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Archives: May 30, 2020

You know he's in there screaming at the Secret Service to kill them all.

First they came for the journalists...

Prototype of new SpaceX rocket Starship explodes on Texas test pad

Free masks provided by the state of Tennessee treated with registered pesticide

Friday night Protest thread

All these protests have more people than the con's anti-lock down demontrations

See what we are facing in the future of this country?

Heads up-Barack Obama on Jimmy Fallon tonight

Stray Cat Asks To Be Let Inside So She Can Have Her Babies

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! DON"T MOVE DC Protestors. Don't MOVE!! -- Protestors Move To WHITE HOUSE!!!

Today we saw our New President

2011 Was Arab Spring

Supreme Court won't intervene in Louisiana prisoner's coronavirus complaint

White House goes on lockdown after protest erupts nearby

Just saw this on another site. Comments?

CNN: Protestors in Minneapolis are saying 1 down, 3 to go.

Cnn police protest

Army Withdraws Nomination for Officer Involved in Deadly Niger Ambush

I've never seen a more depressing Brooks and Shields segment on the News Hour tonight.

Dr. Michael Baden to perform independent autopsy on George Floyd

What does "F--k 12" mean, spray painted on the

So who made the call to arrest Omar and will there be any accountability?

Over Veterans' Protests, Trump Vetoes Measure to Block Student Loan Rules

King County accelerates reopening some commercial activity under modified plan

I have a legal question to ask

Where the fuck is Trump?

Gov. Inslee announces county-by-county plan as stay-at-home order expires Sunday

dems get candidates contesting every florida legislature seat! no free rides for repubs...

Dakota County, suburbs join Minneapolis, St. Paul in ordering weekend curfews

What are the chances that Trump will play golf over the weekend?

Please stop killing bumble bees: They're not 'murder hornets'

GoFundMe Established to Pay Legal Fees for "Anyone Who Pisses in Donald Trump's Face"

I'm afraid to ask the question,

Poll: Majority of Americans Wish Trump's Mom Had Been Pro-Choice

Twitter to Start Putting "Emotionally Fragile Idiot" Label on Trump Tweets

CNN building getting graffitied and windows smashed:(watch)

Hyatt lays off hundreds in Seattle with some properties on CMBS 'watchlist'

Screw it - I need a smile and so do alla Yinz

'I Will Not Be Censored,' Yells Trump Chaining Himself To Phone Displaying Twitter Homepage

Why is the WHO telling people NOT to wear masks?

Very impressive demonstration right now in San Jose, I pray it stays nonviolent.

CDC guidelines could change daily office life amid the coronavirus

We should not

New COVID-19 hot spots emerge across the U.S.: Here's what you need to know

George Floyd death puts spotlight on 'warrior training' for police

Mandatory Friday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! TGIF! Live and Let Die!

'Inexcusable blunder': Senate Democrats demand action against Great Lakes for credit score mishap

CNN's riot coverage is intense

Student loan borrowers sue Betsy DeVos and Steven Mnuchin over seized tax refunds

Trader Joe's all locations are closed for the weekend becasue of the riots?

Weren't there several massive anti-war demos vs Nixon in WH? Did SS lock it down?

Preacher Behind the White Hoods: A Critical Examination of William Branham and His Message

chief of Atlanta police talking to protesters on the street!

"This is what you do with your white privilege..."

Sen. Cruz seeks federal Twitter probe as Trump feuds with company

Dog Travels 40 Miles To Find Her Way Back To The Woman She Loves

Street Fighting Man

Transcripts released of Flynn's calls with Russian diplomat

American ruling class exploits the pandemic to escalate assault on jobs and wages

Preacher Behind the White Hoods: A Critical Examination of William Branham and His Message

Chris Hayes Turns Donald Trump's Own Campaign Claims Against Him

Basement 5 - Riot

Minneapolis Protests, Day 4, by Unicorn Riot

I hope Ali Velshi makes 11 skillion billion dollars per year...

Pros and cons of Val Demings on the ticket? What have recent events done to her stock?

Friday Talking Points -- 100,000 Dead While Trump Fiddles With Twitter

Criminal Charges in George Floyd's Death Set Up Legal Battle

Today's scenario reminds me of 1968 and how Nixon got to the white house.

Violators - Summer of 81

Mayor Jacob Frey Announces Mandatory Curfew In Minneapolis Following Days Of Protests, Riots

They are storming the CNN Center in Atlanta.

Washington police departments call George Floyd's arrest 'disturbing, unacceptable'

Seattle's iconic monorail service, halted because of COVID-19, running again

Judge orders Social Security to pay survivors benefits to previously disqualified gay couples

My digital box on the tv won't power on. I am having trouble getting through

Flynn urged Russian ambassador to take 'reciprocal' actions, transcripts show

Trump's new executive order is as phony as his Twitter feed (Opinion)

Minneapolis Protests, Live, Day 4, by Unicorn Riot, and I think is really live (despite curfew at 8)

Chief Inspector Murphy is hangin' in there

Trump Moves to Strip Hong Kong of Special U.S. Relationship

Watching this crowd on MSNBC just now

*Val Demings on Rachel show now.

Landslide sends sewage into water along Tacoma's Ruston Way

Alaska ferry on track for late June return to Bellingham, but with more changes

Unicorn Riot live again,,,,Feed link

Bring Back Microsoft Money

So is social distancing and "no crowds" officially over?

Quest for COVID-19 vaccines: Where they stand

Remember When Trump Said "What Have You Got To Lose"....

CNN coverage

WA virus order expiring, counties get more flexibility

Campgrounds To Begin Reopening In 22 Counties

Judge with COVID hears lawsuit to suspend 'stay home, stay healthy' order

Atlanta responds to George Floyd killing:Protest turns chaotic downtown

Expect more shocking economic data in the week ahead with the unemployment rate set to near 20%

Thomas Paine, 1792

Karen gets violent

CA EDD: New unemployment benefits arrive

Anti-racism activist Jane Elliott leaves white audience speechless

and I'm so sorry for even mentioning this.......LOT'S OF THEM ARE WEARING MASKS......

A Lake of the Ozarks Partier Has Tested Positive for COVID-19

Media mistakes vs Lies

Well Trump Wanted....

Buildings damaged in Minneapolis, St. Paul after protests

White House under lockdown as protests over Floyd's death reach nation's capital

This is a clarifying moment. / It shows exactly what Facebook is and who Zuckerberg is

Isnt it great that Trump

Is there a timeline of Trump / GOP and Authoritarian actions?

White power signal given in Minneapolis:

What is happening in Atlanta is inexcusable. In the midst of those who wanted a

WATCH: White House on Lockdown Amid Protest in Washington D.C.

Louisville Breonna Taylor protest - news crew on sidewalk shot with rubber bullets

COVID to the Left of Me, Fascists to the Right, Here I Am, Stuck in the Middle OF HELL (Ferret/SC)

Hmmm ... maybe that name (Chauvin) should have been a clue ...

..."afraid that they'll use race as an excuse for a police state"

Check out this absurd email the Trump Whitehouse just sent me...

North Carolina governor: Trump insisted on full convention with no face masks or social distancing

Meegan McCAIN's dad-in-law got a rap on the knuckles, but her Federalist hubby is a pip!1

The Daily Social Distancing Show: George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper

Nation Astonished by Spectacle of Twitter Management Demonstrating Responsibility (Borowitz Report)

CNN Reporting Law Enforcement Has Left the Streets of Minneapolis

Minneapolis - Where is the law enforcement?!

Hi there DU!

My father's Covid Denial: An Update

I did not like the sauce i had for ravioli i bought so i just put a bit of butter

What's your excuse...? I know I have a few...

Will the tactics work in Mpls

Even the protests highlight it

So, where is Meal Team 6 and the Bikers for Trump??

News crew fired upon with pepper bullets during live broadcast (Louisville)


Updated: Storm causes damage throughout the region; portion of Adirondack Northway shut down

Extra Bonus Quote of the

*A change, 11-11:30 p.m., WETA,Ch 26

Al Franken On CNN Now nt

Viral photo shows line of white people between police, black protesters at Thursday rally

Protester pushed/shoved HARD to the ground by police officer

Bail Set At $500,000 For Officer

I just want to give a shout out to Sara Sidner & the CNN crew

Should Biden fill the void on nights like this with a speech

The Doors - Peace Frog

Potato and egg frico (Frico di patate con uova)

Great multi-feed protest channel on Twitch

It's getting thick at the White House

WH Protest getting bigger and bigger

Friday Night Wine-Buzz.

Asshole just blamed Democrats for unrest.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

damn, Anyone got some LiveFeed from DC?

Fuck Trump, he just tweeted


Great multi-broadcast Twitch feed here:

How the Supreme Court Lets Cops Get Away With Murder

Reichstag Fire


Chauvin's Wife Files For Divorce nt

I get those protest in peace, but looting & destruction of personal property, really?

Sun unleashes biggest flare since 2017. Is our star waking up?

Trump retweets, BLAMES CNN

Partial Twitter list of Cities with Civil Disturbances

Trump is broke.

Wife of George Floyd's Accused Killer Derek Chauvin Demands Divorce from Ex-Cop

Pictures from space! Our image of the day

What can't I find any live feeds in Washington DC? WTF y'all

Live Protests, USA by "Woke" on Twitch TV

Roger Stone must surrender to prison by June 30, won't need to go to quarantine site

For some reason

DOJ backs lawsuit against Michigan governor's stay-at-home measures

I'm ashamed to admit that my sister just posted this on facebook

watch protesters paint "f*ck Trump" on building

Oakland protest: crowds have stopped traffic on both sides of I 880

UK Discovers Its First Pterosaur Fossil

First I've heard of "Infectivity Rate"

Amarillo once again makes the news (Not Covid related]

protesters are ripping away the barricades around the white house

Killer Mike made an amazing speech In Atlanta

Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - 5/29/20

FOX News decided to discuss what was going on with...uh...Mark Fuhrman.


President of the Minneapolis police union wore a 'white power' patch on his motorcycle jacket

Sao Paulo digs mass graves as virus death toll soars in Brazil

faux news digs up Mark Fuhrman to comment on today's events.. the racist former cop

DC Protests Live Feed

Georgia is gonna get worse. That fucking idiot Kemp has called up the Guard.

Pissed Away" feat. Barack Obama Vs. Trump, by Founders Sing

Sale of shut Philly refinery to real estate developer delayed

San Jose, Highway 101 blocked for an hour. police fire tear gas and projectiles

☦ Eastern Orthodox Feastday of the Ascension, 28 May 2020

tweet of the hour- atlanta officer at protest ("they have a right to be pissed off")

Minneapolis police union offers free 'warrior' training, in defiance of mayor's ban

Lake of the Ozarks pool partier tests positive for COVID-19; hundreds potentially exposed

The post office for my zip code is on fire.

Coronavirus protest concert blocked by Utah judge

State by State Voting Rules from Everyone MUST 💙#VOTE2020

Louisville.. white people form line of protection between black people and cops

Trump vetoes bipartisan measure against DeVos' loan rules

Anyone remember Amy Goodman + Minn/St. Paul police 'incident?'

I'm thinking the arrest of Derek Chauvin ...

In America-because I was born with white skin, I can do all these things without thinking twice.

These CNN reporters putting their lives on the line. Fake news? I don't think so!!

Lyft violates Washington DC sick day law during pandemic, lawsuit claims

Minneapolis bus drivers are refusing to help police transport protesters to jail.

wow. list of cities with protests tonight: 16 named so far in this thread

Merkel rebuffs Trump invitation to G7 summit

Protesters damage College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta

From CNN: Supremes just ruled that CA can enforce restrictions on religious gatherings.

Can you imagine what Putin and all of our friends and enemies throughout the world are saying ....

Breaking : Buckhead GA... Upscale Mall broken into.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Driver seen speeding through crowd during George Floyd protest arrested

They're Going After Faux Reporter In DC

Supreme Court rules in favor of CA allowing church closings due to Covid


Probe: Top US official misused office to get son-in-law job

Supreme Court won't force states to speed up church reopenings.

A note about the "Undecided" feature in our Profiles regarding our Dem candidates

Pentagon putting military police on alert for potential deployment to Minneapolis.

Martial law Is a real possibility I am afraid

Watch Exclusive Videos Leading To Officer's Murder Charge In Floyd Death - MSNBC

AP: Pentagon takes rare step of putting military police on alert to go to embattled Minneapolis

Situation is Los Angeles is deteriorating rather quickly.

Listening to Joe Madison podcast from today -- he thinks racial unrest favors Trump

homeless given food laced with strong pepper spray and reaction filmed. person arrested

It's falling apart in Oakland

Anyone else remember "Cadillac Desert"?

White House goes on brief lockdown after protest erupts nearby

I Wonder If Trump Is Watching The Live Feeds Of The Protests Going On Around The Country.....

Red light: Mexican coronavirus restart hits speed bumps

1000 take a knee

Detroit protestor shot, killed by motorist.

Supreme Court, in 5-4 Decision, Rejects Church's Challenge to Shutdown Order

Military transports replacement equipment to U.S. THAAD base in Seongju

Flynn urged Russian ambassador to take 'reciprocal' actions, transcripts show

Law Enforcement Files Discredit Brian Kemp's Accusation That Democrats Tried to Hack the GA Election

Keisha Lance Bottoms with the RIGHTEOUS anger

I'm Still Perplexed By How Tonights Protests In Minneapolis Were Mishandled By The Police & Guard...

False story on Twitter

Keisha Lance Bottoms...

Zuckerberg Says He's 'Struggling' With Trump's Latest Posts But Leaving Them Up

This Billionaire Governor's Been Sued Over Unpaid Bills. A Judge Just Ordered Him to Pay More.

Cops Murdered George Floyd In Plain Sight In Front Of Rolling Cameras Because They Knew They Could

If you think things are bad now, wait til Chauvin is acquitted. I say that as an Angeleno and

Senate GOP chairman criticizes Trump withdrawal from WHO.

watching the streams on youtube, its all still going on

In ALL justice, power and responsibility are the EXACT SAME THING

Despite Trump's attacks, Kansas voters request 2020 mail ballots at historic rate

Hear My Train A Comin

Pentagon puts military police on alert to go to Minneapolis

a term to keep in mind when watching this happen...

Police: 19-year-old killed in drive-by during Detroit police brutality protest

Crowds protest Floyd killing and Trump outside White House

CNN Center in Atlanta damaged during protests

Protests in Dallas, Fort Worth seek justice for black Americans killed by police

Pussy Riot and Chilean group join forces against state repression

Trump plans to end campaign hiatus June 11 in Dallas, with $580k per couple dinner

This Train (Is Bound For Glory)

Police opens fire on journalists with non-lethal rounds to stop them from reporting.

Houston mayor calls for unity, peace amid protests over George Floyd's death; tear gas deployed

Trump 2014: Our country is totally fractured, with our weak leadership in Washington

As the pandemic cancels flights, Uruguay turns its airport into a drive-in

Im a white male who grew up the minority in my neighborhood.

Louisville Cop Fires Pepper Pellets At TV Journalist During Live Broadcast

Protests Persist After Arrest Of Officer Involved In George Floyd Killing - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Tom Morrelo w/Roger Waters & Wounded Warriors

ICYMI: Trump Tries To Get Cartoon Image Removed From Sales, Fails

Austin protests against police brutality while grappling with own issues

Aretha killing The Band with Duanne Allman!

Trump fundraiser in Dallas June 11th for $580.6k per couple ??

Wife of Murder Pig Derek Chauvin files for divorce.

Jaysus Key Rist! The vocals man, the vocals! Sam n Dave

Man who funneled bribes to Dallas County Schools officials agrees to plea deal

Pray for peace in our nation.

When worlds collide....

Protest escalates in downtown Portland, demonstrators break into mall, justice center

Police investigating after graffiti was found on Alamo Cenotaph

This is out of control now in Atlanta

Live Stream from in front of the WH, 3:22 AM, Eastern US. Pepper spray being used

Hey Zuck...

Jimmy Kimmel on George Floyd, Riots in Minneapolis & Trump's Violent Stupidity

Pentagon puts MPs on standby to go to May 30

Des Moines police clash with protestors, spray tear gas after bricks hit cars

Am I nuts?

Police shoot at SUV that hit 2 people during lengthy, tense San Jose protest

[Wisc.] Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Dallet defends boat outing after voting to uphold stay-at-home

Seattle protesters break windows, clash with police in rallies sparked by death of George Floyd

Breakfast Saturday 30 May 2020

Traffic disrupted, tear gas deployed in wake of downtown Houston rally over George Floyd's death

My 65 year old brother yesterday; "This country is coming apart at the seams"

Trump appoints Conair heir who promoted conspiracy theories to head US consulate in Bermuda

Man who allegedly threatened to murder Jews and police sentenced in federal case over attempt to joi

Coronavirus probably enters the body through the nose: Study

Rudy Giuliani's Cryptic Single-Character Tweet Sparks All Kinds Of Speculation

Do I think the rage-mad will see stores rebuilt for decades?

Watch this 2 minute incident from New York

Unsanitized: Social Unrest When There's Nothing to Lose

Two soldiers test positive for coronavirus after arriving in South Korea from the US

7-alarm fire in South Boston leaves five firefighters injured, 38 displaced

Lockdown yields first global sound map of spring dawn chorus

"Boone County resident positive for COVID-19 after visiting Lake Ozarks over Memorial Day wk/end

Dropkick Murphys Take Over Fenway Park For Benefit Concert

China Says U.S. Action on Hong Kong 'Doomed to Fail'

Biden: "I used to think you could defeat bigotry, but it only hides"

Des Moines police clash with protestors, spray tear gas after bricks hit cars

Says US will cut ties with WHO

5 Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

What we need in the United States is not hatred

The Biggest Party In Kyrgyzstan Continues To Splinter Amid Infighting

Do you remember the good old days when people protested about having to wear a mask in Walmart?

What Can We Learn From The Explosion Of The Latest SpaceX Prototype?

When hacking an electronic door-lock takes less time than opening it with the actual key......

What most Trumpsters and GOPers do not understand. The country is falling apart

Derek Chauvin is having a really bad week

Weekend TOONs - The Most Persistent Pandemic

Lawmakers get A through F grades -- from a progressive point of view -- and many GOP members flunked

Graffiti art on the side of a train in Belgium reads 'Please, I can't breathe'

Why should they keep faith with democracy, at all?

Video: Nixon's law and order commercial, 1968 (1 min.):

Time Magazine a month before the 1968 Presidential election:

Is it time, and would it work? The 25th Amendment

Another insight about rioting/looting - PLEASE READ

Police Fire Pepper Balls At Reporter and Camera in Louisville. Not A Big Surprise.

Veto Message to the House of Representatives for H.J. Res. 76 EDUCATION; May 29, 2020

I think it is a good time to look at systemic racism in the US again. It might explain

images from overnight protests

Simple math tells a horrid story of unemployment claims in FL -- but the state's data isn't easy to

I blame the drumpf administration for embellishing an atmosphere

Reopening blueprint approved for Florida public universities

Ruling means Missouri's last abortion clinic stays open

White dudes whitesplaining Martin Luther King to his son. Enjoy.

The Familiar Plants and Animals That Invaded America's Landscape

rank-and-file GOP voters are refusing to vote by mail to because of Trump ranting against

Florida sees largest COVID-19 case increase in over a month

Frank Zappa in 1966----except for the technology, has anything really changed?

A definition of irony

Russia's Security Chief: Chief Arctic Threats - Foreign Scientists And Native Activists

Now is the moment to sign Colin Kaepernick. By Joe Lockhart

Minneapolis protestors set fire in residential neighborhood.

Pentagon puts military police on alert to go to Minneapolis

Man shot dead, dozens arrested as protest in Detroit turns violent

DT losing his base supporters! per MSNBC. Have TV on mute but a glance at the screen had the

Wife of officer charged with murder of George Floyd announces she's divorcing him

Private militia deploys teenage boys to stand guard in Atlanta.

Support from the Amish Community

17-Year-Old Girl Who Recorded George Floyd's Killing Says 'I Don't Know How To Feel'

8 minutes with one's knee on a person's throat, while he pleads for mercy and breath,

Nearly Two Dozen States Suing Shitstain Over MPG Rollback (Ford, VW, Honda, BMW In Support)

Here's how you use your white privilege:

Life-Threatening Heat In Combination With Toxic Air Pollution Coming For South Asia's Cities

I believe Beau Biden died 5 years ago today. nt

These protests are not just about George Floyd

US-China tensions set to worsen as moderates lose out to hardliners, observers say

Amazon Faces Next Burning Season With A Government Actively Working For Forest Destruction

White America speaks out of both sides of its mouth concerning how AFrican Americans should protest

In Boston, a gang of "thugs", some in disguise, protestors vandalize!


I hate to say it, but Trump is probably loving the unrest

And now for something completely different... dragon reading to puppies 😍😍😍

OC Sheriff Draws Heat Over Thin Blue Line Flag Raised

Michelle Obama: 'I'm Exhausted By A Heartbreak That Never Seems To Stop'

On January 20th, 2021 can Biden sign an Executive Order to undo

Another California Sheriff (Riverside County) declares he won't enforce local public health orders

Need help with banking app

It is time for a National Board of Police Officers like a Board of Nursing...

Guest at packed pool party in Lake of the Ozarks has tested positive for the coronavirus

Person who partied at the Lake of the Ozarks over Memorial Day is positive for COVID-19

How the Supreme Court Lets Cops Get Away With Murder

This Is as American as a Model-T Ford

Police riots

Tom Cotton and Marsha Blackburn have a nasty new bill meant to distract voters

Laws Complicate Trump's Threat of Sending Troops to Minneapolis

Riots are a force of nature

The riots have served their purpose.

Trump Is the Looter

Leaked video: GOP Senate candidate told black leaders it's pointless to call out Trump racism

Oh, and while we weren't looking? Donald Trump totally blew it on Hong Kong

Police act like laws don't apply to them because of 'qualified immunity.' They're right.

With God On Our Side

Here's some food for thought.

Protests Flare in Brooklyn Over Floyd Death as de Blasio Appeals for Calm

Ever since the Christchurch massacre, I've been acting nonstop as a force against white nationalists

NYC to start reopening June 8, Cuomo allows certain upstate regions to move into Phase Two

His Heinous----from comment at blog juanitajean

Aerosol Scientist: COVID-19 Is Likely Airborne

"Mad As Hell"

What is gab dot com?

Setting fires

Vote 2020 - Graffiti Wall, Protesting!

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel repeatedly voted by mail before suing California for expanding the practice

Liberal Redneck - Minnesota Burning

Who had Hitler Youth by May on their pandemic bingo cards?

Patriotism in the Time of Trump

Congrats to Aaron Rupar!

MN Gov said protests are being infiltrated by white supremacists

Far-Right Extremists Are Hoping to Turn the George Floyd Protests Into a New Civil War

Loop windows smashed overnight during Chicago's protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapol

Can't post it from my phone, but, Penzey's Spices site

Show of ✋hands. Who thought after hearing trump won 2016

Milwaukee officer suffers minor gunshot wound as peaceful protests escalate; minor injury reported

The sign-language interpreter for the MN governor

Benny Goodman was born on this date-

Guitarist Tom Morrello has a birthday today-

Saturday am Trump Tweets: "Tonight, I understand, is MAGA NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE"

Come early for good seats...

Does Voter Suppression Lead to Violence?

Trump Insists on Full Convention with No Masks

Van Jones warns charges against Minneapolis cop are a 'glide path to an exoneration'

You're told it's your fault


After failing to appropriate the Black People's Party, entitled white kids appropriated our fight...

Did I hear that the Pentagon has military police standing by for Minnesota

White House kept FDA in the dark on Russian ventilators for New York and New Jersey

Something Smells Like The Arab Spring.

Joe Biden and Beto O'Rourke to headline Texas Democrats 'virtual' state convention

Millions of paper tax returns go unopened at short-staffed IRS

We're not stupid': CNN's Van Jones accuses prosecutors of putting ex-cop Chauvin on path to 'exonera

Director Howard Hawks was born on this date-

Violent protesters

"A group of white people showed up in Oakland armed with hammers and started destroying shit as Bl

I Can't Breathe (2016)

Wow, on MSNBC now - Governor says 80% of agitators are from out of state.

Which level of grief are you in right now, according to Kubler Ross?

So, Trump is summoning the MAGATs to the White House so they can clash with protesters.

Hey, MSM, have you forgotten about the pandemic?

Insights into "Christian" Evangelicals

Fascinating article on the coronavirus:

How do racist cops persist in their jobs for years?

DC Mayor: "There are no vicious dogs & ominous weapons. There is just a scared man. Afraid/alone..."

MN governor 's press conference

The prosecutor better dive deeply into the email, Facebook groups, etc on killer cop's devices.

I'm curious about something related to the riots: Dem cities vs Rep cities.

Michael Rapaport did a Zoom yesterday, you can join the next one

Titus County Judge frustrated with COVID-19 testing process, case number reaches highest in East TX

The presser in MN this morning was stunning. 80% provocateurs?

Let's break down what the mayors and the governor of Minnesota are saying.

Gun owners are taking photos of themselves pointing weapons at their genitals with the safety off

white Supremacists are being encouraged by the lunatic in chief

MN Gov's Press Conf: They suspect there may be white supremacist groups trying to foment unrest.

This is the presidency George Wallace never had

You raised $1,078.00 on May 29, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Behold the amazing squirrel!

"Two wrongs don't make a right" is inappropriate for the moment, and is an expression of white privi

tRump proclaims a "MAGA NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE" in an anti protester tweet

Derek Chauvin's wife says she is devastated by Floyd's death and seeking a divorce

my mood as i read the morning news:

I'm growing potatoes in a bin for the first time

Nana, nana, nana (Guess where this is going?)

Who Thinks People In The Trump Campaign Are Causing Trouble In Minnesota?

Meatball or Worm?

WHO now saying only wear a mask if you FEEL sick?????????

Homeland Security contract officer shot and killed amid protests in Oakland

Keisha Lance Bottoms speech yesterday imploring Atlanta to stop destruction.

Washington, DC Protests Are Looking Ominous, as The Murderer-in-Chief Threatens Them

Trump filled our country with hate, he turned American against American, he inflamed the racists.

This Is Too Much Coincidence. George Floyd & his killer, Officer Chauvin both worked together some

Gotta get outside. Just watched video of CHILDREN---LITTLE BOYS!---wearing full camo,

The governor of Minnesota just showed what leadership in a crisis looks like

I almost shredded my EIP card by mistake (theirs)

@maddow: Stunning display of leadership from Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms -- absolutely stunni

Trump has proved he is a fool: "No masks at convention, no social distancing"

Walk A Mile in My Shoes

Trump is setting up a Physical confrontation!

My Weekly Supermarket Trip Was Not Like the Last One

The Police are directly aiming at and shooting the free press with Rubber Bullets on purpose.

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 30 2020

It'll have to be for their craven self interest, but it's time for Rs

Arkansas virus case count rises by 239

Whatever one thinks about the protests, one thing is absolutely clear

Trump claims DC protesters will be met with 'the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons' in Tw

Many cities with protests gone wrong...

Gov. Cuomo bringing George Floyd and racism into his daily briefing!

Trump and current wife are flying to Florida today

St. Paul, MN Mayor says every person arrested in his city last night was from out of state

Just sent my ballot in the mail for PA primary.

Trump swipes at DC mayor, accuses police of refusing to help at White House protest

Hypothetically speaking, if the police start shooting looters ...

"Maybe you should have paid attention in math class." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!

Columbus PD pepper sprayed a sitting member of the House of Representatives, JoyceBeatty(D Oh3)

VA Says It's Providing a COVID-19 Test to Any Employee Who Asks. Employees Say That's Not True.

Penzey's Minneapolis store hit with rocks, Bill speaks out!

David Rovics: "As I Watch Minneapolis Burn"

The peaceful protesters need to look for, identify, outside white supremacists, agitators.

Watching King 5 In Seattle Showing All The White People In Black Smashing Windows

A boy holds a sign during a protest Friday in downtown Los Angeles over the death of George Floyd.

Fox's Vittert, crew chased by demonstrators at DC protest

Columbus Ohio PD pepper sprayed Rep Beatty & other officials, just now

Trump says vicious dogs would greet protesters

Just 3 states meet these basic criteria to reopen and stay safe

Fox's Vittert, crew chased by demonstrators at DC protest

Trump insists no masks at the puke convention. You think

Top Trump official misused office to get son-in-law job, probe finds


One of the best speeches I have heard also, Killer Mike tells it like it is

Minnesota governor fully mobilizes National Guard in response to riots

"We suffered for 8 years under Obama, now it's YOUR turn to suffer"

I have a really bad vibe about this SpaceX launch today

School Shooting, COVID-19, The Murdering of a Black Man, and Fact Checking... Which one is a crisis?

Trump promises "shooting" and Suddenly White Guys are Smashing Windows

We Got This

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to Trump. . ."F U. . ."

Everyone who sneered at me when I said a Trump presidency would be disasterous ...

Protests are complicated

There's only one question the MSM needs to ask Donnie Dollhands; "Will you resign"?

**St. Paul Mayor says every single person who was arrested Friday night was from out of state.

"Vicious dogs and ominous weapons". How did someone splice the DNA of Mr. Burns and Bull Connor?

Cat lovers special

Gov. Walz calls for full mobilization of National Guard, never before done in Minnesota history

Symphonique No. 3


A bargain or a $100.00 toilet seat? Military getting new sniper rifles at a cost of

(Jewish Group) B'nai Brith Horrified by Desecration of Montreal Synagogue

"MAGA loves the black people"

Trump wants MAGAs to rally at WH tonight.. everything is about him.

It's not fraud but the voters' will that Trump fears

Amish protesting over killing of George Floyd

Today's Hurricane

Cartoons 5/30/2020

They've gotten genre savvy. Cat's out of the bag. We all know what "You loot, we shoot" REALLY means

New guidelines ease the path to Phase 2 for Snohomish County

A COVID-19 vaccine has passed its first human trial. But is it the frontrunner?

DEBUNKED: Yes, he was a CNN reporter.

Turkey's Dangerous Energy Play Is Putting The Entire Region At Risk


#TrumpResignNow is number three tweet trending

Biden ally sees Klobuchar as less likely Biden running mate

MN Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan speaking on CNN now.

Masked guy at Autozone, Qanon, and pizzagate

Are you better off than 4years ago? Nope (Tweet)

We should remind those good citizens that they should not join in crimes against our communities.

Just received an Emergency Alert about a problem in

Cornel West with Anderson Cooper

Just got an alert on my phone to avoid downtown Columbus

"There are no 'riots' in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd"...good read!

Truer words have not been written

Video: 1st African-American Majority Leader in Virginia History Speaks Powerfully About George Floyd

When Raging Against The Machine Beware Of The White Agent Provocateur

Hmmmm. Just got an emergency alert on my phone

Man killed after being dragged by FedEx truck following night of protests in downtown St. Louis

If I have to open it, add anything to it, heat it, and/or stir it......

Mounting China Tensions Risk $52 Billion in U.S. Energy Sales

"This is right out of the far-right, white supremacist playbook...The Turner Diaries"

Laura Ingraham to Black Americans: Trump Understands Police Violence Because of Russia Probe

Trump misread his inaugural speech on January 20, 2017

Navy SEAL who oversaw the Osama bin Laden raid says 'Batman and Superman are not coming' in a speech

A week of distractions from Trump shows a leader in crisis

I had an elective surgery last week ...

The dangerous road ahead isn't paved with gold like Trump wants it to be?

Pandemic's overall death toll in U.S. likely surpassed 100,000 weeks ago

Merkel won't attend G7 summit in person if US goes ahead

This is EXACTLY what he wants, he's giddy... look, from an interview in 2014

Jeffrey Epstein victims' compensation fund to finally move forward

Mayor Bowser Provides Situational Update for May 30th

Downtown storefront smashed in Seattle George Floyd protest

Columbus Mayor Ginthers' staff is finally using his Twitter acct. & Cops covering their badge number

MoscowMitch McConnell (MMM) Warns Against Violence

How Are People Going To Feel When Chauvin Gets Out On Bail?

For his 100th birthday, a WWII veteran is walking 100 miles to raise money for coronavirus relief

Why are the little boxes that contain the command keys (such as Bold, Italics, smilies)

Social distancing

SCotUS (4 plus ROBERTS) upholds restrictions on reopening churches

Suspected queen Asian giant hornet found in Washington

The most pathetic figure in American history

Barr on now doing a press conference blaming left wing groups for the violence!

Barr is blaming far left and Antifa

Barr on TV right now

A Little Flaming Barr? Far Left Actually Means Right Wing In The Real World

Photos: Day 3 of George Floyd protests in Columbus

What's the current U.S. death toll from COVID-19?

Great Live Stream Of Newark, NJ Protest

Atlanta mayor to vandalizing protesters: 'This is not a protest ... this is chaos'

Heck of a Photo of Trump Refusing A Handshake As He Gets Off Marine One

Images of RepBeatty& other Columbus elected officials being teargassed this afternoon, 30May 2020

Minnesota Community Leaders/Activists Call for Calm *LIVE* on all Networks

Sarah Cooper strikes again:

Dog Who Lost 5 Pounds Of Matted Fur Can't Stop Smiling

135-Pound Mastiff Becomes Obsessed With A Tiny Kitten

Live: Minnesota Governor Holds Press Conference On George Floyd Protests

Can't play media

TCM Schedule for Sunday May 31, 2020 - Based on H. Rider Haggard

Election Message from 'IVote for America' (in my email)

Take your last minute bio breaks now.

Barr and Antifa

TCM Schedule for Monday June 1, 2020 - Jazz in Film

Vote him away (The Liar tweets tonight)

Bill fucking Barr can go fuck off. You and your criminal client trump

SpaceX's launch stream is live...

Dear TONE DEAF Fux Noise: You've GOT To Be F--king KIDDING!

Power Plant strain 50 days in flower

Livestream from Pgh. protest. You can hear the chanting

The Wrong Stuff

White racist provocateur in Minnesota

My Brown Thrasher population has grown.

The young lady who took the video of Mr. Floyd's death is a courageous hero. But for God's sake,


For Any Supernatural Fans out There - "A Conversation on Race"

"They love African-American people, they love black people."

CNN fucked up the launch

Yes, the USA has been taken over by extremists...all republican

MAGA night at the White House

The Dragon SpaceX Just Lifted Off

Almost cut my hair last night!

From AIDS to Covid-19: Trump's decades of spreading dangerous misinformation about disease outbreaks

People are reporting getting automated calls from the ATF warning of civil unrest

The dumb bigots are salivating at the thought of finally getting their "Race War"

The image of Christa McCauliffe never fails to come to mind when I watch a manned launch.

Louisville PD apologizes for targeting news crew at protest

Florida-bound on Amtrak's Silver Meteor

Generating Threats for Political Gain?

Blaming Antifa

NASA just ruined the Space X launch by going pro-Trump

BREAKING... The DU has now raised OVER $300,000 to elect Joe Biden POTUS!!!!

As they announced Trump's arrival to witness the launch,

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms' speech that is going viral and is fueling speculation of her rise to VP.


Just heard my cousin has C19 and he has MS

A few questions about public mask wearing.

Trump dropped his threat to shoot looters faster than an empty bucket of KFC Chicken

Berlin Germany

New ditty from Don Canon trL Trump Death Clock.

Has the leader of the GOP Jared Kushner certified this Infrastructure Week to be a success story yet

A looming plague...locusts

Judge denies complaint against Virginia absentee voting laws

Ok, white men who support these protests, stay away tonight

More coverage of the instagators

GOP voter registration group shutters amid coronavirus challenges

I just got an Amber Alert for a missing cat. Not kidding.

Just ordered lunch from Popeye's

Three top Texas GOP officials who oppose expanding mail-in voting have each used it

FBI's top lawyer, Dana Boente, ousted amid Fox News criticism for role in Flynn investigation

Texas will extend early voting period this fall, Gov. Greg Abbott says

Harrisburg (Pa Capital) protest over George Floyd's death leads to violent clash with police

Nikki Fried smacks Ro DeSantis for 'failing to do his job'

Just came from Walmart

Ditty staring McTurtle. Give 'em credit for truthful words!

"MAGA loves the black people."

FBI's top lawyer, Dana Boente, ousted amid Fox News criticism for role in Flynn investigation

Liberal Redneck - Minnesota Burning

There will be fewer animal videos for awhile. Sorry!

Michigan DU'ers.

anyone watch NASA teevee prior and through launch?

DeWine and Ginther are doing a presser today at 5pm

George Floyd Memorial Gofundme reaches $3.9 million. 157,000 donors

Ohio Gov DeWine and Columbus city mayor, Ginther are doing a presser today at 5pm

Latest in science: How much virus does it take to make you sick?

Love Greg Daniels and Steve Carell (American version of "The Office") but "Space Force"

'No Blame?' ABC News finds 54 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, assaults

Michael Flynn and his son are no angels

crowd begins 9 minute kneel for how long George Floyd was made to suffer

Trump can't contain his excitement about protesters being 'really badly hurt'

Protesters in Philadelphia are burning a statue (Frank Rizzo)

Mayor announces curfew as thousands rally for George Floyd in downtown Denver

KARE 11 Investigates: Records show arrests so far are mostly in-state

Pick your side America

What will happen with Covid19 numbers in a couple weeks

tweet of the hour

Feeling It

Trevor Noah's Brilliant Take On Current Events

"Racism isn't getting worse"...

BREAKING: Joe Biden is leading President Trump by 13 points in a new poll.

From AIDS to Covid-19: Trump's decades of spreading dangerous misinformation about disease outbreaks

Statue of Louis XVI vandalized and dismembered last night in Louisville

Trump is going to want to scrub all his 2017 attacks on nfl players from the internet

What's for Dinner, Sat., May 30, 2020

White supremacists in Minneapolis?

Electric Light Orchestra - Can't Get it Out Of My Head


The more things change...

I drew this from a photo

Expect more threats of punishment, retaliation and tough talk from this wounded political animal

Fox carrying Trump speech at NASA.

I'm getting a t-shirt made

Cheap Trick - I Want You to Want Me (from Budokan!)

2017: Trump praises police violence to audience of laughing cops

The Cars - Moving In Stereo/ All Mixed Up

Boy these Re-Open protests sure have taken a drastic turn

jeff tiedrich tweet speaks for me!

The question that must be asked

It's getting hairy in Salt Lake City.

Looks directly at the sky during an eclipse, looks anywhere but the sky during a launch...

Things ar truly a mess

The Doors - L.A. Woman

Just in case you thought they had improved their knowledge and spelling.

Roberts Upholds COVID-19 Restrictions on Churches, Scolds Kavanaugh

How are you getting small bills?

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread (of a different sort), 5/30/20

George Floyd's brother tears up discussing condolence phone call from Trump: 'It hurt me'

Killer Mike last night ("don't burn down your own house - organize, plan, mobilize, strategize.."):

AG Barr can suck an egg!

Huh, it turns out that a govt that focuses on "Angry Conservative Man Problems" is no govt at all

Tonight Can Either Go Well.....Or Not

Big question: can we get Covid-19 from meat packing plants?

Has trump taken credit for Space X yet

This is currently happening outside the White House

News from the Covid front

Huge demonstration in Philadelphia.

still daylight and it's getting ugly already

It Just Seems Right Somehow....

LAPD surrounded by protesters

I love nasa as much as the next guy

Flying the flag in Trumps America means one thing

Kamala Harris is outside the White House with protesters.

Juan Felipe Herrera, poet laureate gives a reading at 530 central time today, Saturday

Come on LA!

Molly Tuttle - "Cold Rain And Snow" (Dead Cover)

CNN is covering the protest in Los Angeles.

Killer Mike -- Don't Burn Your Own House Down, Fortify Your House

AG Barr: blames 'hijacked' protests 'far left extremist groups'

Atlanta Police Chief calls George Floyd death Murder.

Cities should follow Harvey Milk's example.

Biden ally sees Klobuchar as less likely Biden running mate

Senator Franken discusses his appearance on CNN last night; "Not Myself"

Trump Tower in Chicago is 'under siege'

What all these demonstrations seem to have in common is...

Why was Derek Chauvin's hand in his pocket?

Hey, remember when Roger Stone said he was being "lynched"?

Let's send vibes and/or prayers that nobody get hurt or dies tonight

The View from the Tenderloin

Will the protests that become violent impact the election?

Trump has invited his MAGA supporters to come out and counter the demonstrators

Large fires in Philadelphia as police scramble to save City Hill

Astronauts should be grateful.

Barr & Trump want this violence and law breaking ...this is their Reichstag fire a desperate

Trump Tower is 'under siege' as Chicago Police make arrests to defend the president's building

The greatest VP choice in history will not happen..But it is worth creative speculation.

Philly is getting wild

"Liberals live in ivory towers and can't do anything for REAL America"

Every Single Worker On One Tennessee Farm Has Tested Positive For COVID-19

Netflix - Space Force

Bolsonaro's Disapproval Breaks Record, but Base Remains, Says Datafolha

Robert Todd Lincoln had been present at shooting or deathbed of three assassinated presidents

Seeing a difference in Columbus today?

Trump Issues Proclamation on National [Fill in the Blank] Month

DC mayor blasts 'gross' Trump tweet threatening 'vicious dogs' at White House

caption Trump photo

My Friend Just Told Me Trump Wants To Send The Klan To Shoot The Agent Provocateurs

So I guess the space shot is not going to bring us together right???

Trump's Remarks in Roundtable Discussion with Industry Executives on Reopening; May 29, 2020

Anyone here remember Washington, DC on April 24th, 1971?

Tweet of the evening:

Lots of Ninja-looking all-black wearing, black-hoodied guys leading the charge in Chicago...

'Cannabis burned during worship' by ancient Israelites

Five-month-old Brazilian baby survives coronavirus after 32 days in coma

Protestors knock down White House security's barricade as tensions mount over Floyd's death

Someone at Fox F$$ked up big time. I wonder if it was on purpose.

Chicago Protest is Pretty Huge. Short video of the crowd:

Are we great enough yet?

City officials begging everyone to go home and shut up

Out and about 5-30-20: The credit union, the post office and WalMart plus a family dynamic

The Looters #TrumpLoots

Fanning the flames of division and hate

History books may say tonight has become "The MAGA Night"

Can Trump swear himself in for a second term if he loses?

Portland, OR curfew?

Secret Service undercuts Trump's accusation DC's mayor made police stand down against protesters.

My heart breaks when I read this MLK Jr. quote.

Rush Limbaugh Wannabe Caiden Cowger Launches Fake "News" Site, the "Washington Reformer"

"This Is Why We Kneel"

So the information in the MN presser was not accurate..

Seattle just announced 5pm curfew

Kamala Harris is protesting outside of the White House

In pictures: Peru's most catastrophic natural disaster

Denver setting up for a stand off

Floyd's brother said Trump didn't give him opportunity to speak.