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Archives: September 24, 2020

Facebook to reject election ads that prematurely declare a winner

Absentee voting has begun in Arkansas.

Club for Growth plans $5M in ads to back Trump's Supreme Court nominee

Ted Cruz blocks Senate resolution honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"In this Senate, words have lost their meaning...That's when institutions fail."

TCM Schedule for Thursday, September 24, 2020 -- TCM Spotlight: Honoring Our Medical Heroes

Biden campaign slams 'Trump's use of anti-Semitic tropes'

Was there or is there supposed to be a debate between Biden and trump?

The Police Helicopter is back...

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 25, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Civil War Westerns

Crazy photo shows San Francisco's raccoon problem

MI-03: Internal Democratic poll shows tight race in contest to replace Amash

"Get rid of the ballots"

Underwater Photograph winners 2020

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats are to be winning in 2020.

IF THE GOP messes with the Electors, for sure we need to get rid of the Electoral College.

Trump voters just have a different set of values

I took the plunge into the Turkish series, Bir Bulut Olsam (BBO) (If I Were A Cloud)

This is a clever video in response to trump hinting he won't leave office...

Trump's Remarks in a Discussion with State Attorneys General on Social Media; 09-23-20

Trump's ass has been handed to him at every turn in the courts during this election...

George Takei: A word to the wise: Trump thrives on your fear. He loves it when you feel helpless and

Isn't refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power grounds for immediate impeachment and remov

In secret recording, trainer for Unlock Michigan advises on unlawful tactics

I'm sorry to interrupt you caller but that's a physical impossibility...

I don't seem to be able to post

John Dean: If the election is not resolved Speaker Pelosi becomes acting president.

Rep. MA Governor Slams Senate's Attempts to Confirm SCOTUS Nominee While Delaying Virus Relief

New poll finds voters under 30 are motivated -- and the economy looms larger than ever for them

A Convergent Synthesis Scheme for Overcoming Virginiamycin Antibiotic Resistance.

Michigan clerks begin mailing absentee ballots this week

The latest new lawn sign from my neighborhood walk:

Tarrant County won't use Dickies Arena as a voting site.

Michigan clerks begin mailing absentee ballots this week

Meanwhile, at DC's newest hotel, The Zena, there's this . . . . .

Instead of asking about a "peaceful transfer of power", the question should be framed this way:

Election commission votes against FedExForum as early voting site

I was depressed and then I read this...


Ohio absentee ballot applications more than double from 2016

Another Prediction on the November 3, 2020 Election. Biden will get more than 61 percent of vote..

Dodgers announce details of Dodger Stadium Vote Center, create Online Voter Resourc

Don't panic. Vote

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

John Fugelsang on Breonna Taylor case

"When you lose the election, do you think your private plane can get you to Moscow ahead of

FL: Mail-in-ballots begin to go out to voters who requested them Thursday

"At least two and as many as four media outlets have "a story" that has been verified and vetted."

CNN: Police Officer shot in Louisville.

I just went to Orangeanus really fucked up not registering it...

On Facebook, a trumper said he appreciates my military service...

In reversal, officials say Mystics' home court can be used as voting supercenter in Southeast D.C.

Hillary Clinton has a new podcast "You and Me Both" starting September 29th

Belarus... doesn't this sound familiar? President claims he won 80% of the vote

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Did you ever like "Dynasty"?

USC's Galen Center to serve as a voting center on Election Day

Ga. absentee ballots to be sent out this week! YEAH! nt

Louisiana voting website down on voter registration day was 'unfortunate error'

5 of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's most powerful Supreme Court opinions

Forward Majority makes historic investment to flip Texas State House

Donald Trump Declares Dictatorship: 'We want to get rid of the ballots... there won't be a transfer'

Ok. I am officially freaked out

Las Vegas loses two more prominent rodeo events to Texas

Halloween costume masks don't replace face masks, CDC warns

"Life comes at you fast" What were you saying, Nate?

Biden wants live fact checker during debatesI agree

Midwestern politicians send AT&T letters asking it to suspend job cuts and off-shoring of jobs

FBI PSA on disinformation re the election

Pelosi: "Breonna Taylor, Breonna Taylor, Breonna Taylor. Say her name."

'Super pigs' can have piglets at only 3 months old. They're terrorizing US, experts say

We must be prepared to protect the results. That's why @StandUpAmerica and @IndivisibleTeam created

The Lincoln Project is freaking out in their live podcast:

House Democrats unveil reform package to 'prevent future presidential abuses'

Teri Kanefield thread on "flipping electors".

Trump wondered sarcastically at his rally if Joe Biden would wear a mask entering the debate?

People are out here in Saint Paul Minnesota protesting for #BreonnaTaylor #wcco

Michael Bennet Condemns McConnell's Damage to Integrity of Courts, Disregard for Institutions

Leaked Messages Show Far-Right Group Planned Portland Violence and Posed as Antifa.

Anyone who is unwilling to call out trump on his election crazytalk has no business being in office

"Facebook's own engineers are scared about what the Groups algorithm is doing to people."

Bloomberg is beginning to pay felon's outstandingfees in Florida so they can vote

A Twin Cities family believes they were targeted for having a "Trump 2020" sign outside their home.

Don't Fall For His Fear Factor

Democrats take aim at Houston suburbs in bid for Texas House majority

Where Running Over Protesters Could Become Legal

Mail-In Ballots/Absentee Ballots

"The analysis that people are missing is that he's not preparing to contest a *close* election."

Only mass people power can stop Trump's coup. What are you doing to prepare?

Rachel looks beleaguered which scares me.

'Hey, I'm not Joe': Sheriff candidate Jerry Sheridan distances himself from Arpaio, his former boss

156 countries joined a major, WHO-led effort to develop and distribute coronavirus vaccines.

@BPDAlerts confirms it is investigating a report of a truck driving through a group of protestors...

Philly is opening 17 early voting locations across the city. Here's where.

Starting tomorrow - and going for a week- Florida is set to mail out 4.7 million ballots.

Are You Prepared?

My 76-year old mother just got suspended on Twitter

Biden Bandana!!!!

Rachel In Full Meltdown Mode

Maddow is discussing the plans for the Trump admin's

Finally, The Real Reason Lady Stoneheart Wasn't In 'Game Of Thrones'

Cops shooting at protestors?

Long lines of mourners pay respects to Ginsburg at court

Shame on Rachel.

This whole situation reminds me of something I saw in a movie. What was it? Oh here it is!

Is State Department Lying to Congress on Sale of Ambassador's Residence in Israel?

Is this the start what we all were afraid of happening?

For those who might still be wondering...

Keep this in mind

The team

Dianne Feinstein's grilling of Trump SCOTUS frontrunner for her devout catholicism goes viral

China 'coercing' thousands of Tibetans into mass labour camps - report

Democrats must make the GOP pay for its Supreme Court seat, and McConnell can help, Chris Hayes says

Stop believing what Trump says!

Chris Hayes On How To Make GOP Pay The Price For Supreme Court Seat

Bloomberg focuses on Florida Hispanics with new $8 million Spanish ad blitz

Stuart Stevens: Republicans care so much about conservative judges who believe in strict...

I'm in a red state and I'm voting like my life depends on it...

Please, no more "it's the end of the world" posts.

Former Fox News Regular Joe diGenova Claims Network Is Beholden to George Soros

Dear, dear Trump supporters --- good news! Come November, you won't have to worry

Adam Schiff on Trump's comments

Trump 'went crazy' when criminal-justice reforms failed to improve his polling with Black voters

"THE ARCTIC IS OURS" /Russia touts huge new nuclear-powered icebreaker as proof "the Arctic is ours

New Franklin & Marshall PA Poll Shows Biden Leading

Trump will totally crack up as his insanity eats him alive. We are seeing the on-ramp to his self

VA assisted living program

"You don't listen, Senator Paul"!

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats the Democrats are to be winning in 2020.

I want to be the fly on the wall when...

Iowa judge to rule on absentee ballot lawsuit by Friday

@KamalaHarris Tonight, I'm thinking of Breonna Taylor's family who is still grieving the loss of a d

Our Democracy Is at Stake. Democrats Have to Act Like It.

Joe: We must continue to speak Breonna Taylor's name, support her family still in grieving, and neve

I don't give a flying fuck about the officers who got shot in Louisville. I'm totally against what

The election is safe and secure. Don't believe the Republicans lies, don't disenfranchise youself

Kentucky's Governor, Andy Beshear is calling for the evidence in BreonnaTalyor investigation to be..

Joe: I reaffirm my commitment to stand with the Venezuelan people.

Schiff on Trump's comments:

The Story About Trump Trying to Steal The Election Highlights Importance of Senate Races! GOTV!

Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies



Trump is telling you to throw away legal voting ballots. He plans to stay forever.

Wisconsin's GOP legislature files for an emergency stay of the Democrats voting rights victory.

Biden is ready for tRump's chicanery...

*Gold Standard Franklin & Marshall Battleground PA Likely Voter Poll Biden 48% Klansman 42%*

Missouri, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

I think I have a case of Schroedinger's Body.

Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies

Politico - No vax bump for Drumpf

In PA, the Repub legistlature CAN'T appoint its own electors....

Be ready to fight for the vote count! Trump is going to grab power! Biden should never concede!

okay i am not prone to panic but this has got me there

'Cake Boss' star Buddy Valastro impales hand in 'terrible' bowling accident

In light of recent developments, I think it's wise to revisit what fascism is

Trudeau: Canada already in second wave of coronavirus

Here's what you can do if you're panicking over Trump trying to steal the election:

Moody wants investigation into Bloomberg donations to pay off Florida felons' fines

Mississippi, Confused About Voting In The 2020 Election? "Better Know A Ballot" Is Here To Help!

Biden on Trump's refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power: 'What country are we in?'

Democratic groups using Bloomberg money to launch $6M in Spanish language ads in Florida

Romney: 'Unthinkable and unacceptable' to not commit to peaceful transition of power

GOP Senator introduces bill that could require genital exams for girls competing in school sports

Texas begins letting people register to vote online when they're updating their driver's licenses

Joe Biden urges peace, patience following Breonna Taylor grand jury decision

FEC commissioner responds to Trump: 'We do not "get rid of" ballots'

Trump's Justice Department and Personal Lawyer Threatened Melania's BFF Over Tell-All

Omfg! My dad tossed his and my mom's absentee ballots in the trash last night!!!

Alison Krauss - You Will Be My Ain True Love

Why my colleagues and I are introducing the first major democracy reforms since Watergate

The Japanese have built a 60-foot robot that moves.....

Joe: Even amidst the profound grief & anger today's decision generated, violence is never & can neve

Enya - Only Time

This says it all.

GOP senators' anti-Biden report repackages old claims

San Marino man accused of driving into protesters is charged with sending arms to a training camp

'Heartbroken': Tears, rage in Louisville streets after Breonna Taylor grand jury decision

Who watched Rachel? I am freaking out.

Tell everyone you know to go vote, then prepare to fight to make sure your vote is counted!

The Daily Social Distancing Show: How Trump Is Planning On Winning The Election No Matter What

Do you think police officers' image will be tarnished if they keep voting Republican

Protests have become so common in our politics that we now have a "usual."

2fer, Words: 1) "Recuse" for SHITLER to learn. 2) "Choice" for wingnuts in general.

Dr. Fauci Knocked Sen. Rand Paul Back So Hard You'd Think He Was Paul's Neighbor

The Biden train in Texas

Trump May Veto Vaccine Rules

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Dahlia Lithwick - Is the Supreme Court Broken?

Brent Terhune: TRUMP AIN'T LEAVING (((Satire)))

Snicker-worthy. What the FBI's election PSA didn't say

10 things you need to know to stop a coup

An alcohol-filled teen party delayed a Massachusetts school's reopening; Parents Charged

"I've interviewed convicted killers with more empathy. @realDonaldTrump is advocating Civil War"

Wise words from David Plouffe

Recorded attack on Black runner is charged as a hate crime (with video)

POLITICO-Harvard poll: Pandemic fallout, racial reckoning are deeply personal to 2020 voters

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is a black republican who should be forever shunned.

Responses to the Louisville situation from Biden and Harris

FEC flags McConnell campaign over suspected accounting errors

Are there consequences for loss of life?

Don't buy the criminal bullsh*t.

Unbelievable conversation between two neighbors just now.

At this point rachel needs to dedicate a full show to clarify this bullshit

Here's what you can do if you're panicking over Trump trying to steal the election:

I wonder who REALLY shot the cops.

Spoiler Alert If this is an allegory.

If You Wanna Get To Heaven

Hazmat suit up! If you are brave and in person.

FBI issues announcement CONTRADICTING Trump's claim that a winner MUST be declared on election night

Dr. Fauci exposes Sen. 'Dr.' Rand Paul as a quack after his misinforming Right-Wing question

Seth Meyers - Trump Says Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Available in a Matter of Weeks - Monologue 9/22

Russian author & whistleblower @ZarinaZabrisky explains how Russia is meddling in your social media

Enigma - Sadeness

Who asked Trump the question about "peaceful transfer of power?"

9/24 Mike Luckovich: Rigged!

☦ Orthodox Christian: 'Blessed Is The Man' Hymn

Fight back, be active...there is something you can do!!!

Is there a single one of you who ISN'T going to vote because of something you hear in the news?

My dad does not vote

Public Service Announcement by the FBI - Glenn Kirschner

Now We Are Free Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

I love voting in Virginia.

Seth Meyers - Trump Says COVID "Affects Virtually Nobody" As Death Toll Hits 200,000: A Closer Look

Trump accuses Democrats of cheating with mail-in ballots.

POINTS!! @Midnight w/ Chris Hardwick

When The President Talks To God - Kevin Johnston rewrite 2017

Is State Department Lying to Congress on Israel Embassy Sale?

Good day, today. Sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Temperature, low 70"s. So, I went on a hike

Former World Leaders Urge Ratification of Nuclear Arms Ban Treaty

Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Has an IMPEACHED President ever appointed a Supreme Court Justice?

'Chilling': Hayes Unpacks Trump's Vast And Ongoing Project To Steal The Election - All In - MSNBC

Gold miners discover 100 million-year-old meteorite crater Down Under

Has anyone read ABC News's report on Q ?

Wee, single-celled creatures may chow down on viruses

It's 38 minutes into her show & Rachel sounds perfectly rational to me

Prehistoric desert footprints are earliest evidence for humans on Arabian Peninsula

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

Too many insiders continue to categorize certain states as "tipping point" states

"Soon we won't have a president who asked his son to write hush money checks for a porn star..."

Thank you Parscale-Biden is out spending trump

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding - Elvis Costello

If anything the creature just fired more people up

Two returnees from US found positive in state quarantine

Democrats Favor Expanding Supreme Court by Adding Entire Obama Family

What to do if there is a coup

Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

US does not recognize Lukashenko as legitimate president of Belarus

Arnold Schwarzenegger putting up funds for voting access

I know children running for first grade president that know the difference between "than" and "then"

For my 100,000th post:

Public Enemy - Fight The Power (2020 Remix)

Man Dies From Eating Too Much Black Licorice, What Is Glycyrrhizic Acid?

"65 years ago today, Emmett Till's killers were acquitted..."

Tweet from President Barack Obama

The Bullshit Has Only Just Started

Trump Can't Lawfully Use Armed Forces to Sway the Election: Understanding the Legal Boundaries

Breonna Taylor Deal Promises Reform Police Said They Did Years Ago

From Dan Rather

Gil Scott Heron "Winter In America" (1974)

Love is a Stranger - Eurythmics

Yamiche Alcindor: Protesters and their stories

Staffers Get Angry Because Trump NEVER Shows Up For Work

Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell


Steve Bannon Urges Republicans To Sign Up As Election Officials And Contest Every Mail-In Ballot

Breonna Taylor and the Grand Jury

If Trump DOES pull some shit and gets back in office -- POSSIBLE Plan B

The Republican Party's sordid history in Florida shows just how far they'll go to save Trump

tiedrich tweets with some great questions

Hi everybody. It's been a while since I've been here.

How republicans got

Ex-US diplomat James Baker will vote for Trump 'to get conservative judges', book reveals

FBI warns 'foreign actors' likely to spread misinformation on election results


'Get Rid Of The Ballots.' Trump Won't Commit To Peaceful Transfer Of Power - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Confessions of a Trump Troll

Cult leader who claims to be reincarnation of Jesus arrested in Russia

I am considering joining the American Misanthropic Society

Colombia: spying on reporters shows army unable to shake habits of dirty war

Trump Declines To Commit To A Peaceful Transfer Of Power - Rachel Maddow - MSNBC

'Bringing beaches back to life': the First Nations restoring ancient clam gardens

'Tell my mom I love her': Graphic body cam video shows officer shot 13-year-old boy with autism

Protesters March in Oakland Following Grand Jury Decision in Breonna Taylor's Killing

Vote in person if possible.

Protesters March Across NYC Following Decision in Breonna Taylor's Killing by Cops NBC New York

Florida AG investigating Bloomberg effort to help ex-felons vote

So i am pretty sure im not a pill person

Amy Coney Barrett: "it's not a lateral move."

Tweet of the Day

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump Makes Everything About Himself

New USDA Records Show Trade Bailout and Coronavirus Payments Went to the Largest Farms

NC-SEN: Thom Tillis Grew Up In A Mobile Home, Then He Hiked Taxes On Them

Black Myth Wu Kong EXPLAINED - Cultural References to Journey to The West/The Monkey King

Murphy Philosophical about Baby Bonds

GOP National Committee Memo Lists 7 Senate Races 'At Risk' Of Flipping To Democrats in November

Mongolian Youtuber Reacts PewDiePie saying FILTHY MONGOLS (Ghost of Tsushima)!!!

I can't sleep. Good God in Butter I want Trump gone. There is no such thing as unsolicited ballots

Trump and Biden Forces Clash Civilly in Atlantic County

GA-SEN: Democratic and GOP operatives say the Perdue race is tighter than the 48-42 Monmouth Poll

Van Drew took campaign contribution from N.J. hydroxychloroquine salesman named Joe Pizza

NJ-02: The Kennedys will soon be gone in Congress. Unless Amy Kennedy beats Jeff Van Drew

Kickboxing gym owner's suit seeks compensation for COVID closure

We Are In For A Roller Coaster Ride Of Scary Proportions' Between Election & Inauguration MSNBC

The people in Kentucky and everywhere should now use their energy

PA-01: Indivisible Bucks County endorses Christina Finello for Congress

CO-03: The next representative from Western Colorado?

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 9/23/20

If the Supreme Court Ends Obamacare, Here's What It Would Mean

PA-10: DePasquale promises to problem solve and put aside DC 'trappings' in 10th Congressional bid

Vote now in person in these states. Anyone have knowledge about these states voting procedures?

Judge block ballot drop boxes in Gloucester County


When the urge to mansplain is so strong...

US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that the Democrats will win in 2020.

Stephen Colbert: Guest Jeff Daniels

MO-02: GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare a sticking point for Democrats in Wagner-Schupp race

What is People of Praise? A look inside Amy Coney Barrett's church that inspired 'The Handmaid's Tal

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Sweeney: 'I didn't cave' on millionaire's tax

NEW NYT/SIENA POLLS: IA: +3 Biden GA: TIE TX: +3 Trump

The State of the Nation...


Breaking down the electorate map 6 weeks ahead of the election

Human Rights Watch: US: Officials' Pandemic Response Impaired Right to Vote

Trump Media Agency Boss Explains Non-Appearance to House Panel

AZ-SEN: Arizona Senate race winner should be sworn in 'promptly'

Wyden: RonJohn Stumbled Upon Evidence Of Trump Corruption In Ukraine Probe

Arizona State House moves from 'Tossup' to 'Tilt Democrat'

Did you hear a tick?

Psychopath-in-Chief "Trump reminds me of my dad, the serial killer", Kerri Rawson writes.

IF Trump goes to the SC, and the case isn't resolved by Jan 20, doesn't Trump have to leave office ?

Menendez wants non-partisan commission to investigate nation's pandemic response

About the Minnesota house with the trump sign being torched.

Can we count on our military to save our democracy? No other institution can.

By falsely claiming election corruption from mail in voting trumps admitting

Ready for the Times to Get Better - Billy Strings


John Moreland- You Don't Care For Me Enough to Cry

How Huawei grew to dominate the world

39 days to go...

Portland denies permit for right-wing rally, cites COVID-19 yesterday


Officers busted car windows, broke man's elbow in arrest for traffic violation.

South Korea official shot dead by North Korean troops after crossing border:

Remember in The Wizard of Oz

9-carat diamond found at Crater of Diamonds State Park, 2nd largest in park history

88 whales rescued from Australia's worst mass beaching

Male domestic abuse victims 'sleeping in cars and tents'

Nearly 500 former national security officials formally back Biden

Palm oil labor abuses linked to world's top brands, banks

Ghost of Tsushima - 8 Essential Combat Tips For Survival

Pandemic accelerates changes to work culture

Next big thing in videogames?

We're in the midst of a coup d'etat

The EU says Lukashenko is not the legitimate Belarus president

When push comes to shove ..This is what I am hoping for

Ex-cop who drove drunk and killed pedestrian gets lighter sentence during emotional hearing

A women hating woman, freedom denying batshit cray cray theocracy dreaming extremist

Union Veterans Council Condemns Racism in Georgia Senate District 23 Race

Union Veterans Council Condemns Racism in Georgia Senate District 23 Race

Union Veterans Council Condemns Racism in Georgia Senate District 23 Race

All right, which one of you blabbermouths spilled the beans??

My head is not in the greatest place this morning worried about possible election violence

Capitulating to the right won't end the judicial wars

Trump-bashing N.J. congressman just got some real power to go after president

Coronavirus: Download NHS contact tracing app to 'make country a safer place', health secretary urge

When a president won't commit to a peaceful transfer of power, and to get rid of the ballots, isn't

Eric Trump at his upcoming deposition.

Stranded dog rescued from bridge 120 feet above Mississippi River

Human to cat transmission of COVID-19

I had a dream a few nights ago

Who is the worse president: Trump or Bush?

Quarantine ordered for 2,500 students at elite Swiss school

UK Covid-19 vaccine trial set to infect healthy volunteers with virus

One Nomination Sent to the Senate; September 23, 2020

Living with wild life in the Catskills

Is Ted Cruz upset?

Japan is resuming flights to China, and reopening its borders - but not to tourists

GOYA conspiracy uncovered

She told us

The Biden Blowout Scenario

Joe Rogan spreads unfounded conspiracy theory that COVID-19 started in a lab

CEO Of Pebble Mine Partnershp Resigns; Recordings Show Murkowski's Cute Lil' Lapdog Status

Two GOP Elections Officials Quit In North Carolina

Breakfast Thursday 24 September 2020. Aw geeze! Wrong group! Sorry!

States With Postage-Paid Election Mail

Four boobs discuss "court packing" on Fox

"We've Broken Almost Every Record There Is To Break" - 2020 Fires Cap A Disastrous Decade

Biden Rolls Eyes at Trump's Threat to Peaceful Transfer of Power and Asks: What Country Are We In?

'Highly unusual': Bill Barr's Russiagate prosecutor expands probe to include Clinton Foundation

got my mail in ballot

I am withdrawing from Social Media for a while...

"Get rid of the ballots and no need to be a change of power"!

A militia group marches up 7th St. in downtown Louisville. They wouldn't identify their group ...


Satellite Imaging Shows Pine Island, Thwaites Glaciers Rapidly Destabilizing (11' Of Sea Level Rise)

His lie exposed, Kean chooses to stick with it

Yes, Trump's SC pick imperils Roe V Wade and Obamacare. But don't forget The Dreamers

The Election That Could Break America - The Atlantic Magazine

Embarrassing poster with wanted terrorist

'Really brilliant': Trump praises Ky. prosecutor after no charges in Breonna Taylor's death

Trump Campaign cancelling ad buys in key states makes sense...

Is anyone else experiencing these "Fine Print Republican's" with their campaign ads?

My wife left me because she thinks I'm insecure. She's

SCOTUS Picks: An Industry Hack, A Climate Liar, Judge Kingdom-Of-God And Some Mutes

2 retired 4-star officers who served under Trump endorse Biden

Fact check: Trump Jr. touts baseless rigged-election claims to recruit 'army' for his dad

Thursday TOONs - Synchronized Flip-Flopping

So, Trump won't "commit to a peaceful transfer of power". SO. EFFING. WHAT?

Real Clear Politics Battleground States - GOTV!!!

Since 2016, 1.2 Million Americans On Average Have Been Displaced by Natural Disasters Each Year

The Rundown: September 24, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 9/23/20

"Becoming RBG"

People with disabilities still waiting to go back to work 6 months later

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 9/23/2020

Pa. poll: Biden's lead over Trump within margin of error in top battleground state

Their shenanigans are so out in the open, in an attempt to suppress votes.

RCG by Bill Sienkiewicz

After 4 Years Of Shitstain's Lies & Photo-Ops, Coal Jobs Down 5,000 To Half Of BHO's First-Term #s

How is everyone voting...

Dan Rather: "There is no more time...."

Lindsey is in trouble: "I'm getting killed financially," Graham says on Fox of his Senate race.

Man dies from eating more than a bag of liquorice a day

For the last time, states are NOT mailing out unsolicited ballots to voters!

Sir David Attenborough Has No More Fucks To Give; Viewer #s Spike For Straight-Up Extinction Show

Statement: National Security Leaders for Biden

What do Trumpinistas eat for breakfast? Their own.

Total number of people claiming benefits in all programs for the week ending Sept 5 was 26.0 M

THe SC Addressed THe Issue Of Electors & Trump Knows It

* A + Rated NYT Sienna College Battleground Iowa Poll* Biden 45% Klansman 42%*

interesting 538 article - good news for Biden "What State Polls Can Tell Us About the National Race"

Gov Cuomo briefing and announcement at 11:30 ET

Asked on Fox News Radio if he agrees that if the Supreme Court says Joe Biden won then Joe Biden won

Aldabra Atoll - Remote, Restricted & World Heritage Site - Has At Least 500 Tons Of Plastic Trash

Coronavirus cases surge to new highs in Wyoming; return to colleges the latest factor

Joe: This is our moment to tackle systemic racism head-on and build a nation true to our founding id

What Senate Democrats are learning from Mitch McConnell. By Ezra Klein

9/22 UNL Drought Monitor - Kind Of . . . Interesting For Late September

"Give liberty, give me death"

Wells Fargo CEO apologizes for saying "there is a very limited pool of Black talent to recruit from"

Weekly jobless claims rise unexpectedly, total 870,000

Wish List for the Democratic Senate (Jan. 3, 2021)

Elizabeth Warren had a very prescient warning for us in March of 2016:

TLP: Nobody

TLP: Nobody

Wait Wait the Turtle MoscowMitch tweeted that there will be a peaceful transfer of power

Former Bergen County Judge Andrew Napolitano faces second sexual assault claim

Question about website trackers.

Man dies from eating 1.5 bags of black licorice per day

Richard Scarry's Busy, Busy Day in Trump's America

How are our chances in the House?

People are shouting Vote him out! Vote him out!

CNN? Wasn't Rosa Parks the first woman to lie in state in the Rotunda?

Wow! People shouting "Vote him out" at Trump outside of the SC.

Stranded on a Sandbar

So, why would MSNBC break in to show the Orange Jesus and his handler-wife paying "respects" to RBG

1994 Crime Bill truth

Starting to decorate at the new school. More autumn pics to be added. The sun is laminated, and I'm

This does the heart good.

Trump hiding behind a pillar on the steps of the Supreme Court as onlookers shout him down

Nearly 100 companies whose bonds were purchased by the Fed fired workers and gave money to sharehold

It's so adorable how Gov Noem kills a bird to impress people. Warning, graphic

The Democrats' Supreme Court Hail Mary

STOP. FEELING. HELPLESS. That's what our enemies want

Homemade Oat Milk Recipe

'A eureka moment': The Airbnb for private California swimming pools is booming

McConnell pushes back on Trump: 'There will be an orderly transition'

Sing this with me, this is 40

Born on this date in 1893

Wait for it... Wait for it...

Theodore "Fats" Navarro was born on this date.

Investigation launched after black barrister mistaken for defendant three times in a day

LINCOLN PROJECT campaign ad: "Nobody"

Calling Tripper11 and urbanhermit for the OCTOBER Contest!

Book Review: Vaccines -- lessons from three centuries of protest

I'm going to recommend a meal delivery service.

Hand Maidens 2.0:Christian Group Is In The Spotlight Over Its Ties To A Supreme Court Front-Runner

Album released on this date in 1991

DOSE OF JOE -- Sept 24

Trump claims Fox anchor Chris Wallace won't ask Biden 'tough questions' at debate

Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for equality -- media must make clear Trump's pick will do the opposite

If we weren't winning, they wouldnt be acting this scared.

Florida man suing McDonald's, claims he was injured by Chicken McNugget

This song is so fitting for our times

Teacher from Texas fired for wearing Black Lives Matter mask

trump hiding behind a pillar at the top of the steps to the Supreme Court.

Trump booed and met with chants of 'vote him out' while paying respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Yes it hurt him:

Police officer in Seattle rolls their bike over a fallen protester's head

Nearly 500 generals, admirals and fmr national security officials...just endorsed Joe Biden.

KS-SEN: New poll has Bollier and Marshall tied.

Cook Political Report Demographic Swingometer

A taxi driver saves a Belarusian protester being chased by club-wielding riot police.

Worried about the November 3 Election?

"Vote him out"?

NJ Therapist Asked Patient to Help Her Find a Hitman, Attack Her Ex

Trump to pay respects to RBG

Democrats launch ad informing Pennsylvania voters on 'naked ballots'

Vote Him to..csziggy-2min, 36 secs..enjoy!!

I will admit that those who voted for Trump may not have understood.

Cats in space

Al Jazeera: Know their names.

Mary Trump Sues President and Family, Claiming Fraud of Millions

The Ohio Democratic Party is holding training for Voter Protection volunteers

"40 days from the election and America under Trump looks like Moscow, Russia."

Donald Trump: Master of Illusions

Gov Cuomo: @GovWhitmer and I are calling for Congressional investigations into the Trump admin's pol

yeah...wise advice

Trump Ally: Kelly Loeffler Offered Trump $50 Million to Help Get Her Opponent Out of the Race

Living in a rural, red area can create a siege mentality this year

The secret to winning the first Trump-Biden debate

566 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thur.; 34 deaths

The career official who reviewed John BOLTON's book for classified mateiral described heavy pressure

"Just a reminder -- the Supreme Court isn't supposed to certify election results..."

Pence is going to Minnesota and Wisconsin today. He's on this plane:

Old Man Fibber..(Moscow Mitch) 2min 36 secs

Florida attorney general pursues probe into Bloomberg paying felons' fines

The two Republican members of the North Carolina State Board of Elections abruptly resign

"I'm not currently doing nothing wrong."

CREW - trump has 3,400 conflicts of interest!!

The Jr Senator from Ohio takes a stand

The US supreme court has become a threat to democracy. Here's how we fix it

The two Republican members of the North Carolina State Board of Elections abruptly resign

Breakfast: Thursday, September 24, 2020

Amazing the number of Women walking around the Court, the capitol

The Shaddy Bunch ..One Min, 22 secs., ENJOY !!!

Remember this? Amber Guyger convicted of murder in wrong-apartment killing of innocent man

Trump's Remarks in Press Briefing; September 23, 2020

has anyone seen this planet prognosis

Chris Murphy thread: The death of honor in the Senate and why we can't just let it go...

Pic Of The Moment: 489 Former U.S. National Security Officials Have Endorsed Biden For President

Is this even legal? WTF is going on in Louisville?

Here's what you can do if you're panicking over Trump trying to steal the election

Jeff Tiedrich: "look, I may not agree with the way our president is meddling with our election..."

Trump Ally: Kelly Loeffler Offered Trump $50 Million to Help Get Her Opponent Out of the Race

Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding: RE-INFECTION UPDATE: 15 cases of formal reinfection has now been documented

City Of Tiny Lites

McConnell: "The winner of the November 3rd election will be inaugurated on January 20th"

Unbelievable: Police Confiscate 345,000 Used Condoms, credit to: sl8

? What is the name of the reporter who asked Trump the question about a peaceful transition?

So Who Exactly Does Trump Think Will Keep Him In Power If He Loses?!

This is such a beautiful eulogy by a Jewish Rabbi. Rest in Peace RBG

McConnell probably doesn't want Trump to win.

Which Way the Wind Blows

"Sweet old ladies and sweet old men"

The daring plan to save the Arctic ice with glass

Feeling a little more hopeful, today.

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner received $24,000 in PAC donations from a meatpacking corporation.


BREAKING: Vaccine Slowed Down, "Unlikely" Before Election Day

Trump booed at Ginsburg Memorial

A couple from the back yard.

Trump Sued By His Niece for Fraud

Medicare Wouldn't Cover Costs of Administering Coronavirus Vaccine Approved Under Emergency-Use Aut

Pelosi knocks Trump over refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power

Man dies after eating bag of licorice every day for a few weeks

Song of the Day--"Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who.

Whoa!! Check out Moody's Analytics comparison of Biden v Trump (D v R sweep) on jobs/growth.

Has anyone noticed

A guest jokes that maybe Joe Biden won't make it to the first debate because he'll get COVID-19.

Hubby wants a treadmill, I want a stationary bike. What's better for elderly workouts?

In a first, Norman Rockwell Museum enlists illustrators to inspire voters

A practical question about states sending mail ballots to all registered voters

Second former Scott Taylor (repuke) campaign staffer pleads guilty to election fraud

The suspect who allegedly shot 2 Louisville officers yesterday is 26-year-ole Larynzo Johnson.

The GOP's abuses make expanding the court morally necessary, but stop calling it "court-packing."

511,417 people have voted in the general election

A political tactic once used by NY Governor Cuomo could save our Democracy in a worst case scenario

Canada signs deals for supply of Sanofi vaccine candidate, antiviral drug to treat COVID-19

My Mother was a Lady Air Raid Warden..

Newspaper endorsements, four years ago on Rachel Maddow's show...

On September 23, 1911, airmail began in the United States.

89-Year-Old Pizza Deliveryman Gets Surprise $12K Tip

I cut our sons slack R&R go camping fishing their mom has been in hospital pneumonia

"Adam Schiff Urges Trump's Own Staff To Walk Out Now While They Can"

Texas Surpasses 15,000 COVID-19 Deaths

Head Of Financial Services Firm Charged In Manhattan Federal Court

Trump has given away his plot to suppress the vote and steal the election

Doonesbury coming Sunday

Thought about the battles over Infrastructure that we always seem to have in Congress

The defeated George H.W. Bush's letter to Clinton on the day of their peaceful transfer of power

Only One Arrest, No Violence During Downtown LA Breonna Taylor Protests

Breanna Taylor's protest peaceful in Pittsburgh

Republicans sugnal their plans to take the election to court.

I leave all this crap from Trump on the shoulders of those who could've stopped him in his tracks!

Chris Hayes thread: YES IT'S THAT BAD. WAKE THE HELL UP.

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 9/24/20

My Unlikely Friendship With Ruth Bader Ginsburg

So, the trash collector just pick up my yard waste bags, and the recycle guy got my bag of garbage.

Officer hit by bullet during "ambush" actually shot himself, say police

I received a survey from Medicare about my health

After bashing vote-by-mail for months and saying it will lead to a rigged and fradulent election --

Pres Bill & SS Hillary Clinton Peacefully pay respects to RBG

Crush this Sick Bastard [Meidas Touch]

Apparently In South Dakota, "Social Distancing" Means "Killing Small Animals With Big Guns".

F.D.A. to Release Stricter Guidelines for Emergency Vaccine Authorization

Stuart G's condom post made me recall this situation.

"I think this is in reference to little Marco's penis."

Gov Cuomo won't trust feds on vaccine, setting up own vetting process

Republican Party lies, cheats, breaks the rules. We really want it running our country? Opinion

nearly 500 national security experts and former officials have signed a letter in support of Biden

I nominate this for today's hypocrisy of the day award

The Constitution is a living document & they are trying to kill it. Don't scrap it--save it

More than 120 arrested after Breonna Taylor shooting protests

Portrait by Renaissance master expected to soar past $80M

So per CNN - yesterday 1,098 people died from Covid-19

Hannity kills.

When the Classroom Comes With Room Service and Poolside Cabanas

FBI has not seen evidence of widespread voter fraud, Director Wray tells senators

#Belarus Liudmila Kazak, Maryia #Kalesnikava's lawyer, has been missing since today's early afternoo

France street harassment: Strasbourg woman attacked 'for wearing skirt'

Father Jim Matin on what is Pro Life

Trump can steal headlines away from the pandemic on this day or that

Louise Mensch: "Alexander Nix banned from any company."

FBI, CISA urge public not to panic if they hear about election hacking

Prosecutors drop charges against Patriots owner Robert Kraft after cops bungled sex sting

As Americans worry about mailed ballots, most states now offer a way to track them - NBC

Volkswagen to compensate workers over Brazil torture

Volkswagen to compensate workers over Brazil torture

Chuck Schumer: This is nothing more than a power grab--and we are fighting it.

Laurence Tribe: "Everyone needs to understand this danger"

Lindsey Graham suggests 2020 election will be decided by the Supreme Court and not voters.

Democrats less likely to vote if they THINK Trump will steal the election

Pablo Escobar: Money hidden in wall found in drug lord's house

Climate scientists uncover new record-low temperature in Greenland

Supreme Court favorite faces renewed attention for religious affiliation

The Trump Administration Is Rushing To Execute People In The Middle Of A Pandemic

'A sham proceeding': Lawyer for Breonna Taylor's family blasts grand jury decision

I've posted two OPs about how panicked the GOP in Texas is.

Breaking: picture of actual phone used by trump for his "emergency call" yesterday

By August, 1 in 5 Covid-19 cases was someone in their 20s

Republicans' Supreme Court gambit may backfire. Here's how.

Dr. Fauci grabs Rand Paul by the scruff of the neck and kicks his ass all the way around the room

Schiff urges Trump administration members to resign: 'You cannot maintain your silence'

When the Classroom Comes With Room Service and Poolside Cabanas

Any of you involved with Stand Up America? I just found out

Actually, We Will Know a Lot on Election Night

My small town is overrun by local FB posters in favor of tRump.

Michael Caputo receives 'metastatic head and neck cancer' diagnosis

Ramen recipe

Best reaction to Trump facing crowd "Vote Him Out" jeers at steps of SCOTUS

NBA players hurting after Breonna Taylor announcement - Malika Andrews SC with SVP

Sen. Klobuchar did NOT come to play today

2 Louisville officers shot at protest -- including an LMPD major -- will recover, chief says

My Halloween Zip Line for Social Distancing

RW'ers, especially Faux "news" nutcases, go nuts over $30 rental truck...

And for today's new neighborhood lawn signs we have:

'Enough is enough': China attacks US at Security Council

*Ohio is now a political battlefield*Quinnipac- Biden 48% Klansman 47%

Mysterious beaked whale smashes mammal diving record

This will be the longest October in my life. The shortest for drumpf

Two Votes Cast for Biden/Harris and all other Democrats!

Quinnipiac: Biden +1 in Ohio, Trump +5 in Texas.

Trump jeered as he visits Ginsburg's casket at U.S. Supreme Court (Vote him out!)

Bob Dylan - Blind Willie McTell

Anarchy in America is an illusion

Trump reaches out to female voters

Nate McMurray (candidate for NY-27) : When can we start using the "H" word?

New: A federal judge has denied Barr's effort to dismiss McCabe's lawsuit over political retaliation

JUST IN: A federal judge has *denied* AG Barr's effort to dismiss Andrew McCABE's lawsuit...

Industrial toxin dumping map

DeJoy Tells Judge Mail-Sorting Machines Can't Be Reassembled

For all those afraid that Trump won't go peacefully if not re-elected,

Science academies sound alarm on political interference

What is this bird?

A Cleaner Tomorrow

A sobering tweet for all the fearmongers

Watch your step

Even if Trump is attempting to steal the election, EVERYONE NEEDS TO VOTE

Why are some saying not to worry about Trump's role in this upcoming election?

(Jewish Group) Jewish service held for Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Supreme Court

(Jewish Group) We should be proud of the very Jewish RBG

Most Americans balk at Republicans' Supreme Court scheme

Quinnipiac Poll: Biden -5 Texas, +1 Ohio

Robert Reich: Injustice

Trevor Noah: Kayleigh McEnany on people chanting at Trump (satire)

Bernie Sanders says Trump is trying to undermine the election to stay in power

Tillis Echoes Conspiracy Theory on Pandemic Deaths

Target to hire 130,000 holiday workers, in line with last year, but jobs will focus on online orders

Former FL AG: Kyle Rittenhouse was just a 'little boy protecting his community'

Half of adults who lost their jobs during the pandemic are still unemployed

"The President says Crazy Stuff"

Passed by a few hours ago

NC GOP begs Bill Barr to stop the undermining of their undermining of democracy....

First Caputo, now Bingo-Bongo...Dan Bongino says he has a tumor in his neck

From the New Yorker: Trump Is Attacking American Democracy at Its Core.

Ringling's retired circus elephants to move to conservation center

DOJ: Hundreds face federal charges for crimes 'adjacent to or under the guise of peaceful demonstrat

This is what we've come to -- an important resource about armed gangs at polling places

Despite Trump's actions against immigrants, these Latino voters want four more years

GOP Senators Prepare To Skip Town w/o Approving Covid Relief, Despite Mass Suffering: 'Disgraceful'

Pelosi abruptly shifts course, restarts economic relief push amid signs economy is straining

Schiff claims DHS is blocking whistleblower's access to records before testimony

Say it plainly: The president is a psychopath

Exclusive: Obama on the Urgency of 2020's Senate & Down Ballot Races NowThis

Nerd alert!

Since I love my cats more than I hate Walmart, I went there today.

De Blasio calls Trump's funding threat 'insulting,' but empty

BREAKING: MN-2 (Angie Craig's seat) now won't be voted on until February...

NY health officials to review any vaccine approved by Trump

"Antifa just parked a taco truck on my corner..."

Chef Jose Andres launches Chefs for the Polls

What's killing Botswana's elephants? Here are the top theories.

Retired top general who advised Trump is among nearly 500 national security experts endorsing Biden

Elect Democratic women?

Ummm.... Who's the target consumer for this?

NC-SEN: Thom Tillis embraced QAnon conspiracy about COVID-19 death count in town hall

Minnesota Second Congressional District race delayed after death of Legal Marijuana Now candidate

This is both bizarre and disturbing -- US Attorney's Offices don't issue reports on pending investiga

MN 2nd Congressional District election postponed

"This, on the day after the President declined to commit to a peaceful transfer of power."

Health expert Peter Hotez warns of a third COVID-19 wave, says a vaccine likely won't come for

Donald Trump's long awaited "new health care plan" is...a statement of policy w/o force of law

Trump ... on Chris Wallace: "He'll be controlled by the radical left"

Gov. Greg Abbott calls for new crimes, mandatory jail time for certain offenses related to protests

Is there something we can do to help each other to vote in person during a pandemic?

Trump says "they found ballots with his his name in a river and in a waste basket"!

Meanwhile, Biden's avg. lead rises against Trump in RCP poll from 6% to 7%

Got my sign UP! Already have the MAGAt neighbor is calling 'my lawyer'. I. LOVE. THIS.

today is National Punctuation Day

This Is A Democratic Emergency, Says Professor Morning Joe MSNBC

Protesters hit by vehicles at Breonna Taylor demonstrations in Buffalo, Denver

Facebook suspends fake Russian accounts, warns of U.S. election hack-and-leak threat

Protesters arrested in downtown Austin march for Breonna Taylor

Utilizing the 21 Tesla Magnet at the National High Magnetic Field Lab to Characterize Asphaltenes.

Trump is going for broke.

Vote by mail, vote early in person if you can but

Suddenly I can't see photos posted on DU

My gym here in NYC re-opened, but I am quittting. Not worth the health risk.

Police raid in Vietnam finds more than 300,000 used condoms being packed for resale

Tonight's dessert: cranberry/orange oatmeal cookies

Yes Lindsey; we "hate your guts"

Sick Creative Minds Wanted

As if we didn't have enough to be concerned about. President Biden is an existential threat to Putin

Cindy Blackmon Santana has a new record out.

It has all the media freaking out because he indicated that there will be no

Russia Seizes Kremlin Critic Navalny's Apartment

Has John Roberts made any comments about the Republicans

#DictatorTrump - Very good - Hope Cuban Americans and Hispanics in Florida watch it

Baldwin Wallace great lakes polling

KODEN SUGOMORI (TSURU NO SUGOMORI): Mamino Yorita, shakuhachi player

Isn't it just adorable when they all come out to play?

Why is the DOJ opening ballots? What is this fuckery?

Michigan can't start counting mail in

DOJ has taken down that bullshit mail fraud release

Sen. Booker: We'll appeal to GOP's sense of decency on SCOTUS seat

10 Differences Between Karate in Okinawa & Japan

National Guard being brought in to Westmoreland Manor(Pennsylvania) amid rise in COVID-19 cases

Abbott Proposes Making Donations To Civil Rights Organizations A Felony

Billionaire who donated to Trump in 2016 donates to Biden

'That's what college kids do.' DeSantis wants protections for partying students

A girl salutes Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a true Super Woman.

Sanders: "This is an election between Donald Trump and democracy"

Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) Ballots are being mailed out today

Google Maps adds a COVID-19 layer

Mike Espy (D) can win in Mississippi, yes you heard that right - he's now in a statistical tie

Claire McCaskill: There is a theme here. And it is NOT AMERICAN.

Scottsdale Mayor Rescinds Mask Order, Draws Ire From Community

YouTube puts mail-in voting information next to videos on the topic

Kamala: This week was yet another heart wrenching reminder of our urgent need to reform our justice

Since when is Karen McDougal part of the Government??

Copper on display

Is Trump coming full circle on mail voting?

A national privacy law would have helped the US deal with COVID-19, lawmakers say

Swedish military has sent four naval warships and an unspecified number of ground forces and warplan

One, two, three, take my hand and come with me

I've heard it takes 2 hours a day for Trump's comb-over & makeup. Looks like they were rushed today.

Any youtube tv gurus here?

Mississippi Senate Race: Democrat Mike Espy within 1% of GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith

Three phases of a Rose, in one photo

State by State - When Absentee/Mail Ballot Processing and Counting Can Begin

Joe: The Flint, MI City Clerk's office will be open the last three weekends before Election Day for

AOL: mcyurtle sez there will be an orderly transition/transfer of power..

Cartoons 9/24/2020

Surge in consumer spending eases state budget challenges

Sen. Ron Johnson backs outsourcing, says it's better to have products made 'dirt cheap' overseas

Watch This Guy Slowly Win Over His Rescue Dog Who Was Scared Of Men

Earth, Wind & Fire: 'September'

Trump's healthcare "vision" is nothing. Executive Orders listing wishes but nothing else

New Report: President Trump has 3,400 conflicts of interest

Autumn leaf

Coldest weather of the season to dive into eastern U.S. next week as fall colors begin to burst.

Here's Jupiter from Juno's Latest Flyby - Universe Today

Earth, Wind & Fire: 'Let's Groove' (Tonight). Bust a move, y'all!

Does anyone on DU know anything about funeral etiquette regarding floral arrangements?

When Trump says to ignore the ballots

Press Briefing by Kayleigh McEnany; September 24, 2020

Laurence Tribe deserves a protective detail for this.... (yikes)

Fed program meant to help workers amid pandemic prioritized Wall Street investors instead: analysis

Let's not bite!!

2016 was the portend. 2020 is the result.

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Sept. 24, 2020

Obama Plans First Joint Fundraisers With Kamala Harris Next Week

Trump's Remarks Before Marine One Departure; September 24, 2020

Trumpski buying senior vote

Trump to sign executive orders protecting preexisting conditions and seeking a way to prevent ....

Has B-o-o-o-o-o-u-u-r-n-s tweeted yet since his shameful appearance at RBG's viewing?

My Favorite Trump Pics (so far)

Face masks could be giving people Covid-19 immunity, researchers suggest

Trump struggling in three states he won four years ago: poll

"No time for golf"

Shocking Video Shows Seattle Cop Rolling Bike Over Fallen Breonna Taylor Protester's Head and Neck


'Unlike anything we've seen in modern history': Attacks against journalists soar during Black Lives

Drumpf denies that Florida's children are getting sick. There are over 56,000!

OK, OK. I'll give ANOTHER $25 to Jaime Harrison. Lindsey has inspired me.

New Fox News poll

Rump Faces Challenges Even in Red States, Poll Shows, as Women Favor Biden Close races

My friend Lois singing with her group in support of BLM @ Rockefeller Center Sings

America is the Holy Roman Empire of the 21st century

Trump said that he couldn't hear the crowd yelling at him "vote him out"?

Trump promises seniors $200 prescription drug gift certificates, but questions abound

Joe: The Trump Administration says "the entire ACA must fall."

what did sen cruz (asshole) say to cause such a wonderful fiery speech from Sen Amy K????

Trump v Biden first presidential debate: when and how to watch

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 25 September 2020

I'm telling Ya, PA is the new MI

Tucker Carlson Accuses BLM of Lying About Breonna Taylor's Death

Just got two new books via Amazon! "My Own Words" by Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Fux Noise built an "alternative reality" to allow Trump to steal the election: political scientist

Tensions rise in Ecuador and Peru as Chinese fishing fleet moves south from Galapagos

Trump ads featuring black women during

Fox New A- Rated Polls

Border Patrol says cases of smuggling immigrants in trailers increasing

U.S. Plans to Execute Inmate Who Murdered Two Youth Ministers

U.S. broadcasting chief defies congressional subpoena, skips hearing

Trump Threatens To Issue Executive Order Preventing Biden From Being Elected President

MUCC - 空忘れ (Sorawasure)

Gym Jordan Tries To Save Trump By Getting The FBI To Investigate Hunter Biden

Hillary Clinton says Democrats should frame fight for Supreme Court seat around health care

Postmaster general says postal service can't return mail-sorting machines

In Guatemala, the Maya world untouched for centuries

John Fugelsang: Trump having 3% approval among black women is NOT FUNNY.

McCabe Suit Moves Ahead After Judge Denies Dismissal Request

Bam !! Texas candidate MJ Hegar snaps back at rival's Super PAC

do trump/repubs sabotage their own case re mail ballots by ads telling ppl to vote by mail?

Bill Murray receives a legal demand from the Doobie Brothers.And it's everything you'd want it to be

Good news for Joe in A-Rated Fox News State Polls

It's time to cut the shit. Ohio is in play.

The US Senate confirmation vote on Trump's US Supreme Court nominee should be held early 1/2021.

Pantera - Planet Caravan

If Trump does try to buy my vote with a $200 debit card, I will take the money & still

"We went to a Trump rally to ask people what they see in their Facebook feeds."

That Kool-Aid the trumpanzees are drinking must really kill a lot of neurons ...

Trump is setting the stage to drop out of the debates.

IT'S OBVIOUS the truth doesn't matter to drumpf-supporters

As a member of the LGBT community, this is what I fear in the near future...

???? did you see this question from OAN's Chanel at today's presser re: Hunter Biden????????????????

Woman who absconded with daughters over circumcision declared missing in Lagos

Ohio is now blue on 538

Joe: Once again, we are called to ask ourselves whether justice could be equally applied in America.

How would Gade's campaign know that I requested an absentee ballot?

Let that sink in...

Holy shit lol

Looks like the Missouri Gov. lied about not being in close contact with anyone.

El Salvador woman freed after six years in jail following stillbirth

El Salvador woman freed after six years in jail following stillbirth

Florida coronavirus cases tick up in September, stalling progress

Trump's former Coast Guard chief endorses Biden, cites 'insurgency' on the Constitution

Emmett Till and Breonna Taylor 9/23/1955 and 9/23/2020

Trump has almost a million dollars in campaign debt

Two dead and 50 infected with COVID-19 after superspreader karaoke night in Florida

Gov. DeSantis proposes college 'bill of rights' to party

Alexei Navalny has 'bank accounts frozen and flat seized'

Erin Burnett on CNN just showed a clip of Trump supporters

Poll Shows Trump's SCOTUS Push Could Send Joni 'Bread Bags' Ernst Back To The Farm


Trump cuts aid for pro-democracy groups in Belarus, Hong Kong and Iran

Mark Meadows manages to never hear things every American hears Trump say on national television.

Many states count mail ballots BEFORE Election Day.

"Trump and Republicans' health care 'plan' would endanger people like me amid Covid-19"

Biden leads 48-44 in the latest Emerson Poll (was 49-47 last month).

"Trump's former Coast Guard chief endorses Joe Biden, citing 'insurgency' on the Constitution"

Watching trumps stump speech this evening, it's like a washed up comic in a Vegas lounge

Trump to sign an executive order to protect pre existing conditions!

Trump to bribe seniors to vote for him

With Deutsche Bank's help, an oligarch's buying spree trails ruin across the US heartland

Question about voting by mail vs early voting

Could've bowled me over with a feather.

2020 US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats that Democrats win in 2020.

Tofu sales skyrocket during the pandemic, as consumers search for affordable meat alternatives

Rosetta's 'rubber ducky' comet has ultraviolet auroras

Democrats prepare bill limiting U.S. Supreme Court justice terms to 18 years

Fall Colors

Dianne Feinstein's husband named in UC admissions scandal, wrote 'inappropriate' letters for years

'Giant impact' theory of moon's formation gets another boost

Hey IT Folks! An Oddity

Little Green Bag

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Showed the World--You Don't Mess with a Grandma.

Trump loses...what incentive for Pence to pardon him?

Stand on Precedent. That's a Good Boy!

*PBS Special tonight, re: RBG.

WATCH LIVE: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy and the court's future, a PBS NewsHour Special

Folks think all mail voting will delay election results

Weird robo-call just now, are they faking calls?