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"We keep ordering millions of dollars of PPE... that keeps getting HIJACKED before it gets to the

Once a week if not more, I survey all state websites or other news for county totals

Trump can't NOT show up - that's why he's ending the task force

Judge orders Sanders, others to be reinstated to New York primary ballot

Group Calls For Trump And Pence To Resign And Let Pelosi Handle Virus

Bonus Tweet of the Day

"Easing stay-at-home guidelines doesn't mean the pandemic is over...

States with few virus cases get big share of relief aid

Mission Accomplished. Thanks Jared.

GE Thread: Trump's ratings still tanking. Monmouth University Poll.

Hawaii to reopen shopping malls, other retailers... but not all business

Funny social distancing meme

Abbott said Our Numbers are Up. Screw it, Let's Open the Rest of Texas.

I was given a #COVID19strong bracelet tonight.

With Trump in the White House, we have government by "Gish Gallop".

How many US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 will the Democrats win?

"Live and Let Die" playing in the background during Trump's visit

"I created ... the greatest economy in the history of the world"

Let's talk about Venezuela's bizarre events...

I think Susan Rice makes a great impression. She seems very qualified. What are her pros and cons?

The consequences of jogging while black

Now like every fan in the Eagles stadium died

Public Service Announcment

Harry Potter At Home: Daniel Radcliffe reads Harry Potter & Philosopher's Stone/Sorcerer's Stone

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized with an infection.

IMHE has changes it graphs around, lots more pretty pictures to see for each location.

Ousted vaccine director says pandemic warnings were ignored

Trump declares bankruptcy on the Virus effort

New from SCOTUS: Justice Ginsburg is in the hospital with a gallbladder condition.

Trump on ABC News

"Don't let democracy Die" This is the best Don Caron has put together yet! You gotta listen!

Tweet of the evening:

Edgar Winter, The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein


Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Just Another Manic Monday!


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we are praying for you and get well soon!

Comfort foods around the world

Okay, I'll admit I did not watch all of the ABC network news

What are some products that were around when you were a kid

Today's Quote...From a book, "How To Be An Up Person in a Down World"

Howard Jones & Nik Kershaw 'Wouldn't It Be Good' - LIVE

You will never be as lazy as...

World leaders pledge billions for coronavirus vaccine research

Another round with a Trumper!

Coronavirus by air: The spread of Covid-19 in the Middle East

Sharice Davids(D-Kansas) Nala(her dog) Wants To Save the Post Office, Too!

The Venezuela raid.

The Looming Crisis of Emergency Powers and Holding the 2020 Presidential Election

Coronavirus: The lure of mafia money during the crisis

Q&A: Why is Florida's unemployment such a disaster? Because it was meant to be.

*Attorney on Rachel show, representing Dr. Bright, also represents

Caught the last few minutes of Rachel where she had Dr. Bright's lawyer on...

Difference between Republicans and Democrats

Dallas salon owner who refused to close sentenced to 7 days in jail, ordered to pay fines

Why Are You Even Reading This, Instead of Dying For the Economy? (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Native American health center asked for COVID-19 supplies. It got body bags instead.

Enjoying this series of short birding videos.

Bar owner calls in 'armed vigilantes' to protest Texas coronavirus restrictions -- and she joins them

In northeast Georgia, a new COVID-19 hot spot emerges-Headline from the AJC.

How will a post-COVID 19 world deal with meat packing?

TCM Schedule for Thursday, May 7, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Star of the Month - Edward G. Robinson

TCM Schedule for Friday, May 8, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: VE Day 75th Anniversary

TCM Schedule for Saturday, May 9, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: The Essentials: Getting the Scoop

No arrests after black man shot dead while jogging

Trump called out for not "restocking empty shelves" for the last THREE YEARS as president

Pulse Oximeter

With shortages of meat, consider dried pinto beans made into refried beans

donald trump: "I LOVE YOU"

What Are The Prospects Of The Economy Growing Again By November's Election?......

Indivisible and some others are working on a mail campaign...

jeff tiedrich on ginsburg

SO now its THE OBAMA PANDEMIC that Trump Inherited..?

New Report Says Coronavirus May Have Made Early Appearance in France (NYT)

I keep thinking, what if Ruth Bader Ginsburg keels over...

Hillary: It appears the plan is to have No plan.. Americans will suffer. We must replace this admin

Ruth Bader Ginsberg will be participating in tomorrow's oral arguments from her HOSPITAL BED!!!!!

Good message about Covid-19 being shared on Facebook.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: COVID-19 Mutates & Antibody Tests Fail

Western WA weather

"Gangster in the White House": Noam Chomsky on COVID-19, WHO, China, Gaza and Global Capitalism

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Battle Over Wearing Masks

Cat Stevens - If you want to sing out

Back to work!

"Warriors" in the fight to save Trump's ass -

Dallas salon owner gets week in jail for refusing to close business during stay-at-home orders

Remember the "McConnell Rule" on SCOTUS Nominations

The Daily Show - Tucker Carlson vs. Tucker Carlson: Protest Edition

Trump's Virus Drug Whim Costs Millions, Even as the Mania Wanes

Joel Segal, one of the authors of Medicare for All HR 676 speaks.

Kushner coronavirus effort said to be hampered by inexperienced volunteers

Tara Reade

The plan is to have no plan

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Ending the Ban on Gay Blood Donors

FYI - Stephen King is on Colbert tonight. (nt)

FEMA relied on inexperienced volunteers to find coronavirus protective equipment: Complaint

*Jose Andres for Nobel Peace Prize.

Ponder this:

Seth Meyers - Trump Participates in Fox News Virtual Town Hall - Monologue 5/4/20

The Stylistics: 'Hurry Up This Way Again'

Seth Meyers: Hey! Democrats Praising George W. Bush*

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Trump nominee CRUMBLES under questioning by Kamala Harris at hearing

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Prayers For the Sick and Troubled'/Greek Chant by Fr. Dorotheos, 'The Finch'

Is anyone else missing picking their nose with wild abandon?

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Good Grief'

I'm on SSI disability

Az. health department tells university COVID-19 modeling team to stop work, limits data access.

Biden leads Trump by 18 in Colorado (53-35).

Jimmy Kimmel's Quarantine Monologue - Trump's Vicious Attack Against Jimmy

Ageism and COVID-19

for the assholes saying 'Just gonna replace one with rapist with another'

So Trump is quitting on coronavirus

I'm thinking that we're just being bull shitted across the board.

Can anyone make sense of this?

See this stadium? It can hold 50 thousand people...

The Plan Is to Have No Plan

Tooning Out The News: Jon Karl revisits President Trump's mockery

Man Wears KKK Hood To Shop In San Diego, CA Store

☦Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism ➕ Revelation 22:20

To Those Who Are About to Die ...

Biden's Lead Over Trump Shrinks

I bet IQ45's master plan is ordering the Federal Government to stop counting the bodies

Guess who I'm impersonating: ➡️ "China, China, China"

Months before Florida leaders had any clue, coronavirus was creeping through the state

Kinda bored, so I'm reviewing all the sex toys on Amazon.

☦ Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism➕ Revelation 22:7,23,16

Nomination for sceptic of the year

Let's quickly review how the rightwing noise machine works:

Scientists warn worse pandemics are on the way if we don't protect nature

Poll-Why does DT Refuse to Wear A Face Mask? Even When he Visits Mandated Sites?

☦Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism ➕ Revelation 22:11-19

Violence against Asian Americans on the Rise...

Normally news is not supposed to be reported here, but these are strange times...

☦Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism ➕ Footnote on Revelation 14:5

Salem man fell through COVID-19 testing cracks for weeks, ended up in coma

Wild elk destroy 'Danger: Wild Elk' sign at Redwoods National Park


Supreme Court set to hear Obamacare case argued by phone

Federal judge orders more execution details from Oklahoma

US, Wyoming urge rejection of ruling that blocked bear hunts

Subliminal msg? Live and Let Die, played while IMPotus tours AZ PPE mask plant

Real Clear Politics polls show Biden leading Trump in every single national poll since March 2017

Nebraska will open voting sites for primary despite concerns

Diego Hernandez faces multiple accusations of sexual harassment

Heard while half listening to the radio-- George Conway sez...

Trump denies ties to Venezuelan attack with 2 US men jailed

Steve Schmidt's most effective takedown of Donald Trump to date

Colorado teen once accused of killing cat now suspected of killing woman

Trump denies ties to Venezuelan attack with 2 US men jailed

Oregon state parks to slowly reopen

Federal judge rules New York must hold June primary canceled over coronavirus risks

Duque using Colombia's peace funds to improve public image: reports

Colombia's health workers forced to buy their own personal protection equipment

Armed Forces Defend Harmony between Powers and Denounce Aggression Toward Journalists

Coronavirus Threatens First Residents of India's Andaman Islands

Woman killed by alligator was visiting home to do owner's nails, tried to touch the gator

Aldir Blanc, One of The Greatest Brazilian Composers, Dies of Coronavirus

Brazil's Increasing Covid-19 Cases worry it's Neighbors and Sparks Criticisms

I'd be interested to know how many rolls of TP these Open Up protesters bought

Kraftwerk - Autobahn (2009 remaster) and my introduction to sceptical thinking.

The Dumbest Aspects of the Apparent Coup Attempt in Venezuela

The Dumbest Aspects of the Apparent Coup Attempt in Venezuela

3 USDA meat inspectors dead, about 145 diagnosed with COVID-19

Gov Kemp weighs in on murder of jogger

Walmart billionaire among biggest donors to ant-trump group

South Salem care center sees tripling of infected people as new 'hot spot' emerges

Nails it!

Thousands of Oregon families will get extra food stamps to cover missed school meals

Tom Petty full concert from the Shoreline Ampitheater in 1994

Broken polls

I have a question.. will the United States have a

COVID-19, protests and history: Musings on freedom and responsibility

Dallas salon owner jailed for reopening in violation of court order

Trump Is Slowing Down Vaccines

How to make Dim Sum Steamed Rice Rolls Cheung Fun 港式猪肠粉 Char Siu Chee Cheong Fun Recipe

Dr. Bronner's soap company donates $1 million to Oregon effort to legalize psychedelic mushrooms

Peru's 35-year-old finance minister is suddenly a rock star

State orders Southeast Portland nursing home struck by the coronavirus to shut down

'We found his weak spot': Rick Wilson reveals why Lincoln Project ad caused Trump to fall apart

Professor researching Covid-19 was killed in an apparent murder-suicide, officials say

Newsom slams Northern California counties as "making a big mistake" for opening restaurants, gyms,

Biden's edge evaporates

Native American health center asked for COVID-19 supplies. It got body bags instead.

Venezuela Begins Great Military Operation in Search of Terrorist Mercenaries

Chancellor Arreaza Disarms New US Fake News Linking Venezuela with a Ship Loaded With Colombian Coca

In which I am bamboozled by an old woman at the French grocery store

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/5/20

How many US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 are the Democrats going to win?

Stephen Colbert: Guest Stephen King

In first 3 hours of face mask rule, multiple employees are threatened with violence

Oakland opens trailers to house more than 130 people

Just a quick rhetorical question to the American media

On Catalina Island, Unemployment Is 90%. A Local Food Pantry Is Making Sure No One Goes Hungry

Breakfast Wednesday 6 May 2020

Rep. Mark DeSaulnier Returns Home From Hospital

Coronavirus is no excuse to exploit workers, pope says

[AZ]State health department tells university COVID-19 modeling team to stop work, limits data access

It's 71,000+ Joe Scum

George W Bush paved the way for Trump - to rehabilitate him is appalling

Trump loyalist set to become national intelligence director on second attempt

California Sued Uber And Lyft. Will It Help Drivers?

Tummy rumbles? Otters juggle pebbles when hungry, study finds

Trust in scientists grows as fake coronavirus news rises, UK poll finds

Bodies Are Getting Lost In This City That Has Been Ravaged By The Coronavirus

Texas governater on open mic: The plan was never to get C-19 tranmission to zero.

Who would have guessed putting narcissistic toddlers with a massive sense of personal entitlement...

To Republicans, Coronavirus Deaths Are Now Simply The Cost Of Doing Business

Ecuador Indigenous community fears extinction from coronavirus

Airbnb to cut almost 1,900 jobs due to the 'most harrowing crisis'

Scientists find evidence of how platinum metals form under 60 million-year-old Scottish volcano

The president is not well: The umpteenth reminders of Trump's mental state and the consequences

Trump Seeks Catholic Voters, But Some Catholics Push Back

Portland band Portugal The Man offers to send banned books to kids in Alaska

GOP lawmakers got illegal haircuts while calling on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to reopen salons

Women Leaders Are a Symptom of Success

Donald Trump, for example.

Wednesday TOONs - Pellucidly Honest Abe

Kentucky woman cuts hole in mask to make it 'easier to breathe'

Top Trump Adviser's Model Predicts Deaths At Zero By May 15

Val Demmings interview with Mika

Question for those who own, or have owned cats:

F*CK HIM ... Too

How many US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 will the Democrats end up winning?

The United States of Jonestown. I watch in horror as the American people destroy themselves.

Soybeans Made Brazil's Cerrado A Breadbasket; Now It's On Its Way To Becoming A Desert By 2100

Bolsonaro Fires 2 Environmental Managers For Doing Their Jobs - Blocking Illegal Logging, Land Theft

Damn, Missed it! The Obama girls to be interviewed on the Today show.

Today is National Nurses Day

TN to hand out 5 million free masks to any resident who wants one

Transnational social production networks--an answer to the coronavirus security crisis

Ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Released From Prison Due To Pandemic

Harvard Will Not Divest From Fossil Energy, Instead Issues Net-Zero Bullshit For 30 Years From Now

How Kushner's Volunteer Force Led a Fumbling Hunt for Medical Supplies

Trump - look, I was busy. (Try using this at your work)

A great man named Bobby once said:

Follow me..

David Gura of NBC/MSNBC plays North Carolina Breakdown on the fiddle

"Free-Market" GOP Senators Now Openly Threatening Banks For Not Loaning For ANWR Drilling

Brazilian Amazon Deforestation Accelerating; Rate Of Destruction Up 50% Jan-Mar Compared To 2019

Return to Normal Unlikely by September, Harvard President Bacow Tells Faculty

11,000 Workers At Murmansk LNG Construction Site, Nearly 2,000 Infected W. COVID, Per Offiicial #s

ICE chief tangles with White House over political appointees

There Are About 3 Million Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells In US; We Can Now Expect Many More

Some fool in SoCal tried to use a Klan hood as face covering at the grocery store

Awww!! Poor Exxon!! Their First Quarterly Loss Since 1988!!

ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Decreased by 20,236,000 Jobs in April

2 Russian doctors dead, 1 in ICU after mysterious accidents (fell out of windows)

My generation has gained nothing at all

More Greenwash Giggles! Major Banks "Withdrawing" From Arctic Oil Seldom, If Ever Loan For It

2010s Were The Decade That Science Confirmed Just How Big Climate Risks Are, And How Fast

Coronavirus pushes Big Coal closer to collapse

Bob Seger has a birthday today.

A Real Wake-Up Call re: Coronavirus - informative, frightening & infuriating

Republicans are like gangrene in the body politics.

Irish Return an Old Favor, Helping Native Americans Battling the Virus

Orson Welles was born on this date-

Buffalo Catholic Diocese Lawyers Ask for Abuse Lawsuits To Be Put on Hold

The Rundown: May 5, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #85: Keeping Us N'SYNC With the Seasons (5/5/2020 Edition)

DC, IMAGE, More Part of DIAMOND's Revised MAY 20 Release Schedule

Can you imagine the orange carbuncle doing this? Joe's pretty awesome.

The negativity campaign against Biden is starting. Don't believe everything you read.

The Human Rights Campaign endorses Joe Biden

From Al Jazeera 5-6-20: Out of pandemic anti-Blackness, a case for pan-Africanism

GM Posts Profit on Strong Truck Sales

Quarantined People Tried Grooming Their Dogs And Realized What The Professionals Are For

Why Trump Should Worry About His Approval Rate

From The BBC/Entertainment & Arts 5-6-20: Millie Small: My Boy Lollipop singer dies aged 73

Natural History Museum (London)


Trump Spends Entire Day Off Rage-Tweeting

Hannity SLAMS Armed Protesters in Rare Moment of Clarity

On this day, May 6, 1937, the Hindenburg floated high over Manhattan on its way to NAS Lakehurst.

Trump blames Birx and Fauci: "They said it's going to blow over"

Kushner Botched the COVID Response. Now Trump's Tapped Him to Get a Vaccine by the End of 2020.

"Live and Let Die" Will Be Trump's Theme Song

Death of a Scientist, the Type of People We Are Losing to Covid.

Clearly, fear of falling is not an issue for ibexes.

Jimmy Kimmel spanks the Orange Crybaby.

'Live And Let Die' Blares As Trump Tours Arizona Mask Factory Without Wearing A Face Mask

Movies that Jared Kushner's face brings to mind.

Trump's Remarks at Honeywell International Inc. Mask Production Facility -- Phoenix, AZ

Waylon Jennings: "It don't make any sense"

They have taken privilege to the next level of selfish

I might only be a plebeian but I find this Wharton model dubious

Who Is This Angry Unmasked Man?

The Kansas farmer -

From a claim of 15 cases soon being down to zero to 1,238,040 active cases and 72,284 deaths and ...

George W Bush paved the way for Trump - to rehabilitate him is appalling

Ivanka's Chinese trademarks

Despite Delays Caused By Coronavirus, Regular Season Baseball Starts In Korea Facebook Twitter Fl

My head feels like it did 50 years ago.

Just a few thoughts...

New evidence on French COVID-19 patient suggests virus may not have started in China

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized for gallbladder condition

NY Gov Cuomo talking about his daughter's boyfriend

from VP Biden's twitter feed deserves massive retweeting

Trump's Remarks in Roundtable Discussion on Supporting Native Americans -- Phoenix, AZ

Seth Meyers: 'This is what you get when you make a TV star president'

Trump backs away from plan to shut coronavirus task force, says it will continue 'indefinitely'

Coronavirus crisis exacts toll on people with disabilities

Joe Biden leading

The Public Is Astonishingly United

Laurie Garrett interviewed by Anderson Cooper 5/5/2020

Researcher 'on verge of very significant' coronavirus findings shot to death

It is almost like some things have barely changed at all...

Abortion-Terry Schiavo: Life is precious

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes - OMG!!!

American bees prepare for arrival of the murder hornets

Count the puppies - Clown doggie car

Germany to reopen all shops and schools in May

Arizona health department tells university COVID-19 modeling team to stop work, limits data access

Jogging while black. Ahmaud Arbery

Colbert, Kimmel mock president for attacking late-night hosts amid pandemic

You raised $4,285.00 on May 5, 2020 to elect Joe Biden POTUS with our DU ActBlue link

The Trump campaign's egregious editing of a CNN clip

Sadly, "Live and Let Die" was not a factory prank. It's a regular part of Trump's rally playlist.

'COVID-19 parties' reportedly held in Walla Walla County to spread virus

McConnell, GOP move swiftly on Trump's judicial nominee, angering Democrats

Was Sundance a "First Petri Dish" of Coronavirus in the States?

'I believe I am treated worse,' Trump says. As if.

If the US averages 1,000 COVID-19 deaths a day, it will have a quarter million by election day

Trump order to paint border wall black could drive up cost $500 million or more

I wish there was such a thing as a 'fragrance' app to go with this photo

The census over the years - Interesting read

China refuses international probe on Covid-19 source until 'final victory' over disease

Now Briahna Gray is bashing Ruth Bader Ginsberg!!!!!!

Cutest picture yet from Costa Rica

MMM -- WhatevWednesday

Spaceship U - living in these times in a metaphorical spaceship

****A + RATED MONMOUTH POLL**** Smokin Joe 50% Dirty Don 41%

Ruth Bader Ginsburg destroys Trump solicitor general in live hearing from her hospital bed

Demings: 'I would be honored' to serve as Biden's vice president

Trump was asked: What do you say to people who have lost loved ones to the virus?

I'm blue ..

Are we tired of winning?

I went to Perkins this morning.

Did anyone see "The Florida Project"? What did you think?

The Stimulus check for my wife and me arrived

NEW from @JoeBiden on Trump's attempt in CA v. TX to roll back the ACA -

Trump Pivots to 'Phase Two,' Risking More Death to Save Economy

Governor Cuomo Pandemic Update May 6 2020

Eric Holder endorses Joe Biden, saying he will be 'forward-leaning' on criminal justice reform

Pic Of The Moment: If Last Night's Interview Was On The Apprentice

Oh my God. I didn't know there was actual video of the Ahmaud Arbery killing.

Trump Is Trapped In A Room With The Corona Virus And He Can't Get Out

Live and Let Die

Box Scores Show Trump Lied His Ass Off About Being a High School Baseball Legend

Biden to be endorsed by LGBTQ group on notable anniversary

We've been waiting weeks for an order of N95 masks, alcohol wipes, and hand sanitizer ...

If you thought having to tell people not to inject disinfectant was insane...

Insisting on your rights without acknowledging your responsibilities is not freedom-it's adolescence

I sent Trump's "HERE'S MONEY! THANK ME!" letter back Return To Sender.

'Genocide by default': Yale epidemiologist calls Trump's coronavirus response a potential war crime

You're going to love this fresh VP Joe Biden meme:

Yep we still have our share of idiots in Ohio

Kraftwerk founder Florian Schneider dies at 73

Navajo deaths increase from coronavirus, as U.S. delays release of federal funds

My reply

DoJ investigates Blue Flame Medical (GOP-related) after claims it failed to provide masks to MD, CA

Special Snowflake and Trumpist Salon Owner Gets a Texas-Sized Smackdown

So which of the SIL's friends got that ventilator contract for $69M

Trumps Virus

In Latin America, face masks become a form of expression

What Is the Real Coronavirus Toll in Each State?

State health department tells university COVID-19 modeling team to stop work, limits data access

Do not listen to the fantasy vaccine bullshit.

Astronomers find closest black hole to Earth, hints of more

We can revive the economy, but we cannot revive our fellow Ohioans from the dead:

ActBlue implementing another 350% match for Amy McGrath.

I may have just solved a 31/2 year old mystery......

Trump's trainwreck ABC interview illustrated why he rarely strays from Fox News

Remember the five year old who took his parent's car in order to go buy a Lamborghini? Well...

"The whole world is excited watching us," Trump tells reporters. "Because we're leading the world."

Sheep and lion.

Goal for DU for Joe has just increased to $300,000!!!

Georgia to consider charges in killing of unarmed black jogger as video emerges

Record lows, frost, and even snow: D.C. area could see it all between Friday night and Mother's Day.

Red Don's new euphemism for you die

Record lows, frost, and even snow: D.C. area could see it all between Friday night and Mother's Day.

Senate Confirmation Hearing for U.S. Circuit Judge Justin Walker

Hubba, hubba! Topless chicks in short skirts. WARNING May be offensive to some!

We are a ship without a captain, without a rudder, without a compass,

Lincoln Project knows how to set off the Ego Fragile Poser

We need spokespeople like this guy. Party, schmarty, he is good!!!

My Boy Lollipop: Millie Small, RIP

Murder Hornets Doubt They Can Do as Much Damage as Trump

COURT TV - NOW - Anyone watching Supreme Court on Court TV (audio and CC)?

Tick task farce!

A guy on Facebook says that medical examiners are tagging all deaths as COVID-19 cases.

At some point during the quarantine, will be be allowed to stay with someone else?

It just occurred to me why Trump is dissolving the pandemic task force:

Chief Justice Roberts in the hot seat, asked to launch inquiry into McConnell's court packing scheme

As usual, he's focused on the critical issues of the day.

I don't admire or respect members of the DC press corps who don't ask hard questions or follow ups

Students accused of sexual misconduct get stronger protections under new federal rules

Trump Death Clock seeks to bring 'accountability for reckless leadership'

'Live and Let Die' blares as Trump tours mask factory

Trump is so predictable, I believe that I could answer his questions

Remember the loving encouragement you received from your Mom?

The Definition of, Crimes Against Humanity.

How is it possible?

They Are Giving You Death and Calling It Liberty

Some Michiganders are losing their shit for being told to wear face masks at stores to prevent the s

Malia and Sasha Obama speak out in new documentary l GMA

Cartoons 5/6/2020

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 5/6/20

Colorado Lockdown Protester Arrested For Possession Of Pipe Bombs

It may get uery confvsing for vs here on DV

I'm just cleaning my hand

Bears, other critters at PAWS in Lynnwood need human help

My stimulus money was deposited at 2:48, this morning. I'll be sending some to Joe, today.

As state slowly reopens, dark clouds hover over budget

Last full supermoon of 2020

Governor to Snohomish barber refusing order: Cut it out

Coronavirus spread around the world fast, new genetics analysis shows

John Mellencamp - Pink Houses

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "Death is not an economic motivator"

Are the children still in cages and what kind of medical care are they getting with all of this

US death projection doubles in leading model as Dr Fauci warns against opening too soon

Trump says he might give federal coronavirus aid to states if they comply with his political demands

Man credits Remdesivir with saving his life

From Brisbane to Puerto Rico: how a $38m Covid-19 test kit deal turned sour

From Brisbane to Puerto Rico: how a $38m Covid-19 test kit deal turned sour

Massive Corruption With Vaccine Contracts And PPE Whoda Thunkit - Cronyism

A YouTuber nicknamed the 'King of Sting' let a 'murder hornet' sting him

Trump will give unlimited aid to states which remove Biden's name from the ballot in November:

louisiansa state legislature moves to strip governor's emergency powers


Michigan man in now-famous Capitol protest photo: 'I didn't scream in anybody's face'

START Treaty at risk 2020/U.S. Navy ships operate in Russia's Barents Sea for first time since 1980s

"Who's this punk, and what's he doing in my house?" ("cutie" confronts "cutie")

'Killed in cold blood': Biden, Abrams call for action in shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery

Astronomers find closest black hole to Earth, hints of more

shopping while black (and wearing a mask)

Found this on another board

Trumps reopening will be Lethal (Mike Malloy)

Frank Schaeffer is Livid with Predictions

U.S. will use 'every tool' to secure release if any Americans held in Venezuela: Pompeo

Janet Jackson - Love Will Never Do (Without You)

Republicans sue to stop 'Stay Home, Stay Healthy' order; Inslee says 'dangerous'

States cut Medicaid as millions of jobless workers look to safety net

Barack Obama to Deliver Commencement Address During Star-Studded Virtual Graduation Special

Fed lending program not for insolvent oil drillers, Kaplan says

Trump claims he wore a face mask at Honeywell plant -- when footage clearly shows he didn't

States ask Trump administration to pay laid off oil workers to plug abandoned wells

Trump and some top aides question accuracy of virus death toll

'It's gone haywire': When COVID-19 arrived in rural America

Firm Set Up by G.O.P. Operatives Under Scrutiny Over Virus Contracts

Pompeo defends Wuhan lab claims in combative press conference


DeVos issues rules for sexual misconduct investigations in schools, bolstering protections for ...

Rick Bright is demanding that scientists be ignored no longer.

A local Costco employee

Cat Is Obsessed With Wearing Her Tiny Scarf Everywhere She Goes

Ohio Legislators want to minimize/ strip Dr Acton's Order Power

Baby Warthog Wants To Do Whatever Her Dog Brother Is Doing

Nearly 1 in 5 young children in the United States are not getting enough to eat, new research found.

Guy Is So Gentle With The Chipmunk He's Trying To Rescue

B-1B Lancers return to Indo-Pacific for bomber task force deployment

Fastest of Ponies (Woody Guthrie)

No, Trump didn't order meat-processing plants to reopen

Jon Cooper: Who would you prefer to be running the country right now?

Skinny Pittie Who Couldn't Walk Gets So Big And Strong

Trump rebukes a nurse who says "PPE has been sporadic, but it's been manageable."

Coronavirus crisis exacts toll on people with disabilities


Cold air rises--what that means for Earth's climate

Colombia combating coronavirus with two presidents

Judge will rule part of Florida felon voting law unconstitutional

Adam Schiff: Republican colleagues have become "a cult of" Impeached President Donald tRump

Mt Sinai Study: Blood Thinners May Improve Survival Among Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Attorney Lee Merritt Discusses Ahmaud Arbery's Fatal Shooting And Evidence Surrounding It

This is how Oregon is carefully and gradually reopening state parks:

The TSA Hoarded 1.3 Million N95 Masks Even Though Airports Are Empty and It Doesn't Need Them

'40% of Colombia's health workers considering resignation' as Duque's plans backfire, again

Trump steals Loudon County Va. PPE shipment:

Venezuela: Guaido taking refuge in European embassy

Venezuela: Guaido taking refuge in European embassy

Did I hear that correctly? Trump decided not to shut down virus task group because it's "popular"?

Forbes: "No second stimulus payment.."(But a vile angling to cut payroll taxes.)

Trump Just Inspired the Dumbest Damn Coup Plot in LatAm History, Complete with a QAnon Crazy

Trump Just Inspired the Dumbest Damn Coup Plot in LatAm History, Complete with a QAnon Crazy

Los Alamos Nat'l Lab report shows dominant COVID-19 strain

Lincoln Project has its biggest day of fundraising after president attacks 'Never Trump' group

Visual Aid For The Hearing Impaired

They are protesting on the streets of Beirut

Kim Jong-un faked death to see who in his inner circle would 'take power' - expert

Who's hungry? And thirsty?

I give you: "Impeached Meshugenah President Of The United States"---

King of the road:

Mississippi welfare scandal: Luxury cars among $94M in questionable spending, audit shows

Trump will urge Supreme Court to strike down Obamacare

Abortion Keeps Young Republicans In GOP Orbit

"...then you can't say you're 'pro-life' anymore."

BWHAHAHA: These gun-toting right wing nut jobs really do live in mom's basement

Lie - by Tax March

Does it feel like our civilization is slowly unraveling around us?

Meatless May 2020, anyone doing it?

Gov. Hogan looks like he's done with concern over testing Marylanders, angling to open our state

British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump I've Read

can anyone read this name stamp bought in Taiwan many many years ago?

Nearly Half of Men Say They Do Most of the Home Schooling. 3 Percent of Women Agree.

Poison pill

Weird, perhaps bunny related issue in my front yard

Native American health center asked for COVID-19 supplies. It got body bags instead.

Meatless May 2020, anyone doing this?

Tiniest Kitten Is The Biggest Fighter

Advice from young Covid19, ventilator survivor: Stay the fuck at home!

There is one thing about Trump that we should never let be forgotten because

Who owns remdesivir, how much can they make, and how much does it cost?

In reversal, Trump says coronavirus task force will 'continue on indefinitely,'

(Jewish Group) How the coronavirus is hitting Jewish communities worldwide

we're having a heat wave, what to have for dinner?

Feed the babies!

The Republican plan: Americans have to die for Trump's re-election

(Jewish Group) Missouri rabbis say voting by mail is a religious imperative after their governor bar

trump wants you to think the CV-19 outbreak is a war & he wants you to be willing to die in the war

Justice Department investigates company after claims it failed to provide masks to Maryland, Ca.

Mini Dachshund puppy is afraid every time his food bowl moves

50 Cent thinks the world needs more gay jokes right now, trolls LGBTQ people on Instagram

re: tale of 2 stores

Michigan GOP lawsuit: 1945 law unconstitutional, separation of powers violated

If we start a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 turns you gay, would Republicans stay home?

Tell your rep: We need a National Day of Reason, not Prayer

Trump: 'We want to terminate health care'

'Trump Steals Loudon County, VA PPE Shipment:'

On this day, May 6, 1994, the Channel Tunnel opened.

Buster Keaton Elevator Chase Scene

GOP congressman mocks medical experts: 'We're safer from death if we're not born'

Justices wary of 'Obamacare' birth control coverage changes

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #8-16: If This Country's Rocking, Don't Come Knocking Edition

Question about a long expired product

One in three trans people targeted for 'conversion therapy' in Colombia

I replied to the ad for the Trump coin:

Anti-vaxers and such....

Putin awards Kim Jong Un a WWII memorial medal

Brazil using coronavirus to cover up assaults on Amazon, warn activists

Cuomo : Most new hospitalizations are people staying at home..

Why are Russian coronavirus doctors mysteriously falling out of windows?

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 6, 2020

All Lives Matter

U.S. Treasury launches 20-year bond; increases offering sizes amid record borrowing

GOP lawmakers cheer Texas salon owner for violating stay-at-home order

Trump Unravels On Live TV And Mistakenly Thinks He's The President Of China

'This Funding Should Be Non-Negotiable': CPC Co-Chair Pocan Joins Progressives......

Trump Vetoes War Powers Resolution

Trump again pushing to paint border wall black in move that could cost $500M: report

3 reasons the COVID-19 death rate is higher in U.S. than Canada - good read

05/07 Mike Luckovich-Pro (economic) Life

Biden widens lead over Trump in Monmouth poll, but Amash may present problem

Coronavirus In America Looks Like This

Infection rate rises across the country as states rush to reopen

MAGA "Influencer" Praises Unabomber

great version of a classic song

White House waves off needs for more testing -- because Americans will never be satisfied and want an

At least we can dump the pretense that the GOP is the 'pro-life' party

Trump's pick for federal court under fire for calling Obamacare ruling 'indefensible'

Smoking Gun Evidence Reveals Trump Was Warned About Pandemic

The Golden Age that I messed up

Uber to shed 3,700 jobs, close 180 driver centers -- and that's just for starters

Head of Russian human spaceflight program dies after COVID-19 diagnosis

'Full Flower Moon': See the last supermoon of 2020 at its best in these webcasts

Firm Set Up By GOP Operatives Under Scrutiny

I'll miss being allied with Rick Wilson, but I can't wait for that to happen. In the meantime...

I can promise you that Neal has never located a clitoris in his life.

We have no idea how much the COVID19 pandemic is affecting Trump. And how he suffers.

The Hoarse Whisperer @HoarseWisperer There is so much dumb everywhere................


No need to social distance since I don't know anybody who has the coronavirus

Holland America Line Extends its Pause of Cruise Operations

Are we Humans the only Primates being infected by COVID-19?

Agency finds private border wall violates Rio Grande treaty

Trump says former vaccine chief 'seems disgruntled'

What would happen if armed protesters showed up at the White House?

Trump says he wore a mask while he was in Arizona?

The GOP's demented preznit:

On the Same Day Sen. Richard Burr Dumped Stock, So Did His Brother-in-Law. Then the Market Crashed.

Study: Coronavirus outbreak could last up to two more years

Ecuador's Amazon Tribes Face Water Shortage Over Oil Spill

I got my check but no letter.

Ecuador's Amazon Tribes Face Water Shortage Over Oil Spill

Richard Thompson - "Wall of Death"

Sweet story goes to show there are good folks EVERYWHERE

Is there a game plan, a credo, a document that outlines how they want to destroy US?

Via Twitter: Powerful new Joe Biden Ad:

Chile president names Pinochet relative as minister

The Lincoln Project to target Repub Senators next.

To save the life of one person..

has Biden committed to bringing Justice to Trump?

If this thing boomerangs': Second wave of infections feared

Just wondering:

The Simpsons really did predict 2020

The episode of Quantum Leap with the antagonist based on, I assume, Donald Trump, is on

'Ghost' Brazil city locks down despite president Jair Bolsonaro

Economist/YouGov Poll

The U.S. labeled a white supremacist group as 'terrorists' for the first time. It's less significant

I'm Still Shaking

Kinda of a weird one...well.after all, is... "Creative Speculation"..

Why the Infamous Drug Thalidomide Is Being Considered as a COVID-19 Treatment

Bredefeld, Crazy Bernie highlight Fresno Freedom Rally outside City Hall

Linda Hirshman: "I Believe Tara Reade. I'm Voting for Joe Biden Anyway."

Trump's Pick for Intelligence Chief Follows a Slew of QAnon Accounts

California doctors still stressed even as worries about hospital capacity subside, poll shows

New Banksy appears at Southampton General Hospital

Cuomo says it's shocking most new coronavirus hospitalizations are people who had been staying home

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; May 6, 2020

I read on a newsfeed that Barcelona is starting up solo training

DOJ releases Mueller's marching orders

"It Confounds the Science" (Simon and Garfunkel parody

California makes it easier to receive workers' comp for coronavirus claims

Lincoln Project Targeting GOP Senators

Trump's Remarks at Signing of a Proclamation in Honor of National Nurses Day

Michigan Gov. Whitmer wants to ban guns from Capitol after armed anti-lockdown protests

Two acoustic blues songs from Josh Turner Guitar

A Man Who Got $69 Million By Tweeting At Trump Apparently Tried To Sell Masks To California

Ex-California lawmaker Duncan Hunter seeks prison term delay due to virus

GOP congressman: Stay-home orders are a plot to hurt Trump's reelection

COVID-19: Ecuador Persecutes Opponents as Virus Exposes War on Public Sector

Smithfield's: Lawsuit on behalf of Missouri meat plant workers dismissed

Kornacke Kushner Doesn't Procure Protective Equipment

Anderson Cooper, Chris Hayes Nail Real Reason For Disbanding Coronavirus Task Force

Sources: US investigating ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau for Venezuela raid

Sources: US investigating ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau for Venezuela raid

Agriculture secretary expects meatpacking plants to fully reopen within 10 days

McEnany condemns 'publicity stunts' days after Trump's Lincoln Memorial stunt

Victory in Europe Day

Great video -Patriotism is Bipartisan

Brett Favre to repay state $1.1 million for speeches he never gave in MS welfare scandal

Watch this again

TEXAS Gov. Abbott (R) Caught Saying Reopening Will Escalate Covid-19; Phone Recording

Supreme embarrassment: The flush heard around the country

This is why you mute your microphone if you're not talking.

Didja ever notice that these RW assholes

Becoming. Michele Obama documentary on Netflix now.

Here is the ignorance we're up against

Sinclair agrees to pay record-setting $48 million FCC civil penalty

Trump contradicts nurse he's honoring over PPE availability

Detained American tells Venezuela state TV he plotted Maduro's capture

Detained American tells Venezuela state TV he plotted Maduro's capture

Every Republican member of the house and senate should be held responsible

RBG heading home from the hospital.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg discharged from the hospital after nonsurgical procedure

Florian Schneider, Cofounder of Kraftwerk, Has Died at 73

Sierra County New Mexico Sheriff deputizes 20 churchgoers amid pandemic

SO TRIVIAL!! I know. But who else am I gonna chat with?

Vintage mask-wearing photos

Trump vetoes Iran War Powers resolution

Developing: Cross-platform technical issues affecting millions of users

There is a typical person who doesn't wear a mask,

And Suddenly Sean Hannity and Yasser Arafat Have Something In Common.

The Most Important Question

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been released from the Hospital

I wish I knew more about the fight about protecting employers against lawsuits.

Molly Ball book on Speaker Pelosi, discussion on Fresh Aire/NPR

Steve Kornacki Has lost me....

Ruth Bader Ginsburg destroys Trump solicitor general in live hearing from her hospital bed

I've heard the phrase people are facing not, the "New Normal,"

What can someone tell us about Judy Mikovits

"Butt Crack Brigade" , so, I hereby name, the 'open up' protests

Online Retailers Spend Millions on Ads Backing Postal Service Bailout