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Rep. Maloney!

Headsup - Speaker Pelosi will be on Rachel tonight n/t

CNN streaming live here for Biden town hall if you don't have TV. On now.

How Many Doctors And Nurses Will Die Today Because Donald Trump Is Keeping Them Unprotected?

2 of USA's 11aircraft carriers taken out of service for month giving China a free hand in the region

11 coronavirus statements from team Trump that really didn't age well

To be a medical worker in our society today, right now....

****Biden Town Hall - Thread 1****

Local radio South Central Michigan saying

'I operate on the data and on the numbers': Cuomo responds to Trump ventilator claims

105,000 cases and 400 new deaths looks like a lock by midnight.

trump is in way over his ignorant incompetent head and he is too arrogant to admit it

Remember Ukraine?

Seminole issues own order to limit capacity in businesses, forces 6 foot distance between people

Trump Says He Told Pence to Ignore Governors in Hard-Hit Areas If They Are 'Not Appreciative'

Seniors should be valued...

Trump "I want them to be appreciative" video.

Trump Says He Told Pence to Ignore Governors in Hard-Hit Areas If They Are 'Not Appreciative'

HIV and breast cancer drug effective in a few cases:

Army Corps of Engineers eyes 114 sites to convert to hospitals in coronavirus fight

The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week (March 21-28)

A 60 second Fact Check from today's press briefing

Sanders pushes on in 2020 race

Fox News Poll: Biden leads Trump, wins high marks for female VP pledge (Biden 49 Trump 40)

Joe calls on supporters to donate masks

China Closed All Its Movie Theaters Again

Shouldn't you stand 6 feet apart?

80% of the country would have handled this crisis better than Trump. That includes Elem. kids

If you were president what would you do to get the spread of the virus under control?

The Jewish Vote Endorses Bernie Sanders for President!

creative way to practice social distancing

45's latest imperial decree.

L.A. Artists Recreated These Iconic Album Covers To Be In Line With Quarantine Rules

Coronavirus comes to "the villages" - that Trump loving retirement community in Florida

Rhode Island Police to Hunt Down New Yorkers Seeking Refuge

(Jewish Group)Italian Artist Giovanni Gasparro Revives Antisemitic Blood Libel With Graphic Painting

PSA we've gotten twice today..and messages from our walk this afternoon! ❤️

I count 16 states a day behind in reporting.

Can they make bigger ventilators?

Donald Trump DEMANDS his own signature be on coronavirus stimulus checks to every American: report

Biden's CNN Town Hall with Anderson C. was outstanding...

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Luck o' the Irish!

Anyone who says that Joe Biden is not capable,

[Raises hand]

Cute TikTok video:

Nancy Pelosi coming up on Rachel in a minute

(Jewish Group) NYU Condemns Former SJP Head for Tweeting 'Should I Paint My Nails' in Response to Is

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer fires back at Donald Trump after his psychotic attack on her

WaPo: Bernie Sanders's Trump-like campaign is a disaster for Democrats

Biden: Governors should issue lockdowns 'for the time being'

I hate tRump

Biden defends Michigan governor after Trump criticism

U.S. Plans to Stop Collecting Import Tariffs for Three Months, Officials Say

EPA Has Stopped Enforcing Environmental Laws, Citing Coronavirus Pandemic

Don't turn on the lights cause I don't want to see!

Happy National "Joe" Day! Post a pic of a "Joe".

Personality flaws putting Americans at risk

Instacart's workers will strike for safety protections and hazard pay.

Biden accuser's old Twitter account tells a different story

NEW from The New York Times Obits desk: Those We've Lost. Lives of the victims of the coronavirus.

Guess What's Flying Off Shelves Now: Hair Dye.

Space Needle lays off front line, administrative staff as it's clear the icon will remain closed

Bus driver who worried early about coronavirus dies of it

Handling of intelligence warnings looks worse and worse

Trump wants...

1st shipment of federal supplies arrives in Everett

Joe Biden has been visible in five or six online events (no musical guests) in the last week....

Trish Regan Out At Fox Business After Conspiracy Theory Coronavirus Rant

25 percent of Wednesday's briefing self-congratulation and placing blame

Handling Mail: Low risk but WASH YOUR HANDS

Atlanta Humane Society lets puppies roam aquarium closed due to coronavirus

CDC Says Coronavirus Feeds Off Trump's Ego

"Biden's humanity came through during the CNN town hall & TBH i didn't realize how much I needed it"

Trump Brags That Obama 'Could Never Have As Many COVIDs' As He Has

Incorrect and grossly uninformed

The orange shitgibbon tweets about MI

I'm an overweight retired diabetic with high blood pressure who will be 65 in June.

Trump: "Look, don't be a cutie-pie, okay?" (response to reporter's legit question)

Pelosi's trick to shut down the lone asshole was a thing of beauty, wish I could see it

Trump's Remarks at Signing of H.R.748, The CARES Act

You-Know-Who is having another meltdown, lashing out at Whitmer again.

How coronavirus mutations can track its spread--and disprove conspiracies

Amazon introduces social distancing attire.

Chaotic coronavirus crisis

Member of DC mayor's staff dies from coronavirus

Iceland and Italy testing finds 50% positive for CV19 Showed no symptoms

What scientists do and don't know about treating coronavirus

Trade war exacerbated shortage of medical equipment

Ok, ok, I can stay at home to do my part......

Bosch develops Corona test tool to detect virus in under 3 hours

Tweet of the Day

After Putin's Big Fail, Russia Braces for COVID-19 Onslaught

Far behind in coronavirus testing

Without social distancing, one model predicts the coronavirus could have killed 40,000,000

When I about these approval polls on the way trump is dealing with the health crises, i sure would l

Four factors will determine his fate

Trump will lose Michigan by big margins

'We're not going to be up and running by Easter'

Trump demands appreciation from governors for coronavirus response

Abbott Labs launches rapid Covid19 test

How Long Does The Coronavirus Live On Clothes, And Will Laundry Detergent Kill The Virus?

Trump Says He's Doing a Hell of a Job Getting Medical Supplies. Reality Says Otherwise.

Death cult finally says, Kill "useless eaters" for capitalism!

Pets: Try this on your human!

Los Angeles County issues emergency alert for corona virus.

Preposterous Coronavirus claim

Israel Carrera, 40, is the first person to die of COVID-19 in Miami-Dade County

A shoutout to Dr. Afrey! I am so glad we have people like him willing to serve this country.

American consumers, once bulwark of economy, are rapidly losing confidence

Inslee signs bill mandating sex education in Washington schools

LOL! My wife is picking up my my word-play. Just named Trump King Mierdas

Seth Rogen discovers Alexa's special talent

She cried, so I went to my car and cried to

Seattle Restaurateurs and Chefs Voice Concerns Over Aspects of Federal Stimulus Bill

Nice country you got there

CEO of ventilator maker speaks out as Trump invokes Defense Production Act

I want to apologize.

As U.S. cases exceed 100,000, doctors decry scarcity of drugs and equipment

Friday Talking Points -- We're Number One (Hundred Thousand)!

Trump says U.S. will make 100,000 ventilators in 100 days

Police Shout At Scottish Man Claiming To Have Coronavirus, 'Go Home, You Are Killing People!'

Almost one in four Americans lost job or furloughed because of coronavirus, poll finds

Ford built 8 extremely complex B 24 Liberator bombers a DAY, ventilators

This Week in Hell: If the Cornavirus Don't Getcha, the President Will! (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Orange Hugo Chavez demands his own signature be on coronavirus stimulus checks to every American.

Anyone else watching HBO's "The Plot Against America"?

Evolution: COVID-19 Style 🐱

400 dead americans today from the virus as reported from all sources

I signed up for a mail in PA ballot

Covid Updates

Where is the outrage by our democratic leaders? Just saying.

Obviously we are not going to turn back the clock

Austin company looking to dock paychecks for those receiving stimulus checks

Global condom shortage looms as coronavirus shuts down production

Parasites are here: Lee Fang @lhfang: Lobbyists for the debt collection industry tell Congress

A Guide To The Retirement-Related Provisions In The Senate Coronavirus Stimulus/Relief Bill

Could the Sanchez sisters(Loretta and Linda) serve together in the US Senate in the near future.

FFRF is fighting theocrats for you

Trump Suggests He Can Gag Inspector General for Stimulus Bailout Program

Politico article on Trump POWER GRAB in SIGNING STATEMENT

Structural basis for the recognition of SARS-CoV-2 by full-length human ACE2

Breaking: FDA authorizes 15-minute coronavirus test, co. will start delivering 50,000 tests per day

Did I understand Katie Porter to just say..

What does it feel like to have a smart, thoughtful and compassionate president?

Poisson regression

He's STILL attacking Gretchen Whitmer

Should checking your temperature on a regular basis be something that is encouraged?

Stay Home Or Else!: 'Where's Lightfoot' Instagram Account Adds Levity To Stressful Coronavirus

Baghdad Deborah Birx ought to just wear a MAGA hat to the next campaign rally

When is that SOB going to get sick?


Hillary Clinton on US leading in coronavirus cases: Trump 'did promise "America First"'

A post office in Santa Fe has closed today

I can isolate myself but my wife is a medical professional on the front lines.

Do we need a sports fandom thread? HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!

Denver Drone Footage - City Under Stay at Home

Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly says he has tested positive for coronavirus

Trump says U.S. will make 100,000 ventilators

Whitmer glad Trump invoked DPA over ventilators, says GM ready to start - PBS NewsHour

when I did process improvement in my former (working) life, we used to talk about root causes

Weekly Friday 3 PM EST Instagram live Q and A sessions - join in and bring your garden questions!

Fantasy Sports - Chicago Baseball......

Mellow whiskey and beer buzz

Trump is already cutting Congress out of any oversight on the COVID Bill via his signing statement

No dress rehearsal. This is our life

U2. From the record that changed my mind

Please tell me this is not true


Treatment plans in AL and WA exclude those with mental illness, dementia

Trumps actions

Vaccine Activism: The Day The Vaxxed Bus Came To Town

Las Vegas man accused of threatening to kill Rep. Titus

Penn National sells Tropicana, will furlough 26,000 workers


In less than one week . In less than one month

No, Trump is not going to suddenly become FDR

Dominic Raab is Boris Johnson's nominated stand-in (next in line)

"Rogue Melania" WINS TODAY'S INTERNET for her response to "Trump wants his name on the checks"

Dominic Raab is Boris Johnson's nominated stand-in

Pennsylvania's best selling 80s band

Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) hits back at Trump

you get a pen, and you get a pen, and you get pen...

Trump Asks ARod How He Feels About the Coronavirus Response.

Clark County suspends 14 business licenses for defying shutdown order

mike love - let the healing begin (live-2012) breaking the new subwoofer in with some reggae mon ...

Public Service Announcement

Brian Williams for the win!

"That was translated from the original North Korean"

The Daily Social Distancing Show: States Enforce Quarantines to Discourage Travel

I'm drinking. I'm listening to Johnny.

"We Will Take Action to Prevent the Loss of Our Land"

Bonus Tweet Of The Day

The Daily Show: Remembering When Coronavirus Was Contained

Dr Octagon - Biology 101

Johnny has a way with Kris' songs

Trump authorizes recall of up to 1 million ready reserve troops to battle coronavirus

WA Update: Inslee's Washington Starting To Flatten The Curve: New UW Study, 81K May Die Nationwide

I want to recommend three books I wish everyone here would read.

Sunday Morning Coming Down - Johnny Cash's '88 version

Obviously, given the arc of my song picks so far - the logical next song has to be...

mike love & the full circle - i love you (live-2017-from a beautiful place) jah love is the reason

Washington State, Michigan and NY should formally request help from China.

With the country's attention turned north, the coronavirus pandemic is exploding in Louisiana.

Secret Weapon - Must Be The Music

Every Governor, Red and Blue...

My mind follows a narrow musical track - Pretty sure DU MA veterans can guess

Todd Rundgren Recruits Joe Walsh, Daryl Hall for Democratic Campaign Anthem

With all the news about protective equipment, this caught my eye

Just a few questions.

When a vaccine is developed for COVID-19

Insurance companies are taking stand that "business interruption coverage" doesnt cover coronavirus

Doctor working with Amazon tribe tests positive for coronavirus

Elephant, Sea Lion Meet At Oregon Zoo

Berlin - Masquerade

PSA: Season 3 Ozark, tonight, Netflix

Florida City Official Calls Out Mayor for COVID-19 Response NowThis

When You're Feeling Low, Just Remember I'll Be Dead In About 15 Or 20 Years

Trump's Approval Hits New High, But A Rally-Around-The-Flag Effect Is Small

The Brothers Johnson - Q

There was a Garage Band thread earlier here is 2020's Garage band

Brian Tyler Cohen. If you're not already paying attention to him, you should start.

Blue Magic - Chasing Rainbows

5 minutes until I turn into a pumpkin

Handling Mail Amid Coronavirus: Low Risk But Wash Your Hands

built to spill - carry the zero (studio-1999) one last one for ya sarge ...

I have an infrared thermometer I bought a few years ago.

Paul Simon just recorded "American Tune" again:

Trump authorizes activation of up to 1 million reservists to help with pandemic

The easy, inexpensive way the Czech Republic got Covid-19 under control: Masks4All

Birx isn't a doctor, she's a bible thumper!

OK, Let's try this again?

Tomorrow, I'll paint out my lid map. :) Much heavier than my little travel one. Hoping this one is

Six-year-old Miumiu performing "Fly Me to the Moon" in Nanjing, China

Trump childishly slams governors; he wants appreciation!

Time To Send Our Income Tax $$ To Our Governor In Washington Not To Donald Trump

Austin company looking to dock paychecks for those receiving stimulus checks

Safes new invention to save the world from the virus.

Please I'm asking for the sake of Governors

No promises on when coronavirus checks are coming

Killing Colombia's human rights defenders has never been this easy

Killing Colombia's human rights defenders has never been this easy

Washed my duvet cover in UnStoppables scent booster........ now my cats

19 TV Reporters Who Struggled To Broadcast From Home In The Most Hilarious Ways

Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)

Useful tool for COVID projections

'Mafia planning to assassinate journalists who revealed ties between narco and Colombia's ruling par

New Bob Dylan release - Murder Most Foul

It is TIME to Wake Up this Forum

Donald Trump is finally going to become a real billionaire.

On BBC WORLD NEWS: Virgin Atlantic to seek bailout in coming days.

Watch Tucker get taken to school on Democratic Socialism

Amid pandemic, Ecuador removes 100 corpses from homes in its biggest city

Presidents don't criminally charge previous presidents for bad policy decisions.

Teen Who May Have Died Of Coronavirus Was Denied Care For Not Having Insurance: Mayor

Electric Intercourse - Prince, studio version

Ties coronavirus decisions to personal grievances

Dr. Deborah Birx's comments 'startled' public health experts.

'Your Health or the Right to Vote': A Battle in Wisconsin as Its Primary Nears

Bolsonaro, a danger to Brazil: 'Staying home is for cowards'

Bolsonaro, a danger to Brazil: 'Staying home is for cowards'

Rally-Around-The-Flag effect is small

The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

Joanna Newsom: Bridges and Balloons

Coronavirus is a "personal nightmare" for people with OCD and anxiety disorders.

Mayor Elorza: Lap dances 'irresponsible' amid coronavirus outbreak

The POS POTUS has declared war on Michigan. Please help us!

Saturday in the Park- Chicago

The Disappearance of Ecuador's Tallest Waterfall

The Disappearance of Ecuador's Tallest Waterfall

Flute selections: Wincenc, Pahud

Are Insurance Companies Covering COVID-19 Hospitalizations?

Inside the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine

Three selections by Philip Wesley

We've all witnessed how Dumpshit handling of the virus has been devastating.

A question that is asked every election year "Are you better off than 4 years ago".

"White House Creates Confusion With Mixed Messages." CNN eom

Breakfast Saturday 28 March 2020

U.K. Subs - Limo Life (1982 Studio Version, plus Live 1983) Endangered Species (1982)

Sparks - A Song That Sings Itself

Trump administration allows companies to break pollution laws during coronavirus pandemic

Whitmer: Feds told vendors not to send medical supplies to Michigan

Joseph Lowery, Civil Rights Leader and MLK Aide, Dies at 98

Joseph Lowery, American civil rights leader, dies at 98

Donald Trump demands his own signature be on coronavirus stimulus checks to every American: report

Hague court orders Dutch state to pay out over colonial massacres

Utah man allegedly told lesbian he was "going to fix the gay" before raping her

North Carolina startup gets approval for COVID-19 test that works in 15 minutes

Trump tells pastors to forget coronavirus & pray for his re-election instead

Anthrax - Got The Time

Jellyfish - I Wanna Stay Home

I keep wanting to write a song...

Guatemalan Water Protectors Persist, Despite Mining Company Threats

Aggravating a trump supporter

Sununu issues stay at home order until early May, as number of cases statewide climbs

Trump chips away at Congress' role in coronavirus relief oversight

NH delegation, governor slam FEMA's aid response

Nespresso finds child labor at three Guatemalan coffee farms

Nineteen Gallatin nursing home patients evacuated to Sumner Medical Center

Austin company looking to dock paychecks for those receiving stimulus checks

(Jewish Group) Coronavirus increases anti-Semitic activity in divided New Jersey town

It's 5:29 a.m.

March 28 - Happy Birthday Rep. Nydia Velazques (D) NY-7th

(Jewish Group) Antisemitism is at its core a conspiracy theory

Biden Leads Trump Nationally

So, who saw the Steven Universe Future finale and what did you think of it?

When You Hear Your Neighbor Cough...

David Corn: Beyond Narcissism, Trump's Other Personality Flaws Are Putting Americans at Risk

CAIR-Florida Calls for Hate Crime Probe of Neo-Nazi Vandalism Targeting Guatemalan-Maya Center in La

CAIR-Florida Calls for Hate Crime Probe of Neo-Nazi Vandalism Targeting Guatemalan-Maya Center in La

It's 3:00 a.m.

I alway knew our dogs were unionized

Donald Trump demands his own signature be on coronavirus stimulus checks to every American

NC: Gun rights proponents need to calm down about Wake sheriff's action

Liberty University Could Face Liability for Failure to Shut Down for Coronavirus

The Religious Right's Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response

Sanders files to run in N.J. Democratic primary

After Trump suggests hydroxychloroquine as potential COVID-19 cure, lupus patients face shortages

Quarantined Brazilians protest against Bolsonaro from windows and balconies: 'Get out!'

Katie Porter bounces back from illness and goes directly at Donald Trump

The missing six weeks: how Trump failed the biggest test of his life

Metro Times: Trump doesn't give a shit about Michigan, and he never did

There is no government agency publicly tracking all corona cases in the US. So the NYT is doing it.

Johnson & Johnson donates 10,000 goggles and $50M to fight coronavirus

Murphy orders N.J. businesses to disclose protective equipment they have to fight coronavirus

trump signing statement : what oversight?

Trump Again Bashes Governors Of Washington And Michigan Over Coronavirus

And in other news, Trump said words on earth that just...

A Progressive Perspective: It's the President, Stupid!

Court refuses to allow Trump administration's abortion referral restrictions to take effect in Md.

Abbott Launches 5-Minute Covid-19 Test for Use Almost Anywhere

Trump seeking thoughts from former Yankee Alex Rodriguez about the coronavirus response

A 'super spreader' in India may have given 40,000 people coronavirus

A cruel president dismisses a coronavirus-afflicted New York's desperate need for ventilators

A coronavirus profiteer

"The lost art of the mixtape" Did anyone else do this with mixtapes they've made?

Coyotes are being seen on the empty streets of San Francisco

Well worth the time reading, for anyone unacquainted with ancient (3,000 B.C.) S.American societies.

Well worth the time reading, for anyone unacquainted with ancient (3,000 B.C.) S.American societies.

My God, it would take a genius to figure out that

Puppies I am smitten with, Photos

"What would you think if, when your governor asked the federal government for disaster assistance"

Forty years on, a locked-down El Salvador remembers the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero onl

Can states being denied help like NY, MI, WA sue the Fed government?

I'm out of business, how about you?

Trump's narcissism has taken a new twist. And now he has American blood on his hands

Found this list on Facebook a few days ago - quotes from our beloved leader!

The Ronnie and Donnie show

To those who STILL support Sanders: as I have previously posted, I agree with much

Trump ties coronavirus decisions to personal grievances

Independent Contractors and COVID-19: Working Without Protections

In the words of Adam Schiff

Both can't be true

Any DUers have the clip from yesterday

Instacart Workers Set to Strike on Monday, Demanding Hazard Pay and Protections

Have any of you made sour dough starter from scratch?

Weak Elephant Yai Boon Getting Stronger After Being Rescued

Thomas Massie is a monster Republicans created

Rideshare Drivers United: Sign Up: Submit a Wage Claim

Opinion: How many deaths can we afford? DW

Did I hear that Orange blotus thinks it ok to test drugs on people?..

I bet the nation's governors wish Trump could be named the Pope.

I follow PetraGrey, a YouTube channel that uploads videos of Petra, their African Grey parrot. This

Now, all we "need" is a natural disaster like

Julie A. Su @JulieSuCA: Did you get a 1099 and your employer called you an #independentcontractor?

About these levels of risk areas that tRump wants...

For Trump-there's only 1 victim: himself -He fears political defeat more than the deaths of millions


New Official Portrait of the So-callled President of the United States of America

The presidential veto of Congressional oversight was prearranged.

You Can Use Your "Shelter In Place" Time Constructively

I can't help but wonder what's gone wrong.

How much longer must we endure Trump?

A Mass Murderer: With his own words Trump describes how he kills his victims.

Have you been to the grocery store in your area recently?

IRS page for Coronavirus payments

Mona Shattell, PhD, RN, FAAN offers another great use for Trump's signature.

Trumps real reason for invoking DPA: Centralized federal control of distribution.....

Some advice from my truck driver husband...

Die die Coronavirus

Put him at the podium instead of Trump.

Trump calls Alex Rodriguez for Covid-19 advice, not former Presidents

The math doesn't look good

Funny: As population works from home, Walmart reports increased sales for tops but not pants

Inside Trump's risky push to reopen the country amid the coronavirus crisis

COVID 19 Reveals How Quickly Ideologies Disintegrate: Changes Still Way Too Little, Far Too Late

Far left you say?

Local TopsMarkets seems to be overcharging for 7 UP. What do you think?

I found this poem in a Discus discussion comment section:

Biden or Sanders would beat Trump in an election right now

After Disastrous Auto Bailout In 2009, Alberta's Oil/Gas Sector Wants $15 Billion More Of The Same

Carved birdhouses

Every time I go the store I want to kick a horders ASS

Is abortion considered a medically necessary procedure, or an elective procedure during COVID-19?

Walmart Was Almost Charged Criminally Over Opioids. Trump Appointees Killed the Indictment.

This whole social distancing thing has been practiced by women on

They knew. They voted to keep Trump in charge. They own it. Never forget.

Ralph Keeling: COVID Impact Far Too Limited To Show Up In Atmospheric CO2 Readings

I have never used clorox to clean the floors. What can I expect?

I've just heard that erectile dysfunction drugs could be key in researching coronavirus

It looks like "panic buying" is leveling off...

David Corn: "One time, President Obama told me and a few others that he was..."

Ali Velshi is interviewing a counselor who has set up an online Grief Group.

From Colbert: The longer this goes on, the harder it's going to be to ...

If you live in a big city like New York, listen to the Police.....

My opinion piece: Even when it's over, for some, it won't be over.

Where is AM Joy this morning? n/t

How many people seriously believe we will not have an election in November and why?

Google Pulls Infowars App From Play Store; YouTube, Twitter, Apple Already Dumped It

To Develop a Covid-19 Vaccine, Pharma and the Federal Government Will Have to Break Old Patterns

Some Hope: How blood from coronavirus survivors might save lives

NEW: CDC guidance on masks expected to change in next 10 days. (UPDATE: CDC refutes this claim)

This pup literally can't stop chasing the dogs on TV

Google pulls Infowars from the Play Store over coronavirus misinformation

Saving the world.........

Here is a beautiful Genesis song that describes Trump and the needs of his followers.

Chunk's Life Choices

Sec. of Interior makes land grab, taking away reservation.

Pres. Anusmouth Promised 1,000s Of Test Sites @ Wal-Mart, CVS, Etc.; 2 Weeks Later, There Are Five

The Trump Administration Is Leaving the Nation's Emergency Backup Hospital System on the Sidelines

BTRTN: Will Business Leaders Follow Donald Trump... or de facto President Andrew Cuomo?

BTRTN: Will Business Leaders Follow Donald Trump... or de facto President Andrew Cuomo?

hi New York DU'ers, a question about your Governor Cuomo

This picture says it all

Gas mask Gaetz - Part of the letter he's sending out

"Trump has told people he wants his signature to appear on the direct payment checks...

US girl, four, missing for two days found safe in woods with dog at her side

Who besides me is going to the fridge every ten minutes?

Another pattern I've noticed about Republicans during this crisis

Tom Coburn, unyielding 'Dr. No' of the House and Senate, dies at 72

Stimulus Check - Reverse Supply Side Economics

LOL: Bored COVID-19 isolated Sportscaster provides play by play to a dog mealtime competition.

Germany: Low Coronavirus Death Rate, Thanks To Testing, Culture, Luck, Healthcare System

Alabama's Emergency Operations Plan for mechanical ventilator triage be very very Nazi...

Trump is like God

Trump issues order to bring former troops back to active duty to assist in coronavirus response

The Pelosi Rip! Let's start it!

Thinking about Bernie Sanders "steep road" to the nomination,

ER doctor who criticized Bellingham hospital's coronavirus protections has been fired

800,000 Doctors To Trump: Heed Expert Warnings & End Campaign Against Social Distancing

Prostitution camp provided women for Petersen adoptions

"American Exceptionalism" will kill us all

Didn't know this - There IS a St. Corona (no shit, really)

Evolution FAILS in the Human Body

Trump: "Don't be a cutie pie"

Coronavirus unemployment benefits. Here's who qualifies and how much they get.

If Matthew McConaughey looks like this in a zoom call, imagine what we look like

President Trump asked Alex Rodriguez for advice on fighting coronavirus

'Amazon Putting Lives Of Workers At Risk': Bezos Pressed On Alarming Lack Of Protections

The Beatles on Coronavirus

Weekend TOONs - There's gonna be so much winning you'll get sick of all the winning

Now is the perfect microcosm of the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats want

'We Have Lost It All': The Shock Felt by Millions of Unemployed Americans (NYT)

NEW: CDC guidance on masks expected to change in next 10 days. Americans will be advised to wear mas

Check this thread from Arkansas Granny on Christmas Day 2017

Is he dead yet?

Blueprint For A Genocide: A President At War With His Own Country

States aren't testing uniformly for coronavirus. That's creating a distorted picture of the outbreak

Don't Mess With Southside Bonnie!

From right after Hurricane Sandy, a real President in action

UIC Engineers Procuding face shiels in 20 seconds!

Like All Tyrants, Trump Is Helping His Supporters and Shunning Others

"Manglehorn." What was that all about?

Asshole threatens an Asian couple in Minnesota

Went for a drive yesterday. It really hit me this "essential business" thing.

Coronavirus: Number Of UK Deaths Rises Above 1,000

Sacrificing for the country

I just spent 15 terrifying minutes searching online for "Instant Nonfat Dry Milk"

For 40 years: Instead of fixing our economic problems, we put everything on the credit card.

There's a pandemic going on and my sister still remembered to send me a birthday card.

My son's friend killed himself yesterday.

Former Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn has died

U.S. group bombards doctors with coronavirus petition to cut 'red tape'

I've finally decided to take a mental break


Midday Music for Millennials -- "All Day"Saturday

"Bernie 2020" Poster by Scott Lenhardt

'My income vanished overnight with no safety net'

It Occurs to Me That Trump Supporters Are More Likely

Faux News poll: 11% of liberals would vote for Trump ? What the fresh hell ??

Trump to reporter: 'Don't be a cutie pie'

Drug dealer Some people are panic-buying cocaine


Internal Emails Show How Chaos at the CDC Slowed the Early Response to Coronavirus

Beautiful harmonies are always welcome in my house

Does your cat get cranky when they need a nap?

Cuomo: Trump's 2 Flaws are Litteraly Making us Sick, CNN: 4:09

Trump Promises GOP Convention Will Be Held This August

Biden mounts behind-the-scenes mission to win over wary progressives

This movie was released on today's date in 1963


U.S. Bid to Single Out China at UN Stalls Amid Wider Effort

Band leader Paul Whiteman was born on this date.

Why Norwegians Are Not Like You In Times Of Corona

tRrump dismantled NSC pandemic Unit -- I told this to a MAGAt -- the Response:

'we have won the argument'

Girl, 4, found in woods; had been missing 2 days

I have a minor problem that I could hopefully get some help for: my keyboard

The Rumjacks

New CDC Mask Guidelines: Who in Trump Admin Invested in 3M & Honeywell Stock This Week?

Rachel Maddow Burns Trump Down After He Tweets Her Clip With Thanks

caption Mitch McConnell

I just saw my 2 Perkins waitresses.

Civil rights legend Rev. Joseph Lowery has died

I wanna see Cuomo in the next administration.

The 'Bag Valve Masks' That Cuomo Just Demonstated In His Daily Update.....

EPA to limit enforcement of environmental laws during coronavirus emergency

The Devil Makes Three

Leaders at Glenview church say dozens showing COVID-19 symptoms in days following a worship service

Brother in Law's nephew just died from COVID

Rev Joseph Lowery, civil rights leader and MLK aide, dies at 98

Thanks, David Geffen, for your thoughts.

Fuck All The Perfect People

NEWS: POTUS said he is considering an enforceable quarantine in the NY NJ CT area. Cuomo DENIES

Virus prevention measures turn violent in parts of Africa

Baby Donkey! (long but cute video)

Adam Schiff, not even two months ago.

tornado omelette master / korean street food

Trump biographer rains hell on 'atrocious' right-wingers claiming old people

Thomas Massie is a monster Republicans created - Dana Milbank

"A lot of" Kushner's income "does come from being not the best landlord"

This may be the poll you are waiting for

David Cay Johnston.............and the House of Mammon..................

The Apprentice - "The Governors"

Who's Zooming Whom?

What happens when you are 3 million percent wrong?

If Michigan agrees to investigate Hunter Biden they can get the ventilators they need.

Something I did two weeks ago to prepare a bit.

Jack White Killing It Country Style!

The New York Primary has been postponed to June 23, the last of them all. Too bad....

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 03-27-20

In this era of shortness of breath can mean dire consequences


Listening to Gov Cuomo warms my heart

Fuck MSNBC. Just switched too CNN.

US Senate seats Democrats are likely to win to get majority control in 2020.

Navigating COVID-19 Requires Caution and Attention

The Effect of Variable Generators, aka "Renewable Energy" on the Efficiency Of Fossil Fuel Plants.

I hate Lou Dobbs as much as I hate COVID-45.

Breaking: Michigan gets 100K N95 masks, federal disaster declaration

Tales from the front first day out in 16 days.

On this day, March 28, 1913, Floyd Allen was electrocuted.

Trump's Dangerous Messaging About a Possible Coronavirus Treatment

N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Process for Decontamina

Exclusive: Amazon entices warehouse employees to grocery unit with higher pay

Covid-19 outbreak may put Trumpism's tenets to test

The best self made mask

I don't think it was Carole. Don is on an island in Costa Rica with Ken Lay and Tupac

Jay Livingston was born on this date. He wrote the music to several songs you know.

I wonder how much people's health will suffer due to Covid19?

Island residents appear to block driveway with felled tree to force quarantine

Do you want to know who I stand with???

The view from the Tenderloin

Cartoons 3/28/2020

Governor Whitmer's announcement to Michigan

Still celebrating St. Pat's over here! Murphy's! 🤘

Feds accuse ex-lawmaker of conducting digital coin scam

Latest from Europe per BBC. Italy death toll today is 889.

Swedish, SEIU reach tentative agreement after year of talks

Anonymous donor mailing $50 and $100 cash gifts to Minnesotans hurt by COVID-19

Biden's guide to victory in the Electoral College vote.

Dump is getting ready to flap his gums from Norfolk

This is getting out of control and we have a moron at the helm.

These 12-year-old twins from Sicily put on a violin concert while in quarantine, performing Coldplay

Naval Station Everett sailor diagnosed with COVID-19

Unite The Country super PAC video (for Biden)

Italy just passed the 10,000 death count....

It is gross that dumbass is seeing the ship off

Finally! Statewide stay at home order.

Fox News Poll Shows Joe Biden CRUSHING Trump By 25 Points in Swing Counties

So a potentially lifesaving ship is held up for.....

hawaii cases creep up to 122 official - low rate of community spread so far

Chris Cuomo Names The Donald Trump Character Traits That Are 'Literally Making Us Sick'

Jim Carrey Casts Donald Trump In The Movie Of His Nightmares

Bernie Sanders: Coronavirus Reminds Us Why We Must Guarantee Health Care To All

Don't ask...I don't know how I got here either!

Oh brother ... Tracking the U.S. deaths statistics this morning...

59 percent of Americans say Trump's Easter timeline is 'too soon' to restart economy

You raised $391.00 on March 27, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Bernie Sanders Taking Political Advantage of Coronavirus Pandemic -- To Help Trump

Oklahoma City is implementing shelter in place effective tonight

Trump's Priority Is Making Sure Someone Else Takes the Blame If Things Go Bad

My confirmation number for the U.S. Census was 027a002d-7fe0-45ef-8b42-1cad7g7d85d4 if you....

Signs you might have the coronavirus if you have few symptoms

Still Celebrating St. Pat's 2! Rumjacks! 🤘

Preppers are "bugging out" and "hunkering down"

"Mission Accomplished"

A Restaurant Is Being Accused Of Reselling Costco Frozen Pizza For A 700% Mark-Up

'Don't come here': Governor authorizes checkpoints at state lines to keep travelers from COVID-19...

A little humor?

Luckovich-No need for social distancing here

Kitsap projects on hold after Inslee orders construction to cease during COVID-19 outbreak

Biden's guide to victory in the 2020 US Presidential Election Electoral College Vote.

Slip-sliding into chaos?

Italy's doctors left feeling 'shuttered and powerless' as death toll cripples hospitals

MSNBC Showing IDIOT - CNN Is Not

More than half of Connecticut residents would support Biden over Trump

Scientists find bug that feasts on polyurethane

Trump OKs Michigan disaster declaration, Whitmer says it's 'a good start'

When are they blowing the bridges into New York?

NYC nurse on coronavirus front lines dies from COVID-19 after texting sister 'I'm okay'

fred guttenberg (parkland dad) tweets:

Drumpf is red as a beet today at the ship launch. Sun and chemicals don't mix.

Coupla "Train" tunes...

Jeezus. Trump's delivering another "we're doing very very well" speech.

Feds fast track foreign farm workers' return

I've decided not to read the news today until 5:00 p.m.

Squirrel nest in a car engine

More Now Disapprove of Trump on Pandemic

Doctor fired after criticizing virus response at hospital

Why Is The U.S. So Exceptionally Vulnerable To Covid-19?

Your Weekly Horoscope

Seattle baker rolls out massive delivery, take-out site for small businesses during coronavirus

Posted without comment

Another reason the Babe was the greatest.

Tri-Cities area has 5th coronavirus death. Known cases double overnight in 2 counties

The $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package: What's in it for Washington?

Minnesota: 'We're Watching You': Racist Note Left On Woodbury Home Of Asian American Couple

Fox News Poll Shows Joe Biden CRUSHING Trump By 25 Points in Swing Counties

So I'm gonna have to wear a mask to my beautiful packed church on beautiful Easter?

tRump's signature needs to be on EVERY MASK, not every stimulus check. Not that we can get any masks

Senator says White House turned down emergency coronavirus funding in early February

so much for cases declining in Italy.

From a nurse at Carolina Medical Center to the complainers:

Cuomo says 209 die in day as coronavirus 'war' looms and N.Y. cases soar above 52,000

Don't lick the 'T'

Rachel's Response

Can you imagine this song if he'd brought it to the pie?

How come there is no poll showing a matchup between Gardner-R and Romanoff-D?

Koch Network Pushed 1 Billion cut to CDC, Now Attacks Shelter-In Policies

Tired of freaking out over coronavirus? The economy? Your health? Climate change?

As Virus Spreads, China and Russia See Openings for Disinformation

The Lost Month: How a failure to test blinded the U.S. to COVID-19

Does meat tenderizer require a prescription?

At a time when unity is the only thing that can save us, all Trump knows how to do is divide

Go Away Go Away!

Report from Rosalee's in Longmont

Trump is about to strangle the Tristate area to death

Trump considering enforced quarantine in NY

Getting bored. Trying to teach myself how to cook.

Any Governor Who Tells The Truth About Trump Will Be Cut Off - Don't Be Fooled

Blondie Rapture 1981 Super Extended Purrfection Version

Trump Raises Idea Of Quarantine Affecting NY, NJ And Conn.

Greta Thunberg.---on the cover of the Rolling Stone.......................

They have replaced all of the toilet paper in my local super-store with

Twitter Deletes Sick And Dangerous Giuliani Tweet About COVID-19 Cure

DU lawyers

As the Coronavirus Hit, Jared Kushner's Company Told Renters to Take Action to Pay "ASAP"

How Pie-Throwing Became a Comedy Standard

Also unprecedented

Bradley Whitford for the Jesus win today.

Stay Home Vogue (Vogue Corona Parody by Chris Mann)

OMG...Dr. DeSantis is giving out meds to cure the virus...

Dump's revenge on New York

A Single Gesture Behind Trump Fuels an Online Conspiracy Theory

Steeple Catches Fire, Partially Collapses At Urban Bible Fellowship Church In Baltimore.

So I have to go out today...

The Return of the Death Panels

Looking for a webpage that links to a lot of free good printed material.

Grocery deliverer Instacart to go on strike on Monday

Another cooking question.

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

If taxpayer money is used to bail out corporations?

Can trump be sued, etc.

Front Line Health Care workers Required to Do COVID Tests Without PPE

Isolation Update. A funny twitter thread

Did you get your postcard today?

Missing Accomplished _______ Pics of Trump in Norfolk

If the US is "at war" against the virus, isn't trump guilty of treason?

A scene from lockdown Germany:

The Coronavirus Spurs a Movement of People Reclaiming Vacant Homes

My first OP!

Homeless in Tucson seeing issues with viruse and help.

Which States Are Best at Social Distancing

Russian State Oil Company Rosneft, in Sudden Move, Sells Assets in Venezuela

No Man Is An Island

President Mark Levin of OAN

Daily Beast: Kremlin Media Still Like Bernie, 'Cause They Love Trump

Are you self-conscious about the backdrop of your home while working from home?

CDC denies they will recommend all Americans wear protective masks in everyday life: report

Two local Houston schools making masks with 3d printers

3 more national parks close to prevent coronavirus spread

What are you going to do with your 1,200 Donnie Dollars?

Trapped in the house with me, I feel for my wife and sons listening to me brag about my ACE2.

No clue where this is at

What is the best way to puncture a can of deviled ham ...

Times are Bizarre When The Governor of IL Sounds More Like a Hospice Rabbi Than a Governor:

You can't run the United States like a business because

tRump Approval Ratings Plummet 13 Points On Coronavirus

Biden Defends Michigan Gov. Whitmer And Tells Trump He 'Could Learn A Thing Or Two' From Her

Why I Am Not Leaving New York - BY MOLLY JONG-FAST

Sanders is still running for president. Here's why he may not quit anytime soon.

Florida Surgeon General says 'stay home' to one-third of state's population: seniors

About a third of Americans would prefer a theocracy to a reality-based society.

lets face it turd brain will not take this seriously until he or his daughter/wife (Ivanka) gets it

WASHINGTON -- When President Trump signed the$2 trillion economic stabilization packageon Friday to

Just got an emergency alert telling 65+ to stay at home

Medical Expert Who Corrects Trump Is Now a Target of the Far Right

Soupy Sales and the naked lady

Florida is going to be up shit creek without

Something I wrote to a friend last night.

Two ways to be in the top .001.

The prick in the White House

USNS Comfort circled at Chesapeake Bay entrance

What is the Constitutional implication of POTUS ordering quarantine of several states?

I learned something new from Sanjay Gupta.

Ha Ha Ha

Trump claims he can gag Congress's watchdog for coronavirus bailouts

Official Mi. website is taking forever to update. Bridge magazine who seems

The stimulus bill includes a tax break for the 1%

I intubated my colleague today, a young, healthy ER doc like me. This is what I learned...

"we have lost it all" - the shock felt by millions of Americans

Our lives depend on Ivanka contracting severe case of Coronavirus

Biden to Trump: It's not about you.

Good day for Radiohead

Will trump supporters be getting rid of GM vehicles?

A 5-minute corona virus test?

#TrumpGenocide is trending on Twitter.

Classifying those who might think tRump's doing a good job

Tweet of the Day

arctic monkeys - arabella (studio-2013) check it glam ...

Bored sportscaster:

Have our trade policies made us a Third World country?

A moment of levity: UK sports announcers doing hilarious play-by-play of home life.

ONA...COVID 19 Update 03/28/2020:

"Susan Collins must be so fucking concerned right now"

that's the kind of spam email I can accept: Orvis' daily "Moment of Chill"

Cuomo Dismisses Trump's Idea for N.Y. Region Quarantine.

Newsom: Nearly 90,000 COVID-19 tests completed in CA

New app for the rich during COVID _19

Biden: Where are the tests, Mr. President?

Just watched some Bulwinkle cartoons.

another UK simple ventilator that could be made in thousands very soon...

Dr. Eugene GU shares the racist emails he's getting

You might find this combination amazing. Found it accidently. An Arabic singer and a Gypsy Flamenco

I don't know if you saw this: Columbia Med offered students early graduation

Nominating Steven Beschloss for tweet of the day...regarding "stimulus" checks

Has FOX News changed the way they are reporting on the coronavirus?

[New post] I'd give anything to ask Trump this question about cheesecake... #COVIDIOT #ConronaUpdate #

Uh, Dr. Birx? Those 200-case states?

MEYTAL - Tour Vlog: Chicago, IL

Sniff 'n' The Tears - Driver's Seat

Trump wants a Cease and Desist for Ads critical of him

Obama catches fainting pregnant woman during speech

Trump Approval Ratings Plummet 13 Points On Coronavirus

Cat wants to know--

My New York county's breakdown by age for Covid-19

Orange Nero must be pleased

Please support our Tribal Nations fight against pipelines

Infant Among 47 Now Dead From Coronavirus In Illinois: 'Today Is A Really Hard Day'

The Cure - A Forest

Looking for meaningful statistics

A spouse of a retiree in our chapter is on life support.

Wisconsin COVID-19 cases rise to 989

Here ya go. What more do you need, truly?

Things would be instantly better if the Orange Asshole would resign immediately

Dumbest statistics video on Covid19 I have seen yet

In the Coronavirus Fight in Scandinavia, Sweden Stands Apart.

Gov Cuomo: "this is a civil war kind of discussion"..."I don't believe he could be serious"

Florida's COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard Florida Department of Health, Division of Diseas

University of Illinois has developed a prototype of a ventilator. It can be done.

Ok.....watching movies...and I did laugh a lot through the bad moms movie.....

chvrches - we sink (2013-live-kexp) for a synth band, these folks ROCK ...

"Quarantine," my eye.

**Surprise! The stimulus bill includes a tax break for the 1%

A Socially Distant Visit with James Taylor - FB Live Event

Yahoo News is Horrific..Today I saw this 4th one from the top

Our motto--We're sheltering in place, but WE HAVE DESERT!

Warren Says Trump Admin Is Preventing States From Obtaining Coronavirus Equipment

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announces a 90-day grace period on mortgage payments

What's for Dinner, Sat., Mar. 28, 2020

The Butcher of Mar-a-lago's hoax has now claimed 2,008 American lives

Italy's Death Toll Rises To 10,000 In A Europe Divided By Virus

Can we now stop treating the military like they are singularly special

Panic Buying Comes for the Seeds.

Report: 78% of American Corporations Living Stimulus to Stimulus

America's hot new boyfriend, Andrew Cuomo

Hey DUers in Arkansas. Check in after the tornado goes by please

Sumter County (The Villages Republican-packed community) has 3rd highest infection rate in the state

Florida's COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard Florida Department of Health, Division of Diseas

Trump to NY "Ya got a nice State there."

Secretary Of Interior Orders Mashpee Wampanoag Reservation 'Disestablished,' Tribe Says


Oh! be still, my heart! Ground round is on it's way!

I was hoping the Michigan numbers I posted earlier were wrong. Sadly they were spot on.

WaPo, 1996: Buchanan outlined plan to harass Democrats in '72, memo shows

When the congressional hearings reveal that Trump was withholding life saving equipment

I beg you to stop politicizing this, COVID-19 as all about M4A.

I am so pissed at President Death.

What is being done to Joe Biden by another campaign....was done to Barack Obama in 2008

Another thing I did to stretch a meal.

Went to Asian market while staying in Orlando for WWE TV

US has surpassed 2,000 deaths. 2 sources inside.

Trump to either quarantine New England & Mid Atlantic states or buy Greenland

Remarks by Trump Before Marine One Departure; March 28, 2020

Remarks by Trump Before Air Force One Departure; March 28, 2020

Remarks by Trump at Naval Station Norfolk Send-Off for USNS Comfort; March 28, 2020

Les Rita Mitsouko - Ding Ding Dong (Ringing At Your Bell)

Dr. David Price of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City shares information

"Black Death"/Bubonic plague pandemic of 14th Century killed 30% to 60% of Europe's population

I talked myself out of a great idea.

Sleep (yes) and Melatonin (maybe) to Balance the Immune System

Where are the prognosticators tonight?

This is when I knew it was serious.

New York moves presidential primary to June 23

Some kid on my Facebook friend list is constantly slamming Joe

Texas AG says gun stores are essential, should remain open amid pandemic

Which Florida county would you rather be in?

One good thing, don't have to sit through the Passover Seder this year.

Calvin Coolidge throws first pitch, 1924

When Japanese People Speak English akabane04 akabane04

Have you heard the new Bob Dylan song about the Kennedy Assassination? Epic.

Pitting the states against each other makes me feel like we're living on a war game table

Raise your hands high if you agree that Donald Trump is the worst POTUS in the 231 history of our co

Pope's blessing in empty St Peter's Square watched by 11m on TV

Upstate NY shop sells 'hundreds' of doughnuts starring Dr. Fauci's face

Jared K is demanding his tenants keep paying rent -- while asking for leniency from his creditors

Michigan is the new Ukraine.

This is what Stoopid looks like

The SyFy Channel has quite a few shark movie offerings

I swear we are fighting two pandemics

25 yr.old Pharmacy Technician dies CA, no underlying conditions.

Damn you, Republican Senators. You had the chance to remove him from office, but you didn't.

He did promise "America First."

Report: 78% of American Corporations Living Stimulus to Stimulus

Ethics Watchdog: Jared Kushner's 'Shadow' COVID-19 Task Force Appears to Violate at Least Two Laws

North Korea launches apparent ballistic missile into ocean

Very cool Caribbean Covid-19 Map

You can now order Girl Scout Cookies online for home delivery

Can Congress withhold the $500 billion if Trump goes through

Transporting Covid 19 patients out of state for treatment

So, what has the flaming menace lied about, fucked up or killed today?

13-year-old Va. boy uses parents' 3D printer to make masks he's now donating

50% of coronavirus patients recovered in S. Korea

Over 500 Americans died from COVID-19 on 3/28

I found something very disturbing.

Decent weather for DC tomorrow, will he dare play golf?

If Chris Christie had an ounce of integrity,

South Carolina A.G. threatens mayors who issue 'stay at home orders'

Ask a question about someone famous, living or dead, & see if anyone knows the answer without using

Home cooking

Whales face more fatal ship collisions as waters warm

'Off the charts': Virus hotspots grow in middle America

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tennessee spike in young adult age group, ages 21-30

21-Year-Old Tests Positive After Online Post Bragging About Not Social Distancing

I can't believe I'm actually watching the Lawrence Welk Show.

I was just listening to the Cowboy Junkies version of this.... it just came on.

Get Girl Scout cookies online:

Here's my take on what I saw shopping at WalMart this week. I usually shop on Tuesday and

Is the Ticker Ticker ad starring "Ben Arnold" the dumbest commercial ever made?

what will be the tipping point be

Trump Has Sabotaged America's Coronavirus Response

JUST IN: Twitter has suspended the account of Rudy Giuliani due to violating their rules of..

The mayor of New Orleans took a shot at Trump,

Professor Pamela Karlan's prophetic testimony...

Joe Biden calls for a national lockdown to contain the coronavirus

PETITION: Nestle Purina Please don't discontinue 13 oz cans of Purina Friskies brand cat food

How come Stormy Daniels got a check for $130,000 for being screwed by Trump and we only get $1200?

2020 Kentucky Derby Trail - 2020 Florida Derby

Social media world showers praise on KY Gov. Andy Beshear. Funny & touching memes here.

Florida governor blocks Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Times from coronavirus press conference

'Like a zombie movie': Essential workers brave coronavirus pandemic in quarantined America

Dump sent 170 BROKEN Ventilators to CA! 🤬

Trump administration urged to free migrants as virus surges

Washington Post Hits Donald Trump With Chilling Reality Check About Reopening For Easter

*Prime Suspect, on MPT, 8:00.