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Far-Right Candidate: If Elected Gov, "Absolutely Zero Tolerance" for Folks Shooting at Helicopters

Sub Meeting At Local School Today

'Open and shut': Kamala Harris argues case is clear against Trump in introduction as Biden's running

Trump Turns Up Pressure to Open Schools With White House Event

"When Black Man Was Afraid to Walk in His Upscale Community, 75 Neighbors Walked With Him "

The lack of an audience for the Biden and Harris speeches...

The Nation Wanted to Eat Out Again. Everyone Has Paid the Price.

Barack And Joe Solve A Murder Mystery

Let's Shut Them Out and Sweep Them Out

Nuns on a Bus: Catholics cannot, in good faith, vote for Donald Trump

Right in the feels

Invited to Head Mission to Lebanon, Temer Needs Authorization to Leave the Country

Standoff over Covid relief could drag into September

Argentina to co-produce coronavirus vaccine with Mexico

Argentina to co-produce coronavirus vaccine with Mexico

Fact check: Kamala Harris is a natural-born U.S. citizen and eligible to serve as president

Financial disclosures reveal postmaster general's business entanglements and likely conflicts of int

Kamala Harris: Countries rush to celebrate Biden's running mate

De Blasio: Threat of 22,000 layoffs is 'painfully real'

Like my new sig line?

New Mexico Republicans to pay 'special tribute' to militia founded by neo-Confederate

It looks like Mr. Waters had Trump's number even before he stole the 2016 election.

Hey Kim Tell Your Husband

*Head of American Postal Workers Union coming up on Hayes' show.

Ambassador Woody Johnson: "...just a bunch of Black people."

Michael Bloomberg should bail out

I got my stimulus finally

Oregon attorneys file federal lawsuit on behalf of man wrongfully detained by ICE

Trump wants states to pay a quarter of his new unemployment benefit. States say they can't afford it

Ordered my Biden/Harris sign last night.

Is it really such a silly question?

Only a criminal mind...

China Is Counting On Island Outposts To Project Power, But U.S. Troops Could Capture Them

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

This tweet isn't going to go well with Rudy - his daughter is a big fan of Kamala Harris

Seattle School Board votes to begin fall classes remotely

Kitchen retailer Sur la Table sold for $89M

Been in a funk. Can't focus enough to paint much. Did a couple things lately.

#TrumpKillsUSPS - New Really American ad

Pac-12 leaders cancel fall sports, including football

Biden raised $26 million in a day after picking Harris for VP

I expect trump to start doing many more insane stunts soon.

What 'airborne coronavirus' means, and how to protect yourself

UK records deepest recession among top economies

wow you won't believe what happens when you go to


UK records deepest recession among top economies

Trump's trade policies have cost thousands of U.S. manufacturing jobs

Flip Flop!

Maya Rudolph is totally down to bring Kamala Harris back to 'SNL'

John Harwood: Trump turns supply-side fantasy up to 11

Remember Willie Horton?

France rejects blockade on Cuba and its extraterritoriality

Just did my part to support the Post Office. Bought stamps online. You can too! Easy

Fox News host baselessly claims that 'something's going to happen' to Joe Biden

Joe: Let's get to work, @KamalaHarris. (Twitter video)

'Archbishop' of Florida church selling bleach 'miracle cure' arrested with son

Judge Reverses Trump Administration's Removal Of Migratory Bird Protections

'Archbishop' of Florida church selling bleach 'miracle cure' arrested with son

video of young people in Belarus, injured, frightened, being interrogated

Ohio Sec of State just spelled out a restriction to the location of drop boxes that appears nowhere

Trump campaign spox rips GOP congressman over rejection of QAnon conspiracy

Trump and top House Republican embrace candidate who promoted QAnon conspiracy theory

Longmont residents seek justice after Honduran immigrant assaulted near Garden Acres on Sunday

NEW video from Really American: #TrumpKillsUSPS

Longmont residents seek justice after Honduran immigrant assaulted near Garden Acres on Sunday

Mikey preps for his debate with Kamala

Election security advocates see strong ally in Harris

No football this year for my alma mater.

Jeff Tiedrich!

Fox News Actually CUT AWAY From The Tangerine Tyrant To Watch Biden's Empty Podium. I Kid You Not!

Former Boston Police Union Head Arrested on Child Rape Charges

Who is Kamala Harris' husband, Douglas Emhoff?

Brazil's Bolsonaro calls Amazon fires a 'lie' despite surge in blazes

Would Adam Schiff be a better Senator or a better Attorney General.

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats are likely to win in 2020.

Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of bills currently blocked by McConnell?

George Takei FTW

Coronavirus: Father and son of renowned medical family in Miami die of coronavirus after being hospi

THIS is the massive, successful USPS system Trump's saboteur is destroying...

When Kamala Harris took on Brett Kavanaugh and Bill Barr

European Banks Finance Devastation of Amazon Rainforest-Report

NH-GOV: Sununu vetoes four more bills, including 'red-flag' measure

It tweeted a stupid video

Seattle City Council overrides mayoral veto over plan to tap rainy day fund

List of low-risk countries updated, Portugal and Cuba added

With Focus On Redistricting, Democrats Place New Emphasis On Statehouses

looking forward to when Biden debates Trump. when Biden triggers Trump

Is anyone else reconsidering voting by mail?

"This was the pick that scared them the most," MSNBC host on Kamala Harris

Seattle Tea Shop Blames Downtown Closure On Efforts to Defund the Police

Spanish Caravan

I thought this was funny...or at least amusing.

Biden raises $26M in 24 hours after VP announcement

New Mexico Republicans to pay 'special tribute' to militia founded by neo-Confederate, alongside Cow

How can we arrange a nationwide across-the-board strike

anyone else noticing the numbers on Worldometer for NC ?

George Takei: Mike Pence wilts in the face of concerted opposition and pressure.

This could be fun: Bob Woodward obtains Trump-Kim Jong-un letters for new book Rage

Twitter plans clampdown on mail-in voting misinformation amid friction with Trump

USPS Slowdown Hurts SMALL Businesses

Animal rescues will be inundated with family pets because of evictions

Beirut explosion frame by frame HD, slow motion

Sturgis 2020 (

Lead Belly - "Hitler Song (Mr. Hitler)"

Internal documents confirm Trump's Post Office changes are fouling up delivery

Kamala Harris made Brett Kavanaugh cry.

Face masks with valves, vents banned from most US airlines

PA-10: DePasquale Opening TV Ad Touts Working Class Roots

Tweet of the Day

Trump is already making plans after the election?

Ass-kissing RW author who compared Trump to Churchill was just appointed to

Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Live On MTV Unplugged Unedited)

What is your plan to vote? We all need to do our homework about how it will work locally.

US Chamber asks Treasury to clear up 'serious concerns' about payroll tax deferral

I've been seeing RW TV ads against Nicole Galloway.

I need help remembering a movie

Serious Confidence


SE Cupp: Trump effectively turned the GOP into a padded-cell madhouse

Anyone an APP builder? Design an APP in the phones that take temperatures

Kronos Quartet & Clint Mansell - Requiem for a Dream

Apparently, Biden is buying advertising time on FOX News in Texas.

Stephen Colbert quote "Thank God it's Kamala!"

Did you see what just happened?

Public defender: I worked with Kamala Harris. She was the most progressive DA in California.

Very Telling: Trump's COVID briefings: same script, different day.

New Meidas Touch ad - Prosecute Trump

Nature: Heating Tropical Forest Soil 6F Increased Carbon Output Of That Soil By 55%

Dem convention lineup next week

Rainy Gomoryeong - Jang Sa-ik

Posted without comment

A battle for the soul of America

NEW video from MeidasTouch: #ProsecuteTrump

Roundabout - Yes

☦ Eastern Orthodox Psalm 106, Choir of Beirut/Kabarnos: 'Eksomologiste'

Herman Cain tweets from the grave

Ebeneezer Scrooge! In Life, I was your partner, Jacob Marley!

Five Ways Trump And GOP Officials Are Undermining The Election Process

Dems having the first ever Zoom convention will result in...

The Man Who Sold the World - David Bowie

Someone needs to ask the average GOP voter

Trump furious that he can't do rallies in Florida after its GOP governor made COVID spread 'worse'

COVID 19 has claimed the life a music icon from the 1960.

the "case against Donald Trump and Mike Pence is open and shut."

TCM Schedule for Friday, August 14, 2020 -- Summer Under The Stars: Steve McQueen

TCM Schedule for Saturday, August 15, 2020 -- Summer Under The Stars: Nina Foch

Trump Has Nearly Eliminated Intelligence Briefings From His Schedule Entirely

She does what any mom would do

Cat And His Dad Have The Same Routine Every Night

What would happen if a black hole fell into a wormhole?

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: 'Romance in G major for Violin and Orchestra'

20 Questions for 2020: Kamala Harris (video)

Gay former Trump official calls Joe Biden homophobic because he didn't pick a gay VP

Is our solar system shaped like a deflated croissant?

FLIPPABLE: Sara Rodriguez for WI-HD13

How many calls for Joe into swing states will you make before election day?

Trump appointee deepens purge of U.S. global media agency

Black lesbian political powerhouse announced as Kamala Harris's chief of staff

Reed Galen: Why former Republicans back Biden over Trump -- and attack Senate Republicans

Ron Johnson signals some GOP senators concerned about his Obama-era probes

(Jewish Group) Non-Jewish assemblywoman in NY targeted in anti-Semitic attack

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose: no extra ballot drop boxes for November election

Win by QAnon believer creates new headaches for House GOP

(Jewish Group) Marjorie Taylor Greene, House candidate who advanced QAnon theory about Rothschilds..

Why is Anderson Cooper having Cornell West on his program? What is his relevancy?

Video shows Arizona man carried out of store by son trying to stop anti-mask rant

Trump Embraces QAnon Congressional Candidate, Calls Her 'A Future Republican Star'

What happened to the person (shooter?)who broke up the presser yesterday?

PA-10: Independent poll has Democratic challenger DePasquale leading Perry.

U.S. reports highest number of covid-19 deaths in one day since mid-May

Pence has one request for the debate

Ghislaine Maxwell fails to obtain delay in unsealing documents

Number 2 of 4

Trump privately discussing replacing Defense Secretary Esper after election

No pay, no freedom: Brazil struggles to rescue maids from slavery

NC-11: New DCCC Poll Shows Close Race As Cawthorn Comes Under Fire for White Supremacist Signaling

If Biden wins, get ready for Trump to punish America

State Department watchdog finds fault in conduct of U.S. Ambassador to Britain

Trump Tupperware

Mysterious 'fast radio burst' detected closer to Earth than ever before

ICE agents detain Bend men as angry crowd protests

FL-15: 3 Dems in race to flip US House-15 seat

'Antifa' website cited in conservative media attack on Biden is linked to -- wait for it -- Russia

TX-23: As GOP Rivals Enter Recount, Gina Ortiz Jones Launches New TV Spots in San Antonio

MI-03: Democrat may fare better than usual in West Michigan congressional race.

After someone threw explosive devices at protesters in Laurelhurst Park, questions arise over police

SpeedDemon shatters wheel-driven LSR! Incredible achievement!

Kings Of Leon - Sex on Fire

IN-05: Christina Hale releases her first ad of the campaign.

AOC given just 60 seconds to deliver pre-recorded message at DNC

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump and Fox News Struggle to Attack Kamala

NE-03: On Health Care, Bacon Says One Thing in Nebraska and Another in Washington

Trump wouldn't pick Nikki Haley because he doesn't want to be Outshined

Kings Of Leon - Closer (Live on Letterman)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Attacks Vote-by-Mail and the U.S. Postal Service

What "symbolic" event do you look forward to ...

Are workers at my local post office allowed to accept a token gift?

Seth Meyers - Trump Claims 1918 Spanish Flu Ended World War II - Monologue 8/11/20

Seth Meyers: Amber Ruffin Shares What Trump Has Done for Black America

Minneapolis breaks 50-year turnout record for a non-presidential primary.

The Reverend Horton Heat - Loaded Gun

John Fugelsang tweet on US Ambassador Woody Johnson

An eclectic mix of selections tonite.

The Reverend Horton Heat - The Devil's Chasing Me

August Contest Submission Thread- NOW CLOSED- 6:45pm, PST

Trying real hard. I'm not well and don't know what to do about it. eom

Fani Willis unseats 6-term Fulton County (GA) DA Paul Howard

I Guess Mr. Insult Is Calling Kamila Harris...

August Photo Contest Reminder

August Contest Comment Thread- submissions closed - comments still welcome

Primary sets up November battle for control of Georgia's Legislature

Round Two of Corgi versus Labrador

Michael Moore on Kamala Harris

AOC and her 2nd grade teacher have an exchange on Twitter

GA-14: Atlanta company files defamation suit against candidate Greene

For your viewing pleasure - Tom Waits, relevant as ever

Kelly campaign and PACS supporting Kelly absolutely dominating TV ads in Phoenix

Palin's advice to Harris: 'YOU were chosen for who YOU are,' (Instagram post)

Maxwell's defence

Steve Schmidt Calls Trump A Political Arsonist: 'He'll Burn Everything Down' To Win A Second Term

Trump Embraces QAnon Congressional Candidate, Calls Her 'A Future Republican Star' - All In - MSNBC

A Biography on Stephen Miller

'No Tactic Beneath Him': Adam Schiff Reacts To Jared Kushner Meeting With Kanye - All In - MSNBC

The Axis Of Ignorance: My Terrifying Journey Into COVID Conspiracy Land

Peepaw Trump Tantrums And Refuses To Come Out Of The White House Because He Can't Do Rallies

Let's get this straight. Even if Biden messed up when he said "Poor kids are just as smart as

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Postal Worker: 'We Do Have The Capacity To Handle The Election Mail And We're Prepared To Do That'

Facebook to start adding labels to all US posts about voting

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 8/12/20

Facebook and Instagram ban antisemitic conspiracy theories and blackface

Perennial puritopians pout: Left wing rankled by choice of Harris for VP

Stephen Colbert: Guest April Ryan

Herman Cain supports Trump from beyond the grave

Thursday Moring Earworm:

"Campaign To Recall Whitmer Is In Flames Amid Allegations Of Embezzlement"

New Video: Trump didn't choose Louis Dejoy to run the Post Office. He chose him to destroy it.

Kushner has been talking to West almost daily.

2020 US Senate Elections the Democrats will win in order to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

Why some don't get COVID-19 or have mild symptoms.

Side-by-side video exposes Trump as he reads exact same script at multiple press briefings

Per Morning JoeScum: USA suffered the worst day for Covid-19 deaths in months

I'm smiling read letter from my uncle who moved to Vietnam


Thursday TOONs - Up Front And At 'Em

Trump Kills USPS

Oh Joe, please...."Thank you for letting me say something nice about George W. Bush." Gawd forbid

International body says voting problems 'could harm integrity' of US election

One of the first successful Russian-backed misinformation efforts of the 2020 election tricked ...

Court Changes Wisc Voter Registration & Voting Dates

Court Changes Wisc Voter Registraion & Dates URGENT

Iowa farmers assess losses after storm flattened cornfields

Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts; 08-12-20

Trump's Remarks at Kids First: Getting America's Children Safely Back to School; August 12, 2020

"supermarket employees now say they are overworked, overwhelmed and feeling expendable again"

David Sedaris FTW

"With no explanation, you can get banned from Un-American Airlines! "

Statement from Kayleigh McEnany Regarding the Safe Reopening of America's Schools; 08-12-20

Eric Trump on Twitter - the responses are HILARIOUS!!!

Ethics and Honesty SHOULD matter

Thank you, Herman Cain, for tweeting from beyond the grave to support me!

Trump appearing to urge prosecutions of people involved in the Russia investigation

Screams of TORTURE in Belarus heard by relatives

Trump to Maria Bartiromo this morning

In addition to all her other qualifications,

It tweeted (and thanked itself)

Trump's latest questionnaire/donation solicitation, FYI

Trump says Postal Service needs money for mail-in voting, but he'll keep blocking funding

I am voting for Biden, But

Question about acrylic paint brands.

Jobless claims: New unemployment claims come in below 1 million for the first time since March

The Eviction Crisis Could Compound Voter Suppression Come November

So unfair

The Rude Pundit: Kamala Harris Will Hurt Trump and Pence and That's What We Need

Jared Kushner, Deputy Assistant Ratfucker

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Administration's Rollback of Migratory Bird Protection


George Takei giving it back to drumpf

"The Death of Sgt. Elias" - who does it better?

Is it just me?

Santa Fe City/County Preparing To Shut Down Diversion From Rio Grande; Not Enough Water In River

Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris Will Deny You A COVID-19 Vaccine If You're Not A 'Certain Color'

Matthew Yglesias: Kamala Harris's family story is the real portrait of American greatness

Trump vows to block stimulus funding for mail-in voting and USPS

How High's the Water, Mama?

Kentucky governor pleads with schools to delay in-person instruction as coronavirus cases climb

Answering ghoulish tweets from deceased Herman Cain's twitter account

It's Really Easy To Hide Investments In Deforestation, Toxic Mining, Industrial Ag - Just Ask Brazil

The Rundown: August 13, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 8/22/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 8/12/2020

New word! "Fetulity." As in you don't wanna be one...

Will @JoeBiden answer every 5:30 Trump press conference with his own 4:30 Zoomside chat?

In the early 80s, the Federal govt told the states to raise their drinking age to 21 or...

Covid-19 and getting your teeth cleaned.

Second day in a row we have set a new record on fundraising for Joe-Kamala

Fox News threw everything but the kitchen sink at Kamala Harris

World Elephant Day 2020

Whatever: Trumpsonaro Issues Ban On Amazon Fires - Fires That Come After Clearcutting

This is why I just can't quit Twitter.

Biden, Harris to deliver remarks on coronavirus pandemic (Today) as U.S. daily death toll rises

Two senior soldier-scholars demand Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff remove Trump from office, I

"We don't have a day that doesn't pass where someone doesn't call up and blame the president"

This ad may gain traction

Colombia arrests Florida men accused of selling fake COVID cure that allegedly killed 7 people

This, from @RichLowry, is very good.

Lincoln Project: Choose your fighter

I had leaned toward Susan Rice.... but honestly, Kamala was the RIGHT choice.

Another quick Kamala Harris comment

You never know who you'll run into driving through Olde Town Alexandria, VA.

How To Rig An Election: Let Me Count The Ways......

The CDC issues a dire warning for the fall if coronavirus measures are not followed (CNN)

Kamala is already living rent free in Donald Trump's head. (Twitter video)

Reopening Shut Down Shale Wells Likely To Be Difficult And Expensive - If They Are Reopened

On the coronavirus, trump has silenced All the experts.

Malcolm Nance: "OMG you are so utterly pathetic."

Trump called Kamala Harris 'nasty' - is it because she grills powerful men?

Question For Black DUERS

Renowned Climatologist And Glaciologist Konrad Steffen Dies At Greenland Research Camp

BREAKING: Joe Biden's VP is Kamala Harris

Help Lizzie Velasquez spread the word :

Trump Struggling to Speak As Brain Fails

Trump on how he, he says, let someone else choose the FBI director, it wasn't him: "I said, 'Go ahea

Trump is attacking Kamala Harris and AOC on Fox this morning. The whiny baby is scared!

How the extinction of a species affected whiskey production

The True Coronavirus Toll in the U.S. Has Already Surpassed 200,000!

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/13/20

Trump: Voting by mail is a fraud !

When you finally get your hair cut after lockdown (Twitter)

The Bomb...

OK folks. Here ya go:

Claire McCaskill tweeted EarlG's brilliant pic

North Carolina denies permit for Mountain Valley Pipeline extension

You raised $34,523.24 on August 12, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

This made me furious today

The first 'second gentleman'? Meet Kamala Harris' husband Doug Emhoff

Scam Callers Threaten Apex Police Captain with Arrest

No bail for man accused in Virginia sword and drugs incident

I think they're gonna try to link Biden to a child sex ring

Dennis Bonnen Was Awful for HD25, His Would-Be Replacement Is Worse

What kind of cruel joke is this?

Biden, Harris lash Trump at debut of historic VP choice

How about a collection of international articles about Joe and Kamala?

Better to be thought a fool, then post on twitter and remove all doubt

Omelette Dijonnaise Recipe

Trump admits he's sabotaging the postal service in advance of the election

Trump blurts out his true motive on mail-in voting

The 'excess deaths' tally in the U.S. is 204,691 in 7 months -- so C-19 deaths might be undercounted

Explanations for how animals were created:

How about a feel good post for today?

Trumpie is only getting 12% Latin X support in California. Trails Joe 56-28 among all !

Energy Conservation Program: Test Procedure for Showerheads

Do you think drumpf will accept AOC's challenge?

DeSantis (Florida-🚹 ) compares opening schools to getting Bin Laden

FL-15: New poll shows incumbent Ross Spano in danger of being upset Tuesday

Daily Apocalypse Jackpot

AOC Only Gets 60 Seconds At Democratic Convention To Deliver Pre-Recorded Message

Trump hurls insults at Harris, Ocasio-Cortez and other women

I lost count of the number of American flags behind Kamala Harris during her speech.

Arkansas to implement first-of-their-kind abortion restrictions later this month

U.S. reports highest number of covid-19 deaths in one day since mid-May

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS cover page...

Trumpers broken down into these categories: Please add your ideas.

Kung Fu Kitty - Wax on, wax off-learning from the master

George Takei: The net job loss under Trump/Pence is the highest since we started tracking.

I would like to believe any other president regardless of party...

Belarus election: Women form 'solidarity chains' to condemn crackdown

Pence on debating Harris: 'I can't wait'

PBS *The Dictator's Playbook*: 6 of The Deadliest Dictators of The 20th Century (2019)

Young children would rather explore than get rewards

Hundreds of Dolphins Stampede Near Dana Point, California

O my Pirro!

China says frozen chicken wings from Brazil tested positive for coronavirus

It tweeted (bonus reply)

President Trump says UAE to open diplomatic ties with Israel

Breakfast: Thursday, 8/13/20

Age hint time - This was one of my favorite skating tunes

Tennessee lawmakers end session on protests, COVID liability

Anna Mae Winburn was born on this date.


The Capital Gazette among 5 newsrooms closing

Protesters have camped for months at Tennessee's Capitol. So lawmakers made it a felony.

Funny when Madman uses the term "nasty woman" to refer to women who are actually accomplished...

Jordan Klepper vs. Trump Supporters The Daily Show (so good, it is worth this reposting)

I had leaned toward Marianne Williamson, but honestly...

Wow! It is just so frustrating to talk to supporters of the dangerous fool in the WH.

Posted without comment

Someone at the White House finally tells the truth: Voting rights are "not our game.

1351 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 36 deaths

Third tier law professor John Eastman had an op-ed in Newsweek

trump calls Kamala Harris a mad woman because of how she questioned Brett Kavanaugh

Hakeem Jeffries for AG!

Hillary FTW!

Virginia mayor urged to resign after saying Biden tapped 'Aunt Jemima' as VP

Man sentenced for 2015 hammer attack on Leesburg retail worker

Spectrum Business Ad doesn't know the virus is still raging

Pic Of The Moment: The Charts Are At A Level That Nobody Even Thought Possible!

Historic: UAE, US, Israel reach deal to end further annexation of West Bank settlements

George Takei: The next First Lady of the United States, ladies and gentlemen. 💕

Michael Moore podcast Rumble on VP pick Kamala Harris

Maryland private high schools postpone fall sports season indefinitely due to coronavirus concerns

Biden, Harris to give DNC convention speeches at Chase Center in Wilmington

Clayton Bigsby lives! And this... is 2020.

In what year did you become politically "sentient?"

Andrew Yang says he will speak at Democratic convention after expressing surprise at not being asked

President Trump to appoint Gov. Lee to Council of Governors

When and how to vote in all 50 states

The Trump administration haphazardly gave away millions of Covid-19 masks -- to schools, broadcasters

US Border Patrol agent arrested/charged with trafficking over 350,000 pills believed to be fentanyl

Kaiser to launch Phase 3 testing of coronavirus vaccine in 1,400 California and Oregon adults

Christian Parents Call Wisconsin School District's Face Mask Requirement 'Satanic'

Beto O'Rourke

Kamala opens case of whoop ass

'Strange Fruit': The Timely Return of One of America's Most Powerful Protest Songs

George Shearing was born on this date.

Melania Trump plots convention speech that hopes to avoid past missteps

Hillary Clinton: Lean on your Republican legislators to join the fight to save the USPS.

America Is Preparing for the Wrong Arctic Crisis

Alfred Hitchcock was born on this date-

PELOSI: Trump wants to undermine USPS because he: "Is Afraid Of the American People"

Coronavirus prompts closing of Georgia high school in district with over 1K in quarantine

BREAKING: SCOTUS blocks GOP effort to require more restrictive vote by mail rules in Rhode Island

Fauci says he has serious doubts Russia's COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective

It's not Identify politics Kristen Welker

My pick

Mnuchin Admits White House Held Back Food Assistance For Hungry Kids

US says Iran briefly seizes oil tanker near Strait of Hormuz

Please, just one dollar can save a child:

Noam Chomsky: Trump Is Quite Capable of an "October Surprise"

Joe: @KamalaHarris is that person.

Anyone else having a worse than average allergy season, this Summer?

Federal appeals court: Male-only draft is constitutional

California church defies public health orders, holds indoor services for thousands with no social...

A true ray of hope right from heaven.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris And Why I Finally Feel Hopeful

Why Trump keeps calling women 'nasty'

It tweeted

Sorting machines being taken from post offices! Sabotage continues ...

The military in Belarus is now with the people. Lukashenko is done!

Poll: Voters approve Harris VP pick, Biden gets image bounce

Trump's attack on the Postal Service is now a national emergency

Apple, Ford, and Disney push back on Trump's WeChat ban: WSJ

Kamala Harris Birtherism Fail

Florida is really late reporting Covid-19 cases today

At this moment Trump is taking credit for peace between Israel and UAE

Disgraced West Virginia bishop Michael Bransfield was told a year ago to make restitution.

About Axios

A coup in the US

Trump's Postmaster General Caught Making Cash Off of Post Office Contracts: Report

St. Louis City SC Is The Official Name Of The Region's First Major League Soccer Team

George Takei FTW again

Seriously, is anyone aware of ANYTHING the Trump regime has done that brought about the UAE/Israel

Andrew Yang added to DNC convention speaker line-up.

Ethical Society Of Police Report Details Systemic Racism in St. Louis Police Department

Trump Seemingly Admits Why He's Blocking Postal Service Funding

How Trump's Push to Reopen Schools Backfired

Opera Theatre Staffer Quits After Child Sexual Trafficking Arrest

The Hare & The Tortoise Comes To Mind

US calls for shower rules to be eased after Trump hair complaints

Environmental Groups Say They Support Black People But Struggle To Advocate For Them

New Vote Vets ad - Trump You Lose

Cartoon: It's Kamala By Clay Jones -August 12, 2020 9:00 AM

Trump signals impatience with FBI director's cooperation with reviews of Russia investigation

Supreme Court won't block eased rules for Rhode Island absentee ballots

Herman Cain Twitter Account Shares Posthumous Attack on Biden and Harris

Apparently the Black voices are just out of frame and also very excited-Hoarse Whisperer tweet

BREAKING NEWS: Hologram of Herman Cain named keynote speaker for 2020 Republican Convention.

Trump adviser: Democrats want voting rights and 'that's not our game'

Was the big peace treaty supposed to have been the Oct. surprise?

Scientists warned Trump's wall would threaten endangered species. Officials ignored them

Birthdays for August 12:

Trump administration to roll back curbs on methane from oil, gas operations

Have you ever seen one of those photos featuring someone gazing into a mirror which

Why is trump having a large wall built in front of the White House lawn? Is he afraid

Trump admits he's refusing to fund the Postal Service to stop mail-in voting

Lake Fire in California sees 'explosive' growth, burns 10,000 acres in a matter of hours

Florida State wide receivers challenge school's handling of coronavirus

LIve Updates: Outbreaks hit schools across the South

Senate GOP's Biden investigation mimics Russian propaganda tactics

New York Airport to Be Renamed After Frederick Douglass

Ignore all the nonsense from the Trumpers and the other goons....

Face masks with valves or vents do not prevent spread of coronavirus, CDC says

We Just Saw the Future of Anti-Abortion Linda Greenhouse

Shouldn't the FBI be investigating the intentional sabotaging of the U.S. Postal Service?

I have a serious question. If Trump refuses to leave the White House when

Report Claims Trump's Postmaster General Is Making Money Off Of Post Office

Plagues of Mice: Field Rodents Destroy Crops In Heatwave, Say Germans: 120K Hectares Stripped

The Maryland State Board of Elections has determined that Early Voting shall take place

Vote Vets: You Lose

Grim Reaper lawyer emerges with mobile billboard: 'Killing FL With His Stupidity,' Ron DeathSantis


FDA denies Henry Ford Health request to use hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 patients

Renowned climate scientist Konrad Steffen dies after falling through ice in Greenland

Election 2020 live updates: Biden, Harris to deliver remarks

Per Michael Cohen:

Washington Reports 551 New Coronavirus Cases, 8 More Deaths

CDC director warns of 'worst fall' in history if COVID-19 measures aren't followed

Outbreak of biotoxin closes some beaches in Washington state

My current "USPS delay bullshit is fucking things up for me" story

Majority in poll say US coronavirus response worse than other countries

Bloomberg to speak at Democratic convention


Trump suggests Barr could be 'greatest of all time' if he finds Obama administration spied on him.

Biden Camp: Trump Sabotaging USPS Is Desperate Man's 'Assault On Democracy'

Elijah Cummings' final words to us: Book due out on September 22!

Don't have a cow, man!

Covid-19 death toll rivals fatality rate during 1918 flu epidemic, researchers say


Sarah Cooper: Russian bot comedy is the best (not a video)

Kudlow: Money for voting rights is a 'really liberal left' wish

Biden, Harris set for briefing and speeches on coronavirus pandemic Thursday

The Lincoln Project is launching a million dollar digital ad blitz against Trump

Seattle to invest in 600 new units of permanent supportive housing

James Gurney - Painting Mindset: "Chaos Engine" vs. "Correction Engine"

Hundreds of absentee ballots arrive late in Shelby Co. (BLUE MEMPHIS!) after primary election

I would think the USPS is a "third rail" issue

what is this about

The Fridge Again!!

Why does Trump think mail-in voting will help Dems more than Repubs? I don't get it. nt

I thought I was done seeing Dud Chuck

I hate it when another parody account beats me to a joke.

Was clicking through the TV and stopped dead in my tracks at 700 Club

IL: Downtown Chicago restrictions and limited train service to extend through the weekend

Weasel-In-Chief Trump admits he's blocking USPS funding to prevent universal mail-in voting

I think we need to give Vladimir Putin proper credit for his innovation in vaccine development.

UCSF inhalable protection against COVID-19, inspired by Llamas and Camels

Nobel Peace Prize? Who is O'Brien?

Hawks Nest Tunnel to rise from the depths for first time in 85 years

'Con Air' Is Spreading COVID-19 All Over the Federal Prison System

Police: Couple Punches 17-Year-Old Sesame Place Employee Who Asked Them To Wear Masks

IF you REALLY want to contribute money to knock off a Republican nutcase...

From my neighbor's zinnias just a bit ago.

Trump takes on showers, because his hair must be "perfect"

Run To You - Glennis Grace (a truly amazing cover) ... WHITNEY LIVES!!

The Post Office Is Deactivating Mail Sorting Machines Ahead of the Election

'Why I Am Voting No On The Democratic Party Platform': Medicare For All

Ohioans voting alert.

Meidas Touch ad #TrumpMailsItIn & Brave New Films Suppressed: The Fight to Vote

CNN's Brianna Keilar is must watch TV.

Biden has a 72% chance of winning, per (Trump's chance is therefore 28%.)

QAnon candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who claimed that there's no..

Cartoons 8/13/2020

Breaking: Park Service unveils plan to add Trump to Mt. Rushmore!!

Reports that MAILBOXES are being REMOVED RIGHT NOW.

What can democrats do about Trumps interference with mail in voting?

LTE Explaining the security of vote by mail.

Might be nothing, but I've had two recent issues involving mail non-delivery.

Latest COVID spike may have peaked in July, data shows

From here on out, I'm just going to assume that Biden is president.

Fact check: Pence makes wildly dishonest claim comparing pandemic job growth to number of jobs...

New Rule: You Can't Always Get What You Want Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Rapid-Response Covid-19 Test Makers Face Outsize Demand

Fauci doubts Russia has a COVID vaccine...

175 members of Congress call on postmaster general to reverse changes, restructuring ahead of electi

CO-03: U.S. House race between Boebert and Mitsch Bush in western Colorado is tied

After Trump, America Needs Accountability for His Corruption

Kamala Harris receives strong marks as Joe Biden's VP: POLL

Bloomberg to speak at Democratic convention

Sen. Harris has seamlessly moved into Vice-President mode.

Trump reading same remarks each briefing..word for word

Trump whines and shouts 'a deal is not going to happen!!!'

Bill De Blasio Slept Here

(Jewish Group) In Belarus, young Jews among those picked off street and jailed amid police crackdown

Veterans group hits draft-dodging Trump with new ad blasting his war on the mail

Colombia's Supreme Court bars Uribe from politics

So much $ is coming in, our goal just went up AGAIN

(Jewish Group) Holocaust survivor architect designed a memorial honoring Albanians who saved Jews

'One of us': South Asians celebrate Harris as VP choice

I wonder if it was really the Saudis

BREAKING: Federal Judge ORDERS Trump Campaign/RNC to prove "vote by mail fraud"

Trump's Cabinet From Hell

Trump says he opposes funding USPS because of mail-in voting

Electric cooker an easy, efficient way to sanitize N95 masks, study finds

(Jewish Group) New Instagram account shares anonymous stories of anti-Semitism on college campuses

Mike Pence's 'Gaslighting' Boast About Record Jobs Creation Backfires

Wonkette - Jared Kushner Is Going To Hell

Justice Department seizes millions in cryptocurrency from terror groups

It's 105f today and 108f tomorrow so

South Korea announces plans for an aircraft carrier as tensions rise in the Indo-Pacific

Worried Lenders Pounce on Landlords Unable to Pay Their Loans

Arizona paid a former government employee $95,000 to handle the state's unemployment crisis.

20 University of Tennessee Knoxville students & 8 faculty members have tested positive for COVID-19

When and how to vote in all 50 states (resource to be shared)

Laurence Tribe tweet - We must learn how the Constitution empowers us.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp drops lawsuit over Atlanta's mask mandate.

Kamala Harris' economic policy: Roll back tax cuts, expand health care and middle-class tax breaks

The catastrophe of Trumpism.

DIY coronavirus "vaccine"

CONVENTION EVENT: Join us for a Monday Night Kick-Off event with Gov. Howard Dean!

CONVENTION EVENT: Join Pete for a Convention Happy Hour!

Trust baby Eric Trump says Pelosi and Schumer "never signed checks and live lavish lives."

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Aug. 18, 2020

Aaron Rupert tweets about Kushner's comments this morning

AOC Issues Trump a Challenge. We know he'll chicken out, because Trump's a CHICKEN!

TDH reports 24 new coronavirus deaths, 2,118 more cases in Tennessee


As GOP Blocks Covid Relief, Experts Warn of 'Wave of Despair' and Devastating Anecdotes Show Crisis

Which stage of Barney are you at with this pandemic?

CONVENTION EVENT: Jewish Americans for Biden Convention Pre-Program and Watch Party

Trump wants to define what it means to be truly American. His Kamala nickname exemplifies that.

CONVENTION EVENT: Planned Parenthood Action Fund: "We Decide: Our Lives. Our Health. Our Vote."

Trump Announces the Normalization of Relations Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates


CNN Exclusive: Details, title and cover revealed for Bob Woodward's upcoming book on Trump

Judge orders Trump campaign to produce evidence of voter fraud in Pennsylvania

Blue Bayou --- Roy Orbison 🆚 Linda Ronstadt

CONVENTION EVENT: Politico Conventions 2020

TikTok and its employees prepare to fight Trump over app ban

Hope one and all are paying attention.

Whatever Happened With THe Traitor Flynn Case?

'Silence is complicity': GOP condemned for doing nothing as Trump openly touts sabotage of USPS

Trump campaign, Republican groups sue 'rogue' Iowa election officials over absentee ballot forms

Trump administration scraps limits on methane leaks at oil and gas sites

Something's in the air re governing. People are weighing in on real plans.

"From golden showers in a sex club in Vegas, to tax fraud, to deals with corrupt Russian officials."

Oh, those crazy kids.

Ricketts expected to sign bill banning abortion method after Nebraska Legislature passes measure

Online game Fortnite sues Apple after getting kicked off App Store for sidestepping payment system

Biden calls for nationwide mask mandate

Question: Is ANY news not **Breaking News** on CNN?

Dolly Parton: "Do We Think Our Little White Asses Are the Only Ones That Matter?"

Trump: Clearly I'm Screwing With The Post Office To Sabotage The Election

CONVENTION EVENT: Axios: The Future of Employability

Trump Appointee Intervened in Oracle Case


This paragraph from Michael Cohen's new book is quite the tease

Four Ways to Safely Cast Your Ballot Without USPS

Opposition to Trump's School Plans Is a Fear Campaign, DeVos Says

The Very Elaborate Way Queen Victoria Had Her Eggs Royal Upstairs Downstairs Real Royalty

I think Biden and Kamala can corner Trump and Pence with Qanon nutso stuff


A broken cable smashed a hole 100 feet wide in the Arecibo Observatory

DOJ about to mount a major assault on affirmative action

Info on August 4th voting/absentee primary voting in Flint Township/Michigan

I just ordered a bunch of stamps from the USPS site.

Kemp Drops Lawsuit Over Mask Mandate

AOC might have the tweet of the day!

A former slave market will be removed from the center of Georgia's first capital

A former slave market will be removed from the center of Georgia's first capital

Federal judge in Pennsylvania orders Trump campaign & GOP to produce any evidence of vote-by-mail fr

What happens, in ANY presidential election, if on lets say October 15th

How many DUers knew for sure that we were dealing with a pathological LIAR

Parents in Paulding County are discussing the possibility of not having their children tested

Chicken wings imported to China from Brazil test positive for COVID-19, Chinese officials say

Every sign counts. Make one today!

Alex Jones: InfoWars host mocked for using megaphone to yell at teenagers about coronavirus rules

Longtime DC Circuit Judge Stephen Williams, Who Fought COVID-19, Dies at 83

Florida governor compares schools reopening to killing bin Laden

Kamala Harris, Cory Booker among senators to endorse bill of rights aimed at college athletes

New Meidas Touch ad- Trump Emptied Stadiums


Watchdog report finds Facebook has failed to weed out 'boogaloo' extremists

Any bets on how long it's going to take me to get yelled at or attacked?

Hillary Clinton Cuts To Trump's Core In Just 2 Words

Eric Swalwell - Sign Petition to demand Trump stop sabotaging the USPS

New Jersey's Atilis Gym, which reopened against COVID-19 emergency orders, loses business license

The Post Office Is Deactivating Mail Sorting Machines Ahead of the Election

'They were smashing me with batons': detained Belarusians tell of jail abuse

Greetings one and all

Julia Child(!) was in the OSS during World War 2

Just to introduce myself

U.S. economy 'losing steam' as it hits fiscal cliff


Michael Cohen releases the book's Foreword. In its entirety

Pence: "We're not gonna let Joe Biden and Kamala Harris cut America's meat."

What's your NPR newscaster name?

After Trump, America Needs Accountability for His Corruption

How do we get the message to the 60 million democratic party voters who dont do political message

To paraphrase "Mash's" Hawkeye Pierce, "The instrument has yet to be invented that could measure

Trump calls QAnon GOP primary winner a 'future Republican Star'

Sen Harris mad? Maybe trump & Brett prefers Samuel L Jackson

Is it true that CA has ONLY ALL MAIL voting?

Trump admits he is undermining USPS to make it harder to vote by mail

Trump's gonna do a lot of damage on his way out the door.

Senate leaves until September without coronavirus relief deal

Huge Dog Is So Patient With Her Little Goat Brother


Isn't There Some Way We Could Get An Injunction To Stop The Destruction Of The USPS?.....

Worst Florida governor ever: Madison S. Perry (1857-1861), but DeSantis catching up

Georgia governor to drop mask lawsuit against Atlanta mayor and city

People said this pittie would never walk -- until they met him

This is yet another reason the Mpls Council wants to De-Fund the police...

Getting shit done is the name of the game

This is no doubt a male, right

Holy Shit - the Con just said Dems don't want schools to reopen because schools are

Museum unveils new Fauci bobbleheads after previous edition sells out

Drumpf just said dems don't want schools open because they're polling places

After reading Michael Cohen's forward I wonder if there is a way to get others who are held down


What are the facts on medical cannabis?

SCOTUS gives Chump another (small) gut punch.

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, 14 August 2020

SCOTUS gives Chump another (small) gut punch. (X Post)

Are Senate Democrats using every tool and/or tactic available to force votes on the USPS situation

U.S. stocks come close, but fall short of record high

a reporter just asked if he regrets all the lies he's told the american people.....

Trump going Birther on Kamala Harris.

Fundy in WI is anti-mask, calls masks "satanic."

Who was the hero reporter that asked Trump if he regrets

Biden campaign hats vs. trump campaign hats:

Jim Acosta - "There is no bottom."


Kittens with the most murderous intent in their little eyes

Golden showers is trending on Twitter, lol

Just saw headline on Google News

Dolly Parton Backs Black Lives Matter: "Do We Think Our Little White Asses Are the Only Ones That Ma

If there are any undecideds in this election

Immediate Remedy For USPS Sabotage

When your spatial awareness is for shit and you trip over your PJ's and land in the bookcase

OOOOPS, wrong forum

Hope Never Dies

Ava DuVernay's response to trump's nasty woman comment

CNN: Kamala Harris throws Trump off balance

About that SS tax cut...

Did you know?

U.S. seizes Iranian fuel cargoes for first time: WSJ

U.S. seizes Iranian fuel cargoes for first time: WSJ

Mr. Emperor - "Do you regret all of the lying that you have done to the American people?"

Trump EPA Plows Ahead With 'Mind-Bogglingly Stupid and Destructive' Rollback of Methane Emissions...

"...after 3-1/2 years do you regret at all, all the lying you've done to the American people..."

"After 3 1/2 years do you regret all the lying you've done to the people?"

Two white guys walking around in a black neighborhood. What to do?

Are these low flow golden showers?

'Antifa' website cited in conservative media attack on Biden is linked to -- wait for it -- Russia

Sorry in advance.

FOX Poll: Oh Yeah - NOW - You Want The Government To Help You?

Mexico to keep US border closed to non-essential travel

I got a nice surprise when my CBD finally arrived, yesterday

U.S. global media agency hires shock jock who called Obama 'Kenyan'

Feds say Yale discriminates against Asian, white applicants

NCAA cancels fall sports championships, including volleyball Final Four set for Omaha

DMV Sends Tennessee Woman ID With Photo Of Empty Chair, Not Her Face (Laugh break)

HEROES Bill - What GOP doesn't want to give to American people

Billy Crystal Used Donald Trump's Words Against a Trump Supporter

Jeannette Rankin, 1st woman elected to Congress, among Montana's influential Women of the Century

InterestingTwitter thread on mail-in ballots and (non)potential fraud

Lean on your Republican legislators to join the fight to save the USPS.

Experts worry that a COVID-19 vaccine won't help if not enough people are willing to get one

The Trump administration haphazardly gave away millions of Covid-19 masks...

Beau of the Fifth Column - The Post Office and Trump

Negotiators 'miles apart' on Covid funding, with little hope for deal until September

Seriously, do not F**K with Democratic Women.

Federal watchdog says Trump can give convention speech at White House

Biden and Harris call for three-month nationwide mask mandate

Judge rebukes feds over statement slamming Supreme Court's DACA ruling

U.S. political activist Angela Davis says Kamala Harris makes Democratic ticket 'more palatable'

The real reason Trump doesn't want mail-in voting?

Trump Gives Barr An Ultimatum: You Could Be 'Greatest' AG Or 'Average Guy'

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 17

I heard that Pence is not eligible to run for VP.

Trump calls Biden's coronavirus plan unscientific, rejects call for national mask mandate

Tweet of the hour

AOC endorses Ed Markey:

Let it flow: Trump administration eases showerhead rules

Kamala Harris's Indian Connections Spark a Social Media Frenzy

In a nutshell, "projection" is the attributing of one's own unacceptable thoughts or

How Biden Chose Harris: A Search That Forged New Stars, Friends and Rivalries

I didn't expect to be making any contributions today

NWS, NHC Update


Bison depantses someone

Trump lies that it is Biden -- not him -- who has ignored science about COVID-19

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats the Democrats are going to win in 2020.

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; August 13, 2020

Steve Sack FTW

NCDHHS Covid-19 Case Count Dashboard

Lawmakers introduce bill designating $28 billion to secure state and local IT systems

One more reason Trump is going all out to attack Kamala Harris: Ivanka

Wildlife photographer sets up camera in woods - and returns to find hilarious photoshoot

Are they selling a Biden/ Harris mask??

"Greatest of all time"? Not even close, Donald!

More US churches sue to challenge COVID-19 restrictions

Keilar: Instead of trying to provide stability, Trump did this

The President's quest for 'perfect' hair starts with the shower

Been waiting for this: Trump Humiliates Himself By Going Birther On Kamala Harris