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Archives: May 25, 2020

USA Covid19 death count 99286. Will Trump be golfing when count hits 100k tomorrow?

'Matarife', the series seeking to 'morally do away with Uribe', major hit in Colombia

I will be so relieved when this is all over tomorrow.

this is a photo of the man who RTed a tweet mocking Stacy Abrams' weight.

God reacts to the reopening of Florida

Does anyone else see the irony of people celebrating Memorial Day by spreading death and sickness?

Federal News Radio (AM 1500 in DC) just ran a tape of the Apr 2019 Kalb interview of Michael Collins

Emails Show Metro Scrambling for Space at Fairgrounds Homeless Shelter

another embarrassing - and dangerous - moment for NC

102 year old woman named Stella Corona (for real) dies of Covid-19

Perhaps someone in the White House Bund should explain to Herr Trump that

Memorial Day Weekend sees rise in Florida's COVID-19 cases

(Oregon) Judge told vacate or explain order nixing virus restrictions

Sarah Kendzior and Noel Casler on Stuttering John's show

Meatpacking plant that makes "beloved Dodger Dog" hit by COVID-19 outbreak

Tennessee driver's licenses can be suspended for unpaid traffic fines after court reversal

Former NASA Engineer Builds An Obstacle Course To 'Squirrel Proof' His Birdfeeder

This is how the quarantine has... Know what? Just screw that, this is my dog

A photographic metaphor for Trump's life ..

Some of the recent Christofascist propaganda my Trumper extended family is posting on FB.

Anyone else watching the Special Report on Covid-19 now on CNN

This explains a lot - blood clotting and happy hypoxia!

Had a takeout from Five Guys. First time I've heard of Five Guys was when President Obama

"I sleep better at night."

Hi people. What is Hot Springs, Arkansas like please?

Florida law restricting felon voting is unconstitutional

Mississippi church suing over COVID-19 restrictions burns down

Bot Army Behind 'Reopen America' Push On Social Media, Study Finds

why they love Trump... the real reason

Has anyone heard any reports about church attendance today?

Another week of slow improvement in numbers

US Muslims try to balance Eid rituals with virus concerns

Donald Trump is the Fattest President in 100 Years

Trump retweets personal attacks on Clinton, Pelosi, Abrams

Key swing state warns of November election 'nightmare'

In recent photos, Trump's skin looks really bad. Do you think he's about due

Anyone going to watch the Ulysses Grant miniseries tomorrow?

Trump says he is the victim: 5/24 (22 minutes) Sharyl Attkisson-Full Measure, credit- babylonsister

jeff tiedrich for another win

Federal Judge Clears Way For Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ex-Felons To Vote In Florida

just finished "The Plot Against America" miniseries on HBO. Wow.

on target

Baptism in the time of Covid-19

Honduras is selling off its natural resources to the highest bidder, environmentalists claim

More COVID-19 cases linked to California church services

Tweet of the Day

"More people are killed by deer than commit voter fraud"

Berta Cceres was murdered in Honduras, the deadliest country in the world to be an environmental de

Joe Biden: 'Presidency is about a lot more than tweeting from your golf cart'

What are your thoughts on holding

Brazil's first Indigenous curator: 'We're not afraid anymore'

GOP Congressman Asks Trump to Stop Spreading 'Unfounded' Joe Scarborough Conspiracy: 'It Will Destro

I did the Death Nut Challenge 2.0 today!

I'm not really good at creating nicknames ...

'Exceedingly Rare' White Grizzly Bear Caught on Camera

Two Employees Of The Same Great Clips Hair Salon Test Positive For COVID-19, Exposed Nearly 140 Peop

Woman arrested after posting xenophobic letters on Asian-Americans' homes in California town

Republicans Sue California Governor Gavin Newsom, Claim Vote-by-Mail Order Is 'Illegal Power Grab'

Florida Man Arrested After Allegedly Kidnaps Teenager, Forcing Her To Help Him Pass A COVID-19 Check

Forensic scientists caught a deer munching on a human carcass for the first time ever

Pizza Cheese Combos and Choices

Day 65.

The Covidiots are planning to converge on Chicago Memorial Day

Leader Of North Carolina Anti-Lockdown Protest Group Says He's 'Willing To Kill People' To Fight Res

Dear Assholes


U.S. groups have target European elections to try out misinformation tactics ahead of November

OMFG. This guy is our president.

The Republicans in the rental down the street are having a big party.

Now THIS is a tongue.

'Reeks of hate.' Politicians condemn effigy of Beshear hung at KY Capitol protest

California Retail Employee Shares Photo Of Her Battered Face After Being Attacked By A Customer

Wearing a mask in Walmart for 10 minutes is tyranny? WTF?

Harvard Researchers Find 'Inequality On Top Of Inequality' In COVID-19 Deaths

So ... I was watching "Fierce Creatures" on DVD when this bit of dialog came up:

A priest, a minister and a rabbit and walk into a bar.

Blood Red Shoes - Mexican Dress

Trump Economic Adviser: 'Our Human Capital Stock Is Ready To Get Back To Work'

The Flytraps - Female of the Species

There are many things that I detest about Plump but

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Exclusive: big pharma rejected EU plan to fast-track vaccines in 2017

Ilhan Omar throws Joe Biden under the bus and and runs him over, herself.

Dump missed a golden marketing opportunity. He could've been peddling MAGA masks and making

Is this Passive/Aggressive?

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong: Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Attention Trump-Humper Parents


Mystic Mountain Monster being Destroyed (APOD)

Has Minnesota trended more conservative lately or has it truly always been slightly left of center?

I am continually amazed at the heart and generosity of others. Truly

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

South Carolina beachgoer demands Asian-American CNN reporter 'get out of his country'

'Reeks of hate.' Politicians condemn effigy of Beshear hung at KY Capitol protest

(Someone) caught the young moon beneath the planets Mercury and Venus

University of Kentucky reduces number of expected furloughs, finds money to save jobs

Instead of covering MAGAt rallies and Biden gaffes, media should cover this.

The Joe Biden-Charlamagne Interview

First Deadlines For Laid-Off Workers To Get Health Insurance

I wish

☦ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha/Chant from the Holy Mountain Athos

From a Catholic Bishop: Love your neighbor. Wear a mask.

The Public Is Astonishingly United.

I took about 7.5mg of Chill Indica tincture around 4pm this afternoon.

☦ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha Hymns

It's official. Fox News followers are stupid.

And the MAGAt POS of the Day is awarded to...

Fauci Urges Trump to Remain on Golf Course Until Pandemic Is Over

☦ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha: The Eighth Day/The Orthodox Paschal Mystery

My strategy

I hear a lot of people, many very good and fine people

Ohio's Republican governor calls for public to wear masks.

Comedian Roasts Mitch McConnell for Suggesting NY File for Bankruptcy NowThis

Facing the COVID recession, Beshear must cut $618 million in state spending by June 30

U.S. Space Force is Looking a Place to Put its Headquarters

Is there a more repulsive creature on the planet?

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and the fucking Temptations

Democratic VP contender Demings slams Trump 'gall' over Biden black voters gaffe

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and the fucking Spinners

'We will simply disconnect': Mike Pompeo and the Australian TV appearance that caused a diplomatic s

Ukrainian Prisoners Pay A Price For Less Crowded Conditions Amid COVID-19 Threat

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and the Stevie Wonder

Race, wealth and public spaces: US beaches are a new flashpoint of the lockdown

Scratching the surface: drones cast new light on mystery of Nazca Lines

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and Otis!

China raises US trade tensions with warning of 'new cold war'

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and The Rev. Al Green!!

Judge Rules Against Florida On Felons Paying Fines To Vote

Jair Bolsonaro branded a 'killer' during hot dog trip as Covid-19 death toll soars

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and Marvin!

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and Bill Withers!

Online Louisville youth anti-violence conference disrupted by 'vulgar', 'racist' imagery

Trump's disconnect with DC widens during viral pandemic

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and The Jackson 5...Christ!

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and The Fucking Godfather!

Capitol protesters demand full Texas reopening immediately

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and Jackie Wilson!

Gots me some Blackheart rum, some Locomotive, Saint's Row 3 on the PS4, and Sam Cooke!

Warm conditions prevail for much of the week.

I can't sleep every night I wake at a certain

I'm exhausted from my exercise

☦️Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha/ The Jesus Prayer Explained and Chanting/Celtic Orthodox Church

Italy Plans to Reopen to Travelers on June 3--but Not to Americans

Hailstones bigger than many grapefruits pummel a north Texas town on Friday

Sam Cooke covers Dylan

Study: Texas leads the country at coronavirus spread

Florida grasshopper sparrows now producing chicks

This is not about religion,

And the tweet of the day goes to Bishop Talbert Swan...

Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President

Mueller Explained: Lingering Questions about Mueller and his Report

Slow roast boneless ribs ? Should I braise the ribs first

This is driving me crazy.

In a single illustration, the utter repulsiveness of these two individuals is stark

Wealthiest Hospitals Got Billions in Bailout for Struggling Health Providers

"Each of those names was allowed half a sentence to describe them...."

Now would be a good time to create a political ad saying this.

Much very good information now available.

UNSHAKABLE: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern appeared calm when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake

Corona virus still on the rampage?

As Trump removes federal watchdogs, some loyalists replacing them have 'preposterous' conflicts

re: "...the right of the people peaceably to assemble..."

It's hilarious watching Morning Joe freak out about Trump's abuse of power

128 ads??!!??

I look at posts on FB today and realize

This just came from the Pennsylvania Dental Association.

2020 Academy Awards...Idea...

Another fantastic Biden Ad...'100,000 dead, millions out of work, the president is golfing'

Monday Morning;

Trump teases moving the convention out of NC

Hundreds took part in a parade celebrating the first birthday of a boy who lost both his parents...

Patriotism vs Nationalism

"The Lovebirds". One of the best comedies I've seen in quite a while!

$137,126,838 for golf (exercise) for @realDonaldTrump

Great Clips customer who was possibly exposed to COVID-19 speaks out

Leave no kitten behind:

Australia's Climate "Plan" The Same As 10 Years Ago - More Gas, More "Carbon Capture", More Bollocks

We honor those who fought to protect our freedoms and lost their lives doing so.

Oz Authorities Got Catastrophic Fire Forecasts 6 Months In Advance; 30-Year Old Models Confirmed

Question for the ages: Which is the most Stable Genius?

I doubt many are thinking about why now China is cracking down on Hong Kong but it may well be

wise men say:

OrangeAss tweeted "HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!"

Ways to pass the pandemic -by Tom Tomorrow

Because of trumps failures

When Trump goes to the NASA rocket launch Wednesday ...

Husband of Reopen NC leader 'willing to kill people' in resistance to emergency orders

We paid our respect this morning my boys and I

Meet the Libertarian Party candidate for VICE President (seriously!)

Well Whaddyaknow? Facebook Actually Removes PragerU Bullshit About "Thriving" Polar Bears

How do I get e-bay to drop my e-mail address from someone else's account?

I guess this is patriotic. Listen to the background music.

My Covid test was, as expected, negative

I must have a nest of robins in my maple tree...

You raised $1,415.00 on May 24, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Wealthiest Hospitals Got Billions in Bailout for Struggling Health Providers (NYT)

President called "killer" and "trash" by angry crowd in capital

Spike in D.C. numbers, crowds at Maryland, Virginia beaches and boardwalks renew coronavirus concern

One of the dumbest questions ever.

Monday TOONs 1 - Golf? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Lincoln Project Memorial Day ad

Monday TOONs 2 - Memorial Day

These Women Leaders Are Turning Michigan From A 2020 Battleground Into Trump's Worst Nightmare

Back To Normal! China's Air Pollution Now Just As Bad As Before COVID Pandemic!

Catastrophic Plunge in Jobs & Labor Force in Los Angeles, San Francisco/Silicon Valley Smacks into..

Rob Reiner: 100,000 dead on your watch and you have the fucking nerve to go golfing &

BTRTN: "Freedom" in the Age of the Coronavirus

Well, I'm off to work tomorrow after a 2-month leave of absence.

BTRTN: "Freedom" in the Age of the Coronavirus

You want to talk suspicious deaths?

Can't decide whether to go to Franfurt or Hannover?


I can listen to ADM Jim Stavridis wax poetic on geopolitics all day...

Trump: "Happy Memorial Day" to Japanese military

Parents---understand what Trump is saying with his "back to school" push:

Trump is at Arlington Cemetery today. It is so gross.

Keep it simple.

Hear him criticize Obama for playing golf after second Ebola case

May 25 - Happy Birthday Senator Amy Klobuchar (D) MN

Knight Rider

What the hell is taking the commander in thief so long?

Trump's tweets have Stephen Miiller all over them.

Trump Sabotaged America's Recovery Even Before COVID-19 Began

***WARNING*** Please be careful of national level CV19 reports that still include NY Metro.

"TRANSITION TO GREATNESS! Get ready, it is already happening again!"

Looks like a cat has been sucking on Melania's hair.

Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President

Remember the table top 'studio' I made?

How to grieve for 100,000 lives

All we need to know about masks in one pic:

The story behind the story about Trump's bizarre "Open the schools ASAP" tweet

Joe Biden makes up nickname for Trump: 'President Tweety'

Desperate rats are brazenly searching for food during the coronavirus pandemic, CDC warns

Trump's America is a failed state

"Two killed at block party that drew 1,000 people"

Trump can never remain still (look at @2:15 from today's ceremony):

Authorities 'slammed' in Daytona Beach during Memorial Day weekend with shooting, massive crowds

Oh my! I missed this one: GOP Awards Its 2020 Convention to the Only City That Sorta Kinda Wanted It

Planet already seeing temperatures beyond human tolerance

Trump threatens to move convention if governor will not allow them to fill to capacity..🙄

? As a parent I'm losing playing nickel dime poker with our sons

White House goal on testing nursing homes unmet

There's only ONE THING that hold Trumpists together.

why don't someone say it!

A Man Coughed on a Wegmans Employee. Now He's Charged With a Felony.

Homemade BBQ sauce

Weird! The entire east coast of Florida has precipitation according to the radar.

The Cost

Why do the Trump protesters always have to wrap themselves head to toe with the American flag?

Can we stop pretending Trump is fit to be president?

You know that business about mighty oaks and little acorns?

Every veteran

This is how Trump has corrupted America.

Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President

One of the Best anti Trump videos yet!

A subjective note about masks

Wealthiest Hospitals Got Billions in Bailout for Struggling Health Providers

Memorial Day message from Joe Biden

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 25 2020

These pillows were no match for Petey the puppy

Great article about drumpf's total lack of manliness

Here's what REALLY pisses me off about Trumpy's golf outings;

Trump voters wrap themselves in chains, then proclaim they live in a free country.

Florida Law Restricting Felon Voting Is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules

In Memoriam: Honoring The Dead On Memorial Day

Memorial Day -- The most fitting Trump Clip possible.

Biden commemorates Memorial Day in Delaware

CNN's Natasha Chen describes beachgoer's racist taunt

Suriname election: Will a convicted murderer be re-elected?

A painting of our Redbuds in bloom

Some may consider this post obscene,

trump at Ft Mchenry - lecturing from the teleprompter

'The Look Of Love'

Ouch! Julia Davis KO's stupid school tweet

This Memorial Day the greatest and the worst

Violin Concerto Ludwig van Beethoven

Can we stop pretending Trump is fit to be president?

For my twenty-sixth thousandth post.

If Biden wins Florida, game over.

The Meaning of Memorial Day - a tear jerker

"It will be the greatest rigged election in history"

Biden makes first public appearance in months on Memorial Day

Red Don tweets "Happy Memorial Day"

Even Trump don't get it!

Memorial Day, 2020: A Tale of Opposites; a clear choice

Earthcam...Myrtle Beach

When will the new surge of corona cases hit?

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/25/20 - A Not-So-Happy Memorial Day

Getting rid of the electoral college

Biden video--Trump plays golf:

In my opinion, Biden's most important cabinet choice is not going to be his pick for vice president.

Volkswagen must buy back 'dieselgate' cars: Germany's top court

Trump marks Memorial Day at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Blistering Op-ed: "Missouri's morons left those of the other 49 states in the dust"


Pentagon charts its own course on COVID-19, risking Trump's ire

The Bidens - The Role Models America Needs Right Now

Earthcam....Bourbon Street...New Orleans

Earthcam...Pensacola, Florida...crowded

The president honors Memorial Day by using his platform to promote a business he still owns and...

Even Bigfoot's wearing a face mask, so there's no excuse not to have one on

Sandestin Beach, Destin, Florida

My purpose for the web cams is to show that most of America is not running to

New Mexico may elect historic all-female US House delegation

Future pandemic

Perfect Timing - May edition

You know what I'd like to see

2 1/2 hours left to vote in the May photo contest preliminaries.

How can 44% support Trump?

Jimmy Cobb, jazz drummer on Miles Davis' 'Kind of Blue,' dies at 91

Hand Sanitizer: Some alternative options I found online:

after ONE WEEK of re-opened day care in Texas

Should Biden form a shadow cabinet now?

Et tu, Brute? Rasmussen Has a Memorial for Trump Poll

How to treat a maskless trumper in the grocery store

Chumpy said he golfed this weekend cause it's his only exercise.

Spending Memorial Day cleaning out a storage unit

Any Leads Out There Where I Can Purchase Disposable Rubber Gloves?.....

If he can wear a mask in public, then so can you

Joe Rogan is now apparently the new Walther Cronkite of today's generation

Covid-19 deaths in Arkansas - In Memory.

Trump's 'rigged election' talk sparks fear of post-election chaos

California GOPer Introduces Bill To Sidestep Coastal Commission, Allow Seawalls In SD, OC

They ate Rats at Vicksburg

COVID-19 pandemic ratchets up threats to medical networks/services

About that NYT Front Page yesterday :(

There are few better ways to spread a pandemic than to cross state lines to scream about a pandemic

So on M$NBC..."Biden has been hiding in his basement"

Why does the media make a big deal out of Biden not getting out in public

Trump's Push To Open Churches Contradicts Jesus' Teaching To Love Neighbors, Clergy Say

Trump Whines Over Negative Golf Coverage

Tom T. Hall was born on this date.

Mail-in Voting Triggers an Unhinged Trump Rant

UN virus therapy trial pauses hydroxychloroquine testing


WWII general knew how to prove regard for his dead

Anti American Trump Brown Shirts Outside Kentucky Governor's Mansion

Cartoons 5/25/2020

Island County gets go-ahead for Phase 2 of reopening economy

Stillaguamish Tribe gives $1M to food banks, fire services

Traffic's creeping back and some transit to collect fares again

'Appalled' judge sentences pastor for theft from Oso victims

As Trump Pushes for Reopenings, Congregations Choose Safety Over Haste

The Best of America: Memorial Day, May 25, 2020

Trump Wants Schools to Reopen 'ASAP', Americans Fear They Won't Be Safe

Along with the 'black cat on a coal pile' I was also given the

What kind of name is "Charlamagne Tha God"?

Americans are crowding public places and officials fear possibility of spikes in coronavirus cases

our GE microwave oven, 15 years old, died suddenly yesterday, after completing a reheat order.

Please Wear the Mask

Trump ally: It's 'unrealistic' to say president shouldn't golf just because people are dying of COVI

Galactic crash may have triggered solar system formation

Prediction: YouTube will become America's classroom.

Watch MSNBC Host call Trump by his other name: Drumpf

Leonardo DiCaprio's Big Middle Finger to the Confederacy

a public service announcement - The Information Apocalypse

WHO pauses trial of hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 patients due to safety concerns

Gov. Cuomo says US economy won't bounce back on its own post-pandemic because

White House adviser Kevin Hassett: "Our human capital stock is ready to go back to work."

Most Americans aren't willing to go to restaurants or gyms just yet

Trump's Economic Adviser Calls Americans Facing Unemployment 'Human Capital Stock'

Trump could face re-election with jobless over 10%, aide says

Coronavirus: All Non-Essential Shops To Reopen From June 15- PM

Russell Wilson donates 300,000 meals for COVID-19 relief

Lynnwood plastic store working to meet high demand for sneeze guards

Democratic leaders say Trump testing strategy is 'to deny the truth' about lack of supplies

Why can't the Tri-Cities reopen yet? Here's what needs to happen

Oregon coastal towns not ready for a lot of Memorial Day visitors

Video catches woman in Central Park falsely reporting 'an African-American man threatening my life'

People Flock To Indiana Beaches For Memorial Day Weekend Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

How long will it take the Space X Falcon 9 to reach thr ISS tomorrow?

How are you doing workouts these days?

Trump's demonization of China puts U.S. in financial peril

I Can See Food Trucks Being The New Normal....

Trump threatens to find new GOP convention site if North Carolina won't allow full attendance

Trump Calls Marine Corps Veteran and Congressman 'an American Fraud' on Memorial Day

Trump Visits Baltimore, Dismissing Mayor's Concerns About Virus

#MakeSolo2Happen trending on Twitter

Missouri Mayor Laments 'No Way to Control' Crowded Pool Party Amid Pandemic

Stakes high for Collins in coronavirus relief standoff

What's for Dinner, Mon., Memorial Day, May 25, 2020

Any other DU'ers have a relative steal from you?

Must see video: Staten Islanders with masks drive out non-mask wearing person in grocery store

"The President Is Not Well."

There wi be no vaccine for Covid-19 in October

On a weekend where we are paying tribute to those that sacrificed everything for our nation...

I'll have my cockles warmed if you please

A New Yorker Tells Why It's Important to Wear A Mask.

Take your raggedy ass convention and move on.

NV-04: Nevada congressional candidate has not voted in 12 years

It finally turned summer yesterday. Seems like we have

Joe Biden's 1993 Cameo on "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?"

Robert Mueller InAction Figure

My friend Laurie is on MSNBC (10:00i tonight...

What price freedom?

Tweet of the Day

Bonus Tweet of the Day

How summer could determine the pandemic's future

I hope they lock up that woman in Florida who drowned her autistic son

Trump-1989- Three casino execs set to testify against him, killed in plane crash

'I'm looking for the truth': States face criticism for COVID-19 data cover-ups

Do you have a favorite Bryan Adams song?

Court says governor's church-closing rule stands

Trump sees a 'rigged election' ahead. Democrats see a constitutional crisis in the making.

Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx Talk About Agency

when Karens take a walk with their dogs off leash in the famous Bramble in NY's Central Park

Scored fresh PNW oysters!

Watched the Reconing series on Netflix this week and started

Washington cases reach 19,828; 1061 deaths

WHO Warns Of 'Second Peak' In Areas Where COVID-19 Declining

So, the anti-mask people would have no problem with their food servers not washing their hands?

Real Men Wear Masks

An oral vaccine delivered in the mail. (unless trump destroys the post office)

Very presidential

Great movie Vietnam martial arts Film

Safety of sugar substitutes remains inconclusive after years of research

The great Islamic philosopher Avicenna (ca. 1000 AD) on the Red vs. the Blue species:

"Fawlty Towers"

Do Yourself a Favor: Listen To James Carville's Take on the State of the Race

Jerry Reed & Chet Atkins - "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright"

Run To You, Bryan Adams

Jokes my brother sends me - church bulletin edition

President Lincoln Condolence Letter

Need a mask? This is fun. And funny!!

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, Bryan Adams

Sword of Covid 19 dangling on a thread

Chomsky: Trump a 'Sociopathic Megalomaniac' Who Made US 'Singularly Unprepared' for Pandemic

How did YOU act?

Gah! Another anti-mask pseudo-scientific argument

Smart dog:

US Senate Election Ratings for seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are likely to win.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Putin changes Russia's electoral law to allow remote vote

Hundreds participate in, watch South Carolina boat parade in support of Trump

The dangers of Dihyrogen monoxide

Hundreds participate in, watch South Carolina boat parade in support of Trump

Why Don't The Republicans Hold Their Convention In Hell Instead Of North Carolina

A confusing rationalization

Barkskins series tonight on National Geographic channel

"Barkskins" series starting on National Geographic tonight

This Dog Scoots And "Sploots" Every Morning

tiedrich tweets again

They Say I'm Different

First test of Virgin Orbit rocket fails to accomplish goal

Marine Rescues Stray Dog In Afghanistan

Some of my earliest 45RPMs as a kid

A 'new Cold War?' China blames U.S. for growing tensions

Blue Lightening

Trump adviser's 'repugnant' lack of concern for human life slammed by ethics expert

covid has touched me personally

WATCH: Little Girl Watches On As Man Hangs Kentucky's Gov. In Effigy

On this Memorial Day...The Fallen Soldier

I must be so proud. The Washington post included my little hell hole

St. Louis County issues travel advisory after viral photos of crowded Lake of the Ozarks bars

This woman should be thrown in jail for false reporting and animal abuse.

Mark Twain's War Prayer-- Posted in "Editorials..." because it is...

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson Starts Memorial Day Weekend With a Fight

COVID-19 Sparks a Rebirth of the Local Farm Movement

Sean Hannity vs. Rudy Giuliani in NYC radio

How the NYT covered 100,000 AIDS deaths

Revolution. Live.

Snarky right wing video that one of my high school acquaintances posted on my Facebook feed


"Tinker, Tailor, Mobster, Trump"...What happens when a Confidential Informant becomes President?


Texas GOP chair candidate Lt. Col. Allen West in stable condition after motorcycle wreck

What is the purpose of all of this?.You know.."All of This"...???

Should a talking Cat advise the President?

Georgians are voting by mail. All voters were mailed a request .........

Top Republican yanks endorsement of House candidate who made offensive social media posts

Jeopardy Teachers' Tournament started tonight

U.S. government cuts off early look at economic data for news media


Trump is the "man withOUT a plan"---or a clue---or a shred of decency---or

After Trump accuses media of inventing stories, New York Times' Haberman swats him down

Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President

So I went to a brewery today.