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Archives: May 27, 2020

Judge strikes down US energy leasing rules in bird habitat

Speaker Pelosi coming up on Chris Hayes n/t

Judge whose anti-rape advice was 'close your legs' loses job

The single most important comment about .."TRUMP'S STUPIDITY"

True to the word the application for absentee ballot showed up in the mail from the BoE today.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Am I the only one who cried today?

Pandemic probe: Brazil police raid Rio governor's residence

Pandemic probe: Brazil police raid Rio governor's residence

Trump Dismisses Face Masks as 'Politically Correct'

Hertz paid top executives $16 million in bonuses ahead of its bankruptcy filing

When the lemonade meme don't hunt.

Fintan O'Toole on America the "pitiful," corrupted by Trump's malignant spectacle

Oakland loses appeal on coal ban

Damn, tornado warning just announced.

I'm Thinking Trump Is A Superstitious Individual & Believes Just About Anything Conspiratorial....

4 Minneapolis police officers

Covid-19: With daily cases mounting, India now stands fourth in the world

I Got Pres. Trump Down Here.

Here's a screenshot of the new Twitter fact check feature.

Mexico. Shooting attack on murdered journalist's daughter in Veracruz state

Private equity investor pays off tuition for graduates of Spelman College

No matter how much I think I know - I always find that I know jack shit. This is amazing

Cops in riot gear and spraying protestors in Minneapolis

Why is he now whining about Biden's mask?

Boeing job cuts expected to hit the Puget Sound region this week

Grenell to Join Trump Campaign

I knew this would happen. NOW he's whining about Twitter

Brazil minister advises using COVID-19 to distract from Amazon deregulation

I now know how Kkkonservative Republiklans can be convinced that social distancing is vital.

100 Days of DEADLY Denial

Joe Biden updates his Twitter profile pic.

Brazil minister advises using COVID-19 to distract from Amazon deregulation

Over 40% of Republicans wrongly believe conspiracy theory about Bill Gates and COVID-19 vaccines

The Commander-in-Tweet Isn't Just Disrespectful, He's Dangerous

Red Cross calls for governments to help stop health care hacks during pandemic

Ann Coulter and Trump no longer like each other.


Tweet of the Day

Letter Carrier Attempted Election Fraud by Changing Mail-In Forms from 'Democrat' to 'Republican'

What do you think the real number of Covid-19 deaths in the US really is?

Inside the Dizzying Effort to Pitch Trump to Black Voters

Supreme Court refuses to block lower court order demanding action against coronavirus at Ohio prison

Kevin Hart: Dave Chappell is the GOAT

Trump Bashes Marine Vet Congressman As An 'American Fraud' On Memorial Day

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Wow. Kayleigh McEnany really IS that stupid.

Barr's DOJ has dropped its insider trading investigations into Kelly Loeffler and other Senators

Trump Takes Heat For Golfing During Pandemic, Blames Obama For Some Reason

Just solved the dilemma of people who won't wear a simple face mask because TYRANNY!

elephants follow a woman riding a bycicle

Out and about 5-26-20: Highlights of my day...

Biden blasts Trump for mocking face masks

Rush Limbaugh seems upset:

Did anyone else notice that 2-sec shot of a guy in his car,obviously suffering,about to take a test?

Henry Mallet

Brazilian taxpayers subsidizing Amazon-clearing cattle ranches, study shows

Trump wants decision within a week from North Carolina on Republican convention

Brazilian taxpayers subsidizing Amazon-clearing cattle ranches, study shows

Close to Zero

Restaurants on the San Juan Islands Can Now Reopen Dining Rooms

Sarah Cooper--Should I take insulin?

Seattle sports stars Wilson, Bird, Rapinoe named hosts for 2020 ESPYs

A third of Americans now show signs of clinical anxiety or depression, Census Bureau finds amid coro

I've got to read "The Stand" right now, and...

Trump tweets states 'should open up ASAP' as death toll nears 100,000

Trump campaign accuses Twitter of 'political bias' after it fact-checks president's tweets

Biz owner posts her family's taco night as "wetback wednesday", gets immediate lesson from internet

Human Footprint Threatening Nearly 50 Billion Years of Evolutionary History: Study

Phase 2 Reopening Criteria In The Works For Larger WA Counties

Is Mitch McConnell Blocking State Aid to Enrich Vulture Funds and Bolster Corporate Control of the E

Rewriting covid???

The meat industry is trying to get back to normal. But workers are still getting sick -- and shortage

You are just Human Capital Stock

New York reported the fewest number of daily coronavirus deaths since the pandemic began

Trump: 'This is so unfair to me! Everything was going great. We were cruising to reelection!"

California Gov. Newsom lets hair salons, barbershops reopen after coronavirus closures

Guy who hung Beshear in effigy joins Amy Cooper in the unemployment line.

A large percentage of Minnesota COVID-19 patients don't speak English

Japan ends its state of emergency

Watch Joe Biden's full interview with CNN's Dana Bash.

Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen - Carlos Santana

Lincoln Project's Newest Ad:

Spreading Solidarity in a Time of Pandemic

Is there any research on the impact of mail-in voting on turnout?

UA student: My grandmother deserved better than 'goodbye' through a window

Sy. Louis Blues - Louie Armstrong

don't take insulin on Trump's advice says Dr. Gu

The Vanilla Queen - Golden Earring (A tribute to Marilyn Monroe)

aerial view of huge protests in Minn

Jelly Roll Morton - Smokehouse Blues

Imagining a Mentally Impaired Presidency

protestors smash cop car windows (unfortunately)

Is it just me or...

This Pundit gives recipe to defeat Trump even with his voters

"The war is over. We won 8 to 5"

Elton John - Tiny Dancer

Kelly Loeffler's husband donated $1 million to Trump PAC right after insider trading allegations

100,000 Human Capital Stock Units Have Perished; You Are Permitted a 5-Minute Grief Break (Ferret)

In Age of Drumpf, Tony Clifton Claims Foul

Top ten reasons why Trump hates scientist...

People Like Amy Cooper Are Why I Left New York City

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that will go Democrat.

Minn police deploy tear gas

At Lake of the Ozarks, officials saw economic boost while a worker feared COVID-19

Now and again I revisit western African music. It's worth a listen

So, Illegally Withholding Congressional Funds In Order To EXTORT Ukraine Into Smearing Biden Isn't

Rubber bullets, chemical irritant, water bottles in air as thousands march to protest George Floyd'

To the MAGATs considering attending a Trump rally this summer, a question:

Royal Academy of Music - Rhapsody in Blue

I have to get up early tomorrow so good night - Here is a beautiful melody well played


Texas recommends people bring their own hand sanitizer to vote this summer

Trump tweeted to attack The Atlantic. Yesterday a column there called him the most unmanly president

What the heck was in the background - Claire McCaskill on The Last Word....

Trump's Private Hell

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-Fl.) tests negative for COVID-19

Wyton Marsalis - Sweet Georgia Brown

Letter of gratitude from Camus to his childhood teacher,

Footage of packed pool party at Houston club draws criticism

Never have we had such a total void of national leadership at such a critical time.

Clapton and Marsalis - Layla

Antibody tests for Covid-19 wrong half the time, CDC says

05/27 Mike Luckovich-Thank goodness for cell phones

CNN interview with Biden on now

SLC Tribune - Heavily Republican Utah likes voting by mail, but national GOP declares war on it

With Trump threatening Michigan, lawsuit filed to expand rights of absentee voters

Trump asks whether he should be taking insulin despite not being diabetic

The Pretenders, then 1979 and now 2020 (new release)

New Lincoln Project ad:

Van Morrison- Cleaning Windows - 1984

Is the GOP/Trump setting us up on Mail-in voting?

DeWine Explains Why You Should Wear a Mask

FLIPPABLE: Michelle Knoll for PA-HD44

Sarah Cooper will be on in a minute on Lawrence O'Brian, on MSNBC.

Van Morrison - Caravan (Live) (from..It's Too Late to Stop Now...Film) - 1973

I honestly don't want Biden campaigning at all

This woman is just DEVASTATED that her doctor won't prescribe hydroxychloroquine, and on top of

The Who - Magic Bus -1975?

Sarah COOPER guested on Lawrence - dead on lip synching of SHITLER

*Lady Sings the Blues on TCM now.

tear gas water cannons rubber bullets

Why Is The Mic So Low At WH Pressers

Bugger the anti-vaxxers

FLIPPABLE: Paul Piotrowski for WI-SD24

Nutella just confuses me...

I don't care what Joe Scarborough, Rick Wilson, David Frum or Bill Kristol did in the past...

instead of a blue exclamation mark, Twitter needs to use this to signal a fact check of a Rump lie

Chicago -1970 - 25 or 6 to 4


FLIPPABLE: Deb Andraca for WI-AD23

Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath - 2012

High heels vs lifts in Trump's shoes

excellent analysis of the Central Park confrontation over unleashed dog

On Eve Of Historic Remote Votes In The House, Republicans Sue To Block The Move

Byrds - 8 Miles High - 1970

Players disappointed over 'massive' cuts proposed by MLB's sliding-scale salary plan

FFRF opposes ideologue's nomination to appeals court

My trip to the grocery store

Has it been confirmed that the Minny cop is a MAGA nut?

Have you seen how they own the libs now?

Pelosi blasts House Republicans over lawsuit to halt proxy voting: 'Sad stunt'

FLIPPABLE: Sarah Yacoub for WI-AD30

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip

TV sitcom from March 1962 - "Ichabod & Me" ...

THIS is how many people have died from the tRumpvirus in the past three months:

FLIPPABLE: Kristin Lyerly for WI-AD88

I forgot about the MN trump rally and the Cops for Trump T shirts the police union sold

Republicans for Joe Biden! #CountryOverParty

MAGAts are really owning us libs these days

The Malignant Cruelty of Donald Trump (The Atlantic article that made Rump go into red rage)

I Need Some Creative Help Here - I Need Ideas For A 'Zoom Picnic'.....

Video showing Washtenaw Sheriff deputy punching woman sparks protests

Talk me out of pro believes that DT will get reelected

Do you have an old graduation gown in your closet?Donate as PPE

California DA launches investigation into Tara Reade testimony

Merck joins the race to develop coronavirus vaccines and therapies

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Jose Antonio Vargas - Experiencing a Pandemic While Undocumented

Coronavirus death toll may be undercounted by thousands in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Watch this video on Netflix, its very enlightening.

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump Golfs & Pool Parties in the Ozarks

US Senate seats Democrats need to win in 2020 in order to get back in the majority.

Obama economist: Trump economic indicators could soar just before the 2020 election

Rest In Power, Mr. Floyd.....🕯

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Virtual Substitute Teachers

Anyone hear from Ladysilverspurs lately?

The Daily Social Distancing Show - Microsoft Excel: Coronavirus Edition

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: We Need To Test With A Strategy - All In - MSNBC

jeff tiedrich for another win

I've informed to several people they were wrong on the internet today...

Twitter labels Trump's tweets with a fact check for the first time.

A Stark Illustration Of The Choice Voters Will Have In November - Deadline - MSNBC

Orlando police sergeant who allowed 6-year-old's arrest at school admitted he didn't know policy, re

'Trumpocalypse' Author Predicts Trump Defeat, Says GOP 'Reckoning' Is Here - The Last Word - MSNBC

Ukraine is getting itself into US election troubles

Chile's hospital ICUs near full capacity as pandemic rages

Biden Blasts Mask-Averse Trump as A 'Fool' As U.S. Deaths Near 100,000 - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Two Chile govt ministers test positive as country sees record Covid-19 cases

Rick Wilson is reveling in insider accounts of the trump campaign crisis.

Trump asks diabetic seniors to repay him w/ votes just hours after Kellyanne Conway insisted insulin

Bonus Tweet of the Day


Note to GOP

Why is ESPN promoting a "30 for 30" documentary on cheater Lance Armstrong?

Brazil reports highest coronavirus death toll in world for fifth straight day

Presidents (Barack Obama and George W Bush) add humor to presidential portrait unveiling (May 2012)

South Korea examines first suspected cases of syndrome in kids linked to Covid-19

New Video Shows a Handcuffed George Floyd Not Resisting Arrest Before Being Murdered By Cop Derek Ch

The fact that ...

3D simulations of moment asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs show 'deadly angle', scientists say

3D simulations of moment asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs show 'deadly angle', scientists say


Battling disease with ultraviolet light

How to watch the SpaceX astronaut launch

FLIPPABLE: Aric Putnam for MN-SD14

Viking grave found during remodeling

Miniature Rock Art Found in Australia May Have Been Stencilled by Children

FLIPPABLE: Lindsey Port for MN-SD56

Egypt makes major archaeological discovery amid coronavirus crisis

Archaeologists find over 600 ancient tombs in central China

FLIPPABLE: Aleta Borrud for MN-SD26

A 46,000-Year-Old Site Of Indigenous Australian Culture Was Just Destroyed By A Mining Blast

Trump's Reelection Strategy Is Going To Backfire Spectacularly

Jonathan Pie and the Tale of Dominic Cummings

Three young brothers let black widow bite them in hopes of turning into Spider-Man

Compare and Contrast as White Racist Privilege as Policy Kills (Again).

Pa. House narrowly passes short-term budget with no tax increases

State police cite Lehigh Valley gym owner who reopened in defiance of coronavirus closure orders

Manhattan Public Defender: Incident all too familiar

The death toll passed 100,000 yesterday

Russian Security Cam Shows Pack of Wolves Charging Passed Police on Highway

The two best things Biden did to date

The Top Ten reasons to wear a mask

The crimson stain on American decency

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Now Calling for Dems to Die

Looks like Amy Cooper (Central Park lady in video) might be a Liberal

Rahm Emanuel: "It's not enough for Democrats to oppose hasty reopening. We should offer a plan"

Another remarkable person's COVID-19 obituary

Wednesday TOONs 1 - Links to Covid Toll

May 27 - Happy Birthday Rep. Alma Adams (D) NC-12th

Wednesday TOONs 2 - Don't You Mean "Extinct"?

May 27 - Happy Birthday Rep. Peter DeFazio (D) OR-4th

May 27 - Happy Birthday Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D) VA-10th

Anti-science leadership of Trump, Bolsonaro, and Putin led to worst outbreaks in world

Gaslighting the nation like it is 1984

Anti-porn filters stop Dominic Cummings trending on Twitter

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; May 26, 2020


The Sea Will Claim All 5,800 Sq. Miles Of Louisiana's Coastal Wetlands; Only Question Is How Quickly

Did another paint along, this time on Patreon with Jacob Aguair who is an amazing teacher

If you think you've made poor life decisions

County judge asks TX Supreme Court to extend eviction moratorium

My Yahoo Maill will not let me delete anything. This started

Trump threatening to "close down" social media platforms in new tweet

Trump's Remarks on Protecting Seniors with Diabetes; May 26, 2020

Science - Global Study Projects Drought-Driven Loss Of 40-50% Of All Planet's Forests w/i 40 Years

No respect - cat disappears under robe of Dean of Canterbury during sermon (Twitter)

Trumps White Nationalist Death Panels Policy In Action...


Wow. There's a picture of murderer Chauvin with trump at a trump rally. Shocker.

Grassley says White House 'failed' on watchdog firings

'Why are you not burying him?': Trump allies fret over rising Biden threat

State lifting stay-at-home order and some other bans June 1

COVID Behind UK Push To Delay COP #2675899 Until November 2021; World On Track For 3C Rise

Four died at Benghazi, and Republicans lost their minds.

Come on Joe?

Jennifer Carroll Foy Jumps Into Virginia Governor's Race, Hoping To Make History

Hadley Center: Human Fingerprints On Warming Undeniable And Universal: 1990s Predictions Spot-On

PBS: How Trump leverages Twitter to spread misinformation - video at link

Delaware House holds first virtual session

California DA Opens Investigation Into Tara Reade

Shitstain's Public Lands Legacy- Protection Stripped From 35 Million Acres, Extended To 37,000 Acres

Hearing Trump describe "only" 100,000 dead as a "great job" reminded me of Robert Southey's

America. Are you Paul Revere or Benedict Arnold?

Trump Threatens to Close Down Twitter to Protect Free Speech

On this day, May 27, 1941, the Bismarck was sunk.

Delaware schools can hold outdoor graduations, without hugs, state says

Rapid Deep Ocean Warming By 2050 Now Inevitable, Even If We Quickly Cut GHG Output Now

- Leadership matters a great deal

Trump campaign sending emails to voters in Pennsylvania encouraging them to vote by mail

Just some rambling thoughts about Trump on a misty NC morning-

Watergate to so called Obamagate?

Tropical Storm Bertha forms off South Carolina overnight

The "Trillion Trees Act" - Incentives For Old-Growth Logging, Cutting Forest Management Review, More

NEW: The Navy is accusing two Russian Su-35s of conducting "an unsafe and unprofessional" intercept

What we know about Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao, two of the officers caught on tape in the death

Genetics may save us from the Con

Twitter labels Trump's tweets with a fact check for the first time

Maria DeCotis: Breaking News from @NYGovCuomo ! The boyfriend has left the premises.

I don't get it..

"It's all a big hoax"

Trump Golfs as Coronavirus Death Count Hits 100,000

Trump Visibly Struggling to Stand at Memorial Day Event

Ramsey Lewis was born on this date-


Coulda, woulda, shoulda in Photography . . .

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Now Calling for Dems to Die

"There are people for whom nuclear-weapons testing is still extremely painful. Many are in Utah."

Major 500th Anniv. Show Of Renaissance Artist Raphael Returns To Rome, June 2 - Aug. 30

This Ol' House

On this day, May 27, 1933, Chicago's Century of Progress exhibition opened.

Florida makes a play for the Republican convention

This kid is a quarantine genius:

The Most Enabled Fool: Perhaps, for the first time in Trumps life, no one, nothing, can rescue him.

Mortgage demand from homebuyers shows unexpectedly strong and quick recovery...

A US passport used to be an asset. Under Trump it has become a liability

The Hunt to Understand COVID-19's Connection to Kawasaki Disease (Time)

The Rundown: May 26, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #88: Meow Man and Chickenface Return (5/26/2020 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: Marauders, Martian Manhunter, Bog Bodies, and More

A great read to put things in perspective

DeSantis really doesn't want ex-felons to vote. It's not because so many are black, is it?

House Proxy voting

How not to be hassled when wearing a mask

Anti-porn filters stop Dominic Cummings trending on Twitter

Md. Dems Plan Celebrity-Studded Virtual Rally, Week of Action Ahead of Primary

Someone should tell L'il Marco

network that pushed supreme court pick Brett Kavanaugh, is now focusing on voting restrictions

This...Is Why

The Lincoln Project: 100,000 Dead Americans, One Wrong President

Callous wedding videography company harassed dead bride's family

#LivingWhileBlack: How does racial bias lead to unnecessary calls to police? (from 2018)

Trump Team Killed Rule Designed To Protect Health Workers From Pandemic Like COVID-19

For anyone who bought into Tim Canova's congressional campaign act in 2016...

Michigan lieutenant governor: Trump preparing to question legitimacy of results if he loses election

Testing 'Remains a Struggle,' State's Public Health Chief Concedes

Jerrold Nadler takes a shot at Eric trump on Twitter:

Biden just seen trying on new masks!

Hey everybody, set your iphone's, samsung's, etc alarm for 4:00 today!!

Is this White House task force member using pandemic to bankroll his Senate campaign?

Rick Tyler: Cemetery walls around COVID victims exponentially longer than the southern Border Wall

Another stunning Lincoln Project ad:

The Malignant Cruelty of Donald Trump

Universities to Grad Students: Drop Dead

Great interview of Marcus King

So, Now, the Twit-in-Chief Wants to Shut Down Twitter?

Hertz Bankruptcy & Fleet Liquidation Threaten to Make Mess of Used-Vehicle Prices with Burst of.....

They are hiding the death data - resistance to crossing the 100,000 death mark

Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

SpaceX launch today - 4:33 EST

George Floyd

Trump's Private Hell living in what is left of his mind

WHO says the Americas are new COVID-19 epicenter as deaths surge in Latin America

Fireworks on CNBC this am - must see video 👀

France bans use of hydroxychloroquine as coronavirus treatment

L.A. Metro's tunneling machines reach future Wilshire/Fairfax Stn as part of Purple Ln Extension

Some old style harp from a group of youngsters

You raised $1,533.50 on May 26, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

He has gone "Bananas"!

'Did you ever Imagine' - from Republicans for the Rule of Law

Timeline you might be interested in. (With receipts)

Trump using his Twitter megaphone to complain about how unfair Twitter is, well it's like this.....

Trump calls job losses 'great news' as unemployment rate nears 15%

Dashiel Hammett was born on this date.

Nobody ever put a knee to the neck of a Paul Manafort

The Atlantic: The Malignant Cruelty of Donald Trump

A Closer Look at Federal COVID Contractors Reveals Inexperience, Fraud Accusations, and a Weapons...

Lawmakers tell Trump to cancel costly 4th of July 'vanity project' in DC

Don't you hate it when something really important is trending on Twitter

Melvins - Play it loud

That Uplifting Tweet You Just Shared? A Russian Troll Sent It

What happens when you should have given it another thought

The Most Important Texas State Elections No One is Talking About.

Anyone else's Florida unemployment late?

The Most Important Texas Elections No One is Talking About.

Trump refuses to explain why he fired watchdogs in letter to Congress

EU proposes 750 billion-euro coronavirus recovery fund

Fauci: Data is "really quite evident" against hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus

Andrew Cuomo gave immunity to nursing home execs after big campaign donations

Arizona State's Bobby Hurley at odds with AD over allegations

Boeing to cut nearly 10,000 jobs in Washington, more than 12,000 overall

So not sure of you remember Candice Keller, state rep from Ohio

Only about half of Americans say they would get the coronavirus vaccine

Need black lab help. This is the practice piece and I used

Ted Lieu has the best words!

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Tore Up Obama's Pandemic Playbook In 2017 And Replaced It With Nothing

Democrats more likely to boost House majority than lose it

Curious to see what Trump's election #'s will be for New York -2020

Stock-dumping GOP senator faces swift backlash for claiming 'total exoneration' after DOJ drops prob

'100,000 people died, Joe, and all you did was try to help your friend the president,' says Sorkin

Man says he broke into San Diego Wells Fargo bank to heat up his Hot Pockets

Biden says he hopes to resume campaign events after pandemic restrictions lifted

Audacious Thief Tries To Steal Banksy's Tribute To Health Care Workers From Hospital

BIRD BRAINED: Dad spends lockdown building giant kookaburra.

"100,000 people died Joe & all you did was to help your friend the president-That's what you did."

The view from Crazy Mountain

Morning Consult: Warren as VP helps Biden most with youth and Black voters

Say what you will about Schwarzenegger, but I love how he loves his donkey.

Dying to work: Robert Reich on 'reopening' while COVID-19 continues to claim lives

U.S. Says Hong Kong's China Autonomy Is Gone, Sowing Trade Doubt

The Evening Star, Washington DC, October 16, 1918

My quarantine challenge for myself:

Mike Pompeo's CIA advisory board rankled agency veterans

'We Will Strongly Regulate, Or Close Them Down.' Trump Threatens To Shutter Social Media Platforms A

Democratic Congressman Calls for Probe Into Former White House Official's $3 Million Mask Deal

Did anybody see any Trump supporters protesting to open book stores and libraries?

This one sneaked in: BREAKING: Tropical Storm Bertha makes landfall in S.C.

Trump always plays both sides of the fence.

Minneapolis isn't looking too good these days.

Here's a new Lincoln Group ad - it's stark and amazing.

Texas Memorial Stadium

Rick Wilson reply to trump tweet calling Joe Scarborough a murder is great retort

Only took him a few hours to act against Twitter, but...

Aww, such special nannies...

Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has voted by mail 11 times in 10 years!

From a friend in Minneapolis....

Steve Bannon Wins Case To Set Up Italy Political Academy

Trumps rallies and twitter are his viagra. Take them away and he is nothing but a limp prick.

Coronavirus map of the US: latest cases state by state. Nice maps with data down to county level.

More Profiles in Courage from gop leader mccarthy

Brazil's Bolsonaro Could Soon Be Toppled, Analysts Say, As Coronavirus Cases Surge

Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has voted by mail 11 times in 10 years

Republicans Think They Can Get Away With It. They Might Be Right

Trump didn't keep Americans safe, and that's a fireable offense

sticks come from TREES ?!?!?!?!

Why COVID-19 immunity passports may violate US law

Among Rumored Vice Presidential Candidates, Warren Would Give Biden the Biggest Boost


Pompeo tells Congress Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China

Death from a distance: COVID-19 is denying families the right to mourn

Protester who hoisted Gov. Andy Beshear effigy fired from job at Neil Huffman Auto Group

Our long, hot, stupid summer

Cartoons 5/27/2020

Worst jobless rate in the state: Snohomish County at 20.2%

High COVID death numbers today...

Hundreds of masked guests line up as Tulalip casinos reopen

The Killer Cop from Minnesota can be traced directly to trump

States weigh vote-by-mail options amid Trump and GOP opposition

In a desperate attempt to win re-election, Trump will make some very dangerous decisions.

Inslee adviser floats idea of boosting construction spending to juice economy

NYT Times front page: January 20, 2021

Railroads Pin Hopes on Auto Manufacturing as U.S. Carloads Sustain Record Decline

Dumb question? In what other country does wearing a mask

New Lincoln Project Ad-100,000 dead Americans. One wrong president.

Republicans Don't Care About Others Is Why They Refuse To Wear Face Masks

If having no taste is a symptom of Corona virus infection

Let's Go Joe: New National Poll - Biden 54% v. Trump 43%

Trump's latest display isn't just deranged. It's also an abuse of power.

Trump compares coronavirus death toll (over 98,000) to that of swine flu (under 20,000)

So I bought an Air...thanks to everyone's great advice!

Walmart Was Almost Charged Criminally Over Opioids. Trump Appointees Killed the Indictment. (Update)

It's been a while since I said this.

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 27 2020

Any Politician Have The Courage To Say This Pandemic's Carnage Is 100% Trump's Fault?

5 ways people could transmit the coronavirus -- from respiratory droplets to semen -- ranked in order

Chris Cuomo Says His COVID-19 After Effects Are Freaking Him Out

I do not believe 100,000 Americans have ever been killed in a three month period, until now.

Stephanie with Malcolm Nance


Twitter needs to stop giving special rules to Trump...but it's not what you think.

When can you be around others? CDC offers coronavirus guidance

From Republican George Conway:

American virus deaths at 100,000: What does a number mean?

Cuomo's meeting with Trump must haven't went well?

St Louis Children's Hospital

Tulsi Gabbard drops defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

We've DONE it, Ladies and Gentlemen!

WDW (Orlando) - Open to the public July 11 (MK and AK only)

Public needs to know.

Serious question. Other than evangelicals, what other religious groups or churches are demanding

BREAKING: U.S coronavirus deaths top 100,000

Let me be clear: Joe Biden could nominate a HAM SANDWICH as his running mate

New COVID-19 model shows slim room for error in reopening King Co., but provides roadmap

Ate up with the cray-cray

Cuomo is on TV right now tearing the Republicans a new asshole.


George Floyd's suspected crime that lead to show of police force & his murder: $20 counterfeit bill

amy cooper and fear of men who are strangers

More than 3,600 stores are closing as the retail apocalypse drags on

A good way for Twitter to 'protect' itself from trump*

George Floyd's Death is Why Kaepernick Kneeled, LeBron James says: 'Do You Understand Now?'

Trump's Net Approval IMPLODES in His Favorite Poll -- Down 15 Points in 3 Weeks!

Pierce County executive: 'Unrealistic' benchmarks will delay Phase 2 approval

Are you listening to Cuomo on MSNBC? He is ripping McConnel & he Repugs a new one big time!

North Carolina throws convention threat back at Trump and GOP

Our one son is bi racial ,So police are engaging those who protest George Floyd's murder

DOJ warns state, local leaders over reopening plans' impacts on religious gatherings

Anderson Cooper: "Such a Little Man" - 5/26 Tuesday

COVID-19 transmission increasing in Eastern Washington, dropping in Western Washington, report says

Patient Man Takes 4 Months to Rescue Abandoned Mama Pittie

DCCC has made us a battleground state!

Arkansas has a candidate for the House!

Guy loses his job, sells his house and is happier than ever -- thanks to his 3 dogs

Pittie Has A Very Weird Alter Ego

Low Key and High Key Portraiture because, well, cats!

Trump up by 3

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/27/20

Tuesday is a big Primary Day...

Tiny Puppy Saved From Dog Fighting Falls Into The Right Hands

Coronavirus in Texas: Baylor Scott & White to lay off 1,200 employees

So Northern Virginia et al can start going over the falls in a barrel

London Homesick Blues

Pelosi to appear at Texas Democrats' virtual state convention

Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy Announces Candidacy for Virginia Governor

New Zealand officials report no current coronavirus patients in country's hospitals

Trump is the Scorpion. The GOP is the frog.

Conservative Activists Lose Lawsuit That Accused Twitter, Google and Facebook of Censorship

Magic Johnson offering $100 million in loans to minority-owned businesses left out of PPP loans

Tom Tomorrow -The Waiting Game

Live now: "Enhancing Security and the Voter Experience in a High-Stakes Election Year"

100,000 Deaths Now Per MSNBC - Good Job Trump

2030 Zulu (4:30 pm EDT): American astronauts to return to space.

Last Week Tonight: Vaccines (Repost)

TIL Mark Halperin is charging $500 a year for his newsletter. Not sure how that's going...

Blues from artists I've neglected lately

Symphony #6 in F Major, Op. 68 "Pastoral" Ludwig van Beethoven

In a non-COVID world: Al Qaeda was involved in first foreign-planned terrorist attack on U.S. soil

Trump, Twitter, And Free Speech

The Bird Watcher, That Incident and His Conflicted Feelings on Her Fate

Another trump inspired Racist Tirade with a hammer

My isolation weak leak

Kayleigh McEnany's latest briefing is a case study in gaslighting, whataboutism and false claims

Tech made to find galaxies sets its sights on wildfires

Wow. Covid19 is a bacterium, easily treated with aspirin and coagulant.

The other epidemic: Hammer-wielding woman threatens Latino couple

Amtrak is seeking another $1.5 billion from the federal government to stay on track

I would say 98 pct or so mask compliancy in West Detroit burbs.

Herp-Derp, Herp-Derp: Study Reveals Conservatives Less Likely To Evacuate Before Hurricanes

Not for nothing, i hate SpaceX's space suits. They're stupid AF-looking.

This DoorDash driver was reportedly held at gunpoint during a food delivery -- here's what we know...

Black Pumas - Colors

We took the right paw boog the chocolate lab to physical therapy this morning

Washington, DC, to lift stay-at-home order on Friday

Coronavirus: The human cost of virus misinformation - BBC News

this guy wielded a knife at cops (up close) and got to live

You know... mowing the lawn

Who is that Minneapolis mayor? Justin Trudeau look alike.

As pandemic bore down, Rep. Phil Roe snatched up Zoom shares, unloaded stock in cruise lines

Colorado GOP lawmaker rages against pandemic bill: 'I go to Walmart and I don't wipe down that cart'

Complaint filed against Argentina's Macri for wide-reaching illegal surveillance

Complaint filed against Argentina's Macri for wide-reaching illegal surveillance

Older Republican family member furious at Reopen and anti-mask protestors.

On a slightly different topic:

I find this Geico tv commercial very amusing

Can they tie Trump to that rocket and drop him in space?

Donald, Donald, Donald! Ease up with the threats against Twitter, dude! That fact check icon

Russian & Chinese state media are spreading the conspiracy that COVID-19 is an American biological

racial profiler of the day - Tom Austin - talks to newsweek. puts the blame on the black men

LIVE: SpaceX to launch 1st astronauts for NASA on Crew Crew Dragon Liftoff is set for 4:33 p.m. EDT

Dr. Fauci says hydroxychloroquine is not effective for Clovid-19.

"It appears West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice is very anxious about a forthcoming ProPublica ⁩story."

You know,

The Great White North??

Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Against Fox News Over Coronavirus Coverage

'Why is the man who killed George Floyd not in jail?': Minneapolis mayor calls for charges

Turn Arizona Blue!

I got my secondary phone on

woman's doctor tells her that Trump is "crazy" .. lol

Racism isn't confined to one party. But only the GOP stokes white resentment

Those murderous cops in Minnesota

Only 1 state has met the federal government's criteria for reopening Illinois

Tech billionaires are plotting sweeping, secret plans to boost Joe Biden

Arizona Senate race moves from lean D to likely D

Court denies appeal by Parkland parents who say mental health firm was negligent

Led Zeppelin to stream 'Celebration Day' reunion concert film free this weekend

Vote Save America launches Adopt-A-State program

Complaints filed against Derek M. Chauvin and Tou Thao

Cops Murder One Person All Hell Breaks Loose - 100,000 Die From Neglect / Failure By Trump

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Now Calling for Dems to Die

This guy is pretty good with a basketball (Twitter)

The coronavirus pandemic proves once and for all that this president is the enemy of the people

To Be Fair (re: Covid) You Can't Expect People of Religion to

Northam to require Virginians to wear masks starting Friday

About another very rich guy in government, J.B.Pritzker , Governor of Illinois.

The perfect 'reopening' notification

Kentucky militant's wife plays victim after militia leader fired for hanging governor in effigy

Trump's "Merica! Pompeo Declares Hong Kong No Longer Autonomous From China. Trump is Weak!

SpaceX launch cancelled due to weather, next possible date 5/30! Nt

SpaceX flight scratched!

What happened to concept of noblesse oblige? Idea that those with privilege have obligation to help

Trump-loving anti-lockdown activist ready to start killing: 'The only good Democrat is a dead Democr

Update on JohnnyRingo

Just saw the George Floyd MURDER for the first time.

I don't usually post comments from George Conway, but this reply to Dumpus is hilarious:

Mrs Betty Bowers: Evangelicals Unmasked

I was thinking about this scenario the other day.

Rosenstein to testify in Senate on Trump-Russia probe


Why Trump Is 'Losing To Mother Nature' On Coronavirus

Biden calls for DOJ Civil Rights Division to investigate George Floyd's death

Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has voted by mail 11 times in 10 years

I was really half-scared that they might have attempted to force the launch...

Got tested ---

An 'Avalanche of Evictions' Could Be Bearing Down on America's Renters

Fire Department report: As he lay in ambulance, George Floyd was unresponsive, without pulse

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 27, 2020

The Price of a Virus Lockdown: Economic 'Free Fall' in California

Coronavirus - how to stay safe (SK guide), CDC, EPA, HVACs, ACs, Coronavirus news

Um, Grandma Can't Come To The Phone Right Now...

My favourite summer songs ever!!

'Ugly Even for Him': Trump's Media Allies Recoil at His Smear of MSNBC Host

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-19: Nobody Cared Who I Was Until I Put On The Mask Edition

There is zero economic recovery

Went to Casey's for a pizza last night - I and the cashier were the only ones with masks.

Waiting in Long Voting Lines during a Pandemic is like..... waiting for a cup cake.


Twitter Threads

Quote from SpaceX employee -

A very moving account: Life or death still possible': 31 days at my dad's virtual bedside.

OK righty, let me make sure I've got this straight. NFL player peacefully taking a knee ...

My next mask...

Here's a laugh, I haven't had many:

05/28 Mike Luckovich: Distraction!

Former Vice President Joseph Biden on the marking of the 100,000th COVID-19 death.

"50 percent of active-service military hold an unfavorable view of the president"

He was part of Amazon's coronavirus hiring spree. Two weeks later he was dead.

'George Floyd was lynched': Church sign blasts white supremacy as 'the most dangerous virus'

You can call her another Karen. Or Missi. Or just gross ...

Larry Kramer, "ACT UP" AIDS activist, dies at 84

I have had COVID-19

CNN: A sudden jump in infections could lead to a 'second peak'

Notice the difference.

Please Please Please Joe Biden

So I found out this morning that the school I work at, in point of fact my entire county

'George Floyd was lynched': Church sign blasts white supremacy as 'the most dangerous virus'

Joyce White Vance to trump tweet about shutting down twitter - this is how the 1st Amendment works

"All The Times Trump Has Accused People Of Murder":

Officer wants Black Man to lick the dirt

India and China Move In More Troops as Border Tensions Rise

A spot-on observation from a Market Watch commenter:

Even this cop is tired of Karens

Bummed out': SpaceX launch scrubbed because of bad weather

Played with John Hiatt, Black Crows, and the North Mississippi Allstars.

Vintage Larry Kramer

Two just today.

One-way halls, lunch at desk, playing alone. L.A. schools could reopen with stark rules

... Pres Trump will be signing an Executive Order on social media.

Power Plant

Preview of the Front Page of The New York Times Edition for January 20, 2021

Senate Democrats take on GOP court-packing in blistering new report

Just read a great new (to me, at least) term for obnoxious Trumpers:

Georgia is now the Fodder State.........just read what Kemp said...............

Trump can take his executive order about Twitter, fold it in half and

LOL:Trump brags about getting Republicans elected. Research suggests his endorsements cost 15 seats.

It is obvious his executive order is to not allow fact checking from the media

If Hillary were president, China would not have dared to attack Hong Kong. They are doing this now

Coronavirus may never go away, even with a vaccine

So I took my car in for some work today.

Oh, good lawd... the whole family was there today (NASA/SpaceX launch):

DU Poll: Is Newsom reopening the state too soon?

Pennsylvania GOP ripped as 'reckless and irresponsible' for keeping member's COVID-19 status secret

Heads up. Dr. Fauci on PBS NewsHour this evening.

Having accurately pegged Trump as an ignorant cowardly weakling, China has just taken control

Why is that the administration does not care about the people being sick? One of his

Michigan sheriff who protested Whitmer's stay-home order is working at home

CNN isn't taking the bait. trump's 'executive order' bullshit is ONLY media distraction.

Go Rest High On That Mountain: Vince Gill

Joe Biden's message to Americans. The message a President should deliver:

approaching 20K new confirmed cases and 1.5K deaths.

Did the haters that Barack Obama was President really hate him this much???

All in 90 days.

Silent thread to honor the over 100,000 who needlessly perished from corona virus.

Maryland ready to complete Stage One of reopening, Gov. Hogan says.

Joe Biden on George Floyd's murder.

Cat's Reaction to Treadmill !!

So on the day the US death toll reached 100K

BIDEN re George Floyd: "This was not an isolated incident, but part of an ingrained systemic cycle."

Will the pandemic deplete Medicare funds?

More on Kruger-Dunning

Protest pictures

Texas Supreme Court: Lack of immunity to coronavirus alone isn't enough for mail-in ballot

What I See

It's Official: Trump Is the Most Anti-Conservation President in History

Biden said he hoped to name his running mate around Aug. 1

Looks like Mitch McConnell did the right thing for once

Gov. Inslee eases restrictions on religious gatherings

Mittens speaks...'enough already'

Longtime Texas congressman Sam Johnson, POW in Vietnam, dies at age 89

RIP Larry Kramer.

Dori Monson says Washington's Employment Security Department is to blame for Nigerian fraud

Colombia's chief prosecutor under fire over investigation into election rigging plot

Puerto Rico Was a Precursor for the Pandemic


Trump Threatens to Shred First Amendment to Defend 'Free Speech'