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Should Woodward have reported Trump's virus revelations sooner? Here's how he defends his decision.

Postal Service governors back Louis DeJoy, say they are "thrilled" with his performance

When The Music's Over - The Doors Alive - Cover

09/10 Mike Luckovich - Trump Talk

I have a serious question - seriously.

I'm about to say something which, for all you know, could be a lie---but it is not.

Emails show HHS official trying to muzzle Fauci

We no longer have an Executive Branch

Animal populations down by nearly 70 percent since 1970.

NYC gynecologist charged with abusing patients, including Andrew Yang's wife

keep danger of deadly virus a secret to keep citizens from going into a "frenzy"???

2020 US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats the Democrats will be winning in 2020.

Claire McCaskill!

Capitalism on life support

Behind Woodward's September surprise: White House aides saw a train wreck coming, then jumped aboard

When will the rats start abandoning the USS. Trump?

Trump knew the virus is communicated through the air

Anderson Cooper just called Trump....

FBI's Terror Hunters Turn to a Different Threat: Incels

Trump didn't want Americans to panic?

Boeing to face independent ethics probe over lunar lander bid - document

Drag Out the Vote! Thursday, September 10, 9PM

"Panic" versus "A panic"

Women2Women - Sept. 10th, 7pm - A Way for Women to Get Involved

Post this everywhere until Trump is out of office

He knowingly lied about the severity of the virus to avoid panicking people he says.

I hope that anyone that watched Chris Hayes and Geoff Bennett with there opening

Your Daily Joe Biden Fix - Michigan

Jeff Tiedrich - America 2020

Mrs. Betty Bowers tweet "Have Donald's fans realized that he had them sign waivers..."

Five Stories from Europe You May Have Missed

Joyce Vance FTW

The Con will be on Hannity at 9.00pm

The Untouchable Governor Of Uzbekistan's Ferghana Province

Sean Hannity is going to whore like hes never whored before

Lincoln Project, Meidas Touch, someone must make TV commercial

Volunteer Medics Came To Kyrgyzstan To Fight COVID-19. Now They Can't Go Home.

Trump spurns traditional debate prep with first faceoff less than 3 weeks away

Biden leads by nine in Minnesota

Well! We knew Trump was a liar for some time now, but hold on!

September surprise the new October

Man who broke into Eminem's Clinton Township home told rapper he was there to kill him, officer says

Louisiana elections official says volume of mail-in ballots could delay results by days

Will there be more audio released in the coming days

How will the virus deniers react to this? All those Trumpers who protested and owned the libs on

Hey Susan Collins!

With Woodward releasing the Tapes, should pressure be put on Mark Burnett once again

MeidasTouch is pulling no punches: MASS MURDER ON A NATIONAL SCALE!

Texas ordered to immediately fix flaws in method used to reject some mail-in ballots

A favorite bumper sticker: "Is That True Or Did You Hear It On FOX?" nt

So, when do the pee pee tapes get released?

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

How long before trump tosses Graham under da bus?

A friend sent me this video. Well worth watching

Many of the songs of the 60s are just as relevant today as they were when released

St. Pete Polls latest survey of Florida: Joe Biden 50%, Donald Trump 47%

Meghan McCain gets blunt with Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Trump's alleged treatment of military

FL-26: Debbie Mucarsel-Powell accepts debate invites, awaits response from Carlos Gimnez

Should trump be impeached again based on the Woodward tapes?

man...the women's semis at the Open tomorrow are gonna be epic...

Woman votes topless after being told to take off anti-Trump shirt at NH polling place

Former Republican Gov. Tom Ridge urges Pennsylvania to speed up mail vote counting

Florida Republicans will make six-figure investments in battleground legislative races

SEAN HANNITY has just tweeted out

Chris Hayes Names The Only Thing People Should Remember About Kellyanne Conway


What Trump meant when he said he didn't want to spark panic:

Vulnerable GOP senator apologises after staffer snaps at three-time cancer survivor over health care

Here is a slogan!

Trump says he didn't want people to panic yet he's trying to cause white people in the suburbs

Trump blasts former Gov. Rick Snyder for his Biden endorsement

Tucker Carlson will be the Republican nominee in 2024, founder of pro-Trump super PAC predicts

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

If EVERYTHING out of RUMP's mouth is a LIE why in the

Trump's tax cut for military service members must be repaid in 2021

Will the horrendous fire in Oregon end the riots in Portland?

He may no longer be in the room, but he is still the adult in the room.

Texas appellate court upholds third-party candidate filing fee law

Rachel opens with

Jimmy Fallon Calls Out Mystery Object Coming From Trump's Nose

President Trump took foreign policy actions that showed adversaries "how to destroy America."

Okay...I'm watching Hannity

Lawyers: Watergate Reporter Got Trump on Tape Admitting 'Clearly Impeachable Offense'

Trump Effort To Roll Back Worker Protections Knocked Down In Court

When he says he didn't want to cause a panic he was talking about the stock market!

Texas proposes to cut millions from safety net programs as officials brace for COVID-19 budget impac

Trumpkins Are Losing Their Mind Over Occupy Wall Street's Faux Plans for a White House 'Siege'

WWll POW Bataan

Teachers are already dying as schools restart:

Magats, the "joax" is on you

Black scuba divers document slave shipwrecks forgotten for generations

It tweeted right before it went on Hannity

Lukashenko reportedly tells Russian TV the U.S. is orchestrating the Belarus protests

Trump's law and order message falls flat in Wisconsin - poll shows

Who Exactly Nominated Trump For A Nobel Peace Prize? Not Anyone From America

Yes, I am biased. About County Commissioner, 7 District

How many here knew someone who lost his/her life to trump's virus?

Meanwhile, reporting from upside down land, Lou Dobbs


I propose we rename the Covid-19 virus

The Ultimate Statement of our current environment. What could be worse?

Will more women win Texas congressional seats in 2020?

As for voting machines..

Remember when Moscow Mitch was telling Republicans it would be okay to distance from

Trump Threatens to Move to Suburbs If Biden Wins

Pure Garbage

The Butcher of Mar-a-Lago racked up another 1,200 kills today

Pence to attend event hosted by QAnon backers

Trump appears to have "Watergate"'ed his own a##

How AT&T Center will transform to become mega voting site in Bexar County

Let's put things into prospective

Any thoughts what the October surprise will be?

Seattle City Council members mostly mum on Amazon's big Bellevue plan

National Volunteer Call with Senator Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Banks

Edmonds man, 20, charged with arson during Seattle protest

...what does that hand desire...

'Perfect storm of frustration': Inventory remains low, prices up in Seattle-area housing market

RSLC Admits Democrats Are on Offense

The most picked on president.

Timeline Of The Coronavirus Pandemic And The US Response (COMPREHENSIVE)

Exclusive: Susan Collins' plight gets worse with new corruption allegation, possible ethics probe

Emails show HHS official trying to muzzle Fauci

Breonna Taylor's case to be heard by a grand jury

Chopin, Saint-Saens, Faure

No wonder trump fell in love with Kim Jong Un, he called him 'Your Excellency'

I'm just thinking how much better Thanksgiving Christmas

Bill Bar Again Tries to Protect & Defend Donald Trump, This Time in E. Jean Carrol Defamation Suit

Let's not forget he called dead American Service Member "losers and suckers"

Today I can only think back of the passionate speech on the Senate floor by Rep Adam Schiff when he

Stick It

Department of Justice to Pick Up Trump's Laundry

Are you a f***king idiot???

Chris Cuomo's stunning opening monologue

Election night 2016 I was physically ill.

It just hit me. What Trump has done to us for almost 4 years is happening to him

Trump lied to his supporters and handed them a death sentence

WOW! "Beau of the Fifth Column" really lays it out. . .

Van Halen - Little Guitars - Diver Down

Woodward-Thanks To Trump Himself-Just Made It Almost Impossible For Anyone To-Especially Pence...

Wait, so the latest scandal is that Donnie *knew* something?


Suggestion for mods. We need separate forums for all the scandals and outrage

By no means should anyone be relying on the USPS with their vote, unless

"Blood On His Hands": WH Medical Veteran Hits Trump As He Admits Virus Scam On Tape - The Beat MSNBC

I want to publically apologize to President Trump

Lou Dobbs Calls It A Great Day For Trump After President Confesses To Possible Negligent Homicide

Lordy I hope there are tapes!

Democratic Senator and Veteran DESTROYS Trump over reported "losers" and "suckers" comments

Twitter's having some Photoshop fun as Turdblossom defends Trump on Fox...


I wonder if they had to sedate trump*, tonight

Covid dices up heart fibers

So much for the impeachment-distracted-me defense.

I think it's time to impeach the fucker again... This time for murder

Newest Charles Franklin Marquette poll

Come on Sheeple, Who Are You Going to Believe? GET SMART!

'He knowingly and willingly lied': Biden rips Trump over Woodward book revelations

Kamala's 'Wednesday Wisdom'

Blinded by Science - Foreigner - Head Games - 1979

McCaskill: When Trump Decided To Lie To The American People About Covid, He 'Killed Them' - MSNBC

Donald Trump is a mass murderer.

iron and wine - call it dreaming (studio-2017) so beautiful it brings a tear ...

'Suzanne' ... LEONARD COHEN (with lyrics)

Witness says officers never gave commands before firing at Michael Reinoehl outside WA apartment

Lucius Walker: 10 Years Later His Legacy Continues

Biden Calls Out Trump for Downplaying COVID-19 - NowThis

Unless Something Real Happens To THem...Trump, Barr, Wolf, Dejoy And all the Rest

just noticed on 538 trumps approval is finally down a bit and his disapproval is up a bit

more than one hundred newspapers called on Bill Clinton to resign. ...

Smart People Built America

USDA's First Egg Rules Change in 50 Years Means Inspector Cuts

Tweet of the Day

The Maine Flytrap.

Pence set to appear at fundraiser hosted by QAnon supporters

Chris Cuomo and Thomas Friedman were discussing the trump supporter, and suggesting that

Absent Tee Voting

Janice Joplin and Ron McKernan,,,,,,

South Carolina 3rd grade teacher, 28, dies from COVID-19

Another Great Day For Renewable Energy in California.

"this is such journalistic malpractice, they're actively hiding reality from their audience now"

Yikes indeed: The top-performing link posts by U.S. Facebook pages in the last 24 hours are from:

The case formerly known as E. Jean Carroll v. Donald J. Trump has now been docketed under its new ca

"Kim 'tells me everything,' including a graphic account of Kim having his uncle killed."


Martha MacCallum is describing New York City subways over b-roll of 2 week old footage from Kenosha

I'm not seeing enough of the its all a hoax video. WTF?

Braves leading the Marlins 29-9 after 7 innings.


State offers bargain basement deal for land - but most can't bid

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Admits Corona Coverup in Audio Recordings

Those Trump campaign liability waivers he made attendees sign...

We need to be paying more attention to India.

ME-SEN: Susan Collins' plight gets worse with new corruption allegation, possible ethics probe

He. Is. A. Fucking. Moron.

'It's going horribly': College towns fret about census count

ME-SEN: Collins refuses to comment on Woodward tape

Vote Save America - Great state by state resource about voting, registration, vote by mail, etc.

Lindsey Graham set up the Woodward and Trump phone calls, 18 phone calls.

Late century folk protest music

Frum: He knew the danger - and still opted to do nothing and instead belittle the risk in public.

Governor Jay Inslee on the revelations of the day, via Twitter:

Fox News is centering the revelations on criticism of Woodward, not Trump.

So where does Olympia Snowe and John McKernan stand?

Am I the only one who does NOT want him to resign before Nov 3rd?

Is drumpf

Reporters Grill White House Over Trump COVID-19 Audio - NowThis

Good idea. Let's ask the Republican governors what and when they knew about the risks.

Senator Duckworth... A serious badass...

Philadelphia Inquirer: "Growing Democratic Strength" Signals Shift in PA-10

All I can think about is Trump and his enablers. For Reggae Fans. Buju Banton -Murderer

Hannity shows devastating clip of Joe Biden downplaying the Corona virus.

On those campaign liability waivers gop rally attendees signed:

2020 US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats the Democrats are to win in 2020.

"Twitter must be shadow banning conservatives..."

Trump lied to Americans even though he knew how deadly & contagious COVID-19 was

Tucker Carlson TVs most hated host:

SeaWorld San Antonio lays off 242 employees

Who is the likely winner of the 2022 GA US Senate Election if the candidates are-

"The GOP is more concerned that Lindsey Graham left their senile, racist grandpa..."

U.S. job openings rose again in July, but hiring lagged as economic recovery slowed

The Ghost of Nixons Past

Teacher Deaths Raise Alarms As New School Year Begins

Wynton Marsalis -

Stephanie Ruhle: Reminder, Pence had the same information Trump did.

California National Guard risks lives to save 200 encircled by fire

Florida reports 202 new COVID-19 deaths on Wednesday

Lincoln's Bible tweet: "He's killing us."

COVID-19 infections leap again at University of Georgia

Ten US Senate seats likely to flip in 2020?

21 cases of inflammatory illness linked to COVID-19 reported in Texas children

Donald Trump's August fundraising falls short of Joe Biden's by more than $154 million

Some unproven theories that HHS adviser Paul Alexander pressed to include in Fauci's talking points

USAF - Fly Me to the Moon"

Trump plans for Nevada rallies conflict with virus limits

Xi warned Trump of all the facts and dangers.

Hillary Clinton doing first 'grassroots event' with Kamala Harris on Monday

Louis Armstrong - Frankie and Johnnie....

Kamala Harris set to hold 'community conversations' in Florida Thursday

Level 1 evac notice for East Springfield OR.

Arguably The Worst Cover Up In American History': Hayes On Trump Lies About Virus Threat - MSNBC

On Cameo, Joe Arpaio welcomed a furry convention to Arizona. Hours later, he learned what it was

Supreme Court Approves Rule Changes To Make Legal Services More Affordable

Trump with his props at the interview. Gives Woodward his poster of pic w Kim

And trump killed her ...

Just checking in. Is he still potus?

I'm going to bed, happy.

Trump Supporter Denied Right To Fly Flag By HOA

Anderson Cooper analogy..telling people level 1 hurricane is on its way

My go bag is properly updated - fire a bit more than a mile away

Huge backlash and outpouring of anger against Atlas from Stanford faculty for his misinformation

Russia placed malware in FL election voting system.

Exclusive: Russian state hackers suspected in targeting Biden campaign firm - sources

Let's make certain that this guy wakes up with regrets on November 4

The leading cause of death:

Frankly, at this point, it's not about turning voters away from Trump - it's keeping them away.

Question about Woodward . . .

☦ Orthodox Monastery of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco:

CA has invested more in wildfire prevention than any time in our history.

B E Y O N D R A G E ! (the Woodward tapes)

Seth Meyers - Trump Called Fallen Soldiers and Veterans "Losers" and "Suckers" - Monologue 9/8/20

Arizona joins Western states in blasting Utah plan to tap Colorado River water

Kanye West won't be on Arizona ballot

With Respect To The Slowdown At USPS - I'm Tracking Two Items I Bought On E-Bay - Check This Out....

COVID-45 knew in FEBRUARY that the virus was "deadly stuff".

Admits 'Deadly' Risk of Coronavirus in Woodward Audio

CNN Interrupts White House Press Briefing to Accuse Kayleigh McEnany of 'Lying'

Urgent care company must repay $12M for filing false medical claims, officials say

If the states' governors knew they could have shut down earlier...

In hindsight, why didn't Petraeus catch any heat for Benghazi?

Seth Meyers: Trump Holds Unhinged North Carolina Rally Without Coronavirus Precautions: Closer Look

Fuck Coats and Mattis with a red hot poker. They are fucking traitors!

'Doctors Studying Why Obesity May Be Tied To Serious Covid-19'

Neighbor buddy asked me last evening if I heard this one--

Neil Young & Paul McCartney-A Day In The Life(New Sound)Live From Hyde Park 27th June 2009

This GOP lawyer breaking with Trump on voter fraud claims is a big deal

Seth Meyers: Guest Jane Fonda on Nixon Ordering Her Arrest and Civil Disobedience

cohen's book had its 15 minutes of fame and has vanished into history

West coast fires.

Trump bragged to a reporter that he built a secret new nuclear weapon, according to bombshell book

DU Poll: Will all the new info in 3 new books change anything?

"Last Tango in Halifax" on Netflix.

Watching 11th Hour with Brian Williams

Disney's Mulan likely to bomb in China. Hit by coronavirus, boycotts and controversy, Liu Yifei film

John Kennedy doesn't understand the difference between audio tape and a book.

Trump Knew How Deadly COVID-19 Was And Never Told The Nation - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

I bet Putin couldn't believe how easy it was to work over a goober like Trump

In crackdown on race-related content, Education Department targets internal book clubs, meetings


Tom Friedman is a useless, droning hack.

Jim Carrey 15 minutes ago

NC-SEN, NC-08: Democrats say Republicans' Tillis, Hudson doing too little for COVID relief

NC-08: Congressional Candidate Says Report of Trump Disparaging Service Members Hit Close to Home

Democrats seize on Trump's attacks on Sen. John McCain in a play for battleground Arizona

Chad Wolf and Robert O'Brien ordered a cover-up of Russian election interference

Senate candidate Mark Kelly denounces threat against Rep. Paul Gosar

Mea Culpa. I take back everything I said in defense of Bob Woodward on Wednesday...

KS-SEN: Marshall's GOP campaign hijacks, manipulates videos in bid to discredit Bollier

Trump cultist husband refuses to listen to tapes, says it's left wing media telling lies

Let's be clear about 45 and COVID-19...

CO-SEN: Sen. Cory Gardner campaign ad under fire, legislative aide in crosshairs

Emmanuel Chabrier: 'Suite Pastorale'

Miami-Dade School Board votes to cut ties with K12 online learning platform

Neo-Nazi pleads guilty over threats to journalists

🤬 CY VANCE was the DA in Robert Hadden's 2014 Sexual Assault Plea Deal

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Little left of Greece's Moria refugee camp after 2nd fire

Donald Glover: 'Feels Like Summer'

Trump Will Make Reducing National Debt A 'Big Second Term Priority,' McEnany Says

"Immigrants are gonna kill you", "Muslims are gonna kill you", "Black thugs are gonna kill you"...

If Putin came on TV and endorsed trump for president

Famous Last Words...

Riot Police Threatened Me in My Yard

(Jewish Group) QAnon is a Nazi cult, rebranded

Joe Biden Ad "Donald Trump knew."

Covid vaccine: '8,000 jumbo jets needed' to deliver doses around world, warns IATA

Bye Cohen, Hello Woodward

Trump Understood Coronavirus Dangers & Lied About Them, Author's Tapes Show - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

Clint Eastwood Has Sued a Mesa CBD Company

2020 US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats the Democrats win in 2020.

Good grief! You knew that is was going to be this way!

"Playing it down vs playing golf or playing it down vs playing dumb"?

American Pathogen

Just remember, republicans in Congress have known what trump has done,

Ruminations this morning...

Perennial Vegetables Are a Solution in the Fight Against Hunger and Climate Change

Fox & Friends this morning - but everyone did it

Breakfast Thursday 10 September 2020

Trump blabbed to Woodward because thinks of himself as interesting

All the other world leaders put protocols into effect while calming their citizens.

Mika just said on Morning Joe that Bob Woodward will be on the show next Wednesday.

The Rude Pundit: The President Is Our Mass Murderer

Could trump after admitting he lied to the American people about this virus ,

Thursday TOONs - All The President's Mendacity

People hate being manipulated...

"Don't Panic, But Take This Seriously"

He told Woodward it was a deadly plague, he told us it was a hoax. That's

New Utah solicitor general faces sanctions in Florida for making false statements

All of these people knowing first hand of all of Trumps lies, incompetencies, cruelty

NYT: We're No. 28! And Dropping!

Trump Doesn't Care

My rhetorical statement has been answered -- and what a payoff

'Good morning, hell': Californians awake to apocalyptic skies as wildfires rage

'I didn't want to create a panic'

I gather there is more in Woodward's book in addition to the mishandling and lying about the

EXCLUSIVE CLIP "THE TRUMP APPEAL" - George Conway discusses what's going on in Donald Trump's head

Trump's mindset: The Curious Case of Dalia Dippolito

We all knew to believe opposite what the twitler says.

Biden Campaign Firm Hit by Suspected Kremlin Hacking Attack

Huge fire breaks out at Beirut port a month after explosion

Another devastating part of the Woodward interviews

Dear Governor Cuomo

Trump Was 'Ecstatic' About Talking to Woodward--Until He Wasn't

Deserves a second look: Sheriff's office went out of their way to deny RW politics of a mass shooter

Multiple Towns In Oregon "Substantially Destroyed"; CA/OR/WA Acres Lost To Date 20X Losses From 2019

8,373 New Fires In Brazilian Amazon During 1st Week Of September, 27% Burning In Virgin Forest

No!! One In Five Odds That World May Surpass 1.5C Paris Goal Within Next Five Years

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook won't remove anti-vaccine posts despite Covid concerns

trump allegedly mocked Christians in private: 'People believe that bullsh*t?'

Maybe one good thing will come out of hellscape that is UK PLC 2020

Blackrock Cares So Very Much About The Environment That It Totally Ignores Meat-Deforestation Link

There's no hate quite like...

"Hey, hey, Donald J, how many more did you kill today?"

United States Postal Service Ad: "Certainty"

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; September 9, 2020

God Effin' Grief - look at the Atlantic this morning - full of storms like the Con's head

Trump's Remarks on Judicial Appointments; September 9, 2020

It is not just that the neo Nazi's proudly support Trump...

Vote Vets Ad Against susan collins:

USPS removed 711 sorting machines this year, new court documents show

Additions to Trump's Supreme Court List; September 9, 2020

Schumer on Morning JoeScum right now

Adam Schiff, January 2020: "You can't trust this president to do what's right for this country..."

Coronavirus news: US daily death toll from COVID-19 shoots back up over 1,000

White House asked DOJ to intervene in Trump rape defamation suit by E. Jean Carroll, taxpayers will

Young Phony Madison Cawthorn (NC-11): Climate Collapse "Not A Hoax", But Ooh, Nasty Spending! Debt!

28 yr old teacher went to in-person teacher training. Diagnosed Friday-Died Monday from Covid19

A Dog's Heart Rate Increases by 46% When Owner Says 'I Love You,

Rob Portman: Useless, spineless, brainless toady!

A Dog's Heart Rate Increases by 46% When Owner Says 'I Love You,'

The headline on the Washington Post online editon.

No more internet today, Peter; it won't top this.

Another 884,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

How a small group of U.S. lawyers pushed voter fraud fears into the mainstream

White House cites 1st Amendment in defending Trump rallies that flout COVID restrictions

Have you heard how Fox is spinning Woodward's disclosures?

You know who would have leveled with the American people AND not caused mass hysteria?

In The Anthropocene, The GOP Are Nothing More Than Vultures At The Carcass, Like The CEOs They Serve

Do trump supporters realize

The Atlantic: This Republican Party Is Not Worth Saving

*Prestigious USC Dornsife Tracking Poll* Biden 55% Klansman 40%


Portland passes toughest ban on facial recognition in US

You raised $28,189.08 on September 9, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

My accidental frumper faux-nooze-fool encounter on zoom

John Heilemann: Woodward story will be focal part of campaign for next week...

Third-grade teacher in SC district dies of COVID-19

NY AG Letitia James: 'The American Dream doesn't have a wealth test'

Think of all the happiness canceled by Trump.

Lightfoot's ban on protests on her block. Question.

Hands are too big, but otherwise accurate pic of our so-called potus

$2,933 for 'Girl's Night': Medicaid chief's consulting expenses revealed

The Twit tweets: "Bob Woodward had my quotes for many months. If he thought they were so bad..."

New TIME mag cover should have been titled: A Donald Trump failure instead of "an America Failure"

Trump's overtures struggle to register with religious voters

NASA's Former Chief Scientist - We Will Likely Look Back To 2020 As The "Good Old Days" On Climate

I don't post much in this group since I got sick a few years ago

Texas' system for verifying signatures on mail-in ballots is unconstitutional, a judge ruled.


Stephen King distills the news: "He knew. He lied. 190,000 people died."

Forrest Fenn, Art Dealer Who Enticed Thousands to Hunt for Hidden Treasure, Dies at 90

Bob Woodward and the Nihilism of "LOL Nothing Matters" Republicans

Amtrak asks for $4.9 billion to stay afloat

Teacher deaths raise alarms as new school year begins

The biggest scandal this week is the DOJ taking over a personal civil case for Trump

Trumps Response To The Woodward Tapes....

Got Tiger?

Doomed-to-Fail Senate Vote Will Usher Final Scene on Stimulus

As seen on Twitter - posted without comment (re: West Coast fires)

Listening to Woodward & Trump!

My question is will the latest shocking revelation result in the Republicans abandoning Trump?

Trump Authored His Own Tell All with Woodward

Because he can't blame "fake news" or the "deep State", Trump is going with "yes I said it"

Concerns raised over Delaware rodeo that hosted 1,500 people

The Chemistry of the Class of Poisons Putin Utilized to Poison Navalny: Novichok A234.

When the Grim Reaper finally comes for his pasty white ass...

Dame Diana Rigg dies aged 82

A new McCarthyism finds a champion in Donald Trump

Tucker Carlson Throws Lindsey Graham Under The Bus For Donald Trump's Recorded Lies

Any more "Tell All" books coming out soon?

February 7, 2020 - WHO warns of global shortage of face masks

We're No. 28! And dropping!

University of Michigan-Dearborn apologizes for segregated online "cafes"

It's tweeting for Democrats to open schools

625,000 essential workers in Michigan eligible for free college: What to know

Diana Rigg, known for 'James Bond' and 'Game of Thrones,' dead at 82

China bars media coverage of Disney's 'Mulan' after Xinjiang backlash

La Nina is here, threatening even bigger blazes and storms

"The president never downplayed the virus." vs "I wanted to always play it down." MP3 & MP4

The big con wasn't just about this virus,

I am not a Luddite, but this scares me---

AARP Senate Polls: AZ +, NC +3, GA-1 +1, CO +5, ME +1 MT -3 IA -5

"They had a humongus blowup": As Election Approaches, Trump Fears Fox News is Going Rogue

Classic Creme Caramel Recipe

Harry Dunn's family sues American diplomat's wife over fatal 2019 collision

Mystery of Jupiter's persistent geometric storms may be solved

Rep. Swalwell tweets to Trump sycophant Jim Jordan:

I just went into Market Watch to just see what the market is

Would anything had changed if the tapes had been released sooner?

CNN to host town hall with Joe Biden

AirVisual that gives forecasts and local comparisons of air quality

BLS Report: Job openings rise in July, hires decrease, and total separations little changed

Uighurs accuse China of mass detention, torture in landmark complaint

A totally useless chart - Tom Cruise divorcing wives at age 33

Dozens of dogs rescued in Southeast DC animal cruelty investigatio

Why stir panic with caravans of criminals, burning cities, voter fraud, rapists - and not COVID?

Schiff was right . Schiff warned us . 2 tweets with video

3 Air National Guard members killed in Tennessee plane crash

Trump's tweet "reads like a taunting note from a serial killer"

Every day a new revelation into the depravity of Trump

& It Will Forever Be Known As The "Trumptown Massacre"

The Rundown: September 10, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 9/9/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/9/2020

Asking the computer image experts here.

Don't Let Republicans Into the White House

Autumn- The season made for dogs

Trump owns 100% CV19 lies & Woodward could've SMARLTY warned America about lethality of CV19. BOTH..

Trump slams Woodward: If remarks were bad, why didn't he 'immediately report them'

Why it's, NECESSARY to also hold Bob Woodward accountable

Other than fox, the press is hitting hard on the explosive Woodward revelations. While it will

White Professor Resigns From GWU After Apparently Admitting She Pretended To Be Black

Woodward defends keeping revelations about Trump and coronavirus quiet until book release

62% say they are worried they cannot trust an FDA approved vaccine for Covid

So far, I believe Joe Biden is running a near perfect campaign

I am angry with Bob Woodward. Why did he wait until now to talk about all this shit?

Woodward facing critics who say he should have released with info he had.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/10/20

Actual Real Headline on Fox News - NOT the Onion (Hannity on Biden/Dumpy)

Adm. Giroir, Asst. Secretary for Health, HHS is being interviewed by Sanjay Gupta on CNN now

What catastrophic event could putin and trump cook up now against us?

I heard the forest is quite beautiful.

Trump's tweet reads like a taunting note from a serial killer.

Trump Failing in Polls, But Can Biden Hold On?

Trump Coronarally Becomes Humiliating Implosion

The Pretender

The members of tRumps Church of Latter Day Lies...

To Trump, "nothing is as big as it looks"?

How deep into this muck was Pence, the covid czar?

**Diana Rigg (star of the original Avengers and more lately, Game of Thrones) dies at 82**

I would think District Attorney in large US cities

Manhattan rental market plunges, leaving 15,000 empty apartments in August

trump's Covid-19 See 'N Blame game

Pic Of The Moment: Trump Supporters React To The News That He Hid The Truth About Coronavirus

Remember trump DEFUNDED the pandemic national plan It's not

Lots of news about Trump's deliberate lack of action on Covid19. What about the Classified Intel

Biden leads by 7 in latest Monmouth poll.

You've heard of a dead cat bounce ...


This Republican Party Is Not Worth Saving

"There's no reason for Americans to panic. This is something that's a low risk" - Robert O'Brien

CNBC: majority of swing state voters say both candidates mentally unfit

"The deliberate disinformation is not confined to his misleading dismissals in the spring."

461 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 22 deaths

Joe Perry, of Aerosmith, has a birthday today,

Does anyone know who's behind "Dialogue and Discourse" ? I got an email this AM & the

Senate Dems' report finds 'significant and increasing' delays in prescription drug deliveries

"Yet Barr says this is entirely routine......" - Andrew Weissman (Carroll lawsuit)

Rep Swalwell: "Unless Bob Woodward produces tapes, this is all fake news!!!!"

Diana Rigg as Emma Peel

Three Republicans totally Republicanning their response to trump intentionally downplaying

trump jr. is now trying to blame this on Biden. They're insane!

George Conway video "Unfit"


Trump's tweet storm is his response to narcissistic injury of Woodward revelations:

Treasury Dept has designated pro-Russia Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii Derkach for sanctions related to

Gov Cuomo: Trump doesn't know when he's lying anymore.

Nikola sued Tesla.

I like Joyce Vance's analogy of an F5 tornado

Large network of Facebook pages circulates voting misinformation from obscure right-wing website

They don't even try to hide their racism. It's disgusting.

Monmouth national poll

Here's a new MAGA hat for the Trumpers who are out there defending his coronavirus lies

Rasmussen Michigan poll

I missed the fucking memo

"Also targeted is Andrii Derkach, a Ukrainian lawmaker who's been linked to Rudy Giuliani"

We need a compilation of these when this is over

A postcard for Trump/Woodward

'Running a white power message': Trump criticized over 'racist' tweet

Where Is Repug Central?.....

Morning rant. It's the ignorance.

CNN just covered why Woodward didn't alert trump's disclosure about covid on Feb. 7.

Joe Biden FTW

about my comment yesterday regarding Trump lying to Woodward.

Trump's new slogan

Postcard stamped in 1920 delivered 100 years later

USPS Has Dismantled 711 Sorting Machines Ahead of Pandemic-Ravaged Election, Says Report

So, Idiot claims Woodward is responsible for deaths by not calling out HIM!

"On Fox News, Vice President Pence says he was present at Jan. 28 briefing..."

Trump retweeted this tweet this morning... a lol, wtf moment:

'We're No. 28! And Dropping!' in quality of Life

Trump and the UFO defense.

Dune (2020) trailer.

I'm loving Jeff Tiedrich's name for Rudy Giuliani.

Finalists Of The 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

WOODWARD is the Albert SPEER in this latest episode

"Trump: I lied about COVID because the last thing I wanted to do is cause a panic"

California fire that killed 3 threatens thousands of homes

"Derkach told POLITICO last month that he had sent Biden-related materials to US lawmakers."

Seismic ripples from Treasury sanction of (Ukrainian) Russian agent today for election interference

The Pandemic Is Getting Harder to Track Due to White House Meddling:

Drumpf Video Circa March 2020

"Future theologians will spend decades discussing how/why the cross around Kayleigh's neck..."

New Campaign Idea.........

Why Oklahoma (poll), why?

On this day, September 10, 1946, Don Powell, drummer for Slade, was born.

A friend of mine was in a car accident

Didn't we all know that Trump knew about the virus

half of Bergamo, Italy COVID survivors haven't recovered six months on, providing a stark warning

Stuff overshadowed in the DHS Whistleblower complaint

Dave Yost believes Ohio State can sue Big Ten over football cancellation

Mental health professionals replace police on some Denver 911 calls under new program

'Stories of death and survival on Last Chance Road', CA fires

The Deadline That Could Hand Trump the Election

So, let me see if I've got this right...if a journalist doesn't spill the beans

NY Times:How a Massive Bomb Came Together in Beirut's Port

How long would it take to put 20 Justices on the Supreme Court?

Pelosi on tapes- Nobody wants to cause a panic, you want to show leadership.

Assistant principal placed on leave after yelling 'f--- the police' at Rochester protest

Every day talking about Trump's malfeasance and mendacity is a day lost for his campaign.

When the pandemic hit, this single mom asked her 5-year-old daughter what she wanted to do. She said

By Monday, the story is going to be completely about Woodward and why he didn't release...

Support Our Troops - Vote Biden Harris

Gop defense we didn't know on trumpig and Woodward Nuremberg

New Music & Album From THE BOSS!!

Trump, the Mayor of Shark City.

Humor Duncan pup ,Had to get my prescription sun glasses repaired

"Stop me before I kill again."

Sasse proposes ending direct election of U.S. senators

Texans Will No Longer Receive $300 in Federal Jobless Benefits, Workforce Commission Says

Morrison's Thumb

On Jan 10, WHO warned against airborne transmission in a medical setting

Could trump be charged with being a domestic, or international terrorist?

It's 3am. Donnie gets a call. Tall building will be bombed in 3 hours. Tell them to evacuate?

'Living statue' portraying Trump and Fox News hosts desecrating war dead and Covid-19 victims' grave

Flipped over to Fox News and immediately heard a distortion of Joe Biden's words (then flipped back)

Senate Covid-19 Bill Fails To Reach Cloture

Hey, so I'm pretty sure @SusanPage has an obligation to back out of moderating the VP debate after

Smoking gun: Giuliani's Russian spy busted by Treasury Dept. Ron Johnson also implicated.

Trump's growing list of crude insults about his military leaders poised to escalate tensions.

NASA says it will pay private companies to gather Moon rocks

Covid deaths in Florida at 378 in the past 24 h. I wonder if some of it was the long weekend

Those Chucks!

U.S. to end enhanced coronavirus screening of airline passengers arriving from overseas

WH: The President holds a news conference at 3:00PM.

Ivanka Trump vows to take coronavirus vaccine on 'The View' after challenge

It is a Brave New World, that Doth Have Such Paradigm Shifts in It, D-Day +2

Despite Judge's Order, Plans Being Made For Census Layoffs


Washington state resident recalls saving home from Labor Day wildfire

Cartoon: Woodward strikes again By Clay Jones -September 10, 2020 9:00 AM

He lied again! He didn't down play it, he denied it was anything to worry about at all, a "hoax".

"not causing a panic" is a euphemism

'Just because.'

Senate moves to vote on 'targeted' GOP coronavirus relief bill, though defeat appears inevitable

John Kerry calls out Trump's lies on the virus in language referencing his 1971 Vietnam words

Democrats sue over 'unlawful and arbitrary' ballot rejection in North Carolina

Citizens United funded the GOP election thefts

Help. UPS management contacts in Texas?

New ad hits Georgia senator for profiting off coronavirus with stock sales

Public Service Announcement

We must reform our campaign contributions laws

The 4 deaths per stoplight problem - preempting harm in a democracy

Everyone who briefed Trump on the truth about Covid-19 last Jan/Feb/March could be accused

Poll: Biden maintains nearly double-digit national lead over Trump

This cat knows just how to deal with a flopping fish in a box.

Former Stanford colleagues warn Dr. Scott Atlas fosters 'falsehoods & misrepresentations of science'

Grrrr. I knew it. Reinoehl was executed. New WAPO story.

I have a question about this lyric from the song, "Synchronicity II" by the band The Police

Violent Protests Erupt in Colombia After a Man Dies in Police Custody

Trump ad touting 'great American comeback' features foreign stock footage

Netflix "Cuties"

Unemployment insurance initial claims 884 K, continuing claims all programs: up 0.4 M to 29.6 M

'Never underestimate him!': Trump tweets North Korea's Kim Jong Un is healthy

Flash Flood Warning DC, PG, NoVa (Back in a few.)

SpaceX's Satellite Internet Service Latency Comes in Under 20 Milliseconds

EPA's top lawyer to depart

Poll: Just Half Of Americans Have Heard of 'Cancel Culture'

When does the Republican Party care about regular Americans and their lives? Just asking.

Pence denies Trump's downplaying hampered COVID-19 response

'I saved his a--': Trump boasted that he protected Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman....

End of an Era: Giants Place Pablo Sandoval On Release Waivers

The labor market faces a long road back to normal: Morning Brief

My daughter got me these on Etsy. Something Trump related that real Americans can stomach.

Knowing Trump lied makes his treatment of the governors even more egregious

'I saved his ass': Trump boasted he protected Saudi Crown Prince MBS after Khashoggi's murder

Woodward Interviews Shallow Throat

COVID-19 and You

Two Prominent Conservatives Call For the Death of the GOP

Trump's 3:00 PM press conference?

Those love letters, though (CNN):

Bob Woodward book Rage - interesting take on it on CNN this afternoon

Michael Forest Reinoehl was killed by police without warning or trying to arrest him, witness claims

America withdraw from the United Nations? What do you think of some who feel so?

Jillian Michaels is on CNN saying she got Covid from a friend who was in a studio group where...

Hospitals brace for flu season and coronavirus double threat

52-47, Dems block Senate GOP relief package. No Dems voted for it.

Florida Memorial University greets Kamala Harris this morning:

Mexico to buy 32m doses of potential Russian vaccine

Mexico to buy 32m doses of potential Russian vaccine

Twitter expands rules against election-related misinformation, teeing up a showdown with Trump

Break up the news briefing!

Ever since Trump started getting into national politics, he never seemed to be the one in charge.

Reminder @chanelrion is also involved with kgb mafia thug Derkach who has been sanctioned. She is Tr

Democrats block slimmed-down GOP stimulus plan which extends federal unemployment benefits but leave


"Hey remember when Rick Perry resigned as Energy Secretary right when the impeachment inquiry..."

Dow gives up early Thursday gain as tech rebound fades in choppy trade on Wall Street

Trump campaign asks US judge to kill Nevada vote-by-mail law

BREAKING: Portland, Oregon just banned police from using tear gas on protesters.

U.S. sent millions of face masks to China early this year, ignoring pandemic warning signs

Denis Mukwege: UN guards DR Congo Nobel laureate after death threats

Great Joe Biden video on trump's downplaying of virus

As useless as tits on a bull: Chuckie Todd compares Trump's coronavirus scandal to Hillary's emails

Belgian city finds its former mayor's heart in a fountain

Russian hackers who disrupted 2016 election targeting political parties again, Microsoft says

'Dangerous,' 'unfit,' and 'felony stupid': The most revealing quotes from Jim Mattis

*Target Smart Battleground Pennsylvania Poll* Biden 51% Klansman 44%

Michael Cohen: Trump 'not joking' when he says he wants to be president for more than two terms

Today (Thursday) is the peak of Atlantic hurricane season

"Pence deleted this tweet, which is both a lie and an embarrassment to the president"

"McConnell defends Trump after his comments to Woodward"

Lawyers for ex-cops raise Floyd's history of crime, drug use

But hey, she gave a speech to Wall STreet once and you know, both parties are the same

US coronavirus: Colleges in all 50 states report infections

So How Will He Wiggle Out Of This....

Seattle to put up to $11.6 million to help organizations serving homeless residents amid pandemic

Lithuania becomes the first state calling Lukashenka an illegitimate leader.

Critical fire weather conditions continue in Washington due to persistent hot temperatures, NWS says

A leading coronavirus vaccine trial is on hold: scientists react

Oregon could become the first state to decriminalize drugs in November

Alan Dershowitz Loses Bid to Access Secret Jeffrey Epstein Files

Inslee tours Pierce County fire scene, offers cash assistance to burned-out families

GOP members of Congress showing little concern over Trump book revelations

Mexico tortilla shop gives free TV, internet for school kids

Sixty percent of young Latinos support Biden: poll

If you've been waiting to watch #UNFIT, the documentary on Amazon Prime, it is finally available now

School Canceled This Week For Sumner-Bonney Lake Due To Fires

Found on FB

Tom Ridge: Suggesting Election Loss Is Due To Fraud Is 'Un-American' Stephanie Ruhle MSNBC

Dave Weigel's instructions for today:

In Tahuya, a state plan to log 176 acres unites activist, neighbors

"Russian, Chinese and Iranian hackers have all tried to hack people and organizations..."

Ohio college student throws house party 1 week after coronavirus diagnosis

"Worth noting DJT refused to sit for an interview with Bob Mueller..."

Ohio Supreme Court rules against Kanye West's attempt to make the Ohio ballot.

Bad turtle.

I know there are multiple nightmares occurring at once

"Stop saying Democrats have struggled with blue collar voters for decades. It's not true."

Breaking: Trump bragged to Bob Woodward that he protected Saudi Arabia

Wisconsin court sets up possible delay in absentee mailing

"Music by Laurie Johnson"

The GOP skanks who are now smiling and looking everywhere but straight into the camera as they

It Will be doing a News Conference live from the White House at 3:30 P.M. Eastern.

"The Oathkeepers, a far-right militia group, has been banned by Twitter."

Borowitz: The downside of Trump never having read a book

McConnell "But we all knew the dangers," ... Some are proffering the **SAME** defense here on DU !!

"McConnell's COVID bill included $0 for direct stimulus payments and $161,000,000 for the coal indus

US accuses Giuliani ally of being a Russian spy, sanctions him for involvement in election meddling

why does that orange fucker

Trump treats his supporters like mushrooms.

Trump just said we're rounding the corner on Covid.

"I'd like to encourage everyone to revisit the Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, et al's "2 people Putin.."

He is making a fool of himself

I've seen this movie before

Trump is campaigning at the WH now on tv.

It's a campaign rally. It is not a "news" conference.

This looks like a big FU to trump/deJoy from USPS middle management and postal employees:

Raw Story hosts good articles, right?

Oh, for fuck's sake...

The 'Woke' Indifference to Jew Hatred

Trump's schedule for Thursday, September 10, 2020

"an official government account urging people to tune in to the Fox streaming service."

Shit hound is attacking the ABC reporter

CNN now covering Trump Q&A

Preston Love Jr. announces write-in candidacy against Sen. Ben Sasse

BREAKING: Senate of Virginia Passes Sweeping Policing Reform Package

Teachers in at least five states have died with coronavirus since fall semester started

To journalists, it ain't hard...the question should be

Now trump is blaming Woodward.


Trump at his press conference:"I don't want to jump up and down and start screaming 'death, death.'"

Just have a think

Evidence that boys are more <fill in the blank> than girls.

Trump press con; The buck stops in everyone else's pocket

Damn, I didn't realize that the mishandling of the pandemic was all Woodward's fault

Asshole's campaign is running short of cash

Unbelievable: Trump says Woodward should have warned the "authorities" the pandemic was serious

Trump Reportedly Knew--And Concealed--How Dangerous COVID-19 Really Is

Anyone else watching the Princess Bride table read on Sunday?

It's OK... Come 1-20-21, half of the Republicans will say they never believed Trump on COVID anyway

always a tweet. trump just admitted to watching hours of fox news all night but...

"I Did It. So What?"

This goat wasn't kidding around: Georgia farm animal jumps into cop car, chews papers,

It Was Not Drumpf's Responsibility To Warn Us About Seriousness Of Covid-19, It Was Bob Woodward's

Nordstrom makes election day an employee holiday

Where's All The Testing You Promised?

Study: Permanent teleworking would make homebuying an affordable option for nearly 2M renters

Bridgeport Police Chief, City's Acting Personnel Director Arrested by FBI, Charged With Fraud

Welcoming Kamala Harris to Miami

"tRump is the first POTUS in history to launch an Oct Surprise against himself."

A noun, a verb and a lie

Wow, pundit on Daily Rundown just went there!

At his presser today, Trump said that Americans died because...

Twitter down

To The Republicans Who Still Support Trump

"I didn't want to alarm and panic Herman Cain...

Wherein the "President" admits what he does all day.

Tapper interviewing Biden on CNN from yesterday. Biden is doing great

Trump screamed at Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch in "humongous blowup" over "unfair" coverage

Republicans are in the middle of a scorched earth retreat

Treasury says the guy who's been feeding disinfo. to Giuliani and Repub Senators is a russian agent?

"Trump is the first president to launch an October Surprise..."

Joe Biden to Jake Tapper - BAM!!

Colombia's police under fire over protester assassinations and vandalism claims

High-fidelity record of Earth's climate history puts current changes in context

Chuck Todd: "Hillary Clinton was a magnet for this stuff. Trump is the magnet now."

CDC Links Dining Out To Higher Covid-19 Risk

Michael McFaull: The President of the United States of America watches a lot of tv.

"Why could Angela Merkel level with their people and be calm, and not you?"

How Sen. Ron Johnson's Investigation Became an Enabler of Russian Disinformation: Part I

What do CEOs do that makes them worth millions, while...

Trump today vs. Fauci today

Good night, Mrs. Peel.

Our North Carolina mail in (absentee) ballots have arrived

Teachers in at least five states have died with coronavirus since fall semester started

F U, Mitch: Congressional Standoff Over Coronavirus Relief Likely To Last Until November

Tropical Update Atlantic Storms

Keep geiger counters handy - Scientists spot fishy patterns in data about Russian "COVID vaccine"

Planned Parenthood's D.C. staffers unionize as abortion-rights groups address diversity issues

Trump murdered 200k Americans, now we know... He is still murdering more...

Jake Tapper thread: Trump's attack on Woodward and the media

Trump offers an airtight reason why he hasn't read Woodward's book.....

Medical marijuana will not be on November ballot

Demoted master sergeant with white nationalist ties is now out of the Air Force


I like when Peter Baker quotes the President's lies--then adds data to his tweets to illuminate the l

Meghan McCain on the media: "They are the enemy and they are here to make you look bad."

Colombia's capital militarized after police brutality sparks deadly protests

I'm now running my new WIN 10 HP Slim puter and what an improvement it is! Comments below:

Scientists question 'strange' data in Russian coronavirus vaccine trial after 'unlikely' pattern

Oh, Wow, Documentary Coming soon: "Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President"

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 10, 2020

Colombia kicks off human rights day with brutal police killing

How To Weaponize A Virus, In 4 Easy Steps

Microsoft found that Chinese hackers have been attacking the private email accounts of Biden's staff

Lower Courts Agree -- It's Time to End Qualified Immunity

The Secret Biden Voter.. they are everywhere

CNN Reporting On Woodward-Drumpf Phone Calls

Baby Otter Learns To Swim With A Family Of Dogs

The Klansman gave Bob Woodward a poster sized photo of himself and Kim

"It's as if they've been listening to Trump downplay this virus all along." Jim Acosta

Yakima River railroad bridge

What will trump do very soon to change the news cycle?

"Hi my name is @realDonaldTrump and I'm a Fox News addict!"

Dog Chained Up For 10 Years Is The Happiest Boy Now

Brian Williams is interviewing Edward Snowden tomorrow 11 pm ET

Hannity is an imbecile

Trump to Woodward: I saved Mohammed bin Salman's ass after Khashoggi murder

A mother and child reunion:

George Takei tweet - I don't think a true stable genius of a president...

Right Wing Media

Fuzzy Calf Is The Most Resilient Baby Ever

Typical pandemic day -

Middle Age Riot tweet - Harry Truman: "The buck stops here."

The sad irony is that Trump's lies have harmed his own supporters a great deal.

Have you ever said something embarrassing? Incriminating? Costly? No problem! Just use the

AP radio news Just really bashed trump and that's rare

Sick Senior Dog Becomes The Fluffiest, Happiest Puppy (Hankie Alert)

Russians Tried To Hack Biden's Campaign, But He Was Ready

US Treasury has just added Ukrainian mp Andrii Derkach to its Specially Designated Nationals list

Trump Binge-Watched Fox News All Night, Woke Up to Watch More Fox

The group that published the Panama Papers is getting ready to drop some more articles

"I watched Lou Dobbs, and Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham..."

Food box deliveries to needy California seniors cut off because of USDA cheese rule

Just received this text from my son.

Watch this little potato grow up into a land hippo 💜

This is what it looks like when republicans and the courts

Death of trade deal with China could be 'October surprise'

Nebraska to end nearly all social distancing restrictions

Of These Two Items - What Would Be More Damaging To Trump?......

This should disqualify Trump from the presidency

Local reporter found beheaded in Mexico's Veracruz state

Reliance on FOX

A Prayer for Fire Victims in California, Oregon, and Washington

Cartoons 9/10/2020

Chuck Todd, I look forward to soon being able to say to you---

Light rail's Lynnwood Link inches forward, with massive beams

Panama Canal, Running Low on Water, Seeks Bids to Build $2B Supply Program

AT LAST: Chuck Todd slams Trump Enabling Senator "What part of this response is a positive?"

"Police officer in Pittsburgh arrests a man for asking about his "Thin Blue Line" face mask"

Gotta love this latest RoomRater review! LOL

Dear Mr. Woodward, please release whatever else you have immediately.

Trump's Agreeing to Talk to Woodward Shows Downside of Never Having Read a Book in Entire Life now includes voter registration links

States are running out of unemployment benefits ordered by President Trump

Trump Goes After 'Rapidly Fading' Bob Woodward for 'Boring Book' He Did 18 Interviews For

George Floyd's records breached after his death, attorney says

The Truth Shall Set you Free

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is using COVID-19 relief funds to pay for a $5 million tourism ad

What are Dems doing about the ES&S voting machines that connect to the internet. Seems to me this is

Back in session...

Famed Bigot Pranked (former Sheriff Joe Arpaio) by Wily Furries

Trump screamed at Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch in "humongous blowup" over "unfair" coverage: report

More from Woodward - The Con is the wrong man for the POTUS

Any mention of the fires from the white house? Or is it off the script because "democrat states?"

Are there any POWs who support Trump?

U.S. Identifies Rudy Ally and Biden Dirt-Peddler as an 'Active Russian Agent'

This is a new one 😂 Trump wasn't lying on the Woodward tapes, he just has a "limited vocabulary"

Fox hosts attack network's own reporting confirming Trump's troop insults

I want to post a right winged talking point but not support it because it has me sooo triggered

They licked it!!!

In what remains the single greatest, scariest threat of

An unsung freshman IL rep has been KICKING ASS for the last two years:

DHS Whistleblower Complaint: 4 Of The Most Explosive Allegations Of Misconduct


Jon Karl is my hero.

Mark Zuckerberg said Trump is 'exactly the same in person as you'd expect him to be

Its still been under reported what Trump did to Gov Whitmer

EU says one in eight deaths is linked to pollution

Simplest explanation: We choose our allies because these are societies whose values we share.

Joe Biden and Joe Lieberman both served together in the US Senate for 20 years.(1989-2009)

"I Didn't Lie, It's China's Fault"-3pm ET -9/10/20, Trump- 3:53

Another reason to defund the police

Rep. Gerry Connolly: Jamal Khashoggi was my constituent...I brought his grieving fiance to the SOTU

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 11 September 2020

Bob Woodward sat on this audiotape for 7 months

Rachel: NBCnews reports judge ruled case against Trump inaugural may proceed.

Very little social distancing and not many masks inside crowded airport hangar in Michigan for Trump

Tennessee to use virus relief funding to train more police

Salon owner that set Pelosi up closes her she is scared to return

I am happy the NFL football season is starting...

Court blocks Trump order to exclude undocumented immigrants from Census count

"Someone said" Trump was once asked what he thought of the Mayo Clinic.

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, September 11, 2020

Court Greenlights Lawsuit Alleging Trump's Inaugural Committee Funneled Money to His Personal Busine

DHS spokeswoman pushed NBC News to retract accurate story about terrorists at the border

As Clock Ticks, Trump Engulfs Himself in Chaotic News Cycles

When #KHive gets to it...

New Documentary: Rock'n'Roll President

Bladder Dance

Giants release Panda again!

Trump campaign nobody panic!

He's a straight talker, He tells it like it is

Married Couple Die of Coronavirus 4 Minutes Apart, Holding Hands for the Last Time: 'They Were a Ble

Federal court rules POTUS order to exclude undocumented immigrants from Census unlawful

I went to the beach

Kamala Harris hosts a community conversation with Black Florida leaders

'Appalling Betrayal': New Report Details Dozens of Trump Rollbacks Perpetrated Under Cover of Covid-

Biden +7 (51-44) in Pennsylvania poll

"Oh, the irony (pay attention to the lyrics)" Trump arrival in Michigan.

Twitter expands rule against misleading voting info after Trump tweets

Trump Launches 'An October Surprise Against Himself' Deadline MSNBC

Woodward's Tapes, Trump's Covid Admissions & a Homicide Prosecutor's Take on Criminal Liability


Sen. Schumer To GOP Colleagues: Where Are You? Morning Joe MSNBC


"Darling, it's so sad...Darling, it's so sad."

did anyone watch his lap time with hannity? Clif notes?

The Social Dilemma on Netflix

Uranium1/Hillary propaganda was pushed by Erik Prince thru Breitbart

trump and the republicans are pissing on everyone's back and telling them it is raining

So Much News, So Little Time The Daily Social Distancing Show

Need help on BLM discussion.

Twitter enabled conman Jack Posobiec to reach 1M followers. OANN correspondent. (SPLC)

Trump's entire wed evening to thursday morning was occupied with Faux nooze

Texas police group puts up billboard warning "enter at your own risk," saying Austin defunded police

Trump's former spy chief has 'deep suspicions' that Putin has blackmail on Trump

US Senate seats that the Democrats will end up winning in 2020.

I don't care. Do you?

Fauci: We won't be able to sit in theaters until a year after a coronavirus vaccine is created

Nobody will say this EVER.

Fake evidence used in more than a dozen Wake County drug cases, now a Raleigh detective is on leave

Russian Intelligence Hackers Are Back, Microsoft Warns, Aiming at Officials of Both Parties

Trump campaign tracked NYT reporter by pics she tweeted and escorted her out.

Nuremberg Rally (Sound)

Expert on Amazon tribes killed by arrow from uncontacted group

Large explosions rock army base outside Zarqa, Jordan

Name a celebrity who appeared on "You Bet Your Life"

New Coronavirus Cases Rise in U.S. Despite Slowdown in Testing

Lincoln Project video - He doesn't want to cause a panic.

Zimbabwe bans mining in safari parks, activists want new law

Roger Goodell: "I've encouraged" teams to sign Colin Kaepernick

Record Floods, A Shattering Derecho, And IA Could Still Vote For Climate Liar Joni Ernst