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500 years after initial extermination, native Colombians facing latest foreign virus threat

Trump is begging for an Election Day recession

Proof positive(1min,52sec) that Trump is a stupid fool....for those who need proof here it is:

Tornado footage

All that Trump really wants to quarantine is Gov. Cuomo's mind, mouth, and heart. n/t

Soap much better than hand sanitizers. Here's the scoop:

Brazil Experienced Explosion of Hospitalizations for Respiratory Problems, Says Fiocruz

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Make a Joyful Return to Los Angeles After Coronavirus Diagnoses

We are the proverbial "sitting ducks"...Rump will NOT pull back from his desire to

Complete Billy Strings concert. Free on youtube right now

Bainbridge Organic Distillers sets aside finely crafted spirits to make hand sanitizer

Tornado in Jonesboro - 3 Injured & Significant Damage

Texas Declares Gun Stores Essential Businesses

Bernie Sanders is finally number 1!

And the winner of the NCAA March Madness tournament is:

Trump and Cuomo clash as president weighs New York quarantine

FDA authorizes Abbott Labs' portable, 5-minute coronavirus test the size of a toaster

Rush Limbaugh Tells America That Trump Is Way Smarter Than Any Health Expert

Over 80 million people at risk for severe storms, possible tornado outbreak, in the Midwest

Help find a cure - Stanford University Fold @ Home Project!

US virus deaths top 2,000, doubling in two days

Another UTI

The next financial crisis: A collapse of the mortgage system

NRA sues California Gov. Newsom, other state officials over gun store closures

US Senate seats Democrats are favored to win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

ANOTHER tax cut for the 1% (Trump) buried in the stimulus

Ex-Venezuela general charged with drug trafficking surrenders to US

New Biden Ad- Saturday 28 March

The Lost Month: How a Failure to Test Blinded the U.S. to Covid-19

Viral photo shows difference between open and closed Florida beaches Can you spot the county divide?

'Anxiety and fear' at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, where mission goes on

France turned one of its high-speed trains into an ambulance to transport coronavirus patients acros

That horrible prick from Kentucky that FORCED congress into a room together to spread

Snoqualmie company's technology a critical tool in coronavirus fight

Tornado Watch Issued Memphis & N. Mississippi until 2AM

Analysis: Washington state could see over 300K job losses by summer due to COVID-19

270 Million Americans are being held hostage by one deranged maniac with a mandate from 63 million

It's no different from New York': Urban centers nationwide gird for catastrophic virus outbreak

Chump Sent 170 Broken Ventilators To California As An Insult

123k is about 1 in every 2700 people

Trump backing down on NJ-NY-CT quarantine

Brazilian President Bolsonaro suggested his people are naturally immune to the coronavirus, claiming

Feb 27, ...Trump says, "We are totally prepared..: pass it on. 1:42 seconds

Twitler backed off quaranteen of NY. CNN nt

Trump's Coronavirus Disinformation Campaign Isn't Working: Poll

From Washington Post:. Former OK Senator Tom Coburn dead at 72.

*1:45 AM -- FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (1971) TCM

Volume Of New COVID-19 Patients Makes Processing The First Problem

Trump actually thought that a goddamn infectious pathogen would be intimidated by his mean tweets.

Could someone explain to me the detailed order...

Movie Recommendation

Can't 2/3 of governors force a constitutional amendment?

My theory why Trump picked Easter to declare the Virus over:

A little lesson in etymology:


Prophet's Perfume & Gourd Oil: Iran Warns Against Quackery, Islamic Medicine To Treat Coronavirus

This real world consequence of Trumps lies may be fatal

New right wing tact, blame New York

So Jeannie ordered dinner from Texas Road House.

Connecting with far-flung family during social isolation

Does President have stock in body bag companies?

Trump sends Florida more PPE than requested while he shorts blue states.

The Passwords He Carried

WI: Charlie Sykes Reports On Poor Conditions For Non-Essential Wisconsin Employees

Vin Scully talks about missing baseball, sports, and hugs amid the coronavirus epidemic

I'm gonna go out on the limb here and say ...

My costco was very well stocked today.

Anyone have more info on hospital ship tuning back?

Good Games to Download?

Boris Went on Holiday During COVID19 & Now he Has Tested Positive..

Murdering maniac is my current name for that insane creature. What was that old chant:

'Printing money': booming mask producers in China meet global demand...

I see a slight leveling on the logarithmic chart for the US the past few days. Here is my fear

This is desperation - The only way Trump can take the lead on an opinion poll!

How an unscrupulous person could make a killing from advocating a snake oil cure for COVID 19

Bonus Tweet of the Day

William Tell

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Well folks, we're in this for the LONG Haul IMO... (Atlantic article)

Gov. Whitmer orders water service for those who've had it shut off in Michigan to be turned back on.

Tornado flattens buildings in Jonesboro, Arkansas

Urgent: UHSMadison received reports of COVID-19 positive students returning from spring break

Americans now disapprove of Trump's handling of pandemic.

Trump quote strait out of apocalyptic novel, says you can call COVID-19 "a flu"

Welcome to your hastily prepared online college course

I'll... send the disaster relief once you brand my opponent a criminal."

More Than 10,000 Dead In Italy From Coronavirus As Global Cases Top 600,000

Governor of Florida is blaming the Governor of New York for the problems in Florida.

My brother makes bomb spaghetti and meatballs, which we had yesterday.

Were There Any Provisions In This $2T Stimulus To Help ....

Sheltering in place for the weekend. Got the Surround-sound bar connected to my TV.

Keep sharing the video Trump is trying to take off the internet

welp! After cultivating a Facebook friends list over the last 12 years or so...

Can We Keep Giving Our Nation's Veterans the Respect They Deserve?

States that Democrats will win the US Presidential and US Senate Election in 2020.

Government is not the problem The financial sector is.

Memories Of Green...

Hello (from the Inside) An Adele Parody by Chris Mann

Meltdown for SHITLER: *Say* we will donate surplus checks to the Dem campaigns!1

Trump used backdrop of hospital ship for self aggrandizing speech

Governor Hogan Statement Regarding Outbreak At Carroll County Long-Term Care Facility,

Won't the irony be magnificent if a year from now

'Huge Victory' for Standing Rock Sioux tribe as federal court rules DAPL permits violated law

Rep McAdams Released to recover at home!

Why Estonia Was Poised to Handle How a Pandemic Would Change Everything

Feb 2020 Pompeo announced US sent PPE supplies to China (and then didn't restock!)

Coronovirus: Took one month to reach 1,000 deaths. Took two days for the next 1,000 deaths

is there any way to track increases in *non*-covid-19 related deaths due to hospitals being swamped?

Nurses in the Nation's Original Covid-19 Epicenter Offer Sobering Accounts of What Could Come.

companies are planning to reduce paychecks by the calc'd amount employee will receive from stimulus

Trump Sows Confusion as He Tries to Invoke Powers

Florida Coronavirus Cases Are Growing Fast

The ghost of James Buchanan is celebrating.

"It is a fallacy to think that modern medicine can protect us completely from the next influenza

jeff tiedrich tweet:

Keep sharing this one too ...

Graphic evidence that Florida, not Louisiana, is the COVID-19 epicenter of the Southern U.S.

And ... Keep sharing this one too ...

Watching reruns of Key & Peele on Hulu

Back on March 3, Tara Reade was planning something.

Mythbusters episode on the flu is Very timely..

Sorry if this has been posted, but this shit is hilarious man ... best Trump impression ever ...

Detroit's Outbreak Is 'Off the Charts'

Fox News will kill you

Some good news for a change...

It's over Bernie! Voters rejected you.

2 Videos could destroy Trump.."Totally Prepared" "Democratic Hoax"

The Top 10 women Joe Biden might pick as VP

Governors, try this: Form a purchasing consortium. Staff and fund it as corporation. Buy and . . . .

March 9, 2020 - Trump donated *nearly 18 tons** of vital medical supplies -- to THAILAND

The Dotard Unmasked

Trump says he won't comply with key transparency measures in the coronavirus stimulus bill

Found where all the bath tissue, paper towels and disinfectants went: eBay

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

"What we are living through is like a tattoo,"... "It will remain forever."

This is terribly sad. 33 year-old Louisiana Disability Affairs staffer dies from coronavirus.

*Friday @ 10 p.m.,Dishing with Julia Child!

Friday @ 10 p.m.,Dishing with Julia Child!

Has tRump tweeted any condolences for any virus death? Named any victim who died?

Disturbing Covid-19 trend if we're on Italy's trajectory, playing with the numbers

Senator Rubio Pledges Government Handout to Churches in $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Package

Depend on it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind.

Trump vs. Mexico: Trump is winning 123,938 to 848

From Andy Slavitt - Obama's former head of health care . . .

Real Leadership Personified!!! MAGA!!!!

Remember when Lindsey graham said this?

Stealing Our Democracy with Former Gov. Don Siegelman

Coronavirus: Rutgers to graduate medical students early to help at area hospitals

Medical Expert Who Corrects Trump Is Now a Target of the Far Right

New Mexico public schools closed for rest of year

Opinion: Trump Proves He is More Monstrous Every Day

State pension funds take billion-dollar hits

Remarkable video showing a moving graphic of total cases by country (Twitter link)

How Democrats could end up with 67seats in the US Senate in 2020?

NRA sues California officials for closing gun stores amid coronavirus outbreak

HHS Warns States Not To Put People With Disabilities At The Back Of The Line For Care

Where are Lindsay Graham, Rudy Giuliani, and, of all people Paul Ryan

Hotel Rooms For the Homeless in Santa Fe

The Leader of the Free World Gives a Speech, and She Nails It

U.S. State Department has facilitated the transportation of nearly 17.8 tons of medical supplies

Trump attacks governors requesting medical resources as 'little problem children' in unhinged rant

Biden's Vice Presidential Runningmate shortlist.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Tribes say persistent efforts pay off in massive stimulus

I would love to hear from President Obama

Question about Vaccine Adjuvants and COVID-19

No console can someone recommend what site to use for sporting games downloads

Finance minister in home state of Germany's financial centre commits suicide

Tom Green coronavirus advice: Stop smoking, switch to edibles.

Some entertainment: "Fire and Fury" audiobook, read by "Trump"

We're fighting the last economic war, not this one

'Women Will Not Be Forced to Be Alone When They Are Giving Birth'

This is me too...

Wearing a mask.

Biden aide who died tests positive for coronavirus.

Doonesbury: Attention-seekers accuses Trump of harassment and rape

Charles County man hosts bonfire, arrested for violating the 'No More Than 10 People' order.

Trump fucked us real good.

2 Ford workers diagnosed with coronavirus die, UAW confirms

I can't wait until November so we can Socially Distance ourselves from Trump.

D.C. was intentionally classified as a territory in virus-aid bill, lawmakers say.

Netherlands recalls 'defective' masks bought from China


Breakfast Sunday 29 March 2020


Have another one, Judge Jeanine. 😨😱

Fox News linked fish tank cleaner to Trump's recommended coronavirus treatment

"I don't take responsibility at all"

Donald Trump And The Fed Are Destroying The U.S. Dollar

Was just watching a video about Lend-Lease.

Pompeo announces on February 7 that the US has sent 17.8 tons of medical supplies to China

This hurts my heart.

Flattening the Curve explained.

Bay Area Lab Aims to Distribute Millions of Coronavirus Tests After Creating Their Own

Bay Area Lab Aims to Distribute Millions of Coronavirus Tests After Creating Their Own

Littte known information about Peter Navarro - equipment czar

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) 7-10 Split Edition


"Arizona's Emergency Management Director Wendy Smith-Reeve resigns"

He needs removed now. End of story. / Trump, " ... a lot of good things are happening."

Why would the Con drag this asshole out to admit what they're doing to

My young men are delivering food to those in need

The President of the United States is very sick!

Hey Don the Con - you're still impeached

To fight Trump's hyper-nationalism Europe, Canada, Mexico, China and others form alternative trade

The Trump murder count: 2,042

Judge Jeanine drunk as a skunk

This should not be their silver lining.

South Korea: # recovered rising twice as fast as new confirmed cases

As Trump invokes presidential powers to fight the coronavirus, he sows confusion along the way

A while ago I wrote a post about the slumbering America people.

From my local paper; look back at coverage from Oct 1918 (sounds eerily familiar)

Dog Delivers Groceries to CO Neighbor Self-Isolating 💗

Boeing's crisis is largely of its own making

On this day, March 29, 2014, Marc Platt died at the age of 100.

Home face mask production temporarily shuts down.

New York Knicks owner, MSG chairman James Dolan has coronavirus

March 29 - Happy Birthday Rep. Ted Lieu (D)CA-33rd


OMG! Florida has a checkpoint at their border to stop people from coming in the

Born on this day, March 29, Speedy Keen and Bud Cort

"PAPERS, PLEASE!" The "new normal"? nt

We need #TestAndTrace@Noahpinion: When coronavirus overwhelms hospitals, lots of people die

DIY three-layer no-sew protective masks. Easy, cheap. I found the link at Washington Post.

China promotes bear bile as coronavirus treatment, alarming wildlife advocates

NASA Discovers Gas Emanating From Uranus

The Race for Virus Money Is On. Lobbyists Are Standing By.

Nina Bernstein @NinaBernstein1: The price of putting private profits over public good. ⁦

Well, it's official today.

NYT National News@NYTNational: U.S. health insurance premiums could increase as much as 40%

North Korea test fires missiles amid worries about outbreak

If Trump plays games with relief funds-NYC should seize his hotels & use them as hospitals

Mount Sinai execs are safely tucked away in their FL vacation homes as medical staff don garbage bag

If I have this wrong, please set me straight.

Facing Likely Defeat, Bernie Sanders' Campaign Found A New Cause

Biden leads Trump in new polls despite coronavirus approval bounce

Keep in mind that every Republican attack on Michigan's Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer

Gun forum change of mood

Has anyone heard any new guidelines for all restaurants still serving food?

Sharing some happy news.

It ain't socialism when it helps white people

Donald Trump Is Using An Insanely Sketchy Newsletter To Find Campaign Donors


Dear Mr. Trump!

Canadian Toilet Paper Challenge

Mitch Albom: Hey, President Trump: Her name is Gretchen Whitmer

Mitch Albom: Hey, President Trump: Her name is Gretchen Whitmer

How Capitalism Kills During a Pandemic

The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed.

And now for something completely different.

Venezuelan ex-general surrenders to US on drug trafficking charges

Ecuador will build a mass grave for coronavirus victims

Lockdown, what lockdown? Sweden's unusual response to coronavirus

Times are tough

Doncondemic. For the rest of the world a pandemic is occurring. Here in America: Doncondemic.

Trump must help NYC: Amanda Darrach @TheDarrach I'm at the ER in NYC, day 23 of symptoms.

Why are some Native Americans fighting efforts to decriminalize peyote?

2/8 Eastern Frackers Surveyed Had Positive Cash Flow In 2019; $466 Million Loss Best Year In Decade

Why is Germany's coronavirus mortality rate so low? DW News

Almost as good as Sunday LoL cats..

Please heed this colorful advice. Pass it on.

Anyone know if SSI recipients will get a stimulus check?

All Putin had to say to Trump was ...

6 reasons people aren't social distancing (CNN)

Secretary Of Interior Orders Mashpee Wampanoag Reservation 'Disestablished,' Tribe Says

TX Oil & Gas Producers ASKING State To Limit Production: TRRC Considering Potential Limits

Pelosi drops the mic on Trump over his COVID-19 pandemic failures: 'As the president fiddles,

Sadly plus 1 in my county.

Revealed: Saudis suspected of phone spying campaign in US

My son is coming up from NYC to do my food shopping today. I wonder if he will be stopped and

Scientists discover three new species of pterosaurs in the Saharaccc

If being around to vote in November isn't a good enough reason to self isolate

FDA and I believe tRump limit resource to sterile masks in Ohio...WHY???

Detainees in US immigration jails living in fear as coronavirus spreads

John Fugelsang shared this on FB, and it is spot on. As usual.

What happens if you combine Amazon Echo with Warhammer 40k?

Murder Most Foul by Bob Dylan

Ex-Venezuelan spy chief Carvajal discussing surrender with U.S. authorities: sources

Trolls exploit Zoom privacy settings as app gains popularity

excellent shows how to tell if we're beating coronavirus

Bolsonaro threatens to sack health minister over Covid-19 criticism

Bolsonaro threatens to sack health minister over Covid-19 criticism

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's Talk About Joseph Lowery

excellent show simulating an epidemic

Asses cancelled!

Chuck Todd is doing a good job today calling out trump on his sh-t

Rich Europeans Flee Virus for 2nd Homes, Spreading Fear and Fury

My babies are too young to read this now. And they'd barely recognize me in my gear. But...

How Panamanian villagers were left at the mercy of a murderous sect

'People Are Dying': 72 Hours Inside a N.Y.C. Hospital Battling Coronavirus

How Panamanian villagers were left at the mercy of a murderous sect

Does your dog have a theme song boog is definitely ZZ top

"It is a beautiful thing to watch!" Trump says of the Hard working WH staff.............

Joe Biden coming up on MTP nt


Trump vs U.S. Governors -- Summary as of Mar 29 2020

Trump Tweets Orders To GM To Make Ventilators At A Factory They Sold Last Year

I just talked to a Trump voter. They are starting to return from Alice in Wonderland.

WHO Encourages playing video games during pandemic

Bloody Immigrants Coming Here

A little levity from Facebook.

Are we now in an Edward Hopper age?

'You downplayed the threat': ABC host chews out Larry Kudlow for calling the virus 'contained'

Has Trump said one word of sympathy for the sick and dying?

The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed.

Holding Incompetence to the Fire

Is it time to impeach the bastard again?

Coffee Filters Eyed in Mask Shortage

My youngest son's 21st birthday is today. I guess he'll always remember it.

CDC denies they will recommend all Americans wear protective masks in everyday life: report Publish

MAGA's are starting to push that deaths go up as unemployment goes up. This is flat wrong.

DeWine 'stunned' FDA limiting Ohio company's mask-sterilization technology

What was trump doing as Coronavirus continued to rise?

Live Stream Of Asshole Christian Death Cult

I finally think (cautiously) that Dear Leader will lose in November and then:

Fauci predicts 100K-200K US deaths from coronavirus; Spain, Italy demand help

Fauci predicts 100K-200K US deaths; Spain, Italy demand help

Hey, donnie death. It is your JOB, for which we PAY you (on top of all you are stealing) to deal

What's more adorable than a cat? Well, a crossed-eyed one, of course

In the U.S. there are about 50 million people over 60. Add to that number of those with asthma

Mask Material --Think Out of the Box: How about HEPA Home Air Conditioning Unit Filters?

The Great American Migration of 2020: On the move to escape the coronavirus

Rhode Island Police Go Door-To-Door In Hunt For New Yorkers Seeking Safety From COVID-19

MMM -- Sunday

Anxious at 3 am

Rudy Giuliani's Twitter Account Suspended For Spreading False Information About Coronavirus

In these trying times

I'd much rather Trump kept his presidential pay.

New (Wisconsin) warden uses old-school skills in desperate search

Trump ramps up smear campaign on Obama's ebola czar for exposing the president's COVID-19 bumbling..

On the soundtrack for these plague years ...

Homeschooling during the coronavirus will set back a generation of children

DeWine disappointed with FDA's decision to limit technology that could sterilize up to 160,000 face

cartoon Biden and Sanders

Top U.S. House Republican says another coronavirus stimulus bill may not be needed

What the 1918 epidemic teaches us about human nature

Why did God create the coronavirus?

Fortunately, My Regular Supermarket Had the Essential Supplies I Needed.

Trump needs to put commanders in charge of this war

Old School POMCUS Stocks

I wonder how many fewer deaths there will be this year from less car accidents?

After three plus years, I STILL can't stand to see

The Rise and Fall of Bernie Sanders: A Theory

What is Trump's KGB/GRU code-name?

A letter to the UK from Italy: this is what we know about your future

12 mil gloves, 130,000 N-95 masks, 1.7 mil surgical masks, 50,000 gowns, 130,000 hand sanitizer unit

Doctor says he will withhold care until patients thank him

US-led forces pull out of 3rd Iraqi base this month

So very, very proud of my homestate

Dubai firm tied to Trump posts loss as virus downturn looms

Is Florida the country's next coronavirus epicenter?

N.Y.C.'s 911 System Is Overwhelmed. 'I'm Terrified,' a Paramedic Says.

Has there been any estimates on what percentage of population will get infected?

Tales from the front day 17

First federal inmate dies of coronavirus


This will play out like all Death Cults

If you were going

The German word for radio is 'funk'.

Nero golfed

Will Biden get the chance to be the next FDR? Will this become another tragedy that

PIRRO late for her show, disheveled & "off" - but then, how can you tell?!1 - video

Make sure you see Joy's interview with Frank Schaeffer

(CA) Hotel del Coronado Temporarily Shut Down for First Time in History

(CA) Hotel del Coronado Temporarily Shut Down for First Time in History

Please no quarantine baby boom

aaaaaand now we have no power

Covid-19: Our Modern Masque of the Red Death

German finance official's death (SUICIDE!) linked to virus crisis

Can anyone tell if the US Mail is moving slower recently?

Medicaid Expansion--if not now, when?

We will probably reach a Stormy Daniels check

Madame Speaker Hits a ⚾️Grand Slam⚾️!

Alan Merrill, 'I Love Rock 'N Roll' Co-Writer, Dies at 69 from Coronavirus

We are on our own. There isn't a national plan, there will be NO plan for slowing the spread.

NEWS Coronavirus Cases in Arlington Reach 75

14 Mar: Yes or No: Was holding the Cheltenham Festival the right thing to do? 28 Mar: No

Is it just me, or does Steve Mnuchin and Elaine's Rabbi on Seinfeld look identical?

My poor boy.

Steve Mnuchin insists Americans can live on just $17/day during pandemic

Rudy Giuliani's Twitter Account Suspended For Spreading False Information About Coronavirus

Arkansas Covod Exploding - Extra pay for nurses offered

Came across this poem written in 1869, reprinted during 1919 Pandemic.

Florida woman:

Italy coronavirus deaths rise by 756 (second successive daily fall)

Gov. Cuomo, showing us again the meaning of leadership.

Rapid COVID-19 tests coming to Jacksonville, governor says (Florida)

Tapper: "...are you saying his [Trumps] downplaying ultimately costs lives?" Pelosi "Yes I am.....

Jeanine Pirro Drunk on the air

LOL ... this is the best part of the shelter in place/quarantine

I can't believe I'm saying this but: I have a job for Anonymous.

The Republican party, your kids, and your parents.

Report: Fox News is worried about legal action after misleading viewers about coronavirus

Trump has a Delusional Disorder

the community of Lynchburg, VA is angry with Fallwell for inviting back "16,000 petri dishes"

Florida's governor blocks reporter representing two of the state's biggest newspapers from coronavir

Moon Mullican was born on this date.

DeSantos Blaming Cuomo. DeSanto got his orders from Trump. It wasn't Trump, it was anybody

There is a potential for millions of new homeless people and families after the virus.

Lax Vaccine response; because there are no profits in it for Big Pharma

Name some of your favorite 1980's songs

Wow. Even Fox is carrying Cuomo's report this morning.

Did America send ANY aid to countries affected by C-19?

Pearl Bailey was born on this date-

Harvest blanch and freeze Dandelion Greens

Chancellor Angela Merkel Shines In Handling Of Germany's Coronavirus Crisis

You raised $135.00 on March 28, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Astrud Gilberto has a birthday today.

New poll shows tight race in key California House race

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 29, 2020?

COVID-19 notes from a blue precinct in a red state

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #2

The view from the Tenderloin

Disney, Sea World, Universal Studios, Legoland - plans for reopening

Corona ceasefires active or suggested between Israel and Hezbollah, Afghanistan and Taliban, and ...

My president, Cuomo, was just on TV and he said something I completely agree with.

Making the best use of a big monitor.

Gov. Cuomo: Trump's reckless quarantine remarks 'panicked' people into leaving New York City

This was posted in the lounge, but I wanted to post it here because I thought it was

The Houston Astros are cheaters

The leadership from the White House regarding the Plague has been totally inadequate!...

Statistics du jour - how fast the numbers are rising:

State data indicates we're headed for another record unemployment week - doubling/tripling last week

Could/Should we be using this down tme to call voters in swing states?

Biden to Trump: 'Stop thinking out loud'


A memory of a passed DUer popped into my head recently. Pinboy3niner.

Science and Reason

US girl, four, missing for two days found safe in woods with dog at her side

This is what Melania sings to Donald every night

The Pandemic Playbook that trump never glanced at:

Jezuz H. Krist - Why is this babbling fool (Rush Limpaws) allowed to vomit this out?

Federal Judge Bans Bolsonaro's 'Brazil Cannot Stop' Campaign

That time Bon Weir sang the National Anthem at a NASCAR race

But Her E-Mails!!!

Leading South Korean doctor says Trump's 'pride' and 'ego' are putting the world's health at risk

Cartoons 3/29/2020

Nancy Pelosi responds to: "Are you saying that his downplaying ultimately cost American lives?"

I'm 66, no grandkids, and, no, I'm not willing to sacrifice my life

This is a challenging time when Americans must share and sacrifice.

Bolivia, Uruguay confirm first coronavirus deaths

I have been exploring empathy.

Biden tops Trump by 9 points in Fox News poll

Gov. Cuomo: Trump's reckless quarantine remarks 'panicked' people into leaving New York City

Trump on Twitter bragging about his "ratings"

Community Transit Temporary Service Reductions to Begin Monday, March 30

"My Corona"by Chris Mann too funny

Hospitals turn to snorkel masks to ease respirator overload

Man charged after New Jersey police break up alleged 'Corona Party' with 47 people

David Byrne Pens Coronavirus Op-Ed: 'We're All in the Same Leaky Boat'

Sobbing Out Loud: Paramedic's entire street came out to applaud her before her shift began

I guess the traitors and his enablers are pissed off at Todd.................

Pot shop revenue upswing might be a 'temporary high'

Now I know why the dogs get so excited when they see or hear something outside. I just

With a bidet, TP shortages no longer scare the crap out of us

Drugs, aliens and psychedelia: When a cult possessed Brazil's greatest musician

42 test positive for COVID-19 at Whidbey Island nursing home

Dear Joe Biden supporters

Worst Reality TV show ever ...

Stop flushing wipes, facial tissue, paper towels, cities beg

Despise people who flaunt their wealth...😂

Singer-songwriter Jan Howard dies at 91

Angel of the Winds Arena will be new COVID-19 isolation site

Microwave Peanut Brittle

"President Trump is a ratings hit. " Trump tweeted now rather than empathy for victims

Howard Stern CRUSHES Trump on Coronavirus, Tells Biden: "HOW TO BEAT TRUMP"

Do you believe that the Harry Potter books are an allegory about intelligence?

Howard Stern OBLITERATES Trump, Coronavirus "EVERYTHING he touches dies and goes bankrupt"

Donald Trump supporters go after Chuck Todd after the "Meet the Press" host criticised Trump

Newsmax is advertising all over MSNBC today.

UW Medicine tests 2,000 COVID-19 kits per day. Here's how they did it.

Cuomo To National Guard: 'This Is A Rescue Mission'

Cuomo To National Guard: 'This Is A Rescue Mission'

Covering Trump's press conferences

Results of using antibody plasma on 5 critically ill COVID-19 patients

Trump sounds like he could make a move that would make the coronavirus pandemic even worse

Compare and contrast...

Trump supporters outraged because Chuck Todd asked if trump "has blood on his hands"

Mexican president toughens stance, urges people to stay home to contain pandemic

Cold, Hardnosed, Tough; Love

Istanbul loves their kitties!

Tribe That Drew Trump's Fire Over Casino Plan Loses Its Reservation Status

Crufts flyball final

CISA guidelines deems firearm industries essential...

My dinner today Okra Chicken chili

We need an impeachment intervention.

Kentucky officials don't wait for surge of coronavirus cases to tighten restrictions

How much money has Putin funnelled to the NRA?

He's bragging about ratings for his press briefings!

Democrats eye additional relief checks for coronavirus

Joe Biden has character. Donald Trump does not. This crisis makes it obvious.

Has the word "asshole" become synonymous with Republican?

There is one person I would like to see defeated as much as Trump: Mitch McConnell

Some of the latest news from the european front ( covid-19 evolution in france )

CDC Issues Travel Advisory for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Eagle baby hatch in progress, Florida

Somebody recently accused me of "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

Coronavirus Rule Breakers Draw Public Ire Online

Economists Don't Support Ending Lockdowns

Tri-Cities hotels to shelter homeless and quarantined in face of coronavirus

Pasco french fry plant shuts down after worker tests positive for coronavirus

The coronavirus is starting to hit rural America hard --here's a map of the counties most affected

Olympia converts Martin Way building into emergency homeless shelter

Coronavirus Cripples Voter Registration Efforts

Jerry Falwell, Jr.: More Like the Power-Seeking Romans than the Christians

100-year-old Richland veteran fought in 3 wars. Now he's fighting coronavirus

NY Times Op-Ed on Virginia Redistricting Amendment Filled with Falsehoods, Distortions, Errors

Congress Already Prepping Next Relief Bill

The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed.

Mnuchin: Virus task force unanimously shunned Trump's quarantine idea

The coronavirus may hit rural America later -- and harder

Donald Trump Appears to Be Playing a Vicious Game.

Watch the entire CNN coronavirus town hall

Biden's Vice Presidential Runningmate Shortlist.

A great face slap to the Twitter in Chief

House Judiciary: Barr hearing postponed from March 31

Billy Graham's daughter: 'God is using coronavirus to turn us away from secularism'

New Weekly Reading Record Established at the Mauna Loa Carbon Dioxide Observatory.

Mass Testing could End this in 2 weeks

Lots of Trump impersonators out there..This One .

Don't stuff your nose full of Neosporin,...

Ohio Nurses Association give 100% support/ their weight for N95 Mask sterilization

Where Are The Tests? Positive In Nursing Home My MIL Is At - WHERE ARE THE TESTS????

Lift the Ban on Plastic Bags

In Detroit Cobo Hall being converted to hospital.

A heart-warming story about a dildo-costume and a funeral.

Like Trump's Tax Returns, Bernie's MFA Excuse for Still Running Is Bogus

I'm pretty much betting that Donald Trump turns up Positive soon.

Covid-19: Why Soap Works

Posted without comment

the best of us and the worst of us.

It's all about the ratings with the orange shitgibbon.

Can I use homegrown stems to make potent brownies?

Fox News / Lies Must Be Shut Down

If Trump was a fictional character. . .

So now the Governors are to compete for health care staff

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right...

EU has a bigger problem than the U.S. ...

With Medicare for All we can finally put an end to this international disgrace.

Country singer Joe Diffie dead at 61 from coronavirus

No, I don't take responsibility at all.

If our medical personnel go down, who will treat the American people?

If true, the Con should be arrested...

. @Instacart was last valued at nearly $8 billion.

Airlift from China is organized by Jared Kushner

Photographer captures steeple falling from Baltimore church

blitzen trapper - furr (live-2009?-kcrw) as close to a dylan song as you can get ...

Stunning graphic usa...usa...USA

Kleptocratic kakistrophic Klusterfuc.....

Joe Diffie, Nineties Country's 'Pickup Man,' Dead at 61 From Coronavirus

Rock Lobster - B52s live pre-fame just silly and vibrant

Michigan numbers out still horrifying but slightly fewer new cases.

America on the brink of historic tragedy.

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'The Eighth Day'

Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020.


Sadly the Sanders Campaign is still on the attack against Joe Biden...

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 29, 2020

Meanwhile, during a life and death pandemic....

Moscow mayor orders all residents to stay at home

'In Two Weeks Around Easter, We're Going To Be Looking A Lot Like New York', Gov. Larry Hogan Says.

Dr Frieden, frm CDC DIrector: Who's on first here?"

It is ALWAYS and ONLY about him.


Erin Bender, 15, walks her dog, Penny on Sunday March 22, 2020 in Springfield, VA.

Dr. Fauci agrees with Governor Cuomo....30,000 ventilators

The contrast is mind boggling.


"Shut the F*ck Up" said the lady

Multiple Students Are Sick At Reopened Liberty Campus

We All Know Better

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are back in the United States after coronavirus quarantine

Detroit Free Press writer goes off on IMPotus (tRump just lost Michigan)

Do you recall any jokes that one of your teachers told?

I wonder if the people who attended Trump fundraisers in California

Virginia Department of Health reports 890 cases of coronavirus - up 151 from yesterday - 22 deaths

What is your favorite dog breed and why?


The Times They Are a-Changin': Boris Johnson's anti-shout out to Margaret Thatcher

Musicians in their own homes playing "Ode to Joy" separately but together:

Country singer Joe Diffie dies of coronavirus complications

Ventilator Blues The Rolling Stones

Brain Teasers anyone?

In grammar school or high school, did you ever have a "class clown"?

Trump made the US the worst place on the planet for Covid-19

Is there anyone else who's sleeping all the goddam time...?

Will be doing a press conference today at 5:00 P.M. The White House.

15% of Sanders supporters in ABC/WaPo poll say they will be voting for tRump

The Red Cross is looking for blood donors

Thousands have died to make this show a "hit."

? Is...How long are we going to let insurance companies dictate our health..?

'Impossible to comprehend': Stephen King on horrors of Trump and coronavirus

Some things are hard to bear

30 days hath September,

Coronavirus: Netherlands recalls 'defective' masks bought from China (DW)

Gravitas: How China 'exported' the Wuhan coronavirus

Yes, things are looking pretty bad, but in 1918...

Maybe an interesting link: Air pollution and complications from COVID-19?

State trooper gave his N95 masks to doctor he pulled over:

Ignore the bankers - the Trump economy is not worth more coronavirus deaths

A second aircraft carrier is reportedly facing a COVID-19 outbreak

Something occurred to me (Adventures in PPE)

"No one could have seen it coming."

...What the Democratic Party could learn from first-term Congresswoman Katie Porter

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'All-Holy Pascha' Edification Never Untimely...

Canada will you marry US...?

This is vegetable planting time. Farmers need your voice.

Preacher who downplayed coronavirus has died of it...

Timetable for Houston-to-Dallas bullet train uncertain after company lays off 28 employees

This shouldn't be happening

Maria Mercader of CBS News dies from CV19 today - she was 54

Illinois governor says he's taking over testing after 'millions of tests' never arrived from WH

A plane loaded with angels...

This is what gets under my skin.


Gov. Whitmer: "We are not one another's enemies. The enemy is the virus.

NO TIME FOR LOVE LIKE NOW First take! New from Michael Stipe! This is the demo track.

After Cuomo's conference today, wonder how many people are

ME and/or MT will be the US Senate seats in 2020 that will put Democrats back in the majority.

Don Adams Carson Tonight Show

Heartfelt thanks for all the condolences over the loss of my FIL.

HawaiiDelilah.. You better fucking believe I am excited to vote for Biden.

Rick Wilson: Forget impeachment. I want a full-on show-trial.

The Con owns This...

Please don't believe 'xx% of so-and-so's supporters will vote...' this far out...

Moscow Orders Residents to Stay Home

It's not a fucking snow day.

Anybody else having a really bad dietary day?

Snowing in Maine now

So exactly what does he want?

Is anybody here going to shabbat services online?

(Update, now stable!) John Prine in critical condition, Covid-19. Tweet from family:

Texas quarantine order now includes all Louisiana travelers

Shithound show coming up

Texas quarantine order now includes all Louisiana travelers

Here's a copy of the NRA lawsuit to keep gun shops open

Lies, old news, self-praise, repeat...

5 minute test

Honestly, though, China did a really good job slowing the virus

The coronavirus is the worst intelligence failure in US history

'Off The Charts': Coronavirus Hot Spots Grow In Midwest

Addresses forMedia Outlets See if this could help

Why 10000 to 300000 masks?

WTF??? Are the masks going out the back door? He wants an investigation

Trump is just doing a big commercial for his corporate sponsors.

Circle jerk of course

Trump keeping on top of things, even on Sunday

Moscow Mitch.....

It's time for Pence et al. to divest Trump of authority; 25th amendment, section 4.

Great Live tweeting, Daniel Dale, for lying narcissist IMPOTUS maga rallies

How much money was Rump paid personally for the 17 tons of PPE sent to China?

Trump just accused hospitals/med centers of maybe stealing and selling masks

He just implied the hospitals are stealing the N95 masks, that they should be investigating

Did I just hear that worthless piece of orange shit imply that the medical personell were STEALING

Returning home from Vietnam in 1967, I remember the students


Updated data site. Do not know if this has been posted. If so sorry.

Did our deaths just double !??!?! Watching MSNBC waiting on doctors

Gov. Gavin Newsom bans evictions in California amid coronavirus pandemic

Joe Diffie, Nineties Country's 'Pickup Man,' Dead at 61 From Coronavirus

Abbott is suspending TX bail laws to ban judges from releasing people from jail on no-cost bonds

Just rename these dog and pony shows: PROJECT FUCKFACE. n/t

The Czech Covid Solution: Masks for all

Grammy winning country music singer Joe Diffie died from corona virus complications.

trump wants to restart his rallies

The REAL Superheroes (meme)

Joe Diffie, a country music singer, dies from the Coronavirus at the age of 61.

Two Questions...

EASTER was just moved to April 30th

I wonder if they put his speech in a Dick and Jane book! n/t

He just slammed the door on that easter sunday bullshit

Blowing through 140,000 cases like a toilet paper wall.

GOD I wish the fucker would just kill over right now I am sick of his lies

Liberty University Brings Back Its Students, and Coronavirus, Too

John Prine in Hospital Critical, w/ COVID-19

Trump's words put to music

New Yorkers shocked as they watch coronavirus medical tents go up in Central Park

Changes to DNC Convention in July in Milwaukee.

Cut this shit NOW M$NBC and CNN

Trump has become the pro death president.

California renters, please note that it is still very possible get evicted during COVID-19

Never forget this:

Governor orders out-of-state travelers to immediately self-quarantine for 14 days

I am just exhausted by what is going in Washington.. I cannot wait till President Biden

Does humanity suck?

Trump: "Sir, we have no ammunition"

Dear DUers he just said that when 100,000 of you die that will be a very good outcome because


He can't tell the truth no matter what!

Who the hell was the Journalist that sucked up to him

How long will President Death speak.

Trump just referred to a black reporter as "you people".

He was very tired off all the folks behind him getting attention with their facial

I Wouldn't Be Surprised If He Asked Fauci And Brix To Grossly Overestimate The Number Of Possible...

I thought this was an effing parody account. I just blew a gasket. What a colossal POS.

LOL Yamiche Alcindor

A Dozen Sick After Students Return to Liberty University

Re. Jared Huffman on Falwell:

The press needs to ask Hogan, DeWine and Baker if they are investigating nurses and doctors.

Florida Gov. DeSantis defends refusal to close beaches, points to NYC subway

just turn it off. better, never tune in. you know what he will say.

Abbott has 18000 test kits

I've not heard one word about or from Melania lately

There has never been a Bullshitter like this before

I want to slap the smug off his puffy orange face

Frank Schaeffer Slams White Evangelicals Who 'Have Rented Out Jesus' To A 'Moronic Monster'

The way he said "Be nice" was exactly the way

Violent protests erupt in China as Hubei natives blocked from leaving

Pelosi Blames Trump For US Deaths And Hints At Investigation

Did Trump go all Captain Queeg at his presser this evening ?

Ranking full stop

Trump accuses New York hospitals of 'hoarding' masks and ventilators without evidence

Tweet of the Day

Did He Really Stop The Flow From China Early?....

So, making a big pot of chicken veggie soup, like I often do on Sundays ... A Leek Question ...

THANK YOU JERAMY !!! Way to work together !!! Give that guy a gold star !!

Didn't Watch, Did Kelly O'Donnell Do Her Best Sucking Up Job Again?

Oh god, guys. John Prine is in critical condition with COVID-19

Did anyone ask WTF he sent all that PPE to China when he KNEW?

A Dozen Sick After Students Return to Liberty University

peek a boo, i see you

Stark raving mad

Has Trump ever called a man nasty before?

Trump announces an extension of current federal social distancing guidelines through April 30th

whoa WhOa WHOA!

the video of trump telling the african amer female journalist "dont be threatening"

Trump at presser: I never said governors wouldn't need the numbers they were asking for

Onward my noble steed!

Does anybody else feel the stark realization

Meanwhile on Real Earth

talking about his ratings now again

Our Governor no longer taking trump's crap

TrumpDOW futures down 500

well as long as he has bigger ratings than the Bachelor

Bryan Ferry - Is Your Love Strong Enough

OAN reporter got two questions

Trump Now Saying 100,000 US deaths would be evidence that he has been successful

Such a Disney moment

Any number below 2.2 million is a great victory for Donald Trump.


#BoycottTrumpPressConferences is Trending on Twitter

A Daily Ritual

My Dad represented, as Lawyer, to many of these folks, "pro bono"

New York is Again Ground Zero. And Again, Americans are all New Yorkers.

Damn. Now we know he wanted to just "ride this sucker out" knowing that 2.5 million would probably

US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020.

Living in a police state

Illegal Smile John Prine

3 men arrested for violating stay-at-home order

keep touching the microphone jackasses

Twitter thread from Fred Guttenberg about Joe Biden's compassion:

"I'm not kidding."

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen

"when they disrespect me, they disrespect the government"

Dog And Mailman Have The Sweetest Relationship

He is the Borg.

One glass of alcohol per day...

Lawrence O'Donnell: What kind of pathological liar lies about his lies to people who have video

Stay the fuck at home

This tiny kitten was waiting by the highway for someone to stop and save him

A message from our next President

So President Death wants people in certain parts of the country to go back to work.

Men Rescue Birds Who'd Somehow Got Tied To Each Other

Armed vigilantes blocked a neighbor's driveway with a tree to force him into quarantine

Angel From Montgomery: Bonnie Raitt, John Prine, Kris K. LIVE

Trump's "friend has the virus" story can't be confirmed because "hes in a coma"

"Just ride it. Ride it like a cowboy. Ride that sucker right through"

The Trump Virus/Trumpandemic Chant

Was Trump high today?

Any time Trump uses the phrase "my friend", he is lying.

Timeline and failures -- lost shot at containment

Trump touts TV ratings of coronavirus briefings

How many?

Why the Dow's best week in 82 years is no reason to get bullish

Dump attacked Yamiche Alcindor again

Clocks and Spoons

I watched the first few minutes of Trump's "Look At Me" session.

Nurse "whole lot of Trump shit talking going on in my break room right now. We are not stealing"

Frank Schaeffer Doesn't hold back

Marco Rubio Accuses Media of 'Glee and Delight' That US Has Passed China in Coronavirus Cases

Stock futures sink as coronavirus cases top 700,000 globally

GameStop Tells Employees to Wrap Hands in Bags and Get Back to Work

Paradise: John Prine, Bonnie Raitt LIVE

Louisiana church does it again - this time with 500 people.

ISS time lapse of nighttime pass from Germany to Indonesia.

Health insurance premiums could skyrocket: analysis

America's housing system was radically unprepared for coronavirus

Spanish Pipedream