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If this 'doesn't give you chills I don't know what will': McConnell's Patriot Act expansion would...

How do koalas drink? Scientists find it's not what we think

Trump says new Democratic stimulus proposal is dead on arrival

Sergei Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #1 in F-sharp Minor, Op. 1

I have a good imagination but it doesn't run to exploring the "what ifs" of tRUMP, reTHUGS

McConnell acknowledges GOP faces 'challenging' political environment

Diamond Joe with the KO!

Trump To Name Former Pharma Exec As Vaccine Czar

the barr brothers - come in the water (studio-2015) i really dig these guys work ...

Andy Borowitz with an Xlnt point

Trump's surprising target in war on media: Voice of America

Don't Lie to Me

Not wanting to create crisis but,

Coronavirus test touted by Trump produces many false negatives: study

Breaking: Top Dem Demands Barr Testify On Trump's Flynn Scandal When Quarantine Ends, May Subpoena

Nixon ordered White House guards to dress in these new royal-looking uniforms, reversed his decision

Meanwhile, Judge Sullivan ain't fuckin around...

State with the two worst Senators?

KRUGMAN: On the GOP's Incoherent Pandemic Response

Biden Says He's "Really Resisting" Giving Donald Trump a Nickname -- How's The Grift Reaper?

Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Stay-at-Home Order

Trump made Florida his official residence. He may have also made a legal mess.

Talk of military takeover in Brazil grows

Talk of military takeover in Brazil grows

State says stop, but this Snohomish barber keeps cutting

Florida man "I'll kick your [butt] if you say another word." victim replied "another word"

Maximum number of US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats can win.

How South Korea prevented a coronavirus disaster--and why the battle isn't over

Workers at Latin America's Biggest Port Start to Fall Ill

Yea! JA is doing better than the USA

Dr. Fauci had to see this attack from the Right coming

Georgia governor walks back teen driving test waiver

President Obama speaks with clarity and hope

Bill Gates funds at-home test kits to learn how coronavirus spreads

Countries that are Winning, Nearly There, and Need to Take Action.

Martin Short Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters GQ

NY City through the centuries...

Coronavirus: new survey shows how Republicans and Democrats are responding differently

Angela Merkel says Germany has 'hard evidence' Russia hacked her emails

Oh BAM! Richard Marx for the BURN

Is this he next Republican Senator from Georgia?

Regulators OK gas plant, pipeline projects in the Bakken

Show Florida Man some respect......OR ELSE!

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

2 Target customers who refused to wear face masks were arrested after a brawl that broke an employee

Its going to be Stacy Abrams

A Michigan Barbershop Used Armed Militia To Stop Police From Shutting Them Down

Audit of North Dakota's largest state agency yields mixed results

Mind boggling - wealth shown to scale

I've lived in authoritarian countries and this is genuinely like what you'd see on state media.

Man who is charged in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, worked for years in DA Jackie Johson's office

in 1961 when I was 11 our family went to Hawaii on the Matson ship Lurline.

Dayton, OH: Stores open to small crowds

Democrats accuse Republicans of 'bad faith' as they invoke national debt to pause pandemic aid

Rick scott............. I can't even

CORONAVIRUS Twitter employees can work from home forever, CEO says

Just learned that David Greenfield of the Stranglers died from SARS-CoV-2

Texas Attorney General Asks Supreme Court to Weigh in on Voting by Mail

Joe Walsh - Life's Been Good

An outbreak at a choir practice hints at how coronavirus spreads


So-we already lost our family we may lose our October concert Def Leppard WITH

Man coughs and spits on woman she dies two weeks later

How did California's congressional seat get flipped?

Wisconsin supreme court strikes down stay-at-hone order. On Rachel/Ari now.

Judge tells Devin Nunes' family they have to have evidence of false reporting to sue for defamation

My hubster is SoOO awesome

Six candidates, including two well-known Democrats, file in special Texas Senate election to replace

You don't have to cough or spit to aerosolize COVID

BREAKING : Judge Amy Berman Jackson just ordered the WH to turn over 20 emails RE : Ukraine

Look out!

From Pete: Win the Era's endorsements.

The Clash - London Calling

Where is crazy KellyAnne these days?

Wisconsin Supreme Court sentences its citizens to death, no appeals.

Grand Funk Railroad - I'm Your Captain/Closer To Home

Not all heroes wear capes

US Senate seats in 2020 that are likely to switch parties.

The Flynn case isn't over until the judge says it's over

Study ties 'Obamacare' to fewer cancer deaths in some states

TrumpSuckingMouthBreathingTool Brags

Rush - Limelight

FBI serves warrant on senator in investigation of stock sales linked to coronavirus

FBI serves Sen. Burr with a search warrant

A portrait of my favorite model wearing a floppy hat

pent-up supply could soon ravage home prices.

My guy brought home a new kitten tonight

Down By The River - Buddy Miles

So which is it ? Biden ahead in battlegrounds or Trump ?

GOP Rep. Peter King to buck party, vote for Democrats' coronavirus relief bill

Flattening the Curve (It's NOT the one you expect.)

Connecticut Governor Says Days of Commuting to NYC May End

I filled out my absebtee ballot today. I was dismayed that a lot of the judges are Pubss & running

He Was One of New York's Most Famous Prisoners. Now He's One of Its Oldest--and Most Vulnerable.

Melissa Etheridge's son, Beckett Cypher, dies at 21- due to opioid addiction

'Our Food System Is Very Much Modeled on Plantation Economics'

Interesting.. I wonder who left this note at the Arbery murder scene?

Every heart that beats is singing a woman's song

Your trip to the dentist is about to get more painful -- but not for the reason you might think

People in Montana aren't masking or distancing... My Mom's former caregiver called me this

Our trip to Trader Joe in Asheville NC. Life in the time of COVID.

Tweet of the Day


Neil Young

I'm not going to vote in the Dem primary

expected tomorrow.. another 2.5M in jobless claims to add to the prior 33M

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Twitter Works From Home Forever & McConnell Insults Obama

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Drugs in the Time of Corona

Trump May Now Be Forced to Pardon Flynn

Uber Will Require Everyone To Wear Masks Starting Monday- And Is Using AI To Enforce The Rules

Karl Rove is back

The Daily Show: "What Was Trump Asked About?" The Game

I'm sitting at my desk in my home office.

If This Were WWII, Pro-Trump Reopeners Would Be Painting Targets on U.S. Roofs

Seth Meyers - The Supreme Court Argues Over Trump's Financial Records - Monologue 5/12/20

No one can accuse Trump of not preparing for The Transition To Greatness

Is refusing to wear a mask really that much different from refusing to

Seth Meyers - The Check In: Small Businesses

Goats Invade California Neighborhood

I listened to most of the arguments at the Surpreme Court concerning Trumps records.

Seth Meyers - Trump and Fox Try to Distract from Coronavirus with "Obamagate": A Closer Look

One cat, one year, 110 native animals: lock up your pet, it's a killing machine

The FBI warrant on Senator Burr is payback for the 4/21/2020 Senate Intelligence Committee report

"Is the Supreme Court Scared of Tribal Sovereignty?"

My humble and unorthodox advice to the Biden campaign is...just start governing.

Ex-F.B.I. Official Is Said to Undercut Justice Dept. Effort to Drop Flynn Case

David Cobb talks Progressives, Democratic Party, & more

Some sketches done from life instead of photos.

ObamaGate Is

New Mexico mandates masks in public, inside and outside, as state begins to reopen

New Mexico mandates masks in public, inside and outside, as state begins to reopen

Tooning Out The News: Rand Paul's tie slaps some sense into him

Why Open A Store? Chinese Merchants Go Livestreaming Instead

9-year-old boy in Tennessee catches 80-pound lake sturgeon

Rapid coronavirus test used by White House misses nearly half of positive cases

Trump pressures Pennsylvania's Democratic governor to reopen despite White House guidelines

Bonus Tweet of the Day

5-year-old boy shoots brother to death after finding gun he thinks is a toy in the woods

Trump Dismantles Environmental Protections Under Cover of Coronavirus

No Title Yet. Considering Wildfire 🤷🏼‍♀️

R-rated. Sorry, write this for a metal band and they curse. A lot!

Nine U.S. states sue EPA for easing environmental enforcement amid pandemic

An actual love poem. (You're probably relieved)

One more for today. Still no title.

US sails warship near Taiwan ahead of presidential inauguration

Fourth USDA Inspector Dies From Virus Amid Meat Plant Outbreaks

17 Historical Fiction Books That Will Immerse You In A Different Era

phosphorescent - new birth in new england (kexp-2019) dancin' in living room kinda tune

Adams, Ruehr, Bozza, Maslanka

Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend

This Doctor infected by COVID-19 teaches us an important lesson.

Simmering chicken in chocolate milk

Can you really do sports when there is massive death and suffering going on?

smashing pumpkins - mayonaise (1993) this song still kills to this day


FBI has better things to do than going after our great senators!

Stephen Colbert - (Birthday) Monologue and Opening - 5/13/20

So, now the Trump fanatics are back to the unmasking thing again.

Breakfast Thursday 14 May 2020

NJ-02: In New Jersey, a Kennedy's running against the Democratic machine

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats in 2020 that Democrats are going to win.

1 in every 413 residents of New York City has died from SarsCov2

Another morning mood of fuck all repigs

Where is the CDC? How Trump sidelined the public health agency in a pandemic

Although He Dressed Like A Redneck Pimp...

Has anyone turned in their 2020 US Census form?

Burr served warrant in Covid stock trade, FBI took his cell phone

It's going to be Veronica Biggins

2022 US Senate Election- Safe and Vulnerable Democratic and Republican seats w/Biden-D.

Mitch McConnell is pushing the Senate to pass a measure that would let the FBI collect Americans' we

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Fauci Testifies & Trump Pushes Obamagate

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump & Fox News vs Fauci and No More Pants

From Al Jazeera 5-14-20: "America's Divided Democrats

Who would've believed it - an Airedale with sea legs:

Ohio citizens are quickly slipping away from COVID-19 Protocols.

A friendly reminder WE ARE WINNING

Satire Can Save Us All: Episode 7 special guest Ann Telnaes

House panel to hear from ousted vaccine official, U.S. mask manufacturer whose concerns were ...

Trump's Remarks in a Meeting with Governor Polis of Colorado and Governor Burgum of North Dakota

C-19, casinos and smoking.

Bonus TOON - First Dog on the Moon has had enough of your CT

The fanfiction where Harry Potter is a devout christian boy going to a prayer-school in the US.

Thursday TOONs - Under No Management

Today's hearing with Dr. Bright should a hearing of all ages?

Maybe alcohol kills the germs...

READ: Rick Bright's full House opening statement

We all know that the Wisconsin branch of the death cult cares not one jot...

How Does An Owl Fly So Silently? Super Powered Owls BBC

This is the answer people - It's *us* who will lead a return to anything approaching normalcy

These signs are now posted near the Capitol (Michigan- due to today's protest):

Lincoln Project - We See You - Thom Tillis

Another no-sew mask:

6 Billion Euros Later, Venice's MOSE Flood System Won't Even Come Close To Dealing W. Future SLR

Trump has apparently now named a pharma exec and a military general to lead the

Do you ever get a feeling you are on a highway with no exits?

Essential Workering While Black

Mitch McConnell goes after the wrong president

Iran FM sees shortcomings in Trump logic

John Brennan: Trump's propaganda & disinformation machine is the most aggressive & odious in history

May 14 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jackie Speier (D) CA-14th

Big Oil (Occidental, Halliburton, ExxonMobil) COVID Bailout Well Under Way

Trump's rebuke of Fauci encapsulates rejection of science in virus fight

Hillary Clinton pays tribute to late CEO of Simon & Schuster

Black light experiment shows how quickly a virus like Covid-19 can spread at a restaurant


Norway's Atlantic Ocean Road & Storseisundet Bridge

Affordable Care Repeal's Top Salesman John Cornyn Goes On-Record Encouraging who Lost Jobs

Oil Majors' "Net Zero" Plans - A Meaningless Exercise In "Uh, Whatever"

WH Insta account is running an anti-Obama campaign ad and the comments are all Russian

3 million Americans filed jobless claims last week, pushing eight-week total to 36.5 million

FEMA cancels $55 million contract for N95 masks

PA NG Operators Released 1.1 Million Tons Of Methane In 2017, 16 Times What They Reported To State

Galileo was imprisoned by the church for saying the earth revolved around

"Unmasking" is routine & was done - "10,000 times last year, nearly 17,000 times in 2018"

Naomi Klein on How Healthcare Industry & Silicon Valley Plan to Profit from Corinaviris Crisis

The Trump Death Clock

Live link to today's House Committee hearing on COVID-19

Appeals court greenlights emoluments suit against Trump

Ex-detective charged in death of Ahmaud Arbery lost power to make arrests after skipping use-of-forc

Nicholas Kristof--America's True Covid Toll Already Exceeds 100,000

Trump hails Wisconsin court overturning governor's stay-at-home order

any suggestions on removing malware?

The Asshole is tweeting about Whistleblower Rick Bright

Rand Paul Chooses Feelings Over Facts on Fox News

Trump Despises His Supporters, Disgusted by Them

TIME's new cover: There are sensible ways to reopen a country. Then there's America's approach

I never met Donald Trump. I don't know him.

After Wisconsin court ruling, crowds liberated and thirsty descend on bars. 'We're the Wild West,'

Deep Level Talking points get them started.

Trump heads to the Lehigh Valley today, highlight a firm involved in fighting coronavirus ...

Appeals court greenlights emoluments suit against Trump

HOLY SHIT! They opened the bars in Wisconsin.

Lexington mom warns parents about symptoms of pediatric inflammatory syndrome, similar to her son's

Texas AG asks Supreme Court to order election officials to reject mail ballots

Donald Trump's tortured rationale for "opening up the country".

I will take all bets. The new House stimulus bill will pass quickly if this happens.

BLS report: U.S. import prices fall 2.6% in April, fuel prices down 31.5%; export prices drop 3.3%

Better Buzz Barr!

Sen. Bill Cassidy..."Data is subject to interpretation"

If I am in a zoom meeting on my phone, and then I receive an incoming call

After 11 Million Hectares Burned, Logging In Victoria's Native Forests Extended Another 10 Years

I am made a delivery at a major grocery company here in Kentucky!

Covidiots: 72 people in Wisconsin test positive after attending large gathering.

New SNL Digital Short: Dr Birx

We need to fight NOW for vote by mail

Republicans see Coronavirus as their ticket to the White House and four more years of Trump.

How many times do Democrats need to learn the lesson

As the Coronavirus Contagion Grows in Russia, Putin's Strongman Image Weakens

meanwhile, across the river...

We're churning butter and making our own candles. What has coronavirus done to us?

Re: the terrorists at the Michigan State Capitol today

Do I need some sort of financial advisor?

Rep Dingell: "Had we listened to the experts like Dr. Rick Bright..."

What time does Bright testify and what channel?

This C-19 nightmare was so preventable

Only Saving Lives Will Save Livelihoods - The Right Way to Understand Pandemic Economics

NOTE: J Powell Admits Nancy Pelosi Is The Most Powerful Women In The United States

The Rundown: May 13, 2020

RETRO Comics Should Be Cheap (5/11/11)

Why is it that the news media WILL NOT talk about All Government offices are

Art of the Week: Week of 5/13/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/13/2020

Chrome TV: I was getting a little tired of watching political happenings

Last night I gave myself a haircut

I finished this one a while ago

Born on this day, May 14, 1939: Troy Shondell

Dr. Bright is in the hearing room.

Is it socially irresponsible to wear a valved mask in public?

Sidney Bechet was born on this date.

Shame on msnbc for not showing Anna Eshoo's introduction. I thought Andrew Lack was gone

Robert Reich: The Real Reason Trump Wants to Reopen the Economy

When Trump says "There may be a few spikes" when we open all the schools next fall,

"Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" played in a packed WI bar last night

DOW down 1500+ points this week

OK Burr is just another ReTHUG

Bobby Darin was born on this date.

While Bright talks you can be sure Trump will be

Motherfucking Republickspittles

Cartoon: Acceptable Answers By Clay Jones -May 14, 2020 9:00 AM

Peach Cobbler Recipe

Calgary Zoo returning pandas to China due to bamboo barriers

Jack Bruce was born on this date.

63 at Texas beef processing plant test positive for COVID-19

I'm sick to my stomach reading about Obamagate this morning

You raised $641.00 on May 13, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Trumps Cult Release -REVEALS Flynn engaged in OTHER suspicious activity beyond what's publicly known

trump is unraveling before our eyes on Twitter:

Another Scotsman has a birthday today.

In tbe UK, Black people 4 times as likely to die from Covid Whites

Trump cheers early opening in Wisconsin despite most people opposing it

Reality TV star arrested for allegedly spending $1.5 million of PPP funds on jewelry, child support

GOP candidate wants kids back in school just like in the 'pre vaccine era'

Trump Is Gambling with Our Lives As His Stake

Whistleblower Rick Bright's complaint shows high likelihood of 'wrongdoing,' watchdog says

Republicans celebrate Police Week by refusing critical aid for police chiefs

It is difficult to feel sympathy for people who walk past all the warning signs, climb

Why 'the next big shoe to drop' in the U.S. economy could hit by July

Watch Whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright's testimony live

Amazing, Burgess is still pushing hydroxychloroquine on anecdotal hearsay. This is a tea party

New Kitten!

Cong. Burgess is doubling down on Hydroxychloroquine...

Midday Music for Millennials -- MovieThursday

Goya's Black Paintings

Wreaths Across America Has Family Ties to Its Supplier

AS IF THIS WILL EVER HAPPEN! Trump Wants to Force Obama to Testify

Wisconsin Gov. Says State is 'Wild West' After Stay-at-Home Order Ruling

McConnell being the Fearless Leader we all know he is:

Josh Marshall: "Let's remember what the 'unmasking' scandal is about..."

Conflicts of Interest Are a Red Flag for Donors: Some Charity Insiders May Take Unfair Advantage

The shit dogs have to put up with

The World's Last Blockbuster Is Still Open Amid Pandemic

What is Rep. Guthrie's (R, Kentucky) purpose at the Bright hearing beyond putting a fresh

Delta to have 7,000 more pilots than needed in the fall: memo

Looks like I'll get paid this week...

A bit of respect and admiration for Mitt Romney

Letters to the Editor: I cared for polio patients in iron lungs, and I'm sick of anti-vaxxers (LAT)

lifeintaiwan: TAIWAN 🆚 UK 🆚 USA: WHO handled the crisis better? (UK Eng Teacher)

Young Jared appears to be rotting from the inside out.

Why are so many people at meat-processing plants catching the virus?

Republicans are not interested in anything Dr. Bright has to say.

Federal Court Rules Trump Violated the Constitution's Emoluments Clauses

Vox: Why reopening has become so confusing

I kind of wish the bat shit crazy repukes would call President Obama before them

You Know How the RW Suppresses Voting, But Protests Quarantines Based on "Freedom"

WA State Emergency Management tweeted this yesterday--a lesson about listening to scientists

Republicans at Dr. Bright hearing missed their calling, Drug Dealers.

seems organized religion, with their anti closing protests,

Some nasty weather heading your way South and Eastern Floridians

How many deaths will the Right Wing Wisconsin Supreme Court cause?

You know it occurred to me awhile taking a shower

Imagine boarding a commercial aircraft

Repukes focus evolves more clearly each day

@GOPLindsey Graham-worth is about 22 MILLION Tells Americans No More Virus Relief!!

Disgusting. Rs pushing tRump's drug. It's all about protecting tRump, not Americans

Rex Chapman: Marshmallows and Star Wars.

Nothing like a well-dressed animal

Calvert County Extends Local State of Emergency.

CA-25: Republicans Triumph, Garcia Starts Out in Toss Up for November

Dan Rather: "America can't afford to wait for history's judgment."

Paul Simon praises extraordinary rendition of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by health workers

Pic Of The Moment: "Making America Great Again," Or "Keeping America Great?"

Japan lifts emergency in most areas but not in Tokyo, Osaka

Malcolm Nance: ENOUGH: It Is Time for all of the living POTUSes to come to the aide of their country

It is already written: We are witnessing a large scale Jonestown event.

Coral bleaching: Scientists 'find way to make coral more heat-resistant'

Dollar climbs to three-week peak; U.S. jobs data shrugged off

Someone who takes things seriously

Did you know that perf was an adjective?

Oh well! Let give medicine to people that might work?

Just received this from Photobucket

I wish the media would start digging into these millionaire politicians.

As I listen to the ignorance, hypocrisy, arrogance and shamelessness of the Republicans

BREAKING: BURR is stepping down as chairman of Senate Intel during investigation

A commotion? A COMMOTION???

From Dependable to.. - Sack Cartoon

Hey Markwayne Mullin, you are an ASSHOLE!!!

Trump should listen to Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine.

Who is this jerk grilling Dr bright about his pay

Is there a thread about today's hearings with Dr. Bright?

Lindsey Graham shoots down Trump's call for Obama to testify

Coronavirus drives health insurers back to Obamacare

Apparently the MMR vaccine may have some efficacy towards COVID-19.

Trump Worried Too Much Coronavirus Testing Would Panic the Stock Market

I did not know that Minnesota had a "faithless elector" in 2016

Richard Burr to step down as Intelligence Committee chairman

Total insanity/stupidity in Wisconsin

This would be a devastating, winning issue for the Biden campaign to run on.

Fight erupts at Michigan Capitol over doll with noose around neck

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto: III

What is your fucking question richard hudson?

The COVID-19 Crisis Is an Indictment of American Exceptionalism

Seattle Records State's First Case Of Rare Childhood Illness

What does a "prophet" say when he or she is absolutely wrong?

As Ferndale's Intalco smelter nears curtailment, chances of saving it look bleak

Pic Of The Moment: So Rick Scott Doesn't Like "Bailouts", Huh?

Breonna Taylor Shooting: Kentucky Governor Orders Review of Louisville Raid

Feeling down about things right now? How about a storybook to cheer you up!

Manhattan Bankruptcy Judge OKs Subpoenas for Sackler Family's Financial Records

JUST IN - Feinstein's office confirms she answered questions from FBI about husband's stock trades

Senator Burr thought he was above the law..(about stock sales)

There Are Sensible Ways to Reopen a Country. Then There's America's Approach


Black light experiment shows how quickly a virus like Covid-19 can spread at a restaurant

It may be time for the end of the good Chief Inspector Murphy's watch

Does anyone think Trump or his minions have figured out yet they are their own worst enemies

Trump says he would mobilize military to distribute coronavirus vaccine when it's ready

Bobcat leap over lava ice water

Time is running out. We must prepare for the worst. I may cash out my 401k.

The tale of Georgia COVIDIOTS

Jobless claims rise by nearly 3 million, bringing coronavirus total to 36.5 million

How does Washington's plan for reopening compare to other states? Here's how

Trump is now saying that his admin put together a better pandemic response plan than Obama.

Georgia officials are asking the public to help them track 4-foot long, invasive lizards

Pushing back at Trump, Biden stresses 'we all want to reopen'

New York City breaks record: 58 straight days with no pedestrian deaths

Coronavirus Sanofi: France resists idea of US getting vaccine first

Judge in Roger Stone case orders Trump administration to turn over Ukraine emails

With Burr getting pinched it made me think-since teflon don seems to get nothing, start getting all

Why 'the next big shoe to drop' in the U.S. economy could hit by July

Krispy Kreme offering free '2020 graduate dozen' doughnuts to graduating class

This is Obamagate explained in one simple tweet.

Trump and his spokesmodel just said

Buddy Carter getting his ass handed to him. LOL

A Trump Official Tried to Fast-Track Funding for His Friend's Unproven COVID-19 "Treatment,"

We see a white person running, but racists see a black person running AWAY.

Wow, Representative Dingell is so clear and articulate. Very focused on the issues

NC man goes to store to buy pork rinds, ends up winning $200,000 lottery ticket

Trump calls ousted HHS whistleblower Rick Bright a 'disgruntled employee'

This Sat : Obama and Bill Clinton headlining two-hour special on CNN honoring the class of 2020

Wagle is going off the rails with her power grab

JFC! My son just received a letter from the Dept. of Treasury. Inside, a letter from The White House

Sen. Burr is stepping down as chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

I was today years old when I learned about HELLCOW

Virus whistleblower tells lawmakers US lacks vaccine plan

Dr. Bright: "We're in deep shit."

No matter what Trump does to try and re-open the economy it won't get better until a vaccine

Korean baseball (KBO) is back, Baby!

Driver stopped by Oklahoma HOA president for Delivering While Black.

We could be trying to rebuild infrastructure (schools roads bridges) We could be retooling

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/14/20

Fight breaks out at Michigan Capitol over noose/doll display

100,000 dead Americans and 20% unemployment is still not enough

During Dr Bright's hearing the Rs keep passing their time, "reserving" it

After Wisconsin court ruling, crowds liberated and thirsty descend on bars

Private jet company founded by Trump donor gets $27 million CARES bailout

COVID restaurant design. Don't need to get smart with a translator on this one.

Does anyone doubt that if President Obama DID testify before Congress

Feinstein has turned over records to FBI also. Waiting for others..

Michigan protesters merrily winning hearts and minds with racist antics.

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; May 14, 2020

Michigan Cancels Legislative Session

About being President of the U.S. If it wasn't Trump, and it was one of us who was President. then

23% of Republicans Wish Trump Wasn't Their Nominee

Not only was there a playbook, there was a briefing and tabletop exercise with trump's top aides

Bartender: "What are you having?"

Georgia Becomes a Battleground

Fight erupts at Michigan Capitol protest over noose; police take ax

Trump Wants to Force Obama to Testify

I notice that no employee seems to leave the Trump administration gruntled.

Black delivery driver blocked into Oklahoma neighborhood by HOA president

Graham to start hearings on Russia probe, Flynn in June

Working with radioactive stuff and life in the days of Covid-19.

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update -- May 14 2020

Judge Sullivan essentially appointed a replacement for a derelict DOJ.

'Never heard of this': MSNBC wonders why WH never mentioned their so-called 'pandemic playbook'

The most pitiful fact of all is that if everyone started just wearing masks

OBAMAGATE! Has Got to Be the Most Transparent Scam Yet. Just Look at How Trump Explains It.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein questioned about husband's stock trades amid coronavirus pandemic

Explaining coronavirus to Trump is like 'bringing fruits to the volcano': Administration official

Arkansas Governor Threatens Police Action If Socially Distanced Concert Goes Ahead

LOL. A couple of empty three ring binders. We've seen this trick before, dumbass.

The Knoxville Girl

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; May 14, 2020

Barack Obama Speaks Out After Mitch McConnell Tells Him To Keep His 'Mouth Shut'

As a teacher with a compromised immune system-we can't go back to normal. I have almost died 3 time

Army scientists working on vaccine had long feared emergence of new coronaviruses

Obamagate was the worst crime ever committed and here is what it was

AOC and other Bernie Sanders allies are helping shape policy for Joe Biden.

The Darkest Winter in Modern History

Spokane area Rep. Matt Shea fined nearly $5,000 for damage to state Capitol steps during protest

Statement from Joe Biden to trump re trip to Pennsylvania

Timeline Joe Biden For President

BOOM goes the dynamite

Life/Death in the ICU.

Private Jet Company Founded By Trump Donor Gets $27 Million Bailout

Anderson Cooper: Donald Trump's Latest Coronavirus Ploy Is 1 Of His Most Offensive Yet

Chris Cuomo says 'anti-elitists' at Fox News seem to be 'OK with 10,000 more dead'

Trump's business partner in Indonesia exhumed graves in West Java to build resort

Airlines were just warned for a second time by the government that they're required to issue refunds

Pentagon removes official responsible for executing the Defense Production Act

I need an answer to this question

Pentagon fires its point person for Defense Production Act

Infectious-Disease Experts Think Washington State's Slow Reopening Will Mean Fewer Cases

Ex-cop charged in Arbery killing was banned from making arrests after skipping use-of-force training

Biden Invokes Trump's Disinfectant Comments, Urges GOP to Trust Fauci


Postal Service launches review of package delivery fees as Trump influence grows.

The Bizarre Culture War Over Wearing Masks

Guns N' Roses Slam Trump With 'Live N' Let Die With COVID 45′ Shirt

The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them

Korean 108 bows.

Supreme Court ponders state's limits on presidential electors

Remember the gold stars in WWII? We need them now.

Trump tells LindseyGraham to haul in Obama to testify a/b a 'political crime' that no one can define

Cassandra Callender, forced to undergo chemo, dies at 22

Blue Fox Drive-In petitions to avoid becoming pandemic casualty

President Trump tours the Owens & Minor distribution center in Pennsylvania sans mask.

Russia plans to Cheat to put trump back into Office in 2020

Cartoons 5/14/2020

My mom's a badass! That's right you heard me!

Randy Newman has a new song...Stay away from me.

Isn't that quaint?

New song, New Artist... Enjoy.

FBI arrests an Ohio 'Boogaloo Boi' for plotting ambush of police officers at national park

Giant Lizards Have Invaded Two Georgia Counties

Using the "reasoning" of the anti-stay at home protesters:

Jack Scott, "undeniably the greatest Canadian rock and roll singer of all time"

Pentagon fires its point person for Defense Production Act

Tweet of the Day

A big chunk of federal coronavirus help for Washington State Ferries

Hairdressers file petition to delay salons re-opening until Phase 4


Back in 1972, the Associated Press took this story's my mom!

Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Taverns to rescue!

This is why he can't wear a mask.

Donald Trump, Jr's "sweaty and glassy eyed" appearance on Fox fuels speculation about his health

Analyst: Trump's White House departure will be ugly if he loses, Trump is colluding with Putin 2020

Violin Concerto #1: III Max Bruch

On this day, May 14, 1796, Edward Jenner inoculated James Phipps with cowpox.

Heard my first Republican for Governor ad

"Kroger also plans to end its coronavirus-related emergency sick leave policy on May 23."

So Flynn gets caught with his pants down .... and the repukes shuffle out Paul...

Received our mail in ballots today. We each received three!

How fucking mad and racist do you have to be to declare that the African-American President

UTAH Court -- Drug Dogs Are Unreliable

Reminder: Virginia's May and June elections have been rescheduled

Anyone following Room Rater on Twitter?

Cereal Box closing

Trump goes without mask on trip to Pennsylvania PPE factory

Whistleblower Testifies to 'Unforgettable' Medical Supplier Warnings: 'We're in Deep Shit...."

Pluto's wispy atmosphere may be surprisingly robust

President and First Lady (Obama) read a story for your kids [WATCH WITH YOUR KIDS]

Exploring new tools in string theory

Trump: Doctors and nurses are "running into death just like soldiers running into bullets." "And

Trump: "If we didn't do any testing we would have very few cases."

The fifth force: Is there another fundamental force of nature?

The Prophecies of Q

FL's Marco Rubio could be the next Senate Intelligence chairman

Obamagate is the start of an Attack On Biden!

Just think-When America shut down because of the pandemic, the numbers were way smaller than now

Happy Birthday to St Louis' adopted son Anthony Gomes.

How to achieve social distancing at Wisconsin bars - a humble suggestion.

Joe Kennedy III Wants You to Know He's More Than Just a Name

Appeals court revives lawsuit involving Trump hotel in D C.

ACLU calls on House to revive measure blocking warrantless web browsing surveillance

Michigan Cancels Legislative Session to Avoid Armed Protesters

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 14, 2020

Adult son accused of murder after woman's remains found in Middleburg home

The biggest scandal scam!

Jared-testing too many people or ordering too many ventilators would spook the markets so we didn't

Texas is Delaying Reporting Coronavirus Cases by a Full Day

From here in Tucson, it looks like Montana's infection rate is far below national rate

Therapy human at your service

Graham shoots down Trump's call for Obama testimony on Russia probe origins

AMA cautions use of coronavirus antibody tests to determine "immunity"

Deforestation in the Amazon is accelerating despite coronavirus

Deforestation in the Amazon is accelerating despite coronavirus

Waking up to the smell of food

It's a bird. It's a plane.

An open letter to friends and family who are/were shocked to discover I'm a liberal...

Argentina Reacted Early And Kept The Coronavirus Largely Contained

Penguins wander empty art museum, director says they seem to prefer Caravaggio

Obamagate - more projection

This screaming dog's about to learn what love feels like

Either Moscow Killer Mitch does what the patriots, i.e. democrats want on stimulus

It's happened: positive covid-19 test at my daughter's group home

Always nice to have someone to talk to 😂

Meanwhile, bullets and tests....

Biden and Stacey Abrams on MSNBC tonight at 10ET.

I'm reposting this from my friend LauraPourMeADrink:

Wisconsin's patchwork of stay-at-home orders by county

How about this for a scam?

A baby moose adopted this woman as her mom

President Trump defies top health officials' warnings about reopening too soon

Attorney-general Hillary Clinton...

Video Presentation on the Utility of Household Fabrics for Face Masks.

Trump Death Clock -- Times Square

Lessons from Singapore and Reopening The United States

Louisiana parents sue to get children out of juvenile detention as coronavirus spreads

Black Delivery Driver Held Against His Will in Gated Oklahoma City Community by White Homeowners..

Coronavirus is overblown so we need to get kids in school. But it's also bad, so Manafort gets out

When do we stop backing up? When do WE stand OUR ground? When do we respond to

1/4 of American Restaurants Won't Reopen, Open Table says

In the memory of horror and pain, Salvadorans overcome massacre with faith

Governor Northam Delays Phase One for Accomack County and the City of Richmond

trump REALLY said this!!!! "If we didn't do any testing we would have very few cases."

Geez. I hate this Bizarro World we live in when I agree with Joe Walsh (not the awesome musician)

Ask a trivia question about a fictional person, place, thing, TV show, or movie - Part Four

Trump: "[Doctors nurses] are running into death just like soldiers run into bullets . it's a beauti

Trump needs to hurry up and pardon Flynn before Judge Sullivan brings the whole house of cards

The Trump Administration's Self-Own on Michael Flynn

My new favorite meme (I know, I'm so immature)

I saw somewhere on DU today that Lindsay Graham is worth $20 million

Al Franken podcast "Where Do We Go From Here?" Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant

Trump's company has received at least $970,000 from U.S. taxpayers for room rentals

Trumpy's "handbook" has a table of contents starting on the title page

Trump's company has received at least $970,000 from U.S. taxpayers for room rentals

Two questions on Wisconsin. Are the state laws different than other states or the judges just dumb?

Texas appeals court upholds ruling that expands voting by mail during pandemic

McConnell is a bigger dick than Trump

MAGA Is Imbedded In Obamagate.....

Tina Fey got choked up after learning live on air that $115 million had been raised for @RobinHoodNY

Ottawa's ties with far-right Colombian president undermines human rights rhetoric on Venezuela

Folks, we do not have a Toddler POTUS. We have Infantile POTUS. Case in point.

'See you in court': ACLU sues Betsy DeVos over new campus sexual assault rules

question about acquiring covid-19 via the mouth

Who here thinks that Flynn and Manafort will flee the country in the dark of night?

It used to be called The Justice Department...

Well, I got THE vile letter just now.

I heard dunno if it has any basis

Well, Trump voters ... you sure shook things up. Happy?

Brazil: Coronavirus Kills Historic Leader of Amazonian Peoples

Pres Obama is addressing all of the high school graduates of America this Saturday/On All Networks

Michigan settles suit after landmark right to read ruling

Philadelphia in the east, Pittsburgh in the west, and Alabama in the middle

Firehouse Strategies (R) Biden 52% Trump 43%

Imagine you are in charge of an apartment building with 330 residents, and the virus is here.

WATCH: Whistleblower says U.S. isn't well prepared to distribute a coronavirus vaccine

John Fugelsang tweet:

Can we let Trumpey Garcia be sworn in early so he can vote against the Democratic stimulus bill?

I'm thinking Biden will have to win by 10 million votes

Let us remind ourselves about the greatness of our FLOTUS to biff the sexual predator in chief


Anybody watching Mrs. America?

Exclusive: U.S. considers returning Cuba to list of state sponsors of terrorism - source

For some seniors, virus is shifting their views of Trump.

One of these things is not like the other.

How To Keep Glasses From FOGGING While Wearing A Face Mask

SCOTUS throws out Bridgegate convictions

'We Like It the Old Way': Trump Mocks Social Distancing, Denounces Testing as 'Overrated'...

Texas appeals court allows expansion of voting by mail during ongoing legal fight

Federal Child Porn Charges Filed Against Former Miami Mayor's Aide Rene Pedrosa

Federal Child Porn Charges Filed Against Former Miami Mayor's Aide Rene Pedrosa

Yup, I'm sure this has to do with just wanting to work. Noose at protest

Texas appeals court allows expansion of voting by mail during ongoing legal fight

I watched part of the "discussion" with Dr. Bright this morning.

If 2020 is like 2016, same political party wins the US Presidential & Senate Election in each state.

Texas Cases Jump Two Weeks Into Reopening

The coronavirus slayer! How Kerala's rock star health minister helped save it from Covid-19

The Brutal Rise of El Mencho

Trump is setting up the governors.

Dems outnumber GOP in all suburban Philly counties as GOP loses edge in Chester County

Have been thinking about this song. Shaving Cream.

Joy Reid is hosting this evening on M$NBComcast - Speaker Pelosi is on with her

New York barber cutting hair 'illicitly' during lockdown tests positive for coronavirus

SCOTUS denies request to vacate a 5th-circ stay on order to protect inmates in a geriatric TX prison

Quick and easy lesson on keeping social distance (for men)

Losing my civilians

New York Officials Slammed A Popular TikToker For Dumping A Tub Of Cereal On The Subway

05/15 Mike Luckovich-Intimidating woman

. @TexasDemocrats on the state of Texas experiencing the highest death count

Something in the Air: The Great 5G Conspiracy

Sarah Michelle Gellar just posted this on her Instagram

Borowitz on Rand Paul:

Trump says testing may be 'frankly overrated'

The level of anger directed at the media from these protestors was alarming.

It is "sharpie pen" time again!

Copper's Known to Combat Viruses--Can it Help With Public Health?

Racism again and still

BI article: Trump's handling of the pandemic and the economic crisis is endangering the GOP's Senate

Obama tweets 'vote' after Trump promotes 'Obamagate'

de Adder: Trump in the CV Control Room

Illinois and Florida. double the number of new cases today compared to yesterday

Top health officials vanish from national TV interviews as White House refocuses messaging

A Second Trump Term Would Be A Hellscape Of Indescribable Proportions

JCPenney's top execs get big bonuses after company furloughs majority of its associates

White House claims failing its own pandemic exercise proves it was prepared

Barack Obama: Vote. Biden: What he said.

Ian Anderson has COPD, and it's incurable

DC Metro to require face masks

So what is the Republican endgame?

Cover of Time mag we'd all like to see

Foo Fighters Live At DNC 2012 Conference - My Hero & Walk

This is what fucking lunatic says....................

GOP congressman thanks hate group for endorsing his campaign

OK, so I was enjoying the nicest day, weather-wise, In Central Me. this PM.

Police investigating black man with New York plates told to 'leave' Vermont

Prince "Purple Rain" tour broadcast

Mississippi casinos to reopen before Memorial Day weekend

Texas AG falsely claims voting safely 'damages the integrity' of elections

Trump administration ease rules limiting truck driver hours

Mindlessly but masterfully, Trump is tearing country down!

A Coronavirus Exercise

Dr. Rick Bright: Trump administration gave hospitals masks that don't work

They reported businesses for violating stay-at-home orders. Now they say they're facing threats

The Three Monkeys as Revised by Trump

White House preparing executive order requiring certain essential drugs be made in U.S., sources say

McConnell: U.S. Republicans open to future possible coronavirus relief bill