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Basketball legend Patrick Ewing hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus

A Couple Of Originals That Don't Sound Quite Like The Hit Records You're Used To....

Rite-Aid is offering Free COVID-19 testing

Basketball legend Patrick Ewing hospitalized after testing positive for coronavirus

Was it only me or did anyone else find Joe Biden's remark today (who is and isn't "black")

Trump to attend SpaceX launch in Florida

Out and about 5-22-20: The Post Office, A language lesson and an elbow bump...

I got my SS check today

Trump Declares Houses That Worship Him "Essential"

Grateful Dead TV concert - Germany - 1972 - Starting soon!

Officials: Snohomish, other counties not ready for Phase 2

Plumb Cut

95,991 now and 1,600,663

Trump's Press Secretary Displays One of His Checks in a Little Too Much Detail

GOP Senate Nominee 'Literally Physically In Tears' After Campaign Retracts QAnon Support

'Dumb Fux & Friends' Co-Host Falsely States 'Governments Won't Let Us' Air From Studio

Fine, let them congregate in their houses of worship

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer extends Michigan stay home order to June 12

Is there anything worse than faking oppression?

Two case of voter fraud that I found.

Behind Trump's demand to reopen churches: Slipping poll numbers and alarm inside his campaign

Some Thoughts On COVID-19

(Jewish Group) Synagogues demur as Trump demands that states let houses of worship reopen

Meghan McCain Warns Biden: Don't Make My Father's Sarah Palin Mistake

Charles Pierce: When I run for Prez Symone Sanders is my first hire.. she shuts down chuck todd..

Disaster at White House Trump's makeup person has Covid-19

Brazil jumps to world No. 2 in coronavirus cases, behind the U.S.

An interview with Jason Isbell, on his new album "Reunions"

Massive Concentration of Invasive Catfish in Swamp Prompts Feeding Frenzy in Naples, Florida

Wtf. Chris hayes is back at it with Tara reade.

Baby steps. Talked to a 75 year old life long Republican today that told me Trump is nuts.

Should Kitsap County apply to reopen sooner? Kitsap Health Board to hold meeting Wednesday

Lloyd Blankfein STFU

Flouting Norms, Trump Seeks to Bring Independent Watchdogs to Heel

Kirkland, Washington's epicenter of the novel coronavirus, makes positive business adjustments

Why Millions of Taxpayers Will Get Stimulus Payments via Debit Card This Week

Moral character comes thru when you are in a no win situation.

Georgetown coach, Knicks legend Patrick Ewing tests positive for coronavirus

24 workers at Vancouver fruit plant have coronavirus

Malcolm Nance: MAGA Means Murder Americans in Great Amounts

Inslee soars, Trump slumps in polls on COVID-19 pandemic response

Recent spike in Spokane Co. coronavirus cases due to 'cluster outbreak', health officials say

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

shovels & rope - birmingham (live-2012) athens georgia on a friday night ...

This is a fascinating tweet--especially after I posted a joke about that thing's posture.

Secretary of Defense says coronavirus vaccine possible by end of year. Fauci that's 'aspirational'

Union: At least 36 employees at Tucson UPS distribution center sickened with COVID-19

Republican Governor of Mississippi reads 2020 graduate names...

Woody then told me "it wouldn't be the Cowboy way".

Trump administration discussed conducting first U.S. nuclear test in decades

Issaquah man charged in federal court with COVID relief fraud

If you've ever wanted to understand what neoliberalism is, this is the video series for you.

Trump's right!

The Ultimate Disgrace of Mike Pompeo

Wouldn't it make more sense to ask Biden if he is planning to pardon Trump?

Pompeo ordered officials to find a way to justify Saudi arms sale being probed by fired watchdog

Friday Talking Points -- Trump's Mask-querade

Universal Orlando Issues "Inherent Risk" Health Warning for Upcoming Reopening

Rachael Maddow on

Trump is sending Christians to slaughter.

Trump is like Jim Jones telling folks to come to church in mass

Trump's signature effort to direct farm surplus to needy families abruptly withdraws large contract

Disinfected dice: Las Vegas casinos getting ready to roll

NASA and SpaceX are go for historic launch

WASH PO: Study estimates 24 states still have uncontrolled coronavirus spread

HBO Max Will #ReleasetheSnyderCut of the Poorly Reviewed 'Justice League'

9-Year-Old Autistic Boy Found Dead in Miami Canal After Mother Reported Him Abducted

That Goddamn Bird

Decision to lift restrictions on youth summer programs "reeks of another Tuskegee experiment".

"This is a scam": Lt. Gov. Patrick calls it laughable for people under 65 to fear voting in person

Tweet of the night:

This Week's News Has Been All Coronavirus and Buttholes, & I Am Very Tired (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Tim Kaine sports a new face mask.

Judge nixes bid to stop coal sales that Trump revived

*Adam Schiff coming up on Rachel show.

have u got Britbox? have a few questions about it...

Huge owl hatches chicks outside guy's window. Now they all watch TV together

Real Time with Bill Maher guests tonight:

🤬 FEMA Tells States to Hand Public Health Data Over to Palantir (Peter Thiel)

OHHH Lets get James Carville to be President of the DNC

Swift coming straight at me....

Anyone need a good laugh tonight?

The 25 Whiskeys You Need to Try Before You Die

Hertz Rental Car Agency files. for bankruptcy

I don't know if this is the place for this, but I have a question about an app called Hangouts.

Should this be a worry come election time???

Here's a link to a handy reference to Beatles' songs listed by album with lyrics to any song

Where is Lawrence O'Donnell?

New Marsquake study could shatter theories on how Mars was born

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Las Vegas Strip's Reopening & Mike Pence's Mild Wing Order

Harvey Wasserman on Trump's responsibility for pandemic & economic collapse. We talk 2020 vote too.

In Mexico City, experts find bones of dozens of mammoths

In Mexico City, experts find bones of dozens of mammoths

Guns and Roses have a new Anti-trump Tshirt out for sale

Study Warns 1.1 Million Children Could Die as Pandemic Interrupts Access to Food & Medical Care

The Daily Social Distancing Show: How Are Teachers Handling Remote Learning?

My gods who WERE we then?

Trump has lost my 93 year old Dad.

Texas unemployment rate hits worst on record at 12.8%

*Mayor of Rehoboth Beach on MSNBC now.

I remember my parents telling me that during WW2 there was rationing of certain items



First act by the president after being sworn in on January 20, 2021

Seth Meyers - President Trump Tested for Coronavirus - Monologue 5/21/20

Covid 19 an FDR Fireside Chat:

NASA seeks small crew of participants to spend 8 months in isolation

"In America, we need more prayer, not less." 45

AKA Jane Roe

Scientists Spot the Biggest Known Explosion in the Universe

Pat Lok 駱哲彦 'Gone Is Yesterday' EP [Kitsune Musique] (Tech House)

MT-SEN: Bullock outraises Daines in Montana Senate race

Can't stop listening to this.

Social identity threat predicts the concealment of nonreligious identity, study finds

Trump sealed his fate today.

IA-SEN: Iowa Democrat tops Ernst in early fundraising report

Political Theory, John Maynard Keynes, Greatest Economist of the 20th C.

Higher levels of cognitive ability linked to stronger support for freedom of speech

Abbott suspends in-person county, city jail visits for inmates

To the "good Christians" demanding their "right" to meet in crowded churches, sing hymns

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 5/22/20

Coronavirus Appears To Attack Placenta During Pregnancy, Study Says

James Carville Coming Up Now On The 11th Hour nt

Proposed Georgia Mine Next to Okefenokee Swamp Raises Alarms

I didn't know this was a thing, Star Wars duel on Fencing World Championships.

Friday-Night Wine-Buzz. Ask me anything.

Too good

Jupiter Is So Huge, Our Solar System Almost Had Two Suns

They showed Trump declaring his demand to open churches and he appeared

I found a bunny in my house! Update with bad news

Fauci Warned The Trump Administration of a Potential Epidemic Way Back in 2017

Cats. 😂😂😂

Please, Jeff, give it up. He'll never, ever love you. You're being pathetic.

McEnany Gives Up Trump's Banking Info

They can pass a law to force me to wear a mask, but...

Sen Tim Kaine's mask 👍

New velvet gecko discovered on one of Australia's northern islands

John Oilver."How churches exploit the poor" 20 minutes. 5 years old, credit to-TomCADem

New genus of Australian lion discovered in Queensland's Riversleigh World Heritage fossil site

The Cars - Drive

Algal genome provides insights into first land plants

Applause to Symone Sanders .."dog walked, cat dragged, pile drived Chuck Todd "

FLIPPABLE: Brittany Vogel for NY-AD107

The corporation

Sometime late last year ...

FLIPPABLE: Jennifer Lunsford for NY-AD135

Earliest evidence of Italians' extraordinary genetic diversity dates back to 19,000 years ago

FLIPPABLE: Matthew Miller for NY-AD131

Jeff Sessions *kind of* pushes back against Trump?.

FLIPPABLE: Sarita Bhandarker for NY-AD99

FLIPPABLE: Gregeroy Marks for NY-AD20

Hairstylist with COVID-19 served 84 clients while symptomatic, Missouri officials say

☦️ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha

An unfolding tragedy: Mother admitted playing a role in the death of her autistic son.

FLIPPABLE: Ann Brancato for NY-AD09

Trump administration discussed conducting first U.S. nuclear test in decades

Chair for GOP Bexar county Texas just told everyone to take off their masks.

FLIPPABLE: Dulce Kersting-Lark for ID-HD05

Coronavirus: Leading Economist Warns of 10 Years of Depression & Debt

4,000-year-old Skeleton in Crouching Position Leaves Archaeologists Puzzled

Supercomputer Simulates Neanderthal Extinction, Finds Humans Were to Blame for Our Ancient Relatives

Corn connects many generations of Maya

Corn connects many generations of Maya

Newly discovered plant species store manganese in leaves

Angel and Luna

US successfully tested a laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight

Hertz files for bankruptcy

Tameshigiri - Japanese Sword Test Cutting in Fuchu

The Ancient Practice of Child Labor Is Coming to Light

How Many Galaxies Are There? Astronomers Are Revealing the Enormity of the Universe

Jupiter's Largest Moons Might Have Formed From Dust

Extinction: Maybe Cro-Magnon Wiped Out Neanderthals After All

What I haven't heard talked about

Humans Colonized Polynesia Much Earlier Than Previously Thought

"29 Days: America's Lost Month"

Best Star Wars Music By John Williams 10 hours (IT really is!)

Great Lincoln Project ad on Memorial Day

Basalts Turn Carbon into Stone for Permanent Storage

Millions of cicadas are expected to emerge after 17 years underground because, of course, it's 2020

There was something wrong with the face masks we've been wearing..Addendum...

Lightning Research Flashes Forward

A county judge - professional acquaintance and

45,000-Year-Old Human Remains Found in Bulgarian Cave

FLIPPABLE: Paul Baca for NM-SD29

Remnants of human migration paths exist underwater at 'choke points'

Bolivia: Armed Forces Threaten Senate and Demand Promotions

[North Dakota] Gov. Burgum fights back tears at daily press conference talking about wearing masks

Gabriel's Oboe - performed by Chris Botti

Bolivian health minister arrested over corrupt purchase of overpriced ventilators

Great Biden ad-Cometogether

White House Press Secretary Goofs Up, Broadcasts Trump's Banking Details

Cobert asked Biden if he would investigate Trump post election

The Beatles - Free As A Bird

My favorite Star War Character has her own theme music

Trump Wants Churches Reopened As U.S. Deaths Near 100,000 - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

To me this feels like we are in the eye of the hurricane

Des'ree: 'You Gotta Be'

Hey Alabama They Are Out Of Respirators - Just Sayyin'

Devin Nunes' lawyer is warned about 'forum shopping' as judge moves CNN lawsuit to NY

Investigators Build Case for IS Crimes Against Yazidis

Investigators Build Case for IS Crimes Against Yazidis

Brazil: blow to Bolsonaro as judge orders release of expletive-ridden video

Brazil: blow to Bolsonaro as judge orders release of expletive-ridden video

FBI director orders internal review of Flynn investigation

FBI director orders internal review of Flynn investigation

A revelation. My/our theme song. 'Something In the Past'

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats in 2020 that are going Democrat.

After 3 Children Die, a Race to Investigate a Baffling Virus Syndrome

I'm not doing all that well. Memories--small/medium/large keep flooding in more than ever.

"May the Force be with you.. Ahsoka."

FLIPPABLE: Randy Swartzmiller for WV-SD01

Girlfriend accused of injuring ex-Texas lieutenant governor

FLIPPABLE: Pete Dougherty for WV-SD16

Follow-up: Open Carry Texas plans rally to teach Ector sheriff 'a lesson'

FLIPPABLE: Virginia Couch for TN-HD16

FLIPPABLE: Brandon Thomas for TN-HD49

Of course Cummings SHOULD resign, but he won't

Stephen Colbert - Joe Biden: I Propose We Immediately Provide $10k In Student Loan Debt Relief

Up late tweeting at an ex. Who among us

Hana Kimura death: Star of Netflix's Terrace House: Tokyo dies, aged 22

BBC: Coronavirus: Dominic Cummings visited parents' home while he had symptoms

Noel Casler Interview on what Trump is really about.

When Operation Valkyrie happened, did the average American citizens hear about it? Or did they not

The pandemic could reshape the world order. Trump's chaotic strategy is backing the US into a corner

We will infect each other on the beaches...

GOP Sen Voted To Give Trillions To Wealthy & Wall Street Said "There's Not Enough to Help Everyone..

It is all in the maths...

Hertz: Car rental firm files for US bankruptcy protection

About media, Koch influence, and COVID

Poll: 73% of adults say Trump should be suspended or banned from social media

Tim Kaine's mask game is strong

The ability of the Trump campaign to take a minor Biden gaffe and kick up a whole day's worth . .

John Nichols: Don't let local journalism become a COVID-19 casualty

Trump Demanded Churches Re-Open After Polls Found 'Staggering Decline' in Support From Christian

The Trump Wave

Let's take a look at what is happening over in Grand Rapids:

"Worst alpaca costume ever!"

I would like to see a video of Donald Trump in a church house.

In Good Ole Missouri: Missouri hair stylist with coronavirus worked while symptomatic, exposed dozen

"If you don't like the mask-Ya gonna hate the Ventilator"

I don't believe we are getting the real numbers coming from Florida.

How dare you threaten my freedoms!!!!

Did I miss something?

We attended a wedding yesterday

Imperial College Model Finds COVID-19 Virus Reproduction Rate Still 1.0 in Much of U.S.

Breakfast Saturday 23 May 2020

Happy that so far no dem govs have swallowed Trump's church bait

1 Week Before Hurricane Season, NOAA Gives 60% Chance Of Busier Than Normal Cycle

In March, Logging Destroyed Tropical Forests Equal In Area To 7 Times The Size Of Berlin

Just finished

1,059 Dams In MI; Their Average Age 74 Years; Average Rating Of 91,000 US Dams - "D" From ASCE

May 23 - Happy Birthday Rep. Dina Titus (D) NV-1st

(CWA) Message to Members on Biden Endorsement

A hairstylist worked while symptomatic and exposed 91 people to coronavirus

Asheville gun dealer: People who wear masks to store 'might need a body bag'

The next death wave from COVID-19 will be the poor, rural, and white

She Beat COVID-19 After Taking trump's 'Miracle Drug'. Now She's Got Heart Trouble.

Saw an ad for woo during Rachel last night...

It's time to recognize that Joe Biden has passed his "Michael J. Fox in a bad Teen Wolf"movie moment

Picturing Climate Crisis in Miami

Study estimates 24 states still have uncontrolled coronavirus spread

No masks allowed: stores turn customers away in US culture war

Some Allman Bros

50% of Fox News Viewers believe Bill Gates is trying to microchip them.

Boris and Natasha go to Washington, DC

I'd rather not wear a mask, but I feel it's my

Did Trump Really Take Hydroxychloroquine?

Trump is still blocking requests for information. This time for the fired IG.

Navajo medical masks were part of White House contracting scam and may not work

Jeff Sessions snaps back after Trump tells Alabama not to trust him

At the auto parts store yesterday

Trump used vets as hydroxychloroquine guinea pigs

Georgia Is In Play

"AKA Jane Roe" filmmaker on Norma McCorvey's authenticity and getting to that "deathbed confession"

Trump May Shift Pandemic Response to State Department

I'm waiting for Kanye to utter "Trump doesn't care about your grandma or grandpa"

Gay beach destinations plan for summer, with pandemic in mind

The Landscape is Ripe for Persuading All Americans to Come Over to the Democratic Party

Crews battle massive warehouse fire at San Francisco's Pier 45

About Joe's comment

So, at Kroger today...

Artie Shaw was born on this date-

Trump admin won't require nursing homes to count COVID-19 deaths that occurred before May 6

Helen O'Connell was born on this date-

June 23, 1982. Vincent Chin beaten to death by two white men [PBS

Alicia de Larrocha was born on this date-

Howard Dean-Florida is essentially a banana republic

A Trump election conspiracy collapses after #Florida investigation found NO voter fraud

Shout out to our DU administrators

Robert Moog was born on this date-

From someone on an FB thread I was on (warning: reading this may seriously damage your sanity!)

NM County Commissioner "The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat"

Back to golfing:

Could it be right to shame someone for not wearing mask as RI Mayor suggests?

Hmmm...Leatherback laying eggs on the beach during the day.

This Video Will Make You Love Barack Obama

Ugh, ANOTHER useless, pointless "HERE'S who Biden should pick" article. We need a vacation from this

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Jamaican Flag Wins it all in the World Cup of Flags 2020 Competition

Here comes the Cicadas - Somehow looking forward to their cycle and their song

ND GOP GOV-literally crying at what Trump mob have done to turn COVID masks into political statement

Trump finds another dick-waving moment -

Coronavirus Devastates Black New Orleans: 'This Is Bigger Than Katrina'

Moments with pets

Republicans are busy rigging the election. So what are we doing?

US warns Los Angeles stay-at-home extension could be illegal

Rock Opera Tommy was released this date in 1969

Anybody know what an alley bug is? now updated with pics

Public statement of the programmer to manipulation of data in Florida...

Trump told us he's a "War President"

You raised $1,673.00 on May 22, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!

A woman draped in a "Qanon" flag screaming at a reporter to take his mask off feels like peak 2020.

Dear White People; Gonna need y'all to sit this one out.

British leader's aide denies 250-mile trip broke virus rules

Court declines to order California to allow in-person religious services

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update -- May 23 2020

US COVID-19 crisis failure of democracy

A trip to Atlantic Canada on the Chaleur

Mississippi gov is pranked in shout-out to high school grads

If Everyone Wore A Face Mask Outside Their House The Virus Would Be Gone In 30 Days

Why Homo Sapiens will go Extinct

'I had to choose being a mother': With no child care or summer camps, women are being edged out of..

Merriam-Webster revises 'Chinese restaurant syndrome' entry

84 Deaths In NY Today

Federal prison system to begin moving nearly 7K inmates

A Demonstration of Stupidity from Bexar County GOP Chair

Darwin, right again.

How Weight Watchers Fired Workers Via Zoom, The New Cruel COVID-19 Layoff Tool

I am not wearing a seat belt. Its a free country. I can do what I want.

Excellent information (not happy though) from Jonathan Smith, an epidemiologist from Yale.

Some real famous person was born on this date. Also it's the anniversary of a terrible disaster.

New York's wear-a-mask video finalists...

Jon Stewart's Political Comedy to Debut Online

Vaccine Execs Dumped Stock After Hyping Results

OAN reporter asks if Trump is going to pardon Obama

Why scientists are changing their minds and disagreeing during the coronavirus pandemic

(N.M.) Man carrying swastika flag at Farmington protest sparks outrage

NY state Wear a Mask Videos competition. I think these are helpful, please share.

Trump Wants To Investigate Social Media For Not Being MAGA Enough

Black conservatives

NY's Wear-a-Mask video contest...

These stick figure comics will change how you see the Coast Guard

The second wave is here, it is hitting scores of Trump counties across the country.

One final viral infusion: Trump's move to block travel from Europe triggered chaos and a surge of pa

One final viral infusion: Trump's move to block travel from Europe triggered chaos and a surge of pa

Attn: virus

Pentagon leaves open possibility that some National Guard members could fall short of accruing benef

Pentagon leaves open possibility that some National Guard members could fall short of accruing benef

I am shocked and appalled at this breitbart-worthy piece in my small local community newspaper.

Rudy-linked pro-Russian Ukrainian lawmaker releases leaked phone calls of Biden and Poroshenko

Hairstylist with COVID-19 served 84 clients while symptomatic, Missouri officials say

today's mood

Video of Trump playing golf today:

I would expect trump to be attending a crowded church service tomorrow, right?

Eid Mubarak to any who celebrate Ramadan

Approaching 100,000 DEATHS; so where is the Orange Turd?

Say Halleujah! " Salon owner argues COVID-19 shutdown violates her religious rights, Wisconsin suit

Minnesota State Fair cancelled for this year.....What about other states?

Need some DU help. I saw something somewhere

'The deadline to vote in the Maryland Primary Election is a little over a week away.

This should go well

Ineptness in testing is why the U.S. has the worst number of COVID cases

He likes to break things. Everything he can get his hands on. It's the only thing he's good at.

Homelessness Could Rise 45% In One Year Due To Unemployment Crisis

Indiana's COVID-19 Testing Study and What it Means for Reopening

Happy Caturday: Cat And His Dad Are Obsessed With Each Other

Food for thought on why trump* leans forward when he stands.

Trumpocalypse: Restoring American Democracy: David Frum, out on Tues, May 26,excerpts:

I saw on FB the traitor is refusing to allow Obama's portrait to be unveiled at the WH

Teacher Missed Her Students So She Knit 23 Adorable Dolls to Represent Each of Them

DEMAND to know why Bolton's book is not released, the REAL reason...

He Says Trumps Cost Him $2 Million, but Hotelier Now Cheers Federal Assist

Don't forget to vote in the May Photo Contest!

In 1983, No Trend prophesied America's ruin to anyone who could bear to listen

Best video of this puppy imitating his picture!

Secretive Right-Wing Nonprofit Plays Role In Covid-19 'ReOpen' Organizing

My favorite Friday night videos #1 - Madison Cunningham - Hold On

I have not heard of one case of a large number of grocery store customers getting infected.

A stupid comment or yours or your granny's corpse

My favorite Friday night videos #2 - Molly Tuttle w/OCMS - Helpless

It would appear the CDC is cooking the numbers so badly now

Maggie Kuhn on aging (1983)

My favorite Friday night videos #3 - Wilco - Tell Your Friends - Late Show

¿QuestionS about the Flynn "unmasking"

Great Biden ad-ComeTogether

Interesting election concept.

My favorite Friday night videos #4 - Roger Waters - Mother

"I tested very positively"

Half of Fox News Viewers Believe Bill Gates Wants to Use Virus Vaccines to Track You, New Poll Says

Trump is 'transparent,' just not how he believes so

I love surprise blooms in my garden

WTF is wrong with California, why are so many so nonchalant about the virus here??

Cartoons 5/23/2020

15 Things in Your Home That Are About to Become Obsolete

Small grow update...

Mayo Clinic on Face Masks

Editorial: If not for yourself, wear face masks for others

The town the virus missed: No virus cases counted in Index

U.S. veterans agency has given hydroxychloroquine to 1,300 coronavirus patients

I like the way The Mango Mussolini apologized for his Ford Bloodline speech.

A white woman has been charged with assault after grabbing an 11-year-old black girl's arm and

CDC Issues Alarming Triple-Fatality Report On COVID-19 Cases At Arkansas Church

Funny letter:

Trump administration reportedly considered conducting the first nuclear test explosion in 28 years

Whatcom seeking more leeway to open businesses despite local infection numbers

The Political Mind of Jerry Brown

Got My COVID-19 Test - YIPPEE! I'm Negative.

Cemeteries cancel public Memorial Day ceremonies due to COVID-19 pandemic

So MSNBC is doing to Biden what it did to Hillary

It's been 1yr since I cuddled my child as she took her last breath, 12months since I held her, 52wk

WaPo: Klobuchar, amid Biden VP search, scrambles to fix relations with black community

Trump Considers Forming Panel to Review Complaints of Online Bias

'Maybe the media don't cover it fairly': Kellyanne Conway says media to blame for Trump coronavirus

Poor Jeff Sessions. He just gets more pathetic every day. His groveling is so damned cringy.

China Deploys Propaganda Machine to Defend Move Against Hong Kong

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/23/20

Hillary Clinton Puts Donald Trump On Notice Over His Coronavirus Drug Advice

The U.S. is stuck in a patchwork pandemic, and the country's disparate experiences of the same crisi

Red- State Covid Boom-- Two Brutal Graphics

Hertz files for bankruptcy after rental-car demand vanishes

Profiles in Perfidy, XIX. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Trump's Press Secretary Displays One of His Checks in a Little Too Much Detail

Mazzy Star - Halah

Florida Governor Sued Over Coronavirus Shutdown

Wouldn't mail-in ballots actually provide a better defense against so-called voter fraud?

Jacques Offenbach Tales of Hoffmann

No masks allowed: stores turn customers away in US culture war

Jeff Sessions tells Trump his 'anger' over recusal won't swing Senate race

Thurston Board of Health OKs move to Phase 2, but state won't approve until next week

DU Deadheads, Do you have a favorite Grateful Dead song?

2 cases of rare child illness linked to COVID-19 reported in Washington

Black activists warn Biden: Don't pick Klobuchar as VP

52 New Coronavirus Cases In King County; 3 More Deaths

Washington's Catholic bishops on reopening churches: Not until it is safe

Do lawsuits challenging Gov. Inslee's stay-home order have legal merit?

New video just out on Trump and golf:

Trump is golfing today. I'm sure he's going to church tomorrow

Biden has 46% to 43% lead in Wisc. poll.

Donald tRump's intelligence

Fire destroys warehouse on San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf

I had to listen to a truly Ignorant conversation at work on Friday.

The Cicadas Are Coming; 17-Year Army Set To Deafen Parts of US: VA, WV, NC

Just a heads up: Nearly Half of Twitter Accounts Pushing To Reopen America May Be Bots

Trump golfs at his Virginia club amid the coronavirus pandemic

Neera Tanden has the coronavirus..........

Its World Turtle Day!

A S S H O L E doesn't give a shit about any of us.

Grizzly-fighting Alaskan doctor could turn Senate blue

Trump has a new money maker

Some of the things I make and sell, woodworking and sculpture

interesting generation of a cardinal illustration

Trump Golfs. You Die.

82% of the most influential pro-Reopening Twitter feeds are bots.

Dear Michigan . . .

Greetings, I am Habubakar Akinjide. My cousin the Crown Prince has received inheritance of

The internet is undefeated...

Firefighters are battling a 4-alarm fire on Pier 45 in San Francisco

Letter to my nephew who sits on the Texas Supreme Court...

New COVID-19 hospitalizations in Georgia back on the rise

The Fox and the Monkey

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 23, 2020

Joe Biden has to fight both the left and right until the convention

Here's how I look for Covid-19 spikes, outbreaks, and blowups

I've been really puzzled about this ever since his appearance at one of Trump's "briefings"

Lowdown Dirty Rat

This shameless piece of electioneering, headlined "The White House"

Waking Up Sleepy Dog And Cat With Treats

JohnnyRingo is off the

So how do people catch the virus when they take all precautions?

just because - Dion - "Can't Start Over Again" featuring Jeff Beck

Garbanzo beans. Any personal favorite recipes?

One thing I've been wondering about Jane Roe/Norma McCorvey.

There's a tornado warning in my area.

Trump Republicans do not believe in objective truth

Gov. Tim Walz (D) Allows Places Of Worship To Reopen Under New Guidance From CDC, 5/23/20

No, Trump's weird posture isn't caused by lift-shoes.

Special Report: In Oklahoma pork-packing town, COVID stirs fear, faith and sorrow

WaPo: Trump golfs amid push to reopen; U.S. coronavirus deaths near 100,000

God's law will not be mocked (Fundamentalist COVID parties AKA church services)

The Minnesota State Fair canceled. What does that mean for Iowa?

Woman claims black men kidnapped son

PM Update: Cloudy and cooler on Sunday

Even worse than I feared.

Why no Trump golfing shirts from the Biden campaign?

As a Nation as whole when was the last time we

'Saturn': Alligator from Mississippi & WW2 Berlin Bombing Survivor Dies in Moscow Zoo

Medical professional dealing with an unruly patient trying to remove his mask

Hopelessness, fear, uncertainty of Covid 19 and relapsing during quarantine

Travel issue.

Tomorrow's NYT Front Page - nearing a grim milestone.

absolutely damning article about the devastating effects of trump's european travel ban

Judge Sullivan hires high powered attorney to argue his case for not immediately tossing Flynn plea

The front page of The New York Times for May 24, 2020

A selfish question about mask requirements.

Shaved alpacas

Repost, but I love this guy: Dog Is Really, Really, Really Into Water

Rachel scared me big time last night. Insomnia, upset stomach, etc.

C.D.C. Test Counting Error Leaves Epidemiologists 'Really Baffled'

Little acts of kindness

Taliban, Ghani declare three-day cease fire for Eid holiday

My town today. trumpers!

Guy On Vacation Jumps Off Tourist Boat To Save Sea Turtle

New York Times, Sunday, May 24, 2020

Desperate Donny keeps shitting on Sessions.

Watch her get so fluffy and happy

Trump's disconnect with DC widens during viral pandemic

With Trumpass at the helm, we have been in danger, our nation and its people have been at risk.

For info : NEW: Joe Biden wins Hawaii Democratic Primary, NBC News projects

This is now the world's busiest airport... on certain Saturdays

Pastor Who Claimed To Cure Coronavirus With Faith Dies Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus: New York State Daily Death Toll Drop Below 100

Tuesday's Oregon Primary Broke a Turnout Record

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