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Have you purchased an item for 1 purpose, found it useless until you figured out another use for it?

Reminder: All new episode of Parks and Rec at 830 pm ET

Biden leads Trump by 8 points in New Hampshire: poll

Dr. just recovered from C-19 at the end of a 12 hr. shift in ICU

CEO made $1.6 million in the stock market, then gave it to his employees

'And then, boom': Outbreak shows shaky ground as Texas opens

COVID-19 meat shortages could last for months. Here's what to know before your next grocery shopping

1 in 5 Washington workers have filed unemployment claims

One of Geology's Great Mysteries May Actually Be Many Smaller Mysteries

Here's Who Voters Think Joe Biden Should Pick as His Vice President

Can anyone help me out here? What album cover is this?

Biden urges Trump to lower White House flag to honor coronavirus victims

Looks like Indiana paid the Trump tax again today. Think they had 151 new deaths.

Trump contradicts US intel by claiming he's seen evidence coronavirus originated in Chinese lab

My post-election prediction

Trump shocked to learn he might not win reelection

Pets overseeing repairs on their favorites

Marsha Blackburn is continuing the Virginia Foxx-Michelle Bachman-Sarah Palin

Eyman's car tab initiative on hold while Supreme Court decides

Yes, but wear a mask

Everything that's wrong with our "democracy" in a nutshell:

Pro-Trump PAC files public records request to access Biden archives

If you lost Medicaid since March 18 (CARES Act), you may be able to file an appeal to get it back

Hundreds of thousands in Washington likely lost health insurance amid coronavirus outbreak: Analysis

As economy sinks, McClatchy's plan for quick sale hits roadblock in bankruptcy court

Washington Rep. Adam Smith: Pentagon should not 'suck up to the president'

Jolene parody

Kitsap isolation and quarantine center hosts first guests

Whatcom's Northwest Washington Fair is latest summertime victim of coronavirus pandemic

Hey Drs Fauci and Birx

Strauss: 'Horn Concerto No. 2', Barry Tuckwell on horn

Washington airports to receive $39.7 million in federal grants

Heard it on social media:

Is there really more that unites us than divides us

05/01 Mike Luckovich: All clear!

Chinese lab conducted extensive research on deadly bat viruses, but there is no evidence of accident

Live Lounge Allstars - Times Like These (BBC Radio 1 Stay Home Live Lounge)

Vice President Mike Pence wears coronavirus mask after criticism for Mayo Clinic visit

Joe Biden should make public all records from the time Ms Reade worked for his office

U.N. chief laments lack of global leadership in coronavirus fight

Biden or Trump? You Choose.

Trump Claims Evidence Virus Began In Chinese Lab

Texas Still Won't Say Which Nursing Homes Have COVID-19 Cases. Families Are Demanding Answers.

US Senate seats up in 2020 that the Democrats will win from a landslide to narrow margin.

Trump contradicts US intel community-claims he's seen evidence coronavirus originated in Chinese lab

Adam Schiff was right. Part Infinity.

What is that song? An idiot on my right and moron on left, & I'm stuck in the middle!

Germany bans Lebanese militant group Hezbollah and raids mosques and homes

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!! Just Another Manic Monday!

An appropriate song for our times

Bailout money bypasses hard-hit New York, California for North Dakota, Nebraska

Watching "Network" on TMC right now

King Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...

Fascinating article about annual flu deaths (Spoiler: They are estimates)

Today is Pie with a Y Day

USA Today: Why I'm skeptical about Reade's sexual assault claim against Biden: Ex-prosecutor

Let us hope

Musk's SpaceX, Bezos' Blue Origin land contracts to build NASA's astronaut moon lander

Tara Reade's friend talks about how she "repressed" her memory and how Tara refreshed it for her...

El Salvador's jail crackdown on gang members could backfire

Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. sativus

Prolonged COVID-19 plateau, rather than consistent decrease, foreseen by prominent virologist.

A prominent individual is being repeatedly digitally violated RIGHT NOW.

Pandemic delays prison for Hot Pockets heir, ex-Pimco CEO in college admissions scandal

Amazon, Target, Instacart workers urged to walkout Friday to protest conditions

Voice of America reporter threatened for tweeting about Pence's lack of face mask.

Sweden forced to admit significant under-counting of coronavirus deaths

Matter of perspective - A right wingers view

Democrats guide to regaining a majority in the US Senate in 2020.

The Tara Reade Story Is Tricking Progressives Into Voting For Trump Again

Jared Kushner has failed upward his entire life. Now he's applied that to a viral pandemic

Pence staff threatens action against reporter who tweeted about visit to clinic without surgical mas

The Useless Orange Blob continues to baselessly blame Obama for his Failures

Sen. King sponsors repeal of tax break for the wealthy buried in coronavirus relief law

Liberal limericks

Congratulations to NEW DAD, Anderson Cooper!!

Wow Anderson Cooper just announced he became a dad Monday!! He's crying. And I am too

Florida Man calls 911 for assistance with quarantine stress eating

GOP Legislature moves toward suing Whitmer, as armed protestors watched from Senate gallery

TIME: Why You Still Can't Get a Vaccine for HIV

Not only is white privilege a thing, but republican privilege is also a thing

Trump Supporter Armed With Knives Arrested After Threatening To Kill Joe Biden

Brazil Has the Highest Rate of Coronavirus Contagion in the World, Says Study

Brazil Has the Highest Rate of Coronavirus Contagion in the World, Says Study

Singing apes - Happy eating and farting

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 1 May 2020

Democrats call for Zorn to be censured for Confederate flag mask in long, slow session day

This golden retriever became a good boy for the sweetest reason

Amid a Rising Death Toll, Trump Leaves the Grieving to Others

Pence wears face mask during tour of General Motors plant

Dog Stuck In Shelter Over 1,000 Days Can't Stop Kissing His Family

Puerto Rico Police Arrest Advocate For The Poor

The cutest little baby was stuck in these bushes

There Are Over 500 Posts

This cat's reaction to getting rescued

More Americans are going hungry amid economic crisis -- and many can't get help

Having to argue with Christian Trump humpers is tiring

I think we are in a really, really dangerous place right now.

Meteorologists Describe 'Gargantuan Hail' From Epic Storm in Argentina

Pences outraged after reporter leaks off-the-record memo revealing they lied to the public

*MD Congressman Jamie Raskin on Lawrence show now.

My painting of my mom's plaster of Paris dragon. Is it done yet?

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 3, 2020 - Pre-Code Premieres

This might come in handy.

Trump Is Refusing To Help Grieving Coronavirus Victims' Families Pay Funeral Costs

Delaware Poop indicates 15x higher rate of infection

TCM Schedule for Monday May 4, 2020 - Natalie Wood

Mexican protest singer Oscar Chvez dies of COVID-19 at 85 [ sic ]

Pizza shop employee calls mask-wearers "panic loving commie...."

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Apple's Mask Updates & Elon Musk's Tantrum

Remember Lola my beloved Jack Russell Terrier? The dichotomy of events in a dog's life.


The Daily Social Distancing Show: Neighboring in the Time of Coronavirus

Strange Days

Right Again...

What I look forward to when the Distancing ends

The Daily Show - BIG NEWS: Trump Reveals Ingenious 4-Step Plan to Wipe Out Coronavirus

Veterans Affairs orders $300,000 worth of body bags

There is something weird going on with my bank account

well, since we're all shut in . . .

Rich. Chewy. Nuts

oh well - another day, another 30,000+ confirmed cases, another 2200+ fatalities

So this morning NJ Dem Gov agrees with trump

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Gov. Larry Hogan - Getting Tests & Plans for Reopening Maryland

Democratic candidate for governor outlines small business recovery plan

Seth Meyers - Hillary Clinton Endorses Joe Biden - Monologue 4/29/20

Muralist Kobra finds inspiration in confinement

Hundreds refuse to pay UChicago as tuition strike takes off, organizers say: 'This isn't a bluff'

And now, something completely different

Capitol physician says Senate lacks capacity to test all senators

Need advice-Was thinking of booking my time off so I could attend DNC in August. Will it be held?

My stupid Repub sister, Trump and the facts he wants us to ignore about COVID . . .

Seth Meyers: Kushner & Trump Call Coronavirus Response "Success Story" & "Great Job": A Closer Look

This came to mind

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, May 1, 2020

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - What Trump Was Doing During COVID-19 Warnings

Federal Inspectors Are Fearful, Angry About Trump's Order to Reopen Outbreak-Stricken Meat Plants

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump NOT the Dope of the Day!

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump Blames & Complains and Celebrities After Quarantine

Gosh! I got a letter from President Trump!

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Trying to Keep Up with Kamala Harris

New Anti-Corruption Committee - Threatens Right in South Korea

Pence says he's 'more inclined' to believe Flynn omission was unintentional

The Walk of Shame

Trump accuses China of weaponizing coronavirus pandemic in effort to thwart his re-election bid

NASA says Antarctica and Greenland lost enough ice to fill Lake Michigan over last 16 years

Forty Days of Pascha, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: 'Russian Easter Overture'

Biden MUST win, because Trump MUST lose.

Glen Greenwald defending Chris Hayes

Federal Judge Refuses to Block Nevada Mail-In Primary

To be fair: Donald Trump was a very early adopter of Social Distancing ...

Openly gay woman running for sheriff in Ohio wins primary against Trump-supporting Democrat with 70%

Roger Stone Prison Sentence: Trump Ally May Get 30-Day Delay Due To COVID-19

Counterprotesters try to mute message of stay-at-home opponents

Confirmed coronavirus cases surge in reopened JBS Colorado beef plant; worker dies - union

Most people who get coronavirus likely have some level of immunity: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

Black man shot dead while jogging in Georgia, and two months later, no arrests

U.S. not considering canceling debt held by China - Trump adviser

Elon Musk's calls to end lockdown reflect a 'growing sentiment' in the U.S.: Dr. Scott Gottlieb

My Texan niece who is a trained respiratory therapist

Brenda's Beaver Needs A Barber

Documents Hint at Israeli Efforts to Help Trump In 2016

Biden Leads In Michigan

Obama warns of a year of 'ripple' effects from coronavirus

Jann Arden - Time For Mercy

If the USA had the same level of testing as Russia to date

Finally got my stimulis check....

Hey Folks: Our guy Joe needs us on social media, particularly Twitter

Attorney General says churchgoers, protesters may congregate closer than six feet apart

Calling all 'compassionate conservatives......come in conservatives....'

PGCPS students praise decision to add financial literacy as graduation requirement.

Brnovich takes ballot harvesting case to U.S. Supreme Court

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: Forty Days of Pascha

Fann Warns Arizona Legislators Against Opposing Ducey's Stay-At-Home Order

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 4/30/20

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats are going to win 20 US Senate seats in 2020.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer

Mark Kelly stands by Joe Biden endorsement amid Tara Reade's sexual assault claim

(Jewish Group) Happy Jewish-American History Month

Jared Kushner in new movie

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats are likely to win 20 US Senate seats in 2020.

Scrutinized malaria drug purchase to be refunded in Utah

Democrats guide to 60 US Senate seats in 2020 is winning-

Restaurants can open...

White Bird

Can somebody please tell me what the current Flynn noise is all about?

Don't worry about these milita turds My observations as a infantry vet

Chris Hayes On Trump Refusing To Release Relief Funding For Burials Amid Pandemic - All In - MSNBC

Morning Joe segment on the Tara Reade allegations starting now

Another packing house is overwhelmed with positive tests!

The rules will discourage..

Feminists need to forcefully denounce Tara Reade

Coronavirus outbreak spreading farther into rural America

New Zealand has 'effectively eliminated' coronavirus. Here's what they did right.

Breakfast Friday 1 May 2020

Ms. Krassenstein tweet: Several well-known journalists working on stories to expose Reade as fraud

Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good

Commemorative Trump Guns for Sale?

Georgia beer named after virus expert Fauci enjoys a 2nd run

It looks like the erosion in Trump's hard-core base is very real

Secret Service paid Trump's D.C. hotel more than $33,000 for lodging to guard treasury secretary

Friday TOONs - The Last Scupper

Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same

I never heard of you

Whistleblower complaint set to lift lid on Trump pressure to push untried drug

BIDEN STATEMENT - post on - on the Tara Reade allegations

Translated into broken English from broken Russian?

When the interview is over you'll know why I continue to

Anderson Cooper announces the birth of his son Wyatt: 'Our family continues'

Pizza Business Owner Shares Harsh Reality Behind Food Delivery Apps

Irisblue told me about the book of woof old and new testaments

Biden interview on Morning Joe will be starting soon - ON NOW

We're all Zelensky now

Coming out the other side

Swift boating has begun

WaPo Ed. Board: China has turned to bullying to avoid accountability. It may be working on Europe.

Mika is trying WAY too hard to get a 'gotcha' moment. nt.

Is there some school of economic thought that requires the US economy to be periodically destroyed..

Republican held US Senate seats up in 2020 that the Democrats will win are-

Wow! Could you imagine if Mika were as committed to questioning Donnie Dollhands?

Joe on Morning Joe this Morning.

The first wave of people waiting to go back to social gatherings

Swift Boating Biden.

Virginia Tech seeks community help to 3D-print face shields

Why didn't this woman accusing Biden come forward while he was vice president?

I Suppose You Can't Call Them "The Best Touring Band In The World" Right Now...

It's Tara Reade job to prove her case, says

THANK YOU Mika! Thank you to the entire show, for their hard hitting questioning of . . . . . .

What Trump wants to signal with his coronavirus town hall at the Lincoln Memorial

In her feeble mind, this is how Mika viewed her Biden interview moment

Polish Study: Rate Of Warming For Svalbard Archipelago Six Times Global Average

Valentina Blackhorse, Navajo Pageant Winner With Dreams, Dies at 28

Biden handled the Morning Joe interview well. Mika made an ass of herself.

Alleghany CO (Pittsburgh) Among US Top 10% For Density Of Air Pollution Sources, 25% COVID Deaths

Since Republicans care a great deal more about fetuses than children or adults, maybe this paper...

What the GOP is really afraid of (re: the shutdowns)

Get real!

On the C-19 outbreak: Now China made mistakes and was less then honest but they:

Paul Krugman enters the pantheon of commentators backgrounds

The Rundown: April 30, 2020

The Best Comics Quarantine Art for This Week: 4/30/2020

The origin of Super Villains: Fiddler

Internal GOP poll points to troubling signs for Georgia Republicans

"One More Boom" Ends For Texas In The Permian Basin; 50,000 Job Losses Possible

Predicting Idiocy

turns out i'm not mentally ill after all.

Why Humanity Will Probably Screw Up The Next Pandemic As Well; Our Economics & Politics Dictate It

Whitmer orders Michigan theaters, bars to remain closed until May 28

Biden on sexual assault allegation: 'never, never happened'

Armed Michigan protesters are "very good people".

New White House press secretary McEnany to hold 1st briefing

You know how Putin started his war in Eastern Ukraine, right?

Skinny Abandoned Pittie Gets So Big And Handsome

Revealed: US fossil fuel companies handed at least $50m in coronavirus aid

University of Delaware says it still has no plans to release Biden's Senate papers, as pressure moun

The president calls for the governor of Michigan to negotiate with a bunch of heavily armed people..

If You Have A Couple Hours Of Free Time Today...

The bison calf taking the first step to rewild the Canadian prairies

Man Comes To Adopt Pit Bull At Shelter, But She Refused To Let Go Of Her Best Friend

Joe Biden making accountability great again

Believe Women...But Verify

Are People Who Live in Dog-Friendly Buildings Happier?

Trump Doesn't Give A Damn About Workers

AP: Brazilians start defying isolation, egged on by Bolsonaro

May 1 - Happy Birthday Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D) CO-7th

May 1 - Happy Birthday Rep. Matt Cartwright (D) PA-8th

This Is How Horribly They're Treating the Dead in Brooklyn (WARNING! GRAPHIC)

Karl Rove (on Fox) complaining about Biden WHILE Joe's on TV

How do you tip curbside pickup?

80s era Japanese jazz/funk

there may be a simple reason why wall street isn't reflecting the full damage to the economy

"Omg. He literally emailed one of the prosecutors just tasked with investigating CV-related crimes"

I Just Heard Secretary Munchkin and His Wife Have Moved Into Trump Tower....

Waiting on the video conference is not as bluesy as waiting on the bus

This is how to respond to allegations of sexual assault.

Lot's of days with zero mail,even junk mailers are giving up

BREAKING: Biden +7 in North Carolina


Justice Dept. scrutinizes White House-connected doctor linked to disputed coronavirus treatment

Sending prayers/vibes/support to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer - MI

COVID-19: Missing Sounds of New York

Rant on: Sorry, but this is complete bullshit.

To everyone complaining about the Tara Reade questions for Joe Biden on MORNING JOE...

How Trump has tipped the scales in America's most powerful courts

Yes, There was a time when many people predicted a very short outcome of a major event.

Chinese lab conducted extensive research on deadly bat viruses, but there is no evidence of accident

Chinese lab conducted extensive research on deadly bat viruses, but there is no evidence of accident

There is no "Gotcha" contradiction in Biden's stance regarding "believing" women who come forward

Shades of Joseph McCarthy!

You raised $3,348.00 on April 30, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Jared is not even the smartest person in the room

Revealed: US fossil fuel companies handed at least $50m in coronavirus aid

Trump urges Michigan's Whitmer to 'make a deal' with those protesting stay-at-home order

Amid a Rising Death Toll, Trump Leaves the Grieving to Others

On May 2, 1972, the Sunshine Mine Disaster happened, outside Kellogg, Idaho

I never thought I'd see the day! Joe Scarborough amiably had economist Paul Krugman on MJ!

Whistleblower complaint set to lift lid on Trump pressure to push untried drug

Very disappointed to see the narrative here about the interview.

Mike Malloy. Working "hard" my ass

Heilemann on MSNBC last nite indicated

Odd, but not out: Baseball's most bizarre rule

The White Privilege to Terrorize

MMM -- MayDayFriday

Video: NYPD Chases Hearse Through Borough Park During Crowded Hasidic Funeral

TX tested 330k of which 28k positive. So that's 300k who thought they had it?

Republicans, It's Too Late to Back Away From Trump


Six weeks after social distancing began, Mass. coronavirus hospitalizations and cases remain high

Dystopia. Another Lincoln Project Ad.

Now they cry "Believe Women"

Little Walter was born on this date.

Poll: Biden leads Trump by 7 points in North Carolina

Trump ERUPTS, Threatens HIS OWN Campaign Manager

Sweaty Orange Trump Predicts Coronavirus Miracle

Public companies received $1 billion in stimulus funds meant for small businesses

Video cam exposes what cat does while owner tries to sleep

O'Donnell exposes media bias against liberal protests

Judy Collins has a birthday today.

An Accidental Navy Chief Steers His Service Through a Storm

We're all Zelensky now

3 YO in a chess match with Anatoly Karpov.

Klobuchar launches campaign to aid Senate, House Dems in 2020

Gov Whitmer Responds with this gif:

In quest for vaccine, US makes 'big bet' on company with unproven technology

Mother Jones was born on this date.

Trump to Visit Camp David After Spending Month at White House

3 Top Lawyers Say Trump Name on Stimulus Checks May Be Illegal

Could those who post clips from David Packman please label them as such.

Michigan Apparently Has No Laws Against Open Carry in the State Capitol

British Army veteran Tom Moore, who raised $37 million for Britain's health service, is promoted

Mika deflects by posting video of Biden Receiving Brzezinski Prize, Twitter tears her a new one

Kushner Airlift Moves Millions of Masks, But Details Are Secret

Trump calls protesters who carried guns into the Michigan state capitol 'very good people'

Why due diligence is neccessary when anyone goes to the press with an accusation

National Lampoon co-founder Matty Simmons dies at 93

On April 30, 1939, The New York World's Fair opened.

Since when has DHS taken over from CDC?

If Biden and the Dems do not win control of our govt, we are done as a nation. Completely done.

U.S. manufacturing skids to 11-year low in April as orders sink: ISM

Sudan Criminalizes Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Simple question re. Trump thank me dammit, IRS letters

Watchdog group says US not releasing data on Taliban attacks

Crashing Economy, Rising Stocks: What's Going On?

Wall Street slides at open as Trump warns of new tariffs on China

The huge difference between Biden and Kavanaugh that nobody is talking about for some reason.

Queen + Adam Lambert - 'You Are The Champions'

Canada closes the market and bans assault-style weapons.

From The Guardian, May 1, 2020: Yanis Varoufakis: Marx predicted our present crisis -

Another One. Trump will announce soon, that he is not running for re-election. He may resign soon

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 1 2020

BTW, the admonition is not to believe women making accusations, it is to listen to them...

Wisconsin judge who lost election unrecuses

Two Americans

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski.. maybe feeling some left heat..

Wow! Hats off to CA EDD for incredibly fast processing of my UI claim

My last customer just got laid off.

I See We Are Now Holding Joe Biden's Feet to the Fire.

Guy To Travel Around Florida Dressed As The Grim Reaper To The Beaches That Opened Prematurely

Trump Is A Walking Talking Admitted Sexual Assualt Machine

"I'm not allowed to tell you that."

Biden asked the Senate to give the press any Reade documents

Ryan Grim and Katie Halper proving they are disingenuous.

EAA convention in Oshkosh canceled this year...

Should Republicans Be Sanctioned for Doubling Down on China's Failures?

Top HHS spokesman repeatedly directed sexually crude and sexist tweets at women

Michigan GOP Senate Majority Leader MIke Shirkey goes off: "Michigan now has ... a Governor, drunk..

Trump's New Obama Envy? Coronavirus Debacle Contrasted To Obama's Science-Driven Pandemic Prep

Executive Order on Securing the United States Bulk-Power System

And now for something completely different (crazy-ass Alex Jones video):

This YouTube explains the TWO Santa Claus GOP debt strategy.

cross posting. update to playing w my brain.

Any ideas why Michigan has more deaths by case then any other state?

More bokeh

New York schools will remain closed for the rest of the academic year, governor says

'Over our dead bodies': Lindsey Graham vows Congress won't extend additional $600 coronavirus-relate

Let's Get Real...We all know Joe Biden didn't pin her and stick his fingers into her...Period

OMGOSH.......saw our first oriole.....

Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto #1

Happy May Day!

I have no filters for stupid

Omg I have real evidence that Trump is a nice person

Pic Of The Moment: Terrorist Trump Supporters Storm Michigan Capitol -- The President's Response?

Happy 49th birthday, Amtrak.

Happy 49th birthday, Amtrak.

How Joe Biden can turn his biggest crisis into an opportunity - Karen Tumulty

My Advice To Mika Is The Same Advice She Gave To HRC

New York schools will remain closed for the remainder of the academic year, Gov. Cuomo says

Andrea Mitchell - "is there any way Biden can support his denial" "can he get passed this"

NYT: What if We Already Have a Coronavirus Vaccine?

So anyone have a timecheck on this yet?

Oh, Jesus! Reynolds brings in the Family Leader

Keep the state closed??? I DONT THANK SO

Opening The Country Council Will Build An Iron Curtain Around The Country

Postal Service, beset by funding woes, faces new fight over mail-in voting

Message to DUers

Let's put into perspective what we have witnessed the past 3 months.

A Federal Judge Has a Plan to Let Politicians Manipulate Elections

Nubby The 2-Legged Boxer Steals His Dad's Heart (long, but wonderful)

Real question that must be asked:

Such an angel in devilish times...

GINORMOUS anti-shutdown protest surrounding the NYS Capitol Bldg

Sharpiegate: NOAA just released more emails & other docs related to Hurricane Dorian/#sharpiegate...

Dolores Huerta endorses Joe Biden

Evidence that Tara Reade isn't writing her own tweets, w/ examples:

U.S. House panel calls on Amazon's Bezos to testify on third-party sellers

Maryland Gov. called in National Guard troops to guard coronavirus tests

Senators Warren, King Question USAID on Decision to Shutter Global Infectious Disease Prevention

Here's How 30 People React To A Sign On The Sidewalk Telling Them To 'Commence Silly Walking'

If I were in their shoes...

Scientists are actually proposing a new category to classify hail stones this massive: "gargantuan"

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/1/20 - New month, same old catastrophe :(

If Trump Had Acted Sooner All This Wouldn't Be Going On - No One Ever Says It Anywhere

Mnuchin says deep-pocketed private schools should return Paycheck Protection Program loans

Women never lie!

Fuck you news media, focus on the real abuser of women, Trump.

They were so cute.

Fuck You Donald Trump

How Fox News Covered Michelle Obama vs. Melania Trump 07/2019

Michael Cohen's early prison release over coronavirus concerns was rescinded: Sources

Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

Mary Engelbreit: Stay Home Like Trump Did During Vietnam

The White Privilege to Terrorize

Pennsylvania (GOP poll): Biden +6

Blow the Wind!

Here's Donnie Bodybags bragging on Access Hollywood about assaulting lots and lots of women.

Honest Government Ad : The Machine

Georgia reports nearly 1,000 new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours

U.S. Republicans push for coronavirus lawsuit immunity for business

Two major Texas universities plan to return in the fall

Louisiana reports highest new case total since April 11

Washington, DC, sees large uptick in coronavirus cases

Michael Cohen's early prison release over coronavirus concerns was rescinded: Sources

Joe Biden: No It Is Not True; It Never Never Happened

For Some Reluctant Trump Voters, Coronavirus Was The Last Straw

White House daily shitshow briefings has a new leading star.

Susan J. Demas: Protestors threatened Whitmer's murder. GOP leaders haven't condemned them.

What is perhaps most frustrating...

While Joe Biden Was Serving His Country Trump Was Grabbing Women's Crotches Over And Over

An old fashion press briefing?

Piedmont Natural Gas to match donations 5-to-1 to help Nashville-area hospitality workers

Today: Eight hummers.

Can colleges be ready to open by fall? Should they?

Several Retail Workers have called in sick for May Day protesting

Even before COVID, need for nurses was certain

Intelligence officials and disease experts are shooting down Trump's claim that the US has good reas

Statement by Vice President Joe Biden

Protesters Storm Michigan Capitol As More States Debate Reopening TODAY

The husband did it. Not Biden

What's this??? A press secretary briefing?

Cartoons 5/1/2020

Her first lie!

Democrats to nominate potential successors for John McCoy

With 30 Million Unemployed, Trump Calls His Virus Response Spectacular

Costco shoppers, you gotta wear masks starting Monday

Why are brains not allowed at Trump/Pence press conferences and rallies?

She can pray for the victims, but...

Ziply Fiber takes over Frontier's Northwest broadband service

Prosecutor says he won't defend sheriff against recall effort

Grim Reaper interviewed on Florida Beach

Nearly 900 workers at Tyson Foods plant in Indiana test positive for coronavirus

Sorry for yet another post, but did I read that Tara Reade accused others of assault?

"Democrat Party"

Spewing Trump's rhetoric to topic favored the righting!

Some children with COVID-19 are experiencing symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease

Baseball humor

Small-business owners could face jail time as DOJ launches investigation into COVID-19 loan program

I heard today there was going to a turtle race in Kentucky in honor of the not

ICESat-2 laser-scanning satellite tracks how billions of tons of polar ice are lost

Poll: Biden leads Trump by 7 points in North Carolina

30 million Americans lose their jobs

Aw good Jebus. It's not a crime for law enforcement to say they're trying to get someone to lie!

Rep. Chip Roy Throws His Support Behind a Criminal This Week

Trump Called Out To His Face After Blaming Obama For 'Broken' Coronavirus Tests

Appeals court won't halt order for DOJ to hand over sealed Mueller documents

Yep, tRump violated the Hatch Act by sending out those campaign letters in IRS envelopes

The Capitol's top doctor says there aren't enough coronavirus tests for all 100 senators

It's the shit show with a Foxbot!


Trump Press Secretary Praises Coronavirus Pandemic Response In The Most Awkward Way

Florida officials are no longer publishing the state's medical examiners' coronavirus death data

That rabbit hole just got bigger!

Trump supports Michigan protesters, says Gov. Whitmer should 'give a little'

They just keep tweeting the quiet part out loud

While Trump minimizes the toll, government orders 100,000 new body bags

A Real Leader - Gov Gavin Newsom LIVE now

More and more COVID-19 models show lifting lockdowns too early can cause tens of thousands of deaths

Antibody tests are available to us just an hour away, albeit NOT free

May 11th, and just a reminder for the photo group.

Gretchen Whitmer coronavirus statement

Trump says he has evidence coronavirus came from a Chinese lab, but he can't reveal it

Roger Stone bought more than 200 fake Facebook accounts, which he used to run ads defending himself


Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer extends state of emergency

Now we know why they have to put directions on shampoo.

Riding the bus home right now

Just a reminder to all of DU.

Alaska Airlines to require passengers to wear masks

Family's Stubborn Cat Refuses To Get Off The Roof

From Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll---BOOM!:

My trip just now to the plant nursery in Oklahoma City

Washington Reports 257 New Coronavirus Cases; 13 More Dead

Woman rescues pigeon from streets of NYC and raises him in her apartment

Betsy DeVos sued for seizing wages from student loan borrowers during pandemic

Trump keeps claiming the cupboard was bare. But didn't Obama hand him a pandemic procedure manual?

Would "No Masks In March, More Body Bags in May" be a little harsh for a campaign

US germ warfare research leads to ((potential)) new early Covid-19 test

McConnell, McCarthy: Liability protections 'absolutely essential' for next coronavirus bill

As jobless claims soar, millions still await first checks

Turning 62, applying for Social Security later this month, need advice please

Multiple Seattle farmers markets to open this weekend with new rules

DNR Commissioner describes how 2020 wildfire season will look amid coronavirus pandemic

McEnany had first press briefing, guess no more COVID medical briefings?

FDA approves Gilead drug Remdesivir to treat covid.

41 yr old Broadway star post C19: amputated leg, "holes in lung", pacemaker, internal bleeding

When will US reach 100,000 deaths? After a horrific April, grim milestone could hit in May

Hundreds of towering hydrothermal chimneys discovered on seafloor off Washington

These polls give this Michigander hope:

Trump is handling coronavirus so badly, he almost makes Johnson look good

Gettin too old for ladders

Trump Approval Rating Plunges 15 Points In Battleground States

Well, at least somebody is making money!

NEW: Trump is going to Mount Rushmore on July 3rd to see fireworks and the 60-foot-high presidential

Texas, Ohio join array of U.S. states reopening their economies

4,200-year-old burial of Bronze Age chieftain discovered under UK skate park

GOP senator's new ad doesn't mention she paid woman praising her $380,000

Approximately 40 protestors demanding that Washington State reopen immediately are marching through

Artist Uses Paper To Recreate Bird Species

New Trump press secretary McEnany tells reporters 'I will never lie to you'

The Rolling Stones Announce Archival Concert Webcast Series, 'Extra Licks'

We expel carbon dioxide as waste. Naked mole rats bathe their brains in it to prevent seizures.

GOP senator's new ad doesn't mention she paid woman praising her $380,000

Coronavirus in Texas: State sees highest single-day death toll from COVID-19

DeSantis and Trump tout Florida a coronavirus success as state announces 83 new deaths

GOP senator: People will ignore virus safety rules so we should just get rid of them

Hmmm. . In thinking about covidiots in chief's claim that the virus is man-made. .since we know

Michigan Governor Arrogantly Forcing Residents to Remain Alive

No, you deleted it because you are an abusive snowflake.

The view from the Tenderloin

A heads up on what's going on in Michigan.

Filmmaker Josh Fox responds to Michael Moore on bombshell climate film

Matty Simmons, a Force Behind 'Animal House,' Is Dead at 93

Deformed 'alien' skulls offer clues about life during the Roman Empire's collapse

Facebook and today's press briefing?

It's an insane time for Trump to pick (another) fight with China (CNN Business)

Cops face off with protesters at California's Capitol as they demand end to stay-at-home order

Trump Thrilled The Distraction Machine Shifting Blame From Him To Everyone But Him

LOL, tweet for the win......

How Profit and Incompetence Delayed N95 Masks While People Died at the VA

Michael Moore has lost all credibility with this latest film

Fiscally conservative republicans under Tea Party tRump's leadership have spilled $5T in red ink

Brazil national debt jumps to 78.4% of GDP, nears new record

International Virtual Opera Choir "Va pensiero" (from "Nabucco" by G. Verdi)

Mily Balakirev Islamey

Florida curtails reporting of coronavirus death numbers by county medical examiners

Infectious Diseases Experts Foresee COVID Reaching 60-70% Of Population In 2 Years

It's now time for Jim Jordan to answer for all those boys who were molested.

Pen and ink sketch of Old Wolpi Pueblo ruins in Arizona

Climb Every Mountain (well, maybe not) Mickey Z.

New York no longer leads in both new cases and new deaths

"Six feet back or six feet under.. the choice is yours"

Trump's 100 Days of Deadly Coronavirus Denial

How Trump Gutted Obama's Pandemic-Preparedness Systems

Ruh-roh! Biden's now virtually tied with Rumpster in Georgia, internal republican polling shows

My latest rant about the Florida Unemployment Compensation system.

White House refuses to let Dr. Fauci testify to Congress about Trump's coronavirus response

"The Workers Are Being Sacrificed"...Meatpacker JBS Kept People on Crowded Factory Floors

Trump Approval Rating Plunges 15 Points In Battleground States

Parkersburg, Freedom from Religion Foundation seek ruling in prayer lawsuit

The staff at West Craven High School visited every single 2020 senior

What's for Dinner, Fri., May 1, 2020

Trump woos older Americans after tossing them aside as collateral damage in his reelection

Georgia Republicans Are Very, Very Worried About Internal Polling

New U. Minnesota study of Covid19 - duration, herd immunity threshhold, predictions

Day after Trump claim, WHO says coronavirus 'natural in origin'

The Trump Administration Is Now Hiding Information About Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan

Senate Doesn't Have the Capacity to Test All 100 Senators for Coronavirus

Ojibwe Teachings

Sign finally arrived! Ann and I will proudly be voting for Joe Biden, the first Democrat I have...

Sarah Cooper does it again--mimics Trump:

White House blocks Fauci from testifying before House panel, committee spokesman says

WH blocking Fauci from testifying before the House Appropriations Committee next week

The Navajo Nation has more coronavirus cases per capita than all but two states.

Canadians Deserve More than 'Thoughts and Prayers'

0503 Mike Luckovich: Fresh tatt

Canada bans assault-style weapons after its worst ever mass murder

Democratic candidates forum 'Zoom bombed' with swastikas

NKorea's Kim Jong Un appears in public amid health rumors

I barked at the....


A far right wing chaps really large gun is his id

When mika listed the women who have accused the sexual predator in chief, der drumpfengroper,

Open up, open up...

Scary trip to WalMart...

Irish Government road map on easing the Covid-19 restrictions will start on 18 May.

Cleveland Indians right-hander Emmanuel Clase suspended for 80 games after positive PED test

Kimmy opening iowa will slam shut Joni's re-election dream this fall. IMHO

Judge halts oil rush on Montana's public lands

One of world's most polluted cities--New Delhi post-CV-19 lockdown: clear blue skies!

MO GOP Won't Let Pandemic Stop Push For Anti-Immigrant Redistricting Overhaul

One of world's most polluted cities--New Delhi post-CV-19 lockdown: clear blue skies!

Would somebody be kind, and post the video from "Camelot", song "The Lusty Month of May"??h

Mike DeWine says he's been in contact with the White House about a Donald Trump visit to Ohio

Pets bring joy to members of Congress enduring lockdown

Kakistocracy, a 374-year-old word that means 'government by the worst,' just broke the dictionary

Woof. Another month at home here in WA.

Criminal Trump administration blocks public disclosure on coronavirus supplies (WE are paying for)

Shocker! Krystal Ball joins the lemming slice.

Trump's Remarks on Protecting America's Seniors; May 1, 2020

Blue lives be like black lives to the right wing death cult...

It's not the right who's running the hit job on Joe Biden.

local AZ beef

'I'm so excited to sit down and have a meal' -- Utah restaurants open to eager diners

Ziegfeld's/Secrets Will Close Permanently

A mob of the MAGA persuasion....

OSHA requires that employers provide a safe workplace. Has this been vacated?

Breaking: Kim Jong-Un is live and well

1,349 inmates test positive at CoreCivic private prison in TN

Utah should expect 2nd wave of COVID-19 in Utah this fall, state epidemiologist says

Elon Musk wipes out billions in Tesla's value (TSLA) in strange series of tweets

Strong Women Song ... for healing

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats are favored to win.

They are going to turn Biden's University of Delaware records into "Butter Emails"

It's Florida.

Joe Biden could shoot Trump on 5th Ave

Why don't people on our side inject bleach?

Kroger is limiting ground beef and pork purchases in some stores

Minutes after promising to not lie, new WH Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany lied a whole bunch

Well, I got that pos's letter today!

Mike Lee says senators who don't want to return to D.C. should consider new line of work

Surprising Shortage Of Carbon Dioxide Threatens Food And Beverage Industries

Quarantine and the living's uneasy

Arkansas Covid-19 cases 5/1/2020, 6:00 p.m.

Joe Biden "Instead of preparing our country to fight COVID-19, Donald Trump wasted months and promi"

White House blocks Fauci from testifying before House panel next week

Capehart: Biden could not have been more clear. He gave himself no wiggle room. And while making his

Fox & Fiends

Woman In New McSally Ad Is Her Former Aide

GOP strategy

There is something odd about the picture of Kim Jong Un is in?

WATCH: Ohio protester blasts saliva all over TV reporter during unhinged coronavirus rant

Covid 19 has taught me a lot about Privilege

Help! My kittens are not obeying CDC social distancing guidelines

Huntington Beach protests

Ken Burns on FDR, national emergencies and COVID:

Ohio lawmaker who blamed mass shootings on gay marriage and drag queens loses GOP primary

Time Magazine, this month 1968, Bobby Kennedy cover by Roy Lichtenstein:

We ought protest the protesters?

'This has to stop': Internet slams Trump for blocking Dr. Fauci from testifying to Congress

Elizabeth Warren is the favored VP pick among Democrats, poll shows

And now, a special message for the class of 2020

The Real Purpose and Objectives for the Accusations Against Vice President Biden

All roads into Gallup, New Mexico, are closing over "uninhibited" COVID-19 spread

I was just wondering about ventilators

Native Humor For The Quarantine - Natives React #17

Scrubs actor Sam Lloyd dies at 56

Elizabeth Warren is the favored VP pick among Democrats, poll shows

well, look on the bright side. we are seeing answers to that age old

Spa Time With Macaques

Looking back at mid-term messaging dynamics. One lesson: let's not let it happen again.