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Hayes tests positive for COVID-19

McConnell has moved at a snails pace when it comes to trying to get a stimulus pacakage during a

Lamont is guarding reserves for recession to come. Critics say he's prioritizing austerity over COVI

THE EMMY's live is unique and funny but...

100 Gutted Environmental Rules And Counting: Here's How Shitstain Will Fuck The Climate (Even More)

How to grasp for straws when your record say otherwise...........

Cory (LCV Lifetime Score 11%; Pro-Trump Voting 89%) Really Cares About Climate. No, Really, Honest!

A developing story out of Omaha, NE. Reports from local news outlets and TV stations.

The View from the Tenderloin

The FinCEN Files: Money laundering is a dirty, even deadly business; Miami plays a huge role

The Lincoln Project has a request.

Embattled head of former Dalio partnership plans to sue Connecticut

Someone created a tile mosaic panel to rename the 50th Street Subway station in NYC after

Did Russian Spies Use Diplomatic Cover to Run a Global Cocaine-Smuggling Operation?

Want to see a 🐢 move fast?

Massive damage of rare plants probed at Nevada mine site

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne The Ebony Odogaron near fiasco hunt

Trump talking about California wildfires, this massive valve up North....and a possible smelt.

Study: Younger voters are most likely to have their absentee ballots rejected

California wildfire likely to grow from wind, low humidity

Need a laugh?

Energy Co-Chairs Hit Pause on Eversource Request To Borrow $700M

McConnell locks down key GOP votes in Supreme Court fight

Democratic Senate campaign arm outraises GOP by $8M in August

Trump supporters know they are losing

When you see The Dime Store Mussolini on TV, do you....

Study Shows Cannabis Legalization Would Bring In $1B Over 5 Years

Republicans likely handed the Dems an electoral landslide

Next Year We'll Be Watching 'Trump's Creek' ....

The Democrats' response to RBG's death should terrify Trump

Teachers' Unions Call for More Guidance On School Closing Due To COVID

Ok Is this years Emmys a big joke on us?

Tea Pain - MAGA: "If God wanted more than fifty stars on our flag..."

41% of Republicans who have heard about QAnon say it's a good thing for the country (Pew poll)

FDR wanted to expand the court. Why wasn't he able to? nt

They have sealed access to the steps at SCOTUS. On orders from the WH. RBG is in his head!

The Lincoln Project: The Notorious RBG

The Lincoln Project: The Notorious RBG

Official: Toilet display mocking mail-in voting is a crime

U.S. surpasses 200,000 COVID-19 deaths, and after a day of golf, Trump makes a statement.

Trump's campaign reveals just how very little money they have left

"Donald Trump thinks we've had four World Wars."

What would be an ideal heating situation for a small cabin

The Bottom Line.

Hopefully in the coming year an inmate in prison

Puerto Rico needs more than Trump's cynical ploy

About Trump's Middle East peace treaty

Trump campaign sends donation request to E. Jean Carroll.

okay, I don't mean to catastrophize, but...

I Love Kamala.

Frankie Beverly endorses Joe & Kamala. (Video)

Trump Supporters On One Side Of The Intersection-Biden Supporters On The Other.....

Harrison: "Graham is the world's most known golf caddy"

The Sunday miracle ...

Read something similar somewhere else on the internet, that shan't be mentioned.

Updated CDC guidance acknowledges coronavirus can spread through the air

So the early mail ballots will likely be the first to be counted on election day, right?

Hannah Arendt

It's time for a full-fledged investigation into how @realDonaldTrump has sought to abuse the preside

Why do some business people advertise their support for Trump?

My son will not vote in New Jersey.

Schitt's Creek won every Emmy for which it was nominated

Anyone know what the "Bras d'honneur" is ?

Rep. Jahana Hayes announces she has tested positive for Covid-19

Winery Dogs. Covering an American classic

Shaved my beard off a few hours ago.

Senate Dems throw Marco Rubio's words back at him

New mural of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Rose Jaffe on 15th & U streets in Washington, DC

I think we are really screwed....

Getting RBG's seat is all about fulfilling the GOP wet dream of abolishing Obamacare

No one wants to talk about the compromat the Russians have on all the GOP Senators

Trump: 'We're Counting' On Federal Courts To Declare Election Night Winner

*On the Basis of Sex, on HBO/SHO NOW,

*Evening Poll* North Carolia A Rated Emerson Poll Biden 51% Klansman 49%

Hawaii tentatively reopening to tourists October 15

Senator Duckworth: No, We Weren't 'Suckers' or 'Losers'

Barrasso of WY lying his ass off about approving SCOTUS justices....


White bar owner charged with killing Black protester in Omaha kills himself

I think I may know, IMHO, how Trump gets his cocaine into his own silly "a..."

George Takei: Text RBG to 50409. Do it!

(Jewish Group) Historian: Trump's recent words are indistinguishable from Nazi rhetoric

Trump flag hanging from a deck and there's a weathered, fallen American flag on the dirt beneath the

Marvel Studios' WandaVision Official Trailer

Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

Don't know if it would do any good, but I wonder if you pointed out to a trumper

Historian: Trump's recent words are indistinguishable from Nazi rhetoric

Which territories/districts should we turn into states once we get the opportunity?


Tweet of the Day

Aaron Jones is my hero today!

I wonder what it's like to be a Republican

Maine, freeze warnings to 25 - Gulf of Maine, tropical storm warning sheeesh

Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park

In the End - Linkin Park

Tips to protect your vote and voter registration. SHARE FAR AND WIDE. n/t


Burn It Down - Linkin Park

Beautiful Un-Thank You Acceptance By Best Drama Emmy Winner

Waxing Crescent Moon Tonight--times three!

WTF is "Patriot Training"? Another scam to fund Trump's reelection campaign?

Has anybody seen any polling in KY Senate race since RBG passed?

Vote 2020!

"Mulan" Looks Like a Big Win for Disney+

Michael Steele: 'Stop Treating Donald Trump As If He Is A Legitimate President'

Biden leads Trump by 36 points nationally among Latinos: poll

Unearthed footage of Lindsey Graham on term limits (1995)

We should increase the number of Congress representatives about 10 fold

Americans are rallying against Trump and lawmakers pushing for Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement

Susan collins also on term limits from 1996

For Women, the Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Brings a Particular Grief

I'm thinking it's time for a 1960's style march on Washington

Supreme Court to fly flags at half-staff for 30 days in memoriam of Ginsburg

Slowing the Republican's Sprint to Name a New Supreme Court Justice Nominee

Covid era Restaurant closures in Minnesota - map, list

'The Energy Is Unbelievable.' Democrats Say the Supreme Court Vacancy Is a Motivating Force

AOC and Schumer say 'all options are on the table' to stall nomination

Its not about me, complaining. Just trying to sort out where I am....78 next month.

2020 US Senate Election Rating for the US Senate seats that Democrats will be winning in 2020.

Read Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Teenage (13yo) Essay on the Holocaust

Trump dismisses climate change role in fires, says Newsom needs to manage forest better

Trump Lied 200K Died

AOC is Voting Early in Person

Trump's Ohio suburb slide signals peril in industrial north

I enjoyed the CRAP out of the Emmy's tonight!

Drought-hit Mexicans assert demands that water sharing with U.S. ends

Lamont seeks ideas for statues at capitol

Our U.S. neighbors #1, #2, #3, and #6 highest daily new Covid cases per capita, 7 day moving average

REVEALED: Trump's hidden video deposition in Trump University fraud case

UConn quarantines another dorm after 12 new coronavirus cases reported Saturday

Jahana Hayes tests positive for coronavirus

Why Trump could possibly end up "behind bars" if he loses

Hundreds of 'Arizona Republicans for Biden' signs have been stolen and vandalized across the state

San Francisco Chinatown with Martin Yan 100 Days: Drinks, Dishes, & Destinations KQED Nov 2019

Former border commissioner: President Trump's 'incredibly expensive' border policy didn't make sense

This is how you workout

North Carolina REJECTING Black Voter's Ballots at high rate

Reporter asked a trumper - Q: Is Dr. Fauci right that masks help stop the spread?

Trump makes President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho look like a philosopher king

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tribute/Hallelujah, Central Synagogue- Rosh Hashanah 5781

Leaked U.S. government files suggest Deutsche Bank tops list of suspicious transactions

The White House is preparing for an announcement of a SCOTUS nominee as soon as Tuesday.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tribute/Hallelujah, Central Synagogue- Rosh Hashanah 5781

I apologize if someone has already posted this swell Tweet.

In 'Power Grab,' Health Secretary Azar Asserts Authority Over F.D.A.

The Inside Story of Why Mueller Failed (Andrew Weissmann)

Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Vice President Joe Biden on the Supreme Court in Philadelphia,

Armed citizens' confront Minnesota health workers during COVID-19 testing

Robert Graetz, minister who helped organize Montgomery Bus Boycott, dies at 92

Which US Senate Race should I put my money in next?

"In 60 seconds, GOP Sen. David Perdue from 2016 DESTROYS his own 2020 hypocrisy"

Golden Retriever Dog Steals EVERYTHING In Sight - ARCHIE

Trump says he approves TikTok deal, with possible Texas headquarters

Why Trump can't say what he wants to do next

KANA CHAN TV- Gee! It's hard to shop in America...

CNN: 31 states see an increase in coronavirus cases

'Don't let the devil steal your joy': Dallas pastor Rickie Rush cast himself as a warrior battling

Concerned about fate of ACA

Just Wonderin'

No Fury Like a Woman Scorned. - RBG

Immigration activists call out Cornyn for dishonest ad

Army of Me - Bjork

Prince - Pussy Control


Gov Evers Demands Resignation of Dept of Workforce Development Leader And Gets It.

We March.

Love is All You Need

Toilet display mocking mail-in voting is a crime

John Nichols: GOP positions on the wrong side of history

dog practicing early voting . getting past the MAGAs


Mazarati - Player's Ball

Oconto tavern owner posts racial slur on Facebook amid Sunday football; post widely shared

What year is this? She's Always in My Hair (12" Version)

Black Raleigh mom wants answers after she's handcuffed by Raleigh PD in her bathrobe

Democrats see 'organizing, advertising' and overall message as keys to victory in Wisconsin

100 MPH

Bach: 'Double Keyboard Concerto-1,2,3'/Suk: 'Fantastik Scherzo'

Next Time Wipe the Lipstick off Your Collar

September equinox: All you need to know

Paper Lace - Billy don't be a Hero 1974

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/20/20 - the 200,000-Case Weekend

Tosa PD use a variety of tactics against The People's Revolution protesters


Ween - Cover It With Gas And Set It On Fire

The Daily Social Distancing Show: What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 9/14/2020

No Fury Like a Woman Scorned. - RBG

No Fury Like a Woman Scorned. - RBG

The Daily Show: This Week's Coronavirus Updates - Week of 9/14/2020

After 2 manure spills, neighbors worry about Wild Rose Dairy expansion in La Farge

The Cars Moving In Stereo

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Sherrilyn Ifill - The Ongoing Fight For Civil Rights

Got the time... Anthrax

Nine Inch Nails - Closer (Director's Cut)

Bjork : Isobel


Prince - Controversy

Dirty mind

NPG Ahdio Show #1

The season we have all been waiting for 4 years will be here tomorrow @ 9:31 AM ESDT

If You Care About the Court, Don't Talk About It - The Atlantic

In case you've been wondering ...

Conservative Culture is a carefully built Cult

"I don't think anyone understands the depths of female rage right now."

mayor, her dad and chief of police all harass a black man while he's receiving a speeding ticket


Something has occurred to me since Barr's sedition comments.

Gap year: COVID has MN students taking time off before college

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Eviscerates Trump

cities dependent on tech workers hurting when all the employees go remote

Nearly 70% Of Americans Want Nothing To Do With Trump's Coronavirus Vaccine

Trump's praise of Robert E. Lee startles Minnesotans proud of state's role at Gettysburg

If you want the Senate to delay a new Supreme Court nomination until after the election, text RBG

Has Lindsey Graham ever stated his own reasons

For the mayor of Bemidji, Trump visit is 'monumental' -- but complicated

Randy Rainbow 🌈 says... or sings I should say.. that he "Won't Vote Trump".

Solomon Islands: Men working for WW2 bomb clearing agency die in explosion

Humpback whale finds escape from Australian crocodile river

Oh, so that's how it works

New artificial turf at MetLife Stadium likely responsible for numerous injuries

Been looking for an "Original Sin". Anyone got one they're not using?

Hog wild: U.S. and Texas have 'out of control' population of 'super-pigs,' expert says

Blatant lies and the little men that tell them.

After Ginsburg, No One On The SC Has Any Particular Interest In Environment, Environmental Law

The passing of RBG has done something in this country now,

Plenty Still Left To Burn After Fire Shattered Australia's South Coast; Residents Bracing For Summer

"Our Strategy Is Not To Follow The Europeans": Uhhh, OK, US Oil Majors, Frack, Talk "Technology"

Bold Leadership! Scott Morrison Unveils Net-Zero Carbon Target In 2050, Or 2070, Or Whenever

Trump Says Supreme Court Nominee Will Be Woman, Person, Camera, or TV

Instead of an original sin, Maybe I'm just looking for a "Hallelujah".

Mornin', Lindsey!

By trump now projecting the trump Justice appointees and his party Justices decide this election

Breakfast Monday 21 September 2020

Virginia lawyers get prison terms for $200M Roundup extortion scheme

Medicane Ianos Pounds Central Greece, Ionian Islands; Crops Flattened, Towns Flooded

He doesn't know he is President....he thinks he is a game-show host or a stand-up comedian...

Shitstain & GOP Not Just Twiddling Their Thumbs; They Know Climate Will Kill Us And Don't Care

One man dead after shooting at Westland Mall

Still Waiting For NSIDC Confirmation, But Arctic Sea Ice Looks Like 2nd-Lowest Area On Record

Gosh, Young Republicans Are Concerned About Environmental Issues. What Will They Do 11/3?

Over 3 million U.S. voters have already registered on social media

Justice Dept. brands NYC an 'anarchist jurisdiction,' targets federal funds

E. Jean Carroll: "Sir, I really don't think you do."

Food for thought

Is it not now abundantly clear that when Hillary Clinton ONLY called Trump supporters "Deplorables"

Otters Wiggling and Drying Off After Swimming in The Pool

Someone added a collar to FEARLESS GIRL in NYC in honor of RBG❤️

Meidas Brothers: Trump kills Puerto Rico

Trump will have only one requirement for his nominee for the Supreme Court. Are they willing to

The thing that ate America's brain -by Tom Tomorrow

The more Trump talks about the Courts deciding the election...

The World Mental Health Coalition is having a virtual (Zoom) signing of a statement today

Founder of GM electric truck partner quits amid allegations

Something to monitor! There is a Ukrainian delegation headed to DC this week organized by a fraudule

Phys.Org - Arctic Sea Ice Increasingly Melting From Below As Atlantic Warming Moves North

ESA - 2020 A Summer Of Record Heat, Unprecedented Fire Behavior And Melting Across Arctic Lands

The best I can come up with, today (and it's good), is it's Stephen King's 73rd Birthday!

*Morning Consult Likely Voter National Poll* Biden 56% Klansman 44%

Even by Kayleigh McEnany's own low standards, this was a horrible response

*Global Strategies Georgia Poll* Biden 49% Klansman 46%

She tried to hang on...

Nate (538) has Biden 77, Trump 22

Mexican archaeologists identify the first Mayan slave ship to have ever been discovered

"Wildlife'. A beautiful, indie film starring Jake Gyllenhael and Carey Mulligan

Woman falls out of car window and onto highway while filming Snapchat video

Four Americans died in Benghazi....Over Two Hundred Thousand Americans have died from covid.

We are we letting Trump still be president

We are at a crossroads in this country and a devil's bargain is at hand

The Man Who Is Determined to Stop Trump From Rigging the Election

Amid Battle For Hispanic Votes--And Florida--Trump Announces $13 Billion Aid Plan For Puerto Rico

Out of Handmaid's Tale, Trump's top SCOTUS pick

If Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 election, the Scalia seat might not have been filled yet

For those who are metaphysically inclined-did you see the RBG died on the tide of the new moon?

"I don't know that she said that, or was that written out by Adam Schiff and Schumer and Pelosi.....

New details emerge about Jared Kushner's refusal to help battle COVID-19

Climate Liars Take New Tack: Peer-Reviewed Journals' Failure To Publish Our Work Is CENSORSHIP!!

Rep Jahana Hayes: "I have taken every possible precaution and still contracted coronavirus."

Will Republicans be able to get 50 votes for SC nominee before the election?

Susan Collins' Putative Green Credentials And Meaningless Votes Can't Mask Her Trump Support

The Rundown: September 21, 2020

Travel Alert: 6 Midwest States At 'Tipping Point,' Per Harvard-Brown Covid-19 Tracker

Wow, this from a couple of days ago:

California is pausing unemployment claims for 2 weeks

2020 Hottest Summer On Record For Phoenix; Through 8/31, 52 Days At 110F Or Higher

YOU raised $34,697.00 for Biden-Harris & $25 for Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath on 9-21-20

Dow down -785

Won't a trump SCOTUS nomination will be seen as an a*s?

Compared to What

I was fine with purchase limits on TP and hand sanitizer, but now they've gone too far.

Cat critiques crappy coffee:

Do you remember?

Botswana: Mystery elephant deaths caused by cyanobacteria

The Lincoln Project: The Notorious RBG

I don't see any coming together of "us" and "them".

US Space Force deploys to vast new frontier: Arabian Desert

Talking Points RE: The Supreme Court Vacancy

Blockbuster comes to Alexandria ... sort of

Trumps running out of accusations, excuses, and threats to our Democracy and rule of law

Grizzly Kills Bull Elk In the Yellowstone River, Hayden Valley, Sept.18 ,2020

More than half of states are reporting more new coronavirus cases as the US nears 200,000 deaths

Mitchtake: Ballad of Moscow Mitch

The CDC says coronavirus is airborne and spread by aerosols, warns of badly ventilated spaces

'It's a big, big swing': Trump loses ground with white voters

Ok. Now I'm fighting mad.

Aimee Mann - Avalanche (Leonard Cohen cover)

I guess she's not coming home?

Justice Dept. targets New York, Seattle, and Portland over protests

Is Lindsey Graham 'in danger of an upset' loss in 2020? This top elections forecaster thinks so

Daily 538 aggregator check - Biden 77% chance to win, orange asshole 22%, 1 tie

Three dead so far as rare Medicane hits Greece

Refuse Fascism DC protesting in front of HHS building in DC today. Protests all over the country

Taxes raised on cell phones--at least mine was

Updated CDC guidance acknowledges coronavirus can spread through the air

"A Rock of Righteousness; and My Good, Good Friend": SCOTUS Eulogizes Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Phony Joni sends out fund raising text 10 minutes after RBG death

'It's a big, big swing': Trump loses ground with white voters

Psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton: Trump's attempts to falsify reality follows "pattern of the Nazis"

Interesting stat from electoral-vote on supreme court picks

A Young Kennedy, in Kushnerland, Turned Whistle-Blower

Will Trump's donors keep feeding the beast? Or snap the checkbooks shut for a lost cause?

So, how close is Texas this year?

Do you remember?

What do you mean #MiamiCuban's don't support @JoeBiden?! We just flipped the narrative on its head

"We're here with your wake-up call Lindsey Graham." (Awesome!!!)

Teeny raccoon becomes a wild woman when she meets two tinier babies 😍

Apprentice White House

Top Mueller deputy reveals why he chickened out of forcing Donald Trump Jr. to testify

Ivanka Boasted About Paying Full Price For A Trump Building Apartment ,She Got A $1 Million Discount

Eric Boehlert: Trump, Obama and the media's wild Supreme Court double standard

Friends And Family Members Of QAnon Believers Are Going Through A "Surreal Goddamn Nightmare"

Trump says RBG's dying wish is a Democratic hoax.

Growing Up Poor In America (full film) FRONTLINE

There would be no rush if they thought he was going to win!

Trump's eugenics obsession: He thinks he has "good German genes," because he's a fascist

Should the deplorables succeed in placing their stooge in the...

If you've had COVID, or ever tested positive for the COVID antibodies: preexisting condition.

Hate the Electoral College? Then add Hundreds of seats to the House.

Detroit Free Press: Joe Biden is the anti-toxin America needs

Revealed: evidence shows huge mail slowdowns after Trump ally took over

Jake Gardner, 'shook up' by indictment in James Scurlock's death, kills himself (Omaha)

Three European presidents issue statement of support for democracy in Belarus against Vladimir Putin

"This week's Herman Cain Award goes to former Nashville councilman, Tony Tenpenny."

Larry Sabato moves Maine Senate race to 'leans Democratic'

A Dangerous Moment for the Court

California wildfire likely to grow from wind, low humidity

Gold and other metals are all dropping today -- anyone know what triggered it ? nt

Madinah Wilson-Anton one step closer to becoming Delaware's first practicing Muslim lawmaker

COVID-19 data for Florida, by age bracket

The Man Who Is Determined to Stop Trump From Rigging the Election

Top Mueller prosecutor: "We could have done more" (criminal search warrants were used)

Experience with Macular Degeneration?

Kentucky doctor who urged mask-wearing early on dies of Covid-19

Donald Trump Wanted to Keep This Video Deposition Secret. We Got a Copy. (David Corn)

Equinox tomorrow ... 9:31 am ... Am I rushing things??

USA Today: 4 senators Murkowski, Romney, Collins and Grassley do not support Court Nominations

Statement from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Gin

Pic Of The Moment: Housewives Rejoice!

'We're not gonna be manipulated.' Cracks form in Trump's Cuban-American base

Political Cartoonists' Tributes to Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Social democracy in one corner of the world

WTF... Trump Says Confederate General Robert E. Lee 'Would Have Won Except for Gettysburg'

Ginsburg's death may give Democrats a reason to consolidate in the Senate race for Loeffler seat

Ted Cruz Sure Is A Weird Little Online Freak - SOME MORE NEWS

Monday TOONs - Inshmegrity

"We could have done more"....

Jeff Tiedrich: "I have to confess that I did not have 'anarchist jurisdiction'..."

Sen. David Perdue from 2016 on why there should be no nomination considered in an election year

With cash windfall, Biden adds GOP states to campaign m

NYC, Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash., are Part of the U.S.A. That's A Problem for Trump.

Crash experts question Ravnsborg's car-deer explanation and raise concerns of distracted driving

Florida man arrested after girl hit with flagpole during street corner pro-Trump rally

The Nation Lost a Titan. Brooklyn Lost a Native Daughter.

233 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Mon; 2 deaths

Husky gets a case of the zoomies after bath time

Humans Wiped Out Two-Thirds of the World's Wildlife in 50 Years

" most organizations, fired employees are escorted off the premises the same day."

"Equinox" - Coltrane (2017 remaster)

It Doesn't Matter What Burns, Floods Or Bakes: Republicans And Republicans Voters Will Not Change

A highly provocative video for younger voters, not sure how it will be taken....

METROPOLITAN DIARY 'As I Turned Around, I Saw the Woman in the Colorful Jacket'

Tim Kaine takes fighting Trump's court takeover off the table: 'I'm asking Republicans to be true.."

Large US political donor in jail in Lithuania

Response to R's plans for RBG seat

Trumpsters Tried Voter Intimidation in Virginia; Today, There's a Huge Line to Vote!

Eric Swalwell: "Insecure schoolyard bully flexes imaginary muscles to convince..."

I had the TikTok app on my Android phone.

Really American ad: Anarchist Jurisdiction

Kentucky GOP lawmaker indicted on assault, accused of strangling woman with ethernet cable

I think DT should fill the SCOTUS seat before the election, BECAUSE it will remove the issue from

I am the very model of a moderate conservative

Stocks Tumble as Surge in Virus Cases Imperils Recovery:

Ivanka Closed Her Business Two Years Ago, Why Is It STILL Bringing in Money? -- Ethics Watchdog Wants

Justice Dept. deems New York City, Portland and Seattle 'anarchist jurisdictions'

No new Covid relief package before election to help suppress vote

Biden campaign released a new bilingual ad (watch in Spanish here) paying homage to the survivors of

Detroit Chamber backs Peters over James for U.S. Senate

Garfield Minus Garfield was basically a pitch perfect 2020 pandemic comic before we knew ...

Covid Task Force "was like a family office meets organized crime, melded with Lord of the Flies."

DOSE OF JOE -- Sept 21

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Moving Again"

Joe Biden campaign ad: "Homeschool"

"Well I found the worst take of the year. I don't predict anyone topping this."

Chris Matthew speaks (or tweets):

Kavanaugh Warns That Expanding Size of Supreme Court Would Require More Kegs

Kamala Harris meets little Zoey while campaigning in Philadelphia

Julian Zelizer nails it. Imagine if POTUS and the Senate GOP had worked as fast on an effective

Taxpayers dropped another $5,700 at Trump properties per new Justice Department documents

Trump's authoritarian "anarchist jurisdictions" memo, explained

Romney wants to confer with Mitch before Mitt makes a decision!

It's a big, big swing': Trump loses ground with white voters

We can choose to project our fears into the future or our hopes.

Seth Abramson: "I was a regular on CNN until the moment I published my first bestseller about Trump.

CDC reverses itself and says guidelines it posted on coronavirus airborne transmission were wrong

The inflammatory language used by the doj about defunding anarchist cities has one purpose

Tadej Pogacar Wins COVID-defying Tour de France

3 Minute Relaxation, Calming Cat Video Drinking in Slow-Motion

US Wildfire interactive map

Iowa Poll: All four of state's congressional races close heading into final stretch of campaign

Metro folks are the customers of rural folks

Morning Glory 4 ways.

I don't care what else Biden does, but

Meanwhile in Calgary

All eyes on Romney, Grassley and Gardner as Supreme Court confirmation fight looms over the Senate.

Former SD Sheriff's Captain Pleads Guilty to Trafficking 'Off-Roster' Firearms

I know it's been a long time coming, but I sincerely apologize for the time I

Biden should say if the repukes put some on the court before January

A Notorious COVID Troll Actually Works for Dr. Fauci

Trump doubts Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dying wish, claiming Democrats wrote it

"They are not available to be convinced"

GE plans to stop making coal-fired power plants

What do you want from the conservative man?

Mr Citizens United is now a liberal.

Foot Locker Turning More Than 2000 Stores Into Voter Registration Hubs

CDC reverses itself and says guidelines it posted on coronavirus airborne transmission were wrong

Justice Ginsburg to be honored at U.S. Supreme Court, Capitol

Biden campaign buying TV ads in Iowa

Denial and Defiance: Trump and His Base Downplay the Virus Ahead of the Election

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's viewing will span three days this week.

9/21 Daily Dose of Joe

Twitter apologises for 'racist' image-cropping algorithm

Action Items, Eyes On The Prize

New Halloween word: Candy chute

Democrat Steve Bullock takes on GOP. Sen Steve Daines in Montana

Impeach him for Criminal Negligence - let the bells toll for him

'The Happy Scientist' indicted for possessing thousands of child pornography images

I, For One, Welcome Our New Tea Cup-Sized Overlord...

Exclusive: Swedish space company halts new business helping China operate satellites

Yes, it could have been more awkward...

Aww... Zendaya's dog when she won the Emmy:

To those who are counseling that the "Trump judges" were properly nominated and confirmed

Now Trump wants to know if he should appoint a judge before the election?

on CNN: Brian Morgenstern deputy spokesperson for WH is a lying jerk.

How will Brett Kavanaugh's death be acknowledged?

Dump talking about Biden said "I've done more in 47 months than he's done in 47 years" ...

In the case of an electoral tie

Trump's reference to "racehorse theory" in Minnesota was straight-up eugenics

Top Senate Democrat asks for documents related to Trump's ties to Erdoğan

Michael Lonsdale, former Bond villain and 'The Day of the Jackal' star, dies at 89

Bank shares slide on reports of rampant money laundering

Judge orders postal service treat election mail as priority

Poll: Susan Collins trails slightly in Maine Senate race

Once hailed 'America's richest man,' he's now raising cash by selling his jet, 257-foot yacht, art..

In Jewish religion, when is Ahavat Olam traditionally sung?

Stocks tumble on worries about Washington gridlock and coronavirus

Travel Alert: 6 Midwest States At 'Tipping Point', Per Harvard-Brown Covid-19 Tracker

Cartoon: Notorious By Clay Jones -September 21, 2020 9:00 AM

H.R. McMaster warns Afghan peace talks will fail, leave US vulnerable

Family Court judge kissed clerks against their will, harassed women and lied, watchdog says

Trump's top Supreme Court picks want to take away your rights

CDC Just Issued a Warning About Gyms

"Anti-mask MAGA lady cucks libs by wearing genitals on face"

Wheeler seeks to paint EPA regulatory rollbacks as environmentally friendly

RBG: A meaningful life is living not for oneself, but for one's community.

Chris Matthews, fanboy for GWB's flight suit, Fred Thompson's Aqua Velva, and Trump's RBG remarks.

"Looks like Trump's Wall Street cocaine party is windin' down."

I wish reporters would stop asking trump if he'll accept the results of the election

This Kelly Loeffler ad needs to be seen to be believed.

Tyson Group Poll: One point separates Hyde-Smith, Espy

Donald Trump gives himself an 'A+' for his handling of the coronavirus. Uh, what?

The N95 shortage America can't seem to fix (WaPo)

The GOP narrative on the Senate and Supreme Court is bullshit

US Forced Sterilization, Eugenics Programs For Poor, Disabled, People of Color, Used By Nazis: PBS

Brianna Keilar killed it, once again: "Where is the plan?" (EDITED to add full interview)

Archaeologists unearth 27 ancient coffins, unopened since they were buried more than 2,500 years ago


Governor Cuomo's Reponse To Trump and the DOJ's Calling NYC An "Anarchist Jurisdiction"

DeSantis unveils draconian laws aimed at protests and protesters.

Yesterday it was a fascist-killing mailbox, today it's RBG.

"naked ballots in PA" could prove to be consequential in November

Wait for it....

Biden takes huge cash lead over Trump while outspending him 2 to 1

Ukraine: Solidarity with the mine workers' underground protest

Just dropped off my filled out absentee ballot at the post office

Trump, without evidence, accuses Democrats of fabricating Ginsburg's dying wish

Trump claims vaccine coming 'within a matter of weeks,' contradicting health officials

Trump campaign plays up Biden's skills ahead of Cleveland debate: 'He's actually quite good'

More Young Voters Say They Will 'Definitely' Vote This Year Than Prior Elections

Um...Kell Loeffler (GA-SEN-S) campaign ad?

The first half of film Koyaanisqatsi (Hopi: 'life out of balance or crazy life')

Some advice for Jaime Harrison who's running against Lindsey Graham

I don't like the fact we are playing the GOP's game with the SCOTUS nom.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to lie in repose at the Supreme Court Wednesday and Thursday

Joe Bide campaign ad: "Shop Talk - Criminal Justice Reform"

List of Barr's entire family employed in WH/DOJ/FinCen

Trump's weekend rallies showed just how unhinged his campaign is

HHS secretary says all 'Warp Speed' vaccines will have 'liability protection' from lawsuits

Squirel steals airplane ...

Yo, the ones who attended a school football play in Davison

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Saw the Future When It Came to Voting Rights

MoscowfuckingMitch is on the floor paying tribute to RBG

Demonstrators Gather At Sen. Lindsey Graham's D.C. Home Urging 'No Confirmation Before Inauguration'

I don't know who or what bumble is (yes, lower case) but it has a full page in the WSJ

These people coming in to fix shit in my house!!!

Anyone know how to reach a human at the Biden campaign?

NYT in January (Buttigieg) vs. NYT in September (Barrett)

'Don't Believe The Defeatists Who Worry About Expanding The Supreme Court'

"If only there had been some type of deal in place that could've prevented this."

the origin of q anon and who it is...

High court front-runner hailed by right, feared by left

New Really American ad: Conspiracy Trump

This SC Nomination, this moment right here

on occasion

McConnell is warning of Democratic Party 'dirty tricks' in an address on the confirmation fight

How many Presidents have gained THREE jistices?

Tweet from the Green Party, Monroe County, NY / re: RBG

Denis Leary - Asshole (Official Uncensored Version) Music video

"She didn't and this is textbook antisemitism" (Twitter)

Biden is live


Fucking ridiculous Kelly Loeffler ad

Stay on the virus, Joe. Stick to the main tent and avoid Trump's side shows.

Minority rule in America

Justice Dept. deems New York City, Portland and Seattle 'anarchist jurisdictions'

How The Post Office Became A Political Football

NBC News: The FBI has arrested a NYPD officer and has charged him with being illegal agent of China

is DONALD TRUMP TRYING to destroy this nation? Thom Hartmann

What's for Dinner, Mon., Sept. 21, 2020

Cartoons 9/21/2020

Food for thought, opinion: How monopolies can leave you all at sea

My search for life on other planets kept me going when my husband died

Democrats must play hardball, Opinion Rob Reiner

Trump Hails Robert E. Lee In Minnesota, State That Lost Thousands To Confederate Troops

RBG is first woman to lie in state at the Capitol.

Any thoughts?

'We have a silent epidemic emerging right now in K-12 schools:' infectious disease specialist

RCMP raid Montreal-area condo linked to poison-laced letter sent to White House

Trump Supporters Yell 'White Power,' 'F*** Black Lives,' During Rally in North Carolina

Second judge rules against USPS, says election mail must be prioritized

People Want Jobs, Meaningful Work, Not Riots In The Streets: 40 Yrs of Wealth, Income Loss, Poverty

Pollster that predicted trump MI win in 2016 and accurate in 2018 shows Biden up 2.4% in PA

Rainfall main unknown as Beta approaches Texas coast

Mail-ballots lawsuit filed by Trump, GOP against Nevada dismissed by federal judge

Nevada Federal Court Dismisses GOP voter suppression lawsuit

The road to fascism is lined with people telling you to stop overreacting.

'Abuse of power': Biden hits out at Trump move to replace Ginsburg ahead of election

Why the Supreme Court ended up with nine justices

A Tech Company Cut Ties With The Trump Campaign Because It Violated Its Values

Well, shiver me timbers - ! missed it again!

Why filling a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year is so complicated

A LONG list of GOP Sen. who promised not to confirm a Supreme Court Nominee in an Election year.

CDC guidelines were right as posted and should have stayed up! Per CNN.

Ticked Off Vic: Mitch the B____

Hey Donald! I thought my prescription drug costs were going down. I just

BFD: Federal judge in WI extends the ballot receipt deadline for the general election to November 9

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, September 22: Women Make Film

$$$ is coming in so fast the DU for Biden-Harris goal just went up again!!!

165,963 people have now voted

Nancy Pelosi wonders how top Facebook employees can 'look themselves in the mirror'

McConnell says Trump nominee for RBG vacancy will be voted on before election

Biden reads Trump perfectly: "He Froze"

'State of Emergency' declared by Louisville PD on Breonna Taylor case announcement

Keeping it simple

West Michigan man says yard signs were stolen. So he put up Joe Biden freeway billboards.

What is the best way to vote?

Lest We Forget the Horrors: A Catalog of Trump's Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions & Crimes

Trump Could Be Investigated for Tax Fraud, D.A. Says for First Time

Trump's schedule for Monday, September 21, 2020

Monster Hunter World : Iceborne--We made short work of a Blackveil Vaal Hazak

FL - last week's Monmouth Poll has lots of positive info (but one frightening prediction)

McConnell unexpectedly rejects Democrats' funding bill,

Trump Wants $5 Billion From TikTok Deal to Go to 'Patriotic Education

Superintendent Brian Metcalf fired at Grand Ledge School Board hearing

NIH official to 'retire' after being ID'd as author of anti-Fauci posts on right-wing blog

Hanukkah 2020 will begin in the evening of

Jay Inslee: As long as I'm governor, reproductive health care will be protected.

Federal judge provides Wisconsin and Democrats a huge victory for Nov 3rd election

Kamala Harris: "We're not going to let up on this."

$20K of Acrylic Now Protects Jefferson's Headstone

Mitch McConnell is the apex predator of U.S. politics

Trump accuses Ruth Bader Ginsburg's granddaughter of lying about RBG's final wish

Michael Steele finally spoke for me

daughter works on doctorate in secret for 3 years to surprise her mother... video of surprise

Be Aware: Trump's Campaign Is Engaged In Lawsuits All Over The Country...

Tweet: A republican in Virginia who just voted for for Biden and all down ballot dems

HSBC's share price has fallen to its lowest level since 1995 amid allegations of money laundering.

Revealed: Evidence Shows Huge Mail Slowdowns After Trump Ally Took Over

Sen.Manchin on rush to nominate SCOTUS: "hypocrisy in its highest form"

They're making a sequel to "The Passion of the Christ"

Cory Booker wrote this in June 2018; would

Manhattan DA: We have the grounds to investigate Trump/Company for tax fraud.

Who is Amy Coney Barrett, the judge at the top of Trump's list to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

First they came for the Socialists.....

Sure things are bad, but don't worry, They're about to get much worse.


Florida DUers: Florida Rights Restoration Coalition can help with fines and fees for former felons

Mark Kelly Campaign Has To Add More Phone Bank Shifts Because Democrats Are Fired Up Over SCOTUS

Amazon's buying spree of used planes goes against green pledge

Louisville appears to prepare for the worst ahead of Breonna Taylor case announcement

Trump is spewing his lies in my town right NOW.

FL Cuban-Americans Flip Support from Trump to Biden: 'I know what a dictator looks like'


Simple Answer to 1 of life's most difficult question:..Why Isn't it Easy? We all ask & Wonder Why?

Backstory: Remembering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's visit to VMI in 2017

That fire (Bobcat?) seems to be getting awfully close to Mt. Wilson

Utada Hikaru -- Goodbye Happyness

Lol... Lawrence O'Donnell has AOC's back:

Unless you want to be ruled by Trumpkins with a median IQ of 65...

Goodbye Happyness --UTADA HIKARU (VERY cute song)

I'm curious about something.

Okay, take a break with Utada Hikaru and have fun!

Who Is Worse? Barrett Or Lagoa?

I tried to respond to a post from a DUer we all love,

Lady Justice and Liberty Stand Together.

宇多田ヒカル - 真夏の通り雨 Hikaru Utada-Midsummer Street Rain

The Con's ad in Florida talks about his peace treaty

Anyone know who won the RBG painting the guy made yesterday?

So where are all the "upstanding" Republicans while Trump tries to "dictate" our next election?

So I went to the hardware store today instead of Home Depot

So, Mitch is concerned that Democrats might resort to "dirty tricks" to resist his effort to

We are Ruthless Now.

what did the Dow Jones do today?

GOP dunce tries to insult AOC, gets their ass handed to them

Sen. @JohnCornyn runs TV ad touting his support of DREAM Act despite record of voting against it.

$10 Billion "Bezos Climate Fund" Will Issue Grants Summer 2020!! Today's The 1st Day Of Fall . . .

Newly disclosed USPS data shows slow downs in delivery of first class mail

Ron Cobb, a Designer on Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Alien, Dies at 83

If you're not in a group that has had to petition the SCOTUS to recognize your humanity...

Another Beautiful, Sunny Day, Another 8-Foot High Tide Flooding Charleston SC

2020 Ignoble Prize for Medical Education

TALKING POINT: Trump Wants A SCOTUS Vote BEFORE The Election Because He's AFRAID He'll LOSE!

Chuck Grassley will not oppose holding hearings or taking a vote on Trump's Supreme Court nomination

House Democrats unveil bill to avoid government shutdown, but McConnell slams lack of farm aid

Facebook Has A Facebook Page W. Climate Information! Will They Stop/Mark Climate Disinfo? FUCK NO

Trump accusing a grieving family of lying - for the second time today.

Experimental replication shows knives manufactured from frozen human feces do not work

Trump administration shakes up HHS personnel office after tumultuous hires

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 22 September 2020


"I want to see the following individuals on live TV take **randomly selected** samples of the Trump

Seth Abramson: FDA is essentially gone (now a Trump propaganda tool)

The U.S. is a mess- and Trump's core supporters could make it much worse

Biden takes huge cash lead over Trump while outspending him 2 to 1

AOC smacks down Marjorie Taylor Greene

Serious question - has a replacement candidate for a Supreme Court Judge ever been

Cory Gardner, a vulnerable Republican, breaks his silence and indicates he will vote to confirm

Liar... dedicated to Lindsay

Democrats guide to 60 US Senate seats in 2020-

The Harlem Gospel Travelers on Team Joe Sings Joe Biden For President 2020

Over 75% of the Trump campaign's spending last month is basically untraceable.

"He just can't criticize Putin. Can't do it. Can't even mention his name."

A note from "Rage"


..."heading toward the C-word."

I just made a small donation to Jaime Harrison.

Here are 5 possible avenues for reform of the Supreme Court.

Double standard is the foundation upon which racism is built

Nevada Federal Court DISMISSES trump & GOP voter suppression lawsuit.

Trump is like the 2nd Grader who refuses to do the "homework" and gets caught..

Joe is smart not to let the *Klansman* off the hook

Maximum number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2020.

Fed. judge in Wisconsin extends deadline for receiving absentee ballots for 6 days after election.

High-speed train between Dallas and Houston gets federal approval

Post the birth name of someone famous & see if anyone knows their stage name W/O using Google

Peepaw tRump May Have Just Lost Wisconsin As Judge Extends Absentee Ballot Deadline

Middle Age Riot tweet FTW

Youth voters are outside Sen. Tillis' house demanding he delay a vote on SCOTUS nomination

Wow, suddenly there are so many of us.!!

Ok, so before we lost RBG, Deadline WH got this spot on

The Inside Story of the Mueller Probe's Mistakes In a new book, Andrew Weissmann

Lt. Governor Jon Husted (R-OH) tries to promote pro-Trump masks at today's rally, gets booed

Sen. Tina Smith, Jason Lewis spar over Supreme Court vacancy

Trumps "Patriotic education" -- a merger of Stephen Miller's fascism with Mike Pence's fundamentalism

This concert looks dope