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Archives: September 1, 2020

Joe: Donald Trump looks at this violence and sees a political lifeline.

Biden trashes Trump for being 'too scared' to repudiate Kyle Rittenhouse: 'He is too weak

Stevie Van Zandt blasts away at Trumpist accusation about being anti-police

John Berman in for AC. Ripping the shit out of the orange con.

Biden in Pittsburgh - What was your favorite quote?

Hillary: "With a population of 328 million in the United States, it may require 2.13 million deaths

More Pa. state agencies agree to provide up to six weeks of paid parental leave for their employees

Preceding Dump's tweets with "Mommy!" really shows how childish they are

Chris Hayes is pushing his bullshit on Sweden again, both the lie about herd immunity, and about

2nd Presidential endorsement in 20 years. Chamber's LGBTQ Business names Joe Biden

I once bought a sweater that was picking up static electricity, so I returned it to the store.

Do you think Trump has already packed his bible for his trip to Kenosha? n/t

Both Biden and Harris need to be out there everyday and do what Biden did today

The permanent underclass is the goal

Wiping surfaces is fine for the coronavirus, but the main risk is through the air. How to tell if

As usual, Trump's remarks today need interpretation. I'll do that for you.

Carter Center to push for transparency, information in U.S. election

'Many Schools Haven't Even Opened Yet, But Covid-19 Is Growing Fast Among Kids'

New report deepens mystery around Trump's sudden and suspicious visit to Walter Reed hospital

My Biden-Harris song. It feels good to listen to this one occasionally.

Nowhere to Run - and Nothing to Run On

Public opinion research: Ethnic antagonism erodes Republicans' commitment to democracy

*snort* Name this band.

If there are problems in Wisconsin tomorrow, guess who will be blamed?

Leaked memo: White House counsel pushed to downgrade Kushner's clearance over "serious" concerns

Democratic Firm Predicts 'Red Mirage' and 'Chaos' on Election Night

9/01 Mike Luckovich: Scare bear

Patriot Prayer has a history of provoking left-wing groups: 'This was just a matter of time'

Task force reports show dire reality despite Trump's positive messaging

Waiter fired from restaurant after telling boss he had COVID-19, Michigan lawsuit says


Trump demands 'patriotic education' in U.S. schools

This is so funny. I love this guy.

California moves to consider reparations for slavery

75-year-old Buffalo man shoved by police speaks out on incident after month in hospital

America is living the movie Aliens and Trump is Burke

Chris Wallace Challenges Lara Trump On Possible White House 'Super-Spreader' Night

Absolutely brilliant Twitter thread.

Trump Plan to Block Green 401(k)s Stirs Fund Industry Fury

Tomorrow is the Massachusetts Primary

India captures Chinese camp in disputed Ladakh as violence erupts again between superpowers

Trump defends gunman charged with murdering 2 in Kenosha

David Bromberg - "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry" (Dylan)

Judge extends deadline to return absentee ballots in Georgia

Trump knocks Fauci: 'I inherited him'

Candidate draws criticism over meme about Wisconsin shooting

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

GOP anti-Trump group plans multimillion-dollar ad blitz in Florida

Joe: Who will keep you safer as President?

Joe: Fear never builds the future -- hope does.

Swift Boat strategist to oversee huge pro-Trump super PAC: report

They're gonna waste $250 million dollars on a PR campaign on COVID-19

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Some Unconventional News

ME-SEN: Former top Snowe aide: I can no longer support Collins

QAnon Theory

Texas Democrats roll out major voter registration push

Neighbor with trump flag on a 2-story pole in his front yard, has added a Biden sign.

omg is there ANYWHERE I can get a clean LIVE version of RACHEL?

Texas Democrats argue mail-in voting law discriminates based on age

Hillary: Let's fire him in 65 days.

Donald Trump v. The United States

George Takei: We vote blue up and down the ballot. We replace every last one of them. Pass it on.

Post Malone - Better Now

Trump said he was going to talk to Blake family, but not their lawyers

TX-10: GOP operative on McCaul: 'I think he's in trouble.'

Trump is changing the discussion - PBS NewsHour Politics Monday

A Comparison Of America's Presidents In Hours Of Crisis - Deadline - MSNBC

Texas sues Harris County to stop it from sending all voters applications for mail-in ballots

Post Malone - rockstar ft. 21 Savage

Not impressed

Joe: If he can't say that, then he is unfit to be President.

Let's think, "Who will be out there with Joe?" Hillary? Bill Clinton? Both Obamas?.. Anyone else?

Michael Schmidt's new book has this detail in his book Inside the Struggle to Stop a President

Trump is a Russian agent and the Republicans are aiding and abetting.

Rev Sharpton: Trump's Defense Of Wisconsin Shooter "The Epitome Of An Insult" To Americans - MSNBC

US Senate seats that Democrats will win in 2020 to get a majority of seats in the US Senate in 2020.

Basically Robert Mueller was laying a golden egg while pretending to investigate Trump

Rachel interviewing Michael Schmidt about his new book. Breathtaking shock: NO ONE ...

Joe to heckler: Don't jump!

He's trying to demoralize us

Rosenstein is a traitorous asshole.

Joe: President Shri Pranab Mukherjee was a devout public servant who believed deeply in the importan

I'm pretty sure every Karen and Ken are anti-socialist scumbags to start.

Joe: Today's press conference made it clear: we are all less safe because Donald Trump has failed at

Mike Flynn & Bill Barr Lose in DC Appellate Court, Case Returned to Judge Sullivan for a Hearing

Can Biden get any security briefs on Russia

Biden: 'Do you really feel safer under Trump?'

Liberty University is opening an independent investigation into Jerry Falwell Jr.'s tenure as presid

Trump urges keeping tax returns away from Manhattan's top prosecutor

In Steve Bannon Case, Prosecutors Have 'Voluminous' Emails

I have a process question on absentee and/or mail-in voting.

So our lives are in the hands

Ouch! This is going to leave a mark! Open letter to Stephen Hahn

Lawrence O'Donnell's giving Biden a much-deserved rave review for his speech this afternoon

'What You Need To Know About Air Purifiers and The Coronavirus': Consumer Reports

Well, he keeps hearing about the Portland "trail blazers"

?????? Orange piece of shit is raising up in the polls??? 538's newest poll.

Moscow Mitch and his Moscow Mules

Of course he did!

SO GLAD that Joe Biden spelled out Trump's Social Security scheme in simple, direct words.

Biden Is Getting Ready to Bury Neoliberalism

No, Wisconsin won't make Democrats lose

Kurt Eichenwald: I love that Joe keeps using Trump trigger words...

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; August 31, 2020

Matt Lewis (Daily Beast, CNN) on Biden's amazing speech today:

Cool story, Bro

Fred Guttenberg: Our next president again showing #BidenCalm is the way to defeat #TrumpViolence.

Trump calls Black Lives Matter a "Marxist organization" and says it's "discriminatory."

Trump said he talked w/ Jacob Blake pastor BUT father just said: "We don't have a family pastor"

Nick Saban leads Black Lives Matter march in Tuscaloosa

ME-SEN: A Small Dollar Donation Isn't a Threat, Susan Collins--It's a Promise

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; August 31, 2020

105 SUNY Oneonta students tested positive for COVID-19, college closing for 2 weeks

If you could craft the Democratic campaign "message", what would it be?

MA-04: Auchincloss and Mermell are neck and neck in new

WA-10: Odds favor Strickand in D vs. D matchup

Joe Biden's Presidential Pittsburgh Speech, Full Transcript

Here's the transcript of Trump likening police officers who shoot civilians in the back to golfers w

Washington Republicans Silent As Trump Uses QAnon To Push Deadly COVID-19 Misinformation

'Many Schools Haven't Even Opened Yet, But Covid-19 Is Growing Fast Among Kids'

Harry Belafonte denounced President Trump and his staff after the White House deputy chief of staff,

'What You Need To Know About Air Purifiers & The Coronavirus': Consumer Reports

Lech Walesa - Legendary 1989 Speech in U.S. Congress

NC is 'Ground zero' in 2020 election: Breaking down state's top races

This election will determine what kind of country we really are

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 8/31/20

Four years ago, Trump promised this: "We will build new roads, and highways, and bridges,

With This Tweet, Trump Has Officially Created A Bullshit Pipeline

Well, we're two/thirds thru with 2020 now. Just hang in there...

So at a time when the orange ignoramus spews the fake "COVID is gone" bullshit

'This is just insane': Students say UA is doing too little to protect them from COVID-19

Trump -The cop who shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back "choked".

Florida students head back to class amid reports of more kids catching COVID-19

What's the cheapest thing you've ever done?

Iowa Democrats, DSCC & DCCC File Lawsuit to Validate Pre-Filled Absentee Ballot Requests

LeBron perfectly sums up 2020 (at least far).

So it's Barnabas Collins that's pulling Biden's strings

A talking point - for those starting to rationalize more deaths expected with "herd immunity":

Trump compares police who use force to golfers who 'choke' and miss a short putt

I'm tired....

Was Kyle Rittenhouse's possession of a gun protected by the Second Amendment?

House Democrats' super PAC adds $11M in fall ad buys

Is 12 X 18 big enough for a yard sign? You can get them for $1 at this site. But when you buy

Name that band

Data suggests Americans are turning to drug use to cope with COVID-19

MN-01: House Democrat Super PAC to spend $675,000 on Feehan

Cemetery Gates by Pantera / O'Keefe Music Foundation

Trump compares killing an unarmed black civilian to missing a three foot putt in a golf tournament..

Scott Atlas, Trump's New Top COVID Adviser, Is Reportedly Pushing 'Herd Immunity' Strategy

Donald Trump's lawyers just tipped off in court that they fear New York could indict him before the

Republican CAUGHT Doctoring Ady Barkan Video

Yes Donald Fascists Do Not Like ANTIFA

It Has Come to This: Ignore the C.D.C.

CO-03: DCCC Adds Diane Mitsch Bush to Battle-Tested 'Red to Blue' Program

Facebook has a new update to their rules, IF they actually enforce it...

Naomi Osaka is wearing a Breonna Taylor mask before her match at the #USOpen

Trump: "people in the dark shadows" are controlling Biden

So Far Away - Dire Straits

For Vallejo officers who use force, a pattern of promotions and awards

(Jewish Group) AJC Urges Government, Civil Society to Act on QAnon Antisemitism

Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits

Kicking myself for not doing this sooner. Making freezer jam. I complained to my girlfriend

(Jewish Group) Are Jewish Institutions Fighting Racism Wrong?

(Jewish Group) Jews who attack liberals as 'bad Jews' are not keeping the Torah

The vast majority of those that voted third party, or didn't vote in 2016 will be voting for Biden

Democratic Senate primary: Progressive challenger seeks to upset incumbent

MI: Election voting at Crisler Center? 'Conversation' has begun

Trump flotilla leader to be charged with felony, his lawyer says

Why Worry - Dire Straits

Is this where trump got the bizarre story about thugs on a plane?

Black Panther

Media transcripts aren't crop-limited? Fareed ZAKARIA piece is priceless.

Trump tells Fox News what women want -- and how Black voters have 'gotten along with the police'

Ride Across the River - Dire Straits

Meet the Queen's Royal Corgis: Vanity Fair

Joy Reid: Trump Is Openly Encouraging More Violence - The ReidOut - MSNBC

I got poled, polled...

Russia Just Declassified Footage of The Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb Blast in History

Michael Hayden reacts to Trump's "dark shadows" conspiracy talk

'Canyon Of Danger': Hayes On Trump Stoking Chaos As Reelection Strategy - All In - MSNBC

Children in cages

Here's A Message That Resonates: Under Trump YOUR PAYCHECK WILL BE SMALLER

Martian Dust Devil Briefly Dances in Front of Curiosity's Cameras

Protest seeks restoration of high school sports in Delaware

'He Slapped Science Right In The Face': Pelosi On Trump's Maskless RNC Crowd - All In - MSNBC

The Andromeda galaxy's halo is even more massive than scientists expected, Hubble telescope reveals

Eric Swalwell (D-CA): Oh my. "Dark shadows" and "people wearing black uniforms." How much is it....

NASA just spotted a galaxy that looks like a TIE Fighter

Some serious shit from Barr. Removes career NATSEC Official

Hypothetically, if you had to live in any other country, where would you go and why?

George Carlin tells the truth...

Milhaud, Debussy, Liszt (2 renditions)

Mitch Mcturtle should immediately bring up the HEROES act

Going down to about 20-degrees on this 10,000' peak tonight.

Times, they are a-changin'

Russia Just Declassified Footage of The Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb Blast in History

A Large 'Chelyabinsk' Sized Asteroid Today Swept Past Earth Closer Than The Earth-Moon Distance

Putin Is Officially Running The Trump Campaign

Cancellation Of Election Security Briefings Is Consistent With Trump's Efforts To Seek Foreign Help

Wolf Dad Grows Grumpy Around Relentless and Adorable Pups

US Senate Elections in 2020 that Democrats win to retake control of the US Senate in 2020.

Kinda silly, a video of Laurel and Hardy dancing to AC/DC's "Shot Down In Flames."

Chronic Blonde Everybody Knows

Police declare unlawful assembly, Portland day 95

Snakes on a plate: Australian man shocked after massive serpents crash through kitchen ceiling

Donald Trump makes baseless claim that 'dark shadows' are controlling Joe Biden

Protestors spray painted on Mayor Liccardo's house Friday night and burned flags in front of it.

An Ancient Breed of Singing Dog Isn't Extinct in the Wild After All

I think this is Jared Kushner before the plastic surgery, I could be mistaken.

Why this Former Trump official should be his biggest fear

ex-GOP consultant Stevens: Trump may seize ballot boxes in Miami if he needs to

Out of our White House...

NPG Ahdio Show #1

Clear the obstacles and confront the enemy (Nelson Mandela, 1976)

September Song - Stan Kenton with Four Freshmen & June Christy live at Purdue

A- pollster, Emerson, has Trump "right side up" with likely voters on approval now..

This is not music, this is a trip. Rosario Dawson 1999 New Master

Trump Is a Coward, by William Saletan (Slate)

Utility Regulator Extends Moratorium on Service Cutoff for One More Month

Lady Gaga Performs a Medley of "Chromatica II", "Rain On Me" (ft. Ariana Grande), & More

Let's give Trump the opportunity to spend more time on the golf course..

wild rivers - thinking 'bout love (studio-2020) i dig this ditty ...

Prince - Alphabet St. (Official Music Video), camp like a mug.

"Donald Trump looks at this violence and sees a political lifeline." Biden

Money Don't Matter 2 Night

Prince & The New Power Generation - Money Don't Matter 2 Night (Official Music Video)

Ex-felons are facing new hurdles when registering to vote

Ani DiFranco - To the Teeth (Live)

JPMorgan Says Investors Should Prepare for Rising Odds of Trump Win

dark shadows & a tweet to donnie nutjob


UT: COVID-19 cases in Alpine School District

As Long As Biden Is Using The Trump-Trigger Words "Afraid" and "Weak"...

Daft Punk - One More Time (Official Video)

Ween - Freedom of '76

Prince - Thieves In The Temple (Extended Version) (Official Music Video)

WH Covered Up Real Reason For Sudden Trump Walter Reed Hospital Visit: Book - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

This .. is .. something!

Swift Boat mastermind to launch massive super PAC to boost Trump

This is not music, this is a trip. Rosario Dawson, 1999

'Antifa hunter' gets 3 years for online racist threats

If Trump wanted to end the violence ...

@GOP Rep Steve Scalise is having an unhinged moment directed at Nancy Pelosi.....

How this former doctor ended up flying thousands of dogs across the country to save them

America Is Running Low on a Crucial Resource for COVID-19 Vaccines: Monkeys are scarce

Al Franken speaks with humor, wisdom, and clear logic

US Senate seats that Democrats win in 2020 to retake majority control of the US Senate in 2020.

Texas Democrats announce massive voter registration drive aimed at flipping the state

Trump: Kenosha police shooting was like missing a putt in a golf tournament...

What It Took to Free a Whale Entangled in 4,000 Pounds of Fishing Gear

Axios is pushing the "red mirage" effect of mail-in ballots. Let's win both the in person and

Trump will be annihilated in election.

All in one day...

Tuesday TOONs - The Monster Under The Bed

Pssssssssssst Morning Consult Polls

Morning Consult State-by-State Polling: Biden up in AZ, MI, Wi, PA, HA. NC. FL

Nationally Biden is up 51% to 43% in a new Morning Consult poll presented on Morning Joe

How can we 'Santorum' Trump?

House committee to subpoena postmaster general for 'withholding' documents from Congress

Liberty U Board "pledges full commitment to spiritual mission...launches independent investigation"

Who ever invented the snooze button on the alarm clock.

Kenosha County COVID-19 update

Breakfast Tuesday September 1 2020.

"In the Shadow of the Moon." A different kind of mystery movie,

I have realized it's not safe in America

Black former franchisees sue McDonald's for discrimination

Turnout, Turnout, Turnout, M***f**king Turnout!!!!

On Morning Joe they are showing excerpts from Trump's interview with Laura Ingraham

'Poppycock!': Federal Court Denies Trump's Attempt to Use Border Patrol Agents as Asylum Officers

Had a horrible thought last night

On Morning Joe, they just showed part of trump's interview with Laura Ingraham

Profiles in Perfidy, XXXVI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Airlines are permanently eliminating change fees

Citizenship applicants caught in backlog distraught over inability to vote this year

A federal agency now wants to bring back Obama's PREDICT program that Trump cut in 2019

Trump's schedule for Tuesday, September 1, 2020

White House suppressed coronavirus reports and downplayed virus, House panel says

How does Mitch McConnell escape with so little criticism?

37 Years Ago Today: KAL 007 is shot down by a Soviet interceptor over the Sea of Japan redirects to

Trump to wade into racial tensions with visit to Kenosha

U.S. tops 6 million coronavirus cases

Could a locality simply refuse to cooperate

What does the weather look like in Kenosha?

Barr's removal of career national security official, weeks before election, raises concerns

Notice how that Baker fellow always repeats the Con's Democrat cities without

Whatever happens, one Congressional Budget priority

WGN America to launch 'News Nation' on Tuesday


Sheriffs say they won't help governor's plan to stop Portland protest violence

*Morning Consult Polll* Biden + 9 .Was + 6 on Saturday*

Past vaccine disasters show why rushing a coronavirus vaccine now would be 'colossally stupid'

*Biden up ten in Arizona*

As a white woman living in the suburbs.. what terrifies me

2020 Massachusetts Primary Day is here: In a heavy vote-by-mail election, these are races to keep an

The Rundown: September 1, 2020

Public Enemy - Fight The Power (2020 Remix) feat. Nas, Rapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG & QuestLove

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 08/26/2020

2020 Harvey Award Nominations Announced

X-Men Anatomy: The 5 Weirdest Facts About Colossus' Body

Yesterday, the current occupant of the White House defended a white supremacist teen with an AR 15 w

The sidewalk he was ordered to get onto was completely blocked.

Tuesday, November 3 2020 is 9 weeks away. Check your registration, make a plan to vote

Here's a picture from last week.

Mike Pence - Not Just As Asshole! Not Just A Xtian Fascist! He's Also A Koch Industries Tool!

The Best Way to Vote in Every State - An extremely comprehensive guide

Trump Talks, Nature Acts: 3,000+ Dead In Natural Disasters Since 2017, Heat Building, Fires Growing

TV viewers and internet "clicks" equal BIG BUCKS! And, this is why we are beginning to

Don't think of "creeping fascism" taking over America, it's already here

The Number Of Glacial Lakes Worldwide Grew By 53% 1990-2018, To More Than 14,000

Trump Compares Police Shooting to Missing a Putt

10% Of Planet's Electric Utilities Are Expanding Renewables Faster Than They Are Gas Or Coal

*Emerson is a joke*

Are local precincts going to be ready to handle the people that will choose to vote in person?

Buttigieg: Cher gives Biden backers a reason to 'believe in life after Trump

20 new sexual assault counts filed against adult film actor

Second Wave of Layoffs Is Here, Now Hitting Well-Paid Jobs

An American Living Abroad Visits a UK hospital for an emergency. Doesn't go well

Who will stop Trump from stealing this election?

Arizona Stands Out From a Mostly Static Presidential Race in Battleground States

The Rabble-Rouser-in-Chief is heading to Kenosha to rally his shooters.

Black Summer Imaging: 72,000 sm Of Australia Burned In Last 12 Months; Here's The View From Space

The New Yorker Toon: Decisions, decisions.

Arizona Stands Out From a Mostly Static Presidential Race in Battleground States

Trump's 'plane loaded with thugs' conspiracy theory matches months-old rumor

'Market bulls and bears are having trouble as 'unlimited' Fed support short circuits models' - CNBC

You raised $47,554.20 on August 31, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link (NEW RECORD)

Red Bandanna Blues

Jim Bakker show gave Joel Pollak, Breitbart editor, their full show Fridwy. Scare message

Art Pepper was born on this date.

Godzilla is now a Japanese citizen and tourist ambassador to Tokyo

Trump Creates His Own 'Deep State'

Barb McQuade: Vigilante justice is the opposite of law and order.

The Post Office: don't tell me the government "can't handle it."

Trump suggests "very stupid rich people are funding the protesters"!

LA Sheriff's Dept: Deputies kill Black man who dropped a gun

For anyone asking me to have faith in the majority of white voters this November...

Trump is Running As If Someone Else is President

Trump Almost Falls to Floor at Disgusting Rally

Trump speaking the truth:

Tramp on the Street

Pic Of The Moment: To Trump, Black Lives Matter About As Much As Missing A Putt

Trump Is a Coward

Da plane! Da plane! Sorry DU folks the trip is cancelled

The DOJ's COVID-19 Nursing Home Inquiry Is Nakedly Corrupt

Covid-19: Close to 2 million cases in August, India sets a global record

LA Sheriff's Dept: Deputies kill Black man who dropped a gun

We just passed 6 million cases, and it didn't have to be like this -- if we'd had a leader

"Reject Trump's Violence. Vote November" - banner flying over Kenosha this morning

Like a good neighbor (Twitter video)

New Orleans providing clothing, supplies, health/mental services & COVID testing to Laura evacuees

CNN panel erupts as current and former Trump supporters clash over Jacob Blake shooting

Former Trump supporters clash over the president's failures in Kenosha

Who Thinks Trump Had A Stroke And Didn't Tell Us

Johannes Brahms Double Concerto

Old Navy to pay store employees who work as poll workers on Election Day

Bear does his/her civic duty and props up traffic cone

Black Lives Matter.

I am rooting for Ed Markey today

Election Day law in my little shithole country

2nd Circuit Court of Appeals hearing arguments this am re: Dump's financial records

Trump boasts about a great economic record. Too bad it's Obama's.

Even these folks are voting for Joe [MT]

Trump is acting like a cornered animal. America needs a human being.

Nodaway County Covid statistics

Ohio Republicans are embroiled in scandal. Could they lose the election for Trump?

Exclusive-Hackers test defenses of Trump campaign websites ahead of US election, security staff warn

DOSE OF JOE -- Sep 1

He took the 10 years

"Pig? Not seen one, why?" (Twitter)

The troops want a new commander in chief

Hakeem Jeffries addresses trump's "plane loaded with thugs".....

How Donald Trump Is Killing Politics

Whistleblower Testifies Deputy Who Shot Gardena Teen Was "Chasing Ink"

Looks like America

With Trump attacking forces from the "Dark Shadows", will this be next?

This twitter thread is fantastic

Belarus poll workers describe fraud in Aug. 9 election

Trump administration rolls back Obama-era rule aimed at limiting toxic wastewater from coal plants

CVS district leader told pharmacy staff not to tell patients medications filled by + COVID-19 person

George Will: 'Oleaginous' Pence Tops Donald Trump As 'Worst' In Government. 5/10/18

Trump's IRS chief has made hundreds of thousands from Trump properties while in office

Many Voters Who Cast Primary Balllots By Mail Must Reapply For Gen. Election: *GOP Attacks Dropboxes

Will Trump allow parade of trucks filled with "good" armed men anywhere near him in Kenosha visit?

Joe Biden Live Now

Cartoon: The house that Trump built By Clay Jones -September 1, 2020 9:17 AM

Boris Johnson signals no-deal increasingly likely and hits out at EU for refusing to compromise

So THIS is the stupidity we now have to tolerate ...

The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free

Watch Joe and Kamala's socially distanced conversation - This is excellent

Objectivity Is a Privilege Afforded to White Journalists

Trump tweets distort truth on National Guard

The Racial Contempt of the Republican National Convention

507 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 15 deaths

Florida 'antifa hunter' sentenced to three years after threatening Black political candidate...

New York Times shrugs off Trump campaign lawbreaking, crucified Al Gore for less

Want to live longer? Garden something

Iowa leads US in new virus cases after governor bragged about keeping state open

iHeartMedia and Recount Partner for Political Podcast Series

It tweeted denying a "series" of mini strokes

We'll have confirmation on the rumors when Dump accuses Biden of hiding that he had a TIA.

Words of Wisdom

'Pence Was 'On Standby To Take Over' As Trump Made Unexpected Visit To Walter Reed Hospital: Report'

Trump now talking about VAMPIRES....

MSNBC continuing to broadcast this POS should open them up to

trump doubling down on the delusions.

How do I get rid of the second instance of Skype on my Windows 10?

The Post Office Rocks!!!

Barr tightens rules on surveillance of political candidates and advisers

Trump's 'plane loaded with thugs' conspiracy theory matches months-old rumor

Now in Government Food Aid Boxes: A Letter From Donald Trump

PHEW - we escape again - will be a TS in a short while

Worries about being laid off, having hours cut jump: Gallup

Christopher Titus preaching a SERMON to the Trumpers. You'll be glad you read the thread!

Russian hackers have leaked the voter information of millions of Americans

CNN:Colleges and Universities Report More than 20,000 Covid Cases After First Few Weeks

White 'vigilante' couple shoots at Black men who were simply returning a U-Haul truck

Biden Expected to Surpass $300 Million Raised in August, Shattering Record


Report on the ground from "war torn" Portland

Photobombing animals

The reason I'd give anything to be able to move out of this small Iowa town (Intense Frustration)

CNN: Trump's executive actions are delivering only limited relief as economy sputters

"We are, truly, a nation of defunct Pizza Huts"

Might turn out to be a "be careful what you wish for" moment

State superintendent requirements could force Maryland schools to make last-minute schedule changes

Crime blotter: Boat Parade edition

Trump's bruises.

If America Votes Drumpf In Again, It's Not Worth Saving

Love will find a way to climb any obstacle

My hope for flu season this year:

Joe Biden Expands Campaign to 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' with Virtual Yard Signs

A brilliant novelist on her husband's COVID death, BLM, immeasurable grief.

'This story doesn't add up': CNN's Gupta singles out Trump doctor's unusual actions on way to Walter

The CDC has failed: Ex-health officials urge states to abandon agency

Avowed 'boogaloo boi' says he roamed Kenosha streets with Kyle Rittenhouse before shootings

''He just admitted it': Trump mocked for giving life to rumors of him having a stroke

Florida Covid likely worse than they admit

Joe Biden does not have to and should not address Trump's crazy bullshit

The Lincoln Project: Biden beats Trump in polls and ratings. Ouch.

I had this really weird dream a while back, this happen to anyone else?

Biden Shatters Fundraising Record

The Dancing Trucker - sharing something uplifting

Maryland House Speaker Jones calls on Gov. Hogan to prevent evictions

So, Trump DID Have a Series of Mini-Strokes

Mini StrokesTransient Ischemic Attacks (TIA)

Oil companies accused of wanting to dump plastics in Africa

Republicans are flooding the internet with deceptive videos and Big Tech isn't keeping up

"Christians" are saying this kid is a hero. Here is a second by second video of the shootings

trumper looking for answers on Portland

WTH! Gov. DeSantis says Quest Diagnostics failed to report nearly 75K COVID-19 test results; cuts ti

How 'Cobra Kai' went from obscurity to No. 1 on Netflix

Trump: Fatally Shooting People is Just Like Missing a Golf Shot

S.2227 - MORE Act of 2019 (Sen. Harris, Kamala D. [D-CA])

Fauci debunks theories of low CDC coronavirus death toll: 'There are 180,000-plus deaths' in U.S.

New Biden campaign ad

I think this is a pretty good mash up photo about kneeling.

It's curious RCP doesn't include Morning Consult in their averages...

Laughing to tears: Trump Repeats Claim of Thug-Filled Planes

If Trump does well, the Republicans do well...

The Five Worst Political Ads Ever

Finally caught that green grass hopper.

Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh nearly died from COVID-19. FaceTiming with his family kept him alive

'Violence, Chaos' Trump Clear Signal To Followers; Manic Sunday Tweetstorm, 89 Times, In 3 1/2 Hrs.

Would like this to be spread around.

Flynn judge Emmet Sullivan wants to hear from the lawyers by Sept. 21 on next steps -- including a p

Migrant woman -- with COVID -- gives birth -- in a helicopter

Our anniversary is today!

Trump flotilla leader to be charged with felony, his lawyer says

The only difference

Trump summed up: Sleep, Tweet, Golf, Fox, Lie

Ayanna Pressley's non-partisan reminder to GET OUT AND VOTE in the Massachusetts primary

@ejeancarroll TO DONALD J. TRUMP: Sir, pardon me. Are you suffering another #TrumpStroke?

Maryland official fired for social media posts defends actions, says he will pursue legal options

Google honors Jackie Ormes,

Trump walking at his inauguration:

So...Shut up and dribble 🤨

Call to action: Find, challenge publicly, report fake news, videos and photos on social media

Mark your calendars for September 22. PBS Frontline airs "The Choice 2020".

Larry Flynt: My Final Farewell to the Falwells

Someone tweeted for it

What Trump was possibly thinking when he said cops "choke during shootings" and "miss a 3-foot putt"

ps-s-s-t!---is that you? Since we're here "in the dark shadows", it's kinda hard to tell. Maybe we

'Twilight of the Gods' -- The magisterial final volume of Ian W. Toll's Pacific War trilogy

Everybody knows that fresh sweet corn only lasts 3 days in the fridge,

BREAKING: The Second Circuit GRANTS the stay Trump request delaying enforcement on Manhattan DA Vanc

Paul Rusesabagina: Hotel Rwanda hero 'abducted in Dubai'

Video of cops giving water to Rittenhouse and friends saying, "We appreciate you"

What does he know?

Suggestion for political activism:

Beware the "despair" from our friends on the left. They are dangerous.

Trump Doubles Down on 'Plane of Uniformed Thugs' Conspiracy Theory

Justice Department investigating BLM protest leaders, funding in Portland and other cities

Trump White House Warns Colleges: Don't Send Your COVID-Infected Students Home!

Inspector general reports more overpayments, contract mismanagement at Baltimore Department of

Facebook takes down Russian operation that recruited U.S. journalists

Trump has slipped among key groups that backed him in 2016

Biden campaign expected to have raised a record more than $300 million in August: report

I had to pull bribe to get Duncan pup into Ivy League obedience school

Borowitz :Trump Says He Deserves No Blame for State US Because He Has Not Actually Worked 4 years

For those in the back...

Cher raises $2 million for Biden at LGBTQ virtual fundraiser

WH Dr. denies mini-strokes that were only alleged to have been reported on by trump himself

Heard on local news in Illinois that

I love this guys reaction to music, but especially when it's The Who

'WE ARE NOT ABLAZE,' Portland fire department says after Trump falsely claims 'entire city on fire'

As FDR might say, "We have nothing to despair except despair itself!" nt

Why didn't Trump feel the need to deploy his secret police

Hard to keep the lies straight (plane full o'thugs)

Yoshihide Suga leads Japan PM race as ruling party plans slimmed-down leadership vote

I saw a guy wearing this shirt. Had to get one.

ACLU on Breonna Taylor and coercive plea bargains

US ramping up pressure on Korea amid rivalry with China

What's happened to PZMeyers' blog pharyngula at freethought?? I can't get it

Barr orders more changes in FBI surveillance under FISA

FYI-PBS is airing "Decision " on Sept. 22. Gere's the trailer.

#Unfit released today!

DC Mayor Fears Race War, Concerned Over Outside Agitators

Aside from voting, what else can we do to help Biden win?

Daniel Dale - how they get away with the lie

US Attorney Calls DC Mayor's Accusations 'Patently False'

Do you think the YMCA pool is safe for lap swimming?

Gay Trumper Richard Grenell lands new job...working for an anti-LGBTQ legal group

my new T-Shirt

Trump uses inflammatory language to discuss demonstrations and attacks press on his way to Kenosha

52 former franchisees accuse McDonald's of racial discrimination in lawsuit

"Whether it's pandemics or people getting molested..." - Adam Parkhomenko

Look at the first sentence of this Trump tweet. Have you ever witnessed such a sense of

M$Greedia is irresponsible

Your opinion about the new Facebook home page. I hate it.

Has anyone read John Dean's new book?

Trump is your dangerously gullible uncle on Facebook

Developing a Vaccine for SARS-CoV-2

What if Q is Putin's KGB

Trump wades into racial tensions with visit to Kenosha

It's September...........and that means The Summer Contest!

Strategist Karen Finney squashes the Trump false message. This is how you do it.

Anyone watching Lovecraft Country on HBO?

Jacob Wohl permanently suspended from Instagram.....*snicker*

Pharma Lobby Disputes Trump's Claim That Drug Companies Are Negotiating

Illinois exceeds 1.1 million mail-in ballot requests for November election, state may break previous

I finally set up an Etsy store!

I just set up an Etsy store for my paintings

August was deadliest month for coronavirus in California and Idaho

DLCC had best fundraising day in its history yesterday.

Trump is surrounded by "Yes men" who never tell him he's wrong.

AOC tweet moments ago:

More good news - The Con has slipped among key groups that backed him in 2016

Pres. Trump leads community safety roundtable in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

drudgereport headline: video of Trump dragging left foot, Trump looking goofy

Vox: Biden accused Trump of fomenting violence. Trump spent the rest of the day proving him right.

Bicycling While Black

Officials in Wisconsin continue to stress that Pres Trump is not telling the truth....

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Visits Kenosha To See If He's Kept His Promise To End "American Carnage"

Watchdog confirms botched family reunifications kept migrant children waiting in vans overnight

Just read an article about voting in France.

NuScale's small nuclear reactor is first to get US safety approval

Is social distancing summer fun possible? We tried Downtown Disney and Knott's Marketplace!

Trump Jokes

DHS Chief Tells Tucker the Feds Are 'Working On' Conspiracy Charges Against BLM Leaders

South Florida restaurants and casinos reopen as governor vows no more COVID-19 shutdowns

Boxer puppy claims baby swing all to himself

Trump begins his roundtable event in Kenosha by suggesting attendees should take their masks off


Is trump's Mental Illness Infectious?

'Why It Feels Like A New Dark Age Is Falling'; Paying The Price of Greed, Violence, Exploitation

Claire McCaskill FTW

Maybe we haven't seen Melania's mean side?

Susan Collins clarifies her position on trump. 🥱 😒 😂

'Boogaloo Boy' who worked at my girlfriend's office was arrested today. He seemed normal.

So I just bought a package of Foster Farms chicken legs this morning

AP FACT CHECK: Is Trump's America great again or hellscape? See AP LINK for COMPLETE text of summary

Scary tweet about Russian interference in upcoming election:

We cannot, must not, look away.

Trump is having trouble keeping his story straight.

BBC's new boss threatens to axe Left-wing comedy shows

Any bounce, bump whatever the fuck is now gone

Amazon Drivers Are Hanging Smartphones in Trees To Get More Work in desperate economy

Aah, Senator Collins, forever trying to appear to be balancing on the fence,

Watch Now: Chris Janicek won't quit Senate race; Democrats eye write-in candidate

Trump campaign aide was paid $20,000 a month by Bannon nonprofit linked to alleged fraud

Why do the French only eat one egg?

This insecure Kenosha cop arrested a woman last night for saying he has a small d*ck.

Kenosha mayor: Too soon for Biden and Trump to be visiting

HA! Watching Cobra Kai and someone *finally* points out

The Biden-Harris campaign is rolling out official yard signs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/1/20 - Come September...

Hakeem Jeffries has identified the plane of thugs.

Didn't hear much on the idea of police reform at Trump round table in Kenosha

December 16, 1773. Boston. Looters and vandals terrorize business, destroy private property

Trump is now trying to scare women by suggesting that protesters are coming to suburbs to rape them

What is up with the Drudge Report lately - they've done a full 180 ?!!

Posted without comment

U.S. says it won't join WHO-linked effort to develop, distribute coronavirus vaccine

Biden will speak tomorrow in Delaware on Dump's failure to address COVID-19

As predicted, the 2nd circuit has granted the stay in the Vance/Mazars case with arguments set for 9

McConnell chides mayors for response to destructive protests

"Um, body cam, ah, whew. Well, that's, uh, very interesting..."

What am I getting wrong here?

LOL! Dump had his physician release a statement about strokes, mini strokes, TIAs

We are not asking for much

It is no small irony that Donald J. Trump, who once gleefully mocked and ridiculed a physically

Wasn't a brand new health care law supposed to be signed by now?

'President Is Deliberately Killing People' Sen. Chris Murphy: Trump Could Have Saved 1,000s of Lives

Shithead has left Wisconsin

CNN: Per federal investigators and 88 interviews...

JEEZUS! There was just a crack of thunder that scared the living s out of me.

We hope you enjoy your flight on Antifa Air. We know you have a lot of choices in Anarchist travel.

On a bike ride yesterday along the Ohio river

Another anti-Mitch billboard from Indivisible Kentucky

Rescued Piglet Just Got The Best Mom Ever

Trump Be Strokin'

The President's extended monologue last month on the use of soup as a deadly protest weapon

I think I know why Trump's been crankier than usual lately.

Franklin Graham was the source of the "anarchists on a plane" tale.

U.S. says it won't join WHO-linked effort to develop, distribute coronavirus vaccine

Why don't we point out at every turn...

The musings of John Fugelsang on "mini-stroke"

What's for Dinner, Tues., Sept. 1, 2020

I somehow missed Dump's extended monologue last month on the use of soup as a deadly protest weapon

Russian internet trolls hired U.S. journalists to push their news website, Facebook says

NFL will write "End racism" and "It takes all of us" in end zones

Dog Jumps On Counters Just Like Cat Siblings

Where are the anti-Trump songs?

Join the fight against "Big Paleo"

Of course Trump does not want Police to wear body cams, he thinks they are his militia against BLM

Hmm...I just thought of something...

John Fugelsang wins EVERYTHING with this.

Sobering comment from Obama's pollster.

Deranged Anti-Masker Kicked Out of Alaska Walmart, Full Meltdown: 'Return To Your Service of Satan!'

Raccoon Was An Only Child -- Until She Met Her Puppy Sister

"American Carnage" - brought to you by an elderly man in make-up, a hair weave, & heels.

Guy Finds Wild Koala In The Back Seat Of This Car

AOC - Massachusetts: You have one of the most progressive Senate delegations in the United States

anyone else STILL waiting for refund after filing paper?

The 2nd tweet is funny:

As election looms, Russian trolls are targeting Americans again, Facebook says

House Oversight subcommittee opens probe of fed contracts negotiated by Peter Navarro

Task force report shows dire warnings to Iowa

OT: Anyone know what's happened to "beam me up scottie"?

Well it's September 1

How to Beat a Strongman

2020 IS JAWS by Michael Frederickson

Netflix DVD's are taking 2-4 days - What have you noticed?

Depeche Mode - Shake the Disease

The direction of the country is the most important thing

Depeche Mode - Get the Balance Right

"Something Is Clearly Wrong As Trump Struggles On Fox To Form A Coherent Thought"

Man allegedly tied to Boogaloo movement accused of stalking Dr. Sara Cody

Michigan lawmaker wants to scrap license plate tabs to shorten lines at Secretary of State

Nancy Pelosi coming up on MSNBC in a minute to discuss lack of security briefings

Biden: "I am not a tweeter." He gets my vote for this statement alone!


Can I still show for Antifa meeting Wednesday morning , I'll not be in uniform

I reluctantly declined a teaching job today.

Democrats Take Aim At Susan Collins' Lobbyist Husband As Maine Race Heats Up

Mirabai (Meera) - Hindu Mystic - Poet Bhakti Movement

The epic tale of the ramp

Is "Defund the Police" going to be the new "Swift Boat".

New Orleans Police responding to bomb scare in 4100 blk of Walmsley Avenue

FOX NEWS: Biden reportedly hauls in record-shattering $300M in August

Maryland's governor shoots a spitball, picks an unnecessary fight

Milwaukee's Earl Ingram on at 5 PM CST to talk about being in Kenosha today

Krishnamurti - The Only Revolution

Edwards: Three P5 conferences playing 'not a good look' for NCAA

I just got a glimmer of hope.

Fort Hood commander loses post, denied transfer after incidents at Army base

MGM Resorts lays off 18,000 workers amid coronavirus pandemic

John Dean - Trump could not pass an entry level civil service exam...

Trump starts peeling away his allies...

Trump's Campaign Is About To Take A Very Dangerous Turn, And Democrats Should Be Extremely Alarmed

Kenosha Police Under Scrutiny for 2018 Case of Chrystul Kizer, Black Teen Jailed for Killing Abuser

Federal prosecutors are preparing to charge longtime GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy

Former Sheriff clark advises how to get away with murder

Looking ahead to Judge Sullivan decision on Michael Flynn & pending govt motion to dismiss.

Trump refuses to take any responsibility for the protests in liberal cities and

Job growth expected to slow sharply over the next decade, Labor Department says

Facebook Nabs Russia-linked Campaign to Fuel US Chaos

Does anyone have any ideas on how we can

Trump's rambling, lie-filled interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News went way off the rails...


Trump Camp Posts Fake Video Of Biden

Missouri has paid ousted general's consulting firm more than $500,000 for coronavirus advice

Stroke induced psychosis..

VA-05, Republican Candidate running Trump's Playbook;

World historical self-ownage - Aaron Rupar tweet

Wasn't the March on Washington Anniversary March this weekend

This, right here.

I want to share my experience with an anti masker

I reluctantly declined a teaching job today.

Our local sports radio guys said today

Does anyone know the color of Dr. Atlas's lipstick?

Martha McSally's desperation is showing in her latest plea to debate Mark Kelly

The media needs to stop pretending they can't do anything about "Red Mirage"

A debate demand recommendation for the Biden Campaign

The Great Pretender

Postal Service Watchdog Outlines 'Concerns' Surrounding Election Readiness

The Law Enforcement Violence Trump Won't Talk About

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Wednesday, 2 September 2020

My mothers run in with a cult member

To all, please read

Is Trump Just Lucky Or Years Ago Did He Sell His Soul To.....

Plasma should not be considered standard care for coronavirus, NIH panel says

ODNI budget could be targeted if in-person briefings don't resume.

I was thinking today that the government and SS spend a ton of money protecting the orange POS

New DNC War Room ad - This is Trump's America

FBI worried that Ring doorbells are spying on police

Here's my ranking on every swing state & their chances of going Biden.

Over The Past Weekend I Had The Opportunity To Talk To Some Millennial's....

Indian special forces soldier killed in skirmish with Chinese troops

Top White House Officials Want a Lid on Talk of Election Threats

Covid 19 Is Off tRumps Radar

And now, your crazy uncle goes on and on about...soup.

CDC to issue nationwide order stopping evictions for renters who can't pay rent.

FEMA Says It Will Stop Paying For Cloth Face Masks For Schools

#BagsOfSoup trends as internet ridicules peculiar Trump accusation against protesters

Pelosi, yesterday

Federal prosecutors are preparing to charge longtime GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy

Venezuela's Maduro 'pardons' 110 political detainees

Venezuela's Maduro 'pardons' 110 political detainees

Apparently Herman Cain has company in tweeting from the grave.

Trump's religious campaign

Down to only 73 new cases of Covid in NM yesterday.

Zimbabwe to return land seized from foreign farmers

Trump views ALL US money as HIS. That's why he doesn't want govt to pay energency relief, etc

Families in Detroit, Michigan, set up 900 portraits of loved ones lost to COVID-19 as part of a mass


Belarus poll workers describe fraud in Aug. 9 election

Anyone here remember the Guy James Show?

I couldn't help myself...

63 days out -- Don't Believe The Hype

Pompeo hopeful China's Confucius Institutes will be gone from U.S. by year-end

There is just so much wrong with this...I don't know where to start.

This anti-masker gives a command performance!

U.S. appeals court overturns bar on immigration arrests at Massachusetts courts

U.S. appeals court overturns bar on immigration arrests at Massachusetts courts

Trump and Barr are up to something.

Police: Teacher with far-right ties harassed health officer

KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh has nut job named Wendy Bell who called for protestors to be shot on sight

The dementia test, the arm and leg weakness, the mystery trip to the hospital

Watch this dog get into this winning soccer match

Decorum and re-posting

Just For Fun!

Pilots report mysterious man with jetpack flying near planes

Trump To Start ARRESTING Political Opponents

Who is matching political donations?

Residents of states which pay more into the federal government then they get back,