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I'm not from the liberal, moderate, or conservative wing of the Democratic Party

Slavery Modernises, Adapts to Stay Alive in Brazil

EPA releases list of approved disinfectants to use against COVID-19

Help me understand something!

🐦 MAR 8 at 6PM - Rally in Ann Arbor with Bernie Sanders

Coronavirus: White House concedes US lacks enough test kits

I hope they don't keep the passengers on the ship

Coronavirus: White House concedes US lacks enough test kits

COVID-19 Virginia Department of Health information web page

Romney could derail Republican subpoena targeting Bidens

Covid 19 articles from Washington Post are free.

JPMorgan says CEO Jamie Dimon recovering from emergency heart surgery

KFC (Singapore) Has Tacos With Fried Chicken Shells

Coronavirus has mutated at least once into two strains, study finds

Three positive cases of novel coronavirus in Maryland

About Covid-19----some facts:

Biden's delegate lead continues to rise as votes are counted, now +76:


Dollar surrenders to euro and yen as rate supremacy ends

Nothing says "I have faith in an all powerful God" like a church removing the "holy" water.

I just got a phone call to interview for a 2020 Census job..

Trump is telling people to stay active in spite of coronavirus because he is worried about recession

Nurses Battling Coronavirus Beg for Protective Gear and Better Planning

Poll: Coronavirus response making people less likely to vote Trump

A dog has a 'low-level' coronavirus infection


I am watching the Governer of Colorado spew an alarming amount of disinformation.

U.S. Coal Use Is Plunging at Fastest Rate Since Eisenhower Era

Julien Baker- Funeral Pyre

Hello, my name is catbyte and I'm a DU addict...

I think Trump is scheming to dump Pence.

Guy has the sweetest conversation with the bird he's trying to rescue

No One Thought This Pit Bull Would Make It Out Of The Shelter

Are Bernie's people lying to him?

NC Election Officials Confirm Voting Irregularities in One County

Then impeach the bastard again

In Praise of Joe Biden, and in Defence of Bernie Sanders

Biden responds as Trump admits "We will be cutting" entitlements during Fox "town hall" broadcast.

If each grain of rice is 100K, how much does Jeff have?

The future is progressive. Problem is, the climate can't wait.

Trump Pledges Entitlement Cuts

Have you ever won anything?

Coronavirus outbreak may have unleashed panic buying of Hostess Twinkies & Ding Dongs

Movies to calm you at times like these....(NOT) Spoilers...

Dog Abandoned On The Side Of The Road Gets A Family Who Deserves Her

Bloomberg's first ad post drop out is a must watch: "DUMP TRUMP"

A better idea than Sanders's far-fetched electability argument


Trump winds down his Fox News #townhall by proclaiming himself the savior of America.........

Is it safe to say if Bernie or Biden wins

Clinton Says Warren's Campaign Hurt By Sexism

Can Sweden's cherished 'right to roam' survive in 2020?

A humble proposal concerning posting in the Democratic Primaries forum.

Morgan Freeman thinks Trump has this Coronavirus thing under control.....

Has US ever before ever had such a wilfully anti-expert, ill-prepared admin to deal with a crisis?

With 3 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Maryland it seems that DC will be impacted soon

'He will lose the election': Trump won't win 2020 because of coronavirus, 'Dr Doom' economist predic

Bernie Sanders: We need scientists, not politicians, in charge of the coronavirus response

This is your brain on capitalism.

I keep checking my watch and it's still 8 months till the general election

Maddow will be interviewing Elizabeth Warren on her show tonight. I look forward to it.

538 list of Bernie's best upcoming states.

Are you spending less and canceling travel plans due to coronavirus?

Announced today. This is a big deal.

Texas Democrats sue of the cancellation of Straight Ticket Voting

Holy Shit! Lou Dobbs is batshit INSANE!

We have no idea what mutations can happen

NGOs charge Brazil's Bolsonaro with risk of indigenous 'genocide' at UN

Why does South Korea have enough tests and we don't? (Not a rhetorical question.) nt

How Much Is Trump At Risk For Catching The Coronavirus?.....

I don't think Dem primary voters are misogynistic. I just think...



Kitten Rescued From Traffic in India Loves To Cuddle With Her Rescuer

Trump Asylum Ban Blocked By Ninth Circuit

Best bumper sticker ever!!! Courtesy of Mike Lukovich!

Wear nitrile gloves at the grocery store.

Romney: Biden, Burisma probe 'appears political'

Guy Tries To Befriend A Stray Cat For Over A Year

Democrats Will Go After Trump Kids Crimes If He Pushes Ukraine Conspiracy

Hillary on Biden's Super Tuesday Win.. "..he has the Experience.."

Trumps best healthcare plan

Twitter is testing disappearing posts called 'Fleets'

There can be no progressive movement without people of color and lgtbtq folks.

Anybody remember the term that the fool, Nixon, coined "The Silent Majority"?

Sorry, but this is really funny!

Trump insists Taliban wants to 'make a deal' after surge in violence in Afghanistan

The colonoscopy is over!

A dose of humor for the day.

What US Senator voted no

Vice News reporter returns to US from Italy and isn't screened for COVID-19

U.S., EU question part of Guyana presidential vote results

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 6 March 2020

It's going to be a Democratic Revolution!

What could it mean when being the best is not good enough?

Pelosi says 'element of misogyny' undermines women like Warren

Bakari Sellars just pointed out that Sanders skipped Selma AL and is now skipping Jackson MS!

U.S. Supreme court halts scheduled execution of Alabama man convicted of killing three police office

My wife commented this morning, saying that we started out with an extremely diverse set of

North Carolina voters make history by electing first Muslim woman to hold office

Lincoln Project trolls trump: Great American Speeches

Texas Democrats sue the state to keep straight-ticket voting in 2020

'Michigan or bust' for Sanders - and it's going to be bust.....😎💙

Flying Heritage and Combat museum closing for a while starting March 6 due to COVID-19

Florida GOP donor convicted on corruption charges in North Carolina

'Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Thursday that three people from Montgomery County

Ignore Everything Trump Says About Coronavirus

Current test misses 30%. looks like best diagnosis is

Didn't Bernie Sanders say he would stop the personal attacks during Rachel interview

Elizabeth Warren's Fight Isn't Over

Live music scene may be spreading virus in Osaka, Japan

CA SOS: 3.28 million total unprocessed ballots in California!!

Golfer Scott Piercy loses 2 endorsements over homophobic Instagram posts

Mike Bloomberg plans new group to support Democratic nominee

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Stupor Tuesday!

Biden pledges to reinstate Obama-era protections in LGBTQ plan

*Rachel about to interview Eliz Warren.

He went to Mississippi

COVID-19 vaccine trial will begin at Kaiser Permanente in Seattle

Senator Warren is going to be on Rachel Maddow tonight.

Sanders cancels Jackson, MS even though the mayor endorsed him.

Trump tells Fox News he's going after Social Security and Medicare: 'We'll be cutting'

Boeing sends 10 workers home, cleans 777 Everett factory area after man falls ill

I heard an interesting suggestion for vice president nominee today

Why Biden has a distinct advantage moving forward in the Democratic contest

Live updates: 11th coronavirus death reported; families of Life Care residents speak out

Warning to Rachel Maddow

Stream Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC NOW:

Gadgets for tech giants made with coerced Uighur labor

Washington, D.C., Man Linked to Community Spread of Coronavirus Misinformation

📸 "Trump 2020" helicopter seen hovering over Bernie Sanders rally crowd in #Phoenix

Do I start talking about Nina Turner again?

03/06. Mike Luckovich-Hold it. Hunter Biden has an overdue library book!!

📸 "Trump 2020" helicopter seen hovering over Bernie Sanders rally crowd in #Phoenix

Just like Rachel, Elizabeth Warren is way more qualified

'100 Percent Innocent': Alabama Man Nathaniel Woods Set to Be Executed Despite Late Drama

Trump's mental state -- not Biden's -- is the real concern, mental health professionals say

Cook Political Report's Wasserman: Barring a seismic event, this entire race is pretty much over

Bill de Blasio Suggests Black Voters Do Not Know Enough About Joe Biden's Record

Watching Rachel's interview of Elizabeth Warren makes me choke up

Over 2,700 NYC residents quarantined in homes over coronavirus fears

Trump Speculates Wildly About Coronavirus on National Television and We Barely Bat an Eye

Bad news in the family has turned my MIL into an ugly person.

At the grocery store tonight I bought a six pack of Coors and noticed...

BREAKING: Who was Bernie talking to on the phone when he took a walk?

Pence Is Speaking In Washington State Live Right Now You Can't Believe The Crap He Is Spewing

BREAKING: Who was Bernie talking to on the phone when he took a walk?

Turkey: Elite police going to stop Greece's migrant pushback

Arkansas documentary about 88.3 FM to debut at White Water Tavern

Nurses Battling Coronavirus Beg for Protective Gear and Better Planning

Rep. Matt Gaetz Confuses Everyone by Wearing Gas Mask for Coronavirus Vote WTF

My local representative lost by 100 votes.

Warren is calling out Sanders' supporters

Robert Reich Turns Donald Trump's Insulting Nickname For Democrats On The GOP

Nina Turner on Cuomo. WOW!!!

WATCH: Para-rescue jumpers deliver #COVID19 coronavirus test kits to cruise ship (VIDEO)

Warren told Maddow that some supporters' bad behavior is a particular problem w/Sanders's supporters

Something to think about to avoid the Coronavirus.

Sen. Ted Cruz Hatches Plan to Curtail the International Criminal Court's Power

Inside the Minds of Hardcore Trump Supporters

3 students at a Baltimore Jewish school sent home for indirect contact with Coronavirus.

There was a dog wandering on the a sidewalk today and heading for a busy corner.

Health District confirms presumptive positive case of COVID-19 in Southern Nevada

Documents Show How Soviets Cultivated Sanders

Nicholas Kristof: Why Biden is the change candidate

The sheer depth of incompetence and unpreparedness is frightening!!

Bloomberg to form new group to help Democratic nominee defeat Trump

Meanwhile . . .

COVID-19 is now in Las Vegas

Pelosi says 'element of misogyny' in race as Warren becomes latest female candidate to bow out

Just a reminder:

Harvey Weinstein moved from hospital to Rikers Island infirmary

NYT reports on decades long Russia-Sanders connection

Biden Tax Plan Would Raise $4 Trillion, With High Earners Paying the Most: Analysis

Bill mandating sex education in Washington schools passes House

Joe Biden...

Washington's Geoduck Industry Deals with Trouble from Coronavirus Impact

These last ten minutes of Maddow's interview with Warren

Rachel is doing an amazing interview with the best woman for the job.

Insurers promise to cover coronavirus tests, relax coverage policies

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: Guest -- Hillary Rodham Clinton

This is what I think

CNN having town hall on the Coronavirus now 10pm nt

Trump has made Democratic voters risk averse

Elizabeth Warren for VP!

Judge gives Democrats one week for next move in Trump tax return case

What happened on Bernie's 2016 turf?

Oddly dimming star isn't about to explode after all

Nancy Wilson, Gretchen Wilson & Alice in Chains - Barracuda

EPA releases list of disinfecting chemicals that can be used against coronavirus

Concessions Employee Tests Positive For Coronavirus In Seattle

Jews For Bernie

Jews For Bernie

TCM Schedule for Sunday March 8, 2020 - James Stewart Double Feature

White House sidelines Azar from coronavirus response

A huge piece of Trump's skin just fell off with his hair attached...

TCM Schedule for Monday March 9, 2020 - Life at Sea - Disasters at Sea

Asian markets have opened down 2-3% on Friday

'This Is Our Moment in History'

I love Bloomberg. He's already dunking on Trump

Just saw a snippet of the Sen. Warren interview with Rachel

I've figured out a plan. Every time I see this ad of Bernie's . . .

'This Is Our Moment in History'

Dow tanks more than 950 points as Wall Street's roller-coaster week continues

'Hillary' documentary begins tomorrow on Hulu.

Mrs Betty Bowers levels the boom, again, on trump town hall bs

Inspired by Elizabeth Warren, thoughts on "Dividing the party"

F**king hell! People still not washing their hands!

Somehow I just seem to need this song tonight - "Calling All Angels" by Train

An Open Letter to White Liberals Blaming 'Low Information' Black Voters

The Molina Brothers tell their story

Discussing Ann Richards on MSNBC.

This vicious cycle of electing a Republican President after a successful Democrat needs to stop.

Did Nashville Tennessee ask MF45 to stay away, or

Thirteen Moons

Do women not trust our own strength?

Jair Bolsonaro Might Lose Backing From Major Companies, Here's Why

On a scale of 1 to 10, how concerned are you about coronavirus?

Andrew Yang launches nonprofit aimed at making his former campaign's ideas a reality

Liz on what it's like to be tortured by Bernie's minions.

Dedicated to catbyte...

What Border Do WE Have With China?

I want to applaud @ewarren for a strong, issue-oriented campaign.

Sorry, Michigan Republicans. I don't need your help...

Republicans, rooting for Sanders, see Biden wins as setback

Dear Media, when Trump spews some bullshit or lie,

The Daily Show: Warren Drops Out, Trump Shrugs Off Coronavirus, & An Ironic Car Accident

The Daily Show: Back in Black - The Rise of "Sharenting"

My coronavirus strategy...

My switch to Biden and some advice for his staff.

Curious.....who would have made the better President......Hillary, Elizabeth, Amy???

Seth Meyers: Mike Bloomberg Drops Out of 2020 Race / Crocs & Peeps - Monologue - 3/4/20

It appears that all ballots are counted in California

Wtf did he say??

Alabama executes inmate Nathaniel Woods

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony reworked in the style of Chopin is absolutely exquisite.

Alabama executes inmate Nathaniel Woods

Seth Meyers - Trump Keeps Lying About the Coronavirus Outbreak: A Closer Look

Handling of the Coronavirus outbreak reminds me of women, Republicans and abortion.

I don't know what to make about this comment about face masks and COVID-19.

Now that everything has settled down after super Tuesday

Update on my wife's family in Hubei

Trump falsely blames Obama admin for hurting rollout of coronavirus test kits: Fact Check

Season 2 of COSMOS begins on Monday...

Mehdi Hasan: Biden Wouldn't Survive A One-On-One Debate With Bernie Sanders

A Secured Fairness Doctrine

Trump's Coronavirus Plan Was Never Going to Work

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, March 6, 2020

Thinking about COVID-19

How can we pressure someone to let the residents of that Washington....

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will at least have a net gain of 3 seats.

I vote Tuesday

Looking At The Supermarket Through The Eyes Of This Coronavirus Crisis.....

Yandere (ヤンデレ)

Biden folk, tell me what you love about your candidate

San Diego update shows Sanders lead shrinking

Aboriginal wisdom

Women Candidates...satire piece (well, satire with a whole lot of truth in it)

This Bernie Supporter Demands All Sanders/Biden Supporters Be Nice To Others PERIOD

Dan Rather's message this evening.....

☦The Holy and Great Fast/Lent in the Orthodox Church☦

NYT Nate Cohn's latest tweet about California

Epidemiologist predicts effects of coronavirus in the months ahead

Here's what I want all Democrats to know

Six Degrees of Respiration

Pence pledges 'full support' to Washington State in coronavirus fight

Elizabeth Warren Bows Out Gracefully, While Trump Spreads Dangerous Coronavirus Misinformation

RV the sheer depth of incompetence and

'Almost Without Precedent': Airlines Hit Hard by Coronavirus (NYT)

How I handled the most recent caller to my show who called me a nigg$$r.

Sanders campaign co-chair Nina Turner criticizes candidates using Obama as "a prop" by putting him

Thermal homes bring warmth to the Andes

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian Church: The Theotokos, Bearer of God and Earliest Known Prayer to Her

Here's how much a Bernie Sanders presidency would cost

Nearly 300 arrested in Chilean protests

Remembering the Heroism of Activist Berta Cceres Four Years After Her Assassination: an Interview W

okay holy freaking hell this young lady is one straight BADASS chick ... wow ...

COVID-19 and food.

What can be done about the unqualified sycophants Trump appointed to the federal courts

Has any other country had a shortage of virus testing kits?

Is anyone getting crap elsewhere on the internet from Bernie supporters? I'm dying here.


Warren can't be VP for the same reason Sherrod Brown can't

Amo Houghton (R, NY) dies at 93

Trump attacks Biden's cognitive health in possible general-election preview

US bans shock 'treatment' on children with special needs at Boston-area school

Two Army Ranger medics saved lives by taking fresh blood from uninjured soldiers in the middle of a

CNBC-host proposes killing 11,000,000 people to save US-economy. (Not The Onion.)

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 3/5/20

Sen. Bernie Sanders has canceled a planned rally in Jackson, Mississippi, going to Michigan instead.

BREAKING NEWS! -- U.S. Public Health Alert

The current state of the 13 flippable 2020 Senate seats

The Trump administration 'brain drain' is impeding the coronavirus response

Playing This Free Game Might Help Find a Coronavirus Vaccine

Glowing, glowing, gone: plunge in glow-worm numbers revealed

Maya warrior queen may have built the longest 'white road' in the Yucatan

Maya warrior queen may have built the longest 'white road' in the Yucatan

Mike Bloomberg plans new group to support Democratic nominee. And Hawkfish data campaign.

Oh joy. A Paris metro worker is hospitalized with COVID

Drumpf has canceled his trip to the CDC in Atlanta today. Scared, maybe? Instead

Guns N' Roses- Ain't It Fun

Seriously, why hasn't Tulsi dropped out?

how did this end up on tv?

Only 75,000 tests for coronavirus will be sent out this week, far short of the million

Fact Check: Trump's bogus effort to blame Obama for sluggish coronavirus testing

A Right-Wing Billionaire Was Just Convicted of Bribery and He's Dragging Republicans Down With Him

Trump to skip CDC visit today in favor of fundraiser

Biden should HAMMER Trump on COVID-19 IMHO, set the damn narrative NOW. Trump the fuckup!!

The Trump administration's greatest obstacle to sending a clear message on coronavirus may be Trump

Is your meth contaminated with coronavirus? This Florida police dept. will test it for free

Coved-19 cases just topped 100,000

California Forces Trump to release tax returns to get on Nov 2020 ballot

I'm very upset. I spent the entire night on my knees, praying...

Italian village residents find Lambrusco wine coming out of their taps

Breakfast Friday 6 March 2020

It's always a challenge when a new germ is making its rounds

Word from the steet on KCMO is that it's just another flu.

Trump's excuse for not visiting the CDC: ...the President does not want to interfere with the CDC's

As Bernie Sanders Pushed for Closer Ties, Soviet Union Spotted Opportunity

I think someone should leak Trump tax returns already! Even if they are kind of fake

Report: Explosion near US Embassy in Tunisia wounds 5 police

Europe's cities are leading the fight against the dark forces that threaten us - Mayor of Barcelona

Oregon's GOP Just Loves Timber Unity; It, In Turn, Loves QAnon, Proud Boys, 3 Percenters

For Dozens Of Cities East Of The Mississippi, Winter 2019-2020 Never Really Happened

I have always wanted a public option.

Morning Joe Trashing Bernie Getting Old

Sophia Loren: 'Female directors don't yell'/ BBC Online article/see link*

Any chance John Kerry could be chosen for VP?

Moving company rip off

Estimate raises questions about Sanders' proposals to pay for ambitious plans

CenturyLink Field employee who worked XFL game diagnosed with coronavirus

Fake Biden campaign site... being run by Trump operative

Bethany McLean, Who Uncovered Enron's Massive Fraud, Takes A Look At The US Fracking "Boom"

Trump voters at this stage are exactly this...

Val Demmings for VP

Friday TOONs - "Nevertheless, you must persist"

Fact check: Bernie Sanders ad featuring praise from Obama leaves out important context

Ex-Nazi Living In U.S. For Decades To Be Deported

"The Cut Was Front Run": Some Traders Suspect Fed-Rate Tip-off

Toronto van attack: 'Incel' man admits attack that killed 10 people

Of course they're gonna cut entitlements...

Like many women, I'm deeply disappointed Warren's out of the race. I only wish

How many people here have experienced flu-like symptoms in the last week or two?

The Rundown: March 5, 2020

Pick of the Week: "Strange Adventures" #1

Can't make this up. Current Dow futures: -666.00

The origin of Super Villains: Deathbolt

Is Twitter for small-minded people?

Andrew Yang launches nonprofit aimed at making his former campaign's ideas a reality

Western NY - Uh-oh

Friday Toons

Has anyone used PODS for a move? Did you read their contract?

Because Of Course: ExxonMobil Pushing EU To Water Down Emissions Standards

The Times' Attempt to Create a Bernie-Russia Scandal is an Embarassment

I want cats, I want dogs, I want sweet

"Mr. Barr could not be trusted." We all knew that, so what will come of this?

I think the lesson of Elizabeth Warren is not about sexism. It's about economic populism

Five Central Bucks Schools Closed Due to Coronavirus Concerns (Pennsylvania)

This is outright cool as h*ck

CA Democratic Primary Results Update 93% of precincts 3/5: Sanders 33.8. Biden 25.1 /Delegate count

Double standards you say? Indeed

Five Central Bucks Schools Closed Due to Coronavirus Concerns (Bucks County)

Rob Reiner is 73, today!! Happy Birthday, Rob!!!

The Hillary documentary is up now on Hulu.

Iran coronavirus response: This is what happens when you make health policy subservient to politics.

Photo: Bernie Sanders Phoenix Rally

Photo: Bernie Sanders Phoenix Rally

A Study Last Week Claimed to Prove That Bernie Is Unelectable. It Turns Out the Study Is Bunk.

Dozens killed in attack on political rally in Kabul

Anyone see Pompeo on CNBC? New meme - emphasize COMMUNIST! China

Democrats Will Go After Trump Kids Crimes If He Pushes Ukraine Conspiracy

How are the job numbers today?

Enough Division.

Susan Glasser: "Now the US is being contained"

The U.S. labor market showed strength in February, adding 273,000 jobs

"It'll be great for morticians and funeral directors." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!

'A snipe hunt.' KY House passes bill requiring photo ID to vote in McConnell election.

This one sentence in the red-baiting NYT article about Bernie sums it up clearly.

Examiner: Biden seeks knockout blow against Bernie Sanders in Michigan primary

'Dead Peasant' Life Insurance, Corporate-Owned Insurance On Low-Level Employees For Profit; Recall?

Crested Caracara Visits Vermont, Thrills Birders

The Clarity of a Smaller Field

Bill Barr needs to face an ethics investigation now that a judge has found him non-credible: Ex-US

An amazing story of a good Democratic business owner..

Crested Caracara Visits Vermont, Thrills Birders

NC-SEN: North Carolina Senate Race Moves to Toss Up

Chump canceled his CDC visit scheduled for today

Clint Watts: "Security line at Boston Logan Airport - I've never seen anything like it"

Report: Explosion near U.S. Embassy in Tunisia wounds 5 police

In a Town Hall at Scranton PA Trump said in his second term he is going to cut entitlements

Hopeful sign for D turnout in Texas

A new borderless Elizabeth Warren candidate image

Ben Carson says conditions for people detained at the border are 'quite nice'

Was Bernie always more of a "caucus" candidate?

Has anyone tried the Joe Biden Insult Bot on Twitter?

How Russia Is Trying To Boost Bernie Sanders' Campaign

Trump Signs Coronavirus Funding Bill, Cancels Trip to CDC

Mortgage rates are so low

Dow takes another morning nosedive.

Spanish coronavirus patient recovers after being treated with an HIV drug that stops the deadly viru

Trump Says CDC Trip Called Off Over Suspected Coronavirus Case

70 Organizations Demand WH Prohibit Big Pharma Profiteering On Coronavirus Taxpayer-Based R & D

He's not lazy - he's in power saving mode (Twitter video)

Trump: "A lot of people are staying here. They'll be going to resorts here. We have a great place."

Dumpy contradicts explanation about why CDC trip was scrapped

Pic Of The Moment: Heeeeeeere's DONNY!

So Trump just signed ginormous package to fight

Two British Airways staff have tested positive for coronavirus, the airline told CNN.

Netanyahu opposition parties unite to back bill blocking his re-election

Get that tail outta my face!

Three more Iranian officials reportedly dead from COVID19

Dow down 3% friday morning

Fear grips Wall Street: Dow sinks another 800 points

OMG! Baby beaver's tiny webbed feet are the cutest. (Twitter)

Survivors - 1975 (Covid-19)

SNOPES: The Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs.

Fact check: Trump tries to blame Obama for coronavirus test problem

Hey everybody in Colorado, ken buck is ON IT!

5 Bucks County Schools close due to Covid-19 concerns

Sanders Deflects To 'People Of Color' When Pushed On Lack Of Black Support

Photo: Bernie Sanders Phoenix Rally

This is my first poll, do you know of yone who has been hospitalized or died from the flu this year?

The virus couldnt have hit at a worse time for Trump

'America should stay at work,' despite coronavirus, Larry Kudlow says

Does anyone have a screenshot of their Pete primary tag?

Best chyron ever!

Trump's Remarks at a Fox News Town Hall, Scranton, PA; March 5, 2020

Tokyo organizers downsize arrival ceremony for Olympic torch

Sitting with my wife and boog on back porch this morning

Trump Blames (LOL) Obama for Virus

Trump "Hunch" That 3.4% Death Rate is Wrong

Family separations at US border plagued by problems, watchdog finds

Family separations at US border plagued by problems, watchdog finds

The Oregon GOP's Favorite Anti-Environment Group Is Awash in Racism and Violent Threats

About Barr's Mueller Report summary: Intentional false statement to Congress is a crime!

Oh Lord, hear our pray...

With people staying put. Mother Earth must be taking some deep breaths?

Greg Sargent: A judge just brutally rebuked William Barr. Democrats must act.

Johnathan Ferro ripping Larry Kudlow apart on Bloomberg Radio

Pennsylvania now has 2 confirmed cases of coronavirus

Trump: you can 'go to work' if you're sick with the coronavirus

Virus hits 100,000 cases as it upends lives, livelihoods

Joe Biden gets his dream endorsement....

Heidi Heitkamp endorses Biden

Donald Trump attacks Biden's cognitive health in possible general-election preview

Michelle Goldberg: "A whole-of-government mobilization to protect the president's ego."

MI-08: Rep. Elissa Slotkin endorses Biden in Michigan primary

Keep you eye on the ball, son.

CNBC's Santelli Said In Order To Reduce The Economic Impact 'We Should Just Give Everyone The Corona

Warren Urged by NOW Not to Endorse Sanders: He Has 'Done Next to Nothing for Women'

Trump has a selfish reason for holding back coronavirus testing kits: ex-prosecutor

Trump has a selfish reason for holding back coronavirus testing kits

Walter 'Furry' Lewis was born on this date.

New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan Endorses Joe Biden for President

QUESTION: How long does it usually take to distribute then use these test kits?

Joe Biden to visit Detroit for 'Get Out the Vote' event ahead of Michigan Primary

Tulsi Gabbard Hosts Las Vegas Town Hall Moderated by NORML Nevada

Youth Hockey player in Scarsdale tests positive for coronavirus

Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski drops a bomb on Trump over his political future if he keeps

The danger is that this is only the beginning of the pandemic.

American Samoa Democratic Party Confirms Tulsi Gabbard Wins Two Delegates

Trump signs COVID 19 bill

Senator and former governor Maggie Hassan endorses Biden, citing his experience and character

There's gotta be a mash-up video of all the lies Trump told about Covid19 juxtaposed with reality.

Trump supporter say she doesn't even believe coronavirus exists

They should just put this tweet in the dictionary to define the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

Is Trump keeping a six-foot distance between him and others?

More Buck

Canned Heat - Let's Work Together

Take note and remember. It is still relevant.

CNBC's Rick Santelli: Give Americans Coronavirus To Save The Stock Market

Bernie Backers Crave Warren's Support, but Her Fans Might Vote Biden Anyway

538 just updated its primary forecast. Biden with 88% chance of winning majority of delegates!

See if you can spot the math error. (Man facepalming)

There are people that say we lost presidential elections because of candidates being too moderate.

Michigan Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist just endorsed Biden live on CNN!

***Updated Democratic 538 Primary Forecast***

White House sidelines HHS Secretary Azar from coronavirus response

And now a word from the nations doctor.........................

Thoughts on the 57% undecided (up from 41% prior to Super Tuesday).

The fine art of cat stacking

"Dump Trump - Go Joe" (new Bloomberg ad)

"These Are the Questions We Should Be Asking About Coronavirus."

Pretty sure Bernie will not win the nomination.

Nate Silver: After Super Tuesday, Joe Biden Is A Clear Favorite To Win The Nomination

Democratic Congressman Bobby Rush and His Hoodie

HRC & Hulu.

Being poor or even paycheck to paycheck is a problem in so many ways.

LIE: Trump's CDC trip canceled because the president didn't want to interfere with the agency's work

OMG! The Obamas knew!!! 😁

The surgeon general of the United States just said VIDEO

Harris County Clerk has apologized for election wait times

Wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone, would you Donnie?

Guess which one of us was forcibly removed

Eliminating the Filibuster.

Golden Retrievers, generally, have soft mouths..

A $60 Billion Housing Grab by Wall Street

Fox Business Host Warns: U.S. Will Have 'Hundreds Of Thousands' Of COVID-19 Cases

Biden should open a sister city in about offering Sanders DeVos's job

Japan testng c.virus drug despite danger of birth defects

University of Washington employee diagnosed w/ virus--classrooms close & online classes begin Monday

Ripple effects

Staff pot luck today. My boss is out so I am contributing something with her name on it

What are you doing about your daily mail? Maybe...

'This is a lie': Internet busts Trump for trying to spin away his Fox News boast about

It's back on: Trump to visit CDC in Atlanta on Friday after all

CNBC host Rick Santelli suggests killing millions now, because coronavirus is bad for business

I guess I should post this as some folks have forgotten

Man brings swastika flag to Sanders rally

I wouldn't be surprised if China issues a travel ban on Americans by April.

Ohio Department of Health opens call center to help with COVID-19 coronavirus response

Bernie Sanders campaign spokesman on CNN

Bette Midler tweet: Trump told Fox News he was going to cut entitlements last night

Ukrainian Security Service dismantles Russian spy network


In the 30s Country stars sang about illegal liquor

Nate Silver-The model is back on! It's quite good for Biden; 88 percent majority chances.

Coronavirus in Montgomery County: Here's the latest

Sanders will be doing another Fox News town hall on March 9th

E-mail from my brother-in-law - (Corona virus)

Why a Biden-Klobuchar ticket can beat Trump

Midday Music for Millennials -- Jes' grew Funk Friday

Why did the News Media show so much outrage during Katrina

Hillary Clinton does a shotski on Bravo

Just went in for Biden. It's a 2-way tight race and to me, it's a clear choice.

CNN's Harry Enten: Why Warren supporters will split between Biden and Sanders

A Watch with Smartest Gesture Control

Why can't we just license a test kit that we know works from another country?? Manufacture here?

Bernie Sanders Might Have a Michigan Problem

Tornado benefit concert: Jason Isbell, Sheryl Crow, Brandi Carlile, Dan Auerbach, Margo Price, etc:

Michgan's first AA lieutenant governor, who just endorsed Biden, had voted for Sanders in 2016

The Atlantic: Exclusive: The Strongest Evidence Yet That America Is Botching Coronavirus Testing 👀

Doctor who treated first US coronavirus patient says COVID-19 "circulating unchecked' for weeks.

Nina Turner vs. Hilary Rosen: "How Dare You, As A White Woman" Tell Me How To Interpret MLK Jr.

Do you believe the sister city program contributed to the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Index card found in sunken ship helps implicate former Nazi concentration camp guard living in Tenne


Texas State Rep Forced Into Runoff By Candidate Who May Not Exist

Amazing what a father will do for his children.....

The current messaging about COVID-19 in my inbox today: flu and corona...get a flu shot


Bernie Sanders' Call For Young Voters Isn't Working Out The Way He Planned

🔥 Campaign Update at 1PM ET: Bernie Speaks to Press ahead of Detroit Rally

One billion Android devices at risk of hacking

Detroit Action Endorses Sanders

This tweet has me fired up:

Romney reversal: now backs Burisma probe subpoena

Kratu back at Crufts is a Dog's Dog

Fun fact about covid-19 reporting.

Trump was going to sign emergency #coroavirus spending bill passed by Congress at CDS

Derren Brown and the power of suggestion. Might explain the trump cult

Math is good...

Jobs report was announced a few minutes ago...

The BDS Faith: Judaism without Zion


March 12 Orlando - AFL-CIO will host Presidential Candidate Forum

March 12 Orlando - AFL-CIO will host Presidential Candidate Forum

The Pentagon's Elaine McCusker isn't the problem -- politics is (meaning Cheeto)

Tough guy Ken Buck tells Biden and Beto to try and take his gun - the one in his office illegally

Microsoft will pay hourly workers regularly

You raised $7,656.00 on March 5, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Arizona Republic front page: ''Sanders inspires regular people''

Yet another update of major endorsements (changes every day!)

Gov Cuomo: 33 coronavirus cases in NYS (w/ Testing Priority info)

Arizona Republic front page: "Sanders inspires regular people"

Meanwhile... FLOTUS is focused on a "tennis pavillion"

Why would Warren endorse a guy that told her a woman could not win the Presidency?

OMG! Former Acting Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Indicted on Theft

Wes Montgomery was born on this date.

In Call for Unity, Ocasio-Cortez Says She'll Back Biden If He's the Democratic Nominee

How to protect against corona virus

Top White House official in charge of pandemic response exits abruptly. 2018

Get ready for a brand new HOUSE FIRE today!!!! In ten minutes!

State by state popular vote as of noon today:

Susan Collins doesn't 'understand' why voters turned on her. Did she forget her impeachment vote?

Common Defense Endorses Bernie for President

State by state awarded delegates as of noon today:

Common Defense Endorses Bernie for President

I Really detest Andrea Mitchell

Ex-Breitbart Writer Joins WH Rapid Response Team

Trump says people didn't like Warren b/c she's "mean" & they prefer people like him "that's not mean

Don Jr's Mongolian Sheep hunt

Joe has to debate Bernie for his, and our, own good. AFTER that we likely can turn the page.

🔥 Campaign Update: Bernie Speaks to Press ahead of Detroit Rally

A Murder in the Woods: The Mystery Behind Shenandoah National Park's Last Homicide

Warren had a great interview with Rachel last night.... Threw Major Shade on Bernie

POS45 showed up here today post-tornado wearing his stupid fucking campaign hat.

Texas ice cream licker gets 30 days for in-store stunt captured on viral video

State Rep. Summer Lee says she will endorse Bernie Sanders

Natasha Bertrand: The White House "has taken total control over staffing at DoD..."

It would serve Sanders right if the media stopped going to his "press conferences" until he

NEW Morning Consult poll: Biden 54%, Sanders 38%

If you believe that Warren lost because of sexism and misogyny...

Avengers! Biden Endorsers Gird for Battle. Fun. Moving.

Must watch priceless brutal take down video of trump idiot rick santelli on air

Fans Banned From NCAA Basketball Tournament (due to coronavirus)

The new ECONOMIST polling model...

Oprah for VP!!!

Susan Collins Unable to Decide Whether to Wash Hands

Sen. Kamala Harris grills Homeland Security head on deportation threats to DACA recipients

The World Is Experiencing a New Form of Autocracy

Warren MOST likely next step in NOT TO ENDORSE until there's a nominee...

Feeling kind of low.

4 Republican senators could well be on the chopping block come November

You Have The Right To Wonder What It Takes For A Woman To Win The Presidency In America

There are 3 eggs in the Decorah eagle's nest

How many bettors lost their shirts taking a position on Bernie Sanders?

Loaded gun found in federal Manhattan jail that housed Jeffrey Epstein

Bernie bails on Mississippi

Warren to Maddow: It's Time To Think More Creatively About 'Organized Nastiness' Online

8 years "presidential" experience in Obama WH makes Joe most qualified to rebuild

UW Starting March 9 will not hold classes in person

538 gives Biden's odds of winning nomination 7 in 8

University of Washington suspends in-person classes in response to coronavirus

Is Bloomberg waiting until after we have a nominee to unleash his Operation Overlord on assface?

A Warning from the 60s Generation

5 Key Takeaways From Hulu's New Hillary Clinton Docuseries

MAGA hats are made in China

Biden: Trump, Release Your Tax Returns Or SHUT UP.

Elizabeth Warren's exit interview is a warning for the dirtbag left

The Age Gap and preference for Democratic Nominee--a poll. Explanations?

White House is considering tax relief for airline, travel, and cruise industries hurt by coronavirus

Romney will support subpoenas in Burisma Mudfest

Cartoons 3/6/2020

Why Do Well Qualified People Compromise Their Integrity And Lie For Trump?.....

Another manic Friday as state lawmakers work toward deadline

Canine Humor

Ratfucker says goodbye

Ex-head of the NC GOP pleaded guilty, 2 others found guilty of honest services wire fraud & bribery

I know this is the usual Kellyanne shit, but this time, it's dangerous

Officials recommend 'social distancing,' working from home

House Judiciary will put forward NEW IMPEACHMENT ARTICLES if the D.C. Circuit overturns the ruling

Daily KOS: The voters didn't pick my candidate, and I respect that

'We still have a problem with female authority': how politics sets a trap for American women

Rats avoid harming other rats. The finding may help us understand sociopaths.

Russia, Turkey reach cease-fire deal in northwestern Syria

Trump Walks Back His Pledge to Slash Entitlements 'I Will Protect Your Social Security and Medicare'

Richard Engel: we're only now starting to understand the economic and social strain of this epidemic

Biden Boasts 16-Point Lead Over Sanders in Democratic Presidential Race

Simple but informative tweet about women leaders of the world

Biden appears to close the door on Warren joining his administration

Mic'ed up Freddie Freeman scores from first on a popup:

NOAA: February 2020 Atmospheric CO2 414.11 ppm; February 2019 411.75 ppm; February 2018 408.32

Trump also said if he was elected President he would be so busy he would have no time to play golf

Impeach Barr! Now!

Jupiter gives us Pluto in 2020 (

Trump tells town hall he plans to cut entitlements, hopes to replace ObamaCare with 'something great

What 60 Billionaires is Bernie talking about?

Biden outperforming Sanders in counties with lower income

Trump says "we'll be cutting" entitlements like Medicare and Social Security. Trump wants it!

2018: Ex-Justice Dept. lawyer offered to sell secret U.S. whistleblower lawsuits to targets

Wow, 538 has Biden at 87.5% odds of winning primary outright!

I did it

South Korea has tested 140,000 people for the coronavirus.

Citing concern over Sanders' challenges in Florida, Democratic super PAC postpones ad blitz

FiveThirtyEight: Biden's chances to win the Primaries moved from 15% to 88% in less than a week!

It's not clear to me why Warren should endorse anyone

Man Unfurls Nazi Flag At Bernie Sanders Rally

Time To Start Beating The Drums Against Don J, Eric, Ivanka & Jared

Giant of Jazz, McCoy Tyner has passed

House Democrats request appeal asking court to enforce subpoena for former Trump White House counsel

Costco Will Stop Offering Free Samples & Our Shopping Trips Will Not Be the Same

Chicago Sun-Times endorses Biden

Best way for Biden to win over Bernie supporters?

TRUMP: "We'll be cutting" Medicare and Social Security.

Stanford Medicine COVID-19 test now in use

Hillary Clinton Drops The Hammer On Melania Trump's Cyberbullying Campaign

Mike Bloomberg is rehiring hundreds of staffers in 6 swing states to help the Democratic nominee

Assad says Erdogan blackmailing Europe with refugees

Jousting Jill Biden showed us a Fightin' Philly Girl straight outta Willow Grove

Stacey Abrams!!!

The day has come

Food banks experience volunteer shortage as coronavirus spreads in Washington

Washington waives copays, deductibles for coronavirus testing and treatment

Fred Guttenberg responds to GOP rep daring Biden and O'Rourke to come get his AR-15

MSNBC ALL DAY LONG... Two white men in their 70s

Officials: U.S. has 'persuasive' intel Taliban does not intend to abide by terms of peace deal

EXCLUSIVE-U.S. House panel faults FAA review of Boeing 737 MAX, plane design failures

OK, I joined Team Joe...

Sweep of arrests hits US neo-Nazi group connected to five murders

Question for our friends in Washington state.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas to pay $10M fine, issue refunds after state finds billing mistakes

New debate rules are out: Candidates need 20% of delegates to qualify

Any bets that the RW government of Italy collapses as more and more people die from

Coronavirus Testing IS Available In the U.S.

Worrying about Sanders Supporters Voting for Biden Is a Waste of Time

Here's why Chinese scientists say there's a second, more dangerous coronavirus strain

Biden coming to Grand Rapids, Detroit on Monday.....Omg..Go Joe😎

McCoy Tyner has passed

Sanders' press secretary is retweeting his supporters who are retweeting Trump attacking Biden

Coronavirus and pets: can you kiss your dog?

Expect to hear this excuse from the Orange Blob soon.

Shaking my head

Biden tweet: Finally: a way to use Twitter without character limits. (VIDEO)

Stanford launches its own coronavirus test

"Don't Test, Don't Tell" Policy of Trump / Pence

'Bailey' vs. 'blood and teeth': The inside story of Elizabeth Warren's collapse

Miami cancels two music festivals amid fears of the coronavirus

So Many Good Things Said About Elizabeth Warren


Class act: Biden standing up FOR Bernie

Thinking long term about the VP choice...

Boeing hit with 61 safety fixes for astronaut capsule

Exclusive: The Strongest Evidence Yet That America Is Botching Coronavirus Testing

Is this too far-fetched, or not?:

Blind man fails U.S. citizenship test because it wasn't available in Braille

Get ready for a massive Paulson

Biden leads in WA post-Super Tuesday Poll (Survey USA)

Go back and watch the Warren Bloomberg smack down

'This Was a Grift': Bloomberg Staffers Explain Campaign's Demise

Man gets probation for tossing water on Iowa Rep. King

Nathaniel Woods' execution doesn't end the controversy over his case

Your Fancy Honey Might Not Actually Be Honey

"Joe Must Apologize"

China is taking pleasure in US mishandling of coronavirus

The truth of the matter is that Trump is a bullshitter and spits out nothing but fake news.

Saudi ambassador to US shrugs off Biden, Sanders criticism

Facebook closes Seattle office until next week after positive coronavirus test

Burritos - one end open or both ends closed?

Random coronavirus thought before I head home

The Dow is now back to January of 2018

I love live tv

Emerald City ComicCon is postponed.

Judge orders feds to turn over file in Park Police shooting

Gallup: Republicans hold election enthusiasm edge

40-70% of every adult in the world over the age of 35 will be infected. Millions will die

10-year Treasury yield sees biggest weekly drop since December 2008

Will Azar be gone in a Friday news dump today

Trump is in mourning over the Coronavirus

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick Endorses Joe Biden for President

Kansas investigating massage therapist for female athletes

Colombia confirms first coronavirus case

New debate standards require 20% of the delegates.

First coronavirus reported in Peru

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot endorses Joe Biden for president

Six former wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about abusive OSU doctor

State Rep. Summer Lee says she will endorse Bernie Sanders

caption Trump photo

State Rep. Summer Lee says she will endorse Bernie Sanders

Motorcade enroute to CDC Atlanta at Druid Hills exit

Trump greeted on the way to CDC

Is Hillary Rosen a Biden campaign surrogate?

Sanders campaign co-chair floats Warren for VP slot

Ouch! Hillary on Melania:

Sanders bashes Biden on trade for blue-collar votes

A few months ago, I met a young filmmaker named Yvan Iturriaga

Satellite images show empty airports, tourist attractions due to coronavirus

A few months ago, I met a young filmmaker named Yvan Iturriaga.

Happy Birthday David Gilmour!

Some Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Suggesting How We Must Behave,

I believe I can Fly!

Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All Policy Would Likely Increase Wages and Create Jobs, Analysis Shows

Caption this screen shot of Trump at the CDC.

Trump at CDC lying his ass off and his minions also

'Doomed from the Start.' Experts Say the Trump Coronavirus Response Was Never Going to Work

I might have known the first owner of this car.

The Bern the System Art Show opens April 18th

Austin declares disaster, cancels South by Southwest

Has the stock market tanked like this during other virus outbreaks? Nt

"Dr" Pence (ew) is scheduled for a press conference at the WH any moment

SXSW has been canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.

Bernie must apologize

Trump treatment for Corona.

Think about this.

Coronavirus Matters, the Stock Market Doesn't, and Thinking It Does May Literally Kill Us

SXSW is canceled over coronavirus concerns

Photo of Trump at the CDC--his face looks odd and he shouldn't be wearing MAGA hat

Colorado, you have my sympathies -- not related to Covid19.

SpaceX announces deal to send tourists to the International Space Station

So, I'm an old geezer, so bear with me:

'Mensch' Joe Biden sees surge in Jewish support

SXSW is cancelled

Romney to vote for Burisma subpoena

Bernie Adviser Nina Turner Blasts Audience From Black Women's Forum for Booing Senator's MLK Comment

CNN's Hilary Rosen apologies after first apology to Sanders surrogate Nina Turner sparks uproar

It's been like a vision test

What's for Dinner, Fri., Mar. 6, 2020

Deval Patrick endorses Biden

How much faith do you have in Trump and his team's ability to handle the Coronavirus?

Oh, how CUTE! Trump made a "perfect Ukraine call" joke while speaking at CDC.

Anybody who needs a test can get a test...and the tests are beautiful

The [coronavirus] tests are all perfect. Like the letter was perfect. The transcription was perfect.

How does one get selected to stand behind a candidate?

trump is talking at the CDC. 'we're the only country that's proactive'

According to Nate Silver's 538 forecast, No one beats Bernie Sanders. Chances of winning...

Hachette drops Woody Allen's rights to his memoir.

hookay then, got it

TRump on Jay Inslee: "...that governor is a snake."


One simple reason Joe is the best candidate: The word "Biden" points to a "crook", Donald Trump!


Hold Truth to Power

I watched a town hall meeting with Donald Trump on Fox last night and have come to the conclusion

ranked voting by mail

State Rep. Summer Lee says she will endorse Bernie Sanders

Prediction: Trump is setting up Pence to take the blame, & will bring in Nikkie Haley to replace him

Pence looks very authoritative. He seems to have borrowed POSUS's makeup for TV.

Kentucky reports first case of coronavirus in state.

If our healthcare system is the greatest in the world...

I was in the Kroger parking lot this afternoon.

Who has the best chance of winning in a heated, ugly, name calling election?

Trump to continue shaking hands

Some questions for anyone who thinks sexism didn't negatively affect Warren's chances

21 aboard cruise ship docked near San Francisco test postiive: 19 crew members and 2 passengers

VP pence bobble heads say how great we are doing

NPR: How Russia is trying to boost Bernie Sanders campaign.

Tweet: If Trump wants to destroy the coronavirus, he should run it like one of his businesses.

Nations Around The World Are 'Pulling Out All The Stops' To Protect Citizens, Except In The U.S.

Oklahoma has confirmed first case of COVID-19 coronavirus, Gov. Stitt announces

He will be doing this

A MAGAt speaks on the Coronavirus:

Minnesota has reported its first COVID-19 case.

Trump is informed about a potential pandemic

NYT Columnist: "The CDC presser was among the most frightening Trump appearances I've ever seen"

Fuck you, Donnie Dumpster

Contrary to Fox Noise, Coronavirus is not like the flu. Simple numbers I found:

Interesting stat from Super Tuesday

Christopher Steele Whacks Mueller Report and 'Bad Faith' Team Trump

New poll: Joe Biden opens up a 16% lead over Bernie Sanders

SXSW canceled due to coronavirus after Austin declares 'local disaster'

Judge orders Trump admin to turn over the Mueller report.

The ties that bind. (book related)

🐦 MAR 7 at 11AM - GOTV Rally in Dearborn with Bernie Sanders

what is the death spiral of the disease?

Two AIPAC attendees were Coronavirus positive. Pence, Pompeo and Bloomberg spoke there

Pics from around the country of friday panic shopping

🐦 MAR 9 at 11AM - Get Out the Vote Rally in St. Louis with Bernie Sanders

On CNN Wolf Blitzer: only 46 of the 3500 people on board the Grand Princess were tested, and

Woody Allen Memoir Dropped by Hachette After Staff Walkout

Tribalism Is Killing Liberalism Why We Are Succumbing to the Politics of Division

Trump CDC Press Conference.....WOW

The 20-year argument between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren over bankruptcy, explained

Why new diseases keep appearing in China

Note that no one is asking if this is Trump's 'Katrina moment'. This is way too bad for that!

In the past 36 hours, six friends who work in the hotel business have been laid off after a massive

Kansas City has only 5 coronavirus test kits

Greenwald and Snowden were unavailable for comment:

Nebraska reports first case of coronavirus disease

eBay bans sales of face masks, hand sanitizer amid coronavirus price gouging

Just asking: is it possible trump(ers) divested in the stock market just before trump collapsed it?

How will anybody know if they hand over the