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Top Obama economist says there's 'a real danger' the coronavirus recession could be worse than 2008

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 23 March 2020

How does the defense production act work?

Trump timed his presser

Dow futures plunge the 5% limit as coronavirus slams market, Fed official warns unemployment could h

Dean Baker @DeanBaker: In this case,Trump has explicitly said that he can do whatever he wants

You gotta believe the republicans are fucking workers every way possible.

*Chris VanHollen on MSNBC now.

I bet we are going to find out that gop senators have been tested

"It's unclear how Paul was able to secure a test despite his lack of symptoms or known direct contac

Florida college students traveling together on spring break have tested positive for COVID-19

Trump Admin eliminated CDC expert job in China shortly before COViD-19 outbreak.

Sanders skips key procedural vote

Who has watched the Netflix episode of Dirty Money from Season 2 about Kushner?

Half a million N95 masks are on their way to New York and Seattle, manufacturer says

NEWS Coronavirus Cases in Arlington Jump to 26

New York set to shut down at 8 p.m.; Cuomo warns socializing 'has to stop and it has to stop now'

Olympic swimmer opens up on coronavirus battle: 'The worst virus I have ever endured'

Trump keeps telling this fairy tale about a massive

Yes. Some "un-derserving" people will get a check from the govt. So what.

Lt. Gen. Honor: 'If We Don't Discipline We'll Have A Mess On Our Hands.' MSNBC

Harvey Weinstein Tests Positive For Coronavirus In NY State Prison; Convicted Producer In Isolation

An idea about Trump the Con Artist. Too many times the con..

First presumptive positive case of COVID-19 in Upper Michigan

Lost Sense of Smell May Be Peculiar Clue to Coronavirus Infection

Paul Stayed at Work Despite Coronavirus Test

My nephew is working his way through college doing food service in a nursing home.

Two Navy personnel at the Navy Medical Readiness Command-Bethesda test positive

Lupus Patients Can't Get Crucial Medication After Trump Pushes Unproven Coronavirus Treatment

Coronavirus: Germany Tightens Curbs And Bans Meetings Of More Than Two

'I'm going to keep pushing.' Anthony Fauci tries to make the White House listen to facts of the pand

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Rep. Ben McAdams (D-UT) is doing better and thanks everyone for well-wishes.

Jeff Tiedrich for the Win

Trump began hijacking coronavirus task force press conferences after seeing praise heaped on Pence

Meme of the year!

Trump outlines national guard activations for New York, California and Washington

Trump's Presser: Classic Word Salad...

Trump is 'furious' with New York Gov. Cuomo because his pandemic press conferences are overshadowing

A look at the empty streets of NYC amid the virus

The Novel Coronavirus Originated In Bats, And That's Actually Pretty Common

Serious Question for Bernie Supporters about Healthcare

I couldn't be prouder of my mayor (REDUX)

Silver lining: reduction in pollution

Republicans are going for it ALL, trillions to the top 0.1%, & destroy the entire social safety net

Trump tells governors to stop 'blaming' him after they request more help from feds

Trump: I haven't consulted past presidents

*** Important COVID-19 statistic: only 44% of cases present with fever. ***

Rand Paul getting tested but not caring about others is the epitome of libertarian selfishness

Failure is not an option

Man caught on camera stealing 29 unused coronavirus tests at Arizona health clinic

Brazil's Bolsonaro Plays Down Coronavirus Risk As Cases Top 1500

As coronavirus spreads, so do doubts about America's ability to meet the moment

Lost Sense of Smell May Be Peculiar Clue to Coronavirus Infection.

Stock Futures Got Crushed After the Senate Failed to Pass a Coronavirus Aid Package

(Jewish Group) The real history behind HBO's 'The Plot Against America'

Trump Declines To Promise That His Own Company Won't Get Coronavirus Bailout Money

Confirmed Global Coronavirus Infection Cases Near 330,000

You took a god damn three day weekend last weekend, you malevolent toad.

Moscow Mitch used COVID 19 bill to create $500B slush fund

If/when Biden is elected in November, should he enlist Obama to help repair America's image abroad?

A Medical Worker Describes Terrifying Lung Failure From COVID-19 -- Even in His Young Patients

Top Senate Republican sees Monday coronavirus vote, Pelosi plans own bill

Movie characters that are just like Donald Trump

VA suspends funeral honors, large gatherings at cemeteries due to coronavirus

To the new and not-so-new posters pushing the "where is Biden?" meme:

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is closing until April 3rd

"Atlas coughed. Just as Ron Paul calls coronavirus a hoax, Rand tests positive"

This site predicts trends for each state in different C-19 mitigation scenarios:

So, we are worried. Yes, but got me thinking ...

For the psychologist types; how long before donnie's withdrawals from his Nazi rallies cause him to

Time to listen up, Bernie

New Zealand to go into Lockdown in 48 Hours for 4 weeks.

Coronavirus: Indians Bang Pots And Pans To Support Fight

*What's eating America, Zimmern, MSNBC, now.

Statement from Vice President Joe Biden on FEMA Administrator Peter Gaynor's Comments on CNN

Dr. Fauci Reports That Alcohol May Help People Survive Coronavirus Briefings

KRUGMAN: Trump doesn't deserve and won't get any benefit of the doubt.

Whatever happened to $15/hr?

Joe Biden adviser Larry Rasky dies.

WATCH: Neil Diamond Sings Updated Coronavirus Version of 'Sweet Caroline'

COVID-19: The Deep South is about to get walloped.

Now is a great time to show who the Republicans serve

Biden has talked with Obama about possible vice presidential pick

Charles M. Blow @CharlesMBlow: I'm a big no on this crazy Republican bailout. BIG NO!!!

We just had another shaker in SLC (Salt Lake City, UT)

Louisiana - notice it climbing the chart

Arizona Republican shares false info claiming COVID-19 means 'Chinese Originating' virus

Bernie is proving what everyone has always said about him.

Everytime trump opens his pie hole

Quarantine Day 11.

Civil rights activist and Emmett Till relative dies at 50

Biden calls for student loan debt forgiveness of at least $10,000/person.

Australia Starts Lockdown Measures As Coronvirus Cases Jump

Senate Republicans' corporate rescue looks more like a "slush fund," say Democrats

Stayin Alive In The Wall

cruise lines fly under none US flags to avoid US taxes and employment law. should they get bailouts

Chuck Schumer on the McConnell-GOP COVID-19 bailout bill

Tyler Perry singing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" on CNN.

He wanted to "Make American Great Again" and he, and us were brought down to our knees

Debt Jubilee Is The Only Way To Avoid A Depression

How much have you spent at the grocery store in the last half month (per person, excluding pets)

The 500 billion dollars the republicans want, no strings attached, will be the greatest heist ever.

Kitten Loves His New Friend, A Beautiful Golden Retriever Puppy

" Trump - isn't being paid to be president and has given away his salary: "Nobody said thank you"

My latest email from Bernie...

A nice little snippet I wanted to share written before the shelter-in-place edict

Never forget that Pence was a leader in the opposition to Obama stimulus bill

You might want to set up a skype video connection with family members

Source: Trump is trying to copy Cuomo'sstyle at press conference.

☦ Prayer for our safety, our preserved health, and healing for those afflicted.☦


Watching Richard Engel on assignment- Hate

Hobby Lobby Founder Reportedly Told Employees A Message From God Informed His Decision to Leave Stor

FDR's "Day Of Infamy" Speech ....

Once again trump is talking out of his Ass


Something a little weird, a little weird.

Sanders Institute has little to show for first year and $500K

Seth Abramson says 91% of all TV commercials are now irrelevant. nt

in Hawaii - Oahu/Honolulu and Maui mayors issue stay at home orders effective tomorrow

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good

So, Bernie?

Trump is trying to brainwash Americans. Only safe if he's president!

Has Crime Gone Down Due To The Lockdowns, Isolations & Quarantines?.....

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 25: Star of the Month: Joe E. Brown

"counting on people being so traumatized on a day-to-day basis that they will forget his inaction"

Mayor Garcetti [Los Angeles] Isn't Messing Around

I achieved a lifelong dream. Then things went to hell.

I smell BS. Man with coronavirus says drug used to treat malaria 'saved my life'

Well guys, the Denny's by the house is closed.

Jos Andrs: We Have a Food Crisis Unfolding Out of Sight.

Boba Guys founder on what it's like to fire 400 people, shutter 17 locations in a single day

Secret Service member tests positive

What are you watching/listening to?

Is our fight against Corona Virus worse than the disease itself

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 24: Alice Guy-Blache

The true economic impact on people

VERY Serious discussion. I am very rural.

Donald Trump tweets to an anxious country

A top New York surgeon warns that the coronavirus has 'breached' hospital walls and infections could

Newsweek Exposes Rand Paul's Achilles' Heel

Paying for child care while you provide it at home

New Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy

Coronavirus math...

With 1 Million Test Kits This Could Have All Been Avoided

they cheer this. He sounds and looks just plain crazy

Something fishy about all these Republicans "quarantining" themselves?

Trump tweet 9 minutes ago... signals he'll end the shut downs in two weeks.

The Russian Army is going to help....

I'm almost out of isopropyl Alcohol. But I got lucky.

Just watched Andrew Cuomo's latest press conference: Draft Cuomo in July

What is the autoimmune issue with Covid19?


Did pharaoh's heart soften? - SHITLER says Undocumenteds can be tested w/o fear. Don't believe it!1

By next week the US will have the highest number of infections in the world

Look at this, Floridians, and then tell DeSantis to order shelter in place!

My Grandparents used to tell me stories about the Great Depression on the 30's.

Just spoke with a journalist in Kansas City who heard a short time ago

This website models different outcomes for Covid-19 in each state

Hocus potus

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats that will put Democrats back in the majority in 2020.

Yahoo article: Hell is Coming: Here is the Mathematical Proof

Whoa, Tweet From Hillary Clinton From 2016

Bernie Sanders wants to get rid of billionaires. All of them.

Mask Making 101

I think cremations are going to needed.

to those republicans who are getting sick with covid-do NOT expect prayers from me turn to your lead

Trump made 33 false claims about the coronavirus crisis in the first two weeks of March

Statement from Vice President Joe Biden on Congressional negotiations

Hawaii Democrats scrap in-person voting plan for primary

Here are the US states and cities on lockdown orders....

Its terrifying how fast the numbers of infected are growing.

McConnell Sets Vote for Just After Market Open

Actual Indeed Ad for Border Patrol Agents

DU Poll: Is your city or state currently on lock down orders?

A Brief History of Toilet Paper

Why the Right may be willing to throw Richard Burr over the side -- Hint: it's about politics

A Sea of Red, Nearly Everywhere - John Hopkins COVID-19 Map

Important coronavirus PSA

Doctor says U.S. response nothing short of criminal

Japan to quarantine ALL visitors from U.S.

Trump thinks this a TV game show: "Go for it, auto execs, let's see how good you are..."

Our ultra-rich sure do seem to need trillions of government hand-outs in these modern times

First glimmer of good news from Italy: New Cases down 15% and 18% decline in deaths

Believe it or not, Kentucky has been doing reasonably well at flattening the curve.

Rand Paul's coronavirus diagnosis sends shockwaves through Senate

A question for legal experts on DU -- can a class action suit be brought against Fox

Wonder where Joe is? He's involved in a MASSIVE, unprecedented operation

Trump sued for allowing meals-on-wheels & homeless shelters to discriminate against LGBTQ people

So what is the status of these two murky measures?

Covid 19, Update 24

Seniority List for incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate.

A new cover,

Northeast Ohio answers call to make masks during coronavirus: Here's how to help

Healthcare group Novacyt wins U.S. approval for coronavirus test

"Tiger King, Murder, Mayhem and Madness" on Netflix, anyone

What is wrong with these people? Check out there frustrating hot takes from some Twitter Trumpians

If you have not already read

Elton John Postpones Farewell Tour Dates Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Canada withdraws from 2020 Games as Japan, IOC consider postponement

Republican held US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 the Democrats can win.

the barr brothers - it came to me (live at paste studio - 2017) just give it a minute ...

Pompeo rushes to Kabul to jumpstart flagging peace process

Monday morning work-from-home pancakes


Now I am really , really concerned.

Holy crap. 1.2 billion students are out of school right now

My question for trump, what are yours?

the barr brothers - hideous glorious (studio-2017) random album track from the latest cd ...

Dr. Fauci risking being fired?

What! No Vacation?

Donald McNeil: The Coronavirus Can Be Stopped, But Only With Harsh Measures, Experts Say

Breakfast Monday 23 March 2020

Cuban doctors head to Italy to battle coronavirus

Rupert Murdoch Put His Son in Charge of Fox. It Was a Dangerous Mistake.

Unemployment could reach 30% in the U.S., says St. Louis Fed's Bullard

Alarming Coronavirus visualization over the past 15 days.

Fuck Steven Rattner, shilling out for Moscow Mitch's slush fund & blaming Obama for causing mistrust

Lovely Day, Bill Withers

"This isn't just another candidate and just another campaign. It is a political movement for change

BS is wasting as much time thinking about his campaign as drump did on COVID19.

Is everyone aware that NYT and WaPo are offering free coverage of Covid-19?

Rep. Ben McAdams hospitalized after coronavirus positive test "severe shortness of breath"

Wuhan's virus patient numbers manipulated for Xi visit: local doctor

Fauci gets frank about Trump: 'I can't jump in front of the microphone and push him down'

Portland strip club forced to close, so dancers now do delivery

The troops are bitching so morale must be high a old army saying

Canada pulls out of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

Metrobus riders will be required to board from rear doors, making rides essentially free

In a week, the coronavirus razed U.S. transit and rail systems

New Finding: Lost Sense of Smell May Be Peculiar Clue to Coronavirus Infection

White supremacists encouraging their members to spread coronavirus to cops, Jews, FBI says

Spit On, Yelled At, Attacked: Chinese-Americans Fear For Their Safety

Geebus: Can you imagine having parents like THIS?

Coronavirus Latest: Tidal Basin To Effectively Close On Monday To Keep Crowds Away

Fed announces unlimited bond purchases in unprecedented move to help U.S. economy

Tweet: "I don't really understand the cruise industry nexus to the US economy."

A pandemic is exponentially spreading across our nation and Trump is crying like an infant

Life in the coronaverse -by Tom Tomorrow

Hunt for medical gear to fight virus becomes all-consuming

just had a long talk with Mrs K

Vote down corrupt stimulus slush fund

cross post from addiction thread my epiphany

Trump signals an economic pivot on coronavirus shutdowns

The buck stops here

It Took A Pandemic

Helicopters Dropping Tons Of Carrots & Sweet Potatoes To Wallabies In Burned Oz Forests

Is it time to postpone the Census?

Joe's activities during this crisis

Pres. Anusmouth's Non-Response To COVID-19 Arrived On A Highway Of Degraded & Ignored Science

The best way to tell if you have COVID-19...

Why the U.S. failed the coronavirus test

Kind quick reminder: viruses have no nationality.

I am with Nancy

Spring Break in FL -- Plenty of blame to go around

Sen. Bernie Sanders will be on Capitol Hill Monday for votes, ... Senate reconvenes at noon.

Raise SSA payments and unintended consequences i

Dow futures surge

I have been getting "Not Secure" messages up in that little line with the star.

The worst Beach Boy album ever

I just saw this amusing gem...

So Trump weighs easing stay-at-home advice to "curb economic rout" (Bloomberg News)

How long before we start having "John Q" confrontations? How long before some father---

Life Tabernacle Church (Baton Rouge) Hosts 1,800 For Sunday Service, In Face Of Shutdown Order

Tom Tomorrow: Life in the Coronaverse

TV commercials are catching the virus

Coronavirus rages as Washington struggles to catch up

Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen -- but in 2021, not 2020

The Rundown: March 20, 2020

Venezuela prohibits company layoffs and suspends credit collections over coronavirus

How did Dems get to 47 votes on the economic package without Bernie?

Good 1%'ers vs. Trump.

We Won't Get Another Bite at a Two Trillion Dollar Apple

Just announced on Bloomberg news that Warren would in about an hour to discuss the current situation

Nigeria records chloroquine poisoning after Trump endorses it for coronavirus treatment

This virus is as much a disease to the "rat race" and "living paycheck to paycheck" as it is to us

My sanity is at risk, It's snowing here in upstate New York.

Republican Stimulus Plan Gives Less Money to Poor Households

Trump tested negative for . . . .

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are seeing in the Senate right now is McConnell

Please please talk me down from the ledge

Laurence Tribe: There are "national emergencies" . . . and then there are NATIONAL EMERGENCIES

Trump's "China Virus" Pivot

Even though the economy was in free fall, not one House Republican voted for the effort to revive it

"We have it totally under control."

We all know that George III was mentally ill

Rand Paul, the Senate pool and gym were still open? WTF!

Sometimes you just need to smile

the order to shelter in place has been given for Dallas, and Houston will probably follow soon.

Spring in blossom, from Reuters Pictures Of The Week...a pleasant distraction from COVID-19.

How would President Clinton have handles C-19 differently

Wherever it came from, it is now the TRUMP VIRUS!

Happy National Chip And Dip Day! Your Favorite?

If they want to stablize the market, they should bound and gag the "fearless leader" in the WH

Let's all hope the virus does not spread through the Postal Service.

March 23, 2020 is National Puppy Day!

Hillary Clinton - 8/8/16 - it all adds up

How the sting of an Elizabeth Warren defeat felt different for young women

Just when you thought you COULD NOT POSSIBLY love John Cornyn MORE, he tweets this.

Live updates: Wall Street falls despite latest Fed action to shore up economy

Monday TOONs 2 - This Looks Like A Job For...

I can't help but wonder about Mom's care

Monday TOONs 1 - Be Unprepared: Worst Disney Song Cover. The Worst

Trump's claims that GM, Ford making ventilators 'right now' not true

I am not a Doctor but I play one on DU...

Ben Garrison is on it.

US Government Implements Mail-In CV19 Testing

Looks like Michigan might be about to get the 'stay at home' order

Charles M. Blow:I don't care what the GOP says abt you Dems, don't be cowed into voting for reckless

Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT) Should Resign from the Senate if he

Hays Eagles have two chicks.

Senator Warren on Bloomberg now. First question, What do the Democrats want?

What if Biden (via video) did a joint press conference with Govs. Cuomo and Newsome?

I can't wait for AOC to get some senority, she's ready ...

'Tip of the iceberg': is our destruction of nature responsible for Covid-19?

Trump signals change in coronavirus strategy that could clash with health experts (Guardian)

Magat's Last Words: "It's All A Hoax"

These Italian mayors telling people to stay the hell inside are amazing

One of Trumps biggest, dangerous flaws is he's not proactive at all. He responds after the fact.

Face Mask Printable Pattern

Prime Minister Modi tells Indians to save themselves from coronavirus as Delhi locks down

Fight For 15 @fightfor15: As the government debates a stimulus package, officials can either decide

PG&E utility to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter over 2018 fire

Something tells me people calling it a "Chinese virus" don't know anything about viruses

Trump gives coronavirus 15 days to stop hurting his stock market

This is a very important question about the virus that must be answered, hopefully soon.


Not your cute kitten/puppy pixs - Microscopic thingies

Biden: Coronavirus shows why conservatives should drop ObamaCare challenge

Massachusetts goes on lockdown effective Tuesday March 24.

PG&E to plead guilty to manslaughter in California Camp Fire

Trump's Dow: Currently -236 @ 18,934.

Joe Biden video statement on Congressional priorities

When will a reporter ask

I seriously can't recall disliking a Surgeon General before. This one is

Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan's brother dies of COVID-19

Mississippi Governor Refuses To Act On Coronavirus, Offers Prayer Instead

Mehdi Hasan: It's Time to Use the 25th Amendment

Amy Klobuchar's husband has coronavirus

The GOP just smuggled another awful provision into the stimulus

Judge extends deadline for Wisconsin residents to register to vote electronically

Question for the Hivemind - Odds of Resuming Group Activities by June 7, 2020?

Perhaps it is time to repurpose ICE to start breaking up/fining all gatherings of ten or more. nt

March 23 - Happy Birthday Mayor Steve Adler (D) Austin

Another great meme...

Sanders wins Dems Abroad

Klobuchar says her husband tested positive for coronavirus

Airlines 2019 v 2020

Is it that God ignores your prayers if you pray alone?

Biden speaking right now:

Has Baby-shit Face spoken yet today?

Moscow Mitch McTurtle cuts Dems out and works exclusively with the White House

Amy Klobuchar's husband has the coronavirus


Dire Warnings from Psychiatrists about trump and a Worldwide Pandemic

Joe Biden on Facebook Live Right Now

Rupert Murdoch Put His Son in Charge of Fox. It Was a Dangerous Mistake.

Meanwhile, at a care home in Wales:

Murder, Mayhem, and Madness 🦁🐯🐻

Lost your job? Need food? Internet? These places can help during the coronavirus crisis

Flatten the Curve of Armchair Epidemiology

They didn't listen to scientists before

Just Curious

MA Stay-At-Home Advisory Issued, Nonessential Businesses To Close

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore: we need #FEMA for the logistics of getting material out where NEEDED!

If You Got One, Might as Well

World War II Rationing

COVID-19's Painful Lesson in Leadership

This is what happens when 60 mil people who believe anything beyond a 3rd grade education is elitist

Cuomo is tearing him a new one re the Defense Production Act

MMM -- Movin'onMonday

3 week (minimum) executive 'stay at home' order in Michigan

Keep your head up and smile during these times

Racist words can do real harm to people, especially when they're spoken by the president of the Unit

Dollar General to add 50,000 workers in response to COVID-19

My husband has coronavirus. I love him & not being able to be by his side

Unfortunately Cuomo is screwing up therapies & diagnostic issues majorly..

Neil Diamond updated "Sweet Caroline " for the age of pandemic

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar's husband has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Delegate count as of this morning:

Corona Universal Income/ HELP!

According to the WP, Trump wants to discourage social distancing because it's hurting the economy

Trump lashes out at networks, newspapers: All I see is 'hatred of me'

I went to Kroger earlier this morning to get a few essentials before we are confined to quarters

Trump-the death president

Johnny was born on this date-

If All of These Well-Known Politicians, Actors, Famous People Have The Virus then it is WAAAY More

My cut and paste response to anything the Madman tweets. Please feel free to use yourself.

First post

Joe is using in home TV studio

Ric Ocasek was born on this date.

The best thing for the country would be for Trump to catch COVID-19

Gov. Whitmer orders "stay at home" order as COVID-19 spreads (MI)

Joe Biden debuts his in home TV studio

Mozambique jihadists seize key town in Cabo Delgado

Don't use coronavirus to bail out oil and gas companies.

Pic Of The Moment: Let's Recap

She was right about everything -

Chaka Khan (Yvette Stevens) was born on this date.

Denmark goes big, "freezes" their economy (THIS is how to save the economy...

I am waiting for Trump to have a epic meltdown in a few weeks.

10 years ago today

Anyone with eXtra 1/4 or 3/8 inch elastic on hand, message me.

Trump's latest tweet...the world's in flames and he's howling for a diaper change.

DC Area Primal Scream Public Monday, March 23, 2020 at 7:00 PM EDT

Don't use coronavirus to bail out oil and gas companies

Corporations Should Sell Every Stock They Bought Back Before The Get $1 Tax Dollar

Rotterdam Philharmonic plays Beethoven's 9th from their homes.

Trump eyeing the expiration of the 15-day "Stop the Spread" CDC guidelines as a possible pivot point

Another aspect of this virus taking hold on a family member

Difficulty concentrating. Anyone else?

Drumpf the one man death panel

If Trump had been president in 1941 we would have effin lost the war.

At this point, I wonder if my throat isn't just naturally ticklish...

Cuomo is leading Trump. It looks like trump is watching and listening to him.

Who knows himself a braggart...

It's the 10-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act!

So Warner Brothers Studio in Hollywood has shut down, per my daughter who works there.

Happy National Puppy Day!

The DOW doing the Limbo


Why is McTurtle under the radar again in the MSM?

One of my favorite senators doing her job...she was a great candidate and my second choice.

Scientists Identify 69 Drugs to Test Against the Coronavirus

I'm looking for a comprehensive critique of what's wrong with the Republican relief bill

Rudy Gobert (NBA player) has lost his sense of smell due to coronavirus

Hopeful Prediction: When this is over, people will be sick of Amazon, ordering stuff online

Coronavirus: Germany 'flattens the curve' as Spain pandemic cases surge (Sky News)

NYT: I'm 26. Coronavirus Sent Me to the Hospital.

The Problem with Presidential Primaries Is Fairly Simple. It's Disappointment.

Pelosi to release her own stimulus plan at 2pm; suggests not getting a senate deal before then

Governor Evers issues stay-at-home order

AOC - The Comic Book

MN Gov. Tim Walz self-quarantines after security member tests positive for COVID-19

Moscow Mitch right now lying that the Democrats are

Smart 17 year old in DC

Florida Keys closed to tourists

Dow wipes out all the gains since Trump's election

Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan's brother dies of COVID-19

Top Democratic super PAC launches $6M campaign attacking Trump on coronavirus

all I want to do is sleep

Billionaires gave millions (billions?) to rebuilding Norte Dame..

is rectum mouth talking? stock market once again not happy

Fifi Rong - Only If I Knew

McConnell suddenly became all righteous and concerned about the country.

Why did Facebook have an "emergency reserve" of 720,000 masks?

INSANE: Ebay listing 12 rolls of Charmin $102.50 (26 bids)

Republicans want to rob the Treasury before the election...

Trump hints possibility of less-restrictive approach in coronavirus fight

The Latest from the Lincoln Project

I love it when Senator Schumer speaks....

I loved watching the Stock Market drop 250 points while Moscow Mitch was speaking

Traffic jam in the SF Bay Area

The State of Connecticut issued their list of "Essential Businesses" that should stay open.....

Since when are CNN and MSNBC the New York channels?

This one is really good.

If Bernie Sanders Had The Same Lead That Biden Now Holds,

If you are getting your Census notice, type the URL directly into the browser window

We Need Puppies Right Now

DJIA Clarity As of 12:32 EDT

On YouTube there are videos that help with stress and not being able to sleep.

Healthcare Workers: We also have family, but can't stay home

We are about to break through 40,000 cases

Watching C-SPAN2 right now, Susan Collins is sitting behind the speaker looking "concerned"!

There's always a tweet, isn't there?

Good Laymen's article on novel treatments

Is Morning Joe's 3 hour just a repeat?

Are we closer to understanding Trump's DIABOLICAL final solution for Blue America now??

we are on the cusp of a depression

Just can't get THIS thought out of my mind.

Trump Not Using Defense Production Act So Corporations Can Quadruple Prices On Masks

Eagle couple with baby Pittsburgh

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson 'Feeling Better' Two Weeks After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Nigeria Has Chloroquine Poisonings After Trump Praised Drug

Maryland Gov. Hogan announces closure of non-essential businesses due to coronavirus pandemic

Corona-hit Denmark extends lockdown until April 13

I just emailed Susan Collins - re: $500 billion GOP robbery


Press needs to figure trump out

As hospitals scramble to face coronavirus, FEMA head can't clarify how many masks are being sent out

Can kids catch coronavirus? What we know about Covid-19 and children

Brazil's President Bolsonaro Says Coronavirus Crisis Is 'A Media Trick, Hysteria, Over A Little Flu'

You raised $464.00 on March 22, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Of Course: Fox News Attacks On Dr. Anthony Fauci Begin

Supreme Court says states can limit scope of insanity defense

We really ARE living in a comic book!

Sen Hoeven (R-ND) LYING now...saying Democrats are objecting to rural america

Cartoons 3/23/2020

Joe Manchin makes turtle soup on the Senate floor as #MoscowMitch melts down

Hungary to consider bill that would allow Orban to rule by decree

I'm calling Sen Collins as an outraged constituent. Anything I can

"It's really hard for rich people to run for President"

Even before infecting us, virus has divided us

Nancy Pelosi @SpeakerPelosi: I will be making a statement at 2 pm ET as we mark the 10th anniversary

We are seeing why having a businessman as President or Governor is a bad idea.

I support the Democrats hanging tough and hanging together re the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill.

Over 1.5 Billion Globally Asked To Stay Home To Escape Virus

A message from fox and friends

NYT opinion piece - Why telling people they don' need masks backfired

Trump issues virus disaster declaration for Washington state

Coming: Drive-thru tests, county park limits, Edmonds order

Idiot tRump trying to call the C-19 ballgame in the second inning

McConnell set this entire scenario in place by not negotiating with Democrats in the first place.

Indiana governor orders residents to stay home due to COVID-19

Too many cars on the road inspired Everett's stay-home order

Switching from CNN to MSNBC while working thru

Message from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Commitee

An infected worker reportedly dies, but Boeing stays open

A small dog dressed as two even smaller dogs carrying a present

AOC: Senator Collins can keep her crocodile tears.

Trump Says Coronavirus Cure Cannot 'Be Worse Than the Problem Itself'

Harsh Steps Are Needed to Stop the Coronavirus, Experts Say

We the People v Corporations

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema calls Rand Paul's behavior prior to receiving coronavirus results 'irresponsible

Schumer slams McConnell for corporate stimulus bill

White supremacists are encouraging members to infect Jews with coronavirus: FBI

It was about the messanger(s)

When is Baker going to issue a stay at home order?

Manchin erupts into shouting match with McConnell: You're 'more concerned about the health of Wall S

White supremacists are encouraging members to infect Jews with coronavirus: FBI

We are on the brink of culling the herd. The Trial balloons are up. In order

Surgeon General Shuts Down 'Dumb Fux & Friends' for Hyping Unproven Coronavirus Cure

TN: picture from a Parking Garage at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville

Just to amuse myself...

Billy Bush of "Access Hollywood" bus interview with Covid-19, touching the pResident inappropriately

Exclusive: 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be postponed, likely to 2021

You Know What We're Not Hearing About the COVID-19 Pandemic?

House Democrats unveil bill to cancel $30,000 in student debt per borrower amid coronavirus

Chris Murphy @ChrisMurphyCT 12m Why would I make that up?

6-3 Supreme Court decision today on insanity defenses

Since I shared my breakfast, here's my dinner: duck frites with duck-raspberry gravy

Sanders surrogate (and shadow Jane Sanders employee) is still bashing Biden on Twitter:

Chris Hayes reminding those itching to restart the economy early why it's not a good idea

The Hoarse Whisperer tells us what to expect next from trump the narcissist

Trump will let this happen here:

Pelosi LIVE on msnbc Press Conf.

Enough is enough! 🤬

Trump complains that all he sees in all the TV he watches is 'hatred of me at any cost'

Tokyo Olympics postponed?

Secret Service employee tests positive for coronavirus

Tempers Flaring in Senate

There may be no baseball but Speaker Pelosi just hit this out of the fucking park

Remember when we were told we needed a closed southern border to "stop super-diseases"?

Is irony dead??

Ford and GM Look at the Possibility of Making Ventilators

I Don't Appreciate Stephanie Ruhle's Favoring Of Corporations & Big Business

Nation Close To Getting Videoconferencing Software To Work

VA: Northam has ordered all public schools in Virginia to close for rest of the school year

Northam closing VA schools and non-essential business

A plane with 5 passengers on board

Coronavirus tests hard to get -- unless you have money, celebrity and the right doctor

Governors get better marks for handling outbreak than Trump, poll finds

Stocks drop as Senate again fails to advance an aid bill

New - Doug Jones, AL Dem up for re-election, votes to advance stimulus bill-He voted "no" yesterday

"He Can't Make Any Big Decisions": As the Crisis Escalates, Trump Experiments With a Pivot

Dear Humanity

2nd Catholic priest in diocese that includes Richland and Kennewick has coronavirus

Rights groups: coronavirus treatment plan discriminates

Governor closes Virginia schools K-12 for rest of this year

Can't decide if Grandmother Owl is done, or if I want to decorate

In the Repubs' "relief package"..."payroll tax suspension," setting the tax rate to 0% for the year

Coronavirus: New Zealand Announces Lockdown

Article in the "Federalist," eh, who cares, let 'em die.

Believe it. This is worse than the 1929 stock market crash.

I can pull numbers out of my ass too.

Most Hanford workers to stay home over coronavirus concerns. No word on for how long

We have a sign in our front yard that reads "Hate Has No Home Here" but gods help me . . . .

Biden says Trump, McConnell putting 'corporate bailouts ahead of families' in stimulus standoff

Where's Ferret?

'This week, it's going to get bad': Surgeon General says people need to take coronavirus seriously

Question on H1N1 response in 2009

Quarantine tips from cats:

Nancy Previews House Stimulus Package

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Trump's DOJ Seeks Power to Suspend Your Constitutional Rights During "Emergencies!"

Protect Yourself

About Dentistry, at least in Pennsylvania:

Someone should convince Trump to use this song at his rallies.

Just watched "Apocalypse Now" and am confused about the ending

Coronavirus latest: Italian deaths slow for second day (DW)

Breaking News Trump calls in Major

Crowds pack California beaches despite coronavirus order

The new coronavirus is one-thousandth the width of an eyelash in size and,

In the spirit of being helpful . . . . .

GOP dusts off anti-Pelosi playbook as stimulus negotiations drag on

Another email:

Olympics will be postponed, likely to 2021

Easy way to explain why corporations do NOT need a bailout

Scoop: McConnell Senate Leadership Fund funding ads in 6 states to retain majority

Trump Increasingly Frustrated with Fauci

Question: "Trump said he'd support remote voting (by Congress)." How is that any of his business?

(Jewish Group) White supremacists are encouraging members to infect Jews with coronavirus: FBI

Poll: Governors vastly outscore Trump on COVID-19 reponse.

OREGON Joins Stay-at Home restrictions.

Manchin erupts into shouting match with McConnell: You're 'more concerned

Calling Dr. Kushner

New coronavirus monitoring program launched in Seattle based on home-test kits

Is the manufacture of chocolate

Latest Breaking cross post: Seattle launches home test kit surveillance testing

Ali is holding this ReTHUG liar Cassidy's feet to the fire

I called both Florida Senators about the pandemic aid bill

Boeing to suspend production in Puget Sound area amid coronavirus outbreak

Trump: "Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard!!"

Manchin erupts into shouting match with McConnell: You're 'more concerned about the health of Wall S

Venezuela's broken health system is uniquely vulnerable to coronavirus.

The Rumpers in my FB feed are already blaming Pelosi

Maybe there should be another impeachment vote soon?

Rhode Island becomes latest state to postpone presidential primary

If Corona doesn't kill us, Distance Learning will

Today - Senate Democrats again defeat key procedural vote on coronavirus package

Think tank estimates $2 billion to carryout vote by mail in November!

Sanders skips coronavirus stimulus vote for event with AOC, Omar, Tlaib

how much of the medical supply shortage is because Puerto Rico is still ravaged from hurricane

Coronavirus stokes fear among Venezuelan migrants in Latin America

Maryland Gov. Hogan announces closure of nonessential businesses due to coronavirus pandemic

Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die


What time is the Con's free television coverage rally today? n/t

POTUS touting hydroxychloroquine has, predictably, triggered hoarding of the drug

Colombia to Hold 19-Day Quarantine to Fight Coronavirus

Texas Democratic Party shifts organizing efforts to provide information on coronavirus

It's not complicated

Who's In Charge Here?

Dogs are getting affected by the coronavirus:

Calling it the "Chinese Virus" has resulted in Americans getting attacked

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez scorches Susan Collins's 'crocodile tears' after Dems

Kushner Advising Trump to Loosen Social Distancing

Jacob Wohl is back--he is circulating a fake lab test claiming Biden is ill with coronavirus

Corona Beer to change brand-name for PR reasons:

Chuck Schumer @SenSchumer: Two Words: Hell No.

Ecuador coronavirus cases increase by over 400 in less than a week, health minister quits

AT&T seeks $5 billion bank loan to weather virus impact

Trump's legal BFF will be making an appearance today. Oh goodie.

What it comes down to is Democrats are worried about funding the healthcare of American citizens and

What the actual f___ is wrong with people

I really do like Charles Blow.

Hillary Smacks Trump/Republicans for pushing SELF-DEAL

Self-Isolated Woman Going So Crazy She's Started Talking To Her Spouse

Why is Barr coming today?

WARNING gallows humor: I swore I would never set foot in The Villages,

Thank you Trump: A man has died & wife is under critical care after ingesting chloroquine phosphate

VA closings per Gov Northam - Twitter thread

Democrats Again Block Action on Rescue Plan, Seeking Restrictions on Corporate Aid

Trump Virus Big Lie Number 1: "Sealed borders"

US cases have been increasing by 33%/day for the last 3 weeks.

Here are 5 of the most significant proposals attached to the Senate's coronavirus stimulus bill

Trump Won't Order Vital Coronavirus Supplies Because Corporate CEOs Asked Him Not To

How about Social Security for all? WE're all in the database.

Hungary to consider bill that would allow Orbn to rule by decree, I bet tRump is salivating overit

INDIANA: 2nd GOP Governor issues Stay At Home order - 12 states total now

Attorney General Bill Barr will be at today's White House coronavirus task force briefing...

Maybe encouraging your supporters to poison themselves isn't such a good idea after all

There could very well be a 30 day hole in the food chain coming down the pike.

Wall Street recoils after massive coronavirus rescue bill trips up a second time; Dow sinks

First ITALY (not treating patients over 60) now SPAIN (ventilators removed for patients over 65)

RI tops 100 coronavirus cases; all air travelers will have to self-quarantine

I think Dr. Fauci is toast

The Republican-only bill McConnell is trying to cram down our throats right now is the first domino

Does anyone anywhere have a handle on how much the

Level of testing ramp up in NY and WA encouraging, but what's up with CA??

'You always want to do Trump's bidding': Tom Cotton gets shut down as sparks fly in the Senate

'You always want to do Trump's bidding': Tom Cotton gets shut down as sparks fly in the Senate

Sherrod Brown to Tom Cotton on Senate Floor: "I know you always want to do the President's bidding"

Who started idea covid-19 is a bioweapon made by Chinese? GOP bro just talking as if a given

Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted: Trump Labor Dept. asked us 'not to release our numbers on unemployment'

Man dies, wife hospitalized after ingesting chloroquine phosphate,

Growing up the child of Holocaust survivors prepared me for this pandemic

'Brace Yourself': Doctors in Italy Share Coronavirus Advice NYT News

McConnell's bill gave huge funding to corporations without safegards, Schumer says

Where does North Korea stand?

Trump weighs loosening of restrictions to jolt economy, against health officials' advice

Trump-endorsed news outlet says it's God's "judgment" that a gay activist died from coronavirus

I can't remember the last time the price of gasoline was so low...

Trans woman is brutally gunned down in front of police while receiving treatment in ambulance

a hospital in Spain... stay home and like it!!

Gov. Tony Evers announces 'Safer at Home' order coming Tuesday

I must point this out; Trump is freaking out about the economy, BUT

This was the fastest 30% sell-off ever, exceeding the pace of declines during the Great Depression

Will the Coronavirus Ever Go Away? Here's What One of the WHO's Top Experts Thinks

Breaking on CNN - Bojo is locking down the UK

Charles Barkley test negative for coronavirus.

Sanders: "Stay away from me"

AP FACT CHECK: Trump hype on auto industry and ventilators

Powerful union endorses Joe Biden

What time is today's "2 Minutes of Hate" supposed to be on? Thanks.

David Wilcock...

New 2020 Olympics logo (Twitter)

Who cares when there are so many other tragedies?

And just like that...Britain goes to lock down

Pierce: Hobby Lobby Adopts the College Spring Breaker's Attitude Towards Coronavirus

Jacob Wohl Peddles Fake Test Claiming Biden Has Virus

Just got off teleconference with Governor Whitmer

Looking for a good Bernie book

Coronavirus: PM announces strict new curbs on life in UK

Axios: Man dies after self-medicating with chloroquine

Don't know about you but I'm cool with Trump holding his rallies again if he wants

Pee Wee thinks he's a "Wartime President"

GOP senator defends corporate bailouts: They're just 'a lot of people'

back from the 2 mile park/beach walk on a lovely day. 10 feet surf on south shore today

Republicans: It's time to ban the Chinese government from Twitter for its 'whitewash' of coronavirus

Well, this is weird. My trump* worshiping, distant cousin just got in touch to see how I'm doing


Hey Chip, can I call you fucking Chip..........your a fucking idiot and fucking idiot friends.....

Britain Placed Under Virtual Lockdown by Boris Johnson

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 23, 2020

FLASH Barr will be at the press conference

Trump and republicans want to murder Americans so he and republicans can profit.

Ivanka came out of her hidey hole to whisper at us about values

No abortions in Texas unless the mother's life is in danger, Texas attorney general says as coronavi

Italy sees second successive drop in virus deaths per day

A San Francisco startup is shipping coronavirus home test kits to sick Californians for $167



0h Yes

Schumer and Sanders: Limit Corporate Stock Buybacks (Feb. 3, 2019)

Neo-Nazis Tell Virus-Infected Members to Infect Jews

Trump thinks of his Press Conferences as his Pep Election Rallies--so he will continue with

Nicole Wallace's show is 2 hours today

Stay Home, Save Lives

Employment opportunity for those who enjoy alone time.

Am I thinking wrong in expecting that quarantines and lockdowns are

Watch Chris Murphy (D-CT) explain how republicons hijacked the COVID-19 relief bill process

I never really understood my parents attitude toward money till this week.

A San Francisco startup is shipping coronavirus home test kits to sick Californians for $167

Order of who should get Fed stimulus money:

The Lord giveth, the REPUBLICANS taketh away

LTE this morning. Sardonic Humor at its best.

Britain to be locked down after simpletons couldn't stay at home when asked politely

Now we are moving into tornado season on top of COVID 19.

I just finished my first ever video conference with my doctor.

The Police - Don't Stand So Close To Me '86

Mix and Match Casserole

If Barr is at the press conference today, I wonder if trump plans to announce something

It appears that donnie has decided to move his dog and pony liefest to

From the quarantined Capitol Hill reporter, Paul McCleod:

Doctor Don's Covid Cure

I do not think Megan McCain will return to "The View" after she has her baby...

My new Coronavirus coping tool: Ketel One and diet tonic. It's so relaxing. Cheers everyone!

[WATCH] the restoration of an old painting: (it's kinda fascinating)

U.S. reports more than 100 coronavirus deaths in a single day, 500 total

He's wounded, he is incapable of understanding the situation we are in

Hivemind: A relative got a coronovirus test at work, having no symptoms...

The Twit tweets: It is very important that we totally protect our Asian American community...

Historic Fed boost fails to stop Wall Street's virus-driven sell-off

Call your Congressional Reps and Senators!


My FedEx guy just told me he has 200 deliveries today

Sex crime chat room ignites public fury in South Korea

Update: San Antonio now has a shelter in place order

I have an idea why is not releasing the ventillators from the national stockpile

? In responding to my trump sycophant senator and congress repug

The new coronavirus can likely remain airborne for some time. That doesn't mean we're doomed

he's doing with the daily briefings what he did before election-keeping them waiting . camera on po

Check in here to tell Moscow Mitch what you think of him.

Two political handicappers say the Electoral College map now leans toward Democrats

Johnny Scoville TUBE OF TERROR WITH A TURBO!!! #ChaseTheHeat .

Press Correspondents Dinner - 2016

03/24 Mike Luckovich-Don't touch your face

Trump Holds Coronavirus Task Force Briefing

Humpty Dumpty is onstage. (Barr)

Oh God. Another WH Coronavirus Press Briefing

Task Force Thread here:

Barr? what"s up?....this does not bode well

Florida's governor to New Yorkers fleeing to the state: Stay out.

it's a good time to organize your cats:

that fucker is reading with his finger

Where's Fauci?, he's being detained, virus as an excuse

Governor: State facing $350 million revenue shortfall by June 30, which will require a special sessi

eenie meenie minee moe

The entire Trump stock rally is gone

The bastard is on,. huffing and out of breath.

Now it is "The Virus" And praising Asian-Americans.

now it is just a medical problem

Trump tweets that we must "protect our Asian American community..."

Just on JAX 4 news, "The Villages," dense FL GOP retiree area, now has golf cart drive thru testing.

Been seeing this gem of a chain letter passed around on Facebook.

We'll be up to 100,000 infections in the US by Thursday.

Gulf coast DUers.

Trump is humping this drug over one guy...It's fucking insane

The orange anus is in rare form.

Hospital ship Mercy to Los Angeles, military field hospitals to New York and Seattle

Feeling kind of low. Decided to eat a nutburger.

BS was one of 6 Senators to Miss the Vote.. The Other 5 are in Quarantine..

State governments decide state health policy.

He no longer looks orange...

Nobody could have imagined they would use planes to hit the buildings

Arizona Man Dies After Self-Medicating With Fish Tank Cleaner (Chloroquine)

*An All New Season of Call the Midwife Begins Sunday. WETA

Sinking Ship -- Fifi Rong

trump: Hydroxychloroquine is 'a gift from God'

Barr is in the presser, but not Fauci! WHY?

For the love of God, Dr Birx turn around and walk off. You are too educated to be a prop!

This made me happy today. I read in this weeks "Time" magazine that in the 1880 Census....

Explainer: How the Fed's latest move will get money to Main Street

When I was young I used to hear there wasn't 10 cents of difference between democrats and republican

He sounded sick.

invisible scourge OHHH he learned a new word

Instead of more of Trump's bullshit, why not watch (and spread) this great video

The consequences of the coronavirus on people already suffering from war are truly unimaginable.

Do you hear it ???

What is Bernie up to?

"Back in business pretty soon"

This Barr Bullshit is 100% Distraction. This isn't what America cares about.

So glad tRump is an old man.

Remember the old shampoo ad? Was it Prell, or maybe Pert?

Pence was doing his bobble head imitation.

Chinese embassy in Paris is pushing the #TrumpPandemic hashtag in French.

fucker can't even stand still. he bobs, swirls, touches his head breathes out loud

Former Staffers Sue Bloomberg Campaign After Layoffs - Promised Jobs Until 11/2020, No Healthcare.

On Twitter.....ROFLOL

If you have a big supply of toilet paper in your house, this isn't something you have to worry about

No help for disabled and poor people?

Cream of Anything Soup

Chicago plans to rent thousands of hotel rooms for coronavirus isolation

I hope the first question is where is Dr Fauci?

Trump doesn't care if you die

What's with Barr, tRump and Pence ALL wearing BLUE ties today?

Dear Bernie, your colleagues have to make the tough choices so that you don't have to.

Listening to these press briefings . . .

House Phase 3 proposal circulated by Democrats via twitter

Unidentified White House reporter, who visited WH 4 times, suspected to have coronavirus, WHCA says

Fauci is warning Trump officials NOT to listen to growing push to restart the economy

Remember when they went around the table and the entire Cabinet had to praise him?



AP fact check: GM and Ford are not yet making ventilators.--as Trump claimed!!

Its all about money.

How does this dumb mother fucker breathe without assistance ???

Once again.

Coronavirus: How Colombia's scientists may have prevented a presidential lynching

Logan's Run, Soylent Green, 1984

If Trump is promoting a useless drug, then in my opinion, it is an impeachable offense.

Something sweet and poignant:

He's going to try to open everything up next week.

Suggested inscription for Trump's tombstone: "We'll see what happens". Those are

She didn't answer the question.

Democratic senator says he broke with party on coronavirus bill because 'the clock is ticking'

DeSantis: "This is not a virus that's impacting every corner of the state."

Personal responsibility

Gov. Lujan Grisham issues stay-at-home instructions to stop spread of COVID-19

Looks like Trump is trying to take credit for the hospitals being built. nt

He just doesn't get it.

Any Public Health Official That's Caving Into Trump's Insistence To End Our Defenses Early....

Here is something to do while in lockdown

Deborah Birx has lost all credibility

If Trump feels that this is over, why a bailout?

Bill Barr just touched his face now. And he is standing within

Malcolm Nance: WE ARE IN DANGER: he's proposing to send us back to work, removed Dr Fauci

Barr and Birx have both touched their noses during this presser

I will come out and say it. Trump his mudering the blue states.

Barr and Mother's Boy chatting on the side

How the Coronavirus Became an American Catastrophe

It's horrifyingly clear Trump cares more about money than lives

MORONavirus spreading on live TV.

My daughter works for a mortgage company...........

Fox News to host coronavirus virtual town hall with Trump on Tuesday

Fuck the Trump republicans.

Trump thinks that everyone learns at his pace

comfort shopping

He's going to let the virus do it's work, the whole world

8.25 million Americans need to die so that trump can be re-elected

Oregon governor issues 'stay home' order to enforce coronavirus restrictions

The local news here in Nashville is pre tempting the Trump Dog and Pony Show!


"The workers love the businesses and contact Trump and tell him to help

William Barr:

So, Trump, Abbott (TX) and DeSantis (FL) forming unholy alliance, huh?

Look mommy! That man has no clothes!

Please pray for doctor Fauci's life !!!

Damn, why does Brix remind me of Condi Rice?

Boeing deserves a bailout of $0.00

tRump's catchall response: "We'll see what happens."

My Dear Dr. Birx, people cross county and state

The Army Corp of Engineers has begun the installation of 4 FEMA emergency hospitals in NYC's Javits

The Orange Man

TCM Schedule for Thursday, March 26, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Racism in America

my main question...why, oh why, are you watching him? them?

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 27, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: A Mankiewicz Family Weekend

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 28, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: A Mankiewicz Family Weekend

San Antonio Mayor To Announce "Stay Home/Work Safe" Order at 6:00 p.m.

Governor to lay out new coronavirus steps in TV address

Bernie Sanders' new campaign song.

Trump believes in Darwin's theory

Gov. Wolf issues stay-at-home order for hardest-hit Pa. counties

OMG Trump just used the old traffic accidents comparison to the virus

American Tune 2020

Now you understand why widespread testing was important

MSNBC & CNN Both cut away....Presser still going on FAUX....trump won't shut up....6:31 CST

The governors who buck Trump's "reopening"

I almost had a coronary. Mayor Hancock closed liquor stores...

The Greatest Scandal In American History: The Trump Cover Up Of A Looming Public Health Crisis.

Well, I guess Dr. Fauci is toast.

Soooo it shall soon be " Survival of the Fittest in 2 weeks...

If according to Trump everyone goes back to work next week why in the hell do

So game out the Trump plan for me...

Wow, he is hell bent on getting off the only thing that is lowering the spread

This is basically a remake of Idiocracy where...

Analysis: Trump struggles to adjust to crisis presidency

$27 Million Raised To Help Those Struggling Under COVID-19

Thurston County COVID-19 cases grow to 11, state says, plus total approaches 2,000 statewide

Now this is what Texas is worried about.......and other Right wing states..........

Trump Suggests Ending Social Distancing Soon

West Seattle Bridge To Close For Critical Repairs

Ferndale School District says service provider tests positive for coronavirus

Every frikkin day there's no frikkin meat in the stores.

Trump explains what a presser is

Coronavirus costs Whatcom County its signature event in 2020

Sanders campaign was SHOCKED when field narrowed, because they really thought 30% would win it

One Other Reason Trump Wants To End 'Social Distancing' Early Is.....

"if it were up to the doctors"

So Trump won't use DPA to compel production of medical supplies. Now he's saying there is hoarding.

UK PM Johnson orders Britons: you must stay at home

Okay, once again Dr. Fauci's not there.

"If you don't open your State we will stop giving you money or aid"

"The Whole concept of death is bad."

What this press conference should have told us, do not trust this government if you didn't already

Arizona man dies after ingesting substance touted by President Trump

Hong Kong appeared to have the coronavirus under control, then it let its guard down


Snoqualmie mayor tests positive for COVID-19

Asymmetrical social distancing:

He played right into Dems' hands

DU Poll: Is your city or state on lock down/stay at home orders?

Colombia's chief prosecutor implicated in plot to rig Duque's 2018 election

'This is serious.' Garcetti scolds Angelenos for not staying home as coronavirus spreads

If the governors don't cooperate, what power does Filthy Donnie have to end social distancing?

Paul defends actions before coronavirus diagnosis

This, is what leadership in a crisis looks & sounds like.

Class war in the making? Coronavirus quarantines pit well-off hermits against serfs who supply them

If Gabby Giffords(D-AZ) had not been shot.

I think Trump thinks he can take it with him.