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Pence and West Virginia Governor Justice's Remarks in a COVID-19 Briefing, White Sulphur Springs


It's handy when they just spell it out for you:

so...I was just looking for a place to park...

FYI: Decades TV is running...

Teacher Man


Joe: We can meet the challenge of COVID-19 and turn the corner on this pandemic. (Twitter video)

Trump breaks with CDC director on potential for 'worst fall' amid pandemic, flu season

The Post Office Can easily handled the election.

The state of USPS discourse.

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

Interactive: See how COVID-19 has dramatically changed Hajj pilgrimage (5 pics)

The Great Shrink: Pink slips flying at airline workers means painful autumn ahead

Associated Press Police move in after fights break out during Georgia protest

It is tragic that people died after mailing their ballots. It's good that Michigan did not count tho

"Sledgehammer": Two versions

Mike Pence Says He'll Keep Kamala Harris From Meddling With America's Meat

Mo Bella FTW - my Tweet of the Day!

Who has noticed a slower mail service?

The Zombies - Time of the Season

Trump says he will 'take a look' at pardon for Edward Snowden

Rev. William Barber: 'Low-Income Voters Are A Force To Be Reckoned With' MSNBC

Endangered Wolf Pup Cuddles with Big Sister

Lemon: Guess how many of Harris' GOP colleagues stood up for her?

Excellent brief for the House of Representatives challenging Trump's lawless attempt to turn the cen

Two Million Californians Go Dark and the Heat Is Just Beginning

Ship leaking tons of oil off Mauritius has split apart

Marmalade - Reflections of My Life

New Video Of Belarus Protester's Death Appears To Contradict Official Version Of Events

Bell Peppers

Asking "Who uses the postal service anymore?" is a hostile question

Fauci says U.S. can learn from other countries to beat COVID-19

Does anyone have a reliable, vetted, authentic link to the Biden/Harris campaign site?

How is Biden not WAY WAY ahead of Trump? Who are these 42%?

Rolls-Royce to close Prince George County factory, laying off nearly 300 workers

OK, I've read enough. I am abandoning any bill paying by mail (that I can).

Pelosi: USPS 'Needed Now More Than Ever' Hallie Jackson MSNBC

Homes being evacuated downstream from Falling Creek Dam in Chesterfield County

Only one of these women.....


Restraint of free trade is a criminal offence

US coronavirus death toll nears 170,000 as testing decreases

Chairman Schiff: "The Postmaster General must resign. He's slowed delivery, banned overtime..."

Multiple choice

Caribbean/Latin American History

Velshi: Trump's Anti-Science Attitude Is Getting Us Nowhere MSNBC

Sick of arguing pointlessly with the other side? Reach out to people who skipped the last election


Samurai Swords: Evolution and Overview

Full Movie The 47 Ronin (1941) ENGLISH SUBS

The Tremeloes - Silence Is Golden

Teen leading in Kansas race admits blackmail, revenge porn

Republican Political 10 Commandments

So now Trump is looking to pardon Snowden?

Seth Abramson: Trump can kill as many people as he wants to without even being investigated.

FDA creates first-ever list of medical supply shortages

VoteVets 'War on USPS' featured on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

The Most Famous Samurais: The Greatest Warriors of Japan - History of Japan - See U in History

Kid crashing into trash cans syncs up perfectly with Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight"

Police move in after fights break out during Georgia protest

The world needs to speak up loudly and more importantly act on whats happening in Belarus.

Real Ghost of Tsushima - Mongol Invasion of Japan DOCUMENTARY

Poor baby was just hugry!

Update: TN trooper fired after threatening and pulling mask off man who was filming traffic stop

Rep.DeanPhillips: What should we do, you ask? Subpoena the Postmaster immediately

MN-01: GOP Congressman Paid Company Owned by a Staffer

I wrote a book!

STATNEWS: Going viral: What Covid-19-related loss of smell reveals about how the mind works

Hey, if you stopped testing, I would be less stupid..............

American Experience WOODSTOCK: THREE DAYS

STATNEWS: A powerful shift': Disability advocacy, once an afterthought in presidential races, gains

Taylor Swift(!): "Trump's calculated dismantling of USPS proves one thing clearly:He is WELL AWARE..

STATNEWS: Winter is coming: Why America's window of opportunity to beat back Covid-19 is closing

The founders would have tried Donald Trump for treason.

Yasuke: Story of the African Samurai in Japan

Coronavirus Cases Drop 46% In Parts Of S. Carolina With Mask Mandates Compared To Areas Without

Yasuke: Story of the African Samurai in Japan

National Weather Service is issuing warnings tornadoes

What was/is your dinnertime like?

But here we are

New evangelical claim is that Donald Trump only watched gospel TV until he was elected

When Trump plans one of his desperate tricks, you know he's always thinking, "what's the most vile,

Portland, criminal cops slash tires of guy sitting his car

Truly curious which hole was the site of the "strong focus" on the virus, which hole hosted the "mee

Feels later. My mind was going stream of consciousness

NBA, Yale land the COVID testing breakthrough

Imma gonna leave this right here

Gotta love seeing IA-04 Democratic candidate @JDScholten out there actually doing work and clearing

In Republican Alaska, GOP incumbents face strongest challenges in decades amid the coronavirus pande

covid -45 gets more $$$$ brother died

'For Kamala Harris, Memories of Mother Guide Bid For Vice President'

Robert Trump dead at 71

Single malt can round off a lot of sharp edges, but it does little to alter reality

Ted Lieu: This bill doesn't require Senate or @POTUS approval. We should pass it ASAP.

Robert Trump, Younger Brother of President, Dies at 72

Hey God! Wrong brother! Sheesh. n/t

Robert Trump, the president's younger brother, dead at 71

Proud Boys moves through western Michigan amid counterprotests

US Senate Elections the Democrats will win in 2020 to get majority control of the US Senate in 2020.


DeJoy's Post Office yesterday: OK, all right, we won't pick up the mail boxes.

"No matter who it is? It is what it is!"

@essvote was falsely claiming its voting machines with wireless modems were federally certified

A rainstorm of Bullshit..Acosta to Trump: Why does virus task force keep contradicting you?

Ted Lieu proposes House rule change on inherent contempt to force Dejoy to testify

To sr legal adviser of team drumpf: Florida literally doesn't have absentee voting.

saw an ad for a Buick car on msnbc today. shocking, thot they went out of biz ages ago...

Trump - golfing while his younger brother died

"Post-truth is pre-fascism."

The right will have a field day with this (Robert trump)

Japanese Sword Experts REACT to Ghost of Tsushima Experts React

Spanish Flu was 1917 or 1918. Dead brother was 71 or 72

When and how to vote in all 50 states

'It's a F------ Mess': How and Why Football Conferences Are Arriving at Opposing Medical Conclusions

Donald Trump is an AM radio conservative talk show host, not a politician

Trump briefly visited his dying brother en route to his golf club. If you've ever sat

Trump's brother dies today, "His best friend," and he spent the day fucking golfing?

Agnes Obel - Riverside

Tsushima Island, Japan

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Did anyone bother to buy/read Bolton's book?

Rep. Don Beyer: We share your anger and frustration about what Trump is doing...And we ARE working t

Which staffer drew the short straw tonight?

George Takei: 😳 What a brilliant twist on an age-old art form.

More ways to protest Trump's screwing with our Postal Service...

Firenado: National Weather Service issues America's first-ever warning for a fire tornado

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day

If the Doomsday Clock hits midnight, we are all dead.

Sometimes lately I get unstuck in time at night

Exclusive: UPS, FedEx warn they cannot carry ballots like U.S. Postal Service

Rolls-Royce to close Prince George County (Virginia) factory, laying off nearly 300 workers


Does anyone know what caused

Bad Moon Rising

Ricky Davila:So we're expected to feel sympathy for Robert trump, but "it is what it is" for 170,000

Rashida Tlaib votes against Democratic Party platform and for Sanders

That's 2 Trump brothers who died early

States are trying to cap the price of insulin. Pharmaceutical companies are pushing back.

Mongols: Invasions of Japan 1274 and 1281 DOCUMENTARY

Donald Trump receives a warm welcome in Russia

Where the buffalos roam.....

New York City 2075

Record-breaking heat wave fueling wildfires in the West

Saturday musings

Pelosi weighing bringing House back from August recess early over USPS issues: reports

Is this whole thing with the post office

trump tested negative for.....

Entire cities could fit inside the moon's monstrous lava tubes

I've never wanted to be in a gang more than this one.

U.S. Intelligence Says Republicans Are Working With Russia to Reelect Trump

South Dakota declines unemployment aid from Trump executive orders

This was date of the ball game for which 45 said he was too busy fighting covid to throw 1st pitch

Police Versus Teachers: Do You Know Who Earns More In Your State?

Calls for nationwide sickout as Arizona school district cancels reopening

After 400 years, Native stories at heart of Mayflower events

How is everyone doing tonight? I love you all...

Colombia's police plan to spy on citizens' social media

Colombia's military mafia threatening police investigators: report

Watching rerun of early episode of Madam Secretary,

Women make the difference in Belarus

Epic short clip from Brian Tyler Cohen

When you're asking leading questions on direct, but your witness is an idiot

NY-11: The Case Against Nicole Malliotakis

NY-22: Tenney Admits She Sold Out New Yorkers' Net Neutrality for Campaign Cash

Protest at Postermaster DeJoy's Home in Greensboro, NC on Sunday August 16th

San Francisco turned ghost town? Here's how empty the city really is (two weeks ago )

PA-08: Did Jim Bognet Forget Where He Lives?

Joe Manchin files POST Act to prevent post office closures during pandemic

Durham BS report

GA-06: Lucy McBath releases first campaign ad

Media silence sends message on right-wing violence

So I was just watchin "I Am Legend" on IFC, and this scene stood out...


MA-04: The race to replace Joe Kennedy in Congress is getting personal

A Church. A Viral Video. A Campaign To Discredit Black Lives Matter.

Bolsonaro's Approval Rating Increases and Is the Best since the Beginning of Term

i want one of these! ... maybe...

MA-01: UMass taps lawyer to probe Alex Morse misconduct allegations

How Much Is Putin Paying Durham To Cover Up His Crimes

Ronin: The Samurai Without Master - History of Japan

Russian vaccine is totally safe.

Covid on campus

TX-07: Can Republicans use energy politics to sink Fletcher?

2016 vs. 2020

These Violinists need to be STOPPED (BASS vs VIOLIN Battle)

MI-08: Will Michigan Democrats Really Turn Out After a Virtual Campaign?

PA-07: Scheller Says She'll "Hold the Corrupt Politicians Accountable," But She's One of Them

Look what the USPS did in Wisconsin, they are destroying our Postal system!

CA-21: Valadao Desperate to Hide His Damaging Health Care and Immigration Record

The racist asshole in Naples is now in custody.

Strength Lies In Honor --FULL MOVIE English subs

'Postal Service Attack Hands Dems. Campaign Msg. For Seniors, Vets, Rural Residents, Small Bus.'

CA-48: GOP candidate claimed she withdrew daughter from college for supporting gay marriage.

if "our country is in tatters" then wth is congress doing taking a VACATION???

Angola orders Brazil evangelical churches to close

Powerful ad about Trump, Dejoy and the post office

US suspends private charter flights to Cuba

How many Postmasters General can you name?

Conservatism IS a mental illness.

'Trump Civil Rights Division Worried About Whites Being Discriminated Against In Ivy League Schools'

My family physician told my wife that the increased number of abused children

Impotus Americanus

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2020 to regain control of the US Senate in 2020.

what trump said

Samurai Sunday Cinema Matenee... Enjoy

7 Easy Ways To Not Totally Abandon the Environment Right now, Despite COVID-19 Concerns

TX-31: With a lift from the Yang Gang, Donna Imam hopes to dispatch John Carter

Trump rolls back methane climate standards for oil and gas industry

Taylor Swift warns fans to vote early because Trump opposes mail-in voting

Grounded carrier off Mauritius breaks apart risking ecological disaster

19-year-old candidate leading in local Kansas race admits to revenge porn, blackmail

What Was Jeanine Pirro Predicting With Biden Remark? Morning Joe MSNBC

POlitical Scientist: High probability that Texas State House goes Blue in November.

Two galaxies collide in this majestic Hubble image

Hubble Makes the First Observation of a Total Lunar Eclipse By a Space Telescope

Democrats Will Adopt Their Health Care Platform Next Week -- Here's What It Says

Worst sunburn ever?

Belarus Opposition to 'March for Freedom' a Week After Disputed Vote

Meet the animals with an amazing sixth sense

ANIME: Trigun: Badlands Rumble Movie (FULL English Dub)

What's Possible When Earth and Space-based Telescopes Work Together?

Voters can replace a party that knows how to fight with one that knows how to govern

One of my favorite Animes from a few years back.. WITCH HUNTER ROBIN

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Catbird Seat Edition

If Trump sees a sympathy bump in the polls...

Best Reader Comment on WP Article About Trump Screwing With the USPS

This is perfection - Still I Rise - Maya Angelou - Kamala Harris

US Senate Elections that Democrats win in 2020 to get a majority in the US Senate in 2020.

More rolling power blackouts in SoCal?

So will he play golf today?

Power back in California after brief rolling blackouts

100 Years Ago Today; Ray Chapman of the Cleveland Indians killed by pitch to head

60 Years Ago Today; Joe Kittinger's Giant Leap from 102,000 ft

Severe thunderstorm warning for the Bay Area???

Is it just me or is this theme of letting people die from covid because they

It's raining at 4:00 AM in San Francisco, which is extremely rare for this time of year.

@Sen_JoeManchin WATCH: I toured @USPS facilities across #WV today to thank our postal workers.

Green Bay woman is trying to end adding fluoride to Green bay city water. Again.

My sister passed on in February of 1996.

Victim in Florissant killing was prominent rapper Bizzie Gambino

Driving to Maine today

Just think of 60,000 -100,000 actual letters going to this address....

Doctors see rise in limb-threatening blood clots during COVID-19 crisis

2020 is an asshole. First it gave us a pandemic, now it's giving us fire-tornados.

After 50 years, Children's Zoo at St. Louis Zoo will close for good this fall

This is the USPS Board of Governors. These six men have the power to fire Trump-appointee Louis DeJ

Georgia State Sen. Nikema Williams On Moving The Needle Forward On John Lewis's Legacy

More layoffs at Maritz as firm pivots focus to events, automotive divisions

Illinois meatpacking plant sued after COVID-19 death

Newsweek apologizes for op-ed that questioned Kamala Harris' citizenship (but...)

Newsweek apologizes for op-ed that questioned Kamala Harris' citizenship

A ramble over a 76 Gibson explorer our son is playing it as I have coffee I'm smiling

Bluegrass Gospel

Join President @realDonaldTrump as he watches Pastor Sam Rodriguez at New Season church a

Sunday Non Sequitur - Brilliant, Right?

Doonesbury - Dad, We're Republicans, Right?

Candorville - My Lawyer Said...

Breakfast with Stephen Stills?

Calls for nationwide sickout as Arizona school district cancels reopening

If you ignore all the death and the rapid, asymptomatic spread among children and the new projection

So what about a photographer "religiously opposed" to mixed race marriages?

Breakfast with Stephen Stills? 2

Thunderstorms with lightning (very, very frightening!)

Tennessee Department of Education releases "toolkit on child well being"

Breakfast with Stephen Stills? 3

There is something I have to say, Thanks for DU. I am

On this day, August 16, 1969, Hurricane Camille headed for the US after striking Cuba.

On this day, August 16, 1969, Hurricane Camille headed for the US after striking Cuba.

Breakfast with Stephen Stills? 4

I alone can fix it -down memory lane with Keith Olbermann

Trump eyes Putin meeting before November election, say four people familiar with discussions

Breakfast with Stephen Stills? 5

'God Has Nothing to Do With Trump Being President'

Joe: Joe Biden @JoeBiden Aug 16, 2020 Mr. President, Jill and I are sad to learn of your younger

Belarusians gather in Minsk in thousands for biggest protest yet

Breakfast with Stephen Stills? 6

⚡⚡ How to watch the Democratic National Convention 👀🌞☀🌈

Trump to withdraw Pendley's nomination as public lands chief

Any Firefox users here?

Health care education changes...

Breaking: New NBC-Wall Street Journal poll

Covid reopening phases as explained by Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Breakfast with Stephen Stills? 7

Drumph and Kelly Bundy

Yikes, watching CBS Sunday has only been on for 10 minutes.....

Ryan Reynolds asks young people in Canada to please not kill his mother by spreading the coronavirus

Senate panel told Justice Dept. of suspicions over Trump family members' Russia testimony

There Aren't That Many 'Hidden' Trump Voters

2nd 📞 call b/w #Lukashenka and #Putin over the weekend. #Russia's president reiterated his readiness

Breakfast with Stephen Stills? 8 This song kills!

foreign interference in 2016 may have been only the appetizer. The main dish is about to come.

Alpaca and donkey best friends love to play together

A violent protest in Chicago leads to 2 dozen people arrested and 17 officers injured

Trump says he is considering pardon for leaker Edward Snowden

Sen Tammy Baldwin coming up on msnbc--Covid-19 supply cutbacks in WI--diverted from WI...

Clyburn: Trump 'signing a death warrant for a lot of people' with mail-in voting opposition

Interesting game to play with rethug interviews

CDC blindsided by Trump's statement it could deploy teams to schools this fall

Harris pays early dividends for Biden campaign

Trump is martyring the postal service

Breakfast with Stephen Stills? 9


Looks like Trump is getting ready to fire Esper

Trump says he's considering Snowden pardon

Breakfast with Stephen Stills? 10

Aretha Franklin- August 16, 2018

Mysterious dimming of Betelgeuse explained? (

New Hogan chief of staff got six-figure payout as he left Maryland Environmental Service ...

University of Illinois low cost saliva covid test:

Perhaps a side of live Nash & Crosby?

NYC Police Union Endorses racist Trump but want PoC to believe they have no biases in policing?

Smell Tests for COVID-19 Are Coming to a College Near You

How Hitler's Paranoia Cost Him The War Warlords: Hitler vs Stalin Timeline

Is Hillary going to speak at the convention?

Irate Former GOP Chair: Trump trying to punk Americans on birther again

Poll: Biden leads Trump by 9 points nationally

Crowd in Minsk chants "Resign"

It's worth the risk to vote in person to oust Trump.

This is what a decent human being does

You raised $13,361.02 on August 15, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

Louis DeJoy is just a low-level @GOP mega-donor! I had no idea my "suggestions" to him would land hi

I plan to call the county election board tomorrow (if anyone answers)

Can Air Conditioners Spread COVID-19?

Jared Kushner lying his lizard looking ass off on Face the Nation

White House chief of staff pledges USPS won't dismantle sorting machines

Belarus Leader Vows to Hold Fast as Tens of Thousands March for New Vote

****Freshness Guaranteed**** YOU GOV LIKELY VOTER NAT'L POLL Biden 52% Trump 42%

Esper eyes $2.2 billion cut to military health care

Pandemic denial: Why some people can't accept Covid-19's realities

Robert Trump was on blood thinners, had brain bleeds after recent fall

Pelosi schools reporter: You mistook GOP for somebody who gave a damn

?Limits of Power? Presidential Emergency Action Documents?

Breakfast: Sunday, 8/16/20

Are many Republicans pro-COVID because of its disproportional toll on minorities?

I can't believe Trump was golfing while his bother was dying.

Good thread from Virginia election official. We could use something like this for every state

Democratic Underground for Joe & Kamala UPDATED

Postal Workers Unions Urged Sanders to Block Pro-Privatization Board Nominees

House Oversight Committee chair calls on postmaster general to testify at 'urgent' hearing

That moment when you realize its lies are killing the children and their parents

"The House Oversight Committee will hold an emergency hearing on mail delays" (Twitter)

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/16/20

Your Sunday Morning Paraprosdokians :-)

Gavrilo Princip (1894-1918)-The most influential person in modern history

43 Years Ago Today; Elvis leaves the building... for the last time.

New Anti trump Ad : Leave Me A Loan!

Amazing. Looks like Alex Smith is going to play football again.

Dodgers are first major league baseball team to open stadium for voting

Bill Evans was born on this date.

Sign with JFK quote....


GOP guests on talk shows this morning criticizing Democrats for not being on the shows.

Mark Meadows gets busted on-air for lying to Jake Tapper about disabling USPS sorting machines

One of the benefits of Covid social distancing was that the Jehovah Witnesses stopped knocking

883 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.; 14 deaths

Those "Stand Against" Kamala Harris ads

One source for the current Democratic convention schedule

Meadows Gets Into Heated Exchange As He Tries Defending Trump's War On Mail-In Voting

Icelandic Jewish cookies: A dessert with a fascinating story to tell

Robert Reich: The dysfunction today is that Republicans can't govern and Democrats can't fight.

The real picture:

'He conned me': Pennsylvania farmer who voted for Trump in 2016 to speak at DNC

Will Postmaster General show up and produce docs? Subpoena now, not next week if he no-shows.

Pelosi Considers Cutting House Recess Short To Address Postal Service Crisis


Mark Meadows gets busted on-air for lying to Jake Tapper about disabling USPS sorting machines

Nancy Chuck Joe Appoint Emergency Fix USPS Task Force Now

WHO planned destruction of Postal Service?? Sone who knows well its organization, operation!! WHO

In the era of canned crowd noise for professional sports I offer this

If you have ever wondered where Trumpism has it roots as a belief...

Anne and Mel. So cute!

Homeless man loses his beloved dog companion. Watch as they are reunited. (kleenex required)

Stacey Abrams, 16 Rising Stars to Keynote Democratic Meeting

Trump's Secret Political Weapon: Wasting Opponent's Time

My prediction of massive fraud in November

Oversight Committee Dems call on USPS PMG DeJoy to testify

Trump friends.

Would you golf and give thumbs up while an immediate family member lie dying?

DNC MONDAY: Schedule and events

Con Quin Andas Joe Biden Para Presidente 2020

Poll: Biden remains ahead of Trump nationally before conventions begin

contact info for the USPS board of governors

Trump finds his yes man pandemic advisor

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 17 August 2020

Covid-19 Deaths Strike Early for Many Minorities

Rahm Emanuel gives a winning message on beating Trump with the post office debacle.

What Fiction are you reading this week, August 16, 2020?

Most produced energy in each state

Voting by mail more secure than voting in person?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, August 19: Summer Under the Stars - Dolores del Ro

Wanted to say hello

Ear worm for the day

Donald Trump spends a lot of time and energy trying to figure out how to 'block' mail-in ballots

They Caught The Guy

SOCIETY -- not "Democrats" -- needs to reign in the insanity on the right.

Kushner has "no fear" about sending his kids to school amid pandemic

NPR: USPS postponing removal of mailboxes for the next 90 days.

I need advice. My daughter stole a Trump flag.

Newsweek apologized for an op-ed questioning Kamala Harris' eligibility to be vice president

With A Little Help From My Friends

6 public-health experts offer a coronavirus agenda for Biden and Harris' first day in office

You want to win? . Tune all the bullshit out. Voter Confidence is a fickle thing- Steve Schale

White Georgia State Trooper Charged With Murder For Shooting Unarmed Black Motorist

Why Cats Show You Their Butt, According to Science

When you put someone on ignore

Mark Meadows lied when he said USPS will stop dismantling sorting machines

US Postal Service leaders can't keep Trump's lies -- or their own stories -- straight

John Eastman, a law professor at Chapman University should be fired

TeleTracking Technologies, Firm Running Coronavirus Database, Refuses to Answer Senators' Questions

The Bulk Of The Losses That USPS Is Experiencing Are Related To Pension Requirements Imposed.....

Problem with Trump: He didn't want to spend the time preparing for the effects of the "VIRUS"

If I get a star, can I still see the ads?

Killing the Truth

Anyone here remember Three Fisted Lullabye?

Mark Meadows Blames Obama For Trump's Post Office Sabotage

Exercise Your Freedom and Vote! Susan B. Anthony Explains Why Voter Suppression Is Anti-Freedom

Steve Bannon is looking well:

What the hell!? I blame Trump for the Fire Tornado:

We all grieve differently I guess but how many ease their grief by trolling?

LIVE VIDEO: Protest outside Louis DeJoy's country club in Greensboro NC

Harris' rise gives California a shot at serious national power

House Just Called for the Postmaster General to Testify at an "Urgent Hearing" Later This Month

What's for Dinner, Sun., Aug. 16, 2020

I saw an interesting little movie called Rust Creek. Spoiler question below:

Do you think that people in jail/prison should be afforded basic protection against abuse/violence?

Florida: Virus, Fees Hinder Drive To Register 'Returning Citizens' To Vote

Bill zollars board of governors usps same pos yellow freight that destroyed Roadway express

Freedom or fascism. We're really on the tipping point.

Nikki Fried gets piece of Democratic National Convention keynote

Florida: Virus, Fees Hinder Drive To Register 'Returning Citizens' To Vote

Rep. Connolly: "This invite is not optional;" Must Use "Inherent Contempt" If DeJoy Won't Appear

Pa. Lawmaker: It's not government's responsibility to 'try to keep us safe'

Protect U.S. Postal Service's role in our elections

MN-01: Rep. Hagedorn fires chief of staff after allowance spending spree

Cartoons 8/16/2020

This week is the promised fundraiser drive

It's not a protest in North Carolina until the banjo comes out. (At Louis DeJoy's mansion)

Watch Baby Barred Owls Go from Fluffballs to Fledglings

****GUARANTEED FRESH A + RATED ABC WAPO Poll**** 54% Approve 29% Disapprove of Harris Choice!

New Mexico ranks #1 for alcohol-related deaths in U.S.

Planning commission head accused of profiting from position

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; August 15, 2020

Balloonhead claims Democrats did not take action to fund the Postal Service

NC-11: Rising Republican star faces accusations from women

Trump allegedly wants to meet w Putin as early as next month and Pompeo is planning a meet with fore

Trump lies through his ass again

Postal Crisis Ripples Across Nation as Election Looms

Meadows accepts Harris is eligible

Well, maybe it's the time of the year, or, maybe, it's the time of man...

Blue collar workers turn on Trump as 'Scranton Joe' prepares for biggest week yet

Flower pics

Coronavirus updates: CDC says rate of COVID cases in children 'steadily increasing'

Fauci slammed Tucker Carlson, saying he 'triggers some of the crazies' to attack him

a happy stray cat story

COVID-19 Stimulus Checks 2: Trump Says the Country Can Live Happily 'Without It'

Broward anti-mask protest draws about 100

Excessive heat warning issued as temperatures expected into the 90s Sunday

"but I will be too busy...,"

Uber and Lyft could shut down in California this week. It may not help their cause

Ted Lieu tweet "Will history repeat itself?"

All Bellevue Beaches Have Reopened For Swimming

The Gross Racism that Cheated the Legacy of Dick Allen

'Extremely dangerous' fire north of Lake Tahoe triggers 'firenado'

Steve Bannon still looks like a pile of dog shit

JFK Acceptance Speech - 1960 Dem Convention/Los Angeles

A modest proposal: anti-covid-19 protests. Why not organize one in your city?

What I'd Say If I Was Veep Nominee Harris

Northeast states investigate virus spread via youth hockey

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, August 18: Summer Under the Stars - Warren Beatty

Save the USPS from Trump. I'm signer 1,025,601 Resistbot Rocks!

IT'S A GOOD START: House Committee Calls On Postmaster General To Testify On USPS Changes

I can't afford a star right now, but...

Trump Says He'll Consider Pardon for Edward Snowden

House Committee Calls On Postmaster General To Testify On USPS Changes

Retrospective reflection on a moment of "white privilege".

This is all the info you need about the USPS Board of Governors.

UNC reporting clusters of COVID-19

**Breaking** At least 6 State AGs consider legal action to protect USPS operations

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the day Ray Chapman

Trump can't possibly win. But he will do everything to steal it.

Good point by Stuart Stevens re USPS losing money

Texas testing drops as schools reopen, prepare for football

Meadows is basically saying because there is no proof of fraud, it's proof of fraud.

A Plea to the US Government to Fully Fund the Postal Service - Joe Troop

Schools and universities struggle with reopening plans during pandemic

Rep. Kinzinger: 'It's time' for leaders to disavow QAnon (Republican)

My new phrase: Get the vote out, and get the vote in!!! n/t

Biden to Trump: 'I know the tremendous pain of losing a loved one'

Rewriting the limits of presidential powers

Why is Trump talking about pardoning Snowden? It's important to understand what Trump's up to if we

Countdown to Election Day: Democrats Plan to Win

Time to obliterate Trump's claim "I built this economy". It's his ONLY polling advantage.

One of these will be Marco - Gulf of Mexico DUers keep an eye on them

All in for the Post Office! Hooray!

State Officials Rush to Shore Up Confidence In Elections

The Most Tremendous Reelection Campaign in American History Ever...

Trump's Policies Are a Boon to the Super Rich. So Where Are All the Seven-Figure Checks?

Why in the Blue Hell does Trump get so much credit for the economy?

Puerto Rico holds 2nd voting round after chaotic primaries

Former NFL star Chip Banks shot in Atlanta, in serious condition

POD Gauze

Donald trump after his acceptance speech. Say what about "Sleepy Joe Biden", donnie?

Esper eyes $2.2 billion cut to military health care

US Senate Elections that the Democrats will win in 2020 to get a majority in the US Senate in 2020.

Alexander Vindman tweet re: Belarus & dictators + other Belarus tweet videos--

A new White House doctor is giving coronavirus advice to Trump

LockPickingLawyer: ELS300 Police Vehicle Gun Lock--Defeated w/ZERO Skill Magnet Attack in 1 Second

NJ-02: Democratic internal poll has Kennedy leading Van Drew

Preview For This Week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

200 Mormons sign letter breaking away from Republican Party and supporting Biden

VA-05: A Virginia House Candidate Campaigns by Attacking 'a Man Dressed as a Woman'

NC-08: Zoom to Congress?

Vampire disco (took me a minute to understand what I was watching)

Will Democrats fight for this election?

MA-04: Dem Becky Grossman will sue over Mass. mail ballot rules

promises, promises...

Do you think Trump realizes his cover is blown?

Joe Troop: 'Corn Fed Bluegrass Man' from 'You Bring Out the Hamster In Me'

MA-01: As Morse defends conduct, UMass policy 'strongly discourages' faculty-student relationships

Expert explains how Trump has exploited our legal infrastructure to advance true fascism...

Bernie Sanders: 'Trump Is The Most Dangerous President In American History'

If you text USPS to 50409 they will send letters to your senators and representative in support of..

Is America Greater Than It Was Four Years Ago?

DU Hive mind weigh-in on Israel - UAE deal

Be very afraid...

Are bread riots coming to America?

Watch Joe Biden React to Kamala Harris Ending Her Campaign in December NowThis

trump retweeted this: "Leave Democrat cities. Let them rot."

If you have someone on ignore, and they start a thread...

Re-education camps?

The Kamala Harris pick is a hit with voters so far


Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the 'master race'

Trump supporters, maybe you should sit down before you read this. I mean, this will come as

Does anyone need a happy moment?

FL-23: Wasserman Schultz facing strong grassroots primary challenge


Trivia question! "The Nigerian Fried Rice That Turned Me Into My Mother" and other recipes.

?!?! Pentagon plans $2.2billion cut to military health care?!?!

Florida's Nikki Fried lands a speaking spot at Democratic National Convention

The 1932 German Election

Donnie Don't Know Much

Far to the Left, Far to the Right

Trump always says he won't help the "Democrat" states because they are so poorly managed.

Can anyone explain why John Kasich is speaking at the Democratic convention?

Watched "The Right Stuff" with our daughter last night. Watching it I couldn't help....

US-China relations: American nuclear-capable stealth bombers deployed to Indian Ocean airbase

Blue states should stop sending more than they take in to the Federal government.

The Lincoln Project - Complacent

Coronavirus hasn't devastated the homeless as many feared

Trump losing among retirees in must-win Florida

Rep. Swalwell Calls for Presidential Crimes Commission, Glenn Kirschner lays it on the line.

The Supreme Court just rejected a Republican effort to make it harder to vote in Rhode Island.

It may not sound like a big issue, but I hear REPUKES on news shows refer to the Democratic Party as

So, I am middle of Trump Country

2020 US Senate Elections that Democrats will win to get a majority in the US Senate in 2020.

Madonna - Live To Tell

Basic training and the virus.


My Letter to the Postal Service Governing Board

New National Parks PSA

Meidus Touch: Other Countries Have REAL Leaders-We have Donald Trump.

Attention: Plan B is now in Effect.

Trump 2020: "Let Them Rot"

Pelosi bringing House back this week

Can you choose not to vote with the mail in ballot and vote in person?

Woman beats crap out of racist woman

Dan Rather tweet:

Lightning sparks new wildfires across California

Delicious Expose: Inside the disaster that is Trump

@SpeakerPelosi is calling the House back into session to vote on @USPS legislation --

Voters in North Carolina have received absentee ballot request forms in the mail with Trump's face

Can someone define and give examples of Simpson's Paradox in layman's language.

The Perfect Psychopath: Dr. Petiot's Heinous Crimes During WWII; Paris Doctor Killed 63 People

Wind, rain, sleet, nor snow stops the mail from going thru!

Stacey Abrams, Conor Lamb among 17 'rising stars' to speak in DNC keynote address

House accelerates oversight of Postal Service as uproar grows, demanding top officials testify

60 Minutes on acid

Tom Cooper: Sargent At Arms will compel Postmaster General to appear if necessary

Mulligan stew on the links . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Democrats tap array of faith leaders to speak at convention

Fearing a 'Twindemic,' Health Experts Push Urgently for Flu Shots

Tweet of the Day


"The events didn't exist"

Meadows doubled down on mail-in voting fraud claims, but says USPS won't remove sorting machines

More shenanigans: Mailbox openings are being locked shut

Sanders defends Harris as vice presidential pick

Yale's COVID-19 saliva test used in NBA gets FDA emergency approval

Georgia governor allows local mask mandates, with limits

Is there a safe but foul-smelling aerosol that won't penetrate masks?

Warning - This Is Funny

The White House says USPS isn't removing mail-sorting machines. Postal workers say it is.

Grieving for his brother....

Well folks what do the think the odds are that DeJoy...

Pelosi Calls House Back to Act on Postal 'Sabotage'

People are slowly understanding the two big things that are going on

Grovelbot is back!

I am getting ads all over the page won't let me post. I found a way

Spotted in St Petersburg columns of military trucks headed in the direction of Belarus

Will any of the networks call the race on election night?

Someone bought me a star! Thank you!!

Twitter question

FL Sheriff who endorsed Trump arrested in sex scandal

How do get a photo on my iPad to be posted to a post in DU???

Trump defends the postmaster general, says 'I don't know what he's doing' amid outrage over USPS del