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Archives: September 2, 2020

What's Really the Damnedest Thing about the Bags of Soup being Used Instead of Bricks? ? ?

Cyber attack thwarts Miami-Dade County Public School reopening

Trump visits Kenosha, not to urge racial healing but to back police

The Real Rioters exposed

Fact check: Video showing Joe Biden falling asleep during live interview is manipulated

City could store three Lake Austins' worth of water underground by 2040

Charlie Cook Doesn't Agree With Most Analysts, Pollsters & Pundits

Trump Stopped Going to Dover AFB To Receive Bodies After Getting Berated On First Visit

US dropping gray wolf protections in 2020

Texas Attorney General Sues Harris County Clerk Over Mail-In Ballot Applications

Yakima federal judge grants AG Ferguson's motion to expedite discovery in USPS lawsuit

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are going to win in 2020.

On a dark desert highway...

Hours after March on Washington, protesters scattered throughout city, blocking roads and yelling

BREAKING: @RandPaul calls for subpoena of Jefferson Starship's flight records (Pavlovitz)

Seriously CNN why are you entertaining this absolute bullshit

John Berman just kicked con spokesman's ass on that flight bullshit by the con.

Just one of my Trump Debate Questions.

Shark Coochie Boards

Early Massachusetts Primary results

Wait..........wut??????? Somebody tell me I'm reading this wrong.

Scientific American: COVID-19 Can Wreck Your Heart, Even if You Haven't Had Any Symptoms

San Antonio Popeyes Employee Fired Over Allegation He Spit on Cop's Food, Yelled 'ACAB'

I've signed up to be a poll worker on Election Day.

Court shields Trump tax returns, likely until after election

So there I was, playing with my new jet pack...

How Trump's DEFUNDING and FAILURE very negatively affects Social Security

If Texas Is a Battleground, Biden and Trump Aren't Acting Like It

Brief Snopes primer on QAnon

How many strokes have you had?

Meals on heels: San Francisco drag queens deliver amid virus

We need a Grand Poobah of Antifa

New York City delays school start in deal with unions over coronavirus concerns

Dr. Fauci weighs in on 6M US coronavirus cases, deaths and comorbidity - GMA

I'll say it. I love wearing face masks.

OAS chief under fire for removal of top rights official

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

So Trump Wants To Run On A Fear Campaign-I Know Something That Should Scare The Hell Out Of People..

Bayer appeals $20.5 million Roundup ruling to California Supreme Court

Trump's Remarks Before Air Force One Departure; Joint Base Andrews, MD; September 1, 2020

JMU shifting to online classes, asking students to leave campus after 500 coronavirus cases

"Bots are controlling what media Americans can see."

Rachel Maddow is reporting on the possible indictment of Elliott Broidy,

FOUND! The leaders of ANTIFA!! Time to prosecute these CRIMINALS:

Reports: NFL to add 'End racism' to end zones this season

PLAN YOUR VOTE - Excellent information from NBC

What should we do, if anything, about Putin and his oligarch buddies?

I am thinking that all non Caucasians should be really

Trump Spread Multiple Conspiracy Theories on Monday. Here Are Their Roots.

What if this stroke thing is part of an exit stategy?

I didn't know Barron attended the RNC

Trump blows past the intelligence to accuse China of backing Biden

Trump blows past the intelligence to accuse China of backing Biden

Trump's Remarks During Survey of Property Damage; Kenosha, WI; September 1, 2020

10% in: Markey 56.7%, Kennedy 43.5%

Dave Wasserman: I've seen enough: Sen. Ed Markey has defeated Rep. Joe Kennedy III

21% in: Neal 59.5%, Morse 40.5%

Trump's Remarks During Emergency Operations Center Tour; Kenosha, WI;: September 1, 2020

President Trump heads to Wisconsin despite requests to cancel - GMA

No, 94 Percent of COVID-19 Deaths Were Not Caused by Something Else

This is it. We found it. The dumbest tweet on this website. FOUND AND FIXED.....

Brazen attacks on the rise in Philadelphia; officials push anti-gun violence efforts

Trump's deferral of payroll taxes

Richard Neal is running away with the MA-01 Democratic Primary: 30% in, up 60-40%

Federal Government Relaxes Rules on Feeding Low-Income Students

Old Navy paying employees to staff polling places Election Day

"I want tanks and choppers, make it like North Korea."

Response to my email inquiry re: #UNFIT documentary not being released today/UPDATE

A Maskless RBG Officiated A Local Couple's Wedding Over The Weekend

Trump's 'plane loaded with thugs' conspiracy theory matches months-old rumor

Holy schmidt the Cards are teeing off on Reds pitching tonight

Trump Stopped Going to Dover AFB To Receive Bodies After Getting Berated On First Visit

Trump's Reelection Campaign Is Corrupting the Entire Federal Government

AP calls MA-1-D for Richard Neal...

Even Fox's 'Hard News' Shows Don't Want to Book Trump's Favorite New COVID Adviser

I got a call today from an Americans Pickers rep

IA-SEN: Ernst Suggests Iowa Doctors Falsifying COVID Cases For Money

Trump has the narrowest base ever. Biden has the broadest.

The traitor and his team are fucking with the census

Fun Fact: Markey and Kennedy spent.....$21 Million to hold on to an absolutely safe D seat.

woah. On TMS she showed the clip of Malaria seething at ivanka. That woman has a temper

Neal Bests Morse In Primary To Keep Congressional Seat

Abort, My Antifa Comrades! Operation: Bags of Soup Has Been Compromised! (Ferret/Shower Cap)

Trump boat parade organizer used anti-Semitic slur, sent threatening text, report states

More info on Broidy connections.

With a hand from Trump, the right makes Rittenhouse a cause clbre

We are NEVER going to see tRumps tax returns are we.......

"mini strokes" - Lawrence O'Donnell: "If Donald Trump tweets it, the opposite is true."

Maybe the people that hate the protests would like to tell us just what would be acceptable and

Portland - OSP troopers federally deputized amid renewed Portland protest response

Under Trump's Watch, America's National Debt Has Increased by $6.6 Trillion

Omaha police officer recommended for termination after improper use of pepper ball gun

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats will be definitely winning in 2020.

Buttery Males......Melania Edition.

Russian internet trolls hired U.S. journalists to push their news website, Facebook says

09/02 Mike Luckovich- Divided States

DOJ just released to @BuzzFeedNews & CNN 600 pages of FBI interview summaries from Mueller Report

So here is interesting news that might just piss you off

Ed Markey wins his Senate primary -- fending off a challenge from Joe Kennedy

Where have all the flowers gone?

Fauci Squashes Trump's Distortion Of CDC's COVID-19 Death Toll Data

We are now a two cat family! Lucas and Maya are in the house!

MA:Joe Kennedy will concede to Markey.

Trump blames 'far-left politicians' for violence in wake of police shooting on visit to Wisconsin

🚨🚨Part 2 of trump's never-ending interview with Laura Ingraham (new from tonight)

Portland protests: Trump threatens to send federal forces back into the city

Dem group warns of apparent Trump Election Day landslide (followed a Week by a Biden Win)

Trump Wins Another Delay in Turning Over Tax Returns

Nothing says re-elect the incumbent president like a photo op in front of rubble

Breaking via WaPo: Melania Trump regularly used a private Trump Organization email account

Top Democrats demand intelligence chief resume election security briefings to Congress

Wildlife photographer of the year. How many crocodiles do u see?

Lily Adams, on Lawrence show for Joe Biden:

Trump Administration Promise to Focus on Extremism Remains Unfulfilled

1 Million Primary Ballots Were Mailed Late, Postal Service Watchdog Says

IRS Commissioner Who Withheld President's Tax Returns Continues to Profit Off of Trump Properties

It's September 1. Here are some of my thoughts concerning September Song...

Facebook removes Russian accounts that targeted left-leaning Americans

Twitter Removes Trump Video After 'Electric Avenue' Singer Issues Copyright Complaint

So... Dark shadows, soup and planes full of antifa coming to get you...

Police help defeat California bill on removing problem cops

Galloway releases monthly reports on municipalities and special district financial information

SMDH. Jacob Blake Sr. Just said he has been getting death threats

Sorry if this has been posted before. Cat watching a scary movie.

Trump tweeted again tonight to deny that he's had mini-strokes. Protesting too much...

Donald Trump's America

David Bowie - Absolute Beginners

I know for a fact soup can hurt you...

Joni Ernst peddling 2 COVID-19 conspiracies

It is hard to comprehend...Sept 1, and - 40K more COVID cases, 1K+ more needless deaths.

Roxy Music - Avalon

Say you had the Trump rally schedule for the next few months in your community.


Stranglers - Always the Sun

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Great USPS War

Mini strokes are caused by a lack oxygenated blood to the brain.

Trump claims he is the Law & Order President. OK then, where is the order?

Seahawks set up voter resource page

Trump Vigorously Defends Kenosha Shooter As Racist White Supremacist

Please please please stop making stroke jokes

Wisconsin's Governor Called a Special Session on Police Reform. Republicans Stopped It After 30 Seco

Gamble 30 - Priorities USA

In a restaurant, today I saw eight CBP officers in dress uniform. Two of them in kilts.

So Trump thinks that Biden is so on point, he must be on "enhancements."

Kenosha business owner declines President Trump photo-op, former owner replaces him

No permit is needed in my state for *soup* but there is a limit

Cartoons 2/1/2020

AP FACT CHECK: Trump misstates what happened in Kenosha

Free Everything for Everyone!

Roger Goodell expresses support for NFL players protesting police shootings

Wild Horses - Rolling Stones

California lawmaker Buffy Wicks brings newborn to assembly floor after being denied a proxy vote

Mentally Unfit for Office.

Georgia reports 100 new COVID deaths, including one in Muscogee. Here's latest data

Eliminating residency rule important for St. Louis, mayor says

Forbes: Layoffs Continue And Furloughs Become Permanent Job Losses

Pelosi: The American People Need To Elect The New President, 'Not Vladimir Putin' - Deadline - MSNBC

My apologies for the "Strokahontas" post.

Remind everyone that Trump still refuses to admit he was wrong about Central park Five...

"OMG. Legit Crises Actors." (Trump photo OP in Kenosha)

Trump Staffers Stand In A Unique Spot 'Between The President And The Abyss' - Deadline - MSNBC

CDC Broadens Eviction Protections Amid Pandemic

Todd Rundgren encourages fans to vote "down the ballot" this November; hurls insults at President Tr

Governor Cuomo Announces Two States Added to Travel Advisory Requiring 14-Day Quarantines

Biden launches new ad condemning Trump's stoking of violence (VIDEO)

Americans drove 36.5 billion fewer miles june20 compared to june19

Magical Moments from The Dodo!

House Democrats' campaign arm releases ads hitting 10 Republicans on health care

Someone posted a cat watching a scary movie....

Cher raised $2 million for Biden campaign at LGBTQ-themed fundraiser

Wondering when your state mails out absentee ballots?

US Chamber of Commerce set to endorse 23 House freshman Democrats

NJ-07: Malinowski pleads down charge of driving with a suspended license, pays fine

Nancy Pelosi got indoor hair care at SF salon, report says

So my last can of Minestrone is a deadly weapon now?

Wear a mask to protect yourself

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win.

Kenosha business owner declines President Trump photo-op, former owner replaces him

Hal Blaine Talks Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, Elvis & More!

Ravyns - Raised in the Radio

Trump Flubs Softball Interview, Compares Police Shooting Unarmed Black Man To Golf - All In - MSNBC

They'll pry my Bean and Bacon soup from my cold, dead hands...

Poll shows 7-point swing for Joe Biden in Tampa market after $1.7 million EDF ad buy

Smarter-than-average bear wheels trash bin outside Florida home

TX. Democrats Seek Inroads with Tarrant County Slate of Contested Judicial Races

If MA US Senator Warren gets a cabinet position in the Biden administration,

Missouri Medicaid rolls grow in pandemic

Trump Spreads Conspiracy Theory That Circulated On Facebook Three Months Ago - All In - MSNBC

GOP seeks to strike 41 Libertarians from Texas ballot

OKC Thunder will use team arena for registration drives

Scottish nationalists announce plans for new independence referendum

Barclays Center to open as largest voting site in Brooklyn

Michael Schmidt: Don McGahn Was 'The Person Trying To Stop The President' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Thinking of you, Malaise, as Nana becomes a hurricane.

Tuesday Night Toons:

Californians are buying their own fire trucks on Craigslist

Trump Press Briefing Becomes Historic House of Horrors

Blake Family Speaks Out After Trump Does Not Meet With Them In Kenosha - The Last Word - MSNBC

Trump ignores lessons of pandemic failures as election looms...................

SEC complaint filed over mine that could threaten rare plant

U.S. says it won't join WHO-linked effort to develop, distribute coronavirus vaccine

NY-24: DCCC Slams Katko's Special Interest Ties in Newest TV Ad

Trump's Most Blatant Act of Racial Incitement

Australia's economy takes sharpest dive since in 1930s

TX-23: Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones Raises $100,000 After GOP's Anti-Gay Smear Effort

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a GOP-leaning group, endorses Democrat Davids in Kansas race

Fmr. Melania Trump Advisor Sharing Inauguration Receipts With Three Investigations - TRMS - MSNBC

Kansas City girl knocked unconscious in racist attack after telling boy 'my Black is beautiful'

No solid evidence to recommend convalescent plasma for COVID-19, government panel says

Expert Joe Navarro shows why narcissists become more dangerous when they fail

Trump plan to open national forests to oil and gas drilling rebuked as attack on biodiversity and in

2 from Sivan Magen, harpist:

Breakfast Wednesday Sept 2 2020

Dr.Johnson: Biden's 2020 campaign theme should be--Covid19!

Eighty-one Nobel Prize winners endorsed Joe Biden for president in an open letter on Wednesday

Ludlow, VT

Tashua Knolls

What if Fox News covered Trump the way it covered Obama?

Newport Creamery, RI

The conventions over, Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by a narrower 50%-43% in USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll

"That day in September, ...." Jocelyn Brown: 'Somebody Else's Guy'

Melania Trump's Ex-Adviser Says She Taped Calls for Protection

TX-23: United Carpenters endorse Gina Ortiz Jones for Congress

MO-02: Wagner Chooses Special Interest Campaign Donors Over Missourians

Twenty One Pilots - Car Radio

Pritzker closes Metro East restaurant dining rooms, bar interiors, after infection rates stay

TX-02: Sima Ladjevardian raises big money after Crenshaw's RNC speech

The plane loaded with criminals and thugs

Understaffed During COVID-19, Missouri Prison Is a Danger, Union Says

Alabama town that inspired 'To Kill a Mockingbird' elects first Black mayor

Colombia's ambassador to Washington DC and his growing terrorism support problem

Tweet of the Day

How Colombia's defense minister screwed up US counternarcotics support again

**Brand New A + Rated Selzer Nat'l Poll LV* Biden 49% - Trump 41%**

Gunmaker of Weapon that Killed Marielle Stops Selling to Brazil

*Brand New A Rated Suffolk Poll* Biden 50% Trump 43%*

Melania Trump used private email accounts while in the White House, says former colleague and friend

Amazon 'condemned to destruction' as fires proliferate across Brazil

Amazon 'condemned to destruction' as fires proliferate across Brazil

8th Circuit upholds judgment for Arkansas State in free speech case

75 Years Ago Today; Surrender in Tokyo Bay - it's over.

DHS withheld July intelligence bulletin calling out Russian attack on Biden's mental health

Kanye West says he crashed Taylor Swift's awards speech because God told him to

85 Years Ago Today; The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane hits the US - most intense in terms of mbar

Twitter forces Democratic candidate to delete post flouting voter suppression rules

Would DUers please help me out

Markey wins in MA

Brennan 'Worried About What Trump Plans' With DNI No Longer Briefing Congress On Election Security

Trump cult in 6 quotes

Visualizing droplet dispersal for face shields and masks with exhalation valves

2020 is JAWS. JAWS is 2020.

Wednesday TOONs - Dark Shadows

Judge upholds California ban on carrying guns in public

Today's Madison-area news is all about the orange anus

New BBC boss warns comedians not to joke about Brexit, the Tories or Trump

Morning Consult Poll on direction where we are going reported on Morning Joe this morning

Charlie Hebdo: 14 suspects face trial over Paris massacre

Nebraska is only state not continuing emergency supplemental food assistance during pandemic

[Oregon] OSP troopers federally deputized amid renewed Portland protest response

First Presidential Debate is September 29 at Case Western in Cleveland, Ohio

Wanna troll a racist FB page?

It ain't who votes that counts.....

America sat on a wall - America had a great fall

Bolsonasshole Gov. Cuts All Funding To Fight Fires & Amazon Deforestation, Then Abruptly Restores It

Melania Trump called Ivanka Trump, other Trumps, 'snakes,' new book alleges

The lust for power is stronger than the love for country.

Louisiana Likely To Be Site Of 1st US Large-Scale Climate Migration Starting With Katrina

As Go The Mastodons: Climate Breakdown Pushing Animals Towards Poles Could Sap Genetic Diversity

Charlie Cook: A Bounce Won't Do It. Trump Needs a Post-Convention Vault.

On Planet Zog

Because OF COURSE: Shitstain Plan Eliminates Environmental Review For Drilling In National Forests

East Virginia Blues

NREL Engineer Develops Means To Boost Grid And Renewables; Study Killed By Shitstain Flunkies

Conventions over, Joe Biden leads Orange Moron Trump by a narrower 50%-43% in USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll

We need to contribute to the Dems in the battleground states!!

Private-sector employment increased by 428,000 from July to August, on a seasonally adjusted basis.

John Oliver slams the biased jury system

Trump Goes Ballistic After Right-Wing Drudge Report Raises Questions About His Health

Ezra Klein: Can anything change Americans' minds about Donald Trump?

DHS withheld July intelligence bulletin calling out Russian attack on Biden's mental health

Trump's pathetic stunt in front of a Kenosha business

Joe Kennedy III: The Unlikely Kennedy Who Ended the Kennedy Dynasty

Three dogs three chew bones it is like Treasures of Sierra madre on back porch

Busy 10 Days: Highest Temperature On Record, CA Fires, China Floods, Irish Hurricane Winds, Laura

He will do to Polling station as to Post Office, wreck them

Story from Democracy Now, Kenosha Wis, Black Teen Jailed for Killing Abuser

The Rundown: September 2, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #102: We Have Boyfriends (9/1/2020 Edition)

This Month in Comics: August 2020

The Weekly Pull: Beast Boy, Cloak and Dagger, Godzilla, and More

Booker T. Laury was born on this date.

The Rude Pundit: MAGA Terrorism Is Too Familiar

Posting this so it is not forgotten. Video has police info on Umbrella Guy

At least 10 dead voters cast absentee ballots in Miami-Dade August primary

Trump flies to Kenosha but lands on Planet Zog

U.S. Perceptions of White-Black Relations Sink to New Low

I don't see how they can determine how effective a vaccine is in such a short period of time,

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Be Not Afraid"

DHS Blocked Intelligence Memo That Warned of Kremlin Plan to Attack Biden's Mental Health

Could an older, balder man rock these T-shirts?

Trump is too loony even for Laura Ingraham

the burger is the same age as me, both born in 1996

Trump keeps walking into Joe Biden's trap

NYCHA Tenant Leader in Trump-Touting RNC Video Out as President of East Harlem Democratic Club

Trump urged Sarah Sanders to 'take one for the team' after Kim Jong-un winked at her

Billy Preston was born on this date.

Happy National Grits For Breakfast Day! Yum or Yuk?

Efforts to recall (WI) Gov. Evers underway

Why Los Angeles Might Make Transit Free

Tactics of fiery White House trade adviser draw new scrutiny as some of his pandemic moves unravel

You raised $24,467.34 on September 1, 2020 to elect Biden-Harris with our DU ActBlue link

Planned Payroll Tax Deferrals Create Minefield for Feds

Anti-Govt Libertarian Take Over of Small NH Town Didn't End Well: Individual Freedom Above All Else

Women's group launches campaign to spur female turnout for Democrats

Voter fraud--in my own home

Exclusive: Trump's postal chief ousted brother to win control of family firm, court files allege

Three Gorges Dam Moved, Ignores Numerous Prior Reports and Says It Just Happened Last Weekend

Trump moves to ban evictions nationwide through December

Answer my question?

John Brennan: Trump will suffocate the intelligence community to get reelected

FOUND, THX! Help finding image/meme, please

Alabama Public Service Commission Upholds and Increases 'Sun Tax' on Solar Power Users

Trump's schedule for Wednesday, September 2, 2020

More evidence of Trump's subservience to Putin -- and we still don't know why

Hunting season in Kenosha? Can we go too, Daddy?

How did the US's mainstream right end up openly supporting vigilante terror?

Trump Interview So Humiliating Even Fox Host Can't Save Him

Trump Triggered, Falsely Claims Biden is "Plunging"

As with everything else, Trump is making the imminent Big 10 football deal up out of whole cloth....

'If I Die, I Die:' Kirk Cousins Says He's Not Concerned About Getting COVID-19

From BBC: Navalny 'poisoned with Novichok' -Germany

Larry Flint on Jerry Falwell Jr.

Kyle Rittenhouse is Trump's type of rule-breaker

Wow! Everyone is Saying Trump Had a Series of Ministrokes! #Trumpministrokes

'The Boys in the Band' are back in a new Netflix film

'The Boys in the Band' are back in a new Netflix film

Too early in the morning

L.A. is about to declare a fiscal emergency. That could mean pay cuts for city workers

USPS Is Fighting to Block the Release of Data on Mail Delays

Navalny poisoned with Novichok


Trump DHS withheld July intelligence bulletin calling out Russian attack on Biden's mental health

Trump blows up compassionate image portrayed at RNC

'I support Joe Biden's pro-science agenda': 81 Nobel laureates endorse Biden for president

Overwhelmingly strong results could end COVID-19 vaccine trials early, Fauci says

Richard Grenell, Trump's Top Gay Appointee, Joins Anti-LGBTQ+ Group


This means war!

Germany says Russia's Navalny poisoned with nerve agent

At Voice of America, Trump Appointee Sought Political Influence Over Coverage

"American carnage" in Kenosha: Trump comes closer to advocating right-wing terror

Unresolved: the MA-4 Primary to replace Joe Kennedy...


My conspiracy theory RANT

Why haven't you stopped the violence in Portland?

Chasten Buttigieg Shares His Side of the Story



Trump told Sarah Sanders to 'take one for the team' after Kim Jong-un wink

Anybody else tired of all the polls?

"Russian internet trolls hired U.S. journalists to push their news website"

Any theories about why the striking turn around in the Markey Kennedy race?

'Electric Avenue' Singer Files Suit Against Trump Campaign for Copyright Infringement: Exclusive

Bloomberg news has someone from Princeton discussing the effect of the protests on the election

Des Moines teacher has died from COVID-19, district confirms

Two of Kanye West's electors sue to have him thrown off Virginia's presidential ballot

Larry Flynt: My Final Farewell to the Falwells

Vote in Person

Trump and his cult are now---plainly stated---spending hundreds of millions of dollars in a

Biden Campaign Sets Record, Raising Over $350 Million in August

Excellent! Actor Keanu Reeves celebrates his 56th birthday today.

Trump and I agree on one thing:

BREAKING: Rand Paul calls for subpoena of Jefferson Starship's

Trump Isn't Here to Serve the People

But will Donald Trump condemn Vladimir Putin's attempt to murder a political opponent?

OMG! Someone did it! "No soup for you!"

For people who want to wear a mask properly, but still look like a fucking idiot:

Is blocking highways an effective form of protest?

Stress relief ball.

Mrs. Trump's ex-adviser says she taped calls for protection

Trump Stopped Going to Dover AFB To Receive Bodies After Getting Berated On First Visit

Polls do seem to be tightening,

Joe Biden to visit Kenosha on Thursday, making his first campaign visit to Wisconsin

Pregnant mum livestreams arrest 'after planning lockdown protest' on Facebook

All Guitars today. All from West Africa. Starting with Songhoy Blues

The Western Sahara is home to Mdou Moctar

It's a race...

Knock knock!

Monmouth Pennsylvania Poll Shows Biden Up By 4

Multiple Boston Cops Arrested for 'Stealing Taxpayer Money' Over the Course of Several Years

--on the analytical flaws at the heart of #Trump's assault on "Democrat-run cities," including

Sit this one out, 3rd lady.

Bombino (Omar Moctour) is from Nigeria

Herr Leader is like a cornered rat.

The Humanization Of the 17 Year Old Kenosha Killer

Trump told Sarah Sanders to 'take one for the team' after Kim Jong-un wink

Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer declaring that his client started a second revolutionary war.

Trump is off to Wilmington NC to visit his friends?

Joe and Jill Biden to Kenosha tomorrow

Details on Walter Reed visit from a reporter who was there.

The thought of Sarah Huckabee Sanders having sex with Kim Jong Un...

Last one for today. Tinariwen is a Taureg band from Northern Mali

Eric Boehlert: How Trump's "law and order" lies get promoted by the press

The Little Cards That Tell Police 'Let's Forget This Ever Happened'

This Is Democrats' Doomsday Scenario for Election Night

519 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 21 deaths

China Now Has World's Largest Navy

When is the first debate?

Why Trump will probably never be convicted of anything.

Devin Nunes gets mocked for his fear of fictional cows, on a plane, wearing his mask wrong.

Well, this is going drive Trump nutzzz!

Cats making stupid decisions

Started in 1983 - Grizzly II, starring Laura Dern, George Clooney, Charlie Sheen, and a killer bear

Kitty is tired and can't make up his/her mind at the jewelry store (Istanbul)

Grandfather accused of abducting his grandson because of their different skin tones

Joe Biden raised $364.5 million -- 95% of the donations from grassroots supporters

Debate moderators announced.

"It's another tragedy, Mr. President."

Trump use depends

Dr Fauci is on Andrea Mitchell now n/t

The presidential debates will be moderated by Chris Wallace, Steve Scully and Kristen Welker.

Kitty just moves in.

MTA recommends major cuts to commuter rail and bus service due to the pandemic

Georgia poll shows Trump up by 7

Maryland Transit Authority recommends major cuts to commuter rail and bus service due to pandemic

Judge accused of drinking, having sex in court removed from bench

Steroid drugs reduce deaths in severely ill COVID-19 patients, study finds

Hunter dies after being gored by elk he had wounded with bow and arrow

Jacob Blake's family hosting community gathering. Includes comm. clean-up, voter reg. booth as well

Duncan pup 25 pounds vet weighed him Monday

Exclusive: Trump's postal chief ousted brother to win control of family firm, court files allege

Trump supporter hit with $250K lawsuit after he's caught on video shooting paintballs at counter-pro

#BidenCalmTrumpChaos: Biden to Kenosha to bring calmness while #Trump pushes violent scenes.......

After backing James in 2018 bid, GOP Sterling Heights mayor endorses Peters

Hidden Trump voters could have big November impact

First covid-19 death linked to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally reported in Minnesota

Ford wants to cut 1,400 US (MI) salaried jobs with retirement offers

Will the Lincoln Project do a bit about his mini-strokes?

Vigilantes who drive far from home looking for people to murder are not heroes.

Pro-Trump supporter who shot paintballs into downtown Portland crowd is sued for $250,000

'Cruel, crass, and illegal': Democrats slam inclusion of Trump-signed letters in federal food boxes

Minnesota Cops Can Seize Your Car, Sell It And Keep The Profits, Even If You Did Nothing Wrong

Actually, not a bad idea considering the times we live in.

'Who did this?'

Breonna Taylor's ex was offered a plea deal to say she was part of an 'organized crime syndicate'

As November Nears, Election Coverage Increases in Foreign State-Sponsored Outlets

Who Here Keeps Up With LGBT Web Comics?

Boris & Natasha

First COVID-19 death tied to Sturgis

New Engineering Report Finds Privately Built Border Wall Will Fail

From our friend, Chris Cillizza.........but it's a problem isn't it?? Nancy's hair appt??

'New Coronavirus Adviser Roils White House With Unorthodox Ideas,' 'Misguided, Dangerous': NYT

Brianna Keilar is letting it rip (CNN).

BREAKING: Debate moderators announced

Color me shocked. The White House issues a statement about the Navalny poisoning

Billions of personal & security cameras--no images of Antifa-filled aircraft, esp. at large airports

Oldest radiocarbon dated temperate hardwood tree in the world discovered in southern Italy

So I just heard that Fitzgerald and crew took all of 30 seconds to shoot down taking immediate actio

I see Biden is speaking now on CNN and MSNBC from Delaware

"stunning perversion of US sanctions, devised to penalize rights abusers and kleptocrats"

GOP Rep. Clay Higgins Threatens To Shoot Armed Protesters: 'I'd Drop Any 10 Of You'

The stock market thinks Joe Biden is going to beat Donald Trump

The biology, blue vs red.

Sudden jump of new cases from 1,885 on August 31 to 7,569 on September 1, due to found data.

Listening to Biden -- my whole demeanor changed.

International Criminal Court officials sanctioned by US

Would ppl please pass this around if you do twitter ?

Open For Business! (I hope this gives you a laugh.)

Prove me wrong

Biden says officers should be charged in Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake cases.

Fauci Says 'Herd Immunity' Is Not a Strategy

Well, this Nate Silver chart punctuates the importance of GOTV.

Thugs on a plane.

Police Body Cams? Li'l Don-Don, Healthy Stable Genius, Chokes Trying To Form An Opinion

Georgia likely removed nearly 200k from voter rolls wrongfully, report says

Manafort to Jared Kushner in email..."I sent this to Reince, and briefed Rick Gates and Hannity."

Bankrupt JC Penney can't find a buyer.

Joe Biden Holds Solid Lead Over Donald Trump; No Convention Bump For President: IBD/TIPP Poll

Mother Jones: Fact of the Day: Border Apprehensions

Biden adjusts strategy in Midwestern battlegrounds to blunt Trump's 'law and order' focus

Cat design you will like (it's on woot)

*YOU GOV NAT'L POLL* Biden + 11 Dems + 13 Generic Ballot*

Red State MAGA complains about Portland.

New White House Pandemic Adviser Pushes Contoversial Response, Herd Immunity? Dr. Scott Atlas

Lots And Lots Of Great Polls Today And One Mediocre One. Click To Enjoy

If trump were a soup...the replies..😂😂😂

Statement from Kayleigh McEnany; September 1, 2020

Quinnipiac National Poll Shows Biden By Up by 10

Who was the reporter who asked Joe Biden the last question?

From Press Blacklist to Journalism Enemies List

The goal for DU for Joe & Kamala just went up again

Stroke-Gate Continues

President's Press Secretary again defending accused double-murderer Kyle Rittenhouse

Trump to visit Wilmington NC Ship ...its got a Really Steep Ramp!

herd immunity and trump laziness

I feel Smarter & Safer now after listening to Joe Biden today

DUer duhneece is running for New Mexico State Senate District #33 HER GOAL JUST WENT UP TOO!!

A reason why Trump won't allow in-person intelligence briefings on election interference

Ilhan Omar: Honestly, this kinda of casual Islamophobia is hurtful and dangerous.

Listen Katy Tur

Crews work to move Confederate monument in Bentonville

Pope all smiles at first public audience in six months, prays for Lebanon

Kanye West's Campaign Is Filled to the Brim With GOP Operatives

Lin Wood, a glitz lawyer mainly known for his role in various Trump/libel shakedown efforts, ...

You are aware that Trump's implications about Covid in Democratic areas is a logical fallacy, right?

Top prosecutors ask Fed judge for injunction against trump admin USPS changes

Brianna Keilar KILLS it on CNN today (sit back, pour a cuppa and enjoy):

The Latest: Italy's ex-PM Berlusconi has coronavirus

House Oversight Committee subpoenas USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

Trump presses Barr (again) to target his enemies before election

VoteVets Every Single Day

Joe Biden says he'd like a real-time fact-checking service broadcast during the debates

Democrat-Gazette parent acquires Pine Bluff paper


Federal lawsuit over clearing of Lafayette Square names DC, Park Police officers

About the 17 year old kid that murdered two people in Kenosha. I haven't heard anyone question

Thunder and lightening in Wilmington

Which candidate makes you feel safe:

AOC: Done

Trump in NC speaking to WWII vets and of course had to take a dig

Icelandic legend: if you don't get new clothes at Christmas, you will be eaten by a giant cat

The latest polling evidence suggests Trump's convention flopped

Kentucky Derby 2020

so glad to read this

Nate Silver (538): How much does Biden need to win by?

Saints, Sages, Mystics and Poets - Verses of Inspiration for the Heart

C.D.C. Tells States How to Prepare for Covid-19 Vaccine by Early November

US cables: Colombia's ex-president suspected of militia ties

Tobacco-Based Covid Vaccine Passes Trials

Kenosha is just racist to the very core

'Nobody Likes Snitching': How Rules Against Parties Are Dividing Campuses

Where is his African American?

UN peace observer's 'suicide' tied to resignation Colombia's defense minister

Trump equates WWII patriots to Confederate traitors

Trump has no plan to safely reopen schools, Biden says in Wilmington speech

DCI Group LLC: smearing alleged war criminal's victim for money

White House Dr. Birx Denies 'Herd Immunity' Policy Under Consideration

Gloomy Sunday

Biden extends lead over Trump to double digits in post-convention poll

A possible Covid-19 explanation from a supercomputer analysis

CDC Tells States to Prepare for Vaccine by Early November

Can Colombia's prosecution try Uribe if it can't even solve 95% of crimes?

The Ancient Greeks Had a Word for the Specific Kind of Bad You're Feeling Right Now

When Thinking about The Amazon, Brazilians Feel Sadness, Indignation and Shame, Research Points Out

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) destroys Louis DeJoy during House Oversight Hearing last week.

At Voice of America, Trump Appointee Sought Political Influence Over Coverage

CDC Tells States to Prepare for Vaccine by Early November

Three Debates With a Solo Moderator

Joe Biden's Press Conference Full Video

Kenosha protesters arrested for breaking curfew while police supporters were allowed to 'roam,' laws

Harris County Democratic Lawyers Association has a CLE event featuring John Dean

Trump is mentally unwell. Dark forces controlling Biden?

I'm having bariatric surgery in a few weeks. Please no one try to scare me or talk me out of it

Watch! Yes, it's America's Got Talent. And I hope their ratings were great because

DeAdder cartoon for Lincoln Project

If Captain America were created today

Trump's New COVID Adviser Is Basically the Anti-Fauci

Chamber of Commerce is endorsing Lizzie Fletcher and Colin Allred

Soup Nazi today ...

Businesses Balk at Trump's Payroll Tax Holiday

Kristen Johnson re Quinnipiac poll on whether U.S. is better or worse off than in 2016

Now that Amazon's share price is over $3500....

Ever hear of "Miracle Noodles"? They have no calories or carbs, just fiber.

D.C. Circuit panel guts House subpoena power

How Many Government Agencies Can You Attract with Your House Party? Hold My Beer Edition.

Families in Detroit, Michigan, set up 900 portraits of loved ones lost to COVID-19

56% of Republicans believe QAnon is partly or mostly true.

Planes full of thugs have been around forever

The authorities in the Australian state of Victoria are not messing around about their lockdown

***GUARANTEED FRESH*** CNN POLL Biden 51 Trump 43

CNN Poll: Biden's lead persists post-conventions

Today I learned about the Wilmington NC massacre of 1898

Did you get your FLU SHOT yet? Because it's available.

The Nectar of Self Awareness (Amritanubhava) - Jnaneshvar

Arlington County Police Department Warns of New Mail-Based Scam

Kenosha business owner declines *I President Trump photo-op, former owner replaces him

The Lincoln Project loves to poke trump

Arlington County, Virginia, Police Department Warns of New Mail-Based Scam

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/2/20

5 Minutes That Will Make You Love the Violin

Ratings for final night of convention, per Nielsen:

Nancy Pelosi responds to stupid hair salon Crap.

I think I scared the hell out of a nice lady at the grocery store today

FU South Dakota GOP, Kristi Noem

Turns out the "best economic President God ever created" is really bad for the economy

EXCLUSIVE: Arlington County Considering Further Encrypting Police Communications

What in the world is up with the stock market

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 2, 2020

Shannon Sharpe makes an excellent observation

A Republican Member Of Congress Threatened To Kill Armed Demonstrators In A Facebook Post

So NYC schools will not reopen as planned

National Weather Service says 80% chance it will issue tornado watch for D.C. area. for this evening

Jacob Blake Sr. and members of Blake's family are expect to meet with Biden in Kenosha Thurs.

Senators call on Pentagon to reinstate funding for Stars and Stripes newspaper

Gov. Abbott hints at easing coronavirus restrictions

A heat wave that may break all-time records is about to envelop parts of the West, ...

Trump admin puts Chief Prosecutor of International Criminal Court on sanctions list.

This is every damn Trumpster ever: Illinois CV-19 edition

2020 is getting so bad, does any one have any Novichok branded Covid vaccine?

National Weather Service says 80% chance it will issue tornado watch for D.C. area. for this evening

National Weather Service says 80% chance it will issue tornado watch for D.C. area. for this evening

How a handcuffed Black man suffocated as Rochester (NY) police restrained him (WARNING: graphic)

Gunfire in a Tallahassee parking lot leads to arrest of armed couple, complaints of racism

Tweet of the day!!

Discovery of a black hole so massive that existing theories suggest it shouldn't exist

Baltimore postal facility sat on 68,000 pieces of election mail for 5 days before primary

These new polls are telling us that if we turnout, we win.

United Airlines will furlough 16,370 workers in October as losses mount for carriers

While Walls Tumble

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Best Of #13: Labor Day Edition

5 mistakes that can disqualify your November mail ballot and how to avoid them

Acting DeSoto superintendent criticized for social media posts disparaging Colin Kaepernick, Democra

Mayor Jim Strickland creates advisory council to "Reimagine Policing in Memphis"

2nd pandemic-related contract facilitated by senior Trump adviser Peter Navarro has been canceled

I think we should start planning for Voting Plan B since USPS sabatoge

This will make you laugh

How millions from Uber and Lyft are funding the harassment of a critic

Trump Fake Vaccine by November 1

'No compassion left in this world.': Woman streams tear-filled moment over H-E-B mask policy

Confirmation.....Bill Barr is evil: No systemic racism. Very little police brutality.

Hawkfish? Has some info we all need...VERY important. RED MIRAGE

Wolf: Trump's claim of "thugs on plane"? Barr: "I don't know what the president is referring to."

Tactics of fiery White House trade adviser draw new scrutiny as some of his pandemic moves unravel

Hola, amigos. Seems Jim Anchower hasn't posted at the Onion in 9 years.

Yes We Can... again

This Is Gonna Leave A Mark

Trump just told his supporters to commit voter fraud and vote twice in November.

How Holy Is Donald Trump? The Daily Show

What they do to Biden signs here in Trumbull County

Mail from Wisconsin Election Commission!

Health officials worry nation not ready for COVID-19 vaccine

Bill Barr on The Situation Room

I see a problem with Trump's golfing analogy about choking on a putt.

Fact check: A guide to 9 conspiracy theories Trump is currently pushing

Wear a mask while having sex, Canada's top doctor suggests

Gainesville PD Is Politically Retaliating Against Peaceful Protesters

Nicolle Wallace asks: Why have Republicans been silent during the campaign?

X-Japan: Stab me in the back.

What a wonderful woman, and she keeps up the sense of humor, too! I see she's made up her own....

Open For Business! (I hope this gives you a giggle).

This is something that I think probably does not need to be said but, just in case there is any

trump and crew may be trying

Drink more red wine and green tea.

'Biden Is Going To Kenosha, WI On Thurs. To Bring People Together; Trump Went To Kenosha To Divide'

Well, Al Green tweeted today. World needs more Al Green Songs IMO

*GUARANTEED FRESH* A RATED FOX NEWS POLLS- Biden +9 in AZ, +8 in WI, and +4 in NC

Pollster: Voter enthusiasm is high among young voters

When Barr was asked about systemic racism, and if blacks are treated differently by police than

Urgent request sent to states for vaccine by nov 1st

Plane full of thugs, really?

Unarmed Minuteman III ICBM launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base

'You're disgusting': Biracial family in the Northland welcomed to KC with racist attacks


I get videos of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Messenger

Girl, 6, survived dangerous journey to US. She now is Florida's youngest coronavirus victim.

Man Charged In Death Of St. Louis Police Officer

African Americans Hit By Job Losses During The Pandemic Find It Hard To Recover

With regards to President Bleach and his comments about soup,

Biden: 'Reopening Schools Safely Is A 'National Emergency', Great Speech

What a polling day for Joe

Brazil gives equal pay to men's and women's national players

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, expressed dismay that the treatments or vaccines has

There were at least one and probably several investigations implicating trump

The Ghoulish Reality Behind Anti Homeless Propaganda - SOME MORE NEWS

Too bad you can't frame it

Ramp to USS NC ship was tented today, possibly to shield Trump from scrutiny

Destabilized Climate Now In The Driver's Seat: CA Fire Insurance Market "Has Largely Collapsed"

Wasn't the plot of one of the zombie movies was that people took a vaccine for a virus?

Lawsuit seeks to ban Kanye West from Arizona ballot

Lawsuit seeks to ban Kanye West from Arizona ballot



In case you need any..........

Ugh. Ivanka tours a Ford plant in Michigan today.

Trump's anti-LGBT activism temporarily blocked

Finally - a Trump administration plan we can support - throwing Navarro under the bus

Bruce Springsteen and Joe Grushecky Anti-tRump song.

Jared Kushner's sister-in-law, the supermodel Karlie Kloss, plans to campaign for Biden

Fauci breaks with Trump on COVID-19 herd immunity: 'That's certainly not my approach'

9/03 Mike Luckovich: COVID-19 culling

What do Trump and a pumpkin have in common?

Brianna Keilar's Epic Fact Check on Donald Trump

Barr: Jacob Blake shooting might've been justified because Blake was "armed" (false)

Nazi-Occupied Norway Offers a Glimpse of What Hitler Wanted for the Entire World

Another view of that man walking in his damage

If anyone reads "Melania and Me," would you tell us the stories behind Rachel's teasers last night??

Plan to get rid of Electoral College

Fox News Battleground States poll: Biden ahead in AZ, NC, WI

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 3 September 2020

Important point about the election:

Trump encourages North Carolina residents to vote twice to test mail-in system

Biden to the orange Lump: "Get off Twitter and negotiate a deal for someone other than yourself"

Need help with a purchasing decision

The Lincoln Project - HE IS CRAZY

Officer charged in shooting death of Black man in a Walmart

The Male Version Of A Karen Is A Terry, According To Science

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win.

Engineers say privately funded border wall is poorly constructed and set to fail

Fox News poll finds Biden ahead of Trump in three battleground states

Joni 'Bread bags' Ernst Suggests Iowa Doctors Falsifying COVID Cases For Money

Trump Announces Judicial Nominee; September 2, 2020

These days, it's hard to tell The Onion News

Trump's Remarks on Designating Wilmington, NC as the First American WW II Heritage City; 09-02-2020

Trump orders review to defund NYC, other 'anarchist' cities

Bags of SOUP????

Disdain for the Less Educated Is the Last Acceptable Prejudice

Trump encourages North Carolina residents to vote twice to test mail-in system

I know I don't drive

NEED more of this:

Black holes: Cosmic signal rattles Earth after 7 billion years

Autumn back deck, backgammon, n cocktails tunes Sick Jam!

Spotify removes Gavin McInnes, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Alex Jones episodes from Joe Rogan podcast

"There's a suppression of actionable, important intelligence going on" - Frank Figliuzzi video

Runt Pittie Puppy Grows Up To Be Obsessed With Kittens

Baby shower present. Ink the border, tree, and house or call it good?

Nancy Pelosi says she was victim of 'setup' in hair salon mask dispute

Ecuadorean hummingbird emits high-pitched song from mountains

Hurry, hurry, hurry this offer won't last lost long, we hope!

Dog Is So Gentle And Patient With Her Foster Kittens

Watch Bill Barr pretend that he's not sure if it's illegal to vote twice.

Backdeck blah blah bla tunes. Billy Preston baby!

BLITZER: "But have you seen any evidence?" BARR: "No." (Foreign fake ballots)

Three interesting things learned on last pre-school "Zoom" meeting

Dog Who Couldn't Stop Shaking Becomes A Snugglebug

Barr insists there is no systemic racism, that there are no two separate justice systems

Trump's alarm on crime fell flat in 2018. Now he's betting his re-election on it.

Fox News Senate Poll: Kelly +17, Cunningham +6

Devin Nunes May Be Trump's 'Person' Who Witnessed the Antifa Plane 'Firsthand'

Don Caron & The Postmaster --listen

Ecuadorean hummingbird emits high-pitched song from mountains

Small HS South Of Me, Suspended In Person Classes

Backdeck blah blah bla tunes. Such an amazing segue. Never could get nuff of this'n