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No social distancing, few masks as crowd waits for Trump rally in Nevada

Colorado is suing Dejoy and the @USPS for making false statements to Colorado voters--including mili

Thanks Trump 😪☹️

John Fogerty calls Trump a 'fortunate son' and says it's 'confounding' that his Vietnam War-era song

Florida Man Joins Too Many Other Florida People at FSU Football Game in Obviously Too Crowded......

"People Get Ready"....Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart

Jeff Tiedrich tweet (he needs to tell us what he really thinks)

Does anyone have a Zen garden?

Kind of Strange..Trump crowd believes Trump more than science and 190,000 deaths...

Thread about Florida (despite the sobering thread below)

States ranked by COVID-19 test positivity rates: Sept. 12

Ali Velshi thread on QAnon

White professor says the N-word three times in class, gets put on paid leave

World Capital Payroll Corp in NY received a PPP loan of $150,000 to $350,000 (CEO Rudy Giuliani)

Why do MAGAts flock to any event with Don Jr. speaking?

Tonight in Trump's campaign texts (stoking the fires of......calm)

"Superspreader" (A beautiful nod to Stevie Wonder's "Superstition")

Unemployment system overwhelmed by users and new claims

The self-proclaimed "law and order" president is holding a large rally in Nevada in violation/law...

red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme

It has to be more than flattery

Tweet of the day


I'm just exhausted

Melania Trump's former advisor says relationship with Donald Trump is 'transactional'

So what was the deal with the fans booing the display of unity at the Chiefs-Texans game?

Woman trolls Trump rally

Shelter From The Storm: Bob Dylan

Trump facing perfect storm of fundraising hurdles

Donald Trump lies like a rug. We used to be outraged, but now we just shrug

Standard conversation with a cultist, after the words "fake news". "How do you KNOW it's fake news?

Need help.....not life or death, but would appreciate help.....

Because he's on the side of criminals

Sally to dump 6-18" of rain over a broad swath of the gulf coast

Middle Age Riot tweet- The Mueller Report is like the Bible

Roger Stone Calls For Trump To 'Declare Martial Law' To Seize Power If He Loses

Giuliani criticizes NYC leadership: 'They're killing this city'

Trump lands in Reno. His First words are about the crowd,

you live long enough ... the people you love ... get old

Trials of AstraZeneca COVID vaccine resuming after 'wake up call'

College students host party despite testing positive for Covid-19

Flynn Case "Prosecutor" Gleeson Slams Barr's Position, Urges Judge Sullivan to Sentence Flynn

Investigator for Washington state attorney general placed on leave after note he left at Tacoma

Hidden Perils of Lead in the Lab: Containing...Decontaminating Lead in Perovskite Research.

Patriot Prayer leader sues Multnomah County DA

Trump Solicits Donations With Desperate Text Claiming Antifa Will 'Attack Your Homes' if Biden Wins

Can Non-Maskers Please Sign A Waiver??

Trump voter explains thinking behind his 2016 vote

Dakotas lead US in virus growth as both reject mask rules

Mighty Ducks' star Shaun Weiss now 271 days sober after living on the streets. has new set of teeth

You are right. The number from COVID deaths is wrong.

LOL. Fuck Trump.

baby donnie & another super spreader

If we win Florida on election night

It tweeted

US Senate Elections in 2020 that the Democrats are favored to win.

Montgomery County judge injured in early morning Woodlands car crash

For Star-Thrower. The Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature

Whoa-oh ---"Show me how to fight for now"

About 8,800 unaccompanied children are expelled at US border

Back Door Slam - Come Home

Ohio NOT for Trump

BREAKING: Temporary restraining order granted. The @USPS must stop sending misinformation to Colorad

Forgiving debts

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christianity: 2 Thessalonians 2:12

Fuckin' 2020. Venture Brothers cancelled ☹️🥺😡

Back Door Slam - Gotta Leave

How could trump claim victory on election night when

Davy Knowles - Tear Down The Walls

AZ-01, AZ06:Arizona's competitive congressional races quiet so far as candidates enter final stretch

Southeast Texas Food Bank temporarily closing because of COVID-19

☦ Who is the son of perdition? From

Dear Mr. Fantasy

TX-23: U.S., state House candidates could play key roles in big changes

Aren't you glad I kept you from panicking? (Cartoon) nt

The POS is now openly mocking Biden for following social distancing guidelines in a pandemic.

Trump progression - Sack cartoon

Lindsey Graham tweets about tax returns

Jeremy Diamond is live tweeting from the super spreader rally

WI SCOTUS decision to add Green Party on POTUS ticket

NY-02: Does Army veteran Jackie Gordon have what it takes?

First ever preserved grown up cave bear - even its nose is intact - unearthed on the Arctic island

PA-01: Bonus Tweet of the Day

Grrrrrrr....Trump officials seek greater control over CDC reports because they don't agree with him

PA-10: Perry up 6; undecided voters prefer DePasquale

Muse - Bliss

For the socially distanced vacation - we are renting an RV.

From The Telegraph. Face mask wearing may act as a sort of vaccine.

NC-SEN: Tillis Faces Federal Complaint Over Alleged Corrupt Straw Donor Scheme

President endorsing straight up extra-judicial killing.

"Unfit" - do not watch. Don't waste your money.

Blasphemy! (Drumpf crucified!). I really hope this is satire...

Guaranteed basic income tops policy priorities for Liberal caucus at upcoming convention

GA-SEN: Sen. David Perdue Says His Perfectly Timed Stock Trades Are Completely Innocent

White people literally running to get a good spot to see America's Neo-fascist leader.

Muse - Map of the Problematique

Crowd at Nevada rally/super spreader event

What is the best recent movie you have seen? Looking for suggestions.

During a rally in Minden, Nevada, where the air quality is currently rated "unhealthy" & you can sm

IL-13: Davis staffer arrested after altercation at Londrigan fundraiser

Question On Inside Or Outside Dining During The Pandemic....

290 days ago this boy got rescued

"The Branch Covidians Present The Running of The Dulls..."

"When you only face-tune one of the people in the picture."

CA-50 moves from 'Solid' to 'Likely' Republican

☦ Eastern Orthodox Church, Troparion for the Feastday of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 14 Sept.

Found the spot for Trumps Henderson NV rally

Awesome Biden/Harris sign!

Vaccines were not always beholden to

This Church Allows Atheists To Join As Long As They Are Republicans

"2020 is the year when Nancy Pelosi's hair dresser had better video surveillance..."

You probably won't believe this, but Trump lied about crowd size.

Remember the very early Covid death counts?

Smithfield Foods pork plant faces OSHA fine from outbreak

You know that photo with all the trump yard signs? It's 4 years old.

This should be our Number Two election priority

Meatpacker JBS Fined $15,615 After Deadly Covid-19 Outbreak

"More people die of the flu every year than being struck by lightning."

Memo From Purgatory: Staying safe; trying to stay sane. Anybody up?

Science Magazine Editor Pens Scathing Critique Of Trump's 'Shameful' COVID-19 Lies

Whipping Post: The Allman Brothers Band, Fillmore East

This is a truly *beautiful* story about Joe Biden and a special woman named Mrs. Greenhouse

LEAKED AUDIO: Trump on Black Americans

Aliens: "Take us to your leader."

Rocket Launched by Space Start-Up Astra Crashes in Alaska

Bill Corbett (MST3K / Rifftrax) shares patriotic footage of "The Running of the CHUDs" in Nevada.

Managing Wildfire Through Cultural Burning

United Sued for Packing NFL Charters With Young, Blond Crews

Jill Biden to Virtually Travel to Georgia for a Discussion with Military and Veteran Families

COVID Update September 12 (Andy Slavitt)

☦ Orthodox Christianity: 1 Peter 4:11

Stone pushing Trump towards Martial Law if you oppose Trump.

another horrifying I CAN'T BREATHE video Clayton GA - tweeted by Ben Crump, atty.

John Field: 'Piano Concerto No. 3' (ll. & lll.)

Weenie Beenie - Foo Fighters

It's 11 pm and the air quality index is 518

Turned to 'Raw Travel' tv program. Intro shows scenes from his journey around the world.

Hey, Johnny Park! - Foo Fighters

So what did Bahrain get in exchange for this "peace deal"?

Times Like These - Live Lounge Allstars (Foo Fighters tribute ft. Dave Grohl and many others)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Did That USC Professor Actually Say the N-Word?

Democrats need 9 seats to flip the Texas House. Here are 22 opportunities.

Our American Dreams PAC

Just watched Trump walk down the steps of Air Force One In Vegas

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What The Hell Happened This Week? Week of 9/7/2020

Battle for Minnesota Senate could shift balance of power at the state Legislature

CA-49: Michelle Steel Shares Trump's Record of Lying to Orange County Families About COVID-19

TX-21: Chip Roy Tries Rewriting History, But No One's Listening

George Conway Breaks Down Trump's Deep 'Mental Disorder'

Yet more studies indicate Vitamin D mitigates Covid-19.

VA-02: Third former campaign staffer for Scott Taylor indicted

10,000 North Carolinians vote absentee in first week

Pennsylvanian Republican: Telling it Like it Is About Trump

Dancin' in the Streets

A Homage to 'Dawn of the Dead' and 'Evil Dead' Movies

To Date 6.5 million more Americans now have pre-existing conditions due to no fault of their own.

Why the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge may not be drilled

Trump praises police for executing unarmed murder fugitive in public without arrest-attempt.

Ron Perlman tweet: Some of you are about to vote for a man who not only allowed, but actually ...

Trump tweets a photo from 4 years ago

Strays of the World

Just because of the pandemic, you don't need to cancel everything.

Trump incoherence and pulling claims against Biden out of his orange ass

Trump Campaign Scrambles To Find New Rally Venues Due To Coronavirus Restrictions - TODAY

Trump warns at Nevada rally that Democrats are "trying to rig the election"

Hillary Clinton doing first 'grassroots event' with Kamala Harris on Monday

Visit Puerto Rico! (Honest Government Ad)

Killer whales launch 'orchestrated' attacks on sailing boats around Iberian Atlantic coast


Harbor from the Holocaust

Why would women vote for Trump? A hint from history: why did women vote for Hitler?

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly warns Congress of 'drastic and damaging' cuts without more aid

If a administration is formed corruptly, and for the purpose of committing crimes,

Copycat websites, newly minted companies, double dippers cashed in on PPP loans

Death race

Princess Bride cast reunion for WI Dem fundraiser - interview w/ Cary Elwes & Rob Reiner.

City Councilwoman Comes Out as Gay While Handing a Homophobic Bigot His Ass

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Something Weird Edition

Over a Dozen Black and Latino Men Accused a Cop of Humiliating, Invasive Strip Searches. The NYPD

Biden courts Black farmers to dent Trump's lead among rural voters

Hundreds of Children Are Stuck in Psychiatric Hospitals Each Year Despite the State's Promises to

Former NFL coach Mike Holmgren slams Trump pandemic response, throws support to Biden

Euro zone governments must spend heavily amid recovery - Lagarde

Honest Government Ad Mail-in voting

Human activity has wiped out two-thirds of world's wildlife since 1970, landmark report says

Tennessee to use coronavirus relief dollars to train more police

2 California deputies shot in apparent ambush in patrol car

Thailand tells universities to stop students' calls for monarchy reform

Conor McGregor detained for alleged attempted sexual assault, indecent exposure in Corsica

Wireless Emergency Alert on my phone blasted me out of bed at 4:00 am

I got this from Amy McGrath (beat Mitch McConnell)

Democrats: Time To Cut The BS On Either/Or Politics

Is Zwieback related to biscotti?

Hold on! We might have Big Ten football after all.

19 families buy nearly 97 acres of land in Georgia to create a city safe for Black people

So Gump finally mentioned the fires and called for forest management

Sign up for Wisconsin Democratic Princess Bride livestream here for 6pm Central Time Tonight:

Tricare Select implements monthly fee in 2021

Just saw a disturbing report on CNN about mail-in ballots.

I signed up for absentee ballot but haven't received one. Has anybody else? NT

Who is to say what is "normal"?

America's oldest World War II veteran celebrates his 111th birthday

Partners in crime.

Cuz We Love Trump!

Paulette rolls toward Bermuda; Sally threatens Gulf Coast

We need to merge Antifa cells

Worldometer says Deaths: 198,148; Covid-19 Cases: 6,678,149

Oops! Secret Recording Shows Oil Execs Well Aware That "Clean" Natural Gas Hugely Damaging

7-year-old cooks food in wok for little brother:

Bloomberg to spend up to $100 million to beat Trump in Florida

Two female Trump voters in a row yesterday!

Climatologist Funded In Past By Koch, Exxon & API Gets Senior Position At NOAA

Breakfast Sunday 13 September 2020

Louisiana Constitution Amendment Would Free Oil & Gas Industries From Property Taxes, Forever

I'll Show You Real Power!!

I again ask that those who post David Packman clips please LABEL them. IMHO, the meager

Big BP Announcement 9/14 Blahblah New Sustainable Direction Blahblah 2050 Carbon Free Blahblah

Princess Bride fans sign up for livestream benefit for Wisconsin Dems tonight:

Good idea!

Absentee and Mail Voting Policies in Effect for the 2020 Election as of 9/10/2020

OH-01: Chabot faces challenge as Democrats look to flip Ohio district once again

ABC/Ipsos: More people think Joe Biden respects our troups by a 2:1 margin

If Churchill Was A Trumpster

Study: 11% More Clinton Voters Than Trump Voters Evacuated Before Hurricane Irma Struck Florida

Longtime Climate Science Denier Hired At NOAA

This is a hell of a paragraph:

McEnany: "Chanel"

This'll wake yer ass up - Paris, "Nobody Move". Language and violent cartoon content warnings apply

Trump's schedule for Sunday, September 13, 2020

Is Facebook dying?

2 L.A. Deputies Fighting For Their Lives After Ambush Shooting As They Sat In Their Car


Deep skepticism for Trump's coronavirus response endures: POLL

Trump relishes his role as a divider as he vows to be 'vicious'

I live in Seattle and can't even see across the street.

Bob Woodward to appear on 60 Minutes in first interview about new Trump book

You raised $26,942.08 for Biden/Harris & $30.20 for Amy McGrath on 9-12-20

Bloomberg and others need to spend a lot more money trying to take back the senate.

Peepaw Trump's Onslaught Against Biden Falls Short of a Breakthrough

Anyone know of planned protests of Trump?

Paulette is now a hurricane - serious question

NYT: How Kamala Harris's Immigrant Parents Found a Home, and Each Other, in a Black Study Group

MAGAt evangelist: Trump was sent by God to block the 'flood of evil' flowing from Democrats

Return of Myanmar's smiling turtle (

Googling for Gut Symptoms Predicts Covid Hot Spots, Study Finds

cOME HERE,NO- You come here !

It's Time These Ancient Women Scientists Get Their Due

In Bob Woodward's 'Rage,' a Reporter and a President From Different Universes

Mike Bloomberg to spend at least $100 million in Florida to benefit Joe Biden

Trump campaign adviser argues campaign is 'well positioned' to flip blue states

Bloomberg plans to spend at least $100 million in Florida to support Biden

Stanford doctors take aim at former colleague Scott Atlas, Trump's new adviser on the COVID-19

The surprise religious group that could decide Trump's fate

Blair and Major blast Johnson's Brexit deal violation plan

Excuse me Mr. President, now that cover has been ripped away

How to Know if the Election Is Actually 'Rigged'

Cher - WOW

Justin Fairfax announces run for governor in Virginia

Bet you never heard this 1968 version

Coronavirus: Bay Area records deadliest day ever led by Alameda and Santa Clara counties

Jeff Fortenberry faces a tough competitor in Kate Bolz, but she faces an uphill climb (Nebraska)

Fox News National poll

The stock market is detached from economic reality. A reckoning is coming.

Jonathan Capehart thinks Chump can win on the basis of white supremacy! WTF

A Weddell seal caught dreaming (joyous)...

Never give a fake pet - birdie knows what to do

Scientists Discover "Vantablack" Deep-Sea Creatures

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED? How QAnon Undermines Legitimate Anti-Trafficking Efforts

Today at 3PM in Madison, the next generation will lead the Kids March for Black Lives Matter.

It tweeted about Bloomberg

Now, pay attention, you dim-witted primate

One woman's lifelong battle against the Confederate flag in Mississippi

The Worlds Biggest Problem Is Rupert Murdoch

Joe Lieberman is a dick. End of story.

Jonathan Capehart

You see this? 6 Generations?

CNN's @jaketapper presses White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on President Trump concealing...

*YOU GOV MINNESOTA POLL* Biden 50% Klansman 41%

crowded house - into temptation

Causal understanding of water displacement by a crow

No Peeps for Halloween or Christmas this year due to coronavirus pandemic

The Russians are working overtime on Twitter

Landslides in Nepal kill 12 people, at least 21 missing

CNNSOTU: Jake Tapper handing Petey-Boy Navarro is lying ass.

I live in a smaller town or suburb outside of a large college town in Iowa-political signs appearing

Silent Running - Mike and the Mechanics

Grandson of Harding and lover wants president's body exhumed

"It's my stupidity, my ignorance," said one White woman who voted for Trump in 2016.

A breath of good news, seemingly...

Wow. This. All of it.

Hi I have been reading and following DU since 2016, I am a respiratory therapist for 30 years , 53 y

Symone Sanders gives Stephanopoulos a major lesson in not taking the false equivalence bait

Found on FB

Just saw Ohio Secretary of State

Rush - Subdivisions

Update on my son, Trump's dereliction of duty, long haulers and more of my thoughts

Just Think: Somewhere In America There's A Group Of Repug Strategists Tabulating......

Only one reason Trump still polls better on the Economy than Biden

6 generations of African American Women

Why Aren't We Fighting Fascism With This Proven Method?

How One Man Conned the Beltway

Why does it seem that Trump is constantly on news coverage? Biden needs more exposure!

In '88 GOP dirty tricks included staging of flag burnings in cities ahead of campaign events.

Joe: Violence of any kind is wrong; those who commit it should be caught and punished.

Someone accurately predicted that by Monday the attack will be on Woodward instead

Syracuse native behind new Willy Wonka-like golden ticket contest for a candy factory

Here they go again -Pompeo to visit Guyana this week

CBS Minnesota and Arizona poll

Fernando - ABBA

Why are people stealing Biden yard signs?

New England Journal of Medicine: Face masks may be helping to provide immunity

384 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Sun.; 7 deaths

Why is Biden doing so bad with Latino's in Florida?

Anecdotal, But NorCal/Nevada Birdwatchers Note Absence Of Birds - Vulnerable To Bad Air, Smoke

The President visited San Francisco and now no one can find him!

Jeffrey Goldberg Had A Good Response To The Sanders Criticism Of THe Biden Campaign

if you love animals, even unusual ones, watch My Octopus Teacher

David Bowie - This Is Not America

Garrison Keillor:

When I need a pick me up, I sometimes turn to Welsh humor. Yes, there is such a thing!

How long before trump orders hits

LASD has been 'permeated' by a violent deputy gang with matching tattoos called the 'executioners'

Hundreds of new COVID-19 cases raise fears of uncontrolled outbreaks across the Pacific

Transgender anarchist wins GOP nomination for sheriff in Cheshire County

NBC Exclusive: Kamala Harris on Wildfires, Election

Pink Floyd - Us And Them, Any Colour You Like

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/13/20

So how come some sauces work only on pasta and others work only on rice (a grain) or toast??

Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass, was born on this date.

A little good news from Oregon

Reading comments on local sites was depressing.

Kids at 2 Utah day cares easily spread COVID-19 to families

Proud of this North Dakotan Gay Woman!

Electrical disconnect switches. This is incredible.

Opinion: Trump ignores California's climate catastrophe because it is not his base

Missing New Hampshire serval found, back at home

ActBlue offering a 500% and then 600% matching donation to help Senate Democrats

Charles Brown was born on this date.

Mel Torme was born on this date.

Midnight in Washington..thanks to: EleanorR - You Tube.

David Clayton Thomas has a birthday today.

Minnesota Seemed Ripe for a Trump Breakout. It Has Not Arrived. NYT

Steely Dan - West of Hollywood

Man, I would hate to see coverage/reaction if Biden was actually trailing in the polls

Peter Cetera has a birthday today.

Wildfires race across the West: Smoke poses health hazard to millions; unprecedented pollution in OR

'Merica, y'all...

A Secret Recording Reveals Oil Executives' Private Views on Climate Change

Student debt and the end of the liberal arts dream

All Michigan State students asked to quarantine due to 'exponential growth' of COVID-19

Teacher departures leave schools scrambling for substitutes

Louisiana judge found guilty of crimes against juveniles yesterday

AP EXPLAINS: Biden sizable but not radical tax plans

Fiona Apple has a birthday today.

Chris Wallace Confronts Trump Campaign Adviser: Trump 'Plays the Panic Card All the Time'

I would like to have a discussion about FONTS.

Trump described the killing of an antifa-linked suspect by US Marshals as 'retribution'

I'm worried about

Sooo, Jason Miller is trending (this is some Bizarro World commentary).

Militarizing the police: A long legacy of state violence is what brought us here

Power ideals and beauty fading in everyone's hand...

Eric Garcetti on Trump's response to wildfires: 'This is climate change' forest management.

Trump's going to throw another one of his super spreader events tomorrow...

Biden is trailing

Russia to send paratroopers to Belarus for joint drills

No positive tests for NFL players, coaches: report

Pharmaceutical Advertising Makes Us Sick

Philippines deports US Marine in transgender killing

OUCH! Chuck Todd destroys Trump with his own words & that of his experts. And no whataboutism?

Greg Smith for President 2028

Scientists baffled by orcas ramming sailing boats near Spain and Portugal


What Fiction are you reading this week, Sept. 13, 2020?

It's A Big Ol Goofy World

Longtime climate science denier hired at NOAA (David Legates)

We studied what happens when guys add their cats to their dating app profiles

Cartoons 9/13/2020

Real Time with Bill Maher 09/11/2020.

Ugh! Just saw the Trump ad claiming 1.3 million jobs created in August.

Has anyone seen the Vindman interview, NBC with Lester Holt?

LAist Reporter Josie Huang Arrested While Covering Protest

A yellow haze settles over the fiery Pacific Northwest

My sister reports from suburban Boston...

Drumpf Says He is 'Entitled' To Third Term

Wildfire smoke reaches as far as Michigan!

US woman faces hefty fine after causing coronavirus outbreak in Bavaria

For all the haters

What in the hell is the Bay of Pigs award?

Trump says he won the nonexistent Bay of Pigs award

Life is just beating the crap out of me right now.

James Woods schools us all on climate change

United Sued for Packing NFL Charters With Young, Blond Crews

Adam Schiff - Mitch McConnell's legislative graveyard

Definitely worth repeating

talk me down...

Trump supporters are freaking out and "baffled" as his campaign shows signs of weakness

OMG there's Christmas shit in the stores already

Australian diplomats sent to Heathrow airport to help citizens stranded due to travel caps

AirNow Live air quality map for the U.S.

Lincoln Project: Rick Wilson said the election will have been decided by mid-October

"Socialism is their name for anything that helps all people."

Lindsey Graham Bashed For Trump Hypocrisy As He Mocks Rival For Not Baring Tax Returns

Top White House aide's interview goes haywire over Trump coronavirus remarks

All I want for my birthday is your favorite gifs and memes...and trump exploding, and world peace.

I missed football more than I thought

The video of trump supporters running....behind the scenes true story!

Donald Trump says he didn't want to panic people ... then he tweeted this?

ABC-Ipsos poll: Who has more respect for the U.S. military? Joe Biden 61% Donald Trump 37%

*glares in the direction of East Lansing*

MIS-C is a rare but dangerous illness striking children weeks after they get COVID-19 - here's what

Feb 2020 vs Sept 2020

Interesting that NSIDC graphics show "NO DATA" as we approach the seasonal Arctic ice low

A majority of Americans see Biden as more empathetic to those with COVID-19 than Trump

Trump lies about how many people lined his motorcade to the rally

it pays not to be in a rush, my BK experience

Good Rundown From Mongabay On How Satelites Capture Data On Amazon Basin Fires

Trump just tweeted this

Green Bay Packers stayed in the locker room for both anthems......

"The Economist went to a construction site in Ohio, a key swing state - and this is what they found"

Ladies, we have a winner #Mansplaining

Look at all of Trump's incredible Hispanic Americans!

COVID-19 activity declining in Washington with the help of face masks, social distancing

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks, NFL

Best way to stop robo texts on iPhone?

Ex-Packers coach Mike Holmgren throws support behind Biden

Goodness gracious, DU! Can we stop with doom and gloom?

President Trump mocks antifa: "They're like these wealthy, spoiled kids that have no clue about life

Kamala Harris tells Latina business owners 'immigrants have too much at stake' to sit out election

"On Friday, Israel will become the first country to enter a 2nd national lockdown."

***What happened to our Submissions?***

The Real Scandal Woodward's Book Reveals Is THIS:

Trump supporters think they have the market cornered on patriotism. Let's prove them wrong!

US Senate Elections that the Democrats are favored to win in 2020.

He Was the Neo-Nazi Who Inspired 'American History X.' His Nazi Pals Are Now Cops.

Trump's Nevada rally was an exercise in delegitimizing voting -- and denying reality

I wanted a return to normal, so I'm watching the Cleveland Browns

They're piping in crowd noise for the NFL games

MI AG on MSNBC: Before you listen to this president and try to vote twice

Minnesota Seemed Ripe for a Trump Breakout. It Has Not Arrived.

DUer asking for support

Is there any chance we'll ever know whether Michael Reinoehl was assassinated to

Michigan Groups Offering Free Auto Repairs to Help Avoid Police Stops

The Secret History of America's Only WWII Refugee Camp

One of my grandson's has COVID.

Anti-Trump, pro-Biden "rallies?"

The Seahawks and the Falcons took a knee after kickoff. . .

Santa Cruz becomes the first city with a city-sanctioned, permanent BLM mural installed

Disrespect for working people - are we all slavers now?

Air quality in Puget Sound region reaches 'unhealthy' levels as wildfires burn across West Coast

The DU goal for Amy McGrath just got raised for the first time! (BEAT Mitch McConnell!!!)

Police seek help after Black Lives Matter demonstrators run over in crosswalk

While walking this morning in our racist little town that is littered with trump shrines....

So many signs

When the bell tolls, it can toll *unexpectedly*

Maybe the most majestic thing you'll see today: lions on the beach

More than 200 meat plant workers in the U.S. have died of covid-19.

Biden, Sara Gideon and Jared Golden signs are popping up

Question for our legal experts, lawyers, scholars.

It tweeted that it signed another(?) exec order re drug prices?

Belarus today:

Your drug prices are coming down so fast, it's unbelievable

COVID Stories

I'm in ME-2. Very Trumpy here. I get polled a lot. NYT just called. Doing my part to

The correct WW2 analogy for Trump is Hermann Goering, not Churchill

Can't Put The Crazy Back in the Tube

Kellyanne Conway is horrible. Her poor daughter talks about her in the video.

Time to SHAME you, in a fun way, into DONATING NOW please ! ! ! !

TODAY "Princess Bride" table read, donate and go here , today 6 central time

Anyone know when Michigan ballots will be mailed out?

Kielce: The Post-Holocaust Pogrom That Poland Is Still Fighting Over

"Every time Trump lies, Jesus cries"

Jennifer Cohn Clip: Before It is Too Late. Election Security. Wow.

CNN just stated that Pfizer would know if their vaccine works by Oct

I signed up for these for non-lawyers!

As of today I only see one red alert

Peer-reviewed paper expected Monday Sept 14th on molecules claimed to point to life on Venus

Why would ANYONE who knows how bad rump is and how good of a person Joe is say AT THIS TIME

Let's play - What's Wrong With This Chyron

Saw a little Trump rally in Delaware

"Joe Biden can't run from his disastrous record responding to the coronavirus."

Phishing Report

Fucking fruit flies!

This fake NFL fan noise isn't working

THE most hilarious sign I've seen on our election:

Mike Bloomberg trolls Trump about sinking him in Florida !

Navajos to be used in coronavirus vaccine experiments by Johns Hopkins and drug company

Federal judge grants temporary restraining order to prevent USPS from sending election mailers with

"... we're not even talking about during term, we're talking about after term abortion."

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 14 September 2020

Every Player in Seahawks vs. Falcons Game Takes Knee During Opening Kickoff

Restraining order! Jena Griswold is badass!

Like Kaepernick, Reid is being blackballed for wanting killer cops to stop getting away with murder.

How do you hide the taskbar in Windows 10?

Coded Message vs. Uncoded Message

Trump Says He Will 'Negotiate' Third Term Because He's 'Entitled' To It

Conflicting Virus Data in Texas Raises Distrust of the Government

Arsonists: local media get the facts straight. National media set up Trump's lies for him.

How much would education help people resist demagoguery, crazy conspiracies...

Back-to-Back Weekend Parties in Washington Square Park Keep Nearby NYU on Alert

Black Lives Matter Demonstrations Stop Traffic On George Washington Bridge

Vandalism by thugs in Newburgh, IN. (Warning - graphic hate speech)

One Name I Don't Hear Mentioned Lately...Philando Castile

Images of 9/11 attack, porn interrupt Georgia voting machine hearing

Calling on our artists and graphic designers: The Wrinkled Rage (kudos, nolabear) needs really

Gov. Kate Brown Prepared Plans To Deal W. Forests, Warming; OR GOP Threw Tantrums, Walked Out

The pecans won't start dropping for another 4 to 6 weeks, but the squirrels are already harvesting.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020 finalists revealed

Bob Woodward on President Trump downplaying virus


another view of the mad dash into the Trump Rally

I Won't Vote Trump! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody

The Trump Depression: Meidas Touch ad about how the economy does better under Democrats

Bloomberg should take that $100 million for FL & pay the fines for all ex-felons

Bob Woodward with Trump on white privilege

What's for Dinner, Sun., Sept. 13, 2020

Barbara Hendricks Solveig's Song (Peer Gynt) by Edvard Grieg

Woodward's third book on the Trump Administration

Best Friends: Tiny puppy and huge Great Dane:

Amy Poehler just emailed me!!!

I Was Unwittingly Recruited By An Alleged Russian 'Troll Farm.' Here's What Happened.

60 Minutes on soon. Thoughts or predictions?

Bob Woodward on tonight's 60 minutes minutes

Ask a trivia question about a fictional person, place, thing, TV show, or movie - Part Seven

Police Investigate Cases Of Biden-Harris Campaign Signs Being Vandalized, Supporters' Houses Egged

Spanish Moss

Bob Woodward with Trump on white privilege

"60 minutes?"

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 15: Women Make Film

*Morning Consult Battleground Wisconsin Tracking Poll* Biden 50% Klansman 43%

NIH Director: "this is just not a planet that has much promise for the future"

Naomi Osaka :"Well, what was the message that you got is more the question?"

I almost cried I laughed so hard...

Brazil's Festive Coquette Featuring Rare Footage of a Hummingbird Fight

Brazil's Festive Coquette Featuring Rare Footage of a Hummingbird Fight

AR-02: Joyce Elliott draws even with French Hill

Stephen King(!): "12,600 dead Of COVID-19 in Florida, as of today. Pass this on to..."

Interesting Joe Biden sign in rural Warren County, Pennsylvania

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, September 16: If I Could Turn Back Time

Biden Ticked Up To 76% at 538 Presumably On The Strength Of The Wisconsin Poll *

Was good to see football again...

Sade - Kiss of Life

For those interested: Al Franken will be on MSNBC tonight around 8:15 EDT

Federal judge temporarily bans USPS from sending election mailers with 'false statements'

Pink Floyd - Eclipse

Football question: where the hell is the cheering coming from?

video: Godzilla roars at Trump cultists

60 Minutes - Woodward- on now

Did The Princess Bride Livestream Site Crash?

Microsoft Says Its Bid for TikTok Was Rejected in U.S.-China Standoff

The whiny core of Trumpism

Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph join Hilllary Clinton and Kamala Harris tomorrow.....

News media execs not allowing their reporters to go inside Trump's reckless Vegas spreader event.

Downplaying COVID-19 a national pastime in Turkmenistan

Residents in Multnomah Countty (Oregon) are setting up armed checkpoints

Status of LA Sheriff Deputies Shot in Compton

The Miami Dolphins made a strong statement to the other 29 teams today.

The Gun-Toting, Millennial Restaurant Owner Trying to Ride the Covid Backlash to Congress

DU for Biden-Harris gets raised again

British Engineering Institute Dumps Climate Talks After Speaker's Lying Hack Status Emerges

Joe: I'll make reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act a top priority and continue working to e

Randy Rainbow, I won't vote Trump

"Be a number 50 in someone's life..."

When you meet your soulmate 😍


Shitstain Brings His Lies, His Denial And His Anti-Science Idiocy To A Smoldering California Monday

#Trump: Aren't you glad I keep you from panicing............

Joe: When President Trump talks about America leading the world, this is what he means.

Smoke From Forest Fires Temporarily Broke Washington State's Air Quality Monitoring System

Trump doesn't want mail-in voting because Putin

To the Joe Biden AG in 2021: "You need to start thinking about Nuremberg..."

A Guided Meditation on Calm Abiding (Shamatha) - H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche - Dzogchen

New stuff from one of my favorite new(ish) hard rock acts.

Barbara Walters shows how to interview a lying con artist (1990)...

Oracle chosen to acquire TikTok U.S. as tech partner, NBC News says

"Bezos Earth Fund" Structured As An LLC; That (Surprise!) Lets It Avoid Public Filing Of Tax Docs

This is terrifying. Trump runs a cult.--run run run #Trumprally

Trump's Remarks After Air Force One Arrival; Reno, NV; September 12, 2020