Bernie Sanders help to unite Democrats?

De Blasio says April and May 'are going to be a lot worse'

If I received an email from a Nigerian Prince who has a cure for the coronavirus and just needs $500

Cuban doctors are in Italy to help with the coronavirus. If our prez

What could possibly go wrong with a $500 billion slush fund dispensed at Mnuchin's sole discretion?

CDC Level 3 Warning: Avoid Nonessential Travel to China

Merkel in Quarantine After Contact With Infected Doctor

Justin Trudeau thanks the kids

Lucky she drives a large SUV and not a school. From TIME

7 states shelve primary contests -- for now

So when you do not do your job and someone is harmed,

North Korea claims Trump sent letter to Kim Jong-un offering coronavirus help

using zoom for my sunday morning UU fellowship mtg. interesting tech but

Two Hours of "Madame Secretary" on the CW Channel @4pm est

Its no coincidence that major catastrophes happen during Republican administrations.

Biden has released a New Digital Ad Showing Side by Side Comparison How he & DT Have Acted..

I hope to live long enough to see ...


Heard from restaraunt manager Oho Gov. Dewine

In the past 24 hours the deaths in New York went from 60 to 114

"This is such a unique and rare circumstance in history and in our lives,"

U.S. axed CDC expert job in China months before virus outbreak

Republicans who had lunch with Rand Paul are told by doctor there is no need to quarantine.

There will NOT be a ....Run On Banks...All accounts insured up to $250,000.

Doesn't Princess have access to lots of fabrics?

Dogs Can Ease Your Self-Quarantine Stress

Loeffler's Husband Also Dumped Stock

Guys? You need more MIRT volunteers?

The 6ft thing Vs. Toyko rush hour sub reality

UTLA: Bernie Sanders Staying in the Race is Crucial to Defeating Trump, Building the Society We Need

Meghan McCain announces pregnancy

Rand Paul Can Get Tested With No Symptoms Or Exposure

ESPN is getting desperate for "sports" to show!

WI National Guard leader: We are not replacing law enforcement during the coronavirus outbreak

Rand Paul Typhoid Mary

Let me get this right

Look At All Those Virus Spreaders On Them Florida Beaches

Man...if this elective surgery ban ramps up even more

Business Fallout: Marriott to furlough thousands of workers

Utah: Images of the Beehive State

Rick Studley at Chamber of Commerce warns Gov Whitmer against lockdown..

PIC: Senate GOP lunch with Rand Paul

If the self styled "Moral majority" were really the majority,

A Report From the Coronavirus Frontline: "They Are Essentially Drowning in Their Own Blood."

All non-emergency dental appointments cancelled in Florida

Ocean City ((MD)) closes beaches, boardwalk to slow coronavirus transmission

Seeing reports that Harvey Weinstein has COVID19

Ohio lockdown effective Monday 11:59 pm

Sewing Mask Threads Compilation

Nature Medicine corrective to some myths about the origins of Covid-19.

Mike Lee is self-quarantining.

Rita Wilson in quarantine -- ENJOY!!!

Louisiana Governor Edwards (D) issuing Stay at Home order effective Monday 3-23-20 at 5:00 pm

NC textile mill 'heeds call of nation,' gears up to make 10 million face masks per week

At New York prison, Harvey Weinstein put in isolation after contracting virus

Your daily dose of undiluted

Rand Paul - the epitome of irony:

The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Libertarians apparently like to believe people magically live in a bubble.

Americans urged to cheer from their windows Sunday night to show support for health care workers

Trump presser, Sunday 22 March. 5 pm.

GOP senators say they 'don't need to quarantine' after lunch with Rand Paul

***trump press briefing supposed to be at 5:00 today... (now)

Is Herbert Hoover Trump having another lie-fest today? nt

Things I've learned with today's shopping trip - one week into the Coronavirus

OK. The US has strategic oil reserves, and it never seems to be too hard to

Now this is good news - Sugentech immunoassay test

WHO launches global megatrial of the four most promising coronavirus treatments

LOUISIANA Governor issues Shelter In Place. 8 states total now

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Will Rise During Quarantines. So Will Neglect of At-Risk People

Gov. Greg Abbott stops short of shelter-in-place order.

Inasmuch as some are claiming that Biden has disappeared or is doing nothing, I'll post this again:

Trump and his Mar-a-lago Crime Syndicate look at this pandemic as a once in a lifetime opportunity

GOP senators are seeking advice to determine if any need to self-quarantine.

The latest Facebook explanation for COVID 19...

Schumer just told reporters that zero Democrats support the GOP stimulus package

pre-market trading opens soon, Trump schedules press conferences to manipulate market

So Rand Paul got tested, then went to the gym and swam in the pool before he got his results

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) will self-quarantine.

Zoom is an amazing service.

Coronavirus In Delaware: Gov. John Carney Issues Stay-At-Home Order As COVID-19 Cases Climb To 56

North Korea: Trump offered Kim Jong Un help in fighting coronavirus

Not sure if any of you others fit into this category.

such random positive covid119 hits, I'm starting to see a pattern

Tweet of the Day

Been thinking of this, here it is: Coronavirus In Delaware:

Has the lying, insecure, narcissistic pos started his daily 2 minutes of hate maga rally yet?

Trump Wants Control of Economic Rescue Funds

(3M CEO) said 500,000 (N95 masks) are being transported from its South Dakota plant to New York....

song for today, thinking all the needless deaths. Carla Bley trio live (link fixed)

Trump Wants Control of Economic Rescue Funds

Mitch McConnell will NEVER FUCKING ALLOW a $200 Social Security increase to pass the Senate. NEVER.

Have they setup a designated survivor yet.

What if (God forbid) this virus is still in full swing by November?

Neil Diamond: "Hands.. washing hands"

Exclusive: U.S. axed CDC expert job in China months before virus outbreak

"The Streaming Services You Can Watch for Free While You're Stuck Inside":

Why does Trump over use the phrase, "...never seen before"?

Atlas Coughed

The Fastest Supercomputer on Earth Is Being Deployed Against Coronavirus

How do people live without music?

At New York prison, Harvey Weinstein put in isolation after contracting virus

'Where Were The Tests When We Needed Them?': Trump, Pritzker Spar On Federal COVID-19 Response As Il

They're still saying he needs to act presidential on Politics Nation

Dan Rather warns media about hyping Trump pressers: 'He's not going to come to anybody's rescue'

THE SENATE is now 48 R -47 D (Romney, Scott, Gardner join Paul, Lee in quarantine)

Weinstein test positive for the coronavirus.

Trump Axed (Beijing) CDC Expert Job Months Before Outbreak

hopefully-President-elect Joe Biden video: "Donald Trump has failed the American people"

My main question - why does the media - anyone? - get so played by trump - expect something new

Romney to self-quarantine because of Paul

TV . . Golf . . Florida . . Elbow to Elbow Gallery . . What . . The . . Fuck?

So the Word of Life Church in Greensburg, PA, met today with over 200 idiots in attendance.


Joe won despite being heavily outspent by sanders

Chinese Company Ships Crates of Masks to Italy Covered in Italian Poetry...

"don't torture yourself with the clown show, enough lies, enough self-congratulation"

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Trump has blood on his hands.

So Trump's tweet reveals the play: Claims that the federal government is there to back up states...

MAYBE the republicans (some anyway) are purposefully giving the Dems (and themselves) a way out:

CNN's Jake Tapper folds to RW pressure. Trump didn't call the virus a hoax is a real thing now.

Ocasio-Cortez: We need to send out checks to everybody, even the rich

DUers: I am prepared to pay you $7,000 for one roll of toilet paper.

I'm wavering between "The Orange Death" and "The Orange Plague"...

I really admire Al Sharpton.......

He is going to come out attacking both the Speaker and Schumer

Kitten adorably cries when human stops petting

Virginia police investigate 'disturbing' video of teens coughing on produce

A couple of articles about CDC funding cuts from 2018

Pence and his wife test negative

Twitler presser cum rally about to start. People filing in

Orange Ass presser March 22, live now

I notice there is a lot of covid-19 misinformation on twitter targeting Blue states, some of this

Trump officials weigh reopening Obamacare enrollment over coronavirus

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to get majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

The Dotard is the not so "hidden enemy". Nt

Look into The Last Man on Earth, with Will Forte

The orange olne is finally squawking.

He is gasping for air!

Fucker sends his regards to Rand Paul and Diaz-Balart

Is it just me, or is he going out of his way to mention work in NY and CA?

Sanders' campaign raises over $2 million for coronavirus charities

Day 4 I think

Harvey Weinstein has Corona.

Let's not fall into the semantics trap of calling what's going to happen 'Stimulus'


No mention of using the defense production act to produce

Did he just say "if they're sadistic"?

From a pure technical clinical perspective,

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 22, 2020

The FEMA guy behind Trump

market falling off the cliff again. pre mkt opens 5% down (Dow could cross into 17,000s Monday)

Dr Fauci is not there

We must preserve the infrastructure of the economy

TrumpDOW futures hit limit down.

Renters are not protected from eviction during this crisis.

trump thinks we're all special people

If you have a face mask, some pointers.

Every Governor should give a press conference at the same time tRump gives one.


I do not see Dr. Anthony Fauci at Trump's briefing!

Trumps apparent anger on display as he used the derogatory term "Deep State Department" and Dr Fauci

Watch their hands

Trump's Failure Grows As He Won't Invoke The Defense Production Act

Navarro sucks trumps ass

Exclusive: U.S. axed CDC expert job in China months before virus outbreak

My mantra for the presidential election. May we all see true and vote that truth.

Futures Trading Halted As Dow Drops Another Five Percent


I honestly think this virus is EVERYWHERE!

Enough of the platitudes Pence, Navarro, and others ...

Harry Truman gained the attention of the nation and probably a VP slot for looking into

Trump will participate in one presidential debate, the first, and then dodge the rest.

Amazonians United Wins PTO for all Amazon Workers

San Francisco confirms 105 coronavirus cases, zero deaths

WTF new guidelines to allow people who have it and are asymptomatic to return to work wearing a mask

Is Pence announcing a Porn hotline?

Pandemic Advance Bill will not advance. Needs 60 votes. 42 No votes so far.

Please media, ask this motherfucker what he inherited and why he fired the pandemic team

Democrats give the Con and his senate 2 choices...

He's off script now

Bette Midler - From A Distance ..enjoy

Sarcastic remark about Romney being in isolation.

Turn it off.

Are Hospitals Near Me Ready for Coronavirus?

How to get more information out of a coronavirus press conference

Harry Enten:The fact that Biden is not just winning this primary but winning it easily, along


This is a leader. Scroll to the 1:18 mark

Trump keeps saying 'we have to take care of our workers". No mention

Kyrsten Sinema Blasts Rand Paul For Irresponsibly Spreading Coronavirus

Before it goes down the Memory Hole

From the GOP bill page 391... per a dem source: "appears to be a Secret Bailout Authority....

Why is Trump so indecisive about using the Defense Production Act?

Loading two ships that won't reach their destination for a month with supplies that

I'm gonna break down and order some stuff from Schwans tomorrow.

For something else to watch.

Any ideas on DMV license renewal??? No appointments available

He just lies and lies and lies

New York, Washington state, California. There are more cases of

Price-gouging: LA (Los Angeles) officials crack down amid coronavirus pandemic

Now that Senators are self quaranteeing, suddenly Trump is looking into allowing

tRump explaining nationalizing business. What a hoot.

"Gee, that's too bad! I have a feeling that's going to come back as a Trump meme!

Governor of TN orders change to restaurant/bar business model today

I talked to a homeless guy on my walk yesterday

Pence Keeps Referring To This 15 Day Period....

Dallas Going on Full Lock-Down (probable 90 days)

I'd like to thank the brave souls who are monitoring the Trump Lie-fest

What is the truth about Trump's travel ban from China?

Have we learned one, new substantive piece of information from this presser?

And he's off his meds now...

Hydroxycloroquine as treatment for COVID19 virus

If for some crazy reason, you are ever passing through Dover, Delaware...

New York State now has roughly 5 percent of the world's cases.

Why do we televise this rambling idiot?

Networks cut away from Trump presser ABC CBS

Demanding changes, Democrats block first Senate step on Coronavirus bill

I am so sick of the lies and bullshit.

He's Still Thinking A Miracle Will Save Him.....

"They're going to start giving the drug through mouth"

"Why test the drugs in test tubes when we've got sick people we can test them on?"

Nicole Wallace will be on with Ali Velshi after the orange menace gets the hook

The mother fucker is a raving lunatic !!!!!!!!!

On this day, March 22, 1972, Eisenstadt v. Baird was decided.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

That narcissistic bastard...

In case you missed it

I am SO glad I went to Maui when I did.

The Last Recession Led to an Unequal Recovery. We Can Choose a Different Path.

Some misguided people see the glass as being half empty, while others

AP FACT CHECK: Trump falsely says ventilators coming 'fast'

Denver stations cut away from trump

Why doesn't Trump's presser have a Spanish speaking person unequivocally state that undocumented

IOC looking at postponing Tokyo Olympics in 4 weeks of talks

Rita Wilson nails it...

Biden should get the same amount of free tv time as Trump news conferences.

What trump is saying is that the CORPORATIONS are going to get MOST OF THE MONEY.

Fugging Dence, Pence.

CBS went to 60 Minutes!!

Last German honored for saving Jews during Holocaust dies


"People are dying to go to restaurants"

Nabilah Islam for Congress: Rand Paul, while awaiting test results, used the Senate gym and pool

Trump: People are dying to go out to restaurants

Trump won't commit to not taking govt bailout for his hotels. "Let's see what happens"

Glad Handing? WTF, does the orange anus actually know what it means?

Together Again

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema - Fellow Senator Blasts Rand Paul For Irresponsibly Spreading Coronavirus

People Are Dying To Get On Planes; People Are Dying To Go To Restaurants.....

FFS, when will he be done talking about himself and running for president.

it always devolves into

Groups to Oklahoma governor: Withdraw Medicaid plan now

If he was the "War Time President" in the 40's, we'd speak German.

What is he talking about.

reporter asks: did he sell any stock ahead of virus

My governor, Jared Polis, blows 45 away!

I had to shut him off. What a F'en bore with irrelevant unrelated information.

Free Online Course on Corona Virus from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

NBC is throwing in the towel on Hair Furor's presser

It's time!

That moment when a "president" seems to be happy to see Senator Mitt Romney contract #COVID19

"We'll be Back!! Try the veal!!!"

Biden says he will start vetting process for VP pick 'in a matter of weeks'

WOW! Trump says coronavirus will be over SOON and the economy's gonna SKYROCKET!!!

Am I the only one?

We are all Don Corleone when Trump starts to whine

Has anyone here ever been in a medication trial? Because I have.

W. Kamau Bell @wkamaubell: "It's very hard for rich people to run for office."

Dir of Westchester Emergency Med drives to Brooklyn to buy 1000 masks @ $6.50/mask w/ own $$$

A world awash in dirty fuel...

Sinema criticizes Paul for alleged behavior ahead of coronavirus test results

OK Governor Stitt no sheltering in place

Just heard that Rand Paul has tested positive for Coronavirus

Meghan McCain announces pregnancy, plans to telecommute to 'The View'

U.S. reports 3rd-most coronavirus cases in the world

Thank you Nicole..."People are scared. Trump focused on himself "

Trump takes credit for Veterans Choice, which was signed into law by President Obama

Zagreb hit by earthquake while in coronavirus lockdown

It's no joke.

Exclusive: U.S. axed CDC expert job in China months before virus outbreak

Born on this day, March 22, 1948; Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Sen. Mike Lee to self-quarantine after Rand Paul tests positive for coronavirus

Fucker is trying to make money while selling snake oil treatments

THANK YOU Ali Velshi and all of the MSNBC staff for working so hard and so honestly


Well, here comes the onslaught.

Key procedural vote on economic stimulus fails after Democrats warn of 'serious issues' with bill

Trump responds sarcastically to Romney's self-quarantine: 'Gee, that's too bad'

He is using a national crisis to get free airtime for his thinly disguised reelection propaganda

It is really irrisponsible to keep complaining how unpleasant the test was. We want people

Don Trump is now running our coronavirus situation.

Trump being just a tad too cute

How the CDC's Restrictive Testing Guidelines Hid the Coronavirus Epidemic

Where is Bernie?

How much are you social distancing?

Biden calls for immediate increase in Social Security benefits

Proposal to cancel April special elections could hurt schools, district officials say

Spain's Last 1918 Flu Survivor, Age 105 Says 'Be Careful'; Naples FL, 107- YO Recalls 1918 Epidemic