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Nuclear War Between U.S. and Russia (2019 Simulation)

This (me) Undecided Voter made a choice

Joy is on MSNBC's 7 pm slot

Current California reporting is at 54% of the expected total vote.

Rep. Suzan DelBene: We need federal resources and science to combat COVID-19

*Sen. Sanders will be on Rachel show later,

Joy Reid is in the Hardball hour.

Just how bad do DUers want to defeat Trump in November? (OVER $250,000)

King County picks White Center site for quarantine site amid COVID-19 response


The Sanders-Obama ad was a huge unforced error.

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to get back in the majority.

#Covid_19 UPDATE!!! Trump & Pence are Endangering MILLIONS of American Lives in Bungling Response!

Just In: CNN is saying that after all the delegates are divided up

Reporter asks Pence "Can the uninsured get tested?" and is scolded by Stephen Miller's wife

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema endorses Joe Biden for president

Senator Warren is talking to the wrong people.

**Joe on The Today Show Thursday**

I don't think I have felt this happy since election night November 2016! I was hopeful In 2016

New: Warren, Sanders allies scramble to find her an exit ramp

How is this not racism?

My Facebook feed has lit up with anti-Biden crap.

Trump on Schumer: "Serious action MUST be taken NOW! A Republican would be arrested, or impeached."

A dozen things we learned on #SuperTuesday, all of which bode well for the #SinglePayer movement

Warren and Sanders Allies Work to Find Her Exit Ramp

Maine college students are reporting people are stealing cases of masks from local hospitals

New Hampshire coronavirus patient broke quarantine to attend Dartmouth Business event

I managed to get myself embroiled in an argument w/ some right-wing idiots that

Trump suggests Schumer should be 'arrested or impeached' for criticizing his Supreme Court justices

Hillary Clinton: Trump's health care policies have made COVID-19 a bigger risk than it needs to be

Arab American Political Action Committee in MI Endorses Sanders

Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema endorses Biden

Turn on Anderson Cooper re coverage of the COVID-19

🐦 MAR 7 at 2:30PM CST - Rally in Chicago with Bernie Sanders

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to get back in the majority.

Biden ad: Can't Be Trusted

Question: Why are people stocking up on toilet paper?

The Coronavirus. The Stock Market. Now Biden's Comeback Adds to Trump's Bad Week.

Pence's replacement as V.P.? If Trump should pull the plug on Pence as V.P.?

Medical screener at LAX airport tests positive for coronavirus

I'm about to log out for the night, but I wanted to say something:

Bloomberg paid $13.6 million per delegate

COVID-19 news update for 3/4/2020

I really want to get this information out about voting in Texas.

What is Coronavirus doing to your travel plans?

Dixie Chicks have a new single, y'all!!! - Gaslighter

Chinese scientists identify 2 strains of the coronavirus, indicating it's already mutated

Why are we surprised that Trump dropped the ball on the coronavirus testing?

Incoming US Senators if Democrats regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

I am switching!

The switch from caucus to primary boosted turnout in four states

➡️ Bernie Sanders joining @maddow tonight on @MSNBC. Tune in at 9 p.m. ET.

Biden got 60% of Super Tuesday voters who sat out of 2016 primaries.

Super Tuesday Aftermath: Sanders Acknowledges Setback After Biden's Big Night

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Stupor Tuesday!

What do you use that comes from China


Sanders sharpens 'us vs. them' attacks on Biden

I can't believe it. The Stones are still touring.

OK. Have to vent. Any other EarthFare (former) employees out here?

'Crash and burn': House Democrats cheer Biden's thumping of Bernie

Five Years After a Nasty Crash, a Symbolic Layup for Josh Speidel

Biden's Delegate Lead Is Small, but Could Be Hard to Overcome

Top hospital braces for coronavirus pandemic with secret warehouse full of emergency supplies

Democratic turnout surges on Super Tuesday (and the surge is coming from moderates!)

In coronavirus outbreak's epicenter, Google encourages its Kirkland employees to work from home

Rhode Island governor endorses Biden shortly after Bloomberg exits 2020 race

Delegate breakdown (10 March)

My President looks amazing!

10 virus deaths in state; feds to investigate nursing home

WARREN DECISION: ideologicaly, Bernie; pragmatically, Joe.

Perez says he thinks Sanders will 'abide by the rules' at Democratic convention

Democratic Running Mate Must Capture Youth Vote: Former DNC Chair

How medical pros decide whether to test someone for COVID-19

President Obama, "who do you love?

the rachel interview is the SOS. im raking it in - other $$ is bad, if u didnt vote for me yer not

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is 'looking at' a run for New York City mayor.

United slashing US, international flights, offering voluntary leave amid coronavirus crisis

Experts confirm human to animal spread of coronavirus

He Challenged ME to an EPIC MEMES BATTLE?? (Gone Wrong)

Just heard Bernie suggest to Rachel that the magical surge in voters will happen in the GE.

Lamar Alexander tells Trump 'let the professionals do the talking' after contradicts health advice

The Biden revival is also beginning to look like a Democratic tour de force

My wife is calling her relatives in Seattle and telling them to vote for Biden...

Cruise ship Grand Princess' docking delayed in SFO-investigation into potential Coronavirus outbreak

The ONLY candidate who got screwed over by the party

King5News (NBC affiliate): faculty member in Kirkland (WA) has tested positive (via nursing home)

"Americans need to ignore Trump, for their own health and safety."

Texas Officials Have Already Rigged The 2020 Election. Super Tuesday Is Proof.

Court blocks 'Remain in Mexico' policy on part of US border

Court blocks 'Remain in Mexico' policy on part of US border

A worker at LAX contracted coronavirus after screening incoming passengers for the illness

Coronavirus: New York lawyer, his wife, children and neighbour all test positive

There IS a massive conspiracy to deny Sanders the nomination!!!

California delegate wave didn't quite break as expected

'We are in a crisis here': The Yale professor who said US coronavirus cases were set to 'explode'

Tropical forests losing their ability to absorb carbon

If the 2020 US Presidential and Senate Election is similar to 2016- same party wins both offices.

Trump lies again; says Obama slowed down lab research

Rand Paul says he'll 'stay here all weekend' to get foreign aid cut included in coronavirus bill

Sanders campaign hatches comeback plan

Bernie says - we are trying to do something that has never been done before.

Tulsi Gabbard may have just qualified for the next Democratic debate thanks to American Samoa

Chief Justice condemns Schumer for criticizing two justices -- but was silent when Trump did same

Another thing I don't *get*: Karaoke PEOPLE (not karaoke. Karaoke PEOPLE. )

The President Is Winning His War on American Institutions

The single most important number from Super Tuesday

Seattle gets first go at coronavirus vaccine testing

does bernie think he is making a true revolution or is it ego? A huge loss in 2016 a heart attact

'Biden can finish Bernie off in Michigan'

After the primary results last night, this is appropriate. It always inspires me:

Black voters, 'Whole Foods moms' and an anti-Trump base: Biden builds coalition that could boost

Let's be clear about the super delegates and 2016. If Bernie Sanders had won the pledged delegates

2020 Democrats learned the lesson of Trump's GOP takeover: Unite or die

A GREAT interview, Rachel and Senator Sanders.

*Amy K coming up on Lawrence show.

Now this is an interesting thought.........

Inside Bloomberg's half-billion dollar belly flop

Excellent article on why California is taking so long to finish.

Lara Trump says it's 'fair' to question Biden's 'cognitive function'

Jamil Smith spitting truth on Lawrence O'Donnell show

Trump says Sanders would have 'easily' won more states without Warren in race

Hey Admins... I saw what you did with the Primaries Forum banner!

Microsoft tells Seattle workers to work from home if they can.

Sanders didn't ask for Clyburn's endorsement before the South Carolina primary?

Eye Floaters Treatment Research Doctor Eye Health

Tweet of the Day

I would like to see more pro Biden stories

Don't lick your presidential primary ballot, Washington officials say

Can Coronavirus be caught via cigarette smoke or vape clouds?

Thunberg brands EU's new climate law 'surrender'

Amid Coronavirus, King County Recommends Curbing Group Activities

'Biden can finish Bernie off in Michigan'

Bouncing baby boy! Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo welcomes infant gorilla

My neighbor was Joe's very first campaign advisor and manager,

There's no debate before the next round of primaries

Olive Garden customer loudly demanded non-black server, manager complied

Any Yahoo geeks/ experts/ nerds on DU? Help needed.

2020 US Senate Election Rating- seats Democrats are favored to win.

Trump criticizes Sessions after Alabama Senate primary heads to a runoff

Purell prices are spiking on Amazon, as sanitizer speculation becomes a cottage industry

The Suburban Surge That Helped Save Joe Biden

Bernie gave a great interview on Rachel Maddow.

The Daily Show: Subway Coronavirus Precautions, Dinosaur DNA, and Twitter's Fleets Feature

Kesha - Rich, White, Straight, Men (Lyrics)

Joe Biden's Campaign To Bernie Sanders: Black Voters Aren't Part Of The 'Establishment'

& Trump wants to run on Hunter Biden?

Don Lemon is interviewing Ro Khanna (Sanders' co-chair)....

The Daily Show - Coronavirus: Watch Those Hands

Prez de Cuellar, Peruvian diplomat and UN chief, dies

educational disruption from the coronavirus epidemic is "unparalleled," 300 million miss school

Saudis are allegedly threatening 9/11 witnesses

a middle school kid started a business today. 25 cents for a squirt of purell

Elfstedentocht - Dutch 125-Mile Speed Skating Race - Hasn't Been Held In Holland Since 97 - Too Warm

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 'The Noetic Prayer'/'Trisagion St. Nektarios Monastery/'From the

1990s- Tropical Forest Carbon Uptake 46 Billion tons; 2010s - Tropical Forest Uptake 25 Billion Tons

My doctor was happy to change my rx to 90-day supplies...

Fwiw, Joy REID suits me just fine for the MSNBC 7 slot.

Sanders's Campaign smacks of desperation asking us to wait for California

This is our real enemy - don't forget!

The Daily Show: David Plouffe - Biden's Super Tuesday & "A Citizen's Guide to Beating Donald Trump"

Wiretapping of drug trafficker reveals vote-buying for Duque on Uribe's orders

There are actually two coronaviruses -- which will make developing a vaccine harder: report

Seth Meyers - Beto O'Rourke Endorses Joe Biden in Spanish, Chris Matthews Retires - Monologue 3/3/20

Texas battleground takes shape ahead of 2020

State Dept gift shop sells souvenir globes that feature China's "Nine-Dash Line"

Question for Bernie supporters: why does Trump prefer BS?

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 6, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Beach Party

Wooot, my number 1 Senate want is going to happen! Bullock in MT

Bernie Sanders supporters in Texas are "pissed off." But Texas Democrats need them in November.

How paramilitaries laid the foundation for Colombia's largest hydroelectric dam

Seth Meyers - Late Night Storytime: The Donald J. Trump Cookbook

ME-SEN: Planned Parenthood Action Fund is launching a "high six figure" ad campaign against Collins

Andrew Yang is 'looking at' a run for New York City mayor,

Jill Biden, Master of King Fu!!!

It's interesting that the Republicans are bringing up the Hunter/Burisma thing now,

School me if you must (& I know I will be schooled), but I took a great picture!1

Black voters, 'Whole Foods moms' and an anti-Trump baseBiden builds coalition

Femicide in Colombia left at least 44 victims so far this year, and one girl impaled

Too little, too late: Sanders condemns his supporters' 'ugly, personal attacks' against Warren

Don Lemon is not happy about Bernie's Obama ad.

Where Sanders's support eroded in Virginia and North Carolina

Flybe, Europe's largest regional airline, collapses two months after government announces rescue

Women in Mato Grosso do Sul Participate in Panty Protest against Machismo in State Government

Why Did Biden Suddenly Sweep Virginia? Credit Trump, These Voters Say

House Democrats Request Secret Service for 2020 Candidates

Want to lift the spirits of a person under quarantine?

How Huge Voter Turnout Eluded Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday

45 tells Hannity that W.H.O.'s covid mortality figures are false, based on his "hunch"

Brazil and United States Sign Unprecedented Military Agreement

Brazil and United States Sign Unprecedented Military Agreement

UW School of Medicine ready to test 1,000 samples per day for coronavirus

With Black Voters and a Suburban Surge, Joe Biden Took Texas

Seth Meyers: Guest John Oliver

Clint Watts: Trump or Sanders?: Who does Russia Want to be President?

Number of Suspected Coronavirus Cases in Brazil Rises to 433

Bolsonaro Increases Military Spending in First Year of Government

maybe waiting in long voter lines is due to voter choice as much as suppression.

So they changed from neighborhood voting places to BIG ones elsewhere,

My theory on the long California lines

TCM Schedule for Saturday, March 7, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Harvard Law

Flybe collapses two months after government announces rescue

I'm not saying it's time for Warren to go

A Not-So-Super Tuesday By Connie Schultz

Indiana Republican says Pete Buttigieg is "used to" being sexually assaulted by men like Biden

Man attacks paramedic who was trying to help him & calls her a "dirty dy*e"

Council once again votes to keep 1996 resolution deeming "gay lifestyle" a "threat" to society

Seth Meyers - Super Tuesday Sets Up Biden-Sanders Battle, Bloomberg Drops Out: A Closer Look

Are you ready for some fun Democratic Underground?

Bernie Sanders Hit His Ceiling

Over 125 elected officials and leaders from across the country have endorsed Joe Biden

Trump Could Use His Tweeter To Tell Me Where In Seattle I Can Get A COVID-19 Test

In rare rebuke, Chief Justice Roberts slams Schumer for 'threatening' comments

The Tonight Show: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders' Super Tuesday Rallies

Is anyone planning on testing ICE and Border Patrol agents for COVID19? Will they be furnished

For Your Consideration: Nikki Foster for OH-01

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Blames Obama, Americans Blame Beer

Bernie once endorsed a book called: "Buyers remorse: How Obama let progressives down."

CA-53: Justice Dem. Georgette Gomez finishes behind Sarah Jacobs in jungle primary.

Waiting just for you...

Bernie Sanders' 1996 call for Social Security 'adjustments' undercuts Biden attack

Proportional delegate allocation is going to doom Bernie...

I am sick to death of Donald Trump, and I cannot stand the idea of another four years

Joe Biden is not Hillary 2.0

This Tweet captures the hilarity of BS trying to summon Obama

Feel the optimism

Hong Kong warns residents not to kiss pets after dog contracts coronavirus

Another bad sign for the economy: Travel stocks are plunging

Sanders says Biden winning African American support by 'running with his ties to Obama'

China is spraying the streets with disinfectant using these big trucks

Biden surge calms Democratic jitters

Devin Nunes sues Washington Post. It's his 7th lawsuit in 12 months

Former Obama chief of staff endorses Biden

VA-07: Spanberger endorses Biden amid Virginia primary victory

New Hampshire Coronavirus Patient Breaks Quarantine to Attend Dartmouth Event

Can you survive a month at home?

Shawn Langlois, Responds to Trump/Pence Coronavirus Claims

JFK: Role of the Government - Health Care

United, Delta and seven other airlines are waiving flight change fees.....

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/4/20

LA Chargers Offer Jill Biden $10 Million Contract To Play Right Guard

Stephen Colbert: Guest Chris Hayes

Nobody will ask about Joe Biden's speaking fees or email server

Time for Biden to ignore Sanders.

Does anyone else here use Camelcamelcamel?

Don't forget the dog and cat food.

A twitter thread with important Seattle-area virus info.

When it comes to picking a Presidential candidate corruption is a major concern of mine

It will be refreshing to have someone who can legally operate a charity back in the White House

Hillary Clinton Basically Endorses Biden After Vowing to Stay Neutral

Gender Equality: Most People Are Biased Against Women, UN Says

The Tonight Show: Jimmy's Goodbye Super Tuesday Candidates Tribute

Breakfast Thursday 5 March 2020

Seattle - Amazon HQ employee and a Facebook contractor positive for Coronavirus

Trump: "Going to work cures the corona-flu." (Not The Onion.)

England to Close Down - The Mash Report

Will sick MagaHeads now insist on going to work???

RAW STORY'S TAKE: Biden's resurrection was unprecedented - and well-timed

Cook Political: Why Biden's chance of beating Sanders is even bigger than it seems

Corona Offers $15 Million To Change Coronavirus Name To BudLightvirus

MJ Hegar, Royce West head to runoff in Democratic primary to challenge U.S. Sen. John Cornyn

MIT Study Suggests Long-Sought Dream Of Iron Fertilization Of Oceans Would Flop

Mayor Bill De Blasio just explained how Sanders can still win...

Thousands Displaced In Another Jakarta Flood; Biggest Hospital, Presidential Palace Take Hits

Living inside a movie plot...

Joe Biden probably just won the Iowa Caucus...

The Democratic Party should be making plans NOW for how they will respond to

Rosalind P. Walter, the First 'Rosie the Riveter,' Is Dead at 95

I wonder if Trump will shake hands with anyone going forward?

*Pandemic Panic: 5 Tips To Help Regain Your Calm

The Rundown: March 4, 2020

This Month In Comics: February 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 03/04/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 3/4/2020

250 Years Ago Today; The Boston Massacre-British troops fire on colonial protesters killing several

Scripps: Baseline Atmospheric CO2 February 2020 414.09 ppm; Feb 2019 411.75; Feb 2018 408.32

Bernie should have been in socialism class with Obama and me

When Trump is out of office...

Thursday TOONs - The Mask

You wanna talk about fake shit...

Marc Elias launches Democracy Docket - tracking GOP election fraud

Black voters, college-educated whites powered Joe Biden to Texas victory

Is there some sort of ICE crackdown today? Update: YES! 👀

Obama Learned to Love Biden. Now Democratic Voters Are, Too.

2020 Hummingbird Migration map and Decorah Eagles have 3rd egg Links

Anyone having difficulty supporting Biden needs to watch this (Congressional medal award)

Democracy is coming to the USA

Editing, a lost art

Now putting all my support behind Biden with Bloomberg out

The Black Plague: Eric Burdon & The Animals. 1967

Ultra's March festival canceled over coronavirus fears in Miami

$ CASH Banned By Louvre Museum Over Virus Fears, France

Int. Secretary "Visibly Shaking And Combative" During Senate Testimony On Gutting Bird Protections

John Berman (CNN) interviewed Rep. Val Demmings (D-FL) & asked her about being Biden's VP.

ALERT: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer endorses Joe Biden for president

Futures plunge on virus fears as California declares emergency

Will "non Southern" Black voters give greater support to Sanders than have Southern Blacks?

Bernie chose Joe Rogan and Cenk

Texas Officials Have Already Rigged The 2020 Election. Super Tuesday Is Proof.

Former political captive says Sanders questioned Cuba criticisms during prison meet

Southwest Airlines sees first-quarter revenue hit from coronavirus outbreak

Election Reforms:

Down ballot candidates want Joe Biden to be on the top of the ticket

Shitstain Wants 97% Cut To Nat. Parks Funding, Suddenly Tweeted A 180 Tuesday, Cory Gardner All In

How Biden can win CA.. the math.

NYT: Virginia Is First Southern State to Ban Conversion Therapy for Minors

Imagine how dangerous the GOP will be...

Maddow & Sanders On His Supporters & Warren

It's the TESTOSTERONE, stupid!

Maddow & Sanders On His Electability

Very big: Solid majority of Knesset supports bill that forbids naming indicted member to form govt

New ME Sen poll show Gideon leading Collins by 4 points!

Maddow & Sanders On The Black Vote Issue

Who, Me? Val Demings Refuses To Answer Whether She's Talked To Biden

Who, Me? Val Demings Refuses To Answer Whether She's Talked To Biden

Democrats Lead In Four Key Senate Races

Socialist hardliner aims gun on Guaido march in Venezuela

Michigan Gov. Whitmer endorses Biden days before primary

Many Venezuelans struggle to put food on the table in crisis

Democrats, a scorched-earth competition will only help Trump

Something totally different for me

American Airlines mechanic sentenced to 3 years for tampering with plane in Miami

Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings endorses Biden ahead of Florida primary

Governor Whitmer (MI) endorses Joe Biden

Trump's latest attack on Jeff Sessions inadvertently confirms one of Mueller's key findings

Trump Brags: Coronavirus Response Could 'Help, Not Hurt' Me in November

Even Fox News is cutting the "go to work sick" portion of the Hannity-Trump interview.

AMD to partner on world's fastest supercomputer

If Joe Biden wins Michigan next week should Bernie Sanders continue his campaign?

U.S. coronavirus death rate - 11 deaths divided by 161 official cases - 6.8%

MI: Voters spoil 8,000-plus ballots as Democratic field shrinks

Potential VP nominee questions

CNN town hall on virus

Flight diverted after 'unruly passenger' attempts to open exit door mid-flight: Witnesses

Delegate status as of this morning:

Simon & Garfunkel - America

Huge Boost to UK Political Life as Spitting Image is Returning!

Facebook allows Trump campaign to run deceptive Census ads

Republicans, rooting for Sanders, see Biden wins as setback

A market sell-off is underway.

This will be quite a project!

Detroit Free Press: Joe Biden is Michigan's best choice in Democratic primary

NBC's Geoff Bennett factchecks Trump lie-tweet in real-time

Sanders new campaign commercial is confusing.

People Dying From The Flu

Republicans: ''NO''

"Just shut up." I am waiting or that one person who will turn to

Trump Message vs. Bernie Message vs. Biden Message

Biden Crushes Super Tuesday, Bernie in Trouble

Does anyone know why corona virus survives longer on smooth surfaces...

Trump Accuses Man of Being Mexican, Glitches Again

The key to bringing along most of Bernie's supporters is AOC. If Pelosi can succeed in convincing

Ken buck votes no on Corona virus

Canceling SXSW won't make Austin safer from coronavirus, health officials say

I saw DeBlasio on the tube this AM.


We are not just voting for a President:

Next...trump blames Obama for...

Monkey's are stealing people's stuff to barter for food!

The SNL skit writes itself.....

****Florida Shock Poll**** You won't believe it- Biden 61% Sanders 12%

We deserve real politcal leadership & real religious leadership who value Earth above greed/profit

Does anyone know if there is a legitimate app in the US that tracks the Coronavirus across the

Latest polling from Florida

"There was some racist rubbish here but I covered it up with this picture of a cat." (Twitter)

High-speed train derails in eastern France; 21 injured

Federal Government allows more coronavirus screening--Florida says it won't test more people

Chris Hayes on Colbert, how bad the response has been

Anyone else do this? Whenever I see Trump 2020 written on a

This North Carolina Democrat will try to unseat Thom Tillis (R) this fall

Watch Joe Biden's full exclusive interview with @savannahguthrie

Commuting preferences. Interesting!

Biden leads in Florida by 47 points.

U.S. markets flash across-the-board declines as coronavirus outlook worsens

Our 'president' is making medical statements for Americans on a 'hunch'

If the pukes go after Hunter Biden and Burisma, I want a full-scale war against the Trump spawn.

There's an alternative universe out there


Former UAW president Gary Jones charged with corruption

Pissed about Super Tuesday? Suck it up: Beating Trump means supporting the Democratic nominee

U.S. to Miss Rollout Goal This Week on Virus Tests, Senators Say

Trump forgets he was impeached for puling his dirty tricks on Joe Biden.

Wouldn't Megan McCain purge The View host if in charge....

AOC is voting Blue no matter who.

Go to work and get better Coronahoax

Trump undermines health experts and calls coronavirus death rate 'false'

On this day, March 5, 1963, Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas, and Hawkshaw Hawkins died.

Public Health Official ... Licked Her Finger

Composer Heito Villa Lobos was born on this date.

Why didn't Bernie talk to Clyburn before SC Primary?

China threatening restrictions on pharm exports to US - "plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus"

Trump's DOJ Has Not Filed A Single New Voting Rights Act Case

I went in this morning for my annual Medicare Wellness Exam.

Sanders Stands By Warren, Floats Tapping Her For Admin Spot If He Wins

Interesting results of my town's primary (Republican votes).

WarnerMedia brands (CNN, HBO) skipping SXSW this year due to coronavirus

Venezuela's refugee crisis is an international emergency

Stocks slide in US, Europe as virus worries dominate again

J.B. was born on this date-

Former UAW President Gary Jones charged in embezzlement scheme

Top Seekrit:

Poll showing 2 Democrats doing well in upcoming Senate races...

Tulsi Gabbard's $50 Million Suit Against Google Is Dismissed

Gov. Bill Lee announces first confirmed case of coronavirus in Williamson County

Pic Of The Moment: Trump's Dangerous Mental Decline And Battle Against Reality Continues

U.S. to Miss Rollout Goal This Week on Virus Tests

U.S. virus death toll hits 11; feds investigate nursing home

Warren is ending her campaign

CNN: Elizabeth Warren is ending her campaign!

NYT: Elizabeth Warren plans to drop out of the presidential race on Thursday

Where's Barack?

Warren suspends campaign. n/t

Warren out!

"some of 'em go to work - but they get better.". . . Will MagaHats follow this suggestion?

Elizabeth Warren, Once a Front-Runner, Will Drop Out of Presidential Race

The virus numbers from Germany today have me really worried

Elizabeth Warren, Once a Front-Runner, Will Drop Out of Presidential Race

Greg Sargent: Trump's latest coronavirus lies have a galling subtext

Warren is out. Just announced.

Twitter thread on Biden by Lisa Sharon Harper

Thank you Elizabeth Warren, for everything!

Should Senator Warren play a role in the next administration, and if so, what?

Dow down 2% right now

The more I try *not* to touch my face, the more I actually touch it...

Liz is out. With a heavy heart I'm changing my preference.

Australian paper prints blank pages to help tackle toilet paper shortage

Analysis: John Roberts and Chuck Schumer's extraordinary word of words

Trump 'coffee boy' George Papadopoulos goes down in flames in his first congressional race

I dunno. Does he look scared to you?

Before Clearview Facial Recognition Became a Police Tool, It Was a Secret Plaything of the Rich

Elizabeth Warren Appreciation Thread

Warren supporters, if you haven't already voted, who will you vote for now?

democratic coronavirus response

Andrew Yang is co-hosting on 'The View', today

Will Elizabeth Warren make an endorsement soon?

Let this sink in

Well, I've just switched from Warren to Biden...

Coronavirus: 'recovered' patient dies as China reports discharged cases falling ill again

Warren was a once-in-a-lifetime candidate

Seattle tells people to avoid crowds but Comic Con is still on & will bring 100,000 to city Mar 12th

Schumer Being Reprimanded by Chief Justice Roberts 'Hurts the Notion of Judicial Independence...

Coronavirus case confirmed in Tennessee: First patient is quarantined in Williamson County

What Elizabeth Warren Taught Us

Scientists Tracking Covid-19 Genome via Twitter!

Moving the California primary up to Super Tuesday

What Elizabeth Warren Taught Us

Trump says he will block U.S. funds to 'sanctuary' jurisdictions

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dominates in abortion case

Jared Kushner sells stake in firm that benefited from Trump tax breaks

Break out those Anti-virus disks and put them to use

Dems pls donate to Jaime Harrison against Lindsay Graham in SC.

Is the Media reporting the depth of Trump's failed response to COVID-19?

Elizabeth Warren WILL NOT ENDORSE...

I've already voted for Warren on Super Tuesday. If I hadn't voted yet, I'd vote for

Health Care Behind Bars Is Already Abysmal. Are Prison Officials Prepared for the Coronavirus?

Covid-19 question?

When does it become time for the Government to take some fucking action

@ 11:15 a.m.

The Revolution Bernie Wasn't Expecting

Switched to Biden. Let us work to create a Democratic administration

Now That There Are Just Two Candidates Left Standing

Biden could wrap up Florida with early voting alone

Question of the day: With Warren withdrawing, will Gabbard jump to 2% on Democratic Underground?

I would like to see Bloomberg, (or any Billionaire that supports Democrats) come up with

MMM -- Jes' grew Thursday

Warren could be VP pick and not result in republican appointee as replacement (at least for long)

Here's what I said on April 26, 2019

I have stopped calling it "toilet paper"--

Did Trump order CDC to ignore China's test kits and develop their own?

Obituaries: Henry J. Abraham, U-Va. professor, scholar of Supreme Court history, dies at 98

"Women are judged by their flaws, men are judged by their potential."

I've seen enough. It's time for my endorsement.

Tension high in Guyana - Carter Center urges parties to await official results

Trump: "because of quick action on closing our borders, has, as of now, only 129 cases"

I'll proudly switch to Joe, but Warren deserved SO much more.

Andrew Gillum on Elizabeth Warren

Jang Yoon-cheong, Rites for the Departed, 장윤정 - 초혼

'We just saw what was happening and jumped in': Omaha's Symone Sanders on that protester takedown

Another poll shows Gideon leading Collins in potential Senate match-up

Princess Cruises ship held up off California coast with sick passengers

Did Biden campaign yesterday? If so, where? What about today?nt

Asking without rancor. What if (some) Sanders delegates disrupt the Convention like last time?

NY Times has satellite image video of coronavirus impact

Italy Is Shutting Down All Schools Nationwide Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

I'm not changing my DU preference to Joe until tomorrow. Thank you Elizabeth!

OK. We're Down to Two Candidates, and There's Something I Don't Want to Hear

Spring kitties:

Everyone is now talking about a two person race, but what about Tulsi?

Tito's Vodka has spent the last 24 hours explaining it can't be used as hand sanitizer replacement

Trump takes a dizzyingly tone-deaf victory lap for "only" 11 coronavirus deaths.

OK I'm dying with the candidate banner at the top of the forum

Isn't there one Judge in America

California Update: Not much change.

Cruise ship is held off California coast for virus testing

If COVID-19 persists for next 6 months, will trump use it as justification to suspend election

Warren In The West Wing

Schumer says he used the wrong words following Supreme Court backlash

Andrew Gillum says Bernie is finished in Florida

Oh, Andrea Mitchell, FFS.

Coronavirus? Corona flu (Trump's term)? Novel Coronavirus? What do you call this thing?

Who will the russians pay to run a 3rd party campaign?

I believe Latin America and Africa are doing very little testing and/or reporting.

Beautiful Maine Coon Cat ventures into lake with owner

Biden increases delegate lead over Sanders after more allocated in Texas

Corona test covered by Medicare

Not so "sleepy Joe" - Sack Cartoon

Stanford University test for COVID-19 receives FDA approval

No endorsement today from Warren

DU's Democratic Primaries Forum Now Shows just Two Candidates!

Coronavirus precautions around Europe

BTRTN: Trump Rides High...Until He Doesn't

BTRTN: Trump Rides High...Until He Doesn't

"Add Your Name" - Recent Joe Biden Endorsements (With Music 🥂🎵)

Help, please!

List of the most aggressive dog breeds (from Reddit)

Proper greeting during coronavirus outbreak

Pathetic! Cory Gardner Claims He's A "National Leader On Climate"; No Mention On His Senate Website

Closeted Republican Homophobe comes out, Arron Schock

New NYC, Westchester COVID-19 Cases Bring Total to 24; Some in Intensive Care

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

I am in the "Acela corridor" of voters. My primary is late, April 28. Why?

Gov Cuomo: NY now has 22 confirmed #Coronavirus cases statewide-1 new positive tests since yesterday

Man who made online threat to Ocasio-Cortez sentenced

An odd thing.

Closeted Republican Hypocrite Comes out via Instagram today

dissing millions of democrats as some sort of enemy is not the way to become nominee

Elizabeth Warren Announcement to Campaign Staff

Time: For decades, the Man of the Year was nearly almost a man... so we corrected the record.

In sports broadcasting news.... NFL seeks U.S. Supreme Court review of case aimed at Sunday Ticket

Elizabeth Warren's email about her campaign to her supporters.

I stand with @UNITEHERE in calling on @Starbucks to demand

'You are a sociopath!' Trump gets hammered for boasting about coronavirus without

Elizabeth Warren was, in my view, a victim of two things.

Time Magazine--100 Women of the Year

Bernie Sanders Cancels Mississippi Rally, Shifting Focus to Michigan

11th Commandment

I've changed my candidate

Is the time right for John Mcafee?

Pelosi: "I get introduced as the most powerful woman, I almost cry, because I wish it was not true"

A New Circular Juice Machine Turns Orange Peels into Bioplastic Cups

BIG push--Senate Majority Leader Warren.

It takes an enormous amount of chutzpah to run for President

State Dept: "swarms of online, false personas" from Russia for wave of coronavirus misinfo online

Another reason to vote for Joe

Done, Over, Kaput, Finished, Baked, Opera Singer warming up

Trump just got the chance to pick another judge for the influential appeals court in D.C.

Warren for Attorney General

Remembering how we started.

After skipping Selma, not a wise move. "Bernie Cancels Mississippi Rally, Shifting Focus to Michigan

Car makers will get desperate

Ad I just saw on TV !!!!

Brand new Mississippi Senate and Presidential polls

I'm proud to have supported Warren, and so proud of her

Who is bringing more Democratic voters into the party?

msnbc just showed mike pence at 3M where they make the masks doing a photo op.

American said he felt "100 times" safer in China than US amid Coronavirus outbreak

US airlines are waiving fees and canceling domestic flights as coronavirus spreads

Sanders Cancels Rally In Mississippi

Detroit Free Press endorses Biden.

Polls show Biden and Sanders are probably going to split Warren's voters

Hillary Clinton Criticizes Trump for Downplaying Coronavirus on 'Fallon'

Why is the Elizabeth Warren Group locked?

Why do the British drive on the left?

Global Warming - Coronavirus - GOP

Dow Constantine calls on businesses, individuals to slow the spread of COVID-19

Stacey Abrams on Elizabeth Warren: .@ewarren gives form to brainy, compassionate, determined, ...

Michigan expects to report primary results late on March 10 because of changes in the law

"Every time I get introduced as the most powerful woman, I almost cry, because I wish..."

WARREN- One Last Story

Perseverance is the name of the newest Mars Rover.

Cartoons 3/5/2020

WHO Director-General: Some countries 'level of political commitment' doesn't match threat faced

Roberts Denounces Schumer for Talking About Kavanaugh the Way Kavanaugh Talked About the Senate

Tourists in Rome get naked in fountain. COVID-19, who cares, laws, who cares

Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; March 5, 2020

How the coronavirus outbreak is roiling the film and entertainment industries

"One of the hardest parts of this is all those pinky promises and all those little girls..."

Born on this day, March 5, 1948: Eddy Grant

A message from Medicare about the Coronavirus

As the coronavirus spreads, one study predicts that even the best-case scenario is 15 million dead

I was wandering through the "In Memoriam" list earlier today.

All the Candidates I have chosen have now dropped out...

Scarborough Bashes Millionaire-With-Three-Houses Sanders For Calling Clyburn The 'Establishment'

Trump got some bad news on Super Tuesday: Democratic voters are eager to show him the door

I'm at work and just spotted Fox News on in the lounge. . .

Well, well, Harvey Weinstein is on his way to Rikers Island

Obama staffer calls for Secret Service protection after Biden's wife and adviser take down protester

Hard Hat Melanie: "I am excited to share the progress of the Tennis Pavillion at the White House"

Trump Says Federal Government Will Begin Withholding Funds from Sanctuary Cities after Court Ruling

Hurray! Michigan governor

Dr. Campbell -- COVID-19 Thursday 5 March

MANY a homeless person in Tucson are throwing their hands...

Just a thought.

Biden tweets on Warren - the fiercest of fighters for middle class families - leaving the race

KANA TV: [AKIRA] Can you buy manga in the United States? [Bargain discovery !?]

I have someone arguing Trump has been better for women, blacks, poor last 3 yrs than Obama

Susan Collins behind in reelection polls after voting to acquit Trump

Kilmeade Fumes as Ex-Obama Adviser Says Fox News Is Trump's 'Happy Place'

Do you think Warren might try to negotiate some sort of deal..

Netanyahu's right-wing bloc falls 3 seats short of majority in Israeli election

The Rich Are Preparing for Coronavirus Differently, Concierge doctors, yachts, chartered planes

Republican Politicians have become a stain on and threat to American Democracy

West Coast Shows the Damage Outbreak May Do to U.S. Businesses

Ist case of Covid19 in TN---Williamson County

Politico: Biden can finish Bernie off in Michigan

Bill Clinton says he feels 'terrible' that 'Lewinsky's life was defined' by affair

Coronavirus questions answered...

At the 'frontlines' of coronavirus, Seattle scrambles to contain outbreak

AP: Seattle-area officials buy $4 million 'quarantine' motel

New NFL CBA would remove suspensions for positive substance abuse drug tests

Steve Kornacki didn't do his research about Washington.

Dow Jones almost falling below 26,000 right now: down 1000 plus

Graham: Trump should 'make sure the science is behind' his coronavirus claims

I can't tell you how many times I have seen Warren's "heritage" brought up

PELOSI: "Every time I get introduced as the most powerful woman, I almost cry because..."

NBC: Senate passed Coronavirus funding 96-1 with Rand Paul the lone no.

Joe is starting to flip some counties in California

Dow drops again, continuing a wild week on Wall Street

Senate approves $8.3 billion total coronavirus response package

Dr. Cornel West - "Stay Strong" for Bernie Sanders

Families of residents at nursing home hit by coronavirus want answers

When the right wing responds to the debate about "should there be billionaires?"....

Are things being cancelled in your area? I'm in the Seattle area

Trump officials saying a couple of hours to a day...!

Amtrak responds to coronavirus risk with increased train cleaning, waivers to change fees


Top Detroit newspapers endorse Biden ahead of Michigan primary (The Hill)

Northshore School District to close for up to 2 weeks amid COVID-19 concerns

Former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius endorses Biden ahead of Kansas City visit

The Times They Are a-Changin: Bernie Sanders

Trump to take questions at 1st TV town hall of 2020 campaign

The Onion: Vindictive Amy Klobuchar Elected Mayor Of South Bend, Indiana

McConnell will admonish Schumer over 'threat' to Supreme Court justices

If Trump's Ineptitude Leads To An Epidemic?

Val Demings for VP

A message from Medicare about the Coronavirus

Trump's coronavirus response puts his authoritarian instincts on full view

Romney Says Hunter Biden Probe 'Appears Political'

How to Stop Touching Your Face

Bernie backer Tlaib invokes Anita Hill to undercut Biden

Bernie Sanders: We need scientists, not politicians, in charge of the coronavirus response

The most stupid thing Idiot has ever said is it's ok for people with the virus to go to work.

Mike Bloomberg plans new group to support Democratic nominee

Coronavirus death rate is 3.4%, Trump says 'hunch' tells him that's wrong

Why Democrats Are Still Not the Party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Bandwagon Effect Is Kicking In Strongly

Kirkland students' petition urges school district to cancel classes amid coronavirus concerns


Colombia criminalizing instead of protecting human rights defenders: UN rapporteur

Joe Biden's older voters are showing up. Bernie Sanders' young voters aren't

Back on top: nationally, Democrats are again rallying around Biden: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Colombia's 2018 election fraud: investigations against Uribe and Duque piling up

sadly, the only way for Americans to take the coronavirus seriously is if someone famous gets it.

"Don't believe the media" and Bernie Sanders today

Former Republican Lawmaker Aaron Schock Has Come Out As Gay

VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren Speaks About Decision To Drop Out Of Presidential Race

The easiest cheater flan recipe

Million coronavirus tests won't be ready this week after all

Biden tax increases would raise $4T, analysis says (and Biden's plan is "very progressive")

Never, ever used canned pizza sauce.

Top Green Party Candidate Says He'll Run Against Dems--Even If They Nominate Sanders

About Leaders Telling People To Stay Home From Work

Brazil's low growth is "not normal", keeps treasury secretary up at night

voted today in Hawaii mail in preference poll....ranked choice voting on the ballot

Red Cross chief: 'Life without fear is overdue in Colombia'

Politico: Sanders and Trump Stare into Their Graves (because of Biden coalition)

One great thing about the primaries.

Way over-the-top tweet, even for him...

If you want to read a fucked-up medical bio, check out this link. The guy voting no on Coronavirus $

Bernie needs to soldier up soon.

Dubai ruler organised kidnapping of his children, UK court rules

****Back on top: nationally, Democrats are again rallying around Biden: Reuters/Ipsos poll****

I wasn't 100% sure till now; I voted.

In the General Election in November, we will see incredible hate and lies from Donald Trump.

Heads up for a CNN Town hall with Anderson Cooper and several experts

Robert Reich tells Warren supporters they "must" back Sanders

Arizona Co Chairs Named

Federal Jury in New Mexico convicts man from Minnesota of falsely impersonating Border Patrol agent

Israeli Defense Minister Orders Closure on Bethlehem After Seven Coronavirus Cases Discovered

Sanders is more interested in picking fights than winning them

I'm just starting to read "A Very Stable Genius" by Rucker and Leonning...

Very long Kurt Eichenwald thread on what he calls Sanders's environmental racism

For everyone's sake-Stay home if you are coughing heavily

Don Jr.'s "Very Political" Mongolian Sheep Hunt Cost Taxpayers More Than $17k

Processing...still processing...and feeling good!

Will Trump's rallies make him the Typhoid Mary of this virus?

Who broke CNN?

Dow Jones down another 972

Elizabeth Warren was asked about sexism in this race

March 6, 1836. The Alamo. The victory that cost Mexico half its territory.

Brazil's Maia says Eletrobras privatization tricky in 2020

The CNN website is showing me their page from January 15 and not the current one.

America punished Elizabeth Warren for her competence

"Yesterday" kitty:

Fornication now legal in Virginia

Florida has 219 delegates at stake.

To Don: We are not going anywhere. We will haunt your dreams. We are in your head!

Chinese doctors: autopsies of coronavirus victims suggest COVID19 is like combination of SARS & AIDS

Hugs all around - Big dreams never die.

Any warren voters need a sig line? Feel free to grab this one.

And this is a high priority at the white house today:

After we defeat trump - Warren for Treasury Secretary

How does Fed get away with dumping trillions in stock market?

We may be missing Biden's biggest strength.....

California officials demand changes to L.A. voting after election day chaos

Bailey legit just swiped someone's burrito.

Damn Skippy.

Newly obtained documents show $157,000 in additional payments by the Secret Service to Trump propert

Vox: The biggest challenge to America's coronavirus response? Trump.

"We're all after the real facts about the virus." . . . Please come CAPTION Lindsey Graham!

Dear Elizabeth, Let's keep the vision alive...

Coronavirus outbreak may have unleashed panic buying of Hostess Twinkies and Ding Dongs

Tulsi Gabbard is the one percent

Sanders cancelling speech in Jackson, Miss. this Friday

Hugs all around - Big dreams never die.

The email I received from Elizabeth Warren & her campaign today

KITH is back! The Kids in the Hall to Return to Amazon With New Episodes

Mormon Church delivers stinging rebuke to BYU students

Countries with a woman leader before the US

Biden holds a ten point national lead over Sanders

One thing I don't miss seeing.

San Francisco confirms 2 community-spread cases of coronavirus

Just Now: Seasoned judge, appointed by Republican president, says AG Barr's credibility is in doubt.

Mel Brooks, your thoughts?

Mike Bloomberg plans new group to support Democratic nominee

Does anybody else wonder about our septuagenarian candidates and coronavirus?

For the love of God, Trump -- PLEASE shut the fuck up!

How long before Lindsey Graham announces investigation into Hunter Biden and Burisma?

Hey, the Dow rallied late in the day and broke 26,000 again! USA! USA!

Today the Tennessee house voted on a resolution to honor Rush Limbaugh.

How Bernie Sanders Can Still Win It All

You raised $16,555.69 on March 4, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

I hope the Elizabeth Warren runs for president again.

Joe Biden Is Clobbering Bernie Sanders 61%-12% In Florida.....Go Joe...😎 🌞 🏝

Venue Name

Here is some simple electoral math...

Mom of missing kids invokes her 5th amendment right against self-incrimination

National Nurses president reads a statement by a quarantined

Driving while black with air freshener.......

Corona virius In Pensacola,fl

😁 Vote Your - Off bumpersticker

Ady Barkan: Bernie Sanders has done more than anyone else to build the movement for MedicareForAll.

Judge Reggie Walton has ordered the DOJ to hand over a copy of the unredacted Mueller report

Ady Barkan: Bernie Sanders has done more than anyone else to build the movement for MedicareForAll.

offer the greens a deal

We need a candidate like Jimmy Carter to run against Donald Trump.

The VP pick

Why Do Such Elderly People Run America?

Judge cites Barr's 'misleading' statements in ordering review of Mueller report redactions

Judge cites Barr's 'misleading' statements in ordering review of Mueller report redactions

If the GOP continues to go after Hunter Biden

Special Delivery!

"We are used to supporting whichever less-qualified white man seems to hate us least"

Some levity: [I] still believe this to be the most indelible image of the 2020 primary

Warren's endorsement would get my vote in Ohio.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Mar. 5, 2020

Sanders' Medicare for All policy would likely increase wages and create jobs, new economic analysis

Sanders' Medicare for All policy would likely increase wages and create jobs, new economic analysis

The rethugs are starting to sweat, they'll be pulling out all the stops

Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate

Inside the 'people's caucus' that inspired the Jackson mayor's Bernie Sanders endorsement

Andrew Yang launches nonprofit aimed at making his former campaign's ideas a reality

Elizabeth Warren would have made a great president.

First news of "presumptive' case of Covid-19 in Colorado


Warren for VP??

What's your least favorite "reason" we're down to two men as usual?

Feel like making a crack about youth turnout? Read this first.

Call me stupid but I still don't understand why the COVID-19 is so dangerous

Where Will Warren's Support Go?

The party of discontent

Biden Sends Klobuchar to Michigan

Biden Leads Sanders Nationally

CNBC's Rick Santelli says 2% should go ahead and get Covid-19 so markets can stabilize

Four stores, no alcohol wipes. Family member needs several per day. n/t

Humanity Forward By Andrew Yang

Major science journal retracts study blaming climate change on the sun

'Presumptive positive' coronavirus patient in critical condition in eastern Washington

Afghan conflict: Top court (ICC) backs war crimes probe

Bloomberg to Form Super PAC to Defeat Trump

Thursday nights are marathon Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations nights on OVTVHD channel

Sanders ad with Obama raises eyebrows

Using hand sanitizer wipes multiple times?

𝕬 𝖂𝖍𝖎𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝕾𝖍𝖆𝖉𝖊 𝕺𝖋 𝕻𝖆𝖑𝖊 - 𝕻𝖗𝖔

Biden opens up double-digit lead nationally over Sanders: poll

Colorado's First 'Presumptive' Case Of Coronavirus Confirmed

Anger as truck driver destroys Easter Island statue

Has JimBakker taken down videos of coronavirus programs? NY AG suing him to stop clains

I Heard Today That China Is Testing Pets (Dogs) For The Coronavirus.....

The Mars rover's name is.... (drumroll)

So 2148 was a bust. But next time a woman runs for president will be different!

Website gives you latest updates on coronavirus in Kentucky

Bernie on His Record of Getting Things Done

Bernie on His Record of Getting Things Done

Former U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar dies at 100

Former U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar dies at 100

"I feel sick and I sure the hell am going to work to show my support for President Trump!"

Brazil's Bolsonaro to meet Trump on Saturday: sources

Facebook removes Trump campaign ads over census confusion

U.S. markets tank as coronavirus outlook worsens

edit to move to Dem Primaries

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, D-Mich., endorses Joe Biden

Emerson Missouri poll: Biden leads Sanders 48% - 44%

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 30

Just filled out my ballot for Joe Biden...

Any Biden supporters having discussions with Sanders supporting friends/family-or visa versa?

I'm watching tRump's town hall so you don't have too......

Warren should take her time - and not endorse.

Reminder, If you think you have coronavirus CALL the hospital or Drs. office before you go.

Has your state posted a web site with guidance and data on coronavirus?

Where is the outrage?

Handcuffed and shackled, he died after getting a shot of ketamine

Oh, fuck off, Lind-say-eh Gray-ham

Whatever the mortality rate of COVID 19, containment is VITAL