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How the Pandemic Will End

Trump has sent a cease and desist letter over this ad.

tiedrich tweets again (lol) (kind of)

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker stepping up

Are Webcams the New Toilet Paper?

Every narcissist,every authoritarian and every

"everyone has to wash their hands"

Oil price may fall to $10 a barrel as world runs out of storage space

From an epidemiologist:

My Homemade PPE

Have you noticed that whenever Trump states a fact,

Ranger captures moment grizzly bear emerges from hibernation in Canada

Nothing like this has ever happened before.

Ilhan Omar's opponent is literally running on anti Bernie platform.

Somebody tell me it isn't happening. It's just like

Anti-Choice Politicians Are Using the Coronavirus Crisis to Deny Abortion Rights

[Post removed by original author.]

Been reading through the NIH pubmed library

Biden: Sorry, Bernie, but I think I'm done with primary debates

In coronavirus pandemic, Trump allies say they're ready to die for the economy

Biden blindsides Trump's Florida ally

Need help looking for a link -- who was it that yesterday said he

Dr. Fauci will be on Chris Cuomo tonite (CNN)

Family: US believes ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson has died

Stephanie Grisham: Coronavirus Task Force Not Informed Before Trump Announced Easter deadline

Ron DeSantis (aka Trump Jr) questions whether schools should've been shut down.

The Cheesecake Factory Tells Landlords Across the Country It Won't Be Able to Pay Rent on April 1

Most republicans despise this woman, Frances Perkins. Why may you ask, she, Frances Perkins

Senators Hawley, Stefanik Introduce Bill to Investigate China for Coronavirus Coverup

A disturbing e-mail from the Army today.

Tales from the crypt: Washington cathedral digs up 5,000 respirator masks

Unemployment Applications Are Being Processed Quickly, even in my red state.

the state of Ohio has stopped reporting unemployment claims at Trump's request.

You don't have to look for work in order to get jobless benefits, state announces

Brazilian State Governors Defy Bolsonaro in Coronavirus Fight

Virus has Brazil's Bolsonaro facing governor 'insurrection'

Bernie is going lower than anyone ever imagined.

My company has already let us know we are not going back to the office in 15 days.

2nd Coronavirus Death In Pierce County; 155 Cases Confirmed

Easter Rising

25% Ignorant, 25% Misogynists 25%Racists 25% Xenophobic

Trump needs governors to reopen the economy. Even Republican ones aren't on board.

I'm in a nursing home, been here since right after Thanksgiving last year and my wife just called me

Fine Print of Stimulus Bill Contains Special Deals for Industries

Completely Dangerous and Unacceptable,' Ocasio-Cortez Says of Impending Senate Recess....

Trump's messaging may extremely appealing for millions of people at this time. think about it...

Pelosi: Democrats eyeing more cash payments in next emergency bill

went to costco hawaii kai at 2 pm, was practically deserted. had everything but TP

Ending Wuhan's social distancing too soon may spur 'second wave' of COVID-19 in midsummer

Yesterday someone posted a link to a site that showed

A Passage To Bangkok

Florida Cases surge spring breakers express regret,(article says 55,000 cases,780 deaths)

If you share a Spotify playlist with others, do they see

Seattle grocery stores undergo transformations to combat coronavirus

HuffPo: Democrats Are Handing Donald Trump The Keys To The Country

Never fear! Death panels are on the way!

Thought I'd share my appreciation of a little pot......

My wife's daughter and her husband traditionally vote Republican but now

Trump's a prophet

Eugenics Isn't Going To Get Us Out Of This Mess

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Luck o' the Irish!

Great explanation about risks wearing gloves-Wash/sanitize them vs continual wearing

There are 50 MILLION people where this virus first started in China???

Cougar filmed in deserted streets of Chilean capital during curfew - video

New Orleans emerges as next coronavirus epicenter, threatening rest of South

Everyone is, pretty much Sheltering in Place...

Governor Larry Hogan

We need to eliminate the infection threatening the country,

Senator Sanders - Anderson Cooper 360

Check out this Trump impersonation. Tell me his voice, inflections and content are not spot on.

White House abruptly transfers DHS official amid loyalty purge

There is always one....

Coronavirus deals blow to Putin's plans to stay in power until 2036

U.S. insisting that the U.N. call out Chinese origins of coronavirus

Health care providers denying meds to people with long standing Chloroquine needs

"Watch Trump walk in, what do you notice?

Politco: Trump team failed to follow NSC's pandemic playbook

Going back to work next week won't save the economy.

Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike

Will widespread sickness and death under red state governors teach people not to vote Republican?

40,000 retired healthcare workers in New York going back to work.

Wall Street Journal says 458,000 cases of virus in world..

Hobby Lobby billionaire keeps stores open after 'God spoke to him' - but won't pay sick leave

U.S. death toll from COVID-19 now tops 1000

Sasse, 3 GOP colleagues slow down $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill over jobless benefits

Some things to consider to break the boredom and.....

Queens ER Dr: "I don't really care if I get into trouble for speaking to the media."

Charles Bradley performs soulful cover of Black Sabbath's 'Changes'

Inside Bernie-world's war on Beto O'Rourke (2018)

How do we know that the coronavirus began in Wuhan, China?

Cuba: 57 total coronavirus cases...

"She got my South Side Polish dander up."

Exclusive: U.S. slashed CDC staff inside China prior to coronavirus outbreak (Reuters)

OUT NEWS Trump's Bible teacher says gays among those to blame for COVID-19

Trump team failed to follow NSC's pandemic playbook

I think i heard on Rachel that the Governor of Mississippi is overriding those local communities

Entire senior home in New Jersey, 94 people, presumed to have coronavirus

Bernie Sanders Is Receiving 7 Times As Much Positive Russian Media Coverage As Joe Biden

13,250 new confirmed cases far. We will pass China tomorrow

Feels like Bradley Whitford edited my tweet, pruning away unneeded language and getting down to ...

Democratic US Senate nominees responsible to putting Democrats back in the majority in 2020.

My Doc today: "If you had corona, you'd be dead now." Shit gets real in about a month, people won't

Is this a joke?

How reporters should handle Trump's press briefings - Karen Tumulty

Invented Fashion Covid19 Protection

NBA Star's mother in coma due to coronavirus

As noted, this latest ad is offensive. "Which side are you on"? Talking about being divisive!

Andrew Cuomo's unlikely celebrity amid the coronavirus pandemic

Sadly, it will be long time before we see scenes like this on the Beltway again.

You know what I love most about Rachel

I fear that if the House doesn't pass on unanimous consent...

Rachel and Lawrence are cordial tonight

Jim Jones vs. Donald Trump

2fer: ROSENSTEIN was always a weasel; and, loyalty oath to SHITLER or Yer Burnt!1

For every one of the fuckers who think grandparents should die for the economy....

What will happen to kids that are graduating from high school this year if this goes on

Tell Trump we changed the world over 3,000 deaths.

AOC warns she may force House members to return for stimulus vote, potentially delaying final passag

I attended DJ Dnice's Instagram dance party tonight

Barack Obama

hawaii layoffs up to 100 thousand estimated. state population 1.4 million

After a very foggy start, today turned sunny this afternoon in southern Illinois and I ventured

Wow. The voice is spot-on.

PBS: The Eugenics Crusade, Racial Pseudoscience In America's History

Trump team failed to follow NSC's pandemic playbook

I'm bad.. talking about One Church instead of 'Religion In General'...

NBC and CNN producers say they're through airing Trump's virus pressers.

Colorado Governor Polis issues state wide Stay at Home order.

I am so glad Tony Evers is our governor.

The Trump campaign just released a cease and desist letter demanding that TV stations immediately pu

What This Chart Actually Means for COVID-19

*Lawrence discussing changes to mcconnell bill with Sen. Blumenthal

Sanders Demands Trump Rescind 'Truly Outrageous' Decision to Hand Gilead Exclusive Rights

2020 US Senate Election Rating- Safe,Likely,Lean,and Tilt D and R.

What do I do if I can't get kitty litter?

How the hell can people approve of how trump is handling the pandemic crisis?

The Presidents Clinton sending hospital staff pizzas.

The Liberal Redneck nails it, again.

The pandemic is 'accelerating' and we don't know what's going on in much of the country: Dr. Fauci -

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Pandemic COVID-19 on SCI right now

Can Congress enact The Wartime Powers Act?

Kathy Griffin in hospital isolation ward w/symptoms STILL CAN'T GET TESTED

Michigan governor and Congressional delegation BEGGING Pence for swabs.

Why are Verizon stores open in Lock Down cities and states?

I used to think of Michael Bay's 2001 film "Pearl Harbor" as a missed opportunity.

The handling of the stimulus is pathetic and I fear it will cost many lives.

Roubini on Coronavirus: 'This idea we're going to restart everything soon ... is totally nuts'

PBS: 'The Eugenics Crusade,' Racial Pseudoscience In America's History

Ireland nationalises its health service in response to CV crisis

This could be a change the map of the US.

Trump campaign freaks and threatens legal action against ad that used the president's own words

Senate Republican Whip missing vote, feeling ill.

Is the lack of testing nationwide actually intentional to keep the official death toll low?

Tomorrow, I predict we will pass Italy ...

Went for a nature walk today.

Absentee voters in Milwaukee, Dane counties can say they're 'indefinitely confined' and skip photo I

Questions on this coronavirus bill and payouts....

Donald Trump spoke the truth today...

Watching the Senate vote on CPANS 2. Many of thse fools are not distancing...

Senate Economic Aid bill passes 96 to 0....

Did I miss it? It just dawned on me, I haven't seen a single

100's of Bernie supporters harassing Neera Tanden

This ad is terrible

A nursing manager at Mt Sinai Hospital in NYC just died from coronavirus. Nurses wearing trash bags

Half of Californians that tested positive are between ages 18-49, Governor Newsom says

Schumer for the win!

Harold and Maude scene: Glorious Birds

What is Trump crowing about having an 8 day testing high?

What, SHITLER hit on phrase almost sensical & media went wild?!1

NYC hospitals running low on drugs.

Coronavirus cases are rising faster in states that voted for Trump: Nate Silver

Why can't corporations meet their payrolls for a few weeks with some of the excess

More Dying of COVID-19 In the U.S. Than We Know

Update, If we (Sweden) are an example, the US is possibly headed towards a true shitstorm

Watch this puppy show the doorstop who's boss

Kudos to WBFO, the NPR station in Buffalo.

Elizabeth Warren on her vote for the relief bill.

Someone doesn't like Bath Time

Senate approves historic $2 trillion stimulus deal amid growing coronavirus fears

Great new Biden ad going right at Trump.

"When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero...

How the Government Botched the Coronavirus Response (LegalEagle's Real Law Review)

Fox refuses to run this ad: Crisis Comes (trump's covid19 failure)

Kudos to GOP Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska....

Good Night DU MA. It's my bed time. This is my lullaby tonight

What's the best David Sedaris book? I want to send

The shit is hitting the fan tonight in San Francisco.

Donald corruption Trump has mental disabilities. Just sayin'

Senate passes virus rescue package...

COVID-19 and the Brady Sluder Redemption. Spring Breakers Apologize.

Please don't call it karma

Liz Crokin Claims Celebrities Are Getting Coronavirus From Tainted 'Adrenochrome Supply'

Want the chance to tell Joe what issues matter to you?

Planned to make this statement with pictures, and a little humor

Devastating ad from the Biden campaign

Pop's gotta be proud of his boys.

Fox news refuses to run this ad: Crisis Comes (trump' s covid19 failure)

HHS Inspector General to Investigate Whistleblower Complaint on Trump Admin's Handling of COVID-19 O

Tennessee doctors urge governor to order 'shelter in place'

I have no clue. When a melody grabs me, that's all. "Dance Monkey"

I don't think Trump's gonna make it [#trumpPressConference]

The upcoming job losses will be unlike anything the US has ever seen

Just been on a sports forum (its full of republicans)

I'm really confused about what Bernie has done this past week or so

How Many Dead For The Dow?

*Dr. Fauci on CNN now (w. Cuomo.)

Stop believing polls

This is frightening, sad and straight from the epicenter tonight!

Pennsylvania to delay primary election as coronavirus spreads

With Malice Aforethought

You know, what's the fucking deal here?

I'm bitter...

Closeness to Trump has determined which lawmakers can get tested for coronavirus more quickly: repor

Virus Has Brazil's Bolsonaro Facing 'Governor' Insurrection

Dinesh D'Souza slams Blue States on COVID-19 infections

Petition to ask Gov Ducey to Lock Down Arizona

Mexican protesters try to block Americans from entering their country on Arizona border

A sort of a straw poll here. Do you believe the infection/death numbers we are getting?

Corona Virus adaps Broadway Musicals

Distant 'quasar tsunamis' are ripping their own galaxies apart

Nebraska Medical Association issues statewide call for medical supplies

Friends & Family Are Remembering A "Generous And Patient" New York Times Editor Who Died Of COVID19

Mayor Gabe Brown - Walton, KY. Righteous rant on Facebook.

How the Pandemic Will End

What Happens If Health-Care Workers Stop Showing Up?

*Wes Clark coming up on CNN, w Don Lemon.

The Daily Show: Fox News Is Very Concerned About This Presidential Candidate's Brain

Cuba's coronavirus response is putting other countries to shame

Texas Democratic Party shifts organizing efforts to provide information on coronavirus

the rave-ups - positively lost me (studio-1987) who remembers this one?

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Big Plan To "Pack Churches" On Easter

We are hearing about Coronavirus deaths but when...

Parties set fields for Iowa legislative races.

Two men charged in Bundy ranch armed standoff are running for office in Idaho

Biden Campaign launches new ad against Trump. Please spread it far and wide.

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Dr. Vivek Murthy: Mental & Physical Health During Coronavirus

The GAO told the government in 2015 to develop a plan to protect the aviation system against an outb

Seth Meyers: White House and Senate Reach Deal on Coronavirus Stimulus Package

Senate aid package quietly carves out billions intended for Boeing, officials say

This is propaganda at it's finest.

Boris Johnson Is Not Cut Out for This Crisis.

A Crimea Rom-Com Brought Scathing Reviews - And Good Money For The Head Of RT, Report Says

Richard Reeves, Columnist and Author on Presidents, Dies at 83.

Rep. Katie Porter self-quarantines as she waits for coronavirus test results

☦ Eastern Orthodox Prayer for Protection Against the Coronavirus.

Unemployment claims are expected to dwarf the weekly record.

Where are the trucks spraying down the streets?

Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov: People with COVID-19 Who Don't Self-Quarantine 'Should Be Killed'

A therapy dog brings comfort to ER doctors on the frontlines

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Minilogue - Friends Trivia with Courteney Cox

PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid 19, Update 27

Congress to bail out firms that avoided taxes, safety regulations, and

I'm An ER Doctor In NYC. Trump's Coronavirus Plan Isn't Just Dangerous, It's Deadly.

Hospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients

MS Governor supersedes county and city restrictions, declares most businesses "essential"

I wonder what Hari Seldon would have to say about the current situation.

Exponential Threat - Great new anti-Trump advert being aired in many of the swing states

"Back aff ya spooky wee virus thingy!"

How the Pandemic Will End

This is so beautiful - Singing Surgeon

Sanders rips GOP senators over objections to stimulus package

Senator Sanders - Third Economic Aid Package

Can people please stop calling a Poisson distribution a "bell curve"?

I watched the movie "1917"

Great Barrier Reef suffers third mass bleaching in five years

Rick Wilson: "Happy Easter Grandma"

Don the Con is going to regret that law suit

The NYT Editorial Board: "A Cruel Motive for a Costly Delay"

Are banks suspending mortgage/car payments?

16% of Ohio's coronavirus cases are healthcare workers

Event 201 (Oct 18, 2019) simulates an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats

I agree with Joe Biden, there is no need for more Democratic debates

Those on SS will get a check.

Bill Kristol on eminent domain...

on Morning Joe this am...

Govt increases New Zealand's coronavirus COVID-19 alert level

World leaders to meet virtually to coordinate virus response

Doctors and nurses are trying to comfort Trumps cult members who are dying of COVID19 by giving them

A message from Elizabeth Warren:

If COVID-19 wasn't so contagious, Trump would have his staff organizing a photo op tour

It comes close to my family. My sister-in-law has a high fever and is prostrate at home.

The Postal Service's Surprising Role in Surviving Doomsday

Born on this day, March 26, 1946: Johnny Crawford, of "The Rifleman"

859 Deaths So Far Because of Trump Inaction.

Any stories about funerals?

Pandemics expose our government as being reactionary, not pro-active

HuffPo: Cheesecake Factory Hailed For 'Starting The Revolution' By Refusing To Pay Rent

Let's get some baseline CV19 numbers for DU

Thursday TOONs - The Pandumbic

Putin propagandist has a Hollywood connection...

Don't be this guy!

Shelter in place music

The Rude Pundit: Trump Doesn't Care About What You Have to Lose

Trump REALLY doesn't want you to see this ad

Report: Biden's final five will include Harris, Klobuchar, Warren

If Trump signs the bailout act he'll make some snarky remark about his business being excluded

Federal and global authorities are cautioning members of the public concerned about contracting COVI

Coronavirus deaths hit 1,000 in U.S. as global death toll passes 20,000

The President Is Trapped - Peter Wehner / The Atlantic

Canadian Media Advocate Continued Domination of Indigenous Peoples

Man coughed on supermarket employee and said he had coronavirus accused of terrorism

Trump 'is destroying the government': Former Reagan aide says

Mitch McConnell blocked Democrats' coronavirus bill for 10 days -- and the press covered for him

In a City Shut Down Over Coronavirus, New Yorkers Hit the Bottle

Just had a funny internet "conversation"

Four Seasons Provides Free Rooms to NYC Coronavirus Doctors

US Christian leaders criticise Trump's Easter coronavirus deadline

Trump team failed to follow NSC's pandemic playbook

Happy 80th Birthday Madame Speaker!

Media Struggle to Defend Washington's Cruelty Toward Venezuela and Iran as Coronavirus Spreads

FBI: Mo. man killed in confrontation was planning to bomb a hospital amid coronavirus pandemic

Certain the MSM will never give due credit @BernieSanders.

During such a time of crisis, why did Trump and Mnuchin insist on a $450 billion special fund?

Does anyone think the trump adm. will have a smooth roll out of relief money?

The power of a squeaky toy!

We might be living in a gigantic, intergalactic bubble

New Jobless Claims: 3.283 million.

Takaya, the lone wolf of Discovery Island, has been shot and killed

A record 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits as the coronavirus slams economy

Coronavirus: S'pore Government to make its contact-tracing app freely available to developers worldw

Dear Rep. Matt Gaetz, Hope this helps, you dumb fuck.

Gilead Withdraws Request for Special Orphan Status on Experimental Virus Treatment

Over 3 million new unemployment claims! nt

But her emails...

Breaking: Sen. John Thune falls ill, flown home to South Dakota

LOL: the Queen speaking to Boris maintaining their social distancing. The jokes write themselves...

Pa. grocery store pitches $35,000 worth of food after woman coughs on it

The Young People of COVID

The Rundown: March 25, 2020

Art of the Week: Albert Uderzo Tribute Edition

Spain confirms over 650 deaths as WHO sees 'encouraging signs'

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/25/2020

Northeastern based grocery chain Stop & Shop gives all workers 2 additional weeks of paid leave

Should Joe Biden announce his VP choice before the convention?

So, what special previously disallowed food are you allowing yourself during these uncertain times?

The Army is asking retired medics and nurses to come back on active-duty for COVID-19 response

The Panic of the Elites

A regime that considers all bodies its own to dispose of...

Four Seasons Hotel offers New York City medical workers free rooms...

Federal court strikes down permit for Dakota Access Pipeline, March 25, 2020

Mormon church suspends temple activities over virus

Doctor says supplies needed on Navajo Nation as coronavirus spreads

Same Science Denial That Fed COVID 19 Drives Climate Breakdown; Unlike The Virus, It Will Not Pass

Sounds like Trumpsters: Mexican Governor Says Poor Are 'Immune' To Coronavirus

This is king, his favorite place is his bed

Tropical City Ravaged by Coronavirus Taken Over by Ecuador Army

Kitty litter?

Tropical City Ravaged by Coronavirus Taken Over by Ecuador Army

TIME's new cover: Chef Jose Andres wants to feed the world through the pandemic

Breakfast: Thursday, March 26, 2020

When someone covers a classic, I'm usually pretty skeptical

"Bears Ears Is Being Run By Google Maps Right Now" - But Court Fight Looms Over Massive Cuts

Six pounds of cream cheese to use up

Whats difficult is when rational people are surrounded by the irrational people.

Rightwing Populists Opposing Experts & Professionals Since Thatcher & Reagan

A beautiful song for my DU MA friends

Dumbshit Trumper busted for fake COVID cure.

In one month, trump has over three million more unemployment claims than President Obama!

How coronavirus could destroy the Western multilateral order

Make the world go away

Kentucky teen's remains found 10 years after she went missing

94% Of Oil/Gas Sector Junk Debt Is Distressed (i.e. Paying 10% Over T-Bill Rate)

Drug money launderer invited to Colombia's congress?

Kill Grandma to Save the Stock Market

MAGA Clown Says Blow-Drying Throat Cures Coronavirus

Tips from National Wildlife Federation---De-stress while helping wildlife

Here is the danger in believing in Woo

We need to know who in the drumpf campaign sat down with the Obama

Denman - Another E. Antarctic Glacier - In Trouble; 3-Mile Retreat 1996-2018, Opens Into Canyon

Amy's Husbad improves. (update Now at home)

Senator Sanders could stand to take a lesson from Senator Warren on the Coronavirus bill vote

Doses of Serenity from The Wilderness Society

Rather long read - How a country which had the world's best response team failed

Stamp across the forehead! 'I am a Corona lockdown violator'

I have a question about a statewide shelter in place order.

We have the Worst Possible Leader Imaginable for this Life and Death Crisis

There is only one thing that Trump could do to unify this country: "Resign his office April 1, 2020"

California Blue

Brazil Transforms Sports Venues into Field Hospitals for Coronavirus

Trump sends cease, desist letter on ad featuring one giant sound bite of his mad coronavirus musings

The Virus: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

That Discomfort You're Feeling Is Grief

Definitely Not a stimulus...simply keeping people alive and hopefully not rioting...

Doctors Are Writing Their Wills

The big push by Fascist Capitalists to restart the economy by Easter come hell or high water.

Trumpworld unloads on GOP ally as coronavirus attacks mount

'He is still in': Bernie could remain in race through June

Mr. President, as an obviously very successful business man, you can probably

U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) plans to vote 'no,' threatens to hold up coronavirus stimulus bill

'Game Zero?' Soccer Game Attended by 40,000 Fans Likely Made This Italian City a Coronavirus Epicent

I wonder if Jon Stewart will have to go to bat for covid healthcare workers like

Seth Abramson...

"It honestly felt like I was working in a war zone...I'm already breaking so people please..."

Opinion: I'm a Low-Wage Worker. I'm not Sacrificing Myself for the Stock Market.

Trump wants this ad pulled - only quotes him ...

No sane G7 leader will be on the same page with

Trump Cabinet Bible Teacher Blames Coronavirus Pandemic on God's Wrath -- Somehow It Involves China,

Happy Birthday to Speaker Pelosi-our true national leader

White House abruptly transfers DHS official amid loyalty purge

Only pitcher ever to throw a no-hitter on Opening Day

Here's how the coronavirus relief stimulus 'checks' to citizens will actually work

Hydroxychloroquine for a dog? Questionable prescriptions poured into Ohio pharmacies

Coronavirus about to overwhelm NYC hospitals - unemployment claims top 3 million -

Trump's actions damaged U.S. readiness to fight pandemic LTTE

Mnuchin says hold on for 3 weeks...

Jobless claims soar past 3 million to record high

The big push by Fascist Capitalists to restart the economy by Easter come hell or high water.

tRUMP pressers are the new rallies, he's getting free media coverage

Another Petri dish headed to Florida....

Life Under Quarantine from Ben Gibbered (Death Cab for Cutie)

Stop saying Republicans want old people to die

Federal workers angered as Trump admin subjects them to a 'confusing jumble' of coronavirus messages

Joe Biden comments on the stimulus package.

Tired of winning yet?

I'm not waiting, I am preparing for a great depression.

Duke says it has found a way to safely reuse masks worn when treating COVID-19 patients Read more h

Trump's positive coronavirus...

This should be the American peoples rally cry.

MF45 was warned about this in January? December?

Heading off to Senior Hour at Costco, 8-9am today

America's No. 1 Fan

Just got the mail and a postcard with "President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines for America"

Trumpworld unloads on GOP ally as coronavirus attacks mount

More than 100 employees at 3 Boston hospitals have tested positive for coronavirus

What Trump's coronavirus briefings are really about.

New ad from Biden campaign

Midday Music for Millennials -- Thor'sday

woman coughs on groceries

Why is Twitter thanking Bernie for personally saving unemployment?

Patient Denied Prescription Refill Due to COVID-19 Thanked for Her 'Sacrifice'

Venezuelan President to Be Charged in the U.S. With Drug Trafficking

A therapy dog brings comfort to ER doctors on the frontlines

'Light at the end of the tunnel' becomes a Trump team mantra

45 Refrigerator Truck Morgues Sent To New York Hospitals Will Be Trump's Legacy

Robert Reich: We've reached a moral emergency -- and the privileged are profiting from it

NYT: Job Vacancies and Inexperience Mar Federal Response to Coronavirus

And now the FLOTUS checks in.

I hope everyone here understands what this virus is going to like a month from now.

Coronavirus advice from Mexico's president: 'Live life as usual'

Best Healthcare In The World 2020

Coronavirus advice from Mexico's president: 'Live life as usual'

Does anyone else remember the short story "The Lottery?"

Nancy Pelosi making announcement on msnbc (+ it's her birthday!)

Data in NIGHT COURT - A bit of Thurs. laffs for you

Steve Mnuchin: Record-shattering jobless claims 'are not relevant in the short term'

The coronavirus did not escape from a lab. Here's how we know.

I just found this on Facebook: STAY AT HOME!

Is there some problem with AOL today ? My mom has gotten locked ...

'Bernie' Is Not Seeking Our Party's Nomination For President

Cornavirus Update From NY Times

FBI: Former soldiers set up deadly robbery to fund foreign fighting

Prince Of Petworth: Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

Every cloud and all that...

Praying for Limbaugh - NOT!

Six Little Stories With Lots of Meanings

I don't believe its too late to impeach Trump: Terter @gaeliclass149 I don't know who will see this.

Well, you really shouldn't poke people in the heart.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer requests major disaster declaration for Michigan amid coronavirus

When you work from home and the boss wants a word...

Alternate take of one of my faves from the Hip


Maryland election board to recommend eliminating in-person primary voting

I know it haunts some of you, but I don't regret anything I ever did for a......

It's supposed to be 78 degrees Sunday....

I'm waiting for the first evangelical megachurch

I'm not good with statistics. How likely is Congress to experience a serious case of Covid2 based on

Images from Lexington Cemetery

Steve Mnuchin: Record 3.3 Million Jobless Claims 'Are Not Relevant'

Corona Cookbook. Post a recipe or concoction that you have, or may have to eat while home bound.

Wow! Sasha has turned into an amazing beauty!

Rapper breaks down the 3 branches of government on whiteboard - well made and informative!

White House abruptly transfers DHS official amid loyalty purge

We May Need to Form Fire Brigades

Any Word On How Tom Hanks Is Doing?.....

WTF is Sweden doing about Corona Virus. Pretty much nothing. Limits on gatherings of 500 or more.

Ok can we take a minute to pity the YouTube influencers.

Nearly 40% in Pa. can't say coronavirus is a genuine threat, poll finds

The President didn't create this virus, but...

Staggering jobless claim numbers: 3.2M - what a difference a month makes

House Democrats urged to remove 'insidious attack' on Social Security hidden

Remember when things started going really bad in Iraq

"return clothes and get your nails done" is the new "let them eat cake"

Cartoon: Goodbye Granny By Clay Jones -March 26, 2020 9:00 AM

Small grocery store throws away $35K worth of food after woman allegedly coughs on it

When the teen became ill, his parents took him to an urgent care center and were turned away because

Last night's bill expands unemployment benefits in a way that has never taken place before.

Diner-style onion rings recipe

Republican officials are openly ignoring coronavirus guidelines

Adjustments to Giant store Hours of Operation

Make it go Viral:

Med Schools Plan Early Graduations To Rush Students To COVID Frontlines

U.S. files drug trafficking charges against Venezuelan president

I have been watching Andrew Cuomo on CNN.

585 cases in Wisconsin, 6 deaths

Fox News is very concerned that this presidential candidate's brain isn't working.

U.S. Indicts Venezuela's Maduro, Offering $15 Million Reward

"I am..." (Fill in the blank)

So, the payroll tax cut is still in the rescue bill. "Fun second term project..."

Here is what you do after grocery shopping.

Coronavirus checks: What about people on Social Security?

Today is the day we pass Italy, maybe even China

Nancy Pelosi turns 80 today. nt

I've officially given up on trying to reason with the irrational

The Murdochs "knew the virus was coming" in January

Thread for non-government entities and people stepping up to the plate in unusual ways.

Just my opinion, with testing increasing we could be up to a million cases in a month.

I'm In My 70's And Would Gladly Die For The Economy

The Coronavirus Is the Worst Intelligence Failure in U.S. History

F.A.Q. on Stimulus Checks, Unemployment and the Coronavirus Bill ededited

No joy in Mudville -- should be Opening Day

A word of caution to the smirking strutting jackasses still wearing their MAGA hats in

The wrong kind of American exceptionalism

I get "Meals On Wheels," coronavirus precautions are hitting there too!

We've passed Italy in cases

Rep. Max Rose (D) on MSNBC: "This is disgusting and a dereliction of duty"

Light at end of tunnel

Up to 10 per cent of recovered coronavirus patients in Wuhan study tested positive later

New Evidence Indicates Intelligence Not Contagious

Another new anti Trump ad. Let's make him sue the entire world:

Pompeo insists that G-7 call it "Wuhan Virus" in official statement. Squabble.

CNN now Reporting over 1000 dead in this country

Trump is the Mayor in Jaws.

The Saint Who Stopped an Epidemic Is on Lockdown at the Met.

Usa blew past Italy in number of coronavirus cases

CNN Business @CNNBusiness : A New York couple has transformed their 3D printing

This massive national quarantine/stay at home sacrifice will be meaningless IF

When does the Buck stop with the Orange Guy?

House Democrats urged to remove 'insidious attack' on Social Security hidden within senate coronavir

U.S. Jobless Claims Are Highest Ever,

Soon It Will Be Fire Season Something To Take Our Minds Off Koronavyrus

"Give Me 6 Feet Or Give Me Death"

How many Republican-led states followed Trump's request to not report unemployment numbers?

I read in a newspaper story about testing for COVID-19 antibodies

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC: To clarify, $1200 checks are ONLY going to some w/social sec numbers,

Internet is laughing at reporters reaction to approaching bison. Yellowstone said he did right thing

Maybe we should try to set up a daily

1A WAMU npr: Hear more of our conversation with @BernieSanders:

Excellent account of what it's like to be Covid-19 positive


I will make this prediction now. Trump will not be re-elected.

UK patient zero? East Sussex family may have been infected with coronavirus as early as mid-January

Any other year, I'd never binge Outlander till 5 a.m. (S3 SPOILERS!)

Sorry, contractor, you are now dead to me...

U.S. slashed CDC staff inside China prior to coronavirus outbreak

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 03-25-20

Nurses at Mount Sinai West have resorted to wearing trash bags as protective gear.

Some Hope and Inspiration

Pelosi has the right to submit trump to an Involuntary Psychiatric Exam Now, says Psychiatrist

Finally humor from COVID 19. Trump send "cease and desist letter" to his big fat mouth.

Job Vacancies and Inexperience Mar Federal Response to Coronavirus

What does it take to turn a Trump supporter into a socialist?

Note to leaders (dear or otherwise). The youth of our nation are watching your actions.

Who knows - the Coconut is a miracle fruit

Rapid increase in coronavirus cases aboard US aircraft carrier

If a candidate boasts about NOT accepting illegal campaign donations...

Matt Gaetz gets obliterated after going full 'Florida Man' with racist, uninformed coronavirus tweet

Letters to the DNC.

Governor halts most construction statewide as part of his 'stay home' order

Republicans block most aid to help states plan for presidential election amid coronavirus pandemic

No but Tiger King is legitimately insane

100 Deaths From Coronavirus in N.Y. in One Day: Live Updates

Inside the Story of How H-E-B Planned for the Pandemic


There's a provision that would allow deporting people with virus to countries that will torture them

Cartoons 3/26/2020

Italy announces 6,153 new coronavirus cases, the most in five days

This is what NYC needs by early April:


Statewide fishing ban ordered by Washington wildlife managers

Why $2 trillion isn't nearly enough...

Peter Navaro is a jerk. He is on CNN accussing the media of sensationalizing this, and pushing the

If Trump had been president during World War II

What happens afterward?

Explainer: Hobbled IRS tax agency may need months to get cash to Americans

Has anyone else received their "President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines" through the mail?

Actor Mark Blum dies of Coronavirus complications.

March 26 - Happy Birthday Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) CA-12th

Who is running the great anti Trump ad that uses his own words? I want to donate

Inslee signs the law repealing a Boeing tax break

This $1200/$2400 for individuals and couples.

Cardiac injury among hospitalized Covid-19 patients tied to higher risk of death in new study

Anybody know about stimulus checks for self-employed independent contractors?

5 more Community Transit workers test positive for COVID-19

Beyond parody

Watch a doctor demonstrate how to safely bring groceries home during the coronavirus crisis

Harris Faulkner, host of Fox's "Outnumbered Overtime".


Hawaii - construction industry a rare bright spot amid shutdowns

Mass Antibody Testing Could Offer New Coronavirus Insights

Everyone wants something and so do I. It isn't money in our pocket

The National Film Board of Canada has over 4,000 films available to stream for free

The view from the Tenderloin

538 - Bernie Sanders has less than a 1 in 100 chance of being nominated

Home Business COVID-19 Pandemic Thread

Did Bernie vote for the stimulus package?

The Coronavirus Could Change How We Vote, In 2020 And Beyond

Trump gets us all ready for Resurrection Easter Sunday

Dinner March 26

A SENSIBLE discussion of the risks

During the Big Bang back in 2008, a lot of the well to do purchased large yachts so

Finding Rest in Illusion - Chapter 2

Wingnut Bill GEDDIE *out* as producer for Tamron HALL, over O'REILLY O'Loofah

Why Trump's plan is more than just sacrificing old people, it's guaranteed to destroy the nation

These 50 Photos By Julius Khknen Will Make You Feel Like You're Dreaming

Unemployment benefits under the latest Senate bill - do we all need to file claims?

COVID-19 Is The Best Argument Yet For a Wealth Tax

US troops on the border with Canada? Trudeau says no to that Trump plan

Alaska Airlines adopts historic 70 percent cut to flight schedule, slashes dividends

CNN's Brianna Keilar spanks Peter Navarro on Live TV 👀

Why is the "Testing for COVID-19 for all " being ignored?

Pelosi 'The Greatest Legislator Since LBJ'

Trump Revising Social Distancing Guidelines

Top Chef Masters' Winner Floyd Cardoz Dies Of Coronavirus At 59...

I am ready to do my bit and help Donald Trump.

Albuquerque Tea Party president sues Lujan Grisham over coronavirus lockdown

I put on a hazmat suit, went outside, and captured some birds.

US death numbers are grossly under-reported say doctors and nurses

Hillary to Trump: Do your job.

Albuquerque Tea Party president sues Lujan Grisham over coronavirus lockdown

This is Henry.

6 Die as Coronavirus Races Through Upscale Retirement Community in N.Y.

Nearly 3 dozen who attended Arkansas church event test positive for coronavirus

Today I bought toilet paper (WOW)

Mayor of KY town of Boone County unloaded on their "dipshits and sensible people"

Deadline to get real id pushed back a year

Pennsylvania grocery store loses estimated $35K in food after woman's 'twisted' coronavirus prank

San Francisco's Muni Metro, light rail service to shut down amid pandemic

Significance of today's jobs report. Front page New York Times.(incredible chart) & easy to read

Virus, Not Humans, 'Makes The Timeline,' Fauci Warns As Trump Mulls Easing Restrictions

Are major networks still covering those travesties of a press conference?

Honestly, I'd rather not

Some will not vote for Sen Sanders no matter what.

I do believe that a Trump's Easter "reopening" is a evangelical bailout

BBC: Coronavirus: Pangolins found to carry related strains

US coronavirus: Wednesday has been deadliest day in reported deaths

US getting to 10k new cases a few hours earlier every day.

The 2020 Census.....

You raised $36.00 on March 25, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Let's be clear...The rise in the Stock Market is NOT about Trump. ....

A 'negative' coronavirus test result doesn't always mean you aren't infected

(Jewish Group) Rashida Tlaib has a serious primary opponent - who's a Louis Farrakhan fan

Italian mayor and Health CEO: Real death toll for Covid-19 is at least 4 times the official numbers

Just returned from lawyers office, signed a Do Not Resuscitate order.

GOP governor: 'I don't believe I am costing lives' by refusing to act on coronavirus

King County Launches Online Coronavirus Tracking Map

Still can't understand.

MAGA Virus 2019

Great NBC report on Iceland

Do yourself a favor. Watch The Green Book

San Diego-based Navy ship confines crew amid soaring COVID-19 cases

Tammy Duckworth tweet (funny)

digby: A disgrace in the richest country in the world

A friend of mine is wondering if a private interstate weed run in lockdown states would be allowed?

'We're in Disaster Mode': Courage Inside a Brooklyn Hospital Confronting Coronavirus

Inslee suspends sections of open public meetings and records laws during outbreak

Counting the ways: How is SHITLER like the COVID-19?

Rudy Giuliani was told not to touch his face

SEIU-UHW has located 39 million N95 masks-connecting states, counties to the supplier

Anthony Fauci: "You don't make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline" on relaxing public health

Rapaport Suspends Price List Amid New Furor

Ireland Nationalizes Private Hospitals For Duration Of Coronavirus, 'For Common Benefit Of All'

Kathy Griffin Hospitalized In Coronavirus Isolation With 'Painful' Symptoms

Will this Coronavirus Disaster establish a new vetting standard for candidates?

NPR: READ: President Trump's Letter To Governors On New Coronavirus Guidelines

Democratic group defies Trump, ramps up ad blasting coronavirus response

Here are the states that have shut down nonessential businesses

Can someone explain to me why the Dow considers the Coronavirus Crisis over?

Biden releases plan to boost economy amid coronavirus pandemic

2,580 Coronavirus Cases In Washington; 100 Deaths In King County

McConnell tried to pass the Bill without the restrictions against Trump profiting

EDIT: Now w/a nice little video. Harlem Globetrotters Legend Fred 'Curly' Neal Dies at Age 77

Why That's SOCIALISM!!!

Hundreds of thousands of masks missing from federal shipments to Michigan

Wisconsin Muslim Civic Alliance is endorsing Bernie Sanders for president.

I made a really good lunch today

CBS poll: America was unprepared, efforts to stop virus 'going badly'

No Greater Love

In drastic step, Italy shuts most factories to halt virus

Didn't mean to make this a Corona Virus thing...

Bernie: Trump Is Ignoring Medical Experts

BROKEN: 649 - Bernie Sanders Has 100 to 1 Odds of Being Irrelevant in November

CBC shuts down Tri-Cities campuses because of coronavirus, moving most classes online

Exclusive: Capital One got CFTC waiver after oil price plunge increased swap exposure - sources

The MAGAchurches that will be packed on Easter should give out cloroquinine wafers for communion.

Virus shutdowns cause huge spike in WA jobless claims

Joe Biden rises from his Irish wake

Whatcom County executive asks Inslee for state's help to get more coronavirus test kits

USA #1 ... USA #1 ... USA #1

'Chinese flu' is a distraction. We need to keep making leaders aware of their ignorance

Coronavirus A 'Clear Warning Shot' From Nature To Humanity, Top Scientists Say

This Chrome extension is supposed to pay for ocean clean up for every search you do.

An inspirational quote for these times.....

The statistics

California coronavirus surge on par with New York, alarming officials. Cases top 3,000

Obama thanks Fauci, Stephen Curry during Instagram Live session

Do NOT Open Emails With "Knock, Knock" In The Title

Trump set for clash with governors over reopening economy

Why is the Trump administration outbidding states on medical equipment?

US reaches 1,000 deaths in coronavirus crisis

ST to temporarily reduce service on additional ST Express routes

we will be number one in cases by this evening.

My 15 y/o son says I'm wasting time & embarassing him by making videos of toilet paper funerals...

Mexico's coronavirus-skeptical president is setting up his country for a health crisis

Hell my neighbor called and Harris County, Houston is locking down.

'This is a war': NYC doctors describe fight against coronavirus

20 Amazing Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Home

Hey Braindead media: Stop running that stupid story about Louisiana's "world's fastest rate"

Coronavirus update: Global infections top 500K; US challenges Italy with case surge

Relief coming for Seattle small businesses affected by coronavirus

Nurses being thrown out by AirBnB landlords

Washington needs more healthcare volunteers to help battle coronavirus

Dreading what my Governor Whitmer is going to tell us tonight on her town hall.

OMG commercial by billy graham jr trying to scare up some prayer fear to grab a hold

Christian pastor who thought COVID-19 is just 'mass hysteria' is among the first in Virginia to die

It's zero hour and the next sleeping gate keeper is belatedly locking down

Uh oh. Another one started.

What's In Store: Groceries Installing Protective Plastic Shields At Checkouts

Microwave ovens and common viruses

I talked to my tax lady of decades about who gets the stimulus

I resent and reject the suggestion I am expendable,

Just when I was almost out of toilet paper, Donnie Dollhands sent me some

Washington City Paper City Lights: Things to Do in DC

2020 Census... important

Stocks roar, with Dow spiking 1,300 points, after Senate passes $2 trillion stimulus bill

At this point I'm concerned about health care workers

King and I have a lot in common:

From the NIH

Pablo Escobar's Hippos Fill a Hole Left Since Ice Age Extinctions

While Italians are playing instruments and singing with each other from their balconies

Space Force!!

Klobuchar has good news on her husband: "now recovering at home"

Amy Klobuchar's Husband has been released from Hospital and is recovering at home

Phil Ochs: the doomed folk singer who woke up from the American dream

Puppy super cuddles:

Can some point to a source on how to treat oneself if you have experienced symptoms

Golden Retreater:

If there's a baby boom in nine months...

adjusting the CV-19 statistics -- any ideas?

Sensitive topic... Does anyone think they've had COVID-19 and it resolved?

Get your tissues. This new normal is crushing our healthcare workers

Covid-19 testing in the USA (do you have to pay)

Not only will Trump lose in November, but temporary destruction of Republican Party.

North Carolina Newspaper Calls on Burr to Resign

Starting in January Texas store HEB started to prepare for pandemic.

Inslee to Trump: "We don't need a backup. We need a Tom Brady."

George Harrison's foundation launches Inner Light Challenge to raise covid19 funds

South Side Don't Play: Chicago Grandmother ready to Snap on a Trumpie

US just a couple hundred cases from surpassing China. :(

As an old guy living alone I search and improvise to stay alive - for what it's worth:

The Politics of the Coronavirus

READ: President Trump's Letter To Governors On New Coronavirus Guidelines

Sen. John Thune falls ill, flown home to South Dakota

My spouse is very concerned that trump could still win in November.

George Conway: What did Trump and Congress know about the #coronavirus, and when did they know it?

Wired Article tracks Claims and Misinformation on Ibuprofen and COVID-19

GOP governor: 'I don't believe I am costing lives' by refusing to act on coronavirus

We're number one!

Breaking - China suspends entry by foreign nationals holding Chinese visas, residence permits

Texas Roadhouse CEO giving up base salary, bonus to pay 'frontline' employees

US has overtaken China with the most known cases of Covid-19

US passes Italy and China for most Covid-19 cases

Bill and Hillary Clinton send 80 pizzas to NY hospitals

Joe Biden oversaw the implementation of the Recovery Act and helped get our economy working again..

Previews of Coming Attractions: Standing on the Line

The U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

Ohio COVID-19 Update: 03/26/2020

Harlem Globetrotters Icon Fred 'Curly' Neal Dies At 77 Years Old

This was predictable. All of it.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 26, 2020

Nearly 3 dozen who attended Arkansas church event test positive for coronavirus

Broward County FL issues 'shelter in place' order

Who Is Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto? Biden Reveals Top 3 VP Picks

Biden needs to stand on his own feet, he doesn't need Obama's coattails

Gov. Hutchinson announces additonal financial support for nurses, other employees during COVID-19 p

The US Senate is NOT practicing social distancing.

Coronavirus Rhapsody

Apparently, In Texas, Everyone is an Essential Employee

Arkansas Covid-19 March 26 (Updated)

Covid-19 hitting very close to home..

Heads up, Free Permaculture Class

Christian pastor who thought COVID-19 is just 'mass hysteria' is among the first in Virginia to die

World Health Organization backs call to avoid ibuprofen for coronavirus By DONNA RACHEL EDMUNDS MA W

Pandemic Response - In another reality

UV light and viruses.

Alex Jones Loses Sandy Hook Court Appeal, Must Now Pay Nearly $150,000 In Legal Fees

So my wife and I are in our late 60s....

Free Permaculture Class

Remember? Dec 31, 2019: WHO says mysterious pneumonia sickening dozens in China

Infections rose over 100,000% after Trump said they'd be 'close to zero' soon

I just read Trump is going to station troops

Bad covid19 news from Gallatin nursing home

My grandfather owned a feed and grain operation in western Maryland...

First Aid Kit - at home

Virginia Pastor Who Said COVID-19 Was Anti-Trump "Mass Hysteria" Dies of Virus

In Open Letter, 32 Prominent Economists Say Saving Lives Would Save The Economy....

In light of the fact that US has now surpassed Italy in COVID-19 cases,

Alabama and Miss. Governors share the same denial of virus danger.

How The Pandemic Will End: The Atlantic

Minnesota - did you get Coronavirus well before it was suspected?

Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border

Dr Fauci interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo CNN from Wednesday 3/26/20

Tuberculosis vaccine could help protect health workers from COVID-19

Where can I find a comparison between House bill, Senate bill, and final bill

Shithound is back at the podium

I can't bring myself to watch the briefing

My local hospital is laying people off

Bernie Breaks Down the Coronavirus Bill

Let this sink in.

There's a stupid guy on my television again.

And...the Snorter in Chief.......! PRIMAL SCREAM TIME!!😱

Will the Supreme Court Protect 'Ministers' From Their Church? by Linda Greenhouse

Are the chinese lying about their Covid-19 stats or are their actions more effective?

As Trump tweets and taunts, America's true leaders take over - Dana Milbank

Tom Brady?????

WTF?? Twitler thinks Tom Brady should be leading the (coronavirus) effort?

The U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

Still...March 26th, virus is a BULLET TRAIN and the NO GOOD SON OF A BITCH

Virus mutes happy hours in senior haven, but golf goes on

Smithers Pence just stands there and nods his head.

Steve Sack FTW

W's SOTU address in 2007 started with praise for Nancy Pelosi's becoming Speaker of the House:

A Woman With Lupus Said Her Health Care Provider Is Stopping Her Chloroquine Prescription And Thanke

Gantz chooses Netanyahu's incitement over Arab-Jewish partnership

Guess who?

Chunk Plays The Carrot Flute

US now epicenter: The US now has the world's biggest coronavirus outbreak

COVID-19 TRACKER From Worldwide down to your County

Some say this is how tornadoes start.

Why Can't Bernie Accept That Democratic Voters Didn't Want Him?

They call this a golden retreater

Coronavirus Rhapsody

Lie fest

We've surpassed China's total number of cases.

The National Film Board of Canada has over 4,000 films available to stream for free

US surpasses China in number of cases of corona virus.

Trump Is Spewing Word Salad For His Cult While People Are Dying By The Dozens

Who is the 12 year old looking "reporter" at press conference?

Here is a better explanation for those one time Coronavirus checks

'We Need Medicare for All': Massive Coronavirus Job Losses Expose Obvious Failure of...

Kinda proud of our local news stations

The New Trump Show -- 'I've Gotten to Like This Room'

Rick Wilson speaks for me. Again.

Michael Sorkin, architect, urbanist, theorist, author, & educator has passed away at 71 of CV19

The Rude Pundit Speaks!

How South Korea became the 'model' for beating the coronavirus

Sweet Jesus..

It takes a Village. Let's not forget our humanity.

Is Trump ill?

Did I just head a point of care test was just approved?

I miss the old days

The US passed Italy and China all at once with 1939 new cases at 4:30PM EDT

I Guess I Don't Mind The Peanut Shells On The Floor...

Eye on the prize

Protest song - worthy of Bette Midler. (NSFW: NC-17)

Watch this dog meet his new brother for the first time

Biden's Vice Presidential Runningmate.

Numbers of people hospitalized in Alabama won't be shared with the public: Mobile County H.D.

It's wasn't a conspiracy or a fluke. The voters didn't want a revolution.

Doctors treating cv-19 are preparing their wills:

One does feel a wee bit sorry for the miscreants

Walmart, 'the Trumpvirus', and survival instincts

OK boys, how many remember sneaking in the back door at 3am....

Puppies explore the Georgia Aquarium. Your evening treat!

First hand account of a 29 year old's struggle with COVID-19

Cortez-Masto Is One of Biden's 'Top Three' for Veep

Question on stimulus package the Senate passed

Coronavirus: Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border

The more I think about it, the more I oppose COVID-19 corporate bailouts.

U.S. government has 1.5 million expired N95 masks sitting in an Indiana warehouse

Abortion-rights advocates sue Texas officials for limiting abortion access in coronavirus order

LMAO. It's Satan's math!

Coronavirus live updates: US now leads world with over 82,000 cases

Abortion-rights advocates sue Texas officials for limiting abortion access in coronavirus order

Trump looking to put troops near Canadian border amid coronavirus fears

Governors Seeking Help Must Navigate Trump

Are we going for 18,000 today?

"clapping for the carers" the entire UK was clapping for the NHS workers

More Weld County fun

The Rude Pundit: Trump Doesn't Care About What You Have to Lose

Who remembers the Terry Shiavo case?

How the Pandemic Will End

Chinese Retrospective Comparison Between RTPCR Covid Tests/Radiological Findings: False Negatives.

One problem may be that Sanders has no heir apparent.

03/27 Mike Luckovich: Coronavirus press conference

Miami Herald @MiamiHerald BREAKING: Two poll workers who spent Florida's primary day in precincts

COVID-19 case counts and fatalities in all Florida counties as of 03-26-2020

Feb 27; "Only 15 cases nationwide, and we will soon be down to zero."

Democrats ask Trump for evidence that medical supplies are available

Former Reagan aide Bruce Bartlett: Why Republicans are such massive hypocrites on stimulus

Bernie Sanders Spits Fire At GOP Senators For Holdup Over Unemployment Benefits

Dog's Loved His Kitten Since The Moment They Met

Industry dodges restrictive House measures in Senate's bailout bill

This seems like a good idea to me. Anyone else?

Trump has never had a job in his whole fucking life.

Montana just got a shelter in place order

Not This Grandma By Connie Schultz

with no Olympics, does the convention need to be in July?

Last night's bill included the largest expansion of unemployment benefits in history.

This is all the "civility" I can manage: someone tell me again why "Doctor" Birx is

Wall Street Journal compares Trump to 'a drunk' clinging to 'an empty gin bottle'

Why The Pandemic Is Putting Primary Care Docs In A Major Financial Pinch

This just about sums it up:

They Just Don't Like Science

It's safe to say...

Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher is self-quarantining

PSA: April Fools Day is cancelled this year

Information from Stanford about re-using N95 masks. Sterilization. Released yesterday.

Can you all please reply and let me know if you see any text in the text box below?

We're Number One! We're Number One! USA! USA!

The 2020 Pennsylvania Primary is moving to Tuesday, June 2nd!

Deaths in US multiplied by 10 in one week

Family Stuck At Home Notices Their Dog's Tail Has Stopped Working

Stanford has done a study-released yesterday, about sterilizing masks.

Trump to travel to see naval hospital ship deploy to NYC


Trump to travel to see naval hospital ship deploy to NYC

Wisconsin's Longest-Serving Legislator Says He Will Retire

A dreaded thought crossed my mind. Is trump working from Putin's instructions?

LATEST: Coronavirus infection rate and deaths up again in Italy (1,000 more cases than day before)

Bill and Hillary send 400 pizzas to NY hospitals .....

Covid-19 disaster states: FL, IA, LA, NJ, NY, TX, and the list rolls on at FEMA headquarters

Anyone else

hawaii documented cases up to 106. no fatalities so far.