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She is so amazing....

Is anyone else watching Raiders of the Lost Ark on CBS Sunday Night Movies?

Who is keeping track of cases in open States?

FWIT we got our $1,200 deposits from the Feds in 05/01. We're on SS & don't file a tax return.

Ohio State Rep. Nino Vitale Calls Dr. Amy Acton, Who is Jewish, a Globalist

Trump says intelligence told him coronavirus was 'non-threatening' in January as criticism of his ea

Tweet of the night:


What information in Michael Moore's new film was wrong?

Trump's Daughter-in-Law Calls for Transparency Over Biden Sexual Assault Accusation

So, now he thinks he is Lincoln?

A coronavirus antibody test that is more than 99% accurate is now cleared for emergency use

Larry Kudlow gets testy after CNN airs video of him saying in Feb. the coronavirus was 'contained'

Why even watch?

He now habitually refers to the corona virus as "the plague," even when talking about it, not just i

Package thieves in Washington state pose as nurses, police say

'Trumptilla' boat parade from Jupiter to Mar-a-Lago

Before Covid-19, Stephen Miller Sought to Use Disease to Close Borders

Virus Pushes a Staid Supreme Court Into Revolutionary Changes

RNC chairwoman on recent polls favoring Biden: 'I don't rely on polling this far out'

Coronavirus cuts into global french fry demand

Surge in calls to NYC Poison Control even larger than thought after Trump's 'disinfectant' comments


☦ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha, 'As Many of You As Have Been Baptized Into Christ'

Another sexual assault accusation against Donald Trump:

As nursing homes remain under lockdown, families worry about support for older loved ones

We are broken. We will need more than one VP to fix us.

The Finance 202: Trump officials spook economists with talk of skipping debt payments to China

Entenmann's banana iced cake is amazing

The Coronavirus Becomes a Battle Cry for U.S. Extremists

U.S. district judge rules Illinois Pritzker's stay-at-home order constitutional

CAKE BY THE OCEAN (Juju and I love this song)

U.S. district judge rules Illinois Pritzker's stay-at-home order constitutional

CBS News poll: Elizabeth Warren tops Democrats' wish list for VP

Anybody play this board game?

Ohio University lays off 140 union employees; more cuts to come

Security guard arrested after man allegedly shot during altercation over face mask

Reopening states will cause 233,000 more people to die from coronavirus, according to Wharton model

The Lincoln Movement rescinds endorsement of Justin Amash

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

Beshear calls comments made by elected leaders at protest 'reckless'

On edit: I see that the ads are random. It is an official video. I am deleting, Sorry.

Birx's 'Fox News Sunday' interview lays bare the discord in Trump's coronavirus response

As states ease restrictions, expert forecasts 'waves' of new coronavirus cases through summer

Snohomish barber openly defies Washington's stay-home orders

MSNBC reporter interrupted by protester in California: 'Take off your damn mask, man!'

If We Treated Teachers Like Pro Athletes - Key & Peele

Trump administration terminates funding of coronavirus bat research in China

The Animated Peter Lorre

OMFG. Watching Duck Soup with the Marx Brothers

Defeat the right in 3 minutes

Why is the far right so obsessed with the idea of our switching nominees?

Trolls and bots are flooding social media with disinformation encouraging states to end quarantine

I do love a Sunday evening....

*Sleepless in Seattle on Showtime NOW,

This sums up right wing protesters

Iced tea on a Summer's evening

Hundreds of Florida boaters throw boat parade in support of Trump

Montgomery County (MD) hospitals on Blue Alert tonight.

Hundreds of Florida boaters throw boat parade in support of Trump

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says his original face coverings mandate went 'too far'

If fiscal conservatives are banking on the economy, they're headed towards disaster this Fall.

The Blue Hearts - Linda Linda with English subtitles

Linda Linda by The Blue Notes English subs

Montgomery County hospitals on BLUE ALERT:

"philosopher"of the pathocracy of the republicans

Utah Oil Industry Asks Governor for Bailout in Midst of Pandemic

Imax, other large-format science films shown in museums are available for home viewing

"And just like that.... "

'Not just weeds': how rebel botanists are using graffiti to name forgotten flora

Colorado Bans Cruel Wildlife-killing Contests

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that favors Democrats.

Key & Peele - But We Have Oil

CDC Urges Nation's Hotties And Studs Not To Hide That Pretty Little Face Behind A Mask

FL Unemployment site STILL DOESN'T WORK!

Calls to Break Up 'Big Meat' as Nearly 900 Workers at Single Tyson Processing Plant Test Positive

CNN "The Pandemic and The President".

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, May 5: Wonder Women

WTF??? Trump withdraws money away from Covid 19 Research in Bats....

It's a dance fest over here.

Ted Koppel Discusses the State of Journalism and Democracy

Suhyun- Windy Place

Repost due to high level of "goddamn that's sick!"

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, May 6: Asian Americans in Hollywood

Trump says up to 100,000 Americans may die from coronavirus

Let's slow down and step back to consider what is about to happen. Though there is a wide

Judge: Strip clubs should be eligible for COVID-19 pandemic emergency loans

Van killing it! Into Thae Mystic

These covid quarentine protesters

The Neil Young/Devo collaboration you always wanted

Daughter Loses Health Care Worker Mom to COVID-19, a Future Cut Short

'60 Minutes' correspondent Stahl says she fought coronavirus

One of the people pushing the Reade/Murry smears about Biden is a former Tulsi Gabbard

why no protests to stay closed?

How Matt Gaetz Used Daddy's Money to Become Trump's Favorite Congressman

If quarantine is driving you crazy, watch this

The stable genius with a deadly hunch about Hydroxychloriquine says it's safe for states to reopen

Kudos to my CEO! She's keeping us closed even though Gov Desantis plans to reopen tomorrow

a couple tweets from jeff tiedrich (okay, 3)

I've thought about it. He DID drain the swamp like he said he would.

New Hampshire State Rep. Resigns After Graphic Tweet About Tara Reade Allegation

Re: Trolls and bots and disinformation

COVID-19 Projections Using Machine Learning

Stimulus payments for SS recipients has been explained very poorly

Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus And Biden In Epic Correspondents' Dinner Video

Few coronavirus cases, lots of land. Should northern Michigan reopen?

Coronavirus Tracker: Confirmed cases reach 43,754; Whitmer slams Capitol protest

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Interesting twist in the news about Boris Johnson's recovery

Science played a lead role in plans to reopen the Kansas City area -- so did politics

If/When a vaccine becomes available

Michael Lewis Explains Why We Should Have Seen The Pandemic Coming Full Frontal on TBS

Nina Turner joins People's Party

Good lord..Don Lemon just called trump out hugely!

Michigan Governor Responds to Armed Anti-Lockdown Protesters amid COVID-19

80% of Canadians back ban on 'assault-style' weapons: poll

Coronavirus patient surge at hospitals puts Montgomery County on Blue Alert

Tens of thousands of ballots that arrived after Election Day were counted, thanks to court decisions

Story of Yasha and Pasha.

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that favors Democrats.

Dr. Birx Says Lansing Protest Was 'Devastatingly Worrisome'

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Once Again Irritates Trump, Who Fires Back

Is there a statue of Donald Trump anywhere in the US yet?

Thousands of crew members still stuck on cruise ships amid coronavirus crisis

James McMurtry "Choctaw Bingo", live 04-09-2009

I put in my retirement paperwork

Michigan Democrats torch Trump for scapegoating immigrants during pandemic

Any chance US Sen. Collins(R-ME) gets Sasserized(D-TN)- 1994.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Coronavirus VI: Testing

Prince - Big Tall Wall ( Unreleased )

Gov. Whitmer extends order banning non-essential visits to hospitals, care facilities

God (Love Theme from Purple Rain) (Instrumental)

Noon Rendezvous - Sheila E.

not-social distancing while black

European stock futures drop as U.S., China spar over virus origin

Controversy - prince

Before Covid-19, Trump Aide (Miller) Sought to Use Disease to Close Borders

Trump up close - should the press address his appearance?

"They always said nobody got treated worse than Lincoln. I believe I am treated worse." Trump

Stereo MC's - Connected (Full Length)

Sexy MF

Stereo MC's - Connected (Full Strength)

Also George W. Bush can shut his pie hole and disappear

The N.P.G. - Exodus 1995

Black faculty, staff call MSU provost pick 'a travesty'

Rocky Planets Orbiting White Dwarf Stars Could be the Perfect Places to Search for Life

The Cure - A Thousand Hours

Alison Moyet (Yazoo) -LIVE- "Don't Go" @Berlin Feb 18, 2015

Yazoo - Too pieces

I'm SO tired of being lectured by a three-year-old every fucking day.

Do You Wanna Funk? - Sylvester

Supermassive Black Hole Orbits an Even More Massive Black Hole, Crashing Through its Accretion Disk

Prince - 100 MPH

In a Large Room with No Light - Prince

Gov. Whitmer sends Bell's beer care package to 'SNL' star Cecily Strong

We're Passing Through The Trail of Halley's Comet, And It's About to Light Up The Sky

Scientists Have Discovered Fixed Nitrogen in a Martian Meteorite For The First Time

'Not just weeds': how rebel botanists are using graffiti to name forgotten flora

Without 'Obamacare' COVID-19 survivors could be uninsurable

Just Like Heaven

'Once Upon a Virus': China mocks U.S. in Lego-like animation

Trump is trying to pull another WMD fiasco, but this time with China, and the war

Crooked Katie Halper goes on George Galloway's Russian Show

How is contact tracing supposed to work if the info given is fake?

Many Italians get back to work as lockdown eases

How the Kent State massacre marked the start of America's polarization

Holocaust imagery and rhetoric continue at stay-at-home protests in state capitols

What A Contrast. A CLASS ACT Versus A BUM. Just An Absolute Lowlife.

Ohio state representative calls state's Jewish Department of Health director a 'globalist'

(Jewish Group) Two Louisiana synagogues catch fire

Mass Grave of Elephant-Sized Sloths Poses Murky Mystery

NASA Space Lasers Offer 'Fantastically Detailed' Look at the World's Ice Loss

Gov. Holcomb apologizes for not wearing mask in Brown County

How Medieval People Tried to Dance Away the Plague

Lionel, Stevie, Cherrelle, SWV

Commercial whaling may be over in Iceland

Try explaining these bite marks to your wife, Steve!

During tough times, ancient 'tourists' sought solace in Florida oyster feasts

Bizarre 66 million-year-old fossil from Madagascar provides clues on early mammals

The personal stories of 3 enslaved Africans, as told by their bones

Might Be A High CV Death Day Today

The personal stories of 3 enslaved Africans, as told by their bones

Presumptive Democratic nominee for Indiana governor says it's unsafe to reopen economy now

Trump says intelligence told him coronavirus was 'non-threatening' in January as criticism of his ea


The Town Hall was more like a wake

50 years Ago Today; Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming...

April jobs report, earnings: What to know in the week ahead, Yahoo Finance

This Mika is still trying to stretch things to fit Reade's

Happy Birthday to...ME!!

Breakfast Monday 4 May 2020

It is not that they are just passive about people dying, it is a pivotal policy of Trump Nazism

May the 4th be with you


Chinese State Media Demands U.S. Evidence That Coronavirus Came From Lab

Who is politicizing the pandemic?

Monday TOONs 1 - ProTrumpkin Village

Monday TOONs 2 - Release and Catch

SCOTUSblog Monday round-up; May 4, 2020

Fever-reading drones just first of a wave of privacy challenges, civil liberties advocates say

When does America get fed up with the bullshit?

NUVO print and online issues coming to an end

Angela Merkel: ''Now we have to go back to the beginning. We have to trace every single case.''

Morning Joe just told dotard he needed to let Pence run things because trump is not well

If you always wanted to own "The Scream," but never wanted to break into a museum to get it

As Much As I Miss Seeing Live Music...

4 dead in Ohio

Why, Exactly, Are Pork Chops So "Essential" That Workers Must Die To Keep Plants Open?

The Coronavirus Stimulus Plan

Vote 2020 - 3 November 2020 ... You Are Right.

May 4, 1970

Top Georgia Democrats running for US Senate spar in debate

70% of Texas prisoners tested have the coronavirus. Experts say it's time for more testing and fewer

Science Daily: CU Boulder Develops Means To Predict Ocean Acidification Years, Not Months Ahead

They lied about masks. They lied and lied and lied.

All this chatter about a vaccine for COVID the end of the year.

Trump Administration Eases Truck Safety Rule

What do you think of this?

If we have another 4 years of this, will there even BE an America?

Antarctic Summer 2019-20 - Alarming On Multiple Levels In Duration, Speed & Scale Of Melting

Three(!) Russian doctors have fallen from windows in the past two weeks.


Irish dig deep to support virus-hit native Americans, repaying 150-year-old debt

We are encouraging everyone to learn about mail in voting in their state.

Mourning in America

China should NOT be blamed for Trump admin incompetence.

A new week ahead?

Trump Says America's Coronavirus Death Toll Could Hit 100,000. Experts Say It Already Has.

New Rump Tweet, having a go at Ilhan Omar and endorsing her opponent

nice sign

From BBC/Health 5-4-20: Malaria 'completely stopped' by microbe (that prevents mosquitoes

Hello Darkness my old friend

I really hope I am wrong. I'll get no satisfaction from a new spike

I'm Moving On

Australian intelligence knocks back US government's Wuhan lab virus claim

Trump's fantastical dream -by Tom Tomorrow

"Here Alone". Very well done creepy movie.

When the god of mischief likes your tweet:

Tom Tiffany faces Tricia Zunker in the May 12 election for Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District.

May 4 - Happy Birthday Senator Doug Jones (D) AL

Malaria 'completely stopped' by microbe

MOSTLY FALSE: Trump's claim that he inherited "empty cupboards" from Obama administration for a pand

Ernst Challenger Michael Franken Knows Something About Pandemics

Discounts and freebies for health care workers during Nurses Week

May the 4th be with you.

The Darwin Awards Committee is exhausted

DU promoters of the Joe "Dead Intern" Scarborough thing have a new ally!

Before pandemic, Trump's stockpile chief put focus on biodefense. An old client benefited.

Mike Pence Admits He Messed Up During His Visit With Mayo Clinic Coronavirus Team

Top 10 Leon Russell Songs

The Rundown: May 1, 2020

Juan Vlasco, Veteran Marvel Inker, Dead at 51

Poll: Have you been ridiculed or harassed for wearing a mask?

Historic financial decline hits doctors, dentists and hospitals, threatening overall economy

From The Guardian/U.S. Politics 5-4-20: "Mitch McConnell could yet pay price

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/4/20

Tara Reade, Al Franken did Klobuchar get a bump?

First time I have heard trump explain a deviant strategy

Traveling doctors, divisiveness and an atomized society

Morning Joe just had a segment about country club Retrumplicans doubling down on Donnie Dollhands

Everything has gone insane; They are now predicting this.

C'mon, Morning Scabs, ***SUE*** the Orange MoFo, might work the way Impeachment didn't!1

California Asshole with his "protective" face mask out shopping

I'm fairly certain that the Biden campaign WANTED Mika Brezinski to do last week's interview

You raised $848.14 on May 3, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

There is one thing that has been affirmed for me as I watch the


Trump got his parade!

you know those videos where they turn the baby's hearing aids on,

This seems insane: Carnival to begin cruises again from Florida and Texas on Aug. 1st

We Are Living in a Failed State

After the Virus: California Liberals Say Returning to Normal Won't Be Enough

Epic Video made my day!, bravo to this man, this should be played for every protesters non stop!

Just found out our maintenance man died over the weekend. COVID-19 is suspected.

Indivisible lives up to its name

Southern California Edison wants its new, huge 770 MW battery storage procurement online fast

Masks Become a Flash Point in the Virus Culture Wars

The propaganda airs on all network stations all day long.

Ohio- Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Thank you for your service, Jared Kushner

LIVE: SCOTUS offers oral arguments live for the first time: Patent & Trademark v

The Cloud Forming Over America's Spies

I do not even know where to begin with the stupid on the part of the media..Bidens documents

DU is good for playing devil's advocate w/ideas, so....

This Ahmaud Arbery case sounds like a near Xerox copy of the Trayvon Martin case.

After last night's little farce at the Lincoln Memorial . . . .

MSNBC breathlessly reporting "new developments and questions"

I'm taking more comfort and pleasure from the simple things...

Breaking: Legendary Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula dead

On this date in 1970

Michelle Obama's BECOMING premieres on Netflix on May 6th

Florida's reported deaths the past three days: 50, 15, 20...

J.Crew has filed for bankruptcy

"... if he were not the worst president in American history ..."

Former Miss Finland tweets that Trump "grabbed" her inappropriately on the set of The Late Show 2006

US to rein in flood of virus blood tests after lax oversight

Ron Carter has a birthday today.

Hi, I sure hope some of you remember me...

Always remember to wear a mask...

Abe Lincoln is laughing from his grave!

Indivisible, the progressive group never keen on Biden, endorses the former VP

Just watched this on you tube. This guy is good

Zinn Education Project: May 4, 1970: Kent State Massacre

Progressive group Indivisible endorses @JoeBiden for President

Don Shula has passed

Full Metal Jacket: A question that obsessed me for years

Breaking news on MSNBC: South Korean researchers have determined

The Historian Eric Foner: "Buchanan did not recommend drinking Lysol.

Texas could add 3.5 GW of solar this year

May The Fourth Be With You, Humans

I have minestrone on the mind

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Comic book day postponed...may the 4th still be with you never the less. :)

A question for next briefing: Why does America have more cases than anyone else?

Pic Of The Moment: Trump To Desperate Woman: Just Get A Better Job That Makes More Money, Duh

Will Remdesivir become part of "our" stockpile?

We ain't even bout to stress we got Big Gretch

Dick Dale was born on this date-

Our greatest problem right now? Gaps in knowledge.

BTRTN: Pandemic's Box: Trump Drifts Towards Irrelevance

BTRTN: Pandemic's Box: Trump Drifts Towards Irrelevance

Lincoln Project (Republican; Pro-Biden) campaign ad: "Mourning in America"

May the 4th be with you!

@DavidCornDC 1h Who believes this?..........

DOJ argues Virginia stay-at-home order interfered with church's free exercise of religion


CNN's Don Lemon calls out trump about his dislike of President Obama

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 4 2020

Tracing the Path of Dumbfuckery

The Trump administration projects about 3,000 daily deaths by early June.

It's Mourning In America


J.Crew files for Chapter 11 as pandemic chokes retail

I give up!

Rare and intense May outbreak of Arctic air targets East for Mother's Day weekend.

Cartoon: Michigan Freeedumb By Clay Jones -May 4, 2020 9:00 AM

I have a theory

CDC Releases Detailed National Excess Death Data

The Insult Comic-in-Chief

Third Russian Doctor Falls from Hospital Window

Mourning in America is trending on twitter

Trump says he'll block virus aid unless Congress cuts taxes for businesses

The most discouraging thing about the Anti-Quarantine Protests

The Trump administration projects about 3,000 daily deaths by early June.

The latest coronavirus antibody test is a lot more accurate (100% accurate at detecting antibodies)

Roche CEO says it is 'very likely' people develop immunity after recovering from coronavirus

Tin soldiers

Killing Eve last night (5/3/20)! (Spoiler alert)

Did I just see a Trump campaign ad...

Their prophet said, "Open Sesame" and they followed until their deaths.


Who should Biden pick for VP?

Stunning viral video from a British poet: The Great Realisation

Nunes's ridiculous lawsuits provoke judges:

Chuck Todd video highlight of Trump's COVID-19 failure in his own words

Very funny stuff - just for light relief

Why isn't the false allegation against Biden this weekend

Trump's Remarks in a Fox News Virtual Town Hall, May 3, 2020

The Biden Accuser: Where am I? Who am I? What day is it? What year is it?

Coronavirus antibody testing begins in Volusia County

Some Good News: Glycan Shielding on SARS-CoV2 Is Lower Than That of Vaccine Intractable HIV.

Frontier's Bankruptcy Reveals Why Big ISPs Choose to Deny Fiber to So Much of America

Ciao, lockdown! Italy's streets and tourist spots are crowded for the first time in nine weeks

Clarence Thomas

President Cuomo is putting a plan in place, which is allowing me to do the same.

Milwaukee Will Send Absentee Ballot Applications to Voters

NYT : Two Medical Systems, Two Pandemic Responses (Canada versus the US)

7-11 delivers,

An idiot Ohio Republican won't wear a face mask because God doesn't wear one

Anyone else getting a Pac-Man feeling at the grocery?

Pence: 'I should have worn a mask at the Mayo Clinic'

Trump Administration Models Predict Near Doubling of Daily Death Toll by June

Secretary of Senate declines to disclose information on Tara Reade complaint against Biden

At least he didn't bang porn stars two at a time with a nursing

One big take away with the O'Donnell mess is that corroborating witnesses should be scrutinized.

How that shot of Fisk waving his HR ball fair came about.

Stephen King has such a way with words.

Testing my grandson UPDATE - looking like it's NOT COVID

After watching 60 minutes last night all I can say is this.

Great question from the Washington Post...............

AND, the job security countdown clock begins for Mark Meadows as he warns of coronavirus flare-ups.

White House increases death estimates as restrictions loosen - CNN Headline.

New Claim That Enemies of U.S. Developed Trump in Lab

Joe Walsh Reflects on Kent State Shootings: 'We Are as Divided Now as We Were Then'

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker debuts today on Disney+ (May the fourth be with you)

Irish payback Great Hunger kindness reaching out to Native Americans struck by COVID-19.

My latest letter to the editor got into the paper:

Who wore it better.....?

Kent State Shootings: A Lot of People Were Crying, and the Guard Walked Away

Antibodies from llamas could help in fight against COVID-19

Exclusive: Internal Chinese report warns Beijing faces Tiananmen-like global backlash over virus

Coscto day 1 requiring masks in store in Oregon and all other states

Yes its possible to be more useless than a Dead Rat

Sen. Sanders, Khanna Unveil Emergency Medical Supplies Procurement Act

Cartoons 5/4/2020

Harry Enten averaged all GE polls for past yr & 1/2, then last month's polls. Biden +6.3 in both.

Amid COVID-19, the uninsured rate jumped from 7% to 13% in Snohomish County

Cuomo indicates New York can start to reopen as planned after May 15 lockdown deadline

Even in a pandemic, buses and transit keeps rolling

PPP loan or no, many small businesses will still face bankruptcy. Here's what that means

Texas Official Says Fear of Virus Is 'Emotional Condition'

Gov. Inslee lays out plan to reopen Washington's economy in four phases

Different, and so Joe

She needed a will. A lawyer named himself the main heir to her $1.7 million estate.

About the Ohio governor who said "face mask order went too far"....

RIP to the Stranglers brilliant keyboardist Dave Greenfield (Covid-19 victim).

Fact check: Obama administration did not send $3.7 million to Wuhan lab

Scientists Create Antibody That Defeats Coronavirus in Lab

79 haunting photos from the Kent State University shootings you've likely never seen before

Sen. Duckworth calls Trump's planned West Point commencement speech, requiring cadets to r

A new analysis shows that just 10 states have met even basic standards for testing

U.S. sits back as Canada pledges $850 million for global fight against coronavirus

Lincoln flips off trump:

Can We Repair the Damage, Imagine a Way to Revive America?

Considering Trump's unsurpassed ignorance of history, do you suppose that his appalling

2 women dressed as nurses steal items off Kennewick porches

White House signals a pause on coronavirus aid, even as the economic situation becomes more urgent

Bye, Amazon: VP Quits Over COVID-19 - Cites 'vein of toxicity running through' company

Devo's Jerry Casale Looks Back at Kent State 50 Years Later

Trump gets worse treatment by the press than "Honest Abe"? Ya think? There's a reason for that

GE is cutting up to 13,000 aviation jobs

Colorado man planning armed protest against state's coronavirus restrictions arrested for pipe bombs

For A.O.C., 'Existential Crises' as Her District Becomes the Coronavirus Epicenter

Pierce: The Calls Are Coming From Inside Camp Runamuck

Oklahoma city backs off mask mandate after threats, as officials struggle to enforce public health

Many Washington parks to re-open, but not beaches, gorge

WWU opens respiratory clinic for students in case of 'future spikes' of COVID-19

15,185 Coronavirus Cases Confirmed In Washington; 834 Deaths

What Have I Done to Deserve This?

Grays Harbor County officials in 'no rush' to reopen

Hundreds of WA health care workers sickened by coronavirus

With testing, Iceland claims major success against COVID-19

Lummi Nation reports possible coronavirus exposure for food assistance group

A doctor on tv said that we need commercials about wearing masks, the same way we did condoms

(Jewish Group) Facebook Deplatforms Antisemitic Conspiracy Theorist David Icke Over False COVID

Can you imagine what will happen this fall when the power 5 football conferences put pressure on the

Federal Judge Upholds Gov. JB Pritzker's Stay-At-Home Order; Denies Restraining Order

(Jewish Group) Lipstadt: We're seeing 'perfect storm of anti-Semitism'

Trump says he shares his famed uncle's science genius.

Pandemics have always incited anti-Semitism. Here's the history you need to know.

(Jewish Group) Pandemics have always incited anti-Semitism. Here's the history you need to know.

Coronavirus cases in Georgia near 29,000 days after shelter in place order expires

Hillary's Onward Together PAC joins Democracy Docket to Strengthen the Right to Vote

'It's Not Safe For Anyone': Restaurant Employees Say Bosses Forbid Face Masks

A sign of how things have changed

(Jewish Group) Anti-Semitism Due To COVID-19 In Finland, Where Even The Nazis Failed To Instill Hate

Ultra-rich families with cash on hand pile into private debt

Robert Reich reveals the GOP 4-step plan to reopen the economy and get more Americans killed

Justice Department sides with Virginia church in dispute over lockdown orders

My $2 an hour 'hero' raise expires tomorrow

'It makes no sense': Feds consider relaxing infection control in U.S. nursing homes

'Here, I'll use this as a mask': Man wipes nose on Oakland County worker who asked him to wear mask

Milwaukee Will Send Absentee Ballot Applications to Voters

How To Thrive During COVID-19 By Jared Kushner

Risk Of Exposure To COVID-19 In Georgia Has Increased By More Than 40% Since The State Reopened

First denied testing, twice denied hospital admission, Marshalltown man dies of COVID-19

Unvetted Trump was Just the Noisiest Dog in the Pound

Administration Projects Daily Deaths to Soar

Washington state allowing drive-in church services

Key coronavirus model will revise projections to nearly 135,000 US deaths

An example of Trump-speak that infuriates me.

5/4/20 COVID 19 Update: Ohio Nurses Association

White House dismisses report projecting sharp increase in daily COVID deaths

Why Are You So Obsessed With Obama?

Found on FB

Two homeless men found dead on NYC subway trains in just 13 hours: cops

I Fully Expect Trump To Make The Following Statement Soon.....

Do you think that he knows what happened to Lincoln?

WaPo confirms: A draft government report projects covid-19 cases will surge to about 200,000 per day

Hundreds gather at [Mass.] State House to protest measures to slow spread of coronavirus

Before pandemic, Trump's stockpile chief put focus on biodefense. An old client benefited.

This is so true for me!!

Sheriff's Department investigating after man wears KKK hood while grocery shopping in Santee

COVID-19 Deaths Are Being Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency

Ludwig van Beethoven Egmont: Overture

Since Trump loves his name plastered everywhere, perhaps COVID-19 should be renamed the Trump Virus

What's for Dinner, Mon., May 4, 2020

Every day Trump should have to read the names of the Dead

Phase 1 of Inslee's plan to reopen Washington starts Tuesday. Here's what it means

Did Idiot wear a mask today in Arizona?

Received a stimulus check today ... for my Grandma, who died 2 years ago

Remember the Tea Party protests during Obama's first two years in office?

Maddow: Potus has revised projected death toll 5 times in 13 days -that's a problem

For Disney, a Stricken Empire

50 years ago, the Kent State shootings sparked student unrest across America

Ow, springtime soreness

Biden, Warren: There's no oversight of coronavirus relief -- because that's what Trump wants.

Amazon engineer quits after he 'snapped' when the company fired workers who called for coronavirus p

UW doctors clamor for better contract as they fight on the COVID-19 front lines

Yes no if

Amazon engineer quits after he 'snapped' when the company fired workers who called for coronavirus p

Costco to limit meat purchases amid nationwide outbreak at processing plants

Joe Biden Expands His Lead To 6 Points Over Trump

Breaking: WH is moving further to limit Coronavirus task force members from testifying at hearings

Biden, Warren Slam Trump's Weak Coronavirus Stimulus Oversight

"The Pandemic and the President" re-airing tonight at 11 ET on CNN

The Pandemic May Mean the End of the Open-Floor Office

Ernst lead evaporates in Iowa Senate race...leads by just 1 point 🙂

Jerry Casale (of DEVO and Kent State witness) on the 50th Commemoration of May 4, 1970

Washington Post wins Pulitzer Prize for series that detailed environmental devastation

Is there ANY death count that will convince the protesters and science deniers?

I don't know if I can make it all the way through work tomorrow.

Supreme Court to hear 2 cases about when religious employers can ignore civil rights laws

Cuomo outlines rules for partial reopening of some Upstate New York regions

HBO's 'Atlanta's Missing and Murdered' series reveals how little black lives matter

Trump knows one thing. He knows how to con people.

3 charged in killing of store security guard over virus mask

While Americans shelter in place, Trump plans his summer getaway

North Korea defectors criticised over speculation Kim was ill or dead

Powerful new Lincoln Project ad

Great Joe Biden ad-Cry me a river

Councilwoman becomes completely unhinged in conference call, attacks city's first openly gay mayor

The religious right is targeting new dad Anderson Cooper with anti-gay attacks

NJ city councilor goes on unhinged 10-minute anti-gay tirade during coronavirus meeting

Public Service Army

Front-Line Fighters

373 of 1500 workers at Missouri pork plant test positive, all asymptomatic

Mnuchin Urges 'Explore America' Despite CDC Guidance

The difference between Democrats and Republicans, in a nutshell.

MSNBC Andy Lack resigning

Exellent rant

SEE IT: Kentucky woman cuts hole in mask to make it 'easier to breathe'

BREAKING: US Treasury plans to borrow nearly $3 trillion THIS QUARTER (April to June 2020).

Five Eyes network contradicts theory Covid-19 leaked from lab

Remember, there are a couple hundred of them..but 100's of thousands of us at demonstrations

We Talked About This, last Summer, 👏👏👏👏 Well Earned #1619 Project

The coronavirus pandemic is pushing America into a mental health crisis

OK : Oklahoma State Supreme Court tosses notary requirement for absentee ballots.

Why Trump's "millions would have died if it wasn't for us" argument is so infuriating.

Painted one little notebook in another little notebook. Lost my light and tried to build some back

I only THOUGHT I was angry when George W. was president

I'm with Bugs...

"May the fourth be with you"

I live in a country that demands the highest level of competence from sports teams but not the POTUS

That woman from Michigan

Key Scientific Group Doubles Its Projected US Death Toll from Pandemic to 135,000

The Green Jars

a 9/11 every day

Greg Zanis, the Aurora man whose crosses memorialized victims of gun violence, has died

My tune for the day:

Trump compares himself to Lincoln. Historian says he's wrong

Democrats celebrating Star Wars Day around the net. *Warning Twitter heavy post*

'It's not a pandemic': Boston protesters chant 'it's a hoax' and 'Make America Great Again'

Coronavirus new cases/deaths seem to be way down today

Cruising Van Nuys Boulevard In The Summer Of 1972 In Stunning Black And White Photos By Rick McClosk

San Diego County, CA, Sheriff Launches Criminal Probe of Man Wearing KKK Hood at Grocery

Trump FLIPS OUT Over Joe Biden Being Able To Send A Tweet That Contains COMPLETE SENTENCES.

Trump is just like Lincoln.

As States Move to Reopen, Trump Administration Privately Predicts Deaths Will Rise

Don Lemon breaks the internet with MUST-SEE takedown of Trump on air

Have You Started Yet?


You know how prison populations are going to be gutted cause Covid?

Lincoln responds

Tax question: If an adult person living with me doesn't qualify for the "Other Dependent" credit...

Well CNN seems to be on board with re-openings

"You wouldn't believe how unfair they are."

It Maybe Time for DU to Go on a Virtual Vacation

Is there any reason to list someone as a dependent on my Form 1040 if...

Indiana Restaurant Is Offering 'Dragside Pickup'

Maybe now parents are starting to understand a little of what teachers go through

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 15

Devin Nunes' lawyer facing prospect of sanctions after two recent, rare court warnings

Breaking:Jamaica found a cure for Coronavirus in a plant

Lawsuit demands easier vote-by-mail process in NC

Gun control group launches ad campaign in Texas GOP districts

DuoLingo app!

The world came together for a virtual vaccine summit. The U.S. was conspicuously absent.

New Weekly CO2 Concentration Record Set at the Mauna Loa Observatory 416.82 ppm.

Quincy Walmart Shuts Down After Multiple Workers Test Positive For Coronavirus

As I listen to or read some of the comments of the anti-lockdown protestors, it occurs to me that if

It's clear Trump and certain Republican-led states are trying to hide the true COVID-19 death toll

Tara Reade says she did not discuss the assault in 2019 out of fear...

Violent campaign video shows Trump attacking and decapitating news organizations and journalists.

trump is literally forcing thousands to die

Miami Beach closes park just five days after reopening as nearly 8,000 break face mask and distance

Ousted NBC News executive who hired right-wing pundits blasted as 'stuck in another era'

With The Administration Making All These Dire Covid Death Predictions - Why Oh Why......

There are two things coming our way that will get everybody's attention, including Trump voters.

"The Mitch Gets Sacked" by Founders Sing

Andy Lack Is Out At NBC

The White House that had Fauci stand around for a full workweek won't waste his time testifying befo

"I will never lie to you"

Kelly Loeffler Readies Defense of Stock Transactions

Which Cat Will Win?!

Ludwig van Beethoven Violin Concerto: III

Rescue Rooster Sleeps In Bed With His Mom Every Night


Hairless Puppy Found On Beach Is Gorgeous Now

Man wipes nose on employee's shirt after being told to wear mask in Michigan store

Watch a fuzzy baby sugar glider grow up and glide back to the wild!

Eta Aquariids meteor shower this evening...

Dog Abandoned On The Side Of The Road Falls In Love With His Rescuer

2020 Horse Racing - A Big Day for Big Red

Biden Campaign Organizers Ratify Union Contract

Anybody have a dog with degenerative myelopathy?

Hey Trump voters: I guess us dumb liberals were right again.

Trump administration refutes NYT report of internal document projecting doubling of COVID-19 rates

So, Joe Biden just posted this on Facebook....anyone want to make guesses?

captured by a pre-teen David Markey on 8mm film

Biden campaign field organizers ratify union contract

Trump's Quiet Power Grab

Anyone watching SXSW Film Festival on Prime?

How To Make Your Groceries Last Longer

Lawsuit demands easier vote-by-mail process in NC

Catastrophe today right here in Duke City/Albuquerque! My sons tv went out so I ran up to

Return To Work...Right Now

Kung Fu: The Journey From Grasshopper to Caine

Coronavirus will constrain U.S. meat supply despite Trump order: Tyson Foods

Here are the winners of the 2020 Pulitzer Prizes

ISO "Good Democrat" businesses - Help

A masked Kyrsten Sinema identifies herself to clerk by pointing at her purple-pink hair

A Group Associated With Donald Trump Jr. Is Buying A Major Stake In OANN

Rather than spend money solely on unemployment why don't states

Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.) honors mother-in-law, who died of COVID-19

May 4, 1970 Kent State, Ohio

Colorado man planning armed protest against state's coronavirus restrictions arrested for pipe bombs

French doctors say they found a Covid-19 patient from December

Priorities USA challenges Florida voting in light of coronavirus

Trump Blames China For Acting Too Late In Coordinating U.S. Coronavirus Response

The less obvious running mate Joe Biden should pick

Saudi Arabia's Oil Tanker Flotilla Is Reaching The U.S., Despite Some Objections

ON NOW - Ken Jennings first Jeopardy appearance!

Appeals Court Vacancy Is Under Scrutiny Ahead of Contested Confirmation Hearing

In the mood to listen to Kim Simmons. If that ain't where you're at tonight, skip this. No problem

05/05 Mike Luckovich- Garden success story

Covid boredom? Zoe Bell invites you to a challenge:

With Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Isn't Even Pretending the Truth Matters

Due to COVID-19, broadband usage spikes 47% in Q1, nearly surpassing all of 2020's projections

Can someone pls tell me what Ivanka's trademarks from China mean?

Apple CEO Tim Cook invokes 1918 epidemic in virtual commencement address

Ramadan TV series about Gulf Jews ignites controversy

FLIPPABLE: Dr. Karen Berg for KY-SD26 (June 23, 2020)

Mexican president: US should probe its ties to ex top cop

Mexican president: US should probe its ties to ex top cop

Ammon Bundy Blames Jews For The Holocaust At Idaho Anti-Lockdown Rally

No more passing the doobie or bowl.

MSNBC Right Wing Coporate Masters