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Trump Hoping to Hold Rally In April

The time has come

HI up to 175 case,s plus 29, while 49 "released from isolation", no deaths

Ann Telnaes tweet: Yamiche and Trump

Please Don't Bury Me...

On this date in 1927 a Sunbeam went 200mph.

Japan uses targeted coronavirus testing; South Korea goes big. The U.S. faces a choice.

I've got to somehow manage my feelings of hatred towards Trump...

Arkansas Covid-19 cases Mar 29, 2020 7:00 Pm

John Prine Hospitalized With COVID-19 Symptoms: 'His Situation Is Critical'

The Last 2 GOP Presidents in a nutshell

*Call the Midwife is on MPT now.

The Trump Administration Just Canceled an Order for 80,000 Ventilators to Haggle Over the Price

Liberty University Brings Back Its Students, and Coronavirus Fears, Too

Four coronavirus-related deaths linked to Bellingham nursing home reported

With protective gear in short supply, doctors turn to UV light treatment

this is appalling. Yale should be ashamed of itself

Coronavirus: Italy becoming impatient with lockdown - and social unrest is brewing

Former Washington football coach Jim Lambright dies at 77

Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 that Democrats will win to get back in the majority.

POLITICO analysis (2018): At $2.3 trillion cost, Trump tax cuts leave big gap

Finished out that map.

That new case number from Illinois looks pretty grim. 1,100 plus.

Hello In There

Sorry Presidents Carter, Clinton, Obama and Bush

Fareed Zakaria: Trump's claim turned out to be a cruel hoax

Kasie Hunt is an awful interviewer. She is seeking no follow up

This may be the reason Trump extended social distancing.

Trump: I'm Doing a Great Job Fighting the Coronavirus, and 100,000 of You Will Die

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York passes grim milestone: Over 1,000 killed by virus

Jim Edmonds In Hospital For Possible Coronavirus

Now Hillary royally disses Trump

GOP Governor Says Trump Is Clueless On Coronavirus.

I turned on the tv yesterday and saw on the info banner LONDON HAS FALLEN

I was reminded of this song today. Thought we might give it a listen

S.C. governor maintains no need for shelter-in-place; state has 456 coronavirus cases

Since Jim Bakker is in the news a lot lately

Fuck. Looks like John Prine is in trouble with the Trump Flu. In critical condition

Every time Trump speaks his chances of being re-elected drop big time, What an idiot.

Trump Blames Hospitals for Lack of Masks and Ventilators

Idiot Orangevirus ''Likes'' this tweet?

It's been about 2 weeks, though the official lockdown has only been in place for one

My Covid-19 story started around Feb. 18 when I went to see my doctor for an annual examination.

Kacey Musgraves - "Burn One With John Prine"

UH Manoa students make mask sewing kits - need people to assemble the masks

Country singer Joe Diffie, age 61, dies of Covid19

When a significant part of Florida's older population gets killed off by DeSantis' stupidity....

(Jewish Group) Bernie Sanders' Florida campaign office vandalized with swastikas

"Totally beyond any possibility of parody at this point."

Paradise: John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, LIVE; We Love You John!

"Call the Midwife" is on PBS right now

Subway apologizes for Calgary sign offering free face masks with sandwich purchase

Tomorrow we'll pass 9/11 for number of deaths...

Let's Remind ALL Republican Senators and Congress People

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 30 March 2020

WATCH: Trump snaps at Black reporters calling them 'you people' during Rose Garden press conference

Right this minute on Youtube

Love and Happiness: an Obama Celebration, 2016

the new definition of insanity...

Amazon workers plan strike at Staten Island warehouse to demand coronavirus protections

NBC's Chuck Todd Asks Biden If Trump Has 'Blood' on His Hands Over Coronavirus Response

"Eff the Blue cities. They're not real America anyway"

Musician Jackson Browne Has Coronavirus and A Message:

Trump sure pissed a lot of people off today

Lots everyday at home . Can't go out for a concert or some new music ?

2 Gallatin, TN rehab center patients dead, several hospitalized amid COVID-19 concerns

Serial killer dubbed Grim Sleeper dies in California prison

Does anyone in this forum have a good source for journal/diary notebooks?

Argentina's Fernandez freezes rents and mortgages, suspends evictions through September

Very funny sign:

Argentina's Fernandez freezes rents and mortgages, suspends evictions through September

When things were going bad for the U.K. in WW II they got rid of Chamberlain and put in ...

Silly (short) joke video:

Trying to keep things normal for these unusual times.

Time to level that POS

They played a clip on MSNBC and Trump refers to the Governor of Washington and the lady in Michigan

Every CEO Should Be Kent Taylor From Texas Roadhouse - ALL OF THEM!!!!

animated graph showing comparison of virus growth in various countries..

The most shocking thing to me is that OrangeAnus isn't infected

Florida Megachurch Packed with Worshipers During Coronavirus Pandemic

Interesting "smart thermometer" data from Kinsa Health

Michigan Dem House rep Isaac Robinson from Detroit dies of suspected Covid-19

US Senate seats Democrats are going to win in 2020.

Wait for it.

Quebec doing a rainbow 'ca va bien aller' campaign to fight isolation

Louisiana church defies COVID-19 order, holds Sunday services

Michigan State Rep. Isaac Robinson dies at age 44

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Hey Dotard!

The soccer match in Milan that accelerated Coronavirus in Italy and Spain

Trump extends virus guidelines, braces US for big death toll

'Opening Farewell': Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne LIVE

I stand by what I said

This is total speculation on what will happen in the next few months..

Pride of the Yankees, TCM @ 10:15.

Chuck Toad had this idiot with a scarf on?????

Austin Texas March 20-23, 2020

China Created a Fail-Safe System to Track Contagions. It Failed.

usns comfort being slow walked....

If you, in November, were running against this devil

Bonus Tweet Of The Day

should the convention be delayed (if not held virtually)?

Report: Fox News is worried about legal action after misleading viewers about coronavirus

I AM PO'ed beyond words at that ignorant ass that calls himself a President.

This week, Missouri saw a 600% jump in coronavirus cases -- the largest increase in the country

Singer/songwriter Alan Merrill of the Arrows ("I Love Rock and Roll") dies of COVID-19

Akron Children's Hospital provides instructions on how to make your own face mask

I hate the "I love Joe, but we need an inspiring savior" meme. It's a hit job.

Say a prayer for John Prine

DOJ Probing stock transactions by lawmakers ahead of sharp market downturn due to coronavirus

If he keeps insisting he inherited a completely broken system,

US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020.

DeWine makes second plea to FDA for approval of technology to sanitize thousands of masks a day

Whose balls are you gargling on, Chuck Toad?

Lonelier Than This

Odd tune that popped into mind a minute ago,

The Daily Show: Trevor's Life in New York City - Between the Scenes

Coronavirus Shows Us What Our Future Could Look Like During Climate Crisis

So far the bravest journalists are from NPR and PBS

Sally Yates Asks: "People are dying & our president is reveling in his press conference TV ratings?"

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 31: Suffragists: Celebrating 100 Years of the 19th Amendment

"Nothing changes him. Nothing moves him unless it gives him adulation, money, or an erection."

Biden challenge to trump - this is what we need, not all the "we have to", "we can't", "we yadda"...

The November Beating That Must Take Place

We are good to go

John is sick and needs positive thoughts if you have any to spare

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, April 1: 100th Birthday Tribute: Toshiro Mifune

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020.

Good news on the case growth trend.

Trumps scoreboard mentality- he is losing

get ready for november...make sure you have a plan so you can vote blue

A Tented Hospital Has Gone Up In Central Park Tonight

115 nursing home residents, staff test positive for COVID-19 in Sumner County, Tenn.

A useful graphic of Covid-19 outcomes

Placido Domingo Hospitalized in Mexico with COVID-19

Opera singer Plcido Domingo hospitalized in Mexico with coronavirus

So when did it become "The President's social distancing guidelines"

Remember when FDR told the Governors of the U.S. to

California governor discusses coronavirus cases in his state

"Freud" on Netflix. If you liked "Penny Dreadful"...

ABC/WaPo : Biden consolidates support, but trails badly in enthusiasm: Poll (A+ Rated)

Twitter blocks Bolsonaro posts as he visits market to campaign against isolation


They Walk Among Us!!!

Probe Begins Into Stock Trades by Lawmakers

Twitter blocks Bolsonaro posts as he visits market to campaign against isolation

FDNY mechanic, an 'unsung hero' who kept ambulances running, dies of coronavirus

Opera singer Plcido Domingo hospitalized in Mexico with coronavirus

Guatemala to tap $26 million from fund to help poor amid coronavirus crisis

German finance minister commits suicide as coronavirus blitzes economy

Hobby Lobby Closes Stores, Begins Layoffs Following 'God Is in Control' Remarks Amid Pandemic

Did something change with the way inventory is calculated on your taxes in 2019?

'Angel From Montgomery': John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Kris K. LIVE

#WeLoveYamiche is trending on twitter

Fetish website asked to supply medical uniforms to real doctors and nurses

John Prine - Saddle In The Rain

I can't even!

Statement from Biden blasting Trump's shameful claim that health care workers are stealing masks

Biden calls on Trump to use the Defense Production Act for production of PPE

Speed of the Sound of Loneliness John Prine/Nancy Griffith

Rump in 3 pictures

As Rachel says, someone please talk me down. . .

Would it be appropriate to ask that flags be flown at half-staff for the COVID19 dead?

I give up!

Red states - later impact (due to extreme downplaying?) are exploding near me, (Indianapolis)

Trump beleives himself to be Louis XIV I guess

☦️The Orthodox Church: Concerning Evil

I'm having a hard time being nice about the virus to everyone. The wife says "karma" and we have

Interview with Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea

Abusers gotta abuse :(

Coronavirus: 20,000 Former NHS Staff Return To Fight Virus, PM Says

Because Red States Aren't Shutting Down And Telling Their Citizens To Self-Isolate At Home....

UK Boris Johnson CV Govt. Update: 'There Really Is Such A Thing As Society,' Counters Mgt. Thatcher

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Bernie supporters want to re-build America, toxic/childish "Bernie Bro" trolls want to tear it down

New York City residents who break social distancing rules will be subject to fines up to $500

Does Trump Even Know This Isn't Going Well For Him?

I'm full of grief for their future

the revivalists - keep going (MS river, Louisville, KY - 2016) rocking these guys a lot lately

Trumpland - where every day is April Fools.

Detroit auto show canceled, center to be used as hospital

If it weren't for my dog, I could stay inside for weeks, probably

Asshole of the day right here

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Coronavirus III

Airborne corona virus strongly suspected

Astrophysicist gets magnets stuck up his nose while trying to invent anti-face touching device

Hey, Hey, Donny J.! How many people have you killed today?

Pandemic puts extra financial strain on rural North Carolina hospitals

Florida Medical Center nurse shares his powerful message about fighting the coronavirus

John Oliver Last week tonight was sad

I would give everything I own (which isnt as lot) if One person in the WH Press Core...

Trump camp targets Obama's Ebola czar

ING bank suspends dividend payments due to coronavirus outbreak

Shall we gather at the drive-in? NC church holds Sunday service in theater parking lot.

A Riff on Sesame Noodles for When You Tire of Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Trump is a ridiculous foolish man and an incompetent president. Why not just say it?

43 people fall ill at Pentecostal church after revival, 10 test positive for coronavirus

What national security benefit resulted from firing all the pandemic response personnel in 2018???

RE: Dr. Birx's latest TV appearance.....

'Parks were packed.' Charlotte crowds collide with stay-at-home order, health director warns

Oil prices plunge to 17-year lows as demand drop threatens to overwhelm storage facilities.

Breakfast Monday 30 March 2020

Someone should create a scavenger hunt on the whole internet that

Well... my youngest cousin just died from the cursed virus...

My daily jigsaw puzzle...

Deadline for REAL ID extended by a year because of coronavirus outbreak

I think Dr. Fauci didn't nauance anything today, and wanted his message to be very clear that a lot

How Covid 19 kills, I'm a surgeon and why we can't save you...

At the top of my Twitter feed this morning is Trump's COVID miracle

"I talk out of both sides of my mouth, so you can pick and choose what you think I said"

US Senate seats Democrats are going to win in 2020 in order to get back in the majority.

Lawrence O'Donnell tweeted this about Trump

Just when you think he can't get anymore hideous...

Jane and I are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of State Rep. Isaac Robinson.

Lightroom or Bridge?

On this day, March 30, 1981, John Hinckley thought he had found a way to impress Jodie Foster.

Anyone remember "leading from behind"?

Some Good News, with John Krasinski


I wake up little after six turn on the TV. The mouthpieces on Morning Joe were

My rant...

UK epidemic slowing, antibody test could be ready in days per top epidemiologist

Hilary could not have been any closer to the truth if she tried

Mayo Clinic: ASPD - Antisocial Personality Disorder

"The arsonist who wants credit as the fireman"

Monday TOONs - Daily Briefing

In less than two weeks the same adoring fans will turn on him

Starting A Bit Early This Morning, My Friends

Richard A. Epstein behind the The Contrarian Coronavirus Theory That Informed the Trump Admin.

Everywhere Healthcare Workers Can Get Free Food Right Now

15% will vote for Trump.

A new nickname for Trump!

Riding in place during pandemic and heavy oilfield traffic

My daughter is an MD. On the front lines.

A public service message durin' these tryin' times.

Dan Skinner @danielrskinner: First the for-profit Hahnemann Hospital screwed patients,

Amtrak suspends Keystone Service, Pennsylvanian train lines due to COVID-19; now through April 5

He's so envious of the attention HCWs are getting he attacks them with a ridiculous accusation

Fact Check: Trump didn't "eliminate" the Pandemic Office, he downsized it into dysfunctionality

A funny poem about toilet paper

"Highway checkpoints in Florida?" I got this in a newsletter from CNN.

Netanyahu and several of his aides entered self quarantine after aide diagnosed + for Covid 19

Make a note in your "Trumpspeak" dictionaries:

The Guardian view on Hungary's coronavirus law: Orbn's power grab Editorial

Quit saying Trump gets it!


NYT Opinion: Trump Is Hurting His Own Re-election Chances Don't be fooled by snapshot polls.

Joe Diffee - dead at 61 - Ships That Don't Come In

Trump beats a retreat on opening the country as coronavirus data, images show dark reality

Here is a graphic that shows the TOTAL FAILURE

Beneath the anger, under the fear and lurking in the background of our utter amazement

Pompeo's pandemic performance ensures his place among the worst secretaries of state ever

John Prine in critical condition with COVID-19

Amtrak's high-speed Acela service has been suspended

Because we need a laugh, a classic moment in right-wing idiocy:

One of many reasons I reject Christianity...

WaPo: 11 to 100,000: What went wrong with coronavirus testing in the U.S.

Trump preemptively defines 100,000 dead US-citizens as having done "a very good job".

Wifey and myself are about to leave the bunker for the 1st time in over a week for a supply run..

Understanding a Virus and COVID-19 update..

Breaking news: Sociopaths ( GOP ) wants to hold off on additional coronavirus aid

Exclusive: Justice Department reviews stock trades by lawmakers after coronavirus briefings

The next American struggle: Waiting out the coronavirus

Cartoon Funnies....😃 Joe ..BS 😁 New added....

Social Distancing is a concept that my

Brand New Official Biden Podcast Episode #1: Here's the Deal with Ron Klain on COVID-19

Let this pack of fluffies boost your mood!

Trump's a Disaster. Here's Why Americans Are Rallying Around His Coronavirus Response.

This pic says it all.

If now is not the time for Amazon workers to unionize,

It's An Upside-Down World

The Contrarian Coronavirus Theory That Informed the Trump Administration

New leads regarding the origins of the outbreak of covid-19 in France ( especially in the east )

The Rundown: March 27, 2020

Another Trump Screw-Up: Food May 'Rot In The Fields'

Trump, the most profuse liar in our history and he sucks at it. Which proves

This is a plane load of Drs and Nurses flying to NY to help out ❤❤❤. Send them some love

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy

New time in art history to research: the Pre-Raphelites!

Most of Moscow's New Coronavirus Patients Younger Than 40

My letter to the editor was published this morning in the Washington Post:

A choir decided to go ahead with rehearsal. Now dozens of members have COVID-19 and two are dead

Congress must remove Trump Now. He is insane. Not doing so puts our nation at great risk.

USA social distancing curbs extended after 200,000 deaths estimated.

When Trump attacks a reporter they should respond this way.

Regarding dRumpf's latest approval rating ....

Another reason church attendance is a really bad idea.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) -- Dutch museum says Vincent van Gogh painting stolen in overnight raid.

More life in the coronaverse -by Tom Tomorrow

How a large viral load could make coronavirus infection worse

They give more of themselves in one shift than he could give in 1000 lifetimes.

the eventual vaccines...

Today seems like the most over-whelmingly depressing day thus far...

On Staying at Home and Working During the Epidemic

List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2

The next time he craps on a reporter,

Trish Regan Out at Fox Business After Coronavirus Comments

2977 people died at 9/11. So far, 2490 Americans have died of COVID-19.

Sesame Workshop enlists Elmo, Cookie Monster on hand washing

Inside G.M.'s Race to Build Ventilators, Before Trump's Attack

For those of us wondering how polls are showing him up.

Bridegroom (film)

American Gothic 2020

An open letter to both Biden and Bernie Supporters

Two thoughts from an epidemiologist.

Can't find bread-baking yeast in the stores? Collect your own!

Tonight the bottle let me down

Uranus Ejected a Giant Plasma Bubble During Voyager 2's Visit

It looks like I could benefit from corona virus??

'I Love Rock and Roll' co-writer dies of virus complications

Trump Extends Social Distancing Guidelines Through End of April The president, facing grim figures

I took a trump holiday I see he bragged about his RATINGS?

Bernie Sanders' Florida Campaign Office Vandalized With Swastikas

March 30 - Happy Birthday Rep. Gerry Connolly (D) VA-11th

USNS Comfort in NY Harbor(passing Battery Park) headed to midtown (some good news) n/t

In need of $1 billion, Amtrak cuts management pay as it faces 'unprecedented' ridership loss

Coronavirus In Minnesota: All-Mail Ballot System Under Consideration For 2020 Elections

In Vain

Bernie Sanders' Wisconsin presidential campaign will be led by Democratic Rep. Mark Pocan

All Nebraska primary voters will be invited to vote by mail if they wish

New Jersey making plans for all-VBM primary, officials say Murphy must decide by next week

Every time I call a business for customer service

Coronavirus outbreak reported at Maryland psychiatric hospital, officials say

NC Elections Board Wants Easier Mail Voting, Along With State Holiday For Election Day

Biden debuts podcast in his virtual campaign for president

Major pain to come: State and local budget cuts

Remarks by Trump, Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing, 03-29-20

Trump did NOT shut down travel from China

Governor Cuomo on defeating this virus

Now that Liberty University has caused unnecessary illness for students, they decide to

How Trump decides who gets the ventilators

We have now passed Pearl Harbor. So far, 2490 Americans have died of COVID-19.

Bernie Sanders says he's staying in the presidential race. Many Democrats fear a reprise of 2016

How many times have you come across *this* "tactic" from trumpers?

Throttled Internet & Thoughts

Dogs are being trained to sniff out coronavirus

AOC breaks with Bernie on how to lead the left

Frankie Laine was born on this date.

Tokyo Olympics rescheduled for July 23-Aug. 8 in 2021

Covid patients can remain infectious following recovery.

Dutch museum says van Gogh painting stolen in overnight raid

Sonny Boy Williamson was born on this date.

JFC NO! Donnie Dollhands China travel ban was NOT a "good and very early" decision

AM Catharsis: Supermarket moron spitting on employee/produce gets his INSTANT KARMA

At Dr With Wife

So here are DeSantis and his goons telling everyone to stay home

EC has a birthday today.

Making of the USNHS Comfort. Navy hospital ship. It used to be a tanker.

Florida, Louisiana churches draw hundreds to Sunday services despite coronavirus restrictions

As Sanders Demands End to Iran Sanctions to Save Lives Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Biden Says

Idiots -

WATCH LIVE: Navy hospital ship 'Comfort' arrives in New York City 3,638 watching now

Backstreet Boys from their homes:

USNS Comfort has arrived in NYC.

Was the submission of the unredacted Mueller report postponed at all?

Holding a bird ostrich in a board (ouch, but it is Monday)

Randy Rainbow with some lovely trump snark:

Israel PM Netanyahu to Enter Quarantine; Awaiting Test Results

Dutch museum says van Gogh painting stolen in overnight raid

Trump says Putin to 'probably ask' for sanctions lifting

Trump openly admitting if we made voting easier in America, Republicans wouldn't win elections

If you read my post this AM with the message from my MD daughter...Well,

Dr. Birx Predicts 200,000 Deaths "If We Do Things Almost Perfectly"

John Prine is sick with the virus.

Trump Rules Bar Thousands of Foreign Nurses Willing to Help U.S.

GOP Plows Forward on Plans to Kill Obamacare

caption Trump photo

The story of a missing boy, a freezing swamp and a rookie tracker's instincts


Random Pixs for a Monday A.M.

Fauci says task force 'argued strongly' with Trump to extend coronavirus guidelines

Tracy Chapman has a birthday today.

Tracking the Spread - Statistics du Jour

Armed men allegedly cut down tree to force neighbor's coronavirus quarantine

Tiniest Mini Horse Grows Up In A House Full Of Dogs

The US Navy hospital ship Comfort arrives in New York City:

Born on this day, March 30, 1853, Vincent van Gogh

Here's how a President should sound

Francisco de Goya was born on this date.

For everyone of every race and nationality -How Can You Be Sitting There Telling Me That You Care -

Vincent Van Gogh was born on this date.

I was tested for the virus on March 17. I just heard TODAY that

Johnson & Johnson, U.S. government plan one billion doses of coronavirus vaccine

A question for DU legal eagles regarding furlough.

Billy Strings and his dad (Terry Barber) debuted set 1 of the Family Strings show last night

Italians getting tough on gatherings

Jon KARL spin: Maybe SHITLER *is* mentally ill, makes for "successful leadership"

Today's Mood

Special Report: Five days of worship that set a virus time bomb in France

Midday Music for Millennials -- Movin'Monday

Trump Admits GOP Wouldn't Win If Voting Were Easier

NYT : Nurses Die, Doctors Fall Sick and Panic Rises on Virus Front Lines

Northam - major announcement about Virginia's #COVID19 response at 2:00 PM today

What is the term for a place like DU?

Just saw this and it was so on point!

Germany could issue thousands of people CV 'immunity certificates' so they can leave lockdown

Golden Girls is my Jam!

Shakespearean sonnet on lack of toilet paper...

March 30 through the years

NY Gov Cuomo is set to brief the press today at 1:30PM ET.

Trump's tell: When he can't handle something, he attacks the procedures AND the opponent

Without a vaccine, can we ever get back to "normal"?

37 Mind Boogleing Lies From Sunday's Trump coronavirus briefing, CNN:

DeSantis will turn safer-at-home advice into an order, but only for Southeast Florida

Why does the stock market and wall st seem to do well under Trump?

Fareed Zakaria: Trump's claim turned out to be a cruel hoax

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Tries To Gaslight Away The Deaths Of 100,000 Americans As A "Very Good Job"

Brooks Brothers converting NY, Mass and NCarolina factories from making ties and shirts to making...

Stormy has a few words for Spanky:

What does "Message Auto Removed" mean?

Hogan issues stay-at-home order for Maryland

I've hit bottom: the nadir

Want people to keep their distance from you? Wear a mask.

BOOM! Trump Admits If Everyone Could Vote, It's the End of the GOP

This gives you an idea of how many layers of protection doctors need to keep safe everyday

Don't Let Trump Get Away With It

People Have ***NOT*** Fully Digested This Shocking Fact: Part II

Have you ever noticed the picture of Trump on Fox when they are talking to him on the phone?

Trump Supporters Want Congress To Subpoena Dr. Fauci's Phone to See If He's Been Talking to Hillary

Why does the stock market and wall st seem to do well when there is news of mass layoffs?

Loyalist and strategist.

KCMO North. I just was at Walmart. It was fine.


14% of the NYPD's uniformed members are out sick today - 5x the daily normal

Timing of federal surveys means Friday's job report won't look much like the actual job situation

Medical treatment on board USNS Comfort will be provided free of charge to patients" Rear Adm Mustin

The American people increasingly understand that now is the time to think boldly and act decisively.

Operation Clean Sweep from the movie "Outbreak"

The Statler Brothers - Flowers on the Wall

Redecorated my shelves. :)

Get out of the house. Ride the Ferrocarril Central Andino! Part 3: Inferillo bridge and more!

Looks like Arizona is going to cancel schools for the rest of the school year.

Have been watching "Homeland" - no spoiler

Biden opens 55-45 lead on Trump has economic concerns grow.

In October when Shitler and his cronies lie about what is happening now,

I like Dr. Fauci, but I doubt very much if this statement is true...

What will schools do this fall if this is still around?

Possibly important info...we all may need masks.

Viktor Orban Takes Sole Command of Hungary With Pandemic Emergency Law

My neighbors are starting a prayer time.

The view from the Tenderloin

LIFE HACK: Bleep out the misinformation from Trump's briefings

I am always happy to hear people that voted for Trump say they won't vote for him this time

FDA gives emergency approval for anti-malarial drug to treat corona virus.

"The Good Liars" nail it again.

Crying at Winn Dixie. The woman in jeans stepped up and paid for the groceries of ...

So put another dime in the juke box, baby!

Chumpshit plants a reporter and talks about his effing Ratings during a COVID briefing

Looking for something offbeat? "Frank & Lola".

My neighborhood is coping two ways: group (6ft apart) sing at my corner (upbeat stuff) AND

New Yorker cover "Bedtime"

More than 100 residents, staff in Tennessee nursing home test positive for coronavirus

CPAP machines adapted for use in Covid19?

Trump approval bump disappears

What if Fox covered Trump like it covered Obama

3/27 livestream with doctors and nurses on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic

86-year-old patient dies after possible 'social distancing'-related assault in N.Y. hospital

imagine if hillary were president.

Whole Foods Employees Are Staging a Nationwide 'Sick-Out'

Tweet of the Day

When we take the senate, house and the Presidency we MUST

Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate may hit 32%, Fed estimates

There will be MASSIVE lying about "Cause of Death" in red states. Gotta keep those #s down!

Trump is going to start baby-ass tweeting after reading Trudeau's statement:

Fox News Fears Coverage Opened Network Up to Lawsuits

Longtime CBS journalist Maria Mercader dies from coronavirus at 54

Why Joe Biden should pick 'that governor' to be his running mate - Karen Tumulty

Right now governor Cuomo is saying "follow the science and data". Right wingers are tearing their

20% of all official covid-19 cases are in the u.s.

GOP Plows Forward on Plans to Kill Obamacare

Amazon Echo for Seniors

The lessons America has learned since the Great Depression.


What reporter asked Trump about networks not showing his press conferences?

Trump Admits GOP Wouldn't Win If Voting Were Easier

📺 March 30 - Bernie Sanders joins @sethmeyers

Do your super markets have seniors only hours?

Doc Martin Fans: PC Penhale checks in on the inhabitants of Port Wenn....

COVID-19 deaths per million pop. to date: U.S.: 8.5; Canada, 1.8

Zerlina Maxwell's rebuke of Marco Rubio regarding CV-19

When DeSantis shut reporter out of coronavirus briefing, he shut out all Floridians

Biden will be live on MSNBC at 2:15 PM - about 20 minutes from now....

Arrest warrant issued for Tampa megachurch pastor who led services despite safer-at-home orders

Ralph Northam on TV right now.

Italy reports 812 today cases reported is 4,050 lowest amount of since March 17th.

Senator Al Franken

A little perspective is in order

#WeLoveYamiche Trends After Trump Accuses Reporter of Asking 'Threatening' Question

Holy Cow no one reporting yet and we are at 254 new deaths.

Glimmer of hope as coronavirus infections and deaths in Spain and Italy show signs of stabilising

Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Stephen Williamson and family (at home in self-quarantine)

Accusing healthcare workers of stealing PPE is a new low, even for Trump.

Joan Baez For John Prine

WAPO OP ED: Imagine if Trump were actually running things

Meadows set to resign from Congress as he moves to White House

Arizona governor alarms residents by refusing calls for COVID-19 lockdown

Speaker Pelosi's Facebook Page Swarms With Parscale's Paid Trolls.

I'm about to pay $239 to register my truck. I have no job. No income for the forseeable future.

City of Seattle makes social push to help restaurants stay in business

Brooks Brothers is now making gowns and masks. Way to go!

The power of beauty

Gov Evers approves 700M for ventilators and masks for WI....

Roku Customers Can Get 30 Days of Free Premium Content Right Now

Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate may hit 32%, Fed estimates

imagine a plane crash or "active shooter" event, 271 fatalities. that's covid-19 every day now.

Dr. Fauci talked about the possibility of 1-2 million DEATHS, and everyone's missed it

Need help kitty fostering?

Get ready for grief on a scale unlike anything we have experienced

Cartoons 3/30/2020

in support of John Prine and an ode to trumpity

Siena college poll: 87% of New Yorkers approve of the way Cuomo is handling the pandemic.

Weeks after schools close, some are logging back in to learn

Snohomish County manufacturers sew 27,000 masks for nurses

Fauci Warns Trump That If Everyone in U.S. Dies It Could Affect His TV Ratings

Why don't we know about the potential for plasma transfusions?

When I hear the figure of between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths, I want to be sick.

New Polls And New Candidates Are Giving Democrats Some Hope Of Flipping The Senate

Even if you're working from home, you can still do the Lunch Time Dance!

Hillsborough (Florida) pastor facing arrest for holding church services despite COVID-19 orders

The CDC PSA from has dangerous misinformation

Netlixb binging for the past two weeks and I've seen some of the best tv I've ever wathced

What options are available for people in AA and NA (and other recovery groups)...

Coronavirus Live Updates: As Toll Mounts, Lawmakers Look to Next Phase of Response

Watching OUTBREAK on Netflix. Star studded movie

Go outside and take a shot

You know what blood looks like in a black and white video?

How It Works: Portable Coronavirus Testing

Gizmo and Trixie are doing their best to train me.

NE-02: Democrat Ann Ashford's virtual town hall delayed by person posting porn during video chat

Court: Grand jury records from lynching can't be released

Virginia governor issues stay-at-home order

Rep Velazquez (D-NY) dx'd with "presumed CV infection"- in the House Friday because of Massie stunt

Sheriff's Office obtains arrest warrant for pastor of Tampa church that held two large Sunday servic

Fact check: Sunlight does not kill the new coronavirus


Fux Noise reportedly fears its early downplaying of COVID-19 leaves it open to lawsuits

Lovely, Fox News Republicans are about to start entering and photographing hospitals.

TV shows that aren't on anymore (not counting Roku, etc.) that you wish were still on.

After more than 10,000 coronavirus deaths Italy is showing signs that its 3-week lockdown is working

WATCH LIVE: NY Gov. Cuomo speaks on coronavirus from field hospital at Javits Center - 3/30/2020

There is a sincerely held belief by some religious folks that this virus is from god and meant to

John Krasinski is the BEST - SGN (Some Good News network)

Quackopractor Alert

Florida Sheriff to Arrest Rodney Howard Browne, Megachurch Pastor Who Flouted Virus Rules

Trump's message to blue states battling coronavirus: Drop dead

DOJ turns over unredacted Mueller Report to Judge Walton

Detroit surpasses 1,800 cases, 50 deaths from COVID-19 outbreak

Because that's what he would do....

Just got a call from the office of the 99.9999999% inaccessible CO Senator Cory Gardner...

A New York nurse shared a chilling photo of coronavirus victims to show 'the ghastly reality of what

Shout out to the IT folks out there

Quarantine Chronicles

Fauci says that lifting lockdowns is 'a matter of weeks' and depends on the availability of tests

If there is a silver lining to this clusterfuck....

Bernie won't go

A 2018 graduate of my high school alma mater has died of Covid-19.

Trump again blames Obama for leaving behind 'empty shelf' of medical supplies

Trump Administration, in Biggest Environmental Rollback, to Announce Auto Pollution Rules

Is anyone else refinancing a mortgage?

'Top Colombia radio host bribed to favor Medellin Cartel founder'

Washington researcher helped develop technology for new rapid coronavirus test

My Nephew is type 1 Diabetic and he took a grocery store job to support his wife and baby

FDA issues emergency authorization of anti-malaria drug for coronavirus care

BREAKING: Detroit will be one of the first U.S. cities to get rapid coronavirus testing machines...

WISCONSIN: Today is the last day to register to vote in your April 7 primary.

Amazon Warehouse Workers In New York Walk Off The Job; Instacart And Whole Foods Employees To Follow

'Life may change for us all': How we respond to the coronavirus crisis will be defining

Someone forgot to turn off the camera before joining the online meeting (NSFW)

Governors Threaten to Defy Bolsonaro If He Signs Decree Allowing People to Return to Work

Meanwhile: Trump Administration, in Biggest Environmental Rollback, to Announce Auto Pollution Rules

Prescriptions: fewer trips to the pharmacy

NYT: Nurses Die, Doctors Fall Sick and Panic Rises on Virus Front Lines

Unions step up against Covid-19:

Macy's to furlough most of 130,000 employees as stores stay shut

Governors Threaten to Defy Bolsonaro If He Signs Decree Allowing People to Return to Work

Following up on mnhtnbb's post about being locked down let me offer this:

O my

Speaker Pelosi shoots down remote voting (for the short term)

Az. mayors request stay-at home order from Gov. Ducey

Funerals may proceed under Gov. Inslee's stay-at-home order with certain precautions

March 30 photos of puppies I am smitten with

U.S. sent 17.8 tons of masks, respirators, other PPE to China in February

Trump berates PBS NewsHour reporter for 'threatening' question, hits 'nice' question out of park

As I feared Michigan numbers are grim.

You Angel You

Bernie Sanders says he's staying in the presidential race. Many Democrats fear a reprise of 2016.

Two Ways to Look at Recent Election Polls

I hope the dog wasn't arrested:

Coronavirus Slowdown in Seattle Suggests Restrictions Are Working

6 Ways Corona Virus proved Bernie was right


Oil plummets to 17-year low as broken market drowns in crude

You raised $583.00 on March 29, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Cuomo Says 'I'm Seeing People Die All Around Me' As He Appeals For More Federal Government Help

Trump Supporters Want Congress To Subpoena Dr. Fauci's Phone to See If He's Been Talking to Hillary

Cruise ship carrying sick and dead passengers moves toward FLA, governor says state can't take them

More Americans trust Joe to handle COVID-19 crisis.

Well, that settles it.

I am still trying to find my perfect PPE mask

Wooden Ships

Biden Stomping Bernie by 27 pts in latest poll

Singer John Prine Is In Stable Condition, Wife Says (*In ICU, Stable On A Respirator)

This is the industry that Sanders complains about almost daily:

Is that $1200 check we're getting another advance against future IRS refunds?

Incompetence or genocide?

Pelosi Blames Trump For US Deaths And Hints At Investigation

I stand with GE's workers who are calling to convert its factories to produce ventilators.

another hard hitting video using Trump's own words

Doctor on the front lines is Disgusted with trump and makes it known

Please take a moment to upload a video of yourself and tell us how the coronavirus is affecting you.


Critically Endangered Turtle Hatchlings Stroll Down Brazil's Abandoned Beaches

More Cowbell

Cenk Uyngur turns on AOC.

Gov. Ron DeSantis doesn't want infected 'foreigners' to be 'dumped' in Florida and 'using up.....

They're running out for supplies over here at the WH too...

Death rate comparison- H1N1 vs Covid-19

Future Lunar Bases Could Be Built From Astronauts' Pee

Crowds ignore social distancing rules to watch USNS Comfort

This is how democracies die:

Alarming, though not sure it's been verified at this point

House Democrat Sick After Being Near Pelosi

Cuba remembers 30 years of the Chernobyl children's medical program

"But undermining our public institutions didn't begin with Mr. Trump; it's the lasting legacy of Ron

Should you wear a mask in public? The narrative is shifting.

"The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Florida is doubling every three days.

32BJ SEIU @32BJSEIU: Airport workers like Hema Ramcharan are urging elected officials in NY to pass

Not Surprising... still has nothing on the "stimulus"

'Sick experiment': Arizona not implementing coronavirus lockdown measures

So I tried to invent a game cool enough for my college-aged kids. I ran into the computer

Florida officials seek arrest for megachurch pastor who violated distancing orders

Texas to enforce quarantine orders to Louisiana drivers entering state

Woman, 86, dies after she's knocked to the ground by stranger for violating COVID-19 distancing

"Christian" radio host has the answer to covid-19

Well it didn't take us long to break through 160.000 did it.

New York City Builds Emergency Field Hospital in Central Park outside Mt Sinai hospital

The turtle emerged from hibernation.

Fact check: Coronavirus did not spread in the US because of an anti-Trump conspiracy

Out here on the perimeter there are are no stars. Out here we is stoned immaculate.

What grocery store workers need: A union leader on how to help employees stressed by the coronavirus

Jeanine Pirro, Fox News blame erratic at-home show on 'technical difficulties'

DU Primaries Report, March 2020: And Then There Were Two

Pelosi Readies Phase 4 Relief Bill

The FBI Is Investigating Sen. Richard Burr For Insider Trading

Something tells me that Wyoming is not testing...(or barely)... See:

When I listen to Trump, my blood pressure rises as my IQ falls. So I rarely listen to him.

Washington DC Mayor issues Stay At Home Order for DC

India Migrants Hosed Down with Disinfectant

Washington DC just issued a "stay at home order"!

Any way we can have all trump photos in "Pic of the Moment" blurred out?

Florida church jammed for Sunday service despite pandemic

Vile @GOP Sen Ron Johnson: Re-Open Parts of Economy Because Death Is a Natural Part of Life

I knew it.....Rose Garden there will be no distractions of anyone behind him.

"Trump didn't act on corona until March because impeachment ended in January."

Indie bookstore Powell's Books rehires more than 100 employees as online orders soar

Several Seattle homeless shelters on lockdown after guest tests positive for COVID-19

12 Seattle police, firefighters test positive for COVID-19 so far

Wow. KCMO just issued citations to 200

More of you will die than those who died in the Vietnam war

1 Million people have been tested for COVID-19

What's for Dinner, Mon., Mar. 30, 2020

So we start by celebrating testing over a million people. That is so pathetic.

1 minute, fifteen seconds--- totally destroys Trump.. ."It will go to zero" Trump says.

An LOL from Jimmy Kimmel:

Surviving Mysterious Disease

Trump's Auditioning For A Job On The....

It's an effing Ronco commercial

Jobs Aren't Being Destroyed This Fast Elsewhere. Why Is That?

This Week's New Yorker Cover: "BEDTIME"


Corona Virus PSA by MOE Howard- THREE STOOGES - Covid - 19 CDC

Coronavirus Florida: Deaths projected to hit 6,766 by August

They will wring the coppers from our bones and not think twice ...

who the was that on


GOP attacks progressive over a plea deal she never touched ahead of Wisconsin Supreme Court race

W the total F


This will be the biggest failure, catastrophe in our history.

Another kiss butt session to take credit for Cuomo's ideas

The Incredible Vanishing Act: Oh, First "Lady" (ahem...) --where art thou?

Oh, ffs, the My Pillow guy at the coronavirus task force briefing.

Oh, my goddess! Did you hear the "my pillow" guy just now?

Excellent comment

What the Next Stimulus Package Must Include

The most sincere charity is given quietly with humility.

The My Pillow guy gives an infomercial in the Rose Garden


Ohio authorities ask President Trump for federal 'major disaster' designation

Dr. Seema Verma talking now and she

Some serious ass kissing going on for Trump's news/rally today!

FUN FACT: If the My Pillow guy, Michael Lindell, appears at a briefing, it is no longer a briefing.

Ohio employs prison labor to fill shortage of masks, gowns and other protective equipment

Crowds Greet USNS Comfort in NYC Monday;

2017 Irma: lost my husband and home.

This might make me angrier than anything else in this country.

'Rump had the test machine wrong side up

This chart shows the most critical shortages of PPE in Ohio

'The Strike Wave Is in Full Swing': Amazon, Whole Foods Workers Walk Off Job...

Jesus Christ Cancels Return To Earth Amid Pandemic - The Onion Presents The Topical - Episode 44

Yes! the My Pillow fundie freak is planning on making masks...

No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

Miss OAN - Shut the fucking fuck up

Truth from Trump! How? Because he surely has no idea how honest he was. And what an admission!

Words of wisdom,,here and now

Now the nut job from OAN.

OMG they've stacked the pressers with fundies. A woman just asked an abortion question.

Words of wisdom,,here and now

Who is that plant who is asking about abortion statistics?


Sheriff's Office obtains arrest warrant for pastor of Tampa church that held two large Sunday svcs

2 Million is the number to watch

Mother Says....

watching split screen.... is there a "soft" filter on trumps camera?

General Electric Workers Launch Protest, Demand to Make Ventilators

WONDERFUL news!! John Prine upgraded to stable!!!

One way to control many fake twitter accounts

Lonesome Dave and his peeps for muh peeps!

Jim Acosta! n/t

Trump suggests US should treat Germany as an enemy because of World War II

Breaking: Gov. Ducey announces stay-at-home order for Arizonans

Bad Bad Media....CNN..."No one listens to you..."

Where's the video of his hair flying away?

He's doubling down on the accusation that health care workers are stealing masks. nt

We need to get back to this boys & girls

Trump DOES NOT like having his words read back to him.

Trumps thanks all the ceos for coming together. "It's a miracle", apparently. What about

Right now the Flowbee isn't looking like that bad of idea after all.

Best scientific explainer I have seen on why we should all wear masks

FYI Seoul has 9.5 million, not 38 million as Spanky claimed.

Maaaaan, I've been driving Mrs. Glam nuts with this tune since Neil left our plane of existence...

Poor Yamiche


With Latin America's stark class disparities, coronavirus hits rich and poor unequally

trump just said there are 38 million people in Seoul. There really are less than 10 million....

CNN cutaway when "My Pillow" guy launched jesus inspired Infomercial.

The Comrade Combover's official "I insist my signature is on every check" tune....

BREAKING: Governor Ducey announces Stay-at-Home order for AZ

Brian Williams breaking down that presser is just gobsmacked.

Pastor Who Refused to Close Church Suggests God Will Help By Multiplying Toilet Rolls

Maybe it's time for a novel-writing month

Our most deadly enemy is Trump

The My Pillow Guy & Melania Trump

So if Bernie did not find it necessary for him to show up for the Covid -19 vote

Time to get the Led out baby!

Federal Judge temporary blocks Texas ban on abortions during COVID-19 shutdown

Time to get the Led out baby! 2

US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020.

Dog Copies Literally Everything Her Mom Does

University of Wisconsin Madison spring breakers spreading coronavirus from beach trip.

This is why Trump became President

Protecting Your Family From COVID-19 by Dr. David Price

The Traverse City Whiskey Company to the rescue!

Rick Wilson:We aren't his constituents, but his audience/Neilsen ratings spreadsheet

A request to people posting

NYC frontline doctor, how to stay safe

Why Don't Bernie Voters Matter?

Time to get the Led out baby 3! Best Zepp tune evah!

Philadelphia hospital to stay closed after owner requests nearly $1 million a month

Robert Reich @RBReich: Trump wants to leave mom-and-pop diners in the dust as he subsidizes

Here's the story behind the picture I posted yesterday:

SLATE: Florida Is Facing a Coronavirus Catastrophe

Nursing and rest homes hit hard by coronavirus; one Maryland home reports 66 cases

Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate may hit 32%, Fed estimates

Dr. Dena Grayson @DrDenaGrayson : Tragic news. Neurosurgeon Dr. James T. Goodric

Hundreds of cars wait to receive food from the Greater Community Food Bank in Duquesne.

Wild Bird Brings Someone Special To Meet His Human Mom

Time to get the Led out baby!Final (for tonight anyway)

History's verdict on Trump will be devastating

Reality Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders

2 Top Democratic Groups Form Alliance to Support Joe Biden

Tiny Baby Koala Doesn't Even Look Real

Delegates breakdown

This Home Full Of Rescue Animals Has So Much Love

Old business models that might be new again

Can you predict Trump's future political strategy?

Well we have the first two cases of Covid in my city hospital

Bert Kaempfert - That Happy Feeling

Time To Get The Pie Out Baby! LOLOLOL!

Mama Dog And Her Babies Rescued From Freezing Abandoned House

Pastor arrested for violating rules amid virus outbreak

How much glue do you think Chumpy uses for attaching a toupee to his bald head?

Hissing Stray Mama Cat Slowly Learns To Love

Florida crisis: Demand for coronavirus tests spikes even as more tests become available

Grim Milestone: US Covid-19 deaths passed 9/11 casualties count

Repost cause it's so sick! Raconteurs with Ricky Scaggs and Ashley Monroe!

"Yikes, the cat is wearing a mask! (during 1918 pandemic)"

So we see what trump's doing now right?

Just heard on PBS NewsHour,

Puppies Abandoned By Road Are So Lucky This Lady Came Along

He finally got his puppucino

He doeesn't understand anything

Name the top song, movie and tv show from the year you were born

Reproductive Rights to continue in Ohio despite DeWine & Husted back door attempt to stop them

Bragging on a local school district (and my niece).

Day 1,734 of quarantine

Me every 5 minutes during self isolation:

Wonder what kind of 'favor, though' Mike Lindell gave trump for his My Pillow infomercial?

COVID 19 and the Electoral College

Why some people believe the virus is not a threat.

Revealed: Monsanto predicted crop system would damage US farms

COVID 19 and the Electoral College

I was so stoked to have 420 for the entire month of April (4/20)

Trump attacks Yamiche Alcindor again - says her question is snarky

Is Trump doing a QVC infomercial for his new Covid-19 test?

Post-Soviet strongmen prescribe vodka, hockey and folk medicine against coronavirus

Plea to Trump-Humpers

Coronavirus - 27 Cases Confirmed at Tucson Nursing Facility

Iwas in store today,,

Federal judge temporarily blocks Texas' ban on abortions during coronavirus pandemic

Come on Kansans! This is serious!!

Advertising in the time of pandemic isolation

Florida governor doesn't want cruise ship with sick passengers to dock in state

Rachel responds to POTUS after he tweeted disinfo about her program

You know buzzed up Brother Glam has to hit the trifecta...Repost. But you aint't heard it in a year.

Last Witness to President Abraham Lincoln Assassination I've Got A Secret

A Slow Motion Tiannamon Square.

Trump's sad attempt to read the Wikipedia page on Seoul

3015 people

Dear Bernie Sanders, when you hire people like this expect to lose black voters..

Houston-area domestic violence calls are increasing, cases more violent during coronavirus pandemic

The President Is Trapped

donnie said the population of seoul is 38 million.

Democrats guide to 60 US Senate seats in 2020.

Post-Soviet strongmen prescribe vodka, hockey and folk medicine against coronavirus

TRUMP TODAY: "We're doing a great job, as good a job as you can possibly do."

So Trump, who dogged the draft in 1968 for bad feet,

The Trump Presidency Is Over

So in this time of shelter in place, anyone cooking up some Dixie Chicken? I so is!

GOP Plows Forward on Plans to Kill Obamacare, Pandemic Be Damned

Democrats guide to regaining majority control of the US Senate in 2020.