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Archives: March 4, 2020

MSNBC******Joe Biden wins Virginia****** Huge development to start the night!

Super Tuesday: Mystery dark money group spends almost $1m on anti-Bernie Sanders ads across 10 state

CNN projection: BIDEN wins Virginia


Last Friday I was taken from work by ambo because of stroke possibility. Admitted/Dischared @9 hrs

Biden exceeds 538 projections in VA, Bloomberg sinks

A Different Kind of Campaign

MSNBC: Biden is the projected ( 1% reporting) winner in Virginia

Federal Agencies are working very hard

@MSNBC & @maddow just reported that multiple "senior officials" within the Democratic Party are

A Different Kind of Campaign

Near site of landmark march, Philadelphia museum celebrates Jewish role in promoting gay rights

Bernie Sanders Projected Winner VERMONT

Exit polls seem to indicate Bloomberg will do better tonight than Warren

moar Othello pics,like I promised DU

Turnout appears high as Mainers cast votes in presidential primary

Bernie Sanders Projected Winner VERMONT

We want to win, we must win. That is all there is. We must win this November.

Trump's Interior Department Reportedly Changed Scientific Reports to Say Climate Change Is Good

Looks like biden's sweep of the blaack vote in SC is applying to most of the South. Joe has 66% &

NY Times: Biden wins Virginia with 47% of the vote!! Sanders wins VT (no numbers yet)

Asthma drug may help some Covid-19 pneumonia patients


Biden wins VA!! As he said once to Obama "that's a BFD!"

Joe is overperforming and Mike is underperforming and that doesn't sound like good news for Bernie

I just got back from Walmart

Okay, what is your choice of Super Tuesday food and/or beverage?


Elizabeth Warren needs to stay in the race until Milwaukee

MSNBC reported that supporters of one candidate booed Biden's VA win

Covid-19, Update 1

question about primaries

Exit polls show Joe Biden is viable in Vermont

Poor little snowflake!

Big Mo Joe is up to 64 cents at predictit

The Most Powerful Batucada on the Planet - AAINJAA - AAINJALA

We have a NEW Delegate front runner! MSNBC: Biden 69, Sanders 68.

Stealing Monster Eggs and other Silliness in Monster Hunter world

MSNBC *****Joe Biden wins North Carolina*****


Biden win North Carolina one minute after the polls close.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Othello thread for DU

7:30 est, msnbc has tweety on? Is it a postmortem piece?

Can we have a **SUPER TUESDAY** ____SUPER THREAD?

MSNBC: Biden is the projected ( 1% reporting) winner in North Carolina

GOP blocking coronavirus bill -- because it limits how much drugmakers can charge for a vaccine: re


Biden won VA college grads 2 to 1

Spring Break and March Madness are nigh - will they spread COVID-19 beyond Stupid?

Biden up 101-68 for delegates.

NPR: Coronavirus is a big factor today, and overwhelmingly favors . . . Biden!

Voting is important

Biden is going to have a huge night tonight.

Bloomberg wins American Samoa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gabbard got 1 delegate.

Looks like Bloomberg won the big one

CNN: Bloomberg wins American Samoa

Snohomish County was state's ground zero, analysis suggests

Dave Wasserman: Could be a good night for Joe

DU legal folks help me out


Sparks fly at budget hearing as Mnuchin grilled about Trump tax returns

Has anyone seen any tweets from Dotard yet tonight?

Bloomberg: $125 million per delegate won. Gabbard: $13 million/delegate won

Black voters and late deciders powered Biden's North Carolina showing

So I voted for Sanders. Because

If Biden can win TX & keep CA within single digits, he could have insurmountable lead by tomorrow

Latinos make a large group of entrepreneurs, I read on a different board

TCM. Freedom on My Mind. Mississippi voter registration drive in the early 60s

The RS Politics 2020 Democratic Primary Policy Guide

Biden running 20% in Vermont

I'm going to fly from Fl. to Ca. the day after tomorrow, and here's the precautions I'm taking;

Krystal Ball's co-host says non-Sanders Dems were "just waiting to be told who to vote for"

My liberal daughter in Massachusetts voted for Joe.

Age groupings in polling?

Bet Trump won't leave his golden toilet tonight! Scared

Any caucuses today? Or from now to the Convention?

$500 million to win Samoa

Biden wins Alabama

MSNBC just called Alabama for Biden, at poll closing

COVID-19 outbreak: Seattle Catholic Archdiocese suspends Sign of Peace handshakes

Argentina set to become first major Latin American country to legalise abortion


Delegates: Biden 120, Sanders 68.

Trump's Christian right worships power more than they worship God

Biden well over 15% in Massachusetts.

The fact MSNBC can't be bothered to put Warren's name on a Massachusetts graphic says it all

12 First Responders Show Flu-Like Symptoms In Kirkland

MSNBC: Biden is the projected winner in Alabama (1% reporting)

Biden just nudged up to 23% on the DU preference.

I think it is wrong for media to announce that a candidate is the projected winner.

12 First Responders Show Flu-Like Symptoms In Kirkland WA

BOOT-EDGE-EDGE is no fool.

I'm so proud of our Democrats closing ranks

Expert has to explain vaccines to Trump again -- even after pharma companies spent hours explaining

Republicans Say Pompeo And Trump Lied About Afghanistan Peace Deal

I just had a Double Thrilla: I got to vote for both Joe and Nancy!

No surge in young voters

Coronavirus could force Pierce County schools to close, offer online instruction

Hillary Clinton calls Bernie Sanders' campaign 'just baloney'

I like that Tweety's colleagues are mentioning him

72% of black voters supported Biden in AL

Arkansas hasn't been called, but Biden is ahead 57% to 7% early.

Am feeling the Burn again....the Biden Burn!

Turnout in Arl. & Alexandria VA tops 2016 primaries turnout

Don't expect primary results from Maine anytime soon - we count paper ballots

It's safe to say that so far our AA brothers and sisters

TX: Biden and Sanders tied in Harris County early vote.

Joe Lockhart: The Democratic establishment is not delivering wins for Biden tonight - Dem voters are

CDC blocked FDA official from premises

Biden-Rice was my choice months ago and it still is!

Judge says Davidson-Nashville polls will stay open later to accommodate voters affected by tornadoes

So who will be Biden's running mate?

Why the Fed's emergency rate cut sent stocks tumbling

Had to wait in line in Los Angeles

Why are there such ling lines to vote in Calif? I thoght they had lots of polling places. n/t

Dr. Cornel West - "Stay Strong" for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday

Krystal Ball tweets to blame Warren for Sanders not doing better

Pound Cake from the 1700's

What is the best site to watch the poll results as they come in?

Biden was lifted up by the African American voters, not the "establishment".

Biden campaign rebuffs Comey endorsement: 'How can I return it?'

Has anyone opened a new carton of sour cream and it

Not called yet, but Biden is leading in ME, MA, OK, and TN!

So watching returns.....and switching from CNN to MSNBC......

You Can Still Vote for Elizabeth Warren If You Think She'd Be the Best President

According to this song, "Any Dem Will Do" by Randy Rainbow. Song starts at 1:30

Yuk Bloomberg

Psst TYT are melting down live

With 1% of the vote in - it's "huss race" between Biden and Sanders in Maine

Looking at Virginia's map, it's like looking at South Carolina map for Joe.

I am for who wins the the primary and can be beat Trump!

'Where I come from,

House Republicans sound the alarm on Taliban deal

It's looking like Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropping out and endorsing Biden has resulted in....

Majority of voters say they believe there is evidence Russia is trying to interfere in election

update on the boss who slashed his salary to pay all employees a minimum of $70K

NC-SEN: Cal Cunningham wins Democratic Senate primary in North Carolina


Ari Berman speaks for me

We will have the oldest elected President in history.

Sen. Vinehout Two Worlds Apart: The Capitol and the Great River Road

As of now, according to the NY Times, Biden has won/leading in 8 states, Sanders 2.

I hope Bloomberg is proud of himself for screwing things up for Biden

LOL!!! Keegan-Michael Key with Joe Biden -- You HAVE to see this video!

Biden surges into lead nationally after Buttigieg, Klobuchar exits: poll

Note, on msnbc in Austin TX, long line, of YOUNG voters.UNIVERSITY

Bobbie Battista passed away...☹️

Does anyone know why Roger Stone is not in jail yet???

Black voters propel Biden to big wins in Virginia, NC, Alabama

Do you think I have too many spices? This is a 55 quart tote

It's insulting to these voters to suggest they are being coerced.

Bloomberg spent $43 million on advertising in VA, NC and AL. Biden spent $772k.


Gabbard attacks Warren as 'fake indigenous woman of color'

These are instances where Pence has argued against science and how it relates to public health.

If anyone wonders how important the African American vote is, here's evidence:

Damn. Senator Warren is really trailing.

Senators press Pence over coronavirus response in private briefing

Devin Townsend Project - Higher ! Live Plovdiv

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Stupor Tuesday!

Outbreak spotlights Trump admin effort to ease nursing home rules that prevent infections

Dear America, you sure love your old white men.

Biden wins Virginia, which we could very well win in November.

Switched back to Joe. I love Liz but she is not going

White House Withdraws Nomination Of Pentagon Official Who Questioned Ukraine Aid

handmade hand sanitizer: roughly two-thirds cup of rubbing alcohol and one-third cup aloe vera gel

Sanders not performing as well as in 2016 based on current data.

Minnesota is tight.

Long Lines, Some Voting Issues Reported On Texas Primary Day

MSNBC is making it look like Sanders is cratering!!!

Randy's very funny video."Desperate Cheeto".. 4min:31sec

Bernie Sanders Projected Winner COLORADO

Sanders' margin in Vermont is smaller than Joe's margin in Virginia.

Steve Kornacki using words like "shocking" and "incredible" and "landslide" for how Biden's doing.

Bernie Sanders Projected Winner COLORADO

Is anyone else becoming completely skeptical of polls?

I really don't know if I can handle...


MSNBC: Biden wins Tennessee

Showing coronavirus symptoms and can't get to a doctor? Try a virtual visit


Biden wins Oklahoma, according to the AP

N.H. coronavirus patient breaks isolation, potentially exposing others

I love it that the TV talking heads are alk just beside themselves that Biden is winning! They keep

MSNBC projects Biden winning Tennessee.

Stream MSNBC online no subscription, no fee

So I'm traveling and in Florida tonight...Super Tuesday

Virginia - Biden has won ALL but one county in Virginia!

Kornacki just said turnout in Virgina is DOUBLE what it was in 2016

I'm the number one fan of the man who won Tennessee...

Biden appears to 'take' Virginia,

Joe Biden is projected winner in Tennessee!


Why are people still voting for those who dropped out?

My peronal experience with H1N1 Coronavirus (DUer Personal experience 2009)

The Police - Wrapped Around Your Finger

Biden winning AA, college educated and suburban vote

There was a recent op that stated that Malaria treatment has been used to successfully treat

According to the The Guardian, Biden wins Oklahoma

MSNBC: Biden wins Oklahoma

Oklahoma Joe

Bloomberg spent $500 million and his first win is in...

Biden leading TX exit poll

Early, (12% in) but Biden is looking good in MA

Biden and Sanders Offer a Choice: Unite or Fight? Gerald Seib

Joe Biden is the projected winner in Oklahoma!

Any website tracking total raw vote totals?

So far called or ahead tonight:

NBC: Bloomberg will reassess race tomorrow


Nicolle Wallace just had a really great point

@SenRonJohnson, #Republican, #Wisconsin wants to soil the @JoeBiden family name..........

Was there a race for the Dem nomination for Tennessee Senate?

Is Joe going to win Massachusetts??

LOL! Trump hasn't dared tweet about Biden so far tonight, but he's thanking all the

Amazon employee in Seattle office tests positive for coronavirus...

The Texas SOS has 34% of counties reporting, but only 3% of precincts are counted.

i'm watching ABC & NBC NC returns and noted

Is Joe Biden going to win Minnesota?

I think our primary system is working


TX: Justice Democrats getting killed in Texas House early vote

Politico (spit spit) has pretty good primary night election results and no firewall

Oceania 1984

Look what I got on Friday!

Jim Clyburn now on MSNBC.

Tony Schwartz: I'd argue that Biden's performance tonight is one of the great comebacks of all time.

Interesting...Warren did not have a pollster and that hurt her

Biden wins TN, Bernie wins CO nt

Alabama Senate race -looks like Jeff Sessions will be in runoff for who will face Doug Jones

I'm feeling the Cly-burn!

I think Dana Bash just missed the point about Biden and Bloomberg

Whither Liz? She's doing really poorly tonight. Time to suspend?

Joe Biden tweet: Joementum

Biden wins Minnesota!

CNN: "Now here's John King on the big board" Oops!

2016 Minnesota Caucus -- Sanders 46 -- Clinton 31

Tweet from Cher about Biden:

From Lawrence O'D -

Sippenhaft - Just another way Trump emulates Hitler

Is this a greater comeback than The Comeback which was also known as The Choke?

We have our first case of coronavirus in NC. Son called & said he may have been on same plane.

I take offense to Priebus talking about our Dem Primary

I'm in Oregon and don't vote until May, but I would also like to thank all of you...

The mo seems to be slowing down a bit.

Super Tuesday tally: Biden wins 5 states, Sanders takes 2

NBC's Alex Seitz-Wald: One potential loser tonight is campaigns. Like, in general.


James Carville just nailed it on MSNBC: Time for Sanders to drop out and focus on GE


AP : Biden wins Arkansas

Review board strips Rod Blagojevich of law license

So, if at some point Sanders can't win a plurality of delegates,

Trumper right behind me in line for the past hour.

Link to live Results -- Choose your State of Interest

Kornacki: "This has been brutal news for Sanders tonight."

In my itsy bitsy precinct in Northern VA

In the words of James Carville

Biden wins Arkansas!

Recipe for disaster or opportunity for improvement?

Joe has won Minnesota

MSNBC calls Arkansas for Biden.

So MSNBC refuses to say Pete won Iowa

DAMN! DirecTV's out,STORM, keep talking, please!

Joe Biden wins Minnesota!

Same old stump speech for Sanders now...I have heard it so long, I could speak it.

Time to Give a Thank You Donation to Rep. Clyburn!

The Latest: Biden wins Democratic primary in Arkansas

Right now: Bernie is giving a very delusional speech.

Joe Biden is the projected winner of Arkansas!

Biden is winning his states BIG, Sanders is winning his states (except Vermont) barely.

bernie attacks the democratic establishment in his typical stump speech nt

I did an interview with German TV tonight...

Bernie is going HAM on Joe

4 years ago at this time Sanders won 5 out of 16 contests.


Breaking: Bernie wins

Why is a man who is a new Democrat and who is running for office inciting BOOS against Democrats????

Sanders "we are taking on the political establishment"

'Incompetence' of Trump's coronavirus response has 'exceeded what anyone would expect':...

Well, Bernie doesn't look like he's dropping out anytime soon...

The only way we beat Trump is through a politics that reflects the decency of the American people.

Biden's Super Tuesday

Should I watch CNN or MSNBC?

Elizabeth Warren seems like a very rational VP choice right now (for Biden, that is)

I muted Bernie and can't help noticing how angry he looks

Biden wins MINNESOTA! Thanks Amy!

Joe coming up

*JOE's on msnbc, from L.A.

one candidate's vicious attacks on democrats in general and biden voters specifically are awful ...

Remember this from Monday Night Football?

George Conway just donated $2,800 to Biden, and tweeted about it.

Cal Cunningham Wins Democratic Primary For U.S. Senate In North Carolina

This is a preview of what Sanders in the General Election would look like

Joe is actually talking about what he stands for

Listening to Joe Biden right now...

FIRED UP???????

I've lived across the street from this polling place in CA for 15 years.

Biden had no money. But he had Amy, Pete and the base.

What the hell?

Thise were anti-dairy protesters who just interrupted Biden:

Anti-dairy activists invade Biden stage.

Bernie Sanders tonight...

TX-21: Wendy Davis wins nomination to take on Chip Roy.

Supreme Court considers options in reviewing consumer bureau's structure

Third Obama term!

TX-21: Wendy Davis wins nomination to take on Chip Roy.

Bernie Sanders Projected Winner UTAH

Biden may take every delegate in Alabama, Sanders is at 15.4% and dropping

Bernie Sanders Projected Winner UTAH

Biden defeats Sanders in Minnesota Super Tuesday race

Biden has won SEVEN states tonight, Sanders three....

MSNBC discussing the security problem, letting those protesters through

Jill Biden wins for being the biggest badass of the night

Democrat Cunningham wins primary, will challenge Tillis in North Carolina

Bernie is back in this if Warren drops out

Medicare does not cover covid-19 vaccinations, right at the beginning trumps admin

Rachel Maddow accidentally referred to Biden as President.

Yet another issue that needs fixing in our healthcare system.

Claire McCaskill: hearing chatter that Bloomberg might drop out..:

First time I felt like I was seeing the Joe I remember.

Omg Biden attacked during speech

The Latest: Sanders wins Democratic primary in Utah

As of now Warren is viable in only five states, Bloomberg in five (plus American Samoa)

Anybody else see the differences between Bernie and Joe's speeches?

TX-28: Henry Cuellar defeats AOC-backed Jessica Cisneros

Donated to Biden...Go Joe!!!!

MSNBC crew seems unhappy

Dr. Jill Biden for First Lady!

A great night for Joe Biden.

Anyone have any idea?

Michael Moore to the white courtesy phone...

San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Cherry Blossom Festival 2019 Finale

trump wants to stop new infection control regs

My Sleeper Pick For Joe Biden's Running Mate

It Could be a LONG Night in Texas

Could this be Uncle Joe's theme song going forward?

Damn super Tuesday is a nail biter!

MSNBC: Sanders files a complaint in CA; was poll hours extended

As an old guy raised in the south, I can't decide if I'm amused or just pleased.

Sanders/Castro 2020?

Mail in voting, people, c'mon,

Equal Time for SF Taiko dojo! Drums Japanese Style, enjoy!!

Kornacki said that Biden could be ahead of Sanders in delegates tonight.

A crazy culture is our doom!

AP calls Massachusetts for Biden.

In NC the Democrats had way higher turn out than the GOP

Long lines and lots of questions as L.A. County voters cast ballots on brand-new system

Biden wins MA. OMFG!

Biden won Massachusetts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some are saying it's bad news for Susie!

California too early to call.

The Daily Show: LIVE Coverage of Super Tuesday


Bernie only near 50% in Vermont

The ONLY reason Texas has 3-4 hour lines...


Representative Clyburn may well book end his life with great acts for America.

So in American Samoa 175 voters gave Bloomberg 4 delegates

It is really Biden or Sanders now


Double Double Twice the Trouble for Trump

Biden defeats Warren in her home state of Massachusetts

Dump is probably sh1tting himself!

I'm celebrating the Biden resurgence with a Caol Ila 12 year scotch...

Whether you're a billionaire, or a millionaire getting campaign $ from the grassroots

Would love help with a title for this!

Well, it was good nite for some and no so good for others!

Sanders Lead in Texas Steadily Crumbling over Last Hour

The Latest: Sanders wins Democratic primary in California

An idea for future Democratic Primaries.

Whoa Wasserman projects Biden wins Texas

MSNBC just reporting Biden leading Sanders by 20 points in same-day Harris Co. TX vote

Joe Biden wins Massachusetts!

Biden about to get a huge surge in Texas

Biden won Massachusetts. He spent $11,000 there!

Same day vote in Texas (Houston) is going for Biden...he may win Texas...OMFG.

With her 3rd place finish in MA, Elizabeth Warren should suspend.

Symone Sanders on those protesters...😂😂😂

****************************Biden Wins Texas********************************

Tonight was a we wanna beat trump coming to Jesus moment.

Symone Sanders to the rescue when protestor jumps on Biden stage

Dimes to Donuts: the field general who pulled off...

This sums up tonight's results:

MSNBC guest said Sanders and Biden need secret service protection after what happened

Three days ago the MoFo had never won a Primary

Brian Williams should stick to his day job.


Has Warren spoken tonight? What about Bloomberg?


haven't had time to do the news just now found about the tornadoes. What did the stock market do?

"Where are the women?"


Jeff Sessions Fails To Win GOP Nomination For His Old Senate Seat Outright

Anyone thinking through a plan for preparing our elder folks for COVID-19?

The news media still has Texas to close to call!

California early returns.

Biden's Super Tuesday bounce back gives stock futures lift

The Daily Show: Trump Thanks Trump For Containing Coronavirus

Hillary has left a lasting legacy on the Democratic candidate selection process--fewer caucuses.

After tonight, wonder what the cost break-down per vote will be.

I worked the pools for 15 hours today in Texas and have to say I Saw the Blue Wave coming in!


One good thing. If Bloomberg was the nominee, we'd have to STFU about several Trump

Bloomberg's Twitterbots fritzing out

Vermont delegates

Way to go Joe!

Lawrence O'Donnell: The high voter turnout is driven by fear of Trump being re-elected.

***Joe is poised to overtake Bernie in TX -Actual results***

WATCH: Jill Biden and Symone Sanders TAKE OUT Anti-Dairy Protestor Rushing the Stage

Guys, Joe won states he never visited, had no ads and not even an office...blowing my mind.

How does this work, then?

Democrats just flipped a state house seat in Maine by 15 points tonight that Trump previously carrie

The Daily Show: Nespresso Controversy, Taliban Agreement & New York Pay Phone Removal

To me the biggest shock of the night is MA

Crowds do not equal or mean a win.

Too much is at stake for Sanders to pull the same shit as he did in '16

Why Elizabeth Warren lost her home state of Massachusetts

Numbers coming in fast and furious in Texas. Now TIED!

TX-23: Gina Ortiz Jones wins nomination flip red seat.

The fact that Maine is a Biden/Sanders barnburner pretty much tells you all you need to know tonight

***Joe has officially grabbed the lead in Texas**

Seth Meyers: Joe Biden Wins the South Carolina Primary / NY Bans Single Use Plastic Bags 3/2/20

Sunday on the north end

Does Texas still have the two-step primary and caucus?

MSNBC: Biden now leads Sanders in TX By 23,000 votes!

Biden just took the lead in Texas.

Javelinas are born to run

Lesson of the Night: Democrats Are Craving A Powerful, United Party

Biden just took the lead over Bernie for the first time all night in Texas, he came from over 50,000

Holy crap. Biden just pulled ahead in Texas.

It goes to show that polls aren't always right!

Joe's doing fantastic tonight!!

Once Pres. Obama endorses Joe Biden....Game Over

***Voters Of Texas Appreciation Thread***

Bernie's attacks on Joe, saying he takes money from oligarchs and corporations, are DEAD!

stupid tweet from Eric Trump. he's getting roasted for it.

Who was the guy sitting next to Joy Reed on MSNBC?

Dave Wasserman explains his confidence in a Biden Tx. victory

Biden is now up by 30,000 votes in Texas! That's 2% in just the last 5 minutes.

John Pavlovitz: "I'd like to see Biden go all "Avengers Assemble" and fill a roster of Harris,

So Bernie wins California! ? !!

Dr. Trevor Bedford's Univ. WA team has discovered a SECOND local chain of COVID-19 transmission --

Seth Meyers Moderates Late Night Democratic Presidential Debate: South Carolina

What I see , is that Biden up 18000 in Texas and only expanding the lead!

Jon Meacham on MSNBC just said the most liberal progress has historically been made by people like

Biden ahead by 28,000 votes in texas. Bernie way ahead in california

I am sincere in saying this.

Rachel Bitecofer: Progressives overreached with Sanders

bloomberg still running ads on MSNBC tonight during election coverage. sheeesh nt

Just starting reading my newest American Prospect Magazine

Jeff Sessions Fails To Win GOP Nomination For His Old Senate Seat Outright

For All of Bernie's Attacks on Warren, A Stronger Case Can Be Made...

Broad appeal or fervent appeal

I hope Biden wins the primary and the GE.

Trump is going to be so pissed when Biden is running and Bloomberg is dunking on him in ads

Symone Sanders appreciation thread

update on the boss who slashed his salary to pay all employees a minimum of $70K

!!! Projection: Joe Biden will win the most delegates at stake today !!!

Bernie lost his moment

Deep In The Heart of Texas

MSNBC said that even if Sanders wins in California Biden still wins the most delegates tonight.

I live in a town where not much happens...

Holy mackerel ! Even if Bernie wins California by a landslide

Montgomery County, Alabama, the capital, one of the biggest blocs, Biden 64%, Bernie SIX

Waiting 5.5 hours to vote is criminal...

Big mistake Sanders was NOT at the Edmund Pettus bridge (Bloody Sunday)

back from working CA polling station


Biden Leads In Michigan

Bernie Won Maybe a Handful of Counties in the Deep South States

Biden Moves Into Second In CA!!!

Biden Did Not Get Benefit of Buttigieg and Klobuchar Dropping Out In CA

Joe Biden fundraisers see millions of dollars in new commitments with Super Tuesday surge

AP source: Bloomberg to reassess after disappointing results

Special Election California 25th to fill Katie Hill's seat.

After Watching Texas All Night I Wouldn't be Surprised if Biden Tightened California to 3-4%

Investors are paying Treasury to loan it money. Super weird.

I donate $25 monthly to Joe

My heart is absolutely FULL tonight with pure joy and optimisim bordering on euphoria.

If Bloomberg drops out soon, who will benefit?

Thirty-two years in politics and this may be the biggest comeback I saw,

I should have been asleep along time ago!

I wonder if Bernie still feels that a plurality should determine the nominee?

How Many Folks Have Been Keeping Their Powder Dry On Contributions?


Want to be tested for COVID-19? (Especially in Seattle)

Sanders should drop before the party is irreparably harmed

JOE WINS TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernie's Ceiling is 35%

Warren and Sanders didn't get a single vote in this county

polls closed for 2 hours in California, 5 hours in Texas - voters still in line

TX-22: Pierce Bush, grandson of the late President George H.W. Bush, lost his primary

TX-22: Sri Kulkarni will avoid a runoff to win the Democratic nomination.

NBC.MSNBC has declared

Goodnight, DU. It's been one helluva day.

Bernie is going to net +65 delegates from CA, if the percentages stay approx the same...

TX-28: Called too early? Cuellar, Cisneros tightening fast.

NBC calls Texas for Joe...I am so so so thrilled.

Biden seems to be beating the big money--BS spent FORTY times as much as Biden in Texas!

Rachel Maddow catches BS surrogate Shaun King lying about the Democratic Party on Twitter!

'Health workers are too scared to enter': the fight to treat HIV in a So Paulo favela

TECHNOLOGY Bad news for Silicon Valley: William Barr is taking control of antitrust probes

Women and the Draft

Maine votes against religious vaccine exemptions

Georgia county ditches new voting machines for paper ballots

Commenting on Biden's speech tonight, Brit Hume on Fox implied that Joe

NY, OH, MI, NJ, PA, FL, IL; This is far from over

For you!

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Dems Battle it Out & Trump Cures Coronavirus!

Wednesday morning global updates on coronavirus....

"Warren finished in an embarrassing third place in her home state,"

Bloomberg reassessing candidacy, will meet with advisers

Roy Moore only gains 6.8% in the Alabama Senate primary.

I'm sure most of you know the old trick of coughing to hide a fart

セーラームーン SAILORMOON ムーンライト伝説 on Japanese Traditional instruments

KanaChanTV: finger-licking good!!! Irish Pub

Tuesday, Mike Bloomberg won the Rudolf W Giuliani prize for electoral strategy.

What is this "anti-dairy" movement, anyways? This is a real thing?

Anti-tRump sentiment is what is driving Biden's wins tonight

"Democrats hope to flip red North Carolina to blue." CBS News

This virus sucks. The virus scare, on the other hand, has its upside

*** YAWN *** (stretch) OK team, did I miss anything?

Biden is leading by 71 delegates -- Biden 453, Sanders 382

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/3/20

Stephen Colbert - Columnist Susan Glasser: Trump Has The Instincts Of A Natural Authoritarian

Texas is an open primary. Is there a way to know how many GOP and Independents vote

Top Drawer - Song of A Sinner

Let me make this pellucidly clear

The way

Now the next big deal is in

One out of every ten people voting on Super Tuesday identified as an LGBTQ person

Gabbard at the next debate?

A Mississippi hotel lets guests foster dogs during their stay and now more than 60 have found...

By the way Republicans....

Afghan conflict: US conducts first air strike on Taliban since deal

Coronavirus: World Bank Pledges 12B In Emergency Aid

Mittens the cat has paws all over New Zealand capital

If Bloomberg were to drop out, and he follows through with his financial support commitment, how

WAPO OP ED: Super Tuesday gave Joe Biden the historic surge he needed

Watching some Trump videos and an old cartoon jingle flashed into my head

Joe Scarborough just said Biden's AA & suburban coalition is an existential threat to Trump.

'No' vote - to keep state's new vaccine law - wins by overwhelming margin

Looking back now, was it worth it for California to move its primary up?

Any word about how turnout compared with 2016 and prior primaries?

Many young voters sat out Super Tuesday, contributing to Bernie Sanders' losses

Donald Trump Jr.'s tour through India is staggeringly corrupt

Deregulation Works! 2018 Offshore Oil/Gas Worker Injuries Up 21%, More Deaths In 2019 Than 2014-18

87 Years Ago Today; "Let me assert my firm belief..."

One Of Boris Johnson's Biggest Donors Major Investor In Brazilian Firm Driving Amazon Deforestation

Warren team turns grim after Super Tuesday wipeout

"When was the last time Alabama and Massachusetts agreed on anything?" John Meacham

Green Papers has Biden 497 - Sanders 395 currently

Trump STILL hasn't tweeted about Biden and Sanders, either last night or this morning - UPDATE

Biden just proved to me

Black Carbon Concentration At Gangotri Glacier (Source Of The Ganges) Up 400X In Summer 2019

So can we talk about all the bullshit polls now?

Jeff Sessions Fails To Win GOP Nomination For His Old Senate Seat Outright

How much did trump's "support" of sanders hurt sanders on Tuesday?

Sanders has started to run a new negative ad in Florida, attacking Biden on Social Security

*Banknotes to Handrails: 10 Objects That Can Spread Coronavirus* Low Risk, Precautions; WHO

Brace For Another Year Of Flooding; Farmers Across Midwest, Mid-South Face Sodden Fields, High Water

Cenk Uygur crashes and burns in CA-25

Biden wins Texas primary in resounding Super Tuesday finish

*Banknotes to Handrails: 10 Objects That Can Spread Coronavirus* Low Risk, Precautions; WHO (H)

Jack Welch helped murder the American Working Class (his toxic legacy)

For Bernie progs upset with Warren

In Past 3 Months, UK Tories Got Nearly 1.5 Million Pounds From Polluters, Climate Denial Industry

Breakfast Wednesday 4 March 2020

Jill Biden's epic tussle: In split-second blocking maneuver, she protects husband from lunging vegan

I hope this week sees the two former Republicans

How The Farm Bureau, Other Big Ag Organizations Tiptoe Around Those Dirty Words "Global Warming"

Sanders going negative in Michigan with an ad about trade deals

Man Stuck in Crane Films Deadly Tornado - Nashville, TN

Patient Zero

Morning Joe just pointed out Biden had a total of 1 field office in MA, TN and NC combined.

Maybe the USA just had to see how bad 4 years of dotard had to be for the stars to line up

Morning Joe: Prior to NV debate, Jim Clyburn was leaning towards Bloomberg.

My Biggest Question from Last Night...

If Biden goes into the convention with a plurality, will Bernie stand down and support him fully?

Last night Biden didn't win & Sanders didn't lose

WAPO: Turnout in VA double that of 2016...

The world's only known albino orangutan spotted in Borneo rainforest

what happens to delegates won by Pete? Amy? Steyer?

It's hard to run on massive economic change when the majority of the country likes the economy

Coronavirus: Drug shortage fears as India limits exports

Trump's awake, trolling Sanders and Warren, and zero mention of Biden.

Facebook 'rethinks' plans for Libra cryptocurrency

POLITICO: 'I've never seen anybody mount a comeback like this -- ever'

The real winner of Super Tuesday is the Democratic Party itself

trump attacking Warren for 'hurting' Bernie

Best way to donate to Joe?

Trump just tweeted to gloat about Sessions not getting a majority in his primary

Maybe we should just wear plastic gloves when out

Israel election: Netanyahu seeks defectors after failing to secure majority

March 4 - Happy Birthday Senator Tina Smith (D) MN

Our Democratic Party

While the votes are still being counted in California, what some seem not to recognize is if

does anyone have video of dotard humping and licking the flag at cpc

Bernie's vote comparison (2016-2020)

Mona Lisa's smile restored: Louvre reopens after virus fears

Women to the back of the proverbial bus...again.

Thank God, on this amazing morning, for the loyal base.

Vivaldi was born on this date.

Why Elizabeth Warren is staying in the race

Joe Biden should thank Trump for his surge

Acosta: Joe pulled off biggest comeback in decades w/ no Obama backing & Trump trying to destroy him

Coronavirus Live Updates: Fatality Rate of Covid-19 Is Higher Than the Flu

Too funny. They are predicting a surge in stock market today after Biden wins big

Wednesday TOONs - Health Emergency: COVFEFE-45

The new smear from the right is that Biden is senile.

Kornacki: At this point, Biden leads Sanders by about 900,000 popular votes in primary race

Anybody stop over at Jackpine Radicals to see how they're doing? I did. Here's a sample.

Why doesn't Biden have SS protection?

The Rude Pundit: The Coronavirus Reveals the Need for a Strong Federal Government

Paid Family Leave Bill proposed in Ohio

Our candidates don't have Secret Service protection!

The Rundown: March 3, 2020

This is why the Trump folk

The Webcomics Weekly #76: Road to 100 Starts NOW (3/3/2020 Edition)

Texan Voters at Texas Southern Uni

The Weekly Pull: Marvel, Strange Adventures, King of Nowhere, and More

Donald Trump sticks the knife in.....

Oliver Willis (Media Matters alum) just nailed Sanders supporters' blaming Warren: Ridiculous swill.

Does this seal the fates of Iowa and New Hampshire?

Radiohead - Creep

EU commission unveils climate law amid criticism

Voting for Elizabeth but donating to Joe.

Former Prisoner Recalls Sanders Saying, 'I Don't Know What's So Wrong' With Cuba

Donna Brazile: Biden comeback "most impressive 72 hours I've ever seen in U.S. politics"

Coronavirus live updates: Italy closes all schools and universities until mid-March

Last night was . . . . what? . . . for Biden or against Sanders?

Maybe Mayor Pete didn't have a unique problem with black voters after all

Many young voters sat out Super Tuesday, contributing to Bernie Sanders' losses

Trump coronavirus effort undermined by mixed messages and falsehoods

Pence says every American can get a coronavirus test - (Nope. I don't believe him either.)

Here's a reminder of what good things happen when we elect Dems, even imperfect ones.

Secret Service protection for Democratic Candidates

Question: Why the lack of Covid-19 test kits? Answer: Trump!

The Biden Veepstakes....

U.S. adds 183,000 private-sector jobs in February, ADP says

Lesson: You won't get most Dems to vote for you when you continually insult most Dems

It's time to start having the House Sargent At Arms arrest cabinet members


Bought a nice Joe hoodie from Joe's store!

Trump Really Wants Warren To Drop Out...For The Sake Of Her 'Friendship' With Bernie

How's that Taliban 'peace deal' going donald?

One more way to look at the weak US response to COVID-19

John Oliver brutally exposes Donald Trump's epic failure in responding to the coronavirus epidemic.

Toss a a buck to our Biden, Oh Valley of DU!!!!

Is there any silver lining for progressives?

Letters Urge Betsy DeVos To Erase Student Loans For Borrowers With Disabilities

This is the kind of everyday shit America has normalized:

U.S. Strikes Taliban Hours After Trump's Call to Militant Group

White House Bans Filming At Coronavirus Briefing, Triggering Backlash

I am now calling this election, the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde election.

Campa-Najjar leads in early vote count for 50th District; Issa and DeMaio are neck-and-neck

Bernie Sanders TV Ad: Call To Action

Bernie Sanders TV Ad: Expand Benefits

Sanders ad in Florida.

Bernie Sanders TV Ad: A Man Of Integrity

"But they didn't give up"

Which HOFer is only player to lead the league in triples, home runs and RBIs

UK coronavirus cases jump to 85

Bernie now running an ad showing Obama praising him

Latest Wednesday Democratic Primary Delegate Counts

A politician was criticized for her 'disgusting' tweet about coronavirus. She's not alone.

Individual 1; Remove him this November, then Indict him next February.

Biden announces more congressional endorsements from Illinois

3/4 Voters Cited the importance of Corona Virus in Exit Polls

Morgan Freeman: I'm wondering if Biden is the secret weapon (against Trump)

Memo from the DNC: Background on Democratic Presidential Nominating Process

Hillary voters.

BREAKING: Biden wins Maine

Wow, so Bloomberg is sinking like a rock. What are the main things people here don't like about him?

Guy guys stuck 375ft in crane during Nashville tornado

"They" are scared of Joe Biden .... Fox News this AM 10 seconds

A big rally

Seattle Covid Outbreak Was Only Found Because Researchers Found A Way To *Get Around CDC*

Just switched my little icon thingy to Biden

Current Nationwide Popular Vote Count in Democratic Primaries

I've maxed out to the Biden campaign...

Intercept writer caught making up shit on the spot, again...

There is no Evil: Lawyer says award-winning Iran filmmaker summoned to prison

My last primary post: I remain skeptical of Biden because I think a lot of his support...

We're The Closest We've Ever Been To Campaign Finance Reform

The next big delegate prize is Michigan. Latest MI poll has Biden up by 7.

Supreme Court takes up anti-abortion law it struck down in 2016

I jumped when those women rushed the stage. They were really stupid.

A Sanders primary victory in California is meaningless for the GE.


Ronan Farrow Cuts Ties With Publisher Hachette Over Woody Allen Memoir

Coronavirus Update: 6 Cases Confirmed In N.Y. As Family, Neighbor Of Infected New Rochelle Man Test

On Saturday James Clyburn may have won the Presidency for Biden and our Democrats.

Biden will be the nominee, and that has me relieved, but I do have one big regret

Wall Street jumps after Biden's Super Tuesday surge

The Coronavirus is tracking like the Spanish Flu of 1918 - Beware the Autumn of 2020

Harris County clerk blames GOP for refusing to allow joint primary

I told my story about Chris Matthews. I'm celebrating that he no longer has a platform.

Help please: Anybody know about the story that Trump was told about coronavirus last November?

S Korea coronavirus stats show fatality rates for younger than 30 yo non-existent, spikes for +50 yo

I went to bed last night before the Minnesota vote was in.

JUST IN: Dow jumps 700 points after Biden scores key wins on Super Tuesday. (NBC News)

Here's some delicious irony

'One orb, slightly used': MBS book reveals fate of Trump's mysterious Saudi sphere

'One orb, slightly used': MBS book reveals fate of Trump's mysterious Saudi sphere

This primary is making me question a lot of truisms about money in politics

Last night, Sanders lost by not winning and Biden won by...winning

Bloomberg conversation with a Mike operative this am

For the first time in decades, New York may come into play

Still counting, but last night Biden won the popular vote by more than 400,000 votes!

Trump in the Dumps???

This race needs to go on. At least for awhile longer

Harris County clerk blames GOP for refusing to allow joint primary, causing long wait times

Pierce Bush did not win,

Where is Kamala Harris?

Clyburn's king-making endorsement was conditional

Wife, children, and neighbor of NY Coronavirus case all test positive

Farhad Manjoo: Scientists are all we have left. Pray for them.

Psychiatrist: Trump Needs Urgent MRI, Obvious Dementia Symptoms

UH-OH: Trump Doesn't Understand Vaccines

Michael Bloomberg suspends presidential campaign

A small but delightful Super Tuesday story you may have missed:

More than a third of U.S. healthcare costs go to bureaucracy

Tweet of Super Tuesday

Why Biden Has The Black Vote, Why Blacks Do Not Trust The White Vote in The General

MSNBC: Bloomberg out of the race. He's endorsed Biden.

Bloomberg is OUT!!!!

Exclusive: Lufthansa to ground 150 aircraft due to coronavirus

Breaking - Bloomberg quits

CNN: Warren is 'reassessing' her campaign

I didn't vote for Joe in our NC primary, but I'm sending him some $$

Statement from Bloomberg:

Breaking - Bloomberg out!

Economist/YouGov nat'l poll, change from last week: Biden 28% (+9), Sanders 24% (-5), Warren 19 (+2)

Bloomberg will keep his field operators on staff and working for Democrats

Hillary Clinton received 64.3% of the vote in the 016 Florida Democratic primary*

Biden needs to find a way to integrate the Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Bloomberg staff

Henry Cuellar Won

Is It Any Wonder?

Soccer coach gives perfect response to question about how coronavirus will affect his team

Bloomberg just dropped out, throws support to Biden.

If I were a Bloomberg's campaign manager....

I hope Bloomberg can help Doug Jones, too.

Lukovich toon: Democratic bumper sticker...

Biden win inspired a market rally.

Does Bloomberg now become DU's best friend, evah?

Lukovich toon: Democratic bumper sticker...

In CA-25 Christy Smith finished 1st and republican Garcia finished 2nd. They'll face off in November

I'm proud to have fought my entire career against cuts to Social Security ...

Anyone else having trouble catching their "Primary" breath, right now?

I'm proud to have fought my entire career against cuts to Social Security ...

Bloomberg out per CNBC!

Thank you, Mike!

" would take a miracle for Sanders to prevent Biden from becoming the nominee."

Guardian interview with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks, 2-20 2020...

There just aren't enough of us...

Martin O'Malley endorses Biden

Any news about last night's GOP turnout?

The Biden Bandwagon is Filling up Fast.

Ted Lieu: The CDC has given Los Angeles County one test kit for virus

Bloomberg tweets about leaving the race and endorsing Biden

Joe Biden has a posse.. one that loves him.. Trump uses fear to interact with his people!

Massachusetts showed me something yesterday ... they are Wicked Smart

Joe Biden just leased a new campaign bus...

How does the Sanders campaign end?

Robert Reich @RBReich Bloomberg's departure shows it's impossible for a

I think the Bernie fans pressure on Warren to drop out is going to be...unpleasant.


so when do we start seeing the russian bot attacks thru out social media on biden to begin

It's possible that Biden's poor debate performances, which....

Former Michigan Gov. Granholm endorses Biden

Joe Biden's Silent Majority

Sen Murphy: Handling Iran under Obama vs Trump

Primaries and the 2020 Dem Party Platform

Two tweaks and Sanders could have been a big winner

MSNBC reporting Warren is reassessing how to continue the fight

Bernie Sanders Gets a Rude Awakening

Ahhh. After weeks of Sanders supporters

Just set my candidate preference to Biden

"My Full Statement"

Robert Reich @RBReich Bottom line: Dem Party is overwhelmingly progressive.

Just Switched To Joe Biden Because....

Thank-you Mike....I knew you would......💙🔯

I wish Biden would admit he's not a rock star...a good thing because

2020 may be the year when Billionaires learn to settle for just being King makers

My guess is that if Warren drops out, she'll pledge to endorse and work for the nominee

DU Admins - Does this mean we have to see Tulsi's picture up top?

A loves me some 'liz Warren thread

Krystal Ball: Bernie can still win, here's how.

On Another Topic: Let's Get Rid of the Useless Early Primaries

The Joe supporters on this board deserve some kudos

Democrats love Bernie too

Do you think the increased ordering stuff online has...

Liz Cheney says Trump and Pompeo flat-out lied about the Afghan peace deal


And of course the GOP/Fox would never use this against Bernie:

NY Coronavirus: Bringing Back 300 CUNY, SUNY Students Abroad

Bluewater told us all those states with so many Black voters would matter.

Bloomberg suspends presidential campaign, endorses Biden

Has Biden's VP calculus changed?

When a cnadidate drops, what are the rules

MSNBC: Warren "reassessing" her campaign this morning

I don't get it -- What does he mean by "permanently unavoidable?"

Dedicated to Joseph Robinette Biden

New Puppy Crush Photos, updated Sun Mar 8

Dave Wasserman: Sanders May need a miracle

Warren supporters: If Warren drops out, where will your support go?

What if...

The dynamics of the race are changing fast. Negativity will not work

Biden and Bernie should meet soon

Paul Krugman: Hard to see how Sanders pulls this out. The Democratic base didn't buy his message.

Ferdinand Marcos' salary as Pres. of Philippines never went above $13.5K a year.....

Online shopping and mental health

News from Warrens, campaign mgr

Gov Cuomo: 300 overseas SUNY and CUNY students being repatriated and quanantined

Bill Browder: Putin freezes Alexey Navalny's bank accounts and his parents' and daughter's as well

God I Hope This Is The Last Daylight Savings Time Bodyclock Attack Washington

To Democratic Party voters who "will never vote" for so-and-so:

Finally!! My 10,000th post!!!

ST Over Media Now I Want To Hear About Russians Running The Trump 2016 Campaign

name a candidate in the last 50 years, either party, who dropped out

What do you mean Tulsi Gabbard is still in the race?

I LOVE Symone Sanders' takedown in this video, even better than Jill Biden's defense!

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." - MLK, Jr.


I don't care who this guy voted for, he's a hero.

My "Bernie Bro" son purposely did not vote yesterday in case it helps Trump.

Dear Joe: please take a strong look at Catherine Cortez Masto as your running mate

Detroit Metro Times endorses Bernie Sanders for president

Jeopardy fans - A one-year update from Alex:

Current Delegate Leaderboard (note: many Super Tuesday states, including CA, still counting votes)

The best cinematic representation of the last 72 hours in American politics

Bloomberg is not finished yet:

Trump's Inaction On The Virus Amounts To Murder - We Have No Testing Kits - People Are Dying Here

Health Insurance Stocks Rally on Biden Campaign Comeback

🐦 MAR 6 at 7PM - Rally in Detroit with Bernie Sanders

CoronaVirus Study Published in the Lancet

George Papadapolous (idiot extraordinaire) finished 8th in his run for Katie Hill's CA district

Midday Music for Millennials -- Jes' Grew Week (Wednesday)

🐦 MAR 8 at 12:30PM - Grand Rapids Rally with Sen. Bernie Sanders

Joe needs someone like Julian Castro

Bernie Sanders Campaign Denies Involvement With Memo Circulating About Joe Biden's 'Obvious Cognitiv

Changing to Biden

Tropical forests losing their ability to absorb carbon, study finds

Bernie Ad -- For The Establishment & the Black Vote?

POTUS gives good advice about avoiding novel coronavirus

Liz Cheney says Trump and Pompeo flat out lied about peace deal.

I know this is silly BUT I liked Jill Biden's dress. It was just a simple

Klobuchar as VP?

I do feel bad for Warren. She should have carried her state

Here's Why Texans Had to Wait Six Hours to Vote

If you really want to thank Jim Clyburn

Trump is blaming the Obama Admin for coronavirus unpreparedness... really. 🙄

Los Angeles County declares coronavirus emergency with 6 new cases

Happy 😃 National 🇺🇸 Snacks 🥨🍫🍬🍭🍿🥜 🍪 🍩 Day ☀️❗️What's Your Favorite?

WAPO editorial: Trump's new attack on Biden exposes his own unfitness

Rare Albino Orangutan Spotted in Borneo Rainforest

There is a new coalition that will provide the ultimate check on Trump and his corrupt GOP...

Remember that "Obama likes Bloomberg" ad that everyone hated?

so tired of old straight white men

Warren reassessing campaign after disappointing Super Tuesday

On this day, March 4, 1933, Frances Perkins became Secretary of Labor.

Playing for Change - The Weight

'We fell well short': Warren team considers ending campaign.....👱🏻‍♀️

I.Coast Burns 3 Tons of Pangolin Scales

Tim O'Brien: Bloomberg will put his resources "behind Joe Biden's candidacy,"

Italy to ban kisses, handshakes.

You remember Uncle Joe...

This CNN Inside Politics panel is mediocre

The DNC won't make the same "mistake" as the RNC

A problem Warren had on Super Tuesday was connecting with female voters

Every possible melody has just been copyrighted and released to the public domain

🔥 LIVE at 1:45PM ET - Sanders Campaign Update

Party Unity--This is what Democrats should be doing right now

People must have said of Jim Jones...

We are effectively down to a two person race...

Trump: "I haven't touched my face in weeks. I miss it."

Jeffrey S Stein @JStein_WaPo The contrast on health care in a Sanders-Biden race would be very stark

Bernie doesn't own the term "progressive". Biden is a progressive. Obama is a progressive.

My ongoing journey as a guitar builder

To all of the magnificent citizen warriors

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II:TheDemocrats @DNC : Change the next debate to be abt systemic racism

Three key mistakes that Bernie made

Bernie better not take the Washington primary for granted

Four Nominations Sent to the Senate; March 3, 2020

RT tweets video of the protesters going after Biden yesterday morning, calling it "truth-bombing"

Another election and no healthcare for all.

99 Patient CoronaVirus Study Published in the Lancet

Another reason why Jamal Khashoggi was murdered?? (9/11-related)

Mid-Mississippi Delta River Region Potentially a "Next California" of Fruit and Vegetable Production

How many here are a tad pissed at the spin re: Last night?

Coronavirus: Italy to close cinemas, theatres and ban public events

Trump's Remarks After Marine One Arrival; March 3, 2020

a warren/biden race going forward would be good for the party and the country.

What is worse? A speech at Goldman Sachs

Please, Speaker Pelosi, Please Stop Graham-Blumenthal's 'Earn It' Bill

Is anybody else suspicious that this was Bloomberg's end game all along?

I have read a concern here that Biden will not do well in a debate.

I hope our vote protectors can fix this crap before November!

What a president should say...

Metro Times endorses Bernie Sanders for president

Press Briefing by Pence and Members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force

There are now 137 coronavirus cases in the US

Please put me, a lifelong social democrat, in Joe Biden's column.

Scientists develop low-cost solution that generates electricity from air

What are the demographics here at DU?

Four #SuperTuesday states moved from caucuses to primaries this year. Check out the results

Did "they" (whoever "they" are) that Gabbard has qualified for the next debate?

Stacy Abrams for VP?

Insider: Hard putts looking easy at Bay Hill's 18th on Sunday

CDC Travel Health Notices

I so, so hope Bloomberg turns the big guns of Hawkfish directly on the radical hate/disinfo machines

White Earth Band of Ojibwe Tribal Council in Minnesota endorses Bernie Sanders for President

A vote for Joe is

Funny joke about difference between Dems and Repubs, with implication about Biden:

Tip of the cat to the top hat cat

Bernie not going to the Edmund Pettis bridge on the 50 year anniversary

Joe Biden thanks Texas, Whataburger Nation for the win

The Official Coronavirus Numbers Are Wrong, and Everyone Knows It

VOX: Sanders can't lead the Democrats if his campaign treats them like the enemy

Congressional negotiators reach deal on roughly $8 billion in emergency coronavirus funds

Feud ERUPTS between Mike Pompeo and top Democrat during hearing

Uygur goes ballistic after the returns last night. Now THIS is divisive and not helping...

Trump: Coronavirus testing is much more accurate & rapid because we undid an Obama decision

Tonight 9PM ET - Bernie Sanders - The Rachel Maddow Show

Any guesses what this is gonna be?

Media Is Completely Ignoring Fact Putin Worked With Trump Campaign To Elect Him

🔥 LIVE at 1:45PM ET - Sanders Campaign Update

Maybe the bullying is the point:

Biden appreciation thread

Here's what's next...

Descendents - Bikeage

10 US deaths now

Washington to lift restrictions on coronavirus testing

When Liberals Lose, They Blame the Voters. Leftists Can't.

Yippee!! Tulsi is gone from the top of the board!!

Little Martha

Sanders embraces the Establishment

Elizabeth Warren checks the most boxes for VP

Coronavirus Could Explode in India Very Soon

Trump just let us know which Bloomberg campaign aide upset him most.


You raised $5,026.91 on March 3, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Trump's defamation lawsuit against the WaPo has landed with US District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Bernie's Error

Dem. Voter Majority Support For Ending Private Health Ins. Shown In Super Tues. Exit Polls: M4A

Yesterday I was a poll worker in Houston.

Gold-coated fabric that emits own light could be ultimate safety gear

2017: CDC, nation's top public health agency, gets list of 7 forbidden words from the Trump admin

So Who Gets MY Primary Vote?

Dixie Chicks are back! "Gaslighter"

Maine goes to Biden!

What is holding up the Barack Obama Presidential Library?

Will Bernie ever figure out that the Democratic establishment he loves to hate

Deep-sea sponges caught 'sneezing' in time-lapse photos

Winning themes: Joe's best ad. Yeah, optimism wins more votes than vinegar.

Black Votes Matter

Some more comments from my 90-year-old mother

Whether the nominee ends up Biden or Bernie...please remember:

Warren reassessing campaign after disappointing Super Tuesday

1,000 Into Quarantine In Westchester, Bronx: Cuomo

Want to up your culinary game? Do what I'm doing!

The Latest: Biden wins Maine, his 10th Super Tuesday victory

Look at the color of trump's hands. Now look at the color of his face.

Ya know...the more i think about it, the more i think I'll be an ex-pat after I retire

Sanders tweet with his press conference live:

Sanders on now. He's not out but he looks gassed out.

Sanders complaining about media coverage again. Also, lol, complained

How in the world did I miss the Brit Hume 'Sexy Vixen Vinyl' tweet?

"Joe is running a campaign supported by the wealthy and powerful" -Bernie Sanders

10th coronavirus death confirmed in Washington state

Sanders Press Conference quick notes:

Command and Control vs. the Civil Service

If Sander's *really* cared about the people, he'd drop out and endorse Liz.

Sanders is using the press conference to attack Biden. Free media for an attack ad.

Voter Turnout Nearly Doubles In Virginia As Dems Are Fired Up And Ready To Dump Trump

2015 all over again

Link to Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) info, Washington State Department of Health

538: Biden Won Super Tuesday Because He Won Voters Who Decided Late

I'd say it's Joe's race to lose now, and I mean the general election. I don't think Joe

Joe should just ignore bernie from now on out since if you dont support bernie you are NOT "the

Vox: Facebook's top news stories are a window into an alternate RW dimension

As the primaries heat up and trolls including Russians, Trump operatives and

G. Elliott Morris: Bernie's strength was coming from a fractured field.

Jennifer Granholm endorses Joe Biden ahead of Michigan primary.....😎

Cartoons 3/4/2020

California officials announce 1st death in state

🔥 Feel The Bern - Bernie Sanders

Hope the business news keeps attributing stock rebound to Biden

🎶 What's my name?!🎶

🔥 Feel The Bern - Bernie Sanders

Presidential candidates turn their attention to Washington

Bernie Sanders says "trust me"

Bernie just had a press conference, in which he accused,

Presidential candidates turn their attention to Washington state

Could Sherrod Brown or another non-primary candidate become the nominee in a brokered convention?

Public-health emergency declared in LA County over coronavirus

Patient ignored advice to self-isolate after trip to Italy, attended business event, tested positive

Polish lawmaker: Natural selection at Auschwitz made Jews powerful

As parents worry, schools grapple with if and when to close

There's a case of travel related COVID 19 infection in the City of Berkeley

Paine Field's passenger terminal is a year old. What's next?

Wall Street still wants Donald Trump, but it could live with Joe Biden

All schools and universities are closed in Italy until March 15

Anyone gone the CPO (certified pre owned) route for a car?

The CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) website

Tip of the hat to the top-hat cat

Republicans lean into Biden probe as he surges in Democratic primary

Addressing the argument a "centrist can't win".

FBI handling of terror-related tips is flawed, report finds

How Many Delegates Do The 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Have?

Lawmakers push for release of intel on Khashoggi murder

Trump Mocks Sessions After He's Forced Into Runoff

Prince William Jokes About 'Spreading Coronavirus'

Brawl erupts in Turkey's parliament over Syria involvement

Barbra Streisand calls Trump a 'one-man weapon of mass destruction' in scathing op-ed

Bloomberg's on. Let's see what he says.

Future of abortion at stake in US Supreme Court case

Bloomberg on MSNBC now, addressing supporters

Sanders Fails to Turn Out Young Voters

Early messaging -

Bloomberg is giving a great speech. I'm a bit verklempt.

Right On Cue, Post-Merger T-Mobile Layoffs Begin

Coronavirus Deaths Tied to Nursing Center Came Earlier Than Anyone Knew

Bloomberg sounds relieved that he is no longer running.

The fight ahead will test whether Biden or Sanders can expand their coalitions

That look - That certain look

No Handshakes Or Communion Cups -- St. Louis Archdiocese Tries To Prevent Coronavirus

Joe Biden campaign says 'Massachusetts sent message' to country after Super Tuesday win

No Handshakes Or Communion Cups -- St. Louis Archdiocese Tries To Prevent Coronavirus

MSNBC says BERNIE will be on Rachel Maddow tonight at 9

Fred Guttenberg & the Hoarse Whisperer both responded to Bernie Sanders's press conference

Texas voter says he waited 'a little bit over six hours' on Super Tuesday to vote

I have zero faith in the looming election

Fox News host Sean Hannity "tailored his shows" based on (contact with Manafort)

The Biden Bump vs the Trump Slump.

Now it's my turn for a colonscopy ***UPDATE - See message 21

Corey Feldman looks to name names, and move forward, with sexual abuse documentary (My) Truth

Should the loser of the March 10th Michigan Primary drop out? Bluewater calls you out!

The force is strong in neutron stars (MIT)

NBC News: Joe Biden is the apparent winner of Maine!

Dow jumps more than 900 points as Biden Super Tuesday victories boost health care stocks

OMG. Trump Supporter Says She Doesn't Think Coronavirus Exists

Health care leads market higher after Biden's strong showing on Super Tuesday

Why can't Bolton's book be published in another country now?

Eggshells support idea that dinosaurs were warm-blooded (

Just got a vinyl copy of YMG yesterday!

Just saw this from Warren's campaign

GOP voting booth tactics

Here's the Truth About Bernie Sanders' Deceptively-Edited Barack Obama Ad

I don't know about anyone else,

Barbra Streisand on Why Trump Must Be Defeated in 2020 (Column)

The patient (the country) is in triage, being operated on by a crazed surgeon...

US Stocks - DJIA - Biden Bounce now over 1,000

Federal court rejects Gabbard's bias suit against Google

I just finished Season 1 of Hunters on Amazon Prime.


election perspective...

Here's Why Elizabeth Warren Should Endorse Joe Biden

An Interview with a Sociopath (Antisocial Personality Disorder and Bipolar)

"Elizabeth Warren Has Been My Candidate...Now I'm Waiting For Her Next Step"

Who Killed Malcolm X?

If you were formerly a Warren supporter (or still are) and voted for Biden, may I ask why?

Steve Bullock Is Poised to Run for Senate in Montana, Officials Say

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) "is poised to reverse himself and run for the Senate

My SWAG: Grandparents through kids transmissons

Lookin' forward to happier times. . .

Arctic sea ice extent ended Feb as 13th lowest in satellite record

Augusta National Golf Course: Currently no plans to cancel The Masters

Missing dog. If anyone finds him, please lettuce know. (Twitter)

Soledad O'Brien's public service announcement for the day

Just got home from the doctor's

MT-SEN: Steve Bullock Poised to Run for Senate In Montana

Pro Tip

Healthcare Stocks Jump On Biden's Super Tuesday Victories

Federal court rejects Gabbard's bias suit against Google

Steve Bullock Is Poised to Run for Senate in Montana, Officials Say

It Looks Like a News App in the Apple Store. It's Really Russian Propaganda.

Which Never Trumper is your favorite?

Noose found on gunman's locker at Milwaukee Coors facility years before deadly shooting

MT-SEN: Steve Bullock Poised to Run for Senate In Montana

LOL. Bloomberg uses Asswipe's own words against him.

Been here 17 some-odd years and never subscribed to this group! No idea why!

Another 5 Hours Of Super Tuesday Not A Mention Of Russia Helping Trump Win In 2016

Release of James Bond film No Time To Die delayed amid coronavirus fears

If Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris & Hillary Clinton decide to co-headline a speaking tour

Medical screener at LAX airport tests positive for coronavirus

Italy closes soccer matches to fans until April 3

Another takeaway from Sanders' news conference earlier this afternoon...

What can Joe do to get Bernie supporters after the primaries are over?

According to Politico:

I'd like to see Klobuchar as VP, and Al Franken appointed to replace her in the Senate

Remarks by Trump and Pence at a Coronavirus Briefing with Airline CEOs; March 4, 2020

Matt Gaetz, our most normal member of Congress, is wearing a full-on gas mask on the House floor...

Rep Himes throws shitloads of shade at Gaetz just now:

Taking on the Dem establishment means taking on those Dems who impeached Trump

Harvey Weinstein Adds 'Prison Consultant' to His Entourage

Amy McGrath

No one at the helm of America's national parks

Steve Bullock Poised to Run for Senate In Montana

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries on Super Tuesday primary results

This commercial rocks

Daredevil Jesse Watters 'Stares Down' Coronavirus By Ordering Chinese Food

Biden Now Has Teflon! (And Trump is a Toothless Mafia Don)

have all the tabloids fallen asleep?

The Corona Virus's cousin,

Change is in the air.

A special kind of special I say

Here is a link to COVID-19 cases and shows daily increases

1,000 people who may have had contact with the attorney and his family have been asked to self-quar

Our eye movements help us retrieve memories, suggests new study

Venezuela's president urges women to have six children each 'for good of the country'

Dark Money Played a Pivotal Role in Trump's Wisconsin Win

Informative thread on COVID-19 response from someone living in the midst of it in Seattle

Colombia coca crop: Trump tells Duque to resume spraying

Colombia coca crop: Trump tells Duque to resume spraying

At the convention, can candidates who are no longer running simply reassign their delegates?

Garth and Pelosi

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-9: Life's A Beach, Then You Die Edition

Here's my take on the voters who decided late and then broke for Joe.

Wildlife harassment charge for woman in moose video

Working people aren't struggling to afford health care, prescription drugs, and higher education

Abortion rights had a surprisingly hopeful day in the Supreme Court

BREAKING: Medical screener at LAX airport tests positive for coronavirus

Dixie Chicks Gaslighter song

BREAKING: Giant Meteor suspends campaign in wake of Biden victories

What's for Dinner, Wed., Mar. 4, 2020

Super Tuesday

So the stock market came roaring back today...

Looks like SETI@Home is going into hibernation mode.

"Dear Leader" goes after Elizabeth Warren on Twitter

More #TraitorGOP election fraud. This time in central FL

I'm changing my VP pick, It's Kamala. It has to be if Joe gets the nomination.

Update: Foo Fighters Announce Fourth of July 'D.C. Jam' At FedEx Field

Online schooling

Update: Foo Fighters Announce Fourth of July 'D.C. Jam' At FedEx Field

I hope the corona virus ends up not being a catastrophe, but I think even ignorant people

Great American speeches

Why is Bernie muddying the issue of who is ahead in delegates?

The corporate media conglomerates sure are slow about declaring Bernie Sanders the winner

COVID-19/Dr John Campbell

Anyone consider effect of EW's slight size on perception of her being a strong POTUS?

Sanders predicts race will be 'neck and neck' once California is counted

Mother's boy just said that they met with the Republican and Democrat

Seattle Public Health issues new recommendations on coronavirus

Joy Reid On When She Knew Joe Biden Would Win Big In The South MSNBC

Genesis is going to tour again!

U.S. District Court blocks Michigan's Medicaid work requirements

You KNOW, the Pearl Harbor attack was really great for the nation

what did the Dow Jones do today?

WaPo: The U.S. health system is showing why it's not ready for a coronavirus pandemic

It is time for the Undecided to Decide.

About Coronovirus Trump said, "So from that standpoint, I think probably there's a positive impact."

We knew it was just a matter of time; failure of federal virus testing is Obama's fault

Seattle urges people over 60 to stay home 'as much as possible' due to coronavirus

From Seattle (King County) Public Health--a list and brief profile of each coronavirus case

$400 for Purell? U.S. lawmaker urges Amazon to tamp down price gouging

Schumer Spokesman fires back at Chief Justice: "Roberts does not just call balls and strikes."

digby: The Best and the Brightest fail again

Keegan Michael Key on twitter..

If US Sen.Michael Bennet(D-CO) retires or gets appointed to a cabinet or ambassador position,

Just saw a replay of Bloomberg's campaign manager Kevin Sheekey on MSNBC earlier this afternoon.

after Spurs crashed out just now from the FA Cup, Eric Dier went mental and attacked a fan

Warren to 'think through' her future, top aide says

Could The Boston Marathon Be The Next Victim Of Coronavirus?

Michael Steele, former RNC chair, complimented the Democrats

Can this be real? We have a 51-38% lead on the generic ballot

Breaking on local TV: fire station in Webbers' Fall, AR burns down.

NYT: Biden's Delegate Lead Is Small, but Could Be Hard to Overcome

We hear a lot about how shrewd the scammers are

The MSM is ignoring Sanders big California win

What more do you need to know?

Pinkey pence looks like he wants his "Mommy" at press meeting

Former Prisoner Recalls Sanders Saying, 'I Don't Know What's So Wrong' With Cuba

Is there any chance Biden and Sanders will debate?

Bernie can still win (Krystal Ball)

Bernie should ask his supporters to vote dem now. Don't wait until they're bruised and angry.

Do you feel better about our prospects this Nov. now then say a week ago?

DoD Contractor Charged with Leaking Military Secrets to Individual Linked to Militant Group

Less than 60 percent (or maybe less) of the California vote has been tabulated

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 5 March 2020

'Rigged' rhetoric makes a comeback after Trump's comments and Sanders's losses -- and gives Russia ju

I was the 1968 version of a Bernie Bro. I still regret it.

In 2016 Sanders stubbornly kept campaigning even after ...

caption Trump photo

What a difference four years make on these pages

Decimated Ad

Transistors cannot be had for love or money right now

Congressman Tim Ryan Secures $2.1 Million for Partnership between BRITE, YBI, and the U.S. Air Force

Decimated Ad

Joe is going to make it much easier on down ballot candidates.

2020 Democratic primary is a Biden-Sanders race after Bloomberg drops out

Argentina releases list of 12,000 Nazis to Simon Wiesenthal Center

Protect Social Security Ad

Argentina releases list of 12,000 Nazis to Simon Wiesenthal Center

Protect Social Security Ad

University of Washington creates its own coronavirus test & will test 1500 people per day

Elizabeth Warren assessing path forward after Super Tuesday losses

No, Joe. The "establishment" are the 60 billionaires who are funding your campaign ...

No, Joe. The "establishment" are the 60 billionaires who are funding your campaign ...

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz wears gas mask during vote to address new coronavirus

Bullock(D-MT) has changed his mind- entering the 2020 MT US Senate Race.

Why Biden's chance of beating Sanders is even bigger than it seems

Fiery exchanges in Supreme Court over Louisiana abortion law

Coronavirus Live Updates: California reports the first U.S. death outside of Washington State.

Researchers identify two coronavirus types as China cases dwindle

Coronavirus Testing Offered With Just a Doctor's Approval, C.D.C. Says

A passenger who was on a Princess cruise has died of the coronavirus in California.

Biden's Agenda Is Plenty Bold

Venezuela's president urges all women to have 6 children

Biden for the mic drop

Ari Melber on MSNBC just now: Sanders outspent Biden $30 per vote to $10 per vote.

Why, Why, Why! Does Trump continue to blame Obama or the media for his problems and mistakes?

Trump picks official involved in Bush-era torture program as his nuclear envoy

Coronavirus likely already spreading in Kitsap as 3 are tested, public health officials say