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Archives: May 5, 2020

A New York City landlord made a viral TikTok about taking her tenant's packages 'until they pay up'

Michigan new deaths 86. approach 44,000 cases.

Armed lockdown protestors who stormed Michigan Capitol represent 'worst racism

Red Sun : WESTERN Charles Bronson Action Film Free Western Movie Full Length English HD

FLIPPABLE: Judy Schwiebert for AZ-HD20

Update: Gov. Gavin Newsom To Modify Stay-At-Home Order This Week; Retail Sector To Reopen

Talk about a "correction"! IMHE doubles deaths forecast to 135,000 by Aug 4...

Appeals Court Vacancy Is Under Scrutiny

Nearly 400 employees at a Missouri pork plant tested positive for COVID-19.

Michigan Congressman Paul Mitchell (R-Douche Bag) sues Governor Whitmer in federal court

FLIPPABLE: Coral Evans for AZ-HD06

FDA tries to mitigate damage done by Trump's push for speedy approval of antibody tests

Trump administration pushing to rip global supply chains from China: officials

This movie is in my collection, Red Sun: Stars Charles Bronson, Toshiro Mifune--great film

Italy's Fincantieri will build newest class of US Navy warships

FLIPPABLE: Felicia French for AZ-SD06

Coronavirus cases are likely artificially low in some states thanks to flawed testing

Mitch McConnell Calls Senators Essential Workers Then Refuses To Work On Virus Aid

'Riveting' coverage of Alaska policing wins Pulitzer Prize

In a time of COVID-19, Obamacare still part of the action

Pierce County reports 16 new COVID-19 cases, no deaths

Democrats leave Doug Jones hanging as Senate map takes shape

Does vote-by-mail lead to voter fraud? Washington State's 2018 election data says no

Editorial Cartoons - 2020 Pulitzer Prizes

Nikole Hannah-Jones, Creator of the New York Times' 1619 Project, Awarded 2020 Pulitzer Prize

Models shift to predict dramatically more U.S. deaths as states relax social distancing

Australian Intelligence Knocks Back U.S. Claims

1918 Spanish Flu documentary

Global coronavirus deaths exceed quarter of a million: Reuters tally

AOC Getting CRUSHED for Breaking with Bernie

Scientists Discover Antibody That Blocks Coronavirus From Infecting Cells

What is his angle? Is he going to blame Trudeau? Tam admitted some small

The Search Is On for Earliest Coronavirus Deaths

H. P. Lovecraft, the acid band from 1967: Blue Jack of Diamonds.

My late mother just got a stimulus check

Seattle's Pyramid Alehouse, open since 1984, to close permanently

If you go out in the woods today . . .

Temperatures Near 80 By The Weekend, Forecasters Say

Oh I Do Like THIS PIC Of Lincoln With Trump

Duck Season

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Venezuela: 2 US 'mercenaries' arrested in anti-Maduro raid

Venezuela: 2 US 'mercenaries' arrested in anti-Maduro raid

Mourning in America

Pence's new mask

Does anyone else just not like Chris Hayes?

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Just Another Manic Monday!

How a Glitch made Destiny 2 Fun Again... KackisHD KackisHD

Interesting how much a difference a day makes

Pulitzer Prize finalist: Editorial Writing

So *that's* where Steve Bannon went. Or did Stephen Miller get away for a quick jaunt?

900 Missouri residents who 'snitched' on lockdown rule-breakers fear retaliation after details leak

Dr Fauci will be on Chris Cuomo tonite.

Democrats guide to regaining a majority in the US Senate in 2020 is winning.

Democrats Aim to Squeeze GOP on Next Relief Bill

"We Deserve A Happy Ending"

Federal Judge Calls For McConnell To Be Investigated For Improperly Pressuring Judge To Retire

Gov Whitmer: 'Swastikas & Confederate flags, nooses & automatic rifles do not represent who we are'

WARNING: America Can No Longer Count On Accurate Information From The CDC /NT

How are people behaving where you live?

Are there people who test positive for COVID19 but never get sick at all?

Historical list of crimes of the Reagan Administration. Let's make this kind of prosecution for T.

Pete Buttigieg endorses MJ Hegar for Senate

*Schumer on Rachel show now.

NEW: Warren responds to Tara Reade's allegation against Biden and Biden's denial, saying, "The VP..

Where the hell is karma? It caught up with Epstein who was a creep

It's gotta be Kamala

Fucking Echoes, man!

We've had daily readings at the Mauna Loa CO2 observatory of over 418 ppm

This is the reason that McConnell and tRump are in office:

Anyone watching Rachel tonite? She is mad as a WET Hen...

From Middle Age Riot:

"he believes he and his staff are young and healthy enough to survive COVID-19 if they contract" it

I received a phone call today

Maximum number of US Senate seats Democrats could win in 2020 is-

I think it's gonna be Susan Rice.

GOP Ohio state lawmaker refuses to wear face mask because faces are the 'likeness of God'

Misogynistic trolls attacking progressive Louisiana legislator

Judge rules Gov. Lee's school voucher program unconstitutional

Three people charged in killing of Family Dollar security guard over mask policy

Question for Illinois DUers:

Michigan police searching for man who wiped nose on store clerk who said he needed face mask

One thing that makes me happy is

Joe Biden is "Precious Cargo" in this 2012 clip from Parks and Recreation.

Astrud Gilberto - The Girl From Ipanema - Live 1964

U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez suffers broken back, ordered to bed rest at least four weeks

Jim Acosta Questions Trump that he's been president for 3 years when he blames Obama

How would republicans act if Black Plague came back?

Gold's Gym files for bankruptcy, as closures put Dallas-based chain behind on debt payments

*Adam Schiff coming up on Lawrence show.

Its ironic that the most powerful country in world history

Models shift to predict dramatically more U.S. deaths as states relax social distancing

Trump Got Exemption to Use Lincoln Memorial

Rate of coronavirus hospitalizations, intensive cases flat in Maryland, deaths increase 3%.

The narco history of Colombia's security forces Part 1: Santa Marta by Adriaan Alsema May 4, 2020

Thanks for nuthin governor abbott. Send in DPS

Moro Gives Deposition in Federal Police Investigation of Bolsonaro

Essential workers sacrifice while corporations demand liability protection

with cities on lockdown, animals roam

Hey, tell me this one don't take you straight back to 1979 ...

Dr. Fauci to Chris Cuomo: I don't think people realized how you were sucking it up

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will actually win are-

The psychological challenge has become as tough, or tougher, than the physical challenge.

Eli Lilly working with Chinese company to find coronavirus treatment

Holistic or Radical Dzogchen?

Brazil Wants to Change Mercosur Rule to Make Agreements without Argentina Viable

Who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic? (pdf)

masked gunmen jump out of a Jeep aiming pistols with silencers 'and execute Bronx biker gang leader

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Moves the Goalposts & States Reopen Amidst Chaos

Angel Of the Winds Casino plans to reopen May 11

Tweet of the Day

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Kim Jong-un Is Alive, Amazon VP Resigns & Murder Hornets

Simulating an epidemic (The Underlying Math Behind The Models)

Kroger is really stepping up!

Tooning Out the News: Lincoln can't hold his tongue at Trump

☦ Eastern Orthodox 40 Days of Pascha/World Vision Prayers; also text to join in prayer prompts:

The Daily Show: Eight Questions for Governor Cuomo

someone masquerading as CinC: "I'LL SAY WHAT I THINK" (ON VACCINE DEVELOPMENT)

The Daily Show - Trump & China: The On-Again, Off-Again Love Affair

FLIPPABLE: Doug Ervin for AZ-SD20

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Murder Hornets, Beach Protests & Trump the Lyin' King

Tomorrow off. Having some bourbon to forget a spectacularly rotten day...

Seth Meyers - Trump's Fox News Coronavirus Town Hall: A Closer Look

(Jewish Group) Jewish History Month: Karaim: A Jewish Language

Bonus Tweet of the Day

In France, a nursing home takes on COVID and wins

Coronavirus deaths projected to hit 3,000 per day by June, internal Trump administration analysis

2 from Lindley Evans: 'Rhapsody', 'Fragrance'

FLIPPABLE: Brittney Rodas for PA-HD105

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are actually going to win.

Domingo Garcia, National President of LULAC talks about the plight of meatpackers

FLIPPABLE: Nancy Guenst for PA-HD152

FLIPPABLE: Jonathan Kassa for PA-HD151

'At Home Telecasts' - I'm Finding Watching Them Really Refreshing.....

J.Crew files for Chapter 11 as pandemic chokes retail sector

Chris (the younger) Cuomo's interview with Tony Fauci tonight..

California Sees 'Ray Of Sunshine,' Takes First Steps Toward Reopening

FLIPPABLE: Shea Roberts for GA-HD52

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that favors Democrats.

FLIPPABLE: Bonnie Westlin for MN-SD34

FLIPPABLE: Ann Johnson Stewart for MN-SD44

Trump cheers on governors even as they ignore White House coronavirus guidelines in race to reopen

Andy Slavitt: We've been lied to about the potential death toll in this country & it matters

Governor selects houses of worship as test case for relaxing Indiana coronavirus restrictions

Information our corporate media covered very superficially, if at all:

We all can help Biden win while we are Staying Home.

One Question I'd Like To Hear Asked To Trump Tomorrow In Arizona Is.....

Ohio legislator looks to cut Health Director Dr. Amy Acton's power

The orange failure's temper tantrum before going to bed.

Chief Inspector Murphy sorts out the rules about social distancing

Wrongful death lawsuits?


Mourning in America

Carnival to resume some cruises on August 1

Hospitalizations, ventilator use dip in Illinois; 46 more have died

Mississippi welfare scandal: Luxury cars among $94M in questionable spending, Brett Favre paid 1.1M

Virus-afflicted 2020 looks like 1918 despite science's march (AP)

David Fahrenthold wins Pulitzer Prize for exposing Trump's corruption and Access Hollywood

Unimpressed by online classes, college students seek refunds

"Raoul & The Kings Of Spain" - by Tears For Fears...

since our back trip to 1979 was a hit, how about some 1976 nostalgia?

Workers protest as Smithfield reopens in Monmouth

Lawyer for Lena church fires back at J.B. Pritzker over comment about jailing stay-at-home violators

'The parallels between coronavirus and climate crisis are obvious'

'It's not a pandemic': Boston protesters chant 'it's a hoax' and 'Make America Great Again'

San Antonio Movie Chain Reopens Early, Attracts 3,000 Customers on First Weekend

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/4/20

Stephen Colbert: Guest Anderson Cooper

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that favors Democrats.

The Jokers contributed one great single to the 60s garage-rock boom

David McWilliams EP56: The extreme urgency of now, Modern Monetary theory, Funding Post Covid-19

Chris Christie trending on twitter and it is not pretty after he literally indicated that

United Airlines plans to cut 3,400 managers

Here's The Ticket - Biden & Warren

Breakfast Tuesday 5 May 2020

Thirty Nominations and One Withdrawal Sent to the Senate

This American Life won a Pulitzer for Reporting on Deporting Asylum Seekers to Mexico

15 Children Are Hospitalized With Mysterious Illness Possibly Tied to Covid-19

5-year-old boy en route to pick up Lamborghini pulled over in Utah

5-year-old boy en route to pick up Lamborghini pulled over in Utah

The Lincoln Project videos - compiled for reference updated 18 June 2020 - Chyna

Just did a compilation of all the Lincoln Project spots - Will update as needed.

Some thoughts on covid and reopening protests....

Venezuela: Two US citizens held after failed coup attempt are named

Bristol VA & TN - one city two states two sets of rules

MS welfare scandal audit: Money went to cars, family, paying Brett Favre for speeches he never gave

If "Jaws" were made this year

Why the hell, Ayanna Pressley, should ANYONE who is falsely accused

Amy Acton: The Leader We Wish We All Had

Park ranger was telling a crowd to social distance. Mid-speech, someone pushed him into a lake

"Potus could stand in middle of 5th Ave & kill 70,000 Americans & supporters would have his back"

This American Life Just Won A Pulitzer for This Episode on Asylum Seeking Deportation:

Tuesday TOONs - Lost His Marbles

Michelle Obama: "A lot of our folks didn't vote. It was almost like a slap in the face."

Scripps - April 2020 Atmospheric CO2 Content 416.18 ppm; April 2019 413.52 ppm; April 2018 410.3 ppm

5/3/20 - Atmospheric CO2 Daily Content 418.12 ppm - Another All-Time Record High Concentration

U. Manchester Study - 1.9 Million Pieces Of Microplastic Per Square Meter On Sea Floor Near Italy

Hey Lemmings. Trump and his Senate enablers are going to destroy whats left of the economy and

The plan is to have no plan

2019 Warmest Year In Instrumental Record For Europe; 11 Of 12 Warmest Years On Record Since 2020

'Somebody shoot me'

I just quit listening to THE GOOD NEIGHBORS by**possible spoilers**

Study Worst Case: 1/3 Of Humans Will Face Heat Matching/Exceeding The Sahara w/i 50 Years

I could do better...

Brooke Binkowski compiled a thread of elected officials putting money before people's lives.

White Privilege vs. Black Experience


This spring and summer: now is a real good time for homeowners' associations

The dying of America.

Venezuela claims to have captured two Americans involved in failed invasion

With hundreds of billions of dollars out the door, Congress slowly begins oversight of CV spending

HOA contracted roofers to replace ALL the hail-damaged roofs/windows in my neighborhood this week.

Confirmation Hearing For Special IG for Pandemic Recovery Funds and HUD Nominee

Most Events *in* the Lincoln Memorial Are Banned. Trump Got an Exception.

Moscow Mitch Calls Senate Back Mid-Pandemic To Confirm Judicial Hack Climate Denier

I Made Soft Fluffy Steamed Buns From Scratch

Trump's Pick for Intelligence Chief Follows a Slew of QAnon Accounts

The plan is to have no plan

Trump's Pick for Intelligence Chief Follows a Slew of QAnon Accounts - John Ratcliffe (POS)

these words woke me at dawn today.

Whitmer approves new track and nickname from local rapper: 'Big Gretch says stay home and stay safe'

Sixth Circuit Revives Copyright Dispute Over Everly Brothers Song

Americans widely oppose reopening most businesses, despite easing of restrictions in some states,

Over a million cases, nearly 70K Americans dead, and the US president..

CNN sends Trump campaign cease-and-desist letter for misleading ad

It's the same every evening

One can only get so far on bullshit...Sooner or later, one has to face reality.

PrawfsBlawg, May 4, 2020

Trump says his coronavirus press briefings will return

morning status report-

A Little Math Fun

The power of music in cinema: Stanley Kubrick film openings

? On stuffed peppers

Chamber of Commerce Endorses Steve King's Challenger

Great video of all of Trumps death predictions.....

Trump Claims Pandemic Proved 'I Was Right'

From what I can see, more deaths in the coming month will be Trump Supporters

Hey Parsons, I know this story is from yesterday..............BUT GO FUCK YOURSELF

Countries pledge $8 billion for coronavirus vaccine, but U.S. absent

Space Force (coming May 29th)

Jared Kushner's definition of "success" is...

It ain't half hot mom: 108,620 cases in Brazil, 46,476 in India.

man shops in store in San Diego, California in kkk hood.

Another #TrumpRally with all his vile fans gathering in mass In a speech at an #Idaho rally, Am

My Dad was a Democratic precinct committeeman and often took me with him to rallies

Can't lay off for next 6 months because of terms of bailout, but then, look out

78 years ago, the first Navajo Code Talkers joined the Marine Corps

Fintan O'Toole Once Again Absolutely Crushes It - "Vector-In-Chief"

Answer this question; It is about our legacy, how we will be remembered.

No Taxation without Representation

Another 1,700 virus deaths reported in NY nursing homes

I don't care WHO Joe Biden picks...I will crawl over shards of broken glass

Fuck the olds.

Sweaty Speed Trump Holds Vile Town Hall

Tucker Carlson Insta-Owned on Live TV

Lincoln Responds: "Just Shoot Me"

A mutant coronavirus has emerged, even more contagious than the original, study says

Appeals Court Vacancy Is Under Scrutiny Ahead of Contested Confirmation Hearing

Miami Beach Shuts Big City Park After Hostile Crowds Refuse to Wear Masks

Lioness Steals Film Crew's Camera And Leads Them On An Epic Chase

On this day, May 5, 1980, Echo & the Bunnymen released "Rescue."

And in another case of being a malignant narcissist that broke the law....I present Georgia .....

Dammit Boog do not try Jedi mind tricks on the man

Space Force coming to Netflix!

The Rundown: May 4, 2020

Marvel Announces It Will Resume Shipping Comics to Comic Shops

Millions in Mississippi welfare funds misused on vehicles, concert tickets, and Brett Favre: audit

Wendy's takes burgers off menu in some locations due to meat shortages

The 1990 South Dakota Snow Queen State........and pork..........

Why the hell is an economic advisor handling infectious disease modeling--You know what, never mind.

Don't look now, but the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season could break records

A mutant coronavirus has emerged, even more contagious than the original, study says

LGBTQ Seniors Hit by Lockdown Isolation 'Triple Whammy' Are Fighting Back

Trump to Arizona

Sick for 50+ days: Houston man tests positive for COVID-19 3 times over 2 months

Judge asks for investigation of McConnell's role in creating federal bench vacancy

Tha absolute worst part of this horrific Covid-19 crisis is that Don the

The Pandemic Will Change American Retail Forever

Saw "Alone in Berlin" on Netflix last night

Cartoon: Worse Than Lincoln By Clay Jones -May 5, 2020 9:00 AM

Airbnb hosts struggle to pay the bills as the pandemic sparks mass cancellations

trump - "the stock market is way up"

Trump's EPA is fighting to dismiss input from scientists

Emerson, my 11 year old, is on a bit of a wild ride with the @USPS and our local mail carrier, Doug

Cash-strapped Norwegian Cruise flags going concern risks

Used to read the comics for humor- now, I just read the news

Mfume sworn back in to the House

A Wonderful New Meatless Dish!

Global airlines body IATA backs face masks for safe flying

Texas back in business? Barely, y'all, as malls, restaurants empty

No leader would be allowed to spew as many excuses for his failings, as Trump does.

Dumbo Donnie Jr.'s "typo" (was it really a typo?) is getting LOTS of responses:

Trumpsters won't learn how profoundly Trump has betrayed them until they themselves contract virus

Requiem for the American Dream CC

Fact-checking Trump: No, US not testing 'more than every country in the world, combined'

Survey shows that almost a quarter of Americans will refuse a COVID-19 vaccine

Blind Willie McTell was born on this date-

'I hate Florida!' How the coronavirus convinced one snowbird to fly back home

Joe Biden MUST use social media or he could lose

Midday Music for Millennials -- TerribleTuesday

U.S. trade deficit soars 12% in March as coronavirus slams exporters and tourism

Trump publicly drags Kellyanne into his feud with her "deranged loser of a husband" George Conway

"Congress needs a hard spanking." . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

U.S. Treasury to start distributing $4.8 billion in pandemic funds to tribal governments

Bib Dylan pays homage to Blind Willie McTell

U.S. trade deficit soars 12% in March as coronavirus slams exporters and tourism

You raised $1,044.63 on May 4, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

Everything you need to know about 'murder hornets'

This is the report of the strain of the virus that is now being reported.....lets see what the

Real Scientists from around the world of all nationalities working on a cure

Hurray! The Obamas are delivering virtual commencement speeches for class of 2020.

Mfume(D)rejoins House, in vacant seat of late Elijah Cummings(D)

What is going on with Michigan Unemployment?

Trump's Ego Is So Over-Inflated That He Thinks He Can Control the Virus

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/5/20

Coronavirus lockdown: different routes back to normal life - BBC News

America's Renewable Energy Sources Have Produced More Electricity Than Coal Every Day for 40 Days

Ceremonial Swearing In for Representative Kweisi Mfume

When Coronavirus and Xenophobia Go Hand in Hand - NPR

If we're living in a sci-fi movie, who is the director and how does it end?

I know Mike Bloomberg is doing a ton of good work on the virus front

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 5 2020

The Pandemic May Mean the End of the Open-Floor Office

Now over 70,000 U.S. deaths from Covid-19

Michigan Gov. Whitmer: Protesters 'carried nooses and Confederate flags and swastikas'

Somewhere yesterday someone made a comment that alluded to the first nude being a drug addict and

"What about afterward"

From Facebook: Explanation of why facemasks are good

FBI gun background checks remained high in April during coronavirus pandemic

Cats, we spoil the hell out of them - crocheted -cat-couches

I am not willing to be a "warrior" in president bone spur's reelection

Seen in Ohio: "Any functioning adult 2020"

Kevin Hassett steps in it and gets slammed by the experts. - fun with polynomials!

Alabama police search for 'aggressive chicken' attacking people at ATMs

Michigan is considering move to ban guns inside state Capitol Building

Drudge.... oh my!

A 5-year-old boy was pulled over in Utah on his way to California to try to buy a Lamborghini

Iraq Vet Operating Nursing Home and Staff Sleep On-Site to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

My central California city is open for business.

Barr urges Trump administration to back off call to fully strike down Obamacare

Please take a second to report this Covid conspiracy video on youtube

20 of Your Favorite Foods and Where They Came From

My Prediction Went Sideways

MT-GOV: Hillary makes a rare orimary endorsement.

Just requested my PA Mail in YEARLY Ballot

Frontier Airlines will let you pay to keep the middle seat empty on your flight

New Claim That Enemies of U.S. Developed Trump in Lab

The Ratings King got pounded again.

That Sheep May Safely Graze

And now learn how to "fudge" the numbers and get the result you want................

A comprehensive take-down of "Q"

Trump Expresses Wish That Women Reporters at White House Were More Like '50s Housewives

'Trump haters': Why the president won't let Fauci testify in the House

To All Those Protesters Who Are Cooped Up and Sir Crazy After a Month

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; May 5, 2020

Biden launches new series on (called Sincerely, Joe)

Trump's Remarks Before Air Force One Departure; May 5, 2020

Found on FB (picture of someone's last sunset)

"We have become a nation of magical thinkers"

New York Fed Paper Finds Pandemic a Century Ago Fueled Nazi Rise

If a restaurant opens

Billions Could Live In Extreme Heat Zones Within Decades, Study Finds: NYT

"Has he accurately conveyed the severity of COVID-19 to the American people?" Harris repeated.

SKETCH - The Biggest Unreported SCANDAL Of The Covid 19 Pandemic

Trump complains women White House reporters aren't like Donna Reed

What's your favorite food...that your family/housemates hate?

Robert Schumann Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54

LIVE: WI Supreem C. has begun oral arguments in @GOP challenge to @GovEvers "safer-at-home Order....

The respected, legit model predictors of number of infections/deaths made a horrifying mistake.

Inquisition? 01/21/21?

UK reports highest death toll in Europe.

U.S. companies cut thousands of workers while continuing to reward shareholders during pandemic

How to answer a question with real time.......and not answer a question.......

Make The 1% Pay For This Whole Nightmare Not Our Children It Is Their Fault Anyway

All this shopping for toilet paper has

I admire his guy's enthusiasm; his intelligence not so much

Trump administration pushing to rip global supply chains from China: officials

One day it will snow.

Judge asks for investigation of McConnell's role in creating federal bench vacancy

Bob Feller

One to ponder

One billion people will live in insufferable heat within 50 years - study

Kushner coronavirus effort said to be hampered by inexperienced volunteers

From 2019 - John Ratcliffe won't be Trump's next national intelligence director

Humor along my walks and bike rides

If You Think People Are The Worst These Days, These 50 Wholesome Pics May Change Your Mind:

Police: Man wipes nose on employee's shirt after being told to wear mask in Michigan store

Comedy from Walt Schaub again...

Gov Cuomo, again with the right answer to the most important question today

On this day, May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard went for a ride.

They think Trump is either a hero or a zero - my conversation with a county employee in west Florida

Swing Left: Invitation to join "The Big Send" letter writing campaign

Philippines' main channel forced off-air amid coronavirus lockdown

MSU Poll: Bullock leads Daines in US Senate contest

Trump says he only will submit to GOP oversight for his administration

Oh, I love this one. Timeless.

In early 50s in jrhigh last period teacher let us listen to world series on radio

Happy Cinco de Mayo - celebrate , but stay at home

Max Bruch Violin Concerto #1

Joe Biden virtual rally in Tampa on Thursday

Great slogan seen today.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn Unblocks Twitter Critic After Being Sued Over the Ban

Trump voters kneel and worship before a false prophet who is covered in blood.


Without the Orange Makeup...

Staff forced to risk health so Trump can travel

Chris Christie Says U.S. Needs to Reopen and Accept More Deaths

I tried to talk my daughter into wearing...

People are insane! Older white man wipes his nose on Dollar Tree clerk's shirt. Now arrested.

Working on a pork roast...

The shitgibbon's game plan.

Trump says 'everybody's excited' about stock market as death toll rises

Yikes. Kinda early in the day for 1,227 US daily deaths.

Change Happens

Poll: Ernst lead evaporates in Iowa Senate race

Trump administration calls his Fox News interview 'a core government function'

Murder Hornets Doubt They Can Do as Much Damage as Trump

Barack and Michelle Obama will deliver commencement speeches for the class of 2020

trump attacks Kellyanne Conway's husband with racist slur

I want to see this in a Biden commercial

Comment: Have we forgotten the lessons of Kent State?

Wisconsin: As of this week, COVID-19 is more of a Trump County problem than a Clinton County problem

Pardon my French, but, Why the FUCK is lack of toilet paper in stores

Food banks and families they serve need your help

Trump economic team's model claims death rate will be near zero soon

Bittersweet moment for my returning Representative

CV-19 cases spike in Russia. Doctors who report that they need PPE have suffered fatalities

A good friend of mine asked a serious question this morning

Cartoons 5/5/2020

Wisconsin GOP Judge, "Regular Folks" do not spread coronavirus

Judge Orders FCC To Hand Over Data On Fake Net Neutrality Comments

Golfing and hiking return but a hair cut is out until June

Dallas tanning salon, bar fined $1,000 for opening over the weekend, city says

The White House is considering winding down the coronavirus task force in the coming weeks.

New York's taxes at work

Trump's intel pick claims he doesn't know what Trump's 'deep state' theory is

Ben Shapiro trying to sell his thin, tendentious right-wing rhetoric off the back of a brilliant

NYC Nurse whistleblowing on her hospital and Covid patients

You're not the boss of me!

New GOP poll finds both of Georgia's Republican senators in danger

This is going to go on for years and years

Since Georgia began 'reopening,' risk of exposure to coronavirus has increased 42%

Obamas to give commencement speech for 2020 graduates

Barack Obama Will Deliver Televised Commencement Address For 2020 Grads

Group aligned with Don Jr. reportedly buying stake in OAN: 'Trump is really aiming to take down Fox'

I had an instacart shopper the other day with a great sense of humor. Very nice woman.

As restaurants mull reopening amid COVID-19 pandemic, many see risk as too great

The cost of reopening the economy, in lives

Trump: Coronavirus pandemic taught us 'I was right'

Heather Cox Richardson - May 4th, 2020 - Letters From An American

Trump could withdraw US spy planes and agents from the UK if Boris Johnson pushes ahead with Huawei

The White House is considering winding down the coronavirus task force in the coming weeks.

Senior Tories pile pressure on Boris Johnson to end 'arbitrary' lockdown 'as soon as possible'

Intel shared among U.S. allies contradicts claim coronavirus spread because of lab accident

Coronavirus Stadium Perspective - May 5 2020

Great point, Doc!

As Threat of Virus Persists, Trump Administration Signals It Will Wind Down Task Force

So I'm back at work

Putin awards commemorative WWII medal to Kim Jong Un

New Illness.

King County Sheriff's Office Employee Dies From Coronavirus

Detective Fiction for a New and Noir Era

Reading headlines lately, I have to take a second to think about whether this is real or not.

A still life with a bit of humor

1 new COVID-19 case in Thurston County Monday brings total to 113, with 104 recovered

So, as we enter into the summer...anyone know if Mosquitos can transmit CV?

How climate change impacted the world in 2019

Doctors concerned about patients avoiding hospitals because of coronavirus fears

Portman, DeWine call out protesters in front of Dr. Acton's house

277 New Coronavirus Cases In Washington; 7 More Dead

Refusing to work could put your unemployment benefits at risk

Jim Bakker claims his selling a fake "cure" on his show is "religious freedom..."

Breaking: Rick Bright Files Whistleblower Complaint.

Beef Shortage Hits Wendy's, Leaving Some Restaurants With Limited Menus

'Nothing can cover up how he failed': Biden rips Trump ahead of Phoenix visit

Trump says U.S. will report virus origins, gives no timeline

HHS official Rick Bright says he was ousted after raising concern about coronavirus drug Trump had t

Greta Thunberg and children's group hit back at attempt to throw out climate case

Trump Responds to Project Lincoln Ad: 'They're All LOSERS'

Intel shared among US allies indicates virus outbreak more likely came from market, not Chinese lab

something unexpected i've lost during shutdown:

Trump's non-stop lying about COVID19 promotes a narrative that we want to believe.

Genetics in focus after coronavirus deaths of siblings and twins

The Georgia town of Albany, a coronavirus epicenter, isn't ready to reopen.


Well it finally happened,

The secret gay language you've probably never heard of...

Marshawn Lynch in talks with Seattle Seahawks about making another return

Wish more bands would do this!! 🎶

Billionaire Sam Zell Sees Economy Permanently Scarred by Pandemic

The only path to normalcy

Well, it looks like my mom has this beat... sort of

Ohio's GOP Gov. Mike DeWine calls out 'obnoxious' protesters who targeted health chief, news media

CNBC: The coronavirus has mutated and appears to be more contagious now, new study finds

Arkansas allowing barbershops, salons to reopen tomorrow

Congressman from pandemic-hit Yakima County tells Inslee to ease shutdown

Trump's Support Collapses In Iowa As Blue Wave Builds In The Heartland

ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Activity Index Shows to What Unfathomable Extent the US Economy.....

Lingo: Around Europe in Sixty Languages

Pelosi Responds to Trump's Demands for Payroll Tax Cut, "No Way":CNN

Did you just see trump being ignored on the tarmac and so he stepped

Trump's possibly shut down of pandemic task force?

Turn on M$NBComcast RFN - Rick Bright is exposing these criminals n/t

2020 Google Trends

Tweet of the Day

The new whistleblower has a "BRIGHT" light!

"The Orange Kardashians" Rick Wilson's name for the Trumps.

Holy Shit: HHS whistleblower was pressured to steer millions of dollars to a buddy of Jared Kushner

Airbnb to lay off nearly 1,900 people, 25% of company

Breaking: Massive fire at the Abbco Tower in Sharjah, UAE. The residential skyscraper is 48 stories

Trump would sound inarticulate at a Sarah Palin convention.

Who's this punk and what's he doing in my house? (Twitter video)

He is not wearing a mask either!

Excerpt of Kamala Harris grilling Ratcliffe today:

The Climax Blues Band - Amerita / Sense Of Direction The Old Grey Whistle Test (1973)

Time to impeach the MF again.

Democrats ought to impeach this Mother Fucker EVERY day

Video released that appears to show Ahmaud Arbery being shot to death by white vigilantes *GRAPHIC*

Trump did not push for early testing 'because higher numbers would harm his re-election chances"..


What's for Dinner, Tues., May 5, 2020

Geez! It's only Tuesday! What's gonna happen tonite?

Dr Anthony Fauci was the erotic hero of Sally Quinn's 1991 Bestseller

"Where's the beef?" Ready for rice, beans, and pasta?

GOP Ohio state lawmaker refuses to wear face mask because faces are the 'likeness of God'

Nearly entire Louisiana prison dorm tests positive for virus

Trump says Washington, DC, will never be a state -- because of all the Democrats

The Drumbeat From Now Until January 22 2021

GAWDDAM! Just got off the highway listening to the good doctor being as pissed as pissed can be...

Bloomberg news reports Pence said they

Well MAGAts, your lord and savior has single handedly made america number 2 in the world

(Jewish Group) ADL: Nearly two-thirds of American Jews feel less safe now than a decade ago

Trump To Disband The Coronavirus Task Force In One Month

I'm thinking the Media response to this whistleblower complaint will be to

I hope next year Dr Anthony Fauci comes out and uses strong language against Trump.

So you have been asked to wear a mask....

(Jewish Group) Jewish American History Month: Leo Frank

Relaxing Lockdowns Will Lead to Many More Deaths

And now a message from Rod Serling...

So, if trump does disband the taskforce,

Tweaks to Virginia's transportation bills push local governments to pay their fair share for transit

What depresses me more than anything.

Coronavirus: Patients in Florida had symptoms as early as Jan 1, when the disease was thought

Maryland Sued Over Gov. Larry Hogan's Stay-At-Home Orders.

How many dead is acceptable?

Remember me crying about our family cruise? Well my sister was put on hospice today

Dr. Rick Bright will testify on Capitol Hill next Thursday

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer begins testing coronavirus vaccine in people

Will voters who were just uncomfortable about "HerEmails"

Facebook removes accounts linked to QAnon conspiracy theory

john heileman wins the best home backdrop so far. so color coordinated,

President of the white people of the red states of America

California to sue Uber and Lyft, alleging workers should be employees under state law

Understanding the Lost Cause Myth

America, aren't you willing to die for the My Pillow guy?

Ronan O'Rahilly, rebel rock broadcaster, dies at 79

NY Times: In Japan, the 'Murder Hornet' Is Both a Lethal Threat and a Tasty Treat

Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman says evidence suggests coronavirus was not manmade or released from l

Trump says it out loud.....

Amazon is cracking down on protesters and organizing, workers say

Cops arrest armed men, Texas bar owner who violated order to close

Does Andrew Yang Want to Be New York's Post-Coronavirus Mayor?

Trump Blasts 'Angry' Female Reporters

Kushner coronavirus effort said to be hampered by inexperienced volunteers

Two days in a row, someone has tried to deliver groceries here

Trump: "We've had one of the best months ever in the history of our country for not having people c

Trump visits mask factory in Arizona as coronavirus spreads

Dump not wearing mask at Honeywell facility (twitter)

Texas Governor: The goal never has been to get transmission down to zero.

Dr. Fauci Was the Erotic Hero of a Steamy 1991 Novel

Coronavirus In Pittsburgh: Researcher Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide Was Close To 'Making Very Si

Missouri's Jewish Leaders to GOP: Our Faith Requires Absentee Voting in Pandemic

The second-worst performance Lincoln attended...

Jim Bakker seeks suit dismissal; ex-governor is his lawyer

What the "open everything up" people really want, in my worthless opinion.

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #6 "Pastoral": II

Ok. Here we are today. Uncle Sam Needs You...

California economy can start reopening this week from coronavirus shutdown, Gavin Newsom says

Texas Gov. Admits Dangers of Reopening State on Private Call With Lawmakers

Humor for the day

So, Pence.

Cat Will Do Anything To Fit In This Box

ABS-CBN: Philippines' biggest broadcaster forced off air

Blue-Eyed Baby Elephant Is So Brave And Sweet

"The Sentinel"

Seems to me, that pooty-poot would be

With new deaths over 2,000 today I see Indiana and Ohio are paying the Trump tax

Leopard Teaches Cubs How to Cross the Road

Timeline of the Coronavirus Pandemic and U.S. Response (article)

I would! ;)

If I am reading this right they are calling Trump a liar on testing, but he tweeted it anyway

Trump is disbanding coronavirus task force. This is pure negligence.

Black man murdered while jogging in Georgia:

If you look at republicans from this perspective

There's been no spike in personal and business bankruptcies, but surge is expected this fall

I am certainly no fan of George W. Bush . . .

You know DUers with 2020 hindsight it is pellucidly clear that he tried to sell the

Anonymous donor gives Santa Cruz hospital $1 million for employee bonuses

So what time this evening will Fox news start the attacks on Dr. Rick Bright?

The incredible ibex defies gravity and climbs a dam Forces of Nature with Brian Cox - BBC

What happens late July, Early Aug--School Reopening along with Conventions?

Mike Pence Feeding the 5,000 in Iowa

Using a pandemic for political or personal purposes is obscene.

Michigan turning into success story thanks to Whitmer's leadership

Whistleblower complaint: Trump administration got dire warnings about COVID-19 -- but didn't act.

Trump: Wind down task force because we can't stay 'closed for the next 5 years'

Pandemic: Dispatches from Fun City Mickey Z.

05/06 Mike Luckovich-Social Distancing is not necessary

Get the entire section of Ari with Speaker Pelosi

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel endorses Joe Biden.

FL-Buried in data: 170 patients with COVID-19 symptoms in January & February

Ohio to workers: No benefits if you aren't willing to risk your lives

Changes in Earth's Surface Temperature Distribution

When locked gates won't work, THIS will slow 'em down.

Odd ... you'd think this guy would be on their side ...

Thoughts and Prayers - Wear a Fucking Mask Mike Pence

Who wins the Internet today? Joe Biden, that's who! 😂

Anyone still waiting for their stimulus check?

Oh well... Looks like all the Latinos are going to vote for Trump.

This will crack you up!

And now word from a judge...............and yes, she is judge...............

Whistleblower: US failed to prepare, sought quick virus fix

Almost 60 years ago in Denver, I had a grade school friend. Nice guy.

Corona Lisa

Fux Noise Is Obsessed With Tara Reade. They Barely Mentioned Trump's Rape Accuser.

The visit to Arizona was ...paid by taxpayers for another political event, take away the plane .....

Cuomo Blasts Trump: Your Bailout Strategy Will Doom Us All

Families want answers after loved ones die from coronavirus in Metro Detroit nursing homes

American Bar Association Reverses Course on Justin Walker, Says He's 'Well Qualified' for DC Circuit

Steve Mnuchin Urges Americans To Live Dangerously And Travel The Country

1203 days of excruciating pain and uncertainty!

Texas governor slammed after being caught on hot mic admitting his reopen order

Senate map shows signs of expanding

Direct Link to Rick Bright's Whistleblower Complaint (.PDF)

Biden campaign hits Trump amid Arizona visit

Blue Angels flyover tomorrow rerouted to go over more affluent houses.

Pence: Coronavirus Task Force Could Dissolve Within Weeks, Cites 'Tremendous Progress'

NY Attorney General Investigated NBC News Misconduct Claims; Megyn Kelly Among Witnesses Interviewed

Twin on Mhz Choice

As states push ahead with reopening, CDC warns coronavirus cases and deaths are set to soar

It appears that @VP and Trump did NOT inform Dr. Fauci about winding down the Task Force.

Gun Control PAC experiencing fundraising boom during pandemic.

Stonekettle's latest tweet.

Went to the foodstore. Kroger. Missing Items.

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 likely to go Democrat.

You know what? The American Way of Life needs to be destroyed

WI-07: State GOP confusing voters re. absentee voting in special election.

About those meat processor plants. What do you think about a self-contained work force?

So basically, your boss gets to decide if you die from COVID, no need to consult medical pros

Trump to ABC's Muir: 'It's possible there will be some' deaths as country reopens

McConnell, Senate GOP hit 'pause' on next coronavirus relief bill

Reopen the economy to save the economy and at the same time refuse to bail out states??

Georgia district attorney vows grand jury review after man shot and killed while jogging

Trump is resigned about America's economic crisis: 'That is what it is'

Trump just wants to open up because his hotels

'Very difficult and emotional': Pandemic expert leaves Trump administration

2020 CO US Senate Election poll(MSU) has Hickenlooper-D leading Gardner-R by a 17 percent margin.

Trump says Obama left him broken COVID-19 tests even though the virus was discovered 3 years later

Pierce: Dr. Rick Bright's Whistleblower Complaint Documents All Camp Runamuck's Mal- and Non-Feasanc

I'm speechless. Speechless.

Rand Paul says he's not wearing a mask in Senate because he already got coronavirus

VIDEO: "Live and Let Die" music played while Trump walked around Honeywell plant without mask.

Second Bellingham nursing home to admit new coronavirus patients into wing for COVID-19

COVID-19 survivors in Seattle area can now donate plasma to potentially treat virus

Does the Don have a grudge because of the death of Fredrick Trump

CNN Chyron.

Has anyone tried cutting their own hair?

Fed is propping up companies it had warned banks not to touch

Japanese bees vs Murder Hornets!

U.S. coronavirus deaths exceed 70,000 as forecasting models predict grim summer

NY Primary back on........restored by Federal Judge.

Class of 2020 US Senators.

Is Trump Giving Up On Dealing With The Virus And Is Now Just Going.....

Biden Camp Finds Selling Point in Ailing Economy: His Work on 2009 Recovery

Animal Agriculture Could Cause The Next Public Health Crisis

Police: Man Wanted for Accosting Giant Eagle Workers Over COVID-19 Mask Policy

"Live and Let Die" blasts as maskless Trump tours Honeywell plant

Here's what puzzles me...