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Archives: May 24, 2020

2,000 join rally against Newsom's stay-at-home coronavirus orders at California's Capitol

Iranian fuel tankers approach Venezuelan waters despite U.S. warning

Iranian fuel tankers approach Venezuelan waters despite U.S. warning

Yellow Fruited Sedge

Hundreds Line Up as Houston-Area Waterpark Defies Governor's Order to Reopen

Do You Ever Feel Brainwashed?

Bob Cesca Muses on What Would Happen If COVID-19 Was Nuclear Radiation Instead

The Cover of the NYTimes is just a list of the DEATHS caused by our Incompetent Leader

Ousted manager was told to manipulate COVID-19 data before state's re-opening, she says

Betsy DeVos openly admits she's using the pandemic to push funding for faith-based schools

Coronavirus: Yemen's healthcare system 'in effect collapsed'

Coronavirus: Yemen's healthcare system 'in effect collapsed'

USS Theodore Roosevelt captain confident ship can deal with new COVID-19 cases

Duck Rescued As A Baby Always Comes Back To The Man Who Saved His Life

Tweet of the Day

Looks like Memorial Day 2020 will be the day we reach 100K Dead Americans.

Allen West injured in motorcycle accident near Waco during bid to lead Texas Republicans: report

Trump, GOP go all-in on anti-China strategy

(Spain) Coronavirus: Anti-lockdown car protest draws thousands

Ocean Shores ready for visitors -- but not too many

Texas mayor defends comments saying women shouldn't lead prayer in public

35 Reasons Why I'll Only Wear a Mask at Costco When They Place It On My Cold, Dead Face

24 Spokane pasta factory workers test positive for COVID-19

This is the message of Trump and this pandemic

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf charged with domestic battery

It's now become clear exactly how Republicans might try to overturn a Biden victory in November

Trump Slams Autoworkers Union Over Biden Endorsement

Hairstylist with COVID-19 served 84 clients while symptomatic, Missouri officials say

Mitch McConnell slammed by NYT for fleeing DC for vacation while millions are out of work

I did a half century today. Started out in Burgettstown PA and headed east on the Panhandle Trail

Trump doesn't care about the deaths. Has he ever said he cares?

Dr. Pepper.... So Misunderstood

Pompeo's Elite Dinners Were 'Corrupt' Former U.S. Ambassador Says

Remember orange crates? In 40s-50s we used them as night tables at camp

The Navajo teenager who went viral reporting on coronavirus: 'I just want us to be seen'

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

U.S. Lawmakers Criticize White House On Shipment Of Ventilators To Russia

Huh - COVID-19 Survey From Carnegie Mellon University

Moderna unveiled encouraging coronavirus vaccine results. Then top execs dumped nearly $30 million o

So how do we hold future President's accountable?

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Elizabeth Warren to Hold Big-Dollar Fund-Raiser for Joe Biden

*Buddy Holly Story, 10 p.m. WETA, CH. 26

These Women Leaders Are Turning Michigan From A 2020 Battleground Into Trump's Worst Nightmare

Barbara Malmet: Who played golf with Trump today?

Trump administration might consolidate pandemic response at State Department

Beach Baby, Beach Baby, Lay on the Sand...

OK. Let's have this out.

Vladimir Putin Signs Law Allowing Vote-By-Mail & Internet. Leaving the USA in the early 1900s.

New Covid-19 Graphic from NCDHHS Twitter Phase 2

I know what VP Biden said during his interview on the Breakfast Club was not good.....

Tara Reade Is Dropped as Client by a Leading #MeToo Lawyer

Quite the photo

What does Quasibloato do if Sessions wins the run off?

It's density. And what people do.

Post a "lucky shot" photo. Something that happened beyond your control

*The Post on FX now, & rerunning 10 - 12:20.

Trump pushing the Scarborough CT again tonight - a special MJ will be aired tomorrow am

Anybody have advice on fleas or have this cat flea problem?

Joe Biden reacts to NYT headline re. the CV19 death toll.

I guess now with the virus Memorial Day has an extra meaning.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Some good news for tonight....

Biden: Nearly 100,000 lives lost, tens of millions are out of work. Meanwhile, the president golfs

Here's How You Grieve 100,000 Lives

Elizabeth Warren to host private fundraiser for Biden

May 23 Biden Ad

Flowers Under My Nose

Prediction - Don the Criminally Negligent Con is not going to run for re-election

Georgia is a swing state in 2020

Went to my first ZOOM SMART meeting today. Also binged a lot, again.

Sitting on my front porch in SW effing hillbilly PA...

The Project Behind a Front Page Full of Names

NY Times Front Page May 24 (no headline), no comment needed

My sister had a semi good day. She has lost over 150 lbs.

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats in 2020 that are likely to go Democrat.

Desantis opens Florida Beaches for Memorial Day.

Crumbs for the Hungry but Windfalls for the Rich

FLIPPABLE: Cheryl Butler for UT-HD53

FLIPPABLE: Ashlee Matthews for UT-HD38

Who Should Be VP? Learning Some Lessons From 2016...

FLIPPABLE: Diane Lewis for UT-HD43

Poll shows Tuberville leading Sessions by over 23 points in Alabama Senate race

7 more Wash. counties OK'd for Phase 2 reopening

If you're not wearing a mask in public, I assume you

Share this historic 1918 photo of football fans masked up during flu pandemic.

There is only one thing that will resurrect Trump's economy.

FLIPPABLE: Wendy Davis for UT-HD45

FLIPPABLE: Oscar Mata for Utah-HD08

If the Senate did their job and impeached Trump ...

Florida man dives into Bass Pro Shop fish tank, posts video on Facebook, deputies say

FLIPPABLE: Steve Olsen for UT-HD09

Joe Biden:Nearly 100,000 lives are lost & tens of millions out of work. Meanwhile trump golfed

Powerful video of trump golfing juxtaposed with image representing those dead from CV-19

Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie

Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk on Saturday 5/23

May I ask for some personal stories and opinions on dental issues?

Gov. DeSantis calls children's illness tied to coronavirus 'extremely rare'

He is deranged and deplorable. Period.

Trump's Disruption Strategy Out-of-Sync for Times

It's Gonna Take A Miracle

When You Go (That's When You'll Know)

Can I Call You Rose?

Woman Tried to Drown Son Before Succeeding in Killing Him: Police

Why do they do that?

Puerto Rico government challenges fiscal board's authority in US Supreme Court

Jo Jorgensen Wins Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

Last stand for WIPR employees--Union leaders and station workers protest privatization of the CPB

Full Frontal. Samantha Bee's at-home interviews: Katie Porter, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren.

Gov. Bryan Casts Some Blame for VI's Economic Woes on G.E.R.S. Court Order for $63 Million Payment

It's wild to me that Anthony Scaramucci went from Trump press secretary to rabid Biden supporter.

USVI Will Allow Bars and Restaurants to Reopen to Dine-In Customers Beginning Next Week; Some

At the Lake of the Ozarks during holiday weekend, it looked a lot like summer

Unveiling the Official President Bush Portrait - Speech by President Obama 2012

Sen. Doug Jones: COVID-19 relief should not be a partisan issue

Symone SANDERS flattens Chuck TODD, backs up & flattens him some more!

More Covid19 Funnies!

Elizabeth Warren to Hold Big-Dollar Fund-Raiser for Joe Biden

Trump calls Sessions 'slime,' urges him to exit Senate race after former AG defends his record

He called HRC a "skank" tonight???

I am ok with red-staters going out and checking the minefields.

Any night owls up?

Angel and Luna, Supermodels of the World...

North Dakota governor in tears at split over face mask use in the US

Cuba Has Sent 2,000 Doctors and Nurses Overseas to Fight Covid-19

Bette Midler inducts Laura Nyro into R&R hall of fame -

Counting today UPDATED

the car has become the ultimate PPE

Cuba Has Sent 2,000 Doctors and Nurses Overseas to Fight Covid-19

Missouri today

Alabama city files bankruptcy citing millions in debt

Trump campaign hits Biden for 'lying' and being a 'racist' in new ad featuring Kanye West

Texas mayor defends belief that women shouldn't lead public prayer at City Council Meeting

Maryland today

Pros And Cons Of Voting By Mail (The Onion)

Save the date: Friday, June 5, 2020 is National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

I had an interesting chat with my niece and nephews today.

GOP Sen Who Voted To Give Trillions To The Wealthy Says "Not Enough" Money To Help Everyone Else

Monk in Quarantine (w/ Tony Shalhoub) Peacock Presents At-Home Variety Show feat. Seth MacFarlane

*Sigh* If Trump and McConnell Want PROOF That Obama/Biden Left A Pandemic Response Plan...

Montgomery mayor Steven Reed: Hospitals asked me to sound the alarm over ICU beds

'The video of the ministerial meeting is a freak show'

May 24 - Happy Birthday Rep. Steve Cohen (D) TN-9th

Mayor Lumumba's New Robocall Pleads with Jacksonians: No Large Cookouts, Block Parties

Pride In Running, New Organization Founded to Support Young LGBTQ Candidates

I'm getting tired of my former Sanders-supporting friend's heal biting

Infamous Ex-Angola Warden Is Reeves' Choice To Lead Beleaguered Mississippi Prisons

Golfing as US mourns 100,000

Army denies soldier's request to grow beard in observance of Flying Spaghetti Monster religion

Good info about new normal housing market

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Story Time Edition

Bear sees unlocked Mercedes, does what comes naturally.

How often do you clean your oven?

The End of Hong Kong

Supporting your local black-owned business:

'Let them play golf'

Foodie Culture as We Know It Is Over

Welcome from the Department of Same-Old Same-Old Department!

I got the following political spam in my inbox...

This video is on Snapchat in the Lake of the Ozarks? Unreal. What are we doing?

And he shook hands... Hopeless.

Presidents' Pet Dogs

He's the resistance to his own government

Trump accuses Scarborough of being an insane murderer and also having bad TV-ratings.

Joe Biden wins Hawaii presidential primary delayed by virus

Trump Sows Doubt on Voting. It Keeps Some People Up at Night.

The righties conundrum today.

A challenge to the MSM

Hinds County orders all government employees back to work

Special Sunday episode of Morning Joe

Trumpism, after their defeat in November.

Trump criticizes U.Va.-funded hydroxychloroquine study, describes it as 'Trump enemy statement'

And on the wing of abominations shall come one who makes desolate...

Newport 1958 The Dave Brubeck Quartet

First Titanic expedition in 14 years captures ongoing disintegration

Alice in Chains

Loss of Louisiana marshes that protect New Orleans is 'probably inevitable,' study finds

Millions of cicadas set to emerge again in Southern US after 17 years

Breakfast Sunday 24 May 2020

Covid 19 Has Not Gotten Less Deadly nt

100K dead, and they're flying keep America great banners at the beaches

"Vintage picture shows football fans wearing masks during 1918 pandemic" (WTHR-13)

On May 23, 1970, the Britannia Bridge, over the Menai Strait in Wales, caught on fire.

Donald Trump campaign plans $1 million advertising attack after Biden's black voters comment

Great article about West Michigan right-wingers and DeVos family money and the astro turf movements.

Happy Birthday, Bob!

Strongmen are the Weakmen of the world when shit gets real

Bring back the word "Tea-bagger".

Riding on the White House grounds.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas, water cannon at protesters

Wow, just wow.

New Scientist - Bumblebees Can Force Plants To Flower Early By Chewing Holes In Their Leaves

What Trump could get away with, if he wanted to?

Temps In Siberia Pushing 40F Above Normal; Kara Sea Ice Collapses, 1.5 Million Acres Already Burned

Happy Birthday Bob Dylan!

Birx really just said this on FOX News Sunday, had to rewind

You raised $2,065.00 on May 23, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

"Normal" is a fiction we agree on so we can deal with people we don't know.

Baltimore Mayor To Donald Trump: Don't Come Here During #Coronavirus Lockdown "Please stay home!"

ExxonMobil Will Start Network Of Methane Sensors In Permian Basin Sometime In 2021 or 2022 . . .

Three months ago today...

These stray cats were spotted occupying the circle marks intended for the implementation of social..

"now watch this drive..."

"Now that it's over...." I saw someone on the local news say that.

New book as seen on Twitter:

Smirking Nazi Dipshit Trump economist Kevin Hasset; "we're definitely in a recovery now"!

BREAKING: to celebrate the start of the Memorial day weekend...

They believe in the self-sacrifice of the many for the enrichment of a few

Anti-Lockdown Protests Originated With Tight-Knit Group Who Share Bigger Goal: Trump 2020 (Snopes)

Atlanta mayor for Biden's VP? Keisha Lance Bottoms on Ali Velshi right now

Donald the Reaper

I got out this morning and took a long walk. I didnt feel like exercising so just walked around but

It doesn't matter. I'm still voting for Joe.

Shout out to Justice Ginsburg

Coronavirus - Old Man Falls in Street

Chairman Schiff

Biden is running ahead of Clinton's 2016 pace (CNN poll analysis by Harry Enten)

Eddie Sutton, Hall of Fame basketball coach, dies at 84

We need a code phrase or something to identify ourselves as liberals,

Libertarians& Russians are at it again, a new feint around 1am in Eastern US

2020 Horse Racing - 2020 Churchill Downs Race 10a Matt Winn Stakes

Best Short-Form Take On The Elephant Cult I've Seen Yet (Washington Monthly)

Trump: The US cannot have all Mail In Ballots. It will be the greatest Rigged Election in history.

I think this tweet will take off, the idea is going to be a lot harder

We Need to Speak Honestly About the GOP's Evolution Into a Conspiracy Cult

Does anyone know what happened in Daytona Sat 5/23

I really like this Twitter account

So the "wartime president" is AWOL. It was too hard. He accepts no responsibilty, and he is simply

I call BULLSHIT on the unemployment percentage here in the US.

WH Adviser: Unemployment Will Be In Double Digits By November Election

Biden slams Trump in new ad: 'The death toll is still rising.' 'The president is playing golf'

trump needs the churches open so they can tell their sheep to vote for him.

(Stepping into it: ) Being equal opportunity offensive to both dogs & cats - *DEBUNK* me!1

Arlo, who earned the good life, and his Human, on a Sunday Morning socially distancing walk & roll

A family kept getting strep throat. The culprit? Their pet cat.

New Weekly CO2 Concentration Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory 416.97 ppm.

It's nice to be soooo loved - unhand him, bitch

Joe Biden can shoot someone on 5th Avenue

Federal safety recommendations for meatpacking workers can't be enforced

So dotard called for Scarborough to be investigated for murder and

I think our governor in Virginia is going to announce mandatory

Scientists vs politicians: the reality check for 'warp speed' vaccine research

WaPo fact checker gives Trump's lies about Joe Scarborough 4 Pinocchios, wishes more could be given

Stupid question of the day

Weekend TOONs - He Is The Very Model Of An Unmasked Posi-Negative

Trump celebrates the start of Memorial Day

The Rude Pundit: Hey, Dumbass Conservatives, We on the Left Want Everything Back to Normal, Too

Khruangbin - Rules

Hey, Y'all

Sitting cats

LOL: "Make America Great Again Boat Parade"!!!

Olympus has collected many of the tips and instruction videos

Calls grow for UK leader's aide to quit over lockdown trip

Trump Considers Forming Panel to Review Complaints of Online Bias

NASA is looking for participants to isolate in a Russian lab for 8 months

Food for thought....

President VaudeVillian:

Sudan recovers $4 billion of assets from ex-president Omar Al Bashir

Grumpy gator

A Year Of Quarantine Is Not Doable But What Would Have Worked?

I am certain this will mark me as senile in the minds of some, but now and then,

And yesterday at the

While his wife is on bed rest in the hospital, this husband has been setting up "date nights"...

When I die, I want to die free of Trump.

Margaret Brennan, I could do a better job than you, seriously, you should have asked

They've arrived by the car load.

Doggo loves horse:

Anti-vax and the white supremacy connection.

Trump: Trust me, economy will soar in 2021

Covid-19 Patients Not Infectious After 11 Days: Singapore Study

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/24/20

I am wrong in saying Trumps goal is herd immunity, the good way or bad way.

Trump's Fourth of July Rally is Coming Back. Trump Hotel Rates Are Spiking in Anticipation.

Exclusive: Husband of Reopen NC leader 'willing to kill people' in resistance to emergency orders

Cuba credits two drugs with slashing coronavirus death toll

What church did Trump attend this morning?

What Fiction are you reading this week, May 24, 2020?

A risk guide people can understand...

CNN: Democrats See Warren As Rising VP Contender As Coronavirus Reshuffles 2020 Race

NY Times front page and the annual 9-11 memorial ceremony

Getting close to home. Real close

Why are people so obsessed with going out during a pandemic?

Smoking in a store vs. Wearing a mask in a store

Boy that new press secretary is annoying.

ARGGGG! My evangelical brother wrote and asked if him + wife + me could get together

Worst week yet for Ohio Covid deaths

😃🇺🇸🐌☀️❗️ Yum😋 or Yuk🤢❓

Destin Beach FL. Is OPEN. Up until last wek this beach had no people. It was beautiful

Papers need to start printing the names of the dead in their county on front pages

Republicans devote $20m and 50,000 people to efforts to restrict voting

Trump's cult members are so distraught over Joe Biden insensitive remark about Black voters that ...

Coronavirus slams couple struggling to feed young daughter

Happy Birthday Bob!

I bought a charcoal grill this week, my first solo BBQ.

Excellent short piece on Conspiracy Theories from CMU

Here's an idea for an anti-Trump commercial.

Raiders of the Lost Potatoes

Coronavirus in Mississippi: 9 new deaths, 247 new cases reported Sunday

Cartoons 5/24/2020

More than 40 diagnosed with Covid after church service in Frankfurt, Germany

Trump Golfs While More Americans Die

Asking if his friend can come out to play

Your backyard bonfire could put those with COVID-19 at risk

Just playing through

What is your definition of an American? This is mine.

Superspreader Events Offer a Clue on Curbing Coronavirus

Ok, my GAS got the best of me.

Ohio health officials apologise for telling black Americans to avoid 'gang symbolism' on face masks

An Incalculable Loss

Desperate Indian girl bikes 745 miles home with disabled dad

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 27: John Wayne

Alabama hospitals are out of ICU beds, Montgomery's mayor says.

Trump press secretary scolds media for not spreading Obamagate conspiracy

Outbreak at Washington food plant puts halt to reopening plan

What will college be like this fall? Evergreen, SPSCC and Saint Martin's make plans

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update -- May 24 2020

Looking at the state polls shows a big electoral college win for Biden.

I've had cancer twice. This family is training their child to kill me.

Mistake-Ordered a cat from Amazon, no assembly instructions included

An Italian firefighter getting a little emotional after rescuing a tiny kitten

Humor heard today

Coronavirus death toll in Tri-Cities area rises to 78. New cases still grow

A deadly 'checkerboard': Covid-19′s new surge across rural America

Enough of the handwringing over a clumsy remark, focus...

Seattle dance instructor warns other business owners to watch out for hackers during pandemic

Comparison of stats

COVID-19 has shown America's income inequality. We can't return to that

King County warns against going into local rivers after 3 drownings in less than a week

Never leave your phone near a Fox.

Under oath, Biden accuser cited Biden's work; attorneys now question other testimony

Man vs. Squirrel- Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

So, according to Trump, Jeff Sessions is not "mentally qualified" to be AG!

China warns US pushing relations to 'brink of new Cold War'

Seal Pup Waits Nearby While Mama Gets Rescued

Trump 'Playing through':

FDA commissioner issues Memorial Day warning: 'Coronavirus is not yet contained'

Dog Agility Training

Bird Always Flies To Where Her Mom Is

NYT commemorates victims of coronavirus on Sunday front page

I will not wear a mask because this is a free country.


Unicorn puppy saves her mom's life

VIDEO From 'Lake Of The Ozarks' Water Park Shows People Packed Into Pools

Has he even visited a Single Family?

Yo-Yo Ma concert of Bach Cello Suites starts at noon PDT today (47 mins from time of this post)

Naked Bird Is Obsessed With His Dollhouse

About a sixth of the country relies most on Trump as the source of information about the coronavirus

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 26: Wonder Women

Coronavirus cure must be on the Golf Course

When Biden wins the election, what can the Democrats do to make sure Trump doesn't

I dig a post hole, plant the post, now there isn't enough dirt to pack the hole

VA-05: 'I was drugged and raped' at Marine Corps ball, Virginia candidate says in new TV ad

Nothing has changed. We are still in the throes of a deadly pandemic.

Germany at the forefront of anti-vaxxers and it could mean the coronavirus is never defeated

So is M4A still "Rainbows and Unicorns"?

Covid magats

FedEx Driver Lets His Pups Join The Team After Their Day Care Closes

IA-SEN: The political neophyte Democrats are betting on to capture the Senate

New Biden Ad discussed on Morning Joe

Bring Out Your Dead

AZ-SEN: Trump advisers warn McSally is in trouble

I recommend that you all read Professor Krugman's book

Texas is hiding negative test numbers (hiding data)

Tomato List 2020

What U.S. Grant reminds us.

Johann Sebastian Bach A Musical Memorial and Tribute: Yo-Yo Ma plays Bach's Suites for Solo Cello

"Trump made God legal again !"

Meet the South's Newest Salamander

For those who don't want to wear a mask, I have an alternative.

Who DOESN'T like a pool party?

what I posted on Facebook last night in time for Sunday church

sltrib:How the coronavirus spreads in those everyday places we visit

☦ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha/Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!/Eschaton

during a pandemic and the worst presidency in history, life finds a way, going to be a Grandmother!

3 funnies and JoAnne Fabrics - running around yesterday

Twitter post: DL Hughley gets right to the point on the Biden's statement.

The end of frozen lettuce. Our new refrigerator will be here Tuesday.

CNN is stirring up the crazies

Trump (April 11): If under 100,000 Americans die from coronavirus we've done a good job

Remember When Joe Biden...

So as a black man Im noticing something disturbing. Many in my community want to

Anyone use LibreOffice Base?

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats in 2020 that are likely to go Democrat.

Tweet of the afternoon (Brazil):

Earl, can you do a calendar for Feb and March? Twitter loves this one you did

Israel's Netanyahu attacks justice system as trial begins

I have an astounding number of Facebook friends who've lost touch with reality. Mostly people my age

Trump Golfs You Die

My daughter and I made the rounds at various cemeteries to decorate/clean up family gravestones.

Stores should have a right to block shoppers

Strawberry Fields Forever

tRump Humpers out in full force at the local bagel shop, Lake Forest, CA

Best comeback to Twitler's attack on Scarborough's intern BS !!

trump is the weakest leader a leader could be

One thing we've learned, when Trump accuses someone of something, he is guilty of it himself.

Hillary Clinton raised 2 million for Biden campaign during a Zoom fundraiser

Cuomo says New York followed federal guidelines when sending coronavirus patients to nursing homes

Federal court backs California Gov. Gavin Newsom's orders keeping churches closed

What will you do if Trump refused to leave office or decides to stop election voting activities

Maybe this is the way it's going to be.

David Pakman: We Could End Coronavirus Pandemic by July 4

Would it be considered "over the top" if one were to mail gift certificates for the most crowded

Papers Of Frits Bottcher, Dutch Climate Liar, Detail How Shell & Others MNCs Funded Him For A Decade

Singer Performs A Song To Cheer People Up -- And His Dog Joins In

Nearly half of Twitter accounts pushing to reopen America may be bots

Chuck Todd on Trump: The president was pretty soft

I've been somewhat absent on DU recently, here's why, but I AM still here...

China Cat Sunflower / I Know You Rider

Filled in

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; Friday, May 22, 2020


This is Trump's WW III and he's going in courageously head first, bone spurs and all!

Anybody ride a recumbent bike?

So, does anyone have pictures of Trump attending church services today?

Sam Seder had the best response to the latest Biden black-folk gaffe

"Playing through" from Twitter:

Wisconsin stands to lose millions if Badgers can't play football games this fall

Tom Brady sucks at golf. This is really quite funny. $15M

Beware of the bots trying to bulldoze their way through

I want one of these.

Idaho: Images of the Gem State

Sunday: Trump goes golfing again.

Are burglaries down?

Corelle can shatter if a can of beans drops on it from a height of two feet.

What kind of country is this where people are threatned physical

Texas County GOP Chair Claims COVID-19 Is Democratic Hoax


Trump Promotes Posts From Racist and Sexist Twitter Feed (NYT)

Visiting graves

Finally got rid of my Gas Mower

Ann Coulter Turns on Trump in Twitter Rant

The 2nd Wave is Coming

Trump's drive against watchdogs faces constitutional reckoning

I hope

Alligator Rumored to Have Been Hitler's Pet Dies in Moscow Zoo

Insightful 100 year old Prophecy

Pennywise and his doppelganger, Poundfoolish.

Is Memorial Day Weekend the experiment that will lead to 4th of July getting shut down?

UPDATE: Tonight's Chicken Fajita's Are Done (w/pics)!

May 24, 1667: King Louis XIV, French army invade Spanish Netherlands, starting War of Devolution

Scoop: Inside the secret talks to overhaul the GOP platform (Jared's on it!)

Fuck Ann Coulter

Trump fashion statement

Can anyone relate to this? A few days ago I was trying to

Far Away Eyes

A woman flipped off Trump today! (2nd pic below)

Stiller and Meara on "What's My Line"

Remember Preznit Plump's warning about government statistics?

It is improper to say "Happy Memorial Day"

I began writing my representative

STATUS? Lysol, Clorox, Purell Products, Online Purch. If Poss.

New Biden ad...


Can I possibly be this naive? I was just notified that my facebook account has been disabled


They're jumping the ship big time now

Trump. Tomorrow. Will he do it? Again...?

This is for all of you.

Joe Biden is cut from a different cloth

Memorial Day weekend draws crowds and triggers warnings

Birx: Hippocratic Oath or hypocrite

What happened to drive-in movie theaters?

Second Amendment protesters marched to Kentucky governor --

I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to

Judge strikes down Florida's law demanding felons pay all court debt before they can vote

Trump falsely claims 'thousands' of forgeries on mail-in ballots

Isn't it obvious that we have lost our standing in world leadership?

Houston is now the largest US city where evictions will resume after statewide moratorium was lifted

What if, hypothetically, we don't get the huge surge in cases that we are expecting?

This graphic needs to be seen.

Donald Trump faces coronavirus backlash after being pictured without a face mask

caption TRUMP photo

Chris Wallace Condemns Kayleigh McEnany for Questioning White House Reporters' Faith

Watching the YouTube archives of TimeTeam UK

End to the Lies - Janes Addiction

Fox's Wallace Shreds Kayleigh McEnany for Questioning Reporters' Faith

Desperate rats are brazenly searching for food during the coronavirus pandemic, CDC warns

60 days ago:

Trump Argues That He's The Real Victim Of The Coronavirus

How is a man who's never worked a day in his life...

As much as we honor the sacrifice those who died in service to this country,

Jane's Addiction "Jane Says" on Guitar Center Sessions

Slowly, surely, US houses of worship emerge from lockdown

Imagine if President Obama had Pelosi and Schumer as House and Senate leaders

Anti-lockdown sheriffs call on constituent power to push back on coronavirus restrictions

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #4

Florida family grieves as Trump spreads debunked conspiracy theory to attack MSNBC host

Most publicly listed companies keep U.S. small-business aid loans

DUer niyad asked me to make this an OP. Why my background makes me despise trump.

White House limits travel to U.S. from Brazil due to coronavirus

White House limits travel to U.S. from Brazil due to coronavirus

Nonprofit officials spent $400,000 in welfare dollars to lobby state government. Public education

Evangelicals Unmasked

Non maskers, "Don't put on your seat belt." It is a..."free country."

Colombia sacks racist official after showing technical skills inferior to monkeys

CD-level DFL units have made their endorsements

Colombia's military mafia threatening police investigators: report