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3M billed government $7.63 for 85-cent earplugs.

Kamala Harris shames senators for 'doing Trump's bidding' and approving Hunter Biden subpoena

Heads Up - Speaker Pelosi will be on Lawrence O'Donnell tonight n/t

Guardian: Ukraine to investigate calls between Biden and ex-president

About that Man of the Year in Michigan claim -

Opinion: Latin America's Next Generation of Authoritarians is Using COVID-19 to Consolidate Power

Trump's press secretary says with any other president, 'the media would take him at his word'

Why It Matters That Jane Roe Says She Was Paid By The Religious Right

Coronavirus: Leaked Pentagon memo warns pandemic could last until summer 2021,

'Panic' as Hungarian parliament bans trans people from changing gender on IDs

Kamala Harris to donald trump regarding mail-in voting:

Hyundai Dealer Closes, Secretly Tows Customer Cars During Lockdown

Gray whale carcass to be towed off Bainbridge beach for study

Trump will lose in a landslide because of the economy, new election model predicts

I'm not a huge social media presence, but I want to share this everywhere people know me

Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts to graduating seniors dressed in their caps and gowns

Bernie Sanders, seeking peace with Joe Biden, asks his own delegates to turn down the volume

Highly indebted 'zombie' companies control more than 2 million US jobs

Cowboys for Trump: "the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat"

Social Security recipients say they're still waiting for stimulus checks

The Handsome Family - Far From Any Road

Antarctic penguins release an extreme amount of laughing gas in their feces, it turns out

Open for Boating: New website to navigate coronavirus closures

I feel emotional beat up

New data suggest people aren't getting reinfected with the coronavirus

A $150 billion pile of frozen loans starts to worry US banks

NM Senate Republicans demand Governor reopen all business by Thursday

Washington Expands Contact Tracing Program

Cher is 74 today, and because she's still cool AF, here's her and Bowie singing a corny medley 1975

Study: Washington ranks among states with most restrictions still in place due to coronavirus

TIME - Loosening Public-Health Restrictions Too Early Can Cost Lives. Just Look at 1918 Flu Pandemic

Seafair cancels major events for 2020 amid coronavirus outbreak; to resume in 2021

Tacoma Receives Donation of 70,000 Masks From Sister City

We may have spotted a parallel universe going backwards in time

Senior officials advised against Trump emergency arms sales to Saudis

Whatcom County reports three new coronavirus cases Wednesday, but no deaths

DHS watchdog launches probe into how FEMA is handling coronavirus

Dwight Yoakam - A Thousand Miles From Nowhere

Republicans, Democrats Pour Millions Into Battleground Montana Senate Race

There were copper-bottom timpiani in horse platoons.

Fleetwood Mac - Hypnotized

Mike Pompeo offers another defense in his IG controversy -- then immediately undercuts it

Joe Biden vowed to pick a woman VP. Some Democrats say she must be a woman of color

Prediction: Before the election is here Red Don

How Street Culture Shaped Asian-American Identity

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

McDonald's employees file lawsuit claiming they're working in unsafe conditions

Trump vents as more states move to expand vote-by-mail ahead of November election

Pelosi says she gave Trump 'dose of his own medicine' with weight comments

Trump threatens to withhold funds from Michigan over mail-in voting

Texas AG To Appeal Court Ruling That Allows Mail-In Voting MSNBC

A mangling of the South Pacific for the next shower

Global carbon emissions dropped an unprecedented 17% during the coronavirus lockdown -- and it change

Chris Cuomo wants you to hear this quote from Trump

OMFG - - Rachel --opened with Professor Pamela Karlan - must see

Asian American doctors and nurses are fighting racism and the coronavirus

HYPOCRITE!!! Donald Trump Voted Absentee & is Now Threatening States for Offering Absentee Voting!

The Devil's Right Hand

Nation's Politicians, Law Enforcement, Corporate Executives Marvel At Utopia They're Living In

Trump Makes a Cookie Great Again

Help! Anyone got that link to the article about the GOP allowing bio warfare research again?

Growing Drug Tolerance Drives Trump To Buy Black-Tar Hydroxychloroquine Off Dealer

A new Cuomo Brothers skit dropped tonight

A Hong Kong Creamery Is Making 'Tear Gas' Ice Cream to Support Protesters

*NM Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on Rachel show now.

False Equivolency on display...

Ticked Off Vic: The Virus is Real

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats in 2020 that the Democrats are likely to win.

America's Patchwork Pandemic Is Fraying Even Further

I believe in American exceptionalism. That's what makes this crisis so hard to accept.

Trump's signal is his noise. Stop trying to distinguish between the two.


Texas's Republican leaders are fighting to keep voting unsafe

Dr. Birx's Credibility Sinks Even Further As Her Own CDC Peers Are Reportedly Angry Over Her Refusal

US seeks to change the rules for mining the moon

Pompeo's new acting inspector general is already creating a conflict of interest

Trump says he will finish his hydroxychloroquine regimen 'in a day or two'

So Who Won & Who Lost Due To Jane Roe?

Dam that broke in MI's owner a Trumpster.

Under pressure, Trump administration weighs extending National Guard deployments

Under pressure, Trump administration weighs extending National Guard deployments

So Dale Earnhardt Jr. attended Pompous Pompeo's dinner too?

*Nancy Pelosi on Lawrence show now!

One-fifth of Americans fear they can't pay June rent or mortgage, federal survey finds

Nancy Pelosi's even got a better TAN

Moments Of Children With Animals (30 Pics)

Damn weather!

Trump to celebrate Memorial Day at Baltimore's Fort McHenry

Dead Friends

CDC's Redfield in the hot seat as White House looks for someone to blame

Baby's On Fire

Wow! Twitler's tweet about MI absentee ballots was DELETED!

(San Diego) Old Globe theater cancels summer season

Shoot The Runner

"Aye. Queen you shall be, until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down...

The honor of having the Governor of Mississippi

Actress Duarte resigns as Brazil culture secretary in latest blow to Bolsonaro cabinet

Everybody as angry as Rachel tonight?

Texas is Outsourcing Contact Tracing to a Company that made an Election Canvassing App

Midnight Skyracer (again)

FedEx fired two African American drivers today.. after they stood up to abuse

NJ gym owner who defied COVID-19 mandate was convicted of vehicular homicide in 2007

Budget Cuts Aimed at Older Adults Anger California Lawmakers

Trump obituary

Budget Cuts Aimed at Older Adults Anger California Lawmakers

As virus toll rises, Brazil expands use of unproven drug

As virus toll rises, Brazil expands use of unproven drug

Anyone know how to do a petition to get Obama's portrait in Times Square...

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Mike Pompeo Scandal & Trump's Tantrum Over Mail-In Ballots

Where Are They?': Biden Criticizes G.O.P. Over Trump's Firing of Inspectors Generalĺ

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Standing Up for the Anti-Anti-Lockdown Movement

New to me, thanks Eugene Robinson...

2 in custody nine injured mass shooting in Arizona

Headline: "U.S. Death Toll Tops 93,000 as All 50 States Partially Reopen", not what I was ready for

Devil In Me

*Andrew Zimmern coming up on 11th Hour (MSNBC.)

It is becoming clearer why Susan Rice is such a target on the right. She can refute 'Obamagate'

Astronauts arrive at Kennedy for historic launch

Any body read "The Jungle"? You should. It's about the Chicago meatpacking industry c.1900...

Such A Fool

Covid-19, Phase 2, State Opening Update

I'm The One

Michael Cohen to be released from prison and serve sentence at home

Researchers: Nearly Half Of Accounts Tweeting About Coronavirus Are Likely Bots

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

cartoon: "Is that you dad?"

BBC director general candidate accused in phone-hacking case

Tulare County reports 101 new cases as supervisors vote to reopen 'effective immediately'

Twenty Feet Tall and Strong as Granite

Hockey Is Not for Everyone

Astronomers spot potential first evidence of new planet being born

Cold Hard Bitch

Police: At least 2 shot at Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale, shooter in custody

Monkeys develop virus immunity after infection, vaccine: studies

DeSantis criticizes ousted Florida health official who questioned data

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Anti-Muslim Mask Policies & Zoom Jury Duty

S.F.'s "The Stud" will permanently close, according to a co-op owner

U.S. Lockdown One Week Earlier Would Have Saved 36,000 Lives, Study Finds

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Gorillaz - Aries

So who would you rather have?

Ball & Biscuit

Seth Meyers - South Korean Soccer Club Apologizes for Sex Dolls - Monologue 5/19/20

Trump threatens to cut off World Health Organization unless they join his blame China campaign

Shine On

Inside Italy's COVID War (full film) FRONTLINE

The O'Jays at Darryl's house

Look What You've Done


Get Free

Some proof about what concerns Tump the most.

Hate To Say I Told You So

This place just don't no make sense to me no more


97-year-old gay veteran attacked while helping someone on the street

JJ Cale & Leon Russell at the Paradise Studios, LA 1979

Truck painted with "OPEN OUR GYMS F****T" cruises Colorado to protest safer-at-home order

The Inimitable Nina Hagen

He's about to blow. Know how I know?

Ignoring reality

Appeals Court Stymies Voting by Mail in Texas. Again.

Icky Thump

Reopening Guidance for Churches Delayed

OMFG he has no idea what per capita means.

Sixteen Saltines

Blue Orchid

Rock 'N Roll Queen

United Steelworkers endorse Joe Biden

The four day work week under consideration in New Zealand. Why not here?


Senior officials advised against Trump emergency arms sales to Saudis

breaking... shooting in arizona

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - The Cardinal Sin of Quarantine & Homemade Hydroxy

Suddenly Yang's idea of universal basic income doesn't seem so crazy

Dana Perino asked Symone Sanders for one Trump lie on COVID-19. She brought the receipts.

Employees Say Hundreds Of Tyson Foods Workers In Texas Have Tested Positive For COVID-19

Speaker Pelosi: We 'Cannot Ignore' Food Insecurity Caused By COVID-19 - The Last Word - MSNBC

Democrats decry 'pandemic of pollution' under Trump's EPA

Virus-sapped bus lines see road to ruin without federal help

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, former White House butler who served through 11 presidencies, dies of COVID

Mich. governor says state will seek 'legal recourse' over failed dam

The entire universe is watching you donald and you are crumbling.

Former MSNBC analyst Mimi Rocah is running for D.A. of Westchester Co., NY

Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners chairman asks President Trump to cancel visit.

Can Obama officials ignore senate subpoenas like Trump and co did with the house?

Marijuana is legal and haircuts are against the law.

* backed off threatening Michigan to withhold funding bc they

Post number 1500!!!

The Risks - Know Them - Avoid Them

"... there are no panty lines..."

If you really want to upset Trump

Sometimes I'm inna NY state of mind...

Conservative William Kristol: 'We're really going to pay a price

Solve the mystery in "Clue".

World Sees Biggest Single-Day Jump in COVID-19 Cases

These are the people that are going to get most of us killed.

Amphan: Indian city of Kolkata devastated by cyclone

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/20/20

Renewable energy overtakes fossil fuels in powering Britain

Stephen Colbert: Guest "Space Force" star Steve Carell

My mom drove to a place to see if she could get tested.

I wish someone would film a movie from The Jungle-Required Gov. video

Trump Fears Painting of Obama at White House Would Spy on Him

Stephen F. Austin State University suffers sanctions for low APR scores

Breakfast Thursday 21 May 2020

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; May 20, 2020

Trump's Remarks in a Meeting with Governor Hutchinson of Arkansas and Governor Kelly of Kansas

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- US Senate seats the Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

Democratic Rival Accuses Sen. John Cornyn of Using Racist 'Dog Whistle' Nickname

ATK is doing a great quarantine series on YouTube

In some of the least surprising polling numbers ever


Our government has officially drunk the Trump Kool Aid

If you like animals and cattle, I found this cool channel of a Scotsman who trims cow hooves!

Loon killed bald eagle by stabbing its heart, Maine biologist finds

Trump's lethal aversion to reading

Lockdown Delays Led to At Least 36,000 More Deaths

Seriously - watching hims scramble all over the place trying to salvage

WH Shelves CDC's Church Reopening Advice in Fear of Backlash From Religious Trumpists,

Sanders Campaign Asks Delegates To Sign Pledge They Won't Openly Attack Biden

Thursday TOONs - Prez: **** Dispenser

Federal Hazmat Regulator - States Can't "Use Safety As A Pretext For Inhibiting Market Growth"

ExxonMobil Being Sued For "False And Deceptive Advertising" Over Its Greenwashing Campaign

I cannot say I am surprised::: IMAGES OF ALCOHOL:::

Warren pivots on Medicare for All in bid to become Biden's VP

Meet the Ocelot Whisperer

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, former White House Butler, who served 11 presidents dies of COVID-19.

Senator Kennedy from Louisiana reminds me of mr Haney from green acres

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Blue on Black

Why do some masks in ads have a black round thing like A camera lens

Does Joe Scarborough get "under the skin" of Donald Trump?

Lockdown Delays Cost at Least 36,000 Lives, Data Show

House Energy Action Team - 70+ Republicans Who, As Always, Will Do Anything To Prop Up Fossil Fuels

Coronavirus cluster slows construction at Bryant-Denny Stadium

Senior DOE Staff To TX Oil Producers - He's "All Ears" For Suggestions On Which Regulations To Cut

NC is in Phase 2 reopening today. we know where the hot spots will be

So Lance Armstrong admitted to using PEDs from age 21

"At least 173 covid-related doc requests sent to Trump admin since early March. Almost all ignored."

Native Tribe Could Lose Its Land Under New Trump Administration Guidelines

The Loeffler's gave $1M to Trump super PAC at then end of last month right after stock exposure

After Oil Majors Sold 150K Dead/Marginal Wells To Duck Cleanup, Alberta Finally (Last Week) Said No

Pelosi & Schumer send letter to WH asking for flags at half-staff when CV death toll reaches 100,000

Team Trump Is Upset That They Can't Just Run Against Hillary Again

Flat-Earther tries to use medical condition to wiggle out of having to wear a mask inside store.

AP: Meatpacking safety recommendations are largely unenforceable

Guardian - Coronawashing The Latest Manifestation Of The Cancer That Is Corporate PR

How Much Of A Rabid Clown Is The Head Of BLM? It's Even Worse Than You Could Imagine

Exclusive: Stephen King's The Stand Comes to Life Again

Illinois move to Phase 3 on May 29 (Re-opening)

Coronavirus cases are on the rise across the South

May 21 - Happy Birthday Al Franken, former Senator (D) MN

2.4 million Americans filed jobless claims last week, bringing nine-week total to 38.6 million

National Phenology Network - Spring Arrived In American SE Earlier Than Any Point In 39 Year Record

Britain's walking hero, Captain Tom, awarded knighthood by the queen

Joe Biden will be on Stephen Colbert's Late Show tonight

Would the cabinet invoke the 25th amendment if Trump got crazy after losing the election?

Thursday News: "Don't count on vaccine, US scientist warns, as cases pass 5m"; "Lockdown Delays Cost

Back from the dead: Cowboys' Aldon Smith reinstated by NFL

Defend constitution against all enemies

Obama's net favorability is 39 points higher than Trump's

Democrats raise $141 million in April through ActBlue

"Socially Organized Denial" - Anonymous Interviews W. UK MPs Explain Why Nothing Changes On Climate

2 examples of great planning, saved thousands,2 examples of ignoring warnings, killed thousands

Active shooter at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi has been 'neutralized'

The Rundown: May 20, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 5/20/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/20/2020

Pelosi/Schumer to potus:"We are writing to request that you order flags to be flown at half staff...

The Rich Are Making Out Like Bandits In This Pandemic

As California beaches reopen, seawall construction becomes legislative battleground

Long Black Veil

Campaign finance filings takeaways: Joe Biden is still in a financial hole, super PAC importance ri

Jobless claims jump 4.4 million in mid-May as applications for federal benefits surge

Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, to plead guilty in college bribery case

Startling Legal Strategy?

Power To The People

Barron's: Stocks Sink on Trump Tweets and Five More Things to Know

Sneak peek at Dear Leader's official POTUS portrait

North Carolina Hospital Nurse Said Patients Attending Coronavirus Parties, Intentionally Trying to G

Trump Cabinet Meeting a House of Horrors Freakshow

Trump "Honored" That US Has Most Coronavirus Cases

Might cause an ear worm, as you consider the question

Caretakers say dolphins at popular spot miss tourists and keep leaving 'gifts' on shore

No job is safe from automation. Not even yours, Ralph...

"Wait, so all the rest of the world agreed to fake a virus just for American politics?

panie i panowie, proszę powitać,

Senate Republicans in no rush to take up further coronavirus aid as chamber heads toward recess Thur


Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli agree to plead guilty in college admissions scam

Albert Lee & Vince Gill - Country Boy

Trump has 'legal' and 'moral responsibility' to wear mask on Ford plant tour, Michigan AG says

Well put: A question to the US government.

Exclusive: A quarter of Americans are hesitant about a coronavirus vaccine - Reuters/Ipsos poll

Ignu are a Polish rock band I just stumbled across

The Atlantic lays off almost 20% of staff

Challenge to Fox News

I repeat: It is illegal for Trump's acting IG to have started working at the State Department.

So trump fired the IG investigating Elaine Chao and McConnell vetted the replacement

The MAGA hat is the new hood and this list needs updating...

Melania Trump to appear on CNN coronavirus town hall Thursday night

China plans national security laws for Hong Kong after last year's unrest: sources

Pentagon gives local commanders roadmap for easing on-base coronavirus restrictions

Limited Genetic Diversity Preceded Extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger.

"Human, this is Eagle One. We're in position for aerial refueling"

Democrats sending digital mobilization help to key districts

Well, I have to say I'm pretty damned impressed. Local medical operation.

National Parks Are Slowly Reopening. Here's The Status Of All Of Them.

Gap rushes in more robots to warehouses to solve virus disruption

Released on this date in 1980

The Donald J.Trump School of Medicine of Trump University

Stephanie Ruhle stupidly asks

"No one blocks a report that fully exonerates them from becoming public."

Sen Schatz (D-HI) on Senate: "All we do is unqualified judges selected by dark money groups."

"Better Is Good." The best speech President Obama has ever made.

The religious roots of Trump's magical thinking on coronavirus

Shelter-in-Place Orders Saved Nearly 250,000 Lives

Montana Judge Halts Ballot Gathering Restrictions Weeks Before June Primary

Donald Trump and his Imaginary Accordion

Emotional drive-by graduation celebration in North Nashville goes viral

Counting this election, Democrats will have won the popular vote in 7 of the last 8 presidential...

All the death and destruction is for a Federalists Society experiment

1A on npr this morning seems to be trying to make Reade accusations equiivalent to dotard's crap.

Nearly 40 million are out of work but McConnell wants benefits to stop anyway

Fats(Thomas Wright) Waller was born on this date.

Trump didn't drain the swamp. Now Biden may drown him in it.

You raised $1,187.00 on May 20, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Our local NBC station showed stats this morning that indicate the people hospitalized

Martin Carthy has a birthday today.

The Next Recession Will Destroy Millennials

Much of Virginia under flash flood watch or warning

Mike Pompeo's wife used diplomatic security officials to pack up her mother's home in Louisiana

Exclusive: US has three months to rebuild medical supplies stockpile, Obama administration scientist

Woman injured by bison at Yellowstone two days after national park reopened

He's a repulsive imbecile!

Nesting bird vs. elephant

The Lincoln Project needs to leverage this video...

Tweet of the Day

The Atlantic: 'How Could the CDC Make That Mistake?'

Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

Does everyone else have a crazy amount of home renovations happening around them lately?

If You're Looking For Something To Cook With...

Midday Music for Millennials -- usaThursday

Wisconsin reports largest number of new COVID-19 in a single day

MSNBC....No current death count from COVID-19

Coronavirus in the US: At least 4 states combined numbers from two tests

Has anyone got a good chicken casserole recipe for me?

Conspiracy theories are growing. Should they be addressed?

Be on the lookout for flying cows and frost warnings from Hell!

How the Coronavirus Has Changed Animals' Landscape of Fear

Can't make this shit up dept: Peruvian Mayor busted CV curfew, plays dead to avoid arrest

Iowa rebuilds PPE stockpile after deals with unusual sources

Trump says he'd do 'nothing' differently as report shows 54,000 could still be alive

Trump to Withdraw From 'Open Skies' Arms Control Treaty

Need a favor from you kind folks in the UK group re: restrictions, etc.

Lather - rinse - repeat

Pedro Martinez on MSNBC

Scalpel, stat!

Lawsuit Tries to Stop Virginians From Using Coronavirus As Excuse To Vote Absentee

Oh my good god, he's dumb as hell, wtf is this.....todays dumbass dumpster offering.

Authorities announce forfeiture of ancient Gilgamesh tablet from Hobby Lobby's Museum of the Bible

Today's lesson - How to make an illuminated manuscript

Secret: Latinos don't like, follow, or read wingnut Ruben NAVARRETTE

14 years ago, Pearl Jam foreshadowed use of "Present Tense" for Michael Jordan Doc

Polls mean nothing Part 2

After Coronavirus, Office Workers Might Face Unexpected Health Threats

Now he's pulling the US out of the Open Skies Treaty....

I have an interagency meeting I'm managing in an hour. Should I put on a tie?

White Twin Gable House by Ryan Leidner Architecture is a remodeled Eichler

Diver's Been Playing With Wild Seals For 20 Years

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 21 2020

538: If Trump Loses In 2020, He'll Be The Nominee Again In 2024

Damn you blaze orange, hard hats, and seat belts

Little sisters get better with time

Trump's entire reelection message amounts to an admission of failure

Jeeze, I hope my son doesn't ever tell me he's going to graduate school at Stanford.

Baby Rhinos Snuggle Like Puppies With Their Rescuer

Trump Is Extorting These American States To Win In 2020

Live now: The UVA Center for Politics (Larry Sabato) has an expert panel on Biden's VP selection

CA Unemployment Insurance comes through again

'How Can I Be Sick?' Woman Who Took Hydroxychloroquine For 19Years To Treat Lupus Still Got COVID-19

The ACA would have been more like the House version, but because we lost the filibuster majority

Republicans move to disown California candidate over social media posts

Wisconsin woman "kind of mad" at trump after she gets COVID in spite of Hydroxychloroquine

Flights From Countries Hard Hit By Coronavirus Still Coming, So Are Precautions In place

Ideal weather conditions may have helped coronavirus thrive initially, study suggests

The Lincoln Project New Ad Blasts Trump's Campaign Chief Brad Parscale...

trump has managed to completely kill the Coal Industry due to COVID

Bernie Sanders, seeking peace with Joe Biden, asks his own delegates to turn down the volume

Having had around 50 years Trumpistry shoved down my throat as one of the side "benefits" of...

Best Buy's stock rises after profit, revenue and same-store sales fall less than expected

Republicans Have a New Plan to Thwart the Will of the People

Pic Of The Moment: Per Capita Relative To What?

What would wake them up? Interviews with Covid deniers who got drastically ill, that's what!

This Could Get Messy

G.O.P. Officials Quietly Consider Paring Back Convention

The President Still Has No Clothes

Another Shit Stain Joins the trump maladministration. Senate confirms John Ratcliffe as intel chief.

Trump is right about "many per capitas"

Trump can't fake empathy

NY-14: Ocasio-Cortez primary opponent Caruso-Cabrera goes on fierce attack in debate: 'AOC is always

John Cleese re: why Repubs won't wear masks: "It's uncomfortable to wear 2 masks"

BREAKING... The goal for DU for Joe at ActBlue was just raised to $325,000!!!

So he called the University of Columbia study a politicized hit job

I laughed really hard at this.

WTF is this? "Will you wear a mask? "Depends on the situation..."

Did Orangina just say "Governor Whimper"????

We survived.....

Facebook and Twitter are terrified of Trump

I've obtained super secret images of the hydroxychloriquine that tRump takes

Death and destruction after cyclone hits India, Bangladesh

FedEx Says It Did Not Fire Workers Who Posted Viral Video of Racist Customer

Kushnerville finds itself in unfamiliar territory as CV restrictions halt apparatus of intimidation

Looking for online card games?

I can't keep up with the shit he says......another stellar quote

Brand new Sarah Cooper videos (short ones)

LOSER45 tested positive this morning WAIT tested negative NOPE positive, in another sense WAIT posit

The United States has fallen to 25th place in the Democracy Index

Biden +8 in MI, +9 in WI but down 4 in PA according to same pollster.

Montgomery (AL) hospitals are down to 1 ICU bed and sending patients to Birmingham

Nearly half of the accounts tweeting about the coronavirus pandemic are likely bots: Carnegie Mellon

Mikey is on today

Taxpayers paid for food, a harpist, and goody bags for Pompeo's frequent 500-guest formal dinners

Ohio Gov DeWine(R) will do a presser today

Question about this new development, combining positive test cases and anti-body tests.

Turnout 2020: Reaching America's Hard-to-Reach Voters in a Pandemic (The Brennan Center)

Ohio State Fair originally scheduled for July 29 - August 9 in Columbus

Full stands at Horseshoe unlikely this fall, says Ohio State AD Gene Smith

New Jersey mayor: Treat us 'the way McConnell has treated the big corporations'

which scenes in movies or movies make you cry?

Researchers: Nearly Half Of Accounts Tweeting About Coronavirus Are Likely Bots

Sabine McCalla

NASA may have uncovered evidence of a parallel universe

Progressive Wins DA Race in Portland, Sending "Shockwaves" Through Oregon's Punitive System

Trump has a new harebrained scheme to defeat Biden, and it's his dumbest yet

Trump does not inspire confidence

Commentary: CDC is a national treasure; it must be reformed

How about some Vanilla Queen by Golden Earring...............

Having an MRI tomorrow

Cartoons 5/21/2020

Heavy traffic expected when Chick-fil-A opens in Marysville

Guy on his way to work stops for trapped raccoon

As Arlington gym closes, a Snohomish barber continues to cut

White House just lied about why Trump didn't vote in person

'trump 2020' is looking for a new slogan.

The End of Meat is Here

Everett sheds more than 160 employees as part of budget cuts

Columbus Jazz and Rib Fest Cancelled.

Victoria's Secret to close about 250 stores in the US and Canada; Bath & Body Works to close 50

WBCN and the American Revolution

Moscow Mitch vows end to enhanced unemployment benefits

Coronavirus: French brothers strike gold under lockdown

Flynn's name was never 'masked' in FBI report on phone call with Russian

Coronavirus hot spots erupt across the country; experts warn of second wave in South

Way to go, DeSantis: More Than 1,200 New Coronavirus Cases Reported in Florida

This panda kinda makes me wanna try bamboo

How Biden Could Be The Most Liberal President In Modern U.S. History

Karma : Chechen Leader Kadyrov Hospitalized With Coronavirus in Moscow

With Storage Space Evaporating, the Oil and Gas Industry Will Get to Put Its Products Back

NJ Gym That Defied Lockdown Order by Reopening on 'Fox & Friends' Is Closed by Health Department

Owl shows off his stick

Hey Guys..My wife and I play golf..

Even most Republicans don't buy it when Trump says US is getting back to normal

CA-10: GOP pulls support from California House candidate over 'unacceptable' social media posts

US job losses near 40m despite states reopening

Hawaii just got a new 'largest volcano on Earth.' (Condolences to Mauna Loa.)

Trump says he would have done 'nothing' differently to stop pandemic as death toll nears 94,000

Texas doctors say their revenue has dropped by at least 50% since the pandemic, survey data shows

Honduran white bats

Hillary Clinton calls Trump out for voting by mail while opposing it

A half of foot of rain has fallen in Roanoke. A dam in SW Roanoke may not hold.

Grim landmark of 5 million coronavirus cases reached worldwide

My sincere apologies to Queen Victoria

BIDEN EVENTS complete listing. Bookmark and participate if you can!

Otter teaches human how to pet him.

Mark Cuban rips Trump during interview with Sean Hannity: 'He always plays the victim card'

Texas Supreme Court Justice Debra Lehrmann, husband test positive for coronavirus

Two Weeks Ago, She Predicted Trump Would Use COVID to Arrest Obama. Now She's a GOP Senate Candidate

Pollen-starved bumblebees bite 'half-moons' into plants to make them bloom

UPDATED: FBI Lead Agency Investigating NAS Corpus Christi Gun Battle, 'Arab Male' Killed by Navy Sec

Edward Snowden will not be pardoned in his lifetime, says author of new book on him

Obamagate: The scandal where Obama did something that Trump accused him of not doing.

Baby pygmy hippo born at San Diego Zoo, conquers the internet with cuteness

"Tested positively towards negative"?

Trump Tests Positively

Trump says US could host G7 summit of world leaders next month despite coronavirus

Can Michigan Mail Absentee Forms? Yes. Can Trump Withhold Funds? Unlikely.

Trump is appointing a Transportation IG to oversee himself. And his boss Chao (McConnell's wife)

"29 Days: America's Lost Month" -- Remedy PAC

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/21/20

Trump and Rove, Rove and Trump...

Brutal beating in Iowa should be investigated as hate crime, NAACP says

This is not an administration. This is a wrecking crew

Ten Nominations Sent to the Senate: May 21, 2020

Does anyone have a link handy that shows the calendar of Trump golfing

Filmmaker/Author Jeremiah Camara

John Fugelsang tweet:

'This is the end of Hong Kong': China pushes controversial security laws

Planned NASA space telescope renamed after astronomer Nancy Grace Roman

Trump Orders CDC To Research His Investment Portfolio For Potential Coronavirus Cures

Exclusive:Barr met with prosecutor now reviewing Russia probe immediately after Mueller investigatio

Once again I couldn't go to bed until I tracked down the song in my head. Yup, once again a

It's easy to piss off my ultra right wing neighbor.

For Spy Agencies, Briefing Trump Is a Test of Holding His Attention

More than 1,200 pastors say they'll defy California's state order and resume in-person services

Report: 'Grossly inaccurate' data used to divvy up relief funds for tribes

Ukraine finally delivers favor Trump was impeached for- Zelensky orders investigation into Biden

Amy Klobuchar:

Never forget! "Calm Down. We'll Be Fine No Matter Who Wins"


The International Trifecta of Ethic Free Calamitous Shit

So he refused to wear a mask at the plant

"What if Trump refused to lose?"

Majority of Social Media Users Want Trump Banned

WSJ: Nursing homes don't have to report pre-May COVID-19 deaths to U.S. officials. According to a f

The CDC is mixing virus testing with antibody testing, and reporting it as total number tested

Just got home from the hospital.

Baltimore mayor asks Trump to cancel visit due to stay-at-home order

Elizabeth Warren:Trump has lied about this crisis. Denied it exists. Fired scientists and oversight

"Biden asks Amy Klobuchar to undergo vetting to be running mate"

Texas mayor says women can't lead prayer at council meetings

Question...Did Trump wear a mask at the Ford Plant?...not in latest news.

Kent cuts staff after facing $15 million budget shortfall

America's Next Crisis Is Already Here

Coronavirus updates: 455 new cases in Arkansas, largest 1-day increase

A Wave of Small-Business Closures Is on the Way. Can Washington Stop It?

Why does the news even follow trump?

They just reduced the number of deaths in Seminole County by one. Lazarus!

Biden Leaked Ukraine Calls Were Released by Russia: Ex-President

Clinton and Patterson again team up for political thriller

Nearly 600 workers from Tyson chicken plant test positive for virus

Cuba's top diplomat for US relations says ties at new low

Trump has no problem bowing for his Saudi masters, or saluting a North Korean General,

Biden should choose whoever he feels will best help him govern.

Why Grant County isn't yet elligible for Phase 2 of reopening

No 'Music in the Park' free concert series this year, Olympia Downtown Alliance says

The incredible but endangered Pangolin

US Congress to be asked to investigate Colombia's military mafia

Oregon woman battling lupus concerned by hydroxychloroquine shortage

This "No Mask Incident " just proves 1 more time: Trump only cares about himself, & no one else.

The rackets that put Colombia's healthcare system on the brink of collapse

New hands free shovel!

Court hearing Friday is latest round in battle over legality of Illinois stay-at-home order

Court orders LA business to stop advertising radish paste as coronavirus treatment

CDC chief issues stark warning on possible second wave and more lockdowns as global cases top 5 mill

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 21, 2020

Trump claimed the electoral system was rigged in 2016

Whitmer asks Trump for formal emergency declaration for Midland County flooding

This Pittie Rescue Was Meant To Be

This 2020 presidential forecast says Trump faces historic defeat due to terrible economy

General Hayden sums up our withdrawal from Open Skies. And of course it benefits Putin

We are so very lucky that Covid is a respiratory virus and not one that can be absorbed into the

'The Right View': Trump campaign launches competing online show to ABC's The View

Democrats press Pompeo for details on IG firing, Madison Dinners

Senate confirms John Ratcliffe as next director of national intelligence in sharply divided vote

Fox News cut away from Trump's Michigan speech at Ford

Cat Tags Along With Truck Driver On All His Trips

"Fat ass?" "Wide ass?" "Big ass?" I've spent the whole day on which to call him...

Coronavirus not under control in US, warn Imperial scientists

trump - about wearing a mask in Michigan "I didn't want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it"

1,200 California pastors agree to reopen May 31 in defiance of state order

'Dumbfounded': Michigan secretary of state criticizes Trump for attack on mail-in voting

Catholic, Lutheran Leaders Say They Will Defy Gov. Tim Walz's Order, Reopen May 26

Seattle launches online marketplace to get masks to people, businesses that need them

Who is your preferred VP candidate?

They paid me to build pipes, not to move rocks!!

For several springs when I was a youngster, a couple of my neighborhood friends and I

Richard Engel's election night prognostication has aged well.

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google - Part 2

Is anybody else watching "The Great" on Hulu?

Mnuchin Says 'Strong Likelihood' U.S. Will Need More Stimulus

Trump administration to withdraw from Open Skies treaty in a further erosion of arms control pacts

The JHU COVID-19 website doesn't appear to be updating

VP: Mark my words and take it to the bank. Biden's gonna pick Marianne Williamson!

Some major stores won't take cash as they reopen

Chloroquine Protocol Changed Due to Society's Outcry, Says Secretary

Arizona: Trump advisers warn McSally is in trouble

Chloroquine Protocol Changed Due to Society's Outcry, Says Secretary

Divided Senate confirms Trump nominee Ratcliffe to be top U.S. spy

Okay. Wait, what?

Governor, health officials warn against large gatherings this Memorial Day weekend

Intense fitness classes can lead to rapid spread of COVID-19, report shows

Bolsonaro Makes Deal With Governors as Pandemic Seizes Brazil


La Vie En Rose

Earth's magnetic field is WEAKENING between Africa and South America, causing satellites and spacecr

Earth's magnetic field is WEAKENING between Africa and South America, causing satellites and spacecr

Michigan Official Says Trump Is Not Welcome

Things Are Looking Swampier And Swampier': Pompeo Under Fire Amidst Growing Scandals

Mayor Garcetti - Real men wear masks.


The results of buying 400 used tennis balls from ebay 😍😂

Jesus Freaks Don't Care How Many They Can Infect

A mayor in Peru was accused of lying in a coffin and pretending to be dead to avoid being caught dis

Win Or Lose, Trump's Top Campaign Aides Are Raking In The Cash

why is MSNBC not giving a US COVID-19 Death total?

Salvadoran leader to file complaint against congress, courts

Senator Amy Klobuchar to be vetted for Vice President

Looking for a really good White Lily flour biscuit recipe

A Kinetic Sculpture by Felipe Pantone Slides into a Hypnotizing Kaleidoscope of Color

trump is no longer welcome in Michigan

Lindsey Graham's latest effort to embarrass the Obama administration backfires spectacularly

Hey Susan Collins.............15 times..........let this sink in ...........15 times............

Today, I was told not to expect to return to my NYC office for 4-5 months...

Get fired up! Show me your best memes, march and protest photos, and anti-trump pics!

China to impose sweeping national security law in Hong Kong, bypassing city's legislature

House Dems Call For State IG's Reinstatement, Demand More Pompeo Docs

Trump's promise of 'Warp Speed' fuels anti-vaccine movement in fertile corners of the Web

My time stamps on DU are way off.

I don't know what bothers me more

Private Lives

Man who reportedly filmed Ahmaud Arbery's killing charged with murder

Baltimore mayor urges Trump to reconsider Memorial Day visit to Fort McHenry

Trump ignores state law by refusing to wear mask during Michigan trip

News Flash: Lying liar lies again.

Cross The Line

Back to watching tv commercials on an old NBC series

James Carville comin' strong to the mic! :

Malcolm Nance on Stephanie. Is trump planning for 3 million Deaths?

"Oh well" ... said to me by person not wearing a mask

U.S. appeals court tells judge to respond to Flynn's bid to toss lying charge

Here's some new poll numbers!

Lawyers continue to come forward to say Republican's key law professor misrepresented their words


Let's compare corruption (& phony corruption,) shall we?

The mad, sad, totally fab life of Paul Lynde

Updated!! Short story made long . . . the best kind!

Update on traveling to see my dad.

Well i'm 99.9 percent sure tRUMP is giving Russia every secret info they want!

If a store requires you to wear a mask and you don't want to...

The IMPEACHED team hires a "guy" that was involved in outing a CIA operative............

If TMZ is to be believed, he gave in and wore a mask.

The Youngbloods - Get Together

How fast can Biden fire cabinet members, department heads?

Sarah Cooper returns:

Pakistan's coronavirus cases quadruple during the holy month of Ramadan -- and show no signs of slowi

Ye gawds, those Canadian spiders is SCARY!!!

Improvement Right?

How High the Moon, disco version

Stimulus check question.

A Republican president Venn diagram for your consideration

Coronavirus data used in decision to reopen Georgia flawed

The Photo Drumpf Does Not Want You To See

Trump doesn't wear coronavirus mask in public at Ford plant

Wild octopus reaches out to touch his human best friend whenever she visits

Pelosi & Schumer propose impeached tRump fly U.S. flags at half-staff soon

Talking Heads - Life During Wartime - Live

NFL rule proposals include adding booth umpire, tech adviser for refs

'I have to sit Down': Cher tweets joy as Pakistan agrees to free lonely elephant Kaavan

What it's like to be the oldest kid

With Respect To Cohen & Manafort Getting Out Of Prison....

Biden Holds Solid National Lead

Trump Says Country Will Ride Out Any Second Wave

Breakdown of trump voters...the dumb, the numb and the scum.

The sweetest little baby was left behind in trash

Michigan AG says as far as her department is concerned, Trump is 'no longer welcome'

Michigan AG says as far as her department is concerned, Trump is 'no longer welcome'

Pittie Opens Up The Whole World For This Kid

Will CNN Have Subtitles For Melanie's Pre-Recorded Garbage?

Trumpy on Faux News

Trump ripped for praising Hitler sympathizer: 'Another wink and nod from Trump to his Nazi-base'

Big Gretch 1, Asshole Republicans in Michigan Legislature 0

Trump Says Country Will Ride Out Any Second Wave

How a PRESIDENT wears a mask!

05/22 Mike Luckovich: Caught ya!

Judge tosses Legislature's lawsuit over Gov. Whitmer's emergency powers

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Biden's virtual rallies could use some star power.

Coca Cola Commercial - I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing

Oh and the way...

More than 4 million Americans file for jobless aid, bringing pandemic total above 40 million

Putting good vibes out there.....

If Taiwan declares itself an independent nation what should the U.S. response be?

The recent Quinippiac poll told us quite a bit more than that Biden has an 11 point