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REMEMBER: Spring ahead, Fall Sheik Yerbouti. eom

Blasphemy to believe that virus can be transmitted by receiving Holy Communion


Sanders appealing to African American voters at mainly white crowd in Flint

D.C. reports first case of coronavirus; CPAC says an attendee at their conference is also infected

Jay The Snake Inslee - Escape From Seattle

AIPAC and the coronavirus

Sanders voted against Flint water crisis funding in 2016

Hillary Clinton calls out Trump's coronavirus response, 'nastiness' of Bernie supporters

Virginia COVID-19 case

Florida Presidential Forum cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns

Just checked internet--case in Tulsa. Man returned from trip to Italy end of Feb, positive result

The receding American Dream

Kansas confirms 1st coronavirus case

I... I am unsure what to say about Peep Crocs

Richard Cordray, former CFPB head and Warren ally, endorses Joe Biden...Go Joe 😎🎨

Oh, the carnage. Warning: Too many earthworms died for this post.

Can Erik Prince be either sued or prosecuted for his latest actions?

Two new cases county. Okaloosa and Volusia counties.

Come To Brooklyn

I hope Warren doesn't endorse anyone on the grounds that...

Dallas County asks for Super Tuesday recount after discovering it missed some ballots

Breaking: the cure for Coronavirus

Joe Biden's not being a programmed and expert candidate re: oratory May be working for him

Joe Biden's new plan to end the opioid epidemic is the most ambitious in the field

Say, remember that big oaf who texted Lev about Marie Yovanovitch??

Look who supports Biden:

US Marine in Virginia Tested Positive for Coronavirus, in State's First Case

Worried about the virus? How to keep from touching your face:

Do I have this right.

Homeless at 'double risk' of getting, spreading coronavirus

California man had coronavirus *before* he boarded Grand Princess, cruise ship official says

Coronavirus: Northern Italy To 'Quarantine 16 Million People'

So cold hard truth is ... if you are stupid enough to rely on Trump to give you truthful information

(2020.1-2020.3) Map Timelapse of the Coronavirus

BREAKING: Saudi Arabia is launching the oil market equivalent of a declaration of war

'Get ready': Italian doctors warn Europe

Repost from Lounge -- where the gardeners must be out for dinner.

CPAC is infected!

Bernie's revolution fizzled on first contact with actual voters. It didn't have to be that way

Republican Joni Ernst numbers plunge after voting against Trump's impeachment

State confirms 16 coronavirus deaths, over 100 cases now

Read the Plan: Reproductive Health Care and Justice for All

Deep breathing & coughing exercises to help lungs (hope it's okay to post this here)

Can Democrats turn Texas blue?

South Korea Drive-Thru Covid-19 Testing Coronavirus Drive-in

Coronavirus: Expert's worst-case scenario is 96 million infected in US with up to 500,000 dead

Tried a new Veggie Chili recipe today....still in the crockpot for another hour or so

First coronavirus case in Kentucky/Harrison County.....

Matt Schlapp interacted w/ infected CPAC attendee

Trump says doctors keep asking how he knows so much about the coronavirus

First coronavirus case in Kentucky/Harrison County.....

VDH press release for first Virginia COVID-19 case

As Americans Continue To Get Coronavirus, Trump Shows He Doesn't Really Care

Trump Org has lost its exclusive rights to a prized asset - the Trump name - for real estate/golf

DC case has no outside contact, case of community spread.

U.S. death toll rises to 19; Italy considers locking down center of outbreak

Prince Andrew hires Pinochet lawyer as FBI pursues probe into royal's links with paedophile Epstein

Bolsonaro urges Brazilians to march in his support

Trump officials unsure how many people tested for coronavirus

Why Would a Billionaire Charge the Secret Service $650 a Night?

Joe Biden ad: The Days Of Donald Trump's divisiveness are almost over

First positive case for an American servicemember stationed in the US.

Deep breathing & coughing exercises to help lungs (cross-posting from GD)

Missouri is set to announce its first "presumptive positive" case of COVID-19

AFL-CIO scraps Orlando presidential forum

Kitsap County sees four negative coronavirus tests while 14 await results


Civil Rights Activist Andrew Young Endorses Joe Biden

'Thrown under the bus': Some Afghans view U.S.-Taliban peace deal with mix of disbelief and anger

Breaking: Reports that King Salman of Saudi Arabia has died (still unconfirmed)

The line in Kansas City to see Joe Biden:

Fiona Hill on 60 Minutes tomorrow.

Is your driver's license compliant? Washington's deadline for REAL ID compliance is Oct. 1.

*'Get ready': Italian doctors warn Europe; No. Italy To 'Quarantine 16 Million People'

Saudis announce big price cuts. World oil price war.

Coronavirus: Are women and children less affected? (BBC)

Biden racks up union endorsements ahead of crucial primaries

First coronavirus case in D.C. is from community spread, officials say

Donald Trump's paternal *grandfather* died of the 1918 Spanish flu, yet Trump claimed

Televangelist Jim Bakker Ordered By Attorney General To Stop Selling Fake Cure For Coronavirus

I wonder of whether the reason why two senior homes are infected in WA

Coronavirus Testing: Criteria and Numbers by Country

E.P.A. Updates Plan to Limit Science Used in Environmental Rules

COVID-19 news update for 3/7/2020

New hashtag? # Fall Guy Pence

Biden's speech in KC -- tweet with video:

'Doomed from the Start.' Experts Say the Trump Administration's Coronavirus Response Was Never Going


Something's happening with the Grand Princess

Shocking video shows a New York City subway rider spraying an Asian man and yelling at him to move

Let's step back, take a deep breath and review.

Incredible: the novel coronavirus has more spine than Republicans.

'An absolute disaster': Iran struggles as coronavirus spreads

'Preppers' have endured years of mockery. Coronavirus fears have given them a booming self-survival

How Trump's haphazard management style made the coronavirus crisis worse

Republican Joni Ernst poll numbers plunge after voting against Trump's impeachment

Official: White House didn't want to tell seniors not to fly (WTF)

Is DU's time off? It's 9:30p ET but it says 10:30?

Republican Joni Ernst poll numbers plunge after voting against Trump's impeachment

If Trump decides to use the coronavirus epidemic to block the November election -

Official: White House didn't want to tell seniors not to fly

We're lucky in some ways that Trump is such a self centered idiot

Mike Pompeo ridiculed as the 'Secretary of White Male Fragility'

COVID 19 fears and turnout: What do you think?

Elizabeth Warren releases moving video on what's next: 'Choose to fight only righteous fights'

Jeanine Pirro argues coronavirus may be less deadly than the flu in latest Fox News

Palm Beach Post, Trump's home newspaper at Mar-a-Lago, endorses Joe Biden

Sarah McLachlan - Angel

U.S. coronavirus fatalities rise to 19

Toilet paper

#StupidThingsTrumpHasDone is trending on twitter

Nearly 90% Of World Population Biased Against Women, UN Study

Sanders supporters start false rumor of Biden disappearance while he campaigned in Missouri

Glenn Greenwald on Biden. Sanders should apologize for this phony attack!!!

Suburbanites are voting and that's good news for Joe Biden

Jame Bond Star Daniel Craig To Host Saturday Night Live. Musical guest

concrete proof drumpf is supressing health officals suggestions to contain Covid-19

video of people rushing to escape the "red zone" before Italy quarantines 16 million

Woo hoo!!!!

Second Washington state poll in 2 days showing Biden ahead, 47-44 in this one

From Matt Orfalea, this is the guy Sanders hired to do videos, and fired the next day...

Now they're doctoring videos and posting them on twitter........

Vatican Confirms 1st Coronavirus Case as Pope Francis Recovers From a Cold

Hillary Clinton makes a wisecrack about Melania Trump's 'Be Best' program

Whatever happened to taterguy? 😲 Anyone know?

Has Sanders ever run a more negative campaign than this one?

A cancer patient quarantined on a cruise ship fears she won't make it home for her chemotherapy

Saudis Plan Big Oil Output Hike, Beginning All-Out Price War

Daniel Goldman: "Today is my last day as Dir of investigations w House Intel Cmte..more to come."

Vermont Announces State's First Case of Coronavirus

Clyburn: Obama should make endorsement before Democratic convention

Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups

Michigan Is Make-or-Break for Sanders

Do you know anyone with coronavirus?

Spring forward!

Tacoma School District

Off to Death Valley next week-I'm driving!

The number of coronavirus cases outside China could jump tenfold every 19 days without 'strong inter

US Senate seats Democrats will win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

The Disinformation Campaign Being Launched Against Biden

Diaper Don


Wow! Liz Warren -- the real Liz Warren -- on SNL's cold open! (partial video)

Suit: Website sold ammo to underage accused Texas shooter

Sanders makes a controversial new hire.

Do Your Dance - Prince & The New Power Generation

Just watched an all-Obama ad for Sanders

Elizabeth Warren on SNL. Daniel Craig hosting. Hmm... Will she be the next 007?

Why do BS Bros claim Biden has cognitive decline when BS is at very high risk for it after his MI?

"I Am Burning With Fury and Grief Over Elizabeth Warren. And I Am Not Alone"

Elizabeth Warren!

Michelle Malkin meltdown thread over CPAC

A big test Monday about who is winning Coronavirus data wars

Biden racks up union endorsements ahead of crucial primaries

The Organization of American States Is Eroding Faith in Democracy

So Blue - Prince

Meanwhile, at CPAC, This happened....and Drump has not been on Twitter all day....

Warren selfie bit on SNL--sweet and funny

Sanders doubles down on Biden attack...

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Pinot noir vs pinot griego - the results are dribbling in:

Trump continues to lie about COVID-19

Crystal Blue Persuasion -Tommy James and the Shondells

ICYMI: Honeybees hit by Trump budget cuts

Elizabeth Warren makes surprise appearance on SNL

Frida - I Know There's Something Going On

WATCH Bernie Sanders Defend Skipping Bloody Sunday Anniversary: 'We Showed Up in L.A. Where We Had 1

WaPo Prints Study That Found Paper Backed an Undemocratic Bolivia Coup

Sanders campaign falsly claim Biden wants to sit during next debate.

Really weird: On Buzzr vintage game show channel, Robert BLAKE & Orson BEAN are on.

Black voters prefer Bernie over all others, (2/26/20)

Sparks - "The Number One Song In Heaven"

A way to increase quarantine space -- seize all Trump properties to use for patient care

Part of me would love for Biden team to make light of their mischaracterization of him

Just in case any of your reichwing FB or Twitter friends tries to run this canard up the pole ...

How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore -Take 2

Seriously, what's going on?

Biden favored to win Washington State by Predictit traders.

Hilarious. Mick Mulvaney Demonstrates How To Spread COVID-19 At The CPAC.

Testing for the coronavirus might have stopped it. Now it's too late.

Here is a great and fairly short write up from MIT on CDC's botched tests

Fiona Hill: Putin has the U.S. "exactly where he wants us"

Crystal Blue Persuasion

MBS review: why Trump and the west took a pass on the Khashoggi killing

Virgin's Scarlet Lady arrives in Miami on the day the govt tells the elderly to stay off cruises

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Sorry Project Runway, but you'll never top this fashion show. 🐈

HE ...

John Kerry in Michigan: Democratic socialist 'not going to be elected president'

Get Wild Prince & N.P.G

Two AIPAC conference attendees test positive for coronavirus..

Prince - Space (Universal Love Remix)

If you remembers the 90's Right..than you remember TV Land NICK AT NITE!!


SNL: The Ingraham Angle Coronavirus Cold Open (with Elizabeth Warren!)

ABBA - Chiquitita

I know that I haven't been around here as much at night...

Ween - Feb 15, 2020 - Terminal 5 - Complete show

SNL: Weekend Update

Suppressed: The Fight to Vote, the new documentary by Robert Greenwald - watch free online

SNL: The Sands of Modesto

Florida Woman Changed Voters' Party Affiliations to Republican

Thanks to COVID-19, I now have a couple of bidets in the home

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Karen demands a refund

Biden, Bullock boost Dems' Senate hopes

Joan Jett Roadrunner 1987

Andrew Romanoff leads Democratic Senate candidate caucuses (Colorado)

Madonna - Music w Ali G

Darling Cruel - Everything's Over f/ Gregory Darling

Trump Is Counting on the Supreme Court to Save Him (Frum, in The Atlantic)

Keystone, Vail Mountain to remain open after man with coronavirus skied at both resorts

Joan Jett Roadrunner 1987

Prison contractor squares off with counseling lobby in Capitol

Cat's sweet greeting to odd friend:

THIS is why Putin wanted him in office.

Statewide Lodging Tax Becomes Law

famous and semi famous Characters Voice Actors

Major GOP donor Friess decides against Wyoming US Senate run

Trump is counting on the Supreme Court to save him

A 9-year-old autistic student was handcuffed at a Casper school. Now the feds are investigating.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Guitar George Edition

Bills on abortion, voter crossover die in second-to-last week of Legislature

Breakfast Sunday 8 March 2020

Billings City Council Approves Subway System To Connect All The Subways

Bloomberg adviser previews 'scorched-earth' campaign to be aimed at Trump's 'grifter' family

Short essay on the history of the humble potato.

Montana politics: Green Party in, Senate candidate out, GOP files ethics complaint

Donald Trump heads to the golf course during Mar-A-Lago visit just days after saying he's 'too busy'

Group says will spend $750K in Montana to rally Democrats

omg...she is just amazing! Hazel Piazza

Arizona man arrested by FBI had Nazi hat, uniform

Beagle loves to bring her bunny sister toys

Woman Takes Her Rescue Squirrel Everywhere She Goes

Coating Steel With Polymers Derived From the Neurotransmitter Dopamine.

Statewide alert: FL nursing homes limit visits; suggest text, Facetime, Skype; suspend large group

People Rescue 700-Pound Moose From Railroad Tracks

This is what happens when you get the coronavirus

This Car Could Save So Many Dogs' Lives

What Coverage Keeps Missing: Erik Prince's Frontier Services Group is Funded by the PRC

Man Finds Tiny Puppies In Box On Side Of The Road

Georgia 'tort' legislation to limit jury awards hits speed bump for 2020

Happy International Women's day to all

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Time to change our clocks again.

Georgia House leaders back paid parental leave for 250,000 state workers

Breaking now -Kamala Harris endorses Biden

Harris endorses Biden!

Kamala Harris Endorses Joe Biden (finally)

Talented Newfoundland performs ecstatic circle for tasty banana

Iowa Democratic and GOP party chairs spar over health care

Today, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is ... 42

Cat Says 'Uh-Oh' Like A Person Whenever She's Out Of Food

Universal health care was a winner in Maine on Super Tuesday

Dr. Cornel West's Inspiring Speech at BERNIE SANDERS' Flint, Michigan Rally

Lawmaker rallies support to overturn LePage estate tax cut for millionaires

For those of you who think that masks are only for keeping others from getting your illness

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Universe While Eating Spicy Wings Hot Ones

In new ads, BIW workers say Sen. Collins doesn't have their back

The Only Way That Change Takes Place - Bernie Sanders 2020


Lawmakers Look to Tax 'Luxury Services' After Sales Tax Bill Dies

Funny. Amazing. Poignant. Incredible. Take four minutes for this.

Khamenei accused Irans enemies of exaggerating the threat of coronavirus to scare voters from voting

House Passes Education Reform Bill Three Years in the Making

((US Army suspends travel of soldiers and family members to/from South Korea))

The Hoax keeps spreading

Juliette Kayyem: The U.S. Isn't Ready for What's About to Happen

GM jolts business model with electric vehicles bet

Oh Crap! It's a Thesaurus!

Awwwwwwwww!!!! Heartland Institute Lays Off More Than Half Of Its Staff, Citing "Financial Troubles"

Official: White House didn't want to tell seniors not to fly

A Senate probe found Lucido sexually harassed women. The Republican falsely claims he was exonerated

White House overruled health officials who had urgent coronavirus warning for America's seniors

Back in Black - The Rise of "Sharenting" The Daily Show

Exxon CEO Snarks About Other Oil Majors' Climate Targets As A "Beauty Competition"

CDC Head, Dr. Robert Redfield Controversy On Controlling Viruses, Political & Religious Beliefs

New voting rules could help both Biden, Sanders as Michigan's primary election looms

Twin Cities janitors call off strike after reaching tentative agreement

BTRTN Super Tuesday Post-Mortem: A Biden Bounce for the Ages

CNN/SE Cupp: This is why we're panicked about coronavirus

Kirkland, WA - This is insane. 22% of the people in this nursing home have died since Feb 19th.

St. Paul proposes 5 new ordinances to protect renters


Rev. Jesse Jackson endorses Bernie Sanders

God is such a Trickster

Child care costs hammer Nevada's workforce

538's forecast now has Biden with a 90% chance of having a majority of delegates

We Are One Woman

Michael Moore just insinuated Joe Biden's supporters hung the Nazi flag at the Sanders rally

Trump downplaying, even interfering with CDC COVID-19 warnings, especially for seniors is the

Complete video of SNL's cold open last night (9 minutes, the last 2 with Elizabeth Warren)

Trump is now Baghdad Bob!

Vice President Kamala Harris; A former prosecutor who could lead an anti-corruption task force.

Look what I bought my wife for her birthday

Sanders voters helped Trump win the White House. Could they do it again?

Reuters: Americans divided on party lines over risk from coronavirus

Sanders voters helped Trump win the White House. Could they do it again?

Roper continues to highlight damage of state budget impasse on UNC system

Quarantined passenger: Put all of us at trump properties-since he doesn't believe there's any danger

If Joe becomes our President, I would like to see Kamala Harris either as AG, or if a SC becomes

This Erik Prince spying shit is fucking Watergate all over again!

Expelled from the US and now in limbo in Sierra Leone

"Little girls with dreams become women with vision."

I've had about enough of Michael Moore

Confessions of a call-centre scammer

Sanders Is Behind With Black Voters. He Didn't Fix That in Flint.

*****Official Biannual Thread to Complain about Daylight Savings Time******

With voter expansion referendum in pieces, ACLU asks Supreme Court to step in

Wait, does the president have the authority to keep people on a ship ?!

Amy K to Trump: "remember to set your clock ahead tonight for 11/3/2020 when Joe wins"

Elections Aren't Immune: Where's The Plan To Ensure COVID-19 Doesn't Upend 2020 Elections?

This is from Cenk Uygur, Sanders supporter. Disgusting!

Trump administrations fix on the covid-19 numbers...

Translated account from an Italian surgeon.

Non Sequitur - Daylight Saving Time

Doonsbury - Yeah, That's Never Good

The Sanders camp is in danger of becoming so isolated from the Democratic party

Cenk Uygur at the airport. What kind of adult acts this way?

Push for death penalty elimination continues with upcoming legislation

Fred Guttenberg calls out M. Moore for saying DNC's trying to make next debate "easier" for Biden

NEW: Fauci: Those 'vulnerable' to coronavirus should limit travel and crowd exposure

The ignorance of the uninformed voter

Bernie tells "This Week" that civil rights activist Jesse Jackson will endorse him later today.

March 8 - Happy Birthday Rep. Greg Stanton (D) AZ-9th

It's Daylight Saving Time, xkcd style

Sanders Scraps Speech on Race (Relations) in Michigan

March 8 - Happy Birthday Rep. Alan Lowenthal (D) CA-47th

March 8 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jahana Hayes (D) CT-5th

No Bernie, the establishment are the GRASS ROOTS *VOTING* for Joe

March 8 - Happy Birthday Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D) NJ-5th

AFL-CIO Cancels Presidential Forum Due to Virus

Chicago: Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Bernie Sanders and Some of His Supporters Want a Revolution

Sanders claims Buttigieg, Klobuchar dropped out only b/c establishment "put a great deal of pressure

📣 NEWS: Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Endorses Sanders for President

The Universe is indeed Poetic

Capital-Star's reporting prompts Pa.'s teacher pension fund to audit travel expenses to L.A.

📣 NEWS: Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Endorses Sanders for President

SpaceX Successfully Lands 50th Rocket In 5 Years

Lol at the Wal-Mart in Havre

Biden tweet responding to Kamala Harris's endorsement

Worst Sandstorm In 40 Years Hits Canary Islands: 80 mph Winds, Schools & Airports Closed

Virginia lawmakers vote to raise the minimum wage to $12

The Sanders Camp Is "Saying the Thing That Is Not" More and More

Faiz Shakir on the 1994 Crime Bill:

Students find cop's gun in bathroom

National Phenology Institute: Spring Arriving In SE U.S. Earlier Than Any Time In 39-Yr. Record

Donald Trump's speeches 'getting longer as his list of enemies grows', says expert

Just imagine how worse the coronavirus would be if Trump still had that rubberstamp Congress

Russian Media Freak Over Joe Biden's Election Resurrection

Joy Reid interviews Faiz Shakir, Sanders campaign manager. Must see TV!

Cenk wants the party bosses to dump Joe.

Expect More Of This: Public Money Used To Prop Up Values Of Uninsurable Private Property

Virginia General Assembly passes bills to require background checks on all gun sales, restore one-

Cent Uygur, former House candidate, goes after Biden's "mental decline"

Urgent care (Doc in a box) home visits

Railing on rich folks isn't winning strategy

Great Idea! A Canal That Fucks 1 Of Europe's Last Wilderness Areas AND Dredges Around Chernobyl

Cenk Uygur is on a one-person crusade to push Biden's "mental state". This is the guy...

Virginia General Assembly caps insulin costs at $50 a month

It Can Get So Much Worse

Hillary Clinton: Sanders wouldn't be our strongest candidate

I wonder if this virus can spread to other primates?

To all the DU'ers who responded to my post with kind words and suggestions when I was down:

Trump plans to boycott St Patrick's Day Speakers' lunch in Washington

Wisconsin has a growing problem with drugged driving

Pulse of DU Democratic Primaries poll-Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Cenk Uygur?

Sanders backed by Justice Democrats

I'm having dinner with my sad, Warren supporting brother & still hopeful, Sanders supporting niece

Excellent article on the Coronavirus COVID-19. Very understandable and informative.

I've Grown Weary of Daylight Savings Time

STEPHANOPOULOS: The Grand Princess is docking tomorrow. What's the plan for the 3,500 people...

Arab Americans in Michigan Are All in for Bernie

Arab Americans in Michigan Are All in for Bernie

Italy just quarantined 25% of their population ...

U.S. airport screeners, health workers plagued by fear and anger as coronavirus spreads



The one good thing about DST... My pup hasn't readjusted and is content to sleep in and snuggle!

The Young Turks Union Fight Gets Nastier With Charges of Retaliatory Firing, Withholding Raises

Empty chairs for MH17 victims outside Russia's Hague Embassy

States with comparable population are not allocated the same number of delegates.

Sanders talking on ABC about "the power of the establishment to force" Klobuchar, Buttigieg out

My new favorite Trump nickname: "The Shakespeare of Shit"...

(Great video) What is CoronaVirus? By Dr. Peter Lin

Midday Music for Millennials -- Jes' grew Sunday

Coronavirus: HSE chief 'cannot dispute' forecast of 1.9m people falling ill in Ireland

I really like this photo...

The perfect adversary for Trump.

If the USSC overturns roe v wade

Is there a way to cancel a *sent* email from AOL ?


Knocked silly by my anesthesia...and it was outpatient surgery...

not to throw stones, but

Reich: "Trump is finally facing a crisis that eludes his capacities to con..."

Door knobs are brighter than this neurosurgeon................JFC

Two reasons why Trump may be slow responding to the repatriation of the ships

I am very sure the answer to the economic turmoil from COVID-19

Canada By Train - A Photographic land cruise

'I don't want to': Ben Carson panics America by refusing to reveal 'plan' for cruise ship patients

And this guy was just hired by the Sanders campaign??

Milton Berle; "Go to Church"

Jesse Jackson endorses Bernie Sanders for president

Let me make something clear to everyone.

Unintentionally hilarious strategies for Sanders, from a Sanders supporter

Meet 2020 AV2, the 1st asteroid entirely within the orbit of Venus (

Why state elections matter: Virginia

In A World of Extreme Social & Environmental Crisis, Corporate Power Threatens Survival

If the nominee doesn't choose one of the woman candidates as running mate, I'll be so angry that...

The Math: The Case for Social Distancing Even Quarantines

This guy was just hired (yesterday) by the Sanders campaign. Look at some of his tweets...

ny times tracking every US case of coronavirus updated multiple times per day

I wish this was a joke, but New York City has tested only 119 people.

Should Bernie Sanders apologize to Barack Obama for his surrogate's attack on his wife?

Internet ridicules Trump surgeon general for president is 'healthier than I am' claim:

Trump and Sanders supporters with the same lies about Biden?

I just had 5 big bags of dry catfood delivered. Archie is very impressed. It's like prrr my precious

Don Caron's new parody. Pretty good!

GOP leader accidentally describes Trump kids: 'The only reason you have that job is your father'

Because all these Sanders/Biden threads are getting tiresome

What Fiction are you reading this week, March 8, 2020?

Missing Sunday LOL Cats.....

Don't Panic: The comprehensive Ars Technica guide to the coronavirus

Marine Corps. reserves are being called up

A lightning strike, a virus, a heart attack, a stroke, an election, I don't care.

Spring is coming!:

Daniel Dale & CNN: Trump & his campaign, & Sanders supporters, promote flagrantly dishonest video

it is getting tough here


Can we really be "shocked" by anything anymore?

I always forget to change my timestamp on DU till midday

Not surprisingly, the virus is affecting eBay.

A travelers testimony posted on Facebook will make you think


Brian Stelter: 🔥The president should lead, or get out of the way. Don't make a bad situation worse

Have Any Covid-19 Numbers Been Coming Out Of Russia?....

I had to use a paper bag at the grocery store the other day. Oh, the memories!

Worth binge-watching on Netflix: Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

Richard Engel: "Virologist I spoke to told me Italy is a sign of what could be coming" (not good!)

"What's the big deal? You can't even see it!". . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!

Cenk is still at it, stoking the Biden dementia story:

Do you think they will go ahead with the Big Ten Basketball Tournament and the NCCA Men ....

Sanders, Biden camps clash over Arizona debate format

Don't ask Sanders to drop out...

Sorry. Wrong forum.

Joyce White Vance: Biden & Sanders should tape message together giving reliable coronavirus info

Saudis' arrest of 2 princes called a warning to royal family

One reason why Biden has the support of the black community...

The Real Reason Bernie Sanders Skipped the Edmund Pettus Bridge Commemoration?

This couple goes to Mexico to buy low-cost insulin for strangers who need it

The Grand Princess is docking tomorrow. What's the plan for the 3,500 people on board?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, March 11: Star of the Month: Joe E. Brown

Frankly, I am somewhat concerned. The very stable genius who stared directly into the solar eclipse

Anyone Know What Kind Of Covid-19 Precautions Are Being Taken At Mar-A-Lago & Trump Tower, NY?....

Anyone watching HRC on Fareed Zakaria?

You raised $5,059.00 on March 7, 2020 ActBlue POTUS donation links

I am frustrated that so many TV pundits & journalists use the euphemism "mistruths"

Interesting. Local private college preventing students travelling home for holidays

I have to ask this question here, because i DO NOT understand how elections work!

Positive coronavirus test for Toronto woman who traveled to Colorado...

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

About Matt Gaetz, A Republican who wore a "gas mask" in Congress.

The U.S. Isn't Ready for What's About to Happen

I bring you gift 😍.

I bring you gift😍

Denver Covid-19. My three degrees of separation

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, March 10: Underappreciated Songwriters with Michael Feinstein

White Hands Holding Bernie Signs

Best article I've seen so far on hand cleansing to remove and destroy viruses....

Boy and dog

Dayton UD Flyer's Mens Basketball...GW Game....Oh yea, Obi Toppin flys too.

Biden arrives at Church in Jackson, Miss.

Brady Campaign endorses Joe Biden!

Jeff Koterba's latest cartoon: Going bust

2020 Kentucky Derby Trail - 2020 Tampa Bay Derby, San Felipe Stakes and Gotham Stakes

A Rainbow of Biden Supporters

2019 Horse Racing - 2019 Santa Anita Handicap

It's "all hands on deck" for the Biden bashing "progressive" groups today. From Our Revolution:

Photos: Bernie Rally in Grand Rapids, MI

trump should double down on his rallies....since he has no concern about them

Photos: Bernie Rally in Grand Rapids, MI

Thousands Of Americans Walking Among Us With The COVID-19 Virus And Have Not Been Tested

Missed educational opportunity on SNL last night

Kevin McCarthy Plays The Burisma Fiddle And Calls It Work Whining about 'why won't Democrats investi

Front Page Endorsement: The Arab American News

Front Page Endorsement: The Arab American News

young fit man is forced to publicly say that 73 year old unfit man is healthier

There are 365 delegates available on Tuesday...

Joe Biden's Commitment to Indian Country

Trump Flatly Admits He'd Leave Americans Stranded to Hold Coronavirus Numbers Static

How's the bernie Farewell Tour going today? So far all ive seen is him bad mouthing

Drug Companies Spend 10X As Much On Advertising As They Do On Research

Viewpoints: Four mistakes that made epidemics deadlier

Hunter Biden's papers missing, suit says

I think it's time for Bernie and Joe to stop shaking hands with people at rallies.

Major conservative paper wallops Trump with brutal editorial blasting his coronavirus debacle

Cartoons 3/8/2020

London lab paying people 3500 ($4500) to be infected with #Covid_19 and isolated for 2 weeks

Worried about the coronavirus? See this patient's advice

I find myself wondering as I look at the COVID-19 pandemic developing,

Hillary Clinton: Sanders wouldn't be our strongest candidate

Over 800 hepatitis A cases reported in Louisiana outbreak

Truffle-tracking dogs find the delicacy in local forestlands

Ryan Lizza on the MAGA/Sanders recent smearing of Joe: He's been like this for decades!

Local, federal leaders scramble to expand COVID-19 testing

Ok, I am kinda stunned and a bit pissed.

Confusion, frustration as people at risk seek COVID-19 tests

Sen. Warren last night:

The doubt of a 'Bernie Bro': A Sanders supporter questions whether his tactics help or hurt

Can't wait for the 10th and 17th

Using social Media for protesting

Richard Cordray, former CFPB head and Warren ally, endorses Joe Biden

Cornel West's speech in Flint is amazing!

Editorial: Biden can win presidency and Senate majority

Sanders backed by Justice Democrats

Coronavirus victims are anonymous - on purpose. Releasing their names would be a disaster.

BREAKING: Saudi Arabia closes all schools and universities across the kingdom until further notice

What happens after Republicans are crushed in November?

Italy's Coronavirus deaths increase by 133 in a day.

McCoy Tyner, Iconic and Influential Jazz Pianist, Dies at 81

Sanders Is Behind With Black Voters. He Didn't Fix That in Flint.

The nonpartisan gun-reform group Brady United Organization Endorses Biden!

A reminder about prominent Sanders supporter Dr. Cornel West (Warning: Racial slur)

No ordinary flu: Coronavirus and the lessons of the 1918 pandemic for a world on edge

History's deadliest air raid happened in Tokyo in World War II & you've probably never heard of it

Goodbye Rosie the Queen of Corona

Sanders Says Buttigieg, Klobuchar Pressured Out

Would it be a good thing if our side was proactive and cancelled any more

Gates Foundation to soon offer home-testing kits for coronavirus in Seattle area

REMEMBER: Trump fired Americas Pandemic Response Team

Watching the horizon with a trained eye

If most are working from home, schools close, events get cancelled,

🔥 Video: Rev. Jesse Jackson Endorses Bernie for President

Bernie Sanders Claims African-Americans Voting Against Him Is A Corporate Establishment Conspiracy 😯

🔥 Video: Rev. Jesse Jackson Endorses Bernie for President

New Sanders official re. Michelle Obama: I'd call her ugly but I don't want the backlash.

Nice exchange with Bernie campaigner

The Myth of Low Youth Turnout in the Democratic Primary

Tweet of the Day

The US has 980K hospital beds and 2.7 million RNs

I volunteer at our local high school and have noticed

23,000 years? off to find Kaleva & the bidet thread... 🤯

Sanders not likely to expand lead in California.

Amy Klobuchar sparks Biden vice president rumours after slip of the tongue at rally

24 hours ago it was a scary news story. Now its real

COVID-19 Map Interactive

Trump escalates fight against press with libel lawsuits

As of Saturday, 12 Whatcom County residents are being tested for coronavirus

The Boeing 737 MAX Nightmare Keeps Getting Worse

Gov. Kate Brown declares coronavirus state of emergency, announces 7 new Oregon cases

Italy Locks Down Much of the Country's North Over the Coronavirus

Washington gov weighing "mandatory measures" to fight coronavirus

What, if anything, does Chris Christie bring to the table????

Trump's working hard on the coronavirus (busy weekend)

My recent voting record. For the record.

Bernie Sanders asks Elizabeth Warren and her supporters for backing

Why is Tulsi Gabbard still in the race?

Rosa Parks niece canvassing for Bernie

Rep. Suzan DelBene visits EvergreenHealth to learn more about coronavirus response

Best and worst blurbs on books you are currently reading

Sanders new senior policy advisor

Nigeria is already dealing with a deadlier viral outbreak than the coronavirus epidemic

Grab a Tissue

Coronavirus Prompts White House To Mull Economic Stimulus Plan ... For Trump's Hotels

102 cases of novel coronavirus now confirmed statewide by Washington health officials

PSA: If you are planning a trip overseas, check the state dept website first....

Kamala Harris to campaign with Biden on Monday in Detroit

Bernie Sanders Won Michigan in 2016. Tuesday's Primary Looks Much Tougher.

Ahh, Spring when the cats begin to build their nests

This old timer needs help. What site offers the most simple way to install You Tube.(then my phone)

Former MI Senator Carl Levin Endorses Biden

Baby One Little Push From You ... got me on The Upswing (a calming, groovy little Sun AM ditty)

according to Sanders' latest hire

Does Biden's team not have a rapid response unit?

Sen. Bernie Sanders adds Coronavirus Public Health Roundtable in Detroit on Monday

Official: White House didn't want to tell seniors not to fly

MSNBC has been misreporting today that March For Our Lives endorsed Bernie Sanders

Cruise ship forced to stay off South Florida shore pending tests of 2 crew members

Photos: Bernie Sanders and Rev. Jesse Jackson

Coronavirus in PA

Sanders is clearly pissed at Biden and the "establishment." Will he run as an independent?

Photos: Bernie Sanders and Rev. Jesse Jackson

Pandemic: Netflix's new series about global outbreaks is eerily timed, and moved me to tears

Joe Biden is a lock in Mississippi, but he showed up anyway.

The Spread of Coronavirus in the U.S. as of March 8, 2020, 1:30 PM

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's mislaid blame on Obama for virus test--BUT "No such regulation existed."

"There's now hundreds of Cambridge Analyticas, not one."

Hello, is this the right room for an argument?

Anthem Blue Cross just sent out a Coronavirus update, if you are interested...

Pro-Trump Climate Denial Group Lays Off Staff Amid Financial Woes, Ex-Employees Say

From Al Jazeera: Hospitals in Milan, Italy are full. People are being told to stay home.

Irony Alert! CNN: Sanders says 'rampant' sexism in US is a hurdle for women running for president

Dr. Jerome Adams, Surgeon General

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

A sexual assault in front of 82,000 people, and not a lot will happen unfortunately

So how will Dump cash in on this disaster?

Sanders supporters lose their shit over Warren's appearance on SNL

Nurses in Pima Co. AZ Report PCHD Refusing to Test Symptomatic Patients for #COVID-19

Should Bernie Sanders fire his Senior Advisor for attacking Michelle Obama?

South Korea covid 19 update: Daegu Sincheonji cluster

Biden vs Bernie

Coronavirus: As death toll rises by 133 to 366, Italy becomes most affected nation after China

If I read Chinese, I would LIVE in one of these gorgeous Chinese bookstores!

Will Sen. Warren endorse Joe?

The hospital nearest my home has its first covid patient.

MBS just told Putin to f off

'Zero-empathy' Trump shows lack of emotion when told about 8-year-old boy's family being killed in t

With the numbers ever increasing, all Democratic candidates really need to prioritize disability

How I flew 250+ combat missions in Vietnam and lived to tell about it: a lesson for COVID-19

This is the biggest question in my mind.. If candidate A who did not even speak

Canada to repatriate Canadians aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship

So I came across a gas mask I own

Trump turns focus back to Biden

Apple TV's "Mythic Quest". Pretty incredible mid-season one off episode "Dark Quiet Death"

Talk to any trumpers lately?

REDFIELD: ...thank you, for your decisive leadership...that's the most important thing I want to say

Michigan: Images of the Great Lakes State

Coronavirus infections in US last night were at 428 and are now already up to 515

The only state Sanders wins on Tuesday will be North Dakota.

david gray - be mine (studio-2013) come on baby its alright sunday morning day or night

Thoughts about my beloved Italy.

LDS Church discloses the $37.8 billion stock portfolio of its biggest investment fund

Starbucks closes first store due to partner testing positive for coronavirus

"It's a human rights violation to not have healthcare" -12-year-old @BernieSanders

What's for Dinner, Sun., Mar. 8, 2020

Biden endorsements. More than a list of names:

Development of home tests for novel corona virus funded by Bill Gates Foundation:

Meet The Press Dataroom-It is Joe Biden who is generating increased voter turnout

Who should the nominee be in the event

Sen Wyden: "Like losing an hour of sleep? Neither do I." Co-sponsoring bill to ditch DST

Jeff Weaver said Bernie "misspoke and conflated a few facts regarding Russia" in interviews

We now know there was at least one person at CPAC with coronavirus

Colossal failures and loss of critical weeks of testing and containment -- we need answers!

I would love to see a woman and a person of color on the ticket.

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Progressive Change Campaign Committee strong ally of Warren now asking MI voters to vote Sanders!

Where did Bernie's revolution go wrong?

One cruise ship drifting waiting for test results as 4 others depart Port Everglades


Costco was out of toilet paper today.

US surgeon general says he thinks coronavirus is contained in certain areas of the country..BULLSHIT


Bitecofer: It would behoove the @TheDemocrats to pressure @JoeBiden heavily on his VP pick

Italy's coronavirus death toll jumps 57% in a day, outpacing South Korea's 👀

Wallace to Bernie Sanders: How Hard Can You Go After Joe Biden Without Carving him up for Trump?

Remember this the next time he or one of his surrogates bashes Biden:

"We want Joe"

Clinical trials for a new coronavirus vaccine approved at a Seattle research institute

Burning calories: pig starts farm fire by excreting pedometer

Dow futures tumble 900 points as all-out oil price war adds to coronavirus stress

Its going to be a manic Monday.

SXSW Cancellation Not Covered by Insurance

at local grocery store last night-man bought all the powdered milk, dry beans, ramen

Article in Austin paper of 1918 flu epidemic

Breyer's Gelato, vanilla caramel.

FL woman charged with switching voters' party affiliations

The best content you will see this weekend: President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins' dog enters...


I can't find a post for the Warren skit on SNL, so here it is. Have fun!!!

There's nothing like a good dog to make you cherish every single day

TrumpDOW futures down 900 already

Great Tweet about more Biden Endorsements

Coronavirus creeps closer to Mar-a-Lago

Photos: Bernie Rally - Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan 10,000+

Trump tweets himself as Nero?

Photos: Bernie Rally - Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan 10,000+

People Won't Stop Trying To Free Dog From Bolted Chain

Sanders voters helped Trump win the White House. Could they do it again?

TrumpDOW futures now down 1000

Just in: Twitter applied its new manipulated media label for the first time to a deceptively edit...

Why do some OP's have "flame" icons in front of the title? Who puts them there?

This little dog's obsessed with her 84-year-old Nana

Oh my ... Red heart "Look, Maggie. I'm walking, Maggie."

This is how they hide their COVID-19 cases in (rural, red) Benton/Franklin WA health district.

***Oil prices plummet ***31%*** at start of trading Sunday***

Trump: Who knows what this means, but it sounds good to me!

if this has been posted earlier... ok just enjoy it again!!

Raven Flies Back To His Dad Every Single Day

NK fires a missile - just to pile on the cheery news.

Putin just sparked an oil price war with Saudi Arabia -- and US energy companies may be the victims

Church rector who delivered services last weekend is DC's first confirmed case of coronavirus

Deep Chatham.

To add to the chaos Trump's homeboy Kim has fired a missile

As an Emergency physician...

Coronavirus in Kansas

NY healthy 30yr old male physician in worsening condition.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Women pack streets in massive marches across Latin America

MN Senator Tina Smith endorses Biden

Joe will do just fine..

NYT Sanders Article 'a Distortion of History'

What Was Russia Thinking In Refusing To Cut Oil Production? (Forbes)

I did something today that I have NEVER ever done before in my life....

Gravity-Defying Photos of Determined Dogs Catching Frisbees

Trump was warned of a pandemic 'that could lead to massive rates of death' by the intel director he

W. Kamau Bell tweet "I don't really like the idea of endorsing anyone for political office"

Dog Finds And Guards Family's Bread Whenever They Leave The House

Friend of mine is in quarantine

VIDEO - Joe Biden's Speech at Mississippi Campaign Rally

Pesticides are killing off the Andean condor

Quarantine Ted Cruz!

Pesticides are killing off the Andean condor

"...preparing for millions of hospitalizations..."

March Full Moon 2020: Catch the 'Worm Moon' and the first supermoon of the year on Monday.

What is this sorcery ?

Protests, celebrations mark International Women's Day across globe

CDC, White House send conflicting messages on coronavirus

Hollywood Films Portray Virus Outbreaks; Epidemics In Literature: Boccaccio, Defoe & Camus

Check out the Dalai Lama's tweet!

Trump Is Withholding Coronavirus Testing Kits From Governors

Let's all please stick together. As Robert Reich just said

BREAKING: Ted Cruz in COV-19 quarantine

hand sanitizer available

Any data on where Warren's supporters are going?

pre-market stocks down -1,049


Coronavirus deaths in Washington now up to 18, with 136 total cases

WaPo: Rush Limbaugh on coronavirus: 'The common cold' that's being 'weaponized' against Trump

COVID-19 news update for 3/8/2020