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Archives: September 23, 2020

Scoop: Meadows puts agencies on notice about staff shake-up

Q: Why haven't you said anything about the US hitting 200,000 coronavirus deaths [WATCH]

'Tell my mom I love her': Graphic body cam video shows officer shoot 13-year-old boy with autism

Do NOT use the term "Pack the Court." Our stated goal should be to "Restore" it.

I was beginning to doubt my worth today...

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; September 22, 2020

"We are increasingly seen as an object of pity including by our allies..."

Joe: Tune in now to a virtual rally to celebrate #NationalVoterRegistrationDay

Shopper flaunting his gun in checkout line shoots himself in the groin

Fuck Wells Fargo

I thought trump canceled tv ads in Ohio....

SenSchumer:Because the Senate Republicans have no respect for the institution, we won't have busines

Citing family friendship and character, Cindy McCain endorses Joe Biden

Trump is in a horrible electoral position

Biden landslide? Biden highly competitive in red states.

Schumer invokes "two-hour rule" to block Senate committee hearings

Pete Souza FTW.

Joe responds to Cindy McCain

The Reich Wing Senate has fully endorsed a SCOTUS nominee before even knowing who that is.

Some thoughts on SCOTUS strategery

Woman Accused of Mailing Ricin to White House May Have Targeted Texas Law Enforcement

Ginsburg's death sparks notorious divisions, exposes frailty of US judicial system

Assuming the Dems take the Senate and the conservatives are a majority of the SC, we should...

538: The Senate's Rural Skew Makes It Very Hard For Democrats To Win The Supreme Court

Air Force Two, with Pence aboard, returns to New Hampshire airport after striking bird

RBG gave women the keys to financial security and freedom

Europe 'will not compromise' with US over Iran sanctions: Macron

Sarah McBride: State legislatures 'a Democratic safeguard' against Trump, conservative court

It's funny who McConnell tells Trump who he thinks Trump should pick to fill the SC?

House passes bill to avert shutdown

CO-SEN: Willie Nelson playing at virtual fundraiser for Hickenlooper

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats are to win in 2020.

High-speed train between Dallas and Houston gets federal approval

DU Poll: Do you support masses going to DC if the election is stolen

SXSW Online Announced for 2021; In-Person Event Up in the Air

There's trash in my yard around my Democratic signs.

I am very glad various outlets are warning people of the requirements of naked ballots in

McConnell told Trump he thinks Barrett is best Supreme Court pick

FL-HD96: Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky (D) wins seat after opponent withdraws

Neighborhood Sign du Jour

Florida Democratic Party struggling to account for its operating money

That $300 unemployment payment is already ending in some states. What you need to know

Shit in Trump Mailboxes.....😊 Maine

Texas shatters voter registration records again as Trump-Biden election draws closer

Pence calls 200,000 Covid deaths a 'heartbreaking milestone' but says things could've been worse

City Declares Part of Southern Brooklyn to be Coronavirus Cluster Site

Couple of articles about Amy Coney Barrett from "Above the Law"

House Passes Stopgap Funding Measure to Keep Government Open

Woman Arrested at Peace Bridge for Allegedly Sending Ricin to White House Appears in Court

Seeking to cut into Trump's margins, Biden launches rural radio ad blitz

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Banning Abortion Is Just The Beginning For The Right

Did you get the memo? Apparently we're using soup AND cans of Tuna. Bumble Bee specifically.

Chuck Schumer Coming Up On Rachel Maddow

How do I get a picture to post?

Disappearing post, 2nd time

Migrant women to no longer see doctor accused of misconduct

Pro-trump pastor says his prayers caused RBG's death.

I'm tired of hearing about "Dems not talking to rural America"

Watched a Smithsonian coverage of WWII in color last night

Starting on PBS Frontline right now. The Choice 2020.

Frontline: The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden

"Only killed two people" is quite a defense.

Trump campaign posts another dishonestly snipped Biden quote to make him sound confused

North Carolina Board Agrees to More Absentee Ballot Changes

Schumer on MSNBC: McConnell has destroyed the Senate.

Trump says Supreme Court pick announcement likely Saturday

The Happiest Picture You'll See Today

The Happiest Picture You Will See Today❣️

Trump Suspected of Altering C.D.C. Web Site After C.D.C. Is Misspelled

He's drawing big crowds again

Anyone watch Mr. Jones,

trump again glorifying violence against journalists.

'Hanging chads,' meet 'naked ballots'

Lincoln Project places anti-Trump ads in military newspapers

Pa. counties told mail-in ballots can't be rejected over signature

Seen the US version of Fawlty Towers? "snavely" with betty white/harvey korman

Westchester Republican D.A. candidate steps out of race against Mimi Rocah

Anyone have experience with winter shelters for feral cats?

NASA unveils $28 billion plan to land first woman, next man on the moon in 2024

US House votes to ban Xinjiang imports over forced labor

☦ Eastern Orthodox Church: St.Nektarios/'Agni Parthene' in English

Disney Parks Chairman to California Governor: "We're Ready. It's Time."

To Save Social Security, Seniors Group Founded by FDR's Late Son Endorses Joe Biden

Republican Party seeks to reverse Georgia absentee deadline ruling

I feel like DT is bribing America, threatening all of us if we don't reelect HIM! Between what he

Just saw two of of the Trump commercials that misrepresented Biden.

Hospital where activists say ICE detainees were subjected to hysterectomies says just two were perfo

Wisconsin Sees Record-Breaking Hospitalizations Due to Coronavirus

Donald Trump Leading Joe Biden in Just 1 of Over 60 National Polls Conducted So Far This Month

NC voters who make mistakes on mail-in ballots will now have an easier way to fix them BY WILL DORAN

Wisconsin declares new public health emergency after surge in coronavirus cases among young people

Judith Butler surgically dismembers TERFs, Transphobia, and JK Rowling

In first post-RBG test, GOP wants Supreme Court to review Pennsylvania mail-in voting

Pennsylvania election officials warn of 2000 Florida redux

Turn on Rachel NOW.

Obama: Vote to make sure 'our democracy endures'

Rachel Maddow reporting on CDC manipulating reports regarding South Dakota meat factory.

When RFK's grandson volunteered with Kushner's COVID task force, he likened the pandemic response to

Fact check: Western Canada, Mexico have experienced climate-change linked fires, too

The poor bastard running the Bumble Bee Twitter account staring at this tweet and wondering what on

When you debate

RACHEL Now, I have never seen her SO mad.

im running a semi modern mac. (early 2014) why in this day and age do we need screen savers still?

Seattle restores damaged Black Lives Matter mural made during CHOP

A few funny things

We Don't have to Live like This!!

He fought wildfires while imprisoned. California reported him to ICE for deportation

What a Defiant Democratic Party Looks Like

Stimulus Check Plan & News Update [9-22] Late Tuesday

A Tacoma Safeway was charging 16-20 percent sales tax. Here's how to get your money back.

If Democrats win in November, nothing less than absolute ruthlessness will do

The rise to #1- American exceptionism

Trump Suggests Biden Had Plastic Surgery: Campaign Update

Trump expands ban on US money for certain diversity training

The Next Supreme Court Justice Could be Critical to Worker Rights and the Survival of the Middle

Republicans are handing Democrats a reason to undertake massive reform.

Your FACE is an Anarchist Jurisdiction, and Other Tales of Fascism (Ferret/Shower Cap)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Inspiring Life Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A Nobel laureate makes the economic case for Joe Biden

Smoothie King Center will host early voting; see dates, who's allowed, more

SoFi Stadium to serve as voting center in NFL vote initiative

Westchester Community Becomes One Of First In Northeast To Ban Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Seattle City Council votes to overide mayor's veto of cuts to police budget

What to do in America if the Democrats win:

Why Florida will be so pivotal once again

Bay Area sports arenas to convert into voting centers, ballot drop off locations

Full disclosure: Chivas Regal influenced---

A silver lining, maybe

DART Offering Free Rides To Vote In General Election

I blown away tonight!

Anagram Man and MeidasTouch on Kayleigh

Vladimir Putin Thinks He Can Get Away With Anything.

Gun Control Group To Spend $2 Million In Texas House Races

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The Pandemmy Awards Winners

ActBlue surpassed $200 million donated in the first 100 hours after news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's de

My dad just gave his first EVER political contribution at eighty-five years of age.

For Those Who Missed The Princess Bride Live Reading Fundraiser for Wisc Dems:

Newest MeidasTouch video released minutes ago!

For Those Who Missed The Princess Bride Live Reading Fundraiser for Wisc Dems:

Texas hasn't voted Democrat since 1976, but the state is in play this year, experts say


So why isn't there a "Act Red"?

Fantastic response from Ilhan Omar

Millions of dollars being spent for control of the Arizona state house

Arizona has deep QAnon ties, including its politicians

I'm getting a "403 Forbidden"

Me and Bobbie MaGee...Dead, Joplin (in the background......

Rep. Omar for the snap of the week !!

More than one flag is too many.

*Malcolm Nance on Lawrence show now.


KS-SEN: Abortion issue becoming focal point of Kansas Senate race

Dead - Attics of My Life - American Beauty.

Rachel Maddow reporting on CDC manipulating reports regarding South Dakota meat factory.

Priorities USA - Not For Us

Drumpf Imperils Swing-State Senators LOL

The saddest speculation I have had in the last few months..WARNING: This is very sad...!!!

Bloomberg pays fines for 32,000 felons in Florida so they can vote

Peter Navarro calls GAO "useful idiot" of Democrats and labor unions after agency issues...

Seattle City Council votes to override Mayor Jenny Durkan's vetoes

'She's telling us how to run our country': Trump again goes after Ilhan Omar's Somali roots

Debate organizers reveal 6 topics for first Trump-Biden showdown

The first sentence of a Raw Story article actually did make me LOL!

Me and Bobbie MaGee....

If/When Biden Wins, Should Justice Breyer Retire During His Term?

Rural Iowa: Black man killed, his body dumped in a ditch and set on fire by 4 White residents

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that the Democrats are to win in 2020.

Margaret and Helen: Tonight our Carrier pigeon had a mission.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: GOP Set to Replace RBG & U.S. Tops 200,000 COVID Deaths

Attics of My Lif3

The National Catholic Prayer Breakfast will present an award to Attorney General Barr tomorrow

Affordable Care Act recipients nervous about Supreme Court nomination fight

I've been trying to get a factual answer

Ford, Bush Sr., and REAGAN Himself Favour Statehood For Puerto Rico. WHAT'S THE HOLDUP?

Rhode Island, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Harry Dean Stanton & Ry Cooder

Meadows puts agencies on notice about staff shake-up

Pentagon used taxpayer money meant for masks and swabs to make jet engine parts and body armor

Here's something you can do to help. Donate to help Florida ex felons vote. I did today!

Kind of a downer day.

Behind the scenes at the Washington City Paper

Seth Meyers - Trump Teases His Supreme Court Nominee Shortlist - Monologue 9/21/20

Joe Biden visual on the 200,000 CV-19 deaths

(Jewish Group) RBG will be the first Jew and first woman to lie in state at the Capitol

Bumble Bee responds

(Jewish Group) Zoom Kaddish and virtual 'guarding': Jews are adapting burial rituals to mourn RBG

Understanding con artists (i.e. Republicans)

Seth Meyers: Guest Neil deGrasse Tyson Confirms the Asteroid Heading for Earth on Election Day

"Our tolerance has a cost. A generation of children think *this* is what a President sounds like"

(Jewish Group) Mandy Patinkin blows shofar in TV tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dying wish

(Jewish Group) From camp 'rabbi' to pursuing justice:How Judaism animated Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life

Sam Cooke - Frankie and Johnnie -

From camp 'rabbi' to pursuing justice: How Judaism animated Ruth Bader Ginsburg's life

A Closer Look At Bernie Sanders' Idea To ROTATE SCOTUS Justices To Lower Courts. It's POSSIBLE!!

(Jewish Group) Platforms urged to remove French rapper's songs on Hitler, Jews and money

Old Mac Laptop (and iPhone) Owners -- how to fix cables!

(Jewish Group) Azerbaijan hopes new Museum of Mountain Jews will (eventually) spark tourism revival

New Meidas Touch ad: Bye Kayleigh

Christian extremists are celebrating Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death

Seth Meyers - Amber Says What: Trump Boat Parade, The Amber Ruffin Show

Lately, almost all my eBay orders are being shipped by DHL rather than USPS -- anyone know why ?

Richard Wolff explains that our sickness is caused by Capitalism and not COVID.

Links to the documents cited on tonight's show are now linked at MaddowBlog

Ted Cruz blocks a U.S. Senate resolution to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg, citing a "partisan" amendment

Wynton Marsalis, the Quartet, O'Conner and Vignola.....

For what it's worth: Rumor Johnson is publishing Russian disinfo report on Biden tomorrow

Online brokerages outside US

On the day that we hit 200,000 coronavirus deaths, the President makes fun of the one thing...

They are invading Nascar. Michael Jordan is now a Nascar owner. Bubba Wallace will be his driver

Mr. Jelly Roll Morton

Where Can You Vote or Drop Ballots This Election? We've Got Maps

"Is this the way Trump says this In "interviews" with potential nominees?"

Bye Kayleigh - Meidas Touch

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian: 'Bless the Lord, O My Soul' in English

Wynton, Clapton, and Taj Mahal - Corrine, Corrinte...

A Woman A Lover A Friend - Buddy Johnson

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Equality's Gracious Champion

Concrete Blonde - Caroline

☦ Eastern Orthodox: 'Bless the Lord, O My Soul' Slavonic, Greek, English

5 states added to NY, NJ quarantine list

In apparent play for QAnon supporters, GOP attack ads claim Democrat lawmakers are defending 'sex

Party City removes Confederate soldier Halloween costumes: 'We can and must do better'

Don't Fail Me Baby - Buddy Johnson Orchestra (Ella Johnson, vocals)

Fall is here

Wynton Marsalis - Jungle Blues

☦ Eastern Orthodox Christian: 'Bless the Lord, O My Soul' Byzantine Mt. Athos

Is Halloween still being celebrated this year?

New York police officer charged with spying for China

Since I Fell For You - Buddy Johnson Orchestra (Ella Johnson, vocals)

Operation Warp Speed advisers held investments in COVID vaccine firms, records show

Ilhan Omar Hits Back After Trump's Racist Rally Attack: 'This Is My Country'

Bob Woodward Predicts How Historians Will Look Back On The Trump Era

Aaron Hurt, a Republican says he will never vote for a Republican again #RVAT

Note 8 restarting itself

'You ain't from here': Black man hits out at Portland protesters in heated exchange

ActBlue surpassed $200 million donated in the first 100 hours

The Special Hell of Trump's Supreme Court Appointment

Trump preparing executive orders on health care this week

Trump on 200K Deaths: 'Well, I Think It's a Shame' But 'we're doing well in reopening,'

Woodside woman charged with hate crime after throwing bottle at Black jogger: DA

Trump promise to deny New York, Seattle and Portland federal funds is an empty threat, expert says

Has Susan Sarandon said anything about the state of the US in 2020?

Trump's job after he leaves the Whitehouse?

NBC News: Growing Concern As Cornoavirus Cases Surge Across Country

trumpers plan to vote in person, but if they catch covid at trump's super-spreader rallies,

Flushing man arrested after making nearly $1M through insider trading scheme

Virginia House bill that would guarantee free school meals to students advances to Senate

☦Eastern Orthodox: 'It Is Truly Meet and Right To Bless You' Hymn

Time For Senate Dems To Gum Up McConnell's Plans For Supreme Court

PA-10: A Pennsylvania House race looks a lot like the campaign between Trump and Biden

New polls in Iowa and Georgia show Trump and Biden in a dead heat

Fraternity at University of Georgia Is Suspended After Racist Messages Are Exposed

☦Eastern Orthodoxy: 'Hymn to the Theotokos' (Who Bore/Carried God)

I voted today!

Killing 200,000 people is ok if a Republican does it...

2006 Nobel prize winner in Economics says JOE BIDEN is the one to save the economy.

Democrats Need a Plan. Fast. Here's how they can apply maximum...

9 of Every 10 Restaurants and Bars in N.Y.C. Can't Pay Full Rent

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that the Democrats will be winning in 2020.

Chris Hayes Explains How 'Naked Ballots' Could Cost Biden The Pennsylvania Vote - All In - MSNBC

antifa tuna can infantry

Malcolm Nance: Putin Finds Trump 'An Absolutely Easy Mark To Manipulate' - The Last Word - MSNBC

Wyoming, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

The Dance

Texas, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Tennessee, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

X-rated intrusion prompts security changes in Albany's virtual classrooms

Skidmore professor won't be punished for curiosity

Former restaurant operator charged with stealing thousands from Albany mayor's campaign fund

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Claims COVID "Affects Virtually Nobody" & CDC Accidentally Tells the Truth

Restaurant chain Sizzler files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing impact of COVID-19 pandemic

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/22/20

James Corden: Trump Gave Ohio a Super-Duper Two-fer

Carville: GOP Will Use Supreme Court To Steal A Close Election - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

CDC Director's Office Ordered Softening Of Coronavirus Safety Protocols For Meat Plant - TRMS MSNBC

Tuna Can and Bag O'Soup Public Safety Announcement

Naked dreams in time of covid

Sweden considers restrictions as COVID-19 cases rise

Texas Historical Commission rejects plan to relocate Alamo monument to the defenders

COVID19 Dashboard...not controlled by Trump administration

Joe Biden condemns Poland's "LGBT-free zones" because "LGBTQ+ rights are human rights"

Old TV set interfered with village's DSL Internet each day for 18 months

Pro-Trump pastor says his prayers caused Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing: 'That's no accident'

We have seen this game played before.

Anyone has an MSNBC link?

20K Christians Petition Catholic Group to Cancel Award for William Barr

Financial reporter guy on MSNBC just now says, paraphrased, we may not know for weeks!

trump Celebrates Recent Violence Against Journalists, Says It's 'Actually A Beautiful Sight'

What will trump do next?

There are rumors that @SenRonJohnson is publishing his GRU created report on Biden in the morning

They are all calling the Con a Fascist on Morning JoeScum this morning

Looking for ideas - part time work

Harrison County Democratic Party opens new headquarters

"If I buy Goya products, will I be tear-gassed? Will secret police arrest me?"

A black man was shot 15 times and killed. He was pulled over for riding his bike the wrong way!

Panel scales back activity at Clinton House Museum

Suit filed over Arkansas absentee ballot rejections

Hitler's Justice: Courts of the Third Reich

😡 Killing a bear to spread hate!

Waking up with windows open to the nauseating smell of smoke: My daily reminder of how horrific 2020

Falls County Sheriff Ricky Scaman arrested on sexual assault, other charges

Putin is behind putting out disinformation on Biden and this virus

Pam Bondi Says Kyle Rittenhouse Crossed State Lines 'to Protect His Community

According to a Des Moines Register poll, Females support Joe Biden 57% to 37%, while

Nearly 500 pilot whales stranded in Australia; 380 dead

Corrupt republican says Kenosha shooter is a "little boy..."

So, Trump wants the United Nation's help to punish China?

KKKEMP, Jack Kingston, & Charles Kelly of Lady A are alumni of suspended racist UGA frat

Coronavirus misinformation rumors

Cyber school lunch options for my smart asses

Squeeze them by the balls until they scream in agony!

In Stand-up Comedy Debut, Davos Founder Calls For Reform Of Capitalism

"Wet Ashtray" Grapes Abandoned After Smoke Spoilage From Fires; Willamette, Sonoma, Napa Hard-Hit

A rubber bullet vs a can of soup?

Trump campaign supposedly knocking on lots of doors

Is it proper and appropriate to compare Trump to Hitler NOW?

Breakfast Wednesday 23 September 2020

Bill to tear down federal courts' paywall gains momentum in Congress

NYT - Climate Breakdown Already Baked In; Avoiding Full-On Collapse Monumentally Difficult

Got my absentee ballot from Dallas yesterday

Ranked choice voting in Maine a go for presidential election

A banner advertisement on DU.

University of California wrongly admitted well-connected students, state auditor finds

Canadian Researchers Discover Wildfire Smoke Impacts Worse Than Thought

According to the Latest ABC News/Washington Post polls in Florida and Arizona, it is tied

Local pro kayaker details heroic effort to rescue missing kayaker found alive at Kanawha Falls

President For Life Of World's Biggest Polluter Promises Carbon Neutrality In 40 Years

A trio of Pennsylvania Supreme Court rulings will likely boost Biden against Trump in a key state

Deloitte: Utility "Decarbonization" Not Even Close w/o Big NG Cuts, Large-Scale Grid Integration

CIA clamps down on flow of Russia intelligence to White House

Ron Johnson releases a report on Hunter Biden that calls Hunter Biden's position with

Sunflowers on a Gray Day

Florida Republicans crying over Bloomberg.

GOP Report Fails to Show Wrongdoing by Joe Biden

tweet of the hour

VT Senate Overrides Gov. Scott's Veto Of Global Warming Solutions Act: It's Now The Law

Cindy McCain endorses Biden for president in rebuke of Trump

Trump first tweet of the day - "Never a fan of John"

CIA Sending Less and Less Intelligence on Russia to Trump's Desk, Says Report

DHS awarded $6 million in contracts to company where Acting Secretary Wolf's wife is a VP.

15 Million People Internally Displaced Jan-June 2020; Natural Disasters Account For About 2/3

Trump bragging about his super spreader event

I voted early yesterday first time ever (dropped off my ballot)!

Washington Post Battleground State Poll: Biden -4 FL, -1 AZ

Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping; September 22, 2020

This is very general, I know, but if you are voting by mail, PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

Trump falls into the trap he set for Biden

Trump's plan to "bypass election results and appoint loyal electors in battleground states"

In US Voter Survey, 70% Support Government Action On Climate, Paris Agreement Membership

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; September 22, 2020

Post-ABC polls: Trump and Biden in tight races in Florida, Arizona

DHS awarded $6 million in contracts to firm where Acting Secretary Wolf's wife is executive

Lukashenko sworn in for new term as president in Belarus amid protests

Cindy McCain on Jake Tapper today at 4 ET. nt

GOP Report Fails to Show Wrongdoing by Joe Biden

"403 Forbidden"

U.S. Election Priced as Worst Event Risk in VIX Futures History

Sore loser?

I watched the Con's racist clip attacking

March October 17, 2020

Eric Boehlert: The Ginsburg power grab--the press plays dumb about radical GOP

Johnson & Johnson Begins Large Trial of Its One-Shot Vaccine

The Rundown: September 23, 2020

The Webcomics Weekly #105: You've Been Chopped...Into Webtoon Format (9/22/2020 Edition)

The Weekly Pull: X of Swords, Immortal She-Hulk, Angel & Spike, and More

Swastika, New York, Is Keeping Its Name

Planting Their Flag

Romney slams Burisma, Hunter Biden probe as 'political exercise' (last week)

Elon Musk promises $25,000 Tesla and says Model S 'Plaid' is coming soon

*Biden's advantage grows nationally and in key states with the news of RBG's passing*

DOJ says it won't send officials to testify because Democrats were 'scolding and insulting' to Barr

Wednesday TOONs - Hippos On Board

The Election That Could Break America (Trump could easily subvert the results)

I have a question re: new impeachment hearings

No Jail Time for Amish Brothers Convicted of Rape

Cook Political Senate Update: COLORADO SENATE Colorado Senate Moves From Toss Up to Lean Democrat

Supreme Court Memorial Service for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 9:30 a.m.

BTRTN Election Snapshot: Democrats' Odds of a Trifecta Continue to Rise Slightly

BTRTN Election Snapshot: Democrats' Odds of a Trifecta Continue to Rise Slightly

DOJ Says Top Officials Will Snub Congress Because Committee Was Mean To Barr

If an enemy force seized the White House, declared their leader our "lawful" ruler and

I saw this on my home town (non-DU) forum

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's army of clerks to stand guard at the Supreme Court

I have always been told "never speak ill of the dead".

Nearly 500 Pilot Whales Stranded in Australia; 380 Dead

When will a reporters ask trump this,

I saw this post & it shows what we lost and must recover

Trump references should be "Impeached President Trump"

Dying Carbon Tax Bills Flopping On The Sands Of Congress; 10 Bills, Two Years, Two GOP Co-sponsors


The fight over the border wall: These Texas landowners are in race against the clock

Dogs to help with Covid. Dogs❣️❣️❣️

White House Accused of Intervening to Keep Bolton's Book From Becoming Public

Is This Trump's Shocking Supreme Court Pick?!?

On Morning Joe, there was an author of a new book about Trump and family bringing in $1.9B

Report: Seattle Police Department should ban tear gas, remind officers to protect protesters' rights

Lets call this what it is. Genocide.

I need some advice.

Trump Lawyer Agrees No Fraud in Montana's All-Mail Primary

WATCH LIVE: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's memorial service at the Supreme Court

Russian State-Owned Media Taunts Trump With Post-Election Job Offer

When will a reporter ask Trump if the United States is Melania's own country?

Why are republican justices at RBGs memorial?

Trump Loses Mind in Deranged Rally

Let's Stop Lying About Biden's Economic Plan

It is amazing that Senator GOPers don't an ounce of smarts?

Welp...tuna for dinner plans...

Trump Celebrates Recent Violence Against Journalists, Says It's 'Actually A Beautiful Sight'

There is an apocryphal story of two wolves.

NFL Hall of Fame Gayle Sayer passed away.

CO-SEN: Colorado Senate Moves From Toss Up to Lean Democrat

Beautiful & Befitting RBG - NEW YORKER Cover

Ruth, Nino, and the Elephant

Did anyone watch Frontline last night?

Quote Quiz of the Day

Cartoon: Mitt By Clay Jones -September 23, 2020 9:00 AM

More Giuliani mystery: He created two unknown companies amid his work for Trump in Ukraine

American Suburbs Are Tilting for Biden. But Not Milwaukee's. (NYT)

The RNC is wiring cash to Texas. Is it a 2020 battleground?

Judge: Dubuque doctor ignored ban on elective procedures, citing 'no consequences'

Gale Sayers, Chicago Bears Legend and Hall of Famer, Is Dead At Age 77

kinda fast huh?

If Electoral Votes Were Weighted by State Population Alone

Democrats shoot down talk of expanding Supreme Court

Witzke challenges Coons on Supreme Court nomination, addresses QAnon claims

'You can win this!': how Beto O'Rourke is becoming Joe Biden's greatest ally

Virtual ain't gonna cut it for our ground game

Sen. Joni Ernst claims she's a champion for mental health. Her record says the opposite

In the 50s, It Was Lone Ranger & Tonto. In the 60s It was James Bond, Then, it got complicated.

I can't watch the news much any more

A brief history of election "rigging" in the United States

The Direct Instructions of Shri Singha to Padmasambhava (The Treasure of the Lotus Crystal Cave)

Chicago Bears' Hall of Fame running back Gale Sayers dies at age 77

Trump to Pay 'Respects' to Ginsburg at Supreme Court

CIA clamps down on flow of Russia intelligence to White House

QAnon on the ballot: Six GOP-endorsed Minnesota candidates back conspiracy theory

"His deranged malignant narcissism requires praise from imbeciles-- who will then infect & kill..."

RBG And The Young Women Who Loved Her

No hiding behind Pence's skirt on the Supreme Court nomination

Trump admits he wants Supreme Court seat filled to make sure he keeps the White House

US coronavirus cases surpass 7 million with more than 204,000 deaths

"Facebook will let Trump run ads prematurely claiming victory on election night."

Wells Fargo CEO: There is a very limited pool of black talent to recruit from

It tweeted about the Russian asset Ron Johnson's stupid thing

Meidas Touch - Joe Knows How

Any Justice Trump appoints now, after voting started, would have to recuse from deciding election

John Coltrane was born on this date.

Ray Charles was born on this date.

Pam Bondi calls Kyle Rittenhouse "a little boy out there trying to protect his community."

Roy Buchanan was born on this date.

A Trump supporter attempted to run over peaceful protestors in Louisville..pulled out a gun.

Bruce Springsteen has a birthday today.

438 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 27 deaths

"Donald Trump has delivered for us"... I listened to The Daily podcast this morning

LEE ROY JENKINS!!! - A gaming classic

Shit for brains -- why there are so many dumb Americans

Adam Schiff: Today, we are introducing the Protecting Our Democracy Act, landmark reforms to:

trump's response to Cindy McCain's endorsement of Joe Biden.

Tre45on weasel has left WE THE PEOPLE unprepared for a biological attack from FOREIGN SOIL

Tammy Baldwin is going there with Redfield,

"Another day, another dishonest video from the Trump team."

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Trying To Scare Voters About The Left, But Here's Where THEIR Party Stands

So What Happened To THe Con Plan To Remove Nancy P.?

Allegations of racism have marked Trump's presidency and become key issue as election nears

If/when early, in-person voting takes off

Smoke pot, tax the rich!

Trump's most unhinged supporters paying $5 a pop to use special emojis on YouTube

3 dogs and the odd man out

Schumer: Sure, the man who said "It is what it is" is kept up at night

F**K RAND PAUL!!! What a POS. Arguing against mitigation efforts. It would be a real

My entire universe of thoughts regarding Rand Paul...

The Victims Of Violence During The Kenosha Protests Are Suing Facebook And Kyle Rittenhouse

More than 100 of Ginsburg's former clerks await the arrival of her casket at the Supreme Court.

Front page of the Arizona Republic

7,000,000, Cases of Virus....Please, Please, Please ..BE in 50 of us, got this..

A Florida Lawyer is Bringing Goats to the Governor's Mansion in Protest: 'Grim Reaper' Tour

The President of the United States said that "it affects almost nobody" as we surpass 200,000 deaths

A Question that needs clarification:

Uncle Ben's has a new name: Ben's Original

No more rum or tobacco, nor hotel stays. Trump imposes new sanctions on Cuba

Demographic shifts since 2016 could be enough to defeat Trump. But it's complicated.

Dr. Fauci has had just about enough of Rand Paul (video):

Promissory Note

Facebook would let Trump run ads on election night prematurely claiming victory

American Oversight has expanded its investigation into the president's list of potential nominees

Several Roads Still Closed in Houston After Beta Passes Through; Flooding Reported in Coastal Louisi

Third Party/Independent Presidential Candidates (from Ballot Access News)

Los Angeles hid a methane leak for a year. Activists want the power plant shut down

Amy Coney Barrett: Inappropriate to "dramatically flip the balance of power" in election year

*Great Lakes Polls- Good but not great. You judge*

My polish for Nov. idea from Heartstrings.

Alabama prosecutors oppose jailed speaker's bid for leniency

9/23 Daily Dose of Joe

Russian Whistleblower Explains How Propaganda Works On Social Media

Need some perspective

Examining Trump's claim about timing of 29 Supreme Court vacancies

Amnesty International USA calls for halt on Chad Wolf nomination

Trump Campaign Spent Nearly Half a Million on Fireworks

Aleksei Navalny Released From Hospital After Novichok Poisoning

Has he ever referred to the South as "losers" because, after all, they lost a war?

"This Republican on CSPAN is using cash as a pocket square"

Rocket launch, from swamp

Breonna Taylor announcement coming at 1:30

TX-SEN:The race for U.S. Senate in Texas is competitive again. But this year it has a lower profile.

The dramatic governing changes Democrats could make if they take power

CIA letting less intelligence on Russia reach Trump: report

Another woman for SCOTUS...

Here's an Advanced Course in Ratf*cking to Collapse Representative Democracy (C. Pierce)

In secret tapes, mine executives detail their sway over leaders from Juneau to the White House

QAnon on the ballot: Six GOP-endorsed Minnesota candidates back conspiracy theory

Is the water in the Great Lakes always cold? I mean, is it too cold for swimming? Nt

"Now tell me how much Trump cares about police officers."

Rick Wilson: Trump campaign polls now have to go to Jared first...

Exclusive footage of alleged meeting between Joe Biden and business associate of Hunter

Bird Species Communicates by Fluttering Its Wings -- And They Have Different Accents

Denver area USPS

Expedited bail proceedings granted to immigrants at ICE detention facility in Conroe

Popular Vote and SCOTUS Boxscore

Los Angeles Lakers' LeBron James: 'Not one time have I said let's act violent toward cops'

How the coming fight over Ginsburg's SCOTUS replacement could shape the Senate elections

Fauci tells Congress 'it might take some time' before the public gets a coronavirus vaccine

Trump dismisses Cindy McCain's endorsement of Biden

So, The Mayor of Louisville Just Said There Would be a Curfew Tonight...

It seems to me that as it gets colder, covid rates will rise in nearly

House Democrats Introduce Bill to Outlaw Presidential Self-Pardons, Criminalize Corrupt Acts of Clem

Wouldn't it be great if Joe started announcing his cabinet.

Detailed Republican Plan to Steal Election

Left collects wins on Biden transition

Timothy Snyder's new book - Malady

Bulls@*t! Their concocted October surprise they probably paid someone to make

About Kamala Harris' visit to Flint: 'It was all about us. The people.'

FDA chief vows agency will not accept political pressure on coronavirus vaccine

My mom loved lace collars

Category 5 coming and everybody wants to shelter in place?

Congress's failure to pass a stimulus package carries devastating consequences

Wells Fargo CEO apologizes for saying the Black talent pool is limited

Dr. Fauci just completely destroyed and called out Republican Senator Rand Paul.

Expedited bail proceedings granted to immigrants at ICE detention facility in Conroe

I just saw Susan Collins standing at the repose for RBG and taking a picture. I wanted to

Redfield says removed CDC document about how Covid-19 spreads was "not technically reviewed"

As difficult as PM Johnson is in the UK, he is light years ahead of trump and his degenerates

Fauci says Sen. Rand Paul has repeatedly misconstrued facts about the pandemic

McCarthy threatens motion to oust Pelosi if she moves forward with impeachment

Stand off with Border Patrol, National Park Service ends in scuffle with Indigenous-led demonstrator

Putin's attempt to explain away the poisoning of Alexei Navalny to France failed badly and helped un

Louisville curfew announced

There is no update today on Biden-Harris etc with ActBlue

Democrats double down in their investigation over political interference at HHS

A 'distressed' Birx questions how long she can remain on White House task force, sources say

Chad Wolf faces nomination hearing amid questions over intel assessments

Top election forecaster shifts Senate races away from Republicans Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham

Live coverage of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in repose at Supreme Court

Kate Schroder in Ohio among Democratic challengers squelching GOP hopes for the House

Study: Cascadia region needs to develop hubs to absorb growth

Borowitz: Expanding the court

Citywide curfew announced for Louisville starting at 9 p.m.

Police unions should not endorse political candidates

Representative Omar is being interviewed by Brianna Kielar, and she's very impressive....

Gig Economy Company Launches Uber, But for Evicting People

Dog plays with himself.

Trump's vision for Havana

Breaking - there are charges re Brianna Taylor

BREAKING: Louisville Grand Jury reporting results on Breonna Taylor

True Bill from the Grand Jury in Jefferson County

BREAKING: Charges filed in Breonna Taylor case

Joe: I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina, with @CP3 to discuss how we'll get it done. Tune in.

Wanton endangerment? Against one officer? That seems exceedingly light.

Ex-Arlington officer who fired at dog indicted in 2019 shooting death of homeless woman

Don't forget. There was no trial with the last impeachment.

Positivity Break -- Michael Franti, from Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy to Spearhead

Bill & Hillary paying their respects to RBG at the Supreme Court

Marquette University Poll: Biden +10

Ex-officer Brett Hankison indicted in connection with Breonna Taylor's death

Can a sneeze emit an infared signal?

#GetYaBootyToThePolls. Maybe NSFW.........

#Belarus Happening right now in #Minsk. Independence square is blocked, there are rumours that the i

Impending SCOTUS Fight Could Split the Trump Coalition

So it looks like we need to win the republican state legislatures back too

Didn't this already happen in 2016?

Talk me off the emotional/mental edge...

Hoyer: House should vote on COVID aid -- with or without a bipartisan deal

Trump says "Jews only in it for themselves, not loyal Americans."

The Trump campaign is reportedly 'discussing contingency plans to bypass election results'

Kavanaugh Emerges as Man-in-the-Middle With Supreme Court Set to Shift Right

Hiliary Franz, as public lands chief, has led notable gains in forest health and fire prevention.

SEC Stifles Shareholder Voice. The SEC today voted along partisan lines to insulate management from

Boeing expands overseas as thousands of jobs are cut in Puget Sound region

Colombia's Supreme Court condemns government's violent repression of protest

...til Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane...

Cartoons 9/23/2020

My Prediction: Extreme Unrest In Louisville Tonight

Imagine how distressed all the dead people were

BREAKING: California bans sale of new gas-powered cars

sen whitehouse - dark money

Everett to consider allowing three more pot shops in city

Does this sound bad?

Vandals Spray Paint Headstones In Historically Black Cemetery In Texas

From our last duly elected President

This may be interesting to watch, Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program

Oh The Irony ... MO Gov's Wife Positive For COVID-19

The Fight Over RBG's Supreme Court Seat Stresses the Importance of 2020 Senate Elections

Indigenous topple statue of loathed conquistador in southwest Colombia

FUX Noise Defends 'All-American' Kenosha Shooter: 'Little Boy' Just Protecting 'His State'

Kayleigh McEnany Flails In Defense Of Trump Lie That COVID-19 'Affects Virtually Nobody'

Trump Aides Feared Crowd Would Cheer RBG's Death

Hillary: The only remedy for this blatantly authoritarian behavior is for voters to turn out for Bid

Bumble Bee Seafoods Responds: "Eat em. Don't throw em."

Dishonesty chain - from Tom Elliott and Ian Miles Cheong to some conservative activists to Eric Trum

Today my repug neighbor said the dumbest thing ever about tariffs & coronavirus.

Kenosha gunman Kyle Rittenhouse hit with federal civil rights lawsuit as he awaits trial

Bolton allegedly tried to share details of Trump's Ukraine dealings during impeachment

Biden's best debate strategy

Naomi Biden about her father, Hunter

KY AG on CNN right now

***BREAKING*** Quinnipiac LV Poll Biden 52 Trump 42

GOP leaders ask Supreme Court to void Abbott order that extended early voting

California to Require All New Vehicles Be Zero-Emission by 2035



Quinnipiac Poll: Biden +10

Trump had ties to Russian billionaire's family noted in Ron Johnson's Hunter Biden report. Ron Johns

Louisville grand jury indicts 1 of 3 officers in fatal Breonna Taylor police shooting

This is the narrative written about trump on Time's 100 list and it is not flattering.

What's Happened To The Notion That A Prosecutor Could Get A Grand Jury To Indict...

Apple Slab Pie update.

A militia group marches up 7th St. in downtown Louisville. They wouldn't identify their group, but..

Biden should speak right fugging now and condemn rioting and looting while encouraging

No officers charged in Breonna Taylor death

The protests have begun. Here's a link to live streams.

Tesla sues U.S. government to overturn Trump administration tariffs on China

j mascis - fade into you (studio - 2013) dinosaur jr doing mazzy star

Every time I open a packet of biscuits at work (Twitter)

Justified killing, no charges against anyone for Taylor's murder, plus, they will not release the

Massive genetic study shows coronavirus mutating and potentially evolving amid rapid U.S. spread

I wonder what Al Gore thinks of this from The Atlantic article...

Trump's SCOTUS front-runner Amy Barrett is in a 'cult' -- according to an ex-member who 'experienced

Quote from Aristotle:

How Trump's Supreme Court Maneuver Could Dangerously Increase the Power of the President

Pro Tip- Polls, Correlation, and Working Backwards From The Popular Vote.

Yikes....I didn't know Dame Joan COLLINS likes Trump and UKIP/Brexit...

370,694 Votes have been cast for the general election

(Jewish Group) Why did The Guardian say Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'abandoned' her faith?

Has Anyone Tested Positive For Covid After Attending One Of Trump's Recent Spreading Events Without.

Here is the real deal......

We need some world leaders to speak up! Pope are ya listening?

NEW: Eric Trump must be interviewed by NY Attorney Gen Office by October 7th, 2020.

(Jewish Group) Trump campaign ad evokes antisemitic trope by casting Bernie Sanders as puppet master

NYT: A new court filing suggests Cy Vance is investigating Trump for tax fraud.

I'm worried we aren't depressed enough

Some good news for a change...

In a few words!

Dow down about 2%, Nas 3%, Tesla 11% today.

Trump said Jews are 'only in it for themselves' and suggested they weren't loyal to America:

Hold onto this tape if Amy Coney Barrett ends up being Trump's nominee on Saturday. She's entitled t

CNN reports that Birx has turned on Trump, calling Trump's Coronavirus task force "nightmarish"

How to keep a fool in suspense

Warching BLM/Taylor marchers in Louisville. The white people

First Lady of Missouri Teresa Parson, wife of Gov. Mike Parson, tests positive for COVID-19.

Armed 'morans' already in downtown Louisville (Twitter video)

Indiana just opted to fully reopen in a Stage 5 return to normalcy

DHS awarded $6M in contracts to firm where Acting Secretary Wolf's wife is executive.

200,000 people..... virtually nobody

"If they're going to hold roundtables about stuff that does not exist..."

This is kind of sad, really

⚡️Slovakia, Lithuania, Germany, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark and Estonia have not reco

At least 1 person who attended Trump's Sept. 10 rally in Freeland, MI, has since tested positive.

Attended Mass at Shrine of Mother Seton, Emmitsburg, Md.

Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies

'nightmarish.' A 'distressed' Birx questions how long she can remain

It might help if we stopped calling them "militia," an honorable term for the legal armed force of s

Venezuela's 'dictatorship' poses 'constant threat to democracy,' Duque tells UN

Judge orders Eric Trump to testify before election in New York attorney general probe of President T

Trump offers his thoughts on the Breonna Taylor case verdict.

"Listen when despots tell you what they're gonna do."

The only house with Trump signs was set on fire.

Lousville Protest - Live feed

question about Facebook (I know, I know...!)

REVEALED: Trump's hidden video deposition in Trump University fraud case

Donald Trump Reportedly Said Jews Are Disloyal To US, Blamed Inequality On Black Americans

CABVIEW: Stormy winter conditions on the mountain pass (Bergen Line, Norway)

Voted today in Michigan and deposited my ballot in the village clerk's drop box.

Former Ocean Casino executive files whistleblower suit

Beverly Hills' Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel shuts down as LA County tourism industry continues to struggle

Bingo -Biden up to 78 at 538

University of Houston Has Now Had 5 Football Games Cancelled Due to Covid

Donald Trump is planning to steal the election - Trump is saying so himself out loud! Trump Reveals

Asian American sues Plainfield deputy fire chief over alleged racist COVID-19 comments

Ashley Moody requests investigation into Mike Bloomberg felon voting 'bribe'

It's going be scary night.

Really American New Video: Listen to Bernie

Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies

Charlie 🕯️ I have no idea who she is, I know she loved her Dog

Over ten percent of the population of the town where my mom-in-law lives now has Corona.

OUR despair is one of THEIR best weapons. nt

Trump Says Supreme Court Will Decide the Election

Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Biden, Trump about even in Florida, Arizona

by state listing - when absentee/mail-in ballot counting can begin

Protests Erupt in Louisville After Cops Dodge Charges in Breonna Taylor Killing

Nikki Haley just asked me for money to help her get Trump re elected!

I've Never Been More Worried About American Democracy Than I Am Right Now

Looking at the financial collapse of 2008...

So does Trump have his secret police force ready?

Science Note

How Trump will steal the election in a perfectly legal manner and why you can't do anything about it

I Didn't Leave You.

NEW Sarah Cooper! #ClimateChange is no joke. But with @sarahcpr, the laughs come from the denier in

We're Going to Mars! -- Ch. 1 "We're Going!"

Head of Pennsylvania GOP ADMITS he's spoken to trump campaign about appointing state electors!!

The next 40+ days are going to get uglier and uglier I'm afraid.

Rev. William Barber on today's decision in Louisville

Pelosi/MSNBC: "Breonna Taylor, Breonna Taylor, Breonna Taylor. Say her name."

Right now!!! Nicolle is discussing the Atlantic article on Trump stealing the election!

What's for Dinner, Wed., Sept. 23, 2020

So the GOTV message is that Trump will steal this election & there's nothing we can do about it...

Can we stop posting panicked articles about how it's inevitable that trump will steal the eleciton.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 24 September 2020

CNN has a cop apologist yammering on the tube right now

Got a Fear Text from AZ Maggots..

Portland Parks Bureau denies permit for Proud Boys to hold rally at Delta Park, citing coronavirus s

Seattle begins accepting applications for 'Stay Healthy' blocks on non-arterial streets

No more doom and gloom

Beloved College Inn Pub stays in business with new owners

So the killing of Breonna Taylor was justified?

538 Poll, for 3 years...Biden 52, Trump link below, ...take a look:

Russians are an internal threat like we've never witnessed. Expect more leaks coming from the FBI,

Trump has named a former House aide to Devin Nunes as Inspector General of the Intelligence Comm

First RBG, now Animal from the Road Warriors; this week sucks!

As a thought - why can't Bloomberg throw a hundred million into the Kentucky race?

The White House blames voters for the messes Trump made

Video: "We brought a herd of goats to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' doorsteps today..."

England And Wales Want to Make Misogyny A Hate Crime

Stupid is stupid and karma is a bitch

Missouri Republican Gov. Mike Parson, opponent of mandatory masks, tests positive for COVID-19

New Trump administration rule could make it harder for gig and contract workers to have rights

"Expanding the Supreme Court is not politically risky for Democrats."

Bartcop memory popped up in my head Paul Harvey Horse Molester

I have often wondered how Tobin S. is doing.

WH Press Sec.: 'Trump's Critics Will Seize On Any Six-Figure Death Toll That Suits Their Narrative."

This man pulled a gun on Louisville protester today ...if you know him, please report his to police

They are out in force tonight. Good luck MIRT. n/t

Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies

Old Story: Melania and Ivanka Trumps' botched NYC mayor votes thrown out

We WILL kick their asses

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/23/20

Eric Holder speaks with Dems Abroad

Justice in a Post-Trump America

Armed Trump supporters, in paramilitary gear, threaten people in cars.

Missouri Governor Tests Positive

I just got polled

Counterpoint: The election will be called for Biden the minute West Coast polls close

"Everything Trump says now, see it through the lens of a guy who knows he's going to lose..."

"New York judge rules Eric Trump must sit for deposition before election"

Regarding Breonna Taylor:

Florida investigating whether Bloomberg broke election laws by paying felons fines.

CORRUPT: DHS awarded $6 million in contracts to firm where Acting Secretary Wolf's wife is executive

THE GREATEST SURPRISE: These siblings thought they were going to be surprised with stuffed animals--

Blah blah blah......fuck you!

Netflix: Jurassic Park - Camp Cretaceous...

One Year To Medicare!

'Department Of Trump': Biden Says DOJ Has Become Trump's 'Private Law Firm'

Hogan: High court nomination before election 'a mistake'

New Trump-Russia ties emerge from Senate propaganda report on Hunter Biden

Republicans Sue TX After GOP Guv Greenlights Expanding In-Person Early Voting For Pandemic

Trump live just now "there won't be a peaceful transition"

Trump refuses to commit to peaceful transition of power.

Chris Hayes: The GOP Made A Devil's Bargain With Trump

I posted earlier that the Rs are panicking here in Texas.

trump: "I have to leave for an emergency phone call." Translated: "Putin on line 1!"

NRA, Breonna Taylor, and the Second Amendment

"That has to be approved by the White House," Trump says of FDA standards.

White Supremacists Top Terrorist Threats Within U.S., Wolf Says

Trump just said he may override the FDA on vaccine approval

Liberal Redneck - America After RBG

is this true? When did Trump say this?

7 reasons Gavin Newsom has the worst job in politics

The president who killed 200,000 Americans is signing an executive order called "born alive."

Okay, I'll say it. Thank you, Bernie.

Channel Tunnel Spat Risks Severing Crucial U.K.-France Rail Link

Met Opera cancels entire 2020-21 season over coronavirus

Video: Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power -- the cornerstone of our democracy --

NYT : Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden

Are there ANY demographics that have shifted in Trump's direction since 2016?

Fauci Makes Cover of Time Magazine

Did he just say....

House lawmakers unanimously pass bill that would allow Alwyn Cashe to finally receive the Medal of H

House Democrats unveil sweeping reforms package to curtail presidential abuses

drumpf supporters are armed in Louisville streets harassing citizens

Trump on 2020 Election: "Get rid of the ballots"

Drumpf says Biden's approach is anti-science and then accuses Biden of copying him

Bennet is cleaning Mitch's clock from the floor of the Senate. (Cspan2)

I understand that the Louisville cops who just skated insisted that they announced themselves as

Parson, his wife both test positive for COVID-19; governor postpones travel, debate

She wasn't "canonized"

Republicans need to do an intervention with their leader, Mitch McConnell.

No, Joe Biden is not using a teleprompter in an interview

Stop. Letting. Them. Control. The. Narrative.

Please, everyone, take a deep breath and send up a plea to the Universe

Rep. Davids Applauds Passage of Bill to Increase Focus on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Coronavirus: Florida reports 2,590 new cases Wednesday, 202 deaths

Liberal Redneck on RBG and other things. He speaks for me...calling mitch some great new nicknames

Slate "Impeach Bill Barr"

Share of African-Americans who are "definitely motivated to vote"

A taxi driver saves a Belarusian protester being chased by club-wielding riot police.

Tweet from Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg

did trump say corona was an italian sounding name and then move his hands to imitate woman's curves?

A thought on the "state legislature overriding the popular vote..

Take Back the Court

We have reached Hitler 2.0 n/t

I don't give a rat's ass if Trump accepts the results or not.

If Trump's "It is what it is" did not doom his campaign, is it unreasonable to wonder when

Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses

Pic Of The Moment: Insane President Won't Commit To Peaceful Transfer Of Power

Photo surfaces showing ERIC Trump in Ukraine as investigations into the Trump Org intensify:

Breonna Taylor's family dismayed by indictment: 'I'm mad as hell because nothing's changing'

USPS must be taking that ruling about ballots being priority mail seriously.

This has been quite a stable race - looking at 538 and Princeton

Voter registration surges after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, groups say

Suburban women grieve Justice Ginsburg, brace for political fight over replacement

Pence defends Trump holding rallies amid coronavirus: 'We're in an election year'

tRump's Unsurprising Answer on Breonna Taylor: "Nobody's Done More for the Black Community Than Me"

"You'll have a very peaceful -- there won't be a transfer, frankly, there'll be a continuation."

from Joshua Bell:

GOP Senator introduces bill that could require genital exams for girls competing in school sports

The orange man and the RNC

chang of seasons

Will there be a peaceful transfer of power?