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Second DIY haircut.

Report: Judge signs off on nearly $38M in bonuses for Frontier execs

Zuckerberg Says Twitter Is Wrong to Fact-Check Trump

Top Trump Campaign Staffer Broke Election Laws

The case to extradite Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou from Canada to the United States can continue, judge r

Texas Supreme Court: Lack of immunity to coronavirus alone isn't enough for mail-in ballot

So Cruel!

Biden's national Eulogy was fantastic

State-Based Contact Tracing Apps Could Be a Mess

Hey, when exactly is Rush Limbaugh's expiration date?

live feed of Minn protests. MPD building was damaged (with police audio feed)

Texas Court Says Virus Isn't Enough for Mail-In Voting

Sing a song of subversion: US funded Venezuela rock bands to dent Chavez

American Politics Is Now Democrats Versus Authoritarians

Nancy Pelosi Warns Of Trump's Declining Mental State: 'I Don't Know If He Knows What He's Doing'

Historian Slaps Donald Trump With Disastrous Grade For Coronavirus Response

Biden Calls Trump A 'Falsely Masculine' Fool For Mocking Protective Face Masks

Rush Limbaugh Says Lung Cancer Treatment Is 'Kicking My A--' and 'I Have Been Virtually Worthless'

McCarthy sidesteps questions on Trump's baseless conspiracy theory involving a former congressman

Anecdotal from the barber shop today...

Vicki Marble is a disgusting pig

John Hickenlooper must testify in ethics hearing, commission rules

All Georgians can vote by mail...........

A Presidential Smear - WSJ Editorial

Trump Administration Preps New Weapons Sale To Saudi Arabia

A few GOPers are speaking out about Trump and moronic tweets.

University of Minnesota breaks ties with the Minneapolis Police Department

Washington officials report drop in childhood vaccinations

Argentina cordons off virus-hit slum as critics decry 'ghettoes for poor people'

Minneapolis venture capitalist loses office lease after viral video accuses him of racial profiling

So, It Turns Out My Cousin Was One Of Those Idiots Partying At The Lake Of The Ozarks

House votes to send China sanctions bill to Trump's desk as tensions escalate

With health officer's planned approval, Kitsap County slated to apply for early reopening

Lakewood Asks Residents To Weigh In On New Fireworks Restrictions

China and India move troops as border tensions escalate

a toon for the day

McEnany says Trump will be signing an executive order on social media after Twitter fact-checked him

Appeals court ruling suggests little legal traction for Trump's anti-Twitter campaign

U.S. military says Russia flew 14 MiG 29s and Su-24s to Libya

A magnificent response to KellyAnn

I'm going to sign an "executive order" requiring that Trump get a hydroclorox enema...

Disney World Finally Has a Plan to Reopen

I honestly don't know if the Museum is open or not.

Hospitalizations for the coronavirus climb again as Maryland reports 736 new infections

U.S. preparing criminal indictment against wife of Venezuela's Maduro - sources

U.S. preparing criminal indictment against wife of Venezuela's Maduro - sources

Help,. Trying to refute my Trump loving mother's

Dem primary in New Mexico: Over the top & neck'n'neck

Because I fucking at the dude, couldn't Nancy...


LIVE feed Minneapolis 3rd Precinct, May 27 now

Brian Sims (PA legislator) about the cover up of COVID in the GOP ranks (warning language)

My friend's son is still hospitalized seven weeks now

BEGA Fines Jack Evans $35,000 For 'Mistaken Understanding' of Ethics Rules


Pennsylvania House Republican tests positive, Democrats Not notified

Investigation launched into Central Park incident involving white woman and black man

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Exclusive: U.S. preparing criminal indictment against wife of Venezuela's Maduro - sources

Sean hannity on George Floyd death

New initiative launched in Washington to raise millions for workers, families impacted by pandemic

24 motorcycle riders killed so far in 2020 paint a disturbing trend on state's roads

A horrid milestone reached. So much did not have to happen

Mysterious 'Fermi Bubbles' may be the result of black hole indigestion 6 million years ago

110 days ago I planted some sunflower seeds.

Kyle Clark on the disgusting pig Vicky Marble

We've Got Tonight - Bob Seger

George Floyd Memorial Gofundme reaches almost $200K in less than half a day

Biden Will Pick Running Mate by August 1

Minneapolis mayor calls for charges against police after George Floyd death: Here's what we know

Colombian designers prepare cardboard hospital beds that double as coffins

So when do we hit the 500,000th death?

Poll: Trump Hits Lowest Rasmussen Net Approval Since 2017

Trump campaign installs Bill Stepien (of Bridgegate fame) as Parscale's No. 2

This is an excellent fact check!

Hickenlooper Crushing Gardner In U.S. Senate Race

The 1918 Pandemic Lasted 3 Years, Only One Way to End COVID-19 Earlier

From The Summer Of '67

Happy Birthday, Miles Davis.

Eric Trump bragged about the stock market as the US crossed 100,000 dead -- and it didn't go well

Talk about Crowds...Donnie wasn't the only one at the Cape Today

Kellyanne to voters: "Let them eat cupcakes!"

It hurts...

Looting at target

This may not be popular, but Trump deserves credit for the social media executive order tomorrow.

Bertha forms, hits South Carolina coast, dissipates in a day

Donovan- Season of the Witch

Joe Biden wins AFL-CIO endorsement as organized labor targets working-class voters

Joe Biden to keynote Minnesota DFL Party's virtual convention

Terrifying moments for a young Black man and his family in Texas, as numerous cops point guns on him

My mom would have turned 80 today

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 28 May 2020

Ok let me speculate on this.

RUBBING ALCOHOL, Amazon has it now; I just ordered.

Ian Hunter - Once Bitten Twice Shy

PSA From a good cop

Pa. House Democrats say they were in the dark for a week about Republican's positive coronavirus tes

Here's the real reason Trump and the GOP don't want mail-in voting

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats are likely to win.

This will only take 17 minutes. IRON BUTTERFLY - IN A GADDA DA VIDA -

It's broken!!!

My Medicare advantage will reduce my premiums by 20% for July and August

VP Biden speaks to the Nation as the Prez. should have & didn't.

Why is it okay for white men to carry AR15s and scream in the faces of stoic police

Two Deadly Viruses Are Killing Americans: Covid-19 And Racism.

Wisconsin will mail absentee ballot applications to 2.7M voters

LIVE. Big fire, AutoZone store, at the Minneapolis protest scene.

Trying To Get Over You: Vince Gill

Jonathan Steingard, Christian singer, reveals he no longer believes in God

Anyone watching the History Channel's series on GRANT?

Funny how toilet paper isn't scarce

This pretty much says it all.

Is Shelley Luther a Hero or Villain? Why Not Ask Her Wallaby?

"People sometimes forget that love is at the root of our resistance."

Donald J. Trump is a skid mark on the sheet of history. n/t

Trump calls on DOJ to investigate George Floyd's death. Did he forget he told cops to abuse people?

Breaking- Body cam video being released "now". Per Don Lemon/CNN

More protests, fire, looting follow calls for fired officer's arrest in George Floyd's death

Former Governor Steven Beshear posted this on Facebook about his son, Andy, the present Governor.

This what you should be afraid of

What is happening in Los Angeles? Brian Williams was talking about "2 cities'

Just a rant...

Mark Zuckerberg Says Social Media Giants Shouldn't Be In Position To Fact-Check Users

Huge elephant and 3 baby hippos.

On a lighter note

News Corp to stop printing more than 100 Australian papers


So tRump wants a 4th of July parade. Here's the first float:

The Daily Show: 100,000 Accomplished

Joaquin Castro Asks USDA to Look Into How San Antonio Events Firm Landed $39M Federal Deal

Biden Delivers Eulogy For 100,000 Americans Killed By Coronavirus

3 Dogs Rescued and 7 puppies. It took hours! Such patience and persistence!

Al for the best comedy and political satire

Late Night Storytime: Trump Family Quarantine

I feel dirty. Just got a plea for donations from Newt Gingrich. Gag! Why? I'm no conservative!

Pennsylvania House Republicans Hide Positive Status From Dem Colleagues

"Here's my leg today. This is from a non-lethal projectile, fired by Minneapolis police"

Protests shut down the 101 (major Los Angeles Freeway) for a short time today

William Carder dies -- labor lawyer who won victories for UFW, Cesar Chavez

Trump threatens to veto FISA bill ahead of House vote

protestors hurl large fireworks at police

(Jewish Group) A new relief fund is providing aid to Jews of color who are struggling due to COVID

Trump Lashes Out at Spell-Check for Treating Him Unfairly

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- US Senate seats likely to flip..

Theres a riot going on

Republicans are hiding this:

This is what lead up to damaging the cop car in LA

Candace Owens, self loathing AA and Trump lover.

Second Lawsuit Filed Against Missouri Medicaid Expansion

NY. Gov. Cuomo scolds McConnell & Scott eloquently pointing out their states were takers

Ball and Biscuit The White Stripes

I thought they looked alike -Former NBA Player mourns his friend George Floyd

Steinbeck: "Wherever there's a cop beatin' up a guy, I'll be there." Just sayin'

Great Biden Ad on trump's negative ads

Dr. Fauci Predicted a Pandemic Under Trump in 2017 - NowThis

Trump campaign's new chief of staff was arrested for violating campaign finance law

UPDATE: National Guard support requested by city to combat riots in South Minneapolis -now confirmed

People, I'm so sad, angry, hopeless, helpless.

When it comes to #Titanic there are two types of people who watch this movie...

See The Chilling Virus Warnings Trump Ignored - Before Pandemic Outbreak - The Beat With Ari Melber

Report: Bible Belt Christians Are Dying After Ignoring Social Distancing Guidelines

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump's Twitter Feud with Twitter

Parents of black Texas teens sue school district over 'discriminatory hair policy'.

People Are Fed Up with Killer Cops, Racism, and Inequality.

Meanwhile at Target on Lake Street in Minneapolis

DeVos says she will force public schools to spend C19 aid on private school students

After lake parties, officials disagree on distancing enforcement

FLIPPALE: Liz Snyder for AK-HD27

Protesters Beat woman in a wheelchair.

FLIPPABLE: Lynn Franks for AK-HD15

Kansas City police paid $425K to unarmed man shot by officer

Truman Medical Centers workers look to unionize

LIVE. No shit. MASSIVE MASSIVE fires for blocks in Minneapolis riot area

LIVE - Massive massive multiblock fires in Minneapolis riot area

The Most "Unmanly" President? Trump Is The Definition Of Right Wing Manliness

Luckily, Jared doesn't spread viruses like humans do:

Two Kansas companies pay $1 million each for releasing toxic gas cloud over Atchison

FLIPPABLE: Amber Hewitt for MA-HD-1st Essex

Bolivian Orchestra Stranded in 'Haunted' German Castle Surrounded by Wolves During Pandemic

Indigenous leader calls for help in Brazil's biggest reserve

Coronavirus Crisis: A National Story Made Of Local Outbreaks - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Kansas soldier stopped active shooter in Leavenworth, saving 'countless lives': police

Il. Legislators OK bill to give 'essential' workers stricken with CV19 better access to worker's

Video of Minnesota man threatening to call police on black entrepreneurs goes viral

City leaders plead for COVID-19 regulation after Johnson County makes it voluntary

This is going to motivate the hicks in the stix.

Questions raised over hydroxychloroquine study which caused WHO to halt trials for Covid-19

Push under way in Congress to stave off mass layoff of federal agency in Kansas City

Got a guy telling me Higher Death rate in 34 states in 2018 flu than in Corona Virus

This dog has invented a new game....

Russian hacker spams website of Springfield business with porn, holds hostage for $9,500

Covid19 can transmit via air. It's airborne.

St. Louis top lawyer says city health director 'not quite' qualified for position

Why glass frogs have see-through skin becomes clear in study

New Virus Cases Double in S. Korea, Biggest Spike in 53 Days

up late and insomnaic

Fort Leavenworth soldier stops gunman on bridge by running over him with a car

Illinois comptroller says legislators won't get pay raise

State Capitol to reopen June 1

Fact checking bollocks spouted by idiots on the interwebs can only be considered a left-wing...

Asymptomatic COVID-19 cases may be more common than suspected

Wow! The National Audubon Society issued the following statement:

A surprise for my wife ,We're on the list at the maternity ward a Golden retriever puppy.

'COVID: Our Lockdown in Shanghai' Review: Short-Form Doc Offers Intimate Look at Quarantined Life

Connecticut Murder Suspect Peter Manfredonia Arrested In Maryland After Multi-State Manhunt

Legislative Council votes help for Henderson State University

"Listen to this young man, listen."

Officials: Reopening not cause of second virus peak

A pandemic nurse's love letter to New York

Question... Is there a website where I can find a half way decent camera that shoots raw?

Oklahoma high court says redistricting petition can go ahead

Why a plague has been set upon Trump and his supporters.

With so much attention on #COVID19 in children, time for an updated #tweetorial on what we do and

Morning joe Mr Biden speaking

"no need to see more video" tweet on Floyd death from Chatt. police chief

Opinions: Trump shreds another Republican's life's work

Thursday TOONs - Yearning to Breathe Free

I was so disgusted by the looting I saw in the Minneapolis Target store...


Boehlert: Trump's war on the media descends into murder claim, threat to "close down" Twitter

Shreveport furloughs now mandatory toward filling $25 million revenue shortfall

So, the day finally came

White businessman's office lease terminated after calling police on black men at his gym in Minn.

Fox and Friends on the 100,000 milestone:

mr. trump's legacy

Anti-Trumpism C19

White guy goes on kidnapping/murder-spree. Police: "We know this is not who you are."

French Quarter as pedestrian-only zone? LaToya Cantrell says she's for it, task force to study

Ever seen a behind-the-back homer before?

Trump's Remarks During SpaceX Demonstration Mission 2 Launch Briefing, Merritt Island, FL

Joe Scarborough honors COVD-19 essential workers in song (MORNING JOE)

Another Reason Why I Hate Him

The Lincoln Project: After 35 years, Kentuckians are still waiting for the kinds of opportunities...

WEC to send ballot applications

The Lincoln Project has a new target...

Lafayette family awarded nearly $50 million for son's death in Marine Barracks terrorism case

Remembrance Robbie Robertson

Texas bar owner bans customers with masks

As Mayor Frey calls for officer's arrest, violence intensifies in Minneapolis

Marine "Stewardship" Council Preparing To Label Longlining For Vanishing Bluefin As "Sustainable"

'Sorry, no mask allowed': Some businesses pledge to keep out customers who cover their faces

This might be too provocative for breakfast...

Twitter CEO Tells Trump: We'll Keep Pointing Out Your Factual Inaccuracies

Trump thanks Cowboys for Trump for the "only good Democrat is a dead Democrat" video

Icebreaker Escorting LNG Tanker On Northern Sea Route Turns Back - It Wasn't Needed

2 Major Court Losses For Big Oil - 9th District Rules Oakland, San Mateo Climate Cases Can Proceed

How a Convention Whet Trump's Appetite for the Presidency

Irish Solidarity for Indigenous COVID-19 Relief Continues as U2 Drummer Donates $100,000

Trump's executive order targets political bias at Twitter and Facebook: draft

Trump and Republicans have discovered a way to win the next election.

Is The Campaign Press Rooting For Trump?

The universe's 'missing matter' problem has finally been solved!

More than 2 million Americans file new jobless claims

Trump "has no empathy" because empathy requires that you open your soul and expose your

Warren's VP bid faces obstacle: Her state's Republican governor

You raised $2,881.00 on May 27, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Black Rock Boldly Pushes Nonbinding "Sustainability" Votes W. Exxon, Chevron; Failure Rate Of 50%

Wisconsin sending mail-in ballot applications to 2.7 million registered voters

😃🇺🇸🍔☀️❗️ What's your perfect burger?

COVID-19 Has Killed Close To 300 U.S. Health Care Workers, New Data From CDC Shows

We can make a better world.

Pennsylvania GOP leadership knowingly hid the fact that a Republican tested positive for COVID19

Shitstain's Try For Solar Tarrifs Blocked: Didn't "Sufficiently Demonstrate Compliance" W. Process

40 million unemployed in 10 weeks !

I've been thinking about the recommendation to limit groups to ten or less. Frankly I don't know

Pence Chief Of Staff Owns Stocks That Could Conflict With Coronavirus Response

WH will be hiding economic forecasts this summer

IEA Projects 50% Fall in US Shale Oil/Gas Investment, Overall Energy Spending Down 20% In 2020

Falwell Jr. complied with Gov. Northam's mask ruling like a petty little ....

"Most Of Our Infrastructure Was Built For A Planet That No Longer Exists"

From the CNN website.

The Tale of Dominic Cummings

COVID Mask "Controversy" The Essence Of GOP's Ignorance, Lies And Proud Denial Of Reality

Before You Call the Cops

Pa. GOP lawmaker says he tested positive for COVID-19; Democrats demand more information

Texas Supreme Court: Voters don't qualify for mail-in ballots due to lack of COVID immunity

Trump was handed a growing economy with record low unemployment ... Now fast forward three years.

One of the few things I've noticed still missing from store shelves - yeast packets

The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black (Havana Moon)

The New Leader of the Free World

COVID & Blood Clots

University of Minnesota will scale back ties with Minneapolis police after George Floyd's death

October 25, 2019:

I live in St. Paul, across the Mississippi River from Minneapolis.

Jerry lost his flooring job and it had nothing to do with Covid 19

How is Idiot planning to "reign in" social media with an EO?

Belgrade [MT] man arrested for making racial, threatening comments

So far, we've had a killer virus, murder hornets, and now riots.

"If I have a pulse, I have a lie!" . . . Please come CAPTION Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends!

I'm going to start my own twitter

Miami-Dade scrambling to repair damage from some of the worst floods in two decades

The Rundown: May 27, 2020:

Art of the Week: Week of 5/27/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 5/27/2020

Trump priming his supporters again with the "rigged" narrative

100,000 too many

To Prevent Any Further Injustices Against President Trump

Trump LOSES IT As Twitter Flags His Tweets Fake News

Kayleigh McEnany Can't Explain Why Trump Accused TV Host of Murder

Comedy break - Mr. Bean's Holiday

I cant wait for the return of Trump rallies

Watsonville Nonprofit Owner Says She Was Scammed By Tara Reade

A Square Mile of "Ready for Anything"

T. Bone Walker was born on this date-

Cartoon: Twitter vs. Twitter By Clay Jones -May 28, 2020 9:00 AM

Joy Reid made a profound point this week

Trump sent out 1,795 tweets in the months of January and February and not a single one of them ...

Papa John Creach was born on this date.

Yes, Trump will pay for his biggest lie, "It will be gone, we only got 11 cases, no deaths

What is the nevertRumper future?

Happy Birthday to Gladys Knight

San Francisco's data-driven transportation recovery

Happy Birthday to John Fogerty-

Renewable Energy Stocks outperform fossil fuels during pandemic - "protective effect"

Jim Thorpe was born on this date-

European Legacy

Big Bankruptcies Sweep the U.S. in Fastest Pace Since May 2009

Longmont man gets creative

Breaking precedent, White House won't release formal economic projections this summer

Going grocery shopping here in Idaho. I think I'll wear my DU t-shirt along with the mask today.

Sen @timkaine and his wife have tested positive for antibodies to coronavirus.

Heilemann for the win !

Boston Police Commissioner, Mayor speak out on death of George Floyd

Mabel's Dream (for Olive and Mabel fans)

Wisconsin reports 22 more COVID-19 deaths, 599 new cases

'This is What I Want': Why Trump Needs a Packed Convention

A Tale Of Two Tweets: Biden vs Trump

Joe Biden offers condolences as coronavirus death toll hits 100,000

Today I miss Representative Elijah Cummings deeply.

George Floyd video adds to trauma: 'When is the last time you saw a white person killed online?'

Bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Panel Votes To Send Mail-In Ballot Applications To All Voters

High school wrestling coach posts photo mocking George Floyd's death -- but insists 'I'm not a racist

FEC commissioner refutes Trump's voter fraud claims

For those who are more concerned with things (stores and property), than human beings...

Corporate Lawsuits Could Devastate Poor Countries Grappling with Covid-19

%#@&*(##! Trying to reset password

A heartbreaking plea.

Come here, human! Look what I found! (Twitter video)

It looks like Lindsey's re-election bid might be in a little bit of trouble.

Far-right 'boogaloo' militants have embedded themselves in the George Floyd protests

Pennsylvania congressman's righteous rant about GOP colleagues who hid a member's Covid 19 infection

New York's most famous skyscraper shrank its planet-warming emissions by 40 percent.

Rudy Giuliani Is Looking for $10 Million to Finance a Ukraine-Biden Film

Cowboys for Trump leader calls for Democratic leaders to be executed

Virus, Heat Wave and Locusts Form Perfect Storm in India

Did Trump contact the Florida AG and ask to look into Scarborough?

No Pardons, No Asylum, No Immunity, Full And Open Investigations, Open Trials ...

Occupational Safety and Health Administration Head on Worker Safety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Bobby Kroll of the Minneapolis police union is beyond ignorant.

This Day in History: First Watergate Break-in

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" - Kitchen Jam style

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 28 2020

Quote Of The Day

Five more months, then we can vote that fool out of office.

One of Reuters' stories on Trump's EO says it will call for monitoring/creating watch-lists of users

Yelling fire in a movie theater by a person is protected free speech

The speech we are waiting for

GOP operatives worry Trump will lose both the presidency and Senate majority

COVID-19 Deaths by the numbers

Homemade Crispy Fried Chicken recipe

I ordered three more anti-Trump T-shirts. This is what they say.

Sen Tim Kaine and his wife have tested positive for antibodies to coronavirus.

About the Murder of George Floyd (rant, sorry)

Good strategy, right?

Will the cop who murdered George Floyd be charged with murder?

Happy Birthday to Kirk!

Trump Tweets Video Declaring That 'The Only Good Democrat Is A Dead Democrat'

A gloved Chris Rock and Rosie Perez on with Cuomo

Police chiefs react with disgust to Minneapolis death, try to reassure their own cities

Courts are unlikely to be receptive to Dump's claims of social media bias

Trump-loving mayor faces furious backlash after shrugging off George Floyd killing

Turning a lawnmower into a tank that shoots potatoes. Because why not?

"Get Up And Get In The Car" Said One Cop While Other Cop Had A Knee On His Neck

Joe Biden, with a study in contrasts.

Man shot dead amid violent George Floyd protests in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Police release redacted Body cam footage

"Watch-lists" may be coming to social media

Pic Of The Moment: The Trump Campaign's Bullshit Tornado Goes Into Maximum Overdrive


George Floyd: Police release bodycam footage of arrest

So, I went to the dentist today.

Up, up - Get up - Feed me

KCBS lays off anchors Jeff Michael and Sharon Tay, and weatherman Garth Kemp

Calling false claims what they are is not bias

US economy shrank at 5% annual rate in Q1

This little man with Down syndrome meeting his baby brother for the very first time...

Doesn't Trump bear responsibility for all the nursing home deaths?

Just a reminder that Twitter didn't censor or limit Trump's tweet.

My lab tech and I just had a laugh over my overly-jargon-filled order:

M$Greedia please cover the House of Representatives

Tim Kaine and wife have Covid-19 antibodies:

Blood clots fill lungs of black coronavirus victims, study finds

There was an incident in Minneapolis last night. Can't figure out what happened

Can we just admit that the markets are just a reflection of Fed policy and nothing more?

Barr Appoints Texas US Attorney To Keep Supposed 'Unmasking' Scandal Afloat

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; May 28, 2020

"The Heartbreak Kid." Avoid this at all costs!

Releasing a draft of the EO about social media?

If TWITTER can't effectively

GOP congressman says lobbyists give him 'good input' on legislation

Detroit Archdiocese expels support group for families of LGBT Catholics

Bill Barr and the White House plan to collect information on social media users when Trump signs EO

Minneapolis small-business owners pick up the pieces after night of rage, destruction

"You( ? ) for what you want"..GOP congressman says lobbyists give him 'good input' on legislation..

Column: Remembering an old family friend, former Atlanta Braves catcher Biff Pocoroba.

Dog + Cat equals ?

Distant Replay: Trump on arrest protocol 2017

Dog + Cat equals ?

Kayleigh McEnany Blasts Vote-by-Mail But Has Voted by Mail at Least 11 Times

George Floyd killing: two officers involved previously reviewed for use of force

Donald Trump Is Mentally Unhinged

Some wise words.....from Tim Wise:

The 'wisdom' of Donald Trump

Colin Kaepernick releases statement on death of George Floyd

GOP operatives worry Trump will lose both the presidency and Senate majority

Trump sends condolences to virus victims after rage-tweeting 46 times in 15 hours

John Boyega Says He 'Really F--ing Hates Racists' After George Floyd's Death: 'This Just Burns'

Tweeter wants to shut down my PRESIDENT??? I DONT THANK SO

NBC Nightly News with John Chancellor: April 28, 1980

what's the best way to get a letter to Joe Biden's group right now

Mass Poor People's Assembly & Moral March on Washington on Saturday, June 20, 2020

Did a painting with my own reference photo

Republican National Convention in August at Charlotte, NC Should go on as plan.

"Typhoid Trump"!

Appalachian Trail reopens to day-trippers but urges thru-hikers to stay home

Dan Scavino tweets "sad milestone" for Dump, everyone thinks Dump had a moment.

From the archives.

Chuck Todd Is Getting Entirely Too Much Exposure Lately....

Larkin Poe - "Sharp Dressed Man" (ZZ Top cover)

Watching the House on Cspan

Question for the constitutional lawyers..

Dem lawmaker goes on epic rant after GOP colleague admits hiding positive coronavirus test

Peter Tosh and Colin Kaepernick speak for me

Precious Moments

It was murder.

How Could this be?

Inciting to riot is against the law..Is inciting to murder against the law too?

Rush Limbaugh claims latest round of cancer treatment could sideline him from show

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/28/20

Trump extends deployment orders for National Guard members responding to coronavirus

Backed by ACLU, whistleblowing doctor sues Bellingham hospital after he was fired

VIDEO: Chopper 5 shows police presence at St. Paul Target, surrounding area

The Lincoln Project. Rich Mitch

Rich Mitch

Zuckerberg says Facebook won't be 'arbiters of truth' after Trump threat

Coronavirus may never go away, even with a vaccine

The Poster Boy of Police Brutality

The "dead democrat re tweet" is the opening for republicans to criticize Trump.

Breakdown of Morning Consult poll showing Warren is best VP pick for Youth and Black voters

Real Men Don't Wear Masks

How White Women Use Themselves as Instruments of Terror

$28 million for Trump's autograph

Why the officers fired for the George Floyd killing could ultimately get their jobs back

Pending Home Sales Plummet 35% YoY - Biggest Drop Ever As Buyers Forfeit Deposits

Has Susan Collins talked about Trump's tweet referring to dead Democrats?

Detroit police chief: Officer who killed George Floyd should be arrested for murder

John Krasinski's 'Some Good News' Sells to ViacomCBS Following Massive Bidding War

GoFundMe set up to help George Floyd's family cover funeral costs surpasses $740,000

biden tweet nails it!

Contrary to popular belief, Trump does practice social distancing.

So, he's actually NOT positive towards the negative?

Klobuchar Declined to Prosecute Cop Who Killed Floyd

It's been one of those weeks. The Fridge was too tall. My computer needed a rest.

The OAN "reporter" asks a question pushing the President's Scarborough fanfic tweets

Nancy Pelosi stopped Andrea Mitchell cold directing her messaging. Not Trump's but one for Americans

"You are no longer welcome in our masochist-club."

Defying Trump, Twitter Doubles Down on Labeling Tweets

I made a "Meet Mrs. H." board to share with my little students.

Mayor Walsh announces Boston Marathon will be canceled this year

Inslee says Trump coronavirus response akin to if FDR called Pearl Harbor 'a hoax'

Google launches website to help people avoid online scams

The Obvious

Half of New Coronavirus Cases in Washington Are People Under 40: Report

Why the coronavirus puzzle still hasn't been solved

'Do it now': Lindsey Graham asks older judges to retire before November -- when GOP could get routed

'96% of MPD doesn't live in Mplis. Want to talk about outside agitators? Go talk about them.'

Promise keepers are always good for a laugh 😇 #1 on the list -Quiet!!!

Jay Inslee Says Trump Should Be 'Removed From Office' for His Disastrous COVID-19 Response

U.S. taxpayers' virus relief went to firms that avoided U.S. taxes

Swish machine - creezy

Pelosi says George Floyd was 'murdered on TV'

If you haven't heard this already, it's a great podcast.......

Trump's Executive Order Could Ruin the Internet Over a Twitter Beef

Cartoons 5/28/2020

I sent this email to Senator Pat Toomey today...

Rules issued Wednesday allow the restart of spiritual services -- limits on the number of worshipers

Journalists React to Shocking Layoff of CBS News White House Legend Mark Knoller

Several Hollywood stars, including #SethRogen, #SteveCarell and #BenSchwartz, are helping bail out l

This is rich- NOW Klobuchar wants charges brought against killer cops

New poll shows Sara Gideon leading Susan Collins by 9 points

People on SSI (like myself) getting their stimulus money today...

Up to 80% of COVID-19 Infections Are Asymptomatic, a New Case Report Says

This happened in Bethesda Md. yesterday:

Hong Kong: US and allies defend 'bastion of freedom'

Why Trump's Fight With Obama Might Backfire

Nordstrom plans permanent closure of 16 stores

Op-Ed: In a nasty push, Republicans want immunity for companies that negligently spread COVID-19

President of Bethel University responds to the death of George Floyd (Official statement)

Moscow is painting over the Russian markings on its jet fighters & sending them to fight a proxy war

Is it my imagination...

Fact check: Anthony Fauci hasn't served on the board of the Clinton or Gates foundations

Vote 2020

Pelosi Says Zuckerberg 'Panders to White House' After Facebook CEO Sides With Trump Over Twitter

100,000 dead Americans. One wrong president.

Kudlow pushes big tax cut for investors. It would be "if you invest in any asset, not just stocks"

Jerry Falwell Jr. says he'll only wear a mask featuring Virginia Gov. Northam's blackface photo

Oh, snap! Big Gretch (Governor Whitmer) for the win:

Federal, state law enforcement officials to make statement about George Floyd death investigation

Love this rant -

Armed black protesters in MI

Workers First Caravan In St. Louis

Joe Biden Humiliates Trump With Powerful Message As US Passes 100K Virus Deaths

Workers First Caravan In St. Louis

Trump throwing a tantrum on social media

Kneeling to venerate hate: The meaning of a police killing in Minnesota

Well my finches are gone, but the hummers are here so I'm extremely happy......

Woodland Park Zoo's oldest gorilla passes away due to severe health decline

Graham urges senior judges to step aside before November election so Republicans can fill vacancies

SpaceX launch rescheduled for Saturday in Florida still faces chance of bad weather

Jim Rockford's answering machine messages, part one.

Does it seem strange to you to hear the mayor of Minneapolis saying "I don't know why...

NC governor: GOP has not submitted convention safety plans

What's for Dinner, Thurs., May 28, 2020

Remember, Republicans have supported Trump at every turn.

A murderer lives here': Graffiti outside the home of cop who knelt on George Floyd's neck

Minneapolis Man: Cop Who Kneeled on George Floyd 'Tried to Kill Me' in 2008

Zuckerberg dead at 36. Incest charges dropped.

LEAKED: Trump's EO Board "Fairness in Social Media" named. James Woods, Jon Voight, Lou Dobbs, Sean

BTRTN 2020 Presidential Race State-by-State Snapshot: Extremely Early, But Biden Clearly Ahead

BTRTN 2020 Presidential Race State-by-State Snapshot: Extremely Early, But Biden Clearly Ahead

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Rescued a gosling in a parking lot

E. Jean Carroll responds to Trump tweet:

Trump signs order that could punish social media companies for how they police content, drawing crit

Fair Play

Agent Provocateur?

United States On May 27 14-day change Trend

Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Social Media

I went to Harbor Freight this afternoon.

dumb question

The name of George Floyd's killer did not escape me

Maybe we need our own troll farms.

IF I was to state---which I am NOT doing, Agent Mike---that "the only good Donald Trump is a DEAD

The FBI Is Going To Charge Some People In Minutes

Speaking of burgers, I tried an Impossible Whopper yesterday.

Public Citizen-Top 12 ways 'rump sped up the spread of COVID-19.

Montreal sets May record of 98 degrees as parts of Northeast U.S. also simmer in historic heat.

Start Trek Discovery, Start Trek Picard, and Start Trek Short Takes

Boston Marathon is canceled

How do you like your steak?

"There's nothing I'd rather do than get rid of my whole Twitter account," Pres. Trump tells...

Ask a trivia question about a fictional person, place, thing, TV show, or movie - Part Five

Declassified Flynn-Kislyak calls are "summaries" of calls, not audiotapes

Joe Biden reacts as US coronavirus death toll passes 100,000

How soon, if ever, will the Trump lie count surpass the COVID 19 death count?

my son's band "Grawlix" - latest

2 hours left to vote in the May Photo Contest

Giant undersea bug in Toba Aquarium poops for first time in two years

Amy Cooper allegedly stalked ex-love interest, slammed him for Obama vote

Trump's newest Press Secretary certainly looks a lot like his youngest daughter.

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; May 28, 2020

wtf? .... Trump: "I just got back from India, right? I just beat COVID."

National Guard activated to control protests following George Floyd's death

Sen. Tim Kaine says he and his wife Anne Holton tested positive for coronavirus antibodies

Pesky YouTube popup alert issue-any ideas?

Biden calls Trump nuclear testing discussion reckless, dangerous

CNN waiting for Minneapolis police press conference.5:25 PM EST

Speaker Pelosi statement on Trump Social Media EO

Property manager pays up in Washington AG Ferguson's eviction lawsuit

MLK: A riot is the language of the unheard.

How Seattle reopened after the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic

Ferguson, AGs sue to block Trump's rollback of fuel efficiency standards

A Pennsylvania state representative went on tirade Wednesday against Republican

Guy Builds Obstacle Course For His Hedgehog In His Living Room

Kentucky Voter Information Portal

No CV-19 safety protocol enforced at Valvoline in Glendale.

how's everybody in here?

St. Paul police responding to large groups in Midway and elsewhere, reports of looting and rocks

tRump's eyes look so dead. I just watched his EO signing. They are expressionless. Really weird. n/t

My wife doesn't often send me stuff off the internet, but she does send good ones.

Tiny Puppies Abandoned In A Box Find Loving Families

I know where I will take a knee

Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship

When does he go to war against the Seas?

Teeny Tiny Paralyzed Kitten Surprises Everyone

Peacock taking off in slow motion

New Zealand epidemiologist: 'We look at Trump's behavior and we're horrified'

Selfish GOP asshole refuses temperature checks which help to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Sen. Tim Kaine, Wife Anne Holton, Recently Tested Positive for Antibodies to COVID-19

Thrift stores to Marie Kondo declutterers: One man's trash is also another man's trash.

This anxious dog didn't feel safe in his new house -- so his dad built him his own bedroom

Claire McCaskill was pretty excited about this tweet

They are not going to announce arrests. This will not be good.

FBI: No Charges Yet For Officers

Disabled Man gives up Seat

Is The U.S. Attorney Speaking A Drumpf Hack?

Per the US attorney Trump & Barr are monitoring the Floyd case

The pic-a-nic basket is just not worth it...

Re George Floyd

"It was a commercial agreement to tie up and stroke a semi-naked man in his underpants with a broom"

Why is it so hard to arrest a white person for killing a black person?

Kamala & Chef Jose

jeff tiedrich makes a home run with this one

I was going to write a sarcastic take on Trump's "The only good Democrat..." retweet.

Cortez Masto withdraws name from Biden VP consideration

Looks like the feds are not arresting anyone. They're investigating.

re the "executive order" (ROFL). Fuck you, you useless orange tinted

Two brothers in arms

Jim Acosta asks kayleigh McEnany about trumps 18,000 lies...

Trump job approval falls to 2-year low in Rasmussen poll

Wall Street's rally fades after President Trump announces China news conference.

Minnesota Is Going To Give The "investigators" Their Response Tonight

Trump threatening the lives of Americans in order to suppress the vote.

Where is the Minnesota AG Ellison?

So instead of 100,000 Americans dead and 40 miliion unemployed

Trump administration, widely known as huge fans of peaceful protesting:

Fuck you Steviewonder! We're dancing, dog!

Wisconsin State Fair canceled this year...

Youtuber under fire for giving up adopted special needs son

Oregon's top courts begin reversing nonunanimous convictions

I have no doubt that there are agent provocateurs afoot.

Remember the LA Riots of 1992?

I will be honest I use to roll my eyes at the phrase White privilege (George Floyd Protest)

Columbus Ohio solidarity - George Floyd's murder

'No mask, no service' rule is OK for businesses, Cuomo says

Is Chuck "not my Job" Todd still on?

If only Trump acted as quickly to global pandemics as he does to Twitter fact-checking him. nt

George Floyd protest at Union Square NYC "turning violent", arrests

We Are All Racists

George Floyd and Derek Chauvin both worked security at the same club

Donate to protesters on the ground.

Don Lemon CNN- Full no F's mode now.

FBI/State U.S. attorney: No new developments.

BREAKING NEWS: the police in are pleading the fifth in George Floyd case

Oh. Twitter is in real trouble this time.

CNN: All four officers involved in George Floyd killing invoke 5th Amendment rights

Doctors sue to block FDA abortion pill rule during pandemic

6 Republicans who praised companies for virus response after getting donations

cops provoke folks in Minneapolis, instead of consoling

Trump's fossil fuel agenda gets pushback from federal judges

One down...

2020 Wisconsin State Fair canceled

Video released by abc7 in LA shows a sheriff's deputy entering this man's car and assaulting him

George Floyd protest in NYC

Some reporter with steel cojones should ask Shitgibbon a question:

US special forces to help combat drug trafficking in Colombia's war-torn areas

My Reply To Someone Who Posted On FB About Refusing To Wear A Mask Or Get Tested

US special forces to help combat drug trafficking in Colombia's war-torn areas

The 2 hr. delay in the Floyd press conference.

Just re-reading another article about the Ramble incident. . .

05/29 Mike Luckovich: Deadly strain

Antarctic Penguin Poop Emits Laughing Gas

As A Side Note Re: Minnesota & Coronavirus

Trump and DOJ probably not pressing charges to encourage rioting...thinking this will help him

Does the recent news of Klobuchar's lack of prosecution of one of the cops who shot George Lloyd-

Study Confirms Cats Can Become Infected With COVID-19



ESPRESSO confirms the presence of an Earth around the nearest star

Wisconsin reports record number of new coronavirus cases, deaths

If you're a bear, you already know how to do this

Just saw the new Lincoln Project ad against Mitch in Lexington!!!

"They re-opening ..."

rethinking vote for Biden after this..

"Evidence does not support a criminal charge"

So.....who, what and when was the 1st post made on DU with reference to COVID-19??

TN police chief tells officers who 'don't have an issue' with George Floyd arrest to turn in badges

Hell and Damnation

From 2019: Mixed prosecutorial history of Hennepin County prosecutor Freeman

bad actors waiting for dark to start their sh**, like true cowards hide in the dark

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020.

"Donald's pandemic" cartoon

GOP Gerrymandering Exposed

Environmentalists lose bid to halt uranium mine near Grand Canyon

Trump wants the border wall painted black; here's how it might happen

They Predicted 'The Crisis of 2020' ... in 1991. So How Does This End?

Livestreams Of Minnesota Protests From Street Level

Gov. Tim Walz activates Minnesota National Guard; Mayor Jacob Frey declares local emergency in Minne

Way to go WI.....

Boasty -Wiley ft. Idris Elba.

Harrowing video shows indigenous Colombians fleeing gunfire

Brian Tyler Cohen: BREAKING: A Pennsylvania Democrat just EXCORIATED Republicans

Trump Resigns From Presidency To Become Full-Time Writer For Sarah Cooper

Barr names yet another very special prosecutor in the ongoing effort to make 'Obamagate' happen

If the Cherokees were driven west of the Mississippi, how

Florida forced medical examiners to stop reporting death results, and now we know why

A Real Good Tedeschi Trucks Band Weekly Stream Tonight

To the freaked-out, led-by-the . .. .uhhhm, nose. . .unmasked ones: