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Hidden camera captures pit bull's nightly routine

Wildfire closes U.S. Hwy. 12 over White Pass in Cascades

Woodward is on Anderson for the full hour

"I'm looking forward to the debate. He's a fool," Biden said today about Trump.

Oregon man arrested after starting brush fire with Molotov cocktail accused of setting six more afte

omfg!..."Texas Supreme Court rules 3 Green Party candidates should be added back to November ballot"

Did Trump Order Assassination Of Anti-Fascist Activist?

Senate Opting Out of Trump Payroll Tax Deferral for Employees

Why Isn't The Biden Campaign Countering Trump's BS Campaign Talk?.....

In September 1970, there were two railroad excursions to Horseshoe Curve, Pennsylvania.

Enjoyable conversation with Dame Diana Rigg (27min. YouTube)

According to Worldometers

New ad hits Susan Collins for using her office to help her lobbyist husband

RepBarbaraLee: It's been 66 years since the Supreme Court's ruling in Brown v. Board of Education

New ad hits Susan Collins for using her office to help her lobbyist husband

Are the Russian jets in the traitor Trump ad a mistake?

Steve Bannon Is Behind Bogus Study That China Created COVID

It's not just Kanye -- the GOP is propping up the Green Party too

PBS's Judy Woodruff is getting gish-galloped by Kushner.

Sen. Tom Cotton Mental Patient

Woodward on AC360 is politely ripping rump to schreds.

fire threatens billion dollar broadcast towers in LA. 80 historic cabins feared destroyed

It just dawned on me: if I stop weighing myself, I won't gain any more weight! Lasagna, ribs

Trump team posts vid of Biden Calling Trump "a fool" more pls!!!

2020 in a nutshell...

Bill Gates writes heartfelt letter after the death of Bill Gates Sr.

'Better with Boeing' campaign aims to keep 787 assembly here

I have an iPhone and no other device. No tablet, no pc.

A 26-year-old American woman ignored quarantine instructions to go on a bar crawl in Germany

BREAKING: Trump just told Fox News that he did NOT downplay the virus.

I got my third absentee ballot application from an orange man today!

Just In: Caputo is kaput

The Senate has now confirmed three of Trump's judicial nominees TODAY - exactly four months after Ho

So far, no presidential signs in people's yards

ICE deported a key witness in investigation of sexual assault and harassment at El Paso detention ce

I see a lot of Boebert ads

Trumps own words on Anderson Cooper 360 is fire.

AOC: Where's the line?

White House blocks Navarro from testifying before Congress about ventilator contract

Let's talk about Trump's climate conversation and curiosity....

trump campaigned fund raiser email:

Dan Rather uses trump's OWN words against him: "Maybe one day, like a miracle, it will disappear....

Joe: Donald Trump not only suggested we sell or trade Puerto Rico -- but he also left our fellow Amer

Can someone please provide context for this video:

Which of these is beyond the pale, no Barr or Rump wouldn't do it or TRY to do it?

I just got my flu shot at CVS.

When trump says people are talking or people are saying.

The Timbs. (Twitter video of Kamala)

Anyone else listening to Anderson Cooper and Bob Woodward interview. Unbelievable

Pro-Trump group pays teens to post online

Trump Campaign Hiding Payments To Top Adviser Embroiled In Child Support Battle

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Don Winslow Films - #HowWeGotHere

The Man Who Refused to Spy

Damn cats keep pushing dogs around

Sheriff Challenges LeBron James

If they steal the election again or just refuse to leave and he is in power next year, which of

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday (really), 16 September 2020

Joe: Join a celebration commemorating the start of Hispanic Heritage Month. Tune in now to watch

Tucker Carlson claims COVID-19 was named COVID to obscure any relationship to China

"THE WAY I SEE IT" movie releases 9/18/2020

I flew in the US Air Force for eight years during the Vietnam era...

Biden slams Trump over indoor rally in Nevada over the weekend in intv w/ @WFLA:

I used to have a thing for older women. Now there

Trump Campaign Hiding Payments To Top Adviser Embroiled In Child Support Battle

Anyone watching Trump on ABC?

'A heart pumping blue blood:' How fast-growing Orlando threatens Trump's reelection

Judges on Trump's future SCOTUS list should have to recuse themselves from Trump cases.

Woodward says over and over "I'm not a psychologist..."

Rachel is talking about the FAWKING HYSTERECTOMIES AT ICE DETENTION CAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn, nobody watching the idiot show?

Don Winslow Films - #TrumpIsNotLikeYou

Trump: "A lot of people think the masks are not good." (You'll love the answer)

Biden's strategy playing out perfectly -- partly thanks to Drumpf

The whole business of trump is running away from the truth. (Bob Woodward on trump)

FLIPPABLE: Nicole Galloway for Missouri Governor

Trump just said we would develop a "herd mentality"

Trump Says Earth Will Cool Down If Everyone Just Turns On Air-Conditioning

Eric Trump will address this indoor crowd at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel in Atlanta where about

Cook: Trump's Ceiling Is Too Low for Him to Be Reelected

MO-AG: Schmitt moves from 'Solid' to 'Likely' Republican

Ah hell, I'm just gonna fangirl Kamala now. 😱

Georgia Poll (Harris): Biden +6

Good God! All those poor refugee women that were sterilized against their wishes and then those ...

WV-AG: Morrisey moves from 'Lean' to 'Likely' Republican

North Carolina, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

MT-AG moves from 'Tossup' to 'Lean Republican'

Kentucky, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Minnesota, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

David Groh has a internet drum battle with a 10 year old.

West Virginia, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

"NEW: We have the Michael Caputo video from Facebook Live."

Arkansas, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Texas Supreme Court again blocks Harris County from sending mail-in ballot applications to all voter

Anyone know why I can't find canned pumpkin anywhere?

South Dakota, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Global perception of US falls to two-decade low

Pennsylvania, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

"African-American woman pretty much shuts Trump down, gloriously."

Wisconsin, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

FL-HD60: Democrat leads incumbent by six points in potential bellwether matchup (Trump effect)

"Trump said that it's Joe Biden's fault for not doing a national mask mandate."

This may be the greatest block I've ever seen in the NBA

Exclusive: The Billionaire Who Wanted To Die Broke . . . Is Now Officially Broke

KS: Bank Arena will host 'mega voting' center for early voting in upcoming election BY DION LEFL

"Racist POS in California yells a series of slurs at an innocent person in broad daylight."

Lyft, Uber To Offer Discounted Rides To Polling Places On Election Day

FedEx Field will be used as voting center for November election

I want to hear the audio of the 20 minutes YELLING Woodward-Trump about the IMPEACHMENT.

Will I develop Herd Mentality even for your more Strenuous Flu?

WTF is on ABC?

Coronavirus, Michael Caputo, & Other Things That Are Trying to Kill Us All (Ferret/ShowerCap)

Appropriate picture to commemorate this disastrous Town Hall.

Absentee ballots could be processed earlier under bill OK'd by Michigan Senate

"I go to Dover and greet soldiers coming in. And they're dead." - Trump JUST SAID THIS.

319 to 185 abc electoral map

My ? Re: ABC Town Hall. Sir, do you have a case of sniffles, or a large rock of cocaine...

I was thinking about the paucity of campaign signs, bumper stickers, etc. . . . .

LSU Tigers football team!

Fort Bend Rep. Gary Gates evicted over 100 tenants during the pandemic

A Young Woman Fights Back Against Uzbekistan's Strong Patriarchal Culture

Best of Mountain Stage - vol. 1

'Kushner Village' tenants sue to block paying rent until fire system concerns are met

Texas Supreme Court ruling puts 3 Green Party candidates back on November ballot

CNBC's Jim Cramer calls Pelosi 'Crazy Nancy' to her face in live interview

1 arrested in connection with drive-by shooting of federal officer outside courthouse

Wasn't China largely shut down before Trump restricted travel? How many people did his "ban"

"To be clear: I am not currently president. But if you chip in now, we can change that in November"

ALL IN: The Fight For Democracy - Official Trailer Prime Video

Two weeks!

TX-HD112:In key North Texas House race, Button touts experience, Chambers says district needs a 'fig

I need help and I'm not sure where to turn

Tump told Woodward he didn't think Covid-19 was leadership test

Grand jury charges white bar owner with manslaughter in shooting death of Black Omahan

Another One Bites the Dust

"This townhall performance is the reason I've argued against debating Trump." (J. Lockhart)

Arkansas St Cancels Weekend Game Due to Covid

TX-23: Joe Biden backs Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones in Texas congressional race

Trump NO Nos Quiere YouTube

Most Senate Elections Reflect Presidential Votes

Judge weighs ordering changes to Georgia's election system

"I'm flapping my lips as fast as I can." Didn't Trump say that tonight? If

SOURCES: BIG TEN to play football this season

Revealing Mechanistic Processes in Gas-Diffusion Electrodes During CO2 Reduction to CO/Formate.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: QAnon Spreads Wildfire Conspiracies & Prisoners Risk Their Lives

Time to Bind Trump: 9 PM (PST) Midnight (EST).

Why is hockey the most hostile to social activism/BLM?

US Senate Election Rating for all of the US Senate seats the Democrats are favored to win in 2020.

The People v. Donald J. Trump

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Cali Climate Denial & Venus's Signs Of Life

kushner says everything in one massively long sentence with no pauses at all

Fox News is calling the ABC Town Hall an "ambush"

'The Cavalry is Coming:' Lincoln Project Joins With National Latino Groups To Boost Biden

I just got Madden 20 after not playing a version of that since the Super Nintendo days.

In these busy days of onslaught of news I find myself

RUMOR: Disney considers streaming 'Black Widow' after Mulan success

Trump Says 'Herd Mentality' Will Save Us All From COVID

Kamala: When Puerto Rico needed leadership the most, Donald Trump reportedly suggested we sell or tr

funny tweet

Documents Reveal How the Police Kept Daniel Prude's Death Quiet

Tweet of the Day

Preview of the debates: Moderators and Biden might try to raise his record, but Trump will keep talk

'Hello, do you have underpants in a can ?'

Ouch! Dr on msnbc suggest jared kushner "spend less time in plastic surgery office"

Seth Meyers - Media Avoids Trump's Nevada Rally Due to Safety Concerns - Monologue 9/14/20

Trump "many people said im a wartime prez" woodward "who was the 1st?"

The Art of Science: Olympus Launches Second Global Image of the Year Award

Say something - Sack Cartoon

Sarah McBride Is Set to Be the Nation's Highest-Ranking Transgender Official

WOW! On MSNBC 11th Hour: James Carville says Biden should do what Bernie says!

Forty Six & 2 (Tool); drum cover by Sina

Are there going to be any debates between Galloway and Parson?

Carville: Kushner is not going to do well in jail. nt

Voter to President Trump: Let me finish, sir

Given their record of picking winners, one has to assume FL/OH are the whole ballgame once again

Why did Trump talk about COVID with the woman who was in tears about her mother dying of cancer?

After 'damaging' diversity training, Austin won't use company again for similar workshops

Purposed Election compagin for trump

Seth Meyers: Guest Michael Schmidt Reveals How He Got Trump to Sit for an Interview

I know Covid is deadly, but leaving your loved one at the hospital by themselves is torture

Fate 因緣 (The Royal Jester OST) Cello Cover

We are still separating children from their parents and torturing them

K. Sabeel Rahman, president of Demos talks creating an equitable Democracy

I think everyone who complained this morning about ABC hosting a Trump Town Hall should apologize...

11th Hour With Brian Williams Highlights: September 14 MSNBC

Police Enforcing Curfew to Curb Dallas' Street Racing Problem

(Jewish Group) How To Bake the Ultimate Challah--for Rosh Hashanah or Anytime

Mexico just did its Independence Day ceremony. Big plaza empty b/c COVID. Doing the virtual deal.

(Jewish Group) Rosh Hashanah FAQ

Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation

One guy I really miss...Bartcop.

ALAS! I just found out that one of my all time favorite musicians is a Staunch Conservative

From 2016 Trump has been sued at least 60 times for not paying bills.

Rare mosquito-born virus suspected in Michigan: 10 counties urged to cancel outdoor events

Paxton claims victory for religious freedom over San Antonio's Chick-fil-A decision

****Breaking ABC/WP poll: Biden leads by 16 in MN and 6 in WI (LV)***

The Smallest Bird

What Japanese Elders Think of Mixed-race Japanese People (Interview)

Meidas Touch: #TrumpLied200KDied

We will never socialize again.

U.S., state House candidates could play key roles in big changes

Public School Teachers Around the State Report COVID-19 Safety Violations

Jon Stewart Fights for Veterans Exposed to Toxic Burn Pits - NowThis

So ... the nurse at the check-in desk handed me an electronic passcard labeled 'EATME' ...

Not Seeing Biden Signs Doesn't Mean He Doesn't Have Measurable Support

Guru Padmasambhava's Prophecies

Utopia - Caravan

#Sally has strengthened into a category 2 hurricane on the Midnight CDT update with 100-mph winds.

How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled

Seth Meyers - Late Night White House Press Briefing: How Would You Describe the 2020 Election?

The town hall event is a steaming pile

ROFL! Forgive Me, But I Think I Know Why Jared Kushner Had Plastic Surgery.

Madeline Eden Campaigns for Historic Win -- She could become the first openly transgender member of

Devonte Hynes: 'Perfectly Voiceless'

I thought all of you might want to know what's going on with me:

Smoke from the West Coast fires has reached New York City

Maine wedding 'superspreader' event is now linked to seven deaths. None of those people attended.

"Joe Biden won the first debate tonight..."

9/16 Mike Luckovich: New shirt

Vītols, Weingartner, Atterberg

"Florida Anti-Maskers invade a Target. They think it's funny..."

Preliminary and incomplete list of false and misleading claims from Trump at tonight's town hall

Try this maybe.

Japan's Ruthless New PM Is a Control Freak Who Muzzled the Press

When businesses don't comply with a mask mandate

Nielsen, Bruch, von Bingen

Conception Deception

Texas Supreme Court rules 3 Green Party candidates should be added back to November ballot

Texas Supreme Court again blocks Harris Co. from sending mail-in ballot applications to all voters

The problem isn't that America couldn't plan for a pandemic.

Portland Police Decry Mayor Wheeler's Decision to Ban Tear Gas

Mother of Murdered Portland Anti-Fascist Activist Still Seeking Answers

"audience members granted him the respect due to his office but none of the adulation he craves"

Amy Williams, Jennifer Higdon, and then it's lights out and hit the sack! 💤

Lawyers For Several Women Back ICE Whistleblower Claim Of Unnecessary Medical Procedures- TRMS MSNBC

ICE whistleblower Speaks Out, Alleges Mass Hysterectomies Performed On Migrant Women- All In - MSNBC

"I didn't downplay it, in many ways I up played it" says Trump about Covid19

Proposed Metro Transportation Measure Could Tax Value of Health Insurance, Other Non-Cash Compensati

Audience member SCOLDS Trump for interrupting her question, he instantly shuts up

Good Omens Angel with a Shot Gun

Breakfast Wednesday 16 September 2020

Delaware is set to elect the first transgender State Senator in the country.

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/15/20

GA-07: Rich McCormick: Trump 'Hurts My Campaign'

Stephen Colbert: Guest Jacob Soboroff

Bonus Tweet of the Day

IL-13: Davis: No need to meet with politically opposed groups

MO-GOV: Missouri's governor race has tightened, non-partisan politics newsletter reports

NC-GOV: Republican says flu '17 times' more dangerous to kids than coronavirus

Sally is making land fall in Gulfshores, Alabama as a Cat 2 with horrendous rain

IA-SEN: Theresa Greenfield calls on Sen. Joni Ernst to apologize to health care workers

KS-SEN: Outside spending in Kansas Senate race grows as Dem group spends $2.6 million

CO-SEN: Colorado's Cory Gardner Struggles to Survive the Trump Effect

'All-mail' ballots in Montana: How will it work this election?

In Oregon, you can vote a ballot for your home address, even if your home burned and you're staying

Alabama and Gulf Coast DUers, please check in when you can

OMFG - the buffoon said herd mentality instead of herd immunity

There is a new world record for tallest mohawk and it's a hair-raising accomplishment

32-count indictment returned against man accused of arson, criminal mischief in fire set in southern

Hurricane Sally finally comes ashore near Gulf Shores, Ala.

Wednesday TOONs - He Blinded Me With Stupid

Liar-In-Chief Trump tells town hall he 'up-played' the coronavirus pandemic

Good Morning

Kamala is asked what's the plan if Joe gets Covid

Coronavirus in Oregon: 184 new cases, 8 deaths as fatalities hold near record pace


Barbados to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state

Trump Campaign Hiding Payments To Top Adviser Embroiled In Child Support Battle

Woodward on Morning Joe now

In a surprise stop, Kamala Harris brought lunch to the Fresno Fire Dept.

A Facebook posting I saw this morning made me pause a bit and than made me laugh!

Fight back against anti-maskers in stores

Biden targets Nebraska Latinos with civil rights leader Huerta; Trump courts them, too

Out now!

NIH Study: Substance Use Disorders Linked To Covid-19 Susceptibility

2020 Macy's Thanksgiving day parade to be virtual...

A pro-Trump youth activist group paid teenagers to push conservative talking points on social media,

3 Weeks After Laura, 13 Municipal Water Systems In Louisiana Partially Or Completely Down

Now let me get this straight.. Mail in ballots are now suspect because

Blahblah Business Roundtable Endorses Undefined "Market-Based" Climate Policy Blahblah

Robert DuBoise Officially Exonerated from Murder Charge After Nearly 37 Years

I "get" swing states, I "get" the Electoral College, but...that effin' Town Hall.

Trump, "Churchill stood on top of buildings as bombs were falling."

Emails show Rochester officials' attempts to conceal information about Daniel Prude's death

Sally Looking More Like Harvey At Landfall: Warming Making Hurricanes Wetter; May Also Slow Them

ABC news Minnesota and Wisconsin polls

Where is the alert button? nt

RELEASE - House Education and Labor Committee Issues Subpoena to NLRB for Confidential Deliberative

RELEASE - House Education and Labor Committee Issues Subpoena to NLRB for Confidential Deliberative

Head Of USGS, A Key Science Agency, Epitomizes The Trumpian Rot Within Government

Key Driver To This Season's Record-Shattering West Coast Fires: Long-Term Warming - 3F In CA

Not getting any sound. Troubleshooting advice?

(Jewish Group) Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust

#RelationshipGoals, from the Schultz-Brown Household

Eli Lilly Says Antibody Reduces Need For Hospitalization For Moderate Covid-19 Patients

Just what we need, more pictures of KITTENS.

Because Of Course: VT Gov. Scott (R) Vetoes Global Warming Solutions Act; Override Now Looms

Newcomer Witzke wins GOP US Senate primary in Delaware

Michele Bachmann: The Bible warned that 'transgender Black Marxists' would try to elect Biden

The plot to make Chumpy look stupid!

I ran across this from an email I got from Olympus.

Again, this is the morning's "sunny" sky in mid-Michigan

I think "herd mentality" was a Freudian slip

The Federal Express commercial is making a comeback.

Spot-on Ann Telnaes Climate Change Cartoon

MSNBC - Excellent Interview W. Michael Mann On Fires, Hurricanes & Warming (7 Minutes)

Jon Stewart on Burn Pits:

tRump Is Causing A Massacre

Democrats are sending a truck to Trump's Michigan rally to play audio of his coronavirus comments.

What does, Abortion Bills, Affair, Out-of-Wedlock Baby, Falsifying Court Documents have in Common?

Florida man totally insane

Nearly Two-Thirds of US Young Adults Unaware 6m Jews Killed in the Holocaust

Top GOP senator calls for Biden to release list of possible Supreme Court picks

Gov Cuomo: I will be making an announcement on Long Island at 10am ET. Watch live:

I think that the key to defeating Trump from this point on is herd immunity.

Laura Ingraham Whines About Trump 'Ambush' By Undecided Voters At ABC News Town Hall

Trump tweets against drudge report

Non-college educated women are fleeing Trump in Minnesota and Wisconsin, according to new poll

Yes this is politics related - Big 10 football in October

You raised $21,694.60 on September 15, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

The Supreme Court must step in to stop Florida Republicans from disenfranchising voters

How stupid are his supporters? I'm actually surprised he's blaming Biden

Play list of individual questions from ABC's Town Hall on 9/15/20

In the last Primary of 2020, Sen. Chris Coons wins against a Socialist challenger

Trump shares fake video of Biden playing 'F--- the police'

B.B. King was born on this date.

Amazon Just Got Approved For Drone Delivery Here

Anarchist Groups Tied to Riots in 4 US Cities

Maddow Calls Out Trump Admin For Forcing Detained Immigrants To Have Reproductive Organs Removed

"Herd Mentality"

Black pastor who confronted Trump at town hall shreds president's 'laughable' answers on racism

5,836,679 deaths necessary for herd immunity

They are trying to obfuscate and change the narrative because the direction

Big Ten football reverses decision, will return to play in late October

% who have confidence in _____ to do the right thing regarding world affairs:

ANOTHER update about the vehicular manslaughter by Atty General

Black pastor who confronted Trump at town hall shreds president's 'laughable' answers on racism

* Brand News YOUGOV Likely Voter National Poll- Biden 51% Klansman 42%*

He is so predictable

Townhall: "He didn't answer anything," Tubiana told me afterward. "He was lying through his teeth."

Poignant, profound & inspirational new video: I Rise

Stupidity on the march: Anti-maskers in Florida invade a Target

Here's the trump "herd mentality" in action...

I am sure glad that Trump helped the Big 10 to play football!

Charlie Byrd was born on this date.

Great analysis of America today, posted by a friend

"Why Isn't Trump Trying to Win?"

Daniel Dale fact-checking a torrent of lies

Trump's ABC News town hall: Four Pinocchios, over and over again

It tweeted from Cloud Cuckoo land

Herd "Mentality"

GOP Wisconsin elections commissioner advised Green Party

The sky is white

Today would have been my parents' 70th anniversary

Trump Monkey-wrenches GOP Greenwash With Big Public Dump On "Messaging" That They Care About Climate

Far Rt. Poland's 'LGBT Free Zones' Have No Place In EU: Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission

If you think that you've won the lottery, always confirm before you go into the office

Is he really that stupid?

"I am going to eat you" Updated

Cheese? Yes! Veggies: Hell no! (Twitter)

Doin' the feline weave (Twitter)

Trump Stuck at 42% Job Approval

Miami Herald apologizes for anti-Semitic insert that compared 'Black Lives Matter' to Nazis

I love testicles, especially on chips!

Kamala Harris, for the people: "It's on tape."

Except for Covid and hurricanes, flying now is not bad.

Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust

Am I nuts?

Free legal help available for seniors in Tennessee

CBP officers find $3.9 million worth of meth, cocaine cemented inside boulders at Tecate crossing

Steps 4, 8,&9

Pic Of The Moment: And Republicans Call This "Straight Talk"

'Facebook Ducks Disinformation Criticisms With New 'Climate Information Center'

Every time the so-called First Family is mentioned I think of

Constable truck in Texas with Trump/Pence sticker

'Facebook Ducks Disinformation Criticisms With New 'Climate Information Center'

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Broke"

Biden is polling on average 5.1 points better than Obama was in 2012 polls.

Trump Revealed His True Focus Yesterday - "Herd Mentality"

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Don the Con"

Ghost gun news

Joe: Donald Trump's climate denial may not have directly caused the record fires we're seeing.But...

Trump's ABC News town hall: Four Pinocchios, over and over again

Geriatric Racists in an Asian mans garage. See post#6

Twenty-nine German police suspended for sharing pictures of Hitler

De Blasio to furlough himself, 494 other staff members amid financial crunch (NYC)

Helping Out the West Coast

Max Burns: I'll be live-tweeting the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on @HHSGov's #COVID19

Evangelical Asks God To Give Her Strength To Incorporate Forced Hysterectomies Into Belief System

Caption Time.

Do You Speak Fox? How Donald Trump's favorite news source became a language.

Dow breaks 28000 barrier AGAIN! USA! USA!

It tweeted a head scratcher (what is it trying to say at the end there?)

GOP votes to authorize subpoenas, depositions in Obama-era probe

trump's lies from town hall

Arkansas reports 279 Covid deaths in last 48 hours

What do you think of Kerry-McCain voters?

Sunrise on the rails

The soldiers in that Trump Russian plane Ad

Melania Trump: New metal statue unveiled in Slovenia

CNN is reporting that "U.S. records 50000+ new covid infections, 1400+ dead"

Venezuela: UN investigators accuse authorities of crimes against humanity

Venezuela: UN investigators accuse authorities of crimes against humanity

Yoshihide Suga set to become Japan's new Prime Minister

Eric Boehlert: The press is desperate for a horse race

Melania Trump: New Metal Statue Unveiled in Slovenia

Barbados to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state

Charlie Cook: "This Cake Is Baked."

'Does he understand what a fact is?' Bob Woodward questions Trump's perception of reality

Looking at the excerpts and analysis coming out of trump's town hall yesterday,

Uber's self-driving operator charged over fatal crash

Joe: Science will win.

Barack Obama: Over the last few months, I've learned a thing or two from the young people...

Bob Woodward and Jacob Weisberg in 2018, political journalist, 1 hour talk

How to track your mail-in ballot at every step and make sure it's counted in November

On this day, September 16, 1977, Marc Bolan was killed in a car wreck.

Boeing, FAA's 'culture of concealment' led to plane crashes, Congressional committee says

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito reveals that she has been exposed to a person who was #COVID19 positive,

ABC Town Hall on national mask mandate + links to each individual question asked.

'Rasputin' Roger Stone Coaches Trump On How To Stage An Election Coup

695 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 27 deaths

This happened in my neighborhood last night....

#SCOTUS announces October oral arguments will be via teleconference.

9/16 Daily Dose of Joe

Hummingbirds and the lives they live

On this day, September 16, 2013, a gunman killed 12 people in the Washington Navy Yard shooting.

Woman says she's voting for Biden because Trump dodged her question in town hall

Virginia Elections Website now includes mail in ballot tracking


The US Air Force's radical plan for a future fighter could field a jet in 5 years

Story of the Underground Railroad to Mexico gains attention

Ursula von der Leyen says Poland's 'LGBT-free zones' have no place in EU

Nanny writing with a lap panda

Wherein a Trump-apologizing OpEd in the Washington Post gets brutally satirized by...

Today's 538 election update mostly good news

The only herd that matters - the voting stampede heading the Con's way

Anti-mask flash "mob" screaming at a Target store -

Little Red Riding Hood

Edward Hopper paintings and the inspiration behind them

Whose America Is It?

Saw someone with a mask pulled down to chin at the docs office

Saying goodbye

Trump undercuts GOP, calls for bigger COVID-19 relief package

Trump's Doral Hotel to Host a Confab of Anti-Vaxxers and Leading QAnon Champions

Gloves Off: Mitt Slams RonJohn Ukraine Probe Comments As Illegitimate 'Political Exercise'

Redfield:"This face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID..."

"We have to give them their mojo." #Trump in response to a question about police brutality.......

Keanu Reeves' interviewer loses all cred

CDC director: Masks may protect people better than future COVID-19 vaccine

police worked hard to keep Daniel Prude's death a secret. and "Make him a suspect"

A Maine wedding is linked to the deaths of 7 people who didn't attend! (CNN)

Southwest region's daily COVID-19 cases are higher than elsewhere in Virginia

Cardinal Tobin: A 'person in good conscience' could vote for Biden

Don Lemon does a round-up of last night's horror show + Woodward tapes

Woodward: Mattis' Mom Asks Him 'How Can You Work For This Man?'

Today on "Emergency!": "The Nuisance," starring Stymie and Ruth Gordon

So ICE was lying when they said 1 or 2? OF COURSE THEY WERE.

When I agreed to meet "swing voters" I thought we'd all be putting our car keys in a bowl.

Navajos already used in controversial coronavirus plasma transfusions, next vaccine experiments, the

CDC: "facemasks are the important, powerful public health tool..."

REDFIELD: "We do not have the resources" to roll out a national #COVID19 vaccine. "We distribute 80

Trump town hall ratings tank, beaten by Big Brother and America's got Talent

Trump alma mater says Biden plan would lead to more economic growth

'Everyone in America should be outraged':McConnell quietly rams through more lifetime Trump judges

Coronavirus Dashboard Surpasses 200,000

ICE Hysterectomies: The Dark History of US Forced Sterilizations On Minorities, Genocide

Making a Trump ad. Yup, you guessed's all fake!

Redfield says he "assumes" the White House will ask his experts for guidance, but he hasn't been as

It's Not Just California. These Places Are Also on Fire.

Fred Guttenberg's new ad - wow.

How to track your mail-in ballot at every step and make sure it's counted in November

More people in Texas have lost health insurance during Trump's term than in any other state

Trump's Promise to Revive Coal Thwarted by Falling Demand, Cheaper Alternatives

The Jenius of Trump: he knew Alabama would be hit by a hurricane a year, earlier

"If you live near a college campus and see a college kid walking your way."

U.S. Retail Spending Grew at a Slower Pace in August

US tariffs on China ruled to be illegal by world trade body

Trump attacks Biden on coronavirus mask mandates. But Biden doesn't hold public office

After Novemeber we need a billionaire to fund

A suspect in poisoning Litvinenko will be on the Navalny poisoning investigation commission

Russia accuses U.S. of promoting revolution in Belarus

3 trump health officials unaware of any proposed replacement for Affordable Care Act.

What a complete social and economic collapse might look like in America.

Trump shares manipulated video of Biden, replacing 'Despacito' with N.W.A's anti-police anthem

Knock Knock

#Belarus Maryia #Kalesnikava has been charged with "calls for actions aimed at harming national secu

China's third aircraft carrier takes shape, with ambitions to challenge U.S. naval dominance

What drives crazy RW athletes like Ditka, Schilling, Smoltz, Aubrey Huff, John Tortorella?

Apparently this is real

Kelly's lead widens to 10 points in Arizona Senate race: poll

What a complete social and economic collapse might look like in America.

What time frame do you consider a nap.......from 15 minutes to 2.5 hours.....

Mass murderer Breivik to apply for parole: report

Fund raising firm that got $360k from trump super-PAC is Kim Guilfoyle's.

Pittie Living In Sewer Becomes A Cuddlebug Once She's Safe

What Polls Say About Lindsey Graham vs Jaime Harrison With Less Than 50 Days Until the Election

Moving Truck Prices In LA And San Francisco Are Skyrocketing Due To Demand

Routine WH journalists COVID tests delayed "It was a very busy morning. We had a couple of positives

Deputy fired over Florida school massacre to get job back

Traffic In New Jersey Stops For UFO Sighting, Which Was Actually The Goodyear Blimp

Man! The White House can't even keep up with the Trump lies!

I got back into gen.

If you like live music, and appreciate bands that do well done covers, check out "Foxes and Fossils"

Psycho pastor's message to Asian reporter. (These people are crazy)

Infected American female military employee, 26, facing jail in Germany after 'going on a bar crawl

Trump as Pinocchio

I created this Yard sign

We currently have 29 photos for the Summer Contest! I am holding the last spot open.

Am I the only one that says teeter totter and not seesaw?

Jon Tester Wants Democrats to Fight for Rural America

Jim Acosta: Caputo is taking a leave of absence.

Biden courts veterans amid fallout from Trump military controversies

Caputo takes a Leave of Absence😏😑

Jon Tester Wants Democrats to Fight for Rural America

Satellites show smoke from US wildfires reaches Europe

WTO rules Trump tariffs on Chinese goods illegal

"I never asked to be a hero in the fight to save Big 10 football."

"CDC funds are being moved to DC to run a messaging campaign they will have no input on."

Finally purged the guys I served with in the Gulf from my "friends" list.

Does Trump really think most Americans are like those at his rallies?

" Wow. The last 30 seconds of this is the most awkward thing I've ever seen on Fox News."

So now, the WSJ Editorial is whining: Bloomberg's Florida Purchase

It's impossible to name the #1 Trump lie but...

Trump's ABC town hall revealed a president disconnected from reality

Arkansas gets left behind in federal coronavirus aid

Pierce County Council Approves Funding To Pay Commercial Rent

GOP Senate Approves 8 More Lifetime Fed. Judges While Blocking Covid Relief, USPS Funds, More Bills

Seattle to be investigated after the collapse of a city pier

Michael Cohen: Trump taxes would reveal 'wealth is not as significant' as he says

DeJoy's Postal Service policies delayed 7 percent of nation's first-class mail, Senate report says

The Barr Memo and the Imperial Presidency / JANUARY 17, 2019

Biden Advisers Stress Masks, Staying Outdoors to Fight Virus

GAO report finds brokers offered false info on coverage for pre-existing conditions

Absentee Ballot requests in GA now 5X the number of absentee VOTES in 2016...

Obama says making a voting plan is part of 'how to quarantine successfully'

Trump was caught off guard by voter questions at the ABC News town hall

Trouble in Paradise: Trump has soured on DeSantis, blames him for losing Florida.

Tool - Chocolate Chip Trip

Trump's bogus health care promise was on full display in town hall

Ohio judge blows up GOP plan to allow only 1 ballot box in each county

DCCC dropping $9 million on voter education program

"Totally normal things happening on the Upper West Side"

The simple thing Trump doesn't get about the stock market

Question about Twitter

Multiple White House staff have tested positive for COVID-19 today

George Takei: "When history looks back on this period, people will ask..."

In a hate-filled speech, Giuliani lashes out at Black Lives Matter, NYC schools chancellor

Quinnipiac Senate Polls for Kentucky, Maine, South Carolina Show Surprising Results

Pompeo insists US to enforce 'UN' sanctions on Iran

Howls, Kisses, and Growls - Gestures of Intimacy and Enthusiasm for Wolves

'Backup Driver In Fatal Arizona Uber Autonomous Crash Charged'

Kanye West just referred to himself as "Baby Putin."

This election is all about moral character! see image

KayLie McEnemy says if you wanna know about healthcare plan come work at WH.

Black voter asks Trump when was the last time America was great - this one is important, imho.

Tweet: "I am just soo weary, I'm sick of hearing his name..."

Kayleigh McEnany: Trump was using a 'medical term' when he said 'herd mentality' will defeat virus

A reporter asked M Meadows about new Covid in WH -- he refused to comment.

From the words of Dan Rather an exert

"Israel's entire delegation, just landed, must enter quarantine"

President Trump Says New Health Care Plan is 'All Ready'

Georgia federal court DENIES State's motion to stay extension of absentee ballot receipt deadline.

Can any of you fine DU people talk me down from the ledge regarding our problem with mail-in votes?

"The president has always supported mask wearing," ⁦Press Secretary says

Gov. Greg Abbott used pandemic as cover to ban abortions in Texas, former Planned Parenthood head

Maine, South Carolina and Kentucky Senate Races: Collins Trails, Graham Ties and McConnell Leads

Trump says coronavirus vaccine may be ready within four weeks

What do you think of the Steinbrenner family still supporting Giuliani and Trump?

What's "Daze" in "Yare Yare Daze"? (And "Dawa"?")

What's "Daze" in "Yare Yare Daze"? (And "Dawa"?")

Positive Covid tests in the WH.

Kamala Harris Pledged a Joe Biden Administration Would Decriminalize Marijuana

trump just doesn't get it

These Are My Nobel Peace Prizes,' Says Trump, Gesturing Toward Room Of Plastic Trophies

Two simultaneous health crises: Wildfire smoke, coronavirus

I put on a mask in Michigan.

How Long Do You Think, Before The MSM Reports The WH Positives & Israeli Quarantine News?

On Rosh Hashanah call, Trump tells American Jews 'We love your country' and asks for their vote

Once Trump is no longer POTUS, His Mouth will Do him in

Anti-mask preacher may draw hundreds to Snohomish church

I am in Chapter 3 of Woodward's book where Bannon, Invanka, Kushner, and trump were in the

New Details Regarding Forced Unnecessary Medical Procedures - Rep. Jayapal

Teacher: Instead of giving me a COVID-19 test, my hospital blindsided me with bills

Barr Tells Prosecutors to Consider Charging Violent Protesters With Sedition

RBL gets fact checked:

Update on Football Player Who Died of Complications from Covid

Bill Gates says he struggles to trust the CDC and FDA because officials with 'crackpot theories'

I have heard many people---fine Americans---say that Trump walked into the Oval Office

CDC: Almost all of the US kids and teens who've died from COVID-19 were Hispanic or Black

Reimagining Dinosaurs

Unemployment gap between black and white workers widens to nearly DOUBLE (13% for black, 7.3 white)

WH Staff Members Reportedly Test Positive For COVID Less Than 24 Hours After Trump visited Philadelp

My Question for Drumpf for Last Night

Three BLM protesters charged following confrontation with Pittsburgh diners

Gloves Off: Mitt Slams RonJohn Ukraine Probe Comments As Illegitimate 'Political Exercise'

Reimagining Dinosaurs

Alan Dershowitz Files $300 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against CNN

Redfield says masks are a better form of protection against COVID than a vaccine

The Man Who Made Us Feel for the Animals

Trump claims he demanded Jim Mattis resign as defense secretary

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/16/20

"Remember your life before.." / Vid from Don Winslow

One bit of chaos we'll get on election night I haven't seen mentioned

Caputo blaming lymphatic issue discovered last week as reason for leave of absence.

Seattle City Council approves pay for Councilmember Sawant legal defense over recall efforts

Instagram account 'organized in antisemitism' lists Jewish high school students in Northern Calif

Stanley Crouch, Towering Jazz Critic, Dead At 74

Drone footage follows 10,000 ducks "cleaning" rice paddies in Thailand

U.S. House probe of 737 MAX finds 'disturbing pattern' of Boeing failures and 'grossly insufficient'

BREAKING: SNL's Joe Biden will be played by Jim Carrey

Wash Blade suing Trump admin for emails on proposed reg to weaken Obama's EO against discrimination

16 hospitalized after crane collision in Mueller neighborhood (Austin), medics say

Governor Newsom Briefing to Californians September 16 2020

Barr Tells Prosecutors to Consider Charging Violent Protesters With Sedition

Obvious proof that even cloth masks work! MASKS WORK!

Does anyone have any updates on Sacha Baron Cohen's "Who Is America" series?

Stanley Crouch, combative writer, intellectual and authority on jazz, dies at 74

(Jewish Group) Instagram 'organized in antisemitism' lists Jewish high school students in No. CA

My grandson is starting to feel better. Thank you to everyone that sent good wishes.

In September 1982, Wall of Voodoo released "Call of the West." What day? I don't know.

NWS Flash Flood Watch: landslide blocking river Westbrook, Portland area

This remote school things sucks BUT the autism community pressured the board to allow their student

"Until today, the youngest person to die of #COVID was a six year old girl in Florida...."

400 Years After the Mayflower Set Sail,

Maddow: "The attorney general has gone off the deep end.This is nuts."

Anybody heard from trof?

Biden leading ME-2 by 53-44 Biden +9 in new Quinnipiac University poll

Bob Woodward on Trump "Monumental catastrophic Leadership Failure"

Barb McQuade: I thought the hazy sunrises and sunsets in Michigan this week were cool until...

More americans turning to food banks to survive pandemic

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Little Brother"

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Anthony"

Everything you ever wanted to know about Alpacas

Climate Science Contrarian Installed in Upper-Level NOAA Position

Can anyone explain a guy with a Disabled Vietnam Veteran plate

I'm going to write a thesis on "Turd Mentality"

Trump Accuses Jim Cramer of "Pandering" Following Apology over "Crazy Nancy" Remark

There are no "Democratic" or "Republican" states.


Inbox: Today, the National Postal Mail Handlers Union endorsed Joe Biden for President.

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Shop Talk"

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Marimba"

the most accurate description of Trump (but kinda icky)

Cartoon: He blinded me with stupid By Clay Jones -September 16, 2020 9:14 AM

Trump has the "Sadim Touch"

Climate crisis 233m years ago reshaped life on Earth, say scientists

Seth Abramson: "If Trump wins, the life we knew and the country we knew is *gone*..."

Don't Know Why, Just Wanted To Hear This Of A Sudden

Pierce: The President*'s Town Hall Was a Train Wreck Atop a Dumpster Fire

David Corn: A Simple Plan to Deal with COVID-19: Free Flu Shots for All

Snakeskin isn't a legitimate face covering - 'especially when still attached to the snake'

New complaint claims GOP group made 'blatantly illegal ad' for Susan Collins

Biden on NOW, tearing Trump a new one!

Trump is now holding a 5 PM "news conference." today

Michelle Obama's Ancestry and American Slavery

Fun fact about Trump rallies: they're not over until

Watching Biden... I'm slightly confused...

Whats the Matter with Kentucky?..........

Look into my eyes...............

gawd amighty, it is so nice to hear a coherent adult speaking sense on TV

Joe is live! MSNBC and here on periscope

McEnany says Trump's long-promised health care plan is none of your business

So far all the reporters at Joe's Q&A are women.

My 2020 song. These Days. Powderfinger.

Caputo is out.

trump steaks - trump university - trump casinos - u onboard for trump vaccine?

I don't know how much more of this I can take...

first Caputo now his ally who interfered with the CDC reports has quit

Birds 'falling out of the sky' in mass die-off in south-western US

56 days before the election, Trump bans offshore drilling off three Republican states

Maxwell Smart always said "Misinformed by that much!".

Trump trots out dual-loyalty anti-semitic trope during call with American Jewish leaders

SE Cupp: Trump's rallies absolutely asinine right now

East Coast word usage versus West Coast...

For 'Ike,' A Monument Unlike Any Other: Eisenhower Memorial Is Dedicated In D.C.

(Jewish Group) Trump trots out dual-loyalty anti-semitic trope during call with American Jewish....

Kamala Harris may have made Timberland boots cool again

I may have gotten it. Will see.

U.S. Generals are raising the alarm.

In 2 minutes flat, CNN's fact checker dismantled nearly ever Trump town hall talking point

Made my day!

Biden responds to Trump blaming him for the lack of a national mask mandate AND MORE....

George Nader: How a convicted paedophile became key to an Emirati hook-up with Trump

Steve Schmidt

CDC director: Masks are 'more guaranteed' to save lives than a vaccine

Missed Vaccines, Skipped Colonoscopies: Preventive Care Plummets and has not recovered

Trump Official Gives New Reasons For State Inspector General's Firing

Um... wut? A political mailer from pro-Trump evangelicals seen in Texas.

A vote for Biden is a vote for science

NEWS: Rubio and Warner confirm that Senate Intel will continue to receive in-person briefings on ele

Facebook, FARA and Foreign Media

"Selling and buy ballots"?

"I treat Rasmussen the same way I treat Ancient Aliens"

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 16, 2020

Top 10 Conservative Idiots #9-11: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Presidential Fantasy Edition

Shots, and more shots

True tweet is true

Trump Replaces FCC Member in Bid to Push Through Twitter/Facebook Crackdown

Joe: We can't allow the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a cas

Florida Anti-Maskers Invade A Target Store To 'We're Not Going To Take It Any More!'

PEEZUS TALKS Kanye West 'PEES on his Grammy award'

Last night trump said a vaccine might be ready in two weeks...not according to Dr. Redfield

Oregon State Senator Blames Environmentalists For Wildfires

Finally signed up for a shift to call for Biden.

Herd Mentality: White House COVID Outbreak Edition

Fed vows to keep interest rates near zero until inflation rises

Yeats' "The Second Coming" has never been more true and relevant.

Rare Nevada wildflowers destroyed.

How many hours of volunteering have you done so far for Joe Biden this cycle?

Tracking the novel coronavirus in the U.S.

Another shitstain press conference

Be prepared for the nightmare. . .

It takes a herd mentality to swallow herd immunity

When the pregnant squirrel shows up for dinner ❤️

Kamala: My Wildfire Defense Act would provide $1 billion a year for cities and towns to plan for and

Kyle Griffin: Kentucky wrt Quinnipiac poll

Puppy Living In Abandoned House Found By The Perfect Person

Biden - Harris: DU Town Hall

Herd immunity is akin to letting a wildfire burn until 60% of the forest is gone

Trump's ABC Town Hall "loses" the ratings war...

Please, a moment of appreciation for this queen (EDITED).

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 17 September 2020

Three Nominations Sent to the Senate; September 16, 2020

Tiny stray kitten tries to claw apart the big guy who rescues him 💗

Holy Shit he just said Redfield got it wrong re the vaccine

WH Presser - Atlas says vaccine could be available in January

"Trump says that if you take out "blue states" from the death statistics, they're much better."

Maine: Legislative free-for-all gives Democrats 24 uncontested seats

CEOs from GM, ConocoPhillips and more defy Trump's climate-change stance, push for carbon price

Trump tells reporter that the CDC chief is "confused" about the timeline for a coronavirus vaccine.

Amendment 4 that is on the ballot.

This dog loves sliding down his favorite hill -- in all types of weather 💚

Who Joe Biden is at his core. We are so lucky to have him.

Keilar: No one should be playing politics with health of Americans

Cut this crap media - stop covering these lies

By closing the border to some Chinese visitors he may have saved "two, maybe 2 1/2 lives."

The coronavirus is "gonna be very low" by Election Day, Trump promises.

Brave Golden Retriever Overcomes Something Scary

trump almost made a REAL gaffe - someone asked a question about the WTO, and he started....

PA looking for an additional 10,000 poll workers

Biden says US trade deal hinges on UK 'respect' for Good Friday Agreement

Redfield must be on TV tonight making it clear that his presentation to the Senate

Trump humpers last stand

WaPo: Pro-Trump Group Using Minors To Pump Out Election Propaganda

'A fire hose of lying:' Trump town hall fact check

Hurricane Sally Slams the Alabama Coast

Kamala: I met these sisters yesterday in Fresno and the message I shared with them rings true for us

Hurricane Sally Slams the Alabama Coast

Struggling Hotel Owners, Some With Trump Ties, Seek Federal Bailout

Tea Pain - Trump rallies are now classified as "assisted suicide."

Lunacy: Trump says Biden isn't wearing a mask for coronavirus, but to hide something on his face.

I said to him, 'what's with the masks?' He said, 'I think I answered that question incorrectly.'"

Describe only the beginning of a movie and see if anyone knows what movie it is

In Rosh Hashanah call, 45 tells American Jews he loves "their country" (referencing Israel)

Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden on 'SNL'

He can't keep his lies--or his days--straight:

"Top ten US states for coronavirus deaths include the following won by Trump in 2016:"

Just wondering here. Anybody here think

Danny Gatton - Nit Pickin'

Voting for more chaos? Then it comes with a price your children will bear.

Orange Spermazoid!

Apparently the lawyers told the President he's not allowed to collect his skim off the TikTok deal

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; September 16, 2020

'Vote the a-holes out': Patagonia's new tag wants to stand up to climate deniers

Lindsey Graham's Campaign For Rival's Tax Returns Ends In HUMILIATION!

So can we swap the White House press with the people from last night's townhall?

"So, in brief: Trump just confirmed everything Biden warned about earlier this afternoon."

NWS - NSFW - Michael Rapaport: Are you registered to vote? Check, Re-Check & be sure.

So if trump is true to form, he will say "why didn't they comb the sand on the beaches?" To prevent

Trump contradicts CDC director on vaccines: 'he was confused'

We lose 1,000 of our friends and neighbors each day due to Covid-19.

This may have been posted before but it's still pertinent. Nazis are trying to spread Covid

Legends Never Die

Trump Announces Judicial Nominees; September 16, 2020

Queen of the Rodeo - Orville Peck




Voter says she will choose Biden after Trump 'didn't answer' her health care question at town hall

Hello Ellen, My name is Martin Sheen, though you may remember me as President Bartlet

Gun Sale at the Church

Evangelicals---Kamala is the name of a Hindu goddess!! Do Americans want a Hindu goddess as VP??

Republican memo warns US Senate 'at risk' of falling into Democratic control

The 'free market' manifesto that broke America and led to Trumpism


The Moon Is Rising

Steve Schmidt: "Greatest malfeasance in U.S. history."

Steve Schmidt on Deadline: White House is absolutely blistering. Watch:

Trump says mail ballots greater election threat than foreign interference

Trump says COVID deaths aren't so bad 'if you take the blue states out'

Don't Lock Him Up

When Trump substitutes "mentality" for " immunity," it reminds me of his substitution of

Most Americans probably can't get a Covid-19 vaccine until mid-2021, CDC director says

Voter who grilled Trump: I broke down and cried after

Anas Mitchell- Hadestown- Way Down Hadestown

Judge orders all federal prosecutors in Manhattan to read opinion on withholding evidence

Supreme Court justices not taking any chances with COVID-19

Trump to visit Northwest Ohio Monday

Big Ten Football 2020-2021

EPA denies 'gap-year' refinery exemption petitions

Hunting, golf, and MAGA rallies: 12 times Trump made taxpayers foot the bill for him

The Preliminary Threads are up in GD!

Daily U.S. Coronavirus Tally Hits Highest Level in More Than One Month

Two Things: 1. A New Nickname For Trump and 2. What His Cult Supporters Have.....

An American woman told our supposed president to STFU and let her finish her question...

Mitch McConnell's 'Legislative Graveyard' Current Congress to Be the Least Productive in History

A staff member at the White House has tested positive for COVID

Senate Republicans shrug off Trump's call for larger Covid-19 relief measure

Joe: When I said I trust vaccines, and I trust the scientists, but I don't trust Donald Trump -- this

My very first zoom meeting starts soon

Pets Catching Fails and Wins!

The 'free market' manifesto that broke America and led to Trumpism

Judge orders all federal prosecutors in Manhattan to read opinion on withholding evidence

Trump campaign seeks to halt early vote counting while lawsuit against New Jersey is decided

CDC director seeks to clarify mask comments after Trump rebuke

The Love Gov: Today we sunk a rail car & other recycled material at an artificial reef off of Long I

tryna get to 0.0

Rep. Cedric Richmond set to join House Ways and Means Committee

Trump Blames 'Blue States' for Virus Deaths

Most important idea of "Rage"..It proves to "All" that Trump is "total liar"

New favorite sign

Hurricane Center warns of 'catastrophic flooding' as Tropical Storm Sally lumbers inland

Why does CNN Erin Burnett let Tim Murtaugh spew his lies and bullshit

The latest crisis: Low-income students are dropping out of college this fall in alarming numbers

How many US Senate seats Democrats will end up with in 2020/2021?

Jeopardy Regulars

Scientists protest as Trump picks climate change skeptic for key NOAA post

Jimmy Carter's mom joined the Peace Corps in 66 and served 2yrs in India! Fabulous family!!

I look forward to not googling everything Biden says to check if he's lying.

Joe: This is Donald Trump's America after one term. Why would we give him a second?

Trump mistakenly tells weeping voter her mother died of coronavirus, not cancer